Psychic LOVESEANhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LOVESEANhas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LOVESEAN's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Sale price! Top and certified expert - world renowned love and relationship specialist - proved predictions - amazing feedback - featured expert - very fast connection .I have provided professional psychic and angel reading. I have always worked to meet with the customer's individual needs. My gifts are natural and original.

LoveSean was amazing...he truly connected to our energy..and I believe he knew exactly my situation without saying a word. I would strongly recommend a reading with him if you need clarification on love. Great reader:)!" ... written by Carri
His readings are very accurate. " ... written by Mandeep
I like Sean he's straightforward and intuitive, caring person and i feel my questions were well answered and i have some clarity." ... written by Lord Mountbatten
Thank you Lovesean for the great reading. You really provided a lot of information. I'll keep you posted as time goes on ..." ... written by lornalulu
Nce reading." ... written by cf
Recommend Sean highly!" ... written by marionlyttle
OMG - he is sooooo accurate!!! Highly recommend a private with him!!!! you will be amazed!" ... written by Pam
good advice connected well thanks very much" ... written by lovesean
He was great! gave me predictions and I'm excited to see them come true. " ... written by Sarah
Amazing reading... picked up on a lot of things! Thank you!" ... written by brshile
Great reading, he can see clearly through blocks of issue that have been going on for a long time, thanks you very much! Happy New Year!" ... written by queenbee22
So sweet and kind. Very accurate with great advice. Put my mind at ease. Thank you! God Bless!" ... written by Quest
Thanks for your insight. Great reading." ... written by clc
thank you for a good reading" ... written by zimerili1
a very quick and to the point reading, he does not waste your money and has things spot on" ... written by Tracey
i hope he is right! we shall see" ... written by jazzy
wonderful and thoughtful and honest and caring. i hope he predicted correctly. I cant wait for the 45 days....." ... written by jazzy
i dont know what to Believe yet. time will tell. thanks" ... written by ...
Very good reader, awesome man who picked up on everything that was going on and future as well.. I am going to read with him again and get more updates as time progress." ... written by TTLady
Great Reading" ... written by Sunday
An amazing connection. Very detailed and on point. lovely blessing." ... written by beautywithinone
it was ok reading..." ... written by niki
Nice reading, fast, detailed and accurate." ... written by Mshelli
Love Sean was amazing I loved the reading it was great fun andamp; he was very expressive. I Love ho straight froward he is. Great Reading" ... written by Beautiful
Awesome Reading..i feel revitalised ))" ... written by sooriamurthy
He is right ... " ... written by raspberry 47
He is amazing. He was spot on with my situation. Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by Stephanie
He was very polite, and very convincing. After speaking with him, I have a better positive feeling that everything is going to be ok." ... written by Jennifer Lee
Wonderful reading! 5 stars" ... written by jewel
Time reveals all..I await in hope and faith." ... written by beauty
truly amazing and detailed connection." ... written by beauty
Good. We will see if what he has said will come to pass." ... written by Tia
Amazingly good.....highly recomend him to anyone!!!" ... written by laleona
Love Sean --he is a psychic no questions asked. I say this as there are many kinds of readers on this site, and Im a spiritualist too, readings too. A psychic is different from a reader. A psychic I believe has true connection to the source, as does he." ... written by miami_doc
LoveSean is Awesome. He has been very helpful with my situation. He knows what he is doing." ... written by Stephanie
Wonderful and amazing update how he connects...he truly sees my soul and understands my intentions and I so look forward to letting him know how things will go...He is an amazing reader..and I would recommend him to everyone! Thank you Sean:)" ... written by Carrie
very inspiring and caring...motivating..makes my positive energy flow.. :)" ... written by anupama
Amazing coming back for updates...Look forward to what is yet to come:)" ... written by Carrie
Wow Lovesean, was amazing in how fast he connected to my situation and gave me so much clarity. You must get a reading to see for yourself. Awesome...." ... written by mc
Extremely Talented Face Readings! I just uploaded pictures and was given amazing information that was extremely accurate. I recommend highly for face readings if you have SKYPE or just pictures! You will be very amazed and pleased!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Was given even more surprising good news that was cut off before. VERY positive and Uplifting! I felt very strong connection to what he was saying and it resonated with my spirit." ... written by DaphneBlue
Extremely positive and accurate! Gave me an update and information that was very good and surprised me in a positive way! I wasn't expecting a follow-up, but when I got one, it was very nice that he did because he described a situation and gave very good advice and peace. It helped me relax more and the information he gave about my past job was spot on. He told me the areas I need to work on in myself which were extremely accurate and I feel better and also realize I need to reach out more to other people. Thank You so much, LoveSean for reaching out to me, because I didn't realize I was not communicating with the one I care for!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Gives good insight. Says what he sees. Thank you for your reading. " ... written by united
Gives good information. " ... written by united
Good updates :)" ... written by Havy
great connection thanks " ... written by patricia
Good insight. Thank you :) " ... written by L
Gave me a face reading andamp; was very impressed :)" ... written by Havy
Very nice reading" ... written by Amalia
Very nice reading!!! I hope the time frame will be as you said!" ... written by Sonia
He gave lots of details and time lines- was accurate about mine and my loves personality and situation- thank you thank you! Awesome reading!" ... written by peaches70170
Lovesean was very insightful during my reading. He gave me hope. I will continue to pray for my hopes and for what he saw for me. Blessings, thank you." ... written by Michmx
So accurate. without telling him, he knew where the problem came from and even told me the person who was behind it! amazing. thanks" ... written by Preet
love sean was fantastic picked up on everything and told me loads of great things would highly recommend him to anybody and vry fast typer does not waste your time brilliant " ... written by slimmie
Sean was great.. He picked up on the situation I hope what he says comes to pass xxxxx" ... written by Liz
He was very positive, spot on things, accurately estimating time limit on relationship and future events, recommended.........." ... written by NILISHA
Very positive, informative and healing. Good recommendations for healing love one that are simple and easy to apply. Will try these and also received very good news that will keep the hope going!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Very helpful, positive, reassuring. Good news and hope for loved ones." ... written by DaphneBlue
He gave me a lot of good information- even some surprises- and typed very fast- answered my questions honestly and I feel confident in what he has told me- hopefully in the next few months I will be able to share an update- :) He is wonderful!" ... written by peaches70170
The texts are a little disjointed on this site, but overall appreciated his insights and his direct comments! " ... written by Ronne
He is great and he has really pinpointed the problem and gave me hope. Will wait and see if reading is true :))" ... written by Lara
awesome reading" ... written by kt
Detailed answers for your customers would be nice." ... written by MMarmalade
Fantastic reading! 5 Stars. Very detailed and with amazing accuracy. " ... written by Sj
Im at peace. I had an amazing reading full of accuracy, details and some predictions. I cant wait to see the future. Based on the details and how he pin pointed the situation, I have complete trust in his words~! I highly recommend Lovesean!" ... written by K
Love Sean is so uplifting in his readings and never deviates! I feel that in itself is very positive. He has given me such positivity in my reading I think I am walking on air. xxxx Bless you Sean sweetie." ... written by Liz
awesome and accurate n right to the point. thank u so much" ... written by md
Sean is fantastic 10/10 I highly recommend him as a psychic, he was so accurate and a lovely guy, thank you!!!" ... written by K
Wonderful, Positive, I feel very uplifted and even healed! He is very right on and always for the good! My heart feels very light right now! Thank You!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Positive demo. " ... written by Melanie
Very Positive!" ... written by DaphneBlue
It was a very good update! Hope his predictions will come to pass." ... written by Sonia
Fantastic, five stars!" ... written by Magic
Connected quickly and had more to say than I had anticipated. Thank you." ... written by J
just had an update with lovesean cant wait for everything he said will happen great man thank you so much put my mind at ease would recmmend him to everyone" ... written by slimmie
Helped me remain positive and centered. Gave me good tip for my indecision that made a lot of sense and made me feel calm. " ... written by DaphneBlue
great thanks" ... written by fran
Not really...!" ... written by Grace
I feel so relaxed chatting with Lovesean and relieved after the chat. Thanks dear Lovesean." ... written by Grace
I enjoyed your reading, hope he everything is okl" ... written by cindy
Thank you LoveSean for a very good and precise reading! I really recommend your services to anyone!" ... written by Charlie
Good reading!" ... written by Sandy
Incredible, he understood the situation deeply. Thank you so much, you gave me the strength and faith to push on toward Heaven. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Justin" ... written by Justin
Lovesean .....very very good ..." ... written by michael
Positive reading" ... written by Sarah Mohamed
thank you so much dear I like the reading." ... written by Lenard
Lovesean has a connection into my relationship. Wish he could be more concise and clear in typing because we always time out. I followed up tonite because he messaged me he had an update. So much was a reiteration of what he told me last time though. Will have to read back the text but I don't know if there was really any NEW info imparted. He's got the connection though - do not mistake that. " ... written by Rebecca
I can't wait forever for this man to connect with me. I wanted a time frame for his return b I know that is difficult to do. He (David) changes his mind frequently- I have other guys interested in me, but if I know for sure that he is coming back I will wait. He (David) is who I want. Sean, was very compassionate and understanding of my situation. He has given me hope that my dreams can still come true. He is sweet, and honest, and told me the options that I have. Not sure I know what I am going to do at this point, but I trust his guidance. Sean, you are awesome and I trust you completely. Thank you for another great reading. " ... written by peaches70170
Good reading but I got cut off. He didn't actually answer my specific questions but did go on to address the question I hadn't asked yet!" ... written by Rebecca
Went back to finish my reading. LoveSean is so connected to my long distance relationship it was amazing - didn't even ask him about this aspect of my life! He was encouraging and I hope to see his predictions on timelines come true! Let you know as things proceed!" ... written by Rebecca
Thanks for a lovely reading. You are so right about my lover that it is almost scary. Blessings! " ... written by Charlie
Thanks Sean for you patience. Will come back soon!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Lovesean for a such an uplifting reading! Made my day and tomorrow is another exciting one!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks for a very clear and nice reading. Feeling excited!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Love Sean for a nice and frank reading. You are very intuitive and gifted. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks for helping me out tonight. Very good readings all along!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks for a compassionate reading. Great in every way." ... written by Charlie
This is my second reading with Lovesean. He is very consistent, thorough in his readings and accurate. He picks up all the details without having to ask a bunch of questions. I hope his future predictions will prove how great he is. Give him a try, he is one of my top 3-5 psychics in Oranum." ... written by belovedheart12
it was a good reading, he only asked one question and from there on, started his reading without pause. Lots of information,and alot correct, even what my issue were with someone. Very good. We did freeze up in the last 30 seconds, but I am very happy so far with what I got" ... written by CMC
his very kind and nice and read very clear and gets to point thank you" ... written by H
Thank you, once again a very uplifting session and spot on. It is up to the universe to allow things to unfold properly now. Thanks again, Justin" ... written by Justin
gave me the the right insight.thanks" ... written by sweetque
sean is such an accurate reader. very professional and on point in every question" ... written by angelic light
Nice and cool" ... written by adeel
Amazing update with Sean he still awesome as ever...thank you Sean you are truly gifted" ... written by marion
Sean is extremely accurate in his answers and on point. he described well situations and people involved in my love life. I hope things turn out as he said. thank you so much. I recommend him." ... written by maria
Excellent reading as always- gave me a time frame, details about the situation, and positive hope that things will work out in time- He has been my reader now for a few months and he does such a wonderful job- he is caring and genuinely concerned about his clients- he sends messages if he has updates so you are always aware when things change- Awesome reading Sean and I can't thank you enough :)" ... written by peaches70170
Thanks Sean for your reading. It was good as always!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Sean for your reading. Described accurate details and helpful advice." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
wow! reading blew me away! Did not expect such good news so quickly- I am amazed by how Sean picks up on things and has a sincere way of expressing them when he does a reading- I couldn't be more pleased to hear the news he had to tell me. Excellent reading, excellent reader and I trust him completely! Thank you Sean and God Bless" ... written by peaches70170
Excellent reading for the short time i had concerning number of credits. he is very intuitive and wise. I can feel his sincerity and knowledge in guidance. thank you so very much :) " ... written by cappieann
Very good reading with sean with clear details regarding a personal relationship. I come back to him regularly and he is always helpful. I highly recomend him!" ... written by angel
Sean was accurate, clear and through, thank you" ... written by Nicole
Beautiful clarity on the matter at hand. He really put the proper facts into perspective and allowed me to literally see the light in my problems. 5 thumbs up !" ... written by Christian
i went back for the rest" ... written by JW
We shall see... 2-4 mnths" ... written by JW
Thanks Sean a lovely enlightening reading that accurately touched sensitive points that very few would be able to articulate let alone be aware of. Greatly appreciated!" ... written by HopeandFaith2012
My last rating was excellent and so will this one be ! lol Awesome psychic, " ... written by Christian
Very nice and straightforward. I like Sean. Five stars for an accurate reading. " ... written by Billygirl54
Clear and straight forward. Awesome psychic" ... written by Christian
sean, you are a truly wonderful man, i really thank you so much for your guidance and help, may god bless you." ... written by ben
Great accurate detailed reading really blown away. simply amazing. thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Lorna
Thanks Sean. KInd and uplifting and accurate reading. " ... written by HopeandFaith2012
very good" ... written by keeetz
He was very good !!! He was on it and would go back to him next time.. U should try it out" ... written by sue
he is good. give him a try. 5 star" ... written by n
Very nice connected right away positive reading looking forward to the future and letting you know as things unfold very happy with my reading Thank you Blessings " ... written by Christine
Once again Sean has amazed me- he had good news about my parents who are having health problems and he gave me hope about a lost love that I am missing dearly- he has been accurate about past readings so I hope and trust in his abilities- he is sensitive and caring and gives honest and truthful readings- he has been my support system these past many months and I would be lost without his guidance and support- he is the best! give him the chance to see your future and he will amaze you with accuracy and clarity- Sean, you are the greatest- thank you so much for standing by my side during this very trying time in my life- talk again real soon- :D" ... written by peaches70170
Thanks again Sean for your updated reading. " ... written by HopeandFaith2012
He was very very good.. and is was very kind, and was fast and knew alot of information. I would recommend him to anyone he is great amazing person and takes his work very seriously" ... written by Nancy
Many thanks Sean. Yes and respect :) I appreciate your words of advice and guidance sometimes I lose my momentum and you help me steady and realign it." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
Has new ensights today..he said things are changing for better" ... written by TC1957
a time frame has been given and i will be back to share the news if prediction happens at end december." ... written by malteseguy
Love Sean was able to put my mind at ease and actually confirmed something I have been told before. He's reminded me to be mindful in particular areas and in short don't give up. He's direct and straight to the point. He was able to see outside of the box for what I wasn't and be aware of. It's funny how we can forget in time of worry but he reminded me of confidence in some things. He was able to see others involved which provoked my thinking to be more open in the situation(s) that I'm in. Thank you for your assistance!!!" ... written by Keera
He is very very good" ... written by sue
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
thx u for the outline of homework really feel this is great idea thx u soo much we will see God Bless!" ... written by queenbee22
I feel a whole lot better having talked to LOVESEAN. I'm starting to feel happy again." ... written by Beatrice
cool dude" ... written by brandon
Gave me a task to do to reinforce relationship with my ex:))" ... written by TC
great reading with lots of passion and care, highly recommend Sean" ... written by dean
great reading Sean's great and quick with reading very tuned in " ... written by dennis
he is very nice guy and very kind. yes he is.. he is very very good... :) " ... written by sean
Very nice reading. Thank you Sean! Much appreciated!" ... written by Spirits Window
Sean has always been sensitive, straight forward and accurate with his readings- I sometimes want more details than he is able to give because of "free will". People can change their minds and circumstances can come up that are not expected- I love getting readings from him because he has been "accurate" with past readings- he keeps me posted regularly when there are changes happening- he is supportive and filled with positive energy- he points out the positives no matter what the situation is and gives me peace and hope- Sean- you are the greatest and I trust you with my dreams for a happier future- I do hope he (david) pushes past the negative energies and tries to contact me- hell not be disappointed at my reaction to him- thanks again for making my day a better one- peaches70170" ... written by peaches70170
no tools. he is a good reader picks up on things." ... written by jamira76
good reading, wish i had more time! ill be back " ... written by David
Lovesean is on point and he connects very well with situations. i recommend him and i will do a reading with him again." ... written by Xristy
Very detailed, he connected so quick. he is so amazing please give him a try. 5 star rating" ... written by Mim
In tune with what is going on will update as this unfolds and let you know what happens I truly hope everything goes as he said for the next few weeks and months he is spot on with my feelings and the other persons and our connection Cant wait to see this unfold as he says when it does i will update on this " ... written by Christine
Thanks Sean for a very calm and clear reading. I will do the task you gave me and hope for good news in the month of December. " ... written by Charlie
good reading, satisfies , thankyou" ... written by bhawna
Sean is a great guy. He is consistent and accurate with his connections. I like him and he makes me smile. I recommend him for sure." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
good reading with care" ... written by David
Gifted psychic, Tested .. authentic without tools" ... written by Rob
very very good" ... written by sue
thx u 4 update 5 stars happy holidays! ready for the full moon" ... written by queenbee22
Very accurate !" ... written by Rob
soooooo good and nice and kind and very gifted. " ... written by Nancy
Tested, and proved he has a gift" ... written by Rob
not sure if he's telling me what i want to hear or if he's reading me " ... written by stephaniestar
Good reading..." ... written by Singh
Really nice, optimistic and was a nice reading and seemed accurate, Thank you " ... written by Sherry
Thanks Sean. Thanks for your friendly and kind update." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
thank u for ur reading lovesean i will wait on thing to happen for me as u said." ... written by jas
5 stars thx you for update I will keep my eye on the prize lol " ... written by queenbee22
good interesting chat" ... written by David
Brief, but good reading" ... written by David
Good reader and kind!!" ... written by CelticFreckles
very spiritual and kind. Sensed a warm presence from him. I am also clairvoyant and I was very connected to his spirit side." ... written by Lupe1954
Another good reading from my friend Sean- he gave me tips on how to remove any negative forces- I am not sure I understand why this has to be done if he still loves me- but Sean has been a wonderful guide through this whole thing- he types fast, is honest and compassionate- I have been waiting a long time for everything to happen but he says it will- and hopefully soon-Thank You Sean for your reading and I will try and stay positive- not sure how much longer I can wait, but I will try- " ... written by peaches70170
lucky me...i got chosen for demo and then HAD to do a private...Wow exciting news!! I cant wait fro predictions to happen!! read with lovesean! He is excellent! Im gettiing my wish!!" ... written by susan
Good reading. First time I came to see him for a reading. Never seen him before on Oranum. Very nice man :)" ... written by Roberta D Bellis
he is very very good.. amazing.. u need to visit him. " ... written by lo
he is very very good. I am very blessed to have a reading with him. I hope everyone gets a reading also " ... written by love
good reading lot of fun" ... written by David
Another good reading from my wonderful psychic doctor :) Sean is very talented and is very considerate of your feelings- he is understanding, compassionate, and will be honest with you- give him the chance to prove himself and you will not be disappointed- I will never need another psychic again because he keeps me posted on updates regularly- Thank you Sean- you are wonderful and be blessed- " ... written by peaches70170
Wow! this reader is brilliant!!~...why.. because, he will take time out with you, for you. He IS a healer. He is legit. Thank you. I very much highly recommend him. Thank you Sean. " ... written by Lionessroar
He was very good, I got a lot of good information about the person I care for at the moment." ... written by luckycharms312
I sure hope he is right- this has been a long wait- he has been accurate before- this just seems to be taking more time than I thought it would- I wish I could get an exact date when things are going to change, but I know there are many variables in this situation to consider- LoveSean is the only person on here I ha complete trust in- he is sincere, patient, understanding, and encouraging- I am so glad I met him over a year ago on here- he has been a good support system even though he is very busy these days- looking forward to the coming months and to see what will happen- Thank You Sean- once again- excellent reading" ... written by peaches70170
very good reading. kind and compassionate. will come again. very pleased! Thank you!" ... written by marjoram
Sean's been really helpful to me and i appreciate his readings theyve proven to be accurate and i get positive trend in life from his advices." ... written by Andrew Carnegie
Has been giving me the same prediction since last year. The good thing, it hasn't changed though prediction hasn't happened yet. Will come back and upgrade to 5 star once things begin to unfold." ... written by freesoul16
He was soooo wonderful , picked up on not just one but many situations I didn't even bring up . I sat back and he just kept going giving more than I ever bargained for . I will be coming back many times for his guidance . Fast accurate and amazing . He has a real true gift !!!!! Loved him !" ... written by Lily
Excellent reader, fast, intuitive and helpful counsel" ... written by Bartholomew Jones
Thanks Sean." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
Very good reading and said predication will happen in dec" ... written by Jaysa
Thanks Sean for your kind words." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
good reading" ... written by BHAWNA
very on..." ... written by sai
Very nice interesting raeding. " ... written by Gabriel
Thank you for being patient with me and giving me a reading." ... written by sweety
Thanks Sean" ... written by HopeandFaith2012
Great Reading, very accurate! good advice" ... written by MI
Great reading, very accuarte Will Come back" ... written by MI
Thanks Sean." ... written by HopeandFaith2012
Great reading. Connected well. Thank you so much." ... written by Dee