About Iris999

Psychic Iris999has 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Iris999has recently helped 24members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Iris999's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

**OFFER 2.99/min for a limited period of time**My tarot readings are always honest and accurate. A tarot reading is the best way to gain insight into your life and find solutions to obstacles you have faced, you are facing, or will face in the future Even if my tarot readings doesn't have the power to change future events, it can help you anticipate them.

Thank u for the reading it was amazing and all are true but hope the timing is accurate. looking forward to it and highly recommend it. diffently coming back" ... written by Husein
Iris, is so lovely! She is not only caring and sweet. But she is also very accurate and dead on. I highly recommend her! I will for sure be back to see her! Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
She was spot on without much information. Excellent!! thanks alot." ... written by Dignity
Very wonderful Tarot reader, I highly recommend!" ... written by Wayne Wright
She was so nice and understanding, and she doesn't even charge as much. Definetly should be one of the top on this website and people should model around her niceness. Just great and i hope that her predictions come true!" ... written by Aziz
Iris is GREAT!!!!! right on the money, and very fast with the reading. She will give you what she sees, no making things up and give you some great advice. She has a great heart and I know she is blessed by God!!. You really NEED to stop by for a reading from her." ... written by Rick
Loved the reading, it was quick, detailed and made me feel so much better, thank you, recommend " ... written by Sherry K
Excellent Communication" ... written by Pure Love
super!" ... written by jon
Very helpful and honest" ... written by Ed
iris999 gave me a fantastic reading! Everything she said was 100% accurate and a great help, thank you so much!" ... written by Chet
thank you iris for the wonderful and accurate reading " ... written by kalsey
Iris is so great, she is patient and understanding and when I have so many internet issues she helps me work right through them. She is awesome and well worth your time and money." ... written by Rick
She is very sweet and very nice. She answered my question and gave me the insight I was looking for! very positive reading that I'm happy about. " ... written by Brianne
good reading :))" ... written by edel95
Quick reader. Picked up on things. Very good! Thank You " ... written by Angelwingss7
Iris was able to lay my fears to rest with her calming and reassuring good prostate surgery looms large on the horizon...and i'm pretty anxious..never had surgery before..." ... written by Christopher
Excellent! She is my mentor." ... written by Dignity
You are really good Iris, i feel very relaxed to talked with you!" ... written by Gunnar
wow Iris blow me away cause every thing told me about this women in my life was 100% right , know just got wait Ty " ... written by jasonand cat
She was dead on accurate. i was amazed. she picked up inn the issues right away and got it all and future events. try her !" ... written by Chris
She was right on and gave me accurate details...Liked it" ... written by tamjar
very accurate and honest reading right to the point where my situation stands well i shall see u soon in pvt again." ... written by jazz
Lets see , thank you very much))) and Good luck in New Year" ... written by miss Wait
no sugar coating - so that is positive. for the outcome of her reading, I have to wait till her suggestive timeframe. she has a positive attitude in her free chat, which is inspiring." ... written by N
Well iris is spot on with me and hayley 100% Ty hugs" ... written by jasonandcat
just have too wait and see what happens now " ... written by jasonandcat
.." ... written by Rick
Sweet, gentle kind honest straight to the point, tells it as it is. Amazing reading im blown away. Thank you Iris you are super. xxxx" ... written by Lorna
Iris was SUPER!!!! she hit all of my questions with answers that helped me out so very much. And answered some that I wasn't sure of and I am so very excited to see what comes as she says it will. I will be back to update her and see what else she has to say. Is definitely gifted.. God bless you Iris.." ... written by Rick
Iris was great in helping find direction " ... written by ak
Excellent reading! Spot on. Thank you very much, Iris!!!!" ... written by Dignity
Iris gave me the cold hard facts of REALITY...I didn't want 2 wasn't enuff 4 this dreamer 2 want 2 escape his mundane existence as a librarian assistant..." ... written by Christopher
she's my girl. 20 stars" ... written by chelsea
Iris is very straight forward and gives you what you need to hear even if you don't want to hear it and tells you the cold hard facts.. Definitely someone to get a reading from if you are really wanting to find out what's going on..." ... written by r
One of the BEST psychics on Oranum...cuz she truly cares about her clients and can honestly keep a secret without sharing with the rest of the" ... written by Iris
well she is the best no words to explain very accurate i will be back for sure " ... written by jazz
aww iris what a lovely girl u are, u have made my day hun thank u the reading was spot on thanks again xxxx" ... written by nicola
She is hopeful, sweet, kind and wise. Reading was clear, quick and honest. Good vibes all around. Thank u!!!" ... written by Kate
OMG!!! iris was spot on with everything a wonderful blissful reading, she is sweet and kind and does not sugar coat " ... written by hannah
sweet and deeply insightful read" ... written by lotus71
thanks, will apply to the jobs. :)" ... written by dissonance1
she is awesome will be back again for a accurate reading " ... written by jazz
wow... super nice!!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!! the reading and the girl. She is wonderful. " ... written by vjrei01
iris999 gave me one of the most accurate readings on here, it was amazing. Everything was spot on I am really impressed and will come back for more! Thank you so much!" ... written by Amazing Reading
great." ... written by jon
awesome, will apply, i must apply. will get back to you" ... written by dissonance1
Iris makes u feel at home with her charming smile and empathic way about her...u feel at home in her presence and she sweeps u off your feet with her wisdom")" ... written by Christopher
Excellent as usual!" ... written by Dignity
great reading cleared a lot things up thank you " ... written by av
seriously just go private with her, i've tried many psychics. iris is top" ... written by jon
She was very good. Picked up on many things, very insightful" ... written by RD
Always a pleasure talking to her. She always gave me great clarity into my problems, i highly reccomend" ... written by jas
very accurate and nice" ... written by dmarq
yeah...quite interesting...think now that she may be more accurate than some others(!),- have the feeling that she is on point with things for sure. ok cheers iris..catch up later. " ... written by batdancer
First time reading with this loving lady! She was really quick and spot on definitely coming back to her again for more readings! guys do give her a go! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Adis
Very honest, fast and accurate. Highly recommend Iris999 to anyone" ... written by a
great insight thank you iris always feel relaxed after chatting with iris " ... written by avi
Iris is a truly amazing reader, extremely accurate, and gives you the truth, which i so appreciate. She is one of the best on the site for sure.. love iris" ... written by accurate
Iris is spot on, she gets right into the reading and does not waste any time. If you want a serious reading worth your money than Iris is the reader for you... " ... written by Lorenzo
another great session with lovely Iris! thank you!" ... written by LUV
honest and accurate reading xxx" ... written by jas
Wow, she really impressed me with her honest and accurate reading, she can advice on what path to take to get best results. She helped me a lot. Grazie." ... written by jas
thank you iris will be back soon for more readings" ... written by jas
thanks as always, great reader!" ... written by jon
She was honest and to the point! Great encouragement." ... written by Mya
Very good reading" ... written by Faith
Great reader!! Accurate and excellent." ... written by ta1
shes the best i lover her" ... written by ashley
iris is super accurate says it like it is, if you want somebody who doesn't waste your time while getting straight to the point and is affordable she is your reader. I would of gave her 20 stars... but they didn't have that option !!" ... written by Lo
Great as she always is give hope and great advice I am thankful for Iris999 she is a blessing always recommend her she is awesome Thank you xoxo " ... written by Christine
.. be back " ... written by jas
very helpful and intuitive" ... written by chris
so honest and sounded very accurate. I will definitely come back to her and add her to my contacts :)" ... written by luv
She is really awesome .. ty iris999" ... written by jas
Iris is super great andamp; strongly recommend :) thank you so much for everything " ... written by Sherry
Iris is super great, gives great advice, love talking to her and coming back def. " ... written by Sherry
Wow...very helpful...she understands and gives great advice...she is able to see exactly what is happening in your life. Thanks!" ... written by Naomi
great reading! honest and caring. I definitely recommend her!! " ... written by findingyourself
she is awesome woman i have ever knwn love you iris ur the best " ... written by jas
Amazing reading. got to to the point direct and all depends on me, looking forward to the best and i have not seen friendly person and honest reading" ... written by Husein
she is really great" ... written by scott
awesome reading always giving accurate readings thnx" ... written by husein
she seemed like she knew whatsup" ... written by scott
Very nice and answered everything I wanted to know into it's entirety, straight forward and to the point, honest, and truthful.. 5+++++++++++++" ... written by Tina
love her she is a great pstchic highly recommend" ... written by dmarq
such a nice reading 100% perfect" ... written by rosu
Iris was very kind and told me what my suspicions were :)" ... written by Raychul
5 stars.. very fast to connect. " ... written by earthsign
This Christmas is Special for me," ... written by jas
very great!" ... written by scott
lovely psychic and very honest and funny xx " ... written by candy
merry Christmas iris have fun" ... written by jas
happy bday iris have fun :) xxx" ... written by jas
yeah good reading ...detailed , just very down to earth with no nonsense in any way.. ok cheers iris, catch up later." ... written by batdancer
Excellent reading and very sweet person, glad to have her help me. Happy Birthday Iris" ... written by T
lovely" ... written by thanks
thanks for the time and reading, sure coming back" ... written by Husein
happy bday iris love yaa" ... written by jas
thanks" ... written by t
iris999 is very polite and attentive. very accurate, My first consult with her. " ... written by lia
she was very cool and she was very aucratte" ... written by daniel
Iris is a bona fide SWEETHEART...she will brighten your day with her amazing smile...and lift your hopes with her uncommon wisdom...u are blessed 2 be in her presence... gladdened 2 just be with her for a brief moment in time!" ... written by Christopher
Yes its all coming true :) " ... written by Jasonand cat
amazing reading great advice thank you iris " ... written by av
Thank u for the reading, it was amazing " ... written by Husein
Iris readings is always awesome and keeps me calm... She is a sweetheart n honest as well. Glad to be a new client of hers now, no need to waste credits elsewhere.. " ... written by T
thank u for your accurate reading iris i always have honest with u and it does come to past and hope this will come to past too as before. " ... written by jas
Awesome detailed, accurate, gets into the issues, really good!" ... written by jon
she is awesome you must give try" ... written by kalsey
Very understanding and gives direct answer, love it!" ... written by Deona2556
Iris is a very cool person. and she can see situations very her" ... written by moon
Iris is a very talented psychic. I have had two readings by her and both were very detailed and accurate. " ... written by suevankoz
my to go girl. I had a first reading with her a month ago and everything came true. She is a great reader and advisor. very caring and intuitive. Thank you Iris. will see you soon :)" ... written by estella
Lovely reader. Straight to the point, very fast picking up on stuff and I loved her honesty. " ... written by NightStar
Iris is very quick and honest, she will tell you just how it is.. I appreciate how honest she is and will tell you the truth about what she sees. Thanks so much" ... written by Rick
great reading. excited to see how everything turns out!" ... written by ryan
one of the greatest readers ive ever met truly amazing beyond greatful" ... written by dmarq
she game a great reading saw my past and future.. I will follow ur advice.. thank you" ... written by Ariadnie
accurate and great as always helped me lots" ... written by dmarq
great reading! She is very good. Very accurate. She was able to pick up specific details. " ... written by s elzy
great reading with nice details thank you iris " ... written by ak
Awesome and fast connection!! Best reader on here who is always going to be honest and straight forward. She is very sweet and patient even during the most difficult times." ... written by TJ
Wow!! Very smart and accurate reader here! She brought up something to the surface that needed my attention and I have been procrastinating on. I know my life will be different now based on acting on this. Very helpful reading!" ... written by .
She was very nice, the reading was relaxing and she connected with her cards quickly. I will have to wait to see if her predictions come to pass." ... written by L
once again, a successful reading such a wonderful a beautiful soul. thank you Iris for your guidance :)" ... written by estella moon
thank you for your beautiful work of help! you are #1" ... written by estella
It was an awesome read, she is fast, accurate and gets to the heart of the matter!! :) Would highly recommend her!" ... written by Sally
Iris is the absolute best on here gotta love her positive energy she can help you get through any situation very comforting words of advice. She won't waste your time in private at all just go in with an open mind and listen to what she has to say. Her predictions have came true and she has been on point for the last 2 months since I've came to her. Dont hesitate to get a reading from her at all. She is really good one reason I keep coming back to her. " ... written by L
She is awesome! Luv her readings and accuracy!" ... written by Mia
was a nice reading....time will show" ... written by Lili
great :)))" ... written by edel95
Iris was AMAZING, she truly is my "extra angel" thank you so much....meu frumos înger în plus,, toată dragostea și binecuvântările mele" ... written by umpire_74
Thank you for everything, blessed by God r u. smile," ... written by Eirik Marius
i think you're a good psychic, but its lagging. Though that doesn't mean you are not awesome. thanks for taking the time to read to me" ... written by MMarmalade
she was wonderful, patient, and quick to answer. very kind, and has really good energy. very good reading. thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Wow, seriously do not underestimate this reader. She is gifted beyond belief and has been so helpful and relevant." ... written by ,
really good reading. straight to the point. def knows how to tap into a situation" ... written by Yawndoe
Excellent as always!!! Predictions are right on time!!! Awesomeness Oranum's best kept secret!! Honesty and Truth is what you will seek when getting a reading from Iris!! " ... written by Lady
Thank u for the read, I appreciate it, provide me with details I want" ... written by husein
Iris is a wonderful reader, and a great person. She is always kind and generous with her time. Accurate predictions and very good with giving sound help with dealing with people. She has alot of experience dealing with personalities, and is very patient. accurate predictions as well" ... written by shine
Great Picked up on a lot without me saying much at all great reading will come see again soon very positive gave me lots of faith Thank you " ... written by Christine
Iris is so amazing and accurate. She is very fast to connect. I will definitely keep in touch." ... written by StarrVision
she is the best!" ... written by Pixie
Very intuitive to the situation and was very in tune with the personalities involved" ... written by Scentsations
excellent, I'm sorry the session ended " ... written by Catherine Robinson
good.. i wish i had more time with her but my internet is lagging " ... written by light
She was pretty quick with her reading. Very direct answer no details. I like to have details but when a reader uses typing in their readings I find this to be the case." ... written by April
Seriously, Iris is my girl, i don't trust no one like her since she is super honest direct but gentle at the same time. I love talking to her because she is more than a reader but a legit advisor. Thank you Iris for all your help :) xoxox" ... written by estella
Iris is so quick to pick up on things. Very good reader, I highly recommend Iris!" ... written by w
Iris in "Da Bomb"!!!! She was able to connect with me and see my situation and give me some time frames that sound super, I will be sure to come back and tell her she was right again.. As she was right about some other stuff in the past.. Iris is GREAT... Thanks so much Iris!!!" ... written by Rick
Great reading., a lot of details i truly hope it comes true." ... written by edysica
Iris predicted that I would have a new job in 8 days or 8 weeks and that it would be more money than I thought it would be. She told me to look in another area - not the same type business that I was currently in. She it will be related to what one of my exes did. She also told me that I would have to move for this job. " ... written by suevankoz
This is my first reading with IRIS. It was very good. She made total sense in everything she said. I will definitely come back. Thank you so much!" ... written by Mailee24
She is very nice and a true psychic. I can see it too. She has a lovely smile and is always honest. Her gifts helped me find clarity, and advised me not to be so aggressive. She helped me so i will return the favor in the future. " ... written by Kyle Jaber
Very sweet and helpful sees what is going on right away much appreciated will come see her again and update as things happen Thank you so much Iris Blessings " ... written by Christine
I'm pleased with the reading" ... written by R
Iris is really amazing and spot on!! :)) She is very genuine in her readings and never does she ever waste time! If you haven't had a reading with her you are really missing out!" ... written by Sally
Iris is an amazing reader, always so accurate and insightful! Would so recommend her for any type of reading!! :)" ... written by Sally
what a great reading. Very deep and connected. I highly recommend her" ... written by tyler
it was really positive and iris gives me the avices that i need. i recommend her. thank you !" ... written by arthanor
Very awesome reading, definitely takes the time to explain things to you, not just read a card and leave you lost. Her predictions come true and she gives out great advice as well, very warm felt, and don't judge you no matter what situation you are in. In the past, Iris has helped me overcome many obstacles that have came my way, and predictions definitely come to pass. She definitely knows what she is talking about too. I'll keep coming to her over and over again, anytime I want a situation looked at." ... written by Miss Lady in Red to the bugsy
loved her" ... written by veronica
good " ... written by bluecrystal33
iris is quick, no info, she saw everything in my situation, didnt have to say much she saw it all, very good reading" ... written by pauly61
Thank you once again Iris for the clarity and insightful reading!! :) Would so recommend her, she is a very genuine reader!!" ... written by Sally
I really enjoyed my reading with Iris. She's quick and doesn't waste time. I'm looking forward to the next couple of months." ... written by StarrVision
im sad" ... written by c
postive and down to earth! looking forward to how things go and will update if they happen :)" ... written by jc
good catch up... thank you!" ... written by jc
amazing reader she is too accurate thank you iris and she is very caring " ... written by avi
she was so honest. connected quick and typed ssuper fast. got tons of info from her. she was lovely." ... written by love her
Iris has once again given me some very good advice and ideas on what is going to happen in the near future, I will have to be sure to let her know how accurate she is, as she was once before!!! " ... written by Rick
gread advice and help build confidence, allow her to help you in archiving your goals, thank you iris" ... written by ak
She is incredible! Wow - Her insight is spot on - wow! I cannot say enough good things. I cannot thank her enough. She is truly has a developed gift. So much gratitude andamp; so many blessings to you Iris. :)" ... written by Kelly
The best! #1 (tied for #1) ... :P :)))))" ... written by jon
very kind, and a delight to talk to. thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Iris is so fast and genuine in her readings, she gets to the heart of the matter and gives excellent advice! Would so highly recommend her for any form of reading!! :))" ... written by Sally
Great reading." ... written by Janice
thank you!" ... written by MMarmalade
She very helpful very accurate ! " ... written by aka
she was very great.. a fast typer very calming and gave me the reassurance that I needed to move forward in my situation." ... written by alicia
Iris is awesome beyond words!! She provides much clarity with accuracy and details!! :))" ... written by Sally
Iris is my girl to go to." ... written by estella moon
Very good as usual and precise..Glad to come here as a faithful client, Iris never let's me down." ... written by Lady
love the reading very accurate" ... written by computerluv
Great reading...Iris was very kind and I felt she had my best interest in mind...answered all of my questions promptly and clearly" ... written by bellalife2016
Thank you for the amazing reading once again!! :))" ... written by Sally
She answers very quick and very accurate" ... written by Ciprian
well got faith and every time we chat it comes true :) ty " ... written by .....
always spot on!" ... written by chantelle
Very good as always a wonderful soul honest and full of light quick and easy to talk to a blessing Thank you so much 10 stars would not be enough she deserves more than that :)" ... written by Christine
Thanks love. always a pleasure to talk to u and u provide great insight and guidance on the progress too" ... written by Kisses
She is good and very honest :-) Will be back!!" ... written by D
she was very accurate in this reading. she is the real deal ! " ... written by chris
Iris is top notch! " ... written by johnny
Iris is my person to go to Ive been seeing her for over 3 months already and so far so good and accurate very honest and kind when it comes to bad news" ... written by estella
She seems very nice and I have received some clarity to my question. Thanks!" ... written by Katie
Iris is a wonderful person and a wonderful psychic. She is right on the money with her readings and she has already told me of many things that has come to pass. She will give you good straight answers and not fluff anything.. She's awesome!!! Thx." ... written by Rick
Amazinggg. i love her. she is spot on. :) " ... written by Sabi
She is quick and explain clearly " ... written by Arturo
Accurate readings in a short amount of time :)" ... written by Nithiya
Iris999 is sooo awesome. i recommend her to anyone. " ... written by VGarnet
love it! " ... written by edel95
Very insightful and a fast reader. No time wasted and cut to the heart of the matter. I very much recommend this reader. :)" ... written by Crispy Crab Cakes
Very helpful" ... written by Keith
I love Iris's intuition and readings , very quick and compassionate, kind and hepful person. Her read of the situation resonated w me and my gut feelings about it." ... written by Sammy Hagar
great as always" ... written by jonathan
nice reading, cant wait to see how it all unfolds!!" ... written by cur28
thank you so happy too get the right message " ... written by ....
Good reading from Iris and a helpful perspective gained from her intuition and counsel Shes quick and compassionate its been a pleasure to have her help" ... written by Eddie Van Halen
Very good picks up quick and give great advice wonderful reader and quick thank you so much :) will definitely come back to see her" ... written by Christine
She is awesome right on the money!" ... written by Qu
She was amazing I did not tell her anything she knew everthing! I love her and she is definatly quick and naturally gifted!" ... written by Maryann
good reading as always :)))" ... written by edel95
She is always right on and so honest and accurate love her!" ... written by Luv
Thank you! Iris is verygood at reading!! Very accurate!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Iris has the sacred papyrus of knowledge, I felt her intuition was right on the point and I admirus her abilities , kindness and helpfulness. " ... written by Billy Ray Cyrus
she's fantastic!! and funny :) great info and details, very well explained. past predictions were accurate, stil waiting for new ones. Iris is great xx" ... written by jazzychic
Iris is the shining light on the hill bringing compassion and fairness 2 every situation...she is my closest confidante and BEST friend online")" ... written by Christopher
always on " ... written by computerluv
belive in this women 100% " ... written by cat 69
great help will deffo be coming back again " ... written by rubi
Good update. i appreciate her honesty." ... written by RAM
Iris is awesome, she has given me some great information to look forward to and confirmed some things for me.. " ... written by Rick
very sincere, accurate, gives entire picture of a situation, future predictions" ... written by fresh qigong
Iris is very straightforward and accurate to say the least. Her cards are on point too. I look forward to another reading with her." ... written by StarrVision
Honest Caring to the Point helpful" ... written by Robert
she is the Oracle - is as simple as that - there is no other way of putting it :), ok cheers Iris , catch up again later. " ... written by batdancer
SHe is fast andamp; good! waiting for her guidance to play out." ... written by LL
Always like Iris's readings theyre so insightful, she really does have the gift and some true perceptions , been helpful and a boost to my progress of self understanding." ... written by Granville Crenwick
Iris is just so genuinely caring, clear, focused, professional, well grounded, I cannot say enough she's a blessing " ... written by fresh qigong
Excellent reading, everyting she wrote was extremely accurate, i was shocked! thank you soo much Iris, you are incredible!" ... written by cathy
iris is a sweet lady. her predictions are very accurate.. and she understands psychology so she is really on target." ... written by shine
iris described my ex to the t. she knew how he felt and my position. i hope her predictions come to light" ... written by happy girl88
good reading " ... written by leo
iris is great! very kind and sincere - truthful. Felt a strong connection immediately. Knew the situation. Will be following up as things unfold. Thank you Iris!" ... written by lornalulu
Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
Great as always sees what is going on and helps with the path and for me to see things more clear such a blessing thank you " ... written by Christine
Iris is so on point with everything i love having my readings with her. no rodeos just answers!!" ... written by VIctor Gonzalez Coriano
Om, omazing reading and psychic skills shes quick and direct, kind and caring ive learned so much and gained a lot of clarity." ... written by Anakin Skywalker
informative :)))" ... written by edel95
Great!" ... written by Arturo
Awesome ............." ... written by Leninlight
Great as always is helped me to see what i needed to and show me the direction i am going it right way Thank you so much Blessings " ... written by Christine
Bless you" ... written by
Iris deserves a paid for vacation by oranum. She works very hard for her clients and stays on top of the questions, answers swiftly, is very professional." ... written by fresh qi gong
Iris picks up things right away and doesn't waste time outlining what's going on. She also gives excellent advice in managing a situation. Oranum should give Iris an all-inclusive 3 week holiday " ... written by fresh qi gong
Iris is Fabulous! She's very sweet and kind. She is honest with a soft spot and pretty much hit everything right on the spot! I will be back to follow up. Thank you Iris !!!!" ... written by lornalulu
First reading with her and it was extremely spot on accurate! Without giving any info to her, she identified exactly what is going on and how to address it. Described the other's behaviors to a T- Super sweet, fast and on point - highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
thanks" ... written by mwisteria
always right on topic, answers directly, not waste time, professional...and oranum MUST send Iris999 on a 3 week paid VACATION!!" ... written by fresh qi gong
well I simply love Iris...she's so on the ball with everything she senses, my questions answered in detail immediately...and I want the owner or oranum to send her on a vacation...all inclusive. I insist." ... written by fresh qi gong
We had a very short session, but she was very good." ... written by Nancy
Great reader" ... written by Lisa Slay
and the more in depth you work with Iris, the more life makes sense:)" ... written by fresh qi gong
Iris picks up detailed facts about a situation, she can see another person and describe the emotions, the troubles going on in that person's head, and it helps me to understand better how to communicate with someone who is suffering." ... written by fresh qi gong
Iri's was amazing as always! She is tried and true and I feel very comfortable with her. I am so very grateful! " ... written by Kelly
Incredible! Picked right up on the situation and had great advice for how to handle it. I will definitely be back!" ... written by T
This woman reads me like a book. Very clear connection." ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
AMAZING she always is !! can't wait to see how it plays out " ... written by summer
Super great reading was so accurate about the character without me saying anything! super fantastic psychic thank you " ... written by cheri
I really like Iris's readings, no nonsense and so naturally clear and perceptive...doesnt need much prompting to find the helpful answers and insights and weve delved into some perfect healing isssues and many breakthroughs in intuition" ... written by Lord Fauntelroy
Super reading from a spot on intuitive, so quick and adept and seeing whats going on, spiritual perspective and kind person ." ... written by Edwin Von Edwinburgh
yuppers....Iris is the professional, picks up quickly, pulls a situation from all directions together and serves it to you neatly:)" ... written by ffresh qigong
thank you so much ,,, she is so honest, and really wants to help.... superb experience ." ... written by anj
she is really good, great reading, 100 stars for Iris!!!! " ... written by natural
Great reading, quick to connect and fast typer thank you" ... written by Sher
Iris has a gift of really connecting on a deep and personal level. You may not always like what you hear but it will always be good and real. If you are ready to change then she is here to help you." ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
Excellent reading, very accurate, definitely reccommend" ... written by julie
great reading..quick to connect, truthful. will be back" ... written by lornalulu
Very sweet and helpful great reading thank you helped relive some stress and gave me hope Thank you very good reader will always come back Blessings" ... written by Christine
I appreciate :)" ... written by mwisteria
ACCURATE! ACCURATE! ACCURATE!" ... written by gabby
Iris is a sweetie and very talented reader! She was clear and concise and had many good predictions .. " ... written by Robin
super as always..great reader. so very fast and on-point. knows the truth of things deffo, andamp; one of the best now for sure. ok cheers. " ... written by batdancer
thank you!" ... written by jb
Iris is wonderfully amazing. spot on and gives you great accurate information and helps you know what you should be doing and what to look for." ... written by Rick
Straight on made a big difference on understanding things wonderful gentle spirit." ... written by Shelly Walker
awesomeness !" ... written by jonathan
great" ... written by CINDy
Excellent reading as always" ... written by Blaj
great reading.. comforting, straight forward, and told me exactly what she saw" ... written by Debra
Iris is very deeply aware of subtle emotions of people I worry and care about and is able to pick up important things going on around me or others. She's very professional in her work and would excel in anything if you ask me." ... written by fresh qi gong
She is wonderful. Spot on and very kind and comforting to talk yet she shares the truth. I am so grateful Iris! :)" ... written by kelly
awesome as always!" ... written by edel95
just love to have iris read for me. she's so in tune and connected and always so honest, but sweet. hope things turn out for the best for me but will have to see." ... written by lornalulu
I always love having a reading with her. I think she is very honest." ... written by EVERGREEN
Iris is always spot on and direct, clear and concise w insight , and genuine helpful person, great psychological understanding n depth, i appreciate her readings so much" ... written by Benny Goodman
really good reading, very straightforward" ... written by Debra
great reading, so understanding" ... written by debra
Iris is an amazing reader. I've had about 3 readings with her now and she is accurate, POSITIVE, and realistic with everything she sees to come. I'm very impressed with her past predictions, and look forward to the predictions from this reading! Highly recommend." ... written by Jennifer
She is incredible! I like her so much and she is so gifted and spot on. I feel so comfortable with her. She knows things, and really about anything i ask." ... written by Kelly
fantastic! always connects so quickly and really knows what's going on with the situation, very truthful -- and kind! Will back to follow up soon!" ... written by lornalulu
Very detailed and spot on regarding situations and people involved." ... written by Scentsations
Another great reading!!" ... written by Scentsations
good reader" ... written by sam
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Great reader! " ... written by Sara
Always a sweetheart and helps me gain insight. recommend her" ... written by d
quick, but great reading" ... written by dl
Love Iris, she's great and very clear with her predictions. " ... written by Robin
Fantastic reading, always so quick to connect and give so much information without many questions. truthful and very kind. will touch base again soon." ... written by lornalulu
i loved my reading i feel she's spot on and a genuine counsellor and helper ...kind and compassionate person and my issues feel clarified and healed " ... written by Ernesto Cardenas
thank u for the reading, i really appreciate it, i will let her lead, i will do my best to keep her" ... written by husein
as always amazing!!! " ... written by edel95
iris can get me back on track after a horrible truth arises. I wish she were my sister" ... written by fresh qigong
iris does her best and helps me understand how another person is motivated or frustrated so I can be smarter in my life." ... written by fresh qigong
Im always helped by Iris's readings, shes so gifted and quick and a genuine spiritual soul w insights about the workings of life and spirit." ... written by Cyrus Billiraysaurus
She was very good and I would come back to her for advice but my stubbornness makes it difficult" ... written by Ray
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Great reading always spot on and helps with difficult situations. Very sweet person" ... written by Red Bug
Iris999 was so spot on no filtering or sugarcoating, very precise and accurate and very beautiful soul and gentle and peacefully I received my reading, I was overwhelmed with all the encouragement and my reading was more than enough to confirm that I need to just relax and let it take its course. Nothing but positivity from Iris999..Thanks hun take care and i know I will be back even if its just to say hello xx" ... written by Christina297
Great reading as usual gotta love her realness and compassion to her clients. " ... written by Bugsy
Very good reading and truthful also fast when it comes to answering all my questions " ... written by Lafayete
I just adore Iris! So in tune with everything and truthful, very sweet, always welcoming! Give her a chance." ... written by lornalulu
thanks as always" ... written by jonathan
awesome reading, always answers my questions and has good advice" ... written by dl
Sweet. Adorable. Kind. I hope her predictions are wrong. Depressing." ... written by ollie
awesome advice!" ... written by edel95
sincere, straight up, not wasting time....a gift to anyone who is ready and open to hear " ... written by fresh qigong
Adorable and very nice! Straight forward and gets to the point quickly :))" ... written by Lisa
She is very good. I had a few mind blowing predictions told in the past that I thought were not true for sure. Now see everything come to life." ... written by K
Rocked the house! Best psychic ever and I've been with Oranum for years! XOXO" ... written by Lisa
she looks into peoples minds and tells you what is important for you to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by iris client
amazing reader provides lots of clarity thank you " ... written by a
Great as always such a blessing very accurate and wonderful person Thank you so much Looking forward to the future Blessings" ... written by Christine
undoubtedly great" ... written by jon
Hi! Thanks fore a nice chat with you, i always feel welcome to talked with you. You make me glad :-)" ... written by Gunnar
Once upon a time there was a psychic named iris who got mad because her username was taken up, so she pressed 9 three times in a fit of rage and lo and behold the username iris999 was available, and the rest is history..." ... written by jon
Very good reading as always with Iris999! I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
I love her she's so honest, caring, grounded and getting details, facts for me to work through to improve my situation" ... written by dead spring
She was fast typist and spot on!" ... written by Mya
Nice reading! Cool!" ... written by Tatiana
Very good and honest!! " ... written by L
without being mean" ... written by d
GREAT READINGS...... " ... written by TIANA
very good psychic, can tell she really cares! fastest typer too!" ... written by Rachel
top notch" ... written by oranum user
Thank you so much i appreciate the reading and info gave me hope and things to work on like i need to do and realize things that i need to change great reading xo" ... written by Christine
quick update" ... written by d
She is wonderful. Her readings are so good and she is sooo gifted and gives so amazing guidance. I am so very grateful to have found her. :)" ... written by Kelly
Iris is so wonderful, so right on the money, and answered a few things that I wasn't aware of at all.. Highly recommended. Thanks so much, you're so great!!!" ... written by Rick
she knows!" ... written by jon
doesn't waste your credits" ... written by jon
thanks :)" ... written by jon
Iris is very accurate in her predictions... none of this business of wondering, with IRIS you can know that she is going to be as accurate as a reader can be, and isnt that what we want Also she does not waste your credits!! love you iris" ... written by Iris
thank you" ... written by all
quick reading, always straight forward and knows her stuff" ... written by dl
Iris is the greatest gift 2 mankind! A golden light of warmth and empathic energy...if you are her friend consider yourself lucky...the beauty in her heart shines forth...she makes u feel like u are the luckiest person on the planet 2 be her best friend")" ... written by Christopher
My favorite reader and great mentor on me who helped me through the toughest situations. I only come on here to see Iris only. She is very accurate with her readings and gives the best advice to help in any situation." ... written by Lady
She's a sweetheart and if I gave her more time I know she would have read my soul. I feel better because of her...she has a beautiful heart. Thank you Iris!" ... written by carmen
I think she is really very good. " ... written by all
iris is clear to the point, ask her a direct question, she doens't beat around it. She delivers." ... written by dead spring
iris is great, very accurate" ... written by jon
amazing" ... written by jon
Thank you " ... written by Tatiana
thank you so much for the advice tonight. you provided such clear guidance. Highly recommend " ... written by tyler
She was very good!" ... written by Mona
she is great, very professional straight to the core, no wasting time, no shame, no judgement just right to the point" ... written by dead spring
Iris is blast! Love her sense of humor! Also love her down to earth practical advice. She is also spiritually gifted as well. don't hesitate to get a reading, she is worth it. :)" ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
Iris is bang on and quick, answers promptly to the point, not waste a half second. She'slovely and I wish the world had many more IRis999s" ... written by anya
Top notch!" ... written by jon
Awww, I really enjoyed this reading with Iris999. She picked up on my situation and gave clarity. I felt that she had my best interest in mind. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by -
Omg I love my chat with her! She is so insightful and so fun to talk to. Like talking to one of my friends. " ... written by Mimi
love her. " ... written by d
I love her so much! I will be back :) " ... written by Courtney
She is great and so on point! and she doesn't waste time and answers all the questions " ... written by Justina
awesome reading, straight forward as always" ... written by dl
Iris is amazing, gave me great information and I look forward to see all of it come to pass. Iris is awesome. Thanks. " ... written by Rick
awesome reading !!!" ... written by tamjones
she will show you the way" ... written by jon
awesomeness" ... written by jon
Iris is my BEST FRIEND andamp; CONFIDANTE...we go 2gether like peanut butter andamp; jelly...she's 4 REAL...and wants u 2 be REAL with her...HONESTY is her only request")" ... written by Christopher
da best" ... written by jon
excited for the future!" ... written by jonathan
Super talented, right on!! Insightful!" ... written by keely
Amazing!" ... written by Anon
She's so lovely. definitely going back to her. gave me some clarity on what I need to do!" ... written by Aqidah
she is very accurate...impressed" ... written by f
Bless you " ... written by
she is wonderful" ... written by all
Iris has been my Earth Angel for almost a year...I told her that I was incredibly weak, tired, and was having chest pains...she drew a tarot card...a whamo! A red flag that I needed to see a doctor...and I thought it was just insomnia!" ... written by Christopher
i think she is real. i trust her. she is so kind" ... written by allbright
Great wonderful fast accurate she is a blessing to talk to thank you so much for advice and reading you are wonderful " ... written by Christine
fast connection" ... written by Angela
Highly recommended. Quick and detailed, answered all the questions I had. Will come back again!! :)" ... written by Priya
I just asked Iris some pretty tough questions and she was so quick and accurate to answer them for me. I trust her readings and know that she has given me the best answers possible. She's always a great help." ... written by Rick
awesome as always! :)" ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
Iris is the Galinda the Good Witch')" ... written by Christopher
Bless you IRIS :)" ... written by
Straight to the point and very good sensitive... Warm readings that give you the light on troubled times." ... written by Luiz
Thank you for the wonderful update and general information. You " ... written by Rick
Very cool chick. Kept it honest and supportive. Really liked her energy" ... written by She's cool
Thank you for the lovely reading. " ... written by Yours
She was awesome. And hit every point just right." ... written by MsJones21
she is really good " ... written by ma
Very intelligent, intuitive lady, appreciated her honesty and vision very much" ... written by Stevie8722
A fost foarte frumos pentru a discuta cu tine Iris. Vă doresc o zi bună și aștept cu nerăbdare să te văd din nou." ... written by Gunnar