About DevonPut

Psychic DevonPuthas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DevonPuthas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DevonPut's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I'm a MASTERPSYCHIC, expert of LOVE&CAREER readings and LIFE COACH. I’ve been on ORANUM since 2012, besides I’ve got a 25 YEAR EXPERIENCE in readings and dream interpretation!I’ve always been the most TALENTED psychic here, with thousands of readings, and SATISFIED clients!Unlike some incompetent psychics,I know the method how to remove SPELLS completely!Pop in,and get your daily HAPPINESS! :)

Devon is AMAZING. every time I speak with him in private... he has sooooo much to tell me andamp; guides me through many issues that arise. I LOVE Devon... always on target and I will be back for follow-ups as usual!!!! :):)" ... written by Nini52
He is good! Very good. 5 stars!" ... written by Loverboy
Very honest, very quick, one of the best!" ... written by olenka
Very accurate, very good and direct!" ... written by focusing
Wonderful, kind ,clear reading, thank you! " ... written by Denisenz
First reading with him. Will check back to see if his predictions are correct." ... written by lifetime1974
Intuitive with my situation. Awaiting predictions at this time. Very nice and gentle person" ... written by bacidoll
This man is the real deal. He will help you and is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gypsywoman44
Excellent!" ... written by mslauren
Devon has given me some interesting predictions. I look forward to seeing them come true." ... written by justinsensei
Wow is all I can say about Devon he left me speechless, right before I would type something he was already answering me. He is amazing, very accurate with great details. He also gives great advice. Looking forward to all the predictions coming my way. 10******* To you Devon" ... written by Lucy117
He gave me specific answers to all my questions, had a good feel for my situation. He was very intuitive and helpful. Great reading." ... written by lavenderlilly13
This reader is very accurate. His rates should be way higher. He is gifted and will tell you the truth." ... written by gypsywoman44
Very straight forward and very good. " ... written by vvd450
Excellent detailed reading! Thank you Devon for providing the clarity I sought and putting my mind at ease. I greatly appreciate the depth of your insight - the pros and cons of my situation..I highly recommend you, many thanks for your time and energy. Blessings, Love and Light***" ... written by trishylish
Great." ... written by druvina1973
Great reading." ... written by druvina1973
5 stars recommend him excellent." ... written by charmaine53
Good and helpful. Nice person." ... written by druvina1973
He is very very good." ... written by newness
He is very patient and kind accurate and clear. Great reading ability." ... written by ikroyal
Very helpful and accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you!" ... written by katie46
Great reading!" ... written by gracepacific
Good!" ... written by newmswalker2
Wonderful! Caring, kind and accurate. Really tunes in and gives great advise!!" ... written by 003dncr
Really good!" ... written by sky456
A very good reading... complete and accurate." ... written by breeboots
You were wonderful, right on and very reassuring. Love and peace to you always." ... written by LL1971
Devon gave me a great reading and I will come back to him for sure! " ... written by Kelebek
Very helpful and accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Great reading" ... written by druvina1973
Very honest reader will tell you the truth. Gives accurate answers. Five stars every time!!! I just think he is great !!!" ... written by gypsywoman44
Second reading with him, and he connects really quickly! Great Reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Quick, honest and accurate." ... written by olenka
Nice reading!" ... written by karatechic
Very nice guy, straight to the point and very honest :)" ... written by jackals1312
Very honest and open. Thank you :)" ... written by sim079
Very good reading very happy with his work thank you DEVONPUT!!!! :)" ... written by lottabody1982
Was very fast and to the point." ... written by germanylover215
Definitely good person and he's on point with everything. Loved him. Will buy more credits to speak to him :) Awesome !!!!" ... written by molina631
Very nice reading, loved all of the details he gave me." ... written by hoofer13
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Good reading, great man!" ... written by steffleblanc
Great reader... Very accurate!" ... written by andreabaker1223
He was very great! Very accurate reading! I will be back when i have more money. I hope I make the right decision for my love life." ... written by luckycharms312
Very insightful." ... written by harlemomajors1
Thank you for your help and time!" ... written by lovebugshay
I liked my reading from Devon. He has pulled a lot out of the cards that are so true to me and my situation. I liked the reading and will be back for more in the future. Thank you Devon. " ... written by mummycrtr
Great reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Good reading. Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Very helpful and very accurate!!!!!!!!!!!! Five stars !!!!!!!" ... written by gypsywoman44
Soooo accurate, wonderful reader I recommend! " ... written by angelbabyx1231
Very good reading and very helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you for helping. I hope my problems will be solved and there will be more happiness and love in my life." ... written by druvina1973
Great reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Lovely reading! Kind, calm, informative, accurate." ... written by susanna12345
Time frames, detailed descriptions, excellent reading." ... written by LeslieKay
Good, thanks!" ... written by sky456
Good reading!" ... written by kathy
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Excellent reading, very detailed!" ... written by NICOLA112
Very helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Very pleasant conversation, thank you, I feel much better." ... written by steph
A beautiful connection. " ... written by beautywithinone
I am so glad I saw him... I feel so much more prepared for what is coming after talking to DevonPut! =)" ... written by dancerlucy
Thank you for the reading." ... written by twinheart
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Devon is very good at reading what you are all about and has a very endearing warmth about him. He seemed to truly understand me. It was validating in many ways also." ... written by MaryB11
Very good, energy he is really good with the gypsy cards. " ... written by ladysong
OMG! was thinking about him last night. Never spoke to him before someone recommended him. Then today i saw he was on line grabbed him and had a great reading. He is good will take him back to private now!" ... written by gittyup1945
Fabulous " ... written by mystical
Thank you x" ... written by leah1988
Thank you. You said all the things I want to hear. I just have to see if it will come through now." ... written by Visha13
Another great reading by Devon with so much clarity! Thank you so much I will come back! " ... written by Kelebek
Devon is a very caring, serious psychic but with a sense of humor. He will definitely connect with you and help you with your issues." ... written by MaryB11
I love this reader. He is very accurate and always so helpful. He will never steer you wrong and tell you exactly what is true!!!" ... written by gypsywoman44
Very good, on point!" ... written by Angelique7
Awesome! Please check him out! " ... written by gittyup1945
Excellent" ... written by maryannepav
He is amazing, absolutely true predictions, very honest no buttering up... I will be back, thank you, DevonPut." ... written by vrinda116
Very helpful, and understanding!" ... written by Parkstar
Thanks for the timeframe." ... written by Twinheart
Great." ... written by sadhana
He was right on with his card readings. Do ask for the gypsy cards. He felt everything that was going on with me." ... written by Rhonda
My Psychic Shellie referred him to me as she was on vacation and he was wonderful! He told me things that I had some suspicions about. Thank you it was wonderful and you gave me hope." ... written by PrincessSeniah
Devonput connects well with your situation and gives good advice. His use of the gypsy cards gave an indication of something I would not have known." ... written by MaryB11
Devon has great insight into what your problems are and offers advice to maximize your future happiness. He has the knowledge of one beyond his chronological years, so there is something definitely there in terms of his ability to connect with you." ... written by MaryB11
Very good, sensitive reader." ... written by MaryB11
Great advice! I want another session!" ... written by sanna
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Devon has great understanding and insight and willingness to help you with your problems. He is optimistic and here to help you manifest your life to its fullest." ... written by MaryB11
This man and his gift are truly amazing. Thank you, thank you. Thank you" ... written by newness
I am impressed! He is extremely good! " ... written by luckystar222
Very interesting reading n nice man to talk to... ty devon" ... written by Bhavritti
Great advice! Thanks!" ... written by theresa
Can't wait to see the results from this reading. lol" ... written by newness
Always honest and on point. Very clear analysis of situations. Thank you." ... written by newness
Thank you for the reading! " ... written by sunny0day
Very good." ... written by luckystar222
Wow! I cant believe how helpful he is! His cards are dead on! His advice is wise and creative. He knows how to shed the light on your path!" ... written by psymeow
Very good reading using lenormand cards!" ... written by mi
This guy is very good... He knows his stuff :)" ... written by elle11
Good!" ... written by sadhana
Just amazing, awesome. Honest very easy to talk to. Looking forward to catching up soon! Thanks so much!" ... written by best
Loved the reading. Was able to confirm my understanding in life. Would loved to re connect." ... written by Debra
I can't say enough good things about DevonPut! I feel so much better after my reading with him. " ... written by LJones
Very insightful!" ... written by jj2009
Awesome!" ... written by lucy
Devonput is always honest. he will tell you exactly what the cards are giving him. And that is a beautiful thing. A very good reader. You have to try him." ... written by newness
Very good reading. He is compassionate and gives you the details you need to be comforted and build a game plan for going forward." ... written by Penny
This was the best reading I have ever had we had technical problems and he could not see what I was saying but did a perfect reading of what I needed what a GREAT PSYCHIC!!!!! Was very honest and no sugar coating." ... written by Debbie Feary
He's been accurate and I don't see why this time would be any different. Thank you for your advice and reading. :)" ... written by linn
Great reading. Very reassuring and insightful. Highly recommend!" ... written by DL
Very happy with the reading. I feel at ease now. 5 stars definitely. Thank you Devon. " ... written by Ashley Hampton
Very right on! very honest and straight forward. Thank you very much! looking forward to another session ." ... written by ashley
Wha a very insightful pychic if you can handle the truth talk with DeVONPUT he is excelent!" ... written by Debbie
VERY HAPPY once again. Thank you!!" ... written by ashley
very nice and effective." ... written by sadhana
No sugar coating. Detailed and always accurate. " ... written by Scorp88
Great." ... written by sadhana
Interesting, see how this spans out :)" ... written by Tick
Nice connecting with someone who has a gift to truly connect." ... written by newness
Great perspective and guidance." ... written by Pam
Very good. Will be back. x" ... written by Libra
Very effective and nice" ... written by sadhana
he was spot on to everything he told me before . just waiting for this one . thanks again devon god bless u as always " ... written by remedio
Thank you for your reading and yes, it broke my heart, but I guess that is life." ... written by Jean
Very helpful and effective." ... written by sadhana
Really lovely man, very true to everything he told me. Thank you so so much. xXx" ... written by Laura
Great read!!!" ... written by Tiffany
Very on point with my personality and the people involved. told the good and the bad. good advice." ... written by mohogany3
Great caring guy." ... written by mohogany3
Always honest. No sugar coating. thank you" ... written by Gzelle1
It was surprisingly spot on! Thank you for the clarity. " ... written by Jovannie
OMG! You are the most enjoyable psychic ever!!!! True, straight to the point and you have a huge channel open! The reading of the person was amazing!!!! I want to chat again :) Peace kid! " ... written by sequesoy
Devon confirmed everything I had already thought to be true about my situation. He made perfect sense explaining the nonsense to me! Thanks Devon! " ... written by angiefra22
Very cool" ... written by kye2210
Amazingly accurate. Details. Perfect reading. Highly recommend him." ... written by benke
Thank you! Very helpful, clarified some things for me." ... written by girl
Excellent" ... written by m
Great reading, very helpful." ... written by boru
Good relationship insight. very honest and to the point." ... written by mohogany33
Devon, thank you so much for the reading. It's a shame I run out of credit. Thank you so much." ... written by cathy
He gave lots of information!!! :) He did a love spread and it was very interesting. 10 kudos for him!" ... written by Ashley
Thank you so much DevonPUt for the nice reading. I am so thankful you understand where I'm coming from and I am very much appreciative of your shedding light on the subject." ... written by Raquel
Very effective and helpful." ... written by sadhana
Excellent!" ... written by jerald
He is accurate" ... written by humility
Always great and is really caring... highly recommend!!" ... written by DL
Helped a lot, your amazing, thank you for easing my mind. I will show him support as you advised and be there for him!" ... written by elena
Great." ... written by luvu
He was very nice and informative. We'll see how it goes =)" ... written by LyssaBugg
Good reading." ... written by sadhana
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Wonderful - he knows what he is saying:)" ... written by Aaron
Quick answers!" ... written by Petrina Simpson
Effective and helpful." ... written by sadhana
Thank you!!" ... written by Pamela
Very effective!" ... written by sadhana
good" ... written by sadhana
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Thank you so much for your time!" ... written by Angel
He was great, told me everything I needed to no was totally honest and truthful about everything I could tell because he will give you the bad news but also at the same time give you that closure you needed for that situation. I can't thank him enough for helping me :)" ... written by Allie Leslie
Have a reading with Devon, you will not be disappointed, he will soothe you and make you feel better." ... written by Sneza
Helpful, kind, and easy to talk to. Many thanks and blessings to Devonput for his advice and guidance. It is like talking to an old friend who doesn't judge or criticize my situation, and gives me hope." ... written by waitingforhim
he was good told me a few things I knew and a few things I didn't want to hear but well worth it thanks" ... written by mandy68
Reassuring information, unfortunately I ran out of credit before I got the complete reading and the screen kept freezing. Nevertheless, very happy with my reading!" ... written by Fayebee
Thank you Devon - I really appreciated your reading. It was very helpful - especially around the health concern. You confirmed with me the notion that someone was speaking against me - and I think I now know the source. You're great. " ... written by Alphaway
He was very honest and straight to the point. Very accurate." ... written by paula
Thank you!" ... written by sarahmaree
The absolute best as always! :)" ... written by melanie432
Passionate and very patient, accurate!" ... written by nm
The word of the wise... Keep your mind up and reach for the stars!" ... written by Michele
I loved the reading, very true that I would say I feel like just a bit lighter. I do and did let things not control me as they did in the few months behind. Thank you!" ... written by pauline boni
The reading was actually very good, he spotted things that related to the circumstances, and it also flowed with how I saw the situation.Fitted perfectly, he gave great advice on how to deal with situations. Pity i got a bit distracted at the end, if not think it would've been a solid read." ... written by Geraldine
Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much. " ... written by pamela0627
Spot on, thank you x" ... written by denise
Good reading, he saw alot, just didn't have enough time." ... written by SS
He did a wonderful job, everything was pretty accurate and very impressed." ... written by valerie
Thank you sooo much!" ... written by brairmoon
Good reading." ... written by sadhana
time ran out! but still great advice. no sugarcoating :)" ... written by Geraldine
GREAT READING and also GREAT ADVICE def come back for more " ... written by Tiffany
Thank you so much." ... written by Lenard
Devon is very kind and gives great advice! Highly recommended! " ... written by Leah
Very nice reading. Caring towards my thoughts and feelings for my situation. Positive things will happen for me though I just have to fight for it and not give up. " ... written by Lyn
Devon is an excellent reader. Picks up on the subject extremely well. Gives very insightful advice also. Highly recommend!" ... written by Gzelle1
Now my top 3!!! Omg, dead on!!!!! Truly EPIC!" ... written by Summer
Really nice reading. A lot to say. Very positive. " ... written by Lyn
Really nice guy really nice reading. Even remembered from before without having to say anything. Picked up everything right away. All is not lost! :) " ... written by Lyn
Spot on; good reading." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Nice." ... written by shmeika
Missed having readings with Devon, will talk again really really soon :) " ... written by Sneza
Lovely guy, accurate reading wish I had more credits x" ... written by Carly
Very helpful!" ... written by sadhana
Great update - thanks Devon!" ... written by Leah
Can describe my situation exactly!!" ... written by Sarah
He was very accurate." ... written by Staci
good" ... written by sadhana
thankyou]" ... written by Kelly
Great guy! Super sweet and also very accurate. I like his laidback style, and i love the fact that he just kinda casually swings out words of absolute truth! Gave me great advice that i most certainly will follow! THANK YOU!!! " ... written by VVVV
He was very nice!" ... written by Shelly
Good reading." ... written by cristhian
Devon is one of the most caring and kind, GENUINE person I have ever had the privilege to meet and speak with. You can feel totally safe and comfortable asking for his help and guidance. I will tell you that after being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder (manic depression), I lost my direction and ambition as to what path was right for me. A full year had passed since first signs of the mental disorder arising, I spoke to Devon for the very first time. The compassion I could feel emanating from him was truly inspiring! With his help and encouragement I began to again view things in a much more positive light. His insight and him believing in me, that ANYTHING truly is possible if you remain STRONG and NEVER give up. I just have to say I love this man! He is an incredible human being and I am so glad that he has chosen to share his gift with all of us and hope that he continues to help and inspire others just like me seeking spiritual guidance." ... written by Allie Leslie
Clear reading. Very accurate. Thanks." ... written by haylo29
Excellent. Very good reader." ... written by focusing
Absolutely fantastic!" ... written by newperson
He gave me really good advice and brought me some clarity. i appreciate it a lot. honest and accurate, take care. I'll let you know how things turn up. :) " ... written by stayclosedontgo
Really great reading!!!! I'm very happy i sought his advice!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thanks for that, everything you said is true....Very honest," ... written by Janelle
Nice reading. Gave great clarity to my situation. Thanks!" ... written by hopefull11
Good Reading... Very informative. I will be back" ... written by Scorpio1112
Devon is lovely and reads the cards brilliantly! had great reading with him and recommend him for pvt." ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks Devon! " ... written by angiefra22
Very helpful and useful information!!! great reading!" ... written by vigglesworth216
DevonPut surprised me by remembering the essence of my last reading which was over 3 months ago. He seems to get right to the heart of the matter very quickly and provides insight along with the information. I, once again appreciate this skillful reading. I will try to pick it up again for a few more moments." ... written by Alphaway
great reading" ... written by tilly40218
Excellent reading! Very accurate and was able to read both my energy and the person I am interested in. He knows his cards very well. He moves along fast from topic to topic and he gives excellent advice. I definitely will be back! 5 stars! Very caring individual. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
very accurate and strong connection, comforting and down to earth energy as well. " ... written by Lauren
ANother Great Reading " ... written by Tiffany
Thanks friend for the reading! I really like your style! really great reading!" ... written by vigglesworth216
A reading with Devon always puts me at ease. 5 stars! Accurately is able to pick up energies, and is able to explain with knowledge with his cards what is happening in a specific scenario. I trust in his advice completely. He is completely honest and won't sugar coat and I appreciate about him. Definitely will follow up when I am stuck or need insight into a problem. I highly recommend a reading with this psychic!" ... written by Christine
First time with Devon. Very good reading. He knows his readings. Look forward to seeing if things come true." ... written by debbi
Good update got a lot of information in a short space of time. " ... written by Lyn
Great reading :)" ... written by Adiz
Great reading and good insight." ... written by tilly40218
He was insightful." ... written by joann
tells you exactly what you need to know. Very insightful." ... written by christine
wow good very good" ... written by loverboy
amazing as usual :) devon is a good friend of mine please give him your business?" ... written by ALlie LESLIE
Such a great friend! Always gives me great insight and advice. " ... written by melanie432
Devonput is insanely talented . I must say after having received 3 reading so far. devon put everything in place so I could breathe again . He will tell you what it needs to be said and nothing else "NO SUGAR COACH HERE!" , last year told devonput me that I should travel to my love of life because otherwise everything would fall at pieces , I had been with other psychics and they told almost the same but it was Devonput that made me realize that this was going to happen because otherwise this relationship over for good . I pulled myself together and went away without saying anything to her. she did not answer the phone anyway," ... written by loverboy
He was great, a lot, a lot of details, and was very very accurate with everything that is going on with my situation spot on. He predicted a lot of good things for the future hope all come to pass, and he gave great advise. Thank you and def will come back again." ... written by sweet
Devon is honest 100% no sugar coating, you must get reading with him." ... written by Sneza
Great, good methods." ... written by Elathris
He's right on the mark" ... written by christine
I think Devon was very good he was able to answer my questions and even give me, answers about a dream I had that I already knew was a good dream... I would have another reading with him again. " ... written by ttaylor75
WOW mind blowing hes the best of the best! No lies no twists and turns, just honest detailed detailed answers and explanations ! he's by far my favorite !" ... written by Think Blue
Got a message to say that he had news for me and I am so glad that I came to see what it was. I am still dealing with a lot of things just now but he has made me feel so much better about things though. I really needed to hear it. " ... written by Lyn
good" ... written by sadhana
I did a reading with him back in march, he told me something would happen in may-june, and it did happen in end of may.. haven't spoken to him for 4 months and he's getting so much quicker and 100% accurate, seriously." ... written by empress
awesome comforting" ... written by meika
Wow.. he is very, very accurate with his readings.. Very fast and very sweet.. He does not give you what you want to hear, but what is the truth.. My first time with him, and definitely not my last.. Thank you Devon :)" ... written by Jill
He amazes me and very caring." ... written by christine
He put things in perspective for me and I really appreciated his analysis of the situation." ... written by Caliza
Thanks my friend for the money outlook!!!!! It's great to hear good news for a change!!! :-D" ... written by vigglesworth216
He's helping me with something very important to me. I trust him." ... written by vigglesworth216
he is very kind and accurate. good man. " ... written by salem
he's very straight towered with his craft he knows what he's talking bout far i see he really good." ... written by erin stephesn
Can tell a lot......seems sincere, rekommended!" ... written by merlin
Great reading. he really connects well with others and understands what makes us tick. Helpful advice and commentary about my boyfriend. I don't know anyone who can help me better with my love issues than him. he tells you the truth. tells you the other person's side, and really empowers you to be happy! Believe me it's true!" ... written by thinkblue
He's great and amazing" ... written by christine
Amazing reading, he was dead on with everything. highly recommended to anyone 10 starssssss" ... written by sweet
great reading" ... written by tilly40218
very good reading gave new insight to the problem will contact again" ... written by jean
very easy to talk to." ... written by christine
hes pretty good" ... written by emma
He is very on about what's happening I my life" ... written by christine
connection was cut in first few seconds" ... written by Caliza
But i Thank You Sir, I know i have to stay strong for our son. They also know i HAVE nO OTHER FAMILY. tHEY WOULD BE THE CLOSET. bUT PLEASE HELP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS. iF ANYTHING SHOULD HAPPEN TO ME HAT THEY WILL BE THE LAST ONES TO HAVE A SAY SO IN HIS LIFE.N xoxo" ... written by mary catherine ardoin
What a great reading and some very , very good advice. Fingers crossed I hope all goes well." ... written by Stickytoffee
Excellent." ... written by Juli
very good reading - thanks again for the second time!! :)" ... written by Melissa
he connects very quickly and types fast, really connects and helps with the problem and can sense what people are feeling, thinking. I enjoyed the reading very much and he help me to understand my situation. Thank you DevonPut!! I will want to see what happens and update you. God Bless - keep doing what you are doing. Thank you so much!" ... written by Melissa
Absolutely amazing! So on point with everything, and it was the first time you read for me. You really hit on everything so accurately. Very gifted for sure! Thank you so much!" ... written by familyhelper
good" ... written by sadhana
I should be able to give my opinion in a few weeks time. I hope he's right" ... written by Artemia
An absolute delight. Was very insightful, answered all I wanted to know. Very positive. Will be back to chat very soon!!" ... written by Camille
A great reading, very accurate, 5 stars :)" ... written by Maria
he was awesome and positive" ... written by luvablegirl
Thank you Devon. You are right." ... written by tilly40218
Thank you so much. what a wonderful accurate reading. spot on." ... written by Lorann
good" ... written by sadhana
Truly gifted. So accurate so quickly. Really hits the finer details of things. It's really amazing. Thank you so much!" ... written by familyhelper
thank you :) x" ... written by L
DevonPut is really gift it an knows what he ealing with an talking back this my second time an he's really good ill come back in a Week are 8 day's : ) feeling better are ready thank you!" ... written by erin stephens
gave clarity and very informative" ... written by 808smiles
DevonPut was amazing! He not only gave me a clear reading, but also offered advise on how to handle a very personal situation I am currently going through. " ... written by Francine
Good reading - very detailed - I ran out of credits and had quite a few; my questions remain." ... written by lotus71
I really liked this reader!He knows his stuff.I will be back!" ... written by Cheresse
thank you so much DevonPut - love readings with you - I feel you are honest and to the point, great reading " ... written by Melissa
thank you for a wonderful reading-5 stars!" ... written by gemmie
helpful, fast andamp; on point! will always come back!" ... written by purenergy
interesting reading" ... written by malteser70
At first I wasn't sure If Devon would pick up on my energy at all when I entered his room for a private chat. But he did when I asked him what did he feel. So I only gave him enough information on me and there he went into some very telling details about a current situation that I'm going through. Especially a grating problem that is getting in my way because of jealousy. He also gave me dates on when things will happen for me next month all the way to January. " ... written by Cherie
THANK YOU AS ALWAYS, RIGHT ON!" ... written by maryardoin
Very forthright, clear and concise. It was a pleasure to chat with him, he has a great sense of humor!" ... written by mmh3628
Thank you Devon, it was great to speak to you at last. Cast my fears aside and you delivered what I needed to hear. " ... written by seahorses
Very clear insight into situation." ... written by seahorses
awesome he is the real deal. you can go wrong with this one. " ... written by roseanna
clear insight into situation" ... written by seahorses
Devon was so crucially detailed in his accuracy and gave me sevral OMG moments with his reality. Fantastic reading" ... written by seahorses
You're great. Thank you so much. I trust what you are saying and I'll be back to update you. Hugs. Happy Holidays." ... written by familyhelper
He is pretty awesome. Remebers everything and picks up from where he left off. Spot on with details of situation and very informative. I enjoyed his reading very much adn will be back for more. You cant go wrong with him he is the real deal. Very good and accurate. Hes a must read if you havent. " ... written by Roseanna
Love the reading, this man gets to the heart of the problem and the true feelings of others. " ... written by lovebutterflys
Very good. Very clear. Gives good specifics. Thank you for your wonderful reading." ... written by Mary Mack
Thanks so much. I appreciate it very much." ... written by familyhelper
Clear insight and visions, thank you Devon" ... written by Sultrystarfish
He is true to his word and very helpful. He is my friend." ... written by tilly40218
very good" ... written by tim
hi is very good pick up every thing right away. very good reader I come back again to him" ... written by hope
good reading gave some my situation" ... written by n a c
Thank you confirmed what I already knew, and erased some of the doubts I was having. Great reader :) " ... written by Erika
this guy was great " ... written by josh
great reading" ... written by n. a . c
He is amazing. He was able to tell me time frames and what was the situation that was going on before I said anything. I just confirmed it once he said it. I will definitely come back to him. Just going to wait to see if what he told me will come true. Thank you so much." ... written by Mo
he is good and even better . the real deal " ... written by loverboy
He is very good good wow one of the best..." ... written by loverboy
Very kind and he was right on the money with a lot of things in my life" ... written by btrap16
So glad I managed to come for reading tonight can't tell you how much I needed it. He picked up everything going on with me and the other person involved. I am glad he typed for me as I am going to read over it again as there was so much information given. Going to come back though as ran out of time. " ... written by Lyn
Amazing reading, picked up on the whole situation. xxx " ... written by Elle
Fantastic Devon, is a delightful guy and a trusted friend and ally in my huge battle Please ask for his insights and clarity" ... written by Seahorses
thank you for detailed reading, very quick and precise, thanks" ... written by seahorses
Glad I came to speak to him about things. Had some very interesting things to say picked up things straight away. Feeling hopeful after hearing his words. " ... written by Lyn
Very caring and kind man. Sees a lot and makes sense of things. Really makes me feel I can get things back on track. Thank you Devon" ... written by Lisa
he is good and also a nice person" ... written by frag
Always nice to talk to Devon. Very positive!" ... written by btrap16
So grateful for Devon and that he is on my side. Thank you Devon. I appreciate all that you do...both in and out of readings " ... written by Lis
thank you again devon as always. " ... written by Daisy
Saw into the situation easily and pulled out the person affecting an outcome. Considering the clarity at which he summarised everything, I feel his future reading would be quite accurate as well. Thanks the confirmation and clarification..." ... written by Enkori
very good advice offered and clarity, thank you" ... written by seahorses
Wonderful kind and caring man, will do all he can to help and really sees into your situation...however messy it is" ... written by Lis
Great, fast, precise and on the spot. Great pleausre. Great reading." ... written by London
Right on the mark, He is a great reader! Thanks so much you are 5 on 5!" ... written by love
he is just awesome, accurate in what he sees and goes beyond to help you, superb i love him!" ... written by spirit
quite helful" ... written by gogzee
awesome he connected very well" ... written by spirit
very goo reading" ... written by daisy 1980
Really great reading. Thank you my friend." ... written by tilly40218
gr8 reading thank you so much devon he saw somthing big had ended for me in 2014 and it had my ten year relationship. my question was about somthing else but he saw this. good guy, highly recommend him." ... written by daisy 1980
Devon has a fantastic insight and is able to calm any situation A valued member of my support team, thank you " ... written by seahorses
Great reading. Thank you for giving me hope" ... written by tllly
good reading , ran out of time so will have to come back *****" ... written by zzz
Was so glad that I managed to come for update tonight. I really like how he remembers me and the other person involved even though it can be a while since we have spoken. After our last reading there has been improvements in my situation because of his help which I am grateful for. Picked up everything I was feeling and things going on. I trust his words 100% and take his advice for the times coming. Thank you :) " ... written by Lyn
Thank you Devon for a clear reading with insights, very appreciated" ... written by seahorses
Very truthful and right on the money" ... written by btrap16
Thanks Devon for the clear update on our situation" ... written by seahorses
Devonput was very welcoming and polite.He knows his cards very well, and i got a lot of detailed info." ... written by Vikingprincess
Sorry Devon...I think we got cut off...but just wanted to say thank you so much for your guidance, support and care since we met. Devon is a great reader and always available to help. He does his part and gives you work to do need both in order for it to work. Thanks again Devon, I'm glad I have you as my ally" ... written by Lisa
excellent reading from Devon, very sharp and positive" ... written by seahorses
He's very caring and trustworthy." ... written by tilly40218
always make you look at the positive of things. always tell you the truth of things that are happening" ... written by n a c
thank you for the positive reading. I hope that one day that everything will come true." ... written by Nicole
very good reading, thank you " ... written by starfish
Very positive reading. Gave me a lot of hope for my future" ... written by btrap16
pin pointed many things that are happening in my life at this moment. great reading" ... written by caroline
Very positive and very helpful in my situation." ... written by tilly40218
Vey honest appraisal and good reader" ... written by sultrystarfish
very interesting reading - thank you" ... written by Sonia
I understood the situation. Thank you for the answers." ... written by tilly40218
Devon was spot on with everything! He really helped me see things better and gave me hope. Thank you!" ... written by btrap
very good reading and accurate assessment. thankyou Devon" ... written by sultrystarfish
very positive reading gives me hope." ... written by tilly40218
helped me out of s tricky situation. Thank you!" ... written by btrap16
positive reading" ... written by tilly4018
He is wonderful!" ... written by Patricia
great update! DevonPut is very consistent and remembers many details - he told me everything that is important in a positive and quick manner. Thanks!" ... written by frag
thank you for the positive reading" ... written by tilly40218
Devon is so awesome xxxxx also that accent I could listen to it all day xxx" ... written by Liz
thank you! you are wonderful Devon!!!!! " ... written by sofi
Sweet and excellent reading. I feel on top of the world and will shout to the whole world the amazing thing you have done for me...thanks Devon!" ... written by Grace
Awesome reading! Thanks Devon" ... written by tilly40218
He is my main guy, anyday, anytime...straightforward, simple, accurate, honest, straight-to-the-point. Devon didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but takes extra interest in my affairs as if it were his...for me, that's most imperative. " ... written by Grace
Always in the best of moods after chatting with him. I feel great!" ... written by Grace
So glad I came for reading today. What he picks up is just incredible although he confirmed I was right about my concerns which is a worry he has told me that things will be ok and I trust his words he has been right so far. " ... written by Lyn
Devon is awesome xxx He sees so much...." ... written by Liza
great advice as usual xo" ... written by frag
Amazing, picked up right away and knew things without me having to tell him. He really is the real deal. Thank you so very much!!!!!" ... written by Sladj.
always a pleasure!" ... written by f
always great to talk to Devon! He gives me a lot of hope things will get better!" ... written by btrap16
Devonput...still my main guy, anyday, anytime. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Grace
So glad I managed to catch him for reading today. He has helped me feel better about things. He has given me advice and I am going to follow it. What he told me I was already aware of but I guess I didn't want to think it was true. He has been good support to me in my situation and helps me a lot. " ... written by Lyn
Devon is amazing and I don't know what I would do without him everyone would be silly not to give him a go! :)" ... written by Ashleigh
thank you for the insight xxx" ... written by Aly
nice guy and great reader! cares about his clients" ... written by f
great to talk again Devon...I have missed your positivity" ... written by Lisa
Devon is always so positive! I like talking to him and feeling better after each reading." ... written by btrap16
As always... still my main G...and will remain my main G!" ... written by Grace
Fast, Accurate, Outstanding" ... written by Jay
Although we couldn't chat for long, Devon still takes extra measures in treating my case. That still makes him my main G!" ... written by Grace
has amazing energy and very easy to talk too! Highly recommended " ... written by dragonbreath
amazing man so spot on with everything, has given me great hope ...thank you " ... written by Lizette
Good Reading made sense" ... written by Carly
Very, very good ... connects immediately to the main issues ... spot on .. .thanks very much" ... written by Raspberry47
thank you so very much! so great as always! " ... written by sof
great reader ... very detailed" ... written by d
seemed v intune with the energies....i hope to God his prediction is right! many thanks...." ... written by lovehouston
Devon is awesome!!!!" ... written by Liz
DevonPut brought up issues that are affecting my life now and has given hope" ... written by Caroline
amazing spot on ." ... written by s
amazing reading" ... written by amy
Very good." ... written by TheHangedWoman
Clairvoiant and sees individuals clearly." ... written by TheHangedWoman
My guru is insightful and positive. There is so much I don't have to say. He just knows. Every reading gets better. I can't wait until my next reading." ... written by Clazzyone
High energy, accurate, and concerned about me and my problems. I enjoy his readings and appreciate his guidance." ... written by Clazzyone
great reading thank you devon" ... written by ak
Very accurate and high energy!" ... written by Clazzyone
he is very accurate" ... written by san
He was sweet, kind and very nice. " ... written by Linda Malzone
Great as usual!" ... written by Clazzyone
I always get an excellent reading from DeVon! He is accurate and easy to talk to. His non-judgmental attitude and positive spirit puts my mind at ease. Anyone that has a reading from him will not be disappointed. He sees inside of people and situations. He is the real deal! " ... written by Clazzyone
he is very accurate" ... written by san
DeVon is amazing!!!! My ex and I have reconnected and things are looking very positive. He is simply the BEST!" ... written by Clazzyone
AWESOME reading. 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by Clazzyone
he is very accurate" ... written by san
devon is very good in predictions" ... written by san
he was very accurate" ... written by san
Awesome reading! Very accurate and encouraging. 5 stars!!!" ... written by Clazzyone
Great reading as usual. 5 stars. Give him a try. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by Clazzyone
he was very accurate" ... written by san
he is very very good!! He saw everything very clearly" ... written by Miszy
thank you devon great advisor :)" ... written by av
thank you devon" ... written by kuiipo5
great reading" ... written by tilly
thank you devon" ... written by kuiipo5
he is very accurate" ... written by san
Pretty much hit the nail on the head!" ... written by itty
great reader" ... written by Cris
very fast!! and very good!! Accurate!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
He is great!!!!" ... written by kt
thanks, just wish it lasted longer" ... written by jedaiah
Very kind and always helpful!" ... written by btrap16
always great...helps out a lot!" ... written by itty
Psychic was very accommodating and kind towards my situation. A lot of patience towards his matter, he demonstrates empathy and high intuitive abilities to provide insight on the issue. Thank you. :D" ... written by Healme
Always such an enjoyable reading " ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Devon picked the right tarot. I am waiting to see if the msgs manifest as he told. :)" ... written by Sri
Very sweet energy. I really enjoyed my reading and he was right on btw. Did not sugarcoat anything, very honest reading. " ... written by caligirl
very great read thank you" ... written by marian
he is very accurate in his readings" ... written by san
i give him 5 stars" ... written by blueangel
he is very accurate" ... written by san
great reader, definitely recommended. " ... written by Omid
unfortunately bad net connection from my side , will come back again " ... written by anna
I will wait to see if it comes about!" ... written by Brown Legs
Won demo reading with this reader andamp; then ended up taking him into private reading. He picked up on many things that were true. Waiting for predictions to come true. I would recommend. " ... written by Destiny
lovely guy. very honest :)" ... written by beautifulwisdom
He was good...picked up a lot. Will wait to see the outcome." ... written by Mya
Highly recommend" ... written by angelszone
Very quick connection and clear guidance. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Devon saw a lot with very little info. Interesting reading." ... written by M
very accurate and helpful" ... written by Alexis
Awesome" ... written by TheLovelyMinx
great reader" ... written by TheLovelyMinx
Very nice. Devon has a nice way of explaining things." ... written by asdf
thank you for a wonderful and very helpful reading...5 stars!" ... written by gemmie
he is very accurate" ... written by san
he is very accurate" ... written by san
amazing reader so honest and he was right on many many things x" ... written by candy
Been coming to him for months and he truly is gifted and accurate! he always blows me away with details and his predictions HAPPEN! love this man " ... written by DB
Devon has not ceased to AMAZE me... His readings are not for the weak of heart... he will tell the truth about everything.... very gently. We all have choices... Devon gives details about what has happened, is andamp; will ...if we sooo desire. Soooooo "on time" with his details andamp; accuracy. I will follow his guidance ... Excellent reading... Coming back to discuss results andamp; updates.. Very excited to see what happens in near future!!!!" ... written by Nini52
excellent reading, connected quickly and honest" ... written by lorna lulu
he is very accurate" ... written by san
he is very good in answering questions" ... written by san
And again a wonderful reading from Devon, to the point, compassionate, no sugar coating, I will be back, thank you!" ... written by bluetippi2
he is very accurate with his readings" ... written by san
he is very good in his readings" ... written by san
Straight to the point! Love the reading very well explained thank you xx I will be back :)" ... written by bluetippi2
Very good indeed!!! I will be back. Thank you DevonPut " ... written by Heather
5 stars!" ... written by ut
HOW, HOW DOES HE KNOW SO MUCH!!! 5 STARS!" ... written by fl
he is very accurate n his readings" ... written by san
Devon is the MASTER... His "insight" is sooo accurate... it's mind boggling!!! :):) I have had several private readings with Devon. He has guided me in ways I had no thoughts/knowledge of.... Everything Devon has told me has come's absolutely AMAZING!!!! Devon's accuracy is unmatched... We have a wonderful "connection"enabling Devon to "see" events in my life andamp; others involved in my life, very clearly! Devon is totally" ... written by Nini52
I can only say that Devon is AWESOME. EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS TOLD ME HAS COME TO BE. HE IS AMAZING... i LOVE RUBIN... I WILL BE BACK AGAIN,andamp; AGAIN..." ... written by Nini52
hes freaking amazing and spot on !!! best reading ever andamp; good advice" ... written by tamjones
He really is accurate (:" ... written by juliewepp
great!" ... written by m
This wwas my first time reading with him and i am impressed." ... written by Brianaaf2
was wonderful!" ... written by bri
Always great!" ... written by Brianaaf2
He seemed accurate will def be back! " ... written by tiff
I didn't have enough funds to finish listening to his reading but he seemed very good." ... written by SEAN
Had been a long time since we had spoken but he still remembered me which which really surprised me. Picked up things right away. Was good to talk to him again. " ... written by Lyn
he is very good at predictions" ... written by san
DevonPut" ... written by gonzleo21
Good reading." ... written by MaryB11
very accurate" ... written by san
Great reading, Devon has incites along with his card reading. He is very caring as well. " ... written by marym62
He was good" ... written by tiff
Fast connection, fast typer." ... written by Michelle
excellent" ... written by troytom
Very straightforward and provided insight on the situation surrounding the matter and the current path and the future paths. " ... written by Beka
DevonPut was an inspiration. I hope that all the things he told me will materialize in the specified time he predicted. Very grateful to him." ... written by Daniela
he is very good and correct in predicting things" ... written by san
Great reading and insight. Highly recommend." ... written by Arn
Will update when prediction comes to pass...A lot of energy..." ... written by regina
5 Stars, He is really good! " ... written by love
very detailed reading very accurate" ... written by runawayhorses
great reading" ... written by tilly
devon likes to joke around, but he is extremely accurate in private. gave me a lot of information , and advice. great reader!! He read the situation exactly!!!!" ... written by kake
I trust devon's advice, because he is not afraid to help me make very important and difficult decisions. great guy. very accurate." ... written by kake
Hoping for the best! Thankyou devon! " ... written by pik
Thank you Devon, I appreciated your reading very much." ... written by Me
10 Star readings...ALWAYS!!! His accuracy is mind blowing. He can tell you things that he would have no way of knowing... Devon is the REAL MASTER... His guidance is honest andamp; always comes true!! Love Devon... Will keep coming back for follow-ups andamp; new insight." ... written by Nini52
Very insightful information, happy with the reading. Thanks Devon" ... written by Suzan
Great person to talk to,he has explain me everything and give hope,thank you :)" ... written by lala88
Nice calm humble and great connection..." ... written by Anniekins
He is great. Guides you through your problems and helps with solutions. Thank you for your advice. " ... written by ileana