About Awakening

Psychic Awakeninghas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Awakeninghas recently helped 10217members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Awakening's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
great lady and very helping" ... written by Ryan
wow... that was such a great accurate reading... I am really grateful for having a private chat... you are awesome xxx" ... written by natalie
it was a good reading I like that and I can rest sure that I wont be hung up on one person. " ... written by shawn walker
A genuine classy lady, beautiful reading and picked up on me instantly... " ... written by Drummergirl
Excellent readying, enjoyed it alot thank you xxxR" ... written by rutinha133
very fast answer!! awesome reading! " ... written by hermestarr
wow she is so accurate and fast! superb time wasting..highly recommended" ... written by rosy
Wow...she is a beautiful lovely and very caring. She is uplifting as well. She is very connected to me and my life. Provided me amazing insights and positivity in my life. Spot on everything!" ... written by ash
right advice at the right time :)" ... written by Humility
Great! Thank u." ... written by Empathy
Thanks so much for the reassurance and guidance" ... written by ikroyala
Wow she is amazing! not just connected but also wise with strong, grounded, compassionate guidance. Loved my reading. " ... written by bright
love her " ... written by Catherine
very lovely lady, positive messages. liked her very much" ... written by svlc
Wonderful, caring, personal advice. Very clear. Thank you darling! x" ... written by Carina
Great reading, she is fast and accurate " ... written by Anirudh
WOW she was amazing!!! consistent with what been told by others and gives same outcome" ... written by marion lyttle
Lovely reading great connection insightful guidance. 100 stars!!!" ... written by ikroyala
great fast reading and straight to the point I will be back to update thank you so much for your time great person and great energy :)" ... written by bimi5959
I appreciate your words with me very much. :)))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
hopefully stuff will come true!!" ... written by amanda
What a beautiful reading. I will remember the cards that you said. Power, Wheel of Fortune, and you said "go with it". I will. I won't be afraid anymore. Thank you for delivering his message that we can "see". I am so grateful that is father honors me as a psychic. I hope I can full fill our path, because I want to do it. This is something I want to do too. :) I won't be ashamed of my gift anymore nor hide it from everyone involved. I won't just let it hide here at Oranum anymore." ... written by Fuzz
My favorite, my friend, my guide, my inspiration. Thank you!!!" ... written by Carina
Very good reading, accurate." ... written by Jessica
good reading and good advice all round." ... written by rosebud77
FAST AND VERY SWEET :)" ... written by elena
Thank you so much for the clarification and insights! You are soo good! :-)" ... written by ash
Highly recommended straight to the point, empathetic, warm, softly spoken and knew everything about my situation before i uttered a word." ... written by irene
She's amazing and connects. " ... written by Billy
Very down to earth, practical in giving insight and clarity, linked in very well too. Yes will follow advice and see what will unfold. :)" ... written by royalbrit
She is amazing!! I recommand her she is spot on. She knew all without telling her. Please if you have a question tazke her to private is is fast and accurate." ... written by chantal
she was amazing! very good advice, no sugarcoating but also with some very great info. she made me focus on most improtant things and prioritize plans. thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
She was simply amazing. The absoulute best psychic I have evre spoke with are met in my life which says alot because I have met the best until now she is the best. I look back on our conversation and it was so uphoric that I almost have to pinch myself. Because her voice was so relaxing and she was so beautiful like an angel that it was just like a dream!!!!!She again was just Amazing!!!!!!!!!I love you! Be Blessed Always" ... written by Noelle
such a beautiful woman...inside and out...I feel so blessed to have been able to get a reading with her...she provided so much clarity into what im going thru and I cant thank her enough for always helping me out...I love you awakening...thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!" ... written by missvika
very fast and very accurate, great detail, the real deal here." ... written by d
One of the best psychics I ever spoke with. Lovely lady. Gave me hope for the future. Really understood my situation. Many thanks" ... written by ANGEL66
OMG She connected with me and was really quick at it. She was amazing. I give her 100*****" ... written by Lucy117
always good!! thank you for continuous encouragement in the readings!!" ... written by intrig
Wow! Quick and such a compelling personality. I asked one question and she went through the list of everything I would have asked before I did. Love her charm." ... written by Beth
<" ... written by Maria
good advice" ... written by Frederick Zammit
genuine and gifted lady.A+++" ... written by mira1973
she was great and also gave good advice" ... written by jb
Weeeee" ... written by Cassie
good reading" ... written by aj
I am absolutely taken with what this lady has told me. She is an absolute superstar at what she is doing. I simply adore her. Totally recommend. She is so spot on bless her. Bless you Awakening. You are amazing a blessed soul and blessing all those around you. You identified this person I live with spot on. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Rebecca
what an amazing women, accurate in her reading and excellent advise! will wait to see predictions happen :)" ... written by spirit
I keep coming back to this very positive lady for readings. Because she is absolutely amazing" ... written by Matilda
:-) always always a wonderful powerful reading from her! She is fantastic and right in tune with your spirit and guides when she connects to you. Love her! she is great!!" ... written by Tammy1958
Absolutly amazing wonderful" ... written by Lisa
This was absolutely the most amazing lady i spoken to. Very truthful and comforting and shes not here to take your money. She is here to give you good guidance. She really made my day so lovely!" ... written by Felicia
Awakening has been thus far the most spot on reader here. amazing!!! I will be back for your help :) wow wow wow" ... written by Hapiness
Just amazing , no words, connects brilliantly and is spot on and knows all..... Get a reading you will never be disappointed xxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
a lovely lady - thank you for your reading" ... written by m
She's frank andamp; sincere - recommended!" ... written by gummigummi
Another lovely reading. I love this lady. Such positive energy I feel from her. Thank you!" ... written by Joana
she is amazing as usual" ... written by humility
She's SO lovely!! What an inspirational lady!" ... written by Zeigen
was a lovely experience i really enjoyed it" ... written by danny
What a wonderful, compassionate and clear/honest reader. Awakening was just what i needed, her loving advise was just perfect. Thanks so much! be back soon." ... written by Me
WOW! Ty so much Awakening for an incredible reading. I feel so much better now. I have something to work with and can relax and focus on things with school now. I promise you I will get the help I need right away this year before December, and will be smiling Big! :-) Thank you for your gifted reading. I will come back and keep you updated on everything. Blessings for you and yours xxx" ... written by Tammie
One of the most beautiful and accurate readings that I have experienced. I asked for a general reading this morning and Awakening went straight to the heart of the matter and uplifted my spirits. Thank you!" ... written by Wonderful
Wish I had more time with this wonderful soul, and amazing woman! She was on point with what she said and saw....Do your self a favor and give her a chance, you will be happy you did!!! Love and Blessings Awakening....xox" ... written by It is I
she is an angel!!! always honest, caring and so kind! I feel so privileged that she is generous enough to put herself out here to help us. Truly gorgeous inside and out! " ... written by me
I enjoyed another great reading with awakening, she is a very easy person to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed having her assistance" ... written by Alex
I really enjoyed my reading with Awakening. She a fabulous reader and she is beautiful inside and out. I highly recommend her!" ... written by swsiren
Awakening is absolutely amazing. You need to take her to private because she is honest and and spot on. She was very quick and i got everything she said to me. You are a beautiful lovely soul. You are an amazing friend whom I have gotten to know over these past few weeks since you came on oranum. You gave accurate descriptions of people around me or around my lover. And it makes me very happy that I got a chance to talk to you. Love and Light I shall be back again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by widowspeak
:-) a zillion smiles for all that you have helped me with Awakening! You are a fantastic person and Psychic! Always, Always patient and connected in everything my life that is going on and going to happen. I love you so much and am so grateful for everything you do and have helped me with. For all of you out there that want a reading, you won't be disappointed when you get a reading from her and can promise you that!" ... written by Tammy1958
One of the most truly worthwhile people on this site. Provided highly intuitive andamp; compassionate assistance in an impossible situation. Thank you" ... written by shia
amazing lady to good to be true she was spot on . honestly I never knew how amazing this lady was till after private x" ... written by awakening
Clear, honest and helpful xxx" ... written by Kelly
she is an absolute angel...words cannot describe how blessed and privileged i feel to receive her help.. her gift is very strong...amazing reading...thank you so very much!! " ... written by missv
Just resonates so honestly about the issue at hand and has solutions to help you deal with things. Very helpful and sets your mind at ease." ... written by capricorn_dancer
Thank you so much, i did not say much and she totally said everything that was bothering me and gave me a good prospective " ... written by Catie
succint, precise, warm, friendly and lovely to talk to, " ... written by afroditi23
Amazing !!!! She sees things SO Clearly !!" ... written by Antares
Oh Awakening you did it again. I feel so reassured now thank you and bless you lovely lovely person! " ... written by Amanda
Thank you for another lovely reading. I needed the reassurance. " ... written by Darling
wow.. just wow. she picked up totally on my family situations and about my question. very spot on and gives me an insight about things that i really need to think about now. lets wait and see what happens in that time frame. thanks so much" ... written by k
I just love her! She is the most beautiful woman on this planet! She's always so kind to we chatters andamp; doesn't push for privates. When I first met Awakening, she drew only one card andamp; that's all it took. What a gentle soul andamp; so happy she's on Oranum. Sometimes I'll just sit in her chat andamp; listen to her lovely words. Such a natural healer, in all ways. " ... written by Tamara
Good reading" ... written by michael
The reading went very well, look forward to the outcome." ... written by countryliving
Very nice lady , great and fast reading , she does not waist the time . Honest in every detail ..." ... written by Ange
gets atraight into speaks with empathy and grace, gives great advice and is very personable." ... written by irene
very lovely lady! love her readings!" ... written by rst
Holy Cow! if you haven't had a reading from her you are missing out! She is amazing! got straight to my point of interest and picked up on things that i didn't even mention. she was fast and very accurate. I am excited and happy that i came to her tonight. money, and time well spent. Thank you! I look forward for the new changes to come with my love life, moving, and career with coins =)" ... written by luckychams12
I love awakening!! She is amazing...beautiful inside and out...and soo very powerfully gifted...she is accurate..compassionate and so very feels like such an honor to be able to talk with her as she is always so helpful and very on point...she is an excellent psychic medium and I would def recommend her to all in need of clarity/ guidance" ... written by missvika
so awesome update! i love this woman! u need to get her into private to know..amazing" ... written by Rosy
Lovely reading with Awakening again" ... written by Bloom
Lovely reading. Thank you once again" ... written by Becky
lovely to talk" ... written by haned
I always love coming to Awakening because she really knows what she is doing. She is the real deal. I have become her regular." ... written by Julia
So very comforting and love blessed by all means. Thanks again" ... written by in_the_making
Wonderful reading. Lovely lady. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Lovely lady, very kind and honest!" ... written by Alex
OMG...Shes a darling and so quick and tells it from the heart...something to look forward to .. very insightful and gifted lady. Thank u that's very interesting.. Thank u, love you heaps.. cuddles xx " ... written by cuddles
reassurance on a decision i made. She is just so lovely and on point. Classy classy lady and wonderful accuracy. Just love you Awakening. xoxo" ... written by love
the most genuine respected psychic i have ever met . she is so gentle and sweet . knows all the right answers is very tuned in and spot on . words cant describe how fantastic her reading was to me . i was certainly be back for updates . " ... written by missthink
She is very insightful, very gifted and accurate. She is beautiful inside and outside. Wonderful lady. Thank you for all your advice and you caring. Thanks." ... written by gugu58
Wow, really really loved my reading with Awakening. She is lovely - kind, gentle, honest, no-nonsense, very direct. Had absolute confidence that she saw my situation and the people involved and gave me very clear advice and direction. I also found her energy really inspiring and uplifting. Fabulous!" ... written by S
A dynamic woman, excellent reader. Definitely worth the your time. Thank you Awakening.... :-)" ... written by Shanshine
Very quick reading and give interesting insight and direction for life. Highly recommended." ... written by Kindaichi
I needed a bit of inspiration today and got more than I expected! An awesome reading from a awesome and very talented reader! Thanks Awakening! Will be in touch. :-)" ... written by 2Morrows
my angel..shes wonderful. thank u. god blessings to u xx" ... written by ct
Lovely. Very connected. really enjoyed her insight and felt she was very accurate. highly recommended!" ... written by Tiffany
Great Reading. " ... written by Stacy
very assuring..good read going into the core of the matter..very good" ... written by rosy
she was great! " ... written by ChristinaV19
thankyou that very clear and deep insight" ... written by c
thx" ... written by aj
She was so in tune and quickly gave me the answer I needed to hear and she was so sweet with the delivery. highly recommended! 5 stars." ... written by megabee9
Very fast reading, and accurate in describing the people I am dealing with. Highly recommend her in doing the reading. Fabulous. " ... written by Ferry
A beautiful lady, very accurate reading !" ... written by Maria
Awakening is an honest and accurate reader - amazing! I have had various demos from her in the room and all of them have been extremely accurate and to the point with timelines. She will not waste credits and its extremely quick in private and sincere. I will not go to anyone else now for readings and stick only to her as she is the best. If I could award her with more than 5 stars, I would. " ... written by Aussielady
She's really great...knows a lot about the situation!!" ... written by Kai1111
WOW Awakening just blew me away. what an amazing reading... 5 stars. I felt like she was looking through me. she knew everything without me saying a word. WHat a wonderful, loving, caring person she is. I will take her advice. love and light." ... written by rachel
love this woman! amazing" ... written by rosy
wow awesome" ... written by rosy
she's THE BEST. she's so fast and accurate, jumps straight into answers without me asking anything and they're always 100% on the money. 5 stars" ... written by starrose
I love Awakening. Simply love her!" ... written by Brenda
I love reading with Awakening. she knows exactly what is going on in my situation. She always know. It is amazing! Whenever I think about doing something stupid or uncomfortable like going against my rhythm and intuition she sets me straight. Thank you sooo much!!! Very lovely soul too. I feel very connected to her. She is such an example to follow. It is a true blessing to be able to spend time talking to her. A true privilege to meet this wonderful lady from the other side of the world. I am grateful for that." ... written by Angela
She was amazing and was so quick to give the answers. She was so in tune and really explained it well and showed the actual cards that she had in her hand. It will be a good investment for you when you take her up for a reading. 5 stars!!! and highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Awakening astounds me with the details she gives and she is consistent with outcome previously given" ... written by marion
lovely lady very calm and easy to talk to . " ... written by missblossom
Great Demo with Ms Awakening thx you so much for your wisdom, especially for my MOM wow she very truthful in all info given to me, aka Marilyn Monroe double lol " ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for the words of encouragement. Great reading." ... written by :)
She motivates me." ... written by julie.
Beautiful lady! 5 stars" ... written by L
quick and accurate on my past. will look forward to her predictions." ... written by littlebudy1
Awakening is truly the best psychic on here. She is the most wise person I have ever spoken to and the most genuine and truly gifted psychic on this planet. She will be able to tell you everything about your past, present and future in details and everything will astound you because her readings are so accurate and her predictions will always come true. I highly recommend her and will always come back to her for all answers. She will truly be able to guide you in any matter or problem you have because she has all the solutions and she can see all things you can't. God bless you always Awakening! Your name is Awakening and it suits you because you really do awaken people to the truth and the light!" ... written by dolefuldoll
She is absolutely charming and inspirational, so kind and gentle and reassuring. I love her style, love her grace and beautiful manner. A truly top-class reader. Very uplifting and warming!" ... written by She
This lady is a gem :) she picked up a lot of detail about his personality and gave me time lines that make all the sense in the world to me. Connected with me before I asked my question and answered it straight away. In one word? BRILLIANT go and see her in private. Bless you Awakening for your fantastic gift xxx" ... written by Maria
warm wise wonderful... thanks" ... written by bluebird08
She is sooo great! Answered all my questions and gave me good advice! she's def worth it!" ... written by Celine
always love her...accurate spot on and positive!" ... written by rosy
She is so lovely and compassionate. Very quick, direct, very intuitive. Answered all my questions and helped me so much. I found the reading really uplifting and encouraging and I feel very confident with what I have been told. Lots of confirmation, excellent reader, so wise and kind and pretty!" ... written by S
she was great." ... written by Simone
SHe is just a pure delight. Amazingly accurate, insightful and inspirational. I believe she is truly gifted and as beautiful inside and she is on the outside." ... written by HOT
so loving and caring, so clear just such a giver of love, light and insight! thank you always! " ... written by c
She seems to be right on the ball, picked up the person's initial without me saying. She gives very good advice too. " ... written by Sarah
Oh my!!! She was above and beyond amazing! Im going through a break-up and she just gave me all the strength I need to move on. Honestly, I was meant to have this chat with her today and I'm so glad I did. Her insights and advice are priceless." ... written by Mimi
FANTASTIC! Straight to the point and no sugar coating highly recommend :)" ... written by bluetippi2
Excellent kind reader, very helpful, highly recommended x" ... written by John
amazing!" ... written by kristopher
Thank you" ... written by marion
Wonderful reading!!! She was very quick! Awakening connected to my situation immediately. She was on target with the circumstances and people affecting my life and gave some encouraging predictions thats given me some relief and calm this morning :))" ... written by jen
Thanks for your advice." ... written by Jose
Thanks so much - made me see things in a very positive mode. That's amazing!" ... written by p
She was v insightful.I was low on credits but she was v quick and to the point accurate compassionate caring reader.Highly recommended.You wont b disappointed." ... written by Watermeadows
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by Mariela
she was great! I am very glad to have had a reading with her. Awakening is true and honest. Try her!" ... written by AD31983
No playing and right to the point and did I say very accurate she is wonderful. Great personality very warm and kind lady oh and did I mention very accurate" ... written by Ray
First time I've read with her. Haven't even chatted with her much in free chat so she doesn't know anything about me either. But I love her calm and joyful energy. Something about her that is very restful, peaceful." ... written by Karishma 76
Very quick and to the point! She pin pointed unanswered questions, and didn't waste my time. Thank u awakening!" ... written by ARIES4LYFE
Best reading ever! I got so much information in so little time. She told me everything I needed to know. Thanks, love! :)" ... written by Bee
she is good" ... written by ohood
She is really fast, picks up a lot without saying anything, just amazing and a great adviser. Many many thanks!" ... written by P
Just an amazing reading - was not really what I wanted to hear, but in the depth I knew it and Awakening just confirmed it. What a lovely person!!! She connected really fast!!! I really enjoyed this reading tremendously !! Lots of love for you!!" ... written by S.
Awakening saw the hidden agenda of people at work - that just came out in the open. She's a gem, thanks!!" ... written by BA
She read my situation so well and gave me some good advice. " ... written by Matt
Oh my goodness, this is such an amazing reading. I can't help but express my gratitude. Beautiful soul inside and out." ... written by Silvan (Sam
she is Wow all the way...." ... written by loverboy
very good reader, did give me alot clarity on some things, and we will see what the future holds " ... written by sunrisegold
She is so lovely, so warm and energetic and gave me lots of hope. Some very strong predictions there, but not for a while yet, so we will have to wait and see! Fingers crossed though, because it sounds fabulous!" ... written by Me
very good reading by awakening, I do believe what she is telling me, very convincing, and I will try and follow what she is saying to me, I do believe that she must be right, we will see what the future holds " ... written by sunrisegold
Very fast and clear reading. Totally right about current situation. Thank you!" ... written by P
She understood me, she is very real and works quick with spirit " ... written by L
Awakening you are genuine and true. You got it all aright and you were considerate about me not spending too much. Thank you and I will follow your advice. I hope to bring you good news in October. I LOVE YOU!! " ... written by MaryMary
Fist time with Awakening.. She is very quick to pick up .. Very good energy and knows her stuff I felt she gave me a spot ON reading as much as I wanted things to change now.. I know she is right.. I will definitely recommend and will follow up in the future.. " ... written by sam
Fast accurate and on point, no time wasting just gave to me straight and loved her energy great vibes xx" ... written by Chris
very accurate and on point" ... written by computerluv
Very good, informative, and great personality!" ... written by Dove
very intuitive, fast and informative. recommend highly" ... written by kw
you're amazing! fast in priv, accurate, and so much lovely energy =) ty will update you on soon! know youre right i just do mwah" ... written by mm
great woman xxxx" ... written by amanda
great advisorrrr. very impressed with her information " ... written by maria
Awesome connection. Loved her. very intuitive. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
She has brought me so much clarity this morning... Im just waiting until December." ... written by Dominque
OMG she is just lovely :) and super quick too....." ... written by sparkle
oh thank you so much doll :) she made me feel so much better about my situation i feel ten times better about what i have going on right now. shes so loving and caring. she is very fast and accurate so no one worry about wasting credits, i had little of credits and she is quick and to the point even after she was done i had a lot of time to ask more questions. she answered everything i needed to know i didnt even have to say much she just knew. she even gave me a time frame of when i would be seeing someone. and i am very hopeful that will surely happen. i dont know how much i can say for her help thank you so much again awakening :) i will come again when the prediction happens and maybe even sooner for little catch ups :) " ... written by nyree
This has been the most amazing and accurate reading I have had on Oranum so far from the most lovely generous and kind lady, thank you! Very recommended~" ... written by Lucy