About Bachi

Psychic Bachihas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Bachihas recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Bachi's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I’m a Psychic Medium with over 25 years experience helping people like yourself. My psychic gift started at a very young age, which I inherited from my grandmother. I am truly gifted and proud that I have been blessed with all the Clair Senses. I sincerely care and know my destiny is to guide people through life as a Spiritual Counselor.

Bless you" ... written by
excellent read" ... written by gregg
I liked how she was direct and used spirit guides. Friendly and gave good advice. " ... written by Stephanie
Excellent reading and always spot on to what she says. she is such a gem... love you" ... written by j
Excellent. Feel a lot better. Accurate, blew me away. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by jamira76
Bachi was amazing!! She was very quick to pick up on my situation very clear messages to the point!! She is very gifted!! I have go back for more this woman is amazing!! 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
Bachi is quick, and gives great details with only knowing your name!" ... written by marionlyttle
Bachi is a very good psychic and reads with confidence. I give her 5 stars!" ... written by Coockiejan
Bachi is a super sweet lady and is highly gifted!! She has just takin away so many of my worries, doubts and fears about a multitude of situations that have been concerning me. Bachi I truly appreciate you and am very grateful to u 4 sharing your extraordinary gift with all of us!! Blessings, Love and Light!! U r an angel 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
Just amazing. Knows alot of things before I can even say anything." ... written by H
Excellent! My first reading with her and I'm very impressed. Direct, honest and fast. Read the other person and me very accurately with only names given. I only had about 10 minutes of credits and she was very conscientious and respectful of the time. Answered all of my questions and fit in all the info I needed! I will definitely be back for updates with her... Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Great Reading with details..Thank you Bachi" ... written by sunshinec
very soothing. helped me during a panic attack" ... written by sh
TY bachi for the update awesome reading your the best." ... written by bridget mckenna
Mama I adore you! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!" ... written by Blonde
thank you!" ... written by mag
excellent reading to the point amazing i am so blessed to meet her" ... written by j
She tunes right in, and has all of the answers! Nice lady too :)" ... written by L
Great!!!!! I cant believe our connection. Must have a reading with Bachi if you need truth clarity " ... written by samantha
Very nice. She uses her spiritual guide to help me with my decision. So far it makes sense what her guide is telling me. It is a short term reading, I'm not sure of accuracy yet, but will keep this posted when January comes. However, what Bachi tells me about me is accurate. I would recommend her." ... written by izzy98027
She hits the nail on the head on the few issues that she perceived." ... written by Aqua2013
THIS WAS AN AMAZING reading. I really enjoyed my reading, and hearing new information about my near future. I AM VERY EXCITED TO FIND OUT I WILL BE MAKING A REAL FRIEND SOON. I was just telling myself the other day why I am not able to have a close friend. My god answered my prayers feel blessed. 2014 WILL BE GREAT." ... written by luckycharms312
Such a nice lady! Right on point. Right to the point. Helped with my next step. Will come back." ... written by Erin
Great reading." ... written by james
I like her a lot, I recommend her.. she is sweet and gifted." ... written by cat
Very nice and intuitive and on to the point. " ... written by Prem
Love her." ... written by cat
She's so good!!" ... written by Erin
She was great!!! Knew everything and very reasonable." ... written by mike
Excellent reading, so spot on." ... written by jj
Phenomenal!! Reading was great just waiting to see if predictions will come to past. She was very direct and honest and very nice. I feel like she tuned into my situation right away. Thanks Bachi! You're great!" ... written by Lady E
She's very good very clear very fast and accurate." ... written by ikroyalakr
Bachi was GREAT and was able to pick up on my situation clearly. She was able to give me details of things I was feeling but I wasn't sure and I didn't even say anything about it... so I WILL BE BACK!!!! THANKS BACHI!!!" ... written by LLB
What a reading, she is the real deal, no sugar coating - no tools!! Very accurate and gave very precise details on my situation!!" ... written by Ammer
First time I had a reading with her. She was very good. I've been on Oranum for a few years now and I know a genuine good reader when I see one. She's very caring and honest. Picked up the situation very well. Past, present and futrure. Gave great advice and some predictions. Recommended. Thanks." ... written by donster
She gave me the answer I needed and gave me hope and inspiration. I look forward to communicating with her. :) She is definitely spot on!!!" ... written by Pam
Good. Confirmed things but different timeline but i like that because others have said timing was sooner and it never happened. Will definitely come back." ... written by butter
She is incredible!!! She is very gifted and fast... She communicated insight that she would have NO way of knowing! I highly recommend her for a private!!!! Compassionate and non - judgemental!!! 5 STAR Rating :) !" ... written by Darlene
Good reading!!!" ... written by Zeigen
My first reading with Bachi and she's got great energy! She picked up on my situation just by giving birth dates. I would advise having a reading with her as it's a really good connection. Thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
She was great... needs no tools and picks up so quickly. thank you!!" ... written by ro
very good reader, 1st time here...seemed honest... saw my new job recently started w/o mentioning it... was honest in some relationship matters as to how they were, even though hadn't been desired outcomes there recently... she's worth a try and I like her for a no tools reader ... and a fair price too!" ... written by S
My second reading with her already!!!!...She is very kind and non-judgmental!!!...And used NO TOOLS...But was able to pick up on the situation!!!...Will be back...THANKS BACHI!!!" ... written by OL
Wow..She is amazing..I was waiting for her a week or so..but she is so worth it...amazing...I will be back for more for sure...just amazing" ... written by md3311
very very good reading, very nice and down to earth, tunes in right away, knew my daughters name without me saying a word... excellent." ... written by cf
Great :)" ... written by elena
She is such an amazing person! My second mom! :-)" ... written by Erin
10/10" ... written by ray
Good, honest, fast connection, great reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Did a good job mama!!!!" ... written by Erin
Excellent reading." ... written by jj
An amazing reader!" ... written by luckystar222
Good read!" ... written by jana kadri
Was very dead on with reading. Knew everything going on to a tee with out saying anything was not enough stars for her reading. Thank you so much, I can't wait for things to happen." ... written by cadesgirl
Good. " ... written by cindi
Ffantastic!! Really felt a connection. Thank you for your insight and guidance. Wonderful reading, I'll be back! :) Many blessings:)" ... written by CEEclouds77
Thanks so much she is amazing." ... written by cassandra
She was wonderful!" ... written by cassandra
Wow amazing reading spot on. " ... written by Lorann
wow she communticated with my mom that was awesome." ... written by bridget mckenna
Bachi was so helpful, she put my mind at ease and was very accurate. Thank you so much I look forward to the year ahead. :) " ... written by Corrina
Great reading, she's very accurate and gifted!" ... written by ashley
Very goood, excellent, 5 stars." ... written by peace
Very nice and great reader. I will keep in touch and let you know how the predictions go. " ... written by Justin
LOVELY psychic! Completely accurate and wonderful! thank you for the time taken! MUCH APPRECIATED!" ... written by Bett
Bachi is AWESOME. I asked her for a general reading and she new things about me immediately without me giving her any information except my first name. She new I just started a job last week in the medical field as a respiratory therapist. How would she know this if she was not the real deal. She also told me that I had 3 children and one has been in the hospital over the Christmas holiday. She told me what was happening with my husbands company. It was so accurate that I was shocked. SO AMAZED by her gift. I WILL BE BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR READING WITH BACHI. " ... written by Charlottes_Web
Bachi is such a sweet and accurate lady. She made feel so secure in our reading, she was very empathic and helpful in my situation. I will definitely be back for updates . Thanks, 5 stars!!!" ... written by gr8tday
A great reading very very good knowledge." ... written by zimerili1
thanks" ... written by joy
AMAZING!!!!! Spot on didn't have to tell her she picked up right away." ... written by kaityln
I thought she was AMAZING!!! Very to the point and straightforward!" ... written by Moll95
I think she is very quick to answer, very kind and nice, also very positive and very accurate :) Thanks a lot I will be back " ... written by Maria
Thanks for the peace of mind I needed it" ... written by luvuchaluka
Fantastic reading - gave deep and relevant insights on my current relationship situation. " ... written by Rebecca
What an awesome session. She picked up on everything right away. Definitely will be back, thank you!" ... written by scorpiorising
Been here twice n she's awesome to talk to... will let u know how things will pan out especially in august. :) " ... written by linn
Bachi seemed to be right on in her description of a character in question. So I feel I am reading him correctly. Now I know what I need to continue to do. I will definitely follow up with her in a few days!!! Thank you!" ... written by denise
GREAT!!!!" ... written by Ocean
Thank you for the update, I feel so much better now. She rocks." ... written by bridget mckenna
Bachi was spot on with every detail I had, she knew things without me telling her. Wow, amazing! 10 star reading! Super insightful and super accurate! I am amazed still... Bless you," ... written by alla
AWESOME she was on the spot. Direct with her responses no sugar coating. I will definitely follow-up. I am grateful." ... written by Lisa
Mama! You always tell me how it is!!!" ... written by Blonde
As always very enlighting and wonderful to talk to connects so fast and easy." ... written by Kaitlyn
Bachi connected quite well with my situation. She picked up on what was going on with a relationship I was wondering about. She knew exactly what was going on; I just will need to be patient until July to see what will be happening with this. I give Bachi 5 stars and recommend her to anybody that wants to know what is going on with any situation they may be going through!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She was able to help with some of my concerns. She was fantastic!!! " ... written by Jennifer
Very helpful helped me with issues and understanding why my situation was the way it was but also that things will look up. Definitely reccommend" ... written by vanhudg
Very accurate very good and truthful to me." ... written by Cheryl
She is THE BEST THERE IS, SHE DOESNT LIE OR MAKE UP ANYTHING!!! what she told me is truthful and if she didnt know the answer she was honest about it and told me if she picked it up later she will tell me.. TOTALLY AMAZING!!! I love her" ... written by chelsa
Another awesome reading. Thank you for your candor and honesty. I will keep you posted." ... written by Scorpiorising
Had second reading with Bachi and as always she hit the nail on the head, hope everything works out as she says." ... written by cadesgirl
So positive and helpful, wow! So impressed, thanks so much for the insightful and positive reading! You were a delight to speak with! " ... written by NVA123
I get so excited when she comes online! I always say hello when I can and get a reading too. her and I connect super easily and ahh! I could just hug her! she's been pretty spot on with the men in my life. ;)" ... written by luxxicon
Bachi is brilliant!" ... written by user86
Amazing!!" ... written by Kallie
Mama you know you the best! Come to her for everything!!!" ... written by Erin
she was gooooood lol , knew he was in a nother relationship .. good job" ... written by purple20
OMG, she's amazing! Thanks for the wonderful reading, I really enjoyed her company." ... written by aquariusgirl1935
No words! You are my favorite!" ... written by Blonde
Great reading! Will definitely talk to her again for more guidance!!!!" ... written by Korrena
Very gifted reader and we connected well. She gave me some good insight for the future. Thank you." ... written by Paloosa
Let me first start off by saying, that Bachi is an amazing woman. She is such an incredibly positive presence, my feelings for her are inexplicable. A few weeks ago I happened to stumble into her chat room. Going there; what I thought was purely by chance at the time, I now know was truly divine intervention. " ... written by BlackDeuce
Bachi is amzing.. , warm , caring friendly, lovely reader.. speaks from the heart.. a great guide .. i love our readings.. thank you once again Bachi :)" ... written by Ceeclouds77
She was awesome answer my questions and was on point with everything " ... written by blrobin1
Pretty good reader! Accurate and gives plenty of details =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
adore her!!!" ... written by Blonde
OMG what an amazing reading, im blown away. She is spot on fantastic will surely be back. Thank you." ... written by Lorna
Thanks again Bachi. Brillant reading as always.Thank you, you put my mind at ease. " ... written by ceeclouds77
I go to her a lot for advice and guidance. Never felt better or happier with our readings" ... written by luxxicon
Great reading!" ... written by apple
LOVE BACHI!!!She is awesome, honest and caring. Never sugar coats anything. Will always followup with her. The real deal." ... written by Lisa
Hit the nail on the head.....Very nice lady....made me feel better in my short amount of time about apart of my issues...I will def contact Bachi again!!" ... written by Tiffani
You know~!!" ... written by Blonde
Strong connection. Accurate, and helpful" ... written by Karen
Spot on! Thanks so much Bachi... I should just stop worrying now and be patience!" ... written by Willa
Lovely lady, who gave me some good advice" ... written by Sarah
Bachi is just so wonderful . she really knows my situation and understands how i am feeling . if you really want truth in your readings she is the real deal .. as i said it before i will say it again TRUTH IS WHAT YOU WILL GET 5 stars !!!!" ... written by Gr8tday
Straight and direct." ... written by Ryzette
Great reader, compassionate... Very healing." ... written by Wysdom
Loved her, very nice and straight to the point." ... written by Heather
Accurate reading. I'm hoping the predictions come true!" ... written by flow
Had a pleasant reading with Bachi. Very nice, honest, and straight forward reader. Thank you for your advice and insight! Love and light ! " ... written by sora
Thank you sooo soo much! You are amazing!! Absolutely amazing, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you didn't sugar coat anything and helped so much! WOW you are spectacular! Bless you!" ... written by e
Thank you Bachi for answering my question so fast. Thank you so much!" ... written by Mar...
Always a pleasure to talk with. Great reader!! Thanks for your insight again Bachi:)" ... written by Ceeclouds77
Thank you so much! Wow, so impressive and helpful! Really connected well and helped me make sense of my current situation :-) Thanks!!" ... written by E
She was nice - very honest." ... written by olivia
Just wonderful - really connects well and she is on target." ... written by sunshine
Great reader really dead on the situation very kind and helpful." ... written by Kayla
I LOVE BACHI!!! She is honest, positive and clear. This is my 3rd reading with her. She always hits the nail on the head. No sugarcoating, tells you the truth no matter what. Anytime she tells me anything, I am able to verify it. Her gift is beautiful and a true blessing. I never regret my time and interaction with her. Highly recommended." ... written by Lisa
She was a great talk to, very friendly like I've known her for some time now!!" ... written by leblanc_
Wonderful as always." ... written by gr8tday
Her prediction was right! I adore her! Love updating her and getting positive feedback from her." ... written by Blonde
So lovely to chat with...amazing reader. 10 stars if there was. Thanks so much for your guidance. Bachi is the best reader in my opinion on tools needed. She's so cool! :)" ... written by ceeclouds77
Love Bachi!!!! Best psychic reading. Always can rely on her for the truth. She never lets me down. Her gifts are real. She is quick and never sugar-coats anything. Positive and encouraging. Never tells me what I want to hear. Will always return back to her. Never wastes money or time. Highly recommended." ... written by Lisa
She knows so many things and helps me out with so many situations regarding my relationship. Positive updates! " ... written by Blonde
Another Awesome private!!! You picked up on everything!! Thank you so much for your candor and honesty. Will keep you posted on how things progress! " ... written by scorpiorising
As always, quick and straight to the point. I will always come to Bachi for help." ... written by Lisa
Great reading just great I really enjoyed and appreciate, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you so much for the follow-up. glad to hear thing are still on track. You are the best Bachi. I will let you know what happens." ... written by Scorpiorising
Thanks for your advice." ... written by d2k1000
she was very fast andamp; accurate!" ... written by aqua
Always a pleasure to talk with Bachi:) Thanks for all your guidance Bachi:) -love from a Happy member of the Bachi Bunch:)" ... written by Ceeclouds77
This was my second reading she is so amazing. She picks up specific details quickly, I will be going back to her! Awesome!" ... written by christa
She's the best I've ever came across!!!" ... written by Cheryl
Always love Bachi. She is quick, insightful and honest. She hits the nail on the head every time. Glad she came back." ... written by Lisa
So happy you are back on-line. Another great session, you picked up on everything quick. Thanks!" ... written by scorpiorising
Very accurate and precise reading. She is so kind and easy to talk to. " ... written by Amy
Wonderfully warm, caring reading from Bachi. She validated my questions and then some! Knew about my own abilities and encouraged me to grow into ones I have been insecure about. I will be keeping in touch, thank you! " ... written by shannyg
Awesome as always .... will be back" ... written by gr8tday
She comforts me in my situation and deals with all the crazy stupid questions i ask, and even repeats them because sometime I need to hear it over and over again. She knows exactly whats going on. Without a doubt, she is beyond just a psychic, shes my mama bear and I dont think I could get through my crazy situation without her. Thank you!" ... written by Blonde
She lifts my spirit! I love her so much! " ... written by annonymous
Awesome!" ... written by Zeigen
AMAZING! Incredibly honest. No sugarcoating. Personable and so kind hearted!" ... written by cristal
Great reading! Bachi is very sweet and fast in her readings. Thank you so much!" ... written by :) Love
:)" ... written by :) Love
Wow, picked up on everything again...Thank you so much. Very accurate and will keep you posted as the events unfold." ... written by Scorpiorising
I enjoyed her reading. No sugar coating." ... written by fani
i'll keep you posted my love! you never let me down. so good to see your face!" ... written by luxxicon
ah i am looking forward to next year and hope your predictions will come into action. thank you so much." ... written by luxxicon
Wow!!! I was surprised on how much you knew about me through the readings and what was about to happen soon. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
very very warm and understanding person . loved her reading . " ... written by golden
Bachi thanks for awesome reading!" ... written by bridget mckenna
awesome, honest." ... written by n/a
She definitely knew things without me telling her! haha That's the mark of a great psychic in my opinion! Lots of great info she was able to tell me and accurate as well! I'm sure I will come back " ... written by Marissa
Mama you simply are amazing! I dont know what i would do without you." ... written by Blonde
thank you os much myheart feels pounds lighter" ... written by gst
AWESOME! ,,,,, 5 stars, love love love her!" ... written by wing
Wonderful and great reading!!" ... written by jewelw203
nice way of reading , doesn't use tools. gave me a lot of information and prediction for the future . Will report back when it comes true." ... written by A
Thanx mama!" ... written by Blonde
5 stars for her :)" ... written by miumiu
Super sweet lady. Felt like I was chatting with a friend. She picked up quickly," ... written by AB
Again, the reading is clear and reassuring...Thank you." ... written by JandJ
Bachi is just awesome andamp; is so intuned andamp; I so get so much from our priv. readings, its just amazing.. Tks, Bachi!! This Mtn Angel luvs ya!! :)" ... written by NcMtnAngel (Rebecca)
I know it's hard to understand everything when in distress. But thanks, it was very comforting." ... written by Joseph
Wow, her spirit guides picked up on my situation immediately without me telling her a thing except my birthday. I was very happy with the reading and would try her again in the future :D" ... written by jaqeline
Awesome dead on...i'll be back :) " ... written by Danielle
OMG bachi and i just connected immediately. She doesn't use tools and picked up specifics and there's no way she would have known those things. She gave me great insight from spirit and good advice on how to move things forward and what to expect in the future" ... written by m
She was great and she was able to answer my question with out much background to my situation. " ... written by gemini0605
She could read the situation as it was...I prety much got confirmation on all i know" ... written by Shona
You are becoming one of my reliable friends, always accurate and genuine. Thank you for being there for me always. As new as I am to you, you have proven your honesty to me." ... written by Joseph
ty for update bachi you are an awesome reader on here five stars" ... written by bridget mckenna
What can I say? I got a good friend who not only reads so accurately and so good but a friend who will guide me n what to do next. You're one of the people I trust here and who is part of the reasons why I have happiness in my heart. You know what I am talking about. Thank you once again" ... written by Joseph
Bachi,ty for awesome udpate my mine is at ease ty again i keep you posted." ... written by bridget mckenna
update: talked to bachi not long ago and what she said came true! she still has the same outlook on my situation as before too so im ecstatic! love her" ... written by m
She really is on point and just knows about the situation so well! " ... written by Nadia
She is just amazing to talk to! Can't wait to see how everything unfolds." ... written by Amy
ty for the update hun your are the best so awesome." ... written by
Very sweet lady. Connects quickly and doesn't waste your time. " ... written by AB
very lovely" ... written by fine
Truly wonderful reading. No tools. Super quick. Lots of information. And very nice lady." ... written by L
Great reading as always. Connects quickly and doesn't waste your time. Truly gifted. " ... written by AB
Thank you so much for the clarity. Always one of the most trusted readers here. I love your honesty and friendliness and of course the accuracy. " ... written by Joseph
i loves her! she's always consistent in what she says and helped me calm down bc i was so anxious about something i couldnt think straight" ... written by m
Thank you ever so much, my dear friend. I was surprised that you felt something black when I was the only one who knew about it. Thank you for the extra help. You are truly a good reader with a big heart and who values friends." ... written by Joseph
That was a great reading! She was extremely personable, and very exact in her communication. Thanks so much! I will be returning!" ... written by Slinky222
so accurate and on the spot. thank you Bachi for everything" ... written by scorpiorising
bachi is the best! she's one of the few psychics i truly trust and she's said things that resonate me and the other psychics i trust have said also. loove her and you wont regret talking to her" ... written by m
100% on target go to her she is the real deal" ... written by joe
This was my first reading with Bachi. I loved her style and confidence in the messages she receives from her guides. I will be back to read with her again for sure and hopefully confirm her predictions." ... written by E
She's great. Very understanding, and gifted." ... written by A
AWESOME READ" ... written by BACHI
She is a DEAR and soooo gifted. Wonderful" ... written by L
Absolutely amazing!Thank you Bachi look forward to your predictions" ... written by marion
Very quick to connect, thanks so much!!" ... written by hopeful
The thing I liked most about this reading was her confidence in her gift. She's very honest and genuine, and easily picks up on things without having to fish around much. " ... written by Kayla
Very much appreciate your direct answers clear messages and spiritual connection. Fantastic reader!" ... written by Maia
Bachi - what a beautiful and spiritually connected reading this 1st reading was! Extremely gifted and God-inspired, this lovely lady picked up immediately on my situation, and on several details, and told me what is to come and put my heart at ease. This reading was definitely divinely driven. I thank God for bringing me to Bachi . Lots of love and blessings xoxoxo" ... written by G
Bachi is an amazing reader. 5 stars for sure:)" ... written by LightofTruth
Polite, frank andamp; to the point! She doesn't waste your time and gets to the heart of your questions. What she hears and sees, she conveys directly to you! Recommended" ... written by gummigummi
Extremely caring and nice; easy to understand and made a lot of sense!" ... written by Brittany
Very accurate! " ... written by c
excellent and quick one too" ... written by raj
I really enjoyed my reading! She picked up on great details, gave the confirmation I needed to move forward.. Thank you Kind Lady, will be in touch!!" ... written by Dianne
What a lovely gal, picked up on the situation quickly, got some great information and advice, would highly recommend her." ... written by christa
She was great and right on the mark with everything. " ... written by LB
Wow Bachi is totally amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable and her predictions I have wrote down and will come back to update her. I highly recommend her!! She is the angel and will come back for more readings!!! Amazed!!!" ... written by goddess70
Amazing! Totally worth it!" ... written by lady
She is a fast reader, fast typist. Very sweet lady and professional. Gave me predictions with time flame. Hope they will come to pass!!" ... written by P
She is seriously the best on Oranum. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to go through everything." ... written by aquariusgirl1935
SHE WAS AWESOME!! THANK YOU ORANUM FOR HIRING HER." ... written by bridget mckenna
She is worth way more than 99 cents a minute, I will tell you that much! She picked up on my situation AND things I didn't even tell her about. Thank you so much Bachi, because I am now walking away with a lot more clarity." ... written by Artisa
Really postive reader!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935