About Earthangels

Psychic Earthangelshas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Earthangelshas recently helped 24members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Earthangels's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am here to help you find your path ,i dont need tools. i work with angels , spirit guides , crystals , lost pets and spirits. i use different techniques of healing and coaching . I read minds and i can tell you how someone is thinking or feeling about you, i can see the outcomes of your life and help you get what you want. You happiness is my goal!

you are amazing love i love how positive you are thank you so much!" ... written by m
Such deep insight each time and so loving in all your ways! you feel like a sister to me! love you" ... written by c
I really needed to release and get understanding of my situation. I appreciate her for taking time to provide me with insight and guidance. She was great. " ... written by Knowing2013
wow, she was definitely worth the wait. She's a very busy woman when she's on here, her reading was very accurate and she channels great too. Thank you sooooo much!" ... written by ali23m
AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by marion
Earthangels is amazing.. The energy was easily connected, I felt it and she felt it as well.. Everything was so accurate. Past/present/future, all answered to greatest accuracy. Very nice, humble, and caring. Gives you the truth whether it is good or bad and gives advice on what she thinks is best for you. Truly great heart. Thank you for everything." ... written by donorak
I will keep you updated. Thank you for the reading. Really positive energy. Assured me everything was going to well. THANK YOU! :)" ... written by tbrooke2012
Wow people, amazing reading as she gave me a full brief of my life, she is a must for reading, I give her 100%" ... written by huseinawad
Love her readings, always thorough and always insightful. One of Oranum's best!" ... written by ikroyal
To the point and fast! Recommended" ... written by gummigummi
Thanks.. that was great reading... hope wht u say.. come soon :)" ... written by Rahul
Great reading..quick and to the point." ... written by stargazer7
She is very enlightening. Very infomative, loving and insightful. " ... written by Happy1212
beautiful channeling with great outcome." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Really good. Very clear and understanding. Very good reader. Thank you" ... written by thw0057
Thank you kindly, for your reassurance, and kindness." ... written by Ortixia
She is really quick in giving answers and very sweet person. Will come back next month to update her predictions. You should try her and you will not be disappointed." ... written by monisha2013
Good reader" ... written by elle11
Very beautiful and accurate reading. I feel at peace :) will be back. She is for real." ... written by seven277
Love her she's great and very accurate :)" ... written by danica8585
Besides being drawn for her amazing looks she is a superb reader. I got the answers I needed :) gracias." ... written by pepestone1
She is great, doesn't sugarcoat says it as she sees it and honest.. Highly recommend here the best on here so far .. Thank you so much you great." ... written by bernyrose
She was amazing. Totally accurate. I will come back for my guidance. Thanks so much Earthangels! ; )" ... written by Msprofessor7
I trust in her ALOT she told me things that were personal but funny! i will take everything in consideration she made me want to try harder for my relationship she gave me hope. I will always recommend and come back to her! I ran out of questions because she answered everything! loved it!" ... written by 7t67zi
WOOOOOW!!! I am speechless, honestly, Earthangel is one of a kind. Extremely gifted, she told me things that I wouldn't even say aloud to myself!!! She honestly read me like a book and was extremely accurate." ... written by victoria111
Accurate great reading...what a beautiful person, thanks." ... written by vayunu
Really beautiful energy and accurate!" ... written by mi
Remembers things....accurate for present.. waiting for future." ... written by Rahul
She is sweet, straight-forward, and honest, to the point. Thank you!" ... written by cfrankl
Excellent. 2nd reading now and I think she is brilliant." ... written by morning5star
Wonderful energy. Her light shines out of her. Recommend her to others. Felt a connection straight away." ... written by Catherine
She is amazing!!!" ... written by misty
Good advise" ... written by Member625811
She was great!!!!" ... written by LunaBear
Very sweet and genuine reader" ... written by laughinglight67
She described pretty well. :)" ... written by Seith
Helped me understand a lot and also that something special is on the way... can't wait. Very happy. Thank you! xxx" ... written by Catherine
Thank you so much, you helped my hurting heart! Very truthful, and if you want the real deal she is it. You can feel her energy!" ... written by cfrankl
Highly recommended! She was very sweet with the delivery." ... written by megabee
Helped me to unload and understand a situation. Thank you very much." ... written by Catherine
Very pleasant talk, I need a little push every now and then to keep me moving forward." ... written by vina
Lovely person! She tuned into mine and my partner's energy straight away... and gave me an insight to a lot of things. Thank you so much! I will call again... " ... written by Zara
She's great! another great reading!! Thanks!" ... written by Don
Couldn't resist, had to go again. More questions answered so nice to have a good reading. :)" ... written by pepestone1
Absolutely brilliant. The most beautiful caring person you will ever meet. She is extremely gifted, very quick to connect with spirit, very accurate with the information that she gives you. She's not a time waster, very true andamp;amp; honest. Loved the reading, made me feel positive about what is ahead of me andamp;amp; gave me a different perspective on my life andamp;amp; me as a person. Thank you so much. I will be back !!" ... written by movingon2
You are amazing!!! Just by talking to you and you gave me so many good advices, but you also see me exactly how I feel right now. Thank you so very much!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Earthangel is such a doll and really knows how to help in a stressful situation! Thanks again!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Very good and picks up situations without any questions, will recommend her.. Thank you so much I will be back :) " ... written by bernyrose
Glad to see you're back and thanks so much for the update. Always very quick to connect and compassionate. " ... written by P
she is a great reader and connects to person thoughts in question" ... written by apple
Thank you! Awesome as usual :)" ... written by Heartnsoul
Fast to connect, answered my question quick, but a little bit lack of detail, thanks though. " ... written by Cindy
Kate is amazing and she has never been wrong. Just wonderful" ... written by debbiec0613
She is so awesome ,,funny ,sweet , I love her style of channeling, she has helped me so much .I appreciate her that she shares her gift to help others A TRUE GEM. Thanks Kate ,she is always positive and has good vibrations. " ... written by sc
what a ball!!! so fantastic...xoxo" ... written by rosy
AMAZING as always!! So hard to get but so worth the wait!! She is definitely a true healer and cares so much!! So inspiring and uplifting!! Always always makes me feel better!! Thank you so much Kate!! You are truly a blessing!" ... written by gina
Just an absolutely amazing reading by Angel. So intuitive, so acurate and her advise is right on the money. Thank you so much and I look so forward to our follow up reading. " ... written by Tom
Picked up very quickly on the situtation. She is very down to earth. Can't wait to see if the prediction comes through like she says. Absolute joy to talk to, truly amazing. Will let you know how things come about :)" ... written by Karen
Wow. She's wonderful, great reading. " ... written by moon1leo1
Wonderful reading and right to the point! Thank you so much you gave me hope and great advice!" ... written by airam25
Seriously if there was a picture in the dictionary next to the word AMAZING, earthAngel would be on it! What a wonderful person, quick, accurate, helpful just an Angel on earth... God bless, OneMillion Stars xxxxxxxx" ... written by HeartOfsilver
She is honest, very in-touch, talks fast. She does not waste time and she never loses concentration on me. She stays on point and will give amazing advice... Thanks!" ... written by jeff
Earthangels is so sweet :) I was feeling so down and she just made my day. I love her attitude and her overall readings. You won't regret a reading from her, no waste of money. I ran out of credits but would fill it up just to get her reading again :) Thank you, Earthangels :)" ... written by ar
Very helpful in what I was going through... Thank you so much!" ... written by Cat
Awesome! She described some people too accuretly! :) I am waiting for the time frame :) Most important: made me laugh!!! :P" ... written by Rahul
She told me things that I was the only one knowing about me...Thank you so very much. It was a reading at a different level, I never had one so good!" ... written by Aurelia
l'm in owe how good she is." ... written by luckyanna
She is very very good. I really recommend her." ... written by alt
Great job." ... written by al
very good" ... written by alt
On point .. and so very encouraging!" ... written by Jenn
She did a good reading on me." ... written by ncgrl
Great read!!! Very compassionate!" ... written by misty
SHE IS GREAT! Had private with Earth Angel. What a kind caring soul she is, amazing! In her readings are spot on. She has given me great advice. 5 stars! Peace andamp; blessing! Thank you very much!" ... written by queenbee22
She is very sweet and understanding but not sugar coating anything. Got the situation to a T. Bless you Earth Angel. " ... written by Sad Song
Love this person. Very true and caring. Can see things very clear with her guides. What she predicted for me came true." ... written by MONISHA 2013
Great reading!!!" ... written by MayGirl
Thanks so much for the clarity and deep insight into the situation. " ... written by Pat S
She was awesome most apprecited." ... written by PinkBeatle10
Great reader!!!! I absolutely love her energy." ... written by misty
She is the best and has become a dear friend; thanks for all your help!" ... written by p
Oh WOW!!!!! This lady is just beautiful and so very talented. She is warmhearted, easy to listen to and absolutely spot on with her descriptions of people and situations. I will be back for sure!" ... written by Freedom2211
Great reading... highly recommended!" ... written by MayGirl
I can't describe, how lovely she is and how good she can describe the situation. Try her, you won't regret. Bless you." ... written by SadSong
I Love her!! Makes me feel so good all of the time!!!" ... written by misty
Was a good reading - Thank you! :)" ... written by Chris
Great reading! She really was able to nail down my issue, and gave the guidance I needed to know what direction I need to go next! Love you girl!!" ... written by Christy
EXCELLENT ... FIVE STARS!" ... written by Ann S
Outstanding... Thanks a lot!" ... written by sp
Earth is such a beautiful soul. She read my situation to what I feel is correct. If you are looking to talk with a warm, and lovely reader you should contact Earth." ... written by Linda
I wouldn't visit anybody else apart from Earthangel. She has been accurate with all readings I have had from her and also after tonight has made me feel SOO Much better!" ... written by Jordan
Wow what a great reading..Thank you for everything you told me in my reading it was more than i expected." ... written by soulguy4
Once again thank you. You are completely right. You helped me a lot. I will follow your advice and give feedback to you. You really are an Angel!!! " ... written by Airam25
It Was the best reading I have ever had. I was amazed at the details in this reading. I would gladly come back again and again to get another reading. Thank you so so so much :)" ... written by Chris
Was a great reading. She is the best psychic ever! :)" ... written by Chris
Another good reading, 5 stars." ... written by danica
Thanks for the wonderful insight and clarity! " ... written by p
Very good and precise reading!!!" ... written by alt
Nice lady. Seems very accurate. I'm glad i had a reading with her." ... written by astral_cutler
Love her, shes soo amazing!" ... written by danica
What a BLESSING EarthAngels is! I had such a power and amazing reading because she hit home one everything. She is the best! Not only was she honest but she gave me direction for my life. You are so sweet and so awesome!! I will be back and I recommend her to EVERYONE! HUGS!" ... written by Crystal
She picked up on so much. Thank you so much for your insight." ... written by rmg010
Absolutely wonderful as always, thanks!" ... written by pbee
So good. And quick picks up on energies and people's energy around me, thank you!" ... written by samantha
Had lots of readings with Earth, luv her she is one of the Best... Amazing how she tunes into people... She knows everything about me and my problems, I didn't need to say anything. " ... written by elle11
Thank you so much." ... written by sunshine
Thanks for the clarity! " ... written by p
She gets me everytime!!! I am so happy I found her!!! = )" ... written by misty
She is very fast, accurate, and on point she knows all the right answers to your questions that you are concerned or worried about." ... written by gamergrl
Always AMAZING! Spot on on what is going on and a great energy!! Def recommend." ... written by MayGirl
I love her...she is so in tune with me!!! I cant express enough that she is my angel from above!" ... written by misty elrod
You are such an angel, thanks!" ... written by sp
She was right in everything she said. Amazing!!! You are awesome, healing, caring, amazing personality. And yes you do have the ability to see in people hearts,and future. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Awesome, the best on this site. " ... written by sunshine
Beautiful reading! Looking forward to the upcoming predictions. One of your predictions, I will be shocked if it happens because I just can't see it happening, but we will see. She was very accurate with the rest of the information that she gave me and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much for always trying to help me from day 1. You have a beautiful, kind and gentle spirit. Blessings to you!" ... written by Kayeluv1
Good read... still consistent :) She is more strong now!" ... written by albela:P
Gave me wonderful insight of what I need to do for my special someone." ... written by Nurse Cat
Wow.. she is very accurate, she had my b/f down with what he is going through right now.. I love her sweet energy, and she is very quick with her response. I believe in everything she said. I highly recommend having a reading with her.. :)" ... written by Jill
Soo amazing. Helped me understand things better" ... written by stellar
Earth angels was really sweet, She connected really well with me. I love how she gave me a lot of details and still told me that there always free will. Because I control my own destiny. Looking forward to foresee how her predictions unfolds... Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Amazing. So incredible. There are no words that can describe how blessed I feel to have connected with you, and our guides, and spirit. I am so grateful and humbled." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Thank you for making things so clear." ... written by sunshine
Clear and direct answers seems logical and looks like I have to not take things personally and just go with the flow." ... written by halovm
Wow. Quick, accurate, gentle, good advice. Everything you want in a reader. Thank you." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
I absolutely love her!!! " ... written by misty
All the stars in the sky :-)" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Was a great reading, very enlightening. Would like to have many more readings from Earthangels again in the future. Thank You :) :) :)" ... written by Chris
Ohh I'm so blessed to have spoke to you today. You always have a way of putting things in a good light. Thanks so much for your positivity! You deserve more than 5 stars - you are such an angel truly! " ... written by P
I said very little and she dialed into my situation. She even picked up on a trip that was in the works - down to the WEEK which is three months away!" ... written by Zeigen
Shes was great. I didnt have to ask questions.. neither did she. I just listened, she just explained everything in detail to me about things current, past, and future. Felt strong energy that I havent felt it a long time. Thanks for always being there for me. I am thankful for everything that you have done for me. I grateful to have you a part of my life. " ... written by Donorak
Thanks for the tricks, LOL. Kidding aside, she is such a compassionate, helpful lovely lady. She helps wholeheartedly and guides you to the right spiritual path. I'm so blessed to have met you. Thank you so much...Many blessings!" ... written by p
Thanks a lot, you always give me hope and positive messages I need to keep going. You are absolutely amazing and Godsend:)" ... written by Peebee
Wonderful - helped confirm something for me that has been a long wish for me and good to help connect with my loved ones. She continues to help me with this path - my gratitude to you always. :-) Thank you for helping me with this path. xxx" ... written by Nurse Cat
I've had a reading in the past with earthangels andamp; I have returned! Reading was very insightful and helpful. she is very accurate. I did enjoy my reading with her. She is just great! I will be back! Thanks hon! :)" ... written by nvrknw
Wow, loved it! She's the best!" ... written by stellar
One word... "She is very nice and very intuitive told me everything I needed to know..." Ok, that was more than one word... :)" ... written by pepestone1
Perfect. Beautiful soul!" ... written by SA
Thank you for your thoughtfulness." ... written by sunshine
She is the best!!! 5 millions stars to you, love!!! Everything will be okay, because you showed me it will!!! And I have all my angels behind me!" ... written by misty
Thank you again!" ... written by Aurelia
Love Earthangel so much!! A gift from heaven !!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
She is a great reader, picked up on everything going on around me and gave me sound advice for this point in my life. I'm grateful there is a person like her on this site. Please try her .. She can help. " ... written by soulguy4
Always fab reading :)" ... written by Rahul
WOW! I'm so impressed with Earthangels!! She connected with me so fast and she knew and felt so much about me! She was also able to connect with my guides and answer any question I had. I will definitely be back." ... written by cherryblossom10
Great reading and very precise." ... written by alt
Thanks for the reading." ... written by tan
Awsome, thanks a lot." ... written by Munevera
It is such a pleasure talking with this psychic..she is accurate, amazing, there are no words to describe her...everyone should get a reading from her the best psychic on Oranum....:)" ... written by cuteface1972
Earth picks right up on your energy. She is very gifted.. 1 million stars!!! " ... written by Linda
She seems very real and is quite addicting! I kept wanting more from her." ... written by halovm
earthangels gave a nice reading , we were talking about something and a spirit decided to show themselves in priv ,to let me know they were here with me, was very excited, thank you so much for the priv earthy , 5 stars..." ... written by Guiseppe78
Outstanding. " ... written by sp
Very good psychic , she helped me in an issue that was difficult for me to understand and she was very accurate, i recommend here very nice personality also, thank you so much!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Wonderful reading very insightful. Can't wait to try things she said and wait for results to unfold." ... written by Destiny68
Awesome just awesome" ... written by sunshine
Fantastic." ... written by sunshine
Thank you so much. Very helpful and I will keep you updated. You knew so much it was amazing. I'm still in awe. =]" ... written by Cheryl
Good to point." ... written by alt
I just had m second reading with Earthangels and it was amazing!! She is really helping me make connections with my guides and angels. I've taken her advice so far and I'm grateful for everything. If you have a reading with her you will definitely be pleased!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Thank you. I feel so much pressure from every angle and she saw that, and let me know it wasn't anything I did wrong that caused it. She really helped me with practical suggestions to get things organized and moving in the right direction." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
She is very positive and full of information. She always shares a lot and has a perspective on things that are accurate. Yet they are not all expected." ... written by happy
I feel much better after talking to her. This was my first reading and she was spot on and very good. I look forward to my next one!" ... written by berryteaa
Very insightful, thanks for the great advice. Such a beautiful lady and a caring person!" ... written by peebee
I love her...she is amazing...she knows my situation very well!! and is always on point 5 million stars for her!!! I can't thank her enough." ... written by misty
Thanks need more time lol, thanks 5 stars." ... written by guiseppe
She is an excellent reader very in tune with my situatin thank u so much." ... written by simon
Thank you, very nice person, easy to talk to. Will come back when I need too. Very honest person...thanks angel! 5 stars." ... written by guiseppe
Very good and precise." ... written by alt
The BEST on Oranum! She is so accurate and so sweet .... 5 STARS!!!!!" ... written by Ann S
Great reading!" ... written by Patience29
She's amazing as always." ... written by danica
Always so sweet and sincere ... she is the angel!!" ... written by Ann S
I love love love her.............I will say it a million times!!! she is one of my favs....she has been a total blessing to me...I am so glad that I have came into contact with her...shes not just a person that can read my situation but she has became my friend and mentor....5 mill stars for her" ... written by misty
Love her, shes amazing soo accurate it was just a follow up and everything she said so far has happened :) 5 stars to earth." ... written by danica
Wow - amazing what she got - very native to our country - the detail was incredible. Nice to feel that I'm protected." ... written by Nurse Cat
U are amazing! Beautiful reading, thank you! Blessings!" ... written by Aurelia
Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!!!!!!! A million stars!!! I am in total shock at earths gift!!! Speechless!! Awesome!! Contact Her ASAP!!!" ... written by Linda
Lovely reading, thanks for the message from my dad:) Hard to interpret just a quick passing vision, lol. Thanks dear again!" ... written by P
I enjoyed my reading very friendly and helpful." ... written by Samantha
Amazing." ... written by adrianna
WOW, she is awesome. She was right-on! This was my very first reading, and she was GREAT!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lorie Steinke
What an absolutely lovely reading by EarthAngels. She is very intuitive, persice and acurate. Her advise is a true blessing. " ... written by Dream
Very great reading will come again ." ... written by cindylee
Love Earth she is awesome. Please give her a try you wont regret it." ... written by Linda
Always great!" ... written by Janice
Awesome as usual." ... written by NiecyM
She is totally incredible tuned in with my situation perfectly. " ... written by daddychop
I love this psychic she is such a nice spirit and she is amazingly accurate she never treat you as a dollars sign. Very awesome person." ... written by cuteface1972
Helped confirm what I had felt inside about my man. Very accurate . Thank you for your support on this - will keep you updated." ... written by Nurse Cat
She absolutely is the best; 5 stars is not enough for a rating. she deserves 5++++ stars for her compassion, honesty and genuine willingness to help towards attaining your highest good. Much love and thanks to you :)" ... written by Pat
She is so good as she always is." ... written by alter
Thanks Earthangels! You're always helpful in our readings :) I will def do what u told me to do! thnx luv! :)" ... written by nvrknw
Earth Angle is an awesome reader, one of the best on your site. She will definitely be at the top of your list soon fantastic gifted " ... written by sunshine678
Million Stars... Earth is Awesome!!" ... written by Linda
EarthAngels is the best and most knowledgeable, great insights and tunes in knowing perfect details about what is happening in your life. She is beyond 5 stars !!!!!!!!!! You are extremely high energy and a compliment to the Oranum website. Thank you for being who you are and God bless your beautiful talents and the wonderful angels that surround you. I feel that i have being given strength to endure my next challenge in my current relationship. Thank you, looking forward to the next reading." ... written by Beverly419
Very good." ... written by luckyanna
Amazing. Said everything I knew to be true but didn't wanna hear! The truth shall set you free! :D 10 stars." ... written by Daisy
I love her!!! she is such an amazing person...she is always in tune with me and my craziness!!!lol!! a zillion stars!!! she has been a blessing to me for sure" ... written by misty
I am so happy with Earthangels, she made me feel so much better." ... written by pamchike
Always lovely speaking with Earthangels.... she has clarified so many things for me and is definitely helping me organize and plan my future better and give me great hope for the things to come." ... written by stellar
Earthangels is great! - Genuine, caring and makes you feel good. Thank you a lot for your time, deep insights, your great connection and your positivity - love!" ... written by maithu
EarthAngels you are an amazing person and I do love you. I loved how you connected with me emotionally, psychically and spiritually. It was a very strong connection and not only that but the connection was so great you saw how I was treated in the past. You saw what my life was like before I found Oranum. You saw how Oranum changed me and what Oranum means to me. My past may not of been the best. Yes, people say to let go of past but when its your own past and you have one like mine. Its hard to let ago and it does take a lot of healing and time, sometimes. Depending on the person. I do want to let my past go though. It was just amazing with how well you connected with me and how much you saw of my past. Thank you so much for a reading your just a sweetheart. Your full of love and white light. XOXO SonOfAngels" ... written by SonOfAngels
She is amazing, the best readings i ever had was with her. Highly recommended. U are my angel! Love and a lots of blessings to you!" ... written by Aurelia
You know that you are always one of my angels...heaven sent from above...I am so glad I have had a connection with are simply amazing and we are so in tune sometimes its!! no not really but you know that I have love 4 the moon and back!!! = ) 5 mill stars for you the way thank you for the credits!!! I appreciate you emensley!!" ... written by misty
My favorite reader. She connects with you right away. :)" ... written by Jessica
Truly an EarthAngel :) SO sweet and truly connected. I felt she knew who I was and my situation instantly. Amazing. Thank you for your healing and non-judgmental wisdom. So bright, I feel lifted, whole, and full. Dreams can come true and in life everyone can have it all. :)" ... written by Nichole
Omg, all the things she had said came about; I'm just totally amazed. much love to you, thanks a lot. :)" ... written by p
10 stars!!!!!!!!! most powerful and states the truthful facts about your situation. Excellent reader." ... written by Beverly
She is one of the universe's ANGELS ... so totally tuned and accurate!! sweet and kind ... relaxing to connect with! 5 stars easily!!!" ... written by Ann S
Earthangles is my sunshine. I love her private reading she warm and sweet. Thanks again" ... written by kymii
I love my reading! Thanks." ... written by kymii
Amazing, so kind, so happy, so honest, accurate, amazing, great listener, just fabulous. " ... written by paul.golden69
Lovely reading! Would go back to here. " ... written by roses
I think she is the best you can find on Oranum and even out of this internet frame. She is very detailed, excellent in her work and when you try her, you don't wont anyone else. Love her! " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
This was one of the best readings I've ever had! She is simply amazing! I will be back to talk to her. She picks up energies SO well!" ... written by leigh ann
Earthangels, thank you! Your reading was great! You picked a lot of different things. Five stars rating, of course!!!" ... written by Martank
I love ya! Thanks honey!" ... written by kymiibymii
Great read as always! She is so sweet and kind. Another five star rating." ... written by Martank
I love it!" ... written by kymii
:)" ... written by marie5290
She is fantastic. Clear and grounded. I hope she is accurate. :) Last time she was!! :))" ... written by Angel Visions
thanks : ) I got orbs around my head!!" ... written by guiseppe
So kind, nice, honest, accurate, great listener, the best!" ... written by paul.golden69
So accurate, so amazing just the best!" ... written by paul.golden69
Another fine fun reading. She tells it like it is, and gives you very fine details. She's great! A five star rating of course." ... written by Martank
Good Reading :)" ... written by Kumar
EarthAngels has been very enchanting, kind and reassuring. She pointed out a great deal of things that are going on with my self at this time in my life. She has given a great deal of insight to my situation. At this point in my life. Very gentle and kind soul." ... written by HamijetLobo
Amazing as always!!!Every time i talk to you, you touch my heart! Thank you for all help!!!" ... written by Aurelia
There are those who claim to be truer than true. I don't buy it. Earthangels doesn't claim anything but she embodies "it". Would recommend her to those that need andamp; more importantly "want to" heal their hearts, she can help. Professional, doesn't waste time, truly compassionate person and very gifted. Personally I love her style it resonates well with me. RECOMMENDED. " ... written by belladonna8
Another fine reading. She keeps me posted on things going on in my life. Another 5 star rating of course." ... written by Martank
Earthangels gave me an awsome reading. It was very enlightening and helpful. I am always grateful for her help. Thank you so so much!!! XOXOXO " ... written by Chris Andeer
Earth, you are amazing and you always guide me to the right path. Thanks so much! Much love :)" ... written by Peebee
Really amazing connection and insight!" ... written by MayGirl
Awesome reading! Thank you for keeping me floating between your angels!!! You are an angel!!! Hugs and many many blessing!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Earthangels was precise and pulled out details that many people do not know about me. I felt comfort in Earthangels' knowledge and is excited about the future. She confirmed a lot of emotions I felt and gave clarity to many situations. I will be back. :)" ... written by niecym
Really quick, didn't need any info about some situations, but tuned right in to what I NEEDED to know." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
She was AWESOME!!! Great reading - cleared up so much for me. THANKS!!!!" ... written by whitefeathers
LOVE her she is the Best... " ... written by elle11
You are awesome! Thanks so much!" ... written by sunshine
Great as always." ... written by LunaBear
She is AMAZING --- she got the situation exactly right!! She described each person andamp; helped give clarity on a complex situation and gave me HOPE for all that is changing in many lives that are interconnected --- THANK YOU!!" ... written by white feathers
very good very precise reading" ... written by arl
Always provide great readings 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good insight into circumstances and speaks the truthful facts. 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Beverly
As always AMAZING!! andamp; COMFORTING!! Thank U!!" ... written by white feathers
She is so nice and direct. Really good reading thanks!!" ... written by Trisha
Ms.Earthangels is marvelous indeed!! Everything that she mention was right on the money. She is also a darling... Please have a private reading with her, trust me you won't regret it. ~Blessings~" ... written by TrueRadiance
Lots of information about past and present and future all together. Very positive and thought provoking. Love her heaps. xx" ... written by Nurse Cat
This was one the purest reading I have ever had. I did not have to say much. She gave insight into my situation quickly and gracefully. She was extremely helpful. " ... written by EJ
THhanks! Always a good reading with her !" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Another great read to help me. She is fantastic!!!" ... written by Martank
Awesome reading, thanks!" ... written by P
Finally got my camera to go - exciting for her to see me in person - very bright energy." ... written by nursecat
Awsome reading! Thank you for everything! You are amazing!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Thanks again earth !! I will try harder to not focus on the wrongs. :) She is truly a help when you need!!" ... written by Purp
Wow.... amazing!" ... written by sunshine
5 Stars everytime!! " ... written by Ann S
AWESOME!!! She was right on with every detail!!! I felt very encouraged" ... written by betty jean
Thank you earth angels for such a wonderful and in depth reading. I really appreciate all the details you've given me as well as the advice to help me move along the path I need to be on! Love and light!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Excellent, right on with everything. Best on this site that I have had private with." ... written by rob
WONDERFUL - All I can say is that she gets the situation EVERY time and she is so comforting. Brings such Love and Hope in the midst of suffering -- THANK you again for your AMAZING words---you have made such a difference in my family's life! Love and Thanks to You" ... written by Whitefeathers
Best reading ever, Earthangels has a wonderful gift she is like a mentor to me. " ... written by cindylee
My dear EarthAngel. You are so much more than a reader. Seances with you are not only grate details and informative but are healing too. I really feel empowered after having pvt with you. You are very dear to me. So glad I met you. Bless you. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
5 stars is not enough for Angel...I give her million stars she is spot on and highly accurate...she AMAZES me all time with her senses!!!! she is going on holiday soon and I don't know what I'm going to do without her lol :(( " ... written by elle
Very good reading, thaaanks!!" ... written by Aryastark
Very good. Homed in on things she couldn't possibly know about me. Lots of validations. Thank you, will consult you again!" ... written by librabeauty
She is honest, kind, caring, genuine, loving.. always love my readings with her.. thank you angel for my update..see you again soon.. love and light. :)) xxx" ... written by Rose
She is really good, thanks a lot!" ... written by petal
WOW... that was a GREAT reading. 1st reading with Earthangels... thank you!! " ... written by heather
Very well prepared, lots of information and good insight into whats coming. Love her. Could see my aura as well and talk to my guides." ... written by NurseCat
5 STARS!!!" ... written by kealia35
Thank you, Earth you are always so helpful!! Please try her she is great." ... written by soulguy4
Very precise and straightforward.Thank you!" ... written by Nightfall85
Earth angel is awesome as always." ... written by sunshine678
Earth is awesome as always. Connected right away with my guide." ... written by lindaar
Very good at her readings." ... written by jocelyn56
She is one of my favorite person oranum. I enjoyed her pvt chat she make me feel so comfortable. Thank a lots." ... written by kymiibymii
I love this girl ." ... written by Kimmy
Very understanding, calm friendly way of conveying information. Thank you so much. :-)" ... written by Nursecat
Such a gentle manner - helped to explain things that are going on around me. Had to update her on what was happening. Helpful tips to keep going. Love her heaps." ... written by Nursecat
Shes amazing i love her , her predictions are coming true :) Thanks for the great reading and 10 stars." ... written by danica
So very glad to reconnect again with you. Very consistent and compassionate. Always will lead you to the right path and offer support and clarity to life issues. Thank you very much; you deserve more than 5 stars. Much love, p" ... written by P
Very accurate, she reads my mind before I say anything... " ... written by elle11
THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL reading!! She is VERY HONEST! Hope the prediction comes true!! I will be back!" ... written by Summer84
Earthangel. Always a pleasure to chat with and very accurate in what she tells you as well, I only use this page to speak with this specific psychic. She was my 1st and I don't go much further than speaking with Earthangel just to give me some kind of idea as to what to do. Plus she is stunning." ... written by JordanCollins
She is Earth's angel ... " ... written by Ann S
Thank you so very much for the enlightenment, for your good advice, neutrality sometimes helps a person in pain, and you gave me that,showed me choices ." ... written by Rocille
Earthangels uses her abilities to help people overcome their micro/nuts and bolts issues, she gives them the insight required , in order to make the leap to the next evolutionary point. So if you're stuck on how/where to move - she's your lady. Besides all this she's also very professional, down to earth,genuinely cares for other (empathic nature), kind and doesn't leave one hanging for answers. Has the ability to thoroughly explain her readings/words.ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED" ... written by belladonna8
Great as always!!" ... written by Freedom2211
Just an angel ! I wish I could share the detail of what she saw the minute we went private, She is so gifted. Many many stars!" ... written by Ann S
5 stars to Earthangels!" ... written by habtaby
As a most difficult situation unfolds, she is AMAZINGLY able to see all that is happening with each person and guide me lovingly and with such care. THANK YOU AGAIN for your UNCANNY insight and wisdom!! You are a MIRACLE of God!" ... written by whitefeathers
I am speechless wow ." ... written by cuteface1972
The best reading ever second time talking with her she is truly the best very helpful and friendly." ... written by Samantha
Amazing once again." ... written by elle11
I really like her! She has amazing and positive energy! She's so funny too! She's quick." ... written by Nicky
Earthangel really is amazing. Everything she said was accurate, and" ... written by krischandler
She is truly the Best!! " ... written by elle11
Earthangels is awesome! Easy to talk to and get accurate clarity. 10 stars!" ... written by Daisy
Awesome, the best on this site. " ... written by sunshine
Nice reader... Easy going... And good energy... She is fast..." ... written by I_Love_You_K
Absolutely the best - thanks so much!" ... written by P
Awesome she told me about stuff that was told to me 5 yrs was something I needed to hear it help me to know what I need to do...even when she said she know in years to come she will see me and said I know this person....I hope that one day she will realize that she too is more that what she is at this moment destine for greatness....I said and it shall come to past .....amazing person..." ... written by cuteface1972
Earthangel is amazing. I will be back again 100%" ... written by alice
As a reader she is great. Strong connection and solid advice and insight. " ... written by Angelvision
Thank you, Earthangels for the information about my parents. They made me the loving person I am. Another great reading! five stars of course." ... written by Martank
Wonderful reading! Very accurate and insightful!" ... written by ikroyal
Love Earthangels readings :-)" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
All the love and passion and experience that should be found in a good reader. Bravo Earthangels!!! HIGHLY recommended!!!!" ... written by Taylor
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Very professional, Fast and Extremely Accurate!!! Thank you Earth! I'll be back!" ... written by Def_Confused
SHE makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! :-) I love her!!!" ... written by Summer84
Wonderful and so compassionate." ... written by sonia
What a comfort - I LOVE this young woman!! Right on the money and gave me great instruction for getting thru difficulties on the horizon." ... written by whitefeathers
Very detailed and great reading again." ... written by arl
Outstanding as always! Thanks so much dearie!" ... written by P
She just takes your breath away. You can actually feel her loving energy when she tunes in. So amazing, compassionate and sweet person. She is not only pretty, she has beautiful soul too..Don't expect sugar coating! She doesn't hide bad news she only provide them on a way, you can see the bright side too. And she does everything to make you feel better. Gives very good advices on a way you can understand. I can go on and on ..." ... written by ZetatheShiny
1 mill stars to my girl earth! We always connect so well, she always has my situation on point and has predicted many things even if I don't wanna hear them, lmao! You know I love ya girl!" ... written by misty
Clear and concise as ever very helpful about difficult situation. So APPRECIATE her wisdom and insight!!" ... written by whitefeathers
Fantastic reading! I feel like I have a really deep connection to her!" ... written by Nicky
She is a wonderful spiritual mentor - wouldn't have made it this far without her help and suggestions. Thank you very much. :-) xx" ... written by NurseCat
Just amazing and reassuring when you feel no hope." ... written by sonia
Fantastic reading!! I got so much out of it! Money well spent!" ... written by Nicky
EarthAngels is so accurate! She got everything perfectly right and picked up on my situation very well. Definitely a 5 star Psychics. Amazing psychic, well done. :)" ... written by Jordan
She's amazing, I love her 5 stars, she is accurate and one of her predictions have come true." ... written by danica
You get six stars!!!" ... written by Zee125
She is amazingly accurate you just cant get enough of her. " ... written by elle11
I went in crying and came out of the reading with joy in my heart. What a blessing. " ... written by sonia
What would I do without you dear? You calmed me down and gives me so much clarity with my issues. I cannot thank you enough. I love u dearly , P." ... written by P
HELPS guide my family so much during this difficult transition - a MILLION THANKS to you!!!" ... written by whitefeathers
I love her! I really really love her. Her energy is so calming and comforting. Along that, she gives very accurate reading and very good advices. She is the real light worker and healer. And her predictions are coming to unfold more and more. I'm truly grateful I found her. I strongly believe she is Angel and God Messenger. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Always a pleasure." ... written by alice
Earthangels lives up to her name. I feel she is truly like a guardian angel. She is very caring consoling, gives very detailed direction. she was amazingly helpful in free chat, while I was financially stressed, then I made a concentrated effort when I had some money, She is the first person I would call for help and direction. She gave me a great deal of hope and direction into my situation and into the future I that I can change and what I need to change. In the short amount of time, she gave incredible insight and feedback, clarity and I will definitely come back again. Earthangels is at top of my list. Fascinating and accurate information she provided." ... written by BNJPANGELS
She is always so happy and positive. She is lovely and right on point!" ... written by Trisha
Thanks!" ... written by P
The most beautiful and amazing reading I ever had! I've never had so much clarity ever! And I've had a ton of readings on Oranum. But this one was the most meaningful and beautiful I ever had!" ... written by Nicky
Thank you so much I need that awesome reading. I feel like a million." ... written by cuteface1972
Excellent and compassionate. She makes my world happy." ... written by sonia
She reassured me everything is ok she is great thanks. 5 stars!!" ... written by samantha
Amazing reading! She is the only one on this ORANUM who deserve all 5 stars.Thank you!!!" ... written by Aurelia
She is a sensitive, kind, gentle, compassionate, person who is quick and accurate on situations. She doesn't give generalizations - comments are credible to unique circumstances. " ... written by Jill L
Absolutely wonderful!." ... written by Nicky
Awesome as always" ... written by sunshine
She is great." ... written by erika
Hopefully this reading is very true...However I have to wait and see. Great reading. It was my first time" ... written by Tahliah
Earth is such a joy. Her energy is light, playful and she is sincere. This is my first reading with her so we'll see how it goes, but something felt right as she spoke. Thanks, I'll be back.." ... written by liz s
Magnificent ability how blessed she is and what a beautiful mission in life to share it and help others. Blessings." ... written by sonia
Yet another fantastic reading! 5 stars all the way!" ... written by Nicky
Such an angel , always accurate and insightful! She is a gift! A million stars!" ... written by Ann S
She is ALWAYS so COMFORTING and uplifting!! LOVE this reader, one of the BEST!" ... written by whitefeathers
Always so nice and tells what she sees! Thanks earth! Predictions came thru also !" ... written by Nicole
A great reading! very in-tune with the situation and very helpful.." ... written by j
Yet another fun reading! " ... written by Nicky
She always makes me happy!" ... written by Nicky
Love Angel! Totally on point. You feel like you've known her for forever when you do a reading with her." ... written by Taylor
She is just wonderful. A wonderful person. Her abilitie are in good hands :)" ... written by Lily
She is the real deal i cant get enough of her.. she tells me abt people personalities and only when I actually look for myself i see she 100% spot on andamp; there is no way she can know that if she wasn't real.. I'm so glad I found the real psychic on this website... " ... written by elle11
Awesome Thanks!" ... written by Angelwingss7
My very good advisor and fastly becoming a very good friend...thank you for your caring and guidance..." ... written by Nightfall85
Another wonderful update with Earth.. she is the Best..." ... written by elle11
What an incredible reading! She just zoomed right in on the issue, brought it to the surface, and put me on course. Fast, accurate and compassionate. Thank you so much! *hugs*" ... written by Happy Mango
Thank you so much....alawys accurate, always nice, good energy. amazing, i feel i am bless to know this person....big smile" ... written by cuteface1972
She is calming, positive, non judgemental and precise. I highly recommend her for a private reading.. I'm had many readings and she is one of the best 5 stars!!! God Bless" ... written by Jill L
Fills you with her energy warmth and genuine accurate and very helpful..." ... written by Nightfall85
A million stars!!!!!!" ... written by Ann S
Heartwarming conversations that make you feel like she has known you all your life. " ... written by sonia
She is amazing she saw a possible wedding before I mentioned it. she was right on with everything. Great read." ... written by rob
Update, what can i say she is the best here on Oranum and her predictions have come true...thank you are amazing amazing love and light ... xxxx" ... written by Rose
Always very smiley - has a special way of conveying information. Always validating that what I am getting myself in my channeling messages is right. Thank you for your support in this. Love her so much - thank you for the credits. Love to have privates with her." ... written by Nursecat
She's amazing! She knew things I never knew. I'm very happy after my reading! Def Recommend her! " ... written by Shirlz
AS usual Earth angels was fantastic, embraced the situation, lovely spirit and grace, warm precise. She gave me an exorbitant amount of information a great deal of hope. Guidance in changing my career and lifestyle and direction of improving my life and my friends lives. I also hope this is going to extend to my family. Lovingly, sweet and patient Earth angel, You are truly an angel with grace. Blessings and Light." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Great, i can't believe it!!!!!!" ... written by bentou
Always very positive reading - felt very supported by her - 5 stars always - this is why I keep coming to her. :-)" ... written by NurseCat
Thanks heaps!" ... written by guis
I can honestly say she is the best. The Best! Bless you, Angel." ... written by ZetaTheShinny
When I'm feeling down I always come back to Earthangels. She just has a way of putting a smile on my face, make me feel on top of the world. Accurate readings actually very accurate readings. She's to the point and won't sugar coat anything." ... written by Jordan Collins
Very good reading as always.Impressive!Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
ALWAYS GREAT 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Beverly419
Love this Angel!!! She is just magical! Always a million stars!" ... written by Ann S
She's great amazing 5 stars :)" ... written by danica
Great as usual" ... written by alr
Earthangels had the ability to let me know about a loved one who passed and was able to share a message. It was so spiritual and incredible. A moment in my life I will never forget. Thank you Earthangels. " ... written by sonia
Just wonderfully soothing to the soul and mind." ... written by sonia
Very good reading. Very helpful." ... written by alr
Really helped me to understand a previous relationship and how to rid of the energy of it. Wonderful tips. Wonderful woman. Love her." ... written by Nursecat
Great" ... written by Mendel
Another fantastic reading! Well worth the money! :)" ... written by Nicky
Great reading" ... written by mmm
She's to the point and doesnt waste time. She'll answer all your questions and she seems very strong with what she believes will happen. I can't wait to update you with some good news x" ... written by jp
Wow! A wealth of information, predictions, timelines and I can't wait for them to manifest! Earthangels was fantastic and got straight to the point without asking too many questions. She even gave me answers to questions that I hadnt asked yet. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! I loved this reading" ... written by jp
Earthangels gave me a wonderful reading. She is very insightful and accurate, worth more than $2.99 a minutes. Appreciate her work. Love you, Earthangels!" ... written by Mai
Earthangels was Awesome! She was very accurate and very kind. She really made me smile and feel better. I'll be back with my Mustang and Porsche. ;)" ... written by Joey
Loved connecting with Earth. She just does it ever so flawlessly - very clear and straight to the point! Love you :) Thanks so much!" ... written by Peebee
Nice Sweet Lady - Spoke to her many times - excellent recollection. Amazing insight - highly recommend" ... written by Jill
I feel lucky knowing her. Awesome reader. 10 stars." ... written by Daisy
Different Perspective... Got me emotional... Shall try to help..." ... written by SA
Beautiful, loving, sincere energy so genuinely wanting to help heal others. Thank you earth - bless you." ... written by liz
WOW!! Earthangels is amazing! Helped me again from my stress. She is wonderful!! I am blessed to have met her. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
I love her patience with me and her honesty." ... written by sonia
Another great reading! I love her! :)" ... written by Nicky
Very sweet and pick up a lot... and sincere. Pretty fast as well. This is my first reading with her. Will see how things go, but for sure, she keep me calm and provided support..." ... written by williaM
She touched me so much." ... written by Michael Perez
Awsome! You are amazing!" ... written by Aurelia
Great to talk to! I dont know where I would be if she couldnt help me figure it out!" ... written by jordan
she's honestly so amazing, I can't believe it" ... written by bentou
I had a very difficult day and earth put my mind at ease and helped me so much." ... written by sonia
Dear Earth Angel, thank you so much for taking so good care of me. You are so generous with your love and care. I cant express enough gratitude for what I receive from you. Everything you explained makes perfect sense and calms me down and gives me faith. Bless you, dear! " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Wonderful and caring." ... written by sonia
Thank you Earthangels! Wonderful and fast reading! Appreciate it! " ... written by kingpi
The one i trust the most in this site. 88 stars!" ... written by Daisy
AWESOME JOB! REALLY GOOD!" ... written by Joe
Very accurate and gave me hope for things to come." ... written by Glenn
another great reading from Earth. I was skeptical about moving forward with something and she assured me it will work out for the best. I believe in what she told me because a big part of me felt it already." ... written by NiecyM
She's is so amazing, I can't even believe it." ... written by bentou
Another 5 star reading from a 5 star psychic! I love her! She's amazing and just has this kind and beautiful energy about her! :)" ... written by Nicky
Love her , shes always there for me and her preditions are coming true thanks babe xoxo 10 stars." ... written by danica
Lovely as ever! She's my favorite, will definitely go back! ;)" ... written by S
She is so accurate and so soft with telling information. Always getting the information out without you feeling scared or hurt. Her gifts are truly beautiful. 10/10" ... written by Michael Perez
An amazing person really! I am so happy to meet you and for helping me , god bless you! Lots of love! xoxo " ... written by HudHud
A million stars for Earthangels!!!" ... written by ann s
Always, always accurate... " ... written by elle11
Earthangles is very good when I have a private reading. She make calm and relax. " ... written by Kymii
Thanks earth....." ... written by guisep
Thank you so much for this reading, you have had lift my spirit. True angel you are." ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Thank you for always being there and for your constant guidance...^^ " ... written by Nightfall85
Thanks, will come back later on for proper reading." ... written by guisepe
She is the angel! A million stars!" ... written by Ann S
Thanks so much you have no idea how much you've helped me. Thank you so much!" ... written by bentou
Testifying from my own experience that Earth Angel is very, very... Very... Gifted. Beyond a doubt she has connected with my dad multiple times. If I had a thousand stars to give to her, I would. She deserves them all. " ... written by bridgette
Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Another super great reading! 5 stars!" ... written by Nicky
She makes me feel so much better every time!!! She's very honest and real!! I wish I had her positive outlook on life!!! :)" ... written by Summer84
Outstanding; remarkably accurate! Thanks so much dear!" ... written by Peebee
Very good as always!" ... written by erika
She is sooo special! A million stars!" ... written by Ann S
I had mediumship reading, and what can I say, I'm in tears. It was the first connection after her pass, so I had all these open questions. I feel better now knowing this, and I can finally move on from the guilty feelings. I will come back for this another time :) Thank you so much Earthangels " ... written by Satu82
Earthangels is insightful. she helped me a lot, love her !" ... written by Mai
Earthangel is very accurate and helped me in guiding my future. Thankful to her!" ... written by Mai
Good to point." ... written by alr
What an amazing person, reader, soul! Spoke straight to my heart and her messages touched me to the core! EarthAngel is such a light and gift.. I feel optimistic and hopeful and also know what i need to do. " ... written by lili
Excellent reading. Cant wait to see things come to pass. Was able to speak directly about things that only I would know. Awesome woman" ... written by Julius
She was right on point!!!!!! Love her for this reading!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
I enjoyed my reading with earthangels. She is dead on with connecting with energies. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Earthangels is not only the best psychic reader, but she is also the most inspiring, loving and caring gracious personality. Earthangels gives everyone who comes to visit her hope, direction and such amazing positive affirmations. Earthangels balances everything with truth love and light, and incredible visions of hope and clarity. Just visit her chatroom and you will witness the power of her healing gifts and uplifts everyone in her room. When I become prosperous, I will definitely see her more often. I feel towards her as if she is my guardian angel on Earth. I am so happy to have met you, here, I feel my life is changing for the better already." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Amazing as always! 10 stars!" ... written by danica
Am on the same page with her now - she helps me to bring positive things into my life by visualization and letting things go. Looking forward to new beginnings." ... written by Nurse Cat
"Earthangels", has such a soothing soul that it's unbelievable. I would like to say that I am blessed to meet an extraordinary person like her. I pray that her light continues to shine so bright to everyone that meets in contact with. " ... written by True Radiance
By far, the best psychic I have read with this year. She is compassionate, quick, and accurate. She picked up on my situation without me giving any information. I am extremely impressed with her abilities. Anyone who doubts psychics, should have a reading with Earthangels. She is the best. I will return for advice in the future. Thanks Earthangels. " ... written by Jackson
Always excellent and right on with insight on situation, 5 STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Beverly419
She awesome, wish I had more time." ... written by nerita
SHES SOOO GOOOD! Can't believe how fast and accurate she is. So happy i caught her to do this reading, she really is incredibly gifted and accurate. THANK YOU!!! " ... written by Lisa
I really hope and want her readings to come through. Right now what she is saying all seems like a dream, an impossible dream. Very pleasant and positive energy from her." ... written by Acissej
Got my situation right away and gave me very good advise how to shift my energy. Love her, she does the best to help. I feel so much better already. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
She's amazing." ... written by bentou
Thank you for being one of the universe's angels! You are truly a gift!" ... written by ann s
She is good and I believe what she said and I will do as requested. Thank u. I felt her positive energy." ... written by lola
WONDERFUL!!!!! 100 stars not enough! Right on target with information - thank you so much!!!!" ... written by whitefeathers
Highly recommended!!" ... written by Djem
EarthAngels so considerate so consoling, so assuring, so mindful. Earthangels gave me insight to my nephew issues, gave me good news about his future, that it would be bright and he would find true love and get married in 3 years, very exciting and happy news. Also revelations about my friend John who was up for a promotion. Earth Angels is the most truthful and highly spirited of all. Earth Angel, my Angel truly on Earth" ... written by BNJPANGELS
So great! So encouraging! Bless you Angel " ... written by zetatheshiny
All the things she said rang true for me - was how I was feeling and how it would be in the future if I stayed where I was. Thank you." ... written by Nursecat
Wow she told me before I even got to explain anything it's like she knew me for yrs" ... written by Cache23
Ty very much for the reading was very insightful.Highly recommended and god bless you." ... written by Thinkpositiv2012
She is incredible. Love you Angel! Thanks so much..." ... written by Lily
She is just an amazing reader and really astonishing personality. I just love her, and things she predicted come to pass too. So, don't hesitate to take her in private." ... written by ZetaTheshiny
Accurate ... 5 Star easily!!!!!" ... written by Ann S
She's so honest, I can really trust her!" ... written by bentou
You have one of the prettiest hearts I've ever met. Thank you. " ... written by bridgette
Hmm, pretty accurate. Hit me right on the spot. Gonna heed her advice and see how it goes." ... written by kivelz
So sweet and offers such clarity" ... written by sonia
Never fails me with her accurate details." ... written by elle11
Good reading again and she picks up from last reading... Will provide and update very soon. Thanks again! " ... written by WilliaM
You're awesome! " ... written by heather
Omg, I'm so glad to catch you finally. it's been a long while and im so busy, LOL Thanks so much again for the clarity!" ... written by P
Amazing advice. Really had faith in my self and she is seriously a true psychic. She knew most of the things I didn't know about myself." ... written by Shyanne
Thank you very much.....its been positive the reading........I will always come back to her.....her insight was great......knew all about my case....great" ... written by konesh004
Great reading! Thank you so much. You were right on point! Looking forward to a great future, just as you said." ... written by Claudia
She really tunes in and speaks of things that are personally related to you. Excellent reading! Thank you, you are an Earth angel! x" ... written by librabeauty
As ever FANTASTIC with quick and clear answers!! Her energy is AMAZING and she reads situation so well. Thanks again for helping my family during this difficult time. Much LOVE and HUGS!!" ... written by whitefeathers
What amazing light and truth from EarthAngel's messages. She is truly an Earth Angel. Her prediction has also come to pass!" ... written by lili
She is an angel! A million stars!" ... written by Ann S
Hey EarthAngels :) thank you again for the amazing reading. You connected to me so incredibly fast that I could just jump into my concerns. You also have great memory because wow, I almost didn't remember the last reading, yet you did lol ! Anyways you have a great gift and I will return to you soon for an update ! See you soon !" ... written by Richard
a5 mill stars always for her, she is amazing!!! her update gives me something to look forward to for sure...I hope it is good..." ... written by misty
"I learned that people will forget what you said, forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou. " ... written by bridgette
Terrific :)" ... written by Chris
Earth is reassuring and caring. Wonderful soul." ... written by sonia
It was so so lol. C(:" ... written by Chris
Just wonderful and clear all the time. So accurate." ... written by sonia
Perfect" ... written by Janice
Thank you so much, for all you help!!!" ... written by bentou
As usual EarthAngels is very direct conscientious in her words to me. EarthAngels is always wonderfully supportive. Thanks and love to my angel on Earth" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Just loved her!!! Now we wait to see what happens in 2-3 months..." ... written by Ladybugg39
The best reading by far here on Oranum really is amazing and right on with what is going on in my life. Tells me things that you would think are impossible for her to know but she does. A wonderful person as well." ... written by Rob
Was the best reading ever. Earthangels is the best. :)" ... written by Chris
Very accurate, one of the best:) " ... written by marie5290
Very nice person very sensitive very good heart very truthful and wisdom I recommend 100 %!!!!" ... written by philipos 08
Great Read!!! I feel more relaxed now! Very caring and on the spot. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
EarthAngels very strong and direct, keeps telling me to focus on my chakras. This appears to be the holdup. EarthAngels very reassuring, loving guide,very spiritual, very caring like a Big sister for me. Her spirit and grace is amazing. Always give positive feedback in her free chat room as well. very generous. Earth Angel you are my angel on Earth LOL!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Earthangels is an amazing reader. She takes the mystery and insecurity away from my worries. She is a powerful healer. Thank you Earthangels for everything, we love you!!! My Angel on Earth!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Big help to me at the moment to get the motivation for my career. Cant thank you enough. :-)" ... written by NurseCat
1000 stars. Thank you for all grace and love you share. " ... written by bridgette
Amazing reading! Thank you for all the advice, for seeing so clear my situation. Very good reading as always! Best! Best! Blessing for you too!!!" ... written by Aurelia
I really enjoyed the reading. It was one of the best readings I've had. Thank You. oxoxox" ... written by Chris
It really surprise me how wonderful a reading I had with Earthangels tonight. Love her !" ... written by Mai
She was magnificent and gave me her positive energy. " ... written by sonia
Great and calm!" ... written by Lotus
Very good!" ... written by e
Really helped me in my time of need. Thank you so much!" ... written by Julius
Very good, she even educated me .." ... written by jonathan
A lady worth trusting and worth taking guidance from. She predicted an event out of my current reality 6 weeks ago. This event did transpire as she predicted. One of many predictions. She has a good grasp of the workings of the universal laws and how to work with them to achieve results. And as she lives/practice what she preaches - this is what sets her apart from other readers. Her connection to spirit :-) DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED. Earthangels fan :-) xxxxxx " ... written by belladonna8
Thanks a lot I hope your predictions come true. :) xx" ... written by Joanne Cronin
She really great to talk to, even though I'm still in her predictions time frame, she really does help you keep reeled in in the process." ... written by ladybugg
Great as always!" ... written by konesh004
Great!" ... written by konesh004
Great to reconnect with Earth all the time; she's outstanding! Thanks again!" ... written by pb
She is just wonderful, very to open to energies, very tuned in. Gives details to blow your mind out. Love readings with her. Could spend hours with her just talking. She is pure positivity. Bless you EarthAngels. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Lovely girl, very nice energy, very clear and helpful." ... written by Shadow
Thank you so much for easing my mind. I appreciate you. :)" ... written by sunshine
She is a professional. I expected something else, something without any substance. But she was at the same time scientific and spiritual. Very intelligent but also empathic. I highly recommend her." ... written by Mark
Excellent catch up.. she is beyond belief, Earth is amazing, Knows it all ." ... written by elle11
Very insightful always great in expressing truths 5 stars" ... written by Beverly419
Highly Recommend! Very Helpful." ... written by Djem
This wonderful soul has such a gift. Her timing on matters is unbelievable and she is so humble with her spiritual gift. You must get a reading from Earthangels." ... written by sonia
Thanks for the reading, excellent!" ... written by amoura88
She is so healing ... I love her. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Very good! Thank you again." ... written by whitefeathers
Can't believe how spot on she is!" ... written by JT
You have such a gift. You are awesome!" ... written by sunshine
A million stars!!!" ... written by Ann
She was wonderful like always - a lot of confirmations - and she hit the nail on the head multiple times. I haven't had a reading with her since she first started an im amazed with how much she has developed and more in tune. I'm really proud of her." ... written by lucky libra
She always brings my mood and energy up. Each time I come in I feel better and so fulfilled. She truly is an Earth Angel. She's accurate and loving! ♥" ... written by Michael Perez
precise and accurate with compassion" ... written by sonia
A million stars!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Ann
Shockingly-amazing reading again- I am addicted to earth she is so accurate its like she reads my thoughts just when I'm about to say something... she tells me things that I already feel therefore I know she spot on. " ... written by elle11
Great loving and honest you cannot go wrong with her she the real deal and total packages I will be back soon." ... written by Cache23
Hey EarthAngels :) Thanks again for the great reading ! Coming to you really helps me put my head on straight again lol. Everything just comes together after our readings. I'll be coming back real soon for an update on my situation :)" ... written by Richard
Amazing, always need her to guide me in right direction..." ... written by elle11
She is so accurate and very nice. I like her every much." ... written by oge
I had a bad day and had a private about a divorce I will be going through. She was so wonderful and truthful and comforting that it changed the awful mood I was in. so 10 stars to Earthangels and please make sure she gets this rating from me . Sonia " ... written by cataldos
Very good reading. Very helpful and positive!" ... written by Julius
She is a wonderful person, always very positive and all of her information comes across very clear - easy to understand and to relate to. I always come back to her because of her friendliness both in free chat and in private readings. She has helped me grow as a person. Wonderful woman - 5++++ stars. :-)" ... written by NurseCat
She is great, I feel like talking to an educated person. She gives you a lot" ... written by jon1415
good!" ... written by jonathan
Still as accurate as ever and felt comfortable listening to her readings. 2 thumbs up~" ... written by kelvin tay
Amazing!" ... written by Janice
Ohhhhh my goodness - such an amazing session I had with her. She gave me sooooo much information on my situation and also just about myself. Made me aware of patterns in my life and those that I asked her about. Advised me on things I needed to work on. Sooooo special, kind, and gifted. I'm blown away." ... written by Ahz
You're a Godsend, thanks so much!" ... written by P
Earthangels was wonderful today and reassuring as usual. Blessings" ... written by sonia
She did a great job today of letting me know my friend's feelings." ... written by sonia
A million stars." ... written by Ann
I love her so much. She's so kind and accurate and awesome." ... written by jesi
She is amazing, for the fist time someone felt my pain. And she even had tears in her eyes that just touched me. That is how I really feel. Very compassionate and a wonderful human being. She just knows it even without telling." ... written by seema
very kind and sweet. i do believe she got it right on her first sentence to me! she knows i had a fight when i didnt tell her anything. she sees our plans of travelling to each other. i do think she's amazing, despite the short reading i have done with her. will come back another time. " ... written by linn
she is very accurate..." ... written by jonathan
Wonderful and special ability to connect with me. EarthAngels never skips a beat. Always picks up from where we left off. She has always been in tune with my energy. Really incredible helper, healer, a true Earth Angel." ... written by lili
Earth is always accurate and has a great way of remembering you and following up on her readings. Love her!!!!" ... written by sonia
what a reading, so precise, spot on with my situation!" ... written by Ammer
Earthangel is wonderful and sincere, I've met with her 5 or 6 times now and when I leave the sessions I always feel grounded and out of my messy thoughts. She doesn't speak in broad terms. If you want guidance ask this momma, she'll tell you how it is in a loving and gentle way. There are so many psychics on here and it can be confusing and overwhelming especially when all your seeking is the truth and your nervous of scams. I promise you that earth angel will offer you a way of finding joy in your troubles or stagnant thoughts. Remember to do your homework that she assigns. It will advance your growth. words that i would use to describe her : brave, loving, deep, very compassionate( she once cried in a session for someone i know that is in a lot of pain and could sense their sadness. not to mention i told her nothing about the person but their name, age, and location.) Also, her readings are right on mark she knew someone would be coming into my life that would be a spiritual guide for me post break up. She was able to feel his gentle soul and see his beautiful green eyes. he is exactly that.This person is now hugely in the picture 4 weeks after the initial prediction. Although i am exhausting with my same old worries she never pushes me and is always so reaffirming to believe in the light and not take up residence in the doubt. Friends I love Earthangel and I know you will too! Enjoy your time with her she is so worth it -equally- as you are to her." ... written by jaybiird
She's the best! You will get spot on readings and she just does not read, she helps. She gives you activities to help you heal and improve your state of mind and give you peace. You will feel connected and she is non-judgmental. You can tell her anything as she is comforting and gives you the positives to look out for in your life. the best. Thank you very much Earthangel. " ... written by MyraGM
Wonderful reading - we are definitely on the same page - even saying the same things at the same time - funny that. Help me to practice exercises for my life." ... written by Nursecat
Thank you Earth, for always giving hope, and for telling things as they are... and they are all accurate as you said... the things happening may be slow in coming, but they did come...^^" ... written by Nightfall85
She was as always AMAZING - read the people in the situation exactly as it happened and gave wonderful advice on how to handle and on what is coming up!!!" ... written by whitefeathers
Very precise in the first meet, valuable discussion and insight, thanks!" ... written by Rody
Her prediction happened and oh what joy my heart felt ." ... written by sonia
You are Wonderful! An Angel on the Earth :) Thank you for always helping me!" ... written by Lily
She blows me away with her readings. She goes past what I am asking and sees very deeply into my nature and what would be most beneficial for me. This is exceptional, and unexpected stuff!" ... written by Ahz
Earthangels has the purest heart! She genuinely cares. She's VERY accurate. I'm not being very eloquent. But her reading has given me clarity and peace in a very rocky place in my life. I'm thankful for her." ... written by SophiaAnn
Wow.. so on point.. Could not believe it.." ... written by lindy
Earth is dead on her reading.. the first time I met her she gave me a guide of what to do. she also is very accurate about her time and date. She is always smiling, happy. After talking to her you will feel better." ... written by jonathan
Wonderful and inspiring reading, makes me happy to know the positive things coming in the future ..." ... written by kelly
I was skeptical about all of this but since Earthangel I believe everything. Amazing readings." ... written by Rd
Just wonderful and so positive and accurate." ... written by sonia
Earth is great and knowledge of her psychic power. she will tell you the honest answer.. if have question and cant find your way then you should talk to earth.. she will put you back on the right path. She also very friendly and will try to help you no matter what. She very accurate on her reading." ... written by jonathan
Wonderful, very beautiful person, you are my physic now only one on here I will go to, amazing." ... written by jaimee-lee
It is always such a pleasure... she is always accurate...awesome. oxox" ... written by cuteface1972
She is awesome and i love that she tells me things instead of me telling her... details n people involved- she tells me! so far she has been right about things and i can only imagine she is right about the future too.. " ... written by linn
Thanks you that helped." ... written by sunshine
Great Reading right on with everything," ... written by Rob
Unforgettable and Breathtaking reading! Very Unique and Authentic Psychic! Definitely Gifted. Thank you Earth for helping me to find answers and for the light you have switched on in the dark tunnel of my life! A-m-a-z-i-n-g!" ... written by Def_Confused
Thanks so much, you are the best!" ... written by patricia
Amazing reading! Recommend her to everyone. Every time I come to her she tells me like it is, nothing else. Thank you so much! Blessings !!!" ... written by Aurelia
I love her..shes so amazing ." ... written by oje
AMAZING!!! I so love her." ... written by MyraGM
I have had 2 quick live readings with her and 1 email reading and she is always so positive. Praying everything she said comes true. Lot of what she sees is what I have been hoping and praying for. I didn't give her any details at all and she gave me enough details to stay centered and focused. Thank you :) " ... written by kb
Freat... you have to take her to pvt she wonderful.. if you have doubt about something then u need to take her. she will prove u the answer" ... written by jonathan
She is awesome. She is clearly one of your best psychics." ... written by sunshine678
she's always been awesome I love her" ... written by oge
Earth was just so clear and accurate with her predictions. You must get a reading!!! 5 stars" ... written by sonia
Always so helpful! Could not live without her" ... written by Julius
She is my best healer and true goddes! She does everything to help and lift your spirit! And she still tells you the accurate info. True artist in healing. Love her! " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
I can say this over and over again. EarthAngels is the best. She tunes in the situation so right on that you just listen and your heart goes crazy that's how to the T she is. Thank you so much for another great reading and insight. You are so helpful on my journey. Blless you. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
As usual Earth give an amazing, amazing reading. So fast with details and straight to the point. I will give her an update on my reading." ... written by dladie42
Amazing! 5 Stars! One of the Best! Such a GREAT reading! Thank you so much!!! xoxoxo" ... written by loulourose7
Gave perfect confirmation I was seeking without needed info on my part." ... written by Brandy
Earthangels is always truthful and caring of everyone. She is truly there to help people. She is very encouraging and gives all the hope and love to heal everyone as much as she possibly can. To me she will always be my angel on Earth. I can never praise her enough. Thank you! I am happy to have met you!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Fantastic, thoughtful, optimistic, always uplifting, very consoling but always truthful!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Earthangels always cheerful and wants to make everyone who visits her room happy. She is a blessing!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Able to help me find out about who I was channelling. Gave me good idea about what to do. Wonderful reader. Love her heaps." ... written by NurseCat
A million stars!!" ... written by Ann
I have been going to her since the beginning she has been there for me through all my ups and downs and always helps me get back on my feet.... She is not just a psychic to me but truly one of my friends and angels sent from above... Words can not express how thankful I am to have found her on ORANUM... Always on point!!" ... written by misty
She was amazing! I have never had a reading with her but every time I go on this site I always am drawn to her public chatroom but never actually did a reading. She names some specific things and gave me time frames. I hope her predictions come true. She has a lovely personality that puts you at ease." ... written by linh
Earth is amazing. She tells me what's going on before I say a word. I didn't fully believe in this type of reading until I met her. Now I can't wait to have her amaze me on a regular basis." ... written by Rob
Helpful, thank you for your understanding words!" ... written by Nicole
So awesome and sincere. Has been a lifesaver in my ongoing relationship struggles. Don't know what I would do without her." ... written by Julius
Just love Earthangels! Excellent and gifted! A million stars!" ... written by Ann
Wow she was really good enjoyed her a lot" ... written by ppppppppppppppppppppp
Oh my, Earth angles was great...What a very special person. Very interesting what she knew and m guides came through as well! how cool. I feel very peaceful! Thanks you xo" ... written by had
You rock, you're the best! " ... written by sunshine
awesome!" ... written by sunshine
10 stars I love her she makes me feel better when I'm down, her predictions have came true she is amazing!!! :))) " ... written by canada
detail and right to the point" ... written by arl
Really helpful information. I really could feel that this information comes from pure 'knowing'." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
She is Amazing as always.. " ... written by elle11
Thanks again for the update! Love you :)" ... written by P
she's so accurate and awesome... I love her so much." ... written by missy
She's so accurate and cool. I love her." ... written by oge
Wonderful reading !" ... written by Mai
i alway come back to Earth to ask for guidance.. she is very wonderful and loving.. she make you focus on the task at hand. also, you have to belive in her so she will focus her energy on you.. you are wonderful, Earth!" ... written by jonathan
Earthangels is always caring and attentive, excellent reader, always tries to be there for us. Thank you. You are always there for us." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Earth did not ask for this review - I'm posting with the intention of helping others out. Been on this site since it begun. Possibly consulted almost all on here- numerous times, with some charlatans unfortunately- I may add. And from all of those, Earthangels comes out tops- she delivers the goods every time. One word of caution: if you're not willing to learn, change and grow in order to make things happen then you're wasting your time-period. Predictions are dynamic andamp; controlled by one's own internal evolution and Earth is one of the best at this..." ... written by belladonna8
Love her!!! A million stars ... she is a gift." ... written by Ann
Wonderful and so good at staying connected with previous readings. Awesome" ... written by sonia
I had to come back for more because it has been a long time, and glad I got the second session, realizing there is a lot more to look forward to in my life than I thought possible! xx" ... written by stellar
Really changes my perception of the world and is helping me map out my destiny." ... written by stellar
Excellent doesn't waste time.Direct and to the point but very caring and gentle." ... written by Janet
Kate is wonderful to talk to. I love the who she connects with and the things she tells me about myself blow me away.. She is spot on." ... written by heather
Wonderful and accurate." ... written by sonia
Earthangels has been a big help for me. She always brings in positive energy with her in the readings and tells it like it is. Helps me understand about how much everything is connected." ... written by NurseCat
Holy Cow! She knew everything that was going on with this person I asked about. She used 3 different decks of cards and all the cards flowed like a story of my past and I'm hoping what the future will be. She didn't ask me for any kind of background information only my name and his. I will definately visit again and give you an update. Thank you Angel! :)" ... written by Jacqueline
Caring, good details, great insights. Gave me something to hold on to in times of trouble. Offered her friendship. Cool gal." ... written by Eva
Always my pleasure." ... written by Janice
Always so right about what I am feeling inside..reads me like a book! EarthAngels gives me strong positive messages on how I need to shift my energy.. I love the "fake it til you make it"..its so true!" ... written by lili
She makes me feel SO much better when I talk to her!! Such an Angel!!! :-)" ... written by Summer84
A million stars." ... written by Ann
She was so wonderful to me and accurate as usual." ... written by sonia
It Was a great reading. I was very pleased. Will definitely come back again. Thank you so much." ... written by Chris
I love her!" ... written by moongirl777
She is so awesome, she read me and felt my spirit and gave me a great loving reading!" ... written by moongir777
Awesome and on the money as per usual!" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
This is my second section with her and she is very consistent with her predictions as well as the readings. I'm still waiting for her predictions to manifest, but she still amazing and sweet as always." ... written by linh
What an incredible Gift she has!!! I can't say enough about this beautiful lovely gifted woman! 5 stars and beyond!!!!" ... written by loulourose11
Best birthday gift ever she was straight to the point and her point was truly clear. She really has a passion for what she does you have to rate her as a 5 star she terrific!!!!!!" ... written by Cache23
She is great, very to the point and can explain every feeling I have on the most understandable way. So helpful! " ... written by ZetaTheshiny
Very thorough and detailed. She really described my situation accurately, coupled with this, she gave very good advices too. Thank you! " ... written by Woodencloud
Such a great person. Good advise always. hope her predictions come true." ... written by rob
GREAT READING!!!! OMG! " ... written by Mark
A million stars!!! " ... written by Ann
Such an angel-just the most lovely, comforting, gifted woman! Always a million stars for this incredible reader. xoxo" ... written by loulourose7
Excellent" ... written by morning5star
She is the best! I feel empowered after all her readings - always. Bless you, earthangels! " ... written by ZetaTheshiny
She is wonderful ... a million stars!" ... written by Ann
5 stars thanks earth u always make me feel better :)" ... written by danica
She picked up really well on my feelings and the other person' feelings, gave me really good insight and advice thank you." ... written by smiley2011
Great." ... written by jonathan
Earth is Amazing! Reviews don't lie. Read them to see what you will be missing out if you don't take her private. She is well worth her price. A sweet heart as well. " ... written by Enlightened
She is amazing i will give 1000000000 stars she very accurate thanks for your reading hun" ... written by sam
She was spot on! I will connect with her again." ... written by Sharon
Most amazing reader. Best reading of my life!!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Really lovely... And very accurate. Supportive. Great Reading!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Great read!" ... written by jonathan
Simply amazing, 5 stars! Thank you!" ... written by IrisFlower
Shes amazing and very acccurate." ... written by nicole
omg. She is THE BEST. Get a reading with her. Worth every penny and you won't regret it. Thank you!!!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Love Earthangels ... A million stars!" ... written by Ann
She is the sweetest most sincere person I have ever come to know... even though its through internet. I feel she is speaking from her heart and she has so much love and goodness to offer. She is very wise and honorable. I have a lot of respect for her and what she does for people like myself that need loving support." ... written by moongirl777
Great read!!! I hope everything comes true and improve 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Much love to you - so glad to catch you today - Outstanding as always... Thanks a lot! " ... written by P
Excellent! " ... written by Rene067
She is the most accurate I have had. She predicted some things that actually happened within the week of me last speaking with her. This has proven to me that she is really a true psychic. And she remembers everything from when we last spoke. If anyone wants to talk with a true psychic, Earth Angels is the one to go to. You will not waste time and money as she will deliver exactly what you are needing truth, accurate prediction, love and guidance. She is the best that Oranum has to offer! :-D" ... written by moongirl777
Earthangel is truly that, an Angel that lives here on earth. She is very intuitive and tunes into what is going on around you. She gave predictions which have given me hope and I cannot wait to see if they come true." ... written by findingpeace
She knew a lot of what was going on and gave me great insight and advice as to what to do.. she was great!" ... written by Marielle
Always accurate, and calming but never just tells you what you want to hear unless it is what you need to hear." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
She is comforting and wonderful." ... written by sonia
She's always great... and after all the disappointments... the genuine person I found is Earthangels. So I say without any reservation, talk to her. She predicted three things for me and the first one has come to pass and I am waiting on the other remaining two. So guys she's great. Always update every time her predictions come true because that's the best credit that I can give her and for others to know and trust in her abilities." ... written by konesh004
She is the absolute best! No games. She has a strong connection to the spirit world and the blessing to see the future clearly.Thus far her predictions have come true for me..Within days Literally!" ... written by moongirl777
Amazing... so much info !!! I loved the reading...she was right on track..." ... written by awesome25
The best for me always!! More than 5 stars for her!!" ... written by Julius
She is great..she very accurate in her reading.. she wonderful and if you are lost go talk to earth she guide u back. " ... written by jonathan
She is wonderful and tells the things accurately." ... written by Saurabh Trehan
She is so so great. I will be for ever grateful I met her and have chance to consult with her. So good and accurate and gives you all you need to go forward. Bless you Earthangels!" ... written by ZetaTheShinny
As usual earth is sooo good. I like her so much. I will give her an update on what we discussed" ... written by dladie42
Thank you, your cards were consistant from our last reading. I wish I knew how to be patient. xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Always good to touch base." ... written by Lucidity954
Super - as always. Very quick to tune in and offers so much information. " ... written by Ahz
She is amazing and right on target. she is gentle and very supportive. Please try her I have been around and she is the best!!" ... written by Janet
Just wonderful an honest.... A great reading tells the truth and makes u feel so much better." ... written by sanditom
fantastic insight and truth!" ... written by moongirl777
She is awesome!!!!!! And so NICE!!!!" ... written by Priti
thanks" ... written by ss
Thank you! We shall see :) hehehe love love love " ... written by MyraGM
She was excellent!" ... written by Lucidity954
I love her readings. She is so accurate it's amazing. Thank you!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Beautiful lady. Will be back to talk more." ... written by happy4you7
Thank you so much .... you have walked me thru alot over the past months and I appreciate your guidance. I am so excited about the changes." ... written by sunshine
Earth is wonderful she really sticks to her predictions and when you feel doubt there is confirmation and she loves to know what is going on." ... written by sonia
Truly amazing and gifted reader! What a blessing to connect with Earthangel... a must read! Thank you and many many blessings Earth!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Always a pleasure to speak to her. If you can get through to her, well worth every penny. Accurate and fast. Brilliant!" ... written by librabeauty
She's so sweet and I feel that she's 100% honest and picked up very accurately on what is going on in my life and situation. She gave very good advice/insight. I will update soon." ... written by blessed25
Earth angels is detailed and focused even thought I cant get there myself right now. She is very direct and insightful." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Her predictions are unfolding so I come to tell her that and to make sure I keep my track on the right direction. Got good advises to keep myself in good vibes. Bless you, angel." ... written by ZetaTheShiny
You know I love her... Always such a great person... Always knows what's going on with my situations, always." ... written by misty
What can I say that has not already been said! She is the best. I have actually seen predictions come true that she gave. I doubt myself more than I doubt her abilities." ... written by moongirl777
Really great." ... written by S
Loved, loved, loved the reading. Earthangels clarified some issues for me and gave me a lot of hope, and I am so excited. :) Honestly I am not used to having good things happening in my life, so even though I find it hard to believe, deep down I have that spark of faith and I am really excited. :) Much love to you. xxx" ... written by Willow
I can't wait for predictions to come true. So genuine and caring and honest... Will update soon! " ... written by Blessed25
Just amazing." ... written by janet
Great reading, some wonderful predictions. Hopefully they come to pass. :) Will let you know how things turn out. Many blessings." ... written by Willow
Always awesome and very insightful! 5*****" ... written by Daisy
Explains things really well." ... written by smiley2011
She is awesome! So easy to talk to and is so detailed in her reading. I definitely will be coming back! :)" ... written by gina
She's wonderful. So much information! She's incredible." ... written by Ahz
EarthA is wonderful and always uplifting. Her predictions require patience and hope that things will happen when they are meant to be." ... written by sonia
Has saved me from great distress. She has taught me new things and has helped me step into a new me! 10 stars without a doubt. There is no one else like her, she is the BEST!!" ... written by Julius
Thanks." ... written by kymii
Wonderful - told me that I need to do more affirmations - have to practice them and then things will start to flow better. Thank you a lot." ... written by Nursecat
I love her. She is wonderful. accurate readings every time." ... written by benkepsychic
Wonderful relationship and general readings. She is the most empathetic and caring adviser on Oranum. Totally connects to all the energies and influences and has given me very solid, sane advice on how to work to correct imbalances in life. Thank you so much for your warmth and caring." ... written by kymii
She is my top psychic on here that I always go to after trying many different ones, her predictions really do come true. She stayed true to her predictions even if they where predicted many months ago that at the time to felt like they never would happen if that's how long they took - she told me long time ago about a wedding event coming up, projects, travel of someone I'm interested in and many more thing that would kick off from this month, at the time didn't seem real but it has all happened just as she said. She always confirms what I already feel without me saying a thing she picks it up and there is no way she would know that. I know how accurate she is. The most accurate psychic on here without a doubt." ... written by elle11
You are the best." ... written by sunshine
Earth is so clear and wonderful. she gives so much of her gift with love and sincerity and accuracy." ... written by sonia
Thank you earth...her predictions for me came true...and i trust her a lot...^^" ... written by Nightfall85
Great advice. very good and honest." ... written by erica shankar
Besides of me hitting on her every other second... she is a great reader... and the woman of my dreams.... ;) " ... written by pepestone1
shes the best. accurate and loving" ... written by oge
kool" ... written by LIsa
Another great reading with Earthangels. I really love the way she does her thing. :) And she is always busy, you have to be really patient to get through, and that speaks for itself! Love and blessings. " ... written by Willow
Such an angel ... truly love her! A gift in my life!" ... written by Ann
Great reading, connected very well" ... written by smiley2011
I'm in such a bad place. it really feels shes the only true loving person i can see to comfort me and to guide me. she is truly an 'Earth Angel"" ... written by michael perez
She was amazingggg!!!! my new favorite!!" ... written by angelic03
She is so sweet and smart ... truly mystical! AND ... predictions are coming true." ... written by Ann
Angel always makes me feel so much better than I started..i can't wait to update with her predictions and timeline :-)" ... written by blessed25
She really is the best psychic on here, i always leave feeling more sure of my destiny..." ... written by stellar
Love her, so reassuring!! the best" ... written by stellar
Earth not only reads for you she teaches you how to better yourself. Amazing, powerful person. million stars" ... written by sonia
Love Earthangels! a million stars!" ... written by Ann
God bless you Earth!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Thanks Earth! Wonderful as always.... I am eager to see things work out as she has seen." ... written by Heartnsoul
Surely a gift to everyone who meets her!" ... written by Ann
Right on spot!" ... written by zooey
Always right on target with her predictions. Sometimes I can't believe what she tells me but sure enough it happens. " ... written by rob
She is incredibly easy to talk to and she has such wonderful positive energy. I talked to her twice and came out feeling so much better! I definitely recommend a reading from her. She is absolutely amazing!! :)" ... written by gina
She was wonderful and so healing. Infinite stars" ... written by sonia
My best help in a time of trouble. Always there to help me in situations and give me great clarity!" ... written by Julius
she is very amazing good reading 5 stars" ... written by sam
She is worth the money... She great and everything she said came true. " ... written by jonatha
Amazing as always! straightforward, to the point. I am always impressed by her ability to point things out. Thank you! I send you blessings and a lot of angels your way. Good job as always!!!" ... written by Aurelia
she's very great... she's very lovely and she straight forward... she will tell you the answer you are seeking..." ... written by jonathan
I am.... so glad that I found such a great person to set me straight and remind me that I am great!!! earthangels has always been a coach and is always in tune with all of my situations that I have!!! seriously one of my angels!!!" ... written by misty
She is so great. Can pick on very small details and explain to me sensations I have. She is the best! " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Just fantastic , awesome, the best" ... written by sunsine
She's awesome!" ... written by oge
I love Earthangels! She always remembers all of her clients and their past readings even if it's been a long time since she read for you. Her readings are always accurate and she connects extremely quickly. I really appreciate all of her guidance!" ... written by cherryblossom10
She's amazing, I love her, 5 stars. Her predictions have came true :)" ... written by danica
As always AMAZING -- doesn't miss a beat! Such love, grace and clarity --- LOVE LOVE LOVE her --- gift from above!!" ... written by whitefeathers
Awesome! Love her!" ... written by Nancy
Wonderful spiritual person with positive results. Fantastic" ... written by sonia
I've been seeing Earth for about 2 week now, everything she said to me has come true... She's very good and will not lie to you... When you take her to pvt get ready to laugh because she make you laugh and smile..." ... written by jonathan
She is an angel. I would literally be so lost and in such a pit of sorrow without her." ... written by Michael Perez
Wonderful!" ... written by jojoed
Once again earth was right on target. Her ability to see things is amazing. " ... written by rob
I really really am so so amazed and so so estatic and blessed wow. is what I can say. so so so thankful " ... written by Nancy
Very warm and kind and eye opener!! Thank you angel for your time!!" ... written by shopgirl
One of the best on here." ... written by J
Earthangels was able to tap into my situation with ease and provided a lot of detail in my reading with her. Amazingly she answered my question immediately without me even asking. She is very calming and speaks with pureness and kindness. I will definitely be back for another reading. " ... written by Coral
Earthangel helped me so much. Last time, she told me that my man is not a good man for me. I was upset, but now, I see that she was right. Lover her!" ... written by Mai
As usual, EarthAngels has the right things to say that make a great deal of sense, it's just that I have to apply them. She is extremely intuitive and has gems of wisdom from a spiritual level. EarthAngels always gives so much insight to me and my friends around me. Thank you for being here for me my Angel on Earth Love and Blessings." ... written by BNJPANGELS
she is great" ... written by erika
Earth renews your spirit and helps you believe in the unbelievable. Wonderful spirit and human being." ... written by sonia
Still very direct and works fast! So you get value for your money! I highly recommend her. Been talking to her for months now and so far, events she had predicted came true. :) " ... written by MyraGM
I always feel so much better after speaking to Angel. She's so genuine and caring that I call her Angel :-). She's honest in what she see's and doesn't waiver from her vision, unless there is an actual change. She helps you to understand more clearly." ... written by Blessed25
lots and lots of info, very quickly, love this about earth! thanks sweetie" ... written by liz
AWESOME@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LALALALALALALALALALALALALOVE HER!! She is so good with her words and expression and ways of making me feel like I need to be ok and positivism is the key1" ... written by nancy
Earth is never at a loss for words. She speaks to you from her soul to your soul. What a blessing." ... written by sonia
Thanks so much EarthAngels I will relax right now have a great evening I will be back to keep you posted. I enjoyed the reading so much you gave my mind assurance :) *hugs*" ... written by Bridget apples
She is the best :)" ... written by Kyah
Earthangel is amazing. She always inspires me, and she is very good at what she does.Thank you!" ... written by AURELIA
Brilliant!!" ... written by kay
Instant beautiful connection. She is a great psychic and her energy is incredibly soothing, positive and completely accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by L.fol.
Always the best!" ... written by zetatheshiny
Didn't notice the timer. But it was definitely worth the time to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Earth is a gift! Love her ... million stars!" ... written by Ann
Absolutely incredible. She is someone I will be speaking with soon. She was able to pinpoint on some very intense things and give me insight on to right now and the future. Put my mind at ease. Thank you so much Earthangel!" ... written by Nivanya
Amazing, as always! " ... written by Lily
Awesome ... million stars!" ... written by Ann
she was great and very warming. i like her attitude and how she came across. thank you soo much : )" ... written by christian lady
She is always helping me with the correct path way, the correct thought. I love and enjoy coming with her to the fact that she has helped me get way better with my life. I am grateful with what she has done for me and thank god everyday for allowing me to stumble up with her and seeing the truth to heal within myself. " ... written by Nancy
Accurate, precise, very friendly and 100% on the dot! Thank you, will be back soon." ... written by destinyismine
Always wonderful. She gives lots of details, lots of helpful information. " ... written by Ahz
Wonderful and accurate and just a superstar reader!" ... written by sonia
On the spot... And readings are really accurate...^^ " ... written by Nightfall85
So good." ... written by breezie
Earthangels has helped me a lot today after negative results from other readers.. She has given me a sense of hope and she is truly genuine and kind in wanting the best for her clients. She also had gone out of her way to explain things to me.Thank you Earthangels :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
She is the best!! 20 stars Always right and honest!!" ... written by Julius
She good and very accurate.. You got to see her." ... written by jonathan
She just knows things. I am shocked! :) In a positive way, of course. As I am preparing to give her details, she just utters them before me. It's incredible; I've never seen anything like it before. It can't get more psychic than that. I highly recommend Earth. Many blessings, xoxoxo" ... written by Autumn
She promised to stay on until I cam back and she did. She is such a great individual really really such a huge help with everthing. " ... written by Nancy
She is very good and picks up really well and knows what others doesn't." ... written by mekia
Thank you! Amazing! Very accurate! Highly recommended!" ... written by Aurelia
She is truly a blessing to all!! Such a positive person and before I could ask her questions she said all the answers to them... I was so amazed lol She is definitely worth it and more!!! The best on here!!! :) Thanks again." ... written by angelic03
She's amazing" ... written by oge
This is the first time I have read with her and I am pretty excited to see what happens:)" ... written by Raechel
Amazing." ... written by mcusa
Amazing reading. Knows exactly what is going on. " ... written by Regina
Loved EarthAngel's energy in my reading. She is so positive and fun, and hit on so many points accurately. Actually all that she stated is true, and I love the good outcome that she sees." ... written by nz
Just love her!!! A million stars!!!" ... written by Ann
She's the best. Very accurate." ... written by oje
Before I could even get out the words Earth Angels told me exactly what I wanted to tell her!! I did not have to tell her what was going on with me because she already knew! It is so wonderful!! Se is so sweet and has such strong God given talent. She is a powerful teacher and good friend and she genuinely cares about everyone. She IS an Earth Angel, and Oracle, a Queen Fairy and much more. I am so glad that I found her on Oranum. And for me, ALL of her predictions thus far have come to fruition... No lie. She is the BEST!!" ... written by moongirl777
She picked up on things really quickly. I'm very impressed. Thank you, EarthAngel!" ... written by Erin
She's the best ever!" ... written by oge
Always great to consult Earthangels!" ... written by alice
She is very intuitive and understood many things without being told or asked." ... written by Donna
Thank you so much, you keep me hopeful and I will listen and ground myself, thank you thank you!" ... written by me kia
I am going to New-Zealand!!!!!! This girl is worth every penny" ... written by pepestone1
Great read...will be back for more" ... written by Jeff
Brilliant and comforting. " ... written by AceOfCupss
Excellent!! Feel she was spot on in much of what she said. Truly gifted and very helpful. Thank you!!" ... written by meohmy7
She is so so wonderful that you have to try her. The predictions are unfolding and she gives the guidance you can find. God bless you Earthangels!" ... written by zetatheshiny
Fast, accurate!" ... written by rhea
Very good and on point!" ... written by Jennifer
She's always so accurate." ... written by oge
She is really great, love her. " ... written by dellamar
OMG she is excellent... She hit the nail on my situation and gave me predictions and hope and will be back to tell her it all came true. Wonderful lady." ... written by Acealways
Thank you so much. I am going to take your advice and use it in my everyday journey!" ... written by kymii
She really is so amazing, was on point with everything!!!!! I deff will be back, helped me a lot!!!!" ... written by lina
She is a wonderful soul, I know all she told me in terms of future will happen as I too very strongly believe in it... Highly recommended." ... written by Acealways
A million stars!" ... written by Ann
I love Earth. She's kind and loving and genuinely cares. She's the best on this site and I don't know where I'll be without her. :)" ... written by oge
She is great!!!! Thank you again!!! She answer all the questions!!!! Love her!" ... written by christian lady
Wow, it finally is all coming to fruition ... All the predictions and in the timeframe Earth predicted!! A million stars! " ... written by Ann
I cant overestimate how awesome she is. If you need guidance look no further, your angels here. " ... written by jesi23
Best ever. She's very friendly." ... written by oge
She is soooooooooooooooo good and she sees so well and good advice to take to heart and to learn from." ... written by mekia
Pretty good, I love her energy and I think she is really accurate." ... written by smiley2011
She always puts my mind at ease. I love her. " ... written by oge
Earth reveals so much and it helps put everything into perspective. Incredible energy!" ... written by sonia
Just love Earthangels ... truly gifted soul ... very kind and wise and after a lot of support from Earth, her vision and predictions have come true! ON TIME! They are unfolding as she said they would. She is an angel! A million stars!" ... written by Ann
Gave me heaps of information - looking forward to new times ahead thank you very much - also looked into my past relationship and gave me more insight into that. Love her heaps." ... written by Nurse Cat
This earth is the greatest.. not a fake or anything.. everything she said has came true and i am now start a new life as she said.. she the greatest you must see her.. She will give you alot of information but dont worry everything she tell you will come true.. I will be seeing her alot more. " ... written by jonathan
She very amazing, 10000 stars for her!!" ... written by sam
She is the best here no doubt in my mind and I will be back to tell when all her predictions come true. I also know and feel they will. I recommend her to anyone who might have doubts or need guidance and insight. Excellent reading. Thank you Earthangels." ... written by Acealways
Awesome! Million stars!!!!" ... written by Ann
Goodddd!" ... written by virgobaby
A Million stars!!!! Love Earthangels!" ... written by Ann
Finally, we connected - always great to get an update. so compassionate and honest! Thanks so much!" ... written by pb
Brill connection as usual!!" ... written by elle11
Great" ... written by Janice
Earthangels is very intuitive and very consoling, very thoughtful about my situation. She is trying to give me good insight Thank you" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Angel is just pure awesomeness! :) She is great. When something bothers me, I can't wait to have a reading with her. And I am sure that the vast majority of her clients feel the same. That's why she is always so busy. I hope she stays here for a long time. :) Many blessings. xoxoxo" ... written by Autumn
She's great love talking to her when i'm down 10 stars babe :)" ... written by danica
Everything is coming through.. as Earth predicted... Amazing...Timing, specifics all of it... SO HAPPY!!!!" ... written by Ann
Second reading with Earthangels, A pleasure once again. She is a beautiful soul" ... written by sweet
Great. Really amazing. Best reading so far on ORANUM!!! " ... written by Ana
Gave me good ideas on how to help my other half - very supportive :-) thank you a lot. xx" ... written by Nurse Cat
I always go for updates and she is always spot on with her predictions and sights she sees for me... I love earth and would recommend her to anyone.. " ... written by misty
Omg... How amazing is this? She picked up sooo fast in my situation. felt an amazing connection with her and made me feel so much better! Even without telling me what I wanted to hear! " ... written by Ana
Very wonderful reading! Again, She is the BEST!!" ... written by moongirl777
I love her personality and energy that's why I keep coming back. its my third reading with her for an update to see if my situation changed from the first time I read with her. I'm still waiting for what she told me to come true so I will update again if it does but the first reading with her was crazy. She told me things that only a psychic would know. I do recommend her!" ... written by linh
Awesome....a million stars!" ... written by Ann
After many many readings with several here I chanced upon Earthangels...and what I feel is so blessed to just be able to talk to her...she is amazingly accurate in her readings and channeling and so genuine she even cried with me...This lady is just above the rest...I say this in all sincerity and I hope anyone who can will seek her help and advise it is soooo worth it. Many thanks." ... written by Acealways
Amazing! Just out of this world amazing! Got every detail of my life, my relationship, people of interest. Amazing! I was speechless. Will be back often, she really is true and she is amazing!" ... written by AnnaMaria Ewa
Thank you sooo much Earth! You're the best!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Earth is amazing. She is right on target with everything and she makes you feel better just looking at her beautiful inside and out." ... written by rob
Awesome!" ... written by nita
Thank you sooo much Earth!!! This brought the much needed clarity, I am eternally grateful for the channelling and guidance! I feel it will really help me move ahead with a lot of clarity. Much love and blessings! xoxo" ... written by Heartnsoul
Very fast, I felt very connected with her... Very thoughtful and kind. I will come back for updates. I enjoyed the reading so much I did add more funds to continue. I didn't feel like she was telling me what I wanted to hear but the truth. She picked up on him very well. Thank you soo much! love and light dear." ... written by kami
Just love her!!! So wonderful!" ... written by Ann
She always makes me feel better when my emotions get the best of me. She is #1" ... written by moongirl777
Always good and direct, caring. Will be back with the updates... :) Her last prediction was I will have an accident on my left side, and I did fell and injured my left side." ... written by Will
Very reassuring Im waiting for her predictions to come true and I know they will..." ... written by Acealways
OMG, great reading again. I feel so much grateful, that I found Earthangels." ... written by ZetaTheshiny
Like her!" ... written by majoma
Just amazing and gifted ... a million stars!" ... written by Ann
Amazing!" ... written by sara
Great reading! " ... written by MayGirl
Accurate, and wonderful" ... written by sonia
Great! Channeled so well... I'm impact! It was a great reading. Best reading ever in my life on this site!" ... written by Ana
One of the best readings I have ever had on here. She is truly amazing and gifted. Always brings me a sense of peace and perspective. I absolutely adore her and she is definitely the real deal." ... written by gina
Love love love this girl! She is amazing and cracks me up while still gives me the info I ask for. If you have not had a reading with her you are missing out! Such a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul. Love and light!" ... written by kami
Thanks so much - fantastic as always." ... written by sunshine
She is so clear and amazing!" ... written by oge
Wonderful!" ... written by AceOfCupss
Love her!" ... written by MyraGM
Thank you " ... written by kia
She has always been helpful and insightful. I am still waiting for the other events to occur so we shall see. But she is spot on with regards to everything! " ... written by MyraGM
Amazing! Love Earthangels! Accurate and insightful!" ... written by Ann
Always the best! Bless you angel! " ... written by Zetatheshiny
SPOT ON! She channeled my situation and talked to me. I was moved so intensely by her insight and connection. Stunned and amazed and I'm so excited to see what lay ahead of me. Very highly recommended. She is worth everything..." ... written by Sarah
Great vision and always hopeful!" ... written by sonia
Always warm andamp; helpful, love her but still waiting for predictions..." ... written by Ladybugg
She is really amazing!" ... written by susan
Thank you!She is an amazing person!!!Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Brilliant as always! Much love to you Earth! God bless you!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Helped me sort out a plan to make things better for me in my situation. Needed her support a lot - she gave 100%. Thank you." ... written by Nursecat
Thank you Earth, for the insight... It will help me, for the future..." ... written by Nightfall85
She is wonderful!" ... written by Donna
Hope not too long, thanks again!" ... written by p
Wow!!!! Great Read!!! There were things I didn't want hear, but I needed to. She is Great! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
I love Earthangels; it's always a special treat to talk to her. You can't go wrong here. :) She's been a huge help. Love and light, xxx" ... written by Autumn
Great, great reading! Thanks, Earthangels!" ... written by Claudia
Thank you Angels. I really needed the advice. Hope to give you update soon. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
You were right! Amazing! I hope you will be right on the new things from today. Thank you :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Thanks so much, you're such a beautiful angel, truly!" ... written by p
Thank you for my short reading. " ... written by Kymii
Love, love, love her! Thank you, Earthangels! Lifted me right up." ... written by Claudia
Thanks Earthangels .. so appreciate you! Really gifted!" ... written by Ann
Amazing as usual. " ... written by Regina
A million stars for Earth ... love her so much!! Extremely accurate!" ... written by Ann
Very insightful and she really is accommodating. She will be there when you super need her. She is just amazing. work wise and also personality wise. She is a blessing. Thanks, Earth!" ... written by MyraGM
Accurate" ... written by MyraGM
Great as usual....two of her predictions came to pass....great" ... written by konesh004
Extremely accurate. Love her !" ... written by Mai
Thanks so much!" ... written by pat
Wow - so powerful - really got to the root of what the problem was - powerful channeller - got right to my heart what the other person was feeling. Need time to process it - thank you very much from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Nursecat
earth is so great and always on the spot with her predictions. Love her." ... written by sonia
Well hard to find words for Earth ... her energy is just so unique and special ... wise and insightful. She is pleasure to talk with as she is patient and you can feel her kindness and sincerity. She is definitely doing 'angel work' :)" ... written by Ann
Awesome and more awesome." ... written by Tom
LOVE!!!!!!" ... written by moongirl777
Such a positive person, very angelic like. Helped me understand a situation and gives great advice. Thanks xoxo" ... written by jacqueline
Always worth the wait. So clear and connected to me and others.. though physically thousands of miles away! She is incredible." ... written by moongirl777
what an angle so kind and accurate:)" ... written by gigi
A million stars! as always!" ... written by Ann
She helped me feel better and gave me a time line on something. I will follow your advice and stay positive. thanks xox" ... written by Jacqueline
Always the best, thanks!" ... written by b
Awesome ... Awesome ... Awesome!!!!" ... written by Ann
She is great simply great. I love our readings. I always feel so much better when I talk to her. And she is honest. Will tell hard stuff that is necessary. Plus she is consistent. Thank you so much Earthangels :)" ... written by Ana
Great to work with ... wise and patient .. provides guidance in very professional tone! Love her." ... written by Ann
Love her!! She's amazing!!!" ... written by vine
Good reading!" ... written by SY
She is always tuned in and a very kind soul. For someone so young she has a lot of wisdom." ... written by Lucidity954
So glad she remembers our readings cause I had a question about it and follow up. Thank you xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Great, Earthangels channeled someone for and his feelings which I felt she was on point with, very accurate with her channeling and energy feeling." ... written by smiley2011
She is so calming and to the point. Things are unfolding as she predicted. Bless you, Angel" ... written by zetatheshiny
Wonderful and caring and accurate." ... written by sonia
Has been a huge help in my long journey of love. I can't think of anyone better to have helped me along the way. She deserves more than stars, but the universe. Thank you Earth!" ... written by Julius
Interesting." ... written by kye2210
Still very accurate and insightful. Thank you so much!!! We will see what happens :) HUG HUG HUG!" ... written by MyraGM
Always amazing so clear! I love her" ... written by jaybiird
I love Earthangels to bits, as simple as that!!! She remembers every single detail that she read for you in the past. It's beyond belief! Honestly, sometimes it freaks me out. I am so happy to know her. Much love, xoxoxo" ... written by sandy
Wonderful and optimistic with her visions. Excellent and the best." ... written by sonia
Absolutely incredible as always. She is magnificent. Excited to see what the future holds. She is so reassuring and really helps me. " ... written by sarah
READ the situation to a TEE!!! As always, WONDERFUL, AMAZING and effortless --- she ROCKS!! Thanks again!" ... written by white feathers
Wonderfully in tune with me - describes individuals in my life. She is so sensitive and gentle too. EarthAngels is a true earth angel." ... written by lili
Always great! Love her :)" ... written by sandy
I always love having my privates with her, she is always giving me great advice and soothing my fears!!! I AM SO GLAD I MET HER!!! Thank you earth, you truly are amazing and I am so blessed that I can be here to speak with you." ... written by misty
Wow, not sure how she picks up information but she does. Learned many new things tonight. Thanks for your guidance and will keep in touch! :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you so much! I was anticipating a reading with Earthangels for a while because of a beautiful demo I saw her do once, and I am so glad I finally got a chance to have a reading with her! Awesome!" ... written by angiefra22
You're truly an angel Earth :) Thanks so much for channeling my loved ones, the msg. Brought a lot of healing! You're truly gifted! God bless you always! " ... written by Heartnsoul
she great.. she very accurate eveyrthing she said has come true... " ... written by jonathan
She is consistently accurate !!! Try Earthangels, she is very fast and the best on Oranum! 5 stars!" ... written by peace
The best psychic on Oranum !!! Very fast and accurate, 5 million stars for Earthangels!" ... written by peace
Really sheds light on things that you doubt and makes you feel secure." ... written by sonia
I just love having readings with Earth angels. always channels so well. of so many readings in this site.. now i only come to her she is right on everything.. her predictions are starting to pass. 2 already did. and she knew things of me so deep I was impressed. I always feel better when we talk even when she says things I am not ready to hear. Thanks Earthangels ur wonderful! " ... written by Ana
She is the greatest she knows everything before you even ask" ... written by mia kia
Always positive always right. I love her readings. God bless!" ... written by zeta the shiny
This is like my 4th reading with her and it was just a quick update since I haven't spoken to her in awhile. shes great as always and reconfirmed everything she predicted before. shes a very sweet person and i will update once her predictions come true :) " ... written by linh
When i feel the worst, she makes me feel so much better with her insight. " ... written by blessed25
Always amazing. Thank you :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Outstanding!" ... written by morning5star
Earthangels is just the best. She is so positive that I get such a strong positive feeling about my situation which otherwise would be very difficult to handle. I feel my life changing right before me and this lady has been sent to help me and others like me. I am very grateful." ... written by Acealways
She is a 5 stars. Highly gifted! Accurate and right to the point. She doesn't waste your time. Highly Recommended!" ... written by oolong
Wow, just amazing!!! I don't know how she does it, but she can tap into anyone's thoughts. Gives great advice and just the sweetest person! Thanks xoox" ... written by Jacqueline
Great as usual, very honest." ... written by smiley2011
Such a gift!!! A million stars! Wise, insightful and accurate! " ... written by Ann
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!" ... written by moongirl777
Brings light to the situation every time. " ... written by blessed25
She is amazing and very quick with her readings. Gave me a lot of information. Thanks Angel :D" ... written by Jaqueline
You are really an angel, thanks a lot!" ... written by pat
Earth is calming and her predictions really do happen. She not only predicts but helps you understand your spirituality. Priceless and infinite stars." ... written by sonia
I really enjoyed the reading can't wait for it all to happen." ... written by Godsson4
Very clear." ... written by diamond
Many Many stars! So insightful and wise and accurate! Truly a gift to all of us that know her!" ... written by Ann
Million stars! Excellent reader!!!!" ... written by Ann
She is absolutely incredible. One million stars! She is really keeping me positive and giving me some amazing insight and courage to move forward. So excited to see what happens next. " ... written by Sarah
Love this lady :) " ... written by MyraGM
This lady is really an angel on earth...I say this with utmost belief and she is helping me in a profound way to change my life which in all these years no one could. Im very grateful." ... written by Acealways
My first reading with this lovely person and a powerful psychic and I loved it. She picked up my mood and the issue from second one and gave me lots of advice on how to deal with my overwhelming emotions and the problem. Thank you, Earthangel, it was a pleasure." ... written by Lady Fine
Great reading!" ... written by kaedelblut
My Earth Angel never fails me! One of my favorite people on earth. :) I will always come back to her for advice. Much love, xoxoxo" ... written by sandy
She connects very well it's amazing! " ... written by Ana
She is great. Million stars for her." ... written by erika
Just wanted to post that she was accurate with past readings and many things she mentioned came true. She is truly gifted and very peaceful and joyous person to chat with. Follow her advice because it works. Thank you again Angel, I will come back for further updates xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
A million stars!!! " ... written by Ann
Very insightful andamp; honest with sweetandamp; kind delivery." ... written by Brandy
She is great.. I always come back to her." ... written by joanthan
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
She is absolutely the best. Always accurate, and correct. Earthangels is such a sweetheart and is so compassionate. She gives excellent advice and reminds us of the bigger picture in life." ... written by denisesmile
Was so nice to talk and have a reading with you again. Thank you for the update. Bless you!" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Earthangel is truly an angel from god she is sure a wonderful and blessed person, thanks so much. " ... written by wendy
Wow, she gave me a lot of information tonight. I hope I can remember it all. She is quick to chanel to people and get what they are feeling and thinking, a truly gifted person. xoxo" ... written by jaqueline
Amazing as always! She picks up on situations without you telling her anything at all! Words just pop into her head. WOW! I don't know how she does it. Has been correct with previous predictions as well. :)" ... written by Regina
A catch-up session with EarthAngels is like a spiritual and psychological elixir! She just knows and sees so much. And she is just a beautiful, kind, caring person, and I don't say this often about people. But she just is. Always highly recommended! Much love, xoxoxo" ... written by Sandy
Always fun to get updates. Welcome back - you were surely missed! Thanks a lot. :)" ... written by b
Always very good with information giving and giving tips for the future... Thank you very much. xx" ... written by NurseCat
ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. She is so so so so so so amazing. One million stars! She has guided me so well and has given me the most amazing insight ever. She connects easily with me and has told me some great great great info. So happy that she is on here. Amazing woman. Trust her. " ... written by Sarah
Thank you for the update." ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you so much. Loved your energy! I will come back! Many hugs!" ... written by gr...
She is a 5 stars! Very accurate and right to the point. Doesn't waste time. She spot on immediately. Very Highly Recommended!!" ... written by oolong
She is jus the very best here...I keep coming back to her and will hope she will remain on Oranum to help so many of us. Thank you Earthangel you're a blessing" ... written by Ace Always
I appreciate your encouraging words and warm, discreet advice from the heart. :)" ... written by kymiibymii
Great, I love her she is always spot on with things." ... written by smiley2011
Wow." ... written by Angela
Thank you so much. I have been hurting for a long time and I have found comfort speaking to you. I wonder did my angels lead me to you. Thank You." ... written by Angela
Wow!!!! Great read! Good information, and direction. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Always, always, the best :) haha" ... written by Myra
Love her! She is great and so detailed. I feel whatever she told me is true and is going to happen. Thank you so much!" ... written by :) Love
Amazing reading!!!Thank you!She is great at what she dose!!!Trust her, she will tell you the truth, always!!! 1000 stars" ... written by Aurelia
Thank you so much you are a 10 star psychic always on top of things" ... written by wendy
It was an update I needed. I needed reassurance of the path and the things I was doing is right. Earth has been great and sweet throughout the whole process. She is one of my favorites that I usually go to." ... written by linh
Cant stop talking to her she is AMAZING...I highly recommend her ." ... written by Acealways
She made me feel so much better. Still sticking to her predictions.Thanks. :D" ... written by Jacqueline
I love her shes like a big sister to me 10 stars hun!!!!!!" ... written by danica
Excellent reading, she is a master!" ... written by Mai
Amazing reading!!! She has told me some significant dates, and some predictions… I can't wait for next reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
What can I say about EarhAngels that hasn't been said before? She is the best psychic ever, and I mean seriously. Nothing compares to her abilities and compassion. Love and blessings always, xoxoxo" ... written by Sandy
She is just amazing. She explained everything about my energy and it made total sense to me. I don't even know why I didn't see it myself! Thank you again EarthAngels. :D" ... written by Jaqueline
I am so glad I found you, I know I have said it a million times but it is true!!! Always here for me and my situations, gives me 100% clarity!!!" ... written by misty
Very amazing reading, she very sweety and lovely very accurate reading." ... written by sam
Thanks for the new messages! xox" ... written by Jacqueline
I've been talking to EarthAngels more often these days, because I really need her guidance and advice. She has been of huge help, and I can't thank her enough. Love and blessings, xoxoxo" ... written by Sandy
Wow!!! Great Read!!! All so nice!!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is a 5 stars! Highly Gifted! Doesn't waste time. Highly Recommended!" ... written by oolong
Great!! She was right on target. Awesome Woman!!!" ... written by tarssh1
Thanks a lot Earth, you are the best as always! " ... written by B
Amazing reading!!!!! I love love lover her :)))" ... written by sandra
Awesome Angel!!!!" ... written by Ann
Great, always come back to her... She very accurate!" ... written by joanthan
Thank you Earthangels again! I am so confused and I appreciate or your help." ... written by :) Love
Great Reading! I come a long way to get here. And spiritually you help me a lot. Your advices are amazing for me. You lift my spirit every time I am into your room. Thank you so much! Love!!!" ... written by aurelia
She is great. Truly great helped me understand a lot and seems very accurate for me. Thank you so much." ... written by Ana
Brilliant as always!!! Thank you sooo much Earth!!! You're a blessing. :) Much love and light to you! xoxo" ... written by Heartnsoul
Always my comfort when very much needed..." ... written by Nightfall85
Seriously recommend she is amazing. Truly amazing. Will help to guide on anything and find the roots of the issues! " ... written by Ana
She's divinely sweet natured, and so gifted as a psychic. I enjoy her readings so much and trust what she sees for me." ... written by Ahz
She is just absolutely amazing!! I don't know how she knows things but she is truly gifted. Such a beautiful spirit and always ready to make one smile. She is truly one of my favorites on here. xoxo" ... written by jacqueline
She is the very best...what more can I say." ... written by Acealways
A million stars for Earth .... As always she is a gift!" ... written by Ann
Very informative on what I need to work on. Wonderful woman with amazing abilities." ... written by Nursecat
Amazing readings by angels! Very consistent and predictions are starting to unfold. I look forward to my next reading. Thank you!" ... written by sandra
Come back for second today...very good. :)" ... written by William
Connect to my energy very amazing. Good, clear, and caring as always." ... written by William
She is always so in tuned with me, I would say that she has actually met me and we have been friends for years. I don't know what I would do without you earth!" ... written by misty
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
Earth is so wonderful and puts a smile on your face with her readings. 100 stars!" ... written by sonia
I absolutely love her readings, because it is all about the energy we put out and what we focused on… Thank you angels for reminding me that I must always stay positive and have faith… A million stars! mauhz!!!" ... written by sandra
Always absolutely incredible. She gives me updates frequently and has been spot on every time with predictions and insight. She is so honest and tells you what you need to know and you can totally trust her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. She is really an angel. " ... written by Sarah
Angel is just that an Angle! She helps you to be positive and her readings stay consistent with what she see's. If it's not for you, she will tell you in a loving and positive way so that you can grow from it. If it's for you, she will let you know and guide you on how to get to the finish line. I love her caring soul! xoxo She gets to the heart of the matter and picks up on things without you saying a word. :-)" ... written by blessed25
Thank you so much! You are explaining things to me and you make me feel good. I am gonna wait as you told me and will be back for sure! Thank you!" ... written by grlove
I'm sad because our private was so short. Earth is the only psychic I trust and I have tried many on here. She's sweet as always and I wish I had more money to seek her advice more often. I try to come back as much as I could but she is always uplifting and great to talk to. I really do recommend her" ... written by linh
earthangels is amazing!!! everything she has mentioned was right on point, and already the things she has predicted have come to pass… i trust her 100%… thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
Amazing!!! She is the real deal!!! Thanks, earth angels! we'll talk soon" ... written by denise
Such a warm beautiful person inside and out. You feel at peace looking at her and she is very accurate in her readings." ... written by rob
Always connects and helps me with my worries. thanks xo" ... written by jacqueline
Fantastic" ... written by konesh004
Great...and all her predictions came true" ... written by konesh004
An amazing reading!!!! Love and Light!Talk to you soon!" ... written by Aurelia
Amazing! Love my readings with Earth. Love how she does her channeling and she gives great advice. She also senses my mood and is always correct, haha. She is truly gifted." ... written by Jacqueline
earthangels is so amazing and so positive. her readings are so clear and" ... written by ginade
All of Earthangels' predictions have come through for myself. Not one single thing has been a fictional fabrication so far. Don't take my word for it, look close and you might notice that she is never free for too long - this is because she IS the "REAL DEAL."" ... written by belladonna8
Thank you!!! " ... written by LA
This women is the best, she can pick up what others can't. They need a button for 100 stars, she is worth it. Thanks!" ... written by kia290542002
Very spot on always accurate..." ... written by elle11
Great connection. The best!" ... written by William
Angel makes you see the best in the situation even when it seems the worst. She is honest and tells like she sees it. I trust her 100%. My #1." ... written by blessed25
Very good connection... very clear and connect very fast." ... written by William
She's the best! :)" ... written by JBee
1000 Stars. :)" ... written by Will
Thank you earth for the amazing reading once again! xo" ... written by sandra
Simply the best!!! Amazingly accurate at channeling and her predictions have come to pass time and again! God bless you Earth! Much love and light to you!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Earth is very accurate and insightful. Love her!" ... written by Mai
Wonderful waiting for her predictions now. READING LONG OVER DUE! " ... written by lucky libra
Thank you so much for update. You always make me feel better." ... written by ZetaTheShiny
She is amazing. Truly amazing so deep it touches and makes magic. Thanks so much." ... written by Ana
Omg, Earth just gets better and better everytime I talk to her she is an angel sent from heaven, she is so kind and always helpful. Thank you so much. 100 starts." ... written by wendy
Angel is the best and most accurate, she is for real and all she says happens. I'm very grateful she is here on Oranum." ... written by acealways
The connection she gets gives me the chills. I love her positive and happy personality. A truly gifted person! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Good precise reading" ... written by ali
I love earthangels!!! she impresses me all the time! I can't even explain how she know these things but she does!!! You're amazing… and thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
So happy to catch up!!" ... written by Shira
Oh she gave me the best news, so many things i have waited for! HAPPY HAPPY! Must be all the positive energy i have been sending to the universe, it really works! Let her give you some good news too! Stop by worth it!" ... written by devene page baca
Since i discovered earthangels I have come to her frequently. I am always amazed by her accuracy and beautiful spirit. She has given me names without me telling her, she has picked up on visions that I had. Her readings are always so detailed and full of love and much insight. Just thankful. She will not disappoint you. Thank you earth please take care of yourself. Sending my love" ... written by Angela
She was so spot on! Almost Eerie! She used the same words as the person used to say! I hope all goes well as you see! Much love Angel!" ... written by Shafia
Thanks for the explainations and the updates xo" ... written by jaqueline
I really need my sessions with EarthAngels, they are irreplaceable. She is so genuine and gives you messages that you need to know right this moment, and doesn't go on about something that will happen in like 20 years from now. She tells me what I need to know right here right now, and it always works for the best. I just adore her :) Love and blessings, xoxox." ... written by Sandy
She is great very insightful, helped me a lot." ... written by Ana
I keep coming back to her, she is wonderful and true psychic. I will not take a step without her guidance...c Love her." ... written by Acealways
I could spend all day talking to her, she is amazing!!! Spot on with everything." ... written by elle11
She's very detailed and very good. She's genuine." ... written by Eva
I love Earthangels!! She is the best!!!" ... written by moongirl777
Very good and carrying as usual... :)" ... written by William
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you soo sooo much, you are too too kind! Thank you, you are an amazing channeller... amazing!! WOW! Blown away.... THank you! Absolutely the best! No wonder why you are always hard to take in private.....YOU ARE ALWAYS! Thank you so so much!!! " ... written by NVA123
Love you so so much! Thank you for always guiding me...^^" ... written by Nightfall85
Whatever I say about EarthAngels won't be enough :) Because she is just amazing and more than that. I need to talk to her because she is so right about everything. Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
I love this lady she is the best I trust in her and what she says comes to pass thanks 100 stars" ... written by wendy
She is truly amazing! I cannot express in words how truly amazing she is. She is so easy to talk to and knows her stuff. I do not talk to any other psychic. Her words and advice speak volumes and she really cares! I am so happy to have found her." ... written by gina
EArth just gave me the best holiday gift tonight. Her vision, honesty and hope. So clear and precise. You must meet her, she is an amazing soul. Infinite stars!!!" ... written by sonia
She is a blessing to talk to. Amazing reader and can channel anyone. Her spirit is so peaceful and positive. She will let you know the hurdles and encourage you to stay strong cause she truly believes in what she envisions. Thank you Angel!! xox" ... written by Jacqueline
She is my rock...I cannot do without her insight its very powerful and she made me a believer....all she says is true...I recommend her very highly..." ... written by Acealways
Hey EarthAngel, thank you so much for the reading ! and WOW what an amazing channeling ability you have. You hit every on the nail and I was just in complete shock..thank you so much for helping me through this. I'll see you soon!" ... written by Richard
Wow!!! Great read! Really good information! Things I didn't know before. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Thank you for your patience. I'M learning a lot about myself at this time. You have been very instrumental at this very delicate transitioning time in my life. Shalom" ... written by ANGELA
amazing I love Earthangel" ... written by smiley2011
Thanks again..that was an amazing the channeling" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She is just absolutly amazing! I have no words to describe the talents of EA. I highly recommend doing private readings. Stop by her chat room and you will see how positive and light hearted she is. Very gifted!! thanks xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Wow what a connections!!! Always five star readings!" ... written by sandra
Once again EA amazes me with her abilities. I will forever come visit you because you are truly gifted. Thanks again. xox" ... written by Jaqueline73
I love your channeling and how you are so accurate about peoples feelings. I keep coming back to you because some how I pick myself the things you tell me and you give me the confirmation. I really appreciate all your time and energy. 5 Stars for sure!" ... written by :) Love
Great channeling, I love her, my angel!" ... written by smiley2011
I don't really feel complete till I speak to Earth, she is like a friend to me, good or bad she will tell me the truth." ... written by elle11
Wow!!! Great info. Something I never heard before, and now I am ready with this new information. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Wonderful... " ... written by elle11
Earthangels is the best on Oranum. She is exceptionally accurate and always goes right to the heart of the matter. She is amazing at channeling, bringing even more credibility." ... written by denise
Picks up very good and very fast... really sees the situation clearly. And very caring. Thanks!" ... written by William
I cannot say enough good things about this Angel. I just thank my luck that I chanced upon her here...she is now a very integral part of my life and gives me the most loving and accurate advise. I feel my life changing because of her guidance which is worth more than any money on earth. Love you Angel" ... written by Acealways
It's always great catching up with EarthAngels. She is an amazing psychic and a great person. She sees so much... I am a bit of a hard case, but I am confident that she will "solve" it, lol. Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
She is the best on this site!Good energy, good vibes, very accurate, anything you want.Thank you again! Feels great every time I Talk to you! Blessing!" ... written by Aurelia
So much love and light. I will come to see you as long as you stay around. I have not met anyone on this site like you. Peace and love to you." ... written by Angela
Always amazes me with her knowledge!!! She deserves a million stars!! She gave me a reading about my past life and I realized that I have been feeling connected to that time my entire life! Crazy! Thank so much earth!" ... written by sandra
Earthangels was clear, positive and a wonderful guide in my life. Infinite stars!!!" ... written by cataldos
Earthangels is amazing… She can look into any problems you have or any questions you want! I'm so happy she is here to help us! Thank you so much for your work! " ... written by sandra
THANK YOU!!! YOUR ENERGY IS AMAZING AND YOU ARE SO SO SO SO SWEET!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love having readings with you :)" ... written by NVA123
Always a pleasure to visit Angel, thanks again for helping me feel better!! xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Highly recommended! Accurate! It is a blessing for me finding her! Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
Please post the following: Earth confirmed so much for me last night and sometimes when you cannot physically be with someone she puts your mind at rest in knowing that the spiritual connection is real and the signs are there you just have to have faith in your intuition. megastars!!!!!!!" ... written by cataldos
You still are the best! Please do not leave Oranum hahahaha You are the best! I don't even have to ask a lot of questions because you keep coming with a lot of answers!! I love you soooo much!!! Thanks for guidance!" ... written by Myra
Absolutely adore her and love her energy! She really has an ability to make you feel at ease and gives great advice and is so helpful. Thank you once again for helping me and calming me. I always feel so good after talking to you!" ... written by gina
Angel is so great, I love her advice and her guidance she is worth 100 stars!" ... written by wendy
Thanks for the update. Always amazing!" ... written by Jacki
She always gives me assurance and hope and I waiting for all the good to come this year. Thank you Earthangels. I highly recommend her." ... written by Acealways
I go to earthangels a lot. she is sooooo connected with the spirit world. 20 million stars for her and even more long distance hugs and love. : ) Thank you Earthangels for sharing your gift with me. " ... written by bridget
Thank you!!! You are sooo awesome!! So so so awesome!" ... written by NVA123
I missed EarthAngels so much! She is amazing and I am so happy that I could talk to her again. She is always so busy, it's crazy. :) I keep coming back, and so will you once you try her readings. Love and blessings. xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Wow!!! Great Read!! I feel so much better. Inspiring! Great information! She knows how to guide you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Earth was wonderful and so positive. She is so accurate with her visions of the people in your life. You must stop by and visit." ... written by sonia
What a special soul. Earthangels is. You are talking to an angel, that is her insight and gift - other-worldly!" ... written by Ann
Always amazing readings, thanks surfer girl ;)" ... written by Jacqueline
Earth's psychic ability is more power than a normal psychic. She is accurate and supportive. Love her a bunch!" ... written by Mai
I’ve never wanted to review someone as much as I did Earth! she answered My questions before I clicked the ‘sent’ button. Talk about PSYCHIC! very uplifting. I wish I had more credits to use but I think that was enough. I was speechless for the amount of time I was in pvt with her. Now I can see why she’s always busy! She read the situation, didn’t even have to say anything… Staying positive! Thank you EARTH!" ... written by intrigued 8
I always enjoy talking with Earth. She gets into so many details about the other persons feelings. 5 stars" ... written by :) Love
I waited a while to talk to Earthangels! I absolutely adore her readings, she is so positive and helpful and so kind hearted! She see's the positive in everything! Wow, So blessed and thankful to have met her. She truly is an Earth Angel. She is also very hard to catch! She is always in a private! Always! That should prove to you all she is the real deal. I absolutely adore her and am so thankful to have met someone as amazing as her! Really, truly! She sincerely has a pure heart and so much love/ positivity! " ... written by NVA123
Love her readings" ... written by amoura88
Thanks again...that was such an awesome reading...I can't wait to see what the new year has instore for me" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Great reading, very clear!" ... written by unknownjourney13
Earth Angel hit right on and I am extremely thankful for the insights that she is sharing with me. Tremendously wonderful and hope it all come true. " ... written by leanna
She is just a wonderful spirit always makes me feel a lot better and her chanelling is exceptional...I highly recommend her if you can get a hold of her since she is so busy...and there is a very good reason for that!!" ... written by Acealways
Always love visiting Earth, her chat room is so cheery and she not only gives you positive advice but also tells you what challenges you will encounter. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
I really enjoyed our session and wish we had more time. She was amazing!!!" ... written by angelic03
Great reading as usual. She is so amazing. So glad I have found her. She knows her stuff. I won't go to anyone else on here. :)))" ... written by gina
Very helpful accurate and encouraging. God bless her soul. Thank you!!" ... written by Chrisflower
Earth is always right about everything, she has described many events, given me names, and predictions come to pass. Thanks so much!" ... written by san
She is by far the best on here! Just amazing and wanted everyone to know that what she told me the other day actually happened today!! xoxox " ... written by Jaqueline
An actual angel on oranum...........who'd have figure that out. Shes a real ethereal kind spirit whose readings on you are accurate and full of depth and dimension. Shes really a good reader. I am glad to be in her presence and compassion. " ... written by leelee32384
Wow!!! Great Read!! A lot of interesting stuff! Direct, and good advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very accurate. Accurate shock me to name even. True angel" ... written by arl
The best on here!!!!!!" ... written by mimi
she knew things.. i never said!!!awesome! " ... written by intrigued 8
Great as usual! :) need to have more patience and wait. we will see if what she says comes true. i sure hope so! thanks again earthangels xoxo" ... written by gina
she is just amazing! " ... written by sandra
She is the best, no words to describe her. :)" ... written by petalouditsa
I just love her. " ... written by Lora
The best!!! Always makes me feel better. Need to work on some more positive affirmations! Thanks Earthangels! " ... written by gina
She is so easy to talk to and quickly can channel people's thoughts. Gives great advice and so far some predictions have come true. I will wait in line to see EA xox" ... written by Jacqueline
Enjoyed talking to Earth... she is full of positive energy and I need and love it =) She gave me clarity and that was a great guidance and support!! Amazing!" ... written by leanna
She is so good, I give her 1000 stars. She picks up so fast on whats going on in your life." ... written by wendy
She is really an angel. " ... written by Angel
Earthangels is so incredibly amazing. She made me sad but happy all in the same. My situation is a difficult one and she has really been helping me deal and handle it as much as possible. Giving me good insight and information to help guide me on my way. I feel so bad that the things we talk about are so heavy.... But she is so caring and honest. I feel like she is a friend and really wants to help and is not fake or phony. I have really grown a friendship and love and adore her. Thank you sooo much for the help and you are so needed and loved. xoxo" ... written by ginade
She is always right!!! " ... written by Brenda
Amazing, no words really...." ... written by Ada
awesome!" ... written by Ann
She always gives me positive feedback and hope... uplifts me every time." ... written by Acealways
I just love readings with EA. She picks up on my energy and of anyone I question about. She is truly gifted and her chaneling is amazing. So far all her guidance has be right on target. Thanks hon" ... written by Jacqueline
I just love her!!!!!" ... written by Alice
Amazing!!" ... written by jj
I have no words to explain how amazing chatting with earthangel is! she has become like a friend to me, I appreciate her advice so much and the energy she puts out for us! i always feel so grateful and happy after speaking to her… thank u so much angel muahh!" ... written by san
Awesome as Always!!!" ... written by Ann
She is so great, thanks so much!" ... written by wendy
She is the star of Oranum!!! True psychic.. love her xxx" ... written by elle11
I just love her!!!!!!!" ... written by Mayra
I seriously love her.....there is no other word in the dictionary to explain it. She is soooo good. I can't get over how amazing her advice is and she is so positive! I adore it! :-) " ... written by nva123
Love u!!!" ... written by Alice
earth was serious, uplifting and funny. she lights my spirit with her assurance and light." ... written by sonia
I feel blessed to be a client of Earth's, because she is really an amazing person and psychic. She has great abilities, and I trust her. I know she won't fail me. :) Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Earthangel: peace, serenity, positivity, happiness and encouragement… I'm so glad I found you! You are the best! xoxo" ... written by sandra
She helped me feel so much better tonight. Need to confirm something I did the night before and she helped me understand. One of the best on here! Thanks hon xoxoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you so much, you always set me straight, and put me back on the right path" ... written by wendy
always perfectly amazing" ... written by Janice
One of the best on here!! Amazing channeling and always gives great advice. Many predicitons have come true! xox" ... written by Jaqueline
she is the best, what more can I say:)" ... written by petalouditsa
Helped me to get to the bottom of an issue. Thank you for your support xxx." ... written by Cat
Amazing experience very informative highly recommended." ... written by jedidiah
What can I say...? She is the most talented, sweetest and most humble of them all. Her popularity is a testament to this. May you always be surrounded by joy , happiness and light earth - may you always be blessed for all the guidance and assistance you have afforded me and many others. Personally without you, I doubt that I would have ever reached my true potential. In gratitude always...with great love and respect, from me to you..." ... written by belladonna
As always, you are superb! Looking on about the positives now rather than negatives! You are always spot on! Thanks Love!!!" ... written by MyraGM
Earth has been guiding me through a tough time an every time I see her things become more and more positive. It has been almost a year since I connected with her and I will never regret this blessing I received." ... written by sonia
I am a regular client, and I love EarthAngels so much. She is a blessing that keeps helping me on my path and I am very grateful for that. Always highly recommended. Much love. :) xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Always great! 5 stars and above." ... written by beverly419
Lovely reading - taught me more about my life lesson - had me in tears. Cant wait for my journey to continue." ... written by Cat
She is really good at this! Tons of info she gives out and really gifted" ... written by sha
Thank You!!!" ... written by Angela
Outstanding, Awesome, Sensational :)))" ... written by Ann
I love readings with EA! Truly one of the best on here. Clearly explains what is going on in a situation and what actions I need to take to continue. thanks hon :D" ... written by jaqueline
She is just wonderful uplifting angel and I hope all her predictions for me for which I have waited long will happen." ... written by Acealways
SHE IS AMAZING. Enough said, I adore her to pieces. She gives the most sound advice ever! " ... written by nva123
Another amazing reading, thanks a lot! :)" ... written by petal
Angels, angel, angel!!!! Love you and thank you soooo much for your help! xo" ... written by sandra
What can I say about earthangels that would sum it all up? She has helped me sooo much through such a trying time. She gives me great insight and really cares about what happens. The real deal. I hope things get back on track like she says. I believe they will but I guess time will tell. She has been right about so many things and has helped me soooo much. Love this girl. She is simply the best!! " ... written by gina
OMG OMG OMG... AMAZING, ACCURATE, HONEST, WARM, REASSURING, CALMING, FANTASTIC!!!!!! There is so much more to describe EarthAngels but I need a full page for positive feedback. She deserves the top spot in Oranum and all over the globe! EarthAngels is very spot on. What she said the other person was thinking is true. I am really speechless! I will come back for updates and will update her when her predictions happen. I will also consult with her when I feel that I need someone to talk to. That's if she's not on a private reading. It was worth the months of waiting and trying to catch up with her online for a private reading! " ... written by Moonchild59
It's always good to talk with Angels because it puts my mind in order when I feel lost. Thank you again." ... written by M..
She has always been on point with everything she has said to me. Very accurate and overall awesome reader. She gives it to me as it is and offers wonderful advice always. She has always been one of my favorites. Things she had told some months ago are still slowly happening. " ... written by Teaellis
Outstanding!!!" ... written by EMMA
She is just amazing! Her predictions came true again! She really tries to get to know you and is excellent at channeling.thanks again hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
No words to describe this angel....She is just awesome" ... written by Elisa
Amazing as always!" ... written by sand
Always great to get a reading with E.A. She channels real quick and give you a lot of information. Always very positive and direct. Thank you! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Earth is really good and she pin point sthg very important for me to think and do. I hope I could make it through." ... written by leanna
She is just absolutely wonderful and her channeling is beyond par it's amazing how compassionate a person can be... Just what I need in my life... Hope her predictions will come true for me soon. Love you Angel." ... written by Acealways
She is great!" ... written by erika
100 STARS always great!" ... written by Beverly419
Very calming and quick! Hopefully prediction comes to pass :) Although it may take some time :/" ... written by clo
Wow!!! That was a great Read!! I am shocked by the information. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Always able to connect. Thank you so much xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Words can't even explain how eye opening these readings have been for me, and how much they have helped me see my real path and purpose giving love and being happiness not just to myself but for others as well. I will forever be thankful!! Love ya earth muahh!" ... written by alma
Great as usual. Always makes me feel ahhhhmazing even though I'm frustrated. She brings such hope and blessings. Love this girl!!" ... written by gina
Wow!!!! Great connection!! Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I can only feel the truth in her. She is the one I MUST go to for the real answers. Earth's predictions have come true for me before , so she is who I trust. I know that she is not telling me things for the heck of it. I feel her heart is sincere. I wonder how she continues to have the amazing strength to do what she does because it is very draining when dealing with energies that are sad,angry or happy. So, I pray that Earth Angles continues to have good health and God to protect her always and forever. " ... written by moongirl777
Simply love her. She is so sweet and I feel like a true friend. Is always there when I need her and helps me so much in a very tough messed up situation. lol. So glad she came into my life. She is truly the best and really cares. Amazinggggggg!" ... written by gina
I really appreciate your reading a ton. You help me so much and guide me the right direction which no other be able doing that. You have a skill to explain and help me to see things even they happened in 33 years ago. There are rare psychic can see things happen in 33 years ago, they can only see things happened in the near past. you are a special gift. I am blessed to have you as a psychic. xxxxx!" ... written by gaston165
Earthangels helped me a lot, love her!" ... written by Mai
Lovely angel!! Amazing reading as usual. :)" ... written by sandra
Outstanding reading!" ... written by Mai
I absolutely adore Earth. She has such great energy and she is pretty good at describing the people in my life perfectly. I don't go on oranum much, but I do I try to keep an eye out only for earth." ... written by linh
I haven't seen her or spoken to her in so long! She's always taken but when I catch her on here I only go to her cause she's the sweetest thing and accurate." ... written by Linh
The best! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
There is a reason I visit her so often: it's because she is the best at what she does. She mentioned something in our reading that there is NO WAY she could know. She can channel what other people think and feel and gives great advice. She truly cares about me and I consider her a friend. xoxo" ... written by jaqueline
Earth angels is so great ! She is so talented.. and helpful! everyone should get a reading with her! " ... written by Ana
She is always accurate. AMAZING!!!" ... written by Sher
Lovely catch up... she is just the best... so so accurate. xxxx" ... written by elle11
Wow!!! Great Read!!! Important information has given me more direction. 5 stars" ... written by Martank
She is the best! 100 stars" ... written by wendy
I have had a lengthy relationship over the course of last year and this year with EarthAngels and she has been very upfront about everything that has come into my life. If a guy is bad, she will tell me. Through tears and stubbornness, I didn't want to listen to her. But she was right. Now starting off with a new person, she picked up on how beautiful his energies were, and I couldn't agree more. It feels good to have her validate things for you, so you can believe that it does exist. She is a kind soul, and she is always willing to listen and help. I believe in her, as should you. A real angel on Oranum...........who'd have figure this one out?" ... written by leelee32384
She just knows it all. Amazing like always. I love her. " ... written by Pam
Thanks for trying to cheer me up and for making time for a private with me. I appreciate how strongly you believe in your feelings on my situations. It's so hard on my end and you give me strength I need. xo" ... written by Jqueline
5 stars! Earth reassured so many of my own visions. She is so spiritually connected to people she reads for. A wonderful person." ... written by cataldos
Helped to explain how things are at the moment for me and answered my questions. Love her - funny she saw the same top as I showed her." ... written by Cat
I feel so good after talking to angel about my future opportunities!! It's amazing how things have been unfolding for me little by little :)))) Thank you! xoxo" ... written by sandra
Always makes me feel better and helps me out of my negative space. She is truly here to help and I feel it. she is amazing. So glad to have you in my life. Thank you again for reassuring me of my fears and anxieties. " ... written by gina
Excellent reading. Thank you so much. " ... written by kordell1
I've been seeing Earth for many months, and she is not just my spiritual adviser, but a good friend as well. Her help and support mean so much to me. She is a great psychic, and I couldn't recommend her strongly enough. :) Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Amazing reader. I will come back and have reading with her." ... written by sam
Right on target, thanks for reading. Great reading" ... written by Jean
Excellent reading....thanks." ... written by Jean
She is just a very healing person and wonderful channeling. I highly recommend her. Thank you." ... written by Acealways
Always very helpful in helping me see straight in my situation. She can tell right away when something is wrong with me even if I say I'm okay. Ha ha. She's the best." ... written by Jaqueline
Exceptional and gifted! " ... written by ann
Thanks for the update hon! Sometimes you get a reading and it's everything you hope for and other times not so good, but better to hear the truth than someone painting rainbows for you. :D xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you so much you are the best always puts my mind at ease, always great advice, 100 stars" ... written by wendy
Omg this was the best session tonight. I actually got to talk to her on webcam which was pretty amazing!!! She is so awesome! I can't express enough how she has helped me and really cares about what is going on. She really knows her stuff. I don't know what I would do without her help and guidance. She isssss simply amazzzinngggg" ... written by gina defalco
Always Excellent on target! Waiting for predictions to happen." ... written by Acealways
Love her!" ... written by angela
What would I do with my EarthAngels? :) She deeply understands the complexity of so many thins that are central to human life. Like the construct of family and what it means for our life path. I don't need to explain anything, she just gets it. She is the most compassionate counselor I've ever spoken with. I will always recommend Earth, and my advice is - listen to what she is telling you, because you will need it one day. Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Love her! She's very accurate and I trust her completely with all my heart! She is very fast and mainly relies on her great intuition! She is worth the money!" ... written by Lauren
Thank you." ... written by M
Thanks for cheering me up hon. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
great reading as usual. she is such an amazing person and always so helpful and truthful. i hope that i have the strength to just follow her advice and believe what will be will be. thanks again. she is the best and always puts me on the right path! " ... written by gina
She is such a sweetheart and truly has become my friend. She cares so much and checks up on me even. She has strongly believed in her visions from day 1 and still to this day sticks to it even with my ups and downs. Even tries to give me some tough love. She is truly gifted and I highly recommend readings with EA :) xo" ... written by Jaqueline
earth was reassuring comforting and so accurate. Mega stars to her and her ability." ... written by sonia
She is an amazing channeler if that's a word, lol. She truly tells it like it is bad or good. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
literally 5 minutes after she told me and we talked i got good news! i know the road is going to be a tough one butttt....i just need to focus on myself and be patient and trust what is supposed to be. ty again you are truly an amazing person who is here to help and heal!! love youuuu" ... written by gina
what a fun reading!!!! i missed angel so much!!! her energy is amazing and she always makes u feel happier!" ... written by sandra
she is always so wonderful...always tells me what i need and want when i cant even figure it out myself...she has been a true blessing to me!!! earth I cant thank you enough for our chats!!! I wish I had you on speed dial for just positive motivation!!!" ... written by misty
I love EarthAngels, she is truly a friend. Yes her job is to help people, and she does a great job! No one can compare with her caring, compassionate soul. Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
She great!" ... written by JOnathan
She is consistent. She gives you that energy and that boost you need to lift up your spirits. She is an earthangel because she is a blessing. She shares her blessing. She is wonderful." ... written by MyraGM
5 stars! Always great reading and understanding of human nature, great perception and insight into human personalities and empathy for mankind." ... written by beverly419
Great as always, 1000 stars!" ... written by erika
She is my angel, I just love her. " ... written by Alice
I've been talking to dear Earth for months now. Always the same amazing energy and effort that she puts into helping you. You gotta love her! :) Love and blesssings" ... written by Sandy
Earth is the best she makes you feel so much better about life, she picks you up when you are down, she connects and channels so much that it scares you. lol thank you so much xoxo" ... written by wendy
Always great, Thanks earth, love yah!" ... written by p
Thanks Earth :) I am very happy that things in my life getting in a better place and I am gonna come back for updates. Hugs!!!" ... written by :) Love
Couldn't get enough of her!!! She is always lovely! Keep up the good work hun!" ... written by MyraGM
Awesome as always! She is just amazing! Lift up my spirit every time I talk to her! Thank you so much!" ... written by Aurelia
Souls Sisters!!!!! Beyond the great predictions and insights in love problems, and all these "problems"… Earth has been an eye opener for me, and has been there for me and my journey of life… Truly appreciate her knowledge and her gift is a gift to us all…. Thank you soo much!!!! xoxo " ... written by Sandra
Hello Earth," ... written by belladonna8
Very awesome help. Always dead on and never wrong. Has been the best help yet!" ... written by Julius
Her Prediction came true today... Just like that!!! I highly recommend her and she is kindest soul to talk to. " ... written by Acealways
Earthangels is the best, and I love her sweet, gentle spirit. She gives so much information and is a remarkable clairvoyant. Really amazing. :) :) " ... written by Ahz
She is absolutely amazing....seriously....I am so impressed and thankful I love readings with her! She is my go to person for sure :-)" ... written by E
Amazing job as always! Without you many of us will be lost!" ... written by Aurelia
She is always great and helps you see your way she just makes you feel better about yourself and others around you , thank you so much 100 stars for sure" ... written by wendy
Interesting talk today. I feel bad as she probably feels like i don't believe her and it's not that i don't believe her that things are going to get better it's only that i'm frustrated. I had her speechless. sorry are still my favorite and i'm hoping the next talk is a positive one. xoxo" ... written by gina
Always amazing readings and great channeling. Thanks for the advice hone, I feel much better :D" ... written by Jqueline
5 Stars! Always!" ... written by Beverly419
The best!!!!! Always!!!!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Bless you!" ... written by Shiny
Missed you Earth!!! Simply the best. Can't substitute anyone else for you! Truly gifted beyond words! Much love and light!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
Incredible!!" ... written by sandra
I liked Earth angels. I thought she was dead on." ... written by Brenda
Thank you for the reading angel.." ... written by mysticmarzo
She's the best, there are just no other words to describe readings with E.A. You have to try a reading with her, she will amaze you. Thanks again hon, you always help me xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great connection tonight. thanks for explaining the dreams and the update hon talk soon, xoox" ... written by jaqueline
Great!!!" ... written by virgobaby920
What can I say about EarthAngels that I haven't said already? :) She is an amazing psychic. Her predictions about my family problems have come true. And there are just so many great things about her. I always listen carefully, because whatever she says I know will have some significance in the future. Thank you for being there. Love and blessings! xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Wow!!! Great Read! New information I never heard before. Mostly good. She is very honest! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Angel is a wonderful and accurate psychic to consult with! She is so warm and gentle and fantastic with her advice. She is quick and ahead with her readings and a situation. I am looking forward to her next prediction." ... written by Moonchild59
Simply amazing." ... written by Janice
Thank you lovely lady!! I don't know what to say anymore. EarthAngels is so insightful and tells you things you only know! She is more than just a reader, she is a friend!! Thank you! " ... written by sandra
She is great, very accurate, caring and genuine. Thanks, x." ... written by silver
Definitely, I will come back to her again. Accurate and everything :) " ... written by Cassandra
Very special person and helps all her clients when needed! Thanks for the update good and bad. Thanks for being there for me. xo" ... written by jaqueline
Thanks so much angel!! You're always so re assuring and comforting :)" ... written by sandra
Amazing talk tonight. She is simply the best!! I cannot say in words how wonderful she is, her channeling is spot on. She is the real deal and I don't know what I would do without her!! " ... written by gina
I can't explain how good she is beyond words..." ... written by elle11
Always amazing readings with EA! Helps me understand what is going on in my relationships and what is going on in my own mind and thinking. Thanks sweetie! xo. " ... written by Jaqueline
The best reading I have ever had. Very honest, caring and right on with her predictions. Has been a serious help in my situation." ... written by Julius
Earth was right about everything!!!! omg omg just so excited to get readings from her… so full of positivity!!" ... written by Sandra
Thanks Earth for your advice and for all your guidance. Always wise and uplifting. 5 Stars. Thank you!" ... written by :) Love
Always the best.. I know all she has predicted will happen soon." ... written by Ace
I love Earth! She is so wise and positive. I trust her and her gifts." ... written by moongirl777
She knows how to calm me down and make sense out of things for me. She also mentioned something in our reading that is hysterical and only one person would know, hahah. Truly gifted. xo" ... written by jaqueline
Wonderful - confirmed the links I got when I was channeling them and expanded on them. Explained what I need to do to continue. Thank you xxx" ... written by Cat
amazing chaneling!" ... written by sand
Excellent as always, thanks for your clarifications....past predictions have unfolded, i am looking forward to the same happening again as these are very positive!" ... written by librabeauty
Don't know how she does it but she does. Always consistent over a long period of time. Events she have predicted, has come through for me consistently. The ones that did not come through consisted the freewill of others. But everything that pertains solely to me have come through as she predicted in details. Earth will not waste your time or lead you astray. If you are GENUINE in seeking help- she is the lady to go to." ... written by belladonna
Earth was wonderful and enlightening." ... written by Sonia
I always need clarification from earth!! she is amazing 1 million stars!" ... written by san
Thanks a bunch !!" ... written by Pure
Earth is wonderful i swear :D " ... written by Cassandra
As always excellent reading with EA. Fast and quick channelling and is very in tune with her clients. thanks hon" ... written by Jaqueline
:) Things going really well and as you had told me long time ago that I would meet and be with a nice guy already happened. Now I want to just enjoy what I have and let the rest unfold. Hugs!" ... written by :) Love
Thank you soo soo much!! You have been super helpful!! Thanks for your help and time!! I seriously love all the help you have given me! " ... written by E
Still the best on here! And same readings. I will keep in mind your advices!!! love love love you! You are of great help." ... written by MyraGM
You know she's good, if you are waiting 3 hours for a turn to have a reading with her, haha. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you Earth!!! That really helped put my mind to rest! You're the best!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
good as always :)" ... written by Cassandra
Earth is very gifted and insightful!!! Awesome to have her here" ... written by leanna
She took the words right out of my mouth. Described my situation as if she was me.. But her readings are always uplifting! Once you get a reading from her you’ll be hooked!" ... written by intrigued8
thank you " ... written by wendy
Had an excellent video chat with E.A and helped me understand some things. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
One of the best on here hands down. Very accurate in all that she has told me. " ... written by Julius
I am here to testify today that her predictions come true when you do as she is telling you to do. I was in a difficult situation and many times doubted but today was a breakthrough just like she saw it and even the timing was almost exact. Believe in yourself your guides your angels and listen carefully to what Earthangels asks you to do and just like that it will Happen. Love you my angel and thank you for being there for me." ... written by Acealways
The Best!!!!!! Always!!!! " ... written by Heartnsoul
she is great thank you very much" ... written by erika
One of the best ones on here. A must see! I visit E.A quite often because I trust what she sees and her predictions. thanks hon xo" ... written by jaqueline
It's always a pleasure to talk with Earth. She gives me all the clarity I need to move on, be happy and content with my life. Thank you so much!" ... written by :) Love
She is great. Thank you very much for your help!!!!!!" ... written by erika
I was waiting the whole morning to just get into her chatroom, that's how busy Earth has been. And that speaks volumes about her gifts. Love and blessings, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
In true fashion she had me cracking up. still trying to be hopeful. she always makes me laugh and smile. she is so positive and such a great inspiration. I'm hoping what she predicts comes true. i need to be more open and just lovveeee. love u girl" ... written by gina
She is the best! I will visit EA again and again! Truly a friend and great channeler. Will give you honest truth on any situation. Thanks hon xo!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jaqueline
After some time away, I'm amazed by EarthAngel's connection with me. So in tune and read me and my situation so clearly and accurately." ... written by lili
I'm embracing everything you told me. Bless you!" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Always lifts me up when i'm feeling low. Love this girl! You will not be disappointed if you get a reading from her. Simply the best" ... written by gina
My only angel!!! she is always soo insightful!!! love her xoxo" ... written by sandra
I absolutely love her to pieces! She is sooooo amazing! YOu are a fool if you dont go in for a private with her....seriously she is amazing:)" ... written by nva123
Wonderful. Always wonderful reading with Earth. Precise, direct andamp; to the point!! " ... written by leanna
Earth is super! She could channel into thoughts andamp; feelings and that provides us insights. She is so gifted and yet so kind, supportive andamp; helpful. WONDERFUL" ... written by leanna
Great as always!" ... written by :) Love
Always amazing. When she channels it literaly sounds like I'm hearing the other person word for word. Even certain words people uses, she would say as well, like how does she know? My favorite girl xo" ... written by Jaqueline
She's so great!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by wendy
Thanks again for a great reading and follow up hon! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
As always great reading. Helped me calm my nerves and confirm my feelings. thanks hugs kisses xo" ... written by Jaqueline
I love Earth!!!!!! She is pure love!" ... written by :) Love
Earth was as usual amazing, accurate and you are missing out if you do not get in touch with this glorious angel!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sonia
I love her!!!" ... written by Maria
She is a real angel. Thx for being here!!!!!" ... written by Emma
Thank you Angel!" ... written by :) Love
This was my first reading and I gotta say she was spot on. She is truly amazing. she predicted a lot of good things for me, and hope they all come to pass. 5 star...." ... written by sweet84
Earthangel thank you so much you always know how to make me feel better and you guide me in the right direction,everything you have said has at some point came to life now waiting on the best of all to come to pass, thank you again , xx she is the best on here guys and gals" ... written by wendy
Picked up on my energy immediately. Been feeling low and down and she lifted me up and made me feel better. Not only is she an amazing psychic she is so great at helping empower you. awesome awesome awesome." ... written by gina
The best earth angel I know!!!!" ... written by san
I adore Earth she can make my frown turn upside down in a few seconds. :) Hugs!!!" ... written by :) Love
Always amazing when i chat with earth!!! She is simply one amazing person that I thank god that I found...thank you so much earth you are a true blessing!!!" ... written by misty
Awesome as always! " ... written by :) Love
glad that earthangels is here... she is very good" ... written by leanna
Earth was sensational and omg she is so so accurate clear and kind. Mega starts" ... written by sonia
Earth is always great and she can lift my spirit in seconds. Adorable and so positive. Thank you again :)" ... written by :) Love
She is so great. Kisses." ... written by wendy
She's amazing picked up on things before really even speaking." ... written by Jennifer
Awesome awesome awesome that's all I can say." ... written by gina
The best at finding out what someone is thinking about you, whether good or bad. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Excellent as usual, Worth every penny (cent)." ... written by librabeauty
Amazing as always! 5 stars again :)" ... written by :) Love
Great chat as usual! She is simply the best at putting things into perspective!!! Love this girl." ... written by gina
I keep coming back to Earth, because she is the best person and psychic on ORANUM! Highly recommended always. Love and blessings :) " ... written by Sandy
I love love love my readings with Earth. She’s very upbeat, friendly and always precise! She’s mentioned details that no one would know. She keeps bringing up stuff that was from a previous reading, she’s always on point! Have a reading with her and you won’t go to anyone else! She is definitely all you need. " ... written by intrigued8
Great!!! I will be back for sure!" ... written by Samantha
She is great, 1000 stars." ... written by erika
Amazing reading!!! Always on point with everything! " ... written by sandra
Its always a pleasure to talk with you. Earth has so calming energy that she makes you smile even if you don't always hear what you want. Hugs :)" ... written by :) Love
Thank you soooooo much Earth! This was greatly needed! Much love and light to you my gifted friend!xoxo" ... written by Heartnsoul
Thanks Earth, you're spot on as usual! xx" ... written by Heartnsoul
She is a trusted oracle that I love dearly. She is Wonderful!!" ... written by moongirl777
thank you very much 1000 stars! great as alwys" ... written by erika
I adore my angel!!! she bring soo much happiness to me!!! xoxo" ... written by sandra
Awesome session as always!" ... written by Julius
Earthangels is a gem and an amazing psychic. Her readings are always full of information and she always tells me things that give me a lot to think about. Wonderful." ... written by Ahz
Awesome!!!" ... written by sunshine
Great reading! Addictive as she is so good!!!" ... written by Donna
Great reading! Very good channeling!" ... written by Donna
Wow amazing. She really picked up on my situation and went with it. Very astounding. Will take her again. 5 stars *****" ... written by ENA
Earthangels is truly a blessing!!! a lot of her predictions and insights are unfolding just as she said they would!!! thank u sooo much xoxo" ... written by Sandra
Wow!!! Great Read! Great info. Well done!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is a wonderful and wise person and I keep coming to her. I recommend her highly. " ... written by ACe
superb as usual!! :)" ... written by gina
Thank you again!" ... written by :) Love
Thank you a million times!!! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you Earth I really needed that reading. You helped me a lot. I send you lots of love!!!" ... written by :) Love
Wow it seemed spot on." ... written by lauren
She was spot on about everything!! first time getting a reading and she was amazing!! I will def be back for another! Worth every penny." ... written by lauren
Again, wow she is the best on this site. " ... written by wendy
I waited a year, and it was worthy... :)" ... written by Ryzette
Great awesome reading!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by apple
What you are saying is correct..... But he can't tell himself the truth. I feel like he can't come to terms with anything in his own head. Never mind with me... I will pray, work, work on me and be open, but there is a lot there I can't fix..." ... written by sunshine
Always enjoy talking to earth. She gives me so much insights and supports. Thank you Earth!Thank you." ... written by leanna
I love this girl, she always knows what is going on with me and my boy troubles!!! She is absolutely amazing... Never disappointing!!! Truly blessed to have found her!!!" ... written by misty
I don't know how she does it, but amazing. Always up front and honest. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
I have left so many different testimonies, and I say it over and over definitely been a blessing to me!!! I wish I could repay her with all the support she has given me!! Exceptional!" ... written by misty
Awesome!" ... written by shira
Thanks always for the update hon! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Wow!!! Great read!!! A pleasure always. She's fantastic! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is just the most amazing gifted person on this site, she just knows and what she does say comes to life thanks 10000000 stars!!!!! She's that good!!!!!" ... written by wendy
great as always. worth every penny" ... written by Donna
she's great.. very accurate and she's always right.every time I get my reading from her she gives me correct and in depth guidance." ... written by jonathan
I am so glad that i talked to you. it helped me so much of understanding how she feels and i really needed that. now i know what i need to do. I'm not going to give up on her. " ... written by olive
Great update!!! Always makes me see things in a whole new light. Oh the torture lol. She is absolutely become such a great friend and so spot on it's scaryyyyyy a million million stars!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gina
I love how she can tap into peoples thoughts and feelings. She is my favorite on here! 10 stars xoox" ... written by Jaqueline
Wonderful at helping me realize the truth about people and also positive ways of letting go of negative energy. Love her." ... written by NurseCat
great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you Earth. :) I hope I get that job! Thanks for the positive energy!!!" ... written by :) Love
Always a great reading!" ... written by nyc
She's amazingly awesome. She channeled the person I was asking about and it was like hearing his innermost thoughts. I have never seen anything like that. Sincerely - she's spectacular." ... written by Ahz
Oh my - -I can't say enough good things about her - -just so tremendously gifted. I am deeply grateful for her insights. Wonderful as always." ... written by Ahz
The best! 10 stars**********" ... written by Jaqueline
earth was wonderful clear and just terrific. " ... written by sonia
EarthAngels is my angel here. :) So much understanding, compassion, gentleness and all these humane qualities that she has is rare to see. She is lovely, and has great, great psychic abilities. I will always come to her for guidance. Much love always :) " ... written by Sandy
I just love her, love her! Her channeling is amaizing! Bless you Angel!" ... written by Shiny
Thank you :) " ... written by :) Love
Awsome reading as usual.Thanks you!" ... written by flyaway
great great talk as usual. so happy i have found her. i cant say enough how amazing she is. some of her predictions are falling into place like she has said. it's crazy and so awesome! i just need to positive and let things happen. thanks again earth angels. you will not be disappointed if you get a reading from her!!! " ... written by gina
:-) Always great to speak with Earth Angels" ... written by moongirl777
shes the best thank you again" ... written by wendy
She is able to clearly channel the thoughts of people - and so you can see exactly what someone is thinking/ going through. Where they are at. It's amazing and so helpful. Also Earthangels is such a loving creature! Full of wonderful, sparkling energy :)" ... written by Ahz
earth was my guide and her beautiful visions and guidance led me to such happiness through hope and faith. absolutely a great soul with a great gift." ... written by sonia
A million stars! So truly gifted ... just love her!" ... written by ann
another amazing update, she always builds up my confidence and tells me great advice!!! " ... written by misty
I have been consulting angel for 5 months now and she is just amazing…. her channeling it's really impressive, she has described people she wouldn't have any idea of… and many predictions have come true… she is just the best :)))) love her xoxo" ... written by sandra
One of my best readings in oranum. Love you Earth for giving me this reading. Thank you so much! Zillion stars :)" ... written by :) Love
earth is always reassuring and positive. what a blessing" ... written by sonia
Earthangels is the best, very talented providing much insight and the ability to channel one's thoughts beyond accuracy." ... written by Beverly419
I love angel she is amazing!! " ... written by sandra
Just the best!" ... written by Shiny
Her readings are so detailed, I can't get enough!! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
I love her my top psychic... always to the point so accurate and professional. ***********" ... written by elle11
My angel is amazing!!! she catches everything!! even dirty apartments lol! girl you' shock me everytime i speak to you! xox" ... written by sandra
Wow this was a great great reading, she was amazing, gave me a lot of information, and predicted great things for the future. Def a 5 star reading and I recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Angel you are awesome!!!!" ... written by sweet84
Great gift! " ... written by inlove
needed a little pick me up...she did the trick!! thanks again :)" ... written by gina
I love EarthAngels!! She is super quick, and sooo very connected. And the way she can channel the thoughts of others is mind blowing. " ... written by Ahz
Thank you :)))))))) Awesome!" ... written by :) Love
I've been coming to earth every since she started on oranum and she deserves more than 5 stars !" ... written by Pure
A prediction happens and came to tell her ...She helped me so much with understand what I have to do that the energies will come together. She is a star on here. " ... written by Shiny
Thank you for the update hon. You're the best :)" ... written by Jaqueline
my angel is the best I just love talking to her she is dead on and always picks me up and puts me in place thanks so much " ... written by wendy
this lady is just great she makes me feel so much better about life " ... written by wendy
Love EarthAngels to the moon and back! She is my best friend here. Love and blessings :)" ... written by Sandy
Wow!!! What a reading!! She is so clear like an angel. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Just one of the best psychics on here, the best at channeling, such positive energy. xoxoxo " ... written by Jaqueline
EarthAngels is beyond any star rating I could give. Receiving her insights, messages, and guidance is life changing. She is such a positive force here. " ... written by Ahz
great talk tonight. ty for the help and guidance. you are the best and always give me strength when i need it. i know i am feeling low right now but i always come back are really a great friend and help :)" ... written by gina
Thank you :) always amazing reading!" ... written by :) Love
An Angel saved my life today and her name is Earthangels. I was in a very dark place and this wonderful soul shed a lot of light on things and saved my soul. Blessings." ... written by sonia
You are my angel, she amazing reader, I will recommend any one. 100000 stars!" ... written by sam
Earth was wonderful and clear. She really made me feel so positive. excellent" ... written by sonia
Earthangels is great! she really gets the insight of the situation, and she has been right in some many levels! i adore her!" ... written by sandra
She's a fabulous psychic, and she also helps guide you in your life. I learn so much from her!" ... written by Ahz
Always the best!! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great update! can't wait for another" ... written by blessed25
Wow!! Great information and details. She's fabulous!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
omg ur so great at this thanks so much " ... written by dellamal
you gave me all the answers i needed , i am so thankful ! you are the best !" ... written by loee123
she's pretty good. I like our reading. very accurate about my personality." ... written by sunshine
Love her to pieces. She's so sweet and is amazingly gifted as a psychic. " ... written by Ahz
simply amazing....heart stopping" ... written by Janice
I love her!! Again, she is an angel!" ... written by Myra
So great to catch up with Earth! Very different update than I normally get, but very positive, ahha. Thanks hon. xoo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you so much for telling me the truth! Your talent helped me a lot." ... written by olivezcy
lots of hugs and love this lady is great " ... written by wendy
A million stars!!! I love her ... sooo gifted!" ... written by ann
Wonderful andamp; thankful to have insights from Earth. Thank you." ... written by leanna
She gives me tough love, hahaa. Thanks again hon. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Earth is the best!!! She has always conveyed messages from spirit the way it is and is truly gifted! It is a blessing to have her guidance! Thank you Earth and God Bless you Always!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
She is so great, which is why she's always busy lol catch her when you can. I totally recommend her for honest and connections!" ... written by loee123
Love her. :)) Makes me smile!" ... written by :) Love
great reading" ... written by apple
Wonderful - confirmed what I was feeling and thinking of doing. :-)" ... written by Cat
she definitely has a way of reading you accurately! she knows what you will say before you even type it, every minute spent with her is her literally giving you information! there are no “uhs” and vague predictions. I seriously wait for her… there are a couple i would go to.. but she’s always spot on. have a reading with her, you won’t regret it!" ... written by intrigued8
always good a read… " ... written by intrigued8
Wonderful - now that things seem settled for me I can relax - good to hear things will happen now. So positive." ... written by Nursecat
she is great 1000 stars" ... written by erika
She is so loveing and at the some time so to the point. Love her channeling. Bless you Angel" ... written by Shiny
shes just the best everything she does and says just makes you feel better about everything" ... written by wendy
omg talk about tech difficulties tonight. wow even with all the little hiccups it was an amazing talk. i absolutely love her and every thing she has said from day 1 has slowly come true. she is a true gem and an absolute sweetheart. i feel like i have a best friend and a spiritual sister with earthangel. she is my go to girl and i am never ever disappointed!!" ... written by gina
I just love this lady she is the best 100 stars" ... written by wendy
love this girl! so amazing such positive energy and i am telling you what she says is so spot on! great advice and healer, helper you name it. so blessed to have her in my life!! love love love" ... written by gina
I love this woman. She is as real and true as they come. A million stars for Earthangels : ) " ... written by bridgette
Thank you sweet heart. I needed that chat tonight. You're always good at explaining things to me and reminding me things that I already know. But I'm thick headed.... xoox" ... written by Jaqueline
so sweet and spot on !" ... written by tonya
All time best very through specific to the point detailed . love her" ... written by kittyjo
always on point, greater than 5 stars, channeling is the greatest gift presented by the marvelous Earthangels" ... written by Beverly419
great talk tonight. she is an absolute angel. so glad i could give her some good news :) she has never hesitated on what she has told me or predicted and things are slowly falling into place. patience and more positive thinking. :))) a must go to psychic" ... written by gina
always the best readings..she channels and gives the best advice!! I love updates with her" ... written by blessed25
ive been so busy with school and work that i dont get a chance to come on this site very often but when i do i always keep my eye out for earth. i love her energy and shes been pretty accurate for everything she has sensed and predicted for me in the past. she's really sweet and great to talk to!" ... written by linh
Great reading, she is the best! Her predictions come true, I don't know why I don't listen to her!!! If she gives you advice, LISTEN TO IT! thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
thanks for helping me feel better hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Wow! Great Read!! So sweet. Very direct with answers. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
just the best on here she just makes you feel so much better about life thanks so much " ... written by wendy
She's the best. She takes care of her regular customers! Helped me understand my situation. thanks hon xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing reading. Her channeling abilities are beyond compare." ... written by Ahz
always an uplifting read! describes my situation very well… love her!!! if you haven’t gone with her yet.. you’re missing out. there is literally 3-4 people i’d go to here… and she is one of them. take advantage of when she’s here… because when she is… she is always in a private. rarely is she ever in a chat… she’s great! always on point and describes the situation on the spot!" ... written by intrigued8
Thanks for the follow up hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
great!" ... written by moongirl777
Simply amazing" ... written by Janice
Earth is awesome!!! Just love her! " ... written by ann
Lovely to see Earth again. I like her very much" ... written by leanna
she is brilliant..... what more can I say..... THANK YOU and will definitely be back" ... written by erini
I haven't talked to Earth for a while, so I had to see her. Thank you! Blessings" ... written by Sandy
amazing reader i have many resings with her she is the bast in this site" ... written by sam
I come to see her almost everyday, Earthangels has guided me to make the changes I needed in my life. She is always positive and because of her energy I get positive too!! If in doubt, please talk to her...I have been to many on this site but only trust a few and she is top of the list for me." ... written by Acealways
Angel is amazing!!! she always sees the bright side of things and i just love her energy!!! thank you so much for your time xoxo " ... written by Sandra
Wow!! Great read! Lots of information. She is kind and sweet and gives good advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Amazinggggggggggg as alwayss, put my mind at ease and gave me true hope for the future. Highly recommend to anyone. 10 starsssssss. Thank you Angel.." ... written by sweet
The most loving and accurate persons, real earth angel! " ... written by Shiny
Earth was incredibly clear, honest, uplifting and you just can't go wrong with her visions. She brings you back from whatever negative mood you may be in and you feel hope and renewed energy. Please see her. It is a blessing to have her. " ... written by sonia
always great 5 stars" ... written by Beverly419
she always makes me feel better. " ... written by intrigued
Once in a while, when there is something substantial happening in my life - and in that time if I turn to EARTH- she always reminds me as to why she is the one and only psychic I need in this lifetime. That's how PHENOMENAL she is." ... written by belladonna8
love this one" ... written by Angela Williams
Earthangels is the just beyond words. Always so quick, knows exactly what is happening, and on top of everything inspires me to grow as a person." ... written by AHZ
so needed this amazing talk today! gave me the tools to work through my issues and see things from a new perspective. always boosts me up when i am feeling low. love this girlll a million stars!!!!!!" ... written by gina
she is simply amazing !" ... written by Jennifer
Great Read!!! Great advice. She knows how to help you. She cares about what you need to do. Fantastic!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
fantastic every time !!!" ... written by Jennifer
She is the best! I will miss her :(" ... written by Jaqueline
thank you earth. i ran out of time but i know you will ask for help with holli. love you and i hope you have a great vacation. i am so happy you came back for a couple hours : ) xo" ... written by bridgette
Great read!!! She never fails to impress me. A lot of information to help guide you in the right direction. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
really helped me see what was going on with myself right now and gave me some tools to work through what i need. she is really just amazing. i can't say enough how she is such a blessing on my life! ty ty ty " ... written by gina
Earthangels has been consistent with what she sees for me and Im quite sure its all going to happen this season. She is a great counselor as well and her channeling is above par. She is an amazing soul and I recommend her eyes closed." ... written by Ace
Love her!" ... written by :) Love
Wow!!! Great read!! New information I never knew about myself. She's fabulous!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is simple amazing. Can see everything, every small detail. I come to her for a long time now and it amazes me every single time that she gets so tuned with my situations. I think she just is a phenomenon, never seen something like that before. Hugs and Kisses Earth!" ... written by :) Love
I love this lady so much she is so gifted and she never stays in here room much that's how good she is " ... written by wndy
simply the best xoxoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
She's is very good! " ... written by Flow
There is no other like Earthangel she is a gem...I highly recommend her." ... written by Ace
she just made my day she is so great this lady is the best, she just the best on here,ill go to no other here" ... written by wendy
Please take her advice. She is always right! haha She keeps telling me not to worry and she is always right. Her predictions come true and I'm looking forward for the future! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is still the best among the rest :)" ... written by MyraGM
So great having pvt with you. You are always burning bright. Thank you! " ... written by Zeta
Thanks for the reading, very informative! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
I love my Earth she makes me feel so much better when I am stressed. She puts things in place and uplifts me. What I love about her mostly is that I dont hear just what I want but all I need to make decisions. She is real and I love that about her. 100% sure that she is the best in channeling thoughts. Lots of hugs and blessing to you :)" ... written by :) Love
love to talk to Earth.. she is lovely and direct... with great insight. Thank you Earth." ... written by leanna
Awe, miss her, she is the best. One of my favorites on here. A must see!! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
she just made my day she is the best on here she brings you up when you are down and lets you know everything is gonna be ok" ... written by wendy
Earth was a great inspiration to me. She made me realize that with love sometimes you have to let go for a while and then when the time is right it will come back and be more appreciated. You must see her." ... written by sonia
Wow!!! She never disappoints you. So sweet in her reading. Great details. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
such great energy. such an awesome on better. Always kind and loving" ... written by Julius
Such emotion… saw my past … saw my future … so positive and reassuring … worth every second of connection. Glad she found me and I found her today " ... written by Loris Puglia
So so good! Milin stars, had to ask her another thing. God bless!" ... written by ZTS
she is great" ... written by erika
love to talk to Earthangels. She is great and thank you Earth." ... written by leanna
love you earth. i really do. thank you and have a great vacation. i will be vacationing in my new hone in florida so losing everything isn't so bad after all : ) thank you again!!! xoxox" ... written by bridgette
great reading!!! connects very good!" ... written by apple
She knows me too well!! haha thanks for the update hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
WOW..very gifted. Tapped into my situation flawless and gave me the answers I needed to stay focused. I'm excited for the future!" ... written by Stephanie
Great reading. She really connected. Wish I could have continued. She's very accurate. Can't wait to have a follow up. Thanks!!" ... written by honfleur
THROUGHLY RECOMENDED." ... written by belladonna8
Awesome :) " ... written by :) Love
Just love her is all I can say! Amazing as always!" ... written by :) Love
EarthAngels is such a BLESSING. She is so gifted, and also such a beautiful person. " ... written by Ahz
shes just the best, i love her she is the best i wont go to anyone else" ... written by wendy
Earthangels is so in tune, warm and knowing. She is a wonderful counsellor." ... written by lili
Thanks again hon." ... written by jacqueline
Awesome as always. " ... written by sunshine
Earth was incredibly clear and the details to her visions are something you must experience. I leave the private chat with true faith in what I can not see and that is a blessing. " ... written by sonia
She is just the best! I dont know why sometimes I don't listen but she is always right! Thanks for everything hone xoox" ... written by Jaqueline
i always love our updates! shes pretty spot on for the most part and i love it. sweet as always" ... written by linh
Really briliant! all the stars on the sky!" ... written by Zeta
Earth was wonderful and clear and just a hopeful soul. You must get her in private." ... written by sonia
she is amazingG!!!! love love ya love ya" ... written by sandra
thank you for your honesty hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
great as usual. man sometimes i wish i could just bottle up all of her energy and save it for me!! amazing!" ... written by gina
Oh thank goodness she was around. She brought some things to light! she's the best xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Earth was wonderful and clear with sensitivity and accuracy. " ... written by sonia
i love this woman. that is all i can say. she is such an inspiration and joy to talk with. i can't say enough how she is always spot on and so right about everything. so happy that she is in my life!! " ... written by gina
the best!!" ... written by jaqueline
thank you and I will do as you say and just trust xx" ... written by wendy
she is like your best friend only with psychic abilities! no kidding she knows what your going to say/ask before you type it. She’s upbeat and friendly, always on point with her readings. Her descriptions of situations are amazing. unlike most “top” psychics here she won’t waste your time/money with questions like how was your day, what makes you think this way? blah blah blah. and then ask you what you want to know only to give you an answer you weren’t asking for.. she is definitely my go to… she should be yours too! why else would she be busy all the time?" ... written by intrigued8
Her channeling is amazing and I always go see earth when I'm troubled and need questions answered thanks hon. xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Love this girl! She rocks!" ... written by rosy
Thank you Earth. I hope you are safe where you are. I am so glad to be able to talk to you. You are great. Hugs and Kisses!" ... written by :) Love
thank you so much , I always feel so much better when I talk to you . you open my eyes to things I cant see for my self, I am so glad I found you , you have helped me threw the worst of my life and I thank you so much for that love and light to you God put an angel for sure on earth to help and guide us all ." ... written by wendy
great reading" ... written by apple
Loved loved catching up with her!! Such great energy and amazing spirit!! Always the best advice and if only I would listen!! ugh. Earthangels is the best!!!! Love love love her!" ... written by gina
SHE IS PURE AMAZING" ... written by Myra
always my pleasure" ... written by Janice
It's been what seems like forever. :) I really loved our catch-up session. Earth was amazing as always, her words are very soothing. She handles everything in a very positive and calm manner. Thank you, much love xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Best advice! Channels remarkably and give you the truth! Love her" ... written by blessed25
Earth came in with such great energy and accurate vision. I was amazed at what she told me. You must get her if you are looking for accuracy and to know what the love of your life is thinking." ... written by sonia
She is the real deal! Don't waste your money on anyone else! Go to her!" ... written by Amanda
Thank you Earth!!! xo" ... written by Heartnsoul
She is just the best. When I dont follow her advice, I end up making a mistake. So listen to her and do as she says, lol xo" ... written by jaqueline
My angel!!! she is a phenomenal reader! always has the most amazing advise that comes truly from the heart… love ya forever! xox" ... written by sand
Amazing how she picks up on things. Quite extraordinary. I love having readings with her. thank you ! Will give you an update!" ... written by honfleur
I had a catch up session with Earth, things are going better, and Earth has helped me a lot in that. She is always great! Thank you so much xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Amazing as always!" ... written by Aura
great reading" ... written by apple
awesome...feel so good and better now!" ... written by Rosy
excellent reader always 5 stars" ... written by Beverly419
What can I say? She is an Angel! " ... written by Zeta
she is just the best hugs to her and 1000 stars " ... written by wendy
She's the best..honest in what she see's and tells you from the heart. A true friend and guide" ... written by blessed25
thank you for making me feel better" ... written by wendy
awesome talk today!!! she is simply the best hands down. always learning and growing from each session. i cannot emphasize enough how much she has helped me grow and become a better person!! love love love u girl" ... written by gina
She is just amazing and always give me the right advice that I need. Most of the time, I don't listen to her or follow her advice and as always I am the one who is wrong!! haha So I promised from now on I won't worry and follow her advice. She is truly one of the best xoxo :)" ... written by Jacqueline
Earth saved my soul tonight. She provided such beautiful guidance with reality and spirituality and that is so hard to do but she has the Divine gift. What a blessing. You must seek her out for a reading. " ... written by sonia
amazing reader i will give her 1000000000 stars you are the bes in oranum" ... written by sam
Great reading!!! Love it!! Will provide her with an update!" ... written by OmelisaB
Earthangels is amazing! A session with her is always eye-opening. In addition to clarifying what is going on in my relationship she always, lovingly, encourages me to grow, and open up." ... written by Ahz
She remembered me from readings I had over a year ago! As always she connected very quickly and gave great advice. Thanks!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Thank you Earth :) You are always uplifting. " ... written by :) Love
she just has a way of calming our fears , and making us feel so much better" ... written by wendy
great reading very insightful" ... written by apple
So good!" ... written by Zeta
thank u ever soooo much...calming my nerves...u read him so well!" ... written by Rosy
She is awesome! the real deal indeed!!" ... written by S
I always come to Angel she is very calming and assuring and things she says do happen she is wise beyond her years and truly has psychic abilities a wonderful person to talk to when you are confused or need answers and clarity" ... written by Ace
Earth is really great. She picked on stuff that I wasn't sharing with her, lol. But it was only because I didn't consider it important at this point. :) Just so that you know - nothing can escape Earth's psychic radar. I love her!" ... written by Sandy
thank you so much " ... written by wendy
Great channeling today. Not what I expected but better hear truth and gets answers. thanks hon xoox" ... written by jaqueline
Superb! " ... written by Zeta
ALWAYS PERFECT" ... written by Janice
The best as always!! Love her, her advice and help! Thank you Angels" ... written by blessed25
Earth was wonderful and she tells you her visions and they really do happen when life decides it is the right time. Great reading." ... written by sonia
I always feel better after talking with her. Wether it's good news or bad she tells it like it is even if I don't see it. In the end she is always right! haha Have faith in her cause she knows what she is talking about :)" ... written by Jaqueline
great reading n quick" ... written by apple
finally had some good news to share. im telling you this girl knows her stuff!! it's crazy. u need to have at least one session with her and you will be hooked!" ... written by gina
hey Earthangels :) thanks for the support and clarity. I really needed those questions answered and now I can sleep better knowing what must be done to be happy :)" ... written by Richard
Beautiful Earth ... A million stars! Thank you for sharing your unique gift ... you are the best! " ... written by Ann
always helpful and reassuring - Thank you !" ... written by Jennifer
Earth was so clear and wonderful about some things going on in my life. She is such a blessing. " ... written by sonia
thanks for the follow up hon! Always great readings with earth:)" ... written by Jaqueline
So glad I could talk to Earth again today :) God bless you Earth, you're simply the best!!!! xoxo" ... written by Heartnsoul
Great reading! Her timing predictions always comes true. Will follow up tomorrow hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks for following up and great predictions, past and present!!" ... written by Jaqueline
its always a good read with earth! uplifting.. you won’t regret it. even if its not a good thing… everything she says is positive!" ... written by intrigued8
Thank you Earth, maybe it was time for me to wake up about the guy I love. Thanks for the guidance. " ... written by G
Can't be long without my dear Earth's advice. She is a true angel. One of her latest predictions came true after just a few days, it seemed like out of the blue. I trust her completely. Love and blessings :) " ... written by Sandy
always so darn good!" ... written by Rosy
Earth is very good at channeling and giving detailed conversations between people --- amazing! She picks up on details which reveal that she truly has a gift. I am able to get great insight from her. The only bad thing about Earth is that she is very difficult to get a hold of, but that's because she is on high demand :) I will check back soon for another update!" ... written by peachrose
Earth get megastars from me for her insight into matters and her channeling abilities." ... written by sonia
She is the best #1 xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
always excelent with earthangels!!! what more can i say? :))" ... written by gina
Thanks for cheering me up :)" ... written by jaqueline
you make me feel so much better thanks so much " ... written by wendy
Wow excellent reading tonight! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Calmed my fears heaps - thank you :-) xxx" ... written by Nursecat
Earth's last prediction about some uneasy feelings and jealousy in regards to a guy happened the very next day. I really trust her visions. Much love always xoxox" ... written by Sandy
in my opinion… she is a reassurance. i don’t know what else to say. its always amazing having her read the situation.. she’s always on point. says things before i could even ask!" ... written by intrigued8
Always and angel! Outstanding reader!" ... written by Ann
as always she is the best " ... written by wendy
EArth was really incredibly clear and filled my heart with hope and joy." ... written by sonia
I missed talking to her! i want her to go back to her regular schedule now!!!! love her love love her!!!!! thank u angel!!! muahhhh" ... written by alma
wow...." ... written by rosy
I have made many readings with Earth. Except the fact that she is excellent in seeing things and channeling, I believe that the most important thing is that she is helping me develop with myself. Many thanks!" ... written by petal
So on point as usual! Love her!!" ... written by blessed25
simply amazing!!! all i can say!!! ty ty ty " ... written by gina
Thank goodness she is back! She brought some clear perspective to my situation and is truly my guide to my relationships. Thank you hon xox" ... written by Jacqueline
Just love her :)" ... written by :) Love
thanks so much im glad u are back " ... written by wendy
The best! God bless you, Angel!" ... written by ZTS
Earth was clear as a bell an had so much information to add on to what was going on in my life." ... written by sonia
Thank goodness for EA. She helps me understand my situtaion and answer quick questions. Great at channelling people and see what they are thinking. thanks hon xox" ... written by Jacqueline
Wonderful reading - helped me see into more of my partners mind and our future together." ... written by NurseCat
great reading, very very very accurate! she nailed it.. in all honesty.." ... written by empress
Okay, so you have tried other psychics and they either charge too much or they are not as precise as you would want them to be. Well, search no more. Earthangels is absolutely incredible with her visions and her ability to channel people you are interested in. Please give your soul a chance to connect with this blessed soul. megastars" ... written by sonia
Always the best, so connected and in tune. She helps me to trust , focus and better understand where I am in life." ... written by lili
I love Earth! Just a gift to everyone! A million stars!" ... written by Ann
i just feel so redundant leaving my opinion on how great she is!!!! once you go to her… you’ll rarely go to anyone else… " ... written by intrigued8
everything is awesome!" ... written by rosy
Wow! Great read! Information I can use. Great details. 5 stars" ... written by Martank
Thank you Earth!" ... written by G
Always a pleasure to get updates from EA. Love when she does her channeling xxox" ... written by Jaqueline
:D she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear… she tells you what she sees… after every reading, i always feel uplifted. " ... written by intrigued8
I like her she is sweet" ... written by michelle
Thankyou angle for great insight" ... written by wishing
She is always the best! very honest and true in all she does." ... written by Julius
she's awesome! I can't wait for things to start happening!" ... written by sunshine
Thank you EA, you reading was just what I needed at the right time! You are the best xoxo" ... written by Jaquelien
Excellent as always!!" ... written by Jaqueline
Earthangels is always wonderful!! Tons of insight and information. " ... written by Ahz
always a pleasure to have a reading with!" ... written by intrigued8
Earthangles was really good. Loved her energy" ... written by Abundance
Wooow very impressed!! great details, insights and very nice, bubbly, funny, and kind individual as well! She was spot on without me saying much and gave me time frames along with some specifics and descriptions. Lots of cues and could also pick up on my energy, personality, even certain facial features. I will def come back for more as this was our 1st reading :)" ... written by Ad
A million stars!!! Love Earth! " ... written by Ann
Helped me out with repeating nubmers and as always amazing channeling! thanks hon :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Things are moving forward in my life; I am much happier and in a better place than 6 months ago. And my lovely Earth has been helping me along the way, she so great! :) You will not hear everything you want to know, but you will get those messages that you need and that are for your higher good at that moment. She's never steered me wrong, that's for sure. Blessings and love, xoxox" ... written by Sandy
Angel is truly amazing! she has a very special gift in lifting your spirits up… thank you!" ... written by Sandra
Earth gave some great advice based on her visions which are always very accurate. amazing" ... written by sonia
Earth was so precise and a truthful accurate person. You need to meet her and connect and you will see for yourself how amazing her visions are." ... written by Earth
5 stars! Very accurately connected to energies." ... written by Christine
she is the best ever much love she just see all and makes you smile " ... written by wendy
Earth was spectacular and so filled with positive energy and honesty. megastars" ... written by sonia
The greatest! I LOVE my Angels..I was ONLY coming to update her..not for a reading and before I could start typing she knew what had taken place just today and this prediction was from 6mo ago..there's NO WAY she could've know other than her being thee greatest! You will NOT be disappointed.. I TRUST HER and she's real and tells THE TRUTH even if it hurts..xoxo my FAVE!!!!! " ... written by blessed25
Earth i missed u so much!!! you are really amazing! thank u so much for lifting my spirits up! love ya! muah" ... written by sonji
Allways great! Allways wow! Thank you!" ... written by ZTS
Thanks for the update hon :D" ... written by Jacqueline
always perfectly wonderful" ... written by Janice
She is awesome! She really knows how to keep my spirits up!" ... written by sunshine
as alwaus good reading" ... written by apple
The greatest and most honest and consoling..tells exactly what she sees and gives ways to cope with all situations. love her to pieces!! " ... written by blessed25
its a good reading… whether its good news or sad news… she’s real!" ... written by intrigued8
very powerful and emotional read.." ... written by Rosy
awesome reading!! love her she is so incredibly amazing and always picks me up. her channeling is usually spot on! my favorite on here!" ... written by gina
Earthangels is heaven sent! A true earth angel! She is SO connected and even sends love and meditates on your behalf on her own time. She is a precious messenger with the gift of connection." ... written by lili
Always special and wonderful!" ... written by Ann
sad news but i know it's good for me. txs" ... written by gina
She's very good. Especially when it comes to channeling people." ... written by sunshine
Thanks for the update hon xox" ... written by Jacqueline
fantastic!!!" ... written by moongirl777
always the best she is so right on with everything 1000 stars" ... written by wendy
Very lovely reading! I can't wait!" ... written by sunshine
thanks for the update hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
lifted up my spirit. always know exactly what to say…even when its bad..." ... written by intrigued
she is great! her channeling tonight was scarily spot on. i am grateful to have her in my life. although the news isn't what i wanted to hear and made me sad. i'm glad i heard it. ty so much! she is the best on here without a doubt. she is definitely true in her gift xoxo" ... written by gina
Absolutely amazing. I am blown away....WOW. She was spot on with everything omgosh...WOW. She is a beautiful soul, very caring and very sincere. I will be back. Thank you so very much." ... written by Thuy
awesome as usual!" ... written by peach
OMG OMG OMG...Earth is just so amazing!!! blew my socks still in disbelief..darn spot on word for word..i din tell her what was in my mind..she knew and she saw...lost for words u my dearest!xoxo" ... written by rosy
never a disappointment" ... written by blessed25
love earthangel, shes the best" ... written by cc
What a beautiful woman. So incredibly kind and helpful. " ... written by Thuy
She's such a sweet heart." ... written by sunshine
Always too almost too good. Omg. You are great!" ... written by fromhere
She is great!" ... written by sunshine
well always a pleasure talking to her. things right now aren't as i would like but she always lifts me up and gives great advice! ty for always helping me! she is the best!" ... written by gina
loved my reading" ... written by Abundance
She tells the complete truth! I believe every word..she channels unbelievably. xoxo" ... written by blessed25
Amazing channeling ability - like no one else on Oranum!!" ... written by lil
Woah - really needed someone to talk to and she was there - let some tears out to release. Thank you very much." ... written by NurseCat
Thank you so much" ... written by Renee
Thank You! Earth is a rare jewel, a diamond in the ruff. She truly has a gift the is pure and genuine. None really compare to her natural abilities and she is so patient and loving. Full of life, laughter, and love she is able to help give you hope. Her gift speaks for her. You will be impressed and will never regret that you spent your time and money to hear her words of light." ... written by Angela
SIMPLY AMAZING" ... written by Janice
I love the way she channels, you get so much information from her. thanks hon :D" ... written by Jacqueline
What can I say more? She really does know what she is doing. I always keep coming back to her cos SHE IS THE REAL DEAL! period." ... written by MyraGM
There have been some developments, and it looks like Earth's big prediction is coming true. :) She was sticking to it since last October, and finally it is happening. So exciting! Much love Earth ♥♥♥" ... written by Sandy
awesome thanks" ... written by sunshine
Picked up on my energy immediately. I just came home from a party and she started laughing because my energy was happy and lively. She seemed really accurate. Will come to EA for advice in the future.. highly recommend." ... written by Jand777
If you want clear answers on what someone is thinking about you, she is the girl to go to!! thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Earth was incredible and really gave me hope and energy. blessings and megastars to an amazing angel" ... written by son
Wow! Great read! Always on target. Good advice. I highly recommend her. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Oh My Goodness! I have been waiting a long time to have a reading with EarthAngel, but has always been busy. I just have to say she has said a lot of things that has hit home and close to the heart. I can't wait to see if her predictions come to pass. Thank you for sharing your gift with me tonight." ... written by kittychu
see here is the thing with her, i don’t feel she’s a fake. there are people on this site that i feel are just wasting my credits by dodging the question or prolong answering the question. or answer your question and give advice to something else… something in which isn’t relevant… point being… she will answer your question and when you say thank you… she says your welcome…unlike some who keep talking after saying so… she won’t waste your credits… her room is always busy… she’s not always available. so she def won’t waste your credits!" ... written by intrigued8
Thank you Earth :) " ... written by :) Love
she hit the nail on the head..lets see if the prediction comes to pass..." ... written by krista
i love my updates with her! its so hard to catch her these days because shes always taken because shes that amazing!" ... written by linh
thank you so so much, angel for this reading. It was great! And we finaly get what was so long await. Love you loads, thank you for chiring me up in hard days and lough with me when happy times are coming in. Bless you, dear." ... written by ZTS
I love Earth ... wonderful and special every time!!!" ... written by Ann
i dun say this but ur honestly the BEST!" ... written by Rosy
always wonderful talking to Earthangels! Best on this site. " ... written by Alice
my friend and amazing counselor." ... written by angela
GREAT channelling session with her, sounded just like someone I know!! thanks hon xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
great as always!" ... written by stellarmagnet
Earth was great and amazing. You must get a reading from her. Unforgettable." ... written by sonia
great reading and update. Can easily tap into anyone :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Outstanding reading! It is always blessed to talk to Earthangel, love her !" ... written by Mai
Earth was wonderful and always fills your heart with joy and hope. you must see her !!!!" ... written by sonia
everything is so awesome! EA is such a beautiful person! love her to bits! have a fabulous weekend! xoxo" ... written by rosy
Thanks for the update hon xxox" ... written by Jacqueline
I just love her and she was right about everything. I am so happy. :) xoxoxox" ... written by Sandy
Earth angel is beyond awesome. cant put it into words how she's been a blessing to me these last few days…she understands and gets my situation so well!! i give her the universe and beyond!" ... written by Blessings
Love it when she channels for me. thanks hon xox" ... written by Jacqueline
thank you for the honest reading. please send good energy our way. blessings..." ... written by GB
Amazing, honest, compassionate and just an absolute must to see. An angel for sure!" ... written by sonia
awesome talk tonight!!! love this girl!! she is my go to for sure. never disappoints me even when it's things i don't want to hear. she is so spot on about so much it is scary!!! a million trillion stars!!!! xoxo" ... written by gina
thank you so much you helpped again as always thank you for guiding me in the right direction as always" ... written by wendy
Se is always there for me - wonderful reading. Thank you" ... written by Nursecat
I had to come and discuss Earth's visions about my soulmate. It's so unbelievable, and there are so many details, like many many months ago she told me she is seeing my soulmate tying my shoelaces, and it just happened last weekend on a walking trail. :) It's crazy. :) She is so good. Blessings hun xoxox" ... written by Sandy
its amazing how spot on she is with seeing things in my life that i have never talked to her about. a true psychic like no other." ... written by stellar
thanks Earth for the fast, great, accurate insights!! Truly appreciated!!!!!! thanks thanks" ... written by leanna
always a good read" ... written by faraway
Thank you angel ... Great channeling again! Love you!" ... written by ZTS
wow! simply took my breath away! dun know what to do without her!" ... written by rosy
thank u angel for being here and giving me this advice and guidance. girl u r amazing. me and u talk its like I am talking to one of my girlfriends, and u r just spot on my situation, thankssss sooooo much. will deff update u :)" ... written by mel
Earth described my new boyfriend perfectly, she read his energies, described his personality to a T since November last year...I just keep smiling when I think about all the things she said about him, and I see them happening right in front of me now. :) She is just amazing. She is the real deal, you gotta go with her! Love and Blessings hun xoxox" ... written by Sandy
always sooooo good" ... written by rosy
i love EA!!! i dont have enough words to describe how amazing she is. she is the absolute best!! UNBELIEVABLE!! " ... written by blessings
She's great! " ... written by jand777
Great channeling as usual! " ... written by blessed25
absolutely the best and so so accurate. she has been following a situation in my life and every time she follows up she is spot on and gives me hope for me and my relationship. mega million stars" ... written by sonia
WOW!! The best reading I have ever had...So much information so many details. ..Gave me great information to work on for myself. It was no need to ask questions, almost like she knew what I wanted when I entered her room. She could tell me how I was feeling..Truly amazin..Thanks so much for the reading " ... written by lovelylady
Earth is always good with details, and delivers lots of info quickly. I will follow up in a few weeks ---- sure hope she was right tonight, such great news!" ... written by peach
I love talking to Earthangles she is like a close relative that I love dearly. she knows me very well and picks on the most smallest things. She is very trustworthy and accurate I wish I could be a confident as she is. She is truly inspirational" ... written by moongirl777
spectacular honest accurate hope love joy. mega stars" ... written by sonia
Great advice as always.... she is #1" ... written by stella
EarthAngels is always in tune no matter how much time goes by in between my visits. Her readings are on point and like no one else'! " ... written by lil
Awesome sauce! I love her honesty. " ... written by blessed25
Great reading! Thank you are an awesome. What you told me I am waiting to see what happens next....:))" ... written by tar1
Still the undefeated champion of the world :) Hahaha she's great" ... written by MyraGM
EA readings give me so much inspiration and hope. she's the best of the best!!" ... written by harmony
superb in channeling! no bs! will tell me off when i need her rather direct yet sweet her to bits! xxx" ... written by rosy
the best!" ... written by gina
Thank you Angel, this was an awesome reading! I loved the strong connection I felt! I was a bit down today and you lift me up! I appreciate your time! Hugs and Kisses!" ... written by :) Love
amazing" ... written by adundance
EA is always so sweet and warm! i love her energy and honesty!! she's a sweet angel!!" ... written by Blessings
omg..CANT PUT INTO WORDS" ... written by great
Great read! She is very detailed. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
has helped me so much with exercises to improve my life!! not only does she channel crazy mad she is truly a friend!! a million stars!!! thanks " ... written by gina
always so good...amazing" ... written by rosy
thanks for the reading and helping me hon xo" ... written by jacqueline
sorry clicked wrong button. great reading. thanks" ... written by nithia
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
Earth was filled with enthusiasm and tells you the truth with accuracy and compassion. a must here at Oranum many stars" ... written by sonia
she's awesome! I love how I don't need to tell her anything and she already knows the situation." ... written by sunshine
it was a very emotional and touching one today..m glad u felt the emotions too..thank u sooo u truly xxxxx" ... written by rosy
She is wonderful. Very connected and does real channeling. I admire her gift and loving energy she shares throughaut the reading. Wonderful. Just wonderful!" ... written by theshiny
thanks for the wrap up...was awesome!" ... written by rosy
awesome read" ... written by rosy
Fast Accurate" ... written by Johnny
She was absolutely wonderful and I loved her ability to see things so clearly. many many stars" ... written by cat
absolutely amazing and so genuine and if you don't get a read from her you are missing out on quite a blessing." ... written by cat
Great channeling! So glad I igot to chatch up xo" ... written by Jacqueline
im soooo happy EA is back. She just made my night. love her channeling ability and her positive energy.. she's awesome!!" ... written by blessings
love the update good to reconnect" ... written by rosy
Came for my birthday present, lol. :) Earth is wonderful, she's always been a great help. Once again I have to emphasise that her predictions have come true for me, and I am so amazed at her abilities. Much love always :)" ... written by Sandy
so great talking with her!! always puts my mind at ease and things into perspective!!! ty the best as usual!!" ... written by gina
Awesome ... love earth angels! " ... written by ann
great advice as usual! XOXO" ... written by blessed25
sooooo good" ... written by rosy
amazing channeler" ... written by angels
Exactly what I need..helps me to see and understand more clearly" ... written by bb
thanks for an honest and wonderful reading" ... written by nithia
Glad i got to talk to you!you are awesome! I will be back! Thanks!" ... written by Aurelia
so worth it! confirming and validating all my thoughts and actions! absolutely brilliant!" ... written by rosy
This is my first rating on Oranum. I've had pvt readings with 3 other psychics on Oranum. And I must say, wow, this has got to be the best reading I've ever had. I really felt a strong connection with Earthangel! She was on point with describing the type of person that I am. She went into depth about my situation and concerns and gave me strong insights and advice on what to do to fix my situation. I will work on what you told me to do Earthangel! I'm excited about your predictions! I will keep you posted! I feel a lot better after this reading! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Bunny Bunny
awesome!! " ... written by gina
despite it lagging… it was and always is a good read with earth! if you haven’t gone to her because you think she’ll try to waste your credits by asking you questions that are not relevant to what you want to know.. you are mistaken! she will answer your question and give you advice. she knows how your feeling right when you click private.. SHE KNOWS.. none of that guessing stuff that others do. she’s REAL! among… 3 others she’s my GO TO!" ... written by Intrigued8
im always overwhelmed with so much joy when i get a reading from earthangels. her channeling ability is like no other. very thankful and grateful for her gift!! love her" ... written by Blessings
Kate is the loveliest gal in the world and she deserves all the good things in life..really love her to bits. She says the truth and will tell you leaving u no room to doubt...warning..she is very very spot on and accurate!" ... written by rosy
Always spot on, amazing channeling, and gives me a message that hits my soul." ... written by lili
great reading with scary accuracy. i am amazed at how she connected with me and everything arround my situation." ... written by ninadorw2
ur the best amazing right as always thank u" ... written by melissa
she’s awesome. you can tell the regulars by us posting one to 5 word opinions. she really is!" ... written by intrigued8
wow, you are amazing chaneller! i am so so impressed of your abilities.You are truly gifted person, you connect deeply and instantly. than you sooo much! thank you for encouraging me! blessings!!!" ... written by Alicja
her channeling was insane!" ... written by w
Wow! Always the best!" ... written by Julius
she is a wonder woman! love ya love ya love ya...muah" ... written by rosy
Thank you EA. Phenomenal is the only thing i have to say!!" ... written by Blessings
short sweet and powerful read! ultimate awesome xxxxx" ... written by rosy
Thanks for the update hon. Quite surprised with the channeling. Gave me something to think about." ... written by Jacqueline
I love Earthangel! She really gets in depth with my situations. Thank you so much for your advice. I will keep you posted about everything. Looking forward to your predictions! " ... written by Bunny Bunny
SHE IS ABSOLUTELY MY ANGEL! i have been searching around the world to find myself and angel has been there for me always 100% real… her predictions of a 9 months ago are happening now… everything she mentions is a key to where you need to be in life! thank u angel for being a friend and the most loving beautiful person! love you! xoxo" ... written by Sandra
EA is a doll. Love, Love, Love her" ... written by Blessings
lovely lovely soul sister! EA is the EXPERT in this field! u got to experience it to know it!" ... written by rosy
so so connected..amazing" ... written by rosy
Thank you Earthangel! She is absolutely the best! One of her predictions have came to pass, it actually came sooner then she has mentioned, but that is because she told me to think positive and good things will come! Looking forward to the rest of her predictions to happen! She had literally said the exact questions in the exact words as I was typing to her! And she really got the sense of my situation and behaviors of certain people in my life, which she could have never knew, for which I didn't give her any background info about them at all. I would definitely recommend her! And she's right about me having to do more homework (I'm a bit behind!) HA! :P " ... written by Bunny Bunny
Just LOVE Earth ... she is wonderful!!!!!" ... written by Ann
I love having reading with Earthangels!" ... written by Mai
magnificent, amazing, fabulous!!!" ... written by Blessings
Earth is great! I love her channeling!" ... written by :) Love
Thank you :)" ... written by :) Love
Awesome awesome!!!!" ... written by ann
She helped me a lot to feel so much better, what she said made sense, and actually now all the things she told me before have happened. she is really great." ... written by Ana
knows me and my story." ... written by intrigued8
angel I lovvvveeeee u girl! u r amazing and I love always going to u for advice I need and communicating with ppl because u r always right and have helped me thru my situation. thank u so much hun cant wait to speak with u again soon. take care girly xoxo" ... written by melissa
so good to catch up and the channeling so i can know what steps to be ahead so to speak lol..awesome my gorgeous one" ... written by Rosy
Earthangels is amazing!" ... written by Abundance
if you haven’t had her reading.. you. are. missing. out!" ... written by intrigued8
Great read!! Earth is one of the best! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
EA is truly a blessing. I'm extremely sad she's going away for 2 months. i know she needs a break as we all do, but i hate to see her go. she's so sweet and sincere with her readings. We laugh together. she always brings my spirits up. thank you EA for being a blessing in my life. enjoy your trip. big hugs and kisses" ... written by Blessings
Way too real! She really knows what she is talking about" ... written by Julius
I will miss earth! she is my number 1 go to! she knows the ins and outs of my story and i can’t wait for her to come back… which psychic do you know is always busy and rarely has time for free chat!?.. she is so down to earth and can relate to your situation. " ... written by intrigued8
great chat tonight!! love talking with her such amazing energy. hopefully everything works out as it should! ty ea ur the best!" ... written by gina
Earth just made my night! i was soo happy to see she was online. i wish i could have her red for me everyday. her channeling abilities are like no other on this site. absolutely amazing soul she is!! " ... written by Blessings
Have not seen EA in long time and had to catch up with her and tell her she has been right this whole time. Each time I'd tell her no way, I don't see the light, she would tell me otherwise. thanks for your support and love hon xo" ... written by jaqueline
wonderful and so accurate and caring." ... written by sonia
She is awesome!" ... written by Julius
This girl rocks. She is my go to reader for a long time and things she predicted are unfolding now slowly and I can really treasuer her amaizing chaneling and advices she gives to overcome hard time. I don't know where I would be without her. She gives so much love and hope to help on a the way ... and I could just go on and on in superlatives. I love you loads Earthangels XOXOXO" ... written by SH
amazing earth is always so much on point! i really recomend her. she just has so much inshight! " ... written by Ana
You were so great! i loved her! thanks so much!!!! I will be back!" ... written by Linda
EarthAngels proves consistently amazing. The continuity of her readings and channeling abilities make for a deeply meaningful session each time." ... written by lili
missed my girl so much!! was great catching up!! didn't even have enough time to get it all in!! she is superb!! love her to death!! i always leave feeling better!! ty ty ty" ... written by gina
thanks Kate..really needed this! ur astounding n thank u for being so objective right about my decisions" ... written by rosy
omg i feel sooo good always after talking to her. plus i know i can tell i have proof that she knows what she is talking about! she has an amazing gift! thank you so much " ... written by Ana
i love kate! its hard for me to catch her when shes online because everyone loves her so she gets taken very quickly, but when you do get her its worth it every time! " ... written by linh
i promise, if ea lived near me, she would be my best friend. always spot on and her channeling ability is like none other." ... written by faithful
thank u angel for a wonderful reading like always. u make a wonderful connection always and u r there always. Thank u for ur words if wisdom and help. luv u girl xoxo love and light take care." ... written by melissa
things are coming to a full on head!! i have been talking to her and getting her guidance for months and things seem to be falling into place. i was doubtful but she always brings me hope!! i love this girl to pieces!!! she's the best!!!" ... written by gina
ALWAYS WONDERFUL" ... written by Janice
shes the best..she felt my energy and what I was experiencing w/out me opening my mouth. I trust what she says, because so much of her channeling has been unfolding, it's crazy. She's the BEST friend and spiritualist to have. I love my EA!! You won't be disappointed. I promise! xoxo" ... written by blessed
i am so glad i got to see her finally!!!! she always makes me feel so loved and her connections are amazing!!! always spot on!!! thank you so much for everything you do you are truly amazing and I am blessed to have you by my side!!!xo" ... written by misty
omg it's been way too LONG!! great catching up with Kate! she is the best! always makes me feel better!!! still waiting for things to pan out!! this time i'm not so worried or concerned!! ty for always helping me see the situation for what it is!! xoxo" ... written by gina
my sweet lady earthangel, I wanna just hug you. We have been walking a long way and we finaly came to the part were things are unfolding like you said they will. There were times you were just explainig things that it was easier for me to stay on track and there were bits when you channeld for me to feel love opening up ... and Im so glad I found you. You help me a lot to belive myself and have faith in love and to see bigger picture. I can not express enough gratitude for your dedication to your work, clients and giving away so much help, faith and love. Bless you! You are one of the kind!" ... written by ZTS
earth is amazing. i recommend her truly. she is so gifted and helps understand things soo well . :)" ... written by Ana
Im sooooo happy Kate is back!! i really missed her. she didnt mis beat with the reading. she's phenomenal!!" ... written by skream11
so worth it! finally get to speak to Kate and her channeling is beyond amazing...welcome back Kate" ... written by rosy
Earthangels reading was very good, offered lots of good advice and guidance. Thank you!" ... written by curious_333
always mind blowing!!! i need Kate to come live with me in NY!! she's the absolute best!! no words can describe her amazing ability!!! im speechless" ... written by Blessings
I liked the reading very much, lovely lovely person :-)) Thank you!!" ... written by sara
Thank you angel for all your help and advice. Love you a lot. XOXOXO" ... written by ZTS
good information from the channeling..unbelievable..xoxoxo" ... written by rosy
One of the very best on Oranum. She's incredibly gifted. Her channeling abilities are beyond par. " ... written by Ahz
always feel better after speaking with her!! this has been a long road of ups and downs. i am hoping for the continual up and look forward to it!! she is amazing!" ... written by gina
Was spot on with how I was feeling. Love her heaps - thank you." ... written by Nursecat
over the top, real tresure, many blessings" ... written by Alicja
Earth is one of a kind, exceptional. Tunes in and connects so well with me, no matter how long its been." ... written by lili
the best!!!" ... written by moongirl777
great to talk to Earth again! " ... written by peach
crazy time..but good crazy" ... written by rosyy
so emotional...gosh unbelievable channeling today" ... written by rosyy
soooooo goood! " ... written by rosy
Very onto it - actually named one of the persons who is in my situation. Lots of good advice." ... written by NurseCat
He is always just the best around. Consistently right!" ... written by Julius
earth .. you are amazing. reassuring and always helping me see myself for who i truly am. thanks so much for all your support and patience. i really enjoy our readings. as always ill be back :) xoxoxoxo " ... written by Ana
absolutely a blessing and an incredible ability that is outstanding. " ... written by sonia
sooo good...:) xoxo" ... written by rosy
amazing she is so accurate i love our readings. she can connect so well and gives me such good advice that always work for me. she picks up on my energy very fast and helps me lift up! she doesnt sugar coat either! very honest and lovely! xo xo xo thanks eathangels! " ... written by Ana
awesome chat tonight!! she is always the best and lifts my spirits!!! hopefully things are on the up and up !! awesome awesome" ... written by gina
incredible ... words can't explain how gifted and accurate she is!" ... written by me
thanks hun for the awesome time! really needed it" ... written by rosy
SHE'S THE BEST! THANKS KATE!" ... written by Linda
I really really love talking with Earth Angles, not only because she is accurate with what she says and predicts, but because she is caring, polite, sincere and has a remarkable ability to calm your spirits and make you smile. She is a wonderful, gifted and radiant spirit. I truly appreciate knowing her. " ... written by moongirl777
I thank the angels for EarthAngels !!! She's amazing, and always broadens my perspective in addition to bringing me clarity through her readings." ... written by L
so positive and put me back in line. Thank you. xoxox always make me feel better." ... written by nithia
ughhh i wish i had more credits!! she’s amazing, if you haven’t gone to her already go! these either psychics.. (except a couple) aren’t compared to her level! she has truth and sincerity and won’t try to waste your credits away. she doesn’t email to ask for updates.. and yet she’s always busy… think about it. " ... written by intrigued8
She has always proven to be right! All things have slowly come to pass and some things immediately. I have not met a reader yet that is so loving a kind!" ... written by Julius
She is always a delight and a true compassionate person! So gifted!!" ... written by Sr
great channeling i've missed kate's channeling forgot how good she is at it" ... written by smiley2011
She is a really good reader." ... written by Teatree
what a ball of fun with Kate yet so raw direct and honest! i can tell her everything! very powerful channeling..gets me ahead of the game! love it...million of stars for Kate!" ... written by rosy
Earthangels is amazing. Her channeling ability is astonishing. She tuned into the person I asked about and it was as if he was speaking to me. Apart from her abilities, Earthangels is such a loving soul. " ... written by lili
Amaizing channelig again. Thank you so much. you are real angel." ... written by SZ
She is very direct and confident in her readings, but it was totally the opposite of what i expected to hear. Will have to calm down and take it all in as i am sure she is a gifted psychic." ... written by angelszone
always the best time talking to her" ... written by moongirl777
wow wonderful insights, very clear and caring. Really on the spot with so much really really helpful information. thank you so much dear, love and light" ... written by c
Awesome awesome awesome..." ... written by rosy
great chat tonight! she is the best! always upbeat and always gives the best advice!!! hopefully this new year will bring about change!! ty for always helping me and being so amazing!!" ... written by gina
EA, i wish you would move to NY. i would have a "space" in your place just for me. you would have to call an exterminator to get rid of me!!! love you loads! thank you always for the channeling and laughs. " ... written by Blessings
I could come to you every day and make my life so much easier. Thank you so much for great advice, insights and channeling. " ... written by SH
love to keep going on n good channeling!" ... written by rosy
love love love talking to her but the lad is ridiculous!!! especially when i am paying 4.00 a minute to talk. oranum needs to work that out!! i could barely type and respond. ughhh...but she is greatttt!! ty kate! xoxo" ... written by gina
always enjoy talking to Kate!" ... written by leana
awesome as always" ... written by sunshine
awesome channeling with all the right dose of fun! always giving me the headstart and be on top of the game (so to speak!)..if u want to stay on top what not better way but to ask EarthAngel to channel for you!" ... written by ROsy
very awesome i wished i didn't run out of money" ... written by mag
Always perfect" ... written by SZ
Wonderful as usual! Earth is such a had been a while since our last reading and am so glad I connected with her again! Much love and light Earth! God bless you xoxo" ... written by Heartnsoul
She is so sweet!! I loved her! She gave me a lot of hope! Thank you Earthangels" ... written by u
Great to read with Earthangels not long enough x" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Always good!! :) " ... written by regina
Great reading, pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Thanks hon xo" ... written by jaqueline
she's great. Always connects well with me." ... written by sunshine
Interesting reading wiht Earth. I hope her predictions will come true. " ... written by Feniks
always super fantastic" ... written by d
One of the most accurate readers ever! very sweet and kind and always right!" ... written by Julius
awesome!" ... written by rosy
Once again, she has provided helpful insights and encouragement. I am so thankful for Earthangels!" ... written by Curious_333
simply wonderful......clear, concise....." ... written by Janice
i cant put into words how much i love this little being earthangels!!! that's all im going to say" ... written by Blessings
earthangels is amazing. she's such a beautiful person and her readings are very accurate. thank you!" ... written by linda
A real earth angel! Wonderful and beautifully in tune with me each and every time. " ... written by lili
The best :)" ... written by Ryzette
shes always sweet and great! i love talking to her!" ... written by linh
Earthangels is such a sweetheart!" ... written by virg
i dont really go for any real questions. i just like to get occasional updates from earth cause i miss getting readings from her." ... written by linh
awesome energy, i'll be back" ... written by Danielle
thank you again dear,.. much love c" ... written by c
Beautiful soul, and an exceptionally talented psychic. Her channeling is off the charts remarkable. " ... written by L
it's been long time since i last had reading with her... but same experience that before, she's genuine and good reader. " ... written by Satu82
love talking to earthangels.... she is wonderful" ... written by leana
i think i’ve started my readings for almost a year and I am glad to say she knows me and my story. the first time i went to her, she gave pretty good description of what my situation is and from there I’d always go to her.. a part from other psychics here, i know she’s not out for my money other than my best interest at heart. There are some psychics on here that i go to who I feel are the same way." ... written by intrigued8
She is literally a life saver, and angel. I love her dearly." ... written by moongirl777
it was a tough reading.. but she told me what i needed to hear vs what i wanted to hear. " ... written by joanna
Always phenomenal !" ... written by L
Wow!! A great read!! Earthangels knows how to get information for you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Lovely to catch up with Earth after several months. :) What she predicted in my life, happened months ago and is still happening. So what can I say? Whatever she tells you will eventually come to pass, so hold your faith. Much love always. xoxoxo" ... written by Autumn
her channeling is insanely on point! wow! 5 stars every time! " ... written by n
good reading" ... written by teatree
thank u! you are such a gift Angel! thank you for reassuring me!!!! many many blessings for you!!!" ... written by Alicja
She's great! and the reading was great too" ... written by intrigued8
amazing as usual..just saving all for her!!! she is that good u know..." ... written by rosy
You are God's Earth Angel sent from heaven. You are a gift to us all." ... written by maxwashere
Super duper wonderful. There's no one like EarthAngels. Love her energy too :)" ... written by L
Another fantastic update .... very connected and very genuine wonderful earth angel" ... written by 66SM
quick connection and provided answers from angels." ... written by maxwellsmart66
been a minute since we talked!! still saying the same thing about my current situation. can't wait to hear something new lol. but always enjoy talking to her!! she is great!! ty kate mwah!" ... written by gina
Thanks so much, Earthangels. It's amazing how you remember things. I can't believe you actually saw the bald guy. Will give you an update!" ... written by honfleur
You are amazing. I can't wait for your predictions to come true!" ... written by Sheena
She is amazing and on point I recommend everyone to see her." ... written by moondiva8
heartfelt message is always the best message. " ... written by jo
Great reading! Thanks for that Earthangels. I will continue to enjoy my current arrangement and will definitely be back for an update. Love and light :) x" ... written by GratefulOne14
Always spot on in what she sees. Very very accurate, loving and honest!" ... written by Julius
A year ago angel gave me predictions about my journey and my life path that are all happening TODAY NOW. She was the only one to see my business and ideas a year ago, and she basically predicted my journey!!! It's so amazing how she knows everything thats going on in my life right now, she literally took every word i was going to say to her. She is just amazing and her readings are one of a kind. I'm so glad that I have met someone like angel and i will be following her steps to help others. You are truly gifted!!! thank you so much. xoxo" ... written by Sandra
awesome as usual....xxxxx" ... written by rosy
Just wonderful" ... written by ZTS
Answered a lot of the questions I had - wonderful warm energy." ... written by Nursecat
My sister Earth is a true gem!! She is definitely the best @ what she does!! im going to New Zealand and kidnapping her!!! That's how much I love her!!!!" ... written by Blessings
she is really the best... " ... written by veezee
always great! 5 stars!" ... written by peach
great channeling " ... written by smiley2011
absolutely truthful compassionate and so much accuracy. Beautiful blessing" ... written by sonia
thank you for the update. i'll see you on sunday. " ... written by Blessings
Have been waiting so long to talk to her. And all I can say is she is just wonderful." ... written by someone
Exciting news are on the way." ... written by ms66
love this girl to pieces!! she has such wonderful energy!! she goes above and beyond!! i truly appreciate he and all that she does!! you will not be disappointed getting a reading from her!! she is simply the best!!!" ... written by gina
Earthangels is simply the best angel who delivers answers." ... written by Simply the best
she is so amazing when she channels!!! always great!" ... written by peach
She's the BEST. Above par. SUPERIOR. And a lovely spirit too." ... written by L
Another great reading with Earthangels. She is the best on Oranium. " ... written by Alice
Thank you for the update! Spot on and in tune with situation." ... written by Curious_333
the greatest!" ... written by wow
Very honest and frank reading. Caring advice too. Would recommend. " ... written by angelszone
First reading with her. Had read so many good reviews and feedback and they were right - she is wonderful. Not only the most upbeat and pleasant person, but really read the situation right from the start of the reading. I trust everything she said and I know it will turn out as she has told me. Will be back and I give her so many stars!!!!!" ... written by debbiec0613
She's the most amazing reader ever. She reads my mind, my heart and soul. She is like no other. Thank you, earthangel, for shedding light love and hope into my life :)" ... written by Sheena
Amazing - wish i could talk to her all night. Ran out of funds but so good. You will not regret a reading with her and she is so worth waiting for. STARS STARS STARS. When she channels I know the words are his." ... written by debbiec0613
Very good connection and fast." ... written by angelszone
awesome awesome" ... written by roosy
i absolutely love earth. shes so funny. shes like my big sister. i go to her not just for readings anymore but advice as well. shes the best and ive recommended her to all my friends and they love her as well. shes great at channeling people and picking up on situations!" ... written by linh
as always, great great great, fast and so gifted at picking up energies" ... written by Alicja
wonderful and absolutely accurate. what a blessing!!!" ... written by sonia
Love getting your updates so much! healing insights into helping me understand, and see clearly. love and light dear" ... written by c
connected well, not enough info on my part , over all good. thanks." ... written by sam
Perfect angel on the earth. Love her so much. Real channeler and spiritual guru as well." ... written by zts
Earthangels is truly gifted and talented!! For her to tell me exactly what was going on and what I needed to do to achieve true happiness is a wonderful blessing. Now I see why she's so popular!! First time having a reading with her and def won't be my last. =)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Just what I needed to hear. Thanks." ... written by Catherine
A true angel! Always right and accurate!" ... written by Julius
EXCELLENT! Very gifted!" ... written by Ann
always always a great read" ... written by joanna
She is really good" ... written by teatree
WOW! another amazing reading" ... written by MS66
awesome reading" ... written by apple
great channeling" ... written by smiley2011
OMG!!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! The BEST on Oranum. She is Amazing with her psychic abilities. She is an excellent and a genuine advisor. She is a brilliant genuine gem!! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Love EarthAngel so much. I would even if she did not just give me good news. She is so positive and upbeat and truly seems delighted when she can tell you something that is good. She has been accurate so far - so I will keep coming back. " ... written by debbiec0613
Super FANTASTIC exceptional STUPENDOUS insightful - -always :)" ... written by L
awesome as usual..." ... written by rosy
wondeful awesome great reader head on readings in people heads n read w such great ess" ... written by apple
thumbs up!!!" ... written by rosy
what an incredible soul and so uplifting. you must see her. " ... written by cat
she was great like always. Always positive and great at channeling." ... written by linnyle
incredible as always! " ... written by w
Very quick at giving updates and accurate at giving an overall picture of how your path will work out. Awesome reading(:" ... written by Ayane
Thank you honey you are an wonderful always." ... written by maxwellsmart66
graet pick up energy as always!!1 thank you Earth!!!! 10 stars" ... written by Alicja
Earthangels is always wonderful, always connected, never misses a beat. She is my trusted advisor." ... written by lili
She is the best Love her!" ... written by ZTS
always a lighthearted conversation" ... written by joanna
amazing channeling" ... written by rosy
I ADORE EARTHANGELS!!!!! she's the best @ what she does!!!!" ... written by shirley Temple
She always is amazing. I totally trust her, and she's just a gift to have as an advisor." ... written by L
Thank you for being an Angel. Truly wonderful and gifted ." ... written by maxwellsmart66
very amazing reader i like her i had so many readings with her 100000000 stars for her" ... written by sam
What a sweet andamp; gentle angel she intuitive. I cant wait for her predictions to come through. Its been a long road. Thank you so much. xo" ... written by Mare
You continue to amaze me with your abilities, love and compassion. :)" ... written by Sheena
very sweet and good" ... written by ceecee
Always great readings with Earth. Types fast and channels real quick. Sometimes don't know how she gets her messages but very amazing! You have to try her out to believe it. thanks hon" ... written by jaqueline
True EarthAngel...Powerful" ... written by Angela
She is great I need to get back again,. I love her she is very honest and kind." ... written by Anita
If you need to have clarity and someone who is incredibly gifted then you must see Earth. She is like touching a star." ... written by sonia
thanks for bringing me thru the difficult moments..awesome xoxo" ... written by rosy
she knows my whole life story.." ... written by joanna
She's so lovely and an amazing psychic. Her gifts are unparalleled. " ... written by L
Great reading, i hope what Earthangels says about my ex coming back comes to pass in June-Sept. Reallly hoping. Thank you so much. Will keep u updated." ... written by Tahliah
awesome!!!!!!" ... written by rosy
Wonderful always!!!!!" ... written by SM66
Earthangels is nothing but amazing. No, she's more than amazing. She saw the man that I was going to meet. She knew where he'd take me, what he'd do and gosh... she even saw that he'd appear with a gift and he DID! She told me his qualities... his previous r/s... his family... all about him... And every single thing she said came true before my eyes when I met this man for the very first time. Earthangels is amazing at chanelling... She's been able to tell me what he feels and thinks (because sometimes, my fear overwhelms me and blocks me from the truth before my eyes). Everything she has said about my past, present and future has been accurate... Her predictions have turned into reality... I don't know how anyone can have such a gift and be so warm, loving and real... Earthangels is like no other. She says only the truth and teaches you that life and love is simple and beautiful... as long as you believe in the right things. Earthangels, thank you. :) Everyone else, go to her if you are looking for truth and for your doubts to be cleared. " ... written by Sheena
Fantastic and gives such great follow up information with love and compassion. " ... written by sonia
Earthangel is phenomenal. She is the only one I believe in now... Everythings she said had happened... And she has given the future so much hope... I know it is not just hope... But truth... Truth that my heart knows but eyes could not see" ... written by Sheena
wow so much energy n love n fun n of course awesome channeling" ... written by rosy
I love you so much my dear earthangel. In moments of sadness and in moments of joy, you are always by my side. I hope your predicitions come true, than I will spend some good amount with you too :) Love you loads." ... written by earthangeles girl
First reading ever with Earthangels. She confirmed what I feel in my heart and soul. I look forward to the predictions and will come back again. Thank you so much. xoxo" ... written by Mare
Great as always full of love and new light." ... written by MS66
good reading" ... written by teatree
Absolutely the best connection and counsel. Really life changing" ... written by Angela
Joy, laughter clarity. What more can you ask for from this beautiful lightworker. so blessed." ... written by sonia
Wow, love her!!" ... written by Mare
I love her! she is the best psychic!" ... written by moongirl777
earth truly is an angel! What a lovely spirit she is. Delightful to read with and I totally trust her insight and predictions. She has been accurate for me so far. Wish she lived next door to me because she is the girlfriend every woman wants. " ... written by debbiec0613
Always Awesome ... such a gift!" ... written by ann
Earthangel is the best, she can channel her heart out. I love her, she is so sincere and accurate in her readings. just wonderful" ... written by Beverly419
it froze! but it was a wonderful reading... always is with earth!" ... written by joanna
Wonderful ability to really tap into a person's energy with compassion and such beautiful accuracy." ... written by sonia
Wow - so cool she channelled my Grandfather who I never met - very special - love her xx." ... written by Nursecat
Thank you so much for being my guide and great psychic. I love you so much. Sometimes I really need kick in my but to see how good things are happening around me. I got somehow blind in the long process. Bless your heart. I love you." ... written by sz
great reading" ... written by apple
amazing reading as always!!" ... written by jaqueline
always amazing - love her. Highly recommend her " ... written by debbiec0613
She's so lovely. And just mind-blowing in her abilities. " ... written by Ahz
Just came back to her to finish up last nite reading. Love talking with her and she really picks up on everything. It is amazing." ... written by debbiec0613
I needed that to release again. She tuned into my situation and was able to calm me. I worry so much. I needed her insight to learn to channel peace on my own. " ... written by knowing2013
Love EA. The best. And such a generous and genuine sole. Just know everything she says is true. She has been accurate so far so I am excited about the future" ... written by debbiec0613
Always, always, ALWAYS - WONDERFUL." ... written by L
Earthangels always great insight with many details" ... written by Beverly 419
Thank you Kate for everything." ... written by maxwellsmart66
shes awesome" ... written by regina
great reading" ... written by apple
thank you always!!! love you from the bottom of my heart!!!." ... written by Shirley Temple
Amazing as usual. Brings so much clarity." ... written by Angela
she knows my like a book!" ... written by joanna
She's just so intuitive and amazing. I love her!" ... written by Mare
Worth the waiting and waiting as she is truly the best!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
The warmest. The most genuine. The most precise. The most encouraging. The best." ... written by Sheena
Kate kinda freaked me out abit today. before i said anything she mentioned this person whom been on my mind lately weirding me out..gosh! so thankful i spoke to her to bring me back to balance again..need to focus during this transition..critical stage. stay focus on my u kate!!! xoxo" ... written by rosy
Thank you sooooo much :) was a lovely reading. i've been waiting for awhile to get a pvt with her!! Def worth it:)" ... written by l
Always a pleasure to connect to Earth. Thank you so much! xo" ... written by heartnsoul
My dear angel, I didnt know we will came so far. You always manage to help me to maintain the faith. Everything now sees so clear to me. You are an amaizing spritual guide, and I am a good student, lol. Thank you so much. God bless your gift and sweet heart. And thank you for being so patient with me almost two years. Love you loads." ... written by earthangeles girl
This lady was telling she came to Oranum, there is hope and not to give up. She was guiding through my sadness and desperation, trough my blindness coused by depression and I could go on and on. Sometimes I had disbelieves even when I wanted to have faith and trust. But I was always drawn to her on the end because my soul had no doubt in her. She is one of the best I know. Not only here on Oranum but worldwide. She is true Earth Angel. IF you follow her and your soul, you will get there were you want. It will not always be easy but she can give useful advice how to help yourself through difficult times. And her channeling, the source of information and healing that is ... She is truly connected. Thank you Angel to be my spiritual teacher and teacher of unconditional love. I will remeber that always. It is written in my heart. I just don't know how to express all my gratitude. You even teach me how to be happy again and not all can understand how difficult that is after all this pain for a long time. You understand, you simply get it, no judging, no mockery, ridiculing, just pure love, help, compation and healing. My deepest tribute to you, Earthangel. I love you so much. And I smile too!" ... written by sz
It's not difficult to tell if the psychic is real. When Earthangels channel, she speaks not with her words but words that the other person would use. That's when you know for sure that Earthangels is truly, an angel, who is able to guide you on your path... and shed light on what is on the mind of the other person. She's not here to do business... she's here to heal, to guide, to hold you and release you of your fears which might be blocking you from heading onto the right path. I could go on and on about what she had done for me... But if I can only say it in one line, let me just say this: Earthangels is truly a spiritual gift/guide from the universe. She's beyond real. I love you, hun. " ... written by Sheena
Very glad to catch up with Earth after a while. Almost two years of readings with her, she has always been so right about everything. Much love xoxox" ... written by Sandy
LEAVE IT TO EARTH TO MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER! she can read me like a book!" ... written by joanna
all i can say is WOW. She is aways so detailed and such a warm spirit. So Genuine. Absolutely wonderful. I cannot give her enuf stars. " ... written by debbiec0613
Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say about Earthangel. How she channels the person you are asking about is amazing. Thank You so much. You are and Angel." ... written by mc
i just love her! her mentoring her channelling and insights every thing!!! alwasy such a deep connection! darling u are such a wonderful wonderful gem! thankyou!" ... written by c
thank you for your deep insight, patience and guiding. for being here to clear my thoughts. amazing how she connects and channels with people - thank you!" ... written by maithu
You are given such a beautiful gift with how you channel into someone and getting to see the bigger picture into a happy union. Always great!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
she's very amazing and a great reader she have a wonderful gift" ... written by Sabrina Demarais
Thank you again for so much help and guidance. When ever I get lost, you find me :) Thank you, thank you, thank you." ... written by earthangeles girl
I have never met anyone like Kate. She goes out of her way to help me... To make things work for me... To help me identify the intentions of this guy i am seeing... She guides, counsels and heals... And she doesn't read just minds... she reads hearts and the depths of souls... Everything is clear before her eyes and she talks about them as they are... Such an angel. Such a gift." ... written by Sheena
Her counsel and guidance is priceless. So grateful her existence on this earth." ... written by Angela
Thank you Earthangels for bringing great energy to my day. I always feel so much better after talking with you :) xo" ... written by vbruin
The most honest person. I think she knows me more than I know myself. :)" ... written by Sheena
earthangels always gives 100 percent in readings. She is amazing and very accurate in details" ... written by Beverly419
Earth not only gives incomparable readings, but she is a wonderful teacher. I always learn from her, and often she helps me to broaden my perspective, and challenge myself to grow." ... written by L
thank you once again! you always feel me and uplift me with your kind words! i can only can repeat that you are truly gifted with your insights, it's been a long journey for me and hasn't finished yet, so thank you for giving me reassurance :) blessings xxx" ... written by Alicja
Great chat tonight!! I am glad we had this session! She gave me a lot to look forward to!!! love her xoxo" ... written by gina
She is really one of the greatest. very sincere and accurate in her readings. She has seen me through a lot and has been honest with me the whole time. always delivering the message in love, whether the message is good or bad. Her energy is always uplifting for she is a true and gifted psychic." ... written by Julius
Great reading. love her , she makes me feel better.... I will comeback" ... written by Ann
A positive reading and it is good to hear from her perspective on my love life situation." ... written by BN
Earthangels is truly a gift! Accurate and kind!" ... written by Ann
thank you so much for clearing the energy for me. You are my best help I can imagine." ... written by lost in space
Great for helping me with advice and what to do. " ... written by Nursecat
Earthangels heals... She heals not only with her energy and abilities but with her heart which has the ability to make you see - to make your heart sees whats true, what's real, what's simple, what's important. :) I thank God I found her, everyday." ... written by Sheena
Such a beautiful soul...thank you, Kate. " ... written by Mare
wow" ... written by Angela
Wow. Everything she has been saying is not happening. It is so exciting and wonderful. Kate is so amazing! Can not say enough about her - cannot even believe how accurate she is. Not to mention she is the sweetest lady ever. Excellent" ... written by debbiec0613
Beautiful and amazing so thankful for the messages." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Her readings are stunningly accurate and revealing. She's a gem!" ... written by L
Earthangels is the best!!!! She's such an amazing reader and truly cares about her clients! Love her charming personality :) and her being such a great psychic def helps lol" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
100 stars!! i just love her!! she's so great. her channeling gift is amazing! " ... written by kmg
great reader" ... written by apple
awesome..only complaint is being cut off every time!!! how annoying..but still love my time with my lovely babe. got to dash now...ahhh" ... written by rosy
EA is been such a blessing and true angel in my life. Her compassion and inspiration has truly changed my life. I can hardly type the right words because im filled with so much joy. I adore you EA and i love you soo much for all you do! Cyber hu" ... written by Shirley Temple
great detail quick reader" ... written by apple
kate is so worth waiting for. she is amazing with her insight and accuracy. An angel" ... written by debbiec0613
thanks so much appreciate your answer, thanks again" ... written by moni
I dont know how to ever repay earth for all of her wisdom!! She is completely the best always helping me and is so loving!! She is real...and lets you see all angles!! you are truly a gift!!" ... written by misty
She is truly one of the greatest around. No one I trust more than her" ... written by Julius
Wonderful - she gave me a look at a situation from both perspectives." ... written by NurseCat
I love EarthAngels not only because she is a supremely excellent reader, but because she truly wants her clients to develop themselves in positive ways; to move forward in their lives. I am so grateful to her for the impact she has had on my life. " ... written by Ahz
Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful... " ... written by max66
you are a real pearl of Oranum. I hope you know that. I love you so much. Always here to help me. Almost two years ago you were saying what will happen and now is unfolding slowly but clearly. I would like to thank you for guiding me and helping me to keep my faith. And I always felt unconditional love from you. I learned so much from you. .. I will treasure you always. " ... written by zts
great reading love how she connects and taps into another persons thoughts and feelings very amazing" ... written by apple
awesome chat tonight!! she is always so helpful and great at giving me some homework!! love this girl to pieces!! things will fall into place like they are supposed to! i believe in her and the work she does! she's the best!" ... written by gina
Always an angel... always guide... always heal... :) I cannot be more thankful." ... written by Sheena
Earth is just beyond anyone's expectations. She will amaze you." ... written by L
Kate thank you angel for all your channeling. Amazing gifts" ... written by maxwellsmart66
i had to come back for an update reading bc one of her predictions came true again!" ... written by w
EarthAngels is def one of the best on this site!! She instantly knows the answers to your questions and is able to confirm with the cards(: Awesome reading full of accurate details and great sense of humor!!" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
great reading as always highly recomend wonderful reader" ... written by apple
always feel sooooo much better after a session with earthangels. thank you so much :)" ... written by vbruin
A++++++++++++" ... written by rosy
Earthangels is such a delightful andamp; lovely lady. Wish i had more time. Truly gifted and amazing. " ... written by debbiec0613
She's always right on target. She knows exactly what's going on word for word without me telling her. She channels remarkably " ... written by blessed25
she is a wonderful reader and very good connection" ... written by apple
So fun! She read my cards and was very helpful! It was crazy! The cards went along with all the new changes in my life!" ... written by ClaireDLune
Thank you for putting me at ease. You are a blessing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
The best..shes always on target. Relieves my stress with the honest truth that she sees" ... written by blessed25
very amazing reader many readings with her" ... written by sam
It's a plain fact that consulting with EarthAngels has changed my life greatly. She has helped me to understand, learn, and broaden my perspective. The impact of her readings is immeasurable. " ... written by L
Wow - what a reading!!! confirmed everything I had been thinking so positive - thank you so much for your support on this - cant wait to change my life for the better xx." ... written by Nursecat
Thank you Earth!" ... written by :) Love
She is an extraordinary reader!!! Earthangels is able to give immediate, accurate answers to all of your questions and can confirm them with the cards. She does not use the cards as her main reading tool; her intuition alone is always on point! She was also able to channel the guy I love and type out what he was thinking about our relationship. It was such a nice way of having my questions answered without asking him directly!! lol Plus, I got to copy and paste "his" thoughts for record so that was really nice! Thank you sooo much love!! I will keep you posted about the good news as your predictions unfold(:" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
shes so awesome. good quality reading. " ... written by mia
She has helped me through so much!! Thank you for bieng one of my sweet angels!! Giving me the insight that i need all of the time!! truly one of my gifts" ... written by misty
O, wow, thank you so much. Not only that you put me at peace, your channeling is sooooo amazing. you are the best!" ... written by SZ
I love talking to her, she's so sweet and fun to talk to. She verrryy accurate and positive. Thank you for everything." ... written by ali23m
I can always say that after very reading with her, I know truth has been spoken. Every reading is done with love and truth and much clarity. She will reveal the good and bad and give the best advice on when to stay or go. A true gifted psychic she is and someone I know I can trust. Excellent always!" ... written by Julius
I don't know how you do what you do... But you are an incredible angel, teacher, guide and healer... Thank you Kate. With all my heart. :)" ... written by Sheena
Always perfect!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
This girl is so amaizing that you Will not want to go to any other psychic. She is my Guru and my guide for more than a year and I can only say, that what she said at the begining is really unfolding. It is hard to belive, but it is true ... I had my moments of doubts, sure I had ... but I followed her wisdom and now I can't thank her enough and to angels to brought me to her. She is full of love nad a true healer. Love her, love her, love her ... and she never forgets to love me back :) " ... written by amaizing grace
very awesome update as usual...thanks Kate! ur still the best here!" ... written by rosy
she was amazing...she predicted some things for me ...we will see if it comes true!!! i will def return back" ... written by nami
she has been on this long crazy trip with me!! i have to say she has really helped me grow!! she is an amazing teacher and spiritual guide and healer!! i am so blessed to have her with me along my journey!! she is the best!! there is not enough words to express my gratitude and pure love for this woman!! she is truly gifted and cares!! look know further for she is the best!!" ... written by gina
WOW!!!!!! incredible!!" ... written by WOW
Kate is always there, always amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I don't know what to say... simply because I have so much to say. Kate never fails... She heals, and heals... and heals. She brings my eyes to what my heart fails to see... to the true light and vision... and keep my faith strong. She is not only accurate... she is so much more." ... written by Sheena
I think she is very gifted and I think I would go back to her for more. " ... written by tracy
she always makes me feel better" ... written by vbruin
Worth the wait to have a reading with Kate." ... written by maxwellsmart66
all the confirmations i needed..shall wait for things to" ... written by rosy
Great reading always!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
always great speaking with earthangels, she's very helpful and makes me feel better :)" ... written by vbruin
So great and to the point. Love her insights and channeling. And her guidance is worth to take. She actually can really guide you through the most difficult times and you will get there where you want to be. Just trust her and do what she said. " ... written by me the SZ
wow...what an awesome update jz before i have to fly off!!! great awesome start for me...muach muach muach" ... written by rosy
EarthAngels is the best of the best. She's incomparable !" ... written by L
She really is an ANGEL here on EARTH." ... written by L
"THE BEST" is an understatement :)))" ... written by Sheena
Love my readings with Kate. She is hard to reach because she is sooo good. Just a delightful lady in addition to be gifted. Thank yu Kate xx" ... written by debbiec0613
She is awesome , great energy also ..Loved my reading will keep her updated." ... written by sc
Put things into perspective for me - thank you" ... written by Nursecat
AMAZING as usual!! The best of the best!!" ... written by gina
magnificent soul and so much accuracy and compassion." ... written by sonia
My soulsister, my guiding light... You can never imagine how your gifts have healed hearts, changed minds and changed lives... God bless you my dear :)))))" ... written by Sheena
My spiritual advisor, life teacher, soulsister and friend... Earthangel is more than an angel on Earth. She doesn't offer quick fixes or try to be a "fortune teller". She offers insights to situations in life and shed light - light from the highest good - to help you clarify your thoughts and empower you to make decisions that will get you to where you need to go in life. This is what we need, people. What we don't need is quick fixes that many can offer. Anyone can offer "predictions" without details and shedding light - anyone. But earthangel is more than that. She brings light into your heart, mind and life. She doesn't make decisions for you because she knows that is YOUR birthright - to make decisions for YOUR own life. I am eternally grateful to her. She's one person I will never forget. Quit the quick fixes people. Don't hold on to things that may not be true. Seek the truth. Go to the light." ... written by Sheena
AWESOME!" ... written by knowing2013
Hun, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you... and how you have supported through this tough and almost senseless phase of my life... I will take your advice... I cant thank you enough hun... You are my therapist, trusted guru and soul sister, all in one. Let the process unfold.... if it will. In the meantime, I will work on being happy and pursuing my own dreams. I love you so much." ... written by Sheena
I have been going to earth for the longest time, she’s talked me thru my emotional turbulences and helped me regain who I am again. She is sweet kind and trusting, never have I felt her abusing her power by trying to prolong the reading, she gives me advice without pause, when you click the yellow bar she is all professional. she is honestly one of the best. I have to admit I was hesitant going to reading with her at first.. but that was a year and a half ago. I promise she doesn’t stall like the rest of them!" ... written by Jo
Very accurate, kind and loving is how I describe every one of her readings. A true psychic but a very loving spirit and honest in her delivery. Always a comfort and blessing when I am able to chat with her." ... written by Julius
Glad she's back, she always makes me feel better. " ... written by vbruin
missed you so much darling sister, alwasy so much information and hope to process it all and actually get myself to do the things that we and my guides know are coming up. I need to be reminded of this often. thank you kate!" ... written by c
plain awesome.. " ... written by rosy
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!!! Excellent Energies, Excellent Psychic and Excellent overall! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
gosh needed this reprieve...much awaited but she is still my very top top reader!!!! love ya" ... written by rosy
EA is the absolute best!!! all the stars in the universe cant add up to how wonderfeul she is!! she has truly been there for me. i love her dearly!! " ... written by Blessings
Helps to get some perspective from her. thanks earthangels!" ... written by v
The best! what can i say...." ... written by petalouditsa
needed the sense of awakening!!!" ... written by rosy
always amazing" ... written by janice
OMG she is spot on and never ever makes me feel like I am getting made up information. What a beautiful soul." ... written by sonia
she is so amazing and i trust her insight completely. She is a hard on to nab but worth the wait. Love her " ... written by debbiec0613
Best. The best of the best. Always warm. Always truthful. Always help you open your mind. She's not just gifted... she's amazingly gifted. Brings clarity to the situation every single time :)" ... written by Sheena
She is superb! Worth the wait!! Love you EarthAngels!" ... written by SP
thanks Kate for keeping my faith alive!!!" ... written by rosy
shes adorable andamp; has great insight" ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY
i love this woman!" ... written by w
always amazing as usual cant thank her amazing...truly an angel in my life...." ... written by nami
love her!" ... written by moongirl777
Earthangels is my most trusted advisor. She has her clients best interests at heart. She is gifted beyond belief, and comes from a place of love, truth, and union with spirit." ... written by L
EA gives me soo much clarity and understanding in every area of my life. i cant believe i didnt have her in my life sooner. i love her soo much. not only is her channeling ability like no other, her spirit and tender heart is like no other. even though she's super kind, she will tell you exactly what your spirit guides want you to know. sometimes it's not also kind. EA is my dear friend and trusteed advisor. all the stars in the universe to you EA!!!" ... written by Shirley Temple
she is so amazing, so knowledgeable and perceptive, its awesome how she helped me feel so much better helping me see the situation clearer, its awesome how much she can tell in depth of things, of myself and what is going on. :) " ... written by Ana
She's a profound guide for me. And I have grown so much with her help. I am deeply grateful for her insights and knowledge." ... written by L
she is so great it is beyond words" ... written by eva
Earthangels is amazing. she is such a beautiful soul and is a wonderful reader. 5 stars all the way!!!! :)" ... written by faerieLovee
thank you so much for your encouraging words, as always you are 10 stars!!! xxx" ... written by Alicja
Another great reading, she is so warm, kind, caring and says it as she sees it. thank you for your honesty ... highly recommend her thank so much.." ... written by bernyrose
She is so uplifting and encouraging. Her insight is so on point with the other person feelings and thoughts. I appreciate you for sharing your gift with me. Blessings to you for all the lives you touch. " ... written by knowing2013
great chat!! new stuff to talk about!! this girl knows her stuff!! i cannot express enough how excited i am to have her in my life!! She is simply the best!!" ... written by gina
finally!! i could talk to Kate. She is so wonderful and giiving me great guidance and comfort always. Thank you so much!!!! Truly amazing " ... written by leana
Earthangels is amazing every time. She really channels people very well. She is very caring and positive. Great energy and spirit!" ... written by butterflylinda
Fast Detailed and Accurate.. Information just flows" ... written by Jay
Awesome reading - really confirmed my excitement inside - thank you heaps." ... written by Nursecat
EA is amazing. She has been sooo right so far and and i truly trust her intuition. In addition her light shine through just talking with her. She is a genuine, kind and just a pleasure to speak with. Hard to get, but worth the wait" ... written by debbiec0613
great reading" ... written by ape
She's the best-est of the best. And she's such a love. She will tell you the truth and she will also blow you away with her accuracy." ... written by L
i feel refreshed after talking to her even though i she told me something that i didnt want to hear but this tells me she is the real thing and not just filling my head with fluff. " ... written by mel
She has such a calm sprite and soul. I truly and honored to have meet her. Blessings to you for all you have shown me. " ... written by knowing2013
OMG!!!! She is a 5 Stars! Excellent memories! Excellent predictions too!!! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
absolutely wonderful and so accurate and loving. what an incredible ability." ... written by cat
amazing!" ... written by Blessings
there are really no words to express my deepest feelings for Earthangels. over the last few months, she has helped me get a deeper understanding of my life's purpose and walk into my true essence. her channeling ability is like no other. she is truly an angel and i will continue to see her wisdom. i love you Earth!!!" ... written by Shirley Temple
She was amazing...she was on spot like usual...i cant wait till her predictions come to pass...she is always accurate....i cant thank her enough...she is the best!!!!" ... written by nami
she is truly amazing. she helped me a lot to understand my situation better. " ... written by Ana
i love her! i missed her so much and finally got to catch her today" ... written by linny
its been awhile since ive had a reading and i just missed her so i decided to get an update. i love that she remembers me and everything weve discussed and she doesnt sugar coat anything" ... written by linny
WOW, she channeled someone for me and literally repeated an entire converstaion I had with someone! Amazing!! I don't know how she does it! Great reading!" ... written by Love
She brings peace to my mind by guiding me and showing me a path that is kind of blurry....she makes it clear for me to walk on it...i cant describe in words how thankful i am to have her in my life....she is truly gifted and amazing....thank u sooo much!!!" ... written by namrata
Really sweet and really, really, really fast. Thank you!" ... written by Sierra
Love her energy!! Just an absolute awesome soul! She is always so positive and uplifting!! Funny and warm-hearted! The best on here!! You will not be disappointed with a reading from her!! That is why it's so hard to get her!! I am so blessed to have her in my life!" ... written by gina
Awesome awesome awesome like always..on the spot...predictions always come to i cant wait till this one does :)" ... written by namrata
She's the best of the best. Earthangels is a true blessing to all of her clients !" ... written by L
each time its like the window to clearity and the fog is lifted further, there no onther that has this depth of insight and far sight at the same time. combined with incredible spiritual wisdom. You are a wonderful mentor that I would not want to miss in these times of deep change. thank so much kate, much love to you! xxx c" ... written by c
thanks earth! Always feels great talking to you :)" ... written by v
She is such a beautiful soul. She keeps me grounded and I live for her readings and channeling. It brings me peace. I hate to contact her so much as I know she needs rest and to recharge herself. She is such a giving , peaceful, honest soul. I appreciate you for sharing your talent with me again tonight. " ... written by knowing2013
She is my best psychic and guide. I love her to death. Always accurate and always guides me so warm and so well. For ever grateful. Truly! " ... written by zts
Kate is seriously a an Earth Angel. Her guidance is Divine." ... written by L
Still the best :)" ... written by Myragm
i wish i could talk to Kate everyday!" ... written by n
She is very good with keeping it simple and clearing up any doubt about they path you are going on. She is also good in letting you know when to stop and go in another direction. " ... written by CR
Snatch her up while you can! She is absolutely amazing. There is a reason why she is so popular! She got everything right without me saying anything. She went straight to the point. That's a real psychic. Thanks Earth! I love talking to you! You are so caring." ... written by Mai Lee
WOW is all I can say if you hesitate taking this lady private you will never get her into private because someone else will beat you to it. She was so spot on with what she said to me with little to no info on my part I will leave you with this last quote and take it seriously He Who Hesitates Is Lost meaning if you go into her room and you don't take her private right away you will never get a private reading. Thank you so much" ... written by Raymond
she is great! " ... written by Ana
love the amazing channeling session..wish I can keep going " ... written by rosy
She is amazing. I love talking to her, she knows so much and truely is honest. She is detailed and won't waste your time and money. Thank you for granting me clarity :)" ... written by ali23m
worth waiting for hours and hours. superb always" ... written by ms
ery unique reading and such connection" ... written by apple
Always amazing. she is such a lovely person - so warm and caring and has a true gift. The Best" ... written by debbiec0613
Amazing, always. Tuned in and connection so accurate." ... written by lili
great chat tonight!! my go to girl always makes me feel better!! she is the best!! ty ty ty" ... written by gina
Always feels great talking to her! " ... written by v
So, EarthAngel has always been busy, and I have always been curious as to her readin because I read a lot of good things about her. So, when she was finally free, I gave her a shot.....Oh my goodness! This was the best reading I have ever had. She was so right on the money, it's not even funny.I was in awe the whole time. She gave me amazing news! She was accurate, VERY fast, and straight to the point. I cannot wait for this to come to pass. I seriously love this lady! Thank you soooo much! You have made my night! I will come back!" ... written by MaiLee24
lord..u have no idea how much u lifted me up!!! really needed this time with u..thank u for all the affirmations. xoxo" ... written by rosy
everything all of it has come to be. I swear this is unbelievable." ... written by cat
Earthangels is the absolute best of the best. " ... written by L
The best psychic. Very calming, very light and very accurate. I love her!" ... written by the star
Earthangels is good, she picked up on so much. Definitely worth the time and money. I look forward to her predictions a very positive reading." ... written by Tickleme
great reading" ... written by apple
she is one of the besttttt on here...i always come to her before i do anything...she is my to go person....she channels really well...she deeply connects and takes her time to help you... I really really always appreciate her help and she has been always right about my situations...i cant thank her enough....xoxx she is the besttttt" ... written by nami
Fab reading..she is really sweet and answered all my questions..accurate accurate!!" ... written by t
This beautiful lady is truly an angel. Once again she hits a home run with the reading I am very excited to see the events coming in the near future. Thanks again to a very special Lady" ... written by Raym
more time good to speak too " ... written by sng
OMG!! She's really good!! I don't know what to say!! She's not waisting my time and money at all. Now wonder shes very popular. Im so glad able to connect her." ... written by Lovely
She's truly the best of the best. I'm serious. :)" ... written by L
I wish I had unlimited amount of time! I would spend all day with her in the chat just talking. She was amazing in channeling my ex. Who I could see say those things she said because how said it was exactly who he was." ... written by MaiLee
Shes always on target and truthful!! love her!! " ... written by blessed25
i adore this woman to core of my soul!!! im at a lost for words now to describe this beautiful soul!!! I LOVE EA!!!" ... written by Blessings
Earthangel was very helpful. I appreciate your support. Thanks" ... written by Raymond
She is amazing channeling people...she has a beautiful soul...she always helps me out and shows me and guides me on my path...i cant thank her love love her...she is been always there for me...i highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Nami
what can i say , wowwwwwwww" ... written by ai
Thanks! She was channeling other person so goood!!!! Really the best on site! thanks lovely :) xxx" ... written by ...
She is fantabulous!!" ... written by SP
Thank you Earth for always being there for me!!!!!" ... written by petalouditsa
I really only read with one or two readers on here… earth is always so busy so its rare that i catch her but when i do i read with her and its always very mind blowing.. she's really incredible and quick to connect in a way I've never seen before. she channels remarkably. great reader" ... written by kmg
she is the one true psychic that I trust." ... written by moongirl777
Great reading" ... written by maxwellsmart66
She is so awessome and on point" ... written by liz
earth always helps to make me feel better and keep positive. thank you!" ... written by v
love kate she is so great in seeing into everything" ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY
this is my first reading with her and she was amazing. thank you thank you thank you." ... written by luxxicon
always gives a 5 star reading!" ... written by n
It is always refreshing to speak with her. I will relax and believe that I will have all the right words to say on Friday. She is a diamond. " ... written by knowing2013
Always so happy when i can catch EA. Truly a gifted lady and I really trust her insight and predictions. She is a delight to read with as well" ... written by debbiec0613
what a wonderful spirit she is and always uplifting. Her readings are always right on point and she gives the best advice. No one really better than her" ... written by Julius
great talk as usual!! the best!! love her! " ... written by gina
Earth is always so amazing, and she is awesome at channeling! Sometimes she is so busy and tough to get a hold of, but she is incredibly accurate." ... written by Peach
its been many months that Kate has been with me through this journey, I wouldnot want to miss her, so spot on such great channeling and so much insight and loving care. xxx c" ... written by c
wonderful young lady with gifts of providing answers. I am glad I waited to have a reading. worth it" ... written by dallascowboys8
Kate is incredible! she is wise beyond her years and someone i trust 100%! i love all of my readings with her! " ... written by *
great reading" ... written by apple
I always feel so fortunate when I catch EA. She is the best. Highly recommend a reading with her." ... written by debbiec0613
she always knows how to make me feel better, thank you earth " ... written by v
The warmest teacher who sees, guides and touches your heart :)" ... written by Sheena
Im so thankful for all angel does for me and gives me details and channels so brilliantly. All you get in her private it is pure treasure together with her loving energy. Love you earthangeles." ... written by star
Thank you again for your channeling. Great connection" ... written by maxwellsmart66
She's been my savior - -again and again. " ... written by L
mind blowinggggggggg she is amazeeeeeeee" ... written by aida
The first reader i talked to when i came in this site a few years ago, and she is the best ever, thank babe" ... written by Ryzette
Earthangels is the absolute most wonderful psychic. Her understanding of life, energy, the interconnectedness of it all, and how to move forward with the help of the Divine, is a recipe for her clients' happiness. Listen to her sage counsel with an open heart and mind; It will change your life for the better. Sometimes in surprising and amazing ways." ... written by L
thanks earth for bringing clarity in what i am currently going through and making me feel better" ... written by v
Thank you for clearing the misunderstanding. Feeling much much better now thanks to your channeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
no matter how long the wait is...always worth it!!! Kate so right to pick up the situation and even my very own thoughts and actions..she knows me better than I know myself..knowing my deep inner thoughts...oops cant hide from her :)" ... written by rosy
This Lady never ceases to amaze me. I think she is the best on here she actually tuned into my friends thought and almost all she typed to me my friend had said to me and I just think that's amazing. You all know that if you don't take her private right away you will never be able to get to her. Remember you snooze you loose" ... written by Raym
The most genuine and fast reader. Without her... I am not sure where I'd be heading.. She has made a difference. So much." ... written by Cheery
Earthangels' channeling is phenomenal. She is so extraordinarily gifted, I am constantly amazed by her." ... written by L
She is so incredible. She picked up on my brothers name. I was like whoa. She channels wonderfully each time as well. I love her positive personality. I appreciate my sessions with her because she is genuine and I consider an adviser as well as friend. I am happy I found someone I can trust here. Thank you :)" ... written by ali23m
Always such a wonderful time. Tried and true she is. Genuine...and tells the truth..but delivers it with love. " ... written by Julius
Thank you Kate for your support." ... written by maxwellsmart66
she is an absolute wonderful person. she channels so well and I really felt that those were his words. I am going to continue to have hope. thank you kate " ... written by tracy
amazing" ... written by nana smith
Earthangel is the most quick, precise, warm , loving, accurate and true reader, guide, counsellor, friend... She picks up his thoughts so accurately everytime... Brought me out of darkness... Into the light... She is the real things; because she uses words only he would say." ... written by Sheena
way too much fun talking to EA. i love this woman!!!" ... written by Blessings
I love Kate so much. She has become my most trusted advisor. She can tell you exactly what is going on in any situation. She's remarkable." ... written by L
Kate's predictions from months ago came true!" ... written by w
Very Nice...Seems spot on, accurate and quick. Will be back for sure" ... written by J
worth the wait! " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Perfect, as always. She's the best. The bestest." ... written by Sheena
Helps provide clarity when it is much needed" ... written by v
i got kicked out!!!" ... written by moogirl777
Wow, her channelling is just incredible. She described this person to a "t!" Thanks Kate!" ... written by Mare
it happened again!" ... written by moogirl777
It happened yet again. " ... written by moongirl777
it happened again!" ... written by moongirl777
finally! got her in private. thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
Truly truly the best. She's amazing, stupendous... she'll knock your socks off." ... written by L
Earth was just amazing once again! It is so hard to get ahold of her on here, but I just happen to try one last time for the night, and saw that she was open, didn't waste any time, and took her into a private chat. Her accuracy on describing a certain person is amazing. I don't want to go into details, but all I have to say is... The experience that you will have with Earth is absolutely mind blowing. No words can explain how truly gifted she is! " ... written by MaiLee24
Channelled my ex - my first love and helped me to see what he was going through. Thank you a lot!! you know how much this means to me to hear what he had to say. xx" ... written by Nursecat
i go to kate with all my boy troubles lol. shes like my sister that i seek advice from. shes awesome at channeling. its hard to catch her cause shes so popular so when i do see her in free chat i take that opportunity right away" ... written by linh
amazing" ... written by nanasmith
Fantastic channeling always a pleasure" ... written by maxwellsmart66
She is very lovely and friendly. She answers questions quickly and honestly. Thank you " ... written by E
I really don't know where I would be without this lady. Over and over again she hits and hits everything right, its amazing. But you all know that especially when you go into her room and if you don't take her pvt right away you will never get the chance to talk to her. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you the most." ... written by Raym
wow wow wow shes unreal. No wonder its hard to get a private with her. very sweet soul. Real deal for sure. she will be worth the wait." ... written by k
Love her so much! She has amazing energy, great at channeling! Catch her while you can! I come to her often." ... written by Mailee24
that was unbelieveable" ... written by heather
Kate's the best :) Always, always!" ... written by L
Awesome channeling....Bless her heart..xoxoxo" ... written by Sc
THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE AMAZING! WOW! WOW! WOW" ... written by kat620
Always wonderful channeling. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow! she is amazing! wow! I did not have to say a word she already knew. she is very fast and dose not waste time. I will be back she was so sweet and wonderful. I highly recommend her! wow! wow! wow! wow! if you want the truth she is the one you should see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
Thank you so much for all you do" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Just love EA so much. She is so gifted and genuine. There is no denying her power. She is so hare to reach - waited 3 days to get her , but when I do I just have such a smile on my face. She is amazing " ... written by debbiec062
great chat tonight!! she is so amazing and helpful!! simply the best!! " ... written by gina
She's precious. A gift, and a true blessing." ... written by L
gosh i can go on forever with powerful and intense today. words just cannot describe what i m feeling about the channeling today..thanks Kate as this mean so much to me..xoxo" ... written by rosy
Thank you so much Angel. That was so great. I cant wait to tell you how it went. This is amazing how you sow all that even more than a year ago. Love you so much, you are really God send to us. " ... written by SZ
What more can I say about this lady she is like a guardian angel that sits on my shoulder and gives me the strength to make every day the best day. She is always right on the mark and she will be my reader of choice because she is simply the best." ... written by Raym
I worry. I lose sleep. Kate gets me back on track. I get into despair. I lose hope. Kate gets me back on track. Her vision never changes. Her words filled with truth and hope. Kate is truly an angel. Hun, thanks for shining light into my life. " ... written by Cheerysunshine
she is that brilliant that's all I can say...." ... written by gem
EarthAngels is like no other. She is supremely gifted, and a lovely person too." ... written by L
She not only great at channeling people but also reads me well and knows exactly how I'm feeling. Great advice, thanks earth " ... written by v
im speachless, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww" ... written by aida
so quick n fast to connect" ... written by apple
her accuracyand details are tremendously always on point. the only consistent and trustworthy person for me on this site" ... written by sc
She is absolutely amazing. When she channels, she speaks exactly like the person I am asking about. Incredible..." ... written by Mare
Just an amazing lady - it is like my man is speaking to me - just like him!!! I trust her because she has been right all along and she feels honest and caring. Recommend her highly" ... written by debbiec0613
she is good, caring and does awsome channelling, highlyyyyyy recommend. thanks hun for the reading i can sleep in peace now" ... written by aida
I just cant say enough good things about this lady that most all ready don't know but if your looking for clarity you found it right here." ... written by Raym57
so happy she's back. always makes me feel better and gives great advice. thanks earth " ... written by v
You are so amazing, it's always a pleasure to speak with you." ... written by ali23m
She's the BEST. Anyone who gets a session with her is BLESSED to receive a reading from her. " ... written by L
Earthangels is the best, perfect insight into situations and gives many details. The top reader for Oranum. She is unbelievable when she channels and tells you what the other person is thinking. 100 Per Cent 5 STARS" ... written by Beverly419
first reading with her . her channeling my other half was amazing. great reading, very sweet and genuine!" ... written by tiffany
EarthAngels is the best-est of the best. No one can compare to her. She is a gift to us all." ... written by L
soo dang good to speak..will catch u later" ... written by rosy
absolutely am enamored by this woman. she sheds some much light on my life and brings me soo much inspiration. i love her!!" ... written by Blessings
thanks ! worth the week wait! lol" ... written by luxxicon
She has something special about her,was sooo accurate regarding situation.would recommend her 100%.thank you for being nice and friendly." ... written by e
just simply awesome in channeling n picking up so accurately xoxo" ... written by rosy
Wow my coach my mentor but most of all my Friend. I am so very blessed to have been able to have you read for me you are truly an Angel from Heaven." ... written by Raym
NO ONE compares to her. She is incredible." ... written by L
she is soooooooooooo gooodddddddddddddd" ... written by aida
She knew just exactly what I was feeling - very understanding and able to help me through it. Thanks a lot xxx." ... written by Cat
incredible reading!" ... written by *
This lady is incredible she when I was at my lowest told me my x girlfriend would come back to me and guess what this past week end my x girlfriend became my girlfriend again. You in my book young lady get as many stars as the universe has to offer. Bless you fro all the nights we went thru bad times to end up right were you told me I would end up" ... written by Raym57
She's a superstar !!! " ... written by L
Each private with Kate is always uplifting and accuracy. Her channeling never fails to amaze me and reallyhelp me to overcome issues. Thanks Kate and so wonderfu l to reconnect" ... written by rosy68
She is the very very best. She has walked me through such a long process - -great times and very very difficult times. She is such blessing to me and to anyone who is blessed enough to be her client." ... written by L
she makes me sane when i think I'm going crazy !! She's the best !" ... written by minnie
She is absolutely wonderful, I love her energy,she flows whes she channels, SHE IS WORTH THE WAIT ,SHE HIT A HOME RUN ALL THE TIME IN HER READINGS ,SHE IS A BUSY BEE,AND IDON'T MIND BE STUNG BYE HER..LOL " ... written by Sunshinec
wow so great this read n channeling..nailed this guy to the T! so fun!!!" ... written by rosy
as always connects fast n reads thoughts of others so clearly" ... written by apple
Very accurate in what she sees and knows. One of the very very best for sure" ... written by Julius
i love her! great at channeling as always" ... written by linh
Kate is the best, the most truthful, genuine and warm. She has impacted the lives of many with her gifts. She has brought in light to lives of many. Kate, thank you :)" ... written by Cheerysunshine
Fast lots of details.. Awesome" ... written by Jay
wow wow, I am a long time client but she still amaizes me. Really blessed with her gift and I feel blessed every time I get reading from her. Very to the point, superb guidance and unconditional love. " ... written by longtimeclient
She has brought clarity to my darkest nights and light into my heart. She speaks his thoughts, in the way that only he knows. She is truthful, precise, and visionary. Thank you Kate, for everything." ... written by Cheerysunshine
love earth!! her channeling is amazing and always spot on!" ... written by kg
OMG amazing channeling! She sounded just like the person. She said things they have said to me many times. She picked up on everything so accurately. She gave me a timeline and I hope it happens. I just am in awe of the things she knew. AMAZING!" ... written by J
Cant get enough of her!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gem
very good connection, thanks kate awsome channeling" ... written by aida
EarthAngels is the best of the best. She feels what others are feeling. She can channel what they are thinking. She is the most amazing psychic. And a truly beautiful soul." ... written by L
glad you are back thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
You are amazing hun, made me see things more clearly and I feel much better. and so true all of your are truly gifted. hugs and kisses." ... written by nithia
this woman is my sister! we cry together and laugh together. i love her so much. i wish i could talk to her all day. hugs~" ... written by Blessings
Oh my it has been so long since I spoke with her. It was a joy and I am always excited to here what the other person is thinking as if it was them. Blessings " ... written by knowing2013
I absolutely love her. she is an amazing person and I hope that in time my situation gets better. thank you soo much " ... written by tracy
Great as always.Very fast and accurate. would recommend 100%." ... written by :)
angel is so great the best on here" ... written by me me
needed the EarthAngel's boost of healing energy!!! she is so amazing...the BEST i have to admit!" ... written by rosy
very quick to connect and quick to type. amazing reader such a gift" ... written by apple
Always tremendous. Always helpful. Crazy accurate. She's AMAZING. " ... written by L
First time reading with Earthangels...Wow! Fantastic! Very fast and with everything she channeled and saw, it was like she had always known me and the person I asked about. " ... written by Seeker1200
she is so sweet. very honest about everything! she speaks the truth and gives wonderful advice! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
she is wonderful and very fast" ... written by Jnaujo00
Ok tonight and I really didn't hear what I wanted to hear but you know its what I needed to hear everything this lady said to me tonight was very solid information and she is very good at what she does." ... written by Raym57
Thank you so much for all your effort to explane and mentoring me thorugh this trazition.It is so much easier to aligne energetically when you explane so great. And thank you for the amaizing chanelling too. I love you so much." ... written by ZTS
love my read with Kate...always just a blessing!!! love her to bits n putting things out clearly for me..." ... written by rosy
Earth always knows what to say to lift my spirit up. the way she talks to you, very sincere although many psychics here are sincere but she just makes you feel better. " ... written by Joanna
Earthangels is amazing as you will see when you try to catch her for a reading! But is it so worth the wait. She channels what people are feeling and gives it to you directly. ANd is a very lovely person too. Just a real gift! Thank you xoxoxo" ... written by J
amazing each time..always have to end when the party jz get started...haha" ... written by rosy
earthangels is wonderful! Amazing channeling where she says exact conversations I have had that day or end up having the next day with the person. thank you for sharing your gift and helping me. ive been able to make things better because of you. You are just a lovely and special person, and most appreciated. :)" ... written by j
She's my absolute favorite. She's actually much more than that. She is a true gift, and i feel so blessed that she is in my life as a guide - helping to keep me on the right path." ... written by L
AMAZING as usual!! Always makes me feel better!!! She knows her stuff!! Will not be disappointed if you talk to her!! It's hard but soooo worth the wait!! She is simply the best!!" ... written by gina
:) I love talking to her, she gets me and our sessions are just great. I get to talk to a friend, adviser...just everything I need." ... written by ali23m
Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
excellent channeloer!!! thanks for the update!" ... written by leo girl
thank you so much for your kind and honest words, looking forward to your predictions unfold" ... written by Alicja
Thank you for channeling great reading" ... written by maxwellsmart66
He name is right on point: she is an angel. " ... written by L
helpful advice to keep positivity in my life. thank you" ... written by v
It's so great to catch up with Earth! She updated me on my ongoing situation, completely amazing! Channeling others and etc. She has become more of a friend than anything. " ... written by MaiLee24
Thank you so much, Im so happy I could come to you with happy news and what you were telling me all the time. So great!Its unfolding la la la, unfolding la la la. " ... written by ZTS
Great as always,very fast and friendly.sooo accurate.thank you." ... written by e
She was great! It was my first reading with her and she blew me away. She asked for my name, dob and location and she just started talking really fast and giving me great info that my guides had already started to whisper to me...she illuminated it and made it very real! She was spot on about my partner too and picked up on his energy and helped me see things as I needed too! Loved her! I'll be back and highly recommend her. " ... written by skier8001
Earthangels is so spot on each time with amazing channeling abilities. She opens me to new possibilities in my future for me to look out for. She is my trusted advisor." ... written by lil
great channeling" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Kate always puts my mind at ease. She is accurate and honest and has yet to steer me wrong. The best." ... written by debbiec0613
I love all my readings with Kate!" ... written by w
excellent. really knows her stuff" ... written by carl
connects very quick n tell other peoples thoughts" ... written by apple
such a great reader. does know of the things I asked. I can confirm them. Looking forward to October and November" ... written by carl
Awesome as always. I appreciate her so much . Thanks for sharing your gift with me tonight. Blessings." ... written by knowing2013
She is absolutely an EarthAngel! She is wonderful!" ... written by moongirl777
Wow! She is a 5 STARS!!! " ... written by Oolong
I am speechless...her channeling is out of this world. She knew exactly what he was going through. I feel so fortunate to have Earthangel's guidance. Thank you so much. " ... written by Mare2013
i always love talking to earth…. she's so insightful and just such beautiful soul… am hoping her guidance leads me to where i want to be" ... written by kmg
Awesome reading. Gifted lady. Hope predictions and timelines pan out:)" ... written by Rosesnovember
Earthangels is very quick and down to earth to deliver the messages. I truly enjoyed my reading. I look forward to things happening as she has told me and to our next reading." ... written by StarrVision
I can't tell you HOW MUCH she has helped me again and again, to find my way, to declutter a situation, to help me to be a better person. She is more than a psychic, she is a guide." ... written by L
Channels person's thoughts and feelings fantastic" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Earthangels is the real thing. That's why she is so busy. She never falters in her readings and it's really a comfort and great advantage to go to her because you can understand what is underneath the behavior of those around you. Her channeling language even sounds how that person talks. I've experienced her repeating exact conversation I just had or end up having the next day. Really amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us! " ... written by J
God bless Earthangels for all her guidance and support. xo" ... written by Mare2013
awesome!!! was thinking of Kate n she popped in today so unexpectedly n i managed to have a read with her n was sooooo dang amazing! love her to bits!!!" ... written by rosy
She was absolutely amazing. She picked up on me even before I started asking questions and she gave amazing advice. She is one of the best readers here and you can tell because she is always busy and in a private session. I got the confirmation that I needed and can say for sure that I will follow her advice to get where I want to be. She can see the past, the present and the future and talking to her really helped me. Thank you so much for the amazing reading. " ... written by shasha
the best ever 100 percent" ... written by Beverly419
Channeling was once again great" ... written by maxwellsmart66
My dear Angel. You are not just a reader, you are a healer at the same time. So much love I recive from you ... you are so true and so connected. True guide and always on point. It is a blessing to know you and to have you here where I can reach out and talk with you. Thank you so much. Love you for ever :)" ... written by shine
she connects very well. precise iwth situation " ... written by mystery
Always great and helpful advice, thanks earth! xoxo" ... written by v
Earth always knows just what to say. She’s real, tells it like how it is good or bad. Never wastes any credits. " ... written by JO
great reading n connects fast" ... written by apple
She's the BEST of the best. She's totally wonderful every time. I learn so much from her." ... written by L
so quick with info. thank you!" ... written by stars
thank you for your continuous help with channeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
She is such a beautiful person, a honest soul placed here to help us on our journey. I am grateful that I met her, She gives me guidance I trust." ... written by ali23m
She is just the best here. What a great, gentle person and friend. Every time so accurate. Billions of stars for her." ... written by :)
Earthangels is seriously the best. What an amazing person and reader. She leaves me astounded and with many thoughts to ponder. I can't imagine anyone would ever be disappointed going to her. AMAZING!" ... written by Me
thank you again for your channeling" ... written by maxwellsmart66
She was really really good! Very Connected...Great Reading" ... written by Geri
earth always make u understand how things should be , she is a blessing" ... written by iou
this woman has a permanent residence in my heart!!! she's beyond words!!" ... written by Blessings
thank you for your channeling. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Long story short she is one of the best. Earth always gives me the clarity I need. Take her to private and you will not be disappointed!" ... written by E
I missed my sessions with her. Thanks for all you do. Blessings. Glad I got a quick sec to chart with you, I know you must be drained after all these calls. " ... written by knowing2013
Thank you thank you thank you so much, lol You have been guiding me for a good while now and I am grateful to have you here." ... written by ali23m
the best! Consider her a friend! x" ... written by stars
I am so glad to catch Kate today! I missed her positivity, and as anticipated I had a great session with her! It's just want I needed to know that things are all on track. Kate is just miraculous!! " ... written by M
havent spoken to Kate for a while and felt so relieved! what a channeling session!" ... written by rosy
She's the BEST of the BEST!" ... written by L
thank you a million times!" ... written by stars
quick yo connect n great reader" ... written by apple
Thanks a lot Kate for guiding me to this place of contentment and happiness! I wish you a great break and I cant wait to see you after to give you the good news! " ... written by Mimi
Amazing channeling. Very fast and so polite to answer questions. Highly recommended." ... written by e
You are amazing!!! Thank you !!!!!" ... written by h
I am so glad to have met Earth Angels!!! She is so amazing! She sees things so accurately, she channelled for me again and really helped me see the root of the problem and she is helping me to solve it as well! Thank you so much!! " ... written by LostGirl
THansky ou that was great!! much appreciated" ... written by heather
Thank you so much my dear angel named Earthangeles. I love you so much and you probably don't know how lost I would be in this forrest of emotions without your guidance. Im expressing my deepest gratitute for all your work, teaching, channeling and loving guidance that I finnaly see the light and the sun shining. I have learened from you how to desolve the everyday clouds and the darker ones as well. You are the true healer and someone who I would really recomend with all my heart. And if I write this down without poetry, I would just say, your were right all the time, you gave me the right advices and your predictions were solid and the time passed by and showed you were right. Thank you. You are the best. God bless." ... written by Wow
amazing reading" ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow! great reading! fast and accurate" ... written by majoma
great" ... written by majoma
Earth just knows... she knows period!" ... written by JO
I LOVE HER !!!! How could you not?!" ... written by L
thank you . you are so sweet. :)" ... written by stars
Earthangels helped me get back on track to get my inner self whole so that I can perceive and attract my highest aims. EA is amazing in her abilities to tune in and read the situation like a story...and to provide insight on how to better understand what is happening. I'm so glad I "caught" her tonight. I wish her speedy wellness too! " ... written by lil
Thank you. You should know that you are special to me because you have the ability to calm me, help me think rationally even when I feel stubborn and Help bring my patience back out." ... written by ali23m
You have to try this. To be with earthangel in pvt is truelly a blessing!" ... written by shine
she is just the best love her energy and her passion for people " ... written by iou
Thank you so much Kate for taking the time to explain all the things to me! I really needed to have my eyes opened and I needed the insight and guidance you've provided me with. I will live accordingly! " ... written by M
Earth is just GREAT. She is there for you just like your best friend. Because of her I am seeing things differently and being more patient. Love her good advise. She truly cares about people. She deserves millions of stars not just five. xoxo" ... written by e
i am always so grateful to catch Kate and she always makes my day. She has be sooooo accurate with her past predictions, so I get elated when she tells me such good news. She is the best. Worth waiting for. " ... written by debbiec0613
wonderful reading as the waiting is all worth it!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always great to get the guidance of this sweet angel. xoxo" ... written by Mare2013
wow worth the wait to get a reading. love my reading and will be back again" ... written by dallascowboys8
She is the BEST of the BEST. No kidding." ... written by L
AMAZING as usual!! LOVE HER!" ... written by gina
lovely and full of good advice. thank you!" ... written by stars
Kate is unbelievable , when she channels, such a beautiful soul . I love her channeling capabilities Awesome hands down.. What a Gift ..thanks Kate see you soon." ... written by Sc
Very fast and I've been seeing her for years. She is still the best out of the psychics Ive tried on oranum as you can feel a sense of connection" ... written by Myra
Truly and excellent wonderful reader. She has been right over and over again!" ... written by Julius
Amazing as always. Highly recommended. Her accuracy is 100%." ... written by :)
always superb! Really love her!" ... written by The shiny
quick n reads others thoughts n energies" ... written by apple
Thanks! consistent and will talk to you next week! x" ... written by stars
always my trusted guide...time passed so quickly with u..ahhhhh" ... written by rosy
Thank you Thank you!! Warrior! :)" ... written by stars
I miss talking with her. I appreciate her so much. Blessings. " ... written by knowing2013
Amazing! Connected very quickly! Highly recommend her!" ... written by phyllis
earth always knows before I come in.." ... written by Joanna
thank you again you are right on" ... written by maxwellsmart66
worth waiting the long hours as is excellent" ... written by dallascowboys8
Thank you very much Earthangles!!! You gave me so much hope now!!" ... written by t
Love EA. She is amazing and I always trust her advice as she has been so very accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you Kate always for your amazing gift!!" ... written by Mare
I had such a great session with Earth Angel! She channeled my husband for me and it was an amazing experience! She has really eased all my fears and I am looking forward to all she told me will be happening. Thank you so much for your help Earthangel!!! " ... written by LostGirl
earth connects quickly w peoples thoughts n quick to type answers amassz me how in depth of information she gets" ... written by apple
Simply amazing always with channeling." ... written by dallascowboys8
Thank you so much for everything you do for me. Im very grateful that you remind me sometimes who I am and I appriciate all the channeling you do for me too. Love you so much. You are absolutly the best!" ... written by The one
One of the very best around. Always gives me the up front and honest truth about things in every reading. And the things she speaks do come to pass" ... written by Julius
she is amazing" ... written by emma
She is beyond compare. Really the BEST." ... written by L
Thank you so much for all your help EarthAngels!!! It was a great insightful reading and I will go do my homework right now! Can't wait to report to you when it works out! :) " ... written by LostGirl
awesome session!! great to catch up with her!! she is amazing!" ... written by gina
Kate is AMAZING with capital A! If you haven't had a session with her you don't know what you are missing you. It's astounding how she can channel a person so accurately, word by word. You feel as if the person is talking to you through her, and you know it's them. by the things they say, the way they talk, the issues you knew were there. And she is kind and genuine and I'm in-debt to her for her advices and guidance. " ... written by M
Earth has known my issue the longest.. she has helped me for 2 years.. she’s read my situation with ups and downs. she tells me how it is and doesn’t sugar coat her readings for me.. :) " ... written by joanna
Thanks a lot for changing my life Kate!!! :)" ... written by M
I don't know how to thank Kate enough! She is a miracle truly. Because of her intuition and marvellous channeling abilities I was finally able to have have the conversation with my man that I so longed for! I know now precisely what I did wrong and what I failed to understand before and what I need to do now to get where I want to. Thank you so much!! " ... written by M
Thank you! Hugs!" ... written by stars
Kate is amazing. I benefit soooooo much from her readings. Her ability to channel another person is so helpful, and awe inspiring." ... written by L
has a true gift to connect w thoughts n read people a true gift" ... written by apple
quick to connect n reads others thoughts n feelings a true gift" ... written by apple
Kate is amazing!!!! She totally changed my perspective on life! There really is so much more than what meets the eye and thanks to her talents I am able to see that more clearly. " ... written by M
worth the wait and cleared a lot of confusion" ... written by dallscowboys
she is just so sweet and positive and her confirmations are enlighten me. One of the best here on Oranum" ... written by 1234
THANK YOU! you are so good! never have to say a word you say it all! wow! wow! You are AMAZING! thank you again will follow up! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
great reading as always ..." ... written by apple
She is the only psychic that I feel in my heart that I can trust wholeheartedly." ... written by moongirl777
I am so HAPPY I had a chance to speak with her. I agree with all she said and I am trying to work on me so I an be more confident and secure within me. " ... written by knowing2013
The absolute best of the best." ... written by L
Thanks a lot Kate for helping my shift myself into alignment with the things I want!! You're great! " ... written by M
great reDing as always connects fast and reads other thoughts i highly recomwnd u will be addicted !" ... written by apple
my guiding light!! always brings clarity to my life. i love EA!!!" ... written by blessings
she is the BEST, always truthful and accurate" ... written by Beverly419
Amazing ability to tune in and get to the heart of the person and the issue. Always Earthangels." ... written by lili
Kate - truly - you are one of my greatest teachers. Thank you for your guidance and for continually helping me to expand, in positive directions. My life is better, due to having you in it." ... written by L
I can't adequately express how special EarthAngels is. She is a gem. And anyone who is blessed enough to receive a reading from her will find that her light will brighten their lives." ... written by L
Her channelling is UNBELIEVEABLE!! AMAZING!!" ... written by Mare
love how she can connect into anybodys thoughts n feelings i. that moment and answer all ur doubts n questions u pondered and wanted answers fr that person who wont talk! a true gift i recomend kate well worth the money!" ... written by apple
I've been here for a while and I have my favorites. I've always seen Earthangels page but never checked her out for myself until now. WOW! WOW! WOW! She got a quick message that was very accurate without me saying a word. In pet, it was scary how accurate she was. My heart is racing. She knew my issue without me saying a word and she read the other person just as I know them to be.I can't wait to see what happens now!" ... written by LA
She's awesome." ... written by Mare
u will be amazed how much she can connect to anybody u have to try her out she amazing" ... written by apple
her channeling is so good!" ... written by eli
This was extremely beautiful I loved to hear from my wonderful husband he still brings me a smile from heaven!" ... written by Ava
awesome chat!! great perspective!! love her!" ... written by gina
shes quick to connect one seasion with her and u will be addicted to her gift well worth the price " ... written by apple
kate you always brighten my day and lead me on the right path, im going to take you advice and do me for once and let things fall in to place xx" ... written by me again
She knew the whole story! She connected so amazingly." ... written by Geri
good... waiting on predictions " ... written by real love
Sweetest girl, so full of hope. Thank you" ... written by Lynn
been a while since my last session..partly because she is such a hot property! Kate as usual able to channel the new person in such depth..saying his thoughts matching exactly what he has told me!! get me few great steps ahead of him...awesome!" ... written by rosyy
sweet n kind n cares n connects quick to ur questions" ... written by apple
Awesome " ... written by Sc
Thank you!! I'm all smiles because of you. :)" ... written by stars
great reading i recomend " ... written by apple
channels very well, gets words from conversations thats happened. Thank you earth." ... written by ali23m
Awesome as usual! highly recommend! She is wonderful!" ... written by phyl
Wonderful - just needed confirmation on a few things - great to hear whats in store." ... written by Nursecat
really good" ... written by real love
I do not get to speak to her much because she is always taken" ... written by Angela
thank you so much Kate you always show me the way " ... written by me again
thank you! Hugs!" ... written by stars
phenomenal! tuned right in!" ... written by real love
Always very detailed in what she sees and quick in her readings. Never dissapointed" ... written by Julius
amazing as always :)" ... written by ali23m
Amazing each and every time. Gives hope when needed the most. Very smart and friendly. " ... written by e
omg...word for word the channeling...matched what he said..n about how he feels n experience etc so freaking right!!!! dang so spot on my lovely kate!" ... written by rosy
she is always quick to connect." ... written by apple
She is Awesome ..need I say anymore?...xoxoxo" ... written by sc
you're the best. Hugs!" ... written by stars
OMG! she is so wonderful just amazing! you may have to wait to see her but I tell you she is the real deal! OMG she will tell you details as well as the big picture. she is just amazing! wow!" ... written by sweetangle3
connects quick n great reader" ... written by apple
Very well done!" ... written by Gina
Incredible channeling...she tells me what is going on in the other person's head...exactly how it is. Amazing!" ... written by Mare
She is the best of the best. The most lovely, wonderful, and amazingly gifted psychic, and guide. She truly helps her clients to grow positively." ... written by L
amazing as always. highly recommended. great channeling and advise. xoxo" ... written by e
earthangels is the best and most amazing channeler. thank you so much for all you give " ... written by me
She is amazing, picked up on everything. Well definitely return. " ... written by v
goodconnection" ... written by apple
thank you for your reading into his heart and thoughts" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow she is so amazing. So hard to catch but always worth the wait. " ... written by debbiec0613
i love this woman so much!!! truly need more people like her in the world!! she brings so much love, healing, and light into my life. I'm forever grateful!! " ... written by Blessings
Super-duper-amazing. Always THE BEST" ... written by L
worth the wait for days... finally the chance and I am pleased." ... written by MS
Awesome!" ... written by Julius
She is really one of the best!" ... written by Julius
great reading" ... written by apple
Earthangel did a channeling for me and wow she was right on point with everything. She is amazing and caring. Thank you so much." ... written by bellina
spot on channeling!" ... written by ms
Def an intuitive! So cute and sweet. " ... written by namara
A good reading :)" ... written by c
too funny..jz can't stop when reporting back on the outcome!!! so true the way she said!!" ... written by rosy
She is amazing. Connects really well and gives detailed readings. Answers questions fast-so you can get a lot for your money. " ... written by Moongirl17
awesome...powerful me full confidence...muach muach muach" ... written by rosy
I am always glad to catch up with you and get to hear their thoughts thank you" ... written by ms
Awesome" ... written by knowing2013
It could take days of waiting for a private with Earthangels but honestly its well worth it! A lot of people come to her is a testament of how good she is :) Earthangels is also very kind, friendly and understanding. I feel a lot better after talking to her. Thank you so so much for the reading! I will keep you updated for sure :) " ... written by Ariana
cant get enough of her!!!! " ... written by rosy
Always amazing...thank you, Kate xo" ... written by Mare
She's Soooo Gooooddd, i started to cry. She channeled him. She saw my career. AMAZING!!! Thank you so very much! I will be back. God bless you angel =)" ... written by lynn
I am so grateful to you for your guidance Kate!!! Couldn't have made it this far without your foresight and advice on how to change my life! You're amazing! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers!!! " ... written by Kate's Fan
You're the best! hugs!" ... written by stars
very happy with channeling. worth the wait" ... written by maxwellsmart66
i love you thank you for always pushing me to date and have fun lol " ... written by linny
i love earth and i havent been on for awhile cause ive been busy with school but i wanted to catch my fav psychic for my new year predictions!" ... written by linny
Was such an awesome update with Kate! she sid words he used!!! amazing time with Kate!!! xoxo" ... written by rosy68
great reading quick ton connect i recommend!" ... written by apple
so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! dead on!" ... written by real love
I appreciate her so much. I know I always discuss the same thing and I am sure it can get redundant. She is so patient and kind with me. This spiritual journey I am on is hard but she pushed me through. She can tell you exactly what the other person is thinking and also what you are thinking and how you need to improve to get to a happier place in life. Thanks for being that light I need. " ... written by knowing2013
great reader" ... written by apple
blessed by earthangels again great" ... written by dallascowooys8
I adore her. so sweet and right on target with all you need to equip you with the ability to help yourself through this journey." ... written by Knowing2013
always quick to co nect n great reader" ... written by apple
She's the absolute BEST. Always! " ... written by L
She is really great!! I very carrying person..." ... written by Jenn
very carrying and kind soul with deep insight and incredibly gifted. thank you very much" ... written by maithu
She's the one I count on and trust COMPLETELY. " ... written by L
kind and sweet and caring and spot on with channeling" ... written by dallascowboys8
Shes so sweet. And great at channeling thoughts and emotions. Thank you!" ... written by D
Thanks" ... written by stars
Amazing. Never disappoints. Channeling is mind blowing! Thank you so much" ... written by me
Words cant describe! Perfect reading, flawless! wish i could talk all day to her. perfect perfect!!!thank you so much! the channeling was incredible, its like i was hearing the person say the same things! amazing" ... written by c
Her channeling is just incredible. What a gift she has. Thank you Kate for helping me on my journey. xo" ... written by Mare
you are so amazing and gifted. thank you" ... written by dallascowboys8
She is so sweet! She is so AMAZING! She will tell how it is! " ... written by sweetangle3
knows exactly what has happened and said. channeling is superb." ... written by maxwellsmart66
i cannot say how amazing this soul is. she is kind, compassionate, and fun. she has a sense of humor and is not judgmental. i don't have to tell her whats happenned since we last talked, she connects and she already knows." ... written by hba
Always does amazing work and provides the most accurate information. Someone i can always trust!" ... written by Julius
she is truly my angel, I really appreciate her presence, she is always a positive experience. thank you earth!" ... written by Stephanie
When I first came across Kate in September 2015 I was a total wreck. She picked me up, told me about the life she sees for me, and taught me how to get there. Everything she saw for me has come true, every single thing in terms of my relationships, relocation, job, and even a special secret. :) You can not go wrong having Kate as your reader and life coach!!! " ... written by M
thank you earth you always help me with the best channeling" ... written by linny
beautiful reading" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very reassuring reading - wonderful woman." ... written by Nursecat
great reading" ... written by apple
Great to catch up after a long time." ... written by willow
She is simply amazing!!!!" ... written by Mare
great reader quick to type n connect" ... written by apple
I love earthangel, she is wonderful. She really knows how to present her gift. The channeling is so beautiful and perfect with reading the thoughts of others." ... written by Beverly419
I LOVE EARTHANGELS. She is wonderful in all aspects." ... written by L
She's the MOST amazing psychic. Her channeling is ... beyond words. " ... written by L
she was amazing and read the people in question like a book. Thank you so much...again simply amazing" ... written by s
great reading" ... written by apple
Lovely lady, great energy." ... written by
i just have to say everything that angel has said has always came to truth, she is such a great person and she guides you with her full heart God bless this lady God put her on earth to help us,her name is Earth angel because God put her here to be am angel on earth" ... written by me again
beautiful as always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
You always make everything better and set me on the right track. your predictions are always spot on to. Thanks so much darl. The True EARTHANGEL" ... written by nithia
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by rosy
Great Connector and Channeler!" ... written by pink
glad I finally caught up and happy with channeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
great reading!" ... written by s elzy
WOW! she is so good! looking forward for what is going to happen! I will be back with a update! your so WONDERFUL!" ... written by sweetangle3
Amazing as always" ... written by L
Shes simply amazing. So good at channeling. and so accurate. Thank you so much, you're like therapy. " ... written by D
great as always. amazing person to talk to.highly recommended." ... written by e
oh my goodness her channeling is amazing. Everything she has ever told me has come to pass and my love has said almost the exact words she has said. So great to touch base with her, but she has always been exactly right. xoxox" ... written by debbiec0613
WOW she is always so GOOD! She connects so fast and can tell you about everything that's going on! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by sweetangle3
A very gifted woman who ive had the pleasure of reading with. And all that she has spoken, in time comes around and still is!" ... written by Julius
simply the best!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Kate is brilliant!!!! Thank you so much Kate. I am positive this time around things will change....thanks for the confirmation. " ... written by heartnsoul
amazing as always." ... written by e
thank u so much you always make me see whats going on , you bring peace to me with your clarity and wisdom thank you so much ," ... written by lost again but found
what a great reader wish i could just sit an afford a hour session so i can just heal n be done" ... written by apple
Glad she is back! Thank you, Kate! :-)" ... written by Mare
i couldnt wait to read with her. ive been going to her for almost four years. i love her channeling and her energy! shes the greatest." ... written by linh
Beautiful soul. Lovely lady. Tremendous psychic." ... written by A
She is awesome! Thank you, Kate, for your guidance always. " ... written by Mare
She's incomparable. She's in her own category of excellence." ... written by L
She is amazing and wonderful. Her channeling is such a gift, and helps me to understand and learn so much." ... written by L
Amazing reader. The way she channels into the person is like she is reading them like an open book.Thank you so much kate xx" ... written by s
I connected her very well. Intune and helpful!" ... written by Mary
amazing channeler" ... written by pink
fast connection and very useful information and explanation. definitely worth it " ... written by pia
I missed you! You always help me with improving myself and other areas in my life and I know I can trust you. Thanks" ... written by ali23m
Amazing and loving woman" ... written by Angela
She is kind, fast and intuitive, delightful!" ... written by Mindy
thanks :]" ... written by DAWN
Thank you for your reading. " ... written by Mei
Been long time, Since I chat with her. I missed the skills she has to rely messages from person. I appreciate her. She spoke as if it was the person speaking to me. " ... written by knowing2013
great reading she commects so well n quick typer on connection" ... written by apple
Kate is so amazing and so empowering. She made me feel so much better about my situation. Thank You so much." ... written by bellina
amazing accurate channeling of thoughts and feelings." ... written by dallascowboys8
best! thank you so muh for all the guidance" ... written by c
very happy with what was said." ... written by dallascowboys8
it's been awhile since i've had a reading but she always makes me feel so much better. thanks earth " ... written by v
WOW, EarthAngels is Very Amazing! Accurate about my relationship issues, she was so compassionate about it and gave me wonderful insight into it and then about my future growth. Highly recommended!! " ... written by me
Kate is just and amazing lady. Her words are his words - it is just unbelievable. She is so worth waiting for" ... written by debbiec0613
i love her soooo much. shes so amazing at channeling. i see her like my sister now cause ive been going to her for so long" ... written by linh
earth is 1 of my favorite people in the world!!!! she always brings so much clarity and joy during the reading. i love her soon much!!" ... written by Blessings
kate is the best she helps me see the way in the situation to beter prepare for the out come of everyday life 100 stars" ... written by the one
another great reading" ... written by c
Kate! You are incredible!!!" ... written by lynn
great as always!!! " ... written by e
i dont think i need to be the millionth review to say how amazing her channeling is. but it is. catch her if you're lucky. shes worth it. " ... written by d
My first reading with earthangel and I had read all the wonderful reviews so I wanted a reading. I got so lucky and was able to see her, she doesn't waste a second of your time, so quick and so accurate. 5 starts!!!" ... written by M.
She is such a nice person! so kind and sweet! she tell the truth and is right about everything! thank you so much! you are such a wonderful person!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
KATE!!! You are amazing!!! I apologize its the same situation. Will contact you again. xoxo. Again, thank you for the guidance and for everything..." ... written by lynn
always caring and loving with channeling. you are a blessing to us all" ... written by maxwellsmart66
great reader... and wonderful connection i recommend" ... written by apple
Absolutely amazing channeling..never experienced anything like it .....this wonderful soul has a true gift...many many blessings and thanks....." ... written by TAMMY
best advice ever!" ... written by w
wonderful reader she is a gift fr god" ... written by appl
wonderful reader so much gifts n quick connection" ... written by apple
Again, Kate is soooooo AMAZING!!! " ... written by lynn
I would say I am so lucky to get to know Kate, after 1 year of joining oranum and I just know her 2 weeks ago.. she is so good and straight to the point, she tells me exactly what is happening to me and also my emotions, she thought me how to be better and her channeling is amazing. She is a real angel and she doenst waste her time. Thank you so much Kate for being here with me. I really appreciate." ... written by SNOW ANGEL
just bugging kate with my weekly readings about boys. shes the greatest at channeling. i love her!" ... written by linh
Omg Earthangels channeling is beyond spectacular....She can tell me things that my interest feels that he cannot express to me outloud and it is amazing and wonderful...She lives up to her name she is one of Earth's Angels for sure...Blessings" ... written by blue
i am so lucky that i found Kate, really happy to talk to her because she knows exactly what is happening. I trust her, she is like a mentor to me=)" ... written by Deer
Earthangels is the best! Amazing channeling and lots of support and positive energy and help. Thank you " ... written by me
Kate!!! You are sooooo invited to our wedding!!! I'm serioius :) Thank you so much!!! I will be back..." ... written by lynn
once again you have given me a wonderful channeling into what is going on. I am thankful for you." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Such a great connection and the channeling is out of this are such a graceful kindred spirit...gifted beyond belief...thank you so much for your understanding and insight...many blessings.... " ... written by blue
She is an amazing channeler! She sounded exactly like my person, saying things he has said, using the same (unfortunately sarcastic) tone as him, the same style of language. Stunning!! And she always offers positive support and tools to use as well. I can't imagine anyone being anything but thrilled with a reading. " ... written by isabella
Im so lucky to got reading from her. She is amazing and always straight to the point. She is the best in oranum. You will never regret and im waiting for her prediction to come to pass=)" ... written by Mermaid
She is at the top of the upper echelon of psychics. Such a beautiful soul, and richly gifted." ... written by L
awesome reader" ... written by apple
always great" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you again Amazing Kate!!! Hugsss..." ... written by lynnie21
great reading wish i could sit for hours n just get all my unanswered questions n one long conversation shes great" ... written by apple
Wonderful connection and the channeling is is so worth the wait of trying to get in to see her....such a calming and gifted soul...blessings " ... written by blue
It was so nice to see Kate again!!! She never fails to put my mind at ease because Kate is always RIGHT!!! I love Kate! Kate kate kate ROCKS!! " ... written by M
great reading she such a awesome reader i highly recommend her alot" ... written by apple
she is a wonderful reader w a soul connection to the reading very unique" ... written by 04apple
amazing guidance and friend. Thank you" ... written by ali23m
Thank you earthangels for giving me such a details reading and help me to improve myself. Im so thankful that I found you and talk to you. I will think positive and will keep you posted. hugsssss" ... written by bee
hey Kate, I should watch more Korean dramas hahaha. Thanks again for listening. You're such a huge help. I will follow your advice. Silence is definitely golden. Hugs and blessings to you. Until the next drama =P" ... written by lynn
She's splendiforous. Always the best. " ... written by L
Thank you so much for your insight. I really feel so blessed that I met you. Now i feel much better and I have more confident in myself. Love you Kate hugs" ... written by mini angel
Straight to the point and man she was on point!! The best!!" ... written by Walejr
Earthangels is the most amazing channeler. I never experienced anything like this before. She connects immediately and very deeply. Catch her if you can!!" ... written by bella
amazing! Kate is so great. Gifted reader and just a delightful human being. Must have patience if you want a private with her, but she truly is worth it. Has never been wrong. " ... written by debbie0613
Kate! YOU ARE THE BEST! =)" ... written by lynn
Such a incredibly reassuring, just amazing all around, no wonder you have to be very quick to get her into private, but it's always so worth the wait. " ... written by Main
Amazing lady" ... written by Angela Williams
Kate!!! What can I say!!! You are sooo good!!! You are sooo kind, strong, and you always make me laugh and smile. Talk to you soon. Thank you again :)" ... written by lynnie21
the absolute Best! it is really uncanny" ... written by bella
omg kate is so amazing wow i just cant put it into words the depth that she has is so overwhelming " ... written by me me
i love her and her channeling to pieces. shes so amazing and is so worth the wait!" ... written by linh
dang funds ran out! she is amazing!" ... written by pink
amazing person with great channeling abilities. highly recommended." ... written by e
All I can say is AWESOME, AWESOME, WONDERFUL,MARVELOUS, AMAZING! Love Kate she is a true gift from God...blessings" ... written by blue
Simply the best as always!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Thank you Kate! Much love and blessings!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Beautiful soul, beautiful person. My true guide. " ... written by L
great reading she can connect great with your situation i recommend" ... written by apple
Earthangels is the best a great talented and gifted reader" ... written by Beverly419
OMG what a beautiful soul...her voice is so soothing, her words are so wise, her channeling is incredible....I am just so happy and grateful to have found Earthangels. she is great...just have to be very quick to catch her in private, it's almost impossible but so so worth it. Thank you so much for the encouraging words....will let you know how it goes..." ... written by M.
amazing, gifted, wonderful soul! lucky to have found my way to her." ... written by J
great reader n can read othes so well to the tee" ... written by apple
she is awesome! " ... written by SP
Thank u so much you are awesome Kate .." ... written by sc
Love You Kate!!! You Are So Super Awesome!!! Have a beautiful trip and talk to you when you get back. Thank you again and May God Bless You Always :)" ... written by angelynnie21
Super duper. She's amazing." ... written by L
She is a really special soul. I feel so much better after our reading. not only her channeling is amazing, but her insight and tools really help. thank you so much. xoxoxoxo" ... written by bella
She is the best I do not know how she does what she does but I do know she does it better than anyone I know. Thanks for all your help and support." ... written by Raym57
Nice to have a private reading with her :) x" ... written by Cindy
great reader and quick to connect i highly recommend" ... written by apple
Woah....have i missed this beautiful soul. She is an EarthAngel for sure!!! if you can catch her in pvt, you will see, my energy literally shifts every single time I speak with her. She is amazing, very gifted. she has never been wrong with me. I really love my time with her and it's never enough...thank you so much...lots of hugs. " ... written by M.
amazing Lady. Love when I get to read with her. Always makes me feel better and she has alway been right!!!" ... written by debbie0613
great chat!! finally got to speak to her!! she is amazing and so worth the wait!! love her!" ... written by gina
She is such a wonderful lady I wish I could talk to her everyday LOL. She is my steering wheel whenever I cant figure everything out. She is so important piece of my life right now it was 330 am where I am and I got an e mail she was online and I got out of bed ran to computer and bang there she was. So I knew that it was time for a chat and once again she read everything perfectly. Thank you so much for making it a better night for me!!!!!!" ... written by Raym
I love kate so much. no one comes close to her channeling gift that tells you so much . She really helped me through tough times and shes always so positive. " ... written by Dee
Kate, my heart is heavy with my twin flame, he's going through alot, but I will stay as positive as I can for him, for us. Thank you again. You are wonderful role model and kind. Blessings to you always. Talk to you soon :)" ... written by lynn
she always has a long wait but shes worth it!" ... written by linh
She is the best cant say enough nice things about her" ... written by Ray
i love her so much and her channeling is the best. shes like a sister to me. been going to her for so long. i love how she yells at me when i dont listen lol" ... written by linh
She is spot on accurate amazing,and sees deep into the person,shes a wonderful and honest lady.I am more hopeful now.xoxoxo Thank you so much" ... written by J
Wow! Her channeling is amazing I don't even know how she picked up on the brand of my duffle bag!!! No Way!!!!! Give her a try because you won't be disappointed!!" ... written by M
she is powerful! kind, smart, gifted, special reader. Love you!!! " ... written by bella
She is great as usual. Always friendly and understanding.Amazing expert." ... written by e
angel is so spot on she can dig in to the deepest part of you and put you on the right path,if you need answers she is the one, they dont have enough stars to rate her" ... written by w
great reader she connects so well w thoughts so addicting.....u got try" ... written by apple
She is AMAZING " ... written by Cinnamon White
love her :)" ... written by Krista
i love her so much. shes so amazing at channeling and shes so sweet! i always get so excited when she comes back from her trip cause i cant wait to catch her up on my troubles" ... written by linh
EarthAngels is beyond words amazing. There is no one like her. " ... written by L
She is the bestttttt ...i love her gentle soul ...always gives a helping hand to the ones who needs....she is the best and most accurate.... I highly recommend...Past prediction has come to i am speaking from experience." ... written by nami
WOW!!!!!!!!! She picked up on so many details, I will be back if I can catch her!!! Amazing!!!" ... written by s
Finally!!! Love you Kate!!! We aren't done, hehe. Talk to you soon and thank you so much for everything!!!" ... written by lynn
incredible reading! she picked up on so many things! Kate really knows how to cheer me up when i'm in the dumps. i love her!" ... written by w
Thank you Earth! I'll update you on John!" ... written by Bunny
Thank you so give me the strength to know that I deserve to be happy...and that I will be happy with this crazy man of are a blessing beyond belief....truly our angel...." ... written by blue
Just continuing where we left off yesterday. She is amazing!!" ... written by Mailee
Kate is the loveliest. I have learned a great deal from her and am truly grateful to know her." ... written by L
Earthangels sees so deep into the person she is a wonderful and a very honest lady, she made so much sense,I trust her 100%,thank you so much xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
I am in a better place and so excited to have meet earthangel. I am so happy I got to speak with her tonight. I enjoy her insight and advice , her channeling is the best. Blessings to her." ... written by knowing2013
INSANE!!! is all I can say. The way she channels and just starts telling you what the other person is thinking is amazing and I've seen no one like it!!" ... written by M
simply amazing great reading" ... written by Rm
she is such a great channeler you will be amazed" ... written by apple
Thanks you very much for the channel Kate!!" ... written by j
Such a superb reading! The way she channels is amazing and her accuracy regarding situations is uncanny!!" ... written by M
LOVE her!! Amazing reading as always!" ... written by Mailee
greT reader i highly recommend" ... written by apple
I am bringing to feel peace about my situation and clarity. I will try to focus on me and pray all to work out. I do want a fresh new start as well. She channels so well. Its amazing." ... written by knowing2013
She is amazing at her channeling....she knows what she is talking about ...she connected right away!!!! very accurate...its always peaceful environment after talking to her...almost like she eases u from your problems....highly recommend her" ... written by N
absolute delight!" ... written by natural
Amazing amazing nothing else better to say...Angels channeling is beyond this world...Everything she has told me to do has worked when I listened...Truly a gift from God....blessings" ... written by blue
amazingly fast and very calm; looking forward to the summer :) Thanks so much!" ... written by P
Amazing as always." ... written by e
lol thanks for our session" ... written by ali23m
Thank you , Earth. I feel better!" ... written by Bunny
Could talk for hours... really really great!! She's tuned into me..." ... written by 180
extremely good!!!!!" ... written by rosy
I love you Kate !!! You are remarkable, and such a wonderful teacher. " ... written by L
Kate, my friend, you are so AMAZING! Love you!!! We aren't done yet. I will be back" ... written by lynn
Wonderful, amazing, and lovely - - -as always. " ... written by A
Always amazing. Thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
Love her!She has such a wonderful spirit!Blessings" ... written by Aurelia
Her channeling is amazing. I literally started crying because I knew she was the truth. I can't wait to start to put all that she has told me to practice. Her gift is just wow, I have no words for it. I'm still shaking a bit from the reading. Wow, you have to take her to private!!!" ... written by l
THANK YOU KATE. You're the best of the best !!! " ... written by L
great update!!!" ... written by rosy
Again amazing as ever...I get so much comfort in her gift and knowledge...I have hope beyond hope now and more confidence than ever before...You are a blessing to this world and to me...thank you" ... written by blue
Great channeling as never ceases to amaze me, such a wonder and blessing...Thank you so much, you have been my saving grace....blessings" ... written by usa
Kate you are so beautiful - inside and out. I have learned so so much from you over the years. You are a wonderful teacher and guide. " ... written by L
Kate is awesome young lady love her to pieces. Thanks for keeping it real all the time ..xoxoxoxo" ... written by sc
A brilliant and gifted spot on accurate reader,she is the best channeller on oranum,speaks the words that can only come from them.Thank you so much xoxo" ... written by J
She is truly gifted....she does connect and tune in accurate it....all she has said come true so far.....i would higly recommend her...and I cant thank her enough" ... written by nami001
she is great at reading peoples thoughts and very unique." ... written by 04apple
I appreciate her sharing her gifts with me. She is truly a blessing to have as a resource to help guide me through my life journey. " ... written by knowing2013
Wow she is so GOOD! just AMAZING!!! SHE just knows everything NO TOOLS! WOW, WOW. EVERYTHING always happens in what she says! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by sweetangle3
Love this reader she is amazing...She thinks I'm crazy and she is has a gift that is not from this world, you will never regret taking her to private....She is a blessing..." ... written by blue
Kate!!! OMG!!! Hugggsss!!!" ... written by korean drama lynn
She is so amazing! Truly gifted! Highly recommend her! Thank you angel! xo" ... written by phyl
Kate. Thank you for taking the time with the insights and clarification. You have such an awesome gift. Thank you for sharing that with us. Will contact you again. Love yah!" ... written by korean drama lynn
I appreciate all that she does. I will stay positive and hopeful on finding work. Blessings to her. " ... written by kowing2013
Thank you most lovely Kate. You are such a light. I am blessed to be able to receive your guidance, insights, and encouragement. Sending you love and hugs my dear. " ... written by L
always great channeling, 100 per cent truthful" ... written by beverly419
Always , always makes me feel better and at ease and that I am worthy of the love I so want from this person and will get it if I believe in myself...Channeling again is amazing..The way she explains is so calming and reassuring...many blessings Kate..." ... written by tammy
Thank you! run out of funds..have to go..." ... written by bearthoven
great reader always connects so quick" ... written by apple
channeling amazing..warmth and caring of the situation is beyond compare...thank you for you compassion and understanding..fantastic reader..." ... written by ME
Kate is a superstar here on Oranum. She's THE BEST. " ... written by L
great reading such insight" ... written by apple
She is spot on again,with her channelling,will wait for predictions,but I do believe in her and believe they will come true,I am hoping and praying,love you lots earthangels,will be back.xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Amazing expert,always so kind and friendly.She helps me make better decisions in my life.I appreciate her honesty and advice every time. Highly recommended to everyone." ... written by E
I miss Kate! She's the best! She is so tuned in with my situation and so spot on. She understands! Love her!!!" ... written by korean drama lynn
great reading as always, Kate gives sound advice" ... written by here
She is indeed an angel. Made me feel so very calm and hopeful" ... written by katie46
I can't help but to keep coming back. Her channeling and the tiniest details that she gets right. How does she do it? I cannot stress how good of a reader she is. 5 stars are not enough." ... written by l
amazing omg she was chanelling the person.. i was like what? awesome, mind blowing, amazing experience, i will seek her measure her ability wiith few bless you my darling! :)" ... written by icy
what a delight Kate is. Truly gifted. " ... written by debbiec0613
Lovely lady. And amazing abilities." ... written by A
I miss earth! Really makes me feel better after talk to her " ... written by angelv
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Wonderful connection, helped me through this time that is not so good for me...her channeling is beyond conception, helps me to hear the others thoughts which i would otherwise never know...many blessings " ... written by blue
Great expert with amazing abilities.Always calms me down with her positive energy and smart advise.Thank you for always being there for me.Hugs for you." ... written by e
THE BEST OF THE BEST!" ... written by A
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
I just had a private With earthangels,I could of cried with things she said,because I knew deep down in my heart,everything she said too me was true,I just wish I could of had more time with her,her channelling is incredible,she is truly connected in everything she says,thats why I will continue to return time and time again,its just so hard to catch her,but she is worth waiting for,thank you so much earthangels xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
She is beyond amazing.Very smart person who cares about people.Thank you for always being there for me,i appreciate it.Hugs. " ... written by e
I missed Kate so much!!! OMG!!! Spot on as always!!! Just love her!!! Thanks Kate" ... written by korean drama lynn
Earth has a special place in my heart, and no matter how long it has been since our last reading, i always long to read with her" ... written by willow
Earthangels never ceases to amaze me,she is beyond words,everytime I have a private with her,I am in awe,the way she channells,the way she looks connects so deep,I continue to have faith in this wonderful lady,and await the predictions for the future,earthangels gives me hope for the future,and is a wonderful and gifted genuine lady,Thank you so much Earthangels,love and light xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Shes amazing :)))) 5 stars." ... written by danica8585
What an outstanding woman!! She gave me the most powerful reading. I want to come back and share with her all of the wonderful things she saw coming for me. Much gratitude and love to you Earthangel....the perfect name for this woman!" ... written by Susan
OMG 1 million stars xxx" ... written by Tatiana
She's the best of the best !!! " ... written by A
I had another wonderful reading from earthangels,she is truly amazing,she picked up things,that know one else would know about,she is amazing in everyway,always onpoint,I trust her abilities,and trust her prediction will come true,she is also a very good adviser,and a lovely kindhearted lady,a truly gifted and caring lady,who won't tell you what you want to hear,she will tell you what you need to hear,I trust her 100 percent,she is my number one on oranum,and always will be,thank you so much! xoxo sending many blessings to you xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Earthangels is a rare gem indeed ! Her channeling is simply breathtaking and awe inspiring, you have to experience it to believe it ... will def keep you updated ! Love you ! xoxo" ... written by annieIC
she is amazing! Love her! Truly gifted!" ... written by phyl
Thanks for the read and advice. " ... written by d2k1000
She was amazing and detailed oriented in her reading. I will come back to talk and give her updates." ... written by dladie42
Great!!! Def recommend :)" ... written by MayGirl