Psychic BENNETTandHUTSONhas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic BENNETTandHUTSONhas recently helped 49members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about BENNETTandHUTSON's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

If i am in members mode please message me. I am usually here but in a reading elsewhere. I will do cards for members who have added credits in the last 30 day. If you want a private reading please message first before clicking private. I am an intuitive reader, compassionate but direct. no sugar coating but i do understand hard news is sometimes difficult to hear. Here to help you :)

Very Helpful and very good. Thanks so much for the information. :) " ... written by debsch67
Great reading, connected very well with my situation. No sugar coating of issues and told me precisely what to do moving forward." ... written by sycsid82
Wonderful reading." ... written by ewieder92
Has hit on some things I've suspected and confirmed other things. Amazing! Thank you!" ... written by ak3000
Thank you! So much information I receive from this. I really appreaciate this." ... written by friendly22
Gr8 reading, they were spot on with the reading and gave me insight to my issues..thank you." ... written by harsha
Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. the real deal and then some. accurate to the point and exactly what you need to know with extra advice as needed. I had a healing done as well, with out asking the guides, they knew it wwas necessary - how special is that? AWESOME guys...." ... written by lisa
Lovely couple, very helpful." ... written by maryannepav
Very good." ... written by deliliah15
Great " ... written by Mambreh222
They are different, they are trying to pick up on things. I hope they are right. enjoy the reading" ... written by bellacasa
Very friendly, picked up a great connection and wonderful pointers to the road ahead" ... written by user8628
They did a healing for me and my anxiety with the spirits and I just felt it, I feel like its a fresh start from here, and also I asked them a question about a recent relationship which the spirit right away spelled out no for me, so I honestly say give them a try, it is not a waste of money guys! Thank you Bennett and Hutson for everything. " ... written by Mrod130
Very cool!!!! thank you so much!!!" ... written by SAchickie
The session was soothing, felt real, I did have a reaction to a distance energy working. I think this team is skilled and on the mark. Very sensitive and empathetic working. Lovely human beings." ... written by chalice_divine
AB" ... written by Jessica
Very Good" ... written by Jessica
Miggin is simply a wonderful psychic and medium. All of you should try her, she will surprise you and help you heal. Thanks for always taking care of everyone. Blessings to you for a very Happy Thanksgiving. " ... written by Shelly
Awesome update as always :) Thank you!" ... written by Tiarra
Really great reading, very helpful and detailed. I felt they picked up on the right information and were honest and straightforward which is what I needed. Thank you!" ... written by crystalrei
Thank u!. Gave some good advice." ... written by itsuramo
Really different reading but really good. Thank you." ... written by katie46
Wow a very unique and interesting reading . Were able to connect very well, awesome is the word best to describe them. Will definitely have more pvt readings in the future." ... written by Lucy117
Thanks again, what an amazing reading!!!" ... written by lalaland
Great energy, really nice, had spiritual healing and it feels great recommended." ... written by Jessangel93
Awesome reading! I will be back tonight!" ... written by lifetime1974
HONEST READING..GREAT ADVICE!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Loved them. Interesting and unique reading but felt the connection with them and feel confident in what they had to say." ... written by stephanie
Lovely duo, enjoyed my reading very positive and upbeat. I look forward to telling them what happens after Thursday xx" ... written by tickleme2011
Thank you thank you thank you! " ... written by tatianasmile
Great people to talk too!!!!" ... written by ak3000
Wooow, very interesting! You must give them a try. Great advice, great explanation from two viewpoints. A must try:)" ... written by Aryastark
It was interesting, and they picked up on things without me giving much info." ... written by kohiprinsu
This was very exciting and fascinating! They were on target. So I'm sad I'm not gonna win the lottery. Oh well, you must try them. You won't be disappointed!" ... written by nunothat
Wow, I had chills up and down my spine, they knew many things before I had a chance to speak. Wonderful reading...Thank you!!!!" ... written by wonderfulriggs
Amazing definitely recommend!! Will always come back, twice now with amazing results, thanks, guys:D !!" ... written by natashalamb11
Enjoyed the reading, looking forward to Christmas!!!! xx" ... written by tickleme2011
They are so good, on spot,even i dont tell them anything....thanks" ... written by sabinaa
Great, thanks!" ... written by shells71
Thank you so very much for helping me tonight. After my having had such a difficult day today which made me feel so sick to my stomach, you both have been so wonderful, kind, comforting and I look forward to your predictions coming true in the next few months. Thank you so much!" ... written by angeldiamond122
Had the most interesting reading I've ever had tonight! Learned a lot about myself and past lives, very impressive!" ... written by chelcee
Absolutely amazing! As put me at ease as was really struggling and this as settled me again." ... written by MALEX3007
This was very interesting and insightful! I will be back." ... written by MoHey79
They were so awesome. I will be back again. xo" ... written by VenusInLove
Very insightful and a wonderful reading." ... written by memzerized
When I went into Bennetts and Hustons room... Jason was so supportive and helped me as much as he could within the rules.. As I was in a state due to personal reasons.... Jason a pure gentleman and a 'Professional Angel' and really gifted, he took the time to talk to me, just talk... Now as a result he has my custom and my respect totally.... We need more people like him in this world..... This comes from my heart... God bless him and his partner for his true manners... So happy to have met these people here.... Please please do get in contact with them, to tell them this loving Feedback.... Lots of love from Federation Ireland.... Thank you as well...." ... written by federation
Great reading. Highly recommended." ... written by natei08
Good read." ... written by natei08
Discovered a very deep connection to a past life, a heartbreaking story, and a lover I'll never touch again. Thank you. You have no idea how much you helped me." ... written by Magnum_Opus
Great to talk to! Thanks so much! Keep you posted!" ... written by ak3000
Thank you!!" ... written by jaimelee25
Coolest couples with talents!" ... written by taurusmay5
I definitely heard what I needed to hear. Probably what I've known all along but have been trying to deny. I've been scared of stepping outside of myself. Now I know it's time to do that. Thank you so much. I was feeling incredibly lost. Now, I feel more confident -- less scared of not doing the 'right thing'. Thank you!" ... written by lostsparrow
Very good ... to the point!!" ... written by turtles57006sun
Very intersting. a lot to think about" ... written by katie46
Great feedback for Bennet and Hutson one of a kind people so helpful..." ... written by federation3
Great reading will never use anyone else again.Thank you for your advice and direction really tuned into my situation and on taking the advice my situation has changed for the better ...excellent xx" ... written by tracy2470
Perfect duo:)... Thank you guys.. My hope is always a bit more after speaking to you about my situation.. I appreciate you... Everyone should get a reading form these two:)...xo" ... written by MoHey79
Fantastic aura reading....They are accurate with reading me and the information they gave about me... Thank you for your advice also about how to help." ... written by nunothat
Great readers. Very useful." ... written by natei08
I thank you for all your help!!" ... written by Angile509
I loved them! They were sweet, seemed to connect really well. She even knew I was from the south within the first 2 sec." ... written by summersunshine91
Good in-depth reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by Alexsheart
Awesome reading! Thank you both for making me feel better!" ... written by lifetime1974
Wow, he was so much fun! Enjoyed the reading." ... written by sparklejules
Great!" ... written by optimistic813
Very interesting insight... I loved their style..." ... written by pjcmstew1
They were very helpful, answered the questions I needed to know. Put me on a clearer path for what to expect." ... written by nahdluv
Wonderfullly amazing, truthful couple. Amazingly was able to visualize my lovedones personality. Very insightful. Thank You for your advice." ... written by frustrated67
Right on the money, very good reading....." ... written by smurfgiant
They are always good and right on they give very good answers and it is really cool to watch them get the answers, very good reading." ... written by smurfgiant
He is the only one who could tell me what I am and how I may choose to move forward" ... written by bluewitch
he is very sweet andamp; straight forward." ... written by L
Very clear answers. I enjoyed it! Spot on." ... written by Jasmine
Extremely helpful. Got all my questions answered" ... written by LadyLight1
I can only say extremely positive things about Bennett and Hutson. I have consulted both on numerous occassions and both have helped me tremendously. The last few sessions have been centered on health healings and third eye sessions. And I have to say that their healings have been taking effect. I am stressing less, handling heavy taxing news like a champ, and my body is repairing itself. I did let Jason know, that as an added bonus I have been noticing great progress with my intuition, things are going my way, and I have been able to deal with some challenging people and situations without stressing or getting irritated at them. Its like, I pick up on the fact that its a test and I revert back to peace mode and send these people and situations love. Thereby changing the dynamics a bit. Looking forward to the next sessions." ... written by LadyLight1
He was lovely. And he picked up on some stuff!" ... written by AgentMagpie
Great reading! Thank you! :) " ... written by libraj16
The both of them zeroed in as if they knew him, wonderful comfort in my confusion. Of pinching myself .Namaste" ... written by Marlaval
Always fabulous." ... written by MALEX3007
Great reading! Very honest and explained things so I could understand them easily!" ... written by paigerenae
I asked for a curse to be reversed and immediately had heart palpitations whilst Bennett and Hutson did the ritual. I had a strange sensation and new it must be working. They are two great, friendly and lovely people! Thank guys!" ... written by Australiana16
cool very nice" ... written by phoenixrisen
Didn't hear what I wanted to, but the future looks promising. They were very honest and spot on. Thanks for your help :)" ... written by Cara
Really enjoyed my past life reading. Very informative!!! :)" ... written by Kelly1321
thanks for the accurate reading!" ... written by cz
What a pleasant experience. jason a miggin are a great team and provide wonderful insight." ... written by jeraldryan
I love talking to them! They are always accurate!" ... written by summersunshine91
Thanks you two. I always appreciate you and your advice. :)" ... written by MoHey79
Bandamp;H are always good and they are very accurate, they are very intuitive and can see a lot of things,and they always have good info on a lot different subjects!" ... written by smurfgiant
I appreciate you two. Thank you!" ... written by MoHey79
Fantastic!!!" ... written by SAchickie
Great insight and I hope the Mind Whispering will help my situation" ... written by oscarbuffy
Good reading. I'll be back!" ... written by AgentMagpie
Well they keep me coming back!" ... written by AgentMagpie
Even though it was short it was very intuitive, thank you" ... written by sharphandz247
definitely a great reader, He does mind whispering that is very unique. He always give details and in-depth analysis of the situation, his readings are extremely accurate and reliable. He is also very carrying and easy to talk to and definitely the best one on the website. I would definitely recommend! " ... written by greenforever
Yeah! Twice in one day, cause I love them that much. lol." ... written by Magnum_Opus
They Know." ... written by mc3dragon
Very sweet :)" ... written by imapeach3
Thanks, you two... Always a pleasure :)" ... written by MoHey79
Explained everything, detailed!" ... written by carandkenzee
You guys are adorable " ... written by jrrtoken
They were amazing!!!!!" ... written by jeter28
Different type of reading. Thank you for all your insight." ... written by LL1971
Good reader and very accomodating couple. Thanks" ... written by babe22
It was spooky, and enlightening. Both were caring, and informative." ... written by beetlenut
thank you, you really took a lot of burden from me after talking to me..." ... written by Biswoody
Another great and informative session. Looking forward to our next follow up. " ... written by oscarbuffy
Good healing. Try them out." ... written by natei08
I had my aura read, and it was great, as usual. It`s funny watching them both explain what they see. It`s the same, but Miggin sees it as a woman would and Jason sees it like a man would. Makes me laugh!" ... written by nunothat
Really good! He was great! Could sense everything! Read my aura perfectly. Thank you." ... written by starsalign21
Great reading!!" ... written by leebee4
Great! Thank you for your amazing help!" ... written by yleana
5 Star!" ... written by Leslie Kay
Very interesting reading!" ... written by entertheyin
Very clear and concise." ... written by koel
Definitely worthy of the 5-star rating! Had my first session with these two a few weeks ago. They performed a healing on me and told me I would have a dream or two that night. Sure enough, I did. " ... written by Leslie Kay
Wow! They are brill, highly recommended. :) Thank you very much. :)" ... written by capri1
Loved it! Got alot of confirmation, Can't wait to hear insight from his partner! :)" ... written by Lalas1212
AWSOME, I love them both, ahhhghhh!" ... written by entertheyin
Having a duo reading was nice.. Another added bonus with your readings is you get two perspectives on your situation. The insight that each sees/feels/etc. is able to molded together so essentially you're getting double the guidance. I very much enjoyed the reading; they were both fabulous and helped me view in on my current relation..." ... written by Heather
Vonsistent with what others have told me....I guess I need to have faith....Thank you both for your help and guidance..." ... written by wendic
Amazing ! " ... written by luckystar222
A wonderful experience!" ... written by mebucko29
Fabulous as always " ... written by MALEX3007
Amazing!!!!" ... written by nita
Amazing reading. They work well together and very sweet and kind. I would do a reading them again. Thank you very much." ... written by Yvette
Chose them as they are clam and caring in vibe just now, I needed that and they are sweet and good and did some energy work that helped too, and lost suggestions came through don't understand it all." ... written by marinakasha
thanks" ... written by c
They are always awesome...." ... written by jeter28
They are so kind and honestly wanting to help" ... written by s
Excellent insight and guidance... Good team of support." ... written by jerald
Thank you very much." ... written by Cheryl
Thanks so much guys." ... written by spooono
You were right about everything. You gave me suggestions what to do next and I will use them. I have always felt and experienced that my life is in real danger while living together with him under the same roof. " ... written by Berit
Awesome reading tapped in wonderfully." ... written by Marlaval
Such beautiful chemistry andamp; love shared in clear easy to understand words of wisdom." ... written by Brandy
it was a very interesting way of reading and gave me some new insights on things. thank you :)" ... written by kaeelu
very nice great insight" ... written by phoenixrisen
I love them. They are slow but very accurate." ... written by StephLCoulter
Love love love the connection andamp; loving energy of those two, they lift me up andamp; set me straight when I need it!" ... written by Brandy
Lovely couple. I share my spiritual experiences, and they are already and always on target. Great readings Perfection. " ... written by madhu_thomas
Hey guys, thanks for the very interesting reading today. I'm very surprised to have found out what I did about my guides and also about myself. I have also been getting good feedback and feeling from my meditations so thank you for helping me out with that greatly :) I'll catch you guys again soon for more info!" ... written by Richard
They are very good with what they do and their readings are very accurate, I enjoyed the reading." ... written by otessascaptain
Totally loved them they picked up on my situation with not much info. Highly recommended." ... written by karla
Thanks so much" ... written by SS
Super accurate! Thanks guys! " ... written by dacacau
The Bennets are always fantastic they know about stuff talk about and have a lot of intellect when it comes to really spiritual and advanced knowledge as a lot of the questions I ask other psychics would not be able to answer, get a reading from them, they are awesome...." ... written by otessascaptain
Wonderful! 100stars!" ... written by Nita
Good reading." ... written by joellenr
Thanks so much for all your help... I know that this is a difficult situation to understand... I will definately use your advice and pray that everything will work out good... You both deserve 5 stars! Xx" ... written by Ebony
awesome reading " ... written by vvd450
Good reading" ... written by Pam
They gave a lot of good ideas to help me. Thank you very much!!! :)" ... written by Amy
Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am going through family issues and they really gave me crystal clear insight into my situation. Your are a wonderful couple. 5 STARS!!" ... written by Rene067
They are always good and they go beyond this plane of existence, they are so good get a reading from them." ... written by otessascaptain
Great talking to them they made things a lot clearer. Thank you so much. xx" ... written by kissed
They did well, I was very intrigued with what they had to say! :)" ... written by Angela
That was a great reading. He connected. He saw and he felt. I couldn't ask for more. I hope to keep you updated with all the things that you have told, when they come to pass..... Many blessings!!!!!" ... written by ann marie
They really good. Hope all good things ll come true. They do pick up things." ... written by mariaee
Thank you, it was positive :)" ... written by wunjosun67
Wow what an incredable couple spot on with the facts.Thank you guys very much" ... written by Rosebudy
Bandamp;H hit the nail on the head many times and I did not have to ask a single question. I am amazed. I highly recommend them! They are the real thing!" ... written by Miss Kitty
Amazing job! Thank you!!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Thank you for a great reading. I will be back" ... written by librabeauty
Very good psychic fast and very true." ... written by adrian
Excellent detail!! Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
They are amazing couple. Wish it was longer." ... written by Yvette
interesting reading, unfortunately i only had one half of the duo but i feel it would have been way more intense but it was still unique. thanks for helping me." ... written by leelee32384
Awesome reading, you guys are really good! .... Look forward to my next one with you soon! Blessings" ... written by Epiwell
These guys are amazing! What a wonderful reading - they put my heart at ease, even though what they were asked to look into was so confusing. THANK YOU!" ... written by .....
I wonder if predictions come true." ... written by erica
Awesome... kinda what I thought I was going to hear... I'm sad but there is nothing I can do about it." ... written by Angeleve79
Ok reading. " ... written by SG
Excellent reading so calm so precise amazing" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thanks." ... written by Jin
Very kind, helpful and insightful!! Lovely reading will be back for more readings :D " ... written by Prii
Always great to hear what is said..makes so much sense and hits things spot on yet once again. " ... written by Jamie
It was a great session." ... written by luckystars
Thanks so much, I appreciate your kindness and concern. Definitely one of my better readings on Oranum." ... written by JoAnn
All I have to say is amazing. They really picked up on everything that has been going on. And personalities of people involved. Thank you!" ... written by JamieN1971
Was soo great answered all of my questions!! Will go again!" ... written by aquatruby
Amazing reading so patient understanding." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
He was quick, and awesome. A very friendly reading. :)" ... written by Amy
Very accurate!" ... written by Jane
He is by far amazing. Thank you." ... written by Andilyn
They were awesome!!! Lot's of fun and hopeful!" ... written by Holly
They were great, spot on, definitely worth it!" ... written by Marissa
It's nice to have a two for one price." ... written by heartwings
Thanks." ... written by luvu
Such a lovely couple, and to the lovely wife, you mentioned something about artistic creativity. I'm thinking about going back to college to pursue a passion i have put in the background for a long time: Art. Just thought you should know :)" ... written by Brim
Nice couple - nice reading. But I ain't a princess! LOL!" ... written by Mamoon
Very help full,,i like the way he talk and explain things ,," ... written by jazmeena
They are both very very good they really help ,,thank you so much ,,xxx" ... written by jazzmeena
Great person... very happy that i met him and talk about my problem...thank you :)" ... written by jazmeena
Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by Jennifer
Very loving, compassionate and kind couple. Thank you to you both. " ... written by sissi288
WOW. They are amazing. Really." ... written by Gaby11
WOW....WOW...WOW" ... written by Gaby11
helpful, clear communicators." ... written by alohanuiloa
you guys are amazing!!!" ... written by michelle
Really nice and helpful and genuine- such good energy, good people! Can't rate on accuracy, didn't have enough time." ... written by Sirianne
Good reading" ... written by FP
These two were very warm, and honest, picked up a certain thing about my ex that I thought was amazing." ... written by tonya
Lovely couple with good insight answered what i needed to know and did a rather good healing on me :) " ... written by lola
Very incredible." ... written by Joseph Leader
What a great team! Fabulous energies and great reading. I'll be back!" ... written by SAL9768
ove their energy. look forward to talking more" ... written by ez
great reading " ... written by renata
calm and caring. good reading, intense energy." ... written by synapsy
Thank you. It was a very good read. " ... written by linda
thank you a good update " ... written by linda
I got the pleasure of meeting Bennett and he was a sweet heart very concerned. Thank you for your reading. Edna." ... written by Edna
The nicest people you could meet, very good connection and instant answers. I had a demo with them before and was spot on so I came back and spot on again. I will be back and trust you both, thank you so much" ... written by Lizzie
Excellent, they work very well together. Highly recommended and friendly people." ... written by rainz77
always on point!" ... written by ash
Excellent and helpful!" ... written by Retired Wife
good. helpful" ... written by ansh
Very informative. Great Aura reading" ... written by D
I had a very informative reading. They are definitely the power couple to get things done. I have full trust in the pair and recommends them to all. 5 stars!" ... written by Brenda
These two are wonderful! They gave me excellent insight. I recommend for anyone new to Oranum because they make you feel at ease. They focus the time on what you want!!" ... written by Retired Wife
connected to my situation. good read but ran out of money" ... written by tilthe
Great reading! Very good energy, help, and precise. Love them both! Will be back to talk to them" ... written by Alicia
Very compassionate couple, enjoyed my reading and healing session.. thanks! " ... written by Lynda22
i love the way how they read. it's very interesting. i appreciate the feedback. you are very honest" ... written by olivezcy
Very accurate reading...a great connection...great reading :)" ... written by Mysterious56
Can honestly say out of all the people I have been to on this site, he is definately the best. Tuned in on exactly what I wanted to talk about and was more to the point and spoke on a more personal level. Highly recommended. " ... written by Charlotte
Thank you two for a wonderful read." ... written by Jason
Very good... gave me a bit of peace. x Thanks." ... written by Nuggetteus
they were awesome" ... written by ak
What a great novelty having a reading with two people at the same time! I really loved it, thank you so much for your help." ... written by Champers11
They were awesome. Picked up on very specific stuff. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
he was so right about very specific things." ... written by remi
I love them :) " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading - thanks" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Good reading!" ... written by Alicia
very good reading thank you!" ... written by sue
Great reading. Miggin and Jason are really great, they feed off of each other's energy to provide and informative and intuitive reading. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you for all your confirmations, I do know the work is all up to me. I am ready to move from this phase of my life. I do respect you for giving me solutions to this...and also for bringing max to his mama, if only for a moment I know he loved that." ... written by butterflysoul22
Great" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Very helpful!! and knew a lot of facts!! Would see again! Thank you!!" ... written by Nicole
great readers" ... written by ola
i know i can count on them for honest and straight forward answers. they've always been right in the past, and i trust what they have to say. though i've spoken to a few psychics, they're the only ones that have been right every time." ... written by ashleigh
Great" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Bennett and Hutson are a wonderful team. Very helpful and can see accurately. Their energy work is efficient and effective-- I could actually feel it happening! Thanks to them again!" ... written by thisjourney
Always great" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Oh how I wish I had more money to splurge...wonderful reading, even though short lived...will be back to have a longer session soon!" ... written by lalaland
omgoodness... a wonderful, calming reading. Gave me the peace of mind I needed to push forward" ... written by January1966
Why did I ever go to anyone else...the best readings, I swear!" ... written by lalaland
Very relaxing and calming reading! I enjoyed it." ... written by chrissy
Lovely wonderful and awesome and felt like they knew me already xoxox" ... written by Brianna Toth
Great reading and excited to start the process" ... written by Sarah
Good reading! :)" ... written by stars
Thanks for the reading, his nice, it takes a moment to get started but after that the information flows out, He is worth the credit! " ... written by stars
he's good. gave me good advice, not as much insight as i had hoped for tho" ... written by m
Good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
thank u so much i let kno what happens and keep u updated)" ... written by Amy258
Very good reader. Really knows his stuff." ... written by tania
Such Great Insight to the situation. I would highly recommend having a reading it will help to clarify the situation as it did for me. Lots of Stars" ... written by Angel
Very insightful and straightforward. They really like to get to the base of the problem and give quality advice of how to make good change in your life. Moving forward. I feel very satisfied after having a reading with these two wonderful psychics. They bring me great clarity to my questions that I ask." ... written by Sarah
Brought tears to my eyes...t you so much, I will do as you said and see what happens!" ... written by delilah cumming
Thank you for the energy work it was helpful" ... written by Sarah
uplifting and positive." ... written by Del
fabulous!" ... written by me
amazing as always i will defo be back to update them again and thnx so much ) have a reading with them you will be blown away there both excellent " ... written by Amy258
They were good" ... written by Angela
Thank you so much! Wonderful reading...very helpful! " ... written by SYLVIA ZUK
very good" ... written by hopeful
awesome as always. Give clarity " ... written by january
Wonderful psychics." ... written by Lauren
Thank you for the clarity and advice :)" ... written by sue
amazing readers. good advice. highly recommend them both :)" ... written by C
This was amazing. Feel so clear " ... written by Grace
they are why i come to this site! lovely people" ... written by Bee
good, very good, they are always on spot and with good advice. pick me up when down. energy healing when needed. i have to give them 5 stars every time." ... written by AL
They gave me wonderful insight. Thank you so much" ... written by Saanya
5 stars, highly recommended" ... written by bec
Bennett and Hutson are very positive and reassuring readers. They are kind and helpful. I always enjoy our readings." ... written by AJ
Great session. They're very helpful" ... written by HC
really really good. best yet. tuned into my situation. gave good validation of connection and followed it up with sound and insightful advice. 5 star readers definitely. i will be a regular from now on..." ... written by jaybee933
they are amazing!!!!!! everyone who is looking for a reading these two are the ones to go to! i will be back for more in future. they are quick, kind and very clear in what they say to you. i felt at peace after talking to them... Meg reconfirmed a lot of what i had been aware of but was not able to put it in forefront coz of my situation. so i simply thank them for what they have done for me tonight" ... written by skroses638
This was a great experience. Getting a reading from both of these beautiful people added so much dimension to the answers that I was looking for and I am truly grateful. I highly recommend for anyone to give them a try. I'm sure you will be very pleased. Thank you so much Bennett and Hutson. We will meet again!!" ... written by Shanshine
Absolutely amazing...brilliant.." ... written by t
Thanks for the reading, much appreciated" ... written by Live
Absolutely brilliant..WOW..great connection..authentic,quick and 100 % accurate" ... written by t
Amazing, both work well together and once they get going to information just flows so organically between them. Thank you!" ... written by paiger
Hope you are right about the job" ... written by Kirsten
really good advice :) thanx" ... written by jodie
Brilliant brilliant good stuff...I am amazed!!!" ... written by tasha_j
so warm and comforting. You confirmed timeline and gave me peace. Thanks" ... written by January
You are both very sweet and kind Souls, that you for your time. Looking forward to working with you both." ... written by judi
very interesting reading, these 2 are legit, knew things it would have been impossible to just guess." ... written by sue
Great partnership, great people, very supportive, good counsel, easy to talk to and comforting to connect with during a stressful time. Thanks..." ... written by bluebird08
Very quick and concise.. lovely people and great reading :) " ... written by amanda
This is an amazing couple, great reading, they were very precise. Thank you very much" ... written by Bibi123
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
Probably my most interesting reading I've had on Oranum; in a very good way! I like them as a team because they both have genuine feedback and input on everything. Thanks for the honesty and even the advice. Its mean a lot and sort of cushions the blow so to say of the reality of my situation. Either way thank you thank you." ... written by Kelsey
Wonderful as always!" ... written by lalaland
This was my first reading with Bennett and Hutson and it felt great talking to the both of them. They put me at ease" ... written by Katie
Thanks for the great reading. I have to figure out my life and you've given me things to think about. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Well... I have to say I was blown away!! I had the pleasure of reading with Jason, and he nailed everything in my life. Very specific, detailed, saw it all. I must admit, I did test him at first to see, lol... but he knew I was, and dove right in. He saw exactly what the person of interest looked like, how long we have known each other, and our biggest obstacles. He also knew exactly how I was as a person, my personality, and what I am looking for in my life. I didn't say anything I pretty well spent the whole reading in awe, and confirming everything he said. This is one of the best readings I have had in a very long time. Thank you so much Jason! I will be back, to fill you in completely. THere's not enough stars for this man!" ... written by T
awesome as usual!" ... written by sarah
thanks" ... written by lauren
Excellent! They are insightful and comforting." ... written by AJ
great reader" ... written by oles
Yeah amazing really good make a good team and very intune xxxxx" ... written by Siany
Am loving the work we are doing and look forward to seeing what unfolds. He truly connects and I believe that good things will be coming:) Truly amazing gifts he has and I strongly recommend doing some readings when you are looking for clarity and results:)" ... written by Carrie
picked up a lot on things in my past wish i had more time" ... written by L
Absolutely love these two! They are so down to earth and just all around awesome individuals... i feel at home when speaking with them whether it be in a private chat or in free chat. I believe throughout the time of speaking with them, they have really picked up quite well on what i am going thru and have given me some very amazing advice on how to get thru it! i would recommend them to ANYONE!" ... written by Samantha
they were fast, ill be waiting on their predictions!" ... written by BP
great" ... written by stephanie
Will visit with them again" ... written by skier
Very helpful and dedicated! Great team.." ... written by E
They are excellent! Kind, compassionate, and accurate." ... written by AJ
Thanks" ... written by Sparkle
great responses" ... written by josephine
Spot on!!! thank you soo much!!!" ... written by willithappen23
Very good." ... written by cletrel
Wow breath of fresh air....very good reading and no questions when finished.. will keep in touch" ... written by Kathy
Great private sessions, they are a very talented couple, thanks for the insight." ... written by bibi123
very thoughtful and very plain. Really helpful reading. thank you !!!" ... written by lopezina1
What a gifted couple. Not only do they speak the truth, it is with so much love and compassion. These two are one of a kind. One million stARS " ... written by Destiny
Interesting reading! I love their style. they definitely picked up on me and the other party involved. Wow! They really hit the nail on the head. I'm curious to see what else they can do to help me. I'll be back. That was definitely worth the wait!" ... written by l
thank you for accurately telling me what you saw.. " ... written by needed help
Excellent and comforting reading. I always appreciate their insight." ... written by aj
Jason is so great!!! he straight away connected to me without asking any details. thats awesome. and he saw that things coming for me. Thank you for the amazing reading! will come back soon!" ... written by hermestarr
I just finished my first session with Bennett and Hutson and I am quite pleased with their accuracy and knowledge that they imparted to me about a complicated subject that I have been dealing with for my whole life. Their ability to succinctly impart their wisdom was a comfort and I felt they truly delved deeply into my situation to clear the waters so I can see the truth of what lies around me. These two are the real deal." ... written by Praetorix
LOVE these two people...I couldn't do this without you both!" ... written by lalaland
very good..." ... written by grace
Was very interested in remote viewing so I checked him out.. Was great and comforting. He hit on many things in my life. Will keep you posted." ... written by grate full
Great. Almost like a therapist " ... written by Carson
Great duo...I like the way they work. I got some genuine healing and insights. I would go back. charming and friendly." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Great time with him. He really helped me in here. Can't wait to start life now." ... written by Amy
If you need help in your relationships these two are lovely. They do not use any props and they tell you the honest truth as it is. Definitely would be back. " ... written by KL
very good recommend him" ... written by Tina
i like the combination of the two! nice pair ... good reading " ... written by sometimes
Kind caring and helpful. Enjoyed the reading." ... written by Lisa
very intuitive. very strong abilities. great people all around. " ... written by catalina
thnx for the readin u both been great help its been a while nice to have update:)" ... written by Amy258
thnx for readin its been while nice have update" ... written by Amy258
thank you!" ... written by hilly
*****" ... written by Anonymous
very good, not too many chit chat, straight to the point , great value in money. highly recommend - he wont use up all your credits - i felt at ease" ... written by dee
Awesome! another excellent reading" ... written by Crandall
he was great, thank you so much for the reading!! :) " ... written by l
another wonderful reading always gives me gd insightgets right to the point! quick and helpful!thanks again:)" ... written by Amy258
Very clear and good advice " ... written by Eve
awesome" ... written by a
Jason read my aura -- the color Green -- and he was able to describe the things I already knew about my house, but needed to recognize what I needed most to work on." ... written by Dee
As always, a wonderful reading!" ... written by lalaland
AMAZING. The genuine support and advise and care is so much appreciated! " ... written by Tiffany
Was very helpful" ... written by Melinda Binns
awesome as always " ... written by Andrea
Thanks so much sweeties ♥ You are heaven sent!" ... written by K
Good reading. Was right about everything. " ... written by Melinda Binns
Very interesting and compelling as always " ... written by Andrea
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Yep...what the other reviews say are true. He connected immediately. Sweet energy. Accurate. Sees what I already know so helps the predictions seem real and possible : )" ... written by B
Always good" ... written by Angela
Great reading!" ... written by Alicia
was very nice...different talking to two persons... but very helpfull" ... written by Sonia
Amazing!! They both were spot on and just made what I was feeling so clear and I know that I am on the right path. They hit spot on without me having to say much at all and they picked up on things that I would have never have mention. Well worth it and I sure will return to give them updates and also to have more cleared up when I have doubts. Well worth the paying for them to read for me. Thank you so very much!!" ... written by Kimberly
this reading is awsome, it is give message from the energy point of view as well, definitely recommend this ." ... written by jackson
Thank you!" ... written by Tie
He is awesome. Very sweet. I will see him again soon" ... written by Marcia
Felt at peace getting answers from both of the psychics..They have been tremendous in reassuring me with their answers. The fact, that they both agreed, that I don't need anyone to complete me. I have realized this, gives me strenght to be able to get to any challenges that will come up. It is after all, a learning experience. The aura reading was great. " ... written by goodnight2345
very quick and on point, truthful the way things are - but also poisitve - thanks!!" ... written by jazzychic
Really excited that they pulled out the spirit board to help me...very surreal experience and excited to see how things go from here. highly recommend them " ... written by Andrea
wow i love these ppl so amazing i love the reading" ... written by aundreya
very interesting and good clear advice ~ thanks" ... written by Abigail
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by jamira76
Very interesting. excited for whats to come" ... written by Andrea
Very intriguing updates. Interested to see how things evolve. " ... written by Andrea
Wonderful readers! Very in tune with my current situation. They were able to describe my life down to a tee. Really appreciate their time and effort-- The first reading in a long time that actually saw the real issues I'm facing now. Honest, clear, concise and accurate!" ... written by B
love getting a update with them. Very accurate! Fast connection" ... written by tiffany
Two for the price of one. Thanks. A good reading." ... written by Julia
Amazing as always. Nice update. Connects quickly and honest! " ... written by Tiffany
these guys are incredible and wonderful souls. There is a really hard event which my wife and I are going through which bennettandhutson have been real angels." ... written by oles
great couple! very pleasant to talk to! I really enjoyed chatting with them. I give them 5 stars" ... written by n
first reading with them was very informative..will be back to update" ... written by gene
they r great" ... written by amanda
Great update to my situation. I thank them both for so much work they have done! I can't wait to check back! " ... written by Tiffany
very kind and helpful in providing insight to certain areas of my life that i had major interest it :-) " ... written by emily
Very caring and honest, fast ,accurate and always gives me the best advise thnx so much again amazing:)" ... written by Amy258
update the work they did for me was amazing took bit of time but came through for me just want to say thanks for all your help" ... written by Amy
Bennett is really good at Body Scanning he is spot on , he has a good vibe and really one of a kind . " ... written by Vee
nice couple,picks up fast" ... written by J
Very helpful, I'll visit again for sure!" ... written by SameAsToday
thnx so much for all the work and effort u put it to it been great help as for the results also builded up my confidenece to:)" ... written by Amy258
Very good readers. the best couple on here. always seem to get it right. Work very well together. I will be back again. 5+ stars!!" ... written by crystal
Very caring and some great advice. Reads energy well" ... written by firehawk227
Very helpful reading although I may not have gotten exactly what i Wanted to hear. I will definitely be sure to take their advice and return whenever needed." ... written by Safiya
really good reader " ... written by Vee
Thank you for your time and honesty. You are both compassionate and supportive, with just the right amount of straight-forwardness!!" ... written by Kristine
we did two sections , one with relationship which directily to the point , another is prediction with future career, not happend yet , but lots of details showed its would be the true one( because its based on my current condition which i did not really showed to them) . very good , definitly you should try " ... written by guangzhu
Had an energy healing must say i feel better thank you so much!!!" ... written by Ava
they were cool .. ill return" ... written by liv
thank you, good advice. Great readers" ... written by Anna
Interesting advice for the year... asked for a birthday reading for advice for the year. Will see what comes to pass." ... written by Jessica
thank you so much you such a great person with great positive energy" ... written by virgoe82
awesome reading thank you" ... written by starchild
I got a lot of out of that. Thanks, he's honest, insightful and a great reader. xo" ... written by Matilda
Fantastic connection to me, and especially to the other person involved. Completely depicted all the situation, in exact manner. THe colour reading was amazing, he knew me and the other one straight away. And really honest chat. Thank you! :) " ... written by P
Beginning stage of mind whispering, and it was very interesting to hear him describe the other person. It was exactly on point. The accuracy is impeccable, and I am just so amazed my it. Can't wait to see how it unfolds!" ... written by Mlee
Awesome update!" ... written by Tiffany
Thank you for your insight! I will be in touch this week." ... written by T
Very good reading. A lot was confirmation but there were some things they told me were things I didn't know. Very good!" ... written by smurfgiant
great reading very insightful" ... written by cherie
The accuracy received this time was amazing!! He was to the point, and described the person so amazingly well! Will be back for updates!" ... written by Mailee
Two terrific people! " ... written by Steven
Oh my stars, where to begin. My wife recently passed away and I got onto her account to see what this psychic thing was all about. Speaking with Miggin and Jason showed me what it is all about. Miggin can communicate with my wife, and I about lost my dinner listening to her talk about it. It was as though she were still here. As a physician I am skeptical about all of this, but tonight I am a believer, at least by these two spirits that were sent to help. Thank you both for your gifts." ... written by Jayson
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" ... written by T
An updated reading... Everything he said made sense! Great reading!" ... written by Mai
Great!" ... written by Amanda
Awesome! Cant wait!" ... written by T
These two are absolutely spot on with everything. I have had many readings before as I have always believe in the gift of psychics, but these two by far are a trusted source for me. Thank you both Love and Light to you." ... written by AM
two blessed souls, lovely time in pvt, explained a lot of things, ty" ... written by Pheonix
They are both so warm and lovely and I appreciate the insight they provided.. Loved conversing with them.. They made me hopeful for the future with a lot of positivity infused in the reading.. Thanks both.. Love you both" ... written by geminimoon7
Very candid and extremely thoughtful and caring couple. " ... written by DEstiny
Nice person, easy to talk to. No "fluff", just gets to point easily. Has good energy. Would take private again." ... written by RabbitInOctober
Perfect as usual. Got my answers." ... written by goodnight2345
The power of 2?? It's worth it. They balance each other and pick up on "different things together". Double the help and great one on one as well. : ) Been so helpful to me in my situation!!" ... written by B
well finally got my question answered but i liked how they picked up on my energy real quick and were able to tell me about other things in my life that are troubling me. I do feel like i received the guidance i was looking for and I know they wanted to give me other messages they were receiving. Sorry guys but was on a mission. =)" ... written by Texas
What an amazing person Miggin is. The love and commitment to her clients is truly inspirational. Love to you." ... written by Des
Great reading from an insightful couple." ... written by Jessica
Love, will be back soon!" ... written by lalaland
Thank you, good reading. " ... written by Anna
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you both for your overwhelming support to help my daughter and I get through her illness. You both have a special gift, that being the gift of love and compassion. Blessings to you both." ... written by Shelley
Prediction made months ago has come to fruition. Chimed into them to see what I should do about my wedding. They are a wonderful support to me especially since I have no family in the area. I am doing mind whispering with Jason. Hoping it may help the situation." ... written by Mia
Really honest. Also, gave me the clarity that I'm needing rather than trying to force some answer that I don't need. The description was spot on." ... written by Jennifer
GOOD THANK YOU " ... written by f
Awesome!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Correct readings" ... written by Test
jason and miggie are greatttt. I really love their readings. With their work you usually see immidiate results in a few days. The whispering does wonders and the energy work makes you so happy and relaxed for quiet sometimes. They have helped me so much, and I am thankful to them for their help every step of the way. Would definitely recomend them!" ... written by greenforever
always amazing right on about everythin he sees " ... written by A
update jason said i get some flowers and it happened" ... written by a
these guys are amazing... they're like dynamic duo in readings" ... written by sky
Always a good reading. Loves to hear from my lost love." ... written by Magnum_Opus
Great couple, gave me the information I needed. Was sympathetic to my confusion. Glad someone could understand me. Highly recommend for a reading. I will be back because they were right on the money with everything." ... written by AB
A great group of people. They offered some good insights." ... written by David
Miggin is a special woman. She has a gift of healing like no other person I have ever met. " ... written by Jayson
want to say thanks for all your help been great everythin said so far has been right on and accurate i try have another readin soon :)" ... written by amy226
Great reading about my daughter and her pregnancy and illness. Hoping for the positive outcomes predicted come to pass." ... written by Shelley
WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL! Exceeded my expectations. Very intune with the person I asked about. Gave specific information that fit him completely. It was eerie how accurate they were! It was like they had been watching our lives. Awesome reading. Will definitely be back!" ... written by sweetcurls
Absolutely fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
Thank you for all your insight. I will keep it in the back of my mind. " ... written by Rox
Jason is nothing short of amazing! Wow very powerful connection and healing session he did." ... written by Michelle
Very direct and spot on." ... written by Maj
Talking to Miggin eased some of my pain I have been feeling. If you need a caring and compassionate real soul to talk to I highly recommend this beautiful soul. Thank you Miggin for all of you love, and support with the situation at hand. " ... written by Shell
Always very helpful. I was in crisis mode and they were very helpful. They are my go to people." ... written by Sweetcurls
Wonderful follow up thank you so much! Will be in touch very soon. :)" ... written by Tierra
Great reading, some things to keep in mind. Nice people and very helpful." ... written by Jessica
thank u so much very very helpful to me!!!" ... written by Ava
great awesome" ... written by jamira76
Nice and compassionate ... like the calmness ... thanks" ... written by Brit
they have brought so much healing and understanding and they are great healers and communicators Would recommend them anytime. they show love and compassion with all of there hearts " ... written by virgoe82
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Did a great job! connected right away" ... written by lindsey
Amazing combo. They are very in tune with spirit, and can see exactly what the root of all issues are. Their insight is one-of-a-kind, and they really capture the essence of your situation. Thanks a lot. One of the best of Oranum!" ... written by T
What a beautiful friend Miggin has become of mine. I trust her every word and her guidance" ... written by Shelley
great reading, spot on" ... written by nicole
Great reading and news" ... written by Shelly
wonderful couple, great reading" ... written by Melinda
Very amazing reading, they both are great!" ... written by nancy11
Really wonderful reading. You could sense the energy the minute the session started. Very professional, focused readers and the genuine deal. What I love most about the reading was that they weren't just handing out facts and details, but also encompassed a whole spiritual read which I prefer, as I'd rather know what to do moving forward than just what's to come. They've read accurately for me in the past, and are kind non-judgemental readers. Would highly recommend. " ... written by starrose
Good reading:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
thanks for the reading it was what i needed to hear" ... written by Aundreya
Thank you for helping me connect! Very moving, I am speechless" ... written by Andrea
Had a brief healing session. I came in with tension as my eyes were acting up again.. My whole body started feeling lighter. Funny, how he worked on the head where I've had all the issues. After I was done and he pointed out the areas he saw congestion on I knew he was dead on. Will be back monday for a touch up." ... written by LadyLight1
Gave great insight to my past lives...and who I am." ... written by Wysdom1
Very fast reading. Connected well. " ... written by Moongirl17
great fun. Awesome insight." ... written by andrea
Every so often, I decide to speak or do healings with these two. I notice a difference right away. I just wish I could run into them more often on my time schedule. Awesome work." ... written by LadyLight1
awesome readers, I love these two, they have so many talents and they always find a solution to any of the problems I face in life. its really effective to ask them for help cause they always have a solution to offer. Their predictions are so accurate, there have been so many of their predictions that have came to pass for me, its absolutely amazing! Definitely recomend them!!!" ... written by greenforever
Always fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
It was a very good reading was very direct and calming to talk to. Yes this was someone I would come back to for further updates I ran short on time but I got the information I needed." ... written by Raym57
Very nice and very accurate. Thank you" ... written by Doug
Quick and excellent reader! " ... written by M
he is a great reader, he goes into so much detail and is so genuine and kind, does everything in his hands to help you and is very good at giving you accurate predictions. he provides you with guidance to make the right decisions in order to avoid problems in life and thats a big thing! he is very helpful and all his predictions come true!! He did a reading for me before and told me stuff that no other psychic could pick up about my situation! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a strong psychic who is also sincere at the same time! " ... written by greenforever
Got the help i needed. Thanks once agian" ... written by Sky
These two are the real deal. They are accurate, experienced and a trusted advisor. There is no other person on this site that can compare to them. They are the best of the best " ... written by Steven
What a wonderful reading! I have to say, it's not what I wanted to hear, but needed to. The connection was quick and everything was said delicately. I was given the strength I didn't have before the reading to move forward. I will be back to follow up." ... written by lornalulu
very thoughtful and honest reading. I appreciated the specific advice and encouragement." ... written by pearl
Such a great spirit....last time I read with them was 2 years ago, they are totally right on! Had to come back to get some guidance and i will certainly update!!! THank you so much! " ... written by M.
thanks again for your advice I wil keep you updated :)" ... written by A
I am very happy that i finally got a chance to have a private with Bennett and Hutson just amazing and wonderfull and im greatfull for all there hard work and efforts i wil for sure keep u updated:)" ... written by skywaters_
thank you!" ... written by De
I like his readings. " ... written by Aurelia
tip top" ... written by mickthedoc
On point and answers questions very quickly very understanding! I recommend to others." ... written by UC
good. will see how it goes!" ... written by i liked them
was an interesting reading with a lot of detail andamp; advice, also quick to connect thanks " ... written by Sher
good times." ... written by Fish
I'm very appreciative of this reading, he provided me some insight on my current situation and he was able to make me laugh to try to ease my mind on things." ... written by Amy
He was accurate. I would say give it a try. :)" ... written by Hazan
Great! Just a bit expensive." ... written by m
Thanks for the advice bennet it was super helpful. I will be back for more readings" ... written by lindsey
thanks again u always do an amazing job am very greatfull)" ... written by blueyrivers
good reading" ... written by starfish57
Clear precise and kind ... thank you :)" ... written by bluetippi2
is wonderful and the energy and help provided is great" ... written by virgoe82
he is good" ... written by ohood
" ... written by bluewaterfall_
Great reading:)" ... written by Sunday
Helpful with the energy work and with advise." ... written by Ladylight1
amazing as usual always on point accurate and Right on , gave great insight and advice! and thanks again for your help I really do appreciate it:)will update you soon" ... written by bluewaterfall_
Great reader thank you" ... written by Amanda
Great insight, gave details of my twin flame and self without any aid. Wonderful!" ... written by Della
Always great! Always quick!" ... written by Angela
QUICK! He didn't hold back on any information and told me exactly what he was receiving. A very clear and positive reading. I will be back!!" ... written by loueci
They were great and gave good insight to the situations we discussed." ... written by pandoy