About KweMoonie

Psychic KweMooniehas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic KweMooniehas recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about KweMoonie's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

You are speaking with an Anishinaabe-kwe which is Ojibway woman from first nation in Northern Ontario. Working in this realm with over 40 years experience and sitting in circle bringing health and wellness back into your life. Working with m'shkiki - medicine and working and seeing beneath the surface of things. Together WE work to getting your life back on track.

I really enjoyed my time in loge. love and light my new friend." ... written by Stephanie
Thank you so much! a true blessing. very helpful. I enjoyed talking with you." ... written by Stephanie
Spot on ! It was like she saw my whole life. I will see her again. " ... written by Lburg5
Ok it could be her green hazel eyes. It could be her voice. Whatever it is she has the package and it truly fits. Its like sitting with your older sis and she is just sharing life because she knows, yeah Kwemoonie is definitely a kin spirit." ... written by Bronxie
Great lady and advice, thanks:)" ... written by Aryastark
I found a real professional who feels my pain and can even take away that pain. VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!!!!! She is the best in here!!!" ... written by malinka88
oh wow, so great a lady, very eloquent, saw very clearly the situation right from the start, very impressive" ... written by kk
Amazing moonie!!another wonderful session!! cant wait til my next!! will return again!! her predictions happen!" ... written by k
I AM BLOWN AWAY SHE IS AMAZING!" ... written by Lana
Always awesome! cant wait to see predictions happen-one prediction happened as i was reading with her!! lol shes funny and always reassuring...Will be back!" ... written by k
She was worth every single penny. She is a steal at 99cents a minute. She just started talking and saw everything. I am just at a lost for words. She is the most positive seer and leaves you at peace." ... written by butterfly77lady
Amazing.... She was able to pick up on a lot of things... thank u so so much for ur help " ... written by Lina
thanx for good read." ... written by zimerili1
very uplifting and tuned in ...wish i had more credits....will follow advice" ... written by m bear
Wow!!! All I can say:) Absolutely adore her...what a good, solid beautiful spirit she is! She has truly brought my mind and heart to grateful to have met her and look forward to future updates..." ... written by Carrie
thanks for kind reading" ... written by aj
What a wonderful and wise woman! Highly recommended! " ... written by Karen
You could not ask for a better person to help with life problem." ... written by Michele Gould
very intuitive ... picks up your complete journey and explains things so all the pieces makes sense and provides hope and reassurance" ... written by d
very good thank you very much" ... written by linda
Smoothing and very insightful" ... written by littlebudy1
Wow, just wow! She is really amazing one of the kindest people i have ever talked to and tunes in right away! " ... written by Nadia
Moonie is wonderful and i felt completely comfortable with her, infact she was sent to me because i asked for a native seer several days before without knowing she was here. Thank you moonie, i will come to you again as soon as i can." ... written by Phoenix
Moonie is amazing!! She calms me and brings me peace!! Love her-totally worth it!" ... written by k
Very good reading so far. She is a uniques reader that has given me another perspective" ... written by Harold
Went back for the second part of the reading.She did some healing work for me but also gave me the answers I was really seeking. excellent reading." ... written by Harold
She's the best ! She always gives me what I need to know and how to face it. " ... written by Lburg5
Loving spirit. Gifted spiritual advisor. Prayed for my situation, with other elders, after reading. Speaks volumes, for me! Thank you... " ... written by Rainbow
wow wow wow! Amazing!" ... written by A
WOW! Excellent reader!! Moonie, made me feel at ease, i feel calm, collected and assured i am on the right path. Thank you Moonie! I'll be back.." ... written by ceeclouds77
moonie wow i cannot say enough about our beautiful reading we had. you opened my eyes and my heart and we found myself again. id been hiding for so long and you reached right in and got me back to the surface. we laughed, cried, lost our connection, lol but i am truly glad and grateful we cross paths today and you were able to touch me with your insight, healing and sound advice, all which was very much needed" ... written by m
interesting reading. multi-dimentional" ... written by why
Love Moonie's readings... Might be the only Seer, on Oranum. Genuine andamp; unique gifts. Looking forward to her predictions. Thank you." ... written by Destiny's
Thank you Moonie for an awesome reading....excited about outcome" ... written by marion lyttle
Gratitude for Moonie's words and prayers. Blessing!" ... written by Ginger
Moonie is a kind and compassionate person. Her insight is spot on and her healing energy is astonishing!" ... written by Karen
I think you're special and unique! Thank you very much. i appreciate the sincerity, awareness, and truth. " ... written by MMarmalade
She is awesome! Very gifted advisor. Her guidance was a big help to me. Should not be missed. " ... written by Kathy
She seems to be on point! And im glad i had the reading with her!" ... written by Gabriela
moonie your reading was wonderful i will be back for many agin thank you so much" ... written by linda
Excellent Reading!" ... written by Poco
Love Moonie!! Grateful for her prayers and supportive advise. " ... written by Moon
SHe is just so sweet and caring about the situation. She really knew exactly about the situation and even the little details noone could possibly know. She is amazing! Highly recommend her I feel so much better after speaking with her " ... written by Nadia
on of a kind , amazing . cant say enough . spot on... WOW. " ... written by bfreak123
Brilliant tuned straight in most amazing reading I have ever had !" ... written by dancingchi
I love Moonie, She is amazing. Very accurate and I received award and bonus right after she told me they want me to stay :) . I will keep in contact with her for as long as I can " ... written by DJ
She is so good! i got a great reading! She actually told me something about work that at the beginning did not make any sense BUT few weeks later that actually happened! She was seeing a side that i wasnt! She is so good to talk to!" ... written by Lilyfarahen
very unique and resonated with me strongly leading to some interesting insights." ... written by dsss
A true Gem. Very insightful and highly recommended." ... written by Tip
insightful" ... written by eagle
amazing reading . was a lovely person . i will definately come back to her . " ... written by golden
Super helpful as always. Love speaking with her. Can't wait to speak with her again." ... written by sherry
Wonderful inside and out. Great readings. Thank you!!" ... written by Memory
Astonishing!" ... written by sacrednature
very unique and interesting" ... written by sd
Several readings. Blissful, wise, and healing soul. Awesome adviser! Prayers and hugs to you Moonie. I'll be back..." ... written by Star
Cheerful and uplifting. Suburb adviser! Thank you Moonie. " ... written by Jingle
my first reading with moonie. i hope what you say happens! i'm looking forward to the new year regardless :) thank you" ... written by luxxicon
moonie is so great! went in for healing and she gave me good advice on tips i could do at home and also sending me healing tonight. need to get better soon!" ... written by m
she is very compassionate and knew exactly what i was going thru. i will def be back to talk to her." ... written by wren1414
Wow. This lady is simply amazing. Just like talking to an old friend. I will continue to read with her!" ... written by AB
Love Moonie! Thank you... " ... written by Rainbow
DONT LIKE TO BE FED ANY INFO. from there she just nailed it with a hammer. the guy has been distant with me and my question was why. without me saying a word, she said " dont mistake his distance for rejection" I did not need to ask anything. One day i will just come pvt and listen to her words of wisdom. She has a sense of humor and made me laugh during the reading. She was also verrry fast but understandable. she is one of the jewels of oranum. i wish she was on more." ... written by pu
Thank you for your insight and guidance Moonie!! Many Blessings. Love and Peace." ... written by ceeclouds77
Very informative, gave me greater insight to current and past issues. A five star reading...thank you Moonie" ... written by Gary
She is a very wise woman and I really appreciate her time with me. She gives me hope when I have none." ... written by Amy
she is absolutely kind, and wonderful. Pick up on everything with such accuracy. A great counselor and very wise women.. HIGH RECOMMEND A++++" ... written by alicia
I like her a lot. She is a very wise woman. Highly recommended." ... written by Amy
Awesome! Highly recommended. " ... written by Happy New Year
she was wonderful she really helped me a lot!! thank you so much!!" ... written by jennifer
This lady right here, she is a saint, you will feel at peace with her, great price, wonderful woman; a gift from above. She gives direct answers that help" ... written by Mark
Thank you for your guidance, insight and advice as always Moonie. Many Thanks and many blessings. Love andamp; peace." ... written by ceeclouds77
Very wise, gifted, and sincere. Many blessings." ... written by Mystery
She was wonderful!! A million stars to her!! She truly saw me and who I am. Will contact her again." ... written by Sherry
ok" ... written by linda
Wisdom, Knowledge, Insight and Healing capabilities beyond her years on this incarnation of the Earth plane. We are blessed to have a genuine Seer and Traditional Healer from First Nation Reverse working on Oranum. If you would like to work (and heal) on many levels and get to the root cause of the blockages and dis-ease in your lives, past and present, and achieve the inner peace and happiness you deserve, so you can be the best person you were intended to be. For yourself, family, friends, workers, and associates, the greater community and world. Then a Council with KweMoonie is a must, and highly recommended. Why settle for working on the surface level symptoms of the dis-ease, when you can go to the root and heal? You owe it to yourself to work with the best. Five Stars is not enough. If there were ten, then I would say thirteen." ... written by Markos
another great healing..thank you Moonie" ... written by Gary
Very insightful has deeper meaning of issues. Thank you Moonie..later" ... written by Gary
Moonie...what can I say? Wow...what an amazing kind spirit with a beautiful soul. She is a wonderful healer and guides me in the direction I need to be going. Reminds me that good is ahead and to see the things that are in my way...and release those. I so appreciate her and recommend her very highly! Great reader!" ... written by Carrie
she confirmed a previous reading...her energy is very soothing and calming.. a pleasure to catch up." ... written by BBright
Gentle sweet...Funny as ever!! OMG I laughed and cried in pvt..she saw my true heart and soul and intentions of everyone around us...She was honest and real..straight to the point spiced with humor!! I love this lady...shes real and true to her..she loves herself enough to love with agape love...LOVE her shes worth the credits!!" ... written by k
wow she is very amazing and so gifted she has such a amazing way to heal someone namaste hun " ... written by Adelina
Indeed, she had an amazing insight on what was going on. I would really recommend to everyone who is looking into getting a reading. " ... written by NA
very kind- intuitive, very good reading " ... written by cc
love you you are so right and right on the money of me! wow i'm so amazed that she even knew my eyebrows were up and down! lol atm while i was omg lol so awesome" ... written by ma
Always a big help with a great heart, her work is awesome, it's helping me a lot. Very glad." ... written by HappyAngel
Moonie is seriously a incredible, kind, lovely woman. I love tlaking to her and she always makes me feel so much better. I always enjoy our jokes and talking to her is always full of so much laughter. So wonderful! Moonie I will try to not set of the fire alarm anymore:) haha " ... written by Nadia
She's great. Always calms me down when I need it. Just like talking to a dear friend. " ... written by AB
Amazing. I loved this time with her. " ... written by T
She is great, it's worth listening what she has to say, her knowledge is endless and crucial for you to listen to it, I always do and never regret a tiny bit. Thanks, Moonie! " ... written by HappyAngel
love my updates with moonie! confirms im not alone in what i feel" ... written by m
I love this woman she is the best. besides that, ACCURATE Info no fairy tales no Lies " ... written by sh
super" ... written by RK
Moonie Kwe has helped me a lot, her work has been great for me, every time we have a reading I leave the "private chat" relaxed physically and emotionally, she is very accurate and also helps you see the things that maybe you can't see, so far has worked great for me, I am very glad I found her here, she is kind, very honest and an amazing professional. I ordered the "totem book" from her, and it's been perfect, I highly recommed "the totem book" ( go to her free chat and ask what it is, she will explain better for you)and her "private chat" .She knows what she is doing, and does it very well, plus a big very positive boost. I had around 6 sessions with her, I loved it. If you are wondering if some things she said happened , yes they did, but as I said she is honest (which is crucial) and helped me to see the issues and work on it, I didn't even have to say anything and still, she already knows without me having to explain anything and she always had the right answer. I am very greatful. Thanks a lot, you have been a great help. And she is a healer! She really is, I can tell, every time I go to her "private reading" I am usually having this awful back and neck pain, without me saying anything she already knows it, I leave the chat without any pain! It's AWESOME! Thanks a lot, Moonie! Good luck with you reading! =-) Happy 2015 everyone! =-D" ... written by HappyAngel13
GREAT READING" ... written by veezee
Incredible, warm person!" ... written by NinaLynn
she is great, has been a huge help. I highly recommend a reading w/ her, her work is precious. 100% worth it. " ... written by happy angel
Thanks again, my inner child loves you!" ... written by grate full
Moonie is just a wonderful soul. She made the reading so much fun. She read him like an open book. I asked him "Are you his mom?" It is so nice to be around her and her reading is very insightful. She is a god you.. " ... written by SUE
Very honest and accurate!" ... written by Lise
Greta reading picked up on stuff without me having to say anything. Thank you" ... written by aBC
Moonie was incredible.. picked up very quickly and thoroughly!" ... written by Virgo
thank you" ... written by spn
Moonie is very kind, she opens my eyes in the hardest times, so I can see things how they are, she is great. She has such a healing power herself, everytime I leave the room I feel this huge relief, like right now for exemple, I was in a really bad spot, I am much calmer, serene, I am just glad and very thankful. She is been a great help. " ... written by HappyAngel
Kwe's reading was caring and truly enlightening. I appreciate all of your wonderful advice and will put it to the test!" ... written by Astrid
Absolutely fabulous" ... written by Leona
Always very helpful, big help. " ... written by happyangel
Absolutely fantabulous!!!" ... written by Leona
She has helped me with something that so many have failed to over the years. It is nice to know i am not going mad." ... written by 1111
wonderful " ... written by cc
Wow, wow, wow! Moonie is a credit to her profession! She will blow you out of the water!!It doesn't matter if you are asking questions or if you say nothing...she just keepspicking up on details about your life. She is truly one of the most impressivepeople I have ever had the pleasure of getting a reading from. She is gifted on every level, and I don't believe there are many people on this site, or any other site that couldcome clost to matching her abilities. She is really really special" ... written by bubblyone
very good thank you so much for the help" ... written by linda
Amazing reader! " ... written by luckystar5
very kind and gifted. she picks up on things you wouldn't expect" ... written by ife
She made me cry a bit, she really knows how to deliver the message! I loved speaking with her. I will most definitely be back. " ... written by Ana
awesome! caring! healing! need I say more?" ... written by mary
She is very sweet and helpful, it's worth to try. =-)" ... written by happy angel
get calm and optimistic i hope this comes true nailed personalities on the head was a calming read" ... written by shellb
ALL CAN SAY IS AWESOMENESS! " ... written by mary
Brilliant. Help tie things together for me and so funny. I love the fact that our cats have private lodge time as well" ... written by De
very helpful, it s 100% worth it" ... written by HappyAngel
Amazing, clear fast and to the point. Will be back." ... written by e
What an amazing help she was to me!!!!" ... written by Leona
Thank you for calm words. I look forward to next session on cat lodge :)" ... written by !!!!
She is absolutely great! Well worth the wait to be able to reach her. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Great details and it seems to flow really easily for her. I gets it and sees it with no tools!" ... written by lynn
Thank you for the reading and the help" ... written by 1111
big help, like always =-) " ... written by happy angel
I want to say that Moonie is very gifted and she is the real thing. I highly recommend her." ... written by liz
waw! what an amazing session! without any info she could read my situation and my sorrows and she succeeded to relax me! ty very much !" ... written by dmg
I went to her because she is native.... I'm grateful for her insight :) She is the real deal." ... written by Siempre
If you have the money to choose users here, I suggest Moonie. She's so much fun, has a great heart, doesn't take this too serious, a great conversationalist, and gets right to the root cause of any dilemmas with no cards, or anything. Definitely my favourite!" ... written by Mark
Great Reader! Genuine and very easy to talk to. She picked up on the situation quickly and gave advice for me to think on. I appreciate the guidance!" ... written by J
ABsolutely awesome!" ... written by Leona
Great reading ! She has me excited for what's next !" ... written by Lburg
Oh my...Amazing women..For me..She connected so quick and was so accurate about all this, that I cant belive it..:) No tools..quick..and just telling You it was,what You were feeling,how things the other person behave.." ... written by md3311
Thank you Moonie for clearing some doubt. Thank you so so much! " ... written by Ana
Very easy to talk to and receives answers quickly and basically direct to the point in a very tactful good way. I feel a whole better, I visited. Thankyou" ... written by Domenique
im so glad i was able to catch you online and we were able to talk! i love you soo much moonie. youve big a big help in more ways than u know and i love that after so much time of not talking to u, you know and remember everything. i appreciate that mwah!" ... written by m
Wow I was blown away....I love this reading and want more, more, more! Thanks Moonie!" ... written by swsiren
I LOVE HER!!!! SHE MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I DO NOT HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS WOMAN!!!! I LOVE HER!!! I will come back for updates after my trip; she said that it will be great! " ... written by Sonya B
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
She is interesting and makes me a unique view of the situation...just eager to see what the future holds..." ... written by k
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!! You always give such helpful advice and I can't wait to use it. I highly recommend KweMoonie!" ... written by swsiren
Moonie is my go to lady. Absolutely fabulous energy and abilities! No way to go wrong with a private with her! :)" ... written by Leona
Thank you I am so low and you help" ... written by Deb
Thank you for the chat. Hope it all works out" ... written by 1234
i ran out of credits!!! just as i was getting into it all, i reall y really appreciate you, Mooney!! i will be back. thank you so much " ... written by elizabeth
WOWWWW...i am blown away..she is so very sweet and authentic..great energy..picked up the questions in my head..i didn't have to say anything..thanks a lot dear..u are one of best on Oranum" ... written by t
she was good..saw some real things" ... written by me
Did a great job picking up on my situation, and she was able to guide me in the direction I should go." ... written by Angel
Lover her love her love her. She is amazing!" ... written by Leona
A reading with her is like talking to an aunt, a mother. She's very reassuring, full of positive vibes!!!" ... written by frankiekr
Fantabulous!!! As usual!" ... written by Leona
she is so sweet!! and beyond helpful!!! i will be coming back for sure!!!" ... written by victoria
Kwe is such a sweet, funny, and kind lady who is very honest and talented too. She instantly picked up on my questions and thoughts and could even feel so many other things so I know she is gifted! Fully recommend her and there's also this subtle calming energy about her makes you feel relaxed :) " ... written by A
Thank you " ... written by D
Thank you, very nice reading. She's sweet and tuned in." ... written by Lee
Moonie is lovely, and she picks up very well is a great guide!" ... written by Makeup Maven
Looooove her... perfect advice and accurate reading! HIGHLY recommend!" ... written by Ang
Thank you moonie for calming me down and helping me through this phase of my life" ... written by A
She is sincerely gifted! Recommended" ... written by gummigummi
good things are coming, realease, let go. " ... written by cindy
Thanks again for your valuable insight. It's great to talk to someone that truly understands what I'm experiencing!" ... written by swsiren
YES on the money!" ... written by k
She knows me so well!! omg shes awesome!!" ... written by k
Wow.... very very good reader. She described my situation to a T without me telling her! Love her... she's very accurate!" ... written by Ang
Wow-all i can say" ... written by k
amazing-wish there was more time-a little slow but awesome" ... written by k
OMG I loooove this woman... extremely accurate and great advice! HIGHLY recommend!" ... written by Ang
Awesome" ... written by k
Great update, very consistent and accurate!! Thank you!!" ... written by Ang
i think shes very good-the only thing that frustrates me is the speed of her messages...i want to have my questions answered directly...but i love her dearly and a prediction actually happened!! So she is amazing..just wish the delivery was quicker..Love u moonie" ... written by k
As a skeptic I was very surprised that she could see right through me. I highly recommend her. I trust her insight. " ... written by C
Thank you nice to catch up" ... written by De
She is absolutely awesome!! and for the record-she cant say yes any faster!! Lol i always wanna hear more from her..and the time is never enough..Love her truly!!" ... written by k
Love this reader! Highly recommend!" ... written by A
Accurate and meaningful reading. Covered such a lot. thank you so much. Food for thought and forward movement. Highly recommended. Great free chat, like calling on an old friend for a natter. Will be visiting your room again for sure. Love Tudalen." ... written by tudalen
She is amazing!! she predicted that a guy would give me his number and asked meout!! ALL happened in 3 days!! take her pvt!! i absolutely love her!! she is the real deal and she says it straight!! way worth the credits!!" ... written by k
She is straight to the point and everything she says is right one!!" ... written by Unknowngirll
Thank you for the update" ... written by D
Exteremly insightful! I greatly enjoyed her and her knowledge is intense." ... written by Shelly
Absolutely beautiful spirit. She holds the way of her foremothers and it shows in how her laugh hits at the soul. Her Eyes are intense but soft. She just holds you up - and you feel it. She is amazing in her depth of knowing...I found a gem, I shall now keep her in my pocket. ~ Thanks KewMoonie" ... written by Bronxie
amazing!! shes mindblowing accurate!!" ... written by k
Very good reading... casual but detailed... I like her style. " ... written by SSKK
First time consulting with her and I love her energy. She was spot on with my current situation and I definitely would like to come back to her soon. Amazing woman! " ... written by *****
fantastic! I could have talked for an hour! KweMoonie wae em such great information! My guy coming, my career booming more than one sponsor, travel etc.. she knew i was un-cluttering my house and even knew colors. Will bb to chat again! Thank you for a being there. Very encouraging when I really needed it!" ... written by suzy
A lovely session with a lovely person! Thank you Kwe Moonie for your calming and reassuring manner, and for your great advice - you clearly explained the dynamic and picked up on lots of details. You were certain of your prediction too, so I will come back and let you know!!" ... written by Jupiter
Man, I felt like I was talking to my guiding angle!!! She is great!!! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Walejr
She is Fast and AWESOME Reader. she explains things very clearly and i know what to do now. Thanks alot hun for giving me confidence to go out there and tackle the work place." ... written by Kiran
Wow amazing!!!!!" ... written by brianaaf2
Shes phenomenal...never misses a beat-its been weeks since last reading-shes right in tune as if shes been here with me the entire time!! I love moonie!! Shes comforting and love how she reassures and give sound advice...her predictions happen!! I told her no its not going to happen and said my guy would go so slow it would drive me nuts..and she was right...hes driving me omg love her cant wait til our next reading1!" ... written by k
Moonie tunes right in and tells u what she sees!! shes amazing!! Love her and cant wait to take her again!" ... written by k
We had a laugh about the bastard.. Great way to deal with stuff" ... written by Willem Schroten
Great advice and guide.. Didn't thought of going frugal." ... written by Sharkie
Amazing as usual " ... written by k
Shes very calm and understanding-she said something in the reading and it made sense-very good advice and her predictions happen!" ... written by k
always amazing!!" ... written by k
Wonderful! Thank you so much, this has helped me on my path. :)" ... written by Leia
Moonie was so sweet! Thank you for sharing ur gift with all of us Moonie! Blessings 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
Love her-shes funny and knows everything!! her predictions unfolding as we speak!" ... written by k
She is fantastic xxx" ... written by Tatianasmile
Love this lady! Always sees things the same as before and reassurring even tho i drive her mad! Hoping predictions continue to unfold!!" ... written by k
Awesome! So intuitive. " ... written by aroehrig
moonie is so easy to talk with andamp; quick to answer...she was saying things as i was typing them!" ... written by stacey