About Impy

Psychic Impyhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Impyhas recently helped 30members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Impy's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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amazing." ... written by linda
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
very caring, nice and accurate. " ... written by cynthia1078
Great! right on with everything! She's the one you want to go to!" ... written by Jeni
WOW! She connected and knew extremely minute details that I didn't even mention. I think this is one of the best readings I've ever had. She was quick, accurate, honest and doesn't want to waste your money. She also picked up very strong aspects of personalities involved without being told anything. " ... written by kendra
She was great. :)" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She is AMAZING! Very, very gifted! She taps in exceptionally well! I was speechless. Get a private immediately before her rates go up!" ... written by Palomina
She's very very good! Great detail in her readings, extremely talented! Will come back to see her." ... written by ikroyalakrk
Wildly good." ... written by Paloma
Fantastic! " ... written by renata
OMG!! She is fantastic! So accurate and picked up on things that blew me away. Even channeled my grandma who came through to say a few things to me. I can totally validate that it was my grandma because several details she mentioned about my nickname and current circumstances were confirmed! Crazy good!!!" ... written by Seeker1200
This lady is good with accuracy, 5 stars." ... written by renata
Wow soo impressive she connected to my grand mother so easely ty can't express my feelings!!!!!!!! That was amazing!!!!!" ... written by marie5290
Impy is amazing. Not only is she still seeing the same things for me, but she is seeing the changes as well. She also sees a lot for me coming up in the spring that I can't wait for. Change has been a long time coming. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Impy is the best of the best 10000 starts, Impy you rock, you are so amazing and spot on with everything. Things that she had predicted are coming to pass. Thank you Impy! You are awesome!!!!!!!! Love you..." ... written by sweet84
Excellent! She gave an awesome reading. Give her a try!" ... written by E/M
She's so great and so clear, I can't wait to come back and check up with her." ... written by Reyna
Amazing talent, knew answers, told me before I can confirm, excellent." ... written by Pete
What can't I say, holy moly. I'm in total shock right now and that doesn't happen very often. Thank you. Spot on, told me what she looked like. Living situation, social situation, work situation, you name it, it was discussed in detail. WOW. You're truly amazing." ... written by Lisa
Oh my gosh she knew things that were impossible for her to know, she blew me away with her accuracy. Thank you again Impy :)" ... written by b1anc4
WOW!!!She is just amazing!!! No tools and channeled the whole situation!!Thank you so much." ... written by ro
She is just awesome, love her, she connects so well and answers my questions before I even finish typing. Thanks impy x" ... written by silver
WOW, WOW, WOW. She's amazing. Very, Very accurate, spot on with everything. She has a very special gift. She answered all my questions very fast. 10 stars. Truly amazing WOW. Thank you so much IMP. I'll definitely be back again." ... written by sweet84
Amazing as usual. Amazing." ... written by Birdie
Best psychic on here! Hands down" ... written by kendra
My angel. I need this girl more than anyone, she's the real thing. No fantasies.. The raw truth. I love her. She's amazingly accurate." ... written by Senem
She is amazing in picking up people's thought! I love my reading with her! I'll come back soon for more! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
AMAZING. I love this woman." ... written by Clio
OMG!!!! Seriously!!!! I'm floored!!!! I been around Oranum more than I care to say.... She is amazing! Thanks so much Impy!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Follow-up was great... things going well." ... written by Pete
Wowwwwwww she was awesome!!!! Thx so much Impy!" ... written by daddychop
WOW. She is truly amazing. She is so accurate that I'm shocked wow, wow. She knows it all and. Helped me in so many ways. Thank you so much. XOXOXOXO I'll def be back again." ... written by sweet84
Very in depth reading. She gives a lot of info and answers every question! No fluff, judgment, or anything like that. Just straight forward, direct answers and time lines that all make sense. Thank you so much. " ... written by g
She is amazingly accurate - she described everything to a t - knew times, happenings, situations, etc... without me saying a word. Wonderful!!!! Definitely go see her in private!~" ... written by Pam
Very good and helpful. " ... written by Jen
She's the very best!! " ... written by starshine
She picked up everything! Great reading!" ... written by san
Very interesting...and she picked up a passed loved one! So cool, will be back!" ... written by cat
Doesn't get much better than this. " ... written by Tiffany
I really believe that all she said to me will happend. " ... written by Cristina
great" ... written by Thenewclassic44i
Her prediction came to pass!! I love her reading style! Very timely and updated on the situation." ... written by M
LOVE LOVE her! I was drawn to her, I was gonna read with another person and I seen her picture pop up on the right of the screen I was so drawn. She is so accurate, and quickly connects. She gave me a lot of stuff to look forward to and to look after. I appreciate that she shares her gift! a zillion stars. Awesome read! xoxo" ... written by Tiffany
Awesome reading. " ... written by Maria
What a reading, so accurate, precise with details...people should give her a tools..." ... written by Ammer
WOW, Impy was great! Spot on so many little details, I didn't even tell her much. She is the gem! Definitely will come back!" ... written by Kirsten
thank you!" ... written by stars
Brilliant as alwaysssssss" ... written by sweet84
My favorite on Oranum!" ... written by Hannah
I love her! Such great advice, and knows so much!" ... written by kendra
Love her love her love her!!!! Shes my favourite psychic absolutely amazing and in touch she always knows and the best part is her predictions always come true. Just ask her clients!!" ... written by Senem
She is the best of the best, and there's just no other! She tells the truth and god I love her for thatttttt. She knows me better then i know myself, and she reads my situation as if she was watching a movie!!!! Thank you so much, and I love you mwahhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Precise… Super fast and unbelievably accurate! A kind hearted psychic who tries to connect with you first before jump right in a private… Honest reading. Like her style. No sugarcoating. " ... written by wcl
my rock. thanks girl!! ;) x" ... written by stars
She is truly amazing. Love readings with her. Spot on with everything. Awesome, very accurate. Thank you Impy, and I'll def be back again. xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Impy is awesome ..sweet young lady that can get into your situation at a blink.. Thank you for the insight and I will keep you updated.." ... written by sunshinec
I really enjoy readings with her. " ... written by Claire
You have not had a real reading until you read with this woman!!!!! She described my physical appearance to the tee!!!! And spot on and accurate." ... written by Ash
Thank you." ... written by Jin
The queen of discovery. Thank you so much!" ... written by Pete
Amazing, worth more than 5 stars, she pick up on everything that is happening in my life. " ... written by Michelle
phenomenal reader!!" ... written by flow
Impy is totally awesome I'm speechless at how quick she connected with my mum and how much details she gave about my situation....You must take her pvt!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks impy. Loove the reading " ... written by lisa
AMAZING!!! " ... written by Angelica
awesome!!!!!!!" ... written by t.
amazing!!!" ... written by alma
impy is very great I enjoyed her reading, she is very thoughtful! She is worth having a reading!!" ... written by angelica
SPOT ON!" ... written by ash
SHE WAS SOO ACCURATEE!!!!! 5 Stars!!!" ... written by ash
Fantastic readings. Love her she is amazing." ... written by sweet84
Wonderful!" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Wonderful!" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
SHE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAV!!!! Amazing!!! 100000 STARS!" ... written by aSHLEY so accurate with everything that she felt and saw. This lady is so well connected, it's unnerving!. A great session and a lovely lovely energy. Many blessings xxx" ... written by twinsoul
Stop on!!!!!" ... written by ash
She is hundred percent spot on!!" ... written by ash
She was totally awesome, thank you so much." ... written by riley777
She picks up situation really quick! didn't have to tell her much! she knew the situation and ppl involoved." ... written by s
shocking amazing. everythng she said is 100% accurate, no info provide to her, very kind and fast, true gifted girl. Appreciate and love her truely" ... written by dolly
She's the best always helpful and all of her predictions have come true so far! " ... written by love
I wish I could talk to her all day lol... Tesha really is a gem. great psychic, honest with a lovely personality. Thanks Tesha XOXO" ... written by gem
Excellent, spot on, def will be back again. " ... written by cathyf2005
Impy was very correct in a prediction she made for me. She told me there would be a delay but i would receive my answer and indeed I did. Thank you so much for being honest and truthful with me You are a class act and a very talented person. I am glad we crossed paths. " ... written by leelee32384
Wow she is amazing! The best and most accurate on oranum! She is extremely accurate and I would highly reccommend. You really wont regret a reading with her!! I am very impressed by everything she had to say." ... written by LISA
Seriously take a reading with her, she deserves a thousands stars. Very, very accurate!!" ... written by LISA
With each session, we connect better and stronger. She is really an amazing talented person, I mean how else would she know I was stressing over my hair and what to do with it. " ... written by leelee32384s
Wow!! SHE IS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Even offered to finish in free chat! She was so spot on and helpful! My goodness!! :-) GO to her she deff is in this to help you out! So impressed!" ... written by NVA123
Amazing as always. Spot on with everything. 10 stars. Thank you so much. You're truly amazing." ... written by sweet84
She is honestly amazing!!! Spot on 100 % (: Thank you so much." ... written by Ash
Fantastic..seriously..she just gets everything right what she picks up. So many confirmations. Bless xxx" ... written by twinsoul
She was great!" ... written by tiff
Goodness, what an accurate reading. Little information provided, and Impy picked up so much. She is very delicate in the information she gives you, a pleasure to read with." ... written by Tickleme
Awesome." ... written by tiff
She is very accurate." ... written by g
Um..... wow... I've been around ORANUM more than I care to say. She is just amazing!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She was very accurate and told the true. Thank you." ... written by Joseph Leader
Amazing reading very good." ... written by cletrel
Very, very good and picked up on a lot of things." ... written by Cletrel
SHE IS AMAZINGGGG!!!!! (:" ... written by ash
You are amazing." ... written by Joseph Leader
Accurate as usual... Spot on everything. Thank you again :)" ... written by marie5290
Please give her a try, she is very talented and picked up on so many things." ... written by
Got a bit of info in short time. Pleased. " ... written by cindi
WOW she is truly amazing, and the best of the best. WOW spot on with everything. I'll def come back again. Love reading with her. xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Always a great read with her! she's the best here!" ... written by flow
Might move to NY in Spring, meet someone in summer 2014, still seeing M contacting me, and we have good chance. Looking forward to your prediction. Thanks as always impy :)" ... written by Chia
Wow, wow, wow! So accurate and spot on. I just love her. :) Thank you so much." ... written by marie5290
Best Reader on ORANUM! Very accurate!" ... written by bo
You are the best." ... written by Joseph Leader
She is hundred percent amazing!!! (:" ... written by ash
She is very good, last time when i had a reading with her she was right in what she told me!!!!" ... written by Diane
She is awesome as always fast and to the point! :)" ... written by tiff
She is the best. No wonder there is a mile long line at her doorstep! (a/k/a "yellow button")" ... written by Karen
Impy is awesome. She is one of my go tos" ... written by kendra
Wonderful. Right on track" ... written by Lexie
I love this girl. She is amazing." ... written by Joseph Leader
Great follow up and I'm happy with the new options open to me. Thanks Impy, always on point!" ... written by Pete
I waited for 2 days for her! Thats how good she is... this is my 3rd reading. she really does pick up on the situation its ridiculous how on point she is and I feel her predictions will come to pass. Its been confirmed by other experts but i heard it from her first! I will be back definitely " ... written by Senem
Amazing!!!!! First reading ever she was amazing, I'm so happy for this reading she hit so many things on point in my situation and it made perfect sense!! Thank you so much I will be back!" ... written by Senem
Tesha is my favourite person, she knows me inside out and i love that she does. Shes the very best at what she does, shes patient and she tells you exactly what is and is always right. Shes such a sweetheart. please take her in for a private xo (beijos) zs" ... written by Sonee92
OMG I just simply love her. She is truly a rock star! I'll give her 10 stars because she is that awesomeeeeeee. Thank you Impy! XOXOXOX I'll def come back again " ... written by sweet84
Thanks.." ... written by See
JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER , love ya Boooooo !! you are the Best psychic and friend one can ever ask for ! Thank you Universe for bringing this beauty in my life xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by N
You are awesome. Very good at giving information." ... written by Joseph Leader
She is really good! Love herr!!!" ... written by ash
Impy is one of the greatest readers on here! She connected so well with me and knew things about me and my situation. I recommend her to anybody that wants to know the truth. I am looking forward to April!! " ... written by Brenda
Amazing as always. 10 starssssssss love impy" ... written by sweet84
Sweet Impy. I love her reading. She is so good on picking up feelings, descriptions, situation, motive and all that. Very realistic and believable. She is caring, down to the earth and smart! One of my top listed!" ... written by giggleworth
The best. My favourite ever I really love talking to her and she tells you the truth... Not what you want to hear. I am so glad to have found her as she calmed me down tonight as always. I will be back for updates but I have heard already from loads of clients that her predictions have come true:) " ... written by Senem
Once again Impy your prediction came to pass like always." ... written by ANGELICA
Great Reader!" ... written by Chrissy
Love this lady, she's my go to!!" ... written by flow
This was the most straightforward reading I have ever had and the first where someone got all the details of my situation with out me having to say anything. Thank you so much Impy. I am glad that I finally took a chance on you and am looking forward to the positive changes you see coming my way :)" ... written by blueeyedgyrl
What can I say Impy is a rock star, truly amazing, awesome, FAB, and I love reading with her, she helps me a lot, gives me a lot of information, and puts my mind at ease. Thank you for all your amazing help Impy. xoxooxoxox" ... written by sweet84
She is the best by far. There is no one better." ... written by Joseph Leader
The best.. feel calmer about everything even though some bits I didn't want to hear but I knew it in my heart. Nevertheless still on track with the update!" ... written by Senem
She was extraordinarily for describing how I look and what my personality is like. Told me in so much in detail, I felt that she knows me more than anyone else in the world! She is a real deal and a very good reader!" ... written by PM
Came back for update and wow she is amazing, spot on and confirmed exactly what i was feeling. highly highly recommend her to everyone. She is the best of the best. oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
She is so awesome. It is great take her advice." ... written by Joseph Leader
She is amazing! Very friendly and easy to connect with." ... written by April
She is honestly amazing!! Love her hundred percent!!! " ... written by Ash
Thank youuuu! I love her honestly. Time and time again I will only come to her prediction has happened for my job.. now waiting on the love life !" ... written by Senem
Very accurate without me saying much." ... written by Linn115
IGreat as always. 1-2 weeks will hear from J. IJW will get in soccer possibly in May. Will hear from M still." ... written by KC
impy is so sweet and fast and accurate she really rock in what shes doing. shes never wrong tyxxx" ... written by marie5290
great reading as usual loved my reading and you connected so well to my situation. Simply so connected to spirit. Gave me hope and restored my faith." ... written by indiabonita
Super Job. Really hit it right on!" ... written by Kate
She is awesome!!!! (: always on the sport!!" ... written by Ash
She is spot on and wonderful to talk to." ... written by Justice
The best, the best!!!! My Impy :) She's my favorite... Always remembers connects instantly and she doesn't ramble on. " ... written by Senem
Truly, truly amazing as always, very accurate, spot on with everything, gives a lot of information. Thank you for all your help Impy. Love you, xoxo. " ... written by sweet84
She is the greatest. I love this girl. She never asks questions. She just knows." ... written by Joseph Leader
So awesome! Thank you so much! I feel so much better about things. I will continue to have patience and continue to focus my energy on positive energy and love between our family!" ... written by Cat
She is phenomenal. Amazingly gifted!" ... written by Karen Marie
Thanks... Love Ya.... I am sure everyone knows by now she is the best on Here.. The best... She is hard to catch but when u do you will be blown away. ###beyond gifted.." ... written by See
Thank you, Tesh!" ... written by Rheystal
She saved my life tonight. I don't know how I will ever return everything she has and is doing for me. Thank you Tesha." ... written by evaclara
5 star! The BEST, I love her! " ... written by Love
Great reading, I'm so looking forward to the predictions! Impy is hands down one of the best on Oranum. " ... written by Pete
VERY AWESOME, quick and understanding. Doesn't sugar-coat anything. Gives it to you the way it is. I am grateful for her honesty,candor and predictions. I look forward to great things to come." ... written by Lisa
The best!" ... written by Palomina
She is always very very good. Doesn't have to ask questions. She just knows. Thank you so much for the great reading." ... written by Joseph Leader
very good" ... written by emma
Wow I am so impressive, she's always right on the spot. She's the best here. Thank you :). " ... written by marie
She is so awesome. Can't find the words to say how awesome." ... written by Joseph Leader
Impy is on point! She read right into my situation!" ... written by starzsign
She is wonderful. Spot on!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Thanks so much sweetie, I will let you know how it all goes. ♥♥" ... written by Libra26
AWESOME IMPY" ... written by EMA
Thank you. Can't believe how fast you tune in! x" ... written by Sophie
Impy is very unique. Her style is different than anyone else. No one can pick up as much detaile and feelings as she does. And she knows how to interpret the information she gets, and how to articulately express what she is feeling. Her reading is very accurate and informative. I love sweet Impy!" ... written by pm
She was great as always." ... written by Joseph Leader
Impy, you are great as always!!!THank you!! I'm so looking forward to that day......(Still see M contacting me, in Apr he will come around. Someone from past still in pic, not easy for him to cut off.)" ... written by Chia
Truly truly amazinggggggggggg!! 10 stars love her, so fast and accurate love herrrrrrr" ... written by sweet84
fantastic!!! amazing. loved her" ... written by Tiffany
She is a hundred percent awesome!!" ... written by Ash
She's good." ... written by Nelson
Omg, omgg wowwwwwwww, this was the most wonderful reading every, very postie, and Impy has been so spot on with everything, and all that she has predicted for me is coming to pass. Impy has helped me so much that I can't thank her enough. She is amazing the best of the best. Love Impy oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Omg she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! First reading and she blew my mind, she connected first to make sure she could in free than I instantly new and had to take her!!!!!! She's really quick!!!!!!!" ... written by lucky libra
AMAZING!!! :):):)" ... written by Ash
Wow... Is all I can say. She's amazing and knows what she is talking about!" ... written by mini
OMG I just love Impy. She is so freaking amazing. Fast connection, accurate with everything. 20 million stars love her. oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
She is just unbelievable hits everything right on!!! So Amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent, and gift!!!" ... written by ro
I just had a reading with Empathetic Readings and she was great. She was on the mark with everything. She also gave me information that will be of help to me in the future. Thank You" ... written by LunaBear
Simply the best!!! I love her. She's very accurate and I return to her every time because she's amazing at picking up others emotions. Real deal!" ... written by Senem
She is very very good." ... written by Joseph Leader
The absolute greatest!!!!!!! She is the best one on this site!!!" ... written by loveg
Always on it, honest and caring. She is so amazing. Will always come for a follow up because she is on it. Thank you. She is so worth the time to get the truth and real answers and predictions. Can't wait for them to happen. Thank you Impy." ... written by lisa
Omg I love Impy! She is so spot on, and she amazes me every time I talk to her. She just knows it all, Impy is the best of the best and truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweet84
What can I say impy is a rock star, she is truly amazing, very gifted, spot on with everything, and she has been guiding me through this whole time and helping me a lot.. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for me. She has a beautiful soul, and a beautiful gift.. She is the best of the best. million stars. I'd be lost without Impy, I don't know what i woudl do without her. She is my angel. Thank you so much Impy. highly recommend her to everyone. Love you Impy mwahhhh babe" ... written by sweet84
She is really good!!! " ... written by Ash
Fantastic reading, as always!" ... written by flow
She was great. I highly recommend her." ... written by Joseph Leader
Brilliant! Just kinda bummed that you are SO RIGHT. The accuracy is amazing! lol. I have to pick my true love even he is giving me a hard time now. I will come again whenever things change but damn, you are SO GOOD and FAST! more than 5 stars for sure, Recommend you to everyone here! Thanks for sharing your gift to help people here Impy. Many thanks and love" ... written by littleone3
I think she was awesome, quick and easy to understand and she already knew everything before I asked...Highly recommend her and I will be using her again" ... written by Marci88
she's really good! knows lots of details, and it is not even a wild guess..." ... written by luckystars
She is great. No other words for it." ... written by Joseph Leader
Absolutely amazing, a trillion stars." ... written by silver
She is awesome. Love Impy.. She is always on point.." ... written by sunshinec
The best!!! She is amazing!" ... written by ro
This girl is amazing. :)" ... written by Maria
Impy was fantastic!" ... written by Skate
She's very good! Thanks for an honest reading!" ... written by leelee32384
OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG.. Did I say enough OMG cuz I can't stop saying it!! Impy is def my go to girl. She reads me like a book, spot on with everything. WOW. She is truly FANTASTIC.. Love her... Highly,highly recommend her to anyone. She is the best of the best. 10 million starsss. OXOXOXOX" ... written by sweet84
Great reading I must say! My first time with Impy and she gave me a lot of details. I will see if things go the way she sees it. " ... written by casualcolour
She is very good. She stick to her guns and thing do happen the way she says." ... written by Joseph Leader
Impy was very clear and concise with her reading and very accurate with connections as always. Bless! xx" ... written by TwinSoul15
Great reading." ... written by lucky
My Impy!! Shes the best. DO IT GUYS. Shes real...I've been to everyone on this website and you can't beat Impy. Don't let her young age fool you." ... written by Senem
Excellent. " ... written by tiff
She is hundred percent amazing!" ... written by ash
Omg Impy rockssssssssssss. She is amazing, very honest, and caring, she does not sugarcoat anything, and every time I get an update she amazes me more and more, and I can't help it but to have readings with her at least couple times a week or more. She is excellent, a real deal, a real psychic and the best of the best. Thank you so much Impy, love you xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
What a sweet young lady, she is honest and accurate and true to what she sees. Thank you!" ... written by Georgia
Impy is so the deal, she rocks!!!" ... written by marie5290
Trulyl, truly amazing!!! Impy is a god send, she has been helping me so much that I don't know what I do without her. She is so spot on with everything, and very very fast, doesn't waste time, and I simply love reading with her, she puts my mind at ease all the time, and the most important thing is that she is very honest and she ROCKSSSSSS. Love you impy, and thank you so so much. mwahhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
She is my go to girl!!!! She's wonderful she new everything! advice was the best!!!!" ... written by luckylibraa
Awesome" ... written by emma
this pschic is "spot on"! well woth any money and time invested. i will come back." ... written by Sarah
Excellent." ... written by tiff
wow goooooood " ... written by loveboy
Really great connection she just picks up where she left off and gives such good details...she understands the situation...thanks so much! highly recommend!" ... written by georgia
She has been extremely helpful and very much accurate. Definitely off the chart reading and accuracy. She is way beyond a 5 Star rating. Excellent and will come back. " ... written by Star
Truly and def the best of the best. Amazing, Fantastic, and simply Awesome.. Love Impy she's a god send. I don't know what to say but give her 50 billion stars she deserves them all. Thank you so so much Impy love you mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
AMAZINGG (:" ... written by Ash
Perfect.. I love her as always. Always come back to her.. shes been very accurate. Time frames coming up and I know it will happen :) " ... written by Senem
great reading I will be back" ... written by oklahoma61
Impy was very helpful again. always great talking with her! will be back to update." ... written by mini
the best!!!! " ... written by loeg
She is awesome" ... written by Joseph Leader
Amazing, very nice and picks up a lot of things." ... written by Justice
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Lisa
I was feeling depressed and needed a friend that I know I can rely on as always. She always picks up on my situation, and makes me feel better!! Impy is one of the best ones on here. Thanks Impy." ... written by Destiny_Love
She is the best. My fave reader!!!" ... written by kendra
She is so accurate and very down to earth. Can't wait to see what happens next." ... written by Theodora
My favourite reader... accurate every time :) " ... written by Senem
excellent" ... written by tiff
impys the real deal her try her:) " ... written by marie5290
Impy is the best like the best!!!!!!!" ... written by Angelica
excellent - picked up on so many things! " ... written by Sonia
Thanks for the read and advice. You were spot on. " ... written by d2k1000
Impy is simply amazing, so spot on with everything, confirmed what I was thinking, she reads me like a book.. I'm so thankful that I'm able to have readings with her and have her guide me through everything!! She has a beautiful beautiful soul, and the world is better and awesome cuz of Impy. She'd a god send, and I'd be lost and not know what to do without her, I can't never thank her enough for all that she's done for me. God bless her and her beautiful soul.. Thank you so so much for everything Impy. 20 billion starts, and highly recommend her to everyone. Love you babes mwahhhhh" ... written by sweet84
wonderful reader, hands down the best here." ... written by flow
Unbelievable accurate, greatest reader on oranum hands down!" ... written by Pete
She is awesome and very insightful. I can't wait to see what happens next in life. YOU ROCK IMPY." ... written by Dakota
What this girl picks up on is amazing. This is my third reading with her on various somewhat related situations an everything she has told me is very accurate. That's why from now on she's the only psychic I'm going to on this site. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
I honestly love her. She is truly amazing honestly! She is always spot on with me. I'm so glad i found her. She is like my older sister! (:" ... written by Ash
Thank you nice reading " ... written by Elizabeth
picked up on my situation very well" ... written by ..
A really great reading. Impy quickly tuned into my situation and answered my questions before I even asked them! Talk about a great connection. I liked that she was detailed and confident in all that she told me. Will definitely read with her again. Thank you so much! Awesome reading." ... written by Jennifer
Excellent! Saw J and I first meeting failed, spot on! and see space between us, yes, we'd missed each other, when J returned to CA, I"m in NY.....impy see J is def interested in me, next meeting will success. :)))" ... written by KC
great reading was so great feel like she was so accurate. I appreciate impy so much. Thank you" ... written by indiabonita
I don't even know where to begin. Simply put: Tesha is always amazing, always picks up on the situation and the trajectory of the situation, and is such an amazing person to talk to. It's like actual "real talk" and she gets to the bottom line of things. Trust, trust, trust her!" ... written by Rheystal
Impy is my go to person on Oranum because she knows my situation inside and out. She's honest, accurate, and super on point. Always a pleasure!" ... written by Flow
Nice reading" ... written by luckystars
Thanks Impy the reading was awesome and really helped a lot so I am excited to move forward." ... written by indiabonita
Impy is totally amazing!" ... written by marionlyttle
Was very honest with me. What started off not sounding great turned into a positive outcome. Timescales were given and she was very sincere in what she was saying. I appreciate the honesty and am very happy that the outcome was in my favour. Very quick connection and very accurate. Thank you xox" ... written by Mshelli
She is awesome " ... written by Nayeli
The details she gives are so amazing!!! Just ask the question and she will say everything you need to know. Amazing reading, thank you so much" ... written by --
haha impy:):):) always right tahts why im coming back soo often" ... written by marie5290
She is truly the real deal!!! she is just amazing!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
impy's such a blessing shes so fast abd accurate you have to try a reading with her wow xxx:)" ... written by marie5290
Nice reading will come back with update when it happens " ... written by Lizzy
always consistent :) always the truth and always right!!! she even specifically said something in the reading that I was already doing hahaha she tried to warn me about a behaviour that i was already exhibiting. Impys my baby! :)" ... written by Senem
Amazing, amazing. Brilliant reading.. Love reading with Impy, she's always spot on with everything. 10 billion stars. Thank you Impy. Love you oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Very detailed and quick. Will visit again." ... written by Sharlene
she is awesome!!!!" ... written by Ash
Thanks always for the great reading huni" ... written by jody
amazing as always!!" ... written by Senem
SHE IS HONESTLY AMAZING!! LOVE HERRRR! I recommend her to everyone!!!" ... written by Ash
Impy answered my question clearly about a new job and time frame. She also connected with Jessie with accuracy. Thank you so much Impy..Namaste" ... written by Janine
Good god. This woman is so freaking amaaaazing!" ... written by kendra
very good got most things spot on thank u so much " ... written by mizzimoo
Wow, your amazing. I would recommend a reading to everyone. Thank you again." ... written by angloThai
Omg omg omgg I truly love Impy. She is just too too amazing, honest and wonderful. 20 billion stars to my babes, she is my angel and my angel if very very gifted.. highly highly recommended to anyone who wants honest and accurate readings. She is the real deal.. Thank you Impy" ... written by sweet84
:) xxx soo on point you rock girl:)" ... written by marie5290
very sweet and intuitive. thanks so much..." ... written by Emma
Amazing. " ... written by angloThai
Really great. Super quick. Answered all of my questions, and really understood the situation" ... written by ahz
Impy was spot on and knew things without me saying a word. Things she would not have know if she wasn't the real deal. I highly recommend you read with her, she was great! A total sweetheart. Will be back. Love and Light!" ... written by oceantide
She was awesome!" ... written by Virgo
She's amazing. So right on target. Quick. To the point. Love it." ... written by Ahz
Impy is truly great and insightful! I will surely come back to see her again. " ... written by Steph
Awesome reading with Impy! She answered all of my questions and more, quickly, honestly, and with lots of good details. I like that she already knows what I want to know and just dives in and gets the answers fast. Impy is professional, gifted, insightful, truthful, fun, and kind, she's like a friend and she has great energy. Take her private for the answers you seek, you will not be disappointed." ... written by Jennifer
impy is the best, hands down!" ... written by flow
Wow, Spot on. This is one of the best on this site. Thank you so much. I recommend to everyone to come for a reading if you want a better understanding about a situation." ... written by angloThai
Simply amazinggggggg!! She is brilliant, and love how accurate and honest she is. Love you IMPY. 10 million starts oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
awesome" ... written by Danielle
She hundred percent amazing!! I recommend her to everyone!! No doubt!" ... written by Ash
she was very helpful " ... written by Jennifer
Worth her weight in Gold! Dead accurate all the time. One of the best hands down anywhere!" ... written by Pete
Great. Love her" ... written by ashto
She's a wonderful reader, love her!!" ... written by flow
impys incredible woman such blessing to have you on oranum xx" ... written by marie5290
impy is great; spot on accurate. what else can you say. just right on the money" ... written by riverwood
My girlll always gets it right... definitely on track especially about my goals and my feelings right now :) " ... written by Senem
Very good Impy is..great in describing situation and others ppl feelings...very good..wish i could afford more and more time with her...thank YOu" ... written by md3311
Love her love her.. Brilliant as always, 10 billion stars.. She is amazingggggggggggggg" ... written by sweet84
She's accurate" ... written by luckystars
5 stars!" ... written by fly
THe BEST" ... written by missannie
Wonderful… Just wonderful. I have been seeing Impy 2-3 times for the past week and she's always been consistent with her prediction. It really boosts my confidence in her accuracy. I will undoubtedly return to her. " ... written by Steph
Had a horrible gut feeling about a situation and she completely put my mind at ease. I love this girl, and I have every faith that what she has told me will come to pass xox" ... written by Mshelli
Very quick and a lovely person, will wait till her predictions comes to pass..xx" ... written by Rishma
I have visited quite a few psychics on this site and Impy is the only one that I have found that is truly honest. She doesn't make any promises or guarantees about how things are going to turn out. She doesn't spin you a fairy tale based on what she thinks you want to hear. She tells you the truth, whether it be good or bad. I appreciate that. Her time frames do not change and she's great at picking up on little details as well as other people's feelings. If you want real, honest answers give her a try" ... written by blueeyedsoulchild
AMAZING love her as usual" ... written by Alyss
words cannot explain she did well " ... written by luckylibra
She came highly recommended and I know why. She knew things about my situation without me asking either way. She's gifted and I'm glad I found her. She's a sweetheart too." ... written by Ashley
Always great. Super reader !" ... written by Ahz
Simply amazing as always!! Love her, 10 starssssss" ... written by sweet84
Great reading! She connected in depth and quickly - very impressed. :-)" ... written by Leah
great reader, connected quickly." ... written by R
wooooowwww hahaha impy love you xxxx 10000000000 stars" ... written by marie5290
Very quick. And answered my question with concisely. Very good, I will be back" ... written by itwillbeok
I honestly love herrrrr! She is purely honest!! (:" ... written by Ash
literally the best that i work with. love love love her!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
All I can say is she's amazing. She picked right up where she left off and didn't wavier from anything she said before. She picked up on the situation and knew specifics that I didn't tell her. She is absolutely amazing! 1 million stars!" ... written by oceantide
Impy nailed it! She made a prediction and it came to light. Love you girl… you accuracy is really jaw dropping. xoxo" ... written by woodencloud
IMPY IS AMAZING ... BRILLIANT PSYCHIC " ... written by Sonia
Had to see what is/was going on with this guys mind, so did an update with Impy. She stands firm that my love life will take off end of May or beginning of June. But I will have to deal with the snake up until October~ 5 stars for Impy!!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She is honestly amazingggg!! Honestlyy hands down amazing!!!" ... written by Ash
Always my favorite reader here!" ... written by missannie
She's just amazing... love love love her... " ... written by vigglesworth216
She's awesome. Love her style. Clear, and to the point. She is right on, tuned in, and the real deal." ... written by Ahz
IMPY IS AMAZING .... she kept on predicting contact in May and the contact came today .... BRILLIANT PSYCHIC " ... written by Sonia
IMPY!! 5 stars all the way! Always gives clarity and sound advice and assurance. " ... written by woodencloud
Awesome!!!" ... written by Ashley
impyyyyyyy soooo gifted xxxxxx ty love:)" ... written by marie5290
connected with my situation. was honest. will not be easy. Thanks!" ... written by jan
the best!!!!!" ... written by loveg
our connection was bad for some reason on my end but will try again" ... written by lisa
Truly truly BRILLIANT!!! Love her she is the best of the best. 10 billion starssssssssssssss." ... written by sweet84
This woman here gets down to the nitty gritty and I love it!!!!! 1,000,000,000 stars." ... written by loveg
Absolutely love this gal!!! She is one of my favs on here. you will not be disappointed trust me... She has always been 100 percent spot on!!!!" ... written by love
She's amazing. My new reader for sure that I will come to before anyone. Such heart and so gifted. Totally has my situation pegged." ... written by Ashley
Awesome reading, she is gifted. Froze, so going to go back in with her" ... written by Ashley
wow. she is just amazing and i don't know how else to describe it. " ... written by jessica
She's so bang on with so many things! I will be back. " ... written by Kimmie
I honest love her! She very good and always spot on. Everything she says she is spot on!! (:" ... written by Ash
Impy is wonderful, she's got great energy and is a lot of fun! Her readings are straight to the point and is very accurate. It's so hard not to fall for this girl. **HIGHLY RECOMMEND!**" ... written by April
Impy is always always always awesome, accurate, and consistent! I will always come back to her because what she sees is true. " ... written by Stephanie
amazing always, very quick, will never just keep you in the room. every word is new. I will keep coming back for updates. thank you so much for your information, it always helps" ... written by lisa
Always great." ... written by Ahz
Impy is the only psychic on this site that I trust. I have been told things by so many that weren't true. She is spot on with me every time. I absolutely adore her. There are others here who claim to be honest but Impy truly is. She tells you exactly how she sees it. Other psychics give predictions in time frames that consistently change. Impy's are consistent over time which shows that she is honest. Although for me the final outcomes have changed do to shifts in both my life and the life of the person I read about. But such is life" ... written by Blueeyedgyrl
awesome everytime" ... written by loveg
Good Quick Reading, can't wait to see it all unfold :)" ... written by Christy
she helped so much on a very confusing situation. she was awesome..thanks so much " ... written by Leon Kinerson
impy's is one of the best here i love her so much shes always right with my situation xxx" ... written by marie5290
Impy knows it all!! She never fails me… Never had a single bad reading from Impy. She always quick and accurate and her predictions are consistent. " ... written by Stephanie
She's so awesome. Super fast, and just sees everything - -clearly. Always wonderful." ... written by Ahz
5 stars!! amazing!! try her out!" ... written by starshine
God I love this girl to death!! She is brilliant, amazingggg, love love reading with her. She is a super rock star. Thank you Ipmy. love youuuuuuuuuuuuu" ... written by sweet84
" ... written by Sonia
wonderful reading always!!!" ... written by ashley
love her" ... written by fallin
Great follow up so spot on." ... written by Pete
Thats what the reading should be like!!! AMAZING!!!! Very accurate, fast and honest! Thank you Impy so much!!! =)) Blessings!!!" ... written by Lefleur
love this girl...first reading is wow wow wow!" ... written by Rosy
Impyyyy is the best!!! Period. " ... written by woodencloud
Wow! I had to keep adding funds cuz I thought she was that good. She answered all my questions and gave me much clarity. Although my situation kinda sucks right now, she gave me something to be positive about and look forward to with time frames. So, I appreciate her insights. Thank you!" ... written by Mimi
omgggg shes amazingggggg ! worth all the money in the world" ... written by lucky
IMPY IS THE BEST ! " ... written by Sonia
She is by far the best and most compassionate. I am truly grateful for what she shares. Her gift is truly amazing. Thanks Impy" ... written by onyxxstarr803
Impy is always wonderfully accurate and she is always able to give clear explanation on what's happening. " ... written by Stephanie
great reading" ... written by mike
I heart you so much. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift!" ... written by onyxxstarr803
THank you" ... written by Talebini
OH WOW!!!!!" ... written by Zana
THE BEST!!!" ... written by loveg
Highly recommend her!! Real Deal!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Wow, so totally amazing. Impy knew what happened and why I wanted a reading. She is so gifted, down to earth, accurate, truthful, and genuine. A talented, caring adviser whom I trust completely. Thank you for taking a look my dear, you are truly fantastic!" ... written by Jennifer
She is honestly awesome!!! She picked everything right on point!! She is always spot on! I recommend her to everyone! Her predictions have been right for me all the time! always spot on!!! (:" ... written by Ash
Awesome reading she has helped me out a lot on some many different plans. Thank you for helping me to see clear and have a much better understanding!! You're wonderful!! :)" ... written by Sunflwers33
Impy is a fantastic! she has a fantastic style when it comes down to her readings" ... written by Christian
My first ever reading with Impy, she was brilliant and picked up on my situation really well, made a good connection, I will definitely be back to update you when things begin to unfold, thank you so much " ... written by Wish..
Now, I understand why she is so popular. She gets it 100%!!! Everything she said was exactly as I know it to be and now I can chill out and let things go like they normally do. A+++! Highly recommend!!! " ... written by Nona29
I absolutely love her. She is very gifted and a friend. Her compassion makes you feel at ease and she delivers difficult things with such gentleness. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by onyxxstarr803
She is amazing!! I love her! Always spot on!! (:" ... written by Ash
OMG I truly trulyyy love Impy, she is the best of the best, so so spot on with everything, she reads other ppls mind and im amazed how accurate she is wowwwwwwwwwwwwww... She is brilliant, highly highly recommend her to anyone, she is a ROCK STARRRRRRRR. Thank you so much Impy, love youuuuu xxoxooxoxoxox" ... written by sweet84
Truly amazing readings. Very forthcoming and honest. She gives you validation to allow you to open your heart and mind completely!" ... written by Danielle
Simply BRILLIANT!!!!! She is the number 1 psychic, she just knows it all, just like that!!! Love you Impy You are the bestttt!" ... written by sweet84
Always a pleasure to read with Impy! " ... written by Woodencloud
She is the best of the best and there's just no others!!! Love her and her honesty, she is amazing, brilliant. Love you Impy mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
I love Impy! No one has her style and I treasure her! She is great at picking up feelings and thoughts. She is not only sweet, she is very intelligent and her reading has a lot of depth. My go to girl!" ... written by pm
She get me and my situation. She is very good." ... written by itwillbeok
Consistent, good readings and always informative" ... written by Ashley
She is veryyyy on point! Love herrrr!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Ash
OMG, OMG, OMGGGGGGGGGGGG Impy is EXCELLENT I give her 10 billion stars cuz she is that AMAZING. Dead on with everything.... Brilliant the best of the best. Highly highly highly recommended to anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Love you IMPY oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Awesome reading, connected straight away and totally understood what was going on- would definitely come back again! Thank you :) " ... written by Drummergirl
10 billion starrrrrrrrrrrsssssssss, She is truly brilliant, love her mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Phenominal as usual!" ... written by Amygirl
Fantastic reading as always!!" ... written by Ashley
Impy, Impy, Impy is the only person that I trust with my life, and I love her , love her for being so honest with everything, and that means a lot to me! She is brilliant, amazing, and very very accurate with everything that she says, and so far what she has predicted for me it came to pass, she predicted other things today as well, and I know they will come to pass cuz she is EXCELLENTTTTTT!!!!!!! Love you babes and thank you for everything...." ... written by sweet84
She's always spot on, and quick ! Love her." ... written by Ahz
Excellent, brilliant, amazing, wonderful... # 1 for sure she is the real true deal, god I love her how amazing and honest she is. You ROCK IMPYYYYYYYYY love you mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Impy is absolutely amazing!!! She picks up so many clear details about a situation and gives fantastic advice. She really helped to clarify a confusing and painful situation for me." ... written by Champers11
Holly crap she's great!!!! great advice and great insite!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
she is my savior!!! hard to catch like a dam butterfly but when i got her its GOOD!! eases me so much" ... written by lucky
BRILLIANT as always Impy is 100% accurate and i can't wait for her predictions to unfold" ... written by marionlyttle
I always love my reading with Impy!!! ;) " ... written by woodencloud
she's great. so super intiutive and accurate. god bless her." ... written by k
she is very accurate" ... written by oscar
awesome!" ... written by rosy
Impy is the only psychic on this website that I will ever go to. She has been extremely accurate with the details and the dynamics of my situation. And all of her previous predictions have come true in time frame and I know that these will as well. Thank you so much Impy for everything. Love you. xoxoxoxo" ... written by daredevilbaby
5 STARS!! words can't even explain how good she is!!" ... written by love
I love, love, love herrrrrrrrrr. She is the # 1 and the real deal!!!!!!! 20 billion stars she knows it all, and predictions happen just the way she says it would!!!!!!!! Thank you Impy, you are the bestttttttttt" ... written by sweet84
" ... written by Sonia
Impy is a ROCK STARRRRRR!! She is the real deal, and I mean it she is the real deal!!!!!!!!! Love you Impy, you are the best of the best mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
thank you!" ... written by ******
Spot, spot onnnnnn, accurate always!!! 100 stars for sure, she is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! give her a try and you will not be disappointed, highly highly recommend her to anyone. THank you Impy love youuuuuuuuuuu" ... written by sweet84
I don't even know what to say??? I just love having readings with Impy, she is the best of the best, she is the real #1 deal, and there's just no others!!!!!! She is the #1. 100 starssssssssssssssss" ... written by sweet84
Very good reading and good channeling abilities! Sweet and caring. Thank you" ... written by G
Impy is so adorable and so awesome. She really connects quickly and she is very insightful! It was such a pleasure, and I definitely recommend!!!" ... written by peach
shes amazing she eases my soul!!!" ... written by luckylibra
wow i hope i can speak to her again " ... written by angela
I truly love Impy, she is the best of the best, and real deal for sure. She is Brilliantttttttttttttttt. Thank you so much babes, for helping me getting through this crapy timee, You've been helping me so much, and I can never thank you enough... Love you and once again Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Great reading!!! Was on top of everything!!! Straight to the point and very accurate!! I will give her and update once it all happens" ... written by latinabella
ty girl xxx" ... written by marie5290
Very calming ..... and very inciteful" ... written by itwillbeok
ALWAYS SPOT ONN!!! LOVE HER" ... written by Ash
Mind blowing reading!" ... written by Leah
AMAZINGGG! LOVE HERRR!!!!!!" ... written by ASH
she really is my savior she tackles every angle of my situation! i love her" ... written by lucky
WOWOW! Picked up on the energy IMMEDIATELY.....This woman knew my whole story without me telling her anything. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! " ... written by divinedaughter
the best a biollion stars hands down!!!" ... written by Ash
Fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust her with my life, she is dead on with everything, and never once that she missed any details on anything. Love you Impy. You ROCKKKKKK BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweet84
Impy is amazing every single time! When it coming to picking up the thoughts and feelings, no one else is better than she is! She is absolutely the best! Love her!" ... written by pm
The very best. I truly do appreciate her. " ... written by itwillbeok
5 stars~!" ... written by starshine
Great reader, fab exactly what i needed" ... written by smiley2011
Absolutely amazing reading! I am completely floored! I don't even know what to say except I have never come across a psychic who is so on point and accurate. She is very detailed and will not waste your time. Hands down five starts!!!!!! I will not go to anybody else from now on..." ... written by Gatorgal
I love Ipmy, and trust her with my life. She's always dead on with everything, accurate and very very honest. Thank you so much babes love you mwahhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Impy is the best. Not only consider a great reader but a good friend. Wise beyond her years. " ... written by itwillbeok
Impy is always spot on. She just tunes right into the situation and gives great advice! Definitely worth it!" ... written by Peach
Very good...took a reading in March and just got the same timelines. Thank you so much" ... written by Lisa
Impy is a major ROCK STAR!!!!! She confirms everything for me and she is SPOT ON!!!! She can get time frames and even money figures.....amazing!!!! 5 BILLION STARS FOR THIS WOMAN!!!" ... written by divinedaughter
I love reading with Impy! The connection she has with me is unbelievable, she knows what I'm feeling and nails the situation perfectly EVERYTIME! Thank you so much! " ... written by Oceantide
Simply briliant....first prediction/estimate happened 2 weeks ago - reading in may/june. second about contact today - when wished for but unexpected and the third might be coming...i will update this in few days. " ... written by Susanna
Outstanding!" ... written by Sanna
fantastic as always" ... written by frag
She is honestly amazing!!! (:" ... written by Ash
I love Impy! She is an only kind and the best! Very very helpful and caring! She has never led me wrong. Everything she's told me has been proven to be correct. There is only one Impy! I will always keep coming to her!" ... written by P
well, she's just awesome and I Will report back!" ... written by frag
I love, love , love Impy and she is beyond and above brilliant, she has a very special gift that no psychic in this world does, everything that she predicts happenssssss. Love you babes 20 billion starsssssss oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
simply awesome! Amazing! very good!" ... written by peach
You were rock solid and so very on with your reading Impy. I am very, very grateful for your time love. You are amazingly talented with your gift and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the clarity that I needed. Continue to help many...You are so on your path to greatness! I think you are not even aware yet of what is coming your way. I recommend her highly...Many Blessing to a beautiful soul. Hugs..." ... written by inspirations
Now I know why has everybody who had a reading with Impy,wrote such great stuff about her..She is Absolutely brilliant...500 % correct...Thank you so much Impy...I am gonna come back and update you!" ... written by tasha_j
amazing spot on!" ... written by absfab!
first time reading with this young lady, time will tell if prediction is right, but she was very fast and accurate so far!" ... written by jazzychic
the 2nd reading with her. Very accurate. Spot on every situation and very clear explaination, and make a lot of sense. Appreciate her honest. Amazing! Gifted and she cares for the client not just only acting as a reader. She is highly recommended ! worth 100 stars. Thanks again." ... written by pigletme123
She is simply the best i know of here on Oranum..." ... written by vigglesworth216
she is awesome!! fast!!! be ready if you wanna know the truth!! thank you Impy!" ... written by hermesstarr
so freaking spot on every single time! man Impy rocks!" ... written by rosy
On target every time. Can't wait to see if the predictions come true!" ... written by AB
Always a wonder!!!! This little lady has the answers you seek! " ... written by divinedaughter
she is amazing as always!" ... written by ash
what can i say she connects well she told me how to proceed how he would proceed why hes acting how he is and what i cane xpect so good i love her" ... written by lucky
Impy is my go to girl, and I trust her with my life. Everything she says makes perfect sense, she's just simply brilliant, and predictions happen, she has been dead on with everything.... love you babes mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh, and again love youuuu mwahhhh, and again love you mwahhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Always great. Can totally count on Impy for a clear and fast reading." ... written by Ahz
Impy rocks!!! Wow!! I love how she connects so well with the situation. Prediction in the past have came true!" ... written by Love
First reading with this amazing lady in a while, and she never fails to amaze me. Picked up on everything, she is amazing x" ... written by Mshelli
She helps me understand whats going on! Thank you!!" ... written by Ash
Impy is the best, she is so sweet lovely energy and picks up fast and accurate. Im waiting for her predictions this month. " ... written by Ace
fantastic reading, a very capable expert, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
She's an amazing reader. she's a rare gem and so accurate. She's one of those hard to find readers who's always been right" ... written by earth people
Sorry we got cut off!! You are AMAZING!!! " ... written by Love
I don't even know what to say besides that IMPY is above and beyond BRILLIANT!!!!! I've been reading with her for over 9 months now, and everything that she has predicted for me is coming to pass, she is spot on and dead accurate with everything.... IMPY, you ROCK my love I trust you with my life, you are my true angel mwahhhhhhhhhh love you mwahhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Impy is just simply brilliant .... " ... written by Sonia
great reading like always!!" ... written by flow
Impy thank you as always,I alway trust what you tell me...again thank you now I can sleep" ... written by Princes
Impy is the very best. She has become a good friend along with someone I can talk to about a variety of things. She is truly appreciated. " ... written by itwillbeok
thanks as always!" ... written by frag
Impy is absolutely amazing! So happy to be advised by her. Great great great! A million stars! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
She is ONE AMAZZINNGGG reader!!! WOWOWOWOW..She actually helps me remember my questions LOL..I get soo nervous in pvt..Awesome Impy..Thanks a MILLION!!! back for updates for SURE!!" ... written by Jennifer
thank u on point" ... written by lauren
Love her...she is quick and Also fab...xx" ... written by tasha_j
She is the best" ... written by itwillbeok
thanks my sister from another mister. u are on point. " ... written by lauren
nailed it! helped me understand what is going on right now, and thats what i needed so badly. thank you! very accurate, picked up on all the issues right now. " ... written by Marissa
Impy was very honest and direct. She gave me the clarity.. Thank u for ur insight.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
shes so good omg she says everything he has told me she said word for word!!! she impresses me everytime even though the readings might not change much but she makes it so fun!!!! she tunes in so well im glad to have her in my life. shes so on pointtttt" ... written by luckylibra
she is just awesome and amazing!! I am just waiting for everything to come to play. highly recommended 100000000000 stars" ... written by bem
Always come away from readings feeling so calm and ready for whatever happens next!" ... written by AB
OMG omg omg Impy is amzinggggggg, she sees things without me asking or even me knowing anything about some of the things, and sure enough things happen just like she sees it WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Impy is the real deal and there's just no otherssssss, love love love her she is my true and the real angellll i trust her with my life mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Lots of details.. Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Impy is so awesome, unbelievably dead on!!!" ... written by peach
I love my baby girl, yup, yup I love my baby girl... lol. I would def be lost without you babes, you help me so much, in every single way, you put a smile on my face when I talk to you. I love how honest you are, you are my true and only one angel, you ROCKKKKKKKKK. Thank you so much. Love you mwahhhh" ... written by sweet84
She is very good very consistent and positive am waiting for her predictions to happen and I believe they will she has guided me right and Im taking her advise. Thank you Impy" ... written by Ace
The very best" ... written by itwillbeok
She is amazingg! Always hundred percent accurate with my situations. she is honestly. I trust her with my entire situation. I get so much out of her! she is amazing! 5 stars!!" ... written by ashana217
WOW I am impressed with her!! Terrific reading...she is awesome!" ... written by miszy
I missed Impy so much, I love her, and omg she is always always accurate and dead on with everything, god I love her. She is the real deal, the number 1 and brilliant!!! Highly highyl highly recommended to anyone how wants to honesty and accuracy Impy is the one to get real readings from!!1 Thank you Impy for everything and I mean everything, you are a blessing to me, love you mwahhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Impy is amazing..she helped me many times in my tough situations..thank u dear...i trust in each word u say..hugs" ... written by tasha_j
Great reading. Very helpfull" ... written by rrb1988
Great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Impy is brilliant. Very accurate and time frame wise: moving Sept/Oct and I didn't mention ANYTHING. I am very happy and everyone here should take her cause she will be able to answer your questions and help you! Thank you so much! Love xoxo" ... written by littleone
LOVE HER!!!!" ... written by ash
she is amazing ! i couldnt ask for a better reading love u imp xoxox" ... written by luckylibra
Always on point!!!" ... written by Ash
she is do darn good...saw the details blew me away!" ... written by rosy
The very best" ... written by itwillbeok
WOW!!!! Impy Is super amazing!!! " ... written by Love
20 billion starsssssssss love her to death and trust her with my life. oxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
She is always on point! I love her! Thank you so much!! (:" ... written by ASH
Love readings with Impy!!!" ... written by marion lyttle
Awesome Impy another great read...Love her " ... written by sunshinec
Amazing!" ... written by :) Love
Brilliant as always. Predictions happen exactly how she sees it. 10 billion stars thank you babes love you wmahhhhh" ... written by sweet84
I love her...she is one of the BEST Psychics in the world." ... written by tasha_j
OMG!!!! if I could give an infinite amount of stars I would!!! She connected with me and my problem immediately!!!! Wonderful reading!!!! Wonderful!!! no other words to describe her gift, her attitude, her giving spirit!!!! OMG!!!! One of the best readings I have had in a very long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
I truly love Impy, she above and beyond EXCELLENT, every single prediction that she has predicted for me is coming to pass, god I love her. God bless you babes mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
Impys the best, very soothing and on point whaaaaat?!! :)" ... written by sonee
Psychic Impy was fabulous! She was on point with all that she said and great read. Picked up on many things that were going on with me. Highly recommended and very very kind and sweet." ... written by rdee65
Informative. Predications, TBD. Thank u." ... written by Sunny
Impy is just amazing...I can testify today that she is one out of many I have talked to who gave me very good advise and I took it and it worked...Her prediction for contact were spot on..She is worth every penny I hope I had come to her earlier!! Thank you Impy." ... written by Ace
5 STARS!! She is super gifted!" ... written by Luv
She is very upfront, and clear. Remembers things from previous readings very intuitive!! She's great" ... written by Robin
Impy is an amazing reader. She was very accurate and detailed in her reading, as well as compassionate. Will wait to see if time frames work out. I highly recommend her and will be back." ... written by Maryann
She is just wonderful! She has been my guidance. She lifts my spirits when I am down. Her reading don't change. She is definitely ten stars. She is on point on her readings." ... written by bm
straight to the point :)" ... written by sehneo
Awesome reading!" ... written by Rigo
Shes so fantastic and so incredibly good explaining t a T everything! and everything she says is spot on! Regardless the gift she has,she is just the sweetest person in the world! Ty Impy." ... written by absfaB
OMG!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the stars in the sky go to this pretty lady!!! " ... written by LOVE
Impy is above and beyond brilliant, she's spot spot on with everything. God I love her, she gives the best advise and I did follow her advise before and it worked, she gave me another great advise and I'm going to follow this one as well cuz she just knows what right for me...!!!!! Thank you babes, love you and I'll come back to tell you that I did it...." ... written by sweet84
fast answer!!! straight to the point!" ... written by hermestarr
thanks imp.. " ... written by lauren
One word, AWESOME!" ... written by Love
Well Impy is so talented and adorable! She will give lots of info and she is always right on! Five stars!" ... written by Peach
She's the Best!! Love her. She is always very honest with me and tells me what I need to know whether it's hard or not.. " ... written by Robin
ALWays amazing five stars hands down (:" ... written by Ash
WOW...another great reading..she sees everything so very" ... written by t
Thank you so much impy for your continued honesty and accuracy!!! you've been unbelievably correct so far so I have complete faith in you! Going to hang in there but also try to enjoy my life! :-)" ... written by leowoman15
superb! love this woman! mush" ... written by rosy
good good...always" ... written by rosy
The best of the best!!!! Everything is coming to pass like she said months ago!!!!!!!! She is above and beyond brilliant. Trust her with my life. Thank you so much babes, love you" ... written by sweet84
thanks my savior. " ... written by lauren
I'm happy that I found her! 5 stars!" ... written by Love
She's the best! Very caring, detailed and helpful.. love her" ... written by Robin
Thank you are the best. I appreciate all of your help and friendship. Not sure what I would do with out you. Thank you for keeping me focused and doing what is right. You are a great friend....xo" ... written by itwillbeok
I trust the crap out of impy! She is ridicously good! I am still in disbelief of her first reading not too long ago! She was dead on, and I really was looking for someone not to paint a rosy picture because I knew my situation isn't absolutely perfect. She read it a T! So when things changed I had to come back and again she did the same now. I can relax now lol. Thank you thank you thank you! " ... written by Marissa
i love my girl, she is so on point and prepares me for EVERYTHING. she has never been wrong i trust her so much with my situation" ... written by luckylibra
she is just wonderful, her insights don't change much. It had been a while since I had a reading and the outcome is the same" ... written by bm
love her!" ... written by ash
She's the best." ... written by AB
holy smoky!! the best psychic in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by absfab
A million stars!!!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Great Reading!" ... written by Rigo
i love you!!!!!!! " ... written by daze
the best!!!" ... written by absfaB
Impy is a very accurate reader. She picks up on little details, things about me that make me confident that she is a true psychic. I hadn't read with her in awhile but she connected right into the situation and the challenges as if I had just spoken to her. Give her a try if you have't yet, you won't regret!" ... written by Greek07chick7
very fast answer!! awesome reading! " ... written by hermestarr
WOW!!! She gives the best readings!!! Have some faith in what she says!" ... written by Love
Impy is amazing!!!! She is so right on with everything she says and predictions have come to pass quickly!!! If I could give her more stars I would in a heart beat. Again, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by twinkee
She is honest andamp; very clear the best! " ... written by Love
When I say she's unbelievable she is!! She has been incredibly accurate with all that she has predicted thus far. She is very detailed and specific and caring. You are AWESOME!!" ... written by Robin
I usually do not give reviews unless the predictions happen and I have had many readings here, but it is my pleasure to say that Impy is the only one here who has guided me right and all she said thus far has happened in its timeframe and Im sure the rest will all be as she sees which is great news for me. She is very consistent and is a pleasure to talk to. I highly recommend her she is very genuine. No doubt in my mind." ... written by Ace
I really enjoyed this reading with Impy. She has a lot of positive energy and she knows what she is doing. It made a lot of sense. Thank you very much. I will be back!" ... written by Fizzy
love her, she is the best of the best!!! 10 billion starsssss" ... written by sweet84
Impy is truly one of my favorite psychics on this site. One of the few I really trust because everything she has told me has come to light. She is so consistent and she has been telling me virtually the same things for months now and it's happening. She is straight up honest and doesn't sugarcoat and yet she is so gifted that I know what she sees will happen. She is my go-to reader and I love her like a sister! Impy, you are the best and thank you for always being here for me." ... written by Jenn_Spain
Always awesome! Always on point and many of her predictions come to pass. she is as that top of her peers on this website! Love her" ... written by Robin
I truly love her for being so honest with me and given the best advise ever, she is def my go to person, she knows everything and knows what best for me. I trust her with my life and I'm def gonna follow her advise. She is the best of the best,she ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSS. Thank you so much from the bottom of ym heart love you mwahhhhhhhhhh" ... written by sweet84
spot on love ya!" ... written by ABSFAB
Thanks Impy! You are pretty AWESOME!!!" ... written by Love
Brilliant as always, love her to death. Thank you Impy you rockkkkkkkkkkk" ... written by sweet84
Impy is wonderful, she zones in on the problem and gives you the guidance that you need to come through on the other side in a more positive direction. I absolutely love how she is right on the money and so far ALL of her predictions for me have been right on the money to the day!!! and in some cases a few days earlier!!! Highly recommend her!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Above and beyond amazing, 110 accurate and i love how she picks up no everything, and give the best advise, love her, thank you babes you are the best oxoxoxox" ... written by sweet84
5 STARS!!! THE VERY BEST! " ... written by LOVE
" ... written by Gatorgal
truthful accurate feedback as usual" ... written by rosy
IMPY IS AMAZING SHE IS REALLY LIKE TALKING TO the fly on the wall...please take her private and just let her give you what she gets because shes the one who knows ALL everything shes said to me has come true, im not even joking..i moved very far from home and form all that i know and shes been my guiding light since i met her on here in end of july think...i couldnt have made it without her. " ... written by lauren!!!
gosh awesome update! thanks for the heads up Imp..will make sure I ll take the heed to act!" ... written by rosy
she's incredible!! love her!" ... written by flow
Omg!! This reader is the bomb!!! " ... written by Love
She is above and beyond amazing!! She just knows exactly whats going on and gives the best advise for my situation, and shes been advising me for so long, and she just knows and reads my mind that I;m scared to follow the advise!!! I simply need to do this and I have too she's always been rite about everything, love her to death, she is the number 1" ... written by sweet84
shes amazing finally got my answers! and cared for my financial being lov e herrrrr" ... written by luckylibra
she is great. love her." ... written by homa
Wow! so on point and I didn't tell her one was like she's a fly on the wall in my life. I recommend her. Thank you very much! " ... written by blessed25
She "rocks" , she is awesome and so supportive and always right on point.. Just love her." ... written by Robin
ok shes just greatttt tells u all u need to know! " ... written by lauren
She's always there for me.. Really intuned with what's happening with you and an awesome person :) love her" ... written by Robin
AWESOME as always!!" ... written by Robin
great update" ... written by rosyy
Impy rocks as always! Love ya" ... written by Robin
Impy is the best, she sees it all, and always there to help.. her reading is so accurate i cant explain how she picked what she picked up. her predictions does come true too. thank you Impy..trully." ... written by nm
This girl is the very best! I have to admit I was skeptical. But she saw some things that have come to pass. She has become my friend and counselor. I truly do appreciate her advice, counsel and insight. As I said the very best!" ... written by itwillbeok
Awesome as usual!!!" ... written by Robin
she is really really good. very impressive. really :)" ... written by catgirrl
Impy is so elusive but I finally got to catch her. There's a reason why you have to wait, she is just THAT good. She can filter out the gunk and see to the heart of the matter and she just knows. Her accuracy and consistency is astounding, it's what makes us all come back for more. She is a bright shining star on this site and I am so glad that I found her. She's been telling the same things since January and they are happening. Imply is also the only ONE that I implicitly trust and reading with her always cures what ails me, lol. Thank you so much for always being here when I need you! OUTSTANDING!!! Big hugs..." ... written by Jenn
Great!!! Highly recommended. :) " ... written by Tea Leaf
really really good. The best" ... written by evaclara
wow awesome update...u rock girl!" ... written by rosy
She always picks up my energy really fast" ... written by missa
thanks impy.. you put up with me through this rough period and reassure me in the best way you can. i believe you 100% :) " ... written by lauren
She's sooo good! Everything she's been saying for the past few months is starting to happen!! Thanks Impy!!!" ... written by pinkster11
5 STARS ALL THE WAY!!! She is totally AWesome!!!!" ... written by love
Simply the bestttttttttt. 10 starsssssssss" ... written by sweet84
sweet girl. will wait to see if predictions come true." ... written by A
Love her! saves me from screwing up and keeps me in line everytime..not to mention predictions happen over and over!" ... written by M
Always great to speak to her. " ... written by See
She is super GOOD!!! She connects really fast and gets the energy really good" ... written by Angeles
She's too good! she's really good! that's all i can say. This girl just sees it all....i am amazed but not amazed bc she's been right all along. Thanks again Tesha, you are awesome!" ... written by My Fav Reader!
LOL thank you for cheering me UP!!!!! " ... written by Impy
She is amazing. I love her sooo much. Ha been real since day one and I will definitely give her updates. If you havent spoken to her yet, youre missing out." ... written by OnyxxStarr803
this was probably the longest reading i had with tesh but OMG it was so worth it! " ... written by angelbabyx1231
Impy is ALWAYS super consistent and sees EVERYTHING! No words for this woman that can truly do her justice. AMAZING ;-) " ... written by DD
Impy is the best!!!! She is always there to clarify things for me and keep me on tract to my ultimate goal. I highly recommend her!!! She is so very accurate and many of her predictions have come to pass for me that she is my go to person for accuracy and keeping me focused!!!!" ... written by twinkee
goood girl" ... written by lauren
Great reading! phenomenal! can't wait for an update! Amazing reader!" ... written by Gatorgal
Superb reader and reading. She picks up on everything really fast. Love Impy. Thank you for your readings." ... written by Gatorgal
She's always my go to!" ... written by AB
Amazing Reading!Super fast and accurate!Thank You Impy! :)" ... written by Diana
Impy is great, correct, on point, consistent and waiting for her prediction to happen. I recommend" ... written by A
Impy is SPOT ON as usual! Love ya woman! " ... written by DD
Always great. Still some time to see change but she is consistent and confident and I love her honesty. Thanks!" ... written by Stars
RIGHT ON TARGET!!!!!!!!!! 1000000000000000 STARS!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT " ... written by bem
Impy is always great her predictions for me stay consistent and they are close I will come back to tell her. Thank you" ... written by Ace
She is super awesome!!! Love my readings with her! " ... written by Love
Consistent and quick with lots of information. Thanks!" ... written by Stars
This isn't a normal testimonial okaaayyyy!!! LOL Soo, for nine months been expecting a contact. Spoke to a lot of people who said oh august, september. See for nine months anyone else would give up right? But, then i spoke to impy and she said "DEC 11th" you wouldn't understand because i had been waiting the entire year and was done. So, the 6th my birthday happened and BAAAM today i got the contact, the text, the excuse she said it would be. Everything! OMG Literally shaking going to sleep it o" ... written by Sonee92
such a sweetheart! she feels like my friend! :)" ... written by Stars raw and true!!!!!u got it so right Imp" ... written by rosy
spot on!!" ... written by mia
Great update as always!! thanks imply!" ... written by pinkster11
Always a great reader and connected quickly. Will be back for updates. " ... written by tilthe
Impy is amazing!!!Super accurate and fast! :)" ... written by Diana
Awesome as always, shes been on point since DAY one and EVERYTHING is falling into place as she said in my first reading months ago, its all HAPPENING and she is amazing..LOVE HER " ... written by Jenn
fast reading but long over due! i definantly missed her" ... written by luckylibra
Love her to death, she ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Predictions happen just like she says. She is amazing, 10 billion starsssss" ... written by sweet84
Covers a LOT of info quickly. Still consistent on the initial prediction which is coming up soon! Can't wait. Thanks! xx" ... written by stars
The best! Thanks!" ... written by Stars
Impy is a wonderful person and psychic. She could describe small details in my situation. Her predictions come true!!" ... written by Cutie
Impy Rocks!!!!! Love her always, she does an amazing job and she guides me through lots of family crisises.." ... written by Robin
Most amazing reader on Oranum. Her timelines are on point. She is an angel. A million stars!!!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Love her!" ... written by stars
Consistent. Stands by what she says. Cant wait for the first prediction to happen so I can relax. She's a sweetheart. Thanks girl!" ... written by stars
Love ya darling.. I'll let you know how the casino goes" ... written by Robin
She nailed it andamp; I Love this woman!!!!!!!!! 5 Stars! " ... written by love
I am truly, truly happy that I finally got to have a reading with amazing Impy, She is spot on as always, knew things without me saying one word even tho I haven't had a reading with her in awhile. She is brilliant, I love reading with her and she read the whole situation like a open book!!!! love her and thank you babes." ... written by sweet84
thank you for everything you were dead on! i am so happy i met you so happy. i love how accurate you are." ... written by mag
She is always on point to the detail and everything. Love her to death!!!" ... written by Ash
Wow , this was my first time with her , and she shoook me ..totaly completely. She is so very accurate." ... written by N
5 Stars! She's the BEST! " ... written by Love
awesome update with imp! love it! so worth it! " ... written by rosy
Impy rocks! She is so accurate its amazing! So happy and grateful as always for her readings. A billion stars!" ... written by Gatorgal
she is one of the best in Oranum!!!! spot on right away on the issue!! what she predicted before came true! and now she predicted more and I'm seeing it is coming. will def come back for more updates. " ... written by Hermestarr
she is a good human being. Here's to being fabulous! ;) x" ... written by stars
Omg!! I came to her crying and left with a smile on my face! She is totally amazing!!! She sees things that others cannot. " ... written by love
I've waited a while for a reading from her but it was SO incredibly worth it. So accurate, so fast. I didn't have to give any information except a name. She gave so much information and time frames .. I hope to be back soon to feedback on that :) Thank you so much. Incredible. " ... written by M
She is awesome, she said exactly what she said in her last reading. Very impressive, caring... Really wants to help..." ... written by catgirl
Brilliant as always, love her to death xooxxoo sexy" ... written by sweet84
Impy is beyond AWESOME! Best reader on this site. Love you! " ... written by Robin
Thanks again imply for the update!! always spot on about the situation and predictions stays the same!! " ... written by pinkster11
OMG!!! She is totally Awesome!!! " ... written by Love
update reading . she saw the same thing happening, same timeline....She really is a great reader. " ... written by A
It's rare that I up at the same time that Impy is on, so it was a nice treat to get an update with her. She amazes me with her consistency, accuracy, and spot on details on everything. She is number 1 favorite and for good reason, she hits everything on target that is currently going on and more importantly her timelines and predictions are flawless! Thanks for everything Impy, love you!" ... written by Jennifer
I so hope Impy is right, even though I will have to wait for a very long time for my desired outcome" ... written by Feniks
She is pretty amazing" ... written by Catgirrl
Always so quick with info. love u girl! thanks! x " ... written by stars
Brilliant as always, amazingggg, and simply love her. Thank you sexy" ... written by sweet84
Super quick. love her! x " ... written by stars
The best amongst bests LOOL Love you xo" ... written by sonee
Amazaing!!! So far all of the predictions that Impy has given to me have come to pass. I can not wait for the next predictions to come true. She truly is a gifted individual. " ... written by twinkee344
I was waiting to have a private with Impy bc I had read so many great testemonials about her which were different than others (just the feeling of them), and wow she's amazing. We had such little time bc of my lack of funds, but she was pretty amazing, mind blowing actually, she touched on details that only i knew and nobody else has. I am impressed and so grateful for her gift and I think I have found the person I will come back to time and time again. I will be waiting for the prediction to pass. Thank you so much for your time. " ... written by mainstreem20
5 stars.... Impy is amazing. Her time frames are exactly as she predicted. She is amazing and very talented at her craft. I highly recommend her. if I could give her an infinate amount of stars I would!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Impy is so amazingly intuitive. She always nails it!!! Love her!" ... written by peach
superb just really thorough with details and connects so well and accurately thanks!" ... written by greek
Finally I was able to get a reading from you . YOU ARE AMAZING ....just by our names .... you NAILED it !!!! that's probably the reason why my intuition tells me to really get a reading from you . Thank you so much .... Will definitely be back ..." ... written by princess1218
very good " ... written by cream
WOW!! Impy is truly the best !! " ... written by Love
On point as always and connected quickly. WIll always come back. " ... written by tilthe
definitely worth the wait! she explained everything in accurate detail and gave me good advice as far as how to handle things. will definitely return to her!" ... written by ashleigh
she is so accurate omg will wait for predictions and come back " ... written by spirit
Okie she is amazing - really quick and spot on :) thank u!" ... written by Adiz
This was such an amazing reading. The details she saw...just unbelievable. I am sooo impressed. Thank you!!" ... written by Dar...
just wanted a quick update and she was able to deliver. she's one of the only people who has been right regarding timeframes, so i trust she'll be right this time too :) thanks impy!" ... written by ashleigh
5 STARS!!! SHE IS THE VERY BEST!!!!!" ... written by love
thanks Impy for another great update!!" ... written by meme
She rocks, she rocks, she rocks" ... written by Robin
Impy is at the top of her industry! One of the absolute BEST in the business! " ... written by DD
yay!! m so happy everything is still the same , and got the biggest relief around the job n relocation thing... everything u told before came to pass , and m looking forward to Feb bringing in some nicer times..see you again..ur awesome n zoo quick saves my credits all the time to u again love hugs xo" ... written by n
thanks girl! x " ... written by stars
Simply amazing! A million stars!" ... written by Gatorgal
I don't know where to start, but I do know one thing for sure that IMPY is beyond and above amazing, she truly ROCKSSSSS!!! I've been coming to her for about a year now, and she has always been spot on, and reads my situation like a open book. She knows what she's doing and she is BRILLIANT at what she does. Thank you from the bottom of my heart sexy, I trust you with my life. You are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE" ... written by sweet84
Impy is the best!!!! She has great insight and terrific guidance into all the matters that i have confronted her with. I am looking forward to her predictions but more so I love her guidance and insight!" ... written by twinkee
the best! x " ... written by stars
impy picked up my situation right away.. hope her prediction will come true." ... written by rawr
Sexyyyy knows it all, and I mean she knows it all. Spot on with everything. I love love lovee readings with her. You rock" ... written by sweet84
She is amaaaazing!! Ive been waiting for days to get a reading with her and it was well worth it. She confirmed something my trusted advisor told me as well, that I would be having some trouble with a document that could delay travel for me. Hopefully it's just a minor setback but I look forward to the rest. Her insights are on point!" ... written by Mimi
awesome!!!" ... written by peach
Omg she's the best! xxxxx" ... written by Adiz
You're the best. Rockstar status! x" ... written by stars
Super amazing reader " ... written by cletrel
thanks girl! x" ... written by stars
Amazing as always. Love talking to her and getting advise from her, she's always rite! Thank you sexy" ... written by sweet84
Wonderful reader, very clear and consistent with everything she sees. She picks up situations very well even little details. Amazing and highly recommend. I hope what she sees coming up is very true!" ... written by georgia
impy was able to clarify some followup questions i had. honestly, she knew what i wanted to know before i even asked. she's been right in the past and is my go-to reader here! she was also able to let me know the best way to proceed to get the outcome that i want. " ... written by ashleigh
great update" ... written by luckystar
Brilliant as always, she has been helping me so so much and I can never thank her enough for everything. She always helped and eased my mind, but tonight she helped me above and beyond, she said something that its gonna make me keep going and be happier and not stress as much. Thank you sexy. You are the besttttttttt" ... written by sweet84
She is amazing! another 2 weeks or so and I hope to come back to say is is SUPER amazing. Thanks girl! " ... written by stars
Thank you sooo much!! i am in complete awe of this beautiful woman . She is soo accurate about everything she says in private , and then before u come for an update , the predictions from the previous reading will come to pass , they always did for me , exactly the way they were predicted. " ... written by n
unfortunately ran out of time, but absolutely incredible. Truly, noone has ever picked up on that. Thank you so much. Blessings to you and Im more than sure Ill be back (again) for guidance .. and for the Wednesday sessions ! It was such a "YES! This is right, this is what I experienced it wasnt in my head!" Moment .. truly.. Thank you. " ... written by M
just asked a question i had been thinking about regarding the situation we've discussed before, and impy was able to quickly connect and clarify the answer for me. thanks again!" ... written by ashleigh
it's been a rocky road with the guy i've been asking impy about and she was definitely right that things would get worse (where they are currently) before they get better. impy helped break everything down for me and told me what's to come. she connects well and i trust her. thanks again for the guidance!" ... written by ashleigh
She is spot on, very accurate, sweet and honest. She is very intuitive. I would highly recommend her." ... written by Cheryl
She is the best of the best predictions starting to unfold just they was she saw it happening, she is crazy brilliant. I love her" ... written by sweet84
just wanted to clarify something. she was quick and helped explain the situation. thanks again!" ... written by ashleigh
Impy is the best! She rocks every time" ... written by Robin
awesome!!" ... written by ashley
Impy sees the same things for me and I know it will all happen just the wait can be draining but keeping the hope alive!!" ... written by A
Amazing!!! A million stars! Thank you Impy! You're the best!!! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
wow, Impy is so amazing!!! She is so talented! She always nails the situation! Wish I could talk to her for an hour :)" ... written by peach
Impy rules! She is always right on target... Love her" ... written by Robin
GREAT! accurate and amazing!" ... written by Ashley
Thanks so much , u have been a blessing ... " ... written by Niha
Impy , can't describe in words what u do for me , we have this flawless connection , and everything u have so far predicted has come true , and i know it will fall in place for the future as well...its just the matter of time n patience , n i am going to keep listening to u :)" ... written by Ni-v
Love her!! and trust her so much.. She has come through on so many things for me..." ... written by Robin
Wow!!! She is simply the best!" ... written by love
ahhhh time ...but soon girl.. x" ... written by stars
i always feel better after reading with impy. she connects well and answers all of my questions, while giving advice to help get the outcome i want. thanks!" ... written by ashleigh
oh girl , you were amazing today , unbelievable !! m running short of words, the way u described that guy (our friend) and the way u said its not 1 guy , but 2 (because i thought the short guy was irrelevant here , i dint mention , but u just know everything ) , and the way u described my house , the furniture everything ...i really don't know what i would do without you .. " ... written by NV
omg ..:) She is amazing...she knew exactly what ..How..why.. I do recommend her so so much...Amazing women.." ... written by md3311
Amazing reading. amazing reader. I love you Impy! Thank yoU!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Have no words for this amazing woman. she sees things which no one else does , things which are extremely personal , you would not share even with ur closest friends , she knows that." ... written by Niharika
can't say enough good things about tesha. she's honest and calls it like she sees it. she's been right so many times before, and i trust her more than anyone else." ... written by ashleigh
you are being my rock and I thank you! a million hugs. x" ... written by stars
when your psychic is the most beautiful and most accurate at the same time , what more do u want ;)" ... written by nv
thanks girl!" ... written by stars
Perfect! A million stars! Thank you so much Impy!!! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
still the best though love ya xo" ... written by sonee
Oh so sorry babe , we got cut off...but i got the overall message , and once again as always u were super accurate about everything .. love u to death !! n i love our connection , how can everything be so accurately predicted , even when i am liberal with time frames ,e everything falls for me so bang on !! the last 2 predictions have been like ..OMG ! " ... written by NV
Impy is 99% on track with what I have going on and is very attuned to me. Many things she has predicted have happened and I will continue to look for her guidance always, she's the best :)" ... written by Robin
she always helps clarify things for me, and i know i can count on her for an honest answer. thanks again!" ... written by ashleigh
love her!!111111" ... written by mia
She's amazzinggg!!! really quick and always spot on! :) thank u so much!!" ... written by Adis
Awesome!!! I cant wait till Vac. and we will have a very long update." ... written by See
OMG I haven't read with her in so long, never able to catch, but I finally did today, and I gotta say I miss her so much, and of course she is always alwaysssss spot on and so accurate with everything. She is amazing. Thank you so much, love you xoxo" ... written by sweet84
she continues to impress me with all that she picks up on! she's been right for me in the past and i really trust her. definitely my go-to reader!" ... written by ashleigh
She is always right on target. Accurate all the time, I am so grateful for her guidance and she is truly been a gift in my life." ... written by Robin
I don't know where to start. I have been reading with Impy for over 6 months now , and she hasn't failed me even once. She has walked with me every step in this journey so far. She has seen my anger , my frustration , my impatience , my freaky moments , but not once did she make me feel that i was alone. Imps! thank you so much for being there always , you have no idea of the amount of love and respect I have in my heart for you and for everything you have done for me." ... written by Niharika
She amazes me every single time. And predciiton , OMG , everything happens as predicted 8+ predictions so far since Jan ,and she has been spot on with dates." ... written by Niharika
Unbelievable. Descriptions, situations. Everything. I cant thank you enough, and I hope to catch you again soon. Sorry we didn't get longer, but you answered questions that have been nawing at my brain for a long time. " ... written by M
Amazing!" ... written by StarBright
THE BEST , hands down , love love love u abbe. No body has ever given me the kind of details i get with you. I can't be thankful enough for what u do for us. everything u have predicted so far has fallen so well , and ur advise , i mean i say that evryime , bt realllyyyyy this advise has done miracles for me." ... written by Niharika
She was spot on! She picked up on things I didn't even have to say. She is absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. " ... written by Tiana
i always come to her for all the details. she tells me exactly what she sees and how i should move forward to get the results that i want. thanks again!" ... written by ashleigh
She's simply amazing. Absolutely get things and is always spot on, and she's so quick. I love reading with her, she's the best I've encountered. Thanks Impy, you're the bomb!!" ... written by Oceantide
My loveliest Impy , you are the best reader , and one of the most awesome" ... written by niharika_1985
My loveliest Impy , you are the best reader , and one of the most awesome human beings i have come across. You have given me the best psychic readings of my life and predictions that actually happen. I don't , and i don't want to go to anyone else , coz what i get from you , is the BEST i can get no where.but you know what I appreciate the most , is how you care about me , and how important you feel it is for you to take me to where you see me being with him.I know you love me , and i know you feel bad when you have to deliver hard information to me , but trust me , i nevr want you to change that , i totally trust you coz i know one thing for sure , you will never steer me wrong , and will never tell me stories which don't happen, so please never feel bad about telling me such things , coz it is equally important.Trust me when i say this , coz i mean it " YOU HAVE BROUGH SO MUCH OF HAPINESS INTO THIS SITUATION FOR ME , YOU HAVE LET ME SEE THE SUN WHEN ALL I SAW WERE CL" ... written by niharika_1985
My favorite , THE BEST on ORANUM. " ... written by Niharika
wonderful as always, so accurate and consistent even though she can't remember the previous read (which I also think is a good thing). so hard to get hold of but so worth it, shes lovely as a person also and tries to get as much as she can in the time that you have. Thanks always Tesha xo" ... written by M
Imps , my Doll , and the Best Psychic on tis site or anywhere else....She just tells everything like it is , and she works through the issues with you , giving you the best guidance that will take you to where you desire." ... written by Niharika
The best reader that cares and actually helps you reach your goals. I appreciate everything shes done for me. Shes guiding me on my path and journey. She has been on this journey for over a year with me. Her advice is amazing. All her predictions have come true. She is the real deal. love her infinite stars. The best on oranum." ... written by taina
i can't find another of your kind , you are one of the best things that has happened to me , and i am saying this coz i really mean it , you make me feel more confident about myself , as a person , and nothing can be greater than that ... i can't explain in words how much it means to me and how much respect i have for u in my heart." ... written by N
Still the one and only. LOL! Reassures me overtime :)" ... written by Sonee
Had two readings in a short time. I just needed clarity and I can only really get it with her. " ... written by evaclara
Impy has changed my life. I may be going though hurdles and bad times , time when you feel like giving up , but she never let me slip. The best psychic and the guide you will find. Not only she has given me accurate predictions , she makes me feel more confident and better about myself , and her advise has let me get back the place and control in my relation. Love her ...the BEST Impy xo" ... written by Niharika
I've been reading with Impy for about a year now. She's always been right on target with her predictions and gives amazing advice!! She's the only one I read with and trust the most!! " ... written by pinkster11 can you start with did he leave her? WOWWW! yes! today!!! honestly no psychic ever picked up with this are the bomb! honestly...i'm speechless after this reading. thank you soo much you were 100percent accurate in this reading and that's a lot to say. such a gift to have is you!!xxxx " ... written by renebaby
Great reader. She picks up fast and accurately. I look forward to I look forward to November and February to see what happens. " ... written by Destiny_Love
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
awesome..giveing me what i needed!!!! felt release!" ... written by rosy
Beyond amazing - as a reader myself, I've been waiting to read with her and she did NOT disappoint." ... written by lotus71
I think Impy connected fast and was giving it to me straight! To be seen what comes of her predictions but definitely will come back for updates!" ... written by lili
thanks impy again for the reading just wanted to check on things with my daughter. " ... written by indiabonita
Great, great, great. Difficult to catch, but definitely worth it. I trust her so much. One of the best of this site no doubt! " ... written by Gatorgal
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Impy, you are absolutely amazing. I am speechless! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and clear up all the mixed emotions and feelings I have been having with my situation. I look forward to your predictions! XOXO" ... written by Lovebutterfly
quick at picking up and very helpful" ... written by thank you
I waited for Tesha for a week for a reading with her shes that good. She has changed my life and is by far a true gem on this site one of the few real psychics on here. She is accurate quick to connect and most of all she cares. I just love her she is amazing. She is the only one who has actually helped me to change my life and has been honest. I go to her for truth and trust her with my life. " ... written by brownsugar
she is the absolute best. no kidding. she is so honest and real. " ... written by la
I rarely give ratings but IMPY demands this as she has been seeing the same thing for me for the past 2 years almost and at times I was giving up but kept hope alive and its finally slowly coming to past. The girl is super talented psychic I highly recommend her" ... written by Ace
I’ve known Tesha for more than a year and have been having multiple readings with her. There has been no single time that she was not right.. she’s been always spot on what’s happening in my life. Above all, her predictions are always amazingly right… and the level of details of Tesha’s predictions always blows me away.. she even predicts a color of the new car of someone who she reads about… Tesha is the only one that I trust. Tesha has been advised you from her heart and her keen insights and wisdom which really makes her differentiated from any other readers in the world. That’s why I only find Tesha for every critical moment in my life. I really respect and admire Tesha as my life advisor and coach.. Thanks a million, Tesha!" ... written by 2violetflame
The reading was great! Impy is great at giving timelines - can't wait to see what happens.Thank you! :)" ... written by v
Impy is seriously the best! She connects quickly and makes time to really develop a relationship with her clients - even when on vacation!" ... written by Leah
if u check all her repeated testimonials u will understand" ... written by ultimate
tesha thank you again you are like a friend to speak to very on point and things i could validate were correct. i will let you know about my work situation will be interesting to see. oo by the way things you predicted in your last reading happened like you saw, some are still to come but june went like you said, july predictions happened also so you got my trust :) you put my mind at easy as always with your accuracy and confidence love that about you. great session again.very spot on..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by renebaby
OMG!! she was the bomb she had so much information i reloaded twice thanks so much for all that great informaiton so helpful." ... written by Smiley
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
sooo incredibly on point... no joke.. Love impy. will be back!" ... written by m
Awesome, as always!! Picked up on everything so quickly and was amazing with details, even on a new area of my life that we'd never discussed! Spot on! Thank you so much!! xoxo" ... written by sd0482
Great reading the best and so accurate always puts me at ease. Will take the advice. Impy is the best reader because no one else can read me im hard to read. Her prediction always come true for me. She is amazing and honest ethical which is hard to find on here. I only trust her. Thank you for everything you do." ... written by Brownsugar
Impy is always amazing! She's so easy to talk to and quick with her readings. Not to mention she's always on point with what she tells me! I haven't been to any other psychic on oranum since I've been reading with her for over a year now! She's so genuine and truly cares and I trust her completely with all the advice she gives! " ... written by pinkster11
fantastic reading" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you Impy for another awesome update" ... written by marion
Always consistent, always helpful, always accurate. As always, thank you so much xx" ... written by M
tesha visions make so much sense every time. first prediction already happened. excited about the rest unfolding. thanks so much tesha. I appreciate it and YOU! God bless!" ... written by m
The prediction stay consistent. Impy is always so awesome!" ... written by Kirsten
I love everything about her!!" ... written by ash
I' am always amazed by tesha's accuracy and generosity. i really trust tesha and appreciate her for keeping me up in high spirit! love ya tesha! " ... written by karen
impy, thank you. hope it comes true. helpful even with very little time.." ... written by lll
Impy is the best!! She is spot on with my readings! They are intense lately! I love coming back for an update with her! WOW!!! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
Impy is the Bomb!!! :)" ... written by Love
I discovered Tesha only a few weeks back, and I heard so many good things about her so I decided to basically stalk (ahem, I meant FOLLOW) her here on Oranum. I was blown away by the accuracy of her reading, and as far as time frame is concerned, I'm not too focused on it (although it did align with what most other readers told me) as long as it happens. I asked Tesha about love and finances. She even sensed people I'm working with, and the personalities (WOW!). Her prediction about my finances motivates me to work harder and get things going. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thanks so much for reading for me!" ... written by ymu005
I always find that she is honest and trying to help. I hope she is right about her predictions. Time will tell. Thanks Impy..." ... written by catgirrl
Again, so great! Picked up stuff so quickly and so well! I hope you are right about the job, I'll keep you updated. Again, thank you so much!!" ... written by sd0482
short and sweet reading! Thanks Impy , You are the bomb!!! :)" ... written by love
amazing girl, blown your mind away. wordless. worth 10 stars" ... written by gugu58
Love love love her ! She is the best of the best :)" ... written by Peewee
wow imp u nailed it all!!!! picking up the other guy too...too funny" ... written by rosy
WOW!! She was on point!! I remember having a reading with her a while back and she was very honest even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear at the time. This time around, I was asking her about someone new in my life, and she read him like a book!! I trust her guidance and her advice and I look forward to what's to come :)" ... written by Mimi
Amazing as always shes so quick. within seconds she picked up the situation i didnt need to talk she flows with information from the get go and as she was saying things i was asking the same question that she just answered, shes so quick!! no one compares.. 1.5 years with this beauty and i have had control of my life!! " ... written by Senem
What an amazing reading as always. The best on oranum has been dead on with my situation will give the good new and the bad which is what I love about her. I like truth and no sugar coating and that's what she gives. Has been my go to for a year." ... written by girl
She is mindblowing! I have never had such an accurate reading and such an amazing person...she is very insightful and gives a lot of details while channeling very well! I definitely recommend her as she will surprise you in every imaginable way!" ... written by Fishy girl11
5 Star reader! " ... written by Luv
Wow! she's so awesome!!!!!!! She's so on point, it's amazing!! I Love her because she never sugarcoats her messages and always tells it like it is. Best anywhere!" ... written by Love
first reading with impy cause ive heard so much about her. shes so sweet i love her personality. its hard to get her cause shes so popular, but when you do you wont regret it :)" ... written by linh
She was pretty quick,, amazingly accurate,, really knows her stuff... will be back for sure!!!! xoxoxox" ... written by lana
thanks again! she picks up everything so quickly...and was able to tell me almost verbatim what has been said/what's going on." ... written by ashleigh
What can I say about Impy / Tesha? Mindblowing! Amazing! Delightful! Intelligent! Honest! Needs no tools. She is a force and by far one of the most gifted and talented readers of our time. Thank you, Imps for everything!" ... written by Gatorgal
she's always accurate and specific :)" ... written by luckystars
thank you soo much Tesha i am hoping things will go the way you see sometimes i'm soo fed up with him but you have been correct so far and give me good advise. i do have to say so far things have been correct and the little things you pick up those details noone knows is amazing..and you are like a true friend, remember me and so easy to talk ya :)) thank you you're the best!" ... written by renebaby
i know i can always trust her, she's so in tune and she's good with timeframes. i've had a few delays before, but she nails it pretty much every time." ... written by ash
came back for an update, she really connects quickly to help figure out what's going on. " ... written by ash
Awesome." ... written by SEE
I'm always having these panic attacks and you're always here to make sure I stay on track and not obsess. Love ya :)" ... written by L
amazin!" ... written by mia
For everyone she is the best on here which i found her before." ... written by See
Omg. She is awesome wish I found her ages ago. " ... written by See
when i am having , what you call it a moment , she is the only one who knows how to calm me..I am sorry for my anxiety , but i can't explain you wats going in my head n heart right now. love ya xo" ... written by Niharika
Could go on forever but want to give others a chance to talk as well. It was really good news this time and the connection we have is great and she really picks up my son so well. Hey, she knew which vitamin he is lacking! I just adore this wonderful reader." ... written by evaclara
Awesome. will work out. just need to save money. Love ya!!!" ... written by See
I love her!! She is so right about my life situations!!!" ... written by Ash
OMG finally got to have a reading with tesha, such a sweet and caring person. Saw everything that is going on in my life, truly amazing. Really helped put my mind at ease to answer unanswered questions.Thank you so much xoxox" ... written by emy
I come a lot to her lately. Just having some less than perfect moments, but with her amazing ability to pint point things she helps me get my control back. " ... written by evaclara
thanks for the quick update Tesha, wonderful as always even though it's not too good of a news but I'll keep in mind what you said for the next couple months. Def holding on to my $$, yikes lol" ... written by Lana
This was probably the longest and very honest reading with my lovely reader. Many things clarified and confirmed. Thank you so much!" ... written by evaclara
Impy was really awesome and she could read for me so accurate..will follow what she said n most definitely it will manifest" ... written by Rosy
Imps the best reader in as much as she picks up the specifics and accuracy of situations she manages to give results that do happen and trust me they happen. Trust her, as our mistakes may only delay it but it will happen." ... written by Sonee
Thank you so much Impy! I don't even know where to begin and how to thank you. This has been the most insightful and eye-opening session for me. You saw right through my soul and brought me to tears. I trust your advice and I will take it seriously in terms of my life path. I know it can make all the difference. xx" ... written by Mimi
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!" ... written by Senem
So on point as usual!! I came to tell her that her prediction for contact passed. She eased my mind about some of my concerns as well. She's so good!" ... written by Mimi
She's makes you feel comfortable and talks like a friend. I've always enjoyed my readings with her. Accurate on time frames and predictions. =) " ... written by Auburn
great reading. impy always gives me reassurance. a reading with her always clears things up for me. and what she picks up on is always consistent. Thanks impy!" ... written by mini
Will Happen contact in Sept. Thanks Love Yaa. will keep u posted." ... written by See
amazing, thanks so much impy, just gota be patient like u said and things will fall into place, xoxox" ... written by emy
Thanks.." ... written by See
Impy Doesn't judge and she is super fast andamp; very accurate and NO TOOLS needed at all andamp; really does care about her clients!!! SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!" ... written by Gatorgal22
Great catching up with you Tesha, you still see the same things for me and I'm taking your advice regarding the $$$ issue. Catch you later if I can!" ... written by L
Love love love Tesha ! She is the best of the best :)" ... written by PeeWee smith
Was very open about the reading and had specific details which were kinda crazy. Great at giving timelines, can't wait for them to pass, thanks impy! " ... written by v
she's awesome! always detailed :)" ... written by luckystars
OMG!! I can't imagine how accurate he is. She is very good of what she do. My hair all standing up of what she said to me. She can really read mind to other people. Im not kidding that how good he is. She sees exactly what it is of what happen to me. She even have the name of the person exactly. OMG Really!!! I had a reading with her last 2 months what she told me right now also the same thing. I can't say enough good thing about her. If you want the truth please come to her. 100% you won't regret it." ... written by Sarah
Nothing I can say that everyone else has not. Tesha is amazing, kind, compassionate and REAL. She did not in anyway give me sugar, she spoke truth and empowered me as well. What an amazing soul. My heartfelt thanks, I can't find words to thank you. I hope to catch up after the next challenge, maybe with a picture LOL. You are so kind, thank you so very much for your integrity above all else." ... written by Me
Such an amazing reading. Knew so much without asking and she made sure she stayed longer than she intended for me to get to have the have to fight to get that reading lol" ... written by s
wow she is amazing!!! and so to the point and funny. i can see why so many people love her here, it was my first read. i will be in touch :)" ... written by jc
Impy has given me a lot to look forward to! She has been very consistent and insightful with matters concerning my love life. I look forward to how this will all pan out." ... written by Mimi
That was such a lot of information in hardly 10 mins. Thank You so much for taking the time to read for me , my favorite , and best psychic anywhere loves ya xoxox" ... written by Niharika
She was spot on she picked up everything without me saying a word." ... written by Nicole
She is 100% the best on Oranum." ... written by Leah
On point as always !!! Love you boo thank you " ... written by senem
Thanks soo much its been FOREVER!! and She is still soo right about soo many things w/o me saying a WORD!!..I have TOTAL confidence in what she says..LOve HER! xoxoxox" ... written by Jenn
Impy is great always, she gives lots of information without any tools connects quickly and remains firm on what she gets and many predications have already come to past so I get great insight and I appreciate it very much. Thanks Impy" ... written by ace
love you and your honesty, so hard to catch but when I do it's a blessing :)" ... written by L
great as usual. always sees the same for me and so caring!! thanks imps. will update. " ... written by m
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!! Her last prediction did happen, she kept seeing the word center and convention. It ended up being an event at a place called Indian society of Central Florida " ... written by LUV
I love this girl. I believe she is the best on here. Really the best. " ... written by See
awesome as always " ... written by RR
Imps is seriously the BEST! I love this lady. She is IN TUNE PEOPLE! :) " ... written by DD
Impy sticks to her predictions. Somehow I have become a better person through my readings with her. Finally, learning to let go and let come to me whatever it must. Thank you!" ... written by evaclara
She is amazing, and I mean amazing. Knows and sees everything!!! Spot on. Thank you so much babes xoxox" ... written by sweet84
I love getting readings with Impy to check in on my life and situations. She's so honest and open, I love her!" ... written by Ashley
she is amazing. she picks up amazing details. so real." ... written by catgirrl
the best, thank you!" ... written by L
thanx hun really needed that chat to get my mind put at ease over my messy drunkeness, love you millions xoxox" ... written by emy
She was so thorough and detailed and has the sweetest, kindest energy. I will definitely come back to her. She provided a lot of answers and clarity." ... written by butterfly
Impy is super correct and a very sweet girl she is genuine and shows it in her readings. I highly recommend her. " ... written by ace
OMG Impy!!! This was the best detailed reading ever! Everything this girl has told me has happened! She is the BEST and she doesn't need any tools to read. She just flows with the situation and she truly cares about her clients!! XOXO " ... written by LOVE
Tesha is simply the best, I have never had someone connect so quickly with me and not only does she provide validation after validation, she gets predictions spot on, from work to love she has been on POINT. She has guided me to have patience and belief in the wonderful future ahead." ... written by Aquariangirl
Love you tesh, always so honest and tells you as it is no bullshiting or beating around the bush with this amazing lady. xoxox" ... written by emy
Love it as always so detailed so accurate and not a single drop of information to give to you during the read yet you just flow with information I love you always 2 years strong boo youre just my lifeline" ... written by senem
Thanks again dear, always a good reading!" ... written by Ashley
Impy is by far the best on Oranum. She's the only person I will read with now." ... written by Leah
thanks again! she's the best at reading everyone that i ask about." ... written by ash
Wow! That is all i can say. She can really tune into things quickly, grab exact details and tell you nothing but the whole truth!" ... written by Julius
Love love love!!!!! Impy!!!!! She just connects so quickly and so far one prediction has come true... great guidance.. Writing out my "script" and manifesting what I want! Thank you Tasha for putting me at so much ease!!!! Forever grateful!" ... written by mia
Thanks for the reading I will look forward to what you said and I will keep you posted :)" ... written by jaz
love impy! alwys reassures me and keeps me on the right path. she knows what shes talkign about. just have to keep the faith. thanks Imps!" ... written by mini
I love her so much... she always makes me feel better so consistant and what can i say just simply AMAZING" ... written by jr
You are the best in here!" ... written by AA
Picked up on what was on my mind straight away. Picked up on names and descriptions, amazing as usual and the only psychic i will go to!" ... written by M
Impy is always the BEST!!! She gives great advice and her predictions come true!! " ... written by pinkster11
Amazing reader! Absolutely phenomena!!! She is quick and accurate, yet needs no tools or even information. I will tell her a name and that's all she needs. Love her!" ... written by Gatorgal
i've been feeling pretty down lately and needed some guidance in career. impy made me feel better about what's coming up and gave some good advice to keep my eyes open and to keep it moving. can't wait for my process to flow like you said. thanks girl! " ... written by v
Picked up on my situation very quickly, without prompting. She's amazing, and oh so charming :)" ... written by Pranav
love her!! truly genuine, amazing energy and so fast. one of the very rare gems here!" ... written by jazzychic
Imply is too effin' good. She just knows things, and she's so spot on!" ... written by Mimi
awesome as always. great advice and accuracy. been coming for a while and things have been happening. her predictions are accurate. thanks to you Impy! god bless!" ... written by m
thanks for the timeline and your insight, can't wait for next year and i will take my time and not rush it like you said! :)" ... written by v
Tesha, first 100000 ty's! I did not get a chance to do so in chat. Secondly, your profound insight into this has confirmed what I have felt all along. I trust your advice as it is truth, I just need to apply it to "this" situation, and all will unfold. You have put my heart AND MIND at ease, quite a fete! I trust what you see will unfold as it is what I want, and now I know how to attain this. Hope to be in touch sooner, because it has manifested :D than later ... have a great holiday season if I don't catch you til after! Many many thanks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tesha if you want truth, compassion, wisdom and FUN! You're the best!" ... written by OnlyMe
Finally have a chance to speak with Impy , love her energy and her answer was consistent, she even can describe how my workplace looks like, amazing! no sugar coating, be prepared what to waiting for her prediction to come true!!" ... written by Emily
Impy is just amazing...everything she says, just happens, Im so prepared because I have her guidance and the beauty of this girl is she is so humble and really wants the best for her clients. Thank you Impy." ... written by ACE
I'm so glad that my first oranum reading was with Tesha, she's quick, insightful, down to earth and has a great sense of humor. Spot on with just a name and questions. " ... written by Vey
Brilliant as always, spot on, and I fully trust her. 10 billion stars, you are amazing. Thank you so much babes! love you xoxoox" ... written by sweet84
dude!!!!!!!! your face!!!! lmao" ... written by yourdaze lol
Amazing reading, as always! On point and she needs absolutely no tools. Just a name is enough for Tesha to establish a connection. She is the absolute best and someone I trust wholeheartedly. Thank you, Impy!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Thanks so much Impy. always here to reassure me and im truly thankful. This lady is on point seriously. she always gets it.. always makes sense. Thank you for not being tired of me (or at least showing it, lol). God Bless you! be back to update you. " ... written by m
Impy is the reason I keep coming back for readings, even after I have developed the ability to read on my own." ... written by Leah
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
T is an angel on earth :) " ... written by A
awesome, another amazing reading, very, very, very good. wow 5 stars" ... written by monik
Really amazing.she channels well.omg. i have to go back again. very, very good. 5 stars." ... written by monik
This lady right here just keeps picking up so much about my situation and she's been on point about how thing's have turned out so far, especially with specific details for meetings, interactions with different people, and actions that'll take place. Literally have found my go-to reader about this specific situation and she's given me so much reassurance and clarity on it. Sooo worth the time and advice. Y'all gotta listen to Tesha!" ... written by Rheystal
Never failed in her predictions. She's like reading my life book. I always get a good stear back to the right direction every time I get a reading with her. " ... written by Eden
5 stars!!! love Impy!!!" ... written by love
I LOVE IMPS , there is nothign that i can say wich i have not said before or others havent , its been a LONGGG process for me , the longest ever , bt i know if she saw it will happen. thanks fore evrything!" ... written by N
great reading as always!! thanks impy!" ... written by m
she is always very good. very talented and honest." ... written by catgirrl
Amazing! Thank you!!! Best reader on Oranum. NO tools needed. Will not waste a minute of your time :)" ... written by Gatorgal
She's amazing! She's always been spot on about this guy of mine and she's been amazing !" ... written by Adis
our connection on both our ends was spotty, but she nailed things going on in my life. thanks for the ready impy as always great!" ... written by v
thank you impy!!!! I see things slowly coming into place.. your right about giving space. im listening to your advice!! thanks imps, your the best!! will update you" ... written by m
Love!! Love Her the I will always come to her. Very accurate, honest and caring. Thanks. T." ... written by See
super lovely, super quick. recent prediciton came true, wairing for them to unfold :) x" ... written by jc
Thank you Impy, she gave me a good advice and what's to do next, hopefully I can follow her instructions and make it happen soon. And part of her prediction were right last time, she said that guy will travel this month, which I never heard, but it turned out his company sent him for a urgent business trip! Amazing!!" ... written by Emily
Always a pleasure reading with her!!!" ... written by Ashley
I love tesha sooooooooooooo much. I feel she is not only psychic but a great friend!! And she connects wonderfully! I look forward to February 2016" ... written by Destiny_Love
ALWAYS THE BEST" ... written by ACE
thanks girlie, it's always a pleasure to update with you :) many thanks" ... written by L
sorry , didnt get a chance to say bye , Thank you soooooo much I love You , i know it WILL HAPPEN and m MORE SURE than i ever was that he is the one i want to be with , and I will create it! love you , missedd you sooo much boooo , xoxoxoxox millionnsss" ... written by N
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by DAZE
On point and great details as always!! Thank u x" ... written by luckystars
love impy! will be back to update! always on point with her info. " ... written by m
Sorry, end of funds. But thank you so much, You know how i appreciate talking to you. " ... written by evaclara
She is amazing balls! Really accurate and spot with my guy - picked up instantly - love her to bits! waiting for all the predictions to come true! xoxoxoxox" ... written by Adis
All I can say is thanks and you DID help. A lot. " ... written by evaclara
She is absolutely correct. l will stand down. " ... written by knowing2013
I am so glad I got my reading with you Tesha, totally worth waiting it" ... written by aby_ms
she is spot on and zones in quick.... love her xoxoxo" ... written by mia
As always awesome. I love this girl.. will be back.. " ... written by See
brilliant...i just love her! please have a reading with her" ... written by s
Oh i love her sooo much , don't know what i would do without her. have been coming to her for a while , and there is not one thing that she has predicted for me that has not come to pass. every prediction has happened in its given time frame. She knows those details which know one would know , coz they are so personal , she just knows everything . Genuine , caring , fast , accurate , beautiful , sexy , n it goes on.. thanks so much Impy , take care , i love u soooooo much xoxox" ... written by Nv
Impy is phenomenal, not only are her predictions spot on, but she is very caring and gives great advice. I highly recommend her, and she is not about just money, this is what sets her apart and why she has so many loyal clients. Thank you Sweety!" ... written by Ace
After a week of trying to get information from this girl, I finally made it.. Thanks Impy and I look forward to December and February!! Great reader" ... written by Destiny_Love
She's amazing! Very caring and also focused and spot on! Love her to death! xoxox" ... written by Adis
I feel so blessed to be able to read with Tesha. I was looking for a change for the whole of my life and I wasn't able to put my finger on it until I met her. I know it tool some time for her words to sink in and become part of me but now that they did, they are here to stay. I really admire your beauty that radiates from you." ... written by evaclara
Love My Boooo to death!! I have no fears and worries when she is there to hold my hand in my journey to my dreams! I love you love you and wish always the BETS of the BEST for you , take care , and get some rest , imao ur eyes looked so tried... Cant wait to tell you how it goes... !! THE BEST IMPY , every prediction happened and we are creating the REST!!" ... written by Your N
5 stars! The very best!! Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for your help!" ... written by starshine
Blown away! I'm bowled over! Tesha really, really, really got into the person I was asking about, in a way Ive never had the pleasure of witnessing. I mean, she really channeled this person and was saying things that he has done or said in real life! In fact she was a step ahead of me, telling me the answer to what i was typing before i was able to finish it! Whoah! Im still floored by this session. She also made it clear she wouldnt just tell me all fluff and sugar, she told me how it is. And boy was she fast! Well worth the time and credits, she's a hidden gem here and I am glad I found her. :) thanks Tesha you have truly helped me. " ... written by T- DOll
This was a great reading and well worth the wait. I definitely recommend Tesha to everybody when they want clear insight!! February for everything for me!!" ... written by BFM
Thanks girl! Looking forward to the changes coming up and for the process to keep flowing :)" ... written by v
I love this girl.. " ... written by See
wow she is bang on!! not easy to catch the time differences make it hard but is all worth it!!! love her to bits!!" ... written by rosy
Tesha, first THANK YOU so much! I can't find words to thank you for your kindness. Your accuracy is like a laser, lol, the color of my sheets! I know what you feel/see is true, it just FEELS it in my bones. All you have said previous has come to pass so this is no different. Divine timing. I can't express my gratitude enough. Merry Christmas to you and have a wonderful New Year! Will see you in the new year or an update :D .... again many many thanks! I highly recommend Tesha if you want someone who is just straight up, real and beyond accurate. She is truly amazing!!! A light being for sure." ... written by meme
Thank you IMPS!!!! Worth the wait to get in and read with this awesome lady :) " ... written by DD
Haha, had a good laugh with Tesha! Conversations with her are so easy and relaxed.. it's like I'm talking to my bestie. Except she is extremely intuitive and connected. She made a prediction last time for date of contact, and it happened on the exact day she said it would. She also gives great advice on how to handle things moving forward. She's the best there is. Thank you luvie! xx" ... written by Mimi
Tesha is absolutely wonderful. She tuned in straight away and her readings and what she sees are consisting. I cant express how wonderful she is and her predictions have happened and I don't doubt the big one will to!" ... written by s
she is getting better and better. So lucky to be able to read with Tesha. " ... written by evaclara
Tesha, thanks for being there. For not only me, but for everyone. Happy holidays! ♥" ... written by Rheystal
she is the light at the end of tunnel... gives so much clarity and she's always on point with what's going on and what others are thinking or intentions. " ... written by mia
Amazing and on point. I can't put into words what Impy's readings mean to me. She only needs a name and can pick up their energy right away! Accurate and quick. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
so happy to manage to catch up with it always!! n she nailed the personality so true and right!!!" ... written by rosy
She's so awesome!!! She is straight-forward with her readings and cares about her clients! XOXO btw, the guy with the glasses is calling me everyday..LOL!! " ... written by LOVE
She is amazing and always picks up on what will happen!! " ... written by Ash
All I can say is OMG... WOW. HIGHLY recommend!" ... written by Ang
She is amazing!!!!! she picks up on energies sooo quick and is always always always spot on! love her to bits!! she's the bomb! I'm so blessed to have her in my life as a guide! xoxoxox" ... written by Adis
Just like I said, she is a big blessing in my life. Came into my life when I needed her most and I am forever grateful." ... written by evaclara
There are no words to describe how wonderful Tesha is. There isn't anything I can say that has not been said. Thank you Tesha. Please do get a reading with her and you will know what I mean. She is 100% genuine." ... written by sara
She's amazing! All her predictions have passed with me and I'm so grateful to have her in my life as a guide :) xoxo" ... written by Adis
5 stars!!! You get nothing but the best with this beautiful young lady!! AMAZING!!" ... written by LUV
This was the TYPICAL Impy-N reading , Imao you were a BOMB today , this woman knows everythinngggggg ..She was able to replay my WHOLE TRIP back to me , she knew what he was wearing , how he reacted , the reason why we argued , how long he wud be gone to his hometown .. i have lost count of how many jaw dropping moments I had ths particualr reading..... Love u Boooo , and thanks for taking the time to read for me.. I know what I want and i feel so confident about being able to create it exactly how i want it ..thanks for your super awesome Advice anddd the most accurate predicitonsss, i love you bubbs xoxoxoxox" ... written by N
the very truly best" ... written by ultimate
Tesha is the real deal - she's amazing! Really quick and spot on! Always picking up things real quick and always amazing! Thanks boo! xoxoxox" ... written by Adis
Thanks my love.... 5weeks... Jan and Feb." ... written by See
WOW wow wow ,,," ... written by HH
Thank you for keeping me hopeful because I want to give up so bad!!! You are amazing!!! Looking forward to a new year andamp; happy times!! XOXO" ... written by Love
wonferful!! much looking forward to what happens... thank you!" ... written by cc
Amazing as usual!! Her predictions do not change!!!! love it!" ... written by Nicole
awesome awesome awesome" ... written by mia
She was so good!! I was in awe of how much she knew. She was so accurate and spot on about our situation and did not sugar coat at all. I'm so glad I came to her because she has given me peace of mind and to stay positive and not to focus on the negative situation now because the outcome is good and I should focus on that. Just let go and everything will flow the way it should be." ... written by nowk
I've been having readings with Tesha for two years and she is the only one I trust and find. Every single event she told me coming really has been panning out exactly like she described. The beauty of Tesha's reading is not only the accuracy, but also her advice that comes from her maturity and wisdom. She is also a very ethical person... she always tries to manages the time efficiently to avoid wasting the credits.. I am very grateful that I've got to know Tesha and gone through the life with her as my adviser.. Big hug and love to Tesah. " ... written by Karen
We shall seee..." ... written by k
amazing :).Short and simply x" ... written by sara
Ughhhhhhhh! This woman right here literally gives so much clarity and explanation to so many questions. And if she sees it, she sees it. She definitely listens so ask away!" ... written by Rheystal
Out of this world!!" ... written by Luv
Great reading! Amazing! Out of this world. On point and accurate. fast and no tools needed. NO BS!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Positive, positive, positive! Oh yeah, lol." ... written by Rheystal
very quick, honest and talented .... I will be back" ... written by Great Reading!
she said the exact words of what someone told me. She saw positive things coming for me. I will update you as times goes on." ... written by mememe
She is amazing she picks up my situation completely and am very impressed. She only used my and my husband names and knew everything about our relationship. She is absolutely amazing!" ... written by Nadia
Tesh totally found all the nails and banged them each on the head perfectly. She knew things about my past job and boss accurately, and saw what he would be wanting in the future. Gosh its so hard to explain. It's like Tesha takes her hand and dips into people's heads, able to read all. Besides that she feels the feels, so to speak, so I trust her on a spiritual level as well. Highly recommended. This girl is precious. A gem! A honey! A butterfly! She's worth the effort of catching her. I suggest a huge net. :) Love her!" ... written by t-d
many thanks Impy for the time this was a long awaited reading and i got all my answers, she remains consistent and im waiting for Feb so things are more solid. I highly recommend her." ... written by ACE
amazingly accurate" ... written by HP
wonderful!! waiting for prediction to come... hopefully soon!!!" ... written by jcjc
This girl is AMAZING!! Not only is she beautiful and funny but she is so accurate words can not describe. I have lost count how many predictions she has made that have come to pass. I am so excited for the next lot to happen. I get goose bumps every time I read with her. I can not thank this girl enough, I have so much love for her xox" ... written by Mshelli
LOVE LOVE LOVE this girlie, she just knows everything literally everything and its amazing! xoxox" ... written by emy
outstanding reader!" ... written by chicago
She's the best, So right! I haven't been feeling good, I've been feeling weak and drained. Thanks for your love and guidance! Always the BEST!!!!" ... written by Love
I had reading with Impy before, her prediction has came true!! waiting for her next prediction to be happen. Thanks dear" ... written by emily
Consistent, funny as all hell, accurate beyond belief, gets into people's core ... amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough. I just love her energy, she is so REAL ... thank you is a flimsy term in comparison to my gratitude. You put my heart at ease and make me happy ... thank you for this. Everything she said previous is happening as she saw it, her gifts are truth, accuracy beyond comprehension, integrity and kindness. From my heart always!" ... written by Meme
Crazy accurate, every time " ... written by meg
Thanks.." ... written by See
she picked up on someone from my past returning and he did. so i asked her for further advice about what to do now, and she picked up well. thank you!" ... written by ashleigh
Great reader. I look forward to Feb. , March, and April!!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Heart, heart, heart!" ... written by Rheystal
5 Stars! Thank you! Always on point andamp; such a great reader. She's real! " ... written by Luv
She is unbelievable... Xoxo.. " ... written by See
She's amazing! Always spot on and always quick! love her to bits xoxo" ... written by Adis
Love this girl! Always on point with many situations. Love her!!" ... written by Ashhhh
she is very cool. talented. friendly. consistent." ... written by catgirl
i love her! finally got a love/ year prediction. shes sweet and worth the wait! thank you again" ... written by linny
I had to catch up with this lovely lady!!!!! She is the best!! She's real ya'll! " ... written by Love
I still come to her a lot as I am learning to create and not whine. Tesha is my rock, a very solid one but sweet as honey and supportive. I just love you. Sincerely." ... written by evaclara
I am looking forward to what she shared I feel she is right on and why. thanks it was a hard fight to get in and well worth it. " ... written by joy
My booo is the Best , love her to pieces.. so honest and so generous..and every single thing she predicted has happened or is in the process of happening .. 1 year with this beauty and my life has changed. Thanks for your time and advise and i wont let you down ever lol loves ya xoxoxox" ... written by N
Amazing reading. Amaaazing reader. I am so grateful for her kind words and her predictions. She does not judge. No tools and can pick up immediately on the other persons thoughts and your thoughts as well. It's difficult when you're in your own head, but Tesha can even explain to you WHY you feel some sort of way. Out of this world reader. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A million times thank you! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
Thanks... Awesome." ... written by See
Oh yeah, that's my girl....I needed some answers and Tesha was on target once again! Love this girl!!!" ... written by Jennifer
She was very fast with the limited time that we had, and was very accurate. Thanks!! " ... written by Jared
wowowow!!! she picked up on someone in my life and explained exactly how they look!! waiting on some predictions to come true in the next month i am so excited to see how it goes. " ... written by Jessica
Love Love Love IMpsssss , lol m still laughing at it , thats my favourite suitcase , coz it has wheels and its nice and tiny so i can easily take it everywhere , and the trench coat , i have a few but i totaly wanted to wear black the next time i see him coz thats his Fav. color imao , U KNOW EVERYTHINGGG xoxox" ... written by N
Thank you so much. I was definitely needing your words today" ... written by Nadia
I have had a few readings now with impy and each time she has been consistent! honest and straight to the point and the only reader I go to for the truth xx " ... written by HP
another amazing reading as always.. she is my true mentor in my life!!! she know exactly what's going on more than i do and brings up her insights, helps me face the situation, guides me, coaches me!!!! amazing, amazing, amazing. xoxoxo! " ... written by violet
love teshaaaa!!!!! awesome at descriptions of people!" ... written by Jessica
Great reading! Very detailed with timeframes that are soon and helpful advice for getting the desired outcomes sooner. Thank you! I will update next week on what happens :) " ... written by J
Amazing! She knew my relationship!!!" ... written by J
TESHA is amazeballs! she's always been consistent and spot on regarding my situation and she doesn't sugar u at all - she will tell u what she sees :) thank u so much waiting for all ur predictions to come pass :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
This is why I feel so silly asking you these questions sometimes, LOL." ... written by Rheystal
Omg! She seem to always know what's going on! Thank you Thank you!! She took time to speak to me today and it means a lot to me because I was freaking out...kinda! hehe! ((HUGS))" ... written by Love
There is a reason why she has the same clients coming to her over and over again. She even tells you to save your credit! I don't feel like shes just reading for the sake of a job but she does care...she also picked up a birthday coming up soon! and it's true , I have a friends birthday coming up x" ... written by sara
Thank you dear, i always feel better after our readings, this time was no exception!! xoxoxo" ... written by Ashley
she eases my anxiety sooooo much! now i just have to be patient i have things lined up and i just need to let it flow now " ... written by Jessica
As always, i had an amzaing reading with tesha! again.. she is a wonderful coach and mentor for me... she is above and beyond...!!!! AND happy valentines day!!! xoxoxoxo, karen" ... written by violet
She is absolutely Phenomenal !!! It's important to set the intention and let things they can naturally happen, because they will!! " ... written by Gatorgal
the best reader ever...!!! love impy! she sees the same all the time.. really knows her stuff. great insight and extremely tuned in! thanks a bunch!" ... written by nn
Great reader.. she connects fast. she is accurate" ... written by BFM
Awww my boo , i love you , you are the BEST and my psychic For life , you already know that lol , but i wanna keep reminding you that i will never let u down , and YESSSSSSS will make you PROUD ..what you do for your clients , no one ever does and thats why we love you the most , talk to you soon beautiful xoxoxoxox millions" ... written by N
Finally got a reading with her..she was great and picked up a lot of details! Glad I was able to read with her. " ... written by D
I actually died a bit laughing out loud when you asked that one "hand clap motion" question. Thank you so much! Stay safe on your travels!" ... written by Rheystal
Thank you so much impy for all your help and advice." ... written by confidential_1
Lets See... I hope I can save save save... But I will say to anyone try her.. She is awesome." ... written by See
God Impy, thank you. Such an eye opener. So much love and truth. No sugar coating anything. Thank you so much." ... written by Samantha
i wish i had more credit.she she AWESOME!!!!! she knew i was going to pvt with her before i even told her my name and where i was from" ... written by zara1981
Yeah, yeah, yeaaah~ Listen to her teachings, we got this." ... written by Rheystal
I love your readings so much, I dragged this one really long and I never do that but I thank you for everything!!! You are amazing , no one else is as gifted as you are!! XOXO" ... written by Sunshine
Incredible! She knows things she can't possibly know and is always spot on!" ... written by Karen Marie
Thanks so much..Awesome awesome.. Love you.." ... written by See
Tesha is a great reader. She really had a handle on me and also the person in question. She gives specific tools to practice and is really genuine and ethical. Thank you!! " ... written by isabella
Impy is AMAZING!!!! the BEST! " ... written by DD
Impy is by far the most talented, gifted and genuine psychic I have ever read with. Her readings provide great clarity and peace. No matter how upset, sad, hurt, or even devastated I am, her words give me real HOPE! I am eternally grateful for Impy, a person who guides me, understands me, and does not judge me. And a person who is genuinely here to help because she really cares. If I really need a serious reading that has to do with my love, my life, or my career it's either Impy or R for me. Trust me, when you have the best…there's no need for the rest! ;)" ... written by Gatorgal
hahahah tesha is the best! had me cracking up with this reading! cant wait for her predictions! " ... written by Jessica
So spot on. She can describe people and places in detail when she has no way of knowing! Never fails to amaze me!" ... written by Karen Marie
i love impy so much. she was sooo spot on with everything. i had the longest reading with her today because i couldnt stop listening to everything she had to tell me. seriously blew me away. i recommend her!" ... written by linh
I thought the reading was absolutely brilliant!! It was really hard to catch Tesha but so worth the wait!! Loved it! Thank you Tesha, that was amazing :-)" ... written by sara
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words." ... written by T
my friend was so much in trouble and tesha gave me a clear picture of what's going on and what will happen... thank you tesha again for your keen insights and give us peace in mind.... love and big hug.... xoxoxoxo. K. " ... written by violet
I absolutely adore Tesha ! She is spot on and really helps you manifest what is best for you..much love and many blessings to you Tesha !" ... written by P
The things you see... SHAME FINGERS, LOL." ... written by Rheystal
Tesha is amazing. Spot on as always!" ... written by Karen
looking forward to the future" ... written by bobby
Great as always!" ... written by Karen
Boo is adorable!" ... written by N
i had serious confusions about work and love.. and teash helped me to see what's going on in details and coached me how to deal with the situations. I can not have this guidance in any other place at all... it can be only from Tesha... she is an amazing person and so talented reader... the best in the world!!!!! xoxoxo, karen. " ... written by karen_violet
I missed you, girl! Sooo glad you're doing so much better! And will keep you updated! ♥♥♥" ... written by Rheystal
She is so spot on that I'm amazed by the readings. Impy, you are fantastic! Love reading with you and how you pin point everything in details. She is the best of the best. Love you impy. oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
i go on here to bug her with stupid questions. i love her shes the sweetest and greatest. i honestly didnt really have real questions today but i got excited she was on so i read with her anyways. i feel bad cause i know its super draining for her. shes great at channeling!" ... written by linh
Simply love her and has been my official go to since reading with her last year september. One of the few that I trust here on oranum. Simply a hidden gem x" ... written by sara
thank you thank you thank you boo... love ya for keeping me strong .. talk to you soon xoxox" ... written by N
Your amazing. I ran out of credits and I also couldn't type towards the end lol. But I was listening and everything you said is right. I mean everything. I absolutely adore you. I feel like the way you explain it really helps me see whats going on. Thank you so much. I will be back :) " ... written by Arc201
"It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you" ... written by Rheystal
Love... I will always support her... " ... written by See
wow she is great amazing really. First reading, but i will have many more" ... written by debbiec0613
love tesha she tells it how it is and really knows me without even giving her any info working on learning how to calm my mind and not be so impulsive " ... written by jessica
tesha u r the best i have no words " ... written by ultimate
Amazing reader! Always nails it with details and descriptions!" ... written by Karen
She's the greatest... I've gotten very far with her advice and vision... she's the only one I trust here now..." ... written by mia
Thank you so much. It was a very eye opening reading and very accurate." ... written by confidential_1
Ahhhhh I just love her! Shes sooooo accurate! I will never take anyone elses advice except hers! She's just brilliant! :) " ... written by Holly
She is great! Always spot on!" ... written by Karen
She is dead on everything she told me is happening ... she is as clear as a blue sky on a summer day. The best of the best." ... written by onlyme0111
Tesha always gives me the right advice and it always work! i think Tesha is rather a life coach than a mind reader :) ! you are so talented!!!! xoxoxo, K. " ... written by violet
teshas the best!" ... written by Jessica
She is the best :-) " ... written by D
superb" ... written by ultimateone
another great reading with tesha! i love her to death cause i feel like i connect with her so well. I dont even have real questions anymore i just get excited and harass her and bug her with updates from my love life. shes great and things she channeled for me has came true and were so on point!" ... written by Linh
So glad im able to catch her. You are an amazing person. Your readings are always so on point and pinpoint things that no one else would ever know. I can see why you have such a strong following." ... written by Dee
What can I say about my dear, lovely and exceptional psychic? " ... written by evaclara
always amazing,,,,her predictions happen" ... written by mia
She is freaking amazing!! T is the real deal...Her last prediction came true for me on the exact day she told me so yea .... Pretty awesome. " ... written by D
Spot on. Always has the answers.... Worth the wait and effort because she is the real deal!" ... written by Karen
It's been a while, but I'm so glad I was able to get a chance to speak with you. I missed you and your guidance, girl. Thank you so much! Live your life!" ... written by Rheystal
Thanks... Still the same.. nothing has change.. awesome. " ... written by See
Amazing! So glad I was able to catch her. Really put my mind at ease. Predictions are a bit in the future but I feel very confident as she read situations really well. Scary well.LOL" ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you again! " ... written by shopgirl16
Broken record over here but shes so fricken amazing. and seriously? smelling what i ate?! can we give the girl a break here. LOL. blows my mind. i love her to pieces. always sees things no one else on here ever touches close to." ... written by Dee
She was right on point. thanks" ... written by katja
God so amazing! THE BEST READER! QUICK! ACCURATE! AMAZING! MY NUMBER ONE! :)) LOVE YOU!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
<" ... written by Rheystal
So spot on. Always the best. Definitely the real deal!" ... written by Karen
love her to pieces! could not get enough of her. amazing sweet person and so legit!" ... written by linh
I LOVE TESHA!!!!!! on point no crap readings... she gets straight to the point and gives the best advice.. has stopped me from making rash decisions plenty of times... " ... written by mia
Finally got in a reading with her! I loved it!" ... written by J
OMG I finally got a chance to have a reading with IMPY. I forgot that I had a reading with her long time ago, but she is pretty amazing, I can't believe how much she picked up! Thank you so much, will keep you posted and i hope to read with you again. " ... written by mainstreem20
Always the best! Words aren't enough to thank you for all your insights and guidance! Much love. xx" ... written by Mimi
From the short reading that I had (because I had to go), she was amazing. Picked up on my situation accurately with just a name. I just wish she was on more often in free chat as opposed to in the member's area (yellow). Her camera didn't work either, but she knew that and it didn't interfere with her reading although it's nice to see how an advisor works :) thank you! xoxo. m." ... written by M
Had to go back for another reading and i feel so grateful to have been abel to catch her, bc she's so hard to get in pvt...she's amazing!!! that's all I can really say, really amazing!" ... written by mainstrem
Its amazing.. Love Love talking to her.. From the beginning she Keeps saying when things will fall into place and she is so right..." ... written by See
Curiosity, curiosity, lol! Have a good weekend, girl!" ... written by Rheystal
amazing as always. " ... written by Dee
it was a very long reading but tesha did her best at the moment to moment... she truly cares about me and provides me the best advice she can provide... and the insights she share are always awakening me up! she is so talented and has great mind and heart!!!! thanks a million Tesha!!!! " ... written by violet
Thank you are amazing, I constantly confirm these crazy little details you see and thank you so much for being such an amazing guide. I know i will get through this rough period with your guidance. Thank you again and I will let you know how it goes :)" ... written by M.
Tesha is such a sweetheart, so caring and visions have already happen. I am so happy every time I am able to catch her, bc she's so difficult to get to have a reading with, for a good reason. THank you so much for being so honest and so kind. I have taken notes of everything you have told me I need to do to get through this state. You are so awesome!!!!" ... written by M.
Amazing reader -- detailed, honest, fun... kind. She is so accurate and really helps you understand your issue and the best way to resolve it. I like how she uses multiple tools (and no tools) to tailor the reading to what you need. Thanks so much :))" ... written by Liza
she is amazing and awesome at picking up everything. She hit the nail on the head in picking up my issues and what is going on. She is the best!!! Thank u so much Tesha! Truly in awe!" ... written by nadia
She's just amazing, everything she told me is happening in front on my eyes, but I am also really taking her advice and doing as she is guiding...AMAZING!!!!! thank you I am so grateful for you!" ... written by Mainstreem
If anything, I'm just glad that this amazing soul has taught me how to change my vibrations and how possible it is to turn my life around! We all want happiness and once we set that intention, we get that! Hoping you feel better, girl! " ... written by Rheystal
she is amazing and awesome at picking up everything. She hit the nail on the head in picking up my issues and what is going on.Most of what she told me i knew already.I was just confirming with her.All her predictions have come happened for me.She is the best!!!(Most important,she does NOT sugarcoat)!She will tell u only the truth and she is very accurate.Caring ,beautiful,friendly lady.Thank u so much Tesha! Truly appreciate!:)" ... written by unknownbird1
finally got to speak to Tesha...awesome!!!" ... written by rosy
Thank you Tesha! So glad i got you and your timeframe is the same. Getting closer lol. xo" ... written by bella
She was amazing! Said things without me even saying a word!!! Thank you I will be back!" ... written by hEATHER
She is so good - always get the details no one else can get!" ... written by Karen
love love love Tesha!" ... written by mi
Tesha is the all time best. Very rarely do you come across a psychic that remembers you and every situation you've shared with them. Tesha honors her gift and gives you nothing but honesty infused with clarity and details. Thanks so much for everything you see and for the guidance to make things happen the way they are supposed to. Love ya bubba!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you again!!! I really appreciate you. Will keep you posted. " ... written by M.
I feel like I just leave my usual spiel on her wall anyways, but yeah. She's great. Things are great. She picked up on a lot of different things this time around out of the blue which was pretty funny. Yeah, just trust the vibes and the gal~" ... written by Rheystal
Clarity, clarity, clarity and strength. Amazing talent and no BS." ... written by evaclara
Thanks girl! I will go ahead and just let things be or at least try my best for now. " ... written by L
Thank God!!!!! Here reading is the only one that makes sense for this guys actions. Truth Speaker" ... written by love
She tells you how it is! Very accurate and spot on! Wow!" ... written by angelynnie21
shes my go to psychic. i love her so much. ive been to many but in the end shes my lobster." ... written by linny
Holy S*IT, She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!! Finally got a reading after 2 months, it was totally worth the wait!! " ... written by love
Thanks very much. Love yah." ... written by See
I forget to say u said the color of the site I will get the jb and from this month everything will be falling into place." ... written by See
Spot on as always - she is sooo good. LMAO. I almost hate to say it because the more people who read with her the more I will have to compete with other people who know she is the real thing. But I can't lie. She is totally amazing!" ... written by Karen
she was waaaaay to accurate. thank god i caught her while i can. and she remembered me! shes awesome!" ... written by the world
Absolutely amazing!! I do understand why Tesha is so hard to get into private!!! Tesha said exactly what she said last time, and it's been more than 4 months!! Thank you again Tesha!! xxx" ... written by sara
she gets it right everytime. thank you so much tesha! xoxo" ... written by the world
answers she gives is honest...she deserves all the stars in the universe....And her prediction have always happen for me.Thanks so much for guiding me through this.Big Hugs" ... written by zara
Awesome as always..... Everyone should always read with her....." ... written by See
finally love in it" ... written by suzie
She is so real, blunt, and spot on. What a lady!" ... written by KD
Tesh has been nailing it work-wise with her predictions ever since I first started reading with her. She's been getting it every time~ You go, girl!" ... written by Rheystal
Always spot on. She is the best!!" ... written by Karen
She's awesome!! If you can catcher, with a big IF, get a reading with her. She's amazing!!! THank you Tesha...I love checking in with you, you keep me on track and I tend to screw up a little less than I would otherwise haha will keep you posted." ... written by M.
Love this girl to bits ! You are the best ! " ... written by P
she is still accurate and very sweet. everything that she has said is still spot on and predictions are the same. will come update you tesha. thank you" ... written by Nowk
She is the best on the site... So spot on and so detailed... Amazes me every time." ... written by Karen
OMG Impy is one of the BEST readers on Oranum! My grandmother came through in a reading and it was a MUCH needed message. You ROCK woman! Seriously, I can't thank you enough for the message you brought through for me today!" ... written by DD
THanks.... Right on tract... " ... written by See
This girl is the real deal. Her and I have spoken several times over the past year and everything, i mean everything she has "seen" has occurred. What an amazing soul to share her gift in such a down to earth, real, practical and understandable way. So much gratitude and love from my heart!!!! Thank You." ... written by Anonymous
She is the best!" ... written by Karen
thanks girl! lol you made me laugh so hard" ... written by L
thanks impy!" ... written by chrissy
Tesha is just amazing - my screen was freezing and having a hard time, but that was my computer. Always awesome and I trust her insight completely." ... written by DEBBIEC0613
After such a long time I am still equally if not even more grateful for your guidance and for your's bearing with me and guiding me. " ... written by evaclara
Everything she predicted is slowly starting to happen even though it seemed impossible at the time. But deep within I always believed and trusted in Tesha and her amazingly beautiful soul..." ... written by evaclara
Awesome as always. Senses are beyond this world. " ... written by See
She is amazing...she is so accurate to the point i stoodup from my sit.....i cant thank her enough...i waited soooo long to get my reading but it was worth every single penny and second....She is the bestttttt of the best here.....She amazed me...i am still shock with her accuracy....she is the bestttt i cant say enough...and give her enough stars it wont do her justice....she is simply the besttttt!!!!" ... written by nami
She is the best reader IMO. Details, details, details..." ... written by Karen
She is wonderful , Beautiful soul.. Thanks Impy for all you do to help us on our journey.xoxoxo" ... written by sc
not only does she guide me into the right path, she is honest, and we have so much fun in pvt lol, i love tesha! thank you for always being right!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Thank you for checking for me :)" ... written by L
Thank you Tesha for always finding the right words and for seeing beyond." ... written by evaclara
Her predictions happen - what else is there to say?" ... written by Karen
Impy thank you so much!!!! I will try to remember everything you said. " ... written by Eden
idk how she keeps on doing it but she does it. she saw something that freaked me the hell out, but in such a good way ahahah, shes so connected its scary. but i love it! thanks tesha, for always being right and for always guiding me the right way! xoxox" ... written by angelbabyx1231
What can i say about her? Few words will never do justice to her...but here is what I will say.....she is always right on the spot for me....she is tremendously accurate that I cant stop coming to her...She is my go to psychic here....I am soooo blessed I have found her....she is not only so kind and sweet but she will tell you how it and not sugar coat anything...almost like a friend...I love her....she is the besttttttt!!!! 5stars are not enough for words cannot describe how thankful I am to her....I love herrrr!!! Thanks Tesha for helping me!!! :)" ... written by namrata
Awesome awesome awesome!!! predictions have happened, she predicted something happening in june/mid june.....happened exactly as she said....two people came together, and then shut each other out! she saw it happening like a movie! i come to her over and over and over bc she sees it. Tesha is so great. Just gotta catch her in pvt to see that, but that's an entire challenge in itself ;) if you are lucky though, you will see how amazing she is at what she does!" ... written by M
Thank you Tesha your always so informative. Its crazy some of the things you see because there so accurate like the hat and my job. That's insane you see everything. Amazing." ... written by Arc
Thanks... I am really cleared of what i want and what makes me happy... thanks. Will continue waiting for the outcome. " ... written by See
She was absolutely awesome. You are going to really love her because she was right on target.She reads like an open book and the answers she gives is so honest...she deserves all the stars in the universe...U r the best!XOXO" ... written by zara
blows my mind everytime. seriously seeing that im hungry??? and the picture lmao! best psychic on here, period. " ... written by angelbabyx1231
Love Impy! She is always spot on." ... written by Karen
You are the best." ... written by Kirsten
Thank very much. Awesome as always" ... written by See
what can I say about her she is just tooooo awesome.....she is theeeeee bestttttttt....i love her cant thank enough always been accurate for me....Tesha is like a friend who tells u the truth without sugarcoating things.....I am soooooo happy I have found her here...I truly trust her 100% with my eyes closed....she is the best!!! LIke I always say 5stars are not enough for her!!!! " ... written by nami
Great as always! :)" ... written by Chia
She is the best. Always." ... written by Karen
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Beyoooond words! " ... written by Rheystal
Always spot on..." ... written by Karen
Just the BEST. So awesome every time I am lucky enough to catch her. So consistent and accurate. Just amazing." ... written by debbie0613
Thanks... for your guidance." ... written by See
This woman sees details that no one else can know. She can describe houses and people to a T. She told me 4 months ago about something that happened recently out of the blue. She made me a believer in things I did not believe in before." ... written by Karen
it took me months to finally get thru! wow she is amazing and I see why the wait! she knew it all..i am left speechless...thank you!!! I will be back to share!" ... written by me
So incredibly nice. And always great - her ability to see details is amazing! I have never talked to anyone who can see the details she can see, down to describing people, their homes, places she could not possibly know..." ... written by Karen
Tesha is always keeping my spirit up and has been a wonderful life coach to me. she is very talented and smart..... and WISE! Thank you tesha as always for keeping me staying grounded and pushing forward! " ... written by k.
Thanks very much Impy!" ... written by L
Haven't had my reading w/ Impy for over a year, she is still so freaking amazing!!!! She spot on the situation with new guy I'm seeing, seeing us going on a trip end of summer "on a boat". The funny thing is, I did invite this guy on a river just waiting to see if his schd could work out! OH MY! Imply even knew I'm buying some could she know??? Too many details I can display here. Thank you Impy, can't wait to talk to you again, hopefully bring good news? :) xoxo" ... written by Chia
Her predictions happen. Need I say more?" ... written by Karen
was very honest I will just have to wait and see predictions,I am not sure at this point,reading seemed a bit negative regarding the person,all the same I appreciate her telling me what she saw ,only time will tell,have had other reading regarding the other person,and was very postive,she is a lovely down to earth person,I would recommend for no sugarcoating,and her full honesty.xoxo" ... written by J
Always amazes me! " ... written by Marie
She just did it again. Insanely spot on! xx" ... written by Chia
Impy is the BEST! " ... written by DD
Tesha = THE BOMB ... honest to goodness she is fast, accurate, funny and SO REAL. I just love this girl. Everything, I mean EVERY THING she has said is unfolding ... had a quick few minutes today and she got what was in my heart with no information from me but a name. You are AMAZING!!!! Thank you for your time today. Thank you is never enough. My gratitude for finding you can not be expressed in words." ... written by Me
Never ceases to amaze me with details." ... written by Karen
i love her soooo much. shes my go to psychic and i recommend her to everyone i know. shes always been right for me and i trust her with everything" ... written by linny
i love this beautiful tesha!!!. My gratitude for finding her can not be expressed in words.Thank you god is not enough.She is AMAIZING!!her readings are very accurate and fast,i respect her more for her honesty.. xoxo" ... written by unknownbird1
Thanks for the Update... Always amazing/ helpful." ... written by See
OMG I LOVE this woman! She is the BEST. Take her private. She knows all and sees all! " ... written by DD
Thank you Tesha amazing as always. Your so helpful I really don't know how to put in words how much I appreciate you. You are really helping me understand and see things that I wouldn't be able to do on my own. Your a very gifted person and people who have yet to get a reading with you really need to because your incredible." ... written by Arc
An amazing reader. Truly gifted. I have no idea how she can see the things she does." ... written by Karen
ahhhhhh sorry i ran out of time but thank you, i needed that! lol" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Impy is the BEST!!!! OMG she is so on point " ... written by DD
She is the best. Always know exactly what is going on!" ... written by Karen
She is just THE BEST! xo" ... written by Chia
OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!don't know how but I got so damn lucky today to talk to her after so long and can never catch her. She is the most and above and beyond amazinggggggggg...I didnt tell her one thing about my new situation and she read me like an open book, everything and I mean everything she said was spot onnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! But she's always been amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything and OMG I truly miss youuu, love you" ... written by sweet84
Thanks so much... Always Awesome... xoxo" ... written by See
Amazing like always! Thanks Impy! " ... written by DD
She is the best! Seriously." ... written by Karen
im so glad i cuaght her lol. she is able to see things like crazy. like INSANE how she sees things lol " ... written by the world
I don't think there are enough words in the English language to express my gratitude for this amazing and beautiful soul! You ROCK MY WORLD IMPY!!!!!! " ... written by DD
What can I say? IMPS YOU ARE THE BEST! Love this woman and her advice........NEVER steers me wrong! " ... written by DD
I really wanna say.... she's just okay so that she can STOP BEING SO POPULAR ON ORANUM! :) It's so hard to catch her now...why??? bc she is that good! xo" ... written by Chia
a very good reading! good news and details about the person's appearance i couldn't believe! " ... written by bella
SHe is the bestesttttttt!!! I cant say enough for her ...i can go on and on but you have to experience it on your own." ... written by nami
THE BEST." ... written by Chia
idk how she does it. but she does! amazing always" ... written by angelbabyx1231
How the heck she does it...I don't know. She is so darn gifted!!!" ... written by the wyn
OMG!!! She knows!!! WOW!!! Amazing!!! " ... written by the wyn
I cant thank her enough....always on point...she is my lifesaver ...i always seek her help when in doubt or i need answers...she is the bessssttttt!!!!" ... written by nami
Beyond and above amazing. I so so needed this reading with her and she helped me a lot and cleared a lot of things for me. She is a Super starrrr thank you so much. Love you xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Only wish I could share what've we discussed... Impy has been spot on on everything. Never failed. THE BEST. " ... written by Kirsten
Awesome awesome awesome. Bang on. She answered my question thoroughly" ... written by the wyn
Thanks awesome as always the best... Could never go wrong..with T..." ... written by See
Absolutely amazing reader! Quick, to the point, accurate, and always answers ALL of my questions. She will not waste your credits, so be ready with your questions, and let her flow! Difficult to get a hold of (kinda like a butterfly:), but absolutely worth the wait!!!!! Thank you for changing my life, Impy! Mwaaaahh, my love! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
Simply excellent." ... written by Chia
xoxo" ... written by Kirsten
Brilliantttttttttttt!!! spot on with every little detail, and confirms a lot of things for me. You are truly amazing. ROCK STAR. love you and thank you for everything xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
5 stars! always the best! It's been a long time since I caught up with her. She's awesome!!" ... written by love
Thanks.. LOL.. Always great talking to you..xoxo." ... written by See
I am always feel so blessed when I catch Tesha. Her insight is amazing. Some of her predictions are for 2017 but I am confident that they will come to pass. " ... written by debbiec0613
Truly the best reader here. Seriously. " ... written by Chia
Just simply amazing. Didnt have to ask questions as usual, she just flows. Love her!" ... written by Onyxxstarr803
Love her, love her, love her. She is BRILLIANT and I mean it. Thank you so much sexy xoxoxo" ... written by sweet
She loves to joke. Looooves to joke. But she is wonderful and genuine and she is my go-to. " ... written by Rheystal
She is always on point with her readings." ... written by sc
she is more tha wirds can describe" ... written by ultimate
Can't believe that I finally catch her today!! It's so challenging to just get the chance to have a pvt with Impy. SHE IS THAT GOOD!!!! xoxo" ... written by Chia