About DavidRainbow

Psychic DavidRainbowhas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DavidRainbowhas recently helped 15members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DavidRainbow's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Psychic Medium & Reiki Level 2 Practitioner with 12+ years practical experience within divinatory arts. I work with your emotional, spiritual and mental energies to bring you the most pertinent insights and highest beneficial healing. Allow me to bring forth messages and universal light energy for success with the most important decisions in your life! Many Blessings :)

He has very calming energy and picked up on some things accurately. Definitely cares about you, many blessings :)" ... written by atlantis111
5 stars reader, he lets me know what person I am." ... written by ft
felt really connected to him, finishing his sentences and vice verse ...lol...deeply spiritually grounded man, intuitive abundance was overflowing, indeed....has so much to offer, it was exquisite pleasure to talk to him...got my confirmation (s)....wow... many shinning stars!" ... written by clownfishh
I really enjoyed the reading. It was really calming. I like the messages that I was given throughout the reading. This reader was different, in a good way. " ... written by Auri
What a wonderful uplifting reading... Thank you David for all your insight and helpful advise in my situation. Absolutely Recommended !!!!!" ... written by Shawna
Davids a kind, intuitive person, great combinaition of artist and mystic, he gave me some helpful reflections for sure." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Mr Rainbow is a new reader to Oranum but has the skills of a well honed psychic. I urge you to give him an opportunity to read for you." ... written by Lightstar
Great reading for a beginner ....he was right on and gave me some great advice on how to proceed with my situation" ... written by J
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
DavidRainbow is awesome! He was accurate and confirmed so many things for me." ... written by Criss
Very down to earth as well as strong connection to spirit guides and angel guides. Always empowering " ... written by Lara Blanks
Very peaceful and insightful. Nice and genuine guy. " ... written by ginny
accurate and honest " ... written by sam
Good reading." ... written by Kool
My 2nd reading with DavidRainbow - this time we're doing artwork and we're making really good progress - a lot of information from spirit was brought to my attention - it's a really great way to get a reading on such an in-depth level. This is the kind of reading that will help you learn your potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's well worth paying for and David is excellent at what he does and takes his time to get into your energy. Anyone that is interested in a reading with him please spend the time to do it you will not regret it." ... written by IndigoStars
i enjoyed the reading very insightfull" ... written by ross
amazing, information came through in a gentle reassuring way, without me saying much, " ... written by andrew
WOW..David has touched my heart in so many ways. He truly has a gift...definitely a gift from God! He was speaking to me as though God was speaking to me...all his words just flown into my heart! " ... written by Brie
Very clear and dead on. Loved his calming energy. Great reading!" ... written by woodpixie
He is very wise andamp; positive person! Had 2nd reading with him and he was very amazing!! Very accurateandamp; caring person we needed so much such person here on Oranum for a long time!!! =))) thank you! And god bless you!!" ... written by f...
Really helped me. My family and angels came through. David helped me so much as I am at a very low point in life right now and with the messages he gave me from them has given me so much hope. David is very nice and direct to the reading. Defiantly recommend you have a reading with him." ... written by moonglow67
davids really awesome. we talked about my soul purpose and he told me things ive always felt deep down inside that theres no way of him knowing. good chat and will keep in touch def" ... written by m
very good psychic, could see my problems without tools, gave me appropriate guidiance with sincerity and true heart." ... written by ft
She's an awesome read. very good." ... written by nbarnes2
He takes his time answering the questions fully, in a good way, like I got the message. Makes complete sense, and will take his advice, as he seemed to understand my situation, quickly and fully. Many Blessings David xx" ... written by Jo
Picked up on my situations, and ancestors. Will wait to see hwt happens. " ... written by Kool
Best reading ever, connection to spirit is strong, honest and super trustworthy!!!!" ... written by Lara Blanks
Great reader, accurate with my situation, 5 stars :)" ... written by SkyBee
Very accurate. No tools. Gave me many details that were absolutely spot on." ... written by sy
Thank you again for such a calming and outstanding reading...I will be honest I usually am not drawn to male readers, but you are at the top of my list...If anyone is in need of a genuine and calming reading, David is the one for you! Many blessings.... " ... written by t....
very quick, very good... thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
hes really caring thank you" ... written by peaceful
he is easy to connect my angel." ... written by f
very nice calm and comforting i will be back " ... written by me
good" ... written by kap
Thanks so much for the guidance David and connection with spirit was wonderful. " ... written by Maia
Speaks from the heart with Spirit and connects with you for your highest good and the well being of those around you. Thank you for your work and may you be blessed with abundance and gratitude. " ... written by Lara
sooo much clarity and on point information! very spiritual and honest reading. this is real deal!" ... written by jazzychic
such a pleasure to have a reading, thank you very much, highly recomended " ... written by ross
This David Angel is one of the sweetest and most caring Souls I have ever seen and felt - such a clear Healing Channel. I just felt like 'boom' when I first felt his tangible energies. If you are also lost or sad, like I was, or tired or sick, I think you are at the best place on Oranum in a Reading with David. :) Thank you so much again! " ... written by Lily
thank you sorry i ran out of time but you told me exactly what i wanted to know..great spirit and reading...blessings " ... written by blu
WOW, reading was more than I had expected. David was able to pick up on relatives that had passed and give information from them. Very helpful. Highly recommend." ... written by LA
Very good" ... written by SG
An amazing reading done by a man with a very calm and soothing spirit. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and was clear about the things he needed stronger connections on. I am walking away from this reading with a clearer head. David has definitely steered me in the right direction!" ... written by Artisa
Wow, straight and honest. Thanks a lot. I am impressed!" ... written by Joseph
Everything you said about my mom trying to send me messages... Well, you are right. Thank you :'(" ... written by Yousef
David has just become one of my favorite readers on Oranum. I will be back for future readings. Thank you!" ... written by livethemoment2
This was probably one of the most insightful readings I've ever had on this site. This is not the type of reading where you want to get into the who, when, and how of things, this is the type of reading where you want to come into a peaceful place, have a mutual energy connection, and learn about yourself as a spiritual being. Learn how you can continue your spiritual path and find the resources or techniques that would work best to your advantage. If this is the kind of in-depth reading you want to experience about true spiritual matters, this is the guy you need to come see right away. I guarantee you that you will not walk away disappointed." ... written by IndigoStars
thanks" ... written by Doppler
Thank you again for your fantastic insight you always have a way of making me feel calm and reassured...I recomment David to all those you want to connect to a warm and wonderful spirit...love light and blessings..blu" ... written by td
very good person, real psychic" ... written by ferdinand
very nice man and wice." ... written by mette
5 stars very nice demo he really gives you clear thorough messages about your situation " ... written by queenbee22
Beautiful energy, reading and insights. Great session!" ... written by Livethemoment2
V gifted and calming thank you" ... written by L
WOW! he is soo good!!! He told me exactly things to the point and he told me the truth ! Thank you it was a great reading and a pleasure to speak with you :) :) :) xxx Greatandamp; Very Honest Guy! Thank you! =) Blessings" ... written by ...
David gets to the heart of the matter in a very compassionate and loving way, he lets you arrive at the answers you are seeking...he is just not a predictor but will also make you realize your spiritual truths" ... written by Ankita
wonderful, truthful guide, he picked up last time things that made sense only later. thank you and keeping positive :)" ... written by jazzychic
He is accurate and connected completely and effectively. I loved talking to him." ... written by nbarnes2
Thanks so much I needed that. I am glad we had our little talk. I will be back and thanks again. " ... written by Karen
so cute andamp; lovely person :) Thank you for your reading it was very nice to chat with you :)))) Thank you for your help :)))) !!!!" ... written by ...
Sorry that I am just typing this now. But just the same, thank you for clarifying things for me and for being honest about it. I will always come back." ... written by Joseph
kind, easy going and clear - thanks!" ... written by Abigail
Thank you so much! I am almost at a loss for words, but what you do with your gift, and time means so much, and gives me inspiration, and hope. I still can't thank you enough. Thank you ;)" ... written by drgnflygrneyes75
WOW! He was very accurate on many many things! I was feeling very positive and it was very good to speak with him! Thank you for your time! and god bless you! recommended to everyone! Very kind andamp;caring person =))))" ... written by f...
2nd reading with him" ... written by helpmejesus
So calm, well connected and insightful; :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Thank you for helping my son...or trying too, he is a very lost soul I am afraid...but maybe hearing it from an unbiased person will help it sink in a little bit more....blessings david " ... written by blueeyes1960
He's helpful and resourceful." ... written by Nbarnes
Very on point very great relationship advice!" ... written by PHONIEX AND UNICORN
seriously 100% spot on! u r really good i seriously believe in you thanks allot ! highly recommend to anyone :)" ... written by nessa899
Davidrainbow has a wide range of services and all are supportive of spiritual growth through peaceful and relaxing settings, everytime I enjoy one of these services I feel more empowered to face my challenges" ... written by Lara
Always a good reading. Wish I could have more credits to talk more!" ... written by Kool
soooooooo thankful i came across him. wow!! he's so amazing.. i definitely teared during the reading lol but they are good tears. he brought a whole lot of light into my situation that really touched my spirit/heart about myself. you are a blessing david!! " ... written by ale
Very indepth reading, and truthful. If he doesn't get far off answers , he says that we need to check in later. He also tries to find what u r looking for by "seeing" it in different light, and options. Very good reading. And picks up a lot without me typing anything other than the names." ... written by Kool
hes is great!!!! 10/10 love his readings :) thanks so much hes really legit with his words thanks " ... written by nessa8999
very good reading im pleased, thanks david xoxoxox" ... written by ai
wonderful!!! such a good person hit it right on the head give him 5 stars will let you know my outcome!! best on oranum" ... written by anesia
He is amazing! Very kind and gentle person wanting to get you the answers you are needing. I appreciate his guidance and encouragement." ... written by taz878
Thank you another wonderful connection with spirit....such a calming soul...blessings" ... written by be
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)" ... written by ale
a very honest person, full of good vibes. his reading was very accurate. i really recommend him!!! " ... written by mrs v
Awesome as always. My 2nd follow up reading and he doesn't disappoint - continuing to work on things that were discussed in last reading and making some real progress from his guidance. So so grateful and appreciate coming across David here." ... written by IndigoStars
THANKYOU 10/10 " ... written by vanessa
Good reading, Thank you David." ... written by Golden Amber
Very thoughtful and connected" ... written by Don
Update reading. TY" ... written by kool
The real deal for sure! He's sending out some good really good vibes. His readings are very accurate, spot on at most things. This man is truly gifted, and doesn't really seem to have any limits as to what he can do/help you with spiritually, but also otherwise. David is not wasting time, he's being very kind and thoughtful, explaining everything in detail if you want him to, he is motivating you, giving great advice for how to improve your life in whatever field that needs improvement, he tries his best to accommodate all your needs and in addition to all this he really makes you think through your whole life, and about changing it and making new greater decisions for your future." ... written by ablutomania
A great great guy that will help you discovering the truth in your life!" ... written by ablutomania
so sweet and genuine. i love him" ... written by v
very geniune psychic" ... written by j
Thank you David for a very good an honest reading. I think I know what to do now :) Stay blessed!" ... written by faith
Wow! Wow! Wow! David is giving me so much help. He is great as a person and human being, great as a psychic, and great as a councilor/advisor. In addition to all this, David always follow up with you in free chat or emails if you want that. Where do you get all your energy bud? This man wants to help you, so you just gotta ask yourself one question - do I want help with anything? If the answer is yes, David is your man! Blessings! :)" ... written by ablutomania
Thank you so much for your insight...you picked up on things others have not...Your calm voice and positive energy is so uplifting...many blessings to you... " ... written by b e
Wonderful reading enjoyed it." ... written by Sam
great reading, the man is fabulous and simply gives out info.. " ... written by ammer
David is amazing. He really tuned into me and gave me the information in the way I needed to hear it. He's gentle, loving, and extremely helpful." ... written by Sonya
very thoughtful, generous, kind reader. takes his time and and offers very specific information --I will go back to him. One of the best." ... written by pearl
Wonderful man! so clear and helpful. Would visit him many times over! " ... written by Pourkats
Good. TY=)" ... written by BB
Great calming energy...always the truth with grace..thank you for the wonderful reading....many blessings" ... written by me
awesome reading,all makes sence and rite on spot.thx david ,so much for the reading :)" ... written by viendax
very nice psychic. Positive energy " ... written by Warrior of Light
Thank you, it's been a while since I do log in not that much anymore but you have been consistent about the readings. Thanks, and I will see you back." ... written by Joseph
never get enough with david....always a pleasure doing a reading with him.very pleasant and open ,no suga coating for sure.love to get his guidance.thx alot david" ... written by viendax
Great connection which opened up messages I needed from my guides and information to continue and encourage me on my journey...always a pleasure and always perfect" ... written by Lara
Thank you David. He was spot on about the struggle in my life and all my deceased family members came through in the reading, as well. He definitely validated his authenticity for me. He left me comfort in knowing my grandfather is here with me when he has never come through in the past." ... written by Laura Crews
David is the one you come to for a calm, understanding perspective on your situation. He gives you his full attention, and listens to what you say. I strongly recommend a reading with him. " ... written by Leslee
Thank you so much for talking to me" ... written by Jenn
Thank you so much for you're words. They mean a lot to me. Wonderful. :)" ... written by Amy Daugherty
Insightful, warm energy. " ... written by Sheila
thank you great reader, very peaceful and intuitive" ... written by AJ
picked up on exactly whats going on " ... written by cindy