About JovanRealm4

Psychic JovanRealm4has 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic JovanRealm4has recently helped 36members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about JovanRealm4's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Top rated psychic. The truth only. No sugarcoating. Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empathic, natural born psychic and tarot expert. Representing Oranum's younger generation. My mission here is to help and guide people through good and tough times. I can accurately describe your past, present and the upcoming future events.Specializing in love and relationships.

Jovan was wonderful!! He is sooo sweet and easy to talk to! I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetsiren0072
This reading went great, my first reading with him and definitely not my last, he is very on point and does not sugar coat which I love that because i come for clarity. Thank you so much for the reading Jovan. I RECOMMEND him, give him a try, you will not regret it. " ... written by Angelsmessage
this man knows so much!!! and so so sweet... I loved my read with jovan... btw.. he also looks strikingly like a young Sebastion Bach (rock star) from back in the day!!! REAL DEAL... and I will def come back to him.............def def one of the best on this site... I wished I would have tried him yrs ago.......I felt our connection strong...........hugz" ... written by real deal
Thanks. You are awesome." ... written by hushhhu
Was on point and didnt sugar coat anything but said it in a tactful way. Enjoyed my time." ... written by brnbeautie
I totally adore Jovan he is the best and I love him to death! Wishing him all the best life has to bring his way! Lol and many smiles and hugs for him always!" ... written by unluckylove777
Loveable guy and so accurate. adore him much xox" ... written by unluckylove777
Always so nice and gets right to the point!" ... written by Karen
My first time reading with Jovan was a lovely experience, I will update on the outcomes, thank you xox" ... written by katriona
I was very nervous at first but I think he is right about everything. It's crazy the things that he mentioned. Jovan is great and I definitely will be back with updates for him. :) Thanks boy!!!" ... written by Raychul
Jovan is always great and has never steered me wrong. Great reader. " ... written by Debbiec0613
Really clear and precise. fast and go to the point." ... written by Arlhemine13
No one could be lovelier...and clairvoyant " ... written by katykim
Helpful loving and sweet, I love him so much, he is so kind and clear :) Sooo very helpful! :)" ... written by Chepianna
Good psychic." ... written by abreca
So sweet and caring so accurate and compassionate, I love him so much. Thank you for all the help! Highly recommend him to everyone!" ... written by Chepianna
Great reading." ... written by heather70
Omg I love him, he is so sweet and he soooo adorable!! Very on point and in tune with my emotions, feelings, wishes and desires. Knew exactly what I have seen, what I learned and where I have came from. " ... written by moosuga
Outstanding, insightful, fab and wonderful that's how i describe the perfect psychic jovan realm4" ... written by am3thyst
What a sweetie, was just like having a nice normal conversatio but with the added value of a reading thankyouuu :) xx" ... written by numberthree3
Thanks jovan, yet once again. it was nice chatting with you, you brought me nice comfort. thanks for being there as usual. will chat again soon. xox andamp;amp; love ya much ~ smiles from the purple one" ... written by am3thyst
Wow he's fantastic and seems to be really empathetic :)" ... written by annaa8270
I love him so much, so honest, and helpful, very caring and great advice, I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone!" ... written by Chepianna
5 STARS ***** !!! He is Great, ACCURATE, Honest, Positive, Nice and Polite!!! He is very Young, But very KNOWLEDGEABLE!! He explains details and will tell you every thing you need to know. I loved my reading, and will see him again! Try him, you won't regret it!!!" ... written by Ellie11
Omg, thank you so much. I am so glad someone cofirmed my feeling for me. I can now see and move on. highly recommended 5 stars." ... written by ToastChee
As always best reading! I truly love Jovan!! Such a joy and soooooo comforting." ... written by FlorAce27
So sweet! Had a great reading. Will definitely visit him again :)" ... written by destineedani
Jovan is the best! i love him so much, his energy is so positive! he's such a talented psychic and only speaks the truth!" ... written by w
Extremely tuned in, accurate, and forthcoming with lots of detailed information. I love Jovan !!!" ... written by Ahz
OMG Loved the reading with Jovan was quick, accurate so on point without me even telling him anything! everything he said makes so much sense!! will be back definitely " ... written by Sher
This is a sincere, sweet, smart, intuitive reader. He is earnest and caring and answers all your questions with great insight and awareness. He is best psychic I have spoken to on this site. Don't miss out. Connect with him - he's very loving and you will feel so much better for it. " ... written by dmbertault1
Great reading as always. We will see." ... written by Lela
Jovan is totally awesome,he is a kindhearted caring young man and is truly gifted!!! loved my reading with him and look forward to future readings with him...I highly recommend pvt with him!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks, totally awesome, love him." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Never a disappointing moment when i go prvate with jovan. it is a blast of a time and very informative. i love his kind soul, and i think he's absolutely great! " ... written by am3thyst
Awesome, loving caring dead on, connects super amazingly! I love him so much! Highly recommend him :)" ... written by Chepianna
FABULOSO and MAGNIFICO!" ... written by am3thyst
Accurate, insightful. At first, I had bout that he is too young to be good. But he really surprise me. I am pleased with the reading he gave me. Thank you so much! " ... written by gastonmai1
Jovan is really super! he reevaluated all of the things we went over, and reconfirmed them. i honestly think that he is a true blessing to have had the patience he has had with me. i appreciate him much! xox " ... written by am3thyst
Sooo amazing I love him so much, so sweet, caring and full of love. So helpful, if you need help, he can do it." ... written by Chepianna
Not a disappointing moment! Always helpful and always there for me anytime I need him. Couldnt ask for a better friendship than this. keep sweet and take care, and I love that smile it makes you more perfect than ever, winks xox." ... written by am3thyst
He's great - he is honest, clear, direct and fun! i adore him and always enjoy his readings - and come away with a feeling of contentment - he has a positive energy and truly cares about your well-being. One of the best readers on the this site! I highly recommend him -" ... written by dmbertault1
Never a disappointment, follows through and encourages me every time. Amazing person!" ... written by am3thyst
Amazing, honest....... will be back soon, thank you Jovan!!!" ... written by sabinaa
Jovan answered a lot of questions and was very insightful into what was going on around me in my life. Highly recommeneded!" ... written by Icleus
Jovan is very kind, calm. He gave me lots of details in reading. Appreciate it! I recommend him to everyone." ... written by gastonmai1
** love him ** he is so spot on alwys and absofuknlotely CORRECT in all can it be.. 5Mn stars " ... written by sofiya44
Jovan is AWESOME!! He touched on many things that were spot on!! Very detailed and accurate in everything that was said!! " ... written by Beverly
Wow did he hit the nail on thehead - Just amazing, He is wonderful - just have to be patient and watch his predictions come to pass" ... written by debbiec0613
Awesome reading. Always great talking to you. We must stay in touch." ... written by Janice
Thanks again for another lovely reading!!" ... written by swsiren
Jovan i wonderful to read with - absolutely delightful and he is accurate in the description of my situation so I am confident that his predictions for future will be accurate as well. He is confident and I feel he is honest and sincere" ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you so much, always accurate and makes me look forward to every reading. I thank you, I really have to go. I am late for my appointment," ... written by Joseph
I love love LOVE Jovan! I have been reading with him for a few years now! And he has always been there for me and told me the truth in the most sweetest way! Thats why I stick with him! Thank you love! Im so glad I found you!" ... written by Tee
I had a fantastic reading with Jovan!!!! great guy and gifted too. very detailed reading with helpful advice . i really appreciate his compassion and gift. i will be coming back ." ... written by victoria111
I really like him he was on track with everything" ... written by loe123
So loving and fun, so accurate, very compassionate and great connection :) I HIGHLY recommend him " ... written by Chepianna
Straight forward, accurate, fast, right to the point, very nice reading." ... written by veezee
Omg he was wondering I knew he would be good at giving me some great advice thanks." ... written by erinangel
What a great guy! Not only was he spot on he was comforting." ... written by powerwithin
A comfort in my sorrowful times. Helps me out alot and I appreciate his time with me. Super guy and sweet. lol AM3THYST" ... written by am3thyst
Good reading hope everything comes true." ... written by essa32
Jovan is such a sweetie! He gave me an amazing reading and everything he said was really accurate and spot on. He's really easy to connect with and worth your time!" ... written by tacotaylor
Amazing reading! Amazing person! Very clear with the card readings and straight to the point. Super kind. Definitely get a reading." ... written by lydialyon
I adore Jovan, he is always accurate in any reading he has every given me, plus he has massive compassion, coupled with a great sense of humor. His readings have come true, and he has been more accurate than people who have read for me for years, no lie. I recommend him highly." ... written by Zen_Mermaid
Mr. jovan was really nice to me. i like his style, will definately be back again! thank you sir!" ... written by ivory_onyx
He is amazing and so genuine :) I just love him and the things he has to say, if you haven't had a reading or even been in free chat with him, you definitely should, he will not let you down :)" ... written by staryeyezxo
Wonderful, wonderful spirit ... so sweet and honest and willing to help give guidance. Definitely give this kid a shot. You won't be sorry." ... written by Jules213
Jovan is great! He was very positive and accurate with my readings. I now have clarity in my life with the people around me and it makes me feel happy! :)" ... written by Icleus
I really liked this reading. The way he puts the things he sees in words is very pleasing and good. He gave me solutions for things I didn't even ask about, he just knew I had it in mind. Will return!" ... written by RobertQuestions
Was great! We had little time, but he made the most of it!" ... written by Jonathan James-Isaac Kennant
Super comforting, caring and accurate, and amazing advice and guidance." ... written by Chepianna
Amazing. Very accurate and straight to the point. He knows what he's talking about without you feeding him info. I highly recommend. Very comfortable and down to earth. Real. Love it." ... written by newness
Jovan was great very informative and sincere." ... written by bflow1
Great!" ... written by veezee
LOVE him. He knows his cards." ... written by SL
I love the guy, so sweet and compassionate." ... written by karolinkush
Wow he is good and fast.. thanks for the reading and the advise.... overall one of the best on here... try him!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Jovanrealm4 iz the gr8test! I have encountered ever! He wuz very accurate more than accurate on evrything.. luv him!" ... written by DollyA
I think this guy is so pretty and also talented u would be surprised what he can tell u in private!" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Amazing! Thank you so much." ... written by Pam_mie
EXCELLENT Reader!!! Jovan is GREAT!!! connected immediately and was spot on with everything he said!!!! thank you so much!! " ... written by mlafield
Very sweet felt like he connected.... my answer was a no but he can't help but give honest answers..." ... written by lisapatrick
Good reading, very quick to connect and reading was very helpful!" ... written by betsysue
This reading went great, my first reading with him and definitely not my last! Highly recommend him to everyone! Thank you for all the help. =)" ... written by Beautiful84
He is so amazing. The kindest, sweetest energy. He read the situation so clearly. I think he is very real and honest. I really like his technique. :) Try Jovan!" ... written by spiritflower79
OMG he is sooo good, and such a sweetheart, you have to have a private with him, he is worth every cent. And do it before he goes up in price, because he will.. :)" ... written by butterflywings10
A very strong and fast connection. He was able to see my situation and provide clarity. I am pleased and grateful." ... written by beautywithinone
Great reading with him" ... written by pandoy
R.E.A.L.M= Realistic reader, Exceptionally exciting, Always helpful, Loving kindness andamp; Makes me feel the best after each and every private reading! Admire his style! Thanx, Ivory_Onyx @:}-" ... written by ivory_onyx
Wow wow wow...this man is the best, truthful and spot on , a lovely person" ... written by freebecca
He was realllly accurate with my current man in my life. he was really nice as well. I would recommend him!" ... written by 80sbabyy
Very honest, even with the not so good information. very comforting and very accurate. thanks" ... written by rivalry
Jovan connected with me immediately, gave me a wonderful reading and peace about what was on my mind. Highly recommended :)" ... written by estelle317
One word: brilliant" ... written by 718sally
I just love him... He is such a sweet guy and knows his stuff... Please have a private with him.. " ... written by butterflywings10
I loved him he was very sweet and so comforting! Extremely accurate and is always honest! Definitely will keep coming back!" ... written by FlorAce27
Highly recommend him to anyone. Very sweet and respectful and gave a wonderful reading. My reading was very special and he made me feel comfortable from the beginning. A lot of relief from this reading, really made me feel good. Thanks, Jovan!" ... written by 04171975
WONDERFUL READING. VERY HONEST." ... written by newness
Gentle, sweet, genuinely beautiful person! Thank you for your time and effort xx" ... written by AlysiumDream
Jovan was wonderful as usual, he is so sweet and nice, i love him!" ... written by 04171975
You are missing out if you have not had a reading with Jovan! He was right on point with everything and even though I only wanted to know about one topic, he picked up on another thing that I was really curious about! I didn't have to mention anything, he picked up on everything and he's very funny and very wise when it comes to giving advice. He's a real blessing to Oranum. Definitely returning for regular readings and advice :)" ... written by mposada
Thank youfor the great reading" ... written by moonravin
Very good at what he does " ... written by gumdrop
He was good." ... written by kari89
Love this guy!! He is so real and tender and has a beautiful soul :) he really cares. Thanks again! " ... written by emotions
Fantastic highly recommend to everyone!" ... written by puhiwai
Great reading, straight to the point. Even gave me some extras that was really accurate." ... written by Mordillo98
He's very good and geninue, and very easy going person. He would tell you the contexts of your life and he is good to talk with :-) thanks." ... written by bellacasa
Oh he is such a sweetheart. I love having privates with him. So accurate and his new cards are very nice. :) Please, have a private with him." ... written by butterflywings10
Very good cleansing really enjoyed." ... written by themightyzorgon
Guess what??? I won 20 free credtis for a private and I had a blast with jovan! I was so happy and amazed what a thrill. and a special thanks to sweetjesse, he knows = lol" ... written by ivory_onyx
Very accurate love the advice." ... written by themightyzorgon
He confirmed what someone else picked up to the T, and even provided more details to the situation! Truly gifted and wonderful! He's also full of character and just makes you feel so comfortable as he just rolls out saying what he sees! I'll be glad to tell you the updates Jovan!!! Thank you sooo much :))" ... written by sweet_jesse
I really like this guy hes so sweet and fast I will be back hes so awesome I trust him!!!!" ... written by loe123
Cool!" ... written by Bbrave1
Very good reading. Empathetic, tuned in straight away. Excellent. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Very lovely reader, you are soo kawaii!(cute). And thank you for telling me what I needed to know. :D" ... written by hope2321
Woooow, I did not give him any info, yet he told me everything what is going on in my life, and gave me some very good advice! Give him a try! Thank you!!!" ... written by Aryastark
Amazing and always honest. He makes you feel at ease and he gives you great advice. With Jovan you know you have someone who is rooting for you and it's great to have someone you can trust. " ... written by mposada
Words can't express my fondness for Jovan! A real sweetheart and, again, knows me like a book! :-)" ... written by powerwithin
He is Great, ACCURATE, Honest, Positive, Nice and Polite!!! He is very Young, But very KNOWLEDGEABLE!! He explains details and will tell you every thing you need to know. I loved my reading, and will see him again! Try him, you won't regret it!!! " ... written by gela79
Just amazing. He actually read from two decks, each with exactly the same result. I've never had that happen before, and he also picked up on things that I never even mentioned." ... written by jong866
Great update and advice … Intuitive and lovely person thanks. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Jovan knows what he is doing for sure, gave great insight and clarified on situations also. Much help and lovely person. Thanks so much!" ... written by Avalon22
Thank you for the much needed information! Very fast psychic!" ... written by ethnic1
Very accurate and right to the point." ... written by themightyzorgon
He is highly gifted, if you have not tried him please do! Hes so on the money!!! Love ya Jovan oxoxoox" ... written by Neptunes-Child
I love this man, he knows everything :)" ... written by Raychul
Brilliant spot on very interesting." ... written by hellena12
Sooo fun and energetic, loving and accurate.I love you hun, thank you for everything!" ... written by Chepianna
Jovan was pretty good and I enjoyed what he had to say :) " ... written by wolf_angel59
i dont even know where to begin with jovan!! hes amazingly gifted. honest, fast, straight forward no games. he will tell u like it is no doubt. TY SO MUCH HUN LOTS OF XOXOXOX UR WAY.;)" ... written by disturbed86
The most genuine beautiful soul on Oranum....truly a gifted reader/healer....incredible...I am in Awe!! " ... written by unity4me2
Thank you very much." ... written by hedy1234
SUCH A PLEASURE!!!! Picks up on energy very strongly ,no BS. No stalling... Great Great Great!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Awesome reading one of the best." ... written by themightyzorgon
Very intuitive!!!!!! Very specific!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great reading!" ... written by lilytear
Amazing as always! :D thank you so much Jovan!" ... written by Chepianna
Very good advice and informative! xxx" ... written by joboluvz73
Jovan is awesome. Very accurate and very sweet. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Jovan!" ... written by 04171975
This guy is amazing! He is such a nice and informative reader. I will have no problem reading with him again. Thank you!!" ... written by RaeAri
Such a sweetheart!!!Good honest person!!!Great reading and advice thank you so much xxx" ... written by magsy231
He did a good job. He told me more than the others i´ve talked to." ... written by jenheim3456
Spot on once again! Thanks again for the awesome reading, my friend!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Was Great! Was VERY thorough" ... written by JamesIK
Always fabulous, always accurate, always amazing. He is my go-to-guy, always! Love ya! P.s.: Everyone needs a reading from him, he's truly gifted." ... written by Eklipse
Always so awesome and on point! Thank you Jovan!" ... written by BrianaAF2
Great reading again!! he was right on everything..i love him..:)" ... written by 80sbabyy
A very thoughtful, and caring young man. Easy to communicate with and had lots of facts and advise. Thanks Jovan see u next time :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Amazing as always and so in tune with my issues. Thanks, hunny. xx" ... written by Avalon22
Hmmmm-really undecisive now~but hopefully it will work itself out? but jovan gave me good guidance, thank ouy and I look forward to good future outcomes. So I hope for the best outcomes~xox" ... written by ivory_onyx
Great first reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thank you for talking to me during this hard time with the loss in our family, you simply are magic." ... written by puhiwai
Gave me much needed clarity and advice. No matter what is going on in your life, he truly understands and it's so comforting to talk to him. Jovan is my 'go to' person. " ... written by mposada
Very accurate (would recommend!)" ... written by Somozusi
Wonderful reading. Always a pleasure to talk to." ... written by gela79
I always enjoy my readings with Jovan, he is so sweet and considerate. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Jovan!!!!" ... written by 04171975
He was the sweetest, most giving reader I have ever done a reading with! Highly recommended." ... written by piscesmoonshine
Compassionate, gentle, and highly intuitive. Highly recommend!" ... written by Natalie
He actually was right about a situation which was a great relief and it was awesome!" ... written by Bbrave1
Please don't pass up a reading with this accurate, awesome, and honest human being. He's such a blessing and such a great person to let into your life. You will wonder why you didn't stumble upon him sooner. " ... written by mposada
Love him.. Sweetest guy and accurate! I highly recommend him!" ... written by 80sbabyy
JovanRealm4 is awesome!!! He's my favorite psychic hands down!!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Love him!! Best reader accurate!!" ... written by 80sbabyy
Well hopefully all turns out for the best.... " ... written by Bbrave1
My first reading with Jovan and I felt very connected. He was awesome and made me feel very comfortable. He was accurate and very kind and connected well with me. I will be back to update, thanks love! xoxo" ... written by calibabe23
One of the most amazing and understanding human beings in the universe. He has been 100% accurate for me every single time, but aside from that, when you talk to him, it's like talking to a really great friend who only wants the best for you. " ... written by mposada
Awesome read! I talked out my current situation and read things in such consistent detail. Me and him clicked so well! Give him a definite try. :)" ... written by tbrooke2012
I stumbled across Jovan looking at this site. I entered his chat room and felt I should get a reading. This young man is a gorgeous soul, clear helpful insightful and it is all delivered in a caring and very kind manner. Good news and bad :) Thank you so much it was such a pleasure to meet you Jovan " ... written by Denisenewz
This guy was amazing :) Got everything right :) Helped me alot and motivated me alot :) " ... written by rkaur22
I am always satisfied when I get a reading from Jovan. He's the best!!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Wow, great reading, on target with both of us. very insightful." ... written by hoofer13
Excellent energy, lovely man...I just absolutely loved having him read for me, I feel he is genuine and caring for sure :)" ... written by confusedchica
It was a very smooth very cool reading. It was like I was talking to my best friend who just happens to be able to see into my future a bit" ... written by na
Wish I had more time. But it was nice reading I had with you :) Thanks for ur clarification!" ... written by Uzma81
Very quick straight forward and accurate. He is young but does a very confident reading like he has decades worth of experience. REALLY GOOD! Highly Recommend him!" ... written by amnarashid
I'm forever a client of Jovan :) Get a reading and experience this for yourself. " ... written by mposada
Good" ... written by bushkitty
OMG, this kid is amazing.....hit all the spots with not much info. very caring and concerned. I will definetly come back to him, amazing the fact that the timing of his practice is soooo short but the knowledge is excellent, i will say beyond excellent. Not because he told me a lot of positive things but comparing to what is really going on and what I've been told by other psychics I put him to the test and he past with lots of flags.....he is wonderful, very highly recommended, don't let lengh of time of experience fool u, go by the stars earned and trust me, he is very but very on point......God bless u Jovan and good luck......smooches......wink" ... written by adito201
JOVAN IS GREAT, HE PREDICTED AND FOUND THAT MY BF IS A andamp;quot;Superstarandamp;quot;... he is awesome and i will be his loyal client... you are the best!!!! " ... written by gela79
Amazing, yet again! Get a reading. He is fantastic. So kind and very accurate." ... written by lydialyon
He is a great tarot reader. Always a pleasant reading!" ... written by amnarashid
He seemed to really care what I had to say!" ... written by gunsandrosesfan1
Haha he's a joy! Reads positive. I'll keep you updated." ... written by tbrooke2012
I guess I needed a reading from you to snap me out of something that really was never there! Even though it wasn't what I was expecting. Thank you for telling me the truth! It's ok now. I can focus on far more important things in life!! Thanks again Jovan!! Thanks for the very interesting conversation!! hahahaha :)) " ... written by sweet_jesse
He's honest, quick answers, although its not always what I want to hear." ... written by namalfin
Simply loved my reading with Jovan. I felt so warm and relaxed with him. He is fast and spot on!! " ... written by Uzma81
Amazing reading.... Accurate... Say no more!!" ... written by gela79
Nice guy! Thank you." ... written by mariah88
GREAT reading one of the best!!!!" ... written by mancrm
Thanks Jovan. Very nice reading, your words are so warm, encouraging, and give me some strength. Will definitely ask more readings from you. thanks again - Takapuna0" ... written by OranumTest
Jo was awesome confirmed everything. Thank you, he rocks. Very sweet person." ... written by bam486943
Outstanding, breath of fresh air, concise and straight to the point...Simply gold dust!!!" ... written by Kindred01
Very quick and really good thank you very much jovan" ... written by smiley2011
Wonderful, quick and really dynamic." ... written by arrowbelle13
Ive been in his room a couple of times before and he is so wonderful! love him!! and this time i knew some things that he didnt knew i did and he told me all about it straight on. shows how good he is. and he told me beautiful things about the future. there are no words!! he makes you feel good and really cares! hey! youre amazing!! take care xxxooo" ... written by emotions
Excellent and very nice :)" ... written by purpleroses
He did an amazing reading with me! I was very upset about my relationship and he was able to make me feel so much happier. He is awesome! I recommend him! (:" ... written by anm5335
Yay!! He's awesome, definitely get a reading!" ... written by purpleroses
Great reading!" ... written by lilytear
This was the best reading ever. He was on point and explained everything very well. He was detailed and honest. Get a reading. You will not be disappointed. I will not read with anyone else again. " ... written by blackty100
He is great! He knows what he is saying and it does come true, I know a few friends that come to him, I love him. He is so friendly...." ... written by kari89
Very fast and accurate. " ... written by librabeauty
Get to know this amazing person! :) He's accurate, honest, and has been such a blessing for me. " ... written by mposada
Great!!!" ... written by Yoca_2010
I always get clarity from Jovan! He is so kind and accurate. He doesn't hide what he feels about the situation and he is forthcoming with the info!" ... written by betsysue
Jovan offers a wonderful, insightful reading. I have found him to be very attune to questions asked. He is very, very accurate. Combining these gifts with his natural goodness and decency as a human being, a reading with Jovan is always positive, even if the news is difficult. He is there for you!" ... written by curi333
Jovan is absolutely awesome, fast and accurate reader. Please do not pass go without seeing him first. Wow!! An ancient being Jovan is. Thank you for being on Oranum hun. See you soon. xo" ... written by mdemos
Great reading, so sweet and kind!" ... written by mancrm
Thanks for an excellent reading update. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Thanks so much for your insight." ... written by mmd1990
Amazing reading once again, Jovan you are the best! Accuracy is your game!" ... written by gela79
That was an accurate reading...Thank you very much!" ... written by edelaine
Great, very helpful." ... written by purpleroses
Great... Try him.." ... written by SaintlyCat123
A wonderful reader, clear and confident. Thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
So young and yet so wise! I was very impressed with his speed and style....quickly and efficiently answered my questions and concerns...confirmed many things that are true and saw things very accurately....thank you!" ... written by wendic
You were great and you explained everything well to me. Thanks!" ... written by santhia1989
Jovan is definitely one of the best psychics on Oranum. He always gets to the point and gives sound advice." ... written by ProDancerUSA
Amazing as always." ... written by ProDancerUSA
So Sweet!!! Hes amazing and accurate! Def will be back for updates. Xx" ... written by Girlie152
Amazingly spot on. reccomened by a very good friend." ... written by sunshinesmiles72
I had another great reading with him he made it so much better for me he answered all my questions it was great really go for a reading with him!" ... written by jenheim3456
If I could give more than 5 Stars I would!!!! He is AMAZING!!!! I cant say anything positive enough he's so accurate and connects so fast!" ... written by Girlie152
Very acture person kind and sweet." ... written by bam486943
He's the best. All I can say." ... written by mposada
Great and clear." ... written by Denisenz
Enjoyed so much.. Hated to see my time end... Gave good insight to my situation... will have to wait and see... Will be back... clear and specific with your questions...Thank you. ~ Heather" ... written by Heather1971
I left it :) Came in with a bad emotional vibe and left I with happiness :) thank you so much. You were smiling through the whole thing and I was very happy with the quick reading thank you so very very much." ... written by midnightlily777
My Fav person, he makes me feel calm instantly! Such a positive energy, hes amazingly accurate soo GIFTED!!" ... written by Girlie152
Excellent!!" ... written by purpleroses
Thanks, he's good I tell you," ... written by DUNNO85
100% accurate. He JovanRealm4 gave me A reading 2 months ago. Things happened as he told me, so I came back to have another one with him today.He help me a lot. Thank you so much Jovan!" ... written by Mai
As always Amazing my 3rd reading I cant get enough, hes so accurate and always helpful! Hes my new online best friend. Xx" ... written by Girlie152
He was wonderful! Such a connection and SO nice! He knew how I was feeling and showed me the cards to verify what he was telling me. I pray that his predictions will come true. Definitely recommend a reading with him!" ... written by TheFriendlyOne
Thanks Jovan you were wonderful as usual and made me feel totally comfortable and a lot better! Love you!" ... written by 04171975
He is soooooo sweet and compassionate! He was able to tell me things I didn't even consider were possible! I hope his prediction comes true! It was like talking to a best friend!" ... written by MinaVamp27
THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!! Do a Private you have nothing to lose he is so amazing!" ... written by Girlie152
Amazing reading, you rock!" ... written by gela79
AWESOME as always!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Lovely person !!!!! He is wonderful ! I love this person!!! " ... written by sarrariahi
Superb, quick and straight to the point!!" ... written by Kindred01
Such an accurate reading, so right in everything. I would definitely recommend. If you want answers this is the man that will mend your heart. Thanks my friend chat soon! xxxx" ... written by apkelly13
Always puts my soul at ease. Calmed my worst fears, and reassured me of my situation and the direction it is taking. Thank you so much! You're my new best friend!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Jovan is PERFECT! He has the most positive energy and is so caring and tells you the truth! He is amazingly accurate and I will vouch for that anyday!!! xo" ... written by Girlie152
BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!" ... written by Girlie152
Excellent update reading! thanks! x" ... written by joboluvz73
Top reader. Blows my mind every time." ... written by sunshinesmiles72
Always a pleasure. He's so soothing and calms my nerves and it's like talking to my best friend! I can literally tell him anything and I love that! He even picked up on someone who is around my beloved that I had thoughts about, but wasn't sure what he was saying to him..." ... written by MinaVamp27
Accurate, excellent. On the mark! " ... written by sunshinesmiles72
Very good :)" ... written by purpleroses
Amazing! Spot on and hope to see how prediction come to pass. As soon as we started to read i felt like we were conected instantly!! Thank you !!!" ... written by leebee4
Amazing as always!!!! So accurate, and amazing! " ... written by Chepianna
Thank you so much! Really accurate! :) You put my head back on my shoulders and helped me simmer down that constant fear. I guess you reminded me that all good things come to those who wait :) Really thank you so much. I really appreciate the work you do. It's always good to have people like you out there :D" ... written by tamalynne
Very organized and detailed reading! He's fun and answers whatever queries you have. Now i`m just looking forward for the prediction to come true :)" ... written by yvettepandora
Omg.. Love! Such a great job..Very caring and genuine! Can`t wait to see if it comes true and definitely one of the best :)" ... written by HolstonJane
He describe my feelings and my ex really well. He is so sweet and genuine. !! Thank you Jovan." ... written by hyde92
Jovan is a sweety and extremely accurate, he is the one I go to when I need things to be cleared up, he has never let me down. " ... written by staryeyezxo
Straight to the point, friendly, made me feel very comfortable talking. Said things which are true about me. Thank you, Jovan!" ... written by Fiona
Excellent! x" ... written by joboluvz73
Just the best!!!! Very intuitive and tells you like as it is!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I love him to death! He's so awesome and caring. Great to talk to. I'll let you know how everything goes, as always =)" ... written by tbrooke2012
Love readings with Jovan!!! He connects instantly!!! He is excellent!!! Thank you so much :) " ... written by mlafield
Amazing as always, caring and accurate. :D I highly recommend him." ... written by Chepianna
Another great reading with him!" ... written by lifetime1974
Amazing as usually. Clear, genuine, caring, and then some! :)" ... written by HolstonJane
He is awesome." ... written by purpleiris1215
He's honest, very accurate. Enjoyed having a chat with him. :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Thank you again and again Jovan! So happy you humored me and just checked it again. Thank you soo so soooo so much! Love you! *kisses*" ... written by MinaVamp27
This guy is shamazin!!!!" ... written by Anon
Great job! :)" ... written by purpleroses
This guy is so sweet and so spot on accurate. His predictions for me have come true, and he is always very straightforward with his readings. Thanks again so much Jovan, your truly are great." ... written by rivalry
He's the best. Accurate, gives the best advice, honest, a complete sweetheart who snaps sense into me. What more could anyone want." ... written by mposada
Not wanted I wanted to know, but it's the ultimate truth! Thank you so much. :)" ... written by pinkstyle
He is so sweet and so accurate! :) Very healing!" ... written by jadensmamma09
GOOD stuff as usual :)" ... written by pinkstyle
This young guy is so good at perceiving emotions and my current state... wow! He is awesome, I'm glad I got to meet him." ... written by glow71
OMG he is amazing!!!!!!!! He knew things that he could not possibly have guessed! No other psychic has ever picked up on! Will be back to update with predictions!! Thanks Jovan:)!! xo" ... written by MissyS
Jovan rocks, hands down. Getting a reading today." ... written by ProDancerUSA
LOVE LOVE great, genuine and very VERY accurate predictions." ... written by HolstonJane
Thanks so much! will come back with an update soon." ... written by mmd1990
Amazing reading. Accurate, honest, and gives the best advice! " ... written by mposada
Update: he's so awesome. I love him. Can't wait to start going out on dates. Will update you. =)" ... written by tbrooke2012
Update: Wonderful reading as always!! Thank you hun xx!!" ... written by leebee4
Amazing reading! Very very spot on, told me what I needed to know... And It is completely the truth. Told me details that only I knew. Amazing!" ... written by mara5588
Accurate and spot on. Such a lovely energy! xoxo" ... written by sunshinesmiles72
He was really good and quite spot on with one particular detail. He is also quite affordable and really pleasant to talk to! I will be back :)" ... written by Sony333
Wow!!! Love him to pieces!!! He's the real deal. I really enjoyed this reading. Will be back to see him for sure. Helped me tremendously!" ... written by sparkly1
He's the best, get a reading!" ... written by purpleroses
As aways great help." ... written by Cell14
Best chat ever! :)" ... written by Cell14
Love Love Love talking to Jovan!!! Such a caring and kind reader. I will be in touch soon xoxo." ... written by Needalilhelp
Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by SAchickie
Jovan was my first read on here, and I'm so glad I picked him! Such a pleasant, caring and nice reader." ... written by rawr_meow
Nice talk, great smile ^^" ... written by Miatran
Always enjoy my readings and are very accurate!" ... written by leebee4
Straight to the point! Will call again soon!" ... written by luckmaynard
He is the best reader on here. Predictions are always spot on. I'll be back!! xox" ... written by leebee4
I love Jovan, he is the best!!! He made accurate readings and predictions. He is professional and the readings are always a joy! I look forward again in getting another reading! Thanks Jovan!" ... written by gela79
He reaffirmed my faith in the situation and its outcome! Thank you, he's so awesome to work with!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Amazing!! " ... written by staryeyezxo
Great job. Very helpful :)" ... written by purpleroses
Wonderful as always! My son even watched this time and it was enlightening to him! Thanks a million Jovan, Love you!" ... written by 04171975
Good but brief reading!" ... written by kerrdoodle
Very accurate to my situation!" ... written by Apui1986
Thanks right on target! And very quick!" ... written by Summaluv8
What can I say...Jovan is amazing his prediction came true! This is the first prediction of my life that ever came true!!!! I can not even believe it!! Jovan is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by MissyS
Amazing insight, thank you so much!" ... written by sunshinesmiles72
Wonderful, brightened my day!" ... written by purpleroses
2nd reading today. Still good :)" ... written by kerrdoodle
Lovely reading!!!" ... written by happyheather
Jovan I found it. :) Thank you so much for today's chat. You picked up so correctly on everything and I have to come back for more. Thank you for predictions I hope it comes true! :)" ... written by renebaby
Thanks for the update reading!" ... written by joboluvz73
Had another great reading! :)" ... written by Cell14
So great! " ... written by andreabaker1223
Amazing. " ... written by sunshinesmiles72
OH WOW! He blew me away ! He saw things that I never thought he would have caught on and gave me a very realistic reading. On top of the great reading , oh boy, he is so darn cute!!!!! Definitely recommend him." ... written by atlastiamhere
THANK YOU!! Jovan brought SO MUCH CLARITY to me!! He's VERY HONEST in his readings... I hope the prediction comes true! :) I will be coming back for another reading! :)" ... written by Summer84
Very sweet energy... Definitely in tune with my energy and picked up on some details that were specific.. Will read again with him " ... written by librawemoon
It's getting more interesting." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Lovely guy. Really charismatic and excellent reading! Totaly addicted!" ... written by SheilaRoberto
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Wonderful!" ... written by purpleroses
Amazing person, amazing and accurate reading. " ... written by mposada
Jovan is soo sweet loved the reading and rings true totally. thank you jovan i will be back for sure :)" ... written by renebaby
Love! Him!" ... written by sunshinesmiles72
Aww! I just keep coming back to Jovan because I KNOW he will ONLY tell the TRUTH!! =) THANK YOU AGAIN!!! " ... written by Summer84
Excellent honest reading, tuned in straight away xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Always good, get a reading from him!" ... written by purpleroses
Jovan has brought me back to reality and confirmed what I already suspected. I will take his advice and report back. I pray to god it works! He has such a great aura." ... written by Sarah120
Wonderful. Thanks, very clear." ... written by Denisenz
It's really a heartful time seeing Jovan. I really, really, love the way how he makes my most complication, simple to hear. It's always nice to hear him. I can only be very grateful and will keep seeing him." ... written by kohiprinsu
Excellent connection." ... written by angelszone
Awesome. Accurate and quick connection. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Jovan is a sweet straightforward guy! He gets to the heart of the matter." ... written by Lady001
Excellent as always!" ... written by Avalon22
He is wonderful, kind and right to the point. He nailed the person in question to a T. I will consult with Jovan again. Thanks hon!" ... written by lyricslair
Very cary sweet person i enjoyed his readding." ... written by bam486943
Straight forward, caring and insightful as always. Have had a few readings with Jovan and he is always spot on with time frames. Highly recommended." ... written by librabeauty
Very good listener and helpful, thanks!" ... written by purpleroses
Great as always!!" ... written by leebee4
Accurate, fast, insightful!" ... written by higherthanlife
:) Amazing as always. Have a reading with him you won't regret it." ... written by leebee4
Okay. I love this guy! He is awesome. Great reading and very accurate. Definitely a keeper for readings. Very quick, fun, sweet and caring. He is also honest and doesn't sugar coat things. He'll take you to the center of the tootsie roll pop real quick. No worries at all. lol Thank you so much Jovan I will definitely be back to see you!" ... written by vocalmachine1
Very good and very kind. I recommend him." ... written by dianalj
Was very helpful and made me feel better about my problem!" ... written by purpleroses
Wonderful, positive, accurate, and quick! Get a reading" ... written by lydialyon
Jovan is great! Love this guy. Very honest. Fun to talk to. Picks up on situations very fast and accurately. Love the details. Kind and caring. Could never go wrong reading with him. " ... written by vocalmachine1
I loved the reading so real and truthful :)" ... written by confusedchica
Amazingly accurate., spot on. reccomended by a dear friend! " ... written by sunshinesmiles72
I love this guy! Always in tune to exactly what is going on and he's very specific about things as well!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Spot on with the reading, he described her well and everything was positive. I'm a lot more at east about contacting her now. What a kind, caring and amazing person Jovan is! :P" ... written by DarrenC
Jovan is a super smart and very gifted person!" ... written by Lady001
Excellent, great reading! :)" ... written by purpleroses
Excellent as ever!" ... written by angelszone
Amazing!" ... written by sunshinesmiles72
Very real, friendly and knows how to give a proper reading. I will be back!" ... written by cassandrajoann27
I just love Jovan! So funny and is always straight up with me, he's just amazing all around." ... written by staryeyezxo
So awesome. Would highly recommend!!" ... written by andreabaker1223
Spot on! Get a reading with him he is wonderful :)" ... written by purpleroses
Very insightful, very nice gentleman and cared about my sensitive issue." ... written by jeraldryan
Such an awesome reader! He knew things right away without me even mentioning it- was well worth going into this reading- can't wait to use him again! I would give him 10+ stars (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Thanks for the awesome reading! You knew things even before I told you! I'll be back :)" ... written by f1rebug
Very quick and answered my questions very clearly." ... written by serinaserina
My favourite psychic on Oranum so helpful and caring." ... written by Lilkittykins1983
Thanks hun I am sure I will come to update if your prediction comes true." ... written by serinaserina
Love this guy! He is so awesome. Amazing to talk to and get readings from. :* :* :*" ... written by vocalmachine1
I highly recommend him. I've been seeing him for months and his predictions are spot on. Be back soon!! xoxoxo" ... written by leebee4
Amazing as always! xx" ... written by sunshinesmiles72
As always he is wonderfull " ... written by sarrariahi
Fabulous!!!!!!" ... written by disteva
100% accurate, kind, sweet,... Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Great.. amazing" ... written by purpleiris1215
Great job!!!!!" ... written by purpleroses
Great reading, insight on emotions surrounding the situation, quick and to the point. So relieved!!" ... written by gmachi16
LUV HIM! " ... written by sunangel69
Always a pleasure. Always the truth." ... written by newness
Great reading, thanks. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
It's great to talk to you!! :) I enjoyed the whole reading experience with you :D Thank you, and your suggestions are really helpful. Keep in touch. See you soon ;) " ... written by Crystal
Had to visit my main man! lol He is the best! Love this guy! Awesome psychic! Very accurate and fun to talk to. I always have a blast with him. :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Awesome as usual. Get a reading!" ... written by purpleroses
Excellent clarity!!!!! " ... written by shell456
As always, my favorite reader...always on point and adorable!" ... written by andreabaker1223
JovanRealm4 is very quick, 100% accurate and professional. He has helped me a lot. I am thankful to him!" ... written by gaston165
100% accurate and helpful. I love his works!" ... written by gaston165
Really nice and warm person! :) His advices are really useful. And everything is explained in details! :) Highly recommended! :D" ... written by crystal_x123
It's always great to have a reading with him!! You know I will be back! xoxoxo" ... written by leebee4
Very accurate, sweet, patient. Wonderful work. I love him!" ... written by gaston165
Jovan is good in his readings, he told me what others have told me as well, now least we'll see how it goes with his advice.." ... written by jeena1
Thank you for insight" ... written by jeraldryan
Thank you Jovan! You have been honest and kind. Truly have a great gift!! Explains everything in detail. Very friendly. Will definitely go back and get another reading later." ... written by fi890na
Thank you.. Very kind person!" ... written by trmills928
Great job! :)" ... written by purpleroses
Jovan was very awesome and the reading was wonderful! " ... written by kball1974
He's a super sweet guy. Looking forward to predictions and assessments very soon." ... written by suzyqte
Very good card spreading reading put a smile on my face." ... written by dallascowboys8
OMG..he is awesome ..I love his reading of the cards and that he is straight forward and gentle. Know his stuff. The greatest I will return in for updates. Will tell you like it is .." ... written by sunshinec
Another delightful reading time. Thank you thank you :) Talk to you soon :) " ... written by Crystal
Wonderful reading..seemed to tap into the situation quickly and accurately. " ... written by peacewithin7
Hey Jovan! you are great!! thanks!!" ... written by kingpi
He is gentle, detailed, and well connected." ... written by ranchat
Again wonderful reading, great updates, much needed, very accurate and honest no nonsense which is great, highly recommend, once you have had a reading with jovan you wont go anywhere else." ... written by puhiwai
Sweet and honest person, accurate. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
When I'm with him in that private chat he becomes my best friend. He's been there with me through the good and the bad and I wouldn't trade our readings for anything in the world. His accuracy is astonishing and his advice changes lives. I have a very special place in my heart for Jovan that'll be there forever. " ... written by mposada
Jovan is awesome!!!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Jovan is always accurate. Excellent psychic. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Just when you thought you had talked to the best on Oranum, along comes a breath of fresh air! Hes wonderful amazing fast accurate and exact. You must get a reading with him if you want the truth of whats going on with you. Superb reader!!" ... written by ikroyal
Jovan is the best! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Hes honest, down to earth, very friendly and explains the context of any events.. :-)))" ... written by bellacasa
Awesome and amazing! He is always accurate and dead on with me. Great connection! I love this guy! :* Thank you Jovan!" ... written by vocalmachine1
You are great, as always! Love your reading style! Will be back soon :)" ... written by f1rebug
Wonderful insight" ... written by jeraldryan
I had amazing reading with JovanRealm4! He was uber thorough and very clear. He explained everything very well! Thank you for your time!!!!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Great reading! :)" ... written by purpleroses
You are great, thanks so much! :)" ... written by mszkut29
Have had regular readings with this guy…. very good intuitive. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
It's good to talk to you! :) Thank you for your help as always! :) Thank you and talk to you soon :)!!!" ... written by Crystal
Jovan is always accurate. helping me a lot in love and financial life. I am very glad to have him here. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
The most awesome friendly, fun and energetic reader. Extreme accuracy and always detailed. Love JOVAN! He is amazing. See you again soon." ... written by vocalmachine1
Thank you again Jovan. You are always so sweet and caring. I just love talking with you. And you know how accurate you always are in my readings. Can't wait for our next talk. :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
He is very honest with what he says and very accurate, i was amazed, thank you" ... written by vandana_20
Love Jovan!!!! Excellent readings with him and I always look forward to updates. He immediately connects and is always been spot on with his readings!!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by mlafield
Wow amazing, he is so sweet and kind." ... written by millyloves22
Jovan is always accurate. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Thanks love. You are the greatest! I will come see you again soon like always. Always hit the nail on the head. lol :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
His predictions have come ture.. Fabulous was so happy..." ... written by disteva
Great reading, will definitely come back again :)" ... written by purpleroses
He was fast and accurate and very sure. He gave me what i needed in terms of a time frame." ... written by pminmaine
He helped me a lot! Thanks Jovan." ... written by vampydm
Lovely reading, tank you." ... written by elle11
Amazing." ... written by SkyMan512
He was so sweet and honest! Gave accurate advice on the questions I asked. I felt as if I knew him for a long time. " ... written by xoblazedbug
Jovan is so much fun and at first I thought he might be too young to read, but actually, he's very wise and hit the nail on the head with everything!!! He's awesome and I highly recommend you try him out!!! Verified a lot of things and gave me firm answers to my questions, all the while we were laughing and having fun! He's great!" ... written by skier8001
Really wonderful - I highly recommend this reader and I will be back again to speak with him in about 2-3 weeks ." ... written by Lyne37
Thanks jovan! Appreciate your work." ... written by kingpi
Very intune." ... written by 12aqua
Great reading!" ... written by xxcutegirl
I think from now on I will only consult with Jovan !! I am very impressed !!! You must let him read for you!!! This is twice now - he was right about what he had to say last time - and we will see about this time !!! I am confident that he is right again!" ... written by Lyne37
Great reading, as always :)" ... written by JenJen9214
An amazing guy, great reading, honest, will come back for another one." ... written by 1tidbury1
Jovan you're awesome!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! Will be back !!!" ... written by jaykun
Jovan would worth 10 dollars an hour. He is precious!" ... written by gaston165
My Favourtie on Oranum, I wake up at crazy times to be able to catch Jovan, hes amazing, his presence is one of a kind and his personality and skills will make you come back for more! Cant get anyone better to do a reading!!!!" ... written by Girlie152
Jovan is very accurate and helpful. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Always insightful - gets hold of the problem and breaks it down. Wants to help, yet is very honest. No sugar-coating." ... written by Freedom2211
He was honest without being harsh or critical and accurate with aspects of my life without me having to mention them and gave me much to look forward to. I highly recommend a reading from this wonderful guy!" ... written by erialy
OMG he answered my questions in great detail, thank you so much, so fast as well! You must try him!" ... written by 1tidbury1
Jovan was great as usual!!! He deserves 10 stars!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Than kyou for a great update reading and advice xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Thanks so much. It was great.. So accurate and I am satisfied by your reading. I come back to let you know... " ... written by seun808
Always fantastic!! Great energy. (: I love his readings!!" ... written by Sam_Hope2
Wonderful insights and reading. Was able to pick up on things very well and give good information and advice. Thank you for the additional wisdom!" ... written by Teresa
Great guy, good insight, really in tune, my questions were mostly future prediction based, I will keep him updated as things unfold, thanks Jovan :)" ... written by person2011
what can i say. Love your honesty. Peace and blessings. Still laughing." ... written by newness
Jovan is 100% accurate. Kindness ad patience, he helps me a lot. I am thankful to him! Five stars." ... written by gaston165
Amazing reader, so young but so damn talented!!!! " ... written by mi
Amazing! Picked up on many things without me telling him. He was very on point and helped me feel much better about my situation! Thank you thank you thank you! I will definitely come back for more readings in the future. Blessings to this beautiful human being!" ... written by MissDecemburr
He was right on my situation, thank you!" ... written by aundreya25
Absolutely the most wonderful reading that I have had in such a long time!! OMGoodness! I decided to consult with Jovan after reading his profile and testimonials. On his page it said that at the moment he was away but I could click "consult now" if I wanted to go private! I did, and not only was he available, HE IS PHENOMENAL! He will not waste ONE of your credits!" ... written by lovebugshay
My favourite! Always accurate, to the point, doesn't sugar coat... Detailed! Amazing!" ... written by vocalmachine1
You were right Jovan! The night happened exactly as you said it would. Thanks so much! XOXO" ... written by calibabe23
Very good reading as usual! You should definitely get a reading from him. :)" ... written by purpleroses
The best advice and guidance all the time!! SPOT ON!" ... written by disteva
Only one word decribes Jovan AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by tizzybb
Had a wonderful reading with this lovely young man and he was right on time with everything he say please try not to worry everything is going to come together and he really wants this as much as I do he was awesome I will return for more way to go Jovan thank you." ... written by scorpionqueen
Jovan is extremely caring and compassionate in his readings. He is accurate, giving me insights on lots of different things that I didn't even have to mention! I highly recommend a reading from Jovan." ... written by allyclaire
Jovan gets straight to the point. He is very down to Earth and has an approachable character. Love his work. " ... written by Jela
I absolutely adore Jovan. He is so understanding and in tune with me. He understands and really cares about his clients. He answers all my questions and is totally accurate about them! He made a few predictions about the weekend and they have all come true. He made a few more and I will come to follow up with him as things progress. Thank you so much Jovan for being here for your clients and taking such wonderful care of us. You are amazing. Much love! " ... written by calibabe23
OMG not only is Jovan intuitive, amazing and spot on, he is the sweetest soul ever. What a darling. Please look no further Jovan is the real deal. Trust him you wont be sorry! Love you Jovan" ... written by Lorann23
Really nice to talk to and always helpful and precise. " ... written by Kristal
Amazing as usual. Really helped me out he is a wonderful human being. Never sugar coats and always is on point with me! Very good connection! I would recommend him to anyone who wants a reading! :)" ... written by MissDecemburr
Jovan is awesome! One of the best psychics on Oranum!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Jovan is SO SWEET!!! He will tell you as it is if he doesn't like someone! Thank you!!!" ... written by Summer84
Wonderful reading :)" ... written by purpleroses
Five Stars!!! He gave me an accurate description of each person I was asking about. He also gave me time lines for events which were accurate as well. He picked up details about me that he couldn't possibly have known. He is very gifted and, he types extremely fast! Excellent reading! " ... written by LeslieKay
Jovan brought up so many interesting angles on how my situation would pan out. I look forward to seeing his predictions come true, and I will definitely update." ... written by MjOcho
Great reading! I will use him again! :)" ... written by Nicky005426
Very accurate, very caring and very fast! One of the best readings! Definitely gifted, calmed my spirit." ... written by peachieface
The best ever! Love this guy! He knows his stuff! Always accurate and detailed. Time frames are accurate as well. Thanks Jovan xoxoxoxo" ... written by vocalmachine1
Well worth it! We never even got to finish but gave me positives vibes for my future! " ... written by Shelc83
Very nice reading, he was very accurate on what he said without me saying anything specific to him :-) Thank you!" ... written by weissinha
Wonderful as always !!! Jovan is an excellent reader and very in tune. He is kind and patient and honest, but most of all - he is caring. I highly recommend this reader - I have not been disappointed! " ... written by Lyne37
Brilliant person, love you him to bits highly recommend him to everyone very honest, straight up and no muckiing around. " ... written by puhiwai
Awesome as always! Accurate and detailed and fun and sweet! Love ya Jovan." ... written by vocalmachine1
Great!" ... written by rainosue1
Good connection, very honest." ... written by j_manthey
Great reading would recommend him to all! :)" ... written by purpleroses
Thanks, he's awesome." ... written by DarrenC
Thank you for your insight." ... written by jeraldryan
Lovely, sweet man and was absolutely right on with his reading. If I could I would give him all the stars in the galaxy." ... written by araketanara
He was very sweet and wonderful! :) Much love to him!! he nailed it all and now I know what I need to do! Thank you so much!! " ... written by Fekona
OMG ~ I freaking adore Jovan... He just clicked with me the instant I entered the room... I truly believe everything he said to me... He nailed it... I left with a smile... Thank you... Love Love" ... written by Tooie1969
Spot on right on the point! " ... written by Wangsiyu
Jovan is always Excellent and spot on!!! I look forward to all my updates with him. Thank you so much for all your help!!!! " ... written by mlafield
Awesome" ... written by purpleroses
Wowowow!! Not only did he confirm what other readings had for me but more details. Can't wait for the surprise to happen!!! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good update reading thanks again xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Spot on!!!! very very very good" ... written by mi
Oh my god he is such a great person, he did a great reading. I will definitely come back to him, he told me things that are so true and he told me things without me having to tell him anything..." ... written by sandy1113
He reads in very details, his past and present was very much in sync reading.... Hope his prediction does come true :)" ... written by Rahul
Always a good feeling after a reading. Can't wait for the surprise to come. Thank you Jovan! xoxo!" ... written by Marialuis
Amazing. Thank you so much. Very caring, understanding and to the point. Thanks again! Xx" ... written by Helgaz1
Jovan helped me out tremendously! as usual... He's fun, loving, honest and so warm. Thank you Jovan for your awesomeness!" ... written by lovebugshay
Very good reading and healing! Good insights. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good reading and can give clarity to the situation. Thanks mate." ... written by rivalry
Amazing accuracy!" ... written by LeslieKay
Was very insightful. Thank you very much!" ... written by mettlwire
Great Energy! Very honest, accurate. Sweet and easy. I'll be back to visit. Thank you Jovan. " ... written by HotSqaw
Jovan is always accurate. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Such a comfort. Good read and now hopeful Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Made me feel better and was really intune with the situation.. Looking forward to the predictions. Thank you." ... written by angelloverose
Great reading, very helpful. Totally get a reading from him!" ... written by purpleroses
Excellent reading!" ... written by LeslieKay
As always great reading. Came back after he told me several things last time and they are all happening. I will come back as I need to keep him posted. Try him out. Sweet, loving and very thorough. xoxox" ... written by curacao2013
I really appreciate Jovan's honesty. No sugar coating, no bs :) He was right on and I will be coming back with an update." ... written by j_manthey
He was really good:) Def worth the money! 5 stars x!" ... written by ceejox
Always speaks the truth, even if you are lying ;)" ... written by Rahul
He's the best!!!! Love this guy!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I LOVE HIM!" ... written by MICHELLE
He's amazing!" ... written by nita
He is on point and completely joke, got current situation right. I'll wait to see how it all unfolds." ... written by epa
It's awesome to have a catch up chat with you! :) Hahaha, love to talk to you another time! See you soon! ;) " ... written by Crystal
He is amazing...he picked up so quick and accurately and hit everything straight on...will keep you updated...Thx!" ... written by vayunu
He is amazing and everything I am going through right now has been confirmed by him. I would recommend him to anyone on this site, from members to other psychics, he is blessed with an amazing gift." ... written by amber
PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!!!! One of my favorites on the site. You MUST give him a chance!!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Great update. One of his prediction came to pass. Looking forward to the" ... written by jomielyn
I look forward to all my readings with Jovan... He has helped my tremendously!!! he's always straight forward and has been accurate with all his readings. He is truly gifted and has been a real blessing in my life. Thank for all the insight and help you have provided. " ... written by mlafield
Very accurate, intuitive and very insightful reading. Really gets straight down to the point... I like his professional attitude in reading, and I would say he definitely HAS THE GIFT for being a psychic. I was amazed at how much he knew even without me telling him." ... written by iankoh85
So compassionate and non-judgemental. Thank you Jovan for once again blowing my mind!" ... written by Jennifer
You are an excellent reader! Very accurate and I will definitely come back to you! Thank you so much :) " ... written by sarabr780
As always, you're great! Thanks!" ... written by f1rebug
Update reading.Still on track with accuracy! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Had some doubt came back for clarification." ... written by Kumar
Jovan is a great reader." ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Really love this guy - I cannot recommend him enough! " ... written by Lyne37
Jovan is so patient. What he told me about the future makes sense so will have to wait and see if comes to fruition." ... written by zesty10
Update read on the situation. Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
This was a very good reading. JovanRealm4 looks really young but he knows what he's doing and he is experienced beyond his years I think. I can definitely recommend him to anyone. I will be back again." ... written by krismic2
5 stars all the way! I have to give him top credit for being spot on for my entire reading. He whipped through several aspects of my situation, everything made sense and even though he didn't sugar coat with the fairy tale answers, I am very uplifted and confident on what good can be coming my way. Well good mixed in with reality :) I will come back again and recommend him!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very helpful. He is an Angel. Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Great reading :)" ... written by purpleroses
It's like talking to a friend! He's great!" ... written by md1990
Awesome like always! This is the man to see! Love love love him! Always honest, never sugar-coats. Very accurate and detailed. Plus he has great hair! hehe Love you Jovan my bubble of happy! :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Jovan was great! I love my readings with him and I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Great reading. Very caring and patient as well. Highly recommended!" ... written by jomielyn
Wonderful as always - don't stop to consider whether or not you want to get a reading from Jovan - Just do it - you wont be sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lyne37
OMG that's the word, he is so genuine and accurate, the best thing he does not judge people and u can talk ur heart out to him . This was the best reading I ever got and he is so cute love him....." ... written by PREETI27
Thank you, I tend to be mistrusting and thanks to you I have the confidence to continue the relationship without fear." ... written by Wendy
WONDERFUL !!! Just what I needed tonight!! Adding to my faves!!! " ... written by Mcra7x
I'll come back later! Thanks a lot anyway!! :) Thank you! " ... written by Crystal
Thank you Jovan for your time and energy. I had the privilege of talking with Jovan about a very, very delicate experience that I went through in my life that has left me feeling embarrassed and so broken. He was very compassionate, warm, understanding and accurate... Easy easy to talk to. All I said was the person's name and already his readings picked up loads of accuracy. I'm very grateful to have Jovan here on Oranum. I have found him to be my favorite. He's loads of fun and very very honest. Thank you for your time and the energy you release in my direction to comfort me and help meet my spiritual needs as a being. I will be back, again and again." ... written by lovebugshay
Lol jovan, you made my night!" ... written by staryeyezxo
Good reading :)" ... written by cydney12
Sweet guy, very helpful and knows his stuff." ... written by elle11
Jovan is highly accurate, kind, sweet and helpful. I appreciate his work!" ... written by gaston165
Omg!! Excellent honest reading! Can't get enough of this reader." ... written by iPreferMimi
Such a fun and long reading. thank you Jovan. hope to talk to you again soon :)" ... written by Sneza
Clarity. This is the guy I will come to when i am in neeeed of clarity, made me see that cards plus intuition and clairvoyance is powerful." ... written by entertheyin
Uplifting reading with great advice. I feel happier to reconsider my path… thanks! xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Yay, awesome reading thanks :)" ... written by purpleroses
Wonderful insight, great advise" ... written by Member625811
Best reading ever!" ... written by sandy1113
Really nice guy, very calming, good insight." ... written by Octo11
Thank you for your time and joyful moment. It was a pleasure to have this session with you. Truly amazing from the bottom of my heart." ... written by maithu
Spot on reading. Thank you. I recommend that others contact you for an easy, quickly accurate reading!" ... written by Mary
Very kind, genuine and accurate, liked him a lot" ... written by taurusmay5
Very truthful... " ... written by siempre1
What a little cutie he is :) Great reading!" ... written by PIoneers19
Awesomelicious!" ... written by purpleiris1215
Jovan is the real deal!! He knew things he couldn't have known, and he was a real sweetheart. Very honest but compassionate, and he told me exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Jovan." ... written by iPreferMimi
A blessing to have a reading from Jovan. I love him. So accurate and honest. " ... written by kristina
Very good, loved his reading, made me feel good and right on." ... written by waitinginwind
His amazing, that's all I can say. His a sense of calm through any situation and connects well with his down to earth nature." ... written by JScorpio88
I just can not recommend him enough!!" ... written by Lyne
Great conversation....gave me a lot of insight....we will see by May if I can andamp;quot;proofandamp;quot; he is right..:) Jovan is very honest" ... written by HappyKellyGirl
We will have to see. Thanks!" ... written by ppppp
Love Jovan!!! Excellent Reader!!! Also look for him 1st if i have questions!! he has been spot on with all his predictions... Thank you so much. " ... written by mlafield
So honest, accurate and comforting. LOVE!!!!" ... written by AB
Thank you. I am trying to rate a five... " ... written by Bea
LOVE coming back to Jovan!!! Thank you for a wonderful yet truthful reading!!! =)" ... written by Summer84
Awesome reading! I will come back and let you know what happened! Its good news =) can't stop smiling!" ... written by CCONIe
I enjoyed the reading. I feel that we connected well. Thank you xoxo stop by my room anytime sweetie. " ... written by alexis
Always great, precise, honest, accurate." ... written by Janice
Was so spot on about something, I couldn't believe it when it happened! I was flabbergasted!" ... written by Fee
Jovan does an awesome job in any reading. He will tell you the truth no matter what. No sugar coating! Just truth. ;)" ... written by ari
Great, accurate, clear, fast reading! Excellent!!!" ... written by veezee
Jovan is a great reader... He tells you as is and provide his suggestions and guidance. :)" ... written by philly
No sugar coating and a great energy. Confirmed what I knew in my heart. Could sit looking at him for days as his energy is so calming. XXXXX" ... written by Debra
He's wonderful and right on the money. Would love to speak with him again!" ... written by Diana
Always a pleasure!" ... written by kristina
Very nice guy, tapped into people and things I know to be true... I didn't even have to give him any info except names. I will be back! =)" ... written by Crystal
Again a great read. Very clear. Will be back soon for update." ... written by Melinawai
He is great he helped me out so much, cleared up my confusion a bit I really needed his help. I really recommend him he is my favorite and one of the best. I will for sure come back. :)" ... written by jennifer
Brilliant. He was informative and I personally love details! Definitely I will come back!" ... written by kaps
Jovan is so lovely and bubbly, thank you." ... written by Sneza
Cool!" ... written by emmanuel
Jovan is amazing!!! He has always been exactly right about everything he's seen in my future. Has helped me with clarity on many situations... Thank you so much!" ... written by mlafield
I feel a lot better just by entering his private room, Jovan is charmed! Def recommend him to everybody. " ... written by Sophie
OMG... I have never had a reading like that on Oranum!" ... written by zesty10
Jovan told me I would pass my interview, and I did. Love him! Five stars" ... written by Mai
Sweet guy, hard worker. I will keep you on the update." ... written by RosieRN
Always honest." ... written by happykellygirl
He is such a sweetheart! His English is perfect. He connects and reads very quick. His typing is clean and super fast. He is a great speller. He is smart and sharp. His reading is accurate, gives predictions and advices. What more do you want? Fantastic reading! Thank you Jovan!" ... written by psymeow
Thank you for your reading, God bless!" ... written by Sabina
I ran out of time! :[ But I will be back ! It was very very insightful though :] " ... written by Sabi
Awesome reader!!! Spot on! :) Thanks very much, ill be back!" ... written by G
He is so fast,so sweet and so accurate!!! He really just like knew the situation. I will be back. Love him" ... written by michelle
Reading was great!! Very sweet and caring!! Will be back!! xxx" ... written by weissinha
Thanks for the great update reading from my Bubble of Happy. :P " ... written by vocalmachine1
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading from Jovan. He was was very accurate in interpreting my concerns, fears, and anxieties. He definitely had a good grasp of my situation without much information from me. Great first reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by MM
Jovan is very insightful, 100% accurate. Love him!" ... written by Mai
Very attentive and amazing read. Thank you" ... written by Melina
Amazing! Again! " ... written by kristina
He is very interesting reader." ... written by HappyKellyGirl
LOVELY reading once again! Hope the prediction comes true!!! :-)" ... written by Summer84
JovanRealm4 was great and told me everything I need to know. I would recommend him to any one. I been on Oranum for only 1 month and i love it. Thanks Oranum for everything." ... written by Orlando Gallegos
The best psychic ever! Very accurate and kind." ... written by Antonio
Jovan is amazing. Compassionate, quick and accuarate. he is very honest but in a very, very loving way. you won't leave his presence hurt, no matter what news, when you exit his room you will feel healing taking is a list of a few of the many accuracies he's given me:" ... written by lovebugshay
I was very shocked how well he knew things about my life and I didn't drop any hints. I was never a believer in Psychic abilities and now I am. He helped me understand and realize some things in my life." ... written by bettylouis3
Super quick, super accurate and direct to the point!" ... written by tan
Very nice to have a reading with jovan. very nice person and very talented reader. I did feel that he connected right to the point of all the main issues, with precise info and great insight. Highly recommendable. " ... written by sara
He knew things that no one could know unless they are truly psychic." ... written by dave
Amazing accurate to the point." ... written by munevera
Amazing skills. I will have to see what the predictions hold." ... written by kitkat02
A very compassionate reader. Very straight forward, accurate and to the point. Highly recommended!" ... written by beany
Always great" ... written by Janice
Amazing person and cute too." ... written by kitkat02
I hope he's accurate in his reading." ... written by Dan
Jovan picks up everything.. love him!" ... written by Taylor
Once again thank you Jovan you have been a big help to me and i would tell anyone. To pick you because you are excellent and i like talking to you with the best of love i give you 30 stars." ... written by Patricia
Always A Must Read !! The only reader you will ever need! " ... written by Lyne
Excellent reading, typed really fast and gave me clarity which I needed." ... written by James
Great accurate fast connection." ... written by veezee
He was great picked up a lot on what was going on...very accurate!!!" ... written by misty
Amazing, first time with him but i connected with him immediately! " ... written by alexis
MMMMMY NEW FAVORITE AND I WISH WE COULD BE BEST FRIENDS. No seriously, i love this kid, he is so genuine and honest WOW" ... written by alexis
You must have a reading with Jovan - it is just a must - he is intuitive and has always been right - I have been having him read for me for almost 3 or 4 months now - I highly recommend a reading with him " ... written by Lyne
So good! Love this boy!" ... written by bella
He is fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by bella
Awesomeeeeeeeeee." ... written by mariela
Awesome! Honest, gives advice, tells you as he sees it. No sugar coating. 5*****" ... written by Jelena
Such an incredible person very in tune with my situation. Thank you so so much Jovan." ... written by simon
I love him... he has an instant connection with you and I love it. Thanks for the info and accuracy..." ... written by jaelyn
He is so wonderful. Very kind young man. I look forward to my up coming events. I would continue to come back to him." ... written by lore1968
Thank you!!!" ... written by mariam
As always, I enjoyed my reading with Jovan. He's easy to talk to and excellent with the cards. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very natural talent." ... written by F
Quick, accurate, detailed, informative read." ... written by sk
I have missed Jovan when he' not been online for days. He is precious gift, and love his works !" ... written by Mai
Jovan is wonderful. This is my second reading with him and he was very accurate the first time. He is very clear and gets to the point. Wonderful personality and great reader. Definitely recommend. Thanks Jovan." ... written by kk
Wow!! I have always seen Jovan online but for some reason I never tried him until today. He's AWESOME! Warm, friendly, bright...displaying a real genuine concern for his client. Apart of his lovely personality, he is also really spot on! He described the person in question's characters and my situation in an accurate manner. i will definitely come back to him for more readings when there is more progress in my situation. thanks Jovan! " ... written by steph
Love this man to pieces." ... written by brenda
It was awesome to talk to you!! Got everything spot on again!!!!! Will update you more soon!!! :) " ... written by Crystal
Oh what a sweet loving guy Jovan is. I really enjoyed his energy and insight. Very positive and light filled. Touched on a few things that made a lot of sense and confirmations that he was indeed connected. Thank you so much sweetheart. Many blessings to you and yours. xx" ... written by Twinsoul
JovanRealm4 was very good before, and he is getting more professional, more insightful in his job everyday. I always feel good while talking to him and after. I have to say he is very accurate also. Love his works and his personal ! Five stars." ... written by Mai
He is such a sweetheart! A young, yet an excellent reader! Oh and did I mention he is really cute, too? :))))" ... written by psymeow
:) Sooooo reassuring and accurate." ... written by marie5290
Love him! Thank you!" ... written by sa
I loved the reading! He was sooo quick and could connect with me and my true question. I trust his gift. Thank you Jovan, you are beautiful!" ... written by Vanna
AWESOME!!! Try a reading and you will see. Super genuine and gifted!" ... written by universalstar
He is totally incredible so tuned in on my situations thanks again jovan! You are a legend" ... written by simon waller
Jovan was AMAZING...we were on the same page the whole time and he knew what I was thinking and feeling. I would definitely recommend him and will consult with him again." ... written by Amanda
Great reading! I will use him again!" ... written by Nicky
Can't wait to see how this unfolds... Thank you for the great reading." ... written by RosieRN
Another great reading! One of my faves!" ... written by Nicky
Honesty... Not what I wanted to hear but I needed. Thank you." ... written by Tee
Great reading, spot on! " ... written by MM
He is realdeal and very kind and smart person, He know and understand my emotion and try to comfort and also honest in his reading at the same time so I love to consult him as good psychic and also good friend here, take care . Ampily" ... written by Ampily
Awesome reading!" ... written by Anne Marie
JovanReal4 was amazing and I love his reading and I will give him 10 stars. He was really great will my reading He was a joy to have a reading with I recommend him to any one." ... written by Patricia
I love Jovan's readings and his personality. He is insightful, compassionate and accurate. Five stars." ... written by Mai
Simply amazing couldn't stop talking to him his energy is amazing and he was right on point about everything!! " ... written by j
He is sweet, very accurate and on spot and fast typing and reading , with his talent and great gift ...I appriciated his skill ! Thanks " ... written by Ampily
Thanks Jovan. You pick up on us pretty well. Yet my head is still spinning, and so sorry I can't add more time. I will try and keep in touch." ... written by Fuzz
Great reading enjoyed my time, and walked away with clarity." ... written by Lolalola123
Very good reading, very accurate!" ... written by Jovan
So much fun! Always making me laugh!" ... written by Nicky
Jovan is real and honor person , he is super accurate and master in reading and sensible person , I love to consult him when I need some one to advice or clam me .. :)" ... written by Ampily
Once again, Jovan is AMAZING! he tunes in completely and is loving, supportive and a blessing. I am so grateful." ... written by aMANDA
Great reading I highly recommend him for a reading!" ... written by anne marie
As always, Jovan is truly one of the best psychics I have ever seen. He has such an amazing way of getting right to the heart of any situation. I am so grateful to him. If you really want one of the very best on Oranum, Jovan is amazing." ... written by Amanda
Really good! I got the answers I was looking for! I highly recommend it! Luv u Jovan! Thank you so much! " ... written by sharon
Unbelievable!!!!!! Blew my mind away, seriosuly just have a reading with this guy you will not be dissappointed, very gifted person" ... written by Gabby
All I can say is WOW. He really knows what he is talking about and hit right on the target. I give you a thousand stars." ... written by Carolyn101
My go to man. Just coming in for an update, love you Jovan!" ... written by Cali
This psychic was fabulous! Everything he said hit me RIGHT. And he did not waste my credits. He was very caring! " ... written by Renae
Very concise, accurate." ... written by Janice
Great and exact to the point." ... written by serbboy3
Best reading ive ever gotten omg , he was on point and gave me some amazing insight ,i would definately do a private with him again ." ... written by Natasha
Very fast and good." ... written by TonetteShilo
Great approach, no bullshit, straight to the point, worth every penny and more!" ... written by masha milezhik
Great guy - he keeps getting better and better - so aware and gifted - great heart - great reading - he's the best!!!" ... written by donna
Love him!" ... written by Josie
Very solid reading as always. Trustworthy and reliable!" ... written by psymeow
Answered my questions using both tarot and gypsy cards.. was quick and to the point.. will wait for predictions to unfold! Thank you ." ... written by economics123
Anexcellent reading tremendous thank you so, bless you." ... written by zimerili1
charming STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, NO BS" ... written by nIGEL
This guy is amazing!! I have had more readings with him during the last couple of months and i can say that most, If not 100% of his predictions came true...he even warned me of certain things and when they happened i realized i should have listened to him. I love having readings with him because his time frames are also correct and that is something we all want to count on." ... written by SM
Jovan, is such a sweetheart. Great advice and great insight. Bless. xx" ... written by twinsoul
Has always been accurate for me in the past. Will be patient, 6 days and counting. Will post here to follow up on prediction." ... written by Ann
He is a very nice, patient and funny guy. Really awesome in his readings. Gave time frames. Really hope everything pans out but his reading is really accurate. Thank you so much. " ... written by Vanessa
AMAZING! Deep insights, great details. Honest. Kind. No sugar-coating. Tells it as he sees it." ... written by Eva
Jovan is always accurate. All of his predictions came true." ... written by Mai
Best reader ever!!!!! love him and his advice..he made me feel so much better!! and he was right about a lot of things that I didn't tell him! love u!" ... written by kelly
Always my pleasure." ... written by Janice
Accurate without any flakes... worth it very much..." ... written by supervago...
My favourite reader in the world. So accurate, so amazing, worth his weight in gold! Much love! xx" ... written by sunshinesmiles72
Wow very sweet! Very accurate ! Hope your predictions will come soon:) Thank you!" ... written by marie5290
I love having readings with him, he is sooo sweet, and not to mention very, very accurate.. He is very quick with his cards, please read with him.. xx" ... written by Jill
A fantastic reading as always, plus he's easy on the eyes! lol" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very nice reading and vey sweet person. Thanks Jovan!" ... written by RealLove
Jovan is awesome !" ... written by Jennifer
Amazing, accurate, always having so much fun. I am just smiling every time something he said, actually happens.Try a reading with him!!!" ... written by SM
Jovanrealm4 is quick and 100% accurate. Love him!" ... written by Mai
He's always to the point and on the mark love, your readings Jovan. Thanks alot!" ... written by simon
Excellent as always. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
So far so good." ... written by huyen
When I have talked with him I have gotten good vibes about the things we have talked about he is a nice person to talk to." ... written by Melissa Anne Thomas
What a great guy! Immediate connection, crisp and clear accuracy and great insight to support his interpretations. HAPPY about this reading. Such a blessing. xxx" ... written by MissL
Just checking in, he is always accurate and predictions usually happen in time frame given. Thanks Jovan!" ... written by CALI
Sooo greeaatt I was feeling really scared about a particular relationship, but I really do not feel as uneasy anymore!! thank you very much! I will definitely return!!" ... written by Alex Gray
He is wonderful I love his spirit and him we connected and he was on point about my life." ... written by Ebonie
lovely! 5 stars, I will be back!" ... written by tiffany
Thank you for the updates!!! So good to see you. Haven't seen you in a long time. You confirmed a lot of information for me tonight. I look forward to further updates with you in the future. " ... written by mlafield
AMAZING! Please if you are looking for a good reading go to this amazing man. He is extremely fast, accurate, caring, and TRUTHFUL. He knew of imprtant details without me having to say them. All that you have been looking for on Oranum is right here I promise." ... written by Artisa
Very sweet andamp; sincere reader, positive andamp; upbeat andamp; told me how it was no messing about. Would recommend. :) A+++" ... written by Marie
As always, Jovan is a true healer and angel on this earth. He has a way of bringing my inner light through like no one else...truly fills my heart with hope and love. I always go back because he is extraordinary and has become a friend. I am so grateful to him. Thank you. xoxoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Cool as ever. " ... written by Zesty 10
Loved it..... I like this guy.. he is superb!!!" ... written by pepestone1
LLOOOOVVEEE HIIMMMM." ... written by Cheryl
Jovan is always good in reading , but he get stronger and better every time I talk to her again. I told him his price would go up to 10 dollars an hour some day, but he said he won't bring his price so high. Love him!" ... written by Mai
As always, Jovan was right on! He gave me advice that helped me land a great job. It all happened exactly as he said. He is such an angel, and as I've said before has become a friend. He's a truly precious being. Lots of Love, Amanda" ... written by Amanda
5 star rating all the time!!! xxx" ... written by Disteva
1000 Stars!! Again fantastic reading. Always makes me feel good." ... written by Mike
JOVAAAN!!! OMG.... HE PICKED UP MY SITUATION VERY QUICK...he is amazing amazing amazing... He definitely cleared my thoughts... I will take him again... like he said, no sugar coating. XOXO !!! " ... written by wendybb0880
As always great 5 stars." ... written by nigel
He is amazing! So true to his heart and words! Give him a try, you will not be disappointed!" ... written by Dancer
Thank you:) Very nice and Will let you know what happens:) Very Happy with the reading:)" ... written by Kathryne
Always super accurate for me. Super sweet! thank you." ... written by Ann
he is a great reader and so accurate :) I would highly recommend him :) x" ... written by Amy
As always, dearest Jovan is amazing and so sensitive. He's the reason I keep going back to him. As I've stated before, he's now become a friend. He is an Angel and a true blessing. xo" ... written by Amanda
Jovan is absolutely amazing!!! He is my favorite reader by far!! I continually look for him for help and advice. He has never steered me wrong. He has been 100% precise in all my readings. connects with me immediately and can tell me so much in short about of time.Truly gifted!! " ... written by mlafield
He's amazing! He has always been accurate! Just wonderful!" ... written by Nicky
He's amazing!!" ... written by Nicky
Jovans the best simply love him " ... written by Cheryl
Thank you very good reading" ... written by Cheryl
He's so nice and right to the point, such a lovely reader and person in general xx" ... written by Em
Jovan is always accurate, always. Love him !" ... written by Mai
Amazing and helped so much" ... written by ryan747
Great talking with him again, lots of insight, great connection. An up and coming start. Very talented. Love him!" ... written by Eva
Great reading!!" ... written by Anne Marie
Jovan is the person I come back to again and again. He is always so sweet, positive and right on! He is truly an Angel. I say this all the time, but it is true. He is truthful, and with a pure heart. Definitely my favorite! xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Always highly accurate. Jovan is very quick and insightful. Love him!" ... written by Mai
Amazing reading! very accurate and helped put a lot into perspective!" ... written by ryan747
Excellent uplifting reading......always great readings consistent and accurate thank you. xxx" ... written by joboluvz73
Jovan is amazing good. sharp with picking up details, superb reading." ... written by justy
Wonderful" ... written by Janice
Excellent! He told me all the relevant details so that I knew he really connected deeply and then predicted what my two other very trusted psychics have... great guy... so young but so good at it!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Great reading and very helpful!" ... written by kissesforyou
Amazing!!! Super sweet, real, truthful, straight to the point! We loved Jovan and want to be his friend! His psychic abilities are super sharp, to the point of describing people accurately without us even mentioning the people! Will most definitely get back again! " ... written by Jolana
Thank you sooooo much for the reading. As always you see right into a situation almost like you were watching it on tv or even better standing right there!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very kind and insightful. Would definitely recommend!" ... written by Ashley (abrotzge)
Love Jovan!!! Very accurate... I always come back to him for updates and help with everything. He is the best!! " ... written by mlafield
WOW!! First reading from him and i was not disappointed, I will definitely return. Not only was he very accurate but he was also very sincere and genuine. If i could award more than 5 stars I would xx" ... written by Mshelli
Put me at ease and relaxed" ... written by ryan747
Amazing. He saw everything!" ... written by purpleiris1215
Simply the best! Absurdly accurate, lovely, amazing connection, energy, incredible.... what more can I say?" ... written by Jolana
Excellent reading! :)" ... written by Anne Marie
He was insightful. I loved his reading. Thank you!" ... written by K
Many of the things he said in the past came true. He knows his card well and gives fast clear reading. Excellent reading!" ... written by psymeow
Very good reading!" ... written by Nicky
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by Nicky
He was a treat to talk to!" ... written by Monica
This guy is the best! Absurdly accurate and insightful. His energy is soft but commanding and he will get you the real answer and not the one you may have wanted to receive - but again, always accurate and always the truth. Jovan is a glorious reader, describes people physically with amazing accuracy and sees into their personalities as well... Timelines predicted matched! Most recommended!!!! I give him no star, this guy is worth a constellation!" ... written by Jose
So spot on with everything. " ... written by Zesty 10
Yes, he was good, helped, I really needed some clarity about work! and I think I got it, so thank you." ... written by careyann
Thank you JovanRealm4 for helping I love talking to you and everything is ok with me. I give you 10 stars. And thank you I love your readings." ... written by Patricia
He's awesome!" ... written by Nicky
He's amazing! :)" ... written by Nicky
Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Hes awesome, right on track, and is very accurate." ... written by Jess
Thank you for reading! Will wait for 7 weeks. :)" ... written by Aisha
Where do I start, the first reading I had he predicted the guy in question would contact me in 2 days, and guess what HE DID!! I went back to ask other questions since that was spot on and I am sure more will come true. And tonight I had an issue that i needed help with and within minutes he had put my mind at rest and gave me another predicition of either tonight or tomorrow, which I have every faith will happen. If you are looking for the real deal then look no further. AMAZING, FANTASTIC, ACCURATE AND GENUINE are just a few words that could be used to describe this talent. xoxo" ... written by Mshelli
Tons of fun to talk to. Amazingly accurate! Love this guy! " ... written by Christina andamp; Tara
Amazing! Missed my bubble of happy! Was great to talk as it has been a while. Extremely accurate as always. Love love love Jovan!" ... written by Christine
Great reading, definitely speak to him :)" ... written by Anne Marie
The best reader on here!" ... written by Mike
I've been coming to Jovan pretty much since he started here on Oranum, he is so genuine, honest and extremely accurate. If you have not had a reading by Jovan you have been missing out. He does not judge or make anyone feel uncomfortable he is there for you 110%. honestly I could go on and on about Iovan but your better off stopping by to see for yourself." ... written by Cheryl
WOW!! so good! Right in every aspect! I will be back!" ... written by Bre
Very insightful and put me at ease with my difficult situation." ... written by rose
Jovan is the most accurate, descriptive, caring, enlightened soul I have come across. Seriously accurate beyond belief - like describing personality and physical aspects of people at times. He will give you a clear picture! Love him!" ... written by Jolana
No matter what's going on, Jovan is an absolute angel. That's why I keep going back to him--he is my #1 favorite. He's also become a friend. Thank you so much, xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Very kind soul. Very intuitive. Definitely recommend a read from Jovan!" ... written by Amanda
Great reading, honest inspiring and straight to the point. I enjoyed my reading to the max." ... written by littlelovely
Lots of fun and accurate like always. This guy is amazing. " ... written by Christineeee
AMAZING as usual!" ... written by ryan747
His prediction happened last time. I'm sure this prediction will happen as well." ... written by Ann
My bubble of happy! One of the best and sooo accurate! So fun to talk to and always makes me laugh. It's like talking to your best friend. Never a shortage of smiles with Jovan. If you want lots of accurate details along with some humor to brighten your day...this is your reader! Lots of love Jovan :)" ... written by Christina
The Best !!!!! hands down ! Every thing he has ever said has been Right on !! Can't wait to see how the next week turns out ! " ... written by Summer
WOW! She was GREAT and told me things she could of never knew. Loved her." ... written by denise
Brilliant as always... I think he has got even better then I remember. Last spoke to him about a year ago, and now he is loaded with even more detail both intuitively and through the cards. Jovan can be trusted to deliver both good and bad news. He is honest and has a beautiful personality suited to delivering answers in a perfect way." ... written by librabeauty
Jovan is the "real deal". Truly, truly gifted and so accurate and insightful. Don't let his age fool you! Best reading i have ever had." ... written by Shannon Morgan
Thank u! xoxo" ... written by heather
U are amazing!! Thx for ur insight and advice!!" ... written by heahher
So accurate, empathetic, compassionate and most of all really connects well with you. Will definately have a reading some time soon." ... written by irene
WOW! Confirms again why he's the best!" ... written by ryan747
Wonderful straight forward reading. Very interesting and insightful." ... written by Pam
Jovan is my dear friend now. I keep coming back to him more than anyone else on Oranum. He is an Angel. Thank you so much!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Amanda
More powerful reading every time I see him again. Precious gift, and love him" ... written by Mai
Very good." ... written by kye2210
Excellent reading :)" ... written by Anne Marie
I Looooooooovvvvve him thank yooooooouuuuuu sooo much sweety. xoxoxoxoxxxoxo." ... written by saviyance
He's really great! He has giving me some amazing insight! Very excited to see what happens!" ... written by sarah
Wonderful, accurate, no sugar coating." ... written by Simone
Love talking to bubble of happy. :) Amazing like always. Be back later to finish!" ... written by Christina
Again, an awesome read. Very excited to see what happens over the next bit of time. He is very sweet and an amazing person! So very intuitive and right on!" ... written by Sarah
Nice update reading. Excellent reader has been accurate many times. Thanks xxx" ... written by joboluvz73
AMAZINGLY GIFTED." ... written by ryan747
Wow! Jovan is surprisingly accurate. Fantastic reading. He seems so young and so chatty that it can make you wonder sometimes.... best decision ever to take him to private! Straight to the point. Very polite, respectful and honest. Give him a try, you won't regret it! Thanks a lot Jovan. " ... written by Myriam
Thank you you're awesome xoxoxo and spot on." ... written by heather
Wonderful and accurate about things that he could not have known about." ... written by Pam
He was very helpful and sensitive. God bless His soul. :)" ... written by Amy
It's so enjoyable to read with Jovan. His spirit puts me in a place of feeling secure. Always a pleasure" ... written by Jennifer
Blown away again! Thank you so much! " ... written by Summer
Bang on right. With everything... simply amazing." ... written by bba
The man of the moment. I have been consulting Jovan for over a year now. He is always spot on. I trust everything he says. Thank you always a pleasure! He is a sweetie as well as a genuinely gifted man! " ... written by librabeauty
He is just so amazing and gifted" ... written by ryan747
He is awesome, straightforward! Compassionate and connect to the person in question right away..One of my fave here!" ... written by michelle
Fun fun lots to talk about and ask about. Awesome reader" ... written by C
Amazing " ... written by C
Jovan is upfront honest. He's quick to looking at a situation and revealing what is true. He's clear, never vague. What a blessing" ... written by Jennifer
The best. Try him and you will see results :)" ... written by leebee4
The best! Love this guy! " ... written by Christine...
He's SUPER SWEET!! Thank you for your reading and I'm looking forward to your predictions!! :))" ... written by Summer84
Very good, I cant wait till our next visit..." ... written by huorAncalime
Love Jovan! " ... written by cheryl
Jovan, we love you, you are amazing!!!!" ... written by Jolana
:P Bubble of happy is always great! :P" ... written by :P
Put me at ease and help me calm down." ... written by ryan747
So amazing at what he does!" ... written by ryan747
Love talking to my bubble of happy ;) hehe He is so awesome! and fun. :P" ... written by Christina
Absolutely loved him. :)" ... written by d2k1000
I seriously LOVE Jovan. He has been right for me so many times. I will keep in touch and update on my situation, thank you Jovan!!!" ... written by Ann
So good to connect to you Jovan! It was amazing as usual, so much confirmation :)!!! Amazing! Thanks so much!" ... written by Jolana
Jovan you already know my opinion but I'll say it again he's amazing people!" ... written by Cheryl
I loved JovanRealm4's reading... he was very honest, brutally so when he needed but he was fast, answered all my questions and def put my mind at ease over a few niggling doubts. I will definetly hope to get another reading from him in a few months to compare his reading now to what will transpire... " ... written by random_diamond
Omg Jovan is back!!! I missed you so much Jovan! Always a great reading. He gave me specific dates and information. Jovan has been accurate for me in the past. Will come back and update you Jovan. Thank you so much for your time! XO" ... written by calibabe
He is the best, def get a reading :)" ... written by Anne Marie
God Bless Jovan...I love him so much and he always knows how to put me back together. He is such an angel. " ... written by Amanda
Wonderful!! messages of hope :)" ... written by Amy
My Fav person to talk to! Hes REAL! Hes straight forward, His presence is calming and the energy he gives off his so special and kind, Jovan is truly Amazing he is so gifted and is always so spot on! Xx" ... written by Christine
Jovan is very good. You won't be disappointed and he is sooo easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Awesome reading! Always accurate!" ... written by 1Motivatedmom
The best there is! So accurate." ... written by ryan747
Thanks again!" ... written by anna
Thank you." ... written by ann
I love this guy so much, he always puts me at ease, answers all my questions honestly and accurately even if it isnt what i want to hear. Also his predictions do come to pass, many already have for me, just the big one left to come. He is AMAZING, give him a try you WILL NOT be disappointed xox" ... written by Mshelli
Jovan is more than just a reader. He is like a compassionate friend. He really cares and reads in a way that puts the person at ease while still being very honest. He is worth every minute!:)" ... written by Artisa
Great as always! Just wonderful!" ... written by KAT NEWMAN
Excellent! Very intuitive psychic. I didnt even have to tell him some things. He knew. A gifted card reader. Gave me peace of mind! I highly recommend! Nice and easy person to talk to. Knows English well! I will only use him on this site from now on." ... written by KAT NEWMAN
good advice and help as usual" ... written by ryan747
Great guy, picked up on my situation really quickly and gave some sound advice and insight. He is one of my favourites." ... written by Mahmood
He was amazing! He was able to connect and spot on. If you are looking for true, honest advice, you would be hard pressed to find someone better who can comfort and support you. " ... written by Fitness_freak
He was amazing! I found so much peace from talking to him!" ... written by Fitness_freak
Wonderful reading! Love him!" ... written by Mai
AMAZING reading!! Really knows his stuff, accurate and how to put a person at ease! highly recommended! " ... written by ryan747
Jovan is not just an accurate psychic. His reading is insightful, powerful. Love him!" ... written by mai
Very Helpful and cool. I would go to him anytime. Thanks again Jovan." ... written by CHRISTIAN SMITH
Another great reading with Jovan. In the last what he told me came true within time frames. I trust him and keep updating him. So far so good :)!!!!!!" ... written by M
Love his readings and personal. Accurate readings, excellent job. Love him a bunch!" ... written by Mai
What a great reading, very insightful. I would definitely return at a later stage. Predictions sound promising, so let's wait and see. :)" ... written by stickytoffee
Excellent as always...accurate reading! xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Very good reading!!!" ... written by Stickytoffee
Just my weekly update with Jovan, thanks love." ... written by calibabe
He's one of my favorite readers! Always so much fun!" ... written by Nicky
Jovan is so accurate with what is going on in my life. He is way ahead of my question. The details are spot on. I will come back to consult with him again." ... written by Moonchild59
jovans just amazing #enoughsaid" ... written by Cheryl
He was wonderful. He gave me a very specific answer and really helped me." ... written by Fitness_freak
Straightforward and insightful. Fingers crossed ." ... written by bba
Love my bubble of happy :) Great session! " ... written by me me me
This was my first time reading with Jovan and I have no regrets....He was awesome....I needed someone new to look into my situation just to see if there was something different but he was right on the money and was on the same page as my other top experts. So I guess now I will leave everything up to the universe and trust Jovan's predictions which I believe will come to pass....He is such a sweetheart...((Hugs)) Have a wonderful Christmas Jovan and many blessings to you....." ... written by Ebony
I cant say enough how amazing he is! Always 100 percent right! He is my lifeline! " ... written by Summer
As always, Jovan's selfless sharing and immense love and caring shine through. Accurate, definitely. Truly an Earth Angel. " ... written by Shannon Morgan
Great! Such a great reader who tells it like it is with no sugar coating. Love this guy :D" ... written by bubbles
Loved him. Great spirit and great reading. Enjoyed it greatly. Thank you." ... written by Shawna
Provided me with excellent clarity!" ... written by Pam
I have been coming to Jovan for months and he is always spot on with his predictions hence why I keep coming back. Thank you :)" ... written by Leebee4
Very sweet and nice, quick and to the point, great advice just a very special person. " ... written by agablue
Yeah!! We caught up!" ... written by Alex
I have looking to have a reading with Jovan for months .. Finally, he delivered! He is really really good. I will wait and see what is going to happen in the near future !" ... written by ytsylus
Once again, darling Jovan was right on the money, loving, supportive and right on with everything. He has become a true friend and again I say he is an angel. Thank you so much! xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Very helpful and attentive. Good reading." ... written by Amy
What a breathe of fresh air, such amazing positive energy, he immediately tuned into my situation and provided me with some deep insight. I came to him 8+ months ago and I came back to him because what he told me from my previous reading came true. The advise and empathetic nature of this young man was what brought me back. Highly recommend." ... written by Leticia
My first reading with Jovan, and it was really great. He picked up on a lot of things about me as a person. I will be back to let you know how my situation develops. Many blessings :) " ... written by Autumn
Love you so much Jovan. Another beautiful update reading. You keep me sane!!!! " ... written by Artisa
Excellent! A regular reader for me, accuracy too. Thank you! x" ... written by joboluvz73
Amazing Jovan as usual! Super accurate predictions come to pass!!!! Love you Jovan!!! :)" ... written by Jolana
Wonderful as always." ... written by Pam
My bubble of happy! Always awesome to chat with! Great insight and always so accurate! " ... written by Christina
My number 1 person on here ! i get a reading ever 2 weeks from him and he sNEVER wrong !!! " ... written by Summer
Jovan is very sweet. Looking forward for the positive predictions. Will update soon." ... written by MV
Great reading and crazy accurate as usual. Last reading things went as predicted...awesome awesome awesome. Bubble of happy! :)" ... written by Christineeeee
Jovan was very sweet and a good reader of my situation. He was straight to the point and made sense. I recommend that you try him for you won't be disappointed." ... written by SEAN
Fabulous as always!!! Consistent with every reading!" ... written by Littlelovely
Great reading and very positive. He was very to the point and knew things about my situation. He was extremely kind and easy to talk to. We'll see how the predictions turns out." ... written by Si
He is amazing! predictions always come to pass, thank you." ... written by leebee4
Wonderful New Year updates!!! Always looking forward to the next reading with Jovan...he knows exactly what I'm going to ask even before I do. He remembers everything his shared with me last. Love him!!! The BEST!!!" ... written by mlafield
It was a great reading. I appreciate all that he has told me. It was a very accurate reading!" ... written by Slinky222
Once again had an amazing reading with a very good professional!" ... written by ryan747
Jovan is such a sweetheart. He brings light from the depths of darkness. " ... written by Jennifer
Well what can I say, you have done it again!! Reading done on 1st Jan, prediction made that M would contact me within 3 days and a meeting would come within 12 days. Well guess what the contact came on the 2nd and so did the meeting!! You are AMAZING!!!! I will be back for my ever regular reading with you. Lots of Love xox" ... written by mshelli
Awesome! Bubble of happy! The best!" ... written by Christineeeee
I got an update with Jovan today. I have been waiting for him to come online and I'm so happy to have had the chance to speak with this angel. He has always been super super accurate for me. Jovan listens and really feels for your situation. I can truly feel how badly he wants to help me. His cards are always accurate. My favorite reader on Oranum. Thank you so much Jovan. You are such a blessing in my life. Love you, God bless you. " ... written by calibabe
So, my last reading with Jovan he said I would get contact yesterday evening, which I did. He also said he saw the number seven. I ended up getting contact the following morning at seven in the morning. If that is not accurate as hell, I dont know what is. I always come to Jovan as he is ALWAYS right!!! Thanks so much for coming back online Jovan, you are the best!!!" ... written by calibabe
What a lovely guy really caring. Picked up everything right away about me and my partner got everything spot on about how he thinks and deals with things. Gave me good news though and restored my faith in what I believe in. I will for sure come back in the future. " ... written by Lyn
Jovan is an extremely gifted reader. Knew why I went into a reading with him and accurately discussed the current and past situations. Has informed me of future predictions. I look forward to following up." ... written by Peter
Wow and wow and wow, omg, amazing, this is truly an amazing psychic and personality, Jovan I seriously recommend to everybody!!! He reallyyyy sees things like they are on distance!! Mind-blowing." ... written by peter
Always happy with his readings. Amazing, accurate and so funnn! " ... written by Christinnnneee
Very accurate and point on reading. He goes deep into the questions." ... written by alr
Awesome awesome bubble of happy. crazy accurate" ... written by Christineeeee
Awesome chat and reading. Always the best!" ... written by Christinnneeee
Helped me when I was in a panic! Amazing as usual." ... written by ryan747
Sweet and accurate..." ... written by GD
Came back for an update on my situation and so glad that I did. Gave me specific information on the questions I asked so looking forward to finding out if he is right but feeling positive as he has got everything else spot on so far. Such a lovely guy. " ... written by Lyn
My connection with Jovan is indescribable. I don't bother going to anyone else anymore. He's the only one who is consistently right. " ... written by calibabe
Jovan is excellent. HE was able to provide really good character assessment, and he validated my thoughts about a particular situation. Now I know what I need to do, and I will definitely come back to him in a couple of days for an update! Thanks, Jovan!" ... written by denise
Okay this is just unreal. You read for me earlier today and after all the craziness that occurred, you said I would get contact today. You even said 6:00pm. I thought it was impossible because of what happened. And wouldn't you know...I didn't receive any kind of contact from him until 6:30pm. Very apologetic, begging, explaining...Just like you said. Your freaking talented Jovan. It's just amazing!" ... written by calibabe23
Very helpful. Thank you. " ... written by Daniela P.
his predictions are always true, highly recommend having a reading with him " ... written by leebee4
Thank you! xoxoxo Awesome as usual. The best!" ... written by Christinnnneee
Absolutely Love all my readings with Jovan! He has helped me tremendously... he is truly gifted, extremely accurate and a true blessing to all those he can help." ... written by mlafield
Awesome as always and accurate! Love this man! :D" ... written by Christineeeee
Awesome reading." ... written by Michell
Hes a great reader. So calm and real. I will definitely come back." ... written by Happy customer
Jovan is a sweetheart. He takes time for everything and explains you well. Pretty straight forward with his approach. Always ready to help. Love you Jovan and thanks for being around. xoxo" ... written by lamya
Jovan was very accurate on my situation and gave me hope and clarity... hoping predictions come true and will keep updated with situation... thank you." ... written by chevygirl118
Very spot on. He knows what he is doing." ... written by Sana
Great like always. So fun and very thorough and detailed:P The best!" ... written by Christinnnneee
Jovan is my best psychic, five stars !" ... written by Mai
Always so wonderful to me, thank you Jovan." ... written by calibabe
First Reading with Jovan and I really enjoyed it he is such a sweetheart. I can't wait to see the predictions come true, I will totally keep him informed." ... written by Raechel
Jooooooooo I love your reading... he is so good with what he is doing...Thanks for being around :) " ... written by Lamya
spot on always truly willing to help not matter what it is !!! " ... written by Summer
it's great to see you after a long time! And you're still amazing! your reading is really detailed and helpful! Thank you again :) Best Wishes! x " ... written by Crystal
Simply the best on this entire site. Hands down. He has never been wrong for me. Ever." ... written by calibabe
Amazing reading. He was very accurate/spot on with everything. He helped and gave me hope that things will get better. Looking forward to his predictions. Thank you Jovan and I'll be back again. xxxx" ... written by sweet84
very exciting to talk to and very helpful" ... written by CHRISTIAN A SMITH
Jovan is the best. He is always accurate on situations and very accurate for me on time frames. It is always exact or within the hour. So amazing! He is my go to advisor here. No one is as accurate as he is. NO ONE. YOUR THE BEST JOVAN! LOVE YOU BOO!" ... written by calibabe
I heard this boy !!! Sooo very much !! I would go CRAZY without him !!!" ... written by Summer
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
Love this guy! He is so awesome and fun! And accurate :P " ... written by Christineeeee
Excellent reading!" ... written by Anne Marie
Amazing and great as usual!!!" ... written by ryan747
Great reading as always!!!" ... written by littlelovely
:P" ... written by Christineeeee
Good as always!" ... written by littlelovely
Great reading as always!! Can't wait to see what march will have in store for me beside my awesome trip down south!!!!" ... written by leebee4
Had an update only good things to say and my worries i had were cleared up wasn't long enough though needed more time to really get stuck in I will come back another time for more. :) " ... written by Lyn
Wow..he is really really good! :) Shame credits end up so quick..." ... written by md3311
Thanks! The best! " ... written by Christineeeee
Jovan is pretty insightful, and has been validating my thoughts about someone's character. I will let things play out, and touch base again in a couple of weeks. " ... written by denise
Great reading!!" ... written by Anne Marie
great reading as always." ... written by ryan747
Jovan always gives the best advice. So insightful and clear with information and advice." ... written by 1Motivatedmom
Always great. I will never forget about you. ;) x" ... written by librabeauty
Another amazing reading, from a very talented young man. He is my go to guy on here, and never fails to amaze me with his accurate predictions. " ... written by Mshelli
Came back for update on my situation and it is so good to know that things are going in the right direction. Jovan is a star just so easy to speak to and he really does care and he has been spot on with everything so far even when he said things would happen. No issue with where I got a question I needed cleared up where I got the information from it was fine. :) " ... written by Lyn
Amazing! :) My first reading with Jovan, and what a blessing he is! :) I wish my laptop wasn't so slow, but I really enjoyed every second of it. He's so kind and the information flows so easily! Thank you very much!" ... written by Michelle
Everything panned out exactly as he saw it. Scary!" ... written by cali
Has always been accurate, thank you!" ... written by cali
Bubble of happy! Awesome as always xoxox" ... written by Christineeeee
Very fast and accurate wow im blown away!!!!!!!!! Truly amazing why didn't i come here first " ... written by kayla
I don't even know how to put in words how amazing Jovan is, he has proven to be accurate and has helped me for over a year now. His relationship advice and readings have always been spot on and I can say this after having readings from him for the past year! " ... written by Girlie152 (Christine)
Predictions came true! I just had an amazing update reading and I'm sure predictions will come true again!" ... written by sandy
This guy is my saviour. Always there when i am feeling down, and always manages to lift my spirits. He has been so spot on previously I have every faith that what he has told me will happen. I love this guy to pieces, I owe him a lot xox" ... written by Mshelli
Awesome as always :P" ... written by Christinneee
Wow, he was really able to get a really good insight of the situation, and things that have happened in the past…I'm really looking forward to predictions, and can't wait for an update soon! xox" ... written by sandra
Awesome and fun as always. Amazing and accurate. :)" ... written by Christinnnnneee
Predictions from last reading happened down to the DAY! Everything he said happened exactly as he said it would. I came back today for another problem and I am hopeful that he will be right again as he has been VERY VERY accurate for me. I will come back and post here the outcome of this situation. Thank you Jovan, you are an angel. " ... written by Ann
This guy is great! :)" ... written by artisa
Always correct and accurate for me, thank you!!!" ... written by calibabe23
Sweet, awesome and accurate. Doesn't get much better than that. Love you Jovan!" ... written by Christineeeee
He's awesome!" ... written by Nicky
Very nice and sweet. Namaste!" ... written by spiritonloose
So glad I came to speak to you today. I had a couple questions and just made me so happy with the answers that were given. Honest as he said what I expect to happen as in hurdles but won't stop things from happening. I truly believe him as things have happened before just like he said they would so have faith that he is right again looking forward to finding out :) " ... written by Lyn
I always love speaking to him. Even when I am feeling rubbish he always gives me something to smile about but still get positive answers. Has said when something will happen and I trust him so look forward to coming back to say you were right! " ... written by Lyn
Wonderfully perfect...... No matter how long in between, he can pick up right where you are...... Great clarity and advise." ... written by Janice
Prediction from last reading came true. As usual. Jovan is always always always correct for me! Thank you sweetness!" ... written by cali
Great reading, love this guy...." ... written by M
So glad I came for update :) Told me positive things will happen and when so just waiting to see if predictions come true. I sure hope they do :) x" ... written by Lyn
Love my updates with Jovan! He has helped me tremendously for a long time now and has always been exactly right about everything!!! He is amazing!! " ... written by mlafield
Awesome! The best! Fun, friendly and accurate xoxoxo" ... written by Christinnnne
Love this guy! :) " ... written by Lyn
TIME is NEVER long enough !!! He's the best! I don't know where I would be with out him " ... written by Summer
Amazing as usual and helpful" ... written by ryan747
Excellent reading.... A lot of empathy and honest.... Accurate, thanks xx" ... written by joboluvz
Had several readings now and they are all great! He is so caring about situation and helps me so much. He's the best. x" ... written by Lyn
Love talking to my bubble of happy!!!! The best! Accurate and awesome! :D" ... written by Christineeeee
ALWAYS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Sumer
Always awesome, hoping for contact today!" ... written by Ann
Always great." ... written by Pam
Always a pleasure with Jovan. He is so accurate. Contact should be arriving tomorrow so I am excited. Will come back and update on the contact tomorrow! Thanks Jovan!!!" ... written by Ann
So far his reading from earlier in the week is correct. Hopefully the prediction for the weekend will happen. He has been very accurate for me so far so I trust the rest will pan out accordingly. Jovan is my absolute favorite reader. He is as good as it gets. So talented and accurate!!!" ... written by calibabe23
The greatest and most fun! Love Jovan! My bubble of happy! xoxoxox" ... written by Christineeeee
He is lovely and very accurate in his work. Perfect. Wonderful. Thanks." ... written by mpina
He was right about everything! Again! I love this guy! Awesome! xoxoxo" ... written by Christineeeee
Awesome! The best! FUN! And of course accurate! Bubble of happy! xoxoxoox" ... written by Christinnnneee
Awesome!~~~" ... written by Christinnnneee
Said I would get contact that day. He saw around 8. I got contact at 7:47 pm. Freaking amazing." ... written by cali
Just getting an update... Hopefully things pan out soon. Thank you Jovan for all of your help and support." ... written by Ann
Another amazing reading from this brilliant guy. Last prediction came true. I have lost count how many that is as he is spot on with everything. Love him lots. He is genuine, sincere and amazing." ... written by Mshelli
Love all my updates with Jovan!!! Amazing, quick and fast! Always accurate...has helped me tremendously." ... written by mlafield
Always great!" ... written by Pam
Cool and honest." ... written by CHRISTIAN A SMITH
best advice" ... written by CHRISTIAN A SMITH
Thank you so much for this detailed reading. It was what I needed to hear, and I appreciate it so much. You were spot on in terms of reading my relationship and the situation. I hope to give you good news in the time frame we discussed. Lots of love, m" ... written by m
The best! xoxox" ... written by Christinnnneee
amazing and great reader!! " ... written by ryan747
Just wanted to share some interesting info with my bubble of happy! haha. And ask some questions too. HE is so awesome! xoxoxox" ... written by Christineeeee
omg hes good!!! im speechless!!! xoxox" ... written by disturbed86
He's really accurate!" ... written by luckystars
He is the best! :) " ... written by Lyn
Many readings with Jovan and all I can say is my bitch switch is one. It works! Thanks lovie." ... written by Cali
Best reader in the world. Love love." ... written by andrea
AMAZING and good at what he does!" ... written by ryan747
I am sorry hun we keep booting out I am sad but you are wonderful full of life and good energy. Love you already." ... written by Edna
Thank you so much Jovan! You are always a pleasure to read with. I'm looking forward to all the great things to come in the future, and will definitely keep you posted! " ... written by mm
He was awesome, made sure he was detailed and explored every avenue... i will be coming back for sure, love him!!! XOXO" ... written by Diane
He was awesome so pure and sweet what happened to our reading we froze up." ... written by Edna
He was such a wonderful person to speak too three time we got booted out but hey our friendship and feelings were stronger we did this reading together. He was awesome love him already. Thank you Edna." ... written by Edna
I love JOVAN .. he is amazing.. so caring.. full of depth and love " ... written by lamy
Bubble of Happy!~~~~~ The craziest, most fun loving guy! Very accurate! Awesome xoxoxo" ... written by Christinnneeee
Five stars!!! Highly recommend him ty hun xoxoxo" ... written by disturbed86
Jovie is awesome!!.... His insight is on point and accurate to detail!!... thanks a lot Jovie for a wonderful reading and I look forward to the wonderful prediction" ... written by Lekris22
Great reading" ... written by luckystar
Great reading as always" ... written by Michelle
Very Clear. Very informative. Love my reading with him. Very nice Person. I would recommend to everyone. " ... written by angloThai
5 star " ... written by angelwork
Wow he is truly amazing, spot on with everything. Answered all my questions and the outcome was great. Thank you so much, Jovan. I'll come back again!!!!!!" ... written by sweet84
Well that was one of the toughest readings yet, because of things that were said as it's what I worry about just now but hopefully it doesn't actually happen - it's just what could and what the outcome would be. He's so good about things though, he's honest but caring at the same time. " ... written by Lyn
The sigh of relief I just had after this overly accurate reading....geez! He is sooooooo amazing. There is no other word for his spectacular talent. He was able to connect amazingly, and flowed with abundant information. Seriously, he was such a pleasure to get a reading from, and he just knew sooo sooo much about my life. I haven't been this impressed in so long, and for that, thank you so much! YOU are CRAZY if you don't go over and get a reading from this guy! He is such so sweet, accurate, fast, honest.....and he doesn't sugar coat at all! Wow, what an amazing man he is! Seriously! ...THANK YOU AGAIN. I can't say it enough....seriously! " ... written by Lizzy
Very good catch up reading... Always reliable, thanks xx." ... written by joboluvz
This guy is the best. Funny! Genuine! Amazing! ACCURATE!!! And of course easy on the eye ;) ;) hehe xoxox Love my bubble of happy." ... written by Christinnnneeee
What a great reading! Very good! Very sweet guy!" ... written by BROWNIE
He was very spot on. I look forward to my future." ... written by debbie
Puts you at easy when the times are rough. Very empathetic and friendly. ACCURATE!!!!!!!" ... written by ryan747
I can't wait to talk to you Saturday when I get back! Woot Woot! lol The best always with my bubble of happy :D xoxoxo" ... written by Christinnnnneeee
Thank you love. Kisses the best. " ... written by Christinnneeee
Heart him! Love that he uses cards but only to get more information on what he gets from spirit. " ... written by m
Outstanding!!! Very good read!! What a great personality and I got a great vibe from him!!! Spot on with details!!! Amazing. " ... written by misty
He's very nice and sweet and has a great delivery. Very helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
Amazing and accurate as always. Predictions come to pass and with time frames! Will be back." ... written by leebee4
Jovan is insightful and caring, definitely get a reading! :)" ... written by Anne Marie
I love Jovan. He has been right on" ... written by Michelle
AMAZING!!" ... written by ryan747
A very good reader and is really fun to talk to! Love Jovan! My bubble of happy~!!!! :)" ... written by Christinnneeee
very warm and easy to connect to. Understands Wat others don't. Not a typical psychic. " ... written by ansh
Best with my bubble of happy always!!! He is awesome!" ... written by Christineeeee
Wonderful person. He is very accurate in his predictions. At least he has been so far and I actually enjoy talking to him. He is very kind and has a good sense of humour. Can only be recommended. " ... written by Simon
It was very nice meeting Jovan. He was so super cool, friendly and loving and also sweet as ever. Warm soul, nice person to consult, and it felt great and inspirational to get his feedback. Just lovely all around. Thank you Jovan. God bless you and see you soon. Kisses" ... written by littl3lady
He's a very sweet and polite reader! I felt he connected very well to the situation and was very honest with the reading. His details were very accurate to the person in question and he managed to give rough news delicately. He was very friendly and gave nice advice. Thanks Jovan =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
That was amazing!!! Wow... just wow!!! He got everything without the cards and then confirmed with.. It was spot on and I'm so glad I tried him in private. Money well spent! He doesn't sugarcoat... Raw truth here :)." ... written by Senem
Jovan was amazing. He really picked up on the situation soooo well. Things that I would only know he picked up on. I truly enjoyed that. Thanks so much Jovan!" ... written by mini
you're energy is just what i needed right now. thank you. you are the best" ... written by j
I love Jovan" ... written by Michelle
Great reading so much more positive that the last one. He is such a sweetie feel like we are good friends that have known each other for years! Has given me a prediction to so I hope it comes to pass just have to wait and see. xx" ... written by Lyn
He was so sweet and calming. I'm glad I got my reading. " ... written by allbright
I really enjoyed my reading with Jovan. He is very accurate and thorough with his readings. Very comfortable to talk to and does not cast opinions on the situation. I really enjoyed him!" ... written by Dittles
Very accurate. His predictions came true and came back for more clarity." ... written by E
Jovan is very very nice and always friendly. He is extremely accurate and will answer as best as possible. Thank you!" ... written by Sleepydreamer
Nice person. Good reading :)" ... written by m4luk4
The best! No doubt!" ... written by Christineeeee
Great reading. Always. :)" ... written by random_diamond
He is great and positive no one like him, he makes you feel better after the reading. Great person, I recommend." ... written by t
Amazing and great as usual. He's one of the best ones on here!" ... written by ryan747
Very very very cool!!! Love it when they're right about the current stuff!!! Makes me believe what they say about the future! :-)" ... written by vigglesworth216
Love speaking to this guy hes just so sweet and he really helps support me. Finally starting to see light at then end of the tunnel so to speak. Thank you xx" ... written by Lyn
Sounded almost practical." ... written by christina
Jovan is an excellent honest reader! His readings so far have come true, and I am so impressed by him. Thank you ! xoxoxo" ... written by m
thank u solo much, as always insightful, and gave me the ability to go to sleep lol…thank u!!" ... written by malika
He is a 5 Stars! He is 100% accurate. He is the BEST on Oranum. He is spot on with your question. Amazing reading! A gifted man! Very quick and intuitive. He is very honest and no sugar coating. If you want the truth give him a try because he is worth every penny. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
Jovan! Thanks very much for your reading, soooo accurate and straight to the point, touching. You are a great human being, calming tone and easy to share my concerns. I'll definitely come back again. You are the best! Glad to find you here." ... written by ananita
The best and most awesome reader on Oranum! So fun! and accurate! A-mazing" ... written by Christineeeee
The best." ... written by Christinnnneeee
The best!" ... written by Christinnneeee
Thank you so much for you honesty and just everything!!! I know with everything in me that what you told me was absolutely true. Can't thank you enough…xoxo" ... written by malika
always honest.. !! " ... written by Josalyn
Aww hes great. I love having our chats. He always tells me exactly whats going on and I love how he says what we can do he wants to help me anyway he can. " ... written by Lyn
He's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nicky
I waited for Jovan for 48 hours cause we always miss out on each other... And hes been worthwhile... We connected and he is great he is amazing and accurate!" ... written by nm
The best! Jovan is amazing! Accurate and detailed :D xoxox" ... written by Christinnnneeee
Love all my updates with Jovan! He has always been accurate! And has helped me tremendously!!! Truly gifted!!!" ... written by Melissa
Well JovanRealm4 is a kind andamp; honest, I had some mixs emotions on some issues andamp; was able to set me at ease. It's nice to have someone is 100% spot on with my personality andamp; My emotions with only a few information. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 5 Stars ****Thank you so much!" ... written by Mary Ruth
I really genuinely love this man, he has a very kind soul...and his reading is absolutely amazing, i can talk to him all day, he doesnt sugar coat, he tells the truth and very realistic. he is very very accurate... there will be always talking between us in the future, i trust him with my decision 100 %" ... written by nm
Great talk that provided a sense of centering." ... written by Pam
he's good. I liked him. Very nice guy. He knew what he was talking about." ... written by sunshine
heart him! he's fast and uses his intuition and cards but more as a backup" ... written by m
The best always! Accurate and fun. " ... written by Christinnnneeee
sweet and caring 5star" ... written by angelwork
amazing!!" ... written by ryan747
Jovan is amazing. I love his energy and his style of readings. He is open, honest, and blunt. I know that he is really listening to me and he seems to understand my situation without further explanation. I am so thankful to have met him and shared my story with him. I can't wait to give him more positive updates." ... written by m
Always a happy to get his guidance on matters with the heart, lots of energy... Always coming back for more.. xxxx" ... written by Mary
Great reading :)" ... written by Anne Marie
predicted everything!!" ... written by ryan747
he's great as usual" ... written by luckystars
you are great as usual! thank you! xoxo" ... written by heather
Very good reading as usual. His predictions came to pass in the previous reading, so I hope they do this time round." ... written by Sticky toffee
great person hit the nail right on the head! highly recommend!" ... written by massy340
i love him!!! he is always great such a awesome spirit...always in tune with everything thank you jovan you are amazing!!" ... written by misty
It is always calming to chat with you, so warm, straight to the point and reassuring. Not sugar coating. I just feel a hundred times better after I have a private reading with you Jovan. You are the best for me!" ... written by ananita
great guy indepth very nice " ... written by kikig
Awesome! The best! Love this guy! xoxox" ... written by Christinnnneeee
I liked his reading style . I got good energy from him myself. So I was pleased. Thank you Jovan" ... written by Sarah
Another great reading, and he is very quick at giving reading he doesn't beat around the bush" ... written by Sticky toffee
Thank you, I know he is right with his reading, I agree with what he picked up. I will visit JovanRealm4 again to update you on any developments." ... written by Sticky toffee
love it" ... written by Michelle
Jovan was so spot on during our reading today. He answered all my questions and more and reassured me. You're the best. You really get me and my story. Lots of love, M" ... written by M
Always amazing!" ... written by Nicky
Always the best! *hugs* thank you." ... written by Kat
Hes such a sweetie and so funny hes great :) " ... written by Lyn
the best! very accurate! xoxoxox" ... written by Christinnnnneeee
thank you so so much, an amazing positive energy, really amazing, things jovan says is like the things really are, im blown away , so nice that smbdy understands you in one second, top 1 psychic, seems to have soo good spirits, and so positive and truthful , im so blessed" ... written by peter
always the best !" ... written by n
You are the best! love your energy!" ... written by m
Always great." ... written by Janice
LOVE you!!" ... written by amanda
He's awesome in his reading, and bonus points for having a cute face too xx" ... written by luckystars
Thanks for the reading Jovan. We will see what happens in the future and enjoyed the reading." ... written by cestlavie24
Jovan was amazing... he brought things up that resonated with my situation. He was able to connect immediately and brought clarity to my situation with confidence. Thank you so much for your reassurance. Many blessings to you Jovan. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
Jovan is a trusted advisor and friend. He tells it like it is and his predictions have come true over and over. i keep coming back to him. Highly reccomend him!" ... written by Iris
xoxo you're the best" ... written by m
So glad this amazing guy is back online, I have missed him so much. I love the fact that he is so honest whether it is something you want to hear or not. Gutted I ran out of credits but so glad I managed to catch him for a reading. Love this guy lots xox" ... written by Mshelli
Very nice updates" ... written by luckystars
Oh I am still laughing at the reading I have just had. He said something so honestly and I totally freaked out thinking he was meaning me and someone but it was someone else involved and actually a really good thing and actually what needs to happen I just read it totally wrong and it was actually what I asked in the first place lol " ... written by Lyn
Jovan is great… accurate.. and honest." ... written by Venus
JOVAN U NEVER STOPPED IMPRESSING ME... YOU CAME BACK WITH THIS ENERGY..your reading is amazing, you are amazing and always accurate as well!!" ... written by n
A+ AS ALWAYS!" ... written by n
LOVE LOVE LOVE your energy and readings." ... written by m
So true, but sad for my situation" ... written by luckystars
Great as always... thank you so much " ... written by mlafield
great reading as usual. he's the best" ... written by ryan747
Excellent reading always!" ... written by Mai
amazing" ... written by ray
Love Jovan's readings, he has helped me a lot !" ... written by Mai
thanks so much for the great reading! ill come back soon with an update!" ... written by md
Hes so great honest but caring at the same time and he knows the rubbish that i am dealing with and he always manages to make me laugh about things and that is what i need just now. Still reassures me everything will be ok in the end :) " ... written by Lyn
Love my readings with Jovan!! fast and always accurate. He has helped me time and time again! thank you so much " ... written by mlafield
Amazing as usual" ... written by luckystars
Thank you for all your help and positive advice. I trust your readings, and love your energy. You're wonderful! xoxo , M" ... written by M
JovanRealm4 is gifted and kind." ... written by Katherine
always a help! thanks love! " ... written by Tee
As always, Jovan is the most wonderful man; he is much more than a psychic. He has become a most valued friend. Jovan is truly a blessing. Thank you so much! Blessings, Amanda." ... written by Amanda
It's awesome to talk to you!! Feel a lot more better and more clear about the future now. Thanks for everything!! All the BEST!!! xxx " ... written by Crystal
He's WONDERFUL. I love him and want to adopt him into my family. :) Was so right on, and communicates beautifully. I felt he fully understood me and my situation, and gave me incredible insights. Thank you Jovan !!" ... written by Ahz
Jovan always helped me tremendously.. in every step that i take.. he sure advise me into the right direction as always... Love ur reading, as always... bring clarity and new prespective..xx" ... written by n
He is more than amazing!!" ... written by JG
I love him so much!!! He has helped for over a year now and has always always been right!" ... written by Tee
Jovan was terrific! Just loved the reading with him. He's got a really great style - very quick, very smart and sees straight to the heart of the matter." ... written by Me
Love you!" ... written by m
Wowie wow, I'm so pleased with Jovan- what a great psychic and such a lovely demeanor and person in general! I knew I went to his page for a reason. He made a very strong connection and I loved the kindness in his heart for helping people 5 stars " ... written by sahreen
Very calm and nice reader. This was the first reading with him and he feels to be trustworthy. I will be back. " ... written by G
jovan is just simply awesome, ive been coming to him since he first started on here n hes pretty much like my best friend, love him to death he is always there no matter what. And i promise you he is not a waste of your time by any means. Hes been right about everything i ever talked to him about even things that had not happened yet . Jovan is one of a kind theres no else in the world who comes even close to being the same as him." ... written by Cheryl
Glad i see u tonight.. been thinking about u and wanting to speak to u :), great as always , thanks jovan" ... written by nm
im so glad i "snatched" him... miss u so much, and great to get a fabolous reading as always!" ... written by n
my gosh, JOVAN is the real deal!!! saw right to the heart of the matter so sincere and he sees so much i adore him he is my new favorite to go to" ... written by vvd450
As always, Jovan is the only person I read with here on Oranum. He is so kind and truthful; he is an Angel." ... written by Amanda
amazing and great!" ... written by ryan747
Jovan is wonderful as a reader, and as a person. Love him!" ... written by L
great reading, honest and direct" ... written by ryan747
always great to catch up with jovan, has been accurate on his prediction.. xxx thanks jovan darling" ... written by n
I love you!! You are the best!" ... written by m
great as usual!!" ... written by ryan747
jovan is just simply amazing you really need to see for yourself he's basically the best friend you never had. i love him to death " ... written by Cheryl
LOVED talking to Jovan! He has a wonderful spirit and energy. I trust his readings, and appreciate him so much." ... written by m
Always great!!!" ... written by Ann
5 stars! Very accurately could read energies and gives hope into the future!" ... written by Christine
Great medium reading - " ... written by Andrew
Love him! Always a help!" ... written by Tee
Always great. Superb reader." ... written by Ahz
Jovan is super! Love his readings- which are so right on. Love his personable manner. He's wonderful." ... written by Ahz
Great" ... written by Pam
ALways a help! I hope and pray things will get back on track for he and I! Thank u!" ... written by Tee
Needed help and he was honest with me" ... written by Tee
I have never had my heart drop during a reading and Jovan made me do exactly that. He with laser sharp accuracy connected with me. He told me the name I was thinking of naming my baby Juliette. Immediately, and he also asked me if my name was Jenny or Jennifer. He described my boyfriend and his personality and was right on. I will never ever talk to another psychic as long as I live. He is 100% the real deal, and there is no disputing that. I love him so much, and I wish he lived near me because we would be best friends. He deserves 10 stars on here. Do not hesitate to go private with him. He will not disappoint you I promise you that. In fact he will most likely blow your mind. He is adorable and beautiful to look at, and his soul is just as gorgeous. " ... written by Jennifer
Thankyou for reading I enjoyed it!" ... written by mike
He was awesome! Very insightful and straight to the point of what is going on in my life. I highly recommend him for any issue. I'll be back soon!!" ... written by mystique810
he was absolutely fabulous! spot on! beautiful, charming, to the point, got to the heart of the matter, didn't BS, i could go on. such a wonderful genuine soul :)" ... written by stas
The best!!!! Been a while! Great to have a reading with again. Always accurate! xoxoxox" ... written by Christineeeee
Jovan is the only person I read with at Oranum.He is an Angel and a true friend. I don't know what I would do without him. He always lifts me up and gives me hope. He tells it like it is and his predictions always come true. I am so grateful. xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
fantastic reading " ... written by andrew
I love my readings with jovan....he's one of the best!" ... written by swsiren
Yessss Jovan is sooo good I had to go again! Thanks again Jovan!" ... written by swsiren
lovely reading thank you xx" ... written by joboluvz
great reading and helpful" ... written by ryan747
Always good to talk to him. I've been speaking with Jovan since last year and he's always been a help and right! Thanks love!" ... written by Tee
I needed that !! i have missed him soo very much ! glad i got to catch up ! much needed time " ... written by summer
He was awesome! Will come back." ... written by Chrissy
Finally had a reading with Jovan after so long! I really missed you, thank you so much for the reading. Love ya!" ... written by calibabe
always deep insights, straight to the point. no sugar coating." ... written by i
Wonderful reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
good" ... written by Vanessa
Great reader, fast and tunes in very well!" ... written by d
Was nice to come for chat as I had not spoken in a while. He knows my story and knows what I am dealing with. He always manages to make me laugh about things. " ... written by Lyn
5 stars! Lovely reading. Very much eased my mind." ... written by Christine
great reading!" ... written by ryan747
He is a 5 STARS!!! He is 98% accurate with his predictions. He only tells the truth and no sugar coating. Gifted person! Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
thanks again for a great and informative reading!" ... written by gemmie
Jovan you are amazing. I felt really satisfied with the way you answered my questions. You are such a great communicator and I hope I can keep reading with you from now on. I will keep you posted. You have a wonderful energy about you. Plus, you look so great on camera. It's amazing. Your face should be seen everywhere. And most importantly you have a beautiful honest soul. I love the way you carry and present yourself. " ... written by Grace
He sees a lot! Great reading!!" ... written by P
Really enjoyed the reading with Jovan. He is such a sweet guy. Really understood what was going on and gave strong predictions. A little bit mysterious too! :) Really great." ... written by Just a girl
Thank you! " ... written by heather
the boommbbb this guy is wonderfulllllllll " ... written by maria
this guy is the bombbbbb " ... written by maria
powerful reading! It helps me a lot . Love his energy!" ... written by Mai
My first reading with this amazing guy in a while, and as always he is so spot on. I love him!!" ... written by Mshelli
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
Jovan is such a positive energy. I am amazed there are people like him out there. I feel he connects to me. He is really good at this. Bless you !!!" ... written by Linda
great reading" ... written by ryan747
He is a 5 STARS!!!! Excellent and Gifted as always!!! Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
still very best reading i had" ... written by veezee
great reading!" ... written by luckystars
he picked up things really quick gave lots of info. and was accurate about the past situation present and and gave future information." ... written by T
jovan is clear and quick answers all your questions and does a great reading " ... written by ac
Jovan is such an angel; I don't know what I'd do without him. He is so precious and a true friend. I am so grateful. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
He is a 5 Stars!!! A Genuine with a Gifted and Brilliant Soul." ... written by Oolong
very powerful reading ive had in oranum for a while..very on point and honest...thank you so much!!" ... written by missvika
He has such great energy and it is a true pleasure to spend time with him. On top of all of that Jovan is a wonderful psychic. " ... written by Ahz
loved the reading ." ... written by manushi
AMAZING !! he's the only one who i can count on to be 100 percent right ! i am gonna start saving all my money and only talking to him !!!!!!! " ... written by Summer
U truly have no idea how grateful i am for u ! no matter how many other readings i get urs always 1000 percent right ! you have guided me on some many levels u have no idea how lost with out u i would be ! glad ur gonna be on more now so when ever i have a question i can come right to my number 1 source ! love ya lots and thank you for everything u do for me and every one eles u help ! " ... written by Summer Anderson
Thank you " ... written by ACB
wow wow wow awesome guy" ... written by ohsobeautiful
Insightful reading always. " ... written by Mai
great great great" ... written by zimerili1
Love Jovan!! He is nice, on point and very honest whether it's good or bad. He is extremely gifted and can see all the details beyond the cards. I can always count on him for clarity and truth, which is such a rare and priceless blessing. Thanks again Jovan. Ttyl xo" ... written by Lehua
Loved him - so nice and seemed spot on even with the unpleasant stuff. Hope his predictions come true :) " ... written by Heather
Great reading. Very accurate. Hoping predictions come to pass :) " ... written by Cindy
Such a great reader! Thank you so much!!!!! Big kiss," ... written by P
hi," ... written by manushi
thanks for the great reading as always!" ... written by md
Thanks So much Jovan xxxx" ... written by Green_Eyes
Thank you so much for the reading. " ... written by d2k1000
always a help" ... written by Tee
he's awesome" ... written by ccc
LOVED HIM!!! So honest and on point about a lot of things." ... written by Jess
Thank you " ... written by ACB
Jovan is always a pleasure to talk to.....He is so funny and is awesome at what he does....He is highly intuitive, can read you like as if he knew you for years and he is very accurate....He tells it like he sees it and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear....Thanks Jovan for your advice on my career path and as always you deserve all the stars in the universe....Xx" ... written by Ebonyeyes
WOW!!!! What can be said about that reading other than impressive! He was able to clearly sense things that were not told to him! A very eye opening and clear experience! fully recommend him! As a spiritual intuitive myself I can say that he will leave you mindblown! " ... written by Sergio
very, very spot on! if you need direct answers and guidance, he's really worth it!" ... written by anonymous
Jovan is so amazing; he's become like family to me. He is so pure, loving and caring; but he will always tell the truth. Jovan is an Angel. " ... written by Amanda
Jovan is definitely a favorite. I love his energy, I love his honesty, I love how insightful he is and I am soooo happy to have been read by such a beautiful soul. I definitely recommend anyone get a reading with JovanRealm4. You are in for a treat." ... written by Shanshine
Wow! Very gifted reader! Will keep you know how predictions turn out and will be back!" ... written by Angel
amazing!!!!omg!!!!" ... written by OHSO
jovan has been helping me with insight into a specific situation and I love that he's always truthful with everything he gives me. my question did not get answered as I hoped for a yes, but good to know this situation has hope in the future" ... written by m
i lovez him so much! i havent been able to read with him in quite some time bc we were never on at the same time, but glad i was able to read with him again. jovan just gets me. he understands the deeper meaning of my questions if that makes sense. just go to private with him! you'll see =)" ... written by m
I just dont know what to say.... almost in tears right are amazing!!!! you knew the situation will all involved... was like he was actually living my life and was watching through my eyes.... was the most unreal experience i have ever encountered!!!! great great great reading.... thank you again so very much" ... written by armyof2
AMAZING !! glad he had a sale join got every thing answerd !! thanks love !" ... written by summer
amazing knew things about me that he should not have known a truly great psychic" ... written by Cletrel
Love this guy...Super fun to talk to! Accurate and detailed.. Awesome awesome!!!" ... written by Christineeeeee
he is very detailed in reading and accurate too, he describe my physical appearance and the person im interested, i hope his prediction will come true for my sake " ... written by kalana
I love my "twin" brother. Thank you for your caring:)" ... written by ACB accurate and fast...loved the reading!!!" ... written by t
WOW! He really understands the situation 100% correctly...loved all his advice, very accurate, highly recommend." ... written by dee
SO FAST, SO ACCURATE, SO TRUE.. I was nervous the whole time but he answered all my questions truthfully! " ... written by CC
Jovan is totally great - he is so sweet and wise and kind - I am always so amazed and inspired by his readings! He is very accurate and things he has said in the past have happened for me. He is an absolute darling and I just love his readings! Thank you!" ... written by K
Amazing! Lovely reading and accurate. Quick and detailed. highly recommend " ... written by Anna
Amazing reading that's all I can say! Will go back to him for a 3rd or 4th reading soon" ... written by Angel
love him" ... written by ccc
always a great reading.... you are the best!!!! worth every penny...:))) every word is spot on.. thank you again :))" ... written by armyof2
wow! great reading, cant wait for predictions coming to pass" ... written by Alicja
Great" ... written by Pam
had to come back. love love love" ... written by m
He is real good..very fast n honest ,,thanks a lot." ... written by sadi
Wonderful Jovan - a blessing to me. He is so good - I don't care that he's not free. (Rhymed for you J.)" ... written by L
wonderful" ... written by maria
Great reading" ... written by Bellezalatina
no words. ive been updating him on my situation and he always says shit that ends up coming true. predictions come true always. i know he gets my end and the other persons end in the situation so good to see both sides" ... written by m
Thank you for all the accurate things you have said thru private reading. " ... written by JJ
wow that was an amazing read. He was accurate and knew things without having to explain anything! I cannot wait until things come to fruition!!" ... written by enterchange
absolutely huggable and adorable , got the situation spot on . hugs and kissessssss" ... written by z
Thanks again for another wonderful reading Jovan! You're the best!" ... written by swsiren
You're soooo amazing. I hate that we got cut off but sooooo amazing. Thank you :)))" ... written by Natassia
Wow he's really good!! I can really recommend him. He's very precise and consistent. He also gave me a time frame when I get will I get job. I can't wait all his prediction will unfold. He really cares his client give me so much detail to all my question." ... written by Sarah
I love Jovan. And he is an amazing reader. Consistently excellent." ... written by L
Amazing, happy, insightful, really great reading, highly recommend!!!" ... written by Gabriel
2nd reading with him and couldn't ask for more! He is the BEST!" ... written by CC
omg ... he was amazing . so nice and sweet and spot on. He literally uncovered a phrase that someone says to me almost word for word. it was crazy! def recommend him" ... written by ashley
Always a pleasure reading with Jovan. Thank you :)" ... written by Brigitte
After months did a reading with him! I just love him, so honest and good at what he does, so talented....Will come back definitely!! " ... written by S
always the best!!! can't go wrong." ... written by andrea
he is good! Thank so much Jovan!" ... written by m
I love Jovan, he is to the point and very compassionate!!" ... written by iffany
He was direct and accurate, i will sure to go for another reading with him again. Thanks Jo" ... written by Randy 0705
You won't be disappointed. " ... written by samiah
5 star person, psychic and excellent reading. thank you" ... written by barbara
always spot o and so awesome!" ... written by ashlyashlee
wow! very quick and detailed, will not waste your time. Will answer all of your questions and provide further insight. He's personality is awesome, could just feel a good vibe and connection from him. :) highly recommend and will definitely be back!" ... written by Mimi
will always read with jovan bc he's so consistent on everything he says. the cards dont lie and ive gotten consistent results from jovan and thats what i want in a reader. also truth and honesty and baby jovan tells it like it is. loveeee" ... written by m
Wow!! He is really good very consistent and have lots of details with my concern. He is honest and don't sugar coat I really recommend him" ... written by Sarah
he is very insightful and accurate..good! wish i had more time" ... written by c
I love Jovan! His readings are always accurate." ... written by Mai
Time flies fast...It was great, he was accurate! Very sweet and he help me out. Thank you very much Jovan" ... written by Mily
highly recommend Jovan!" ... written by Mai
Seemed really genuine, and picked up on some things right away =)" ... written by LyssaBugg
He is SO Accurate! Love his readings!" ... written by Jackie
As always, always accurate and hit the nail right on the spot. Thank you." ... written by J and J
thanks so much for the detailed reading!" ... written by md
I am impress with this person...I will keep you posted.." ... written by Marcos
fantastic very quick connection and really picked up on the situation" ... written by tracey
very nice and positive person" ... written by hELEN
He got all right. so well connected. Amazing how much he was able to tell me correctly. impressed. Please try. he is 5tars...." ... written by kim
Jovan is the best! Superb as usual! Will be back soon to talk to him. Hundreds of shining stars!" ... written by ohsobeautiful
Wonderful connection. Thank you for the special time. Truly Blessed !!" ... written by Judi
As always, Jovan is truly amazing. He is an angel and that's why he is my absolute favorite on Oranum. I am so grateful for him. Thank you. Amanda" ... written by Amanda
always good, always consistent" ... written by m
great one of the best as always" ... written by veezee
NO BS with Jovan. Hes fast, honest, AND says what hes feeling the moment it comes to him. hes amazing. :) ty jovan. idk why i didnt keep coming back because u were always right on! ty XOXOX" ... written by disturbed86
I appreciate his help, and his reading is always powerful, honest and accurate" ... written by gaston165
Beautiful spirit - very intune andamp; talented - recommended." ... written by lotus
amazing reader. Never had a thorough job in a reading before. Amazing" ... written by eli
Always amazing!" ... written by NEH
Insightful , 100% accurate, and very friendly!" ... written by Mai
He is an amazing reader and a wonderful supporter" ... written by eli
I think this is my first time reading with Jovan if Im not mistaken. What an amazing reader. He took the time to listen and answer my questions clearly. I have faith that he is right :)" ... written by Mimi
Jovan is an accurate reader and has the biggest heart. " ... written by elii
He was spot on with everything and I would defiantly have another reading with him :)" ... written by Amy
always right on the mark!" ... written by d
great great reading as always thank you sooo much!!!" ... written by armyof2
A dear friend who knows how to read me and my situation like a book. " ... written by eli
thank you so much! i really appreciated this reading! it was my first time and i'm so glad i took the time to take you into pvt!" ... written by luxxicon
came back for an update.. and always loveee him!" ... written by n
Very good reading ... such a nice guy!!!!" ... written by brownie
he is the BEST !!! please try... so amazing. knows exactly everything..." ... written by kim
He was kind, yet very honest. Which is most important for readings. "Thank you for helping me and giving me guidance in this rough time." Much love and light to you." ... written by Max Selene
compassionate and caring HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!" ... written by john may
he was really amazing andamp; accurate!! WILL BE BACK EVERYONE TRY HIM YOU WONT REGRET =)) ******" ... written by cilla
He is brilliant , so honest and straight to the point . Thank you so much for the update xx" ... written by B
I love you Jovan! Merci Merci xx" ... written by Princess Shamster
5 stars! Always accurately connected andamp; knows exactly what is going on in the situation." ... written by Christine
Jovan was warm and soft. He was great! I do love him." ... written by shang wen
WOW! There are no words to truly express this guy's reading. I am in shock. Accuracy like crazy. You can tell that he taps into you and connects very well. His readings matched another psychic outside this network from July and my jaw just about dropped. There are few psychics I trust on this site. Jovan is definitely one. " ... written by jand777
Love him! Always always a big help and keeps it real!" ... written by Tee
Loved it, straight to the point. Friendly and warm." ... written by MMarmalade
First reading with Jovan in a long time and he is still amazing. Picked up from the last reading and everything still seems to be on track and progressing nicely. I love this guy x" ... written by Mshelli
Absolutely spot on reading with much given insight about the situation and concern; Jovan tapped quickly into the matter and presented sound advice and guidance, so I'm very glad to have consulted him." ... written by Aureus
Thank you for your wisdom and reading. When the event have come to pass i will sure to come back to write a testimony. Thanks Jo" ... written by randy 0705
Always fabulous. And terribly charming. " ... written by L
As usual bang on accuracy. Haven't read with Jovan for a long time but still the cheeky bubbly. Looking forward to the nice prediction." ... written by Bean
I absolutely LOVE JOVAN! I am so glad God and my guides and angels led me to this man! accurateeeeeeeeee :) he truly truly cares about me. he is officially my psychic andamp; i will go to him from now on! just him! xx" ... written by PRINCESS SHAMSTER
Wow. like ridiculously amazing. Best psychic on the site." ... written by ribbon
i needed that time !!!! finally walking in to they with my eyes open !!! thanks solo much until next time !! " ... written by summer
Wow!!!! i've seen govan before and saw that he was gorgeous! i decided to give him a try and i didn't need to tell him ANYTHING at all. he was spot on and every single thing he said was accurate about my situation. i am in shock omg" ... written by shamster
Awesome reader! Only one who could pick up on me!! Will come again :)" ... written by andes
Jovan have guided me in every area of my life . I trust and love him !" ... written by Mai
Jovan's predictions came to pas with precise timeline. love him so much !" ... written by Mai
always wanted a reading with Jovan, excellent!" ... written by kw
It is always great to chat with Jovan, he is so positive but also clear and straightforward. Very enlightening but most important he cares about people and made me feel a great connection. Thanks again Jovan" ... written by ananita
Great and sweet - will be back when predicitons come to pass. " ... written by RMS
Jovan is awesome, so sweet and kind, but he tells it like it is. Easy to talk to and listen to. Everything he has said so far as come to pass exactly as he said. I will be back :)" ... written by ashley
He is amazing... picks up on personality and thoughts of ppl to the T. Blown away." ... written by jand777
I had a reading once with him a while ago. Like back then, this time was great on his advice. So spot on is unreal. I love how Jovan connects and the fact that he answers straight to the point, no wasting any time. Friendly and relaxed, makes you feel at easy every time. Thanks." ... written by Myriam
my standby reader. Always lovely and on point!" ... written by andrea
Amazing! He couldn't have been more accurate, he played things out as if he could see it happenening and knew situations currently going on without me even mentioning a word. Give more than 5 stars! You have to get a reading from him. " ... written by flowerblossoms
He predicted something that's suppose to happen in 3 weeks. I put him up to it. And now I'm suppose to let him know if it happened. I am hoping he is correct." ... written by sunshine
very good reading! highly recommend :) " ... written by Cindy
great reading very kind and accurate listens with his heart!!!" ... written by snoopydog44
accurate reader and a loving person" ... written by eli
Love Jovan!!! he is wonderful and amazing! very accurate! look fwd to future updates with him " ... written by Mel
thank you for turning my mood around! Jovan was so quick and insightful in the reading and so, so kind. I am very pleased after speaking with him." ... written by lynndavis
OMG....he is absolutely amazing!! We connected right away and he was honest, no sugar coating, to the point and quick with time. He was dead on with everything he said...You will love him. I do:-) Talk to u soon Jovan." ... written by Princess
Excellent reading. So kind and understanding. Give me the information I needed, and explained in detail. Such a caring guy. i just love talking to him. Will keep you updated on things and talk soon. xoxoxoxo" ... written by Janice Jackson
he's just awesome. love him to death. Can't stop talking to him. Just so real." ... written by janice jackon
Great reading. I just love talking to him. He just gets so deep into the situation. Everything he has mentioned thus far has happened. " ... written by Janice Jackson
Jovan is great!" ... written by lola
ive been coming to jovan for years hes like my best friend instant connection from the moment i started talking to him " ... written by Cheryl
He has always amazing connection with my situation. really amazing. thanks" ... written by kim
As always, Jovan is my Angel. I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. He is so special; a treasure. So blessed to have met him. Thank you! Amanda" ... written by Amanda
always does a good reading and is loving" ... written by eli
very accurate. very to the point." ... written by 777
very intuitive...confident, and clear....cant wait to see how things unfold :)" ... written by lovehouston
Thank you for all the help. you have been accurate and helpful so much. never will get tired of having readings from you." ... written by Joe
I thank my God and angels for leading me to this man. Best psychic on here! Very very accurate and answers your questions in depth. he has helped me so much. he was able to confirm images I was receiving myself that i did NOT even tell him about! wow! in shock" ... written by Madame Shamster
He knows how to use his cards and read them. He is also all full of love. Great person. xoxo" ... written by eli
Always super great!! Thank you!!!" ... written by P
great overall reading for first half of 2015!!! everything made total sense with the knowledge i have now!!! Thanks so much for the reading" ... written by viggles
I have to say... he is very awesome and compassionate...and very inshightfull" ... written by Komal
Awesome guy ...very accurate" ... written by gchild001
i love speaking to this man!" ... written by shamster
He's always there for me when i need him." ... written by m
Thank you " ... written by disturbed86
i love him!!!!!!!!! Straight forward and very comfortable and just have a great connection with him. Knows things without you saying much. You don't feel lost after consulting with him. Gives a lot of clarity..." ... written by cindy
Once again, very positive to speak with! Very blunt but in a good way! Will tell you the truth." ... written by C
wonderful wonderful reader" ... written by rainforfun
everytime i talk to him i feel way better hes really a blessing . and straight forward no sugar coating .very trust worthy .thnks" ... written by sadie29
good" ... written by shamster
Jovan is simply stunning. He's the real deal and so intuitive. Answered all my questions and then some. I will definatley return to him for future readings and updates. Very direct and to the point and there's no fluff involved becuase he tells you as he sees it. You will be happy you went to him because he seems to be able to tap right in. I just am going to sit back now and await his predictions because you know what, i believe they are coming my way. Bless you Jovan. " ... written by Roseanna
Always a pleasure to have this man read for me.. he's accurate, sweet and tells you like it is even if you don't want to hear it. love him!! please take time to go into private with him!" ... written by Kyla
He is beyond wonderful! Love, love love reading with him. Looking forward to his predictions coming true. " ... written by Cindy
i feel so calm when i talk to you.... absolute genius at work... :):)" ... written by Manushi
thanks jovan! i always love your readings" ... written by md
great reading as always" ... written by veezee
thanks you for the reading" ... written by A
Good... helped me with my kids x" ... written by Sam
love my jovan! he's always right on and im glad he's back on here again! missed him" ... written by m
excellent general reading with plenty of info very friendly... thankyou xxx" ... written by joboluvz73
Jovan always gives a GREAT, detailed reading, and helps me understand what is going on in my situation." ... written by L
Missed this guy. He is an awesome friend. Love talking to him. He is straight forward and honest. The best!!! xoxoxox" ... written by Christineeeeee
very helpful in helping me understand my situation! xx" ... written by shamster
Jovan's readings always help me a lot . I feel better after having readings with him. Love him !" ... written by Mai
I missed him so very much !! glad he's back ! GREAT read as always ! he's been with me threw so much can wait for this circle i am in will stop !! " ... written by Summer
I highly trust Jovan and his readings. Love him so much !" ... written by Mai
I missed this man so much! every time we have a readings together its always the truth! he keeps it REAL and doesn't sugarcoat. Nothing but honesty! The best psychic medium on here, folks! Make sure u have tough skin ;)" ... written by shamster
loves him! he's always consistent and never steered me wrong" ... written by m
Jovan is such a loving, kind, handsome young man, I come to get a reading from him when I am in doubt of anything. He truly knows what he is doing. " ... written by Mai
It was nice to see you again, and as always, good connections, readings was accurate and in reality. Thank you for always. I hope to see you more and more." ... written by Joseph
" ... written by Summer
such an accurate reader! he is so funny and yet very loving! i will be back!" ... written by macampos7641
great reading, always accurate and best suggestions" ... written by veezee
such a great reader and such a generous soul." ... written by eli
Never a doubt, you are one of the very good ones. No doubt, you are very accurate and truthful not because I heard what I wanted to hear but you back it up with proofs. Thank you very much. I will never stop coming to you for readings. " ... written by Joseph
LOVE jovan. He's the best!" ... written by mm
thank you" ... written by :)
you are the best, and love you !" ... written by Gaston165
thanks " ... written by L)
one of my favourites! such a sweet, sincere young man" ... written by ginbellen
Accurate reading always. all jovan's predictions came truth, love him !" ... written by Gaston165
jovan is absolutely the best psychic i have ever spoken to, it's crazy how accurate he is and sees into detail, like he knows the person soooooo well, crazy " ... written by Peter
I love him...he is really good at seeing everything and is so honest...he doesn't withhold anything and will always give you what he sees whether good or bad and that is so rare and valuable...feel very privileged to be able to consult with him...thank you JovanRealm! xo" ... written by missvika
I love Jovan! He really makes my day and makes me happy. He's cares about you so much and gives u advice on how to change your situation into a positive one :) And his predictions are accurate!!!" ... written by Shamster
always a five star reading.. really fun to talk to and jus cuts to the chase with the reading and breaks it down so you get actual clarity. " ... written by random_diamond
very very gifted, and spot on, very accurate. Will see the predictions. Thank you" ... written by cgobal
its amazing how this man knows so much! he knows all this stuff without me even telling him XO" ... written by shamster
The best here xx" ... written by P
been to many psychics on this website and this is one of the best readings I got! cant believe I got to him so late. i def will be back, nailed it in so many aspects, beautiful spirit x" ... written by jazzychic
so much insight as always! " ... written by Shamster
thank you so much! you always bring me so much clarity. " ... written by md
Jovan is awesome, he's like an old friend/BFF and I've only talked to him twice. I always get so much peace and clarity talking to him and his predictions are right on. Thank you Jovan!!" ... written by Candace
He knows how use tarot cards and how to apply to enhance his readings" ... written by el
Amazing as always:) xox miss him soo much! I recommend him to all:))" ... written by Mariela
I've missed Jovan!! no matter how much time passes he immediately remembers everything about my situation and is able to instantly tell me what to expect moving fwd. He is truly amazing!!! and has always been 100% spot on!!! " ... written by Mel
I love Jovan!!!!! I always always get clarity in my readings with him and he is so honest, kind and sincere!Very gifted and wise. From the bottom of my heart..thank you sooo much!" ... written by missvika
Brother from another realm, picked up on me real quick...even commenting on the things that i knew about...secret stuffzz...woahhhhhh *wiggles fingers*" ... written by andre
EXCELLENT is small to explain him,, his is tremendous !! accurate.." ... written by REEM
great reading thanks... hope you feeling better soon x" ... written by joboluvz73
i have feeling that jovan really feels or sees (or how it works, dunno) , the person or the situation you're talking about, really crazy, he's using words (even literally) about persons and situations me, my dad, mom etc were saying, to me jovan is the most powerful SEE-ER (if that's a word :p ) , it's just too accurate and detailed to just be a it's verrrrrry helpful" ... written by peter
omg i love u and our readings always the same. youve read for me so long and never said different" ... written by m
I came back to get an update and ask a few more in-depth questions as I feel like i was kind of rushing it yesterday. He was very consistent with what he said yesterday and the predictions. He was so warm and easy to talk to like a friend. Again he was very accurate and honest. I know his predictions will come to pass. Thank you so much! Can't wait to update you Jovan" ... written by nowk
Had a pvt with Jo and he is so sweet and answered all my questions confidently. and gave precise advice. I will come back to update him when the predictions have come to pass. Thanks for your time and love. love always Randy" ... written by randy 0705
good :0" ... written by :)
always excellent!! accurate .... " ... written by SAM
Thank you wish we could be friends !! lol you are super amazing thank you so much im so glad to know you are so gifted and you are truly a great friend i can tell thank you!!!!! perfect!!" ... written by Tabitha
very accurate. great reading " ... written by Travis
really good" ... written by Siempre
very good reading non judgemental.. thankyou xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Jovan is extremely intuitive. I had so much more peace about my life after speaking to him." ... written by Candace
I love Jovan soo much! He's not just an amazing reader but he's an AMAZING friend! So accurate and on point. You will not be disappointed! Thank you for helping me understand what is best for me. xoxo " ... written by Mariela
WOW!! What an incredible reading! not only did he say information he had no way of knowing he also touched on things that I hadn't even asked yet!! he is the real deal and will answer with detail and clarity!! he is TRULY gifted and someone who I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a genuine and honest reader! ☺" ... written by dharmiclion
Jovan is an accurate and excellent reader. Very accurate in my experiences. he is also a kindred spirit. " ... written by Eli
He is like a little brother who reads me so accurately. He is wonderful to work with " ... written by eli
great reading as always thankyou x" ... written by joboluvz73
Jovan is literally the best reader on here! i trust him more than anyone and honest and keeps it real. Not only is he a psychic but also a friend and gives me advice from a friend's point of view which i greatly respect! " ... written by Queen Shamster
As always, very reliable and truthful, you two decks of cards have matched each other and I am looking forward to the result of your readings. Thank you once again." ... written by Joseph
OMG!! He's really good!! All his prediction about came true. He's very gifted. Not enough words I can say of how good he is. I can't wait of he's other prediction will come true. I can really recommend him. If you want the truth please have a read from him" ... written by SARAH
I was so happy to speak to you again!! haven't seen you for ages!! you just made my day. and thank you sooo much for your help!! xx" ... written by Crystal
OMG! Jovan is incredible! " ... written by w
Thank you so much, it's been a long time but the wait was worth it. I know a lot had taken place and you seemed to have shed light to it. Hope to see you more often." ... written by Joseph
Always amazing! speechless Jovan is great to the point and so kind and sweet. " ... written by Angel
My baby is back! He does such comprehensive readings with his cards. He is a joy and someone to rely on. " ... written by eli
It was nice to see you back, I was waiting for you because I will always remember you as somebody who was so spot on while doing the reading. I will surely have another reading with you." ... written by Joseph
I love him!!! xo" ... written by Sha
excellentttttt love him. he is so good." ... written by maria
crazy good, crazy good, soooooo accurate jovan is, thank you again so much for the private session" ... written by peter
Jovan is the best!! Love talking to him, this was my 3rd or 4th reading. Xoxo!!" ... written by Candace
so happy hes back! ive missed him so" ... written by m
Jovan's prediction literally just came to pass! I came for an update! I pray that Jesus showers Jovan with many blessings andamp; love in his life :) " ... written by Shammie
Always soooo goooood!!!! Love you!!!!!" ... written by P
wonderful reading again! love getting insight from you Jovan, and can't wait to see what the next few months will bring :)" ... written by mystique810
This man is a kind soul who has such a connection with me." ... written by kate
He was so spot on and helped me with my situation. Strongly recommend!" ... written by butterfly
Jovan is so fun and so, so gets me. He read my situation like I've been texting him about it for months and I barely said a word. Totally worth it!" ... written by Sierra
My first reading with Jovan, and something pulled me in and I just had to give him a go. WOW I honestly really enjoyed my reading with him, he's so organized and really wants to get to the bottom of things and he was so right on!!! He's really in tune and so right about the situation. I am really impressed. Thank you Jovan. " ... written by Mainstreem
AMAZING! love his personality and was so spot on with what im going through :)" ... written by Kyla
xoxo will keep him updated" ... written by Shamster
As always, Jovan is right on. I can always count on his honesty combined with his love and kindness. He won't sugarcoat, but will speak the truth gently and true caring and concern. Love him!! xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Wow - amazing picked up so easily on my issue. Excellent reader will be back" ... written by debbiec0613
Jovan, I needed this talk so badly. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks very much for all your readings and advise. Please keep doing what you are doing. Your help and insight is well appreciated and value by many. The best Psychic ever!" ... written by ananita
i love jovan. i needed him at this time and he was very very helpful" ... written by m
WOW! what can be said about Jovan! He truly is a gifted reader and someone who time and time again provides accurate and vivid detail and even more! predictions that occur!! I Honestly think he is one of the best if not the best reader on Oranum and recommend you get a reading from him if you are truly seeking guidance and insight!! Thank you so much and look forward to reading with you again!! " ... written by dharmic
He hit the nail in the head again. Absolute joy to talk to." ... written by Guru Sophie
WOW! i dont need to say anything else, soooooo gifted " ... written by J
My dear jovan - He puts so much of himself into his readings and he is very good when he does them. I love him as a reader, but also for being the amazing person that he is. He is a great person to refer to. " ... written by Eli
he's always accurate, fast and such a pleasure to speak with..amazing reading as usual..i will always come back to you when i need clarity...thank you so much love xoxo" ... written by lehua
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Cannot recommend enough x" ... written by Gurusophie
You were an amazing reader. u helped my situation so much - u connected on such a level that touched right to the soul." ... written by lydia
Jovan knows the people involved so well! He is able to read peoople like a book as if he already knows them! and he pointed out certain things that only I would know. Like how would know all this stuff without me telling him lol. best psychic on here!!" ... written by Shamster
oh my! I LOVE JOVAN!" ... written by w
He's everything" ... written by Dawn
Jovan is the absolute best and he picks up things so quickly and with such confidence. Really love him. In addition to being a gifted reader he is genuine and kind. That makes him almost perfect." ... written by debbiec0613
Helpful, nice to talk to, friendly. Thank you. " ... written by Renee
You were amazing!!! Thank you for a great reading handsome!! I have to run because I was on break. Will be back for another reading!!! Thank you soooo much!!! " ... written by Daniella
Instantly gravitated towards his man! He is so on point, and can you say incredibly accurate? I can! He dove right in, without me having to feed him information or fish for answers. He answered all of my questions with clarity and preciseness. He is very in tune and can read energy flawlessly! Thank you so much Jovan, I think I finally found my go-to!" ... written by Ballerina
Jovan is incredible! He reads into situations and people so clearly it's kind of freaky! I trust his insight and advice 100%! I love this man!" ... written by w
Very nice Person. felt super comfortable talking with him. Said some interesting things. Im waiting for it to happen. Definetly will come again" ... written by Mysterious
Jovan is my boo! He is great with the tarot cards and is always on the mark. He is also a kindred spirit who I adore. " ... written by Eli
excellent reading" ... written by m
had an issue in October and he was sooo spot on and correct ... caught up with im again today and it was the same. He is amazing, clearly talented and gifted! Will always be back! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Ashley
oops! lost you" ... written by debbiec0613
MUCH LOVE FOR JOVAN, for his honest, insightful readings. " ... written by m
So great to read with Jovan. He has been so accurate so far and wanted to update him. I am so sure the predictions he made today will come to pass as well. He is so good and a truly nice person. " ... written by debbiec0613
Jovan is very nice, articulate, and has good psyhic skills. He can help you, for sure." ... written by Julie
You always come as a nice warm balm of wisdom and care. Thanks very much for your words personality moreover your frienship and empathy. I look forward to chatting again with Jovan, he is unique!" ... written by ananita
loves him! he's always spot on, predictions come true and he knows what im gonna ask b4 i even ask lol" ... written by m
Where has this man been?! I missed him soooo much (: He's always right" ... written by Shamster
Amazeeeeeeeee!" ... written by sonia
I missed him so much !!! gave great insight ! needed this ! " ... written by summer
Absolutely fantastic!!!" ... written by NEH
Thank you for your wonderful read. I am so hopeful and feel rejuvenated. God bless you!" ... written by d2k1000
jovan is really unbelievable, really, if one psychic hit the nail on the head it's him, really crazy how he can describe situations, how things are, how people are so and so accurate and in soooooo much detail, an amazing gift to even use the right words " ... written by peter
Great reading--honest and very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Josh
Jovan has really been so right with his predictions and he is such a pleasure to chat with. Trust his insight and recommend him highly." ... written by debbiec0613
always a great read. all of his predictions from a previous reading came to light. he has the ability to connect with someones thoughts and emotions so beautifully and flawlessly. he is so straightforward that you know what he is saying is accurate. throughout the whole reading i just kept nodding my head, because everything he said i know 100% for a fact is to be true. take him pvt, you will not be disappointed.. and much like me.. he will be your new drug ;)" ... written by kh
Jovan is such a delightful person - Trust his insight completely and he is always consistent. Highly recommend him" ... written by debbiec0613
Great reader!!!" ... written by TreDeleon
Great reading!! Helps that he is good looking too ;p" ... written by luckystars
Im so glad I met someone like him. He's amazing and kind and very helpful. He has become a dear friend on this site! Always accurate!" ... written by Shamster
Amazingly accurate. Stuff happens! Love him" ... written by debbiec0613
great reading!!" ... written by lucky
Lovely guy, spot on with present situation, looking forward to future predictions. Thank you x" ... written by Aqua
Incredibly accurate. Fast and direct. Couldn't be better. " ... written by Myriam
great connection! Excellent reader" ... written by Andrea
love this guy and he's so handsome and talented!" ... written by
i just love jovan hes like a brother " ... written by cheryl
thank you again jovan for your great help and insights" ... written by peter
great reading with jovan. picks up well on the situation. prediction from last time we spoke happened as well. sweet guy. thank you!" ... written by m
great reading :) " ... written by luckystars
Thanks for the reading. Very accurate, on point and helpful. I will come back to update you on the matter. Many thanks Jo. xoxoxox" ... written by Randy
excellent reading. so quick to connect. above all, loved all the details! thanks so much" ... written by leodragon2014
love love love" ... written by m
OMG! He was on point… the best on here hands down! He knew all about my situation without saying a word. Thanks! xoxoxo " ... written by DD
He was the best ever. So sweet and kind. I truly enjoyed every single second. Will definitely keep in touch. Thanks so much for everything! " ... written by Mollyssa
One of the most amazing psychics ever. Also shows me things I can't see. He is incredible. I love this guy. He's so helpful and sweet. Very good with predictions. Thank you Jovan your great." ... written by Arc
Jovan is just an amazing reader. Very detailed and gives alot of information. Honest and accurate. I trust his insights He has always been accurate for me in the past." ... written by debbiec0613
All of Jovan's predictions came to past, love him!" ... written by Mai
Jovanrealm4's readings are always accurate. He is so sweet !" ... written by Mai
Such a great reader! Boy he will get a lot done in a short time." ... written by Karen
Hes so insightful and knows exactly whats going on! just great. number one reader on O!" ... written by Sham
Wow reading! Details and clear answers! Very spot on and he sensed a lot! I will consult him in a very short time again, because i love how he reads! I will recommend him to my friends! Thanks JovaRealm4, 5 stars!" ... written by h.h.
My go to person and the best here at uranium. **********stars" ... written by Bloodmoon
Thanks for the reading and I will follow the advice given.. " ... written by Mark_115
thank you" ... written by peter
Fantastic reading! Real gift!!" ... written by powerwithin
I enjoyed Jovans reading and he resonated with my situation quite well and he read my situation. I felt a bit in turmoil with my situation and was a pleasure to have him read for me. Thanks for settling my mind a bit." ... written by Mary
Jovan is great he saw things before I said a word he knew the situation in my mind and brought it to my attention before I said a word... he is great all around.. personality perfect!! highly recomment" ... written by blessed
Thank you so much for your great reading again! I will come back soon! " ... written by P
love Jovan, literally obsessed with him. he's the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!the best!!!!!!!!!!the bessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo accurate!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dolefuldoll
i haven't had a reading with jovan for a year and he his awesome. he was spot on with my situation back then and is correct with the one i'm currently in. looking forward to things panning out. will be back again!" ... written by luxxicon
I have missed him so much. Getting a reading from him is the best. Accurate and supportive." ... written by Eli
thank you for the reading! so much information! " ... written by md
He is the BEST! You don't need to find anyone else! Just have a reading with Jovan and you will not regret it!" ... written by Itsuramo
Jovan is amazing. He is always on point and very funny. I come to him every time I need some advice." ... written by Mai
It was like my prayers were answered today, just when I needed him the most he appears. Haven't spoken to him in so long but he is as amazing as always. All previous predictions have come to pass and I have no doubt the ones from this reading will as well. I love this guy more that words can express. Can not recommend him enough xox" ... written by Mshelli
this is an exceptional reader ! only with two names he could describe my situation and give some time frames! it is someone who is really nice, caring and really has a gift!" ... written by gdm
Missed him! He is awesome!" ... written by Christineeee
spot on wonderful!!!!" ... written by Melinda
Jovan, you are AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you so much for staying so we could read, you already know how much i appreciate you and how connected I feel with you, during our readings. Thank you for your guidance, you are incredible that what you do. Every single thing you have told me, has happened so far, so I have faith you completely." ... written by Mainstreem20
he said i would see the person i asked about within 2 days. did not expect to run into him that same night so came back for another reading. so if i run into him again, i don't know what i'll do. but he's good." ... written by luxxicon
Superb reading again, you picked up so much!" ... written by Aquagirl
Wow - he is hard to catch, but he is wonderful and sooooo consistent and accurate. Everything he has predicted has come to pass. Highly recommend." ... written by debbiec0613
Fantastic as always. Fast, straight forward, and no nonsense. Excellent reader" ... written by My NightStar
I think Jovan is great. Non judgemental, and answered all my questions without any hesitation. He is fast as well. I look forward to his predictions coming true. Very kind and caring as well." ... written by me
So fun to talk to and spot on!" ... written by Mariel
Always wonderful. Professional, gifted, and a joy to get a reading from." ... written by L
I am thankful to his reading and help. His predictions have always been accurate, and I love him so much" ... written by gaston165
I seriously needed this private with Jo! I missed him so much. When I need him the most he's there and gives me such positivity and hope to look forward too. He's so in tune with situations its crazy. Jovan is Heaven sent." ... written by Shamster
thank you!" ... written by b
wow, what a beautiful human being, a pleasure to speak with, and very fast andamp; to the point, hit on every thing, amazing, you have to check him out, you will be glad you did 5 stars" ... written by pauly 61
He's such a great person! God, I swear Jovan has like a bird's eye!! he can see everything its scary haha" ... written by Shamster
This is my first time with Jovan. He really hit the nail on the head with my boyfriend and how he behaves. I'll be curious to find out if his predictions come true. I'll be back to let Jovan know how this all plays out. Thank you! The reading was great! :D" ... written by Lisa
I was given a demo and had to go for the private and I am so happy I did :) He was so on point with what I did for a living and what changes I am trying to make business wise. He picked up quickly on the type of business and was very realistic with the time frame he gave me and when things will pick up for me. I am soo looking forward to the predictions for the next few months! Thank you thank you *hugs*" ... written by Tiarra
Very honest READER … No sugar coating.. will definitely suggest for others to take and see… this is my first reading , will get back with updates JOVAN … Feeling better after ur reading.. " ... written by jovan is the best
Best reader on here!" ... written by Shamster
Jovan is amazing as always. One of my favorite psychics ever. He really knows people its unbelievable the things that he can see from another person and I can tell you right now what he said is 100% accurate. He blows my mind every reading. Thank you Jovan I really appreciate how much you have helped me :)" ... written by Arc
awesome catching up with him as always, he's so good :)" ... written by L
Love Speaking to you always make me laugh. " ... written by See
I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!" ... written by w
This was my first reading with Jovan and he's just wonderful. Everything he told me was accurate, insightful, and detailed. I truly enjoyed the reading and will be back for updates when I can catch him. Jovan, it was truly a joy to read with you, thanks for the clarity and insight. I'll let you know how things pan out." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you soooooo much again!!!! He's very sensitve to vibes and a totally sincere!!!! Very well worth it!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Jovan is a sincere and insightful reader. He invests all his energy when working with his clients. He is an exceptional person. " ... written by Eli
I was feeling down and now I'm feeling much better! Jovan has always known whats inside my heart and knows exactly how to make me feel better. he can really see the situation for what it is and can describe any persons involved to a T! xox " ... written by shamster
he was so so good" ... written by nowk
I can't really express how amazing he is and I've had a lot of readings. He connects with the situation and persons feelings and confirmed and said so many things without me mentioning anything plus reads into the future. He is the real deal. Thank you so much x" ... written by s
He was okay!" ... written by Mondaymagic
He is extremely accurate! I don't like to tell too much information and he literally picked up on every detail. He even was picking up on planning a trip that I didn't even mention. He knew exactly how I felt and described my situation with amazing accuracy. He gave me timelines and I will post on his wall if they come to pass. So far, everything he said made since. I went to him for confirmation of another preferred reader and it was consistent. He will definitely be one of my top advisors. Thank you so much Jovan! " ... written by Lel
Jovan is by far the best psychic on here. He is extremely detailed and straight forward. He gave so many details and so far, his readings have been right on target. I'm looking forward to other readings with him. Simply amazing." ... written by Lela
He is amazing and so kind. He knew so much about me, he is the real deal. I will definitely be coming back :)" ... written by Mary
He's amazing. What a gifted guy." ... written by Lee
He sees things so well and so clear its nt even funny" ... written by Shamster
Honestly, he is one of the most sweet, caring person I have met. He really cares about his clients, not to mention, he's really great at what he does. Timelines are on point, every time. Love you J are awesome!! xoxoxo" ... written by Mainstreem
Jovan is absolutely amazing. He has a sincere, genuine heart and he truly cares about his clients. Not only is he on point with his gift, he's also cognizant of how best to help his clients. His passionate nature and amazing heart are absolutely incredible. HE is incredible and a very talented, gifted reader." ... written by Joyful
So awesome i love loved loved this reading so grateful!!!!!" ... written by Ava
very good in a short amount of time thank u will come again" ... written by hopeful57soon
Jovan is such a straightforward reader and he helps guide people to their answers. He is soo aweesome!" ... written by Merp
sticks by his guns and whats hes been telling me for years. love that he is a friend and psychic" ... written by meg
he is the sweetest person have to get more time" ... written by k
Had my first reading with him a week ago and prediction was right on, time frame was exactly as he said. He is so everything about the context surrounding my situation totally right on! also everything has been so consistent, although he couldn't remember what he told me, but i did and I confirmed. Jovan is really amazing, a gem and he automatically makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Thank you so much and I am so glad I have found you here. Will be back to check in with you :) " ... written by M.
its an amazing reading! credits ran out before i cant continue more :)" ... written by cheesesticks
I love him !! miss him when he's not here !! he's always point on with what he tells me ! " ... written by summer
Jovan is the best. He is very accurate and consistent in his predictions. I mean there were some delays, but everything was still the same as predicted. Thank you so much. Will keep you updated." ... written by nowk
I MISSED HIM SOOO MUCH! MY #1 PSYCHIC!! THE BEST." ... written by shamster
Jovan is a great guy, he sees everything correctly!" ... written by Raychul
I have been waiting to get a reading by Jovan for awhile. I am so glad to catch him today. Joan is my best psychic, honestly, 97% accurate. I highly recommend Jvan! I love his works very, very much!" ... written by Mai
Absolutely amazing. I am very pleased with the reading I recieved.. I will be going to him again.. Thank you. " ... written by sparkle1128
thank you" ... written by peter
He picked up me travelling and I was literally sorting out my passport for my travelling! honestly amazing. He is so good! thank you jovanxx" ... written by s
I love Jovan. he is so honest and very caring with his readings. i will always come back to him!!" ... written by k
simple the best at what he does" ... written by pauly61
Amazing as always....wise, truthful! he does not sugar coat no matter what. Love Jovan!!!!" ... written by Mainstreem
awesome reading with jovan. caught up with some things and gained great insight! thanks jovan! will be back to update you. god bless you!" ... written by nn
Very pleasant reading delivered by Jovan!!! It was really detailed and everything he said was true.... love his reading so much " ... written by Lightstreet
OK, I have to be honest, I came in today, just to talk to Jovan. We just had a reading which again he was RIGHT ON with the time lines and everything surrounding the situation. Jovan's time lines are crazy accurate. Don't be fooled by how young he looks, he knows what he's talking about, and he is so incredibly wise. I love him, I want him to be my BFF and I want to hang out with him. There i said it lol , but aside from this, this man is incredible at what he does and he makes you feel as ease during readings. Def a hidden gem, and I don't know how I found him, but I am happy I have. Thank you for today's reading, I loved every second of it. XOXOXOXO" ... written by mainstreem20
simply amazing every single time. Thanks again " ... written by angel
one of my favourite readers here" ... written by cheesesticks
Its been so long since I read with Jovan! He has always been there for me and is such a sweetheart! Love you!" ... written by Tee
O Lord... he is a very.. very.. good... I recommend...he knows what is going on..." ... written by Luana
he is the best" ... written by julie
Such a refreshing reading... very detailed and confirming. I really enjoyed talking to Jovan. " ... written by lightstreet
Thanks for the reading..." ... written by Mark
He s so encouraging and detailed. Love him to bits." ... written by Lela
Prediction happened again! Timeline to the T....Jovan's timelines are aaaamazing, he's been right about everything so far. He's incredible, which is why, you can never talk to him in free chat, everyone grabs him so fast. Have a private with him, he's so great at what he does. Thank you so much. Lots of love!!" ... written by mainstreem
LOVE HIM!!!! His timelines are to the t every single time and i mean every single time. When he says 4 days, it's 4 days, when it's one day it's one day. Yesterday, he told me, i will get contact within a day and guess what, it happened. Jovan knows what he's talking about, he tells you how it is, so if you really want someone who is incredibly sweet but truthful, he's the person you'd want to read with. HE makes you feel so comfortable during reading, so non judgmental. I can go on and on, but his testimonials and repeated clients speak for itself. Love you and thank you so much :) " ... written by Mainstreem
Love him!!!! He understands me and gets me and my situation so well and keeps it so real and blunt!" ... written by Tee
So happy I got to see him angel after so long, he's always so accurate that I totally trust what he sees in his cards and feels intuitively. I love Jovan...he's one of the very best here!!! Thank you so much :) xoxoxoxo" ... written by M.
Such an amazing reader. Hes so sweet and caring. He told me what i needed to hear and really knew my situation without me saying much. I will recommend him to my friends and need and definitely will be back for updates and guidance. Thanks Jovan, you are so talented, a beautiful person inside and out. " ... written by Dee
He's soooo awesome !!" ... written by shamster
I adore him. readings with him are entertaining and real. I feel like he connects well and I feel like he knows me and my situation. High recommend him. Thanks Jovan. Will keep you posted. " ... written by Dee
thank you so much jovan. I can't express how grateful I am for this reading. You are amazing xxx" ... written by s
Thanks Jovan, you made me laugh today after a terrible week. :)" ... written by Lana
it kicked me :( wth, let me know when ur back love :(" ... written by Kate
He's amazing...i have said it over and over. Jovan is so caring about his clients, really tries to explore every avenue to help you get answers, good or bad HE does not sugarcoat, he does not tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy, and I have had such great results from our readings that I come to him over and over and recommend him to everyone!!! Love you are the best xoxoxoxo" ... written by Mainstreem
Awesome awesome reading !!! " ... written by Lisa
i loved him soooo much. it was my first reading with him and he was sooo funny. we connected really well. " ... written by linh
Jovan is so caring and compassionate. He tunes in accurately and does not sugar coat. His readings are engaging, detailed and he's open and honest with his clients. He's so genuine and dedicated to helping others. Love his readings!" ... written by Joyful
LOVE LOVE LOVE him.....I trust him explicitly, bc he doesn't tell you what you want to hear...he's always been so honest with me, he has always kept it 100% with me and I so appreciate him. He is the real deal in every way, trust me! I have tried so many other, this is why, you can never catch him in free chat, he gets pulled into private the second he logs in. If you guys want someone who's straight to the point and isn't about money and wasting your time, Jovan is the one you need to read with. You'll be hooked!! Thank you so much, Love you lots and will let you know how it goes ;)" ... written by mainstreem
Ahhhh I am soooo happy I finally got to have my reading with him. I have bene waiting for so long. This man is as real as it gets, EVERYTHING he has told me (specially timelines) have happened, so I don't even think twice when I see him online, he is incredibly gifted and honest and ethical. Don't let his age fool you, he is so wise and just amazing in every way. I have been a loyal client ever since i met him bc he has always been accurate. You are the best lots of hugs xoxoxoxo" ... written by Main
Seriously amazing. Love his energy. Always give time frames and I trust them because he always gets them right. Hes amazing get explain it :) Will always be back for more privates with him." ... written by Arc
He's great :) very empathetic, reads vibes extremely well! Will be returning for an update " ... written by Kate
I have been with Jovan for years. His predictions always came true, and time frame too. I appreciate him!" ... written by Mai
my first read with Jovan and everything i have read about him is so true..he really is very accurate!! no sugar coating, well blunt direct and truthful reading!!! i love it and will come back for updates!! thanks" ... written by rosy
he is the best " ... written by julie
Love you Jovan. You're always so real and we connect well. You have a strong grip of my situation and can tell me feelings and intentions very well. " ... written by Dee
WOW AMAZING" ... written by Sham
The best! He is seriously the best! never wrong with time lines, never wrong with outcomes!! " ... written by Main
Great - really great reader" ... written by Karen
hes so good!!! ahhhh! lol" ... written by sham
Awesome! " ... written by --
amazing xxx" ... written by s
I don't think I can say enough great things about Jovan, he is so open and honest, and you can be yourself, he doesn't get angry if you tell him you read with someone else, rather he wants to focus on helping you explore the issue and help you find answers. He is purely there to help you without his ego involved...this to me is a tell tell sign of someone real....someone who has his client's best interest in mind, and with that said, he is very honest, doesn't BS you by giving you lies and tell you what he thinks you want to hear, he has told me everything good or bad, wether I wanted to hear it or not. I support him 100% and am so grateful to have found someone so authentic...btw everything he's told me so far has happened. I love you Jovan " ... written by Yourbiggestfan ;)
First time with him and so worth every penny... made me laugh.. And so right of how I am. Thanks so much... " ... written by See
My to go guy.....he's never been wrong with what I have asked him to look into and predictions...that's just my experience....he's amazing. Love you lots!!!!" ... written by Mainstreem
Hes incredible as always. He made some predictions I know they'll come true because they always do. He is so sweet and awesome. If you haven't read with him you need to, you will not regret it he is amazing. I always come for private readings with Jovan because he knows what hes talking about and I can always validate that what he is saying is true. He's one of the best on oranum if not the best. Thanks you Jovan." ... written by Arc
I looooooooooooove this guy. I trust him and his amazing abilities. Catch him if you can. " ... written by Dee
He contacts 1-2weeks... Long long long Term... The distance will not be an issue anymore... " ... written by See
i love him so much. he has always been on point for me. its hard for me to catch him cause im usually working but when i do i could read with him forever. sometimes i dont even have questions but i just like pestering him for fun. " ... written by linh
thanks boo love u" ... written by mm
He is best. Has always been accurate. " ... written by Lela
5 star reader!" ... written by Loni
love him! x" ... written by s
I just love him, he's dedicated, accurate more importantly and digs in as much as you need him to to help you get the answers and if the answer is no, the answer is no, he does not sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. I just love him!" ... written by Mainstreem
Great reading!" ... written by cheesesticks08
OO how i missed him !!! got my great advice on my new man !!!! " ... written by summer
I love Jovan! He is down to earth and never sugarcoats anything! He will straight up tell you the truth and let you know how it is. I also love his personality and how calm he is. You can never go wrong with Jovan!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Awesome!! This guy is as beautiful inside as he is outside. Quick connection and spot on all the way. Brilliant reading :)" ... written by Myriam Gil
We got shut off my credits ended but hope to read again soon" ... written by Jake
I Love you so much...thank you for the ;) big push, you are amazing!!!! in every way. I believe in you that is why I always come back to you. Thank you so so much for today's reading and therapy session/coaching haha you are the best." ... written by ILOVEYOU
Wonderful first read~" ... written by Rheystal
I love his reading and he is always accurate" ... written by gaston165
Jovan is such an amazing person. I trust his insights and he has certainly been accurate in the past and he is wonderful to talk to." ... written by debbiec0613
Love this man!!! He has been through it with me, really helping me get through the ups and downs and has been so accurate through it all, besides all the great talks and advice. He knows what he is talking about, and he's amazing with his cards....I love you so much xoxo so glad I got to speak with you today. " ... written by M
Thanks again for another awesome reading! You rock Jovan!!! I highly recommend you!" ... written by ffairy
amazing as always x" ... written by s
I love this guy! Really helpful, really sweet and really psychic..." ... written by Karen
I love, Love speaking to him, makes me laugh so much... " ... written by See
OMG Jovan is so good at lifting someone's spirits and really getting the essence of every situation. I had to come back to double check something with him and what he said resonated with the person's personality. Thanks!!" ... written by L
Wonderful, wonderful reading. Even in demos, he doesn't falsify what he sees. He tells you what is and pulls proof to explain it. Thanks again, Jovan~" ... written by Rheystal
he is darling !!!! the most FAB!!!!!!!! THE MOST !!! " ... written by reem
one of the few who is the real thing!" ... written by Karen
He is really amazing. Very detailed and such a sweet person to talk to. He is one of the few I go to because he has shown result and what he says goes. Thank you so much Jovan x" ... written by sara
Jovan is the real deal and the only psychic I trust. He told me contact in one day... the next day my guy texted me! Jovan describes people to a T. He knows things no one else knows!! He is very detailed and honest. My favorite!! xoxoxo" ... written by D
Jovan is incredible! He's my favorite reader on the site. he's been advising me for over a year now and always steers me on the right path. I'm so grateful for him in my life, I love you so much, Jovan! xo " ... written by w
always a pleasure, he's always so nice and full of life and never wastes your time" ... written by L
he is so fast and accurate he is amazing :) " ... written by ohood
Thanx a mil Jov...easy to talk to guy and genuinely does his best to help you. Will come back and update soon. ;)" ... written by Peaz
he is amazing just love him :)" ... written by ohood
Was really good. Picked up on some very specific things about the relationship and is consistent. Hope he is right." ... written by lela
Really satisfied with my reading with Jovan. He goes into details and I cant wait to see his predictions taking place. Love this guy! " ... written by lightstreet
Jovan is wonderful and his predictions have always been accurate. Highly recommend" ... written by Debbiec0613
Jovan is truly gifted. Everything he has said comes to pass. He is the only one I trust and believe. A must try!! Thanks so much xoxoxo" ... written by Dee
i freakin love Jovan! He is so awesome!!! Thank you for confirming so many things for me! I have missed you and am so glad to have found you!!!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Jovan is a sweetheart! He quickly picks up on my energy and answers my question with details and clarity. He easily confirms what he's getting with the cards and it never fails to match up perfectly. He's easy to read with, doesn't fluff things up, provides great advice, and is consistent in his predictions. Overall a true gem!" ... written by Jenn
Great and honest,will be back,thank you xxx" ... written by j
Much love to Jovan. Much, much, much love for our connection and for his clarity!" ... written by Rheystal
Jovan is amazing and always right!" ... written by D
great,, really on point, very accurate, five stars" ... written by river
Jovan is brilliant i will definitely be back love him! Blessings to you xx" ... written by Heather
OMG Jovan is seriously just amazing. he knows how to read so well. Very VERY intuitive." ... written by Sham
LOL love speaking with Jovan, it's always so fun and he's always so accurate!" ... written by L
love you jovan!!!" ... written by bri
Thank you for a great reading. It is amazing you remembered me from a few years back. You are so perfect for what you do and you help people like me so much. Thank you with all my heart. Many blessings to you. I will talk to you again later." ... written by Kathleen Newman
Great reading....Honest and blunt let's hope for predictions to come true!" ... written by Me
Great reading" ... written by carmen
Really accurate - Great speaking with Jovan, I would definitely recommend x" ... written by Siren
Got to love love him.. he makes me laugh so much.." ... written by See
It's been a long while since I had a reading with Jovan, this time with another issue. Again, without any input from me, he was able to get to the issue head on. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
jovan i love u! 3 wks and august will be good one! ill keep u updated fasho" ... written by mm
Very good" ... written by Charlotte Dibley
I love him!!! He connects really well and gives an in-depth reading instead of yes or no answers. My trusted advisor definitely " ... written by Lightstreet
It my first itme he is incredible :)) thank you . i felt it he got the whole thing exactly :)" ... written by L
great as always :) x" ... written by s
Thanks..." ... written by See
Talented and compassionate. Great reader. Very intuitive." ... written by Karen
As always he knew my situation well. I trust Jovan so much, he is honestly like my best friend xoxo. I only get privates from him on this site bc he's just that damn good and the only one that can read me so well! " ... written by Sham
amazing reading ,fast , accurate love him :))" ... written by ohood
thanks jovan, another delightful reading :)" ... written by Guess
I've been reading with Jovan for a while and my only regret is not finding him any sooner. Better late than never. I've had predictions happen and even if not in the exact time frame they do happen. I can't wait to give you the good news and finally celebrate. Thanks for clearing things up for me xoxo" ... written by s
He is excellent!!! A sweet person nd really knows whst hes talking abt" ... written by F
I LOVE, JOVAN! he's incredible! one of the most talented readers i've ever met! I can always trust him to be 100% honest. AND, two of his predictions came true!!! xoxoxo " ... written by whit
My go to reader! #1 !!!" ... written by Sh
Amazing. Picked up everything. Even remembered me from ages ago! Really nice guy. Will be back soon. " ... written by Lyn
amazing just love jovan x" ... written by s
Jovan was really wonderful at his reading and very on point with accuracy. Most definitely well be back for more readings in the near future. Many blessings to you." ... written by Lucy117
amazing as always. Always nice to clear things up and hes so good letting you know how the person feels. Major help when in doubt x" ... written by s
absolutely superb!! glad I found you!! :)" ... written by L
thank you for all your information. gave me clarity!" ... written by md
Its amazing how someone can become a good friend so quickly. Hes the best. So sweet. So funny. Totally gets me that its scary but in a good way. Given me some predictions so waiting to see what happens. I always feel happier after I have spoken with him. Friend for life! " ... written by Lyn
Always great. Kind and calming and quick to pinpoint what is going on even without info..." ... written by Karen is SO hard to just get a reading with Jovan! He's super nice. Looking forward to his predictions come true! xo" ... written by Kirsten
he's amazing , great connection andamp; was spot on my situation..5 stars!!!!" ... written by Ammer
I love jovan he is the best honest accurate love him get a reading you will love it." ... written by googlemebaby
Really there to help and support you and man is he gifted. He saw my friends wedding shift to a later date and he was spot on x" ... written by sara
My all time favorite- he has never been wrong about what he sees/ feels. love love love him so much!!" ... written by sahreen
Like omg... I love talking to you... its not even about the reading, which is always great... But you are crazy as I am.." ... written by See
Been a long time coming but so glad I got to speak to him. Feel so much better for it. Given me predictions so time will tell... :) Friend for life :) " ... written by Lyn
Talk about mind blowing and so easy to talk with! He hit everything dead on! Felt like I was talking with a friend, I will def. be back for future readings." ... written by Chantae
Was very accurate in regards to my current situation and others involved and not directly involved. He's a sweet and caring person. Not to mention he's gorgeous. " ... written by SUNFLOWER333
Love Jovan. So kind and always quick with his readings" ... written by Karen
Always always always wonderful to talk to you!!!! Thank you for everything!!! You are amazing as always and put a smile on my face. You are the real deal! " ... written by Brianaaf2
Jovan always gives a very clear reading. He is highly gifted and a delight to have a session with." ... written by A
This young man is awesome, straight to the point, no sugar coating, very calm, so intelligent and hit everything dead on.... If you want an excellent reading please see him for one you will NOT be disapointed.... Thank you so much..see you again ...." ... written by newhorizons12
Jovan is worth every minute of his reading. Please get an HONEST reading from him today, you'll be very happy with the result." ... written by ProDancerUSA
So insightful, so fun, so sweet, so dead on! Great connection, great advice, very in depth and close to the heart reading. Along with some amazing laughs. Amazing he is so helpful and kind!" ... written by Chepianna
EXCELLENT READING. I highly highly recommend. I'm definetly coming back. " ... written by SweetMissK
He was great... very fast." ... written by phatphat
He was very great and told me everything that I needed to know :)" ... written by Dphsgo93
Lovely guy :) he was so right on with the cards and he was fun to be in a reading with. loved it :) thanks!!" ... written by emotions
Very sweet, and helpful, great insight, and loving. Great direction and very comforting energy! " ... written by Chepianna
SWEET GUY." ... written by DNR2529
Amazing and caring, so spot on, and so detailed. Very compassionate, I highly recommend him! :) " ... written by Chepianna