About DrHarmony101

Psychic DrHarmony101has 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DrHarmony101has recently helped 21members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DrHarmony101's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a TWIN-FLAME EXPERT and spiritual advisor with a background in holistic chiropractic, vibrational medicine and remote energy healing. For nearly 20 years, I have helped people remove energetic blocks that had been keeping them stuck in life, helping them make the connection between body, mind and soul and find their way home. Let me help you Reboot Your Soul and Assist with Your Ascension!

Very Knowledgeable ..Love her you will not be disappointed I am excited on my path ,,Thanks Dr Harmony you are awesome ..Very good I loved my reading ..May she continue to help us all.Thanks' " ... written by sc
Wonderful reading. I will def take your advice!!" ... written by Vanessa
thank you i will try the things you said to try" ... written by luvu
she is the real deal, she give good advice on transformation. She not going to tell you what you want to hear." ... written by rosebud77
she was amazing! connected very quickly. her guidance was really helpful during this tough time :)" ... written by Krissy
thank you. I'll keep you posted :blush:" ... written by yoyo
loved it" ... written by computerluv
Wow is she good! So accurate on so many levels! Dr. H nailed everything about me!" ... written by Swede
Done a couple of sessions with Dr. H and wow I feel great! I feel like the weight has lifted! Dr. H knows exactly what you are going through and can help you move forward to where you need to be. Dr. H is excellent and so on point, i'm blown away! I felt like I was guided to do some work with her to be where I need to be. Dr. H gives you some work to do but I can't wait to see the results of everything unfold! Definitely will keep doing work with Dr. H!" ... written by S
5 stars...very very good...spot on " ... written by Focusing
she is genuine, quick, and very connected. has a lot of great insight and was a joy to chat with! very well done! thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Great reading...she is very compassionate. " ... written by Andrea
connected fast! 100% good reader" ... written by fdgdgdgdf
she really know what she is doing, and what she says.. she has deep knowledge . and is sooooo connected" ... written by ajk
Great Reading " ... written by Andrea
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
She is AWESOME! She tapped into everything I was feeling. I am going to see her again! Thank you DrHarmony for everything!" ... written by Becca
Great Session" ... written by star
Harmony is one of the best on oranum, 5 Stars!" ... written by L
Dr H is excellent, gave me some great tips to move forward with. Very accurate and extremely helpful!" ... written by Swede
Amazing so much detail and spot on with it all,will definitely come back for updates" ... written by marion
The best on here! So accurate. " ... written by carlinw
oh my she is so good and so in tune to things I will be back soon" ... written by hopeful
Great Session!" ... written by star
Shes Amazing.. Explains everything very WELL..." ... written by Kimberly
lovely reading .. lot of information about my twin flame .. thank you dr" ... written by happy girl88
Amazing reading thank you x" ... written by Kristal Turner
She is beyond awesome. Great reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by V
Great reading overall. Hit on allot of things, very accurate and detailed. Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
amazing " ... written by Samantha
She's awesome and fast. " ... written by gst
WOW! She's so in touch! And gave some great TF advice. I'm going to try to follow it and stay focused but who knows what will happen. Thank you so much for an awesome reading!" ... written by l
good reading she give good advice and tunes into the situation quite accurately." ... written by RainbowSpectrum
so clear and accurate. Highly recommend. she looked right into my situation " ... written by tyler
dr harmony is very good at what she knows with heart of the matter. " ... written by sweet
Sorry ran out of credits, fantastic reading amazing connection immediate insight. Will def be back!" ... written by Maia
good info....thanks" ... written by mette
She is wonderful. Gave me a lot of information to think about. You will not be disappointed." ... written by tc
Dr H always puts an interesting twist on readings, very accurate when she reads. That's why I keep coming back!" ... written by Swede
is very good reader I will do another reading soon." ... written by Harry
Woooow such an amazing reader!! Everything just made perfect sense and it is so clear now in my mind so thank you so much for bringing me clarity and guidance on how to proceed and getting to where I should" ... written by A
cleared up a lot of things I have been going through on a deeper level with me and my twin. I have a lot of work too do but now I know where to start" ... written by cherie
Good reading. tuned into to my situation very well" ... written by Soulguy
DRHarmony is fantastic Great reader and accurate and so knowledgable about so many important things. " ... written by Lynda22
she is great, taught me so much. Timing is everything " ... written by Chapis
Asome enlightenment...I can wait for the outcomes...Thanks again...I will keep you posted." ... written by Marcos
Dr. H is excellent and totally understands what is happening and how to move forward to succeed. Dr. H is so in depth and makes everything make sense. " ... written by Swede
thank you your advice is good " ... written by luvuchaluka
she is amazing! :)" ... written by summer
Thank you for the reading.." ... written by Amanda
Thank you. She was so quick and talked about things I didn't even tell her. I will keep you updated on everything." ... written by yoyo
Great!!! Connected very quickly! 100% accurate! Will be back again!" ... written by Markita
Very clear and concise, has a very strong ethical connection with truth and will tell you what you need to know in order to make a good decisions Thank you sooo much...helped me understand my journey that much better" ... written by lara blanks
She was spot on! amazing! she was very accurate in what she told me. She confirmed some things in question. I'd see her again!" ... written by cittylove
very good!" ... written by wi
Great reading! love it :) thanks Dr Harmony! Wonderful insight and advice xo" ... written by y
More of a technical reading. which helped me understand where I am in my twin flame relationship in a different concept...Thank you very much...many blessings... " ... written by ME
She is amazing. Very professional and accurate. I am so glad I got a reading from Dr.Harmony. " ... written by scurlock
Amazing connection to me i really am grateful for this thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
Awesome reading, she is very accurate and insightful and gives very good wisdom and advise! " ... written by Lynda22
Very good reading and she picked up on what I've been going through accurately. She also gave me some great advice." ... written by florwer85
Wow, I am speechless. Her session was so deep and she was hitting the right words without me saying anything. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Walejr
andamp;amp;quot; Wow this was an eye opening reading, I am so glad I was led to her room. I found a lot about myself, my past, relationship and career. This just blessed my day and boosted my motivation and go getter side. I am so speechless yet very thankful. Thanks and blessingsandamp;amp;quot;" ... written by bibi123
Did some energy work and Dr. H is totally on point with everything that happening. I feel a sense of calmness and stillness and it's such a wonderful feeling." ... written by Swede
SHe is great" ... written by ck
Wow this was an eye opening reading, I am so glad I was led to her room. I found a lot about myself, my past, relationship and career. This just blessed my day and boosted my motivation and go getter side. I am so speechless yet very thankful. Thanks and blessings." ... written by bibi123
Wonderful reading. Very informative." ... written by Flowers
amazingly outstanding !!!! she feels it 100% and she's a natural healer!! treat yourself!!!" ... written by tamjones
did a healing session with her felt very different by the end of it. will most definitely come back. very nice lady. :). thanks for the advice. " ... written by gk
a good reader" ... written by carlos
OMG!!!! DrHarmony was amazing! She was THE BEST I've experienced on Oranum. She went deep and talked about the root of some of my present challenges and was able to communicate what I felt deeply called to with clarity. I'm even more excited about my future now because of her. If my pocket could afford it, I would've remained on private chat with her for even longer. I'm going to get that Doreen Virtue book she recommended to help me in my own healing journey. I hope she remains on Oranum for a long time. This community needs her!" ... written by youngngifted
amazing, right on target, i cant say enough good about drharmony. she is wonderful !" ... written by debbie
Amazing and awesome reading. thank you for your great work!" ... written by Trisha
Thanks so much for your help, I feel so much better after the amazing energy work. You are amazing!" ... written by H
Thanks so much for the energy work, it was amazing and felt wonderful releasing all the negative energy." ... written by Swede
I have no words to explain how amazing you are, thank you for being my angel today you have cleared so much for me, I know now how to face my path forward. Such a wonderful amazing, authentic reading. Thank you God bless you" ... written by Lorann23
The most accurate reading I have ever had. She is able to see problems on multiple levels and offers practical advice on how to fix it. I would highly recommend using her for higher transformation. " ... written by David
Great reading, DrHarmonie brought all the pieces together truly amazing. Honest, straightforward showing me the way.Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Rea
a good connection" ... written by qp
No word can describe how good DrHarmony101 really is... She has helped me so much and I thank God every day for sending her into my life! " ... written by c
Dr. H is very accurate on the situation, I appreciate the advice she gave me to move forward with. " ... written by Swede
she was on point w/my situation... although not want i wanted to hear" ... written by truelove
ALWAYS THE BEST!!! BEST READINGS IVE EVER HAD..." ... written by kimberly
she is absolutely my favorite reader. she has helped me with so much of my anxiety clearing things up, and telling me how to better myself along the way." ... written by KRissy
Very sweet, and insightful. Picked up a couple of my thought processes and guided me through them beautifully. " ... written by Kayla
I am so pleased to talk to her! just answered all my questions without even asking her!!" ... written by Karla
she was amazingly gifted...so uplifting...i am so excited to do more work with her!! I highly recommend her!!! thanks so much...much love and light!!!" ... written by cjade carol
Very gifted and clear." ... written by Amanda
I appreciate honesty and all. She hit some very good points." ... written by know
A very good reader who has helped me with some major life shifts! " ... written by David
great reading, quick connection, saw the situation, and was very truthful...will follow up soon" ... written by lornalulu
great reading again ! Thank you for your gifts ." ... written by deb
very informative and interesting reading about twin flames" ... written by debra
Awesome as always. Her trust her wisdom and guidance in all areas. " ... written by pinkflowers18
on point! so great!" ... written by Karla
Excellent feedback, insight, guidance, and instruction! Dr. Harmony really teaches to help you with clarity and the path you must journey without impediment of fear. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thanks so much for the energy clearing and the messages that came with it. They were so meaningful and helpful to move forward. Thanks so much!" ... written by Swede
I enjoy her readings she is very helpful" ... written by Harry
Did another reading with Dr. H, wow is she amazing!" ... written by Swede
She is completely honest and is the real deal. Immediately I felt a connection, i also asked her questions in a reading i already knew the answer too so trust me she's legit. She's so kind and makes sure you really understand how to solve your problem or clarity. " ... written by Derrick
Thanks for your help. Your advice has gone a long way." ... written by David
wow she's reminded me so much of my good friend jules in what she picked up on now i know why i was drawn to read with her and how much growing i need to do, how much clearing...wow im glad we read and ty for helping me so i can help him and then others =)" ... written by mm
I always enjoy my sessions with her. She goes DEEP and gives information so freely in her private sessions. Because of her, I'm reassured that I'm in the right place at the right time and the universe is at work even when I'm confused and don't see the progression. This is my second session with her and I plan on coming back, maybe for some healing work next time." ... written by youngngifted
she connected well...i will def come back to see her again!" ... written by N
Georgeous and enlightening reading. I look forward to learncing more " ... written by deb
Amazing! Love the reading. So insightful!" ... written by familyhelper
Great reading. You connected so easily. I look forward to the things you mentioned. Thank you so much." ... written by familyhelper
predictio came true... she said i'll have career options - i got 3 offers in 1 day!" ... written by truelove
Thank you so so so much. What a great connection. You made me feel so much better about my thinking and choices with your ability to tune into what has been going on in my life. I'll be back. Thank you so so much. Blessings to you." ... written by familyhelper
Dr. Harmony is excellent and provides great insight! Her insight provides great clarity and a sense of comfort when evaluating life decisions! I highly recommend because she truly is gifted!" ... written by E
Absolutely spot on! Dr. Harmony confirmed all that I have been feeling for years! I highly recommend!!!!!" ... written by E
Session froze but thank you for the reading and being so in tune." ... written by Amanda
the best on here!!!!! Changing my life thank you" ... written by D
So I dont know where to begin with DrHarmony101. She picked up on so many things. She made me feel comfortable and has so much knowledge. I will continue to come back :)" ... written by KendoPuck88
She was great. Right to the point and very positive. I will be visiting her real soon again!" ... written by Christina
good time flies by sooo fast ha in private lol but yes she knows me and my twin--nailed us ha" ... written by mm
I am so glad I spoke with her!!!!!!!!!! I have been so confused. I did not know if I could trust other psychics. She explained things in depth which also let me decide which way to go action wise. I was misinterpreting some things. Now, I know All is well though I do know this will not be easy. I just felt I REALLY NEEDED to speak with her because I just lacked the confidence in prior professionals. I was educated. I can let go and relax now. I feel safe now and can trust the process. I could not do this before because I just was so confused. I wish I could explain better how the Dr helped me but if you can afford a lot of credits, please do invest in her. when I get paid, I wil love to come back to speak with her in depth. I am so grateful you have no idea" ... written by Julia
Changed my life, thank you! " ... written by D
A very much needed visit I had with her. She met my needs to the fullest.Very gifted and very connected with her angels and guides. I too have my gifts and between the two of us it was amazing." ... written by p
Goodness, this reading gave me chills. She was so legit and in point with everything. Thank you, thank you for your words, the honesty. It was exactly what I needed. " ... written by Trista
Thank you for my reading - 5 stars" ... written by Kristal
She was saying its up too me when I want too move out and setting up a budget " ... written by tiff
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
My goodness - -my 2nd session with her, and it was equally amazing. She is remarkable." ... written by A
The other comments are correct! She was awesome - she said stuff that was very specific to my current situation - she almost repeated a discussion I had with my bf about our relationship and our challenges word for word!" ... written by SP
She's the very very very best here. She knows what she is talking about. One of the most genuine psychics on this site. She always amazes me. " ... written by Rox
Thanks for the strength you have given me to move on. You're amazing with your empathic abilities. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
Wonderful update" ... written by marion
great reading again with Harmony, she is so good at giving advice for my situation." ... written by deb
Love our readings and your ability to connect so easily! I will be back for more help from you as you have been an angel. Thank you from my heart." ... written by familyhelper
Truly the best!" ... written by D
She is out of this world amazing. Had a completely transformative healing session and all i can say is WOW - I am so grateful. Tons of information. Super quick. Highly recommend her." ... written by A
Harmony is lovely, always so helpful with my situation and again on target" ... written by debbie
thank you again. I needed the follow up and clarification on what I'm feeling and what I need to do. Its been overwhelming and I can't seem to express it. I appreciate it." ... written by yoyu
Amazing!" ... written by D
I couldn't add more credits, but wow..... spectacular " ... written by -
thank you for this reading. really helpful!" ... written by Krissy
LOVE love LOVE her! Waited a long time, but Dr. Harmony is well worth it!!!!" ... written by dalaimama
She's fabulous. Quick, and lots of information. " ... written by A
my 1st reading with DrHarmony. She validated some stuffs in my situation. will come back to her...M" ... written by HMR
Thanks for tuning in for me. It's hard, but I have to learn how to do this. " ... written by familyhelper
I absolutely love love love this psychic/dr/channeler/medium....she actually cares about her clients. She explains the whole thing-no just yes this, no that, tomorrow is this, a month from now that. She lets me know what I need to work on, why, how it affects the effect and outcome. It is far healthier and mentally peaceful to have information presented in this manner as opposed to illusionary -though well intended promises. I feel relieved, less anxious; I know what to do for "ME" to stay on track. Thank you so very much! It is such a blessing to know you!" ... written by Jessy
This is my 2nd reading with Dr. H and once again, I'm amazed! She is very quick to connect and I really connect with her! " ... written by dalaimama
So happy we got to talk tonight! I have some work to do but looking forward to what's coming :) Really enjoyed the reading!" ... written by Daisy
WOW! THAT WAS SO INTERESTING AND GREAT INFO!" ... written by Rayofsunshine
Intuitive, beautiful, genuine and spot on! " ... written by Jazz
So amazing, she's so right on with everything!" ... written by Dylan
Each session I have with her ( I think this was my fourth) is transformative. She's a remarkable woman." ... written by A
She's Amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Jamie
I've had multiple readings with DrHarmony, and that in itself says a LOT. She has become my "go to" reader and I feel very comfortable and trust her insight. She tunes in very quickly and I will definitely be back!!" ... written by dalaimama
great reading w/ DrH!! xox" ... written by HMR
Thanks for another reading, it was great catching up. It's always eye opening being in your private session. Thanks" ... written by bibi123
Ummmmm -- hellooooo - - she is amazing." ... written by A
very grateful for harmony's wisdom, vision and guidance. She is truly gifted." ... written by debbie
good read as usual" ... written by rainbow
so good she read our relationship perfect. hate i ran out of credit. it took forever to get a reading with Dr Harmony but i will be back " ... written by tanya
Really truly AMAZING. She will help you to transform your life. " ... written by A
She's a super star. Intensely transformative healing work." ... written by A
Thanks so much for the time we spent together. Our first meeting was truly exceptional. Will be back definitely" ... written by delor63
How can you properly thank someone who helps you change your life? I don't know ... all I can say is, that I am humbled to be able to receive her invaluable help." ... written by A
Always insightful and connects to my situation with compassion. My faithful advisor..." ... written by pinkflowers18
amazing reading !! very healing !!!" ... written by tamjones
She's amazing!" ... written by FashionDiva
She was really good- really said what I had to hear. No bologna of "I feel he loves you" etc.. instead she gives you constructive feedback on which you can act- which in my case was very accurate to where I currently am. Thanks!" ... written by J
Always wonderful. " ... written by A
My reading was totally amazing!!! Dr Harmony definitely knows her work for sure! That was awesome thank you so much. Blessings to you Heather xxx " ... written by Heather
5 stars,,,very good" ... written by Focusing
Just before I came into her room for free chat, I was all in my head...even shed some tears out of frustration and lack of direction. I asked one question and she went so much deeper than what I expected." ... written by youngngifted
Just had an amazing healing session that was very much needed and some wonderful messages that were wonderful to hear. Dr. H is awesome and I love doing work with her and her accuracy is on point every time!" ... written by Swede
Each session with her is so healing and hugely transformative. She is a catalyst for change." ... written by A
Thank you so much you are a powerful healer i will be back to finish soon! :)" ... written by Amanda
She is amazing! She tapped into what's been blocking me from moving forward! Will definitely be back for follow up sessions!" ... written by Diana
Good but got cut off too soon. " ... written by Lily
I was cut off!" ... written by Denisse
DrH is spot on with my situation... will go back to her ! xo" ... written by HMR
She is always AMAZING and healing, and full of positive guidance." ... written by A
Seriously - she facilitates hugely transformative work. She is remarkable." ... written by L
she is awesome. lots of knowledge, intuition, and tools to help you move to next level and live more fully as your true self. excellent." ... written by wren1414
Really truly - this woman does deeply transformative energy work! She is fabulous. " ... written by A
she is very in tune as usual." ... written by wren1414
She's awesome. Highly recommend her." ... written by A
She confirmed and clarified a lot of things for me. She's a brilliant reader, she didn't use any tools but managed to connect with me really, really well. I highly recommend her." ... written by Fish
She's a love, and her work is mind-blowing." ... written by A
will do reading again with her. she is my favorite" ... written by Harry
She's a SWEET HEART, and really amazing. " ... written by A
Dr.Harmony has been such a wonderful blessing. I was drawn to her room and her advice and work today that she has me doing is remarkable. It's truly as though this was my plan. What wonderful energy she has and I can't wait to work and have more healing/clearing sessions with her. What a great spirit!! Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
I LOVE the work that she does. It's AMAZING and moves you forward in leaps and bounds." ... written by A
DrHarmony was very detailed. She gave me things to think about and to carry out in order to achieve my goals." ... written by StarrVision
The lady is DEEP! I never go into private with her without adding additional credits, but the information she gives me is worth every dollar spent. She always connects me with my life purpose and causes me to think beyond my current mindset and way of being. Tonight, she confirmed what I had been feeling and also provided new insight on some things. Why delay what the universe is ready to give me NOW?!" ... written by youngngifted
She is a wonderful lady and I will be back to see her for more readings. I Highly recommend her" ... written by Harry
great reading - had to go but will follow up again soon!" ... written by lorna lulu
wow..she picked up on my energy so quickly. Thanks so much for the information. " ... written by girl