About Kryonadvisor

Psychic Kryonadvisorhas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Kryonadvisorhas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Kryonadvisor's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Rate: 4.99/min Hey you! I've been aware of my abilities since I was a child. I've been doing it professionally for at least 10 years. No matter if it's love or finances, dream interpretation or developing your gift - you are at the right place! If you don't know how, I can help you identify the obstacles that hinder you on your path. My deep energy/medium readings will reveal the answers for you!

great, i had great reading, five stars" ... written by jj
BRILLIANT!!!! The best one on this site :)" ... written by j
No matter when I come , I always get lovely and useful updates. I could not be happier than this now," ... written by J
he was good he connect quickly. i will do what he said and will let him know the predictions." ... written by anesia
nice reading,intuitive and good advice offered" ... written by s
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
quick connection and very detailed. willing to explain what is needed to be done to make things work. thank you!" ... written by kat
5 stars...very nice and helpful " ... written by Focusing
What a great reading, wow so accurate and spot on. Thank you Kryonadvisor" ... written by Lorann
quick to answer questions n connect give him a try" ... written by apple
Thank you for reading" ... written by marion
Very kind and gentle" ... written by Tom
great" ... written by Cristina
Very good reading knew everything about me to a T....thank you so much Kryon will be back for a update many blessings xo" ... written by libsta
WOOWWZER! most amazing and accurate reading ever! literally knew things of me that no one else has picked up and he shouldnt be able to know....he even answered questons of mine before i even asked them " ... written by brad
great reading" ... written by Jim
He's amazing. If you have a question, He have answers...He will guide you. I had a breakthrough. Thank You very much." ... written by Rusiane
very good. " ... written by cl
thank you" ... written by ghost
He's amazing!!! Truly one of the best!!" ... written by Alexis
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
He was so sweet and caring! Everything he said made sense! Great Psychic! :)" ... written by Xekseita
great reading and so quick to connect" ... written by apple
his a really great psychic, his a must see" ... written by Matthew
Kryon can feel vibrations of the situation and the energy that will partake in it. He felt mines and i can verify that he is a good psychic with good abilities to connect and help you on your situation" ... written by Mary
He is awesome and can read things quite well. It is good that he can channel your issues directly and efficiently. He will give you good insights!" ... written by Mary
quick reader" ... written by apple
sounds very nice, lets see if it will come true ! lets wait and see. Thank you" ... written by Lena
Kryon has a beautiful soul, I loved my reading with him, genuine psychic, calm, tuned in well and gave me some very good information about my situation. I will not hesitate to go back to him for another reading. 5 stars to Kryon. :) :) I recommend him to others." ... written by Gem
he was very good... tapped and tuned into the information that I needed." ... written by aliciia
Lovely, focused, kind- it is all about you, Kryon!" ... written by J
he was very insightful and fast!" ... written by zaulem
very accurate!! amazing typer...and connected really fast!!" ... written by pb1923
What a different type of readying I have ever experienced, easy going and understand. Thank you xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
<" ... written by J
Fantastic reading, so accurate and spot on" ... written by Lorna
I must confess this is my first meeting with Kryon, and I can only say that he is great, passionate and very sensitive. and have the ability to tune in quickly and with a presision as a surgeon to tell me everything I need to know WoW. I am quite astonished that this is possible even after so many readings I've got .. Kryon is undoubtedly a Psychic I will get back to for more. his ability to convey the message is eminent. he says what he sees and hear without filter and blur ." ... written by loverboy
Thank you for your reading. I will put into practice what I need to do, to appreciate the now! Off to meditate. Cheers, " ... written by Michelle
very honest, very accurate" ... written by Alison
this dude never disappoints hes always amazing and accurate " ... written by incredible
So lovely, so focused, so perfect. " ... written by J
Awesome totally recommended!! :)" ... written by E
he is very very good!!! I recommend!" ... written by Katie
Great reader, really knows what he is talking about" ... written by Andrew
very nice, warm reader. had session with him recently and really liked it, so came back. thank you!" ... written by jc
He was absolutely lovely. Left me feeling more relaxed and confident. Thank you :)" ... written by Gabby
Nice gentle truthful style." ... written by Londo
I reallllly liked KRYONADVISOR, he had amazing things to say that I haven't heard before, I feel so grateful!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Alexis
Kryon was very good! He confirmed what I already know and I can't wait for it to happen! :) Thanks Kryon! Another talented individual on Oranum!" ... written by Zachariah
a really lovely, deep soul who helped me manifest a great prediction. i really trust his words, he's very posiive but not sugarcoating. he really helps you to believe in possibilities and reads others intentions very well. thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
Kryon! Great guy, and def. a good seer. He dove right in and saw my issues w clarity. DIdnt need tools, just meditated and saw. I appreciated his caring and cousel. " ... written by Bert Annernie
Great reading. No tools!" ... written by Zeigen
Interesting reading and no sugar coating,going to follow the advice and see where it goes. Thanks! " ... written by Sherry K
He's truly amazing!!!! Truly, truly, truly amazing!!" ... written by Alexis
He was verrrrry good and real. connected quick and very accurate!" ... written by ch
Amazing reading. Very genuine kind hearted soul. Very spot on as well, and quick. :) " ... written by Sabi
What I really appreciated is that Kyron took the time to get to know me before we went private. He genuinely seemed to care about my situation and wanted to help. I was impressed in the private reading, while he talked a little slow, he was grounded and gave very accurate, insightful information and guidance. I appreciate that he is seeking to help people grow spiritually, not just offer out basic yes/no predictions. He was wonderful, thanks@" ... written by liz
Great, Wonderful, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! You have to try this guy, he's soooo good! " ... written by Alexis
Thanks for being here for me tonight Kyron. I felt the connection as soon as I was in your room. Thanks for the read. Namaste *Praying for the best* I will be contact again, keep in touch. " ... written by Katie
WOW...Kry is awesome, has powerful energy, uses no tools, and exceptionally fast with direct answers. I'd rate him as a valuable and trusted reader on Oranum. Thumbs Up...and 10 stars!!!!!" ... written by Cordie 167
very direct and detailed, made a lot of sense. good advice and accurate observations and advice that I feel is to my benefit. thank you!" ... written by jc
GREAT!!! Amazing!!!!" ... written by Alexis
he is very good and on point" ... written by c
connects well with energy" ... written by smiley2011
Kryon was kind, did pick up on somethings particular to my situation, I appreciate his kind effort and ability to connect with my situation, despite the little window of time. " ... written by star
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
he is good :) " ... written by ohood
empowering and calming me down, in a nice constructive way. many thanks!" ... written by jc
I thought he was great. He connected to my energy very well and once I started asking the questions the information just started flowing. Great reading!" ... written by Kevin
thanks that was great, you told me all, straight to the situation and honest," ... written by leo
Really touched on the topic and made clear statements regarding the issue that is causing problems. Provided clarity and explains things very well. Thanks Kryon for your help. I really understand your point and thanks for the information you gave. It was very helpful, I felt I didn't need to continue more. Thanks so much." ... written by Aliyah
thank you. very good and fast." ... written by keeetz
amazing reader" ... written by cristina
he was very wonderful, insightful, offered terrific advice - did not sugar coat, made me listen to my instincts and reflect on necessary behavioural change. I will be back. " ... written by diana
Wonderful! Great reading! :) xoxo" ... written by Alexis
thank you for the reading thats great and helpful, its amazing" ... written by leo
Thank you so much! Really insightful! Intuitevely you read me and my lover portray so well. It was very helpful. I'll be in touch. Run out of funds. You are awesome! God bless!" ... written by mira
Very good reading... helped alot. Thank you." ... written by C Aquino
Thank you " ... written by marion
Kryon..has done it again....helpful and wise counselor...I always get a boost and clarity from his vision" ... written by Algernom Clangtrammel
Interesting reading, something very calming about the reading, he provided me with some insight that I needed, something calming about his energy, I enjoyed the reading and will come back for an update. Highly recommend!" ... written by leti98
Kyron is always a good person to go to for good advice and insight into your situation. Ive had two readings with him now and Ive been pleased with both. Thank you. " ... written by Kevin
Great energy! Fast and correct!" ... written by Angela
Great, fast." ... written by Ang
Great reading!" ... written by Gatorgal
very good, but my credits went far too quick" ... written by petalpantz
Amazing reading. only needed dob. so on point. thank you!" ... written by Gatorgal
Enjoyed the reading ..." ... written by rutinha133
Exceptional reading! Thank you so, so much!! You are very sweet, kind, and patient. You told me everything I needed to know and did it REALLY FAST!! Thank you so much for helping me. I appreciate it." ... written by Sandra
thx! he was fast to connect" ... written by f
GREAT! Fast and on point. Time went fast." ... written by Angela
thank you kryon , that was great reading," ... written by han
thank you so much, for the great reading and your support" ... written by han
Thank you Kryon it was a wonderful reading, and thank you for your honesty and guidance, and caring ,,your words is really true, you know as you seen all that" ... written by Han
My first reading with Kyron. I feel he understood me. He types rather than talks, which took me some time to get used too. I think what he said made sense. I will try to do the things he told me and will write more after I see how it goes. I liked his energy!" ... written by skier8001
Eager to work with someone at 5 AM. mean a bunch of things. Amiable presence. Facial characteristics are something to note. Attempts to explain client's questions, Has a reasonable understanding of the content of this client's questions. To be fair, there was little time to sample his work, and most of it was spent on banter. (I could have easily avoided that, and made a note to myself to answer questions directly when asked, no commentary.) All in all, nice guy, as far as abilities go, that is yet to be seen, but as far as listening and caring, 8/10 The best I've seen from this site so far. " ... written by Pterra
Thanks Kryon, that's really wonderful reading, you remember all, and you are definitely true of what you said, " ... written by Han
kept going in circles." ... written by Nicole
its so true, all you said," ... written by han
Good reading. Thank you. " ... written by swtone71
Wow! We just had the best conversation, I felt so comfortable and peaceful with him. He is very kind and gentle person and easy to feel relaxed around him and talk with him. Definitely recommend." ... written by Linnea
wow, he is phenomenal! Very calming and non judgmental. I highly recommend him" ... written by J
Great seer, able to have a grand overview and compassionate insight of whats going on w me and others. Nice guy" ... written by Granville Crenwick
Such a kind and gentle person." ... written by b
Always kind, friendly, helpful....I always enjoy seeing Kryon." ... written by B
Always so nice, thank you." ... written by B
Really remarkable!!! One of my new favorites!! So gentle and accurate!!" ... written by Alexis
GREAT!! Soooo accurate and wonderful!!! Thank you!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
What a sweetie, and he's a great psychic to boot. Give him a shot, you won't be disappointed. He's just a lovely, genuine person and will make you feel comfortable right away, and I can talk about anything I want or need and he's totally fine with it. Amazing, thanks so much Kryon!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by L
1st time reading with Kryon, likes his energy and he knows the situation well, will come back for some more update. " ... written by emily
Amazing! Has helped me understand so much! I would recommend. Very fast!" ... written by Ang
I appreciate Kryon's counsel and his insight, very helpful." ... written by Arnie
Amazing!!! So perfect!!!" ... written by Alexis
So kind and very accurate. Will see him again for sure!" ... written by b
yeah nice energy from kyron. nice reading." ... written by batdancer
Was great accurate and to the point thanks." ... written by Robert
Kryon is quik, and real, and deep insight, have had several readings and always impressed, feels true to me and a great help in my life issues. thanks Kryon!!" ... written by prabhudattaji anwarsadatta
Thank you Kryon, that was really wonderful, " ... written by han
Awesome reading!!" ... written by Emmet Peel
Awesome reading" ... written by Hiram Bingham
Such a sweetie. Love my readings with him. Thanks so much. xoxox" ... written by mb
This guiy is AMAZING!" ... written by bo0mer
Kyron is great, direct and quick intuitive, kind and helpful person, i always enjoy n benefit from his readings." ... written by Zbigniew Brzezinsky
Great reading, thanks!!" ... written by Riss
Simply splendid. I had my questions answered and then some, .am pleased and informed" ... written by Artemus Gordon
Kryon has a real gift and w no tools just dials in and sees some helpful perspectives, i feel his readings for me have been on point and well informed. Still coming back for the insights." ... written by Ambassador Dalyrmple
I like Kryons work it feels authentic and accurate to me, Ive felt clarity and peace and some real understandings from his readings. " ... written by Harry Pottah
Exceptional and true reader, great advices and seeing into whats really going on. " ... written by Hillary Sir Edmund
GREAT reading! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
Thanks." ... written by k
Amazing!" ... written by Alexis
unique soul with sincere heart will connect w you n answer questions" ... written by apple
Interesting reading, good detail, seemed accurate was helpful :) thank you " ... written by Sherry
Such an amazing and inspiring soul. I can talk to him with full and complete trust, I always know that he has my best interest at heart. He inspires me to be bigger and better version of myself and that is such a wonderful thing. Thanks so much to you." ... written by bea
I like this guy, clear guidance, quick, kind and definately helpful Ive enjoyed every reading and return for the clear counsel." ... written by Geronimo Pratt
I appreciate the reading and insight. He did hit some good points onto he person personality. " ... written by know
he is very sweet *andamp; straightforward! go to him!" ... written by L
great reader and very unique" ... written by apple
thank you for this great reading. I look forward to what the future will hold. " ... written by tyler
Great reading, didn't like what I heard, but got the truth, in a very kind way. Also, great words of wisdom. Thank you for being honest!" ... written by lornalulu
amazing reader, he is so insightful and fast, he taught me things about myself i had not realised and gave me the confirmation i needed to go ahead in life, i cant rate him enough! " ... written by luna
This guy is awesome! No tools and he's to the point! He connects well and very straightforward. I will definitely have another reading with him again!" ... written by Itsuramo
Thank you much" ... written by Kari
he is straight forward dont sugarcoat great reader" ... written by apple
O , Kryon, you are a superb reader, direct and adept....wise counsel and caring personality." ... written by Sammy Hagar
This guy was amazing. He really tuned into my energy and the energy of someone else I asked about without using any tools. The only downside to the reading is that he types instead of speaking. I feel like I would've had much more time with him had he talked instead of typing. He was still good enough for me to remain and even add more coins to speak to him longer!" ... written by KT
great" ... written by saquanna
Tapped right into me, what I needed and the situation. Thanks for a great reading!" ... written by Freedom2211
You're the best, such a wonderful person and psychic, so full of wisdom far beyond his years. Just amazing to talk with him." ... written by mb
He's quick and goes straight to the point. Good reading!" ... written by Simona
great reading i highly recommend" ... written by apple
Just such a sweetheart and readings are sooooo accurate!!! He always knows how I'm feeling, what is going on and what to say to help me feel better and to help the situation. He is truly blessed and a beautiful person!!" ... written by mb
Kryon is the real deal. Tunes in fast, great intuition, illuminated the core, key issues. Kind, understanding and caring person the ideal guide n counsellor" ... written by Anderson Cooper
Amazing!!" ... written by Alexis
great reader n quick to connect and to the point" ... written by apple
great reader connects quickly i highly recommend" ... written by apple
Thank you Kryon it was really wonderful," ... written by han
I like him so much, he's so nice and everything seems easy and so clear to you after a reading with him." ... written by Phiore
This is my second time getting a reading with Kyron in less than 2 weeks and he is amazing! He tunes into the energy of the situation you ask about with no tools. His feedback was very affirmative and re-assuring. Last time, I had to buy extra credits to finish getting the answers I needed and this time, I bought a higher package and used every single bit of the credits I purchased. A session with Kyron is worth every dime spent. Oranum is lucky to have such a gifted intuitive as him!" ... written by KT
I enjoy talking with him. I've talked to him more consistently than any other expert on here." ... written by youngngifted
Very good reader, quick and intuitive , kind person who has helped a lot" ... written by Senator Edwin Muskie
great reader very u ique in connection" ... written by apple
This guy's excellent, always like his approach and keen intuition . A big help." ... written by Kryen Overspiltenmelk
Enjoyable! Accurate! Pinpointed without prompts." ... written by Tar
Once again kryon deliver superb reading. quick and intuitve , right on the money w the situation, i feel clairfied and understood" ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
helpful to find a way" ... written by sun
Really a great reader . I would suggest him for others to try and see ….. " ... written by Devisri
kryon is amazing, very intuitive, spiritual man, helped me a lot w understanding and insights, truly remarkable" ... written by Sidney
Quick, precise to the point! Thank you x" ... written by bluetippi2
Wow he's amazing. He doesn't tell you want to hear but what you need to hear. He's also extremely honest and insightful. I will definitely come back for another general reading with him. Thank you!!" ... written by Stargirl
he was very accurate, and I appreciate his words for opening up a door to which I thought had faded. he was amazing" ... written by tiahuia
Right on point with everything! Thank you so much! I'll be back soon for more readings! This has helped me feel some relief! " ... written by michelle
insightful and empathic. i recommend him" ... written by arthanor
he is very good and extremely in tune with the situation and can read the energies accurately." ... written by wren1414
Such a beautiful reading..I gained a lot of insight and really appreciate everything..thank you Kryonadvisor! :)" ... written by missvika
interesting " ... written by a
thanks for the reading. you opened my eyes and I was able to see things, comprehend things I didn't know before! blessings to you! :)" ... written by shelly
I love him !!! He is beyond amazing and gives excellent advice !! wonderful reading !!! totally connected " ... written by tamjones
Very good strong and true connection - understood the situation immediately without any knowledge of it at all." ... written by Alexandria
Very very good! QUICK AND TO THE POINT :)" ... written by l
Very professional, polite and kind. I got my questions answered. And received some important insight." ... written by NevaMind
AMAZING. Seriously AMAZING. :)" ... written by Sabi
Thank you for kindness and honest" ... written by carol
He was assuring" ... written by Lexie
Brilliant, thank you!!" ... written by m
Very kind, and supportive reader! Not sure he totally grasped the situation but gave good guidance regardless. " ... written by Uvi
i just love him. He is so kind, very helpful and to the point. He is prompt enough to tell me what i am not doing right." ... written by Nimmi
very quick to connect." ... written by aqidah
Great!! Love his honesty and accuracy.. no bs-ing Connects quickly and doesn't waste time. I really like his energy and will be back :)" ... written by nina
Thank you, always excellent!!" ... written by m
great as always" ... written by E
great thank you!!" ... written by m
Awesome as always" ... written by E
Came back for a quick update and it worked out lovely!" ... written by J
He was amazing and really gave me the answers I needed quickly and accurately. I will be back for sure!!! Thanks" ... written by J