Psychic FRIDALECHAThas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic FRIDALECHAThas recently helped 34members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about FRIDALECHAT's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Traditional italian tarots expert, natural born clairvoyant, accurate and fast readings, predictions come true, energy working, expert in visualizing techniques

Frida is truly an amazing reader. She really gave her best effort for our reading. And I have to say this - for all 3 issues I asked her - she was correct. About the situation, about the people involved, about the concerns I had. She gave realistic predictions that reflected she had a clear understanding of the situations. I didn't even have to tell her a thing. Just my name and the questions. I don't know how Frida does it - but she's really a real reader who can foretell everything. AMAZING!" ... written by Laughing Light
She is an accurate reader. I have come to her before. " ... written by Bev
excellent as usual:)" ... written by joseph
Great reading." ... written by starchild700
Good. Helpful and nice." ... written by sadhana
Great reading, quick to the point. She is honest and accurate. She answered my questions and made me feel at ease." ... written by indiabonita
Great reading!" ... written by starchild700
Thanks! x" ... written by leah !
Great reading! It was very reassuring and she was very kind!" ... written by indiabonita
Very good reading! I really like the way she delivers the information while being straight forward. Thank you!" ... written by Dove
She is very nice and have a way to tell even a not so good news, not depressing. Very honest and sincere! Thank you!!" ... written by psymeow
Always explains everything clearly and tells you exactly what the cards say in details. She's wonderful, warm and professional." ... written by NY
Wow! She is amazing! She hits everything on spot! A very kind woman! I would highly recommend seeing her for a reading, she is very very good!" ... written by seeroracle
A good constructive reading...! Thank you!" ... written by zimerili1
Perfect, she is lovely and very in tune with everything. You should definitely get a reading from her!!" ... written by Aryastark
Stepped into middle of difficult, complicated situation so a very tough one to deal with, but Fridale got hold of it and started to make sense very quickly. Recommend a private with her." ... written by Colin
She is a gifted tarot reader. Gives very clear insight on the situations through her cards, empathetic, straight to the point. I highly recommend her." ... written by sarabr780
Very good reading... thank you a lot dear!" ... written by Bhavritti
Good reading! Was straight forward and honest. " ... written by Mat
I am happy with the reading and you are accurate about many things. I will keep you posted of what will happen on Wednesday." ... written by chanapa
Picked up on the situation, I guess time will tell how things go" ... written by IainHarg46UK
Good and fast!" ... written by mi
She is great...accurate and honest about what she sees!" ... written by Lisa
Fridale was spot on with her reading the whole time there were things that came up in the reading that made sense straight off and Fridale gave the information quickly and accurately." ... written by shellysav
Good, insightful reading...very easy to talk to!" ... written by joellenr
She was wonderful, totally on-point. She provided straightforward answers to my main questions, and was very convincing as to how she got the answers. I am a reader and have the same deck, but don't use it as much. She is VERY PROFICIENT with that deck, a classic call the Thoth Deck. This shows her very high level of expertise as a reader. The deck was meant for exceptional readers like her who can synthesize the artwork and meanings and give readings in the context of the inquirer's questions." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is awesome! One of the best, very clear and knows her cards. " ... written by Patty
Very good reading and very fast. Answered a lot of questions for me. I will definitely come back to her. I give her a 5 star reading! :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Frida is an excellent tarot card reader, she gave me clarity about my future home and also gave me encouragement that my volunteer job was a really good idea. Would recommend Frida." ... written by Kirsten
She is awesome! She listens and then follows her guide and keeps you in the loop! She is awesome! Highly recommend!" ... written by Ashley
Very knowledgable about numerology and helpful!" ... written by Taylor
Very good reading..Right On Spot!" ... written by Casey
Good reading." ... written by joellenr
She is amazing! She described my life exactly the way it is... You all must do it!" ... written by James Gardner
One of the best readings have had on here! She was very insightful. So sad I ran out of time. She is really good and helped me a lot in my decision. Will definitely come back again!" ... written by Precious
Good reading. Thank you for your time and patience Frida!" ... written by lovebugshay
Awesome reader. Very constructive and realistic. No sugar coating and definitely someone I would go to again for follow up and clarity." ... written by JScorp88
Thank you again for the reading. You were right at the point. I'm happy with what I heard from you. I just can't wait any longer. " ... written by channy
she was really good. She connected right away and was able to be accurate about current situation.... really like her energy....honest and sincere...:) Will comeback to consult her." ... written by epa0404
My computer froze! But she was very good " ... written by alexis
This was a very good reading. Maybe because most of the things I have already known, I did get lots of clarifications. She was very good with the cards and connect them very well with the situation. " ... written by Lyndsay
Absolutely amazing! She gave me sooo much insight, I feel so much better about my situation!" ... written by Krissy
She picked up on the situation quickly and answered my questions. I'll keep you posted on time frames. " ... written by Curiosity24
Large reading made with extreme precision. I'll try in the future to consult again." ... written by Lumusia
Very clear and insightful reading thank you. The cards were very apt." ... written by Denisenz
This psychic answer all of my questions with patience and time! I think she is the best psychic on oranum! She is a great friend and person to speak to if you need help! She is excellent! Also everything she said was 100% accurate!" ... written by DillanStar2013
Very helpful. Good reading" ... written by sadhana
She is the best!" ... written by sara
Good follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
Lovely lady." ... written by rose
She's lovely!" ... written by k
Loved my reading, good job." ... written by liz
I asked Frida for a "quick" reading and she provided it for me. She didn't try to draw out funds which I really appreciate. She answered both my questions directly. " ... written by Curiosity24
Fridal is a excellent reader. Spot on the issues, direct and straight to the point. I highly recommend her. She is also very sincere and would love to help people. :)" ... written by Vince
Amazing reader, thx.:)" ... written by jostein
Clear, straight forward and constructive. 5***** reader." ... written by JScorp
Frida is super amazing - she's so correct. And almost like a biz advisor for me (on the psychic sense). Details, personalities - nothing escapes her. BRILLIANT!!!" ... written by Laughing Light
She was a sweetheart!!! So accurate!! You must take her!" ... written by michelle
Kind, precise and accurate...very good insight...^^" ... written by Rocille
Nice reading, thank you! " ... written by roses
Great!!!" ... written by Stephanie
Awesome! Amazing reading, 5 star psychic." ... written by nina
Great reader, very insightful and correct. Recommended" ... written by Vince
A great person who gives sound advice..." ... written by Rocille
told me the truth for my best interest and not just what I wanted to hear. Great!" ... written by krissy
She was very great at what I asked." ... written by Gab793
Very quick!" ... written by jamaicanwin
She is really good. Her predictions were all accurate as to what I am going through. I like her very much. " ... written by shuba
Great!" ... written by heather
Great reading, very detailed!" ... written by Lumusia
I love Frida! she is fantastic!" ... written by seaside
Fridalechat is great! 5 star reader." ... written by cookie
Frida is always the best to talk to. I give her a five star rating. She always tells the truth and speaks to you as a friend. I love her. She is truly the best one here on Oranum. I will get more readings with her. I hope she never leaves :( She is my angel." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Great reading very spot on and accurate!" ... written by Lorann
What a great reading! I will be back and I highly recommend Frida! She tells you everything the way it is." ... written by Denise
i like my readiNg? she was right on the money" ... written by duck12308
5**** always! So constructive and helpful!" ... written by JScorpio88
She was very good. Did not tell me what I wanted to hear but what the cards say." ... written by Cathy
Very good reading, recommended! Thank you!" ... written by Lily
Very warm, kind, honest and straightforward." ... written by john bond
Amazing, thank you." ... written by Clarissa Leal
She was very good, honest and clear." ... written by Moneque
I enjoyed my reading with Frida and I would come back if I have any need to seek answers for my worries and questions." ... written by DSS
Thanks for the reading Frida, you are very practical and balanced and thats the best way to take any psychic advice" ... written by ikroyal
Excellent" ... written by maryannepav
Amazing and spot on! Its time to take on a new chapter in my life! " ... written by Nicole
Loved you.. You were fantastic... Thanks." ... written by mariavenessa
She is Very good try her :)) " ... written by elle
She was brilliant, very friendly and very direct very good guidance" ... written by Bernadette
She is always great! Very detailed and accurate with what she sees in the cards. " ... written by Mona
Extraordinary reading! Highly recommend. Very kind and charming person, as well. I will definitely contact her again." ... written by pistachio
THANK YOU!!!" ... written by KYMIIBYMII
She was really good and fast, and honest." ... written by mai
She was one of a kind! I must say she knew to tell me the truth and tell me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to here. I would talk to her again without hesitation. Thank you Fridalechat " ... written by Angel
Love her readings." ... written by starchild700
She was very good on what she all said hit some many points i will talk with her again." ... written by Rhondelle
Faster reading and detailed incredible tarot reader." ... written by Lumusia
Thank you!" ... written by luisa
Very tuned in...and very good with her cards. I enjoy her readings and will be back for updates." ... written by Lisa
THE BEST CARD READER." ... written by NAMASTE2013
Frida was so fast and accurate!!! She will not waste your time and she is incredible knowledgeable and generous with her advises! I am very happy with my reading! thank you Frida!!!" ... written by Blanq
Very accurate." ... written by sadhana
Fridalechat is great. I will consult with her again. Very clever reading with insight." ... written by Kim
i had readings with her more then once and she is fabulous, she never, ever disappoints me...she just amazes me more each time...she quickly goes into the depth of situation and picks up all the relevant and very important information that is crucial for your question....nothing is hidden, she tells it all, like it is, even if it is not good news amazing, experienced, excellent reader....billion stars for Tarot Goddess FRIDA!!!!" ... written by namaste2013
It was very interesting andamp; look forward to my future." ... written by kirsty johnson-smith
She was great...very understanding and honest. I enjoyed the reading thanks so much." ... written by angelic03
Great reading!" ... written by theresa
She was great and very accurate!" ... written by TT
Great!" ... written by TT
Thanks a lot Frida, for helping out to make a decision!!! You gave me very good insight. I was hesitating if the decision would be good but now I feel much better. :) SO sorry to run out of credit this time it was my first time but I will be back for sure!" ... written by Toja
Wow what a fantastic reading im blown away simply the best. This was my second reading and will be back" ... written by Lorna
She gave me a great advice. Catch her whenever you are confused!" ... written by James
What a great advisor! Absolutely great at connecting to the powerful subject of great matter! straight to the point and easy to connect with her amazing personality. Very happy with my results from her reading. Rhanks Frida!" ... written by small82
Very Good reading. Very helpful!" ... written by Chantal
She was very good and to the point. :) thank you! " ... written by Lisa
Reminds me that i have control of my situation, i always have a choice. Very much needed clarity." ... written by Krissy
Wow... She's incredible and generous heart. She really cares about her client. Not just gives me a reading, but help me sort out my very complicated issues. I have gone to a few others on this websites and they are very good as well, but did not help me sort things out like she has. What I am saying is when you ask question, you get answer. But my situation wasn't simple. So..she is now my one main person/spiritual adviser that I will seek out for answers when you don't know who to ask. 027 Thank you FRIDALECHAT. Love, iZzy" ... written by iZzy98027
Thank you for always giving me good guidance and advice." ... written by Nightfall85
THANK YOU!! Always a pleasure!! Gave me so much clarity and the reassurance I needed!" ... written by Krissy
She is one myth, as always, She is great woman." ... written by Lumusia
She was really insightful." ... written by pamela chiaka akuwudike
Excellent, recommended!" ... written by Lumusia
She is lovely. fast reader. good accuracy in telling you what is going on and helping to find a way forward." ... written by refresh
Very good insight. Thank you." ... written by Gloria
She was spot on thank you." ... written by scorpio moon
There were some technical issues but reading she was honest and was able to pinpoint my current situation. Satisfied." ... written by Ola
She is the best! Very kind and has so much insight. I will always keeps going back to her." ... written by IrelandIrish
Very good reading, always refer to cards... straight forwards and realistic." ... written by maria
I love her. She is positive and honest" ... written by MyraGM
AMAZING reading!" ... written by MyraGM
She has really helped me to understand that when I hit an obstacle in my life with my partner I have to stay calm and not think that everything is going to go wrong :) Thank you Frida you really helped. " ... written by Sam
Very good reader!" ... written by Emma
Thanks for the reading, will come back again. " ... written by guisep
Thank u for helping =)" ... written by zivile
Very encouraging and uplifting. Positive attitude. Insightful and helpful." ... written by Donna Parker
She is the best reader for tarot cards on oranum and she did help me a lot on my journey. She is fabulous, wonderful. Ask her for reading, and you will receive the clarification that you deserve. Wonderful lady with high-master skills!!! Love you Frida! Billion stars!!! Ciao! Good luck with everything, thanks for being there for me! :)" ... written by namaste2013
Frida is a very kind, sincere, honest woman. She wants what is best for you and genuinely wants to help. I have never felt such compassion. I would recommend her to anyone! She has a way with words that is very inspirational and uplifting. Thank you Frida!" ... written by Nina
Great accurate reading, no sugar coating, good advice - thanks :)" ... written by jazzychic7
She is very nice. Very accurate and charming. " ... written by Rose
I love her!! the guidance she gives me is phenominal!!! :)" ... written by Krissy
Awesome lady" ... written by Tina
Outstanding!!! Frida did a great job explaining everything... Many stars for her... She gave me motivation to not give up and keep my head up... Thank you....Xx" ... written by Ebony
Her cards were accurate about what happened in my past." ... written by Rachel
Reliable and consistent, great reading!!" ... written by ikroyala
Very positive and hopeful reading." ... written by Elisha Mallett
Very clear and quick, always on point and good guidance." ... written by ikroyaln
Thank you again for the clarity Frida." ... written by ikr oyalakr
Was right on with reading. Thank you." ... written by Stang93
Thank you for the update, it gave me strength once more to face my future. ^^" ... written by Nightfall85
She is just delightful! One of my favorite readers. Her advice is like talking with a close friend and she is always spot on with things I need to work on. I'm so thankful for the clarity and guidance she gives me. :)" ... written by Krissy
Thank you Fridal....she is amazing with the cards!!!!" ... written by marion
What a sweetheart she is!!! Thank you!!! Namaste." ... written by Jeanne
Lovely reading she is really nice person and a great reader thank you." ... written by Tony
Was a great reading. Very spot on with the questions I had and she deffinatly gave me hope to hold on to." ... written by Christine
Very competent and direct..." ... written by Cirkeline1
Wow! Great Read! Very direct with the answers. She doesn't waste time. Will have another reading soon. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Another great reading, very fast and correct! Thank you!" ... written by Emma
She's just great! Go for her. Said everything's that's going on and gave great advice that I'll follow! Stars and planets for her! :-)" ... written by Sabrina
Honest, although not entirely what I want to hear. will wait for predictions to come to pass." ... written by Aisha
Wow!!! Great read. Very direct and complete with her answers. You won't be disappointed. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Thank you. Genuine reading!" ... written by Elo
She was super great and quick. will give an update." ... written by dladie42
You are very nice and I enjoyed my reading. =]" ... written by Courtney Stohler
Very, Good to talk with. She is very nice and I like her reading! Will see her once again soon!" ... written by Dorothy Capan
Love my readings with Frida!! :) She is so quick and great at explaining things to me!! " ... written by Krissy
SPECTACULAR CONSIGLIATA" ... written by Lumusia
Wonderful reading. Frida has a wonderful energy and is very detailed and direct . She has given me confidence in my situation. " ... written by Sunshine0105
It was very nice and accurate reading. Thank you. " ... written by Daniela
Admittedly I thought it was a great reading because I got great news!!! But I also got some great warnings to look out for!! Thanks for all the advice, Frida! :-)" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you so much. You were wonderful!" ... written by Denise
Thank you Frida. Relief talking to you!" ... written by happigal27
She really is amazing! Always enjoy our readings!!! :)" ... written by Krissy
She is good and explained cards well." ... written by Nathan
She was great. Gave clear answers and great explanations. Hopefully what she says is true. I will try it out an follow up. " ... written by RILS
As usual, fast and accurate... :-) Thanks a lot, sweetie!" ... written by Sabrina
Thank you so much great read!" ... written by Shelly
Thank you again for the reading always on point and always provide good guidance and hope for the future." ... written by ikroyalakryal
Very good and exact." ... written by Az Buki
Quick question...quick answer but precise...:-) As always...:-)" ... written by Sabrina
Fast and nice, as usual... :-)" ... written by Sabrina
I love her readings. She is really on point even when things change in your life. She picks up on them. I really have such good readings with her. thank you!" ... written by giggles111
Amazing reading!!! And she gave me some really sound and useful advice!!! I'm very grateful!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great!" ... written by Tiffany
This lady was great!!!!! 5 stars" ... written by Serr
Great" ... written by Lauren
Wow!! Great Read!! Very accurate in her information. She is such a pleasure with her answers, and advice. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Fabulous reader with a wonderful personality. Explains cards very quickly and clearly. Thanks again, Frida. " ... written by Sunshine0105
Very very good and understanding of myself was good." ... written by paul crawley
Thank you. I will find you again. Good advice." ... written by Kelly
Frida is lovely and helpful and has insight and gives great advise and comfort." ... written by irelandirish
She was wonderful energy, patient and quick and direct!" ... written by Sophhia
She was very good!!! And very helpful with timeframes and details." ... written by Danielle
Spectacular always!" ... written by Lumusia
Wow! Great Read. She does a very good job. Fridal is terrific. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
She is really great." ... written by dayana
This lady is so good :) she really is amazing she makes you feel happy and up beat. She doesn't get frustrated when you ask a question and she does it fast so doesn't wast your time. I really appreciate her." ... written by hollyn
:) Very cards just amazing...amazing reading and so honest with everything...amazing.." ... written by md3311
She is accurate and fast and intuitive and I highly recommend her. " ... written by irelandirish
Frida was great! She helped me to see the direction that I needed to take to reach my goals and was very on point." ... written by Christina
Wow! Great Read, and quick. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Awesome and very friendly I will have to wait and see if she is right. :) " ... written by Jen
Frida is sympathetic and truthful and very fast and insightful" ... written by irelandirish
Wow!! Great read. She is quick, and knowledgeable. Very direct in her reading with nice advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!! Great read on a much different question. Very direct. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you for your insight!" ... written by Ladyseeking
THANK YOU FRIDA" ... written by Denise
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
Very good. Thank you Frida!" ... written by Annhawa
Frida is very quick and to the point and has good insight into the situation. Thanks again Frida." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you Frida. You were wonderful! Five Stars and beyond." ... written by Denise
Very good reading!" ... written by sadhana
THANK YOU VERY MUCH" ... written by Denise
Just lovely. Spot on and really sweet as well." ... written by Angie
Fantastic reading. Thank you Frida! You knew exactly what was happening and I feel better knowing he loves me too. I will be back to let you know what happens. Have a reading with this lady she is very kind you won't be disappointed. x" ... written by tamara
She is always very, very helpful to me!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Always straight to the point. Lots of things that make sense to me and will only have to wait and see. She knows well my situation and knows what I want to know even before I ask. As always, million stars and planets for Frida...:-D" ... written by Sabrina
She's great. Always recommended." ... written by Vimal
Thanks again for a lovely reading you are truly a blessing." ... written by ikroyalakr
Sincere and honest reader. I like her reading a lot." ... written by Phong
I was very happy with what she had to say." ... written by jade white
She really knows how to read the cards." ... written by marya23
Engaged, detailed, in touch. Awesome reader." ... written by Kel
Thank you Frida!" ... written by Denise
Very intuned. Good, good, good." ... written by tochoose
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
Frida is honest fast straight forward and very insightful and great with tarot." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you Frida!" ... written by Denise
Fridal, Thanks for tuning into the situation and giving me the clarity and the insight in this issue!" ... written by janesi
Thanks again Frida...kiss" ... written by irelandirish
Wow! Great read, and direct. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you Frida." ... written by irelandirish
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
FridaLeChat is a friendly, passionate and talented psychic. She provided me with a detailed tarot reading. No question was too difficult for her skill to interpret and explain. She was able to provide me with insight and clarity to some important future events in my life. I recommend you try a private reading. Thanks Frida." ... written by Martkos
THANK YOU FRIDA!" ... written by Denise
Thanks very much Frida you are great." ... written by irelandirish
THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Denise
THANK YOU FRIDA!" ... written by Denise
Thank you Frida." ... written by denise
Very nice" ... written by Prem
Wow! So direct with quick précised answers. Always great. Thank you. 5 stars" ... written by Marvin Morris
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
This lady has a gift she has read the cards to me twice and she is amazing on point no beating around the bush... Very accuate i love her....Many blessings to you Fridal!" ... written by serran
Thank you very much Frida. " ... written by irelandirish
l have had two readings with Frida already and she was spot on in both. She is well versed in the meaning of the Tarot and is able to provide you with valuable insight and interpret the cards according to your own personal situation. Give her a chance and you will not be disappointed! Will definitely come back for further readings." ... written by Elisa
She was great, spot on. I like her manner too." ... written by lorraine
Like her. Great reader. Tapped in accurately." ... written by GRT
Thank you so much!! Excellent 5 stars and more if I could!!!" ... written by Debbie
Very good." ... written by Kay
Very good reading, really accurate!" ... written by Clare Fox
She's a great woman,very quickly." ... written by Lumusia
Quick but ok...ah...ah..." ... written by Sabrina
Good, accurate reading, not just to please you." ... written by Annhawa
THANK YOU FRIDA!!!" ... written by Denise
it's always a pleasure with her. fast and accurate and sincere." ... written by chamo30
Thanks Frida.... You have confirmed things for me." ... written by irelandirish
Good fast reader, answered my deepest questions about a difficult situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much Frida. You know the situation and you have been so patient and have great insight. I'll look out for events in March!!!" ... written by irelandirish
Thank you so much!! Great reading!! Answered all my questions!!" ... written by wleon123
Wow!!! Great Read! Something different. Direct with good advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great choice, very quickly!" ... written by Lumusia
Great reading, hope all works out for me - great reading." ... written by linda
Dear Fridale, Thank you very much for giving me good price and most important that you give me very nice honest reading. I visited 3 times in your free chat room and I heard about your demo reading and I felt that you are professional in tarot reading that's why I visited your private room and I am glad to meet you." ... written by Zaya 21
She was very quick. She picked up good points. Just wish she would have been more specific with timeframes. Honest reader though" ... written by Myriam
FridaLeChat is wonderful! Very positive and helpful with reading. Felt good for reinforcement of feelings and confirmation." ... written by April Ellis
Great Read!!! She is very pleasant. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is one of the best and honestly one of the sweetest!!! Love love love her!!!! Worth every penny!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth
Friendly, wonderful advice, I look forward to the coming months to see what else happens!! thank you so much!" ... written by Alicia
Thank you Frida for your insight!!! I appreciate it!!! I look forward to this year." ... written by Ladyseeking
The reading was quick and I feel I trust her. " ... written by Anna
She's very fast, I like her a lot! Very clear on the answer she gives you!" ... written by jessica
Thanks a million.. You're are so gifted and I felt your guidance will help me :)" ... written by nistalgia
Love her! She is honest and I have a good reading with her each and every time." ... written by giggles
Thanks Frida," ... written by irelandirish
Great, accurate reading." ... written by Cathy
Thank you so much have helped me muster my strength for the next step." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you! nice reading!" ... written by mariela
Very accurate! Thanks!" ... written by Alberto
Wow! Great Read! She knows her cards. Good advice as well. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow! what a fantastic reading. Will definitely go back to frida. The reading was clear and straightforward and I really needed some direction to thunk about things and Frida gave me a lot to consider. She is kind and speaks with love in her heart. Go private, It's totally worth your time." ... written by sahreen
JUST AWESOME !!! so fast, detailed lets see what comes next, I will keep you posted ! THANK YOU Frida !" ... written by ladybugg39
she is just awesome, real expert with cards, gives details, CLARITY, confirmation, connects the dots very well, beautiful, in depth reader, omg, wow. excellent!!! 100 stars!!!!! MOLTO BENE!" ... written by pumpkin
It was very lovely chatting with Frida. Gave good advise and hopefully everything will be OK! :)" ... written by Emlyn Aviles
She is so sweet and kind...very honest and straightforward...I'm still waiting on my results." ... written by stephanie
She is great!!! I'm never disappointed!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Really quick and answered really well, am so grateful, thank you Frida!" ... written by Sacha
She is very clear and gives a good reading. I liked what she said. I would use her again." ... written by KhadijaK
a 10 star reading! Frida was right on with her answers and so knowledgeable...thank you Frida...will keep you posted." ... written by gemmie
Thank you for the reading and great advice" ... written by joylife
She was good!" ... written by Staci
She is a trusted friend. I met Frida here and she's just amazing, with every reading!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Fidalechat was wonderful. She helped me out a lot. Right on the money." ... written by Tammy
she is amazing" ... written by happiness
Another consult. Great, recommended!" ... written by Lumusia
Welcome back Frida....and thank you for your quick and detailed card reading." ... written by irelandirish
wow! was she accurate! didn't know what to expect. she was so helpful and knew so much! i will seek her again. awesome reading... thank you!" ... written by rose
Frida is back! I missed her. I love having readings with her. :)" ... written by Lisa
THANK U SOOO MUCH... I REALLY APPRECIATE IT (((((HUGS))))) ♥" ... written by MIA
Thank you for your reassuring and uplifting reading Frida." ... written by irelandirish
Thank-you Frida :) You are awesome as usual." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
she is good!" ... written by cristina4413
thank u dear " ... written by jt
I liked her reading she is good. I would definitely use her again" ... written by KhadijaK
Very helpful, kind and understanding." ... written by Nikki
Another outstanding reading with Frida! thank you so much, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!" ... written by gemmie
she was very nice and gave advice. She doesnt judge. I would recommend." ... written by Jeannie
Firda is very accurate wow she blew my mind with a lot of details. She is very gifted. Will be sure to have future updates with her. Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
very good answered all my question right thank you" ... written by oceanbreeze20
Frida is great at what she does. She was on point, and I felt awesome after this reading. She is truly a person who keeps her promises as a psychic. Wonderful, wonderful! " ... written by B
very nice person and a good reader." ... written by joseph
Well...This is my first reading with Fridalechat, she is very kind and inspiring, very gifted and the reading was amazing! Thank you!" ... written by
Verry nice personne and accuratte " ... written by M4luk4
It was very helpful, thank you for your insights!" ... written by Erika
Very very good." ... written by emily
kind and caring, web was frozen talked to me on chat, lets see now thanks Fridal x" ... written by Antonina
She's really great and doesn't waste time." ... written by Kai1111
" ... written by xxxx
She is awesome, very wise and perceptive! Recommended 100%!!!" ... written by Jeff
thank you Frida for another wonderful and very helpful reading!" ... written by gemmie
very good reading thank you so much and very quick " ... written by slimmie
Great reading! :) " ... written by B
Excellent reader. She knows how to read her cards. So accurate." ... written by xxxxxx
Very good reading. Thank you freda" ... written by Ophilia
Thank you for a wonderful reading very satisfied xxxR" ... written by Rtinha133
very nice accurate" ... written by loveanddlight
Thank you Frida for great reading and help with clarity" ... written by seahorse
Loving, sweet, honest, warm and guided by angels" ... written by raechel
Great stuff! Very nice person, and lovely aura! God bless always :) Calm, loving and extremely good!" ... written by Nan
Amazing Reading so right about my current situation in made me feel a lot better to understand things in a more positive light " ... written by Raphael
Really good card reader" ... written by librabeauty
wow! very good. shew new exactly how to get the results i was looking for." ... written by sky
accurate on detailes" ... written by earth
very fast answer from the card readings.. spot on! will come back for updates! thank you frida." ... written by hermestarr
she's really really good! very fast, very specific, detailed, kind energy. thank you for the reading :)" ... written by starrose
very good reading..stumped by the bad internet connection" ... written by rosy
good " ... written by Nisha
wonderful, absolutely accurate! thank you soo much!" ... written by kindandtruth
she is good" ... written by loveanddlight
Accurate" ... written by loveanddlight
Thank y ou Frida very much." ... written by irelandirish
WOW she is excellent and so to the point what a beautiful reading thank you blessing x x " ... written by Katie
Very quick answers, and direct to the point. Explains the cards as they relate to your situation. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
great!" ... written by d
Frida is direct, no-nonense answers to your questions and can do rapid response too. Really recommend her and send her my love." ... written by Seahorses
really great tarot reader" ... written by beathive
I really enjoyed. Thank you. :) " ... written by Eternity
she is good!" ... written by loveanddlight
very great reader.. very kind .. sweet.. accurate " ... written by donna
Like last time I got a reading she doesnt judge and i appreciate that. Things can change and so do the cards. I will give an update on what i asked to tell her if it came true or not. i do recommend her as someone to listen to you and give you unbiased reading. Thank you =) She also gave me clarity because i tend to get two sides of the story in my readings about particular question and she clarified that for me. THanks again." ... written by Jeannie
very intuitive, quick with answers , really like her , very nice person, does not get angry, if there aare too many questions , will use her often " ... written by Skyelar
perfect!!" ... written by sky
very good person, very accurate, very patient" ... written by sunrisegold
accurate and fast reading, I love it" ... written by Stella
Thanks for the great reading !" ... written by zooba
what an amazing reading" ... written by derrick
excellent reading! she doesnt waste time and goes straight to the point!!! love her readings,thank you soo much!" ... written by gab
great reading in limited time . thank you " ... written by b
first time reading with frida and i feel she was accurate and didnt waste time. fast tarot reader and id recommend her for sure" ... written by meg
the best !!!!!!" ... written by spirt
A great reader! very interesting and quick!" ... written by Dignity
she hit everything right on the head!!!" ... written by kwatt11
she was great will definately return" ... written by mariam
she was quick and very friendly" ... written by fragy
Perfect reading! She was spot on! " ... written by coolGirl65
Great reading as usual :) Answered many of my questions and helped me a lot. " ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Had a wonderful reading with Frida today. She was spot on for me. " ... written by April7663
My first reading and she seems really great and very in tune with the situation. I will def come back if things happen as she predicted....highly recommend, she def got the personalities and the issues at hand correctly!!!" ... written by M
EXCELLENT!" ... written by gabby
Incredibly accurate reading. Answered all my questions in great detail and made perfect sense. " ... written by Trev
She was great, straight forward, and explained everything very well." ... written by Angel
gr8 reading, accurate and clear" ... written by andy
She's the best! Tell's you exactly what she see in the cards and shows you clearly for your understanding." ... written by SE
She is the best! Has a true gift! Very honest, sincere and open." ... written by Good
quick and to the point" ... written by ilovemydog
Time will tell? She is very good in chat." ... written by Beverly
Great reading, lots of good detail I think pretty much accurate :) Thank You for the insight " ... written by Sherry
FRIDALECHAT is very nice and I felt great after the reading! Right on point!" ... written by April7663
Frida is the "real thing" for sure. I was given conflicting info about a situation, and she gave me clarity as well as great advice. Thank you very much Frida :)" ... written by nina
Right on!" ... written by Ecstatic
Fridai is so accurate it's almost I think she is one of the best here. So glad I chatted with her. " ... written by ninaher
good psychic acurate and nice" ... written by joseph
clear and concise!" ... written by reeeze
Great reading xx" ... written by B
She was point on waiting for the predictions to come true" ... written by Myself
She is quick and works best when you ask specific questions. Confident in her predictions. Good understanding of the cards. Excellent reader and a great value for those who seek answers." ... written by honeylotus
FRIDALECHAT is so accurate! I expect good things to come. I come away feeling very good from the reading!" ... written by April7663
Amazing woman :) " ... written by Adis
Great reading, amazing points and spot on, will be back for an update :) for Frida" ... written by Andy
WOW this lady is amazing :) spot on reading in demo and then again in private :) waiting for ur predictions to pass :) xoxoxo" ... written by Adis
Thank you for your kind words! " ... written by Daisy
highly accurate" ... written by Melissa
Very friendly, helpful and real. Reasonable prices too. Thank you!" ... written by Mary
thank you" ... written by jjasmine
extremely good! really! she knows whats going on....please do consult her! plus she gives you positive energy..and things really do happen! " ... written by cate
Thank you ! Fridalechat was very straight to the point and a fast reader. I highly recommend her=)" ... written by labellavita35
always on point" ... written by coolgirl65
Great as always!!!" ... written by nina
Frida was very honest with everything she said. The thinks her cards showed where in tune with what i kind of knew, but did not want to accept. However she was able to describe the situation perfectly, so was hard to doubt what she was telling. Try her." ... written by Merc
Thank you Frida!!!! You are great!!!" ... written by Angie
excellent reader" ... written by joseph
She relaxed me a lot and gave me accurate predictions! I am excited to see them happen!" ... written by Bryce
She is very fast!! " ... written by Jnaujo
she did not waste time, gave me the answers straight." ... written by abra
Very good reading, I highly recommend FRIDALECHAT!" ... written by W
wonderful" ... written by maria
very good reading thank you! lets hope at least i can get something sorted!" ... written by caterina
thank you Frida! You are always uplifting!" ... written by irelandirish
thank you, it answered quick questions.. I needed the support right now ." ... written by Sandee
fantastica precisa e una grande" ... written by Lumusia
What an angle." ... written by
very sweet very polite answered all my questions and concerns" ... written by Fallon
Frida is the best!! Always connects so well with me. Always on point." ... written by nina
love and light!" ... written by
Good. She gives quick answers" ... written by RAM
love talking to her! very clear n factual. super!" ... written by jksw
i enjoy reading with frida! because she is energetic..and very understanding and a sweet she has a good picture of what is going on." ... written by cat
She is amazing and thank you for the best reader! I am so glad now! Can't express how glad i am. I feel blessed. Thank you." ... written by ashy25
Thank you so much for the reading you did for me someone nice calm honest and explain really well she saw my current situation and give me good advice i will let you know how its going thx again :)" ... written by joseph
Such a very sweet spirit. Amazingly fast and to the point. Shes very honest like a mother would be to her daughter when seeking advice. She just wonderful" ... written by kalitay
She was great, read the situation spot on. Answered all the questions with clarity no grey areas, all definitive answers. Definitely talented!!!! 5 starts for sure!!!" ... written by Trickynic
She's sooo good, very straight to the point, answers all your questions and she is very accurate, so far, every timeline has been accurate, so I am very happy with my readings with Fridachat! " ... written by M
Had to come back bc first prediction she made for me came to pass....what I like the most is that she is straight to the point, answers your questions without going into long stories, and she is kind and positive. Def a real deal...I highly recommend her. She has been highly accurate with everything for me in the past two readings I have had with her. Thank you Friday!!! xoxoxo" ... written by M.
thank you for a very helpful reading...great to see you again!" ... written by gemmie
very good reading and accurate" ... written by computerluv
Always enjoy my readings with Fridalechat. See gets right to the point very through . has a very calming aura about herself makes you feel comfortable. " ... written by kalitay
The best reading ever.....the connection was so quick and so strong that I feel I've made a tru friend! I will stick with Fridalechat going forward -- it seemed as if the information was just flowing. At one point she put up her finger for me to stop typing because she had more to tell. I will be back to follow up and get more updates! As I told Fridalechat -- she just brought me much sunshine !!!" ... written by lornalulu
Predictions happen...she is goooood!!!! she's already told me 2 predications that happened, time lines are pretty incredible....I highly recommend this lovelylady, So happy I have discovered her. Trust me guys, you will not be disappointed!!!!!" ... written by M.
Love her" ... written by starchild700
thank you again for a terrific and very helpful reading...will keep you posted!" ... written by gemmie
will wait and see the predictions" ... written by oooj456
wow she is very good.highly recommend her " ... written by pia
She's so fast, doesn't waste a second of your time and predictions have happened already....she's def one of the best readers here. " ... written by Me
thank you for another great reading!" ... written by gemmie
She's So great, everything she's told me has happened so far, she's pretty good with timelines as well. Her readings are very realistic and she doesn't say things I want to hear, I highly recommend her. " ... written by MM
ShORT FOR HONEST READING . Thank u" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Always a pleasure to work with her. She is accurate and amazing" ... written by ash
She is amazing and caring and accurate in her readings. personaly love her and recommend her to everyone! Please take her for positive vibes and her accent is very cute:) oxo" ... written by ash
She is so accurate, timelines happen, she is really really good!! She also doesn't waste time, just gets right to the point. Love her!" ... written by M
Always great! Gave me clarity and very accurate. " ... written by nina
perfect good " ... written by Lumusia
Fantastic reading. I went to her once long ago. Both times she was RIGHT ON. And yes, she is fast too!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
a very good reader" ... written by joseph
She gets down to business....very true and straightforward at the same time tender and sincere." ... written by Tammra Ferraiolo
Fridale was highly accurate and very quick to read, to ensure i had a quality reading. I highly recommend a reading with her. Wonderful all around!! ~ In2itive1" ... written by In2itive1
One of the best!!! Always on point :)" ... written by nina
She has always been on point and accurate, she's really good with her cards! Highly recommend her. " ... written by M
Amazing reading, a wonderful lady" ... written by Andy
thanks for a great answer to my question-wonderful cards...will let u know how it turns out" ... written by gemmie
gr8 reading cards were perfect " ... written by Andy
Practical and helpful - thank you Frida." ... written by irelandirish
very good" ... written by matthew
she knows exactly what will happen i cant wait to see what happens" ... written by crystal
thanks" ... written by thatguy004
Thank you! You were spot on. Thank you for giving me clarity!!!!" ... written by Garace123
Excellent reading, very accurate. def. recommend" ... written by jag
very good reading! very honest and quick connection, will be back to follow up" ... written by lornalulu
Always great!! Connects fast..I always come back for Frida's advice. " ... written by nina
Thank you so much for the clear and concise reading " ... written by B
A lovely reader, serious answers and straight to the point. Always accurate and I love her" ... written by Cindy
she was nice. to the point." ... written by G
Fridalechat is amazing !! very clear in her communication and her gift is beyond this world !!! i will be back!!" ... written by tamjones
very good reader on the cards, also learned a little bit from her while I was talking with her, very intuitive, I have used Frida in the past, and will use her for her abilities more in the future, We will see how things unfold that she mentioned. thank you Frida" ... written by sunrisegold
she is excellent, on point, very fast, accurate, ..i needed confirmazzione...and i got it lol" ... written by nela
Very Accurate, Super Fast, definitely worth it" ... written by Kimberly
Great as usual! Many thanks" ... written by Me
tutto ok come sempre" ... written by Lumusia
She is so quick, so direct and frank. Loved chatting to her!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
What a great reading, Thank you so much xx" ... written by B
frida is always very matter of fact and on point on her readings. very straighforward she tells you what she sees. I recommend her" ... written by angelic woman
She is wonderful! Gave me straight answers to my questions. Explains the cards and situation well." ... written by NG
" ... written by Lumusia
She was wonderful. Very honest which I totally appreciated. I will talk to her again for her. WONDERFUL!" ... written by Carrie
I love this girl she is so great and honest xx" ... written by B
five stars excellent" ... written by Lumusia
other five star" ... written by Lumusia
She is the best xx" ... written by B
awesome , amazing reading !!!" ... written by tamjones
Lovely reading!" ... written by elle11
Awesome! ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate