About Kailei

Psychic Kailei has 17 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Kailei has recently helped 13 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Kailei's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello friend and thank you so much for browsing my profile here on Oranum. My name is Kailei Paige. I am a 24 year old college student from Pennsylvania. I have 2+ years of professional advisor experience, but I am a 5th generation psychic and a 6th generation medium. Getting a reading from me means getting a reading from a friend. I like to have personal connections to the people I work with!

she was amazing, she is the best out of everyone in the oranum family. go to her, she is worth your money!" ... written by arlynerod
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
very insightful. she was very fluid with both her words and cards, and the energy that she spoke about.. she is one in a million. she was able to precisely pick up all the enrgy around me and also the situation.. and reinforcement.. A+++" ... written by alicia
She's awesome and right on point! Thank you so much for answering my questions. If you want answers, then I suggest you get a reading from Kailei..you will be glad you did. " ... written by April
shes hot, i didn't really pay attention to what she said, but we got no future" ... written by James
She's the best!!!! Came for an update and she knew right away that my blockage is gone!!! Kailei is very real!!! Try a reading with her...5 Stars!!!" ... written by Amy
ok!" ... written by aa
The session with Kailei was amazing and she gave quick and in depth readings and fully got to grips with my questions and put me at ease straight away. " ... written by Sion
Wonderful straight to the point. Great reading!" ... written by Nicole
Good intuitive advice and insight into my marriage situation. It helps me feel a little better. I hope prediction is true. She was comforting by explaining energies of the situation so I can remain a little calmer for my family. thanks." ... written by resonatewme
5 stars...spot on with predictions...she has a great future ahead for her. I will definitely be back" ... written by Focusing
A very good and accurate reader. " ... written by David
Thank you Kailei" ... written by marion
Without a doubt she is amazing.. I had an amazing session with her.. so friendly so nice and very good at what she does! thank you so much!! :)" ... written by Travis
awesome, 5 stars!" ... written by jj
very clear very good " ... written by cream
Kailei was really great! She truly connected very quickly and I appreciate her words of wisdom, her energy and her peaceful spirit. She helped bring clarity to the situation..." ... written by Carrie
nice general reading" ... written by derick
Awesome" ... written by Dasani
Kailei is AMAZING she knew so many things about me without me telling her!" ... written by angelkin
wow amazing reading she picked up straight away what was going on and gave me some great advice and i look forward to her prediction coming true awsome " ... written by paul
She was amazing!! I got so much info from her! she was telling me so many things that only i would know...Shes so wonderful and her aura is so pretty! " ... written by Travis
great person! great reading! quick to the point" ... written by fsdfds
i liked her energy and her attitude. Seems very good for me. :)" ... written by Anna
im so touched with her reading,and her attitude is amazing.all reading makes sence and gv me more clearity about it.thank you so much kailei,ur the best :)" ... written by viendax
soo awesome and fast..she got right to he point! thanks so much! " ... written by sin
great reader very detailed" ... written by roses88
She has a lovely energy and she tells you what you need to hear and gives good advices :)" ... written by Saloni
Awwwwesome! She is a "best kept secret" hehe. Super accurate, fast, to the point, considerate, prediction with details and timelines. I asked so many questions, and I got all my answers and along with it my peace of mind and confidence back as well. Thank you Kailei !!! :)" ... written by Rani
GREAT!!!!!!!!" ... written by sam
Kailei never disappoints, she is spot on, positive and caring. SHe has a lovely energy, so glad to have reading with her, can't wait for her predictions to come to pass!!! xoxo Thank you" ... written by KARLA
Wow she is true gem on here, I'm glad she decided to start doing readings with her gifts, she is confident, quick with the answers but in a very detailed way. I was blown away by what she picked up. She was honest and did not tell me what I wanted to hear. You are amazing at what you do, keep making people smile with your insight. You deserve 10 stars!!!! :)" ... written by Andrew
Great reading - and very accurate!" ... written by Angel
Kailei has so much good positive energy and can actually pull your energy to help you through life. I am quite surprise that she has such low numbers in helps!~" ... written by Mary
She was wonderful. Without a doubt she made me feel more hopeful and assured in my relationship. I would definitely recommend Kailei for guidance! " ... written by Twanton
great shes patient and great reader" ... written by roses88
great................." ... written by edgar
she pick up on things" ... written by ed
wow she was great, one of the best readings i have had so far! i will def be back " ... written by chapis
Excellent reading, did pin point the situation with the cards. Lovely young lady." ... written by Happy
Wow! I got goosebumps with how much she knew about me and my situation. Wonderful reader! Thanks so much" ... written by Amy
excellent reader" ... written by gregg
She is so sweet person! she was very detailed on my questions" ... written by sweetangle3
she is amazing! This is my second reading by her, one of my favorite readers! Thank you again! " ... written by chapis
That was by far one of the best readings I HAVE HAD ON ORANUM! This girl is truly amazing, greatly priced and full of insights. She really opened me up and figured things out. It was nice talking to her.. I cant put words to it. The reading was so amazing, so accurate but so painful...It wasnt exactly what I wanted I will admit but it was what I needed to hear. I am hurt thats for sure because all that she said was true. I will say though I feel healed, guided and restored with her help! Kailei your amazing and thank you for being you! :)" ... written by Travis
Lovely girl, very happy spirit. Gave a very detailed card reading and was so helpful. Looking forward to more sessions with her." ... written by Victoria
I felt connected and it was a great reading! " ... written by Stef
excellent read" ... written by gregg
My second reading with Kailei. Always a great reading and goes in depth. Very highly recommended. " ... written by Victoria
shes very very good,... absolute natural... loved it! every card she picked was so tuned in to my situation... and i could totally resonate with what she was saying.. and fabulous advice too.. thank u!!! " ... written by a
Love Kailei's energy. She is very positive and encouraging without sugar-coating the truth. Thank you Kailei. :)" ... written by Karishma 76
Thank you Kailei it was a pleasure talking to you. You were very honest, kind, and down to earth. you were very positive and full of energy. Hope to speak to you again when I get more funds. I will keep you updated and keep my head up." ... written by Ladyofstandards
amazing show. Kailei really helped me with my issue and she is so kind, lovely with so positive energy. i highly recommend her." ... written by Vomitlover
GREAT" ... written by ED
Amazing reading! Kailei is on point and very accurate. She read me instantly! Awesome spirit and very intuned and empathic! I'll be back for another reading!" ... written by determinedSoul
I knew I wanted to make her my best friend asap! Haha :) Kailei has excellent energy. Her reading style is very open, honest and compassionate. She is very accurate and direct. I certainly will be back in touch. My favorite part about the reading is she made me feel comfortable and her guides really made it evident to assure me to a point where I could trust the next steps in my path. I am genuinely really happy I got to speak with Kailei tonight and will be replaying the advice in my head! Lol, sending you love " ... written by Katie
great reading!!" ... written by ROAR
oh wow...great new reader on Oranum..such a wonderful energy...andamp; knows her stuff too i reckon. very good indeed. nice one." ... written by batdancer
Excellent reader!! She understood my situation very well and she described the guy in question to a T. She gave me some great advice to follow as well, so hopefully all goes fine :)" ... written by Mimi
so sweet xoxox thanks" ... written by sin
Great reading, good insight and advice. Looking forward to following her advice and see if her predictions come to pass." ... written by jewel
awesome connection very fast and accurate" ... written by Cristina
WOW! She is amazing!!! I normally dont like cards but her's are unique and very spot on. She nailed my situation and person precisely and gave awesome advice. I dont hesitate to recommend her. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
great new reader...she is awesome. " ... written by batdancer
have had many reading with her. always great! i like how we work together in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together " ... written by chapis
Great reading.. clear timelines.. hope things are going somewhere good and abundant..! :) Thanks..!! " ... written by Shiks
great reading" ... written by PaleNative
wow!!! spot on and accurate...very lively soul highly recommend" ... written by nessa
Thanks so much, so nice and accurate!" ... written by Josh
This was my first reading with Kailei and she was really nice and explained everything what's going on right now. I had a nice feeling having a pvt session with her and will definitely come back! Thank you Kailei! xoxox" ... written by T
Another fantastic read with Kailei - her connection is very strong and accuracy is through the roof! It's almost as if she has known me personally for years. Every insight and detail she described was absolutely spot on and the suggestions and advice she gave in our last private worked perfectly. Very highly recommended!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
friendly nice told me true things that I felt she knew what she was talking about, Hope that all turns out the way she says" ... written by Ana
wow amazing" ... written by flo
thanks for the advice and i am going to in everything you told me and wish me look!! Great advice" ... written by ms dawson
I really like Kailei's "no nonsense" approach. She seems honest and upbeat. I love her positive personality. Her demo was excellent and it made me want to see her in private. Some of these men readers act like they're doing u a favor by doing a demo and do not try to sell their talents. Isn't that what demos are for? I really enjoyed my private reading with Kailei. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Terri
excellent reader" ... written by gregg
She is sooo good! Out of the blue during the private, she described a particular response pattern from someone and explained the reason - I hadn't even asked about it but it made perfect sense and was exactly what I needed to know!" ... written by RussianBlue1
I love Kailei! She is an angel. Wise beyond her years and great spirit guides " ... written by SP
she is great" ... written by ed
Very sweet person. very good! she will tell you as she see it!" ... written by sweetangle
Amazing guidance and everything is falling into place!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
ty so much lol... grandpa your too funny but wish you were here to guide me everyday through my situation at work. thank you so much kailei for connecting with my grandpa. ill try my best to do better after the crap i've been through. " ... written by newbabe
Kailei was great!!! She was easy to take to, gave good advice and was on the mark. " ... written by LB
fast" ... written by nonono
kailei is amazing shes always on point and i love her energy very beautiful soul!!!" ... written by nessa
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by snnakis
lets see " ... written by MYNAMEIS
i hope it pans out" ... written by nonono
She was the bomb!!! Totally made my day!" ... written by Marissa
good information ty so much will keep you posted on this :) " ... written by new
kailei is amazing and great at what she does!!!! highly recommend very sweet soul" ... written by nessa
on point thank you" ... written by davyboii
Very honest and accurate. THANK YOU! " ... written by j
She is always amazing!" ... written by SP
FAST ACCURATE READER" ... written by tianna
She is awesome! Picked up on the situation spot on. Didn't need to give her much information. Loved speaking with her! Will be back. " ... written by Sabi
Thank you, thank you. So mature for her age and very in tuned. I cannot wait to see he gift take her further. She is wonderful and very down to earth. You are awesome!" ... written by Given
shes very caring and really help out alot. very udnerstanding as well.." ... written by cee
she is so awesome, such a super great person and reader - wonderful all the way! ok cheers again andamp; catch up later. " ... written by batdancer
great reading!! fast and spot on :)" ... written by HMR
she is so sweet! very honest in what she says! she answered all my questions so fast! I will follow up with her to tell all that happens! thank you again..................................." ... written by katie
Kailei said in our reading that my ex will get back in touch with me and that he will understand what he had in me. He did a while ago and this week he finally told me that he blew it and confessed his feelings. It's still in the making but I am sure we're getting there. Thanks Kailei! " ... written by Tinkerbel88
thank you soo much, waiting for you predictions coming to pass" ... written by Alicja
Kailei you are a talented and lovely woman. Great energy, thank you so much!" ... written by
amazing :) answered all my concerns and focussed on my issue. very friendly and always reassuring. 5 stars for her :) " ... written by hope
Really awesome. Thank you so much. At a time I need to discuss different perspectives Kailei was terrific. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LOVED Kailei so fun and easy to talk to, such a great reading too bad didn't have enough time, prob coming back thank you! " ... written by Sherry K
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Excellent reading that you." ... written by BN
I would talk to you again I loved talking to you thank you for talk to me. and making me feel comfortable. I give you 5 stars." ... written by Patricia
greatttttttttttttttt" ... written by edgar
awesome lady! just like talking to a best friend who happens to be psychic. It helped that she knew what I was going through from her own personal experience. Someone I recommend and will definately go to again." ... written by Mercy
this girl rocks! like talking to your psychic sister who has your back. she is right on and connects fast and can get right into the heads of the people you are concerned with. described my ex to a T. will def be back to talk to her!" ... written by wren1414
Lifted my spirits" ... written by Jrose
ty so so so much " ... written by B
Makes sense. Thanks! " ... written by AAnne11