About HypatiaSage

Psychic HypatiaSagehas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic HypatiaSagehas recently helped 26members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about HypatiaSage's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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View my video! 5 Star Psychic Throughout the Psychic Industry - 20+ years experience - I use a combination of psychic awareness by means of clairaudience and clairsentience to provide messages from angels and guides, while incorporating tarot, and Vedic astrology - NO SUGAR COATING TO ENABLE CONCISE MESSAGES - NO JUDGMENT - QUICK - ACCURATE - EXPERIENCED - EMPATHETIC - 5TH GENERATION PSYCHIC

Loved her, so sweet straight to the point. Such a sweetheart. I loved her reading and her energy as she explained what each card meant. great stuff :)) very happy." ... written by moosuga
Fantastic reading awesome. Straight to the point I highly recommend HypatiaSage." ... written by Lorann23
She confirmed what i have been hearing quite a while, very good. I will come back for more." ... written by mandylynn30
She was very knowledgeable, and she was a good help in clarifying some issues. Thank you." ... written by novMoon
I had a short reading... but it was great! Very honest and to the point... Will for sure be in touch again. xo" ... written by stephy2335
Very kind and helpful. Thank you very much." ... written by Kent
Absolutely amazing, beautiful sweet calm penetrating energy, accurate, loving and honest. thank you immensely!" ... written by lovebugshay
Great reading! loved her calm nature and her assertive knowledge in tarot readings....dont hesitate to contact her..." ... written by epa0404
She has a very peaceful energy and she was very honest and truthful. There were lots of negatives that came up in my reading and she was still very open and honest about these things. Good energy, trustworthy, honest, sincere. " ... written by moon1leo1
Was so understanding and helpful, all she told me was real ant true. I pray that the future brings justice like you said thank you so much " ... written by moynak
Very accurate and helpful. Now I understand better what was going on around me, she clearly clarified things happening around me , now I know which decision to make. Thank you HypatiaSage. " ... written by Csilla12
Wow what she read for me is happening, she is the real thing....a must read...excellent" ... written by vayunu
She is very fast and accurate. I highly recommend her. " ... written by josephine18
She is highly gifted and wonderful. Her essence is one of peace and purity. She tells the truth so get ready to hear it!! God bless her soul. She stays on subject and leaves you fulfilled.. You wont be disappointed and it is money well spent.." ... written by K
good reader, gave in insight to my situation and the steps i need to take to move forward." ... written by Catherine
Nice, nice lady." ... written by mi
She is great" ... written by N
Very nice and good reading." ... written by Jeremy
She's awesome. Love her energy. Great insight and reading. Thank you HypatiaSage. You rock!" ... written by DaisyNova
she is very sweet and kind. calming energy and spot on." ... written by alicia
this psychic is kind hearted, to the point and focused on your questions, she is able to tell you situational conditions as well as what the person you ask about is thinking, she brings clarity and calms curiosities. She is a wonderful reader, and a gentle spirit , I recommend her." ... written by chocolate33
Great reading. " ... written by vjrei01
She is very good, I recommended her totally she is a good confident and so nice... thank you so much." ... written by sabrina1987
Excellent reader!" ... written by Need2know5
Great reading, thank you." ... written by elle11
Very good reader and very sweet thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Very good at Tarot and very profession." ... written by sunnydeep
Great reading" ... written by vjrei01
Love!" ... written by alwaysyou6
She was so wonderful and warm. Truly caring and heartfelt with everything she said. I now have clarity and hope for what is coming in the future for me." ... written by alwaysyou6
GREAT READING" ... written by :)
5 Million stars!" ... written by DaisyNova
Great but heart-breaking at the same time." ... written by lori
Very spot on in her reading. " ... written by Nona
She is very sweet, calm and good reader. She deserves 5 stars." ... written by N
Very sweet and kind, accurate.. she told it like it was but with compassion and left me feeling hopeful. Thank you so much." ... written by kinawa
You were amazing!!!!! Thank you!" ... written by aduff92
Great reading ,,, spot on good and bad but honest." ... written by stuart81
The real deal!" ... written by librabeauty
Hypathia was brilliant she really tuned into me." ... written by PinkBeatle10
Great Reading" ... written by Eric
Like her energy and readings - always so kind hearted! I recomend her 100%" ... written by epa
Wonderful!!!!" ... written by Karen
Very positive reading. I have had reading before but HypatiaSage was very very detail. She was able to give me detail about my past, present and future without asking additional questions other than name and dob. " ... written by Linda
Wonderful Reading :D" ... written by Rami
Great reading!!!" ... written by Antonio
Thank you for bringing clarity to the situation with my friend. " ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Great energy. Young but with centuries of wisdom. Absolutely spot on reading." ... written by mkjay28
Lovely, she has such a strong spiritual presence, she is honest and thoughtful. There are few i consider to trust on Oranum and she is one of them. Thank you HypatiaSage, she is very understanding and listened to me when I told her about my psychic who i go to for advice. Thank you so much :)) " ... written by Chocolate33
Great!" ... written by Munnie
I am blown away! She connected with me right away! Such a positive reading!" ... written by christine
Sage is a very nice psychic. And honest." ... written by j
Absolutely awesome reader; a real talent!" ... written by lotus71
Thank you very much. ;) She is so warm, reassuring and comforting. Her readings are very accurate! " ... written by Anne
She is wonderful, she really is :)" ... written by chocolate33
The reading was fantastic, very accurate, she was very understanding and supportive, all in all a wonderful expert, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
You are the best one! ;) it was great private reading. im sure to have another private reading for sure. you said everything that was true. Great!! Hats off,, Thanks for your support and advices. we will be back soon. ;)" ... written by Nikesh
She is awesome, right on with everything and gave me great advice!! You must have a reading with her!! Excellent!!!" ... written by Aryastark
Amazing!" ... written by amanda
She is amazing, just so kind hearted it shocks me! She always advises me to listen to my own psychic and never does a reading unless you want to she doesn't pressure you." ... written by chocolate33
Shes very good, fantastic and accurate." ... written by robemel soto
She is an amazing reader! Positive. " ... written by Sprathap
Thanks so much!! Loved the reading!" ... written by Md
She is very kind, reassuring and always advises me nicely. xxx " ... written by chocolate33
Excellent. Straight forward and crystal clear. God bless." ... written by Dr Kesavan
She was very patient, helpful, kind and someone who was very genuine as well and kind. She is a great reader, and very intuitive as well as empathetic. " ... written by chocolate33
She is a reader with a great soul. I dont have to say anymore." ... written by Sree
Very professional." ... written by Ken
Very knowledgeable too." ... written by Ken
GREAT AS ALWAYS!" ... written by epa
very good, perfect and very accurate, kind women, helps a lot" ... written by praveenp
She is brilliant!!!! she was consistent with her previous reading, you have to go private with her, you will not be disappointed!!" ... written by marion
Very great psychic with a positive reading and very nice . Thanks a lot =)" ... written by RealLove
AWESOME SPIRIT!!! Very knowledgable!!! Super accurate." ... written by anesha
we had an update and it was great as always thank you very much" ... written by zimerili1
She has great insight with giving little information. Hit the nail on the head. Been waiting to speak with her and glad I did. Thank you, Hypatia Sage!" ... written by Jane
Awseomw, awesome reading... she is a really gifted reader and she gave me awesome advice... god bless you dear." ... written by San
Hypatia is Amazing and dead on everytime. What can i say. She's a friend for life! Love you HYPATIA !" ... written by Dede
She is very very helpful lady and she helpe dme to help stabilise my life at the moment and she really helped me..thanks a ton" ... written by San
Seems as if she knows what she is talking about....very soothing calming voice to release negative thoughts and energy" ... written by joey
She is one amazing soul who gives wonderful insight on your past, present and future. She does not sugarcoat things for you. She tells it as it is, I really believe that she possesses the gift of clairvoyance. I can feel warmth and connection whenever I talk to her." ... written by Claudia
What an incredibly gifted reader. I have such peace in my heart and clarity about the situation. Thank you so much. I was astounded and touched by the connection. " ... written by lulu
Centered, calm reader. Great advice and reading, 5 stars! :)" ... written by Soul Journey-
very good reading" ... written by sbenina
Very good I after this going back into reading with her." ... written by yin the tin
I am truly impress with her....she is Aristotle in a female version.... God angel In a human form..." ... written by Marcos
really love her reading!! it is always amazing!!! she gave so many details. thank you so much! one of the best psychics!" ... written by lousie
Very very good. So clear and articulate. And extremely fast which i appreciate very much. Really glad I took her private. Worth it very very much." ... written by G
Like the one person that posted on her wall, she has a KEEN sense, she hit EVERYTHING spot on. I am SO glad I came to her w/ the dream I had and will be back. " ... written by Faith
She is good, hones in/into the situation and etc VERY quickly. LOVE her!!" ... written by Faith
She gets a grasp of the situation correctly without any feedings. She is understanding and caring. Very in depth reading. Answered all question I had!" ... written by PM
Incredible!!!!! She knows what exactly you are going through. You don't have to ask her in different ways in order to get an answer. She is just the best!" ... written by Jijitz
Extremely intuitive and gives timelines that are believable." ... written by Scent
I think she is the best and that she cares for her clients or people in general. That is what u need in somebody who is sympathetic. " ... written by losser1
Gentle, kind, sweet, calming aura, she is a delight to read with and very empathetic and tells you honestly but yet delicately. :) kind-hearted person. " ... written by chocolate33
Genuine gifts. Interactions with this soul is enriching." ... written by SilverShower
amazing.......words cannot express my gratitude :):)" ... written by Laurie
She will only give you what she sees. If she doesn't get a clear picture she will not feed you something that isn't there. Very good reading." ... written by SS
Always calm, gentle and truthful. :) Very honest and kind reader. " ... written by chocoate33
Great to have her back. She is consistent with her predictions even after so long since last reading. Her certainty and kindness and professionalism is wonderful. Thank you." ... written by g
Very good reading. I do recommend her and she tells the truth, not necessarily what you may want to hear. :) " ... written by joy99123
Very honest and clear. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Very good and caring advice. Not always what you want to face or hear, but in your best interests." ... written by angelszone
She combines, astrology, tarot, empathy and clairvoyance to read. Very kind and caring person, very spiritual and gifted. She being well educated, intelligent and knowledgeable is definitely a big plus! Excellent reading!!" ... written by PM
thank u for ur accurate reading which my east my worries ill be back " ... written by jazzz
She is really quite nice and quick and straightforward!" ... written by fragrant
Lovely reader, kind, heated, and sincere :)" ... written by choco
Very straightforward. Not for the cash at all. Caring lady. " ... written by Amy
great reader, gentle , kind and truthful spirit " ... written by chocoalte33
Very nice astrological reading with sage.." ... written by aquavenus
Great reading. " ... written by anil
My second reading with Sage. She is an amazing reader. Nailed the issue precisely in minimum time. What I like about her is that she really values your time and is considerate. Very organized. Does not spend too much time in private trying to understand your problems. I posted my questions and ended private chat. When she was ready I got into private again and there you go! she had all answers typed and it was copy pasted without wasting time. Provides great clarity. Very Sweet. Says what is the truth. And you will not once feel that she is pursuing her agenda. It is all about you that she cares. I totally recommend Hypatia Sage to everyone for your answers. Thank You Dear Sage in providing me with much needed clarity. Love and Regards. Bod Bless You." ... written by Priya
Absolutely wonderful in every respect. :)" ... written by zimerili1
she is very good very fast in her answers" ... written by DANA
She is genuine. I come back to her again and again. She is calm, and honest. Her predictions are coming slowly to fruition and I can see it slowly unfolding!" ... written by claudia
She is quite quick andamp; does not waste time. Had less time and she was great on money. Come back again.. Thanks dear!" ... written by aquavenus
Super kind and specific. Understands you really well. I really value Sage's advice. Thank you!" ... written by Priya
Very fast in her reading. I like her. " ... written by frankiekr
Very gentle soul and clear and accurate reading. Does astrology and tarot. " ... written by Danielle
Very Intuitive, highly recommend... Connected immediately, 5 Stars!!!" ... written by kosubhan
wonderful. highly recommended. " ... written by t.
wow she is amazing!!!" ... written by DANA
Thank you, very honest and kind, coordinating my questions, to what was going on astrologically. I ran out of credits too fast though!!!" ... written by jamieann garrison
v3ry cool!!! nic3 and 3xplain!!" ... written by lodrimint
Awesome reading, she has that calm voice that almost casts a spell on you to listen and immediately brings your attention to the present moment. she is fab! Would recommend her highly! " ... written by pjgovind
im waiting.. sounds good" ... written by adit
thank you wish I could do more time I will check back with you after the 15th thanks so much for adding us into your prayers." ... written by luv4me
thank you so much for the updates." ... written by luv4me
She's amazing." ... written by Nbarnes
she was great real fast answers" ... written by DANA
She was great.. I will look forward to her timeframes :) Thanks." ... written by aquavenus
she's very quick, objective and accurate. i like the way she reads for me. It really helped me a lot!" ... written by olivezcy
wow very good gave alot ofg details than u will be back" ... written by ppppppppp
reading very spot on accurate. felt very connected to hypatia Sage. wonderful and compassionate person. was able to tap into my energies she is amazing" ... written by glitter927
ive talked to this amazing women about a year ago with issues she steered me in the right direction and is doing so again i love this beautiful women thank you " ... written by amanda
She's great! Answered all of my questions in a very detailed way. Didn't require much info from me. Truly helpful!" ... written by Sylvie03
she is awesome!!" ... written by DANA
thank you!" ... written by g
she's the bestttt!!!" ... written by amanda
Loved my private time with Sage. She beams positive energy and love. I feel so much at ease after realizing how much potential I have in life and how bright my future looks. I will never forget her kind, soft, and mystical words. Thank you so much. I really needed that kind of motivation today. :) Much love, light, and blessings my dear Sage!" ... written by samantha
very helpful and straight to the point" ... written by rana
She's good. I am very happy with her reading. I recommend her." ... written by Willhere1978
great reader!!!" ... written by mike
She is amazingly insightful, great reading of the situation, very subtle, no judgement and absolutely no sugar coating" ... written by shushu
she is very wonderful and firect." ... written by alicia
Wonderful! straight to the point, warm and understanding." ... written by Lammonator
omg, she is like my soul sister!!!" ... written by donna
She picked up on the situation quickly and accurately. Try her!" ... written by atlantis111
thank you it is always a pleasure getting a reading with her.She is always so positive." ... written by rebecca
Excellent reading with a kind-hearted reader. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together." ... written by AJ
very pleasant reading and very accurate .." ... written by davyboii
Helpful, but I ran out of time. " ... written by Tyler
She was really good:) " ... written by Cora
honest advisor and reliable" ... written by sd
picked up things quickly and accurately. didnt' ask for much info. she's definitely gifted, and must-consult-again talent. " ... written by moginty
just amazing, she is into many things...charts, etc.., deeply in tune with her intuition, able to provide lots of information, true clarity, good advice, well connected," ... written by mindbodysoul
soothing has always. nice straight forward." ... written by rebecca
She was wonderful, very sweet, gave great insight! Would definitely recommend and I would definitely visit her again!" ... written by Sourdeaux
genuine, lets see if it unfolds..keep u posted" ... written by virgo
thank you for the clarity thanks a bunch love i will think about what the decisions that i have to make thanks a bunch" ... written by mag
thank you for the reading!!!" ... written by lousie
thoughtful and very lovely.. and wise.. great reader.." ... written by donna
been having readings with this lovely women for a while now she's the best and very accurate xoxo" ... written by amanda
this women always makes me feel so much better about myself! she's so inspiring and very straight forward! i love talking to her. She is the BEST xoxo" ... written by amanda
she types very fast and doesnt wast time. thats something i find rare with others on this site, ill def come back to her." ... written by keith
very intuitive, warm and caring. good understanding of different modalities of healing. able to dial in and see what people are about just with a name or simple reference." ... written by Lammonator
Absolutely outstanding!! I totally enjoyed her and she was on top of it. She is very patient and kind. Non judgmental. Am keeping her. " ... written by marjorie
hypatia gave me alot of tips and pointers in our healing/ reading session thank hypatia" ... written by PinkBeatle10
Genuine ! her advice helped me in most difficult situation of my life" ... written by mayura
thank you" ... written by l
great reader" ... written by rebecca
great healing session really helped relax me" ... written by pinkbeatle
Gives you answer with very much peace " ... written by mika
She was nice but I was on low budget and was not able to get full reading, hopefully I will catch up with her soon. Thanks you so much for hearing me and the help. God bless you. " ... written by angi
very truthful insightful, pleasure talking with her." ... written by sd
very honest reader with a lot of insight. peaceful and truthful." ... written by dsd
I had a few readings with her I think she is absolutely amazing! So precise and accurate I was literally surprised. Very fast and on point she is also very kind and understanding and helpful...just havenandamp;amp;#039;t got good enough words to describe how brilliant she is. I am regular and I have had many readings on here with different physics but I must say she is the best and patient and finishes your reading with advice and good support I just love her xxx" ... written by Samina
thank you it was nice to talk with you ill keep you posted." ... written by luvuchaluka
she gave e lot of clarity" ... written by seashells
Another excellent reading from Hypatia Sage....wonderful empath and intuitive, kind, caring person, wise counsel now and in the past. always a great reading." ... written by Lansippus Lemongrass
there was no fake assumptions in her readings or false talks she had perfect knowledge about horoscope ....she was so real :-) would highly recommend her " ... written by prajakta
fantastic reader....I will keep you posted...." ... written by Marcos
excellent clear and concise reading. I would definitely chat with her again." ... written by spankydeedee
Amazing. Warm. Real. Quick... She really connected to the situation!" ... written by Cheery
Very fast and accurate! Will be back. :)" ... written by Xox
very hopeful" ... written by Robert
Amazing, she was very very great to talk to. I figured out a lot about the questions I had. This helped me immensely. I will be back for sure. :) " ... written by Sabi
honest reading :) did not tell me just what I wanted to hear. thanks" ... written by Eliza
very good thanks" ... written by pp
A warm and very very kind soul :)" ... written by Sheena
I have had three amazing readings from this super connected and powerful conduit. She was a great reflection on what I felt within my heart, and she pre-empted all that I was already feeling on a gut instinctual level, where I was just needing that extra guidance and permission slip to follow through. She is sharp and warm with a calming neutrality. I hope others get to experience that 'giggle silly with elation' moment with HypatiaSage mentions something they've been mediating on, and you get the green light to go ahead with your intentions/goals. Amazing wonderful soul, very grateful my path crossed with hers at times I needed help the most." ... written by Sydney
Amazing reader. " ... written by AK
Hypatia is so spot on, in every reading, ive had a stream of good insights from her and time has shown her visons to be accurate, a big help for my growth and learning." ... written by Sir Lawrence Olay
She was very insightful and knowledgeable. Would recommend!" ... written by Amina
she's super lovely and careful, real. thank you. " ... written by lovewater
Hypatia Sage was amazing!!!!!!!! Everything was spot on!!!! I felt so much better after talking with her. She is the real deal. Worth the money:) " ... written by dominique
ecxcellent" ... written by gregg
Great. Absolutely wonderful. Loved having a reading with her :)" ... written by Sabi
good but my computer caused issue" ... written by gregg
Ms Hypatia was great, and very helpful. Thanks." ... written by orchid
Great reading, very insightful. Thank you!" ... written by Josh
She is the most professional and kind soul I know from last 3 years or so. I have lot of respect and love for her! God bless her and her readings are 100% true. She is not here for money. I had bad readings when she was not around. I am canceling my account and saying bye to Oranum. If I miss some one it will be Hypatia ... and I don't regret my conversation with her. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Jake
her reading is very logical and based on theory and intuition. perfect combination :)" ... written by lousie
She was very smart, pretty, friendly, calm, fast typist and down to earth. Love her !" ... written by Kate
Very well done regarding my career!" ... written by Judy
Awesome." ... written by Marcos
Sage was so sweet and has good intuition and was so supportive, really enjoyed the reading, thank you " ... written by Sherry
Wonderful to speak with her. I have a sense of calm after talking with her. She is amazing. " ... written by Sabi
great reading!!" ... written by lousie
unfortunately sound was cutting off but she did her best to give me a good quick reading as i was low on credits. i will definately return to her in the coming days. thank you" ... written by guyfrommalta
awesome!!! the best! she felt it exactly as it was!!! extremely accurate!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! " ... written by Erika
very down to earth, honest and forthright. her predictions are very sound and accurate and wise, i have seen this over time. she is a great advisor and i will keep seeking her expertise." ... written by sd
Very sincere and accurate....highly recommend" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Excellent Reading!!! Hypatia was able to tell me in detail about my current financial, professional and love situation. She told me the men to stay away from and those to be close to. Thanks to Hypatia i have the clarity and confidence I need to finish school and improve my love and professional life!!!!" ... written by Yanci
A wonderful reader, deep insights and kind manner, i appreciate her abilities and have had several readings they always give me a boost and understanding, and prove to be correct in long range predictions and insights. " ... written by Sir Edmund Hillary
Excellent reading " ... written by N
very fast. doesn't need tools. she's great! " ... written by keeetz
Thank You so much...You were so helpful...You were so insightful...If anyone wants a true and caring reading Hypatia Sage is the one to do it...She knew so much by just a birthdate!!! THANK YOU I will take care of myself while I wait for the spring...hopefully he will come around to me by my birthday...that would be an awesome present. :)...I will for sure be back!" ... written by Nona
her reading is always amazing :) thank god I found her." ... written by joey
love the reading!!!!! " ... written by lousie
Thanks for the excellent and clear reading...." ... written by Abigail Rudner
each reading feels like a bless from her. Sage sees so many details and feels emotions accurately. she and i connect very well. I have never met any psychic having the ability to combine astrology chart with clairvoyant this well. that is what make Sage the most irreplaceable psychic on my list. always five stars!!! " ... written by olive
she a great reader " ... written by benina
She is excellent and a very good reader too. Try her and you will never regret." ... written by Neha
Very helpful and insightful...seems to calm my nerves when I need them calmed. Thanks again!!!" ... written by Nona
she was very nice and considerate. She got a fast connection and told me what she honestly saw and her honest advice so i appreciated that" ... written by Fab
Very insightful. She knows things with out telling her anything...She is very helpful in making a person understand their situation and makes me feel better. Thanks!" ... written by Nona
great reading" ... written by olive
very touching reading ;)" ... written by olive
She is very detailed in the sense that she gives you advice to improve it based on what she sees in your chart. dont expect her to tell you the future she will give you tips to make the future of what ever it is your struggling with work out in the favor you select." ... written by sydney
Good reading...very thoughtful and will wait to see what happens. Thanks" ... written by Amy
Very impressive reading. Picked right up on the dynamics of my situation and really knows her planets and astro dynamics as influencing my relationship. I highly recommend Hypatia Sage!" ... written by Wayne Wright
thank you great reading just what I thought " ... written by sbenina
Most accurate and best psychic there is, she was very fast to connect and told me what I needed to hear. Will definitly come back for another reading " ... written by lilkittykins1983
honest straight forward with no sugar coating, thank you, will remember your advice " ... written by Muhsybean
great and clear" ... written by suzanne
Once again, Hypatia has answered all of my questions. She is so on target it is not even funny! She is so sweet, and I love talking to her! She is very to the point and does not slow around. Everything I talk to her about comes to fruition. She is the best!!!!! Will be back soon:) " ... written by dominique
I enjoyed the reading. She was positive, informative and thoroughly discussed all of my concerns and reluctance. She has a kind an gentle spirit. I will be back!" ... written by Clazzyone
love the reading :)" ... written by olive
Great reading! Very confident that these predictions will come true because the past was so dead on." ... written by Poco
She is so kind and lovely. Gave good advice. Will update on predictions." ... written by Moongirl17
Very truthful reader and very detailed. I will contact her again!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very insightful and helpful. She knows so much without telling her anything. " ... written by Nona
amazing " ... written by CRistina
She is amazing...sees things so clearly. She helps calm me when I need it. Thanks for your guidance in what I need to do this week. " ... written by Nona
She is very accurate and you can relate with her concerning your issues!!" ... written by Sharon
she seemed very honest and fast , accurate. wil be bak" ... written by myst
Excellent reading" ... written by Curacao
Direct and to the point :)" ... written by sunshine
Great, very accurate reading." ... written by Milan
she is very sweet and truly psychic" ... written by frag
she is good " ... written by ohood
Very honest with positive energy,it made me feel good talking out things with her, i felt good energy with her, she was right to the point on things i asked her...... thank you " ... written by Nelly
Lovely, very helpful and insightful reading. Thank you hun!" ... written by G
she new everything i was going through and didn't use cards or birthdates …i loved that " ... written by jp
love the reading!!!" ... written by cz
great reading" ... written by olive
Helpful like usual!!! " ... written by Nona
Hypatia keeps me laughing!! once again, she does not disappoint!!!!! She is so sweet and straight to the point. She is worth the money!!!! " ... written by dominique
She is very good. " ... written by kelley
She was very compassionate, to the point, and seemed to connect well. I enjoyed the time spent with her. Thank you for everything! :)" ... written by Porsche
I appreciate Hypatia's approach and caring manner, she''s a great intuitive reader,and i've learned so much from her counsel." ... written by Jefferson George
great reading. love talking to her" ... written by olive
love her reading" ... written by olive
Gave her two names and she connected immediately. Read the situation from start to finish and was spot on the entire time. Hands down, best reading I've had here. She is going to be my #1. Best!" ... written by M
Helpful like usual. She can see what is happening and lets you know the truth. Thanks!" ... written by Nora
best best best!!!! psychic in this site!!!! love her " ... written by olive
she is always very gentle and kind. her answer is truthful and faithful. love her!!!" ... written by olive
I have not told her the whole story but she knows what's going on. " ... written by jello
Thank you so much for offering clarity and hope even though this situation is really tough. thank you for offering some support I will be back for sure when I get more funds" ... written by Hypatia
wonderfull" ... written by aaa
Good reading. I am very pleased" ... written by RAM
pretty good uses astrology as a guide hopefully what she says will come true" ... written by N/A
Wonderful reading she did people :) Trust me I DONT LIE !" ... written by Habib Jeelani
She is really sweet connects well. Worth a visit :)" ... written by GG
She's so great and kind and wonderful. She just puts my heart at ease. Love her" ... written by GG
Very good! Thank you. " ... written by keeetz
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by janesi
nice in depth astrology reading, she answered my questions, but gave so much information, now I have more questions. she was correct with her sense on my overall mood and character" ... written by curious1828
Thank you very much!" ... written by E
She was great and clear. Very good reader!" ... written by simone1707
Fantastic reading...Wow..I still impress with her enlightenment....I will keep you posted." ... written by Marcos
Very good reading." ... written by Milan
She was great!! Straight to the point, very pleasant to talk to and was able to connect with my situation. Will be coming back for sure! " ... written by Walejr
She is patient, kind and absolutely a blessing! Only one of a kind.....I wont go to anyone else!" ... written by kamera70
From an astrological perspective Hypatia Sage pickled up on what the main issue is and has been for the last several years." ... written by richie
she is very good and accurate " ... written by ohood
best reading :)" ... written by olive
had such a great reading, she is really special" ... written by derick
Thank you, this was what i need. I will have patiences for him. I also dont feel that its over between us." ... written by Daisy
i wanna say that its my first time having a reading with her she was very clear about things i asked and i would come back for more readings in the future if i need to ..." ... written by ona
good" ... written by ritesh
She connects very well and is very sweet andamp; caring in delivering information. She is honest, even if it's not what you were hoping to hear. Nonetheless, she seems to be VERY accurate. Thanks for a great reading!!!!" ... written by Marie
Fantastic reading ...put my mind to ease" ... written by poco101
Wow, she connects and answers fast. I didn't have a lot of credits this time, but I will be back for another reading!" ... written by dalai
This was an excellent reading. She knew many things that only I know and close family and friends. I was hoping for good news and got it but as she said, not all readings are so positive and which I have indeed read in her other testimonials. Gave a time frame and good advise as well. However if you are reading this testimonial, things haven't always been so positive for me and in fact have been very very hard. I have walked a hard path to get where I am now. She also knew that I do not trust people easily at all. She is very worth it and should up her price! Take her while she's low." ... written by busy to be me
nice reading and informative" ... written by dragon5577
Let me see how it works" ... written by Nag
She was super sweet! We had some technical difficulties on both sides but it worked out and I had an awesome reading! I was thinking of moving next July and that's what she sees happening as well. Good job and thank you!" ... written by Smiles1977
Great reading! Looking forward to the future." ... written by Vanessa
thanks for the reading!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Wow what an amazing person ! wow ! SHe really touched me on a cosmic level . I was able to talk to her like my bestfriend ! ANd she hit the nail on the head ! so loving and kind ." ... written by sarah
Hypatia is just awesome!! she really brightened my day, she is so kind and gives so much peace. Also really accurate, for sure I'll come back, I feel so much light!! " ... written by Elizabeth
I love her energy and how fast she was able to connect. I don't normally write reviews but she's definitely worth doing a reading with." ... written by k
She was very thorough and detailed and seemed to be connected as well. I will see what happens as far as predictions" ... written by mmmm
Sad to hear, but have to take it in stride. Did not paint a picture that was not there. Thanks." ... written by Kimmer
it was a great experiance" ... written by munish
Good reading gave good advice" ... written by lori_bell22
good reading and thank you for making it affordable! I am on a string budget and cant afford now high rates so I will look out for the predictions we discussed. :)))" ... written by edel95
great reading!!! " ... written by joeyfriends2
Hypatia!!!!!! is amazing!!! I have such a good time talking to her. She really cares about you! she picks up on your life path and knows how to guide you!! pick this lady you wont be sorry! " ... written by dominique
i love her readings she can explain with details and very calm and accurate , affordable she gave me so much information ... guys give her a try i"m sure u will love her reading you got nothing to lose just get the truth she will tell you past ,present ,and future in a very detailed and complete way ...." ... written by aaa
Thanks a lot, i love seeing your exuberant light and warmth. I appreciate the talk. " ... written by MMarmalade
Great chat with Hypatiasage " ... written by Iyisha Williams
Hypatia is so nice, she has given me all the information I hoped to get. Her advise id great, I willl certainly follow it and I look forward to the follow up." ... written by Tom
Hypatia had so much to tell me about my past and future, i had to come back. OMG this lady is incredible!" ... written by Tom
HypatiaSage made everything clear. I'm glad that I came for a reading. She let me know that I have people supporting me, and her love and kindness is helping me move forward. She is a beautiful woman. Thank You so much HypatiaSage :)" ... written by StarMoon5
great reading!!!" ... written by olive
I like Hypatia - she is straight forward and real." ... written by dmbertault
thank you so much for your patience and guidance. a lot of contents you mentioned to me did come to me. i always remember what you told me to keep myself protected. " ... written by olive
best reaidng!!!" ... written by olive
amazing.. acurate. she feels the situation and the person ! wow" ... written by anuj
Great!! She is right forward and honest. Very insightful and I recommend her!! A++" ... written by Walejr
Thank you, sweety, that was very real and comforting, I wish you well :) " ... written by cuteleo
I love talking to hypatia:) She is awesome! She taps right into my situation once again and call tell me straight up what she feels. She does not hestitate or take a long time! She is to the point! " ... written by dominique
great reading!!" ... written by olive
she is good" ... written by ohood
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
It was wonderful and how she takes up to details and the concern to help someone, is really really appreciable. " ... written by anuj
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
Thanks so much - very honest and full of compassion. :) " ... written by p
thank you!" ... written by edel95
thanks for everything!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading " ... written by olive
great reading!!! you are always my fav one" ... written by joeyfriends2
She was a calming sort of spirit...intuitive and helpful. Great reading!" ... written by Larry
honest, wise and a pleasure to consult with" ... written by sd
every time i had a reading with this girl she has been correct about the things she saw and said in that reading ... " ... written by eLLaa
thank you hypatia sage for the reading.. i will keep you posted on your predictions with him.. i hope all goes well for the both of us Jun/Jul. thanks again! :)" ... written by patient_girl
beautiful reading" ... written by olive
first reading and it was good. she answered my questions quickly will update if predictions come true" ... written by linh
great and thorough :)))" ... written by edel95
This was my second reading with her and I think she is quite accurate." ... written by EVERGREEN
I appreciated the answers and insight I received from HypatiaSage. She was honest and straightforward; and that is exactly what I want. She also gave suggestions that I can do to improve my situations. I am very pleased with the clarity she gave me." ... written by Kendra
That was impressive. I didn't have to give her much detail and she read right into my situation. I knew right away that she was the real deal. Her advice was superb and I loved that she kept apologizing for being blunt but why come here if you don't want the truth. She was even able to help me understand how my dreams related to the current situation. It all makes sense to me now. It was an awesome first reading and most certainly will not be the last!" ... written by l
thank you love! you are the best reader as always" ... written by joeyfriends2
She is amazing!!!! i just loving talking to her!!!! " ... written by dominique
Very quick, clear, and honest! I really like her! " ... written by Cara
truly amazing experience." ... written by Vikas Chawla
excellent reader give her a try." ... written by Roy
she's a good soul... and her comfort is there... you can feel it." ... written by sue
Wonderful reading!" ... written by CountryDiva
she is very good" ... written by ohood
Really sweet and understanding; great reading and will be back. Thank You" ... written by Sher
interesting read, different, using astrology. i liked she was to the point :) will see!" ... written by jc
The Best on Oranum. Please, just give her a chancet is the real deal. Trust me I would know!" ... written by Gase
This is the ultimate sage! So wise! So knowledgable! So True and Deep!" ... written by Gase
SIMPLE AND GOOD" ... written by forbal2016
very good thanks" ... written by kim
Was so nice speaking to her so sweet and caring. Thank You " ... written by Cher
WONDERFUL! She is so adorable, beautiful inside-out, her spirit glows...awww" ... written by s.s.
This is, hands down, the best reading I ever had." ... written by Abe
thanks for the reading" ... written by dragon5577
Unfortunately I ran out of credits. But the short time I had with her was incredibly accurate, thank you. I feel she definitely connected " ... written by ryan
Always on point and very realistic. Grateful for her gift. Thank u." ... written by G
great and full of energy. .classic good psychic reading " ... written by chucho
Very sweet woman and very helpful. Waiting to see the result" ... written by machoxxxxx
real deal... omg... she is fast and reallllly sweet .. what I really liked was she does not judge.........I will b back !!!" ... written by wow
wonderful reading.. very polite but very straight forward...5 stars" ... written by ameer
awesome session felt much better after " ... written by PinkBeatle10
Absolutely fantastic. Led me to all the places that I needed to go. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this reading was and how it helped me." ... written by Cebastien
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohoood
great reading!! " ... written by olive
greatreading" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Good advice, very honest :)" ... written by Leo
super lovely, warm and detailed. what she said really resonated with current events. I like her approach and she is a very helpful, warm person :)" ... written by gg
i like it her the first time a had a reading with her because i knew that she is really good ....i will come back wen i need a reading. thank you " ... written by ss
Very kind and gentle spirit, she is a great reader, and helpful :) " ... written by chocolate
This was my first reading with her. She was very helpful and honest. I was able to get my questions answered. I also received more information helping me know how to plan for the necessary changes. Tyvm. You're a good person! =)" ... written by Julia
A very positive, caring, and insightful reader. You can see very clearly she is a very caring, calm, and positive soul. She is not the type that will only tell you what you want to hear, which I appreciate being gifted myself. Psychic information is given to act as an aid in our lives, and true readers practice in an honest way. I truly appreciate this about her when she reads. " ... written by Tarotlover13
very insightful. She read into the situation very quickly and even though I will say I hope she is wrong about her prediction, I am sure she is right. " ... written by l
she always is straight to the point, and gives the best readings!!!!!!! " ... written by dominique
Thank you so much for your time really enjoyed reading with you will be comigm back.. vary loving and peacful she was.." ... written by Khloezen300
Gained some clarity, no doubt will be back." ... written by blanc
Really on point with everything. Thank you:)" ... written by tash1921
She was very understanding, professional and honest. would definitely recommend her as a top choice on here!!" ... written by David
Lovely Lady, Very honest, caring and goes into great detail. Great reading and will def use her again.. ;-)" ... written by MrsHolt
fair and practical...great healing sense relax ure mind body and soul" ... written by chucho343
She has a calming presence. She is very quick and insightful which I appreciate! I like her a lot she has your best interest at heart. no ego :) " ... written by Brianne
she was awesome and right on target " ... written by chucho
Extreme ! honest and quick !!! let her read you !" ... written by tamjones
well its really good" ... written by talha asad
She gave me insight to what I needed to know, and what I wanted to know. I'm very thankful. I really am." ... written by softballmagic
Thank you so much for the guidance! She was spot on and provided insight on matters I was so not even aware of but made sense :) Thank you, Thank you!!" ... written by Yoogii00
Amazingly insightful and honest. I loved the directness and the realistic nature of the reading. You are a gift, truly, HypatiaSage. Thank you from my soul. " ... written by RuinofDarkness
I enjoyed very much her style of reading and I hope to speak to her again real soon!" ... written by inlovewithhim
She is very good at tarot!" ... written by myojin
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Totally and Sensationally AWESOME!! She is an amazing reader and Oranum is lucky to have her!!! Recommend you to have private, I will be back!!" ... written by marion
She is an incredible reader, very intuitive and accurate, you will not be disappointed! Amazing reading!" ... written by ikroyal