About Insight2Ligh

Psychic Insight2Lighhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Insight2Lighhas recently helped 41members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Insight2Ligh's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Welcome Friends! My rate is $1.49 per minute for a limited time! I am a Psychic Medium with over twenty years of experience. After a near death experience, my gifts were heightened. I do not use tools in private readings.Everyone is welcome!

the best A+++++++++++++ on point. Thank you so much." ... written by gaiane
I enjoyed my reading the insight ... very detailed will have a reading with her again" ... written by Frmwithin
What GREAT energy and support ... very quick to connect and validate with tarot - great addition, thank you Oranum." ... written by donna
Wonderful reader always gives clarity and understanding. Like talking to a great friend who can give you straight answers and guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
all i can say is wow!,, so much detail n very honest and very grateful i stopped in the priv chat i highly recomend u womt regret" ... written by apple
Insight helps so much. Definitely a life coach, and so positive and reassuring!" ... written by Christine!
Very quick and to the point. I have to say he is a very warm hearted sole and advice given was well received.. Thanks a bunch for good reading" ... written by Kainaj
she connected immediately! excellent. Very quick, and gave lots of information!!!" ... written by empress
lovely , warm reading , accurate dates , and fast picking up of the situation . thank you " ... written by goldenstar_2016
Answered my questions quickly, honestly and accurately. She also concurs with what other good readers have told me, which is encouraging. She is genuine, warm and uplifting too. Give her a whirl, I'm sure you will enjoy your reading as much as I did :-)" ... written by TB Fairy
always makes me feel better" ... written by kk
OMG! OMG! Awesome awesome reader! Knew details, connected very quickly... and extremely positive great advice! So excited to see his predictions come to pass! So worth the money and 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Tanya
very kind and hopefully correct gave positive reassurance will keep you updated on info received " ... written by abbeyroad24
he is good and he is gifted. " ... written by sai
Insight is quick and awesome in pvt! can't wait for her predictions to happen...5 stars" ... written by marionlyttle
awesome as usual, everyone should have a reading with him, no sugar coating and great advice...." ... written by Debbie
Really Good. On the point and fast." ... written by Der785
really helped me tonight. Ty... for advice and help and insight to my issue! Will keep you updated!" ... written by Tanya
well i enjoyed that reading very much. great energy great info " ... written by vell
She is just simply the one person i can go too and know im going to have an amazing reading, she tells you soo much soo quick and just makes u feel so comfortable, her energy is amazing,and i loved every minute of the reading i must admit she really connects fast and is super accurate! thankyou sooo much!" ... written by christopher
He's so great! Such a positive man. Always feel refreshed after talking with him!" ... written by ll
Very good reading, fast, accurate, and to the point. Highly recommended." ... written by Stephen
She was so accurate and I look forward to seeing what happens in my future." ... written by Angela
he is great, is a wonderful psychic. " ... written by BEM
This has been some awesome blessing reading just when I needed solid help. I can only say my experience with Insight2Ligh left me speechless. Without giving her much information she literally zoned on the people I need to contact andamp; she told me things only God has asked her to tell me in order to help me. I felt a tinkle all over because this was true honest guidance. Thank you Insight2Ligh." ... written by Callie44
He is full of love, understanding, positive energy and care. Such a nice person to have reading with. Spot and accurate indeed!!" ... written by P
Quick!! And so much information in a short space of time!!! " ... written by empress
Loved this reading! Insight is soooo sweet and funny and warm. He answered all my questions (and I had heaps!) and was really quick and gave me times and lots of info. Really supportive, connected well and so full of positivity and kindness. Such a good reading!" ... written by Chilly Milly
She is amazing as always :) i really do love have readings with her this is the 3rd time for the week already hahahaha her personality is amazing love her energy her readings always make sense they are incredibly accurate and she really knows what she is doing thankyou so much for helping me figure out what i should be doing in my life" ... written by christopher
insight is awesome! he just answered my question and brought up another situation which is been bothering me that i didnt even mention. glad to know good things are heading my way and will def keep you updated!" ... written by m
good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
shazam" ... written by chakra
very accurate in predictions" ... written by san
Great reading! Hope this comes true!!!" ... written by Danielle
Very sweet caring awesome reading very calm approach put me at ease." ... written by apple
Very nice and very quick to answer all of my questions. I felt a great connection and I hope what was said will come to pass. I will let you know. Thanks again!" ... written by Missgreeneyes
truly gifted" ... written by ash
Great reading!! Very accurate and assuring. Thank you, thank you, Thank you Insight2Ligh!!! :)) 5 stars" ... written by tarssh1
great energy! lots of information, connected really fast!" ... written by w
He is seriously one of the best psychics on here. He jumped right in, and gave me tons of information, without me offering any details. He knew the entire situation - he's amazing. It's a major gift to be able to have a session with him." ... written by L
5 stars. This person has a very kind heart. I appreciate his in depth reading. He definitely has given much more information than I have in any other reading. He is a very gentle soul and on this website to help people. I feel more calm and at ease. I will definitely take his advice and be back. I am confident in his predictions and can't wait to follow up again." ... written by Christine
right on and to the point." ... written by Abundance
HES so amazing and honestly gifted!!! im speechless he picked up on me quick and my situation. ty so much XOXOXO" ... written by disturbed86
Another great reading from Insight. If your reading this you should pick him as your psychic. One of the best out there." ... written by Stephen
Another fabulous reading with Insight2Light. I highly recommend this reader, I always get clarity during our readings together." ... written by sweetsiren0072
he connect so well . he is sport on . " ... written by sai
Very nice and insightful! I loved the thoughfulness!" ... written by Katie
very nice and quick, spot on :)) i do hope his predictions will come true! lovely vibe xx" ... written by jazzychic7
Good!!!" ... written by Hanna
What can I say.. He is truly fabulous.. Thank you so much Insight.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
GREAT!" ... written by Hanna
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Lenard
Simply put.... amazing. Extremely gifted reader, will always come back to have updates with him! Keep you all posted!" ... written by Tanya
excellent!" ... written by empress
Very correct on a lot " ... written by Erin
Mich thank you so much for our reading tonight! You always help me understand and put the pieces together. Incredible how you pick up on what is going on, even to the point of describing actual specific events that happened without even realizing it! Youve done this several times. And altho you dont like me saying this: "youre always right!" Accept it ..with gratitude, love and affection xoxo" ... written by G
sweet and good and accurate, recommend " ... written by c
Insight is sooooooo awesome and trust me he is exceptional. He is positive and can pick up on your situation in a heart beat. No tools needed. People if you want a good honest reading without saying much Insight is your guy without question. " ... written by Srallen77
Thanks great reading good insight and advice" ... written by ikroyala
He was really good you have to try him. He is the real deal. picke up on all my questions without using the cards. HE IS VERY VERY GOOD" ... written by ezeeepass
Insight2Ligh was great and didn't use tools or ask me any questions. He is an authentic reader! And affordable!" ... written by Janelle
He is awesome!!! I will return for future readings definitely! " ... written by April
He is amazing. He brought me so much clarity, and before I even decided to do the reading I went into his free room, and he immediately connected to me, and told me about the problems I was having before I even got the chance to speak, and clarified everything. I have horrible anxiety, and I over think everything and since talking to him it has all gone away. I couldn't feel anymore blessed to have come across him!! Truely amazing, with amazing gifts!" ... written by Sierra
Love when he can go into details about things I haven't mentioned" ... written by Ashley
great advise and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome reader!!! I give Insight2Light 5 stars. He is very accurate...thank you!!" ... written by tas
Wow my reading was amazing!!! I am sticking with this guy... he knew everything right away!!!" ... written by Ash
This was my second reading with Insight2Ligh. I continue to be amazed at his phenomenal accuracy. Insight totally attunes to clarity and understanding from love based perspectives that define and empower healthy and positive choices within given situations. My heartfelt gratitude to you Insight, for touching others with the richness of your Soul and inspiring one from mind to heart through the sharing of your spiritual gifts. " ... written by Gil
she is brilliant , hope my soul mate will contact me soon. x " ... written by Rose
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Awesome as always ! So many details and point to point information that you didnt know you needed ! Great insight and just love him !" ... written by m
Insight thank you for the reading tonight. You always give me hope, and guide me in the right direction. Your care and accurate insights are incredible, including describing specific events in such detail without even realizing. Youre always right! Thank you and God bless you" ... written by globe
If you guys want the honest truth. He is the guy. He is very quick and accurate. He told me things I already know and confirmed things I know is going to happened. TRY HIM you will be happy. " ... written by ezeeepass
insight gives so much information, and tells you everything without having to ask too many question. He is very warm and truthful, and definitely calmed my fears. Awesome reader, and I highly recommend him." ... written by EmpressLeonora
good message . sport on " ... written by i
Wonderful....thank u" ... written by Ash
Wow!!!! Insight2Ligh is fantastic! He is so accurate and I love his positive energy. I will wait to see it come to pass...Thank you Insight2Ligh" ... written by tar1
he sport on . he is truly gifted. he is the best. " ... written by mong
we will see in 2 weeks :) but he is nice" ... written by lauren
he is the best. his answer is same saint michael giving so he is sport on . he is truly gifted person and not only for money . for helping people . god bless his heart and good wishes. " ... written by mong
WOW he is REALLY good. Spot on accurate. What an amazing soul. Beautiful person. Definitely get a reading with him!! 1000000000 stars." ... written by loveandlight
It was first time I had a reading with this nice guy. He didn't ask me one question, I gave him only my name and the name of a person in concern. He got the situation right on point and gave me details wich I recognised and I can asure you they were right. He explaned everything I asked and I can honestly say it was a greatest reading. I got timeframes and advice what to do in meantime. He doesnt sugarcoat, he tells what it is ( because I was asking for that) but he has compassion wich I find imporatant with readers as well. All in all I'm more than happy with his work. Thank you so much and God bless you Insight2ligh." ... written by ShinyZeta
I always love his readings!! The reassurance is amazing, and his advice is so helpful, and positive! " ... written by Christine!
He was so on about everything. Love him honest and sincere and accurate." ... written by Ezeepass
great reading" ... written by veezee
very intuitive, he answers fast your questions, now i just need to wait for predictions to happen :)" ... written by happy
he is honest. he is sport on . he is great. " ... written by sang
Wonderful reading, would happily go back again. Thanks very much!" ... written by Alex
deep and sweet" ... written by Many
Good update ty" ... written by webworld
Insight2 is a gem. Consistently he's given me key advice and counsel that has proven to be correct.....thats why i keep coming back to this great reader. I feel like he genuinely cares." ... written by Leticia Lightbright
This was a great reading. No time wasted right to the point. very positive. You cant go wrong here..not at all. Insight2Light might be new but is so very worth it!!" ... written by danidani01
Insight is brilliant - so gentle and reassuring and calming. Really love his energy. He sees my situation and understands it and helps me get clarity and confidence. Strong predictions, can't wait for them to happen! *****" ... written by Lucy
Wow! Very good! Insight2Ligh gets connected very quickly! " ... written by Rox
SO reassuring and helpful!!!" ... written by Christine!
He's really wonderful. Positive man. Very detailed reading. 1000000000 stars" ... written by loveandlight
Everything you said came to pass last night. You are unbelieveable. I thank you so much for all your support and comforting words through all of this. I am still pinching myself . I hope all you guys come for a reading with this man" ... written by ezeeepass
he is the best . with in 7 day i will have to do a update . " ... written by sai
he is a great reader spot on about everything" ... written by Catherine
Really good insight!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Very gifted, helpful and forthcoming. Im glad i had the reading!" ... written by Benjamin
Aside from you always give caring insight :))) you have great connection, quick to answer does not waste any time, gave timelines, all the best and success, for Insight. You helped put my mind at ease quickly!! " ... written by jenny
awesome and so sport on . " ... written by sai
great reader!" ... written by starchild700
Another great reading, thank you Insight :-)" ... written by TB Fairy
always right on target! accurate and emanating strong positive energy! thanks very much!" ... written by ebajro
Thank you!!!! He's awesome. He's incredibly accurate!" ... written by b
great reading as always, spot on" ... written by bem
amazing! fast and detailed!" ... written by :)
* 5 stars *" ... written by LovingCompassion
Insight is wonderful... and understanding to my question" ... written by Julianna
Wonderful reader gave clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
I had a general reading with Insight and I was happy with what he told me. Looking forward to the future :) Thank you Insight2Ligh " ... written by Michelle
He was really good on picking on what is going on. I say give him a try. he is fast and dont waste your time and money." ... written by ezeeepass
Another great reading! Thank so much for your insight, wisdom and reassurance. It's always a pleasure to read with you xx" ... written by TB FAIRY
he is just so great at picking up situations, his predictions haven't changed and some have started to come to light. Can't wait for the rest to come. :) ten stars" ... written by bem
Awesome update consistent with outcome and details are amazing!!! Thank you Mish" ... written by marion lyttle
Insight is the best psychic on here everything e told me is coming true and he is the best u have cuz other psychics told me stuff and wasnt true and the stuff he said is so true. He is the best u have on here. I stopped coming on here cuz of before but something told me too come back on here and that is when i met the awesome man Insight. He is the only reason i come on here. Im glad n proud to have met him. I recommend him too everyone cause he is so honest and fast and so on it and it makes u want to cry cause he is so honest and so accurate and he dont waste your money. He deserves a award for out standing work" ... written by lois201443
I enjoyed another wonderful reading from insight and would happily come back again! Thank you very much" ... written by Alex
I just love his readings!!! He is a very positive person and such a great person to talk to... Picks up right away!!!" ... written by Ash
he is good. he is honest. " ... written by sai
wow really neet will be back good" ... written by ppppppppppppppp
Real nice guy. Really enjoyed talking to him and felt very relaxed." ... written by L
Wow I'm totally blown away by my reading with Insight2light...the reading was dead on...with everything going on in my life." ... written by swsiren
hahahahah twice in one night! He's that helpful. :P" ... written by Christine!
Another remarkable reading with Insight2light, this psychic is the real deal folks. I will definitely be back again. I highly recommend this reader!" ... written by swsiren
once again, he is so helpful!" ... written by Christine
He gives you the truth of your situation, and calms and reassures. I love this man! " ... written by TB Fairy
thank you Insight - reading was excellent! accurate and on point as usual" ... written by violet
THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
Great reading, gives me a lot of things to think about and consider when making future decisions." ... written by Jessica
Intuitive and honest, connected , recommend!" ... written by BK
Wow. This guy is the real deal. I think I love him." ... written by AscendingNow
He is very connected and gives great advise, would recommend to others, he has away of calming stress and nerves and making you have hope and inspiration." ... written by pinkpather30
i love talking to u i really do ur so comforting. your the perfect person to talk to. ty so much! xoxoxo ur a blessing for me especially going through all this right now i really do need someone to talk to. ty so much for hearing me out! FIVE STARS!!!" ... written by disturbed86
Wonderful reader.. Loved it. " ... written by Dawn
Amazing!! picked up everything without asking questions! Detailed, accurate and fast! Kept answering everything I wanted to know. The best, highly recommend. Lots of peaceful and relaxing energy! :)" ... written by sylvie
super fantastic and wonderful. connects right of the bat and crams it all in little time. Positively fantastic. Really like his energy. Thank you Insight xoxo" ... written by lnl
he was so on point and gave me so much advise. he told me things that I already knew which tells me he was on point. his predictions has come to past in previous readings so looking forward to the future." ... written by ezeeepass
Good and quick." ... written by ML
Wonder..had to finish our reading.." ... written by Dawn
very gifted, detailed, super accurate and one of the most amazing readers ive come across. A rare find." ... written by angels in outfield
5 stars! wow! Fantastic reading. So quick with insight i was amazed with his accuracy. lovely to talk too. such a kind soul. spot on! " ... written by swift
Picked up on my situation very quickly, enjoyed the chat and received very helpful advice." ... written by Karen
Wow * * Excellent Energy Reader * * no tools. Insight is so accurate about me without any information from me. He read me like a book. He also told me about my promotion that is coming soon. I know that will be true because my boss has been asking me to apply for supervisory position. I have been tuning my boss down for a promotion, but lately I have a second thought. Insight2Ligh is VERY ACCURATE...about me and about my past. Now...with my current situation, I can see that his future predictions are within grasp and the only natural way things would turn out. YAY!!! * * 5 Stars * *" ... written by LovingCompassion
5 stars! spot on! amazing abilities! love him!" ... written by swift
Accurate and awesome psychic. Many details given and Insigh2 Ligh is so right on point. thank you :)" ... written by tars1
He's awesome. I love this man. So intuitive, sensitive, kind, warm. Wonderful reader and sooooo detailed and accurate. Thank you!!" ... written by l
was a great reading... spot on...much appreciated" ... written by RONELLE
SPOT ON! she is very detailed and precise. dun give much info and she will just go on tell you...and accurately too! she just blew me away! what an awesome lady! will definitely be back. thank u xoxo" ... written by rosy
WOW he is amazing..,love no tools and sooo comforting too, if you have any concerns about any part of your life please do not hesitate to take this wonderful person to private. 100000 stars :))))..,many blessing to you." ... written by dejera
Spot on reading." ... written by Dawn
* * WoW Wow Wow * * Insight2Ligh got everything about me and my person of interest to the T so correctly accurately without any information from me. He is a great energy reader, THE READ DEAL. He told me about the time frame as well. I will come back to update on his Wall when that come true. I know it will come true. How can it not? It would defies gravity. * 5 STARS *" ... written by LovingCompassion
Such an honest and compassionate reader!!! picked up on everything i was sensing and feeling..NO SUGAR coating here!!! He is soo sincere..PLEASE take him PVT, to answer all your questions in a realistic and precise manor...Hes like talking to a friend..WILL RETURN!" ... written by J
Always feel very connected to Insight2Ligh, he gives great guidance and advise. " ... written by pinkpather30
wonderful as love insight..will keep you updated.. always great talking to insight. Makes me understand whats going on. " ... written by Dawn
great sincere very truthful reader highly recommend" ... written by apple
I was really in my head when we started the reading so I just let Insight2Light say what they felt about my topic. I asked a question but it was really general, non-specific. They really made me feel at ease, everything they said was on point. I just felt like I had to keep listening and less worrying. The information they provided was both accurate and clear. The predictions they gave me on the topic I feel will come true! :) Thank you so much for easing my anxiety!" ... written by wavescollide
Insight2Light really connected without being given any information and I like the way he was spot on about emotions and personality traits." ... written by Donna
I always enjoy my readings with Insight2Light!! I would give 100 stars if I could!!! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!" ... written by Swsiren
Insight is my favourite reader on oranum and gave another fantiastic reading. I cannot recommend him enough!" ... written by Unconditionalove
Great, detailed, fast reading. And a wonderfully kind man. A pleasure to spend time with him." ... written by Ahz
Yes folks another fabulous reading with Insight2Light! This reader is one of my most trusted to get a reading with. I highly recommend!" ... written by swsiren
is wonderful and no words can express how awesome he is" ... written by allsblue01
wow no tools and mind blowing info after info!! thank u so much!" ... written by _
Insight2Ligh has wonderful energy, he is very positive. I loved the reading. Thank you." ... written by
He is THE most detailed psychic on here. He's excellent. Extremely accurate. This man is very very gifted." ... written by l
great!!!!!" ... written by cp
Super. Great. Awesome. Yup." ... written by L
Great and accurate reading. No tools!! amazing. Please get a read from Ligh today!!" ... written by tamarsa
5 stars! Very well connected." ... written by Christine
He is fantastic. So detailed, so accurate. He amazes me every time. He's one of the best on here on Oranum. Excellent" ... written by l
very nice man with extremely good and positive energy! Has an amazing ability to see what is going on in your(my) life. He was right on target about my situation; I can't tell the accuracy about his prediction regarding my future but it sounded very logical to me...we'll keep you posted" ... written by ebajro
refreshing" ... written by k
Wonderful reader gave me great guidance and help" ... written by pinkpather30
omg this guy is the best very accurate a must try i will be back hes my favorite on this site!! " ... written by butterflynwingz
Insight is a totally fabulous reader. So kind, so warm and so gentle - he really knows what he is on about and tells things as he sees them. So far what he has told me has happened, and good things ahead, so I am waiting happily for that! Really reassuring, calming, so patient - just love chats with Insight!!!" ... written by S
Insigh2Ligh is an awesome Psychic. thank you! I will wait to see if the prediction comes true." ... written by pam
quick honest n great reader highly suggest" ... written by apple
amazing thanks insight xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Love insight extremely insightful!!!" ... written by Scentsations
The best reader here on Oranum, without doubt, a million stars x" ... written by Cindy
I've been to Insight before and his predictions all came true. Try him you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Rox
Extremely intuitive, picked up on a lot of stuff accurately about the situation, highly recommend!" ... written by Angelica
he was sooo good and getting good but i had to end it because of sound quality on oranum part. but i thought he was very accurate" ... written by chy
I really enjoyed his reading." looked into my situation accurately. gave me no fairytale but hope and a reason to smile. he told me to smile and even though my hearts been broken god is with me. i am trusting his reading and prediction about my future because everything he says is accurate and from a high source. thanks insights :) ill keep u updated" ... written by remaword
Thank you for another great reading, Insight, and for the comfort and reassurance you gave me. You're a light in the dark and truly valued :-)" ... written by TB Fairy
seem very accurate on what she saying hope all come true ill will be back if it does love light I will update u soon x" ... written by benji37
He is so good and quit at picking up things. I feel he is so sincere and caring. He is so spot on, on picking up things of the person you are inquiring about. There are not enough stars to give him." ... written by ezeeepass
beautiful hearted person genuine and accurate" ... written by Cristina4413
THE BEST!!" ... written by moonlight700
no matter how sad always makes me smile........I feel positive and everything he tells me comes to pass......" ... written by allsblue01
Wonderful always gives clear advise and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
he's the wizard " ... written by dorothy
He's so nice, and compassionate. And he sees everything very clearly. " ... written by L
I am sooo thankful for my reading with you!!! I highly recommend!" ... written by swsiren
Wonderful reader gave me a lot of insight and advise" ... written by pinkpather30
He's such a calming person, and he deeply sees what is transpiring. Always a great reading." ... written by L
am always super happy. tunes in incredibly and also says it as it is. no time wasting and lots and lots of info. thank you. xx" ... written by bubbles
Insight is a blessing and Oranum should be grateful to have him. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and his intuitive capabilities are second to none. He also has an amazing and warm heart and I couldn't give more thanks" ... written by Alex
* * 5 Stars * * very accurate and gifted man. He is super gifted a true psychic. NO TOOLs. I am a repeat client. Get him while he is still super low price for such a gift. I came to him to get some understanding of my life purpose and my guides. He pointed out things that I intuitively know, but unsure. So, he was able to confirm what I feel very accurately. It's like sometimes you know where you are going, but things blocking your path so you have to go around and then you get lost. Insight2Light is the man to guide me back to my right path. Thank you so much. I feel much better... and I will continue to come see Insight for guidance." ... written by Lovingcompassion
good reader will be coming back accurate a billion stars" ... written by paradise0925
Insigh2Ligh is an awesome Psychic! I give him 5 stars for accuracy!! Thank you Insigh2Ligh:)))" ... written by tar1
He knows his stuff for sure!" ... written by Veronica
Thank you so much! Have been on point previously. 10 stars" ... written by Lisa
Fantastic! Very impressed! Super accurate descriptions of personalities and circumstances, he is very laid back and intuitive, info just effortlessly flows. Highly recommend him!" ... written by Seeker1200
your the besttttttt " ... written by gaiane
wonderful reading; a very nice man andamp; so much detail, she was very genuine andamp; honest with all details. it was a pleasure to have had this reading with him." ... written by Amir
he was very good connected well no info needed, he gave me a prediction for 3 weeks will be back to tell him it happened. Thank you." ... written by ace
he is just wonderful, soooo relaxing. can't wait for his predictions" ... written by bem
such a gentle soul and really very insightful. very appreciative." ... written by k
Wonderful reader and understanding" ... written by pinkpather30
I love having Insight time. His guidance and encouragement keep me sane! Thanks!" ... written by Makeup Maven
Such a warm person! Very gifted and intuitive, goes without saying!" ... written by Benjamin
great reading wonderful person quick n insightful highly recommend!!!!" ... written by apple
thank you for always telling me as u see and feel and being kind always" ... written by a
Very good...will be back to update - thanks a million :)" ... written by Lisa1775
thank you. always insightful and will be back" ... written by k
Thank you " ... written by -
Wow, sooo on cue with everything, and very very insightful too. He not only told me what was around me and how to clear the blocks, but also why they are there in the 1st place and how to avoid them from coming back. So fast and accurate with no information from me at all and he never asked anything to be feed off of. I recommend Insight2Ligh to anyone for any situation, you will not be disappointed! Many many Blessings to you Insight2Ligh. I will be back." ... written by Dejera
Great read informative" ... written by pinkpather30
very good and fast" ... written by jojo
Insight is amazing, so gentle, so honest. He is patient and calming and just knows stuff. I think he is sooooo good at what he does and I am so happy he is on here. Just wonderful!" ... written by Sue
thank you so much :) u have no idea how much u settled my mind right now...." ... written by disturbed86
Insight is spot on as usual, he is trusted and accurate!" ... written by atlantis111
Wow!! He's really good very detail and see so many happen in my future. He's very2x confident too as well. Not only very consistent very past to as well. More that worth it of what she charged on me. I can really recommend him. He connect me very well. Im really amazed with him" ... written by Sarah
Wonderful read as always" ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars! Always accurate and connected!" ... written by Christine
Wow, such a wonderful, caring, compassionate, and accurate reader! Wonderful wonderful energy and very detailed! Tunes in very easily and quickly, highly, highly recommend!!!" ... written by atlantis111
Amazing person, great reader, it's great to have a reading with him, such great energy, connects quickly, and great advice, thanks again Mich! ^^" ... written by Briana
Insight is such a great person. His readings are straight to the point, and he will tell you what you need to hear, even if it isn't always good news." ... written by Christine
He is freaking amazing. He is the real deal people. I'v gone to this person many many times and he has been very accurate down the board or awhile now. Just amazing. " ... written by Rox
Excellent reading he was on point with his view and very descriptive! He is just AWESOME!! you have to have a reading with him, very patient, kind and caring!" ... written by maite
What can I say about this kind soul? Insight is so gifted, tunes in effortlessly and quickly and delivers information with compassion and love. Highly highly recommend!!!!" ... written by atlantis111
he is amazing and he is the only one i will get reading with cuz he tells the truth. he is a blessing. everything he has told me has came true. he is the 100th star he deserves a reward for best psychic." ... written by los201443
Thanks for you help and insight once again, another great reading" ... written by Alex
picked up on everything perfectly. what more can you say. give him a chance because he really is the real deal. says things he couldn't know. I haven't been in his room for a couple of months and he had no idea what's been going on but sure told me anyway" ... written by Lisa
I love this man! He is so quick and to the point. He tells it how he says it but as a gentleman and as a person that cares. Seriously, try him out, you won't regret it. " ... written by Rox
Awesome awesome awesome! Loved my reading with him! Will be back!" ... written by Tina
WOW, so positive and caring, says whats what in a kind direct and gentle manner. He is always on target to every situation and guides you to a clear understanding of what is going on and why. Do not hesitate to take Insigh2ligh to a private he will help you no matter what you situation and offer healing and tools to get you through them. Blessings to you my friend. " ... written by dejera
Insight2ligh is the best psychic on here! He always nails it on the head, he is so kind and always makes me feel better about my situation, I will definitely come back." ... written by palmtrees1
all I can say is wow he hit a lot of things on the head wow" ... written by lori
Awesome! Picked up on a lot of personality traits and feelings of a person in question. Was extremely accurate. " ... written by jand777
I really adore insight and can't thank him enough for his guidance and positive energy. Best reader on Oranum!" ... written by Alex
Thanks Insight for the GREAT update, same and on point as last time, knows a lot,,recommend!!" ... written by J
SHE IS GOOD@@@@!!!! Hit it on the money!!! " ... written by lawandabee
great, wonderful as usual. so calming. thank you ten stars" ... written by bem
he is amazing, I will always go to him. He just knows what is going on all the time. You want answer, go to him 1000000000000000 stars :)" ... written by bem
Really really great. He knows what he is talking about!" ... written by She
good and fast" ... written by jojo
fast and good" ... written by jojo
he is very fast love his reading" ... written by nip
After consulting dozens of psychics throughout the years I guess I finally met the ONE. No tools. Straight answers. Fast. Gave time frames. No BS. No "do this, do that". Top notch expert. Absolutely recommended. Thank you very much. You have shown me the light. " ... written by Lucy
He is just wonderful. He always is in tune. He doesn't need any tools, he is amazing. He is always so calming and reassuring. Ten stars. :)" ... written by bem
Very prolific reading with Insight, lots of information quickly! I will await predictions. Very kind and sensitive reader. I recommend Insight!" ... written by W
She's good! Really good. fast and picks up situational details, and describes an individual to the tee! Amazing!" ... written by angelz2
Good advisor" ... written by pinkpather30
one of the most genuine people and readers, honest and super accurate. he's a really good person inside and out. he's there when u need him. u can ask him anything and he won't judge u" ... written by earthlings
he was awesome as usual, so in touch with my situation. 10000000 stars" ... written by bmb
Wonderful reader honest and gives great clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks again for another marvelous reading!! You know I will be back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Another great update! Tunes in quickly and accurately!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you so much...always on point and time frames happen " ... written by Lisa1775
Insight2Ligh is simply wonderful. The reading was general and shockingly accurate. I plan to return regularly for the insight and genuine warmth." ... written by noah
Insight is helpful and accurate as usual. Try him!" ... written by atlantis111
So very grounded and guided to help serve my highest good and intentions." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
He's quite insightful:)" ... written by Omeros
Mish has done it again.....awesome update consistent with past readings and confirming everything he has said before is now closer to happening" ... written by marion lyttle
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!!! You know I will definitely be back for more!!" ... written by swsiren
I love insight, he really is a wonderful and caring person who reads with exceptional insight and compassion" ... written by Alex
amazing intuitive lady awesome reading with a lot info 5 stars!" ... written by chances
Great update, clarity and compassion as always. Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
I am so filled with joy after this reading, not just in the predictions but the energy he gave me. So much helpful insight. Knew so much about me, my situation and the person I asked about. 5 stars!" ... written by Holly
he is good in connection " ... written by sai .
good and fast" ... written by jojo
i like my updates :-)" ... written by jojo
good and fast" ... written by hanna
This psychic is THE BEST! Just try a session. You won't regret your decision. Trust me." ... written by Lucy
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
new details only i could know" ... written by tianna
Awesome like always! Thanks sweetie" ... written by lori
Generous, warm, truthful - definitely very insightful! Lovely reading, lots of information as always. Excellent!" ... written by S
I just love Insight, he always connects to you and is never off. Helps bring clarity to you no matter how bad it seems. He heals you while your speaking to him. I just can't say enough good things about him, there are no words to describe what he can do for you. I urge you to go see this amazing person if you need any type of clarity. Thank you Insight for all you do, many blessings to you always. ****************************" ... written by dejera
I cannot say how on target this woman is. She gave it to me straight and gave me more information than anyone I've ever spoken to. She didn't give me a fairytale but the real facts of the matter. She just knew so many tiny details, it blew me away. I trust her completely, I'm actually still shaken by what she knew. I mean the most tiny details. She was ON it. I really hope her predictions come to pass but I have this feeling that they will. Thank you so much, Insight. You've helped me in a dark time." ... written by M
Quick, straight to the point!" ... written by empressleonora
I have been wanting to have a reading with him for a really long time. I must say the wait have been worth it. He is such a positive person, gives insight on the situation clearly. I'm very happy to have done this reading." ... written by havefaith33
Insight is a blessing, I am grateful for every reading I have with him. 5 stars!" ... written by Alex
I love talking to Insight! so many questions answered because the information comes so fast. Just really caring and very accurate." ... written by holly
she is so clear and grounded. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Another great update! He tunes in so quickly and is so accurate it always blows me try him you will not regret it. He is a kind and compassionate soul!" ... written by atlantis111
wow, he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! there are not enough words to describe how wonderful he is =, 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars , all the way to infinity." ... written by bem
* 5 Stars * No tools, great advice along with energy healer. Thank you my friend." ... written by lovingCompassion
Insight2ligh is so sweet and accurate. I can't wait to see when his predictions will happen. I always feel better after I chat with him." ... written by palmtrees1
Wow I really like him. He's pretty much the only one thats really make sense and connected to my situation. He's more than 5 star" ... written by SARAH
He's really good. Very very detailed, covered everything, answered all of my questions. He's excellent. He's my go to person. VERY accurate." ... written by b
Insight is just the sweetest, kindest and gentlest reader. I love how he looks into my energy and he always helps me to keep focussed and strong. He is so compassionate and understanding. He sees into my situation really clearly and has helped me a lot to understand and to have hope for the future. Excellent!" ... written by G
Hit so many things on target. Don't know where to begin. So you will just have to go private and see for yourself how great his readings are! " ... written by Mary
he is so good. he has a true gift. he just tunes into the situation right away. he has an amazing way to relax you and talk to you. he is wonderful, 10000000 stars. " ... written by mb
One of my most trusted advisors! Insight's predictions always come to pass, always accurate! Do try a reading!" ... written by Atlantis111
Thank you so much! Time frames and predictions happen xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Another great update with insight! Information is so accurate and flows so quickly, you must try a reading with insight!" ... written by atlantis111
Another great session with Insight! Talks me into reason every time and clarifies the situation for me with love and compassion. Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
very clear direction when following his own flow and cadence. intuition like water." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Fast, detailed and honest. Super accurate. Few genuine readers and people" ... written by Star
very lovely person- super supportive. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
He's excellent. Excellent reading. He sees all situations and goes into detail. Very accurate. Always feel great after talking to him. " ... written by b
brilliant/amazing/very insightful, I was told more than I imagined, extremely detailed reading, if I wanted to ask a question, they was already saying it, very fast and cheap price to. I am really happy and will keep you updated on developments.. thanks again " ... written by lisa
He was fast and quick to pick up on my issues. You exactly what is going on with me." ... written by DOnn
Thank you Insight!! He's so good. Love this man." ... written by b
Awesome reading! very and intuitive. Im very happy with this reader" ... written by Lonnie Risling
He's so lovely and sweet! I always feel so much better and more positive after talking with Insight. He is wonderful and very accurate." ... written by K
Love my readings with Mish!!!!" ... written by marion
I enjoyed another great reading! Thanks again!" ... written by swsiren
Please pray for me that my mom and aunt will be able to take care of me the way they wanted and he will not take that away. Thank-you." ... written by Lex
I just had a reading and for the first time in a long time I felt even more positive with the direction I was going in life. Thank you so so so much for your reading. You are brilliant! Im not just saying that cause it was good stuff, you brought up things no one knew... and that means a lot. If you want a real psychic and a real connection... this is the one! Thank you again!" ... written by Tasha
wow insight gave me a card in free and established a connection immediately with me. had to go to private and loved that theres no tools used and insight was spot on" ... written by m
super helpful grounding force in helping me to see my goals and dreams come true- reassurance." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
he is soo calming, he sees the situation like it is. he has a gift, amazing" ... written by bb
Brilliant as always" ... written by Alex
Insight's a gem of a reader....very intuitive, quick, compassionate, and good at describing peoples character and the dynamics in my life n relationship. ive had a few readings from her now and they are always spot on , shes caring and genuinly helpful person." ... written by Granville Crenwick
Had a nice quick update with insight. I'm a little sad about how things are but I'm glad I got the truth. Very good reader." ... written by M
simply awesome!!!!!" ... written by esoterotic
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Another excellent reading w Insight....shes direct, intuitive, and has good remedy ideas. WOulnt hesitate to read w her again. Very intuitive w no tools but can refer to them." ... written by Aloysius Clangtrammel
great reading" ... written by apple
Very good psychic. Fast reader.....Good person to talk too...5 Stars" ... written by Focusing
awesome! great great reading! strongly recommend!!! very intuitive, warm hearted, peaceful person! 10 stars!!!! " ... written by Alicja
Insight is great! Trust insight's advice, and really appreciate the honest, accurate details! Many thanks and blessings as usual!" ... written by atlantis111
Another great update with insight! Amazing the level of detail that is conveyed with accuracy! You must try a reading with insight!" ... written by atlantis111
Another beneficial session wi Insight2 light. What a spot on reader, savvy and experienced, good at reading people and situations, broad range of understanding of metaphysical realms. I ve learned so much from her already and shes helped me unravel some personal issues quite well." ... written by Lance Lamantia
Really one of the most gifted psychics I have encountered. Thank you so much. Bless you." ... written by
He's always very good and accurate. I can really recommend him" ... written by S
He was right on once again. Just wow wow wow." ... written by Donnna
very good reader, thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
5000*********I got disconnected due to my bad connection!! but OMG he that was such an amazing reading:@ WOW totally blew my mind i didn't expect such accuracy or details! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart your the best!! god bless, and good luck :)" ... written by thinkblue
O, wow he goes through all spectrum of life. He covered carrier, finances and realationship. He piks the situations in no time and gives clear insights and for a lot I knew, but some other were new to me. He gets personality very well -describes them ... O, he is connected this guy! Try him." ... written by sz
Always VERY direct, doesn't waste time, honest , and straight forward for answering any questions you have..I would recommend!" ... written by Jenn
Very accurate and detailed reading and predicted for me many times before and have all came true. He is worth the money and very affordable." ... written by LovingCompassion
Insight is just the sweetest, kindest, most caring guy. He is so encouraging and warm. I have confidence in what he sees. He's been really accurate for me. Great!" ... written by G
Sound advice going to take it on board and move forward thanks" ... written by tom
Thank you as always!!! :)" ... written by Lisa1775
My first ever reading with Insight and I am just blown away at how he picked it all up and knew it all and gave me hope and the confidence I need to believe in this situation. Thanks I will be back again xxxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
AWSOME AND PROFESSIONAL!" ... written by Sonya
loved the reading received by Ligh!! Very on point!! can't wait to talk to her again :) very hopeful for the future" ... written by Melina
Insight2Light is a fabulous reader! Very quick to connect and very detailed in the information being picked up. Will definitely come back for update! A+++ reader!" ... written by USA
Great as always! Thanks" ... written by Lisa1775
awesome awesome awesome!!! 100000000 stars " ... written by bm
Fantastic and insightful and kind as usual. Always willing to speak about my best interests. My favorite!" ... written by Sierra
What a lovely reading again with Insight. Finally could catch him. He reads into people so deeply and accurately it's amazing." ... written by G
She's great. Very fast, said things she could not possibly know. She's very positive and giving. I so appreciated her insight." ... written by Dmbertault
he's really good!! Very connected to my situation and never changed his prediction with me. He's really amazing" ... written by USA
Insight is an excellent reader. Very positive and good information." ... written by erika
EXCELLENT! He connects fast, no pausing and flowed with answers to my questions. I TRUST in what he said and appreciate the honesty in his answers. I look forward to it happening. Genuine gifted person, very much recommend this advisor........he s not sitting there giving you fairy tales or telling you things you want to hear. Thank you so very much for your help. Blessings. " ... written by M
he was spot on. said some symbols that were on a website that he had no idea. said i'll be going to court, well, i have a attorney appt tomorrow to take my case to court. I haven't talked to him in months and he had no idea what has been happening in my life. can't get any more real than that. quick and to the point. i kept him in private even after he was done lol just to chat for a second. he's awesome and always has been. thank you. 5 stars all the way" ... written by lisa
Thank you Insight you got the boss spot on!!! . You are one of the best on oranum Love and light" ... written by mich221
thanks insight! you are always, always a delight and very honest and practical in your readings. i will be back :))" ... written by holly
Insight never fails to delight w her readings....straightforward, very intuitive, and a practiced professional..warm and caring person with savvy assesment of human character. I ve had a few great reading w her and shes always a big help." ... written by Ernie Trimble
as usual always right on target! thanks very much for your honesty and incredibly beautiful energy! you are very unique!" ... written by ebajro
Wow!! I can't say enough words how good he is. He's very fast and never waste my money. Very connected with me and he's right all the time. He sees a lot future, everything became true too. I can really recommend him. Thats how great he is" ... written by SARAH
Insight is fantastic as always! He is always spot-on! Try insight you will not be sorry!" ... written by atlantis111
Wow I am amazed with Insight2Ligh! I highly recommend the best psychic that is kind and wonderful! Will be back soon for more readings!!!!" ... written by goddess70
thank you so much! so much information without me even saying anything, very intuitive person..." ... written by Alicja
I would like to give comment on Insight2Ligh had amazing readings and answered my questions really fast! Highly Recommend Insight2Ligh 5 Star!" ... written by goddess70
i'm amazing with his insight. Without asking any information about me and my man, but he said exactly about who i am and who my man is. His reading is accurate about our current situation. I am waiting for his prediction to come true with the time frame he gave." ... written by ca
Accurate and fast answers. Great guy. You cant miss with Insigh!" ... written by LaLuz
Insight its always connected with me. He's very good and accurate with my situation. Very consistent and never changed his prediction on me.Last I spoke with him was November came back on March and why he predict about my future career still the same time frame. he's also very quick never wasted my time and make my money well worn it." ... written by S
You have been so accurate - ITS SCARYYYYYY- and AMAZINGGGG - I LOVE YOU TO BITS - THIS WAS AN AMAZING PVT - THANK YOU for keeping the price down and for being so good with what you do - Iam grateful to have been able to connect with you so well - you pick up on things so welll - YOUR AWESOMELY ACCURATE!!!!!!" ... written by NK
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
lovely lovely amazing!!!! 100000000000000000000 stars" ... written by bem
i was impress for his readings. right on point! excellent!!" ... written by rii507
wow! awesome!!! very intuitive 5 stars, waiting for for prediction come to pass, ill keep you posting" ... written by Alicja
I love Insight2Light! She has a nice enrgy, warm n freindly, great intuitive, sees the situation w/o being told, and every reading so far has turned out to be correct and wise counsel." ... written by Augustus Gloop
absolutely love Mish had update with him and can't wait for things unfolding like he has consistently said all along...thank you mish your a million stars" ... written by marion
He's very spot on. " ... written by Rox
whoa what a reader! awesome, in depth, very connected, clear and straightforward" ... written by yoma
excellent....." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
Very kind and honest. Pick up my energy straight away. " ... written by Vivienne
Wow - very on the ball. Surprised at all the details and accuracy of my situation. A definite read." ... written by R
Thank you insight! Great update as always! Insight sees clearly and accurately with no tools quickly :)" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you insight you are awesome Thank you!" ... written by Mich221
Good!" ... written by Anna
Thank you again for your patience and understanding" ... written by capricorn_dancer
very intuitive, and make good sense , direct to the points. " ... written by jackson0923
Insight is such a warm soul, that clearly has a gift. He actually answers my questions before I can type them. He give good advise and had a clear vision. " ... written by Louisa
straight to the point, so precise, ur amazing" ... written by natasha
always a pleasure reading with him. keeps my anxiety at bay haha" ... written by m
He was great!!!" ... written by butterfly77lady
Awesome!!" ... written by b
Love this reader! Very good advice, accurate details, no tools needed, very gifted!" ... written by atlantis111
Insight2Light is a wonderful psychic!! He is such a sweet tender soul and truly cares about others!! He is very connected and is quick 2 answer, doesn't waste any time!! What he has told me coincides w what other psychics have said!! I am super excited about the predictions and timeframes he gave me and can't wait 4 everything 2 unfold!!! Thank you so very much Insight 4 sharing ur extraordinary gift w all of us!! Love and Light my friend!! 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
He is very considerate and kind, along with being accurate! The cards that he pulled up for me were to the point on my current situation and so I went ahead for a private reading. His readings are very reasonably priced and I was able to enquire about all my current worries and received answer as well as guidance. Overall an awesomely awesome experience !!! Thank you Insight2Ligh :)" ... written by ChanceMeet
what a lovely person i mean just honest and clear :) 1000000 stars" ... written by TH
Thank you so much for the clarity !" ... written by Natasha
He's always very good to me. He's very fast not wasting my money and very right about my situation. He's prediction with came true regarding my job. I will wait one of his prediction about Renatoo and I will have strong relationship in the near future. " ... written by SARAH
It was such an informative session. Really appreciate his high energy.. would definitely recommend him =) " ... written by Pinky
always great updates" ... written by m
thank you very much for the very detailed and accurate reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by rose
Fabulous read as always! Insight is very thorough, tells you what you need to hear but keeping a very positive and loving attitude. Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I just love how calm and reassuring Insight's readings are. He is just terrific!" ... written by P
I had a Great reading with Insight he was very on Point!!! with what is going on in my life!!! I will be returning for a update...Thanks you so Much!!! see you soon!" ... written by ButterFlower
wonderful pvt - so much info - and accuracy - thanks alot ur awesome" ... written by Natasha
I have had quite a few readings wth him and he is such a good energy reader and full of encouragement. Thank you for your patience!!" ... written by the one who is afraid
Another wonderful reading with insight. He's helped clear an issue up for me and given me such great advise. He's amazing, thank you insight x" ... written by Evenstar
always awesome!!! excellent" ... written by jamira76
Thankyou so much absolutely superb sooo detailed. For some reason i couldnt type in pvt so i couldnt ask questions but i didnt need to as everything q i thought of asking Mich answered i just lustened wonderful person and reader. Thankyou xxxx" ... written by Tammy
So good as always!!! " ... written by carlinw
Insight was right on with his reading. Very gentle in his approach. Thank you Cant wait for more :)" ... written by Babydolllbc
thank you insight. very grounding intel. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
He's the best! Try him! He will amaze you! " ... written by Roxanne
Thank you Insight. It was a wonderful reading. Ur always quick in ur connection and accurate too. Thanks again" ... written by Vivienne
Great reading. He is calm and kind soul. Love him. Thank you!" ... written by Starlight12
good as always" ... written by jojo
He was amazing!!! excellent reading, ten stars" ... written by bem
Absolutely so clear in helping me with specifics. Very grounded in her approach to reading and very helpful to my type A personality. compassionate and highly helpful." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
insight is always in check with everything im feeling and thinking. love updates and the no tools" ... written by m
I love my readings with insight, always insightful" ... written by A
insight is always spot on! he picked up on specific things relating to a course i took and i didnt even mention em! it was actual thought that crossed my mind during the course. gave me good predictions and will stay updated" ... written by m
omggggggg I didn't ask any questions, was so right about every freaking damn thing. Its almost scary. I'm looking forward to the things that were said to happen. I'm super happy now. thanx insight" ... written by toni
Fabulous read as always, really helps to ease my mind. Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
Connect really fast and was able to asnwer my pressing question with the lil creds i have! Thank you!" ... written by Peanutz007
he was very positive and ver accurate, strongly recommend" ... written by sea shells
Insight's rad....she has a lot of intuition right there for the issues, constructive suggestions, and deep insights into" ... written by Leroy Cramblit
Thank you as always!xx" ... written by Lisa1775
amazing :) gave me details and answered very quickly thank you Insight :)" ... written by sweet
Thank you so much!! First time you saw number 2 that could be 2 days or 2 weeks and I saw the man that I love in 2 days, next time you told me number 3 and I saw him in 3 days!!! Now you told me number 2 again, lets see if it will be 2 days or two weeks lol !! " ... written by l
thank you so muchh" ... written by Natasha
he was very good and eased my mind and thoughts. he connected with me well....ty " ... written by frizz
Wow, he was so very accurate! He helped bring my spirits back up from a very difficult situation!!" ... written by Me
I . have had several readings with him, as usual he is spot on, He is kind and honest and the real deal. I give him 100 stars." ... written by oceanlover123
Love my readings with mish" ... written by marion
Thanks" ... written by Lisa1775
My first reading with her. I didnt give her much information and she just came at me with all the info i needed. She knew exactly what was going on. Great reader :)" ... written by AA
Thank you insight :) " ... written by N
Very good as always. Thanks " ... written by Vivienne
Always so great to talk to..picks up everything and keeps me hopeful!!" ... written by Its me
I was feeling lost and again Insight helped to put my mind at rest. Thank you for your guidance -God bless your gift that he gave you to help so many people like me with love andamp; honesty." ... written by Callie44
Insight is truly a very very special gifted reader - no time wasted in the reading- she gave me straight forward very valuable guidance. I will be giving feedback on her predictions. Thank you for your gift" ... written by Callie44
Insight, is a reader I always feel confident going to with worries great or small. His positivity always makes me feel better. " ... written by LK
Always a pleasure to have a reading with him =) " ... written by Pinky
always spot on and very fast at picking up info" ... written by m
he is amazing!!! always sees it as it is! 10000000 stars!!!" ... written by bem
Love reading with insight! Always accurate, quick, and thorough, thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
Great insightful reading. Thank you" ... written by Pinklight
Thank you so much Insight. Finally chat to u again. Very accurate and honest. " ... written by Vivienne
awesome as usual, he is amazing!!! " ... written by bmm
Quick, he gives all the information that he knows, and asks you nothing!!! no time, or money is wasted!!! He is the real deal! Great energy!" ... written by empress
Awesome reading. Insight is fantastic!! very accurate, clearly a gift worth sharing. Thanks so much and will be back to you. Prolly one of the best I've been to so far! Blessings!! " ... written by Lynda22
the best card reader , i have yet to see clear and accurate! " ... written by jeffanie
Insight is great :) accurate, to the point and quick. Very kind too :))" ... written by heaven knows
If I have to say it a thousand times Insight2Ligh is more than a gifted reader . What she gives you is straight forward no time wasted-Real guidance. I know things will work out in my favour because you guided me in this. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. God bless" ... written by Callie44
OMG!! He's always consistent and accurate. Very fast and he really care. I always trust everything he says. All he predicted to me starting to unfold." ... written by Sarah
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!!!" ... written by swsiren
I think I've just found the best reader on here. Will be back." ... written by Luna
He is very sweet and accurate and calm reader. I'm very thankful for his insights and advices for meditation. He pics on situation without me telling and explaining. What he said in the past is happening now but a little insecurity jumped in to me so I had to check with him if everything is still on its place. God bless his kind and gentle soul." ... written by HC
Awesome of the best on insight, common sense advice, and compassionate caring personality." ... written by Sebastian Cabot
awesome" ... written by hot
thanks soo much for the insight "Insight" are always calming and kind and consistent w past readings most everything is acutally happening or did..i will keep u posted for May..Thanks a bunch" ... written by Jenn
He calmed me down and reassured that everything is still on track. Im happy now :)" ... written by Hear
Once again thank you, amazing reading" ... written by Alex
It was another awesome reading. He is always correct with my situation. Totally honest and real. Its amazing. I will keep coming back for updates. I give him 100 stars.." ... written by Donna
Insight is amazing! What a lovely, giving, gifted soul!" ... written by atlantis111
Affirming energy, kind and clear- very guided. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Love reading with insight! So caring and compassionate and representing your highest good. Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
Awesome reader.. Highly Highly recommend insight for any type of issues or concerns.. He's very compassionate and insightful!!! A gift from God.. I'm sure of it! " ... written by Lynda22
Great reading! so much insight. He brought a lot of clarity and was very helpful. Looking forward to his predictions and I will return. " ... written by Caitlin
awesome" ... written by ali
he is wonderful, he just picks up on everything.. he has been amazing as usual.. 5 stars " ... written by bm
Always calming and reassuring....allay my fears. Thanx!" ... written by Peanutz007
Insight is so lovely, always puts me at ease and picks me up when I am feeling down. I go away from the reading feeling positive, encouraged and hopeful. He has such a gentle and kind manner, really genuine and honest." ... written by Me
Defo got some parts of the situation correct. Will see what the future holds" ... written by Sparkle Pony
wow another amazing update with Mish...he just fantastic!!!" ... written by marion
Great insights and very calming reader. Very grateful for this connect. He calmed me down a lot. Thanks! Highly recommend!" ... written by zs
what an excellent depiction of characters. A great reading." ... written by worried again
mish i cannot thank you enough! the prediction you gave me last time came to pass and im marking down future predictions bc i know those will come to pass also. thanks for everything! youve been such a big help" ... written by m
Thanks again for another lovely reading!!! You know I always come back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Got right to the point and accurately described my feelings without my having to say anything. Will update with more!" ... written by Sierra
Wow, he is very calm and provides a lot of information. He is spot on ... so lets wait for predictions! I've been healed :)" ... written by GZ
Another great reading from Insight2Light....awesome reader, freindly, very intuitive, every time its been some useful and later proved to be accurate advice. Humorous, freindly and caring person." ... written by Eohippus Pleistocene
Really awesome psychic. Sweet manner, accurate, answered all my questions as he saw, no misguiding. Excellent!!!" ... written by Confused Star
shes great ! she really cares about the memebers and shows great concern!" ... written by jeffanie
Wonderful, calming, uplifting, incredibly accurate!!!" ... written by S
consistent in what he says and will update on predictions given next week" ... written by m
great reader. he save me from going back to my old habit with my ex" ... written by Vasi
I really love Insight2ligh he's very sincere with all his customer who seek help from him. He's always accurate of what he says. All prediction that he told me before came true, love and career. He's really amazing. Also he's very fast and not waste my money at all. All the information he gave me are all amazing. Im just waiting for the new prediction coming in my near future. Whoever have a reading from him will be so lucky." ... written by Sarah
Brilliant reading. I feel so comforted and encouraged by what I was told. Fabulous!" ... written by S
Insight is a blessing to me. Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you again-I had lost hope of that job because things always get in the way. You cleared it for me love you for this. Dont forget to light my candle please. " ... written by Callie44
Thank you. you are great. A lot of details and insights I know they are true. I got predictions I believe will come to pass. very loving and calm reader. Highly recommend!" ... written by HC
a.mazing." ... written by -
omg..amaziG!! wastes no time at all.....right to the point and just amazing!!!!!!" ... written by sun
Thank you so much - nice and long - covered all aspects :) " ... written by Natasha
Glad to get my up date. He's fast, calm, detailed. Thank u" ... written by human
Awesome as usual put my mind at ease. Thank you Insight" ... written by michelle
one word, WOW. read me and my boyfriend like a newspaper, each and every single detail so true so acurate, i actually am lost for words. such a calm and peaceful soul too, if you want clarity and detailed answers have a reading with insightligh you willlll return i guranteeee. you will be put in ease. try insit2ligh " ... written by aida
Insight! great reader....have come back many times, always clarifies things for me...easy to talk to, warm n caring person. INsight's visions are true and they help a lot." ... written by Lamprey Aboutiou
this guy is excellent, I can connect with him good somebody whos predictions have come true for me in the past thanks again " ... written by Lisa
insight is an angel. so happy to have found him :), i feel soo much at peace and calm now after talking with him, he cleared some confusions in me aswell as predicted something to come for me in the near future which i know will come true as he is very precise with his predictions and i shall update on his hall. thank you my dear. you are soo kind and generous thanks for healing all lost souls who come to you :) huggs" ... written by aida
He is Fantastic! neither bulshitting me nor wasted my time. Got to the point from the beginning. Sensed the situation , and helped me a lot. Will definitely come back for more." ... written by Ash
Brilliant. He was confident and picked up on my job and my dreams that I have been having. Great guy to read with. Wonderful energy and lots of details." ... written by R
Insight is so understatedly legitimate it's amazing. He warned me to be cognizant of my health last time we spoke, and here I am doing another reading with him and I am fighting off a sore throat. He is always so helpful, assuring, and always right on key. He is someone I always feel confident in their advise both as a person and a psychic guide. I would highly recommend trusting in him for aide. " ... written by MakeupMaven
very insigthful :)" ... written by sasha
Such a sweet andamp; gentle reader. saw a lot into my situation. Very gifted!" ... written by vixen
thank u so much, you always talk to me in very honest but positive way!" ... written by Alicja
awesome as always.." ... written by sin
Insight is great. He is kind and gentle and incredibly accurate. Always makes me feel calm and strong after talking with him. Truly a lovely person and very accurate reader. " ... written by S
Insight read me like a book. Excellent, just like the last time." ... written by Luna
mish always stands by his shit man. i love that he gives you a ton of info at once. i feel like im getting the most out of my time and his time" ... written by m
Gave me great advice along with a timeline...I'm very pleased!" ... written by GG
Awesome comfirmations,cant wait for things to unfold~~ty luv for everything u did in the freechat..." ... written by sexaymom
I love readings with you. You give me so much calmness and everything makes perfect sense Thank you!" ... written by HC
so goooood, so precise, the bestttttttttttttt" ... written by a
Great insights. He picked up a lot of what was going on in my life at this time. I kept typing yes--yes because he was right about what he was saying. I liked that I could see his expression as he was talking. Much better that a phone session." ... written by Mary
thank you for the are right on target..." ... written by Karen
he is just so lovely to talk to and spot-on with insights" ... written by f
He was awesome as usual. Always puts my mind at ease. Am so blessed to have met such a wonderful person." ... written by oceanlover123
Insights great....never fail to be uplifted and clarified by his readings....caring person, good insight into people's character, practical advices and counsel." ... written by Cyrus Billie Ray
This guy is amazing. His predictions happen. He said contact in 3 days and it was in 3 days, than he said delay for something else and I already new about. And quite a few other things came to pass as well. So no wonder im here again :) and I recommend him highly" ... written by HC
LOVE INSIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!1" ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY
OMG good! on point and very clear in his delivery. The good the bad and all true. ***** stars" ... written by AA
Insight is so kind and caring. I really appreciate his readings so so much. I trust him and he always makes me feel so much better about everything. Fabulous!" ... written by P
very accurate and spot on with all my information even told me things i did not mention - gave me clear answers to all my questions and was very very fast- so no time wasted thank you Insight for a great reading :-)" ... written by oranum user
Insight is awesome. simple. " ... written by Makeup Maven
he is the best reader at oranum. I strongly recommend him!" ... written by flower
precise ,,, picked things up quickly and honest reader,,," ... written by ssss
Wonderful insight from Insight, tuned in straight away to current situation and saw it all, Thank you so much for another great reading." ... written by capricorn_dancer
Thank you so much insight - you have always provided me with clarity" ... written by nk
Great reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great Reading ***** five stars. Very clear in explaining other peoples feels. Empath skills are on point :) " ... written by AA
You are so nice and accurate. I'm so glad I have find you in all this forest of psychics. Thank you so much to give me confidence and everything along that. your energy is so calming and headlong. I really appreciate your work and approach. God bless you, you are one of the kind! " ... written by The star
Insight is an absolute treasure - I trust his advice 100%. Awesome." ... written by S
Thank you again, i better move on to canada asap LOL!!!" ... written by Callie44
awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee readingggggggggggg love himmmm" ... written by ai
Thank you again for giving me details of what people are saying and doing I come to you cos I know you really feel their energy. You are awesome Insight Blessings xx" ... written by Michelle
Insight2, is very compassionate and I believe very accurate as well. Always uplifting my spirits and energy and also for others." ... written by Lynda22
Thanks Insight." ... written by Callie44
Sooo happy to have him to talk to, always so caring and on point. Answers things before you even ask. :). He So very gifted and real. He helps on so many different levels it difficult to but in words. I highly recommend insight to anyone for anything. Thank you so much insight for sharing your gifts in such a giving way. Many blessings to you. :)" ... written by Dejera
His always good!! He's really amazing very connected with me. I can't wait to go back and tell him how everything his prediction unfold. so far I can see the changes of life and my energy already." ... written by S
Extremely accurate and authentic. Excruciatingly honest about the cards, and in that honesty, reminds you to take care of yourself and live and move forward. One of my favorite readers. Ten/ten." ... written by Sierra
Good ol' Insight....another exemplary reading...every time is a combination of clear insights and hepful counsel, good reader of human character....compassionate person." ... written by Cyrus Vance
Insight is just awesome!!!" ... written by marion
Insight is amazing! He really tuned into the situation and the guy perfectly. He gave excellent advice and I was stunned with the accuracy. Definitely my go to guy. Thanks Insight! x" ... written by R
thanks again insight xo" ... written by LIVE VIX
so accurate and on point..gave me much clarity! much sense..will be back!!" ... written by BBright
Insight, is so always shockingly right on the truth of the issue. I always trust his guidance and opinions. Thank you for a great reading and confidence boost. I will listen to your advise, and hearing validation, but the background to the situation helps so much. Thank you insight, you are wonderful!" ... written by MakeupMaven
Thank you I wish you would be my neighbor so I could listen to you all day long. lol- You are great! Thank you so much." ... written by fromthestars
This guy is worth to try! great insights and things are unfolding. Praying to get there but he sees and tells you what is ahead. Worth every penny! Million stars!" ... written by wowow
I come to Insight for inspiration. She is very good in her readings But my case is hopeless andamp; that is nothing to do with her. Tome hasnt served me well or luck in reaching my dreams. May be in my travels I will reconnect with Insight." ... written by Callie44
WOW!! is all I can say. My first reading, recommended by a friend and boy am I glad I took the chance with this wonderful wonderful man. I am actually a little speechless because he jumped right into the reading and described things to the t without a single word from me, not even my name. I am impressed to say the least and so inspired. Thank you so much insight. I feel like I can now focus on what I need to, and work on the things I need to like you said. Love andamp; Light to you. " ... written by mainstreem20
Very informative and great information.. Always a pleasure to read with." ... written by pinkpather30
thank u insight ...i were very spot on as usual and i greatly appreciate the details." ... written by lavelle
Insight is so spot on, it's incredible. This has been the most helpful of all advice I've had about a difficult situation, I took careful notes, and what Insight said is exactly what I'm going to do. I feel much more confident now about my giant to-do list." ... written by sunshine
Insight is FANTASTIC!!Felt totally in tune with him. he is really the best and positive. You CANNOT go wrong ! Uses no tools, and very accurate with the thoughts and feelings of people as well as what is going on. Im looking forward to the predictions coming to pass and will come back to tell him. Thank you Insight and god bless you." ... written by GD
My second reading with Mish and He is just full of light. He is so spot on. I asked him about an entirely different issue and he picked up before I even really said anything. He knew what I didn't like about my curernt job and what the new job entails. He is really spot. You gotta have a reading with him. Thank you so much!! " ... written by Mainstreem20
Thank you as always xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Insight lives completely up to his name. I trust him, and I always leave chats with him feeling better. I always feel like he is in-tune to my thoughts without me saying a word. " ... written by Makeup Maven
This man is dead on. He is good. OMG" ... written by Mechele
Seriously save me from another drink!!!! Connected extremely fats and accurate!!! And awesome!!!! Outsatnding work!!!!!" ... written by Tffan
He is the best psychic on this site :) A friend i come to when i need some uplifting i my confusing!" ... written by malen90
simply amazing !!!! no info needed jumped right in, love this guy cant wait for predictions to happen" ... written by Deborah
This man is absolutely brilliant... just so damn amazing how he picks up every detail about ppl and situations. Love him to bits xxx" ... written by R
awsome awsome awsome" ... written by ai
Very Good reading., Insight is dead on. He is really good. Thanks for giving me the confidence that I need to move forward. Thanks for being available as promised." ... written by Mechele
great reading! quickly picked up on the situation and gave me clarity. I feel much better and I am excited for the future. I feel more relaxed and am very grateful for the suggestions and advice. " ... written by Caitlin
very fast and accurate and predictions have come true so came for updates xxx" ... written by Lisa
LOVED THIS READER!!!!" ... written by Kimberly
He is just great. I love how he picks things and tell them. He is very calming and he senses my energy during reading l how I get better and better listening to him LOL. I was asking him about my children too and he picked up things exactly like they happened. So no doubt about him at all. I can just confirm. He is a real deal and really good guy too. Thank you Insight2Light, you rock andamp; roll. Love you to pieces. " ... written by the shiny one
the best, great reader" ... written by Alex
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sin
Truly a gifted reader. Can pick up on the problem and even delivers the not so great news tactfully and in a caring matter. " ... written by AA
LOVE this reader! Insight is truly amazing and gifted and a blessing to this site and all its members! Must try !" ... written by atlantis111
Very detailed. Quick, and his predictions have come true!!! His energy is amazing and contagious!!! you are appreciated!!!" ... written by genuineone
Insight, as usual, reads your situation as if he's been a fly on the wall of your psyche the whole time. " ... written by Sierra
Insight always helps me stay positive and reassured. He knows what he is talking about, I trust him and always leave his chats feeling better and lighter :)" ... written by Makeup Maven
always good. been talking to him for awhile now and things he says pretty much have always been on track for me" ... written by m
Very good reader with calming energy. I like how he picks mine first and somehow knows where to go with a reading with out me questioning. Like him a lot. thinks are unfolding too all really good." ... written by ZS
So so so so so accurate. Takes vocabulary right out of my mouth!" ... written by Sierra
great reader " ... written by smith
Love his positive energy, picked up on several things. Thank you" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
The best as usual!" ... written by R
Very calming,I am looking forward to the next couple of months ." ... written by sweetpetal1
Insight is always great at getting to the roots of things. His ability to read into what our energies convey about our life is fantastic. He is always on key, and always gives great advice! His reassurance helps me tackle my future with confidence. " ... written by makeupmaven
Great reading. I feel so positive after every reading with Insight. Like I could go out and conquer the world. Great energy." ... written by Luna
on point...gave much clarity..and has sd things that came to past in previous an ready for the second..:)) wll be back for update." ... written by bbright
Thanks insight. It looks like my dreams are well over I cant say it plainer than this. I know when the chips are down-there is no way I will be able to recoup career- working hand to mouth is in the past for me. I am grateful to even get this far. I cant live like this for my sake. Nothing will work out I know it - I feel it. Plan A is a shelter - then see when someone above steps in to help - if not thats it - put my case in newspapers andamp; shame the universities that gave me high grades. I have no social assistance - nothing to show for it after 30 years or so working. Thanks again." ... written by Callie44
what an amazing reader!!!!!!!!" ... written by Debbie
Thanks again Insight!" ... written by Caitlin
Another great update" ... written by marion
Omg, I love talking to him. ... I could listen to exhaustion - his of course lol and still kicking and pushing for more and more. He is really great. Really! Picks even small details and habits of a person that I know of and it really astounds me. Try him. I am a returning costumer. He is really good!" ... written by the starrrr
Everything he read was 100% true...100%.... I don't know how he read everything so perfect. I appreciate you." ... written by luvTim
he is so amazing and super accurate. He read me and my guy like a book. He's the real deal. Will be back." ... written by Pretty
As always, attentive, kind, and perceptive." ... written by Sierra
One of the best readers on this site. AMAZING " ... written by AA
Insight is remarkable, facile and direct intuitive, reads character and the underlying energy of the situaition quite well. Ive had a number of readings from him and they ve all proven to be helpful and adept assesments of what was going on." ... written by Cedric Hightower
Awesome reader. Used no tools and was able to connect to my situation perfectly! Thank you so much :-)" ... written by Garace123
Brilliant and calming as ever. Reads the situation beautifully." ... written by R
He was spot on!" ... written by simplelife77
thanks again for another lovely reading!!! You know you're awesome and one of the best!" ... written by swsiren
Excellent, as usual. Thanks Insight :)" ... written by Sierra
He is one of the best Psychic on Oranum. Try him – you won’t be disappointed. He has been extremely accurate with my readings. He will ask for a question but he really doesn’t need anything. He just gets right to it. You will quickly see how amazing he truly is. " ... written by Rox
Best read ever had on this site. Not only did this guy pin point things, but was very good at what he did. " ... written by nbarnes2
Very accurate and with details. Excellent psychic! Highly recommended!" ... written by Ronita
Thank you. You are great! I just love hove you read and how good you are for picking details in personalities and details around people. Will come back for sure. xoxoxo" ... written by the smoker
He read my son for me with no information at all and was bang on, my son was shocked at how accurate he is. Hope he listens to the advice" ... written by Debbie
He is the best reader i came across, after such a long time, I'm waiting for his predictions and see what happens. 100 stars to you xxxxxx" ... written by son
Fantastic reader! A lot of detail. Thank heavens I had my pen and paper ready. Genuine and connected very fast and extremely accurate! " ... written by Tffany
Love reading with insight, his wisdom and details are always spot-on!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you positive reading as as usual.. Looking good :)" ... written by Mich221
Perfect! Love him!" ... written by The Shine
Insight is the best. simple. straight forward. great guy for clarity and advice. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Good reading and such a great man!" ... written by L
Wow, very accurate in terms of reading the situation and personalities of people involved. The outcome looks positive so I hope for the best." ... written by Jessica
Fantastic, as usual!" ... written by Sierra
awesome..thanks!" ... written by sin
He gives me the confirmation I need to move forward...he is the best!!!!" ... written by Geneva Girl
Excellent thorough reading. He was extremely helpful and so understood all the players!!" ... written by FP
Insight2ligh is a delight to talk to you. Just amazing!!! Really spot on and one prediction are came true, waiting to another one. I am so glad I have found him here. Thank you so much for also being so patient with my computer issues. xoxoxo M. " ... written by Mainstreem20
amazing as usual, keeps me grounded and hopeful" ... written by Debbie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great update as always! Love this reader, and he is so comprehensive, try him you will not regret it!" ... written by atlantis111
this man is simply amazing!" ... written by R
Brilliant as always." ... written by Luna
Great reading as usual. Very specific in predictions and delivery is amazing. Has not been wrong once so I keep coming back for more. " ... written by AA
simply amazing !!!!!" ... written by Debbie
He is great everything is unfolding as he predicted so I had an update and check if everything is like it seems to be. He gave some more insights which for some I know they are absolutely true. Love him!" ... written by shiny
As usual he reads for you as if he can see your life on a TV screen. So fantastic! See him see him!" ... written by Sierra
Thanks again for your help!!! You're awesome!!" ... written by swsiren
Thank you so much insight2light. Great reading! thank you for giving me hope and explanation what is going on. Love you loads." ... written by mememe
he pulls me out of the hole and give me hope, He is the best!!!!" ... written by Debbie
Good reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
WOW! This was a very good reading!!!!" ... written by Indigo
Thank you Light. You are great! Love your readings and your energy. I feel you are right not just feel - I know. Bless you." ... written by S
There are no words to describe the help I have received from him. He has a way of breaking down feelings and gives straight forward answer with a kind delivery. " ... written by AA
Thanks again for another lovely reading! I always enjoy my readings with you and will surely be coming back for more!" ... written by swsiren
He is pretty dang good. Put a lot of things in perspective. It felt as if he knows me and the people in question. He hasn’t been wrong to this point. He is one of the most accurate on this site. Try him – you won’t regret it. " ... written by Rox
Insight is absolutely awesome - love him to pieces!" ... written by Me
great gift wonderful reading" ... written by apple
he is awesome, has been my guiding light!" ... written by rose petals
lolololol,, don't know what to say!!!!!! Insight is amazing!!!! and do come with a lot of insight… ONE OF THE BEST… for real!!!! Im blown away and he is a keeper :))" ... written by Spiritonloose
wonderful! just came for a quick up date... straight to the point and answered all questions and removed all worries while at the same time lifting my energy. " ... written by Caitlin
thank you." ... written by shelle97
Thank you insight. your reading was awesome. He is perfect and picked up on a lot of details. A kind hearted person nd super at reading your mind. Try him yoy wont regret. XOXO" ... written by Amazed
Insight is just so lovely, so kind and direct, always accurate, amazing!" ... written by Me
This man is just wonderful. He is calming in the most difficult times and tells it like it is - giving complete details. Worth reading with for sure!" ... written by R
He has been always spot on with his readings. I strongly recommend him!" ... written by faith2trust
another great reading from insight! the go to person for clarity and guidance. omigod read it all like abook. " ... written by Perry Como
Omggggg whaaaat!! Probably one of my favourite readers on here. So accurate, so detailed. I didn't really have to ask much cuz he was answering all my questions before I asked them. Really great reading." ... written by Mimi
Insight, Mish.. is awesome. I don't know of many readers who can tune in to people and issues as well as he does and explain in much detail!! Highly recommend Mish for any situation, relationship issues, etc. He's phenominal !!!! Thank you Mish! You are truely blessed :) " ... written by Lynda22
A very good psycic. No bullshit and slowtalking. Straight to the point, economical with the information, and in addition, she is really good at picking up energy. Highly recommended." ... written by hubbelman
clarity indeed ... , love his way connecting w my situation and giving a way to solved it.i feel calmer now,thank you so much" ... written by viendax
great reading thank you for the honesty" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
He is an awesome psychic. I strongly recommend him!" ... written by zapthenap
Another great update with insight! Love, love, love, this reader!" ... written by atlantis111
I love to spend a lot of time with him as he is very connected and information just flow out of him.Really connected really good! I like him a lot" ... written by me
Insight is an excellent reader. Any time I need clarity on a person/situation hes there to help. I highly recommend him as he does care and gives great insight and attention to your situation." ... written by sassyone
good and on point as always" ... written by BBright
wow awsome reading confirmed everything i thought and more great at picking up on the situations that have passed and to come thank you" ... written by paul
thanks again - there is nothing else i can do-" ... written by Callie44
He is very good. Picks things very fast and precise. Love him!" ... written by S
i enjoyed my reading that was some great advice, i highly recommend him" ... written by lavelle
Amazing, simply amazing... he just gets it. Love him to bits. Always understanding and calming in the hardest of times. Best on Oranum for sure and doesn't charge the earth either lol" ... written by R
really good reader. told me everything i need to know" ... written by matt
mish its been awhile since our last reading but i love your insight and how you explain things pertaining to my situation. makes it clear to whats really going on with him " ... written by m
He was awesome.. right about everything. Thank you so much." ... written by Madison of the best I've ever had a reading with. Knew a lot obout the past and people in my life...knew things he could not have know unless truly Insight I am so happy I met you!" ... written by Stephanie
great reading" ... written by apple
Very insightful into the situation but also told me some things I wasn't aware of. Looking forward to see if the predictions come to pass." ... written by Jessica
great as always!!!" ... written by tt
He’s one of the true, honest, legit psychics on this site. He has been very accurate not 100% but more like 90%. In my opinion, that is unheard of on this site. " ... written by Rox
awesome as usual" ... written by Michelle
Thanks so much Insight I really needed this chat today. I will take your advice and Thanks for the "insight" on everything. XOXO" ... written by Mechele
Great reading again Thank you insight you are the best x" ... written by Michelle
All of his predictions have come true!!" ... written by genuine one
He always brings me back into focus and calms me down. Gives me times and honesty. he has picked up my spirits and shown me the way, Amazing as always" ... written by d
Very good perspective!!! Very on point with everything... thank you :)" ... written by liz45750
Always a great help and has a way with words. Very easy to understand " ... written by AA
5 stars" ... written by BP
Another quick update on my situation, thanks insight :) always helpful. " ... written by Caitlin
Wow... he just went right in ... I did not have to say a thing! He is a great reader! Excellent!" ... written by Razzle
Insight rocks :) simple as that. Love having "check ups" with him. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Brilliant, as usual." ... written by Sierra
This was my very first read, with Insight2ligh. And, wow, I am blown away by his level of accuracy! He absolutely hit the nail on the nail, with my situation! He doesn't waste time or money, he just goes straight to town, from the get go, when you enter into a private consultation. :) I would recommend him to absolutely anybody and everybody! He is terrific, without a doubt. He is the best reader on Oranum, by far! :) " ... written by T♥
I really enjoyed the reading with him, it was quick and he even lowered his rate for me to fit my payment ... very sweet and honest i am glad i chose to hire him. Thank you so much again you were great." ... written by sweeteaaa08
Insight simply nails it.... hands down the best .... never fails me." ... written by r
Insight...always a good read and a freind, a gifted intuitive and has helped me many a time get clarity/ five stars!" ... written by Lansippus Lamonnitore
Great reader!" ... written by xxxxxxxxxx
simply amazing every single time, reassures me And explains in detail why things happen the way they do, So comforting and tells me WHAT I NEED TO HEAR" ... written by d
Love this reader, he tells me what I needed to hear and knows my situation cant wait for the outcome" ... written by d
Gives clarity as always on point!" ... written by BBright
I always visit for your guidance!! Truly great genuine help every time! " ... written by tiny
Love Insight's energy and it's contagious. I always feel so much better after a reading. " ... written by Luna
Thank you. You are great!" ... written by shine
Such a sweetheart. I just Love Insight!!! Thank you so much, you feel my energy like nobody else and you were right on today. Thank you again. xoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
Great insight!!!" ... written by Geneva Girl
Words cannot describe. Just give him a try. God Bless You!" ... written by Garace123
Honest, accurate and fast! Good energy too! Thanks for the reading x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks insight. It is so sad to say goodbye to you because I wont be able to get any more guidance. I have planned to leave 8-10 sept going to Italy by coach to save money. I missed my birthday 27 august - nothing ever happens. I cannot go through life with a single birthday to celebrate. It has been too much for me. I will just roll around in italy to shut down all my previous lives. whatever you say, i know i have been a total failure to get to this point without basis life glories or a happy birthday or christmas even. I am always alone that is not what I imagined. So i hope I will find a nice convent in Italy andamp; chill out." ... written by Callie44
Insight rocks. I love coming for checkins, he is always great about sensing what is at the root of an issue." ... written by Makeup Maven
This man is simply awesome... always, always just gets it and nails ppl and situations perfectly. Love him x" ... written by R
Always a great help. Excellent in explaining feelings and the situation. " ... written by AA
Of course I enjoyed my reading as ALWAYS!! I highly recommend Insight2Light!" ... written by swsiren
Great private session! Thank you so much Insight. Always helpful, uplifting, encouraging, and provides me with so much clarity. I definitely recommend a reading from insight2ligh " ... written by Caitlin
This man is amazing! Seriously go into a private with him... you won't be disappointed. He has been correct about 90% of his predictions. Just amazing! " ... written by Rox
thanks mish. you always are such a pleasure to talk to and help me when im unsure bout what to do" ... written by m
he was phenomenal , amazing , highly recomended" ... written by remedio
Another great reading from Insight. Thank you!!" ... written by Michelle
Thank you so much for your help!!" ... written by l
he is very accurate" ... written by san
What can I say about Mish aka Insight? He is quick and so very, very accurate.. He told me about this new job I currently have prior to being offered it.. Now he is giving me clarity about a misunderstanding with another person.. He is truly wonderful terrific and all of the positive adjectives the English language allows.. Much luv to you Mish.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Thank you " ... written by L
Insight gives great advice, practical and spiritual. I aways trust insight to show me various views to the situation. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Insight2Ligh is brilliant! I've just done two readings with him, in the one hit. I have no words to be able to describe just how on point and accurate he is! He provides you with so much insight and detail. He doesn't waste your time nor your money. He is fantastic! :) I would recommend that everybody give Insight2Ligh a try! You certainly wont be disappointed! Many many stars!!! :) " ... written by T♥
he has reassured me on so many things keeps me calm through the storm, and always tells me the truth of the situation" ... written by d
thankyou so real and accurate thankyou for your insight excellent xx" ... written by m
Thank you for taking away all of my worry and anxiety I have about my relationship! Thank you for the peace of mind! And thank you for clearing all of my confusion! I was so confused! I will keep you updated! Blessings! :)" ... written by Elizabeth
awesome reader. will be waiting for predictions!" ... written by BP
Made me feel more relaxed" ... written by Geneva Girl
thank you very much!!! as always such a great insight into a situation no tools no cards, just pure intuition, looking forward for predictions!" ... written by Alicja
Awesome reading as always Thank you Insight!!" ... written by Michelle
great thank you" ... written by Michelle
Insight is my Go-To person. I really love this man..He gives me hope, guidance, direction, and I can trust him 100% . He is wise and God loving and down to earth. His predictions have come true for me, and he always sees into the situation very clearly including personalities, and feelings of other individuals. Im grateful to have him ..Please do have a reading with him you will not regret ..." ... written by G
Such an awesome person...God Bless you! Predictions came true." ... written by Garace123
Love Insight. he is a delight to read with. I always come back to him. " ... written by Makeup Maven
wow,what an amazing reading always something new coming up that he hits on, love his guidance and he always tells me the truth. His predictions happen people. Love this reader amazing and insightful" ... written by Debbie
Good reading. Always come to him for guidance. He isn't just a psychic but friend." ... written by pinkpather30
He is calm accurate and peaceful. I will look into his positions." ... written by Peaceandcalm23
great as usual!! HE MAKES IT SOOO MUCH BETTER, HE JUST SEES THE WHOLE PICUTRE!!!" ... written by bm
awesome as usual, thanks very much" ... written by d
WOW I didnt have to say much at all he just went right into it, described people and situations with them thank u xx" ... written by Tina
There are no words to describe the help I have received from him. He has a way of breaking down feelings and gives straight forward answer with a kind delivery" ... written by d
Excellent!!! his predictions always come true!" ... written by genuineone
he is awesome!" ... written by girl
great , awesome, fantastice, give you the answers, the right ones even if yo dont like it!!!! 1000000 stars " ... written by bm
He is amazing , predictions are happening, I couldn't be more excited." ... written by deb
Mishelle is a dear person, and a wonderful reader. He is consistent and is an amazing psychic." ... written by L
Good. will be waiting for predictions!" ... written by BP
Follow up to reading yesterday with additional questions. Great help in assisting me to approach my problems." ... written by Jessica
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading from insight. I hope the predictions come true but he can definitely read the situation." ... written by Jessica
i love u sooo much" ... written by m
Wonderful insightful reader , great connection doesn't waste time very detailed and quick to provide answers. Awesome talent!!" ... written by Maia
Good reading thanks" ... written by Tarot Enthusiast
thank you insight!" ... written by -
I must thank Insight for not only guiding me with sound wise advice, but also for anticipating what is going to happen so that I am prepared for everything. He predicted various things that came true. He has helped me immensely. This man is truly God blessed and kind. He is not interested in material things, but rather to carry out his godly mission to help others in need and provide guidance and comfort. God bless you Mich xx" ... written by Globe
God seems to be changing my road once again. I should have been a truck driver or train driver or mother of 12 kids andamp; been happy with my kids. I could now be seeing my grandkids blossom have their won lives. instead I spent years at college, obvious with the wrong guidance, no love life. Now I know what it feels like to be on the scrap heap. I dont want anything else predicted-sorry insight. You had predicted me in california working at a university we talked about-even talked about the names that were in front of me. In that time I applied to several global schools even vietnam. remember that? -if I cant get it there is always other ways i will try one more time-I want my death to be remembered for my work. I looked around all week to find 1 person to take my luggage as I find a place to live-NO ONE OFFERED! And yet I helped those people for free like I have done all my life andamp; no rewards-even paid family college fees-now I have no one to help me. I am so heart broken-I thought i would put it all down may be some angel if one exists will read this andamp; grant my wishes otherwise its so cruel to go through life with so many earth shuttering bad luck - I have endured enough. I am left with no hope, no self esteem no friends, no family-no career -homeless-if this is what god wanted for me, why did he not say so when I was helping others live rent free with me, guiding them in the right path. I thought I would not say this-but hey I am on the scrap heap-how many people can rise up after this. . Sorry insight I have used you as my vessel. If I cant have a life-I dont want it-may god forgive me. My journey to rome is only because the bus takes 2 days to get there-i wont be paying rent. I will have to lose every scrap of clothing except what on my back. This is God;s will i suppose-Now I have 2 days to fight with him to let me have my wish otherwise-I have done-its nice that I saw my dead parents in a dream looking over my coffin-they came to collect me-so at least in rome that is where they will collect me from. It was so real they said sorry as i lay there. I was happy mylife was finally over-but to deny me a professorship andamp; do crap job after crap job is what God andamp;I will discuss before my journey. Thank insight- something asked me to tell you all this-i never divulge-God bless my friend- Good luck in ur work-I was just lucky to find you for my last journey. " ... written by Callie44
Thanks again for another awesome reading!!!! You're the best!!!" ... written by swsiren
Amazing as ever! Just reads the situation like a daily newspaper column lol... Love him" ... written by R
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
On Point. One of the best on oranum. connects so well. and has wonderful spirit. Thank you!" ... written by Zu
Wow insight is spot on the mark, picks up on situations spot on, he most certainly picked up a lot with myself and the situation I am in.....I look forward to the prediction happening.....Thanks you clarified a lot of myself " ... written by B
Insight always lift up my spirit and always reminding me that how god helping me out my situation. He's intuition is very accurate in my situation. He sees my that I will be having my business and working a job at the same time. Wow!! he sees that. He's prediction before unfold and Im sure whats he's telling me it will unfold to as well. Not totally happened exactly the timeframe he said but just let you know that whatever he said it will happen, I can really recommend him to everyone. Not only that he won't waste your money he will also give you a guidance of whatever obstacle will happen. Thank you Insight you are truly blessing in my life. You give me clarity." ... written by I love Insight
Awesome!" ... written by Me
predictions have come to pass in the past..will be waiting for the rest!" ... written by BP
Thank you so much! God Bless you!" ... written by Garace123
quick, calm, accurate, loving and great with prayer. i'm a regular with him." ... written by beth
Insight is kind and caring and God-gifted.. He has given me direction and wise advice. He reads with no tools directly from Godly inspirtations. HIs insights have been totally accurate, as well as his predictions. Im very connected to him and readings with him leave me peaceful and confident. " ... written by Globe
THANK YOU VERY MUCH" ... written by -
amazing as usual" ... written by Debbie
awesome, just picks up on my situation. great insight!! lol " ... written by bm
very good- spot on and amazing reader! picked up on a lot of things thanks Insight xx" ... written by violet
great reading" ... written by apple
Great update with insight! He is always accurate, thorough, and compassionate! Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
kind and caring reading, I so appreciate all he does for me and is always right on" ... written by d
great!" ... written by genuine one
quick, and detailed." ... written by genuine one
one of his predictions came to pass, can't wait for the rest" ... written by BP
Inisght picks up on a great deal of information, and all I can say is wow! He can pick up on your own energies and other ppl involved, and is also real about the situation. He is awesome :) " ... written by B
Wonderful, detailed reading. Was able to give me some direct information that will help me make an important decision in the next few weeks. Five stars!" ... written by Violette
thanks youre always there! helping me understand all my ascension shit lol mish ure awesome" ... written by m
Great and insightful reading" ... written by Maria
Thank you :)" ... written by -
insiht2 light is great, very helpful reader" ... written by Elaine rostropovich
Such a beautiful spirit thank you for helping me today!" ... written by Ava
what a kind person no one is as generous as him god bless you insight you are a gift and blessing to everyone here xx" ... written by xxx
Wow what a strong, spiritual soul, so much love for the Lord, really helped me and I highly recommend him to anyone!" ... written by Laura
AMAZING !!!!! he is my guiding light" ... written by d
Thank you !!!! :)" ... written by L
I love INsight...hes always on the mark and has some great advices , caring person and sees into situations and dynamics w people quite well." ... written by Aldous Hinckley
Insight2ligh is absolutely incredible! I will definitely return to consult with him, should I need further guidance, in the near future. He is amazing and he is very detailed with the answers that he provides. I was fortunate enough to catch him as he had lowered his price, as well. Which was an added bonus. :) I would recommend that everyone out there, who is looking for an honest and genuine reader, do a private consultation with this fabulous man! :D He is terrific and you wont be disappointed. " ... written by T♥
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.... ON POINT.... " ... written by Given
Thank you Insight! Always on point!" ... written by Garace123
Insight2ligh is a true, honest, accurate and very genuine reader. He is detailed, clear and concise. He covers all of the questions that you have concerns about, to ensure that the money that you pay, has not been wasted. Insight2ligh takes his work seriously and he is sincere about the happiness and well-being of his clients. I am thrilled to have been referred to this reader, by a very dear friend of mine. He is fantastic and I have nothing but good and positive things to say about my very first experience with this reader. HIGHLY recommended to all! " ... written by Wise
love this man... he just knows how to put it into perspective." ... written by r
Greatly helpful, kind, and a superb psychic." ... written by L
Unbelievable accuracy!!! I dont know how its done but its truly a gift. Find out for yourself " ... written by AA
Another great reading. Thank you Insight as always.." ... written by Mich221
Very gifted and accurate psychic! Amazing insight! Great energy and lovely personality too! Connects fast and all predictions comes true, 5 stars x " ... written by Cindy
Thank you!!!" ... written by Garace123
excellent!" ... written by genuione one
WOW he is awesome such a gentle and honest person and saw right into my situation xx" ... written by HP
Love love love reading with insight! Always very thorough, detailed and coming from the highest loving place. Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
Amazing, first reading, great with connecting, and awesome personality, truly an amazing person." ... written by Briana
great as always" ... written by kahira
such a lovely man, couldn't get through this without his insight and advice" ... written by d
IVE JUST BEEN BOMBARDED WITH A MILLION ANSWERS TO ALL MY WORRIES! I am so so happy with this reading and now i can finally relax after constantly worrying !! Thank you so much!!" ... written by christina
He is always good at giving me second comfirmations with my decisions whatever Im gonna partake.Thank you for unfolding the details that no one knows except me which blew me away as always...which keeps me confident with whatever reevaluations I have been making.Thank you so very much so much that I believe that you are one of God's sent messengers!!Thank you~~" ... written by Sexay
He is always so good n fast at picking up lots of stuffs that I have known for ages and even before I asked my questions.He is truly one of the most generous readers on here with such a calmness and patient.Just love being in his room chatting away....:))" ... written by Sexay
WONDERFUL ONCE AGAIN!!! ALways on point!" ... written by Given
Amazing!!!!" ... written by Ava
Insight is very polite.. gentle. Very clear andamp; works with you " ... written by Shuchi
I LOVE HIM! he picked up on EVERYTHINGGGG" ... written by Raychul
Thank you very much!!" ... written by L
Insight was very forthright and to the point.. He made sure to cover all the bases and answer my questions.. He was accurate and detailed. Thank you dear insight.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
I love talking 2 insight, hes always on point!! never wrong yet!! He is one of the best ones on oranum!!!" ... written by 3rdeyechic
I really love talking to this many really picks up on some key stuff..wonderful reader" ... written by Hope
Gave me very good insight and helped me with where I want and need to be. I highly recommend !" ... written by Diana
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you Insight!!!!" ... written by garace123
A truly gifted reader. The information provided was generous and accurate. I was very impressed and will be back again." ... written by liz
He's always accurate andamp; on point and even when you think is not going to will in due time.." ... written by bbright
Very helpful in navigating relationship issues and how to approach them. Thanks again for a great reading!" ... written by Jessica
he made me laugh and a happy cry on how much he knew without me saying anything he is a very special person and worth a reading" ... written by way123
good reading, connected well with no tools, encouraging discussion, thanks" ... written by dakota
Thank you" ... written by L
Insight is such a gorgeous reader. He is detailed and accurate. He does not waste your time nor your money. You get exactly what you pay for, with Insight2ligh. A million stars and highly recommended!!! ♥ :)" ... written by T♥
Great energy! Clearifying guidance!" ... written by Violet
Always helps me see things clearly. Doesn't sugar coat things and tells you how it is. " ... written by Diana
he is a very kind reader, strongly recommend him :)" ... written by Beta
Lots of information given.... thanks" ... written by R
Im really happy i came across this reader tonight. I feel that they gave me the answer i needed and also the feeling i already had which is wonderful :) " ... written by Nicola
Sorry I ran out of credits!! It was nice talking to you and I will keep you posted. " ... written by Jennifer
wow oh my goodness he blew me away he was so insightful and knew without me giving him" ... written by angel
Good guy! Recommend." ... written by softwater
Insight is wonderful. Always picks up on details. " ... written by MakeupMaven
Wow...So spot on, it was amazing. Such beautiful energy and amazing connection. Truly made my day and provided much needed clarity. Saying thank you is simply not enough...Very blessed to have come into the room. So gifted...xxxx" ... written by Carrie
Well I'm absolutely amazed....! This man is a wonderfully gifted psychic, and a beautiful human being. I truly appreciate the reading I had with him, and I wish him all the best." ... written by softwater
great reader n quick i highly recommend " ... written by apple
I loved the reading with Insight2Ligh, the reading was fabulous! I will def recommend him. " ... written by KLOVE94
Insight2 is an amazing reader. Makes one see the various dimensions of life. He is helpful. I recommend him strongly." ... written by softwater
a caring, thoughtful, detailed reading. much appreciated." ... written by softwater
Loved the reading!! " ... written by KLOVE94
Thanks so much for another awesome reading! I will definitely be back for more!!!!" ... written by ffairy
Great reading as always, thanks for the advice" ... written by Jessica
amazing as always he brings me clarity and explains the situation in detail so I can understand the inner workings of my questions. I always feel so much better after his readings " ... written by d
detailed, quick, instant connection, very carying and kind, no Information needed. highly recommended!!!" ... written by loner
Excellent reading, very helpful!" ... written by softwater
Insight to light is so connected and underrstands your thoughts and feelings as well connected to your path to give you positive guidance and works with a softness and kindness that I have never felt before...the best" ... written by Lara Blanks
Back for an update today...Always picks up a lot, great deal of insight! Reads ppl very very well and situations, and can tell you things you had always thought about someone, brings clarity and confirmation. Lovely Soul! xx" ... written by B
Thanks for another great reading x" ... written by Cindy
Wonderful reading loved it!" ... written by Ava
I LOVE HIM, he is AWESOME ty ty ty " ... written by libraqueen
Thank you for your wonderful reading i truly am grateful!" ... written by Ava
Thanks so much!" ... written by L
Thanks Mish..That was a beautiful reading and you were spot on about so many things about my relationship that it blew my mind! We do think a lot alike and we want to move forward with each other." ... written by shelle97
Two days or two weeks I am going to meet someone for a love relationship. I hope this prediction is accurate. Thank you" ... written by Angela
ty mish! always there for me even in my doubt you always prove me right! xx" ... written by m
thank you for the update looking forward to the things to come awsome reading as always " ... written by paul
Insight2ligh is fantastic. Very detailed, accurate, and in tune with the situation. He does not waste your time, nor your credits. You certainly get what you pay for. He is terrific, and I highly recommend him! =) " ... written by T♥
Great amount of clarity, kind person, and caring, truly a great reader." ... written by Briana
Iam amazed on all the details he gave me for reading. very accurate and insightful. Thanks a lot MICH , i really appreciated it:)" ... written by Lise
A wonderful reading - an exceptional reader." ... written by softwater
He's always amazing!" ... written by Roxanne
If you want the detailed, holistic, picture that is delivered with compassion and love insight is your reader. Thank you as always!" ... written by atlantis111
Ligh really connected with me! I really enjoyed the reading from him, and I plan to come back more often when I need answers! He's truly gifted from God!" ... written by SpiritualOceans
Great update with insight, love this reader!" ... written by atlantis111
Very calming reading. Helpful and so accurate!" ... written by softwater
Had my first reading with him, very detailed, very clear with the reading! He was spot on with my situation" ... written by coolGirl65
My first private chat with Insight and l wanted to cry with happiness because he was so spot on, like he had known me for years. The things that you picked up on, it was as if you have always known me. A fantastic reading Insight! You are amazing!" ... written by Jade8233
Thank you very much!" ... written by L
Insight l love you!" ... written by Jade8233
I Love Insight its like he is standing next to me...watching my life unfold. He is always accurate to my life and what is coming.. Thank you x" ... written by Mich221
I look at a reading as a form of therapy and that is exactly what this was! Such a great reading! He picked up on a lot of things that were happening! He described me and my ways perfectly! I cannot wait to come back for updates!! He is such a caring/loving reader, it makes it that much more effective! Cant wait to be back!!" ... written by Lesha Virgo
Great reading with a lot of helpful details. Insight is my chosen reader.. now that I found him I don't go anywhere else for advice!" ... written by Jessica
He was VERY patient with me... and caring... and honest." ... written by softwater
Insight again, picks up in great detail, and also helped me work out the spirit around me today. Helped calm me down today and bring me some clarity which I very much needed. He he genuinely a good soul :) " ... written by B
He is hands down Awesome QUICK!!!........... he is consistent with another one of my fav readers... Insight is awesome, plz think about taking him to prvt..he is so FAST WITH INFO, andamp; what he sees IN THE SITUATION... I love the no tools in prvt....BLESSINGS INSIGHT , WILL RETURN FOR A FOLLOW UP. FOR SURE!" ... written by love Insight!!!!!
I love you Insight2Ligh! I always feel on cloud 9 after speaking to you. You are amazing and lm so glad to have you in my life." ... written by Jade8233
Insight2light is such a sweetheart!! He was right on point with everything he said!! He picked up on so many details and tuned right in2 my energy and the person in question! Insight2light is so positive and has given me hope 4 the future. He gave me really sound advice as well!! Thank you insight 4 being a true ray of sunshine!! 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
He is a fast reader and connects well. His readings have been great. . 5 STARS !!!!!!" ... written by Mechele708
Great reader, tons of clarity, and so kind." ... written by Briana
Simply superb! He just knows exactly what is going on and how to solve it. Best ever reader ! xx" ... written by R
awesome as always, thank you. i feel like myself again positive and ready." ... written by dejera
Thank you so much !" ... written by L
Insight is always so lovely to talk to. He always sees with great clarity and gives wonderful feedback. I am a repeated client, and always feel great about his readings. " ... written by Makeup Maven
I really appreciate your time!! I am glad I happened across your name today! I will want to talk with you again as I can!!" ... written by Kelly KDO
he was awesome as usual!!!! love him great insight!! 10 stars " ... written by bm
omg mish making me smile and blush haha but yes i appreciate u and your way to see why and how he does thing from his (a guy perspective) but also being able to relate it so i can understand it. your predictions happen always and will def keep u updated with everything we discussed =)" ... written by mm
Good to get confirmed that I'm on the right path x" ... written by Cindy
So detailed, amazing insight x" ... written by Cindy
amazing....picked up on everything, has a very kind nature." ... written by S
I so love this guy he is kind and caring and tells you how it is, in a very nice way" ... written by d
Thank you :)" ... written by L
he's extremely accurate... I will return... thank U... quite amazing I will just see how events and timelines" ... written by june
Good read :)" ... written by DS
he is very accurate" ... written by san
ty again " ... written by me
Thanks alot much needed to hear what i had to hear" ... written by ?
Highly recommended! Great insight, very detailed and accurate! Also very kind hearted! Thanks for the update x" ... written by Cindy
Thank you so much, crazy how real your connection with me was. I really enoyed your reading, thank you again " ... written by Khadracandyy
This man is simply brilliant! Just reads it like a newspaper column and nails it every time xxx thank you so much from the bottom of my heart xxx" ... written by R
past predictions happen before hes so calm and relaxing to me thank you insight i enjoyed the reading" ... written by imbeingme
Thank you Mich, good insight on what's coming up! I'm looking forward to it. You confirmed a lot of what I was thinking and I look forward to those changes coming in. You have wonderful energy and I appreciate your help! :) " ... written by Pluto121
just so completely accurate its amazing. a million stars." ... written by bay
One of the most accurate and detailed psychics on Oranum. Very fast reader with deep insight and loving energy Thank you x" ... written by Cindy
AWESOME psychic...always spot on!!" ... written by Amy
Great reading x Recommended!" ... written by Cindy
Amazingly connected to me. Pleasure to have a reading with everytime. Thank you and bless xox" ... written by Starlight12
Fantastic reading as always with insight! Love this reader!" ... written by atlantis111
omg he was sooo connected with every single person I knows omg I'm soo amazed I cant believe how gift he is omg I will come back every chance I get thanks alot" ... written by mroddie
good information :) " ... written by new
Very accurate!" ... written by genuione one
Mich always gives me a lot of peace and steers me in the right direction. He is my compass. Thank you Mich for steering me in the right direction today, for your kind compassion and care, and insights. Im hoping that things change soon ...God bless you " ... written by G
Awesome reading! Thanks so much" ... written by Karita
Thank so much " ... written by Lisa
Confirms my intuition!" ... written by Geneva Girl
Always great to have a reading with him. He's amazing! Thank u!" ... written by coolGirl65
thank you so much " ... written by B
Thanks alot " ... written by B
ty " ... written by B
I trust Insight" ... written by SM
Great reader, so awesome, really appreciate the advice and insight ^^" ... written by Briana
Such a lovely soul, thank you for all your insight and encouragement. much appreciated :)" ... written by Muhsybean
GReat! on point!" ... written by Cris
ty" ... written by B
Best Reading I have had so far. Thanks!" ... written by D
Thank you so much xx" ... written by L
Great insight! Very detailed, honest and accurate! Good energy as well! Highly recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Calming as ever, thank you." ... written by R
Brilliant as ever, thank you so much." ... written by R
Great insight! Very accurate and detailed! Honest and kind x" ... written by Cindy
he is accurate with his readings" ... written by san
awsome up date he was spot on about the woman i would meet and just needed a bit more confirmation thank you " ... written by paul
Very kind man who sees into situations quite clearly." ... written by softwater
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very kind man, very in tune." ... written by softwater
Great reader, always great to hear from him, a lot of clarity." ... written by Briana
great reading again with Insight! Always in tune with my situation , I highly recommend a reading with him if there's something bothering you." ... written by cloud
Very gifted! Gives a lot of details with great insight and understanding of the situation, also time frames. Highly recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Always enjoy getting a reading with him! He always uplifts my spirit when I am feeling down or blue! He picks up on situations without me even giving him information. Always blown away with how much he picks up and knows!! Will come back when I need an update! He's my Oranum therapist!! :)" ... written by Pink Sapphire
Great, just great, always a pleasure to have a reading with, much clarity and great advice!" ... written by Briana
Insight2ligh is truly phenomenal as always. One of finest providers on Oranum. Thank you Insight, for honoring Spirit and inspiring Love through all that you do. " ... written by Blueraysol
excellent!!! lots of detail, very quick!!!" ... written by genuione one
thanks and glad youre back =)" ... written by mm
Great reading! Spot on with details! Thanks! :)" ... written by sakura
Great psychic, always a joy to have a reading, much clarity and good advice" ... written by Briana
Was feeling really down about some things... He gave me clarity. He always help me see things in a different way! Put things into perspective! Love our talks! Will always come back!" ... written by Pink Sapphire
Insight really does connect with you without any details at all. He's kind and gentle and loved the reading. Thank you" ... written by Evenstar
Awesome Awesome awesome!!!!!!" ... written by ava
Wow he really reads the other person involved. I love having reading with insight. Thank you so much again" ... written by Evenstar
Thanks" ... written by L
Insight put my mind to rest regarding some important issues. Thanks again for a great reading." ... written by Jessica
Amazing as ever and just had to keep adding creds lol" ... written by R
Wow..... what a reading. Insight really understand me. He's amazing" ... written by Evenstar
Amazing reader~ Great person, a lot of clarity, very understanding, and great energy :)" ... written by Briana
I really needed this reading from Insight. " ... written by Jade8233
This man is amazing thank you and Many Blessings to you. I was very happy with the reading no tools wow!!!" ... written by serran
best reading on oranum" ... written by nouchecar
Amazing !!!!! so right on with events I know are coming ....unbelievable, cant wait" ... written by debbie
Clarity, great advice, great person! Great Reading!" ... written by Briana
Great insight as always, very detailed and accurate! Highly recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Thank you...lots to think about?" ... written by Hope
Phenomenal!" ... written by E
insight to light is very accurate" ... written by san
Insight, is always right on point. A fantastic adviser and soul. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Insight is the best! I trust his accuracy and guidance, thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
Always a good read! Thanks!!" ... written by Pink!
Insight could see the people around me so accurately. You always give me hope for the future with love and blessings to you. Thank you for standing next to me and holding my hand x" ... written by Mich221
Brilliant " ... written by ZTS
Straight to the point. Really amazing" ... written by Wiguy
very good" ... written by san
Another perfect reading! xx" ... written by R
Insight is so the right name for this psychic. Phenomenal Psychic and can see everything for what it is!!! 100 STARS!!! " ... written by Scentsations
Wow he needed no information whatsoever... he read me like a book.. knew everything that was going on am glad I read with him :) thank you so much " ... written by leo1080
Great ready, amazing person, a lot of clarity~" ... written by Briana
Insight was above and beyond.. He keyed into things I had never spoken to him about.. He gave such confirmation and clarity.. Tank you ever so much dear fiend Insight... Namaste" ... written by Janine
Insight, you always make me feel so much better after talking to you. You are such a wonderful and inspiring person." ... written by Jade8233
he's really good not kidding!! His prediction with me really slowly happening. thank you so much Insight for being available with mer every time I need you. Your always right with me very accurate and prediction also keep happening in job and love life too." ... written by I love you
excellent! Quick!!! gives lots of details!!!" ... written by genuione one
Great person, great reader, much clarity, connects really well~" ... written by Briana
Wow, another amazing reading. He reads you so well, so glad I found Insight. Thank you" ... written by Evenstar
Awesome as always!!!!" ... written by Ava
ALways make my day better, Thankyou so much Insight " ... written by Sweeteas
5 STARS! Very gifted! No tools, very fast, honest, lots of details and deep insight. Understands the whole situation and where everyone involved is coming from. Highly recommended x " ... written by Cindy
OMG this has been the best reading I have ever had. Thankyou Thankyou Can I come back I would love to just sit in your private session and gaze at you all day. You are very uplifting and so full of amazing energy. I enjoyed you and I also was amazed that you picked up on everything and was able to deliver. !! Very Honest . I love you already :)" ... written by V.Bre'Anna
AMAZING as always. One of my favorites on here." ... written by Trooper4life
ty " ... written by ?
Insight is an amazing reader...connects beautifully with my energy, feels like my soul is completely seen. I am so grateful for our time and our readings. Beautiful spirit..." ... written by Carrie
Good reading" ... written by kim
Exceptionally gifted!! 5 stars ++! Very detailed readings, connects super fast and with no tools. Spot on, honest, accurate, and straight to the point. Also very kind and open minded! Very gifted and genuine, highly recommended x " ... written by Cindy
Wonderful insight on my spiritual journey ahead. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Tierra
Excellent as always!" ... written by empress
Great person, great reader, listens well, awesome advice, much clarity~" ... written by Briana
Absolutely amazing! xxxx" ... written by Jade8233
nice reading thanks! dark hair creative in 1... will let you know!!" ... written by ss
Thank you so much insight, much love and light." ... written by vs
amazing...he said so much and read into the people so well as if he knew them" ... written by s
run out of credits but all the reassurance are great and I feel the connection. Thank u." ... written by Delight71215
love my conversations with you. you are spot on and very inspiring " ... written by moongurl23
Amazing person, great reader, much clarity, great advice~" ... written by Briana
Thank you so much your reading was so helpfull now i know I'm not crazy;)" ... written by E
Great person, great reader, always happy to do a reading with him~ Much clarity, and amazing advices :)" ... written by Briana
I love insight2ligh always spot on thank you!!!!" ... written by Ava
Such a nice guy. Connects instantly without cards. Wonderful. " ... written by nicki
This was such a wonderful reading. I loved it. he is so great in giving you information what's going on around you. and clarifies and makes it simpler and clear. Loved it. I highly recommend him" ... written by Tamara100
A truly great guy. Very connected." ... written by softwater
Great person, amazing reader, much clarity, connects really well, always a joy to have a reading with him." ... written by Briana
He is just brilliant. I am thrilled with his reading. " ... written by Astric
Great reader, always a joy to chat with, great energy, connects well, and great advice!" ... written by Briana
Great reading as always, can definitely read the situation well and gives helpful advice." ... written by Jessica
Insight is such a God send to me. It was such a beautiful reading filled with joy and hope. He read me like a book! It was just very inspiring. I am thankful for this wonderful reading and will come again. Do not hesitate to take this beautiful soul to a private chat. hugs" ... written by c
Wow another amazing reading with Insight. He's fantastic and reads me so well" ... written by Evenstar
I love coming to insight. Its like he just zeros in on exactly what is going on. " ... written by Makeupmaven
Thank You and your awesome like always in your reading!!!" ... written by TheFairLady
Dear, dear soul. He has been remarkably helpful." ... written by softwater
OMG, this man is something else." ... written by
He is the real deal. Take him to private you will not be disappointed..." ... written by D
The best!!!" ... written by Alex
5 stars all the way + One of the best (if not THE best) psychic here on Oranum! Put your seatbelt on and see for yourself x" ... written by Cindy
very positive and amazing reading! thank you very much" ... written by s
Amazing reader, always a joy to have a reading, very nice, great energy, great advice!" ... written by Briana
Great update as usual! Thank you insight, very detailed and thorough as always!" ... written by atlant
What a wonderful experience to talk with this man. So positive. And insightful." ... written by softwater
Great guy, compassion and insight!" ... written by softwater
Always a pleasure to speak to him. He has such a way of breaking down emotions even my own. He knows what I am going to type before I type it " ... written by AA
AWESOME!" ... written by na
Amazing reader, great advice, very helpful, much clarity, always a joy to have a reading with him." ... written by Briana
Excellent reading! Million stars x" ... written by Cindy
Another update - shall see what happens." ... written by R
Great person, amazing reader, much clarity, always love to do a reading with him, and always such great advice" ... written by Briana
Talking to insight is like a breath of fresh air. He is just so positive and accurate in his readings. He always leaves me with something to think about and it was such a treat to speak with him today! I am so thankful for his presence in my life during this big life change. a big hug to you!!!!" ... written by C
Very kind and compassionate. Spot on and accurate" ... written by Mama Sunflower
Amazing person, thank you for the reading and advice." ... written by Briana
Love Insight. hits the nail on the head every time. " ... written by makeupmaven
Such an amazing reader, an an amazing person, it's always great to chat with him, really lifts ones spirit. :)" ... written by Briana
thanks " ... written by ?
Great intuitive guidance as always! Thanks for the help in my situation. " ... written by Jessica
thank you so much for setting my mind at ease as usual, you are a wonderful reader and always steer me in the right direction, with you "insight" and honesty" ... written by d
Insight is always amazing this is my second reading and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time he is very nice and I really love him and his spontaneous but calm energy !!! He knows me like an open book !! " ... written by VB
Always a great reading with him! Was very doubtful and fearful about a situation but he really gave me great perspective! He is very easy to talk to! Will be back, as always!" ... written by Pink Sapphire
Great reading." ... written by sweet
Insight is so patient with me..... I'm always asking for his advice and he's so understanding. Thank you so much insight" ... written by Evenstar
Insight will pick up on EVERYTHING. LOVE talking to him. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Very kind and informative." ... written by softwater
Amazing person, great reader, connects really quickly, great advice~" ... written by Briana
what a great reader ! love the connection n quick to answer i highly recommend" ... written by apple
You've really made a light bulb go off in my head , you are very clever and i like how upfront you are about everything very honest and trustful :) " ... written by V.B
brilliant reader! everything was on point! " ... written by rii507
awesome , help calm my nerves. he is the best. " ... written by libraqueen1003
he's compassionate..... he cares about all of us..... he's a Blessin...... thank U for havin him on board..." ... written by lilblkdress
Thanks again for another awesome reading! You're the best!!" ... written by ffairy
Love chatting with him! So kind and fast with lots of info. Many thanks!" ... written by Dani
Top-Notch x" ... written by Cindy
Always a joy to have a reading with, great energy, great person, can connect really quickly, great advice." ... written by Briana
Amazing reader, great person, great energy, great advice~" ... written by Briana
Thank You so much for this reading guys need to come to insight for a reading...all i can say is awesome " ... written by Dafny
Wow, one of the best readers on this site and I've read with most of them " ... written by stephaniestar
Thankyou so much very insightful " ... written by V
Thank you again insight. It's scary that he virtually reads your mind. :) xx" ... written by Evenstar
Insight is really amazing at what he picks up. He has been such a comfort and support as I make some big life changes. He has been a guide and friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by C
great reader" ... written by cris
Always #1 " ... written by Der785
Great reading very initiative. " ... written by pinkpather30
super cool reading with him. Takes his time and very humble guy. I look forward to predictions." ... written by greek
Insight was wonderful...AGAIN!. Truely connects to me more than any other reader on here. Precise about situations, inidividuals around me and myself. Any time theres some question in my mind that needs to be resolved I know Insight will clarify it the best. God Bless you Insight. ^_^" ... written by tiny tiny all I can say. this is one of the best readings I have ever had and I have had a LOT of readings. " ... written by s elzy
Wow - so much information! Insight helped me make a decision that I didn't want to make without consulting someone I trusted. Fantastic guidance, helped me sort things out. " ... written by Beth
He is really good and really cares about his clients!! You wont be disappointed. " ... written by D
Thanks again for another wonderful and insightful reading! You're the best!!!" ... written by ffairy
Very understanding of the situation. Just need a little sunshine to happen." ... written by R
Just great, gave me the clarity i needed! 1000.. stars :)" ... written by j b 444
Wow I think this was one of the best readings ever. He had the guy down to a T. Gave me timeframes. I can't wait to see what happens. Thank You Insight you real do have a lot of insight. " ... written by PinkLotus
One word. WONDERFUL. insight is a a wonderful kind and caring reader the reading was 100% accurate soo detailed thankyou insight i thouroughly reccomend him if you wNt the truth and as for his rate well he must be doing this for the love of helping people he is not charging the earth like some others on here for his gift . Thankyou once again love and light to you xxxxxxx" ... written by Tammy
Excellent. " ... written by Liveoutloud
Another wonderful reading with Insight. He knows me so well. Thank you xx" ... written by Evenstar
Just an amazing reader, connects really well, always a joy to have a reading with him, very kind and caring, and great advice! " ... written by Briana
Great reader, great energy, always fun to chat with and such great advice!" ... written by Briana
Wonderful as always!! Helps me a lot with everything I am going through! Always honest and straight forward! Will be back for and with updates!!" ... written by Pink Sapphire
ty mish for everything! im glad i was able to catch you for a private and as always sticking to what youve said yrs ago. much love!" ... written by mm
This reading was such a huge blessing to me. I cant thank you enough for your wisdom and help in understanding the divine and your help on my path. I will take your words to help and so thankful that I have met you. I will continue to come for readings as your help is like a gift for me at this time in my life. You have such peaceful words and amazing advice! xoxoxoxo" ... written by C
insight is always wonderful. He has such positive and uplifting words! He seems to know the situation and can see the people involved. I am so thankful for his gift and his advice. Such na healing presence on oranum. Thank you!" ... written by C
thanks " ... written by ataun
A great person, A great reader! Always happy to have a reading with him! Such great energy ^^ " ... written by Briana
Thank you Insight another great reading. Many blessings" ... written by mich221
I am so grateful i came across you a few months ago because you have been the greatest aspect of my life. I enjoy your insights and laughter and honesty and to be honest sometimes i just get a reading to have a one on one conversation about random things bc you bring a smile to my face. Your energy is always vibrant and you bring the sun to everything :)" ... written by V.B
Thanks alot dude !" ... written by ?
i really like him ,he is cool and calm wen he does the reading and accurate " ... written by aa
Thank you!" ... written by ?
A delight an Angel, gentle, hones, spot on!" ... written by marya
Such an amazing reader, very understanding and great advice, always a joy to have a reading with him, and very quick to connect!" ... written by Briana
Thank you Insight. Thank you very much.." ... written by Mechele708
Uplifting as usual" ... written by R
Very good reader, clear and concise and speaks in a way to put you at ease " ... written by Asherby
Great update as usual, thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
ON THE SPOT. 110 %" ... written by Der785
superb once again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by tammy
Insight is such a blessing . He has been a spiritual guide for me since last year June 2015, and he has been spot on with describing people, events and what was to come that was relevant in my life. Indeed his prediction last year December came true exactly in the 7-8 week timeframe he gave me. Please read with him, as his words are both prophetic, and meant to be heard by you for your greater spiritual good and growth. Thanks so much Mich for everything you've given me with a loving and generous heart x" ... written by G
Superb reading , dialed right in and intuitive, caring person , humorous and helpful" ... written by Captain Binghampton
Awesome Awesome Awesome as always!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
always a blessing to talk to Insight, gives me direction and leads me down the right path. He helps me see things a different way that is beneficial. Love andamp; light dear friend " ... written by d
anytime I speak to him or have a reading I feel so much better and all hes told me has come to pass but he knows me as none other I have spoken with" ... written by april
i love every minute of my reading and spot on spot on .. i felt you know me so well i want to give you the biggest hug . and maybe cry and laugh and all the good stuff .. i been coming in the room for a while a finally god bless me to see you on the day i need it the most . the connection felt magical in it on way bc i knew everything you said was on point ." ... written by clearable
Great reading and very fast" ... written by kim
Amazing person, great reader, connects quickly, great advice, very understanding~" ... written by Briana
Amazing person, great reader, always happy to do a reading with him, connects quickly, and understanding :)" ... written by Briana
Amazing person, always great to have a reading with him! Connects well :) Great advice, thank you Insight!!" ... written by Briana
He is absoultely briellainat! caught what was bothering me :) thank you thnak you" ... written by Ll
thank you so much for your info" ... written by new
ty " ... written by new
I really love insight… he has my back and is very accurate. Thanks for everything you do..xoxo" ... written by Deb
Amazing reader, always glad to have a reading, connects very quick, and great advice." ... written by Briana
always great , puts my fears to rest. thank you sooo much" ... written by libraqueen
great!!!" ... written by L
Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Insight is so gifted and so spot on with my feelings as well as the person in question. He is quick and so sweet. It has been awhile since I had a reading with him and I am so happy to catch him. Guys, he is really good at it. you will not be disappointed." ... written by ezeeepass
very honest, and spot on. haven't talked to insight for almost a year or more and new what was going on. that what I like to see and hear. so positive and loving. thank you for the reading it's always a pleasure" ... written by lisa norby
thanks alot " ... written by new
An amazing reader, always a joy to have a reading with him, connects quickly and great energy" ... written by Briana
He is very honest and he told me the truth he did not sugarcoat anything he told me the truth now i feel better." ... written by Dee-Dee
Thank you " ... written by B
he is amzzing :)) andamp; so good! pure energY" ... written by L
Great person, fast connection, very accurate, always a joy to have a reading with him~ Thank You Insight! I feel better already :)" ... written by Briana
Spot on everything!! I wanted to hear more but my credits ran out and now im trying to reload . :)" ... written by Mary Oller
Refreshingly honest and kind and a true best friend. Just says it as it is - no crap. If you want lies, go to someone else." ... written by R
he is very good" ... written by san
Needed confirmation of my career path and he confirmed without me having to say anything!" ... written by Geneva Girl
Thank you" ... written by N
HE WAS SO SWEET AND VERY GOOD! " ... written by rena67
One of the best on Oranum! Very honest, very accurate and great insight and details! Thank you very much x " ... written by Karoline
This man is kind hearted and the real thing. His predictions just flow. Love his readings and will keep coming back. Thank you." ... written by liz
I am so glad I had this reading with insight. There is no one else that could have given me the kind of information that he has. He is able to see things so clearly. He is one of the best on oranum for sure!!!! God bless you dear man." ... written by kake
Thanks as always Insight! Always a joy to have a reading with you!!" ... written by Briana
Thanks again insight! Great person, quick connection and such a good energy~" ... written by Briana
Insight is fantastic! A true gift and he can see so much, accurate and very detailed with much compassion. He has helped me with so many things. Highly highly recommend him for any of your concerns and also healing! " ... written by Lynda22
Wow, amazing, just giving my name, thanks!!" ... written by B
Thanks so much for the update :) " ... written by bi
Insight is just an amazing man to speak with. He can really read the energy around me and just senses the people involved. I am thankful his gift for sure." ... written by c
thanks " ... written by new
Great reading, very helpful, reassuring about the future. Thanks again!" ... written by Jessica
You totally blew me away.. :) Thanks for the amazing read. God bless..! " ... written by SS
I could talk to insight all day. He has given me such accurate guidance and been here for me over the whole process. Thank you so much friend! So many blessings to you. Take him private. He is so accurate and caring!! xoxo" ... written by C
Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome as usual. Answers all my questions and I always feel that he knows me and all that's going on without saying a word. Thank you Insight" ... written by Mich
great very positive" ... written by jamira76
Wow he was so on point in the demo he had, told me exactly what was going on without me telling him anything. I had to have a private reading. And yes that was a spirit lead choice. I am happier that I found him, certainly someone I'll come back to. Thanks for sharing ur gift. God bless you." ... written by bibi123
He is such a joy to talk to about anything. When my spirits are extremely low and I need to vent. I come straight to him and he always eases my mind with such wonderful advice. He has been a blessing for me through such a difficult situation! Thanks so much Mich!" ... written by Pink Sapphire
Thank you so much for all that info... " ... written by new
Thanks again Insight! ^^" ... written by Briana
An awesome person, and always love to have readings with him, gives great advice thank you Insight :)" ... written by Briana
amazing insight into my situation ...nailed it once again, thank you so very much dear friend" ... written by d
Insight is a beautiful soul...what an amazing reader who sees right to the core of me. I appreciate the advice, the guidance and the words of wisdom. This was soooo needed today. What an amazing energy...." ... written by Carrie
his energy is so calm and the reading is so right on point he is good " ... written by un
Amazing as always!!!!" ... written by Ava
awesome reading with insight! Hit things right on the head!" ... written by shelle97
Insight has been on this journey with me from the very start. I just let him go and he tells me all kinds of things that are just so accurate. I am so thankful to God for bringing this special person into my life during this big life transition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Insight!!!" ... written by C
What can I say, so accurate, so much detail and so real, not a sugar coat in sight! " ... written by Maia
very accurate" ... written by san
Omg!!! this reading was the business ok!!! I didn't need anything and he didn't use anything but had my whole life in his hands and guided me to some truths I needed to hear!! awwwwwsssssoooommmeee!!!!!!!!" ... written by QueenRochelle1
Thanks for all the insights..! hope good things are coming..!" ... written by SS
I absolutely love him!!! he is dead on and straight to the point. soo accurate" ... written by Tommarion dobbins
Insight is very good. Has helped me in the past and I always revisit." ... written by Chiara
Insight as always picked up on a lot....thanks..." ... written by B
My favourite reader on Oranum! Highest accuracy, deep insight with lots of details and the kindest heart! Can't beat the price either! Bless him x " ... written by Cindy
Another amazing update from Insight, He always keeps me one step ahead of the situation . Things are unfolding just as he told me. I appreciate your honesty and guidance so much. Sending you love andamp; light and so many blessings" ... written by d
he is very good" ... written by san
I am glad there are people like this to guide me in my journey. He is very talented, Spiritual, connects to my situation very quick with a very accurate outcome. Thanks for sharing your talent. God bless you" ... written by bibi123
ty " ... written by ;)
thanks alot " ... written by new
thanks alot " ... written by new
i love getting reading with him.. he is alway spot on and has a down to earth feeling and if you see me leave many comments that bc he worth me keep coming back .. That should be enough said .." ... written by clearblu
AMAZING as usually" ... written by Gaby11
thank you " ... written by :)
Thankyou for be so accurate and confirming this new person in our previous reading :) ive missed ya so much !!!Cant wait to update you :) love ya insight just amazing , blessings and hugs !!!" ... written by VB
Thank you so much " ... written by new
Thank you so much! I enjoy reading with Insight. He's awesome!!!" ... written by Garace123
Thanks so much for your guidance and reassurance Insight. Fabulous reading" ... written by Maia
ty so much " ... written by new
thank you " ... written by new
Great reading as always. Will come back again another time to get more details... ran out of credits, and also had to go somewhere!" ... written by Jessica
he truly has a gift...words can't really describe how accurate he is. will be back for another reading later." ... written by scurlock
ok, insight is not only the best on here, but also tremediously generous and giving with healing capacities" ... written by Lara Blanks
She is the only one that do a reading and is right on point, she is awesome, get your reading ASAP" ... written by TheFairLady
thanks to him, im glad i found the right psychic for me! higly reccomemded!" ... written by rr
Awesome words of wisdom from Insight yet again! He's fantastic!! :)" ... written by S
Amazing! Truly amazing! so accurate!" ... written by Esjay
omg this man is truly God gifted, he has reassured me many times in a kind and a gentle way, we are truly blessed to have him available to us." ... written by d
You were awesome you helped me feel so much better. I will keep you informed on the out come. " ... written by KP
Dearest Mich: thank you for lifting my spirit and for encouraging me as you always do. Im thankful for your powerful prayers that are always felt . Youre a treasure to me and I really respect you . May God continue blessing you and blessing others through you . " ... written by G
He was very good" ... written by san
Insight is an amazing, gifted, and compassionate reader. Great update as always!" ... written by atlantis111
just amazing. thank you for much for being so kind and so accurate. " ... written by s scurlock
he is very accurate in his readings" ... written by san
one of the very best readers on any website. It rarely gets any better than insight. Have had several readings with him and each time i am amazed. he uncovers the mysteries and sees all. just an incredible reader, and will rise to the very top." ... written by so amazing
Great reading very informative. I love having reading with insight he tells it straight, gives great guidance and waits no time. He could charge a lot more then he does but his heart is in what he does which is help others. He is very kind and caring." ... written by pinkpather30
thank u sooo much . god bless you . much appreciated" ... written by remedio
Love insight! Readings with him are incredible, as I feel God's presence in his words. He always puts things back into perspective for me and gives me peace. He also goes really deep and is very accurate with his descriptions of people and what is going on. He made several predictions also in the past that came true exactly, with a little delay but they came true. Please try him you will see for yourself." ... written by G
Thank you again insight. I was so good being able to catch up and give you some positive news and to confirm some of your predictions. Love ya to bits. Big hugs and talk to you again soon xx" ... written by Evenstar
i have to say this is the best psychic i have ever gotten a word from....He is awesome at reading peoples energy..." ... written by Doug
You rock!!! :)" ... written by C
I have seen so many readers, but insight continues to be the most awesome , gifted one, I have ever seen. he is extremely gifted, jus amazing" ... written by kake
GREAT reading! Really honest and nailed things without me having to ask. :)" ... written by Becca
He is one of the best here on Oranum. " ... written by Roxanne
Insight discovered some things about a friend that I never knew. He was 100% accurate and I watched his personality unfold exactly as he said. Wow spot on and healing in the deepest sense. Thank you, friend!" ... written by C
Insight is truly gifted. Tunes in immediately" ... written by LightofTruth
Excellent reading. accurate " ... written by Flowers usually" ... written by Gaby11
Awesome as usual.. Its like he's reading my mind. He knows everything that's going on with great accuracy. If I could I would take him to private every day!!!" ... written by Mich
Omg Thank you so much for my reading Insight, 100% accurated andamp; honest. I'm thankful for you for your guidance/light. Looking forward 2 what God have for me. Highly recommended him God bless xoxo" ... written by Wisperslight
THANK YOU SO MUCH! WOW! SO GOOD! TOTAL AMAZING!" ... written by sweetangle3
I am never disappointed. He is riveting, patient, kind, gentle and the best reader ever! " ... written by marya
Totally fantastic reader. Insight you are a true blessing!" ... written by Maia
insight is just phenomenal as always. Dont have to say a word." ... written by kake
simply the best." ... written by kake
One question answered and was happy with the prediction ..thanks :)" ... written by me
Very insightful. Taps into the situation right away and give lots of details and time frames." ... written by Tani
This guy is amazing... I didnt have to tell him anything at all... I think he connected very well with me :) thank you " ... written by leo
I can always count on Insight to give me an awesome reading!!! He is exceptional. When I'm down he lifts my spirits and he knows exactly what he is talking about. He is very detailed and some stuff is just scary how he can pick up things! I always enjoy coming to him and will indeed be back for an update!!" ... written by Pink Sapphire
Great reading, looking forward to positive outlook and things in life.. " ... written by Lady
Thanks Mich for my update ran out of credits but what you did tell me helped thanks again xx" ... written by T
Lovely Mich, thank you so much for our reading. As usual I am left happy, peaceful and with the answers and solutions I need . Please pray for me especially in this period. Im blessed to know you and send you all the blessings back that you send to me ...Love you very much xoxoxo" ... written by G
Great reading very informative and always a pleasure to chat with. Goes above and beyond caring about his clients." ... written by pinkpather30
Mich, you are amazing. I am so thankful for your talents and guidance and reassurance. Thanks for a great reading and update. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Another wonderful reading with Insight :) xx" ... written by Evenstar
always amazing" ... written by d
Great reading as always, true insight into situations." ... written by Jessica
thanks " ... written by new
Beautiful person and as always a wonderful reading." ... written by Chiara
Great reading, very encouraging. " ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much " ... written by new
Amazing, amazing accuracy, I am astounded, bowled over at the moment. Thank you so much, Insight, I'm kind of speechless right now! Whew!" ... written by Sunshine
Insight is amazing, he always give so much information and details to his readings. He has been spot on with all of our readings and I real appreciate his guidance. " ... written by Mechele
Such a wonderful update!!! Never any complaints! He is so accurate, some times it is scary! Will always come back! My #1 on Oranum!" ... written by Pink Sapphire
he was very accurate in what he told me" ... written by san
He was awesome and fast he seemed to know his stuff :)! Will keep u updated " ... written by tiff
5 Stars. Very quick to connect! I Highly recommend!" ... written by Christine
He is the best psychic on Oranum! Fast, detailed, spot on and incredibly accurate! look no other place! All the stars in the multiverse, bless xxxx" ... written by Cindy
Great reading.. Very informative and gave great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
amazing as always . god bless u" ... written by remedio
In my opinion Insight2Ligh has God Given gifts that go beyond the norm... AWESOME PRIVATE READING!! I have been lifted andamp; enlightened regarding information I did not know... but now realize. This has helped me to understand issues that have confused me very much... now I understand!! The "truth be told" ACCURATE, SPIRITUAL, INSIGHTFUL, NO TOOLS, NO QUESTIONS..." ... written by Nini52
Thankyou Mich you are so kind the best on here full of detail doesnt waste your time and money excellent yet again xx" ... written by Tammy
awesome ...don't waste time...a lot about clients. 10 stars." ... written by dml
U eased my mind, thanks so much!!" ... written by P
Insight is awesome!!!" ... written by Amy L Bennett
I LOVE INSIGHT. I can always trust that his beautiful gifts will never lead me astray or misguide me. I have been coming to him for over a year, and he has never given me bad feedback or advise. He always helps me feel better with the decisions open to me. " ... written by Makeup Maven
I like this person. They could even be a life coach even. Very good suggestions on how to help with personal problems." ... written by Riley
thanks insight detailed and accurate" ... written by lavelle
Fantastic! No tools. I can't express how much he knew about people involved in my reading. It was a good scary! Loved every minute! Than you so much! " ... written by Tiffany
Great reading! He is amazing. " ... written by scurlock
My all time favourite psychic! He is the best on here, without doubt! No tools, deep insight, lots of details and high accuracy! Bless x " ... written by Cindy
amazing as usual" ... written by d
Best reading in over 2 years !!! a tiny word to describe wt a great reading i had !! Thank you sooo much !!" ... written by M
An amazing person, thank you so much! So for having to go so soon, I had to finish cleaning up, have an amazing day Insight!!" ... written by Briana
Insight, thank you so much! l'm on top of the world!" ... written by Jade8233
Great reading again! Insight picked up on so much detail! Always a pleasure talking with you. :)" ... written by S
just freaking amazing !! truly gifted !!! outstanding!!!!" ... written by tamjones
Amazing!!!! Thank you. Will be back soon." ... written by --
Insight is my go to man. I love talking to him in both good and bad times. His vision is so clear and on point, it is scary. I love talking to him. I look forward to everything we talked about!" ... written by Makeup Maven
Another awesome reading from Insight2ligh. Very interesting and didn't expect what he saw. Hope he is right. Fun and generous soul. Spot on about me. Thank you!" ... written by Starlight12
It's always a joy to have a reading with him. Great advice, much clarity, and connects very quickly. Thanks again insight!" ... written by Briana
Spot on as usual. There is No other like him on Oranum!!" ... written by mich221
Insight boosted my energy right up." ... written by Jade8233
He explained a lot of things that made sense, thanks!!" ... written by p
Amazing reader and person, quick connection, always a joy to talk to, thank you so much insight!" ... written by Briana
Great reading, very inspiring." ... written by pinkpather30
Such a beautiful soul and human being. I never open up to people as I am with Insight. I can literally bare my soul to him. Always love coming to him! When in doubt, here is where I come. He calms a lot of my frustrations and fears in situations. It's like a much needed therapy session when talking to Insight. Such a gift from God!!! " ... written by Black Sapphire
Always amazing! Insight2light connects to quickly and knows what I'm feeling...almost scary. So accurate about situation. Definitely recommend if you want accuracy, truth, and compassion. " ... written by nina
Insight is beyond words amazing in his skill to pick up detail and hone in on exactly what you are requesting. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Great reading!! Picked up on personalities and traits well" ... written by Sh
Thank you again insight for another wonderful reading x" ... written by Evenstar
Thanks great insight " ... written by new
OMG! Insight l absolutely love you! You are such a fab reader!" ... written by Jade8233
the best as always. insight is just the most gifted. their are few out there that could come close." ... written by kay
he is super duper and so quick too" ... written by sparkle
Insight, has never let me down. His vision is so clear. I trust his guidance and his positivity is infectious. You will not be sorry if you go to him for a private. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Thanks " ... written by new
Thanks again Mitch! Thank you so much for your insight. Opened my eyes :)" ... written by Cassandra
Mitch is incredible, a saint! Thank you for speaking to me, I'm sorry for the interruption. My internet hung and i had no choice but to quit." ... written by Cassandra
amazing blessed and full of such wonderful light. I pray the angels protect guard and guide you always." ... written by mysticallight
is amazing as usual. so incredibly gifted . one of the very best anywhere" ... written by kake
Thanks " ... written by new
Thank you so much, time ran out as I was saying my thank you's, bless you." ... written by happy4you7
I just love him! Always truthful, always great. Thank Insight2light :)" ... written by nina
Thank you so much Insight! Always a joy to have a reading with you! Since the screen froze wasn't sure when time was going to be up. Thanks again :)" ... written by Briana
All I can say he's very intuitive. Not waisting my time at all. Very good person" ... written by SARaH
awesome!!! hes great" ... written by jamira76
Insight, is just so amazing. His ability is undoubted in my mind, he connects extremely clearly every time, and is practical and insightful. THANKS INSIGHT!!!! " ... written by Makeup Maven
Thank you so much as always Insight!! Great reader, quick connection, always gives great advice and a joy to do a reading with." ... written by Briana
Mishelle is always so nice and he is just a fountain of information. He is so connected and tunes in immediately." ... written by A
Excellent! Quick an detailed. Very accurate. I got to him a lot. He is the real deal" ... written by Genuineone
Thanks great reading ... " ... written by new
thank u again for helping me {{HUGS}}" ... written by KP
he is very kind and caring fast and peaceful great reading thank you so much" ... written by mystical light
Always amazing! Always so encouraging and uplifting! Insight is a fabulous reader and a really wonderful person :)" ... written by Esjay
WONDERFUL. Answered my questions, the best he could. He immediately tapped into my situation and gave me tips to work with here. I asked alot questions on all aspects of my life, so it was alot and he kept right up with me. Love Insight. ox " ... written by J
great :)" ... written by yellow
Great Reading!!!!!!" ... written by Marie
GREAT" ... written by JAMIRA76
Fantastic reading felt really good and seemed very accurate with everything." ... written by Ray
the absolute best that their is." ... written by gifted
Best reader ever, without doubt! No tools, detailed, deep insight and honest! Also very kind and genuine :) Million stars xxxx " ... written by Cindy
love insight he just knows a lot and you feel comfortable talking to him" ... written by bp
excellent!" ... written by Genuineone
I cannot put over to you the clarity peace and reassurance I get from insight , I Strongly recommend if your thinking of a private dont think for to long, click the button and go get one with him " ... written by welshchick
Amazing as always! Insight is such a gifted psychic. Thank you for the reading. " ... written by Belle
Spot on as usual. Sees and feels everything. Thank you" ... written by mich221
what an amazing gentleman, and soul, I am truly very grateful for all your words and help today. " ... written by welshchick
Insight is such a gift in my life. Thank you for blessing me with your readings. He is amazing. May God continue to bless you always. " ... written by Belle
He's on!" ... written by Kristie
Wow, i'm blown away. I didnt know what to expect from him, but wow! You are so great, Insight2ligh. My first every reading and you picked up so much. And a lot so right!! God bless you. You are no doubt really gifted my friend. " ... written by Love
Interesting insight. He picked up a lot of specific details and for the most part was very accurate. We will have to see how his predictions pan out for the near future. " ... written by l
excellent. Quick, detailed, and a friend. The real deal." ... written by Genuineone
Oh my! He randomly picked up on my trip next week and the cruise I'm planning for next year. Hit the nail on the head for a lot of situations and gave me some timeframes to look forward to. Will be back to update!" ... written by Pink
great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thanks Mich, so worth the wait:)" ... written by b
he's awesome, great guidance" ... written by bp
A lot of information. Both good ones and not so good ones. But im glad i did this reading with him. Picked up so much. Really gifted." ... written by Name
Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your guidance. God bless you!!!" ... written by Garace123
a very genuine person" ... written by bp
Insight was so fantastically spot on.. Every time he stated what he was sensing I was nodding my head and agreeing.. It was truly ridiculous.. It was such a wonderful experience to be so connected.. I appreciate the encouragement and insight no pun intended he gave.. Much luv and light dear Insight.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Million stars! God bless xxxx" ... written by Cindy
accurate and great reading!!!" ... written by laura
Amazing!!! What can I say?! He made predictions last month and they came to pass. He made some more predictions and I know that they will too come to pass. Thank you so much. Will see you again. " ... written by ---
omg SO good!!!!!! Worth the wait !!!!!! connected fast" ... written by dre
wow so darn amazing, I love this guy , such, a positive force , so kind and always raises me up" ... written by d
Amazing update!!! He tuned in so amazingly accurate. Picked up on everyone involved. All the thoughts, feelings and any other detail. Im blown away! " ... written by Tiffany
AWESOME!!!! Mitch is amazing!! fast andamp; quick to see everything. Love him " ... written by Melissa
Insight is a gift in my life. He is truly gifted and amazing. I will always pray for you and wish for blessing in your life. Now all praise aside, I advise you all to have a reading with Insight. He is truly gifted and has an amazing energy. Insight, thank you again for you help. I want you to know how much you have impacted my life in so many ways. I deserve nothing but the best. May God keep blessing you and your loved ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!" ... written by Belle
This was my 4th or 5th reading with Insight over the past year and a half. All of his predictions and have come true. He can always connect and knows exactly how I am feeling, even when I'm not too sure how I feel. He brings so much clarity. I am always motivated and excited for the future. He always puts me in a good mood. I highly recommend. " ... written by Caitlin
The Only one on Oranum that sees it all as it is. Thank you Insight you always make me positive" ... written by mich221
Always great." ... written by A
Insight, never lets down or gives bad advise. Talk to him with any kind of problem, his sight is very clear. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Always a pleasure to receive your words of wisdom and insight! Forever grateful for your help." ... written by Esjay
Very accurate and good reading. Highly recommended." ... written by ulvarianna
Thank you so much its been awhile but it was good to talk to you again... enjoy your evening ... " ... written by new
Awesome advise Insight. Thank you . xx" ... written by Aqua
Very helpful, makes me feel better about the way things are going." ... written by Jessica
Man you have got to try him !! " ... written by R
thank you so much. .spot on, highly recommended" ... written by eudora
Great read as always! Many thanks and blessings to you insight!" ... written by atlantis111
Another wonderful reading with insight. Thank you so much :) x" ... written by Evenstar
Great Reading, its been a while, but it was worth every cent...I really love the kind spirit Insight has. Gave me a lot of Info and a lot to think about and was very encouraging, and motivating...Knew exactly what the issues were with me with trust and doubting without me stating it...Inspired me to be a little more hopeful...Thanks Insight God Bless... " ... written by God Favors Me
An amazing reader, always a joy to have a reading with him, connects very quickly! Thank you so much Insight :)" ... written by Briana
Fabulous as always! Thank you!" ... written by Jade8233
awesome reader" ... written by liz
Wow insight picked up on so much with out me even telling him what the other person was like! so spot on its untrue. Thanks as always insight! :) " ... written by B
the best as always" ... written by kake
Thank you so much Mich!! always a joy to have a reading with him! Quick connection, and great advice!" ... written by Briana
Every time! love ya! " ... written by
Amazing reader, great energy, connects very quickly and always a joy to have a reading with! Thank you so much Mich!! " ... written by Briana
great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
thanks " ... written by new
He picks up on a lot, its like having a conversation with somebody who just knows your life lol. " ... written by Pink
Insight is beyond words amazing. I cannot speak highly enough of this gentleman and his gifts. " ... written by Makeup Maven
thank you the reading was excellent " ... written by jana
Spot on as usual I don't know how he does it he is the real deal. Thanks" ... written by mich221
Thanks for the reading, helping me realize that I can only control my reactions and not what others do." ... written by Jessica
Great!" ... written by Ashley
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Amazing person, and reader, connects quickly, always a joy having a reading with him, great energy, thank you as always so much Mich!" ... written by Briana
He's awesome!!! love him" ... written by jamira76
top noch, I feel alive after each reading with him :)" ... written by domdomdom
Lord almighty, Insight is good. He literally read my thoughts today. Open yourself up to him and you will not be disappointed. " ... written by Makeup Maven
He's amazing!!! The best reader with such an amazing energy. Thank you for your gift. " ... written by Belle
Dear Insight: Thank you for the wonderful reading. Ive been reading with you now for over a year. When I want to ensure Im in tune with God, I feel comforted by your words as I know that you are divinely connected. You always make me feel peaceful and are incredibly accurate about describing people I ask about! Everything you have said in the past has come to pass and you were right to a T! Thank you so much for being a support in hard times, and for your care. God bless you xoxo" ... written by G
Hey Guys !!! Grab him quick !!! he has lowered rates for a while. The kindest soul I have met here. Quick and detailed and awesome psychic abilities. I got so many questions answered, I shall be back again soon. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Priya
You can talk about ANY WORRY with this guy. No judgement, only guidance and advise. :) " ... written by Makeup Maven
very accurate" ... written by san
great awesome!!!! hes so great thank you!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Such a great person, and amazing reader, great energy, I really enjoy having a reading with him! Thank you so much again as always Mich!" ... written by Briana
Excellent Insight2Ligh. Highly recommended. Thank you so much! Blessings to All" ... written by Angelwingss7
Mich rocks!!! Such a generous and insightful spirit. 5 stars all the way. Thanks for the great reading!" ... written by amy
excellent, quick, lots of detail, and accurate predictions" ... written by Genuineone
He is always so truthful when he gives you a reading. It's nice to be able to get readings from him because I don't feel awkward with him. He just knows what to say and how to say it." ... written by Riley
Great reading!!! Insight really has the vision and passion for his work. He gives you detailed answers with timelines and everything you want to know. I asked like a 1000 questions during my reading. Above all he is compassionate and a good person, like him most for that." ... written by Raghini
amazing as always! He's by the far the best reader on oranum or anywhere for that matter. Look no further. He is truly gifted." ... written by Belle
Amazing reader, and person, always a joy to have a reading with him, really glad got to talk to him today~ thank you so much Mich!" ... written by Briana
Thank you as always Mich! Always a joy to have a reading with you! Such an amazing person and reader, connects quickly, really enjoy the readings!" ... written by Briana
Excellent" ... written by jana
Really good reader, so amazing!!! Picked up many information accurately, so phenomenal!" ... written by Ian
For me, insight is simply the best psychic!!! He is always detailed with timeframes and considerate, you can ask him any and all of your queries. Above all I like him for being a good human being. " ... written by Hope
I don't know how he does it. Every time he picks up on the people around, my feelings, and what's cooking LOL. Only psychic on here worth a reading with you are the best." ... written by mich221
HES GREAT SO GOOD THANK U!!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you and bless you so much! you are truly wonderful!" ... written by
Such an amazing reader, great energy, always love to have a reading with him! Great advice, and connects very quick!" ... written by Briana
excellent" ... written by jana
Awsome reading!!" ... written by elisagisel
a reading with Insight is like going to someone for a spiritual checkup. He can advise on the highs and the lows and a healthy dose of humor with it!" ... written by Makeup Maven
He is so good! He picked up on exactly how I was feeling and conversations that I had with the person in question. Actually, you need not to say and or ask him anything. It's like he was there with me. That you so much for telling it straight." ... written by ezeeepass
Very amazing reader, great at connecting, great energy, thank you so much Mich, sorry I disconnected quickly, will continue when you're back on." ... written by brilovespandas
awesome as usual , helps me look at things in a different way and understand better 5 stars for this kind spiritual soul" ... written by d
Thank you so much, Insight. The predictions are starting to come true according to the time frames you gave me about two months ago. Looking forward to more predictions coming true. So excited!!!!! Thank you once again. " ... written by --
excellent reading... one million stars" ... written by jana
wow. I have returned to Insight for over a year regularly for guidance, but tonight I spend more time with him talking about various topics that I hadn't asked about before. Not only he able to talk about the past, the here and now, and the future possibilities, but he was able to tap into a deceased relatives energy which was wonderful and extremely healing for me. Thank you for spending time with me on a friday night!" ... written by Makeup Maven
Always a joy to have a reading with him, connects quickly, fun energy, great advice thank you as always Mich, I think it disconnected me again lol." ... written by Briana
yess im so glad i got to do a private with you! the whole day i felt that i need to to speak with you and im so glad i did. you saw communication with N soon and a new beginning; but that the soulmate contract will be new due to all the spiritual growth and understanding we have of each other during this journey. 4 day or 4 weeks new job coming or new opp for myself with helping people through makeup" ... written by mm
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Lily
insight is a true friend and gifted psychic. i love to check in with him and get updates..he really picks up on some amazing stuff and is just a positive force. thank you friend" ... written by c
omg.. im lost for words shes incredible!!! she things she said blew me away!!!" ... written by christopher
he is really the best on oranum. connects so well. and has wonderful spirit. I really everyciate everything he has told me." ... written by loveisuniversal
great!" ... written by u
lovely reading -- it froze but what was said was super helpful and insighful. impressed" ... written by k
Really awesome reading thank you so much." ... written by uni
simply the best!" ... written by chips
very positive energy, and a detailed reader :)" ... written by starrose
hot hot hot and amazing" ... written by twinkle
Straight to the point and accurate. Recommend!" ... written by gemini0604
Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I feel so much better. you really connected well. I feel right about what u said. I cant wait to tell u when it happens! thanks" ... written by awesomeness
It was delightful talking to her as she has such a good heart and is a great reader. She was spot on and did explained everything very well. No focus bogus here. No threat of dark cloud over you, or selling prayer. Good honest high quality reading! She is full of positive energy! Insightful and In depth reading. Very happy client here!" ... written by P
picked up on my situation immediately. Really good." ... written by s
very great reading, knows my situation and gave predicton, there is something very very humble and calm about him that i really like, he seems very very genuine. very accurate on my situation.." ... written by ace of cups
Top class lady!" ... written by Londo
Insight2Ligh attuned to the core of my inquiry easily and effortlessly. Insight2Ligh is wonderfully gifted, as the precise information brought forth through both empathic intuition and Tarot was totally accurate and illuminating! My heartfelt gratitude to this remarkable professional for providing meaningful clarity. Highly recommended!" ... written by Gil
What an incredible reading! he could read my mind! Accurate, kind, compassionate, amazingly sweet! he gave time lines and all. i will definitely be back!" ... written by betty