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Psychic HolyWarrior3 has 3 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic HolyWarrior3 has recently helped 0 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about HolyWarrior3's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I have been helping people since i was a boy. I love the feeling of helping others fix the many different issues and problems, in their lives! i am part Blackfoot Indian and that is where part of my gift's and abilities come from. My abilities consist of 5 all together, I have Photographic Spiritual intuition and Memory, I can speak to angels, and i am also able to channel them, and am able to speak as them, to help others if needed. I can see things like ten minutes before they happen especially when its something bad that is about to happen. I have empathic touch, i can tell what is wrong with someone by touching them, or hearing the pain that is in there voice or words when we speak, or just being around them. I have spiritual intuition, and receive information from a holy voice. also this information mostly is information that i did not have or know of before i received it. I have actually spoken to a lot of the experts on Orunam, and all have confirmed my abilities and helped me get to being here right now and typing these words i speak of right now. I also have a book coming out, i am just finishing it up now, its called, Listening To Angels. Its about my Testimony and all the spiritual trials i have gone through leading to my spiritual awakening, and recently spiritually Ascending with all these new amazing and incredible gifts. I am also adding inside my book a ton of wild pictures i have taken, especially a ton of unbelievable cloud pictures, to orbs, and wild light anomaly's to actual images of lighting i took pictures of. This book will mostly be of Pictures, because i have so many of them, the book should be around 6/700 pages long. So i am so excited, and feel like Gods weapon to defeat evil, and save as many people in Jesus's name as i can!!! To share this Testimony, and use my abilities too. I see repeated number patterns constantly and lately it has been the numbers 222 and 333, and 22. The number 22 has been my families lucky number since i was a kid. and i was born at 12:22AM. Just to give you an idea of how wild these numbers have become, i have a Doctors appointment on the 22nd of July, in suite number 333!!! I also talk about this story in my book, and i even took pictures of the number sign on the door of the suite, and a picture of the appointment card too, so everyone can see that this is true. There is lots of surprises in this book, i can promise you that! I am also going to be creating a Youtube channel designed to help others on there, and show my digital recordings, and video and images i took on my phone. But i really hope i get this chance to help others, and follow Gods path for me in helping others! I feel in my heart that Oranum is where i need to be. Its where i need to be...

" ... written by gregg