About Astrolove

Psychic Astrolovehas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Astrolovehas recently helped 49members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Astrolove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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$2.99$ Hello my dear friends! I am a love and relationship expert! My intuitive skills help me give you the most accurate answers. I do readings regarding - love, relationship, family, career, money, income. Come into my private room and ask me a question!

was amazing reading is a beutiful person and sees the depth in the situation" ... written by dan
Astrolove is wonderful, she helped put my mind at ease and calm me down about many things.. " ... written by Rick
Very informative, very fast and a lovely girl." ... written by Mshelli
She was spot on! :) Very caring and sweet - and had a quick connection!" ... written by Adiz
Thanks Astro truly blessed and grateful. 1000 stars." ... written by ikroyalak
Intuitive, recommend, nice connection!" ... written by BX
Spot on Accurate and very very caring. Thank you so much!!" ... written by D
She is amazing...picks up with no tools and no information very nicely on energy. She is a gentle soul with truly empathic gifts. " ... written by G
Wonderful...she is extremely talented and kind!!! Thank-you so much!! 5 stars" ... written by melissa
She is an amazing reader! She give's clear advice and great direction all area's of life. THank you :) " ... written by JAZZ
She connected very fast, no time waste and know the situation well, very warm and sweet person. I always come to her for an update, love her . Will come back for sure! =)" ... written by emily
good reading and good advice." ... written by rosebud77
I feel so much better after that reading, thank you! Not because she tells me what she thinks I wanna hear but she made things more clear and was very accurate." ... written by FLO
Spot on accuracy and a great advisor! Thanks" ... written by D
Great reading as always clear and to the point" ... written by ikroyalak
Spot on. Wonderful reader! Hidden jewel in Oranum" ... written by D
She seemed really good...looking forward to see what happens" ... written by Sparkle Pony
great! would highly recommend " ... written by L
i loved my reading it was very good , and fast and to the point 5 stars all the way " ... written by clearblu
SHe explain me every thing and I like to chat her again and give her e-mail reading about my issue" ... written by Faisal Khan
What a wonderful reading and advise. I look forward to the follow up reading, thank you so much." ... written by Tom
truly a gem." ... written by pioneers19
She is absolutely wonderful!! So gifted, knows how to deliver messages. She can keep flowing with all the information before I ask questions. She is very intelligent and articulate, she is able to weave story from what she sees and hears. She is fast to read and fast to type. I am very happy to find her and already planning to come back again!" ... written by p
GREAT READING!!!!!...VERY EASY TO COMMUNICATE WITH!!!...picks up quickly and ACCURRETLY!!!" ... written by ocean
Fantastic reader. Have read numerous times! Accurate and understands the situation like a first person..." ... written by D
She was brilliant,picked up quickly and gave 100% accurate details....hope predictions happen" ... written by marionlyttle
Very intuitive Amazing Reading " ... written by sexypisces
Young girl very gifted . and all thing that she said is accruate. Thank you again for your reading. Rate for 10 stars" ... written by PIGLETME
helpful, insightful reading. friendly, warm and genuine" ... written by rene
Don't be fooled by the young appearance. She knows what she is talking about and is very calm and quick with her answers." ... written by angelszone
She is amazing just amazing worth very penny. :)" ... written by Jyn
very accurate and helpful!" ... written by jeff
She is an amazing person! I love her reading. Her reading is absolutely the most in-depth kind. :) I love it! Very meaningful reading and I appreciate her patience. She is so caring and giving!" ... written by p
Very good person, i really like her reading." ... written by mike
Always surprising and insightful. Highly accurate." ... written by d
she picked up energies very well!" ... written by jazzychic7
wow!!" ... written by mike
Astrolove is amazing! She is incredibly gifted,kind,and wise." ... written by Katherine
Great Session. She's highly gifted!!" ... written by mark
Accurate! Great reader and an advisor" ... written by D
Spot on, she knows the situation well...and I am looking forward to see what happen next and definitely will come back for some update." ... written by emily
Thank you love for reassuring me that everything is going to be ok and I know that this time its my decision if I want to stay in this situation. " ... written by babygurl657
Excellent reading highly accurate in description. Look forward to predictions" ... written by Pete
Cool, calm and perceptive" ... written by Neu
Sorry I had a power problem and got cut off, wonderful reading you know me so well!! Thank you for your guidance Astro. Amazing talented reader highly recommended." ... written by ikroyalak
Astrolove is a very sweet young girl at Oranum.. She is a gifted one.. She told things very true about my situation and gave me the right advice. I will follow what she said.. Thanks a ton Astrolove :)" ... written by Pooja
Excellent reader, accurate and positive. Was able to connect quickly and appease my mind )))" ... written by Jose
Thanks for the insight" ... written by Derrick
Astrolove is a very honest and compassionate lady,i feel it was a very honest reading,and very positive,look forward to see things come to pass.Thank you so much astrolove,Blessings to you." ... written by J
she's good. gave me good insight and advice. she's a fast typist so you get every penny worth of your time" ... written by m
just had a reading with astro and she was 100 with my situation hope everything turns out as she says thank you so much for reasuurrance" ... written by cadesgirl
Very honest, truthful, and insightful reading. Knows all the details into the situations at hand." ... written by Chelsey
What a great reader ))) She is young but wise, positive and able to feel the energies quickly. I am glad I found her, and so will you! " ... written by Jose
WOW!!! What a great Soul and what a caring person with such gifts. She is able to feel the situations immediately and her demeanor makes everything much easier. I cannot get enough of her guidance and positiveness ))) I really really recommend her (if you can find a moment when she is not busy)))!!!" ... written by Jose
Thank you so much Astro amazing clarity and accuracy you are a truly talented reader. 1000 stars!!" ... written by ikroyalak
very sweet!! i feel the connection the moment i saw her. very calm and feel at ease when talking to her. she knows what she's talking about. very fast answering. will come back for updates. " ... written by hermesstarr
so i talked to her not long ago and what she said came true. i know her further predictions will play out and i love her optimism and positivity. need to be more like her lol" ... written by m
She was very very helpful and saw into the situation very keenly" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you for the reading really appreciate it, heres hoping." ... written by Vickie
Fast typer..very sweet...wish I had more credits! very pleasant and sweet!" ... written by Christina
She's a beautiful soul andamp; was absolutely amazing. Spot on with everything she told me. Also picked up on it very quickly. I am so happy I came to her, she put my mind and heart at ease. Thank you SO much." ... written by Thuy
Very good reading!! Thank you sooo much :-)))" ... written by sara
Always a pleasure." ... written by Vickie
Lovely update. I trust her abilities in reading energy. She is very sweet" ... written by G
Wow I'm speechless Astrolove nailed the whole entire reading , her accuracy is just mind blowing. She is just a gentle calm person to talk to . She really is gifted please do give her a chance she will leave you in shocked. Can't wait to see for her predictions to unfold. Many Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
outstanding reading! Astrolove is a wise and beautiful soul...thank you so much for all your help!" ... written by gemmie
Absolutely fantastic! I walked away feeling much better and with confidence that I am headed in the right direction. " ... written by jaylea
another reading with astrolove. always accruate and connected very fast. very gifted girl. Thank you again." ... written by pigletme123
Excellent " ... written by gigaman1978
very loving and caring energy, thanks for the reading!" ... written by john
Had another long session. Great reader! She shared so much info-limitless. Very accurate!..." ... written by H
Great reading! She was very good at explaining things, and picking up on every energy that was totally.... Me! Thanks so much!" ... written by Slinky222
she was really good and on it !" ... written by 11ebony
she's pretty good. I asked her a few things and she pretty much has said the same things the other psychics have told me. I would recommend her. Not bad for only having 5 years of experience. I'd say she's very talented in what she does. I've spoken to other psychics with the same experience and I haven't been satisfied with the way she made me feel." ... written by sunshine
Very accurate and understanding" ... written by Hi
Very impressive and helpful has shared a great amount of information, i love her energy thankyou" ... written by christopher
Astro is an amazing person and is very very special. She is an absolute angel. A beautiful person inside and out! A very rare kind! She is also extremely gifted. What makes her reading so wonderful is not just her gift. She is highly intelligent, knows how to tell the whole story, articulate and has sharp insight. Yet she is so caring, giving, kind, soft, positive and sweet in nature which makes her such a rare find! I'm so happy to find her! xoxo" ... written by p
This was an excellent reading. There is a very good reason that this young lady is always busy and its because she is very good and I will be back for a follow up reading. Thank you so much for shedding light on my 2 issues." ... written by Ray
This is my first reading i had with this lady. I have to say she is very good at tuning into your energy. I like her because she helps you so much she is a great at listen and guides you well. I would highly recommend her because i felt a weight had been lifted off me and now i'm so please i have faith now in my situation that i didn't have before. Oh and she got this situation bang on right i didn't even ask about that person. " ... written by star
This girl is phenomenal :) She mentioned things that are very specific in my life and at the same time very uncommon. I highly recommend her…. 1000 stars " ... written by spiritonloose
very good" ... written by cutiepattootie
She is just greaaaat!! She really understood my situation, she nailed it. Hope that I do have a positive outcome. Like she said I could. Ten stars!" ... written by BEM
This girl is FANTASTIC!! Fast typist and so accurate on every single point. Talking to her was so easy and relaxed and she totally understood and saw exactly how my situation unfolded and where it is now. Very clear and concise in her explanations. Gave awesome guidance based on what she saw and the results it would have. Very impressive! I highly recommend her." ... written by SoulDesire1
I received a wonderful reading from AstroLove. She gave accurate details and insight about my situation. And she was correct about everything. Really excellent reader. Very highly recommended. I will come back. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very very sweet! :) Will come back for sure! :)" ... written by Mindylovespurple
Thank you for the reading, I pray that you are correct." ... written by Shelly
will wait and see.. seems accurate!! picked up on alot with almost no info" ... written by -
spot on ... amazing reader thank you so much for this clarity xx5star " ... written by littlestar
amazing! What an incredible reading. such a lovely and gifted person. I feel very grateful. " ... written by brightstart
An amazingly gifted person, caring and provided much insight, some of which was very deep. Thank you so much. " ... written by pinklight
Very accurate!" ... written by HC
Another reading with her. She is accurate and honest. fast connected Thank you again." ... written by pigletme123
Wow -- she is really good, and nice, sweet, tells me about my situation, she is really connected, great reading" ... written by Melissa
great reader" ... written by starchild700
she was sweet:)" ... written by aquavenus
She is my ANGEL! Very very gifted, intelligent, beautiful and sweet young but very mature reader! Her readings are astonishing!! Her positive energy always lift me up! She always gives very detailed reading and is always very accurate!" ... written by p
Astrolove is a naturally gifted expert. She will amaze you with her accuracy. I like her kind and thoughtful presentation. She is one of my favorites at the site. " ... written by KB
Very accurate and caring!" ... written by h
i love this lady! she is so spot on in her reading...amazing" ... written by rosy
OMG!!! Speechless!!! Astrolove is without doubt truly gifted!" ... written by Tania
She was very comforting. Was spot on with her abilities in terms of what was going on and what was happening in my situation. She gave me some insight that was very helpful and useful. I highly recommend her if your looking for real answers. Is very positive but will tell you how it is. Nothing but good vibes from her. You wont regret it." ... written by Rigo
Another round of accuracy and advise..." ... written by Hc
Full of advise and completely understands the situation" ... written by HC
She is sooooo good at picking up people's feelings and thoughts. Always dead on. This young reader is not just pretty, but intelligent and talented. I love her reading as they are always accurate, uplifting and full of positive energy. " ... written by p
Fabulous! She sees so deeply into a situation and really brings clarity to it. Fast, accurate, honest, wise and very supportive and encouraging. I really needed that right now :)" ... written by SoulDesire1
Great fast reading.. " ... written by veezee
She is very good!" ... written by clover434
Wow -- amazing reading!!" ... written by Angel
I really enjoyed my reading with u Astrolove u truly amazed me today with ur accuracy ! Thanku so much for a wonderful reading." ... written by sexypisces
thought she was good, very informative and helpful." ... written by martin
Very accurate! Highly recommend, knew details about me that were spot on." ... written by Angelica
Astrolove is wonderful caring and very gifted !" ... written by Janelle
3 sessions in. Astrolove is a great adviser, very caring and she really understood the situation" ... written by Hc
Very good!!!!!" ... written by Mary
Thanks Astrolove for your honesty and insight and positive energy!" ... written by janesi
very accurate very straight foward and to the point" ... written by andrea
another reading with her. So gifted and accurate. Amazing and excellent reading.Thanks again" ... written by pigletme123
Astro is great... very detailed. I will definitely use her again. She pegged the person in question to the "T". Great advisor." ... written by jand777
She has a very unique way of calming my nerves. Clarity and sincerity is her tone and she will give you insight on what troubles you. Thank you Astrolove once again! I will be in touch!" ... written by Rigo
Thank you so much for the reading you are always on point and straight forward advice. Highly recommended!" ... written by ikroyala
she is great! I like her reading." ... written by john
She is so lovely.... :) I call her my angel because that's what she is! She is specially gifted and off course an amazing reader. But most of all, she is soooo giving, caring, loving, soothing and full of positive energy! She is absolutely beautiful inside out! So happy to know her!" ... written by p
Thanks again for your guidance and advice Astro you are brilliant!" ... written by ikroyalak
As always another great reading. She is so comforting!" ... written by Rigo
Lyn was very accurate in her assessment of my life and marriage. She was most comforting in her way of communicating. She was wonderful in so many things and ways she shared her readings of energies in and thru my life. Thank you Lyn.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Great reading!" ... written by lavender
Love her. She's remembers my situation and is always spot on with everything she tells me. Thank you so much." ... written by Thuy
wonderful...wonderful. GREAT reader!" ... written by ash
She is amazing. she helped me so much tonight. Please see her" ... written by Tyler
She's a beautiful gentle soul. I always feel so much better after getting a reading from her. She is very honest, and genuinely cares and will do anything to help you get clarity on your situation. And is amazing at picking up what the other person is feeling/thinking. I highly recommend her." ... written by Thuy
awesome!! she is a gift from god! she knows all!! " ... written by hermesstarr
She's lovely, confirmed a lot of details and makes you realise how loopy one can be when in love. he he. Thanks Astro :)" ... written by TM
Excellent update!! Very helpful in clearing up some things and keeping me on the path. " ... written by SoulDesire1
wow u are tooo good my friend! amazing!" ... written by ash
she is great, accurate, and pure beautiful soul, highly recommend her" ... written by veezee
amazing" ... written by frankie
Amazingly in-tune with no tools. Impressive. Thank you" ... written by lotus71
she is an amazing reader. very very compassionate and intune with me. Right on everything!" ... written by ash
She is very pure, honest and calm. She tells you what you you want answers to and makes it clear." ... written by neke
Great reading!!!! Hopefully everything she has relayed to me will come to pass. I have to be a bit patient!! i am not patient at all. I hope someone great will come to my life and make me happy!!" ... written by Latinagirl82
love ya Lyn, you are so nice and truthful! Always." ... written by ash
wow!" ... written by ash
Astrolove is sweet and actually caring. She doesn't say "just wait a week, i always have updated, etc." She is a nice, kind soul that actually identifies the issues and tells you the truth - even it it hurts." ... written by Heather
first time reading with her, very patient and detailed! i recommend!" ... written by needfaith1
she is awesome :)" ... written by humility
excellent reading" ... written by zimerili1
Very accurate and spot on! She is really really gifted!" ... written by Julius
As always, she gives me clarity in all my dilemmas! A+++" ... written by Rigo
as always a brilliant reading by a most gifted and lovely woman. Thank you. " ... written by bright
Astro is great as always!" ... written by jand777
great and wise and no cards to work with truly a reader" ... written by carlos
very wise" ... written by erika
shes wise" ... written by carlosos
Great reading! understanding and accurate" ... written by HC
She is the best. " ... written by KB
She always connects with my situation and she is fast. Try talking to her... you will be impressed!!!" ... written by Ash
always lovely!" ... written by Ash
thank you!" ... written by pioneers19
another reading with her. Accurate as usual. Thanks again/" ... written by pigletme123
wonderful amazing..!!!!!!" ... written by kalais75
Always reliable and honest. Highly recommended!" ... written by ikroyala
omg this women is amazing.... not enough stars for her " ... written by gerirish
Great reading once again! always soothing to here her advice. She is a great person and will give you the needed guidance!" ... written by Rigo
great" ... written by tiggerlover
nice" ... written by luckystar222
she is a beautiful and gifted reader and i would higjly reccomend her. thankyou and i will be back soon :) xxx" ... written by 01williamsg1
I felt that Astroslove hit everything on the spot. I felt that she knew my love more than I did. I wasnt sure before but now I am. Thank You!!" ... written by mahoney321
great reading" ... written by veezee
She is very special... she empathises very much connecting with our souls and hearts... she provides clear long sight on ways to follow... clear and transparent reading of possible futures... particularly pays attention to details not clear foreseen... brilliant. Thank you so much!" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Fantastic update with so much detailed and accurate insight! Amazingly fast spirit connection and typing. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
very sincere. Picks up very well on the situation and give an awesome reading!!!" ... written by Julius
Thanks for the reading Astro you are so kind and honest I appreciate your readings very much" ... written by ikroyala
Good reading. Assessed the situation well. Waiting for outcome." ... written by Sav
Thanks again" ... written by Heaven
Thank you for your kindness and help again.." ... written by Heaven
Again and Again... truly remarkable companionship and true guidance... clear and transparent reading of future evolution of my relationship... thanks you so much indeed!" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
fantastic" ... written by n/a
Astrolove made me feel so welcome and was very open with her gifts. I loved the reading and will be back for more!" ... written by ad31983
I will always come back to her. She is the best of the best. Always accurate and always connects quickly. " ... written by Thuy
Thank you for the reassurance and kindness. Great reading!" ... written by ikroyala
Very accurate" ... written by HC
Thank you Astro you bring me peace about my situation." ... written by ikroyala
Probably the most accurate and descriptive reading I have been through. Spot on with every sentence. Thanks!" ... written by joshfr2
She is always wonderful. Like a friend that I've known for a long time. Always accurate and positive. " ... written by Jand777
10 stars if I could!" ... written by Julius
very consistant! When i have problem, i always go to her to seek the answer. And i saw her shuffle the cards and pull the cards. And the answers are consistant. Very honest and gifted girl. Thank u for the reading/" ... written by pigletme123
In my opinion one of the best readers on the site. Extremely insightful, is able to connect quickly, always providing honest and in-depth information, with such clarity. " ... written by pinklight
She is remarkable. Super accurate. Can dig into ppl's feelings and thoughts. Really awesome." ... written by jand777
Very kind and on point in what she feels. Always at peace after a reading with her" ... written by Julius
She's the best!" ... written by joshfr2
Her energy is great! She puts me at ease and sees what is true. Very very good!" ... written by Julius
Another good update with Lyn, very honest and love to talk with her!" ... written by emily
love all my readings from Lyn. she's on point each time and offers great advice and guidance. would definitely recommend!" ... written by whit
5 stars. Kinded heart and very gifted. She connected with my situation very well. Will definitely come back for another reading with her. I highly recommend her. Blessings and Love. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful reading." ... written by R.
Highly recommended 100stars!!" ... written by ikroyala
She is so special...and truly provides more than insight...true friendship and care... i trust she will be right and my live changing forever... thank you so much..i will keep her informed on how things are progressing" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
very encouraging!" ... written by andrea
A truly amazing reader, not to be underestimated because of her youth. She connects immediately and there is a great depth to her readings (sometimes at soul level). I have not come across another reader who can do this to such a level. She never ceases to amaze me, always providing clarity around my complex situation." ... written by Astrolove
Astro is great tells u things without any info.... this lady is brilliant xx" ... written by ger
she is very gentle, talented, fast and accurate! i always love the reading with her!! strongly recommend" ... written by lousie
Awesome as always!" ... written by Angel
Thanks again for the clarity and hope Astro" ... written by ikroyala
Astro is confident in her readings. That is extremely important. She is always accurate and compassionate. " ... written by jand777
i love astrolove, she is a dear friend....she is a very compassionate and supportive. highly recommended " ... written by cc
She is the best yet!" ... written by Julius
Highly recommended - the best on Oranum!!" ... written by ikroyala
thank you words cannot describe the quality of what you do. You are a blessing. x" ... written by Pinklight
Excellent!! Always direct, accurate and honest." ... written by SoulDesire1
Astro always present when we need her. God bless her!" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Fast, accurate and caring. This lady is lovely, I will definitely return x" ... written by Mshelli
she was extremely insightful and confirmed some things for me that i really needed to know. I'm truly grateful for her help" ... written by viggles
She is amazingly insightful, as always and never fails me. I use her regularly, she connects so quickly and deeply. This has helped me so much with my situation." ... written by Pinklight
Very pure...very accurate....needs very little info...and provides great detail" ... written by Julius
Thank you so much astro! She was very nice and kind and accurate! She told me my present situation very accurately and told me a few outcomes based on my choices. Very good =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
great! as always " ... written by n/a
she actually very cool and easy to talk to. worth every penny. she describes things as if she was viewing it from a window. I'm very happy with my reading!" ... written by viggles
She is just wonderful!!!! I really enjoy talking to her about my situation... she tells me the truth and everything just comes to her!!!" ... written by Ash
great reader.....very accurate......would recommend highly!!!" ... written by college125
She is vey very good! " ... written by Julius
Very very intuitive and right on" ... written by Julius
Very uplifting and very correct in what she sees" ... written by Julius
Went to get more credit. I needed an answer to another question, and as always you did not fail me. You are a blessing." ... written by Pinklight
Love coming back to Astro esp on gloomy days. She's like a great friend to talk to. Highly accurate and loving." ... written by jand777
amazing . she help me out so much ! made me feel so much better " ... written by Summer Anderson
Astrolove is amazing. Incredibly wise. When she offers me advice it always rings with the truth. She has a way of seeing into the heart of things. She is truly a kind, wise woman." ... written by LAriosto
OMG!!!!!!! She is tremendous. Amazing! Astonishing. Extremely thorough and specific. Fast typing and worth waiting to read with. She had one after the other. I see why now. Oh, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" ... written by carl
Just simply awesome!" ... written by Julius
All that she has said so far has come to pass" ... written by Julius
Received an amazing update. Light at the end of the tunnel at last. Thank you for all your readings, that have helped get me to this point." ... written by Pinklight
Im highly thankful for this reading. I feel comfortable with Astrolove, readings extremely positive, and encouraging." ... written by Sooriamurthy
amazing, honest and accurate. i will be back for a followup:)" ... written by s
superb and a relaxed reading" ... written by LOUIS
It was a very heartfelt reading. She picked up on things I already knew and told me exactly what to expect" ... written by Tami
Never fails to ease my mind. You have questions? She has answers! She should be charging way more for her services because shes that good." ... written by Rigo
Wonderful reading. Picked up quickly, tuned in immediately to my situation. Highly recommended :) " ... written by Cindy
Astrolove has undeniable gifts - it will be apparent to you so quickly. If you can be brave enough to try just a single private reading, you will see. She will provide so much accurate detail - and so quickly - and you will not need to say much at all. It is stunning." ... written by G
i always enjoy having readings with her. " ... written by lousie
Amazing, amazing. She always has the perfect insight and guidance needed, every time. So compassionate, wise and gifted. Definitely recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
As always shes my favorite advisor! Much love Astro! Thanks!" ... written by Rigo
she is always spot on, i asked very few questions and she knew exactly what i feel and the situation i am in. This is my second reading by her, she is amazing. I recommend her. " ... written by Chapis902002
Thank you for you invaluable insight once again. x" ... written by Pinklight
I can always count on Lyn and her fantastic intuitiveness, accuracy and details. Everything that she said would happen is happening right now! Her guidance is amazing. Super sweet and gifted soul." ... written by Seeker1200
Thanks again for the guidance and clarity Astro truly blessed" ... written by ikroyala
she is a gift from god. she knows all.. talking to her always make me calm... thank you so much. Awesome reading!! i will come back for sure!! " ... written by hermestarr
great read. ill be back soon for another" ... written by chris
I cant ley go of how good she was. I am still excited!!!" ... written by ad31983
Love Astro. Very accurate and sweet. " ... written by jand777
Very detailed, very accurate. Awesome spirit and honest" ... written by Julius
GREAT!!!" ... written by Ocean
she never disappoints me" ... written by ad31983
Awesome Reading!!" ... written by Krogoth
astro is so connected it would blow ya away ... she is amazing " ... written by ger
WOW she is awesome!!! A beautiful soul for sure!! So calming, accurate and kind!! WONDERFUL!!" ... written by miszy
Thank you x" ... written by Pinklight
I love this girl. such an amazing reader." ... written by chris
What a wonderful reader!" ... written by Julius
She is so clear and accurate. she understood everything going on " ... written by Tyler
Thank you so much for the reading, very insightful as always." ... written by Pinklight
As always, a great reading. Thank you for the insight. I really did need this information, I could feel it and your reading confirmed what I thought. Thank you for your honesty, I really appreciate it. x" ... written by Pinklight
Thank you Astro... you rock as always!" ... written by jand777
Always on point in what she sees and knows. Very kind and I always feel more confident after a reading." ... written by Julius
Peace and understanding..Thank you!" ... written by Julius
She is absolutely fantastic..amazzzzinnggg" ... written by t
love it!!!! thanks!!!!" ... written by lousie
thank you. you are always great!" ... written by lousie
Thank you so much once again your insight was invaluable. xxx" ... written by Pinklight
As always Astrolove provides more than guidance...she is a real friend and companion... she is clear and tender..she is firm and very confident in her feelings ...will continue to ask for her continuous support..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Good reading. Think she was reading my own thoughts. I will come back again! " ... written by jmfoust48
love it!!!! strongly recommend!!!" ... written by lousie
love astro.. she's always in tune to me and tells me what I feel and think even before i type anything. It's amazing." ... written by jand777
An amazing reading, as always extremely insightful, providing me with so much clarity." ... written by Pinklight
SHE is awesome! " ... written by Kayla
Came back for a follow up and to confirm that everything she said was so ACCURATE! She never lets me down. Really want to know how someone feels? Shes the person to go to! Shes worth every dollar! Take her you wont be disappointed! Go in with an Open mind and she will take care of all your worries!" ... written by Rigo
fantastic person great wonderful......" ... written by zimerili1
She really is one of the best!" ... written by Julius
Another amazing reading. Thank you once again. You are a great friend and your readings have helped me so much. x" ... written by Pinklight
thank you for the blessing :) i love reading with ya" ... written by lousie
She is one of the best!" ... written by Julius
Great talk... I totally trust her... you will not be disappointed!!! Thanks AstroLove" ... written by Ash
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
Thank you once again. xxx" ... written by Pinklight
she's so wonderful! i love talking to Lyn. shes been such a supportive friend and i feel so grateful to have met her! xo" ... written by w
As Always another Great Reading!" ... written by Rigo
she is a friend that you can always reach.. she tells you what she feels.. she gives you advises that helps you when you are down.. she give an honest answer to all your questions.. she is a gift from god.. thank you astro love." ... written by star
She's so awesome. Always calms you down. And of course... accurate as always." ... written by jand777
An amazing reader, who I use regularly. Once again, the reading was of great depth, as always the accuracy and detail provided was outstanding. Clearly gifted and very skilled and is someone who is able to connect quickly. I value her readings greatly for the level she goes to in order to give me the clarity I require. " ... written by Pinklight
She is one of the best!" ... written by Julius
Astrolove is great and very helpful. I recommend her. I hope her predictions 4 me come true." ... written by Steve217
Thank you. :)" ... written by lousie
A pleasure as always! Connected to the situation immediately and picked up on other person's energies, Highly recommend! You won't regret it!" ... written by Angelica
She really provides accurate and clear vision for the future paths and avenues. I feel supported in my life and how to move forward. Will continue to share my deepest thoughts and believes with her. God bless her." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
She can tell you what your dreams mean! Shes on point with everything!" ... written by Rigo
great reading" ... written by ad31983
Thank you x" ... written by Pinklight
What an amazing reading. She was spot on about everything. feeling better after her reading. will be back again. xxx" ... written by sarah
she is very good and nice and patient and positive" ... written by loveboo
... wordless... she is a true companion and future foresight thinker... will be together for a good time...i strongly recommend to everyone..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
She is too awesome!" ... written by Julius
I came back for clarity on my situation and she was amazing as usual. She is the best!" ... written by Tyler
She is a lovely person... I fully trust Astrolove guidance...and as a true friend and personal motivation and excellent personality she is indeed. Will continue to share my life with her..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
My dear Astro! Always a pleasure getting readings with you!" ... written by Rigo
Thank her for the reading I felt a real presence" ... written by Michael
As always you never fail me. Thank you so much x" ... written by Pinklight
Wow! She was spot on, picking up the exact situation going o. Then the screen froze! I'm going back....she knows what she's talking about :)" ... written by l usual :) " ... written by Cindy
Wonderful, kind and honest~! Good Reading" ... written by jopope
Went back just like I said I would, she picked up right where she left off and gave me details that were a bit disturbing but made sense for the situation I am currently in. I will remain hopeful. She's definitely worth your time and credits." ... written by l
Good reader, gave me some insight and hope" ... written by pinkpather30
She is pretty awesome!" ... written by Julius
What a great reader. She tells it like it is, and gives the truth." ... written by Julius
GREAT" ... written by ad31983
I feel a sense of completion with this reader, great psychic, highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Astrolove is GREAT!!!! she hit the nail right on the head and felt things and was telling me things before I could get them out and she was finishing things for me. Told me many things and made me feel at ease.. wow, my heart feels so much better. I will be here again!!! " ... written by Rick
very very gifted in what she does" ... written by Julius
Truly a beautiful Soul. 5 Stars is not enough to give her. Straight on with the details of my current situation. Thanks dear friend ♥♥" ... written by rose n.
One of the best!" ... written by Julius
Very accurate and helpful. She gave exact detail and quick responses. Thank you." ... written by 808smiles
Beautiful reader, makes me feel the real situation, explains to me in details with regards to this." ... written by Sooriamurthy
She is very good" ... written by Julius
Good reader, really brings up the hope and life in me." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Very Very Very helpful. " ... written by Gary
This reader advised me she felt there was some unspoken words between myself and a potential interest for a relationship with a good outcome. I hope she is right." ... written by Lightstar
Accurate and very helpful" ... written by E
Beautiful reader, and awesome expert." ... written by Sooriamurthy
She is sooo good. Don't pass her up!" ... written by Julius
This woman is no joke! I love her!" ... written by ad31983
5 Stars!!!! Very gifted. Prediction came to pass. Thank you so much for your insight and love. xoxo" ... written by rn
astro is indeed more than a professional ...she is an excellent friend and all the way companion of route.... of life... i am deeply indebted to her guidance and fellowship ... for life" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Came back to update on all of Astro's advice i had taken! She was right on point about everything she ever told me! When i first came to her i had so many doubts! Now that time has passed i feel so much better knowing that she was right all along! If you ever want the truth speak to her! She knows what shes talking about and wont waste your time! Thank you Astro for your expert advice! Take care! God Bless! " ... written by Rigo
AMAZING!!!! INTUITIVE 100%, SHE GIVES SPOT ON THINGS....CLARITY, INFO, ALL!!!! WOW!" ... written by pumpkin
fantastic advise thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Very intuitive. She picked up on everything that was going on pretty quick. One of the best on here :)" ... written by Eileen
5 Stars!!!! Excellent reading. On point as usual. Thank you Astro" ... written by np
This was my first reading with Astrolove. She was very kind and caring, connected fast and was on the mark with everything she had to say. I will make sure to come back for updates." ... written by LB
Very good reader, highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
She is one of the very best. Very kind and on the spot in what she sees" ... written by Julius
very honest and accurate." ... written by 808smiles
She is just amazing!!" ... written by Julius
Love Astrolove, she really seers into and peeps into the future. I feel confident and assured regarding this. And she can feel the other's feelings quite well." ... written by Sooriamurthy
i keep coming back because it's always such a treat to talk to Lyn! she provides very deep and clear insight each time! love her xoxo" ... written by w
Always love readings with her! She's so on point with everything. Love her :)" ... written by Cindy
Thank you for a excellent reading." ... written by Jason
Lyn is very very very good...u must experience it to know" ... written by rosy
Astrolove is simply amazing. Truly gifted, she has great insight and wisdom." ... written by LAriosto
Someone I can always trust. She really is the best, and very accurate!" ... written by Julius
always a great time talking to her. she is very inspiring and she sees things straightforward and accurate" ... written by lousie
Astro keeps my hope in the future. a friend for a lifetime ..." ... written by alexandre caldas
very good as always. she makes you think" ... written by ad31983
She picked up quick on my situation. Just have to wait to see the outcome." ... written by l
really gets my situation, is completely nonjudgmental, and always gives me the best advice to move forward." ... written by w
This girl and i have an amazing connection..she has been helping me through my situation ...dont hesitate to read with her she is very gifted" ... written by d
She was amazing and helped me to feel better about this new and drastic step in my life. I feel a bit more confident now in what's to come. Thank you for your reassurance and for your peaceful aura. God bless you. You are an angel from God. Please pray for my little one and my family to remain successful. Thank you." ... written by Tiana
She seemed to be so clear on what she read from me! I really enjoyed the reading and understood a lot. I am so thankful for her! She seems to really know what she is talking about!" ... written by Gabriela
a great inspiration and finally i was able to have a long coming back with astrolove... insightful inspiration and clear reading of the future...will keep in touch, hopefully with excellent news..." ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
Excellent as usual. 5 stars!!! Right to the point no sugar coated. Thank you for the wonderful reading. xoxox" ... written by rose n.
Highly recommeded, great feelings, great connection. Good friend and well wisher." ... written by Sooriamurthy
reasonably priced and gave a lot of details. thanks!" ... written by aimee
Lynn was absolutely on point:) What a kind, sweet spirit she is...and so incredibly gifted...Without any information, I feel that she connected so very well! She provided great advice and guidance and I can't wait to see what happens...seriously give her a won't regret it:) So great...." ... written by Carrie
She is very sincere and honest. Great reading and also very accurate!" ... written by Julius
she creates as always a new hope in my future... persistently enlightening my avenues for the coming future... i will continue to share my life and love with her support" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
Astrolove is spot on again!!!! Picked up on things going on and knew exactly what I needed to know and helped me with my questions once again. She makes a great connection and knows what is going on in my situation. " ... written by Rick
Thank you for your insight, very astute andamp; helpful!" ... written by kerriking
Astro is really great. She can see far ahead and is always kind. Always love to return and see her" ... written by Julius
She is right on point! Its my first time but she seemed to really pick up on the whole situation! Definitely recommend! " ... written by Gabriela
Wonderful as always!" ... written by Angel
She really seems to know what she is talking about! Hopefully it comes true!" ... written by Gabriela
She was great!" ... written by ad31983
She sounds very on point with everything! Which makes me realize things i didn't. So I hope everything works out for the best." ... written by Gabriela
An awesome gifted woman. Very detailed and very kind!" ... written by Julius
5 stars every time! love her!" ... written by ng
Thanks Lynn. It was a great updated,give me good advice as always. Happy new year in advance. Thank you for all your help in 2014 =p" ... written by Emily
Excellent! Very empathic, honest and connected. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Very honest and gave clarity." ... written by 808smiles
thank you. very intuitive !" ... written by natasha
Absolutely astounding. None better." ... written by LAriosto1516
Astrolove is very helpful. And I great person" ... written by Steve217
you were right on! i loved this talked with you i will update were so accurate thank you so much" ... written by mag
love reading with her" ... written by zc
always a pleasure to talk with. my favorite on this site! 5 stars!" ... written by nmt
Always good and to the point good reader, highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
great reading with her!!!!" ... written by lousie
She is very amazing reader. And awesome person above all and a great help!" ... written by Julius
i really enjoyed our time reading:)" ... written by olive
always keep a clear and optimistic perspective of my love and career life...will continue to share my future with her " ... written by alexandre caldas
very detailed reading. love to have readings with her! she is the best" ... written by olive
Lynn is so spot on and accurate. Very empathic and totally connected, felt exactly what I was feeling today and was so supportive and compassionate." ... written by Seeker1200
Love readings with Astro! very highly recommended :) " ... written by Cindy
Gifted and wonderful accurate as usual. Thanks again" ... written by g
amazing reader " ... written by Av
thank you for your company. you are a very good friend :)" ... written by lousie
Amazing! She knew so many things about my relationship and our personalities. Understood our dynamic and gave amazing advice!" ... written by Andrea
winning horse..." ... written by alexandre caldas
feel very good talking to her!" ... written by j
Absolutely amazing. truly amazing." ... written by LAriosto1516
SHE IS ALWAYS ON POINT" ... written by ad31983
She is one of the best advisors at the site. Astrolove always is spot on with her predictions. I've had many readings with her, and she never disappoints. " ... written by Kathleen
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
always speaking the truth, very informative and helpful." ... written by 808smiles
what a woman! she is great!!!" ... written by ad31983
she's simply the best! gives great advice and tunes in quickly to my situation every time...that's why i keep coming back!" ... written by here
she is very patient and accurate. connect to the person's thought and feelings. and she senses things very quickly" ... written by zcy
Great reading, straight to the point. Wonderful girl. Thanks very much" ... written by han
Always a treat to see her. Very accurate and on point in what she sees and knows!" ... written by Julius
Always awesome, super )) " ... written by Sooriamurthy
absolutely fantastic" ... written by LAriosto1516
Astro is very sweet and intuitive!" ... written by peach
Astrolove is gifted, calm, and a great reader. I will be back." ... written by Sam63
Very accurate and compassionate, will come to her again." ... written by SAM603
the best on oranum" ... written by Sam603
Thank you so much Astrolove for putting my mind at ease. Your amazing and truly talented." ... written by Starhx
Thank you Astrolove, I appreciate your concern, insight and advice regarding my situation." ... written by Martkos always...she sees everything" ... written by Miszy
Thanks for the awesome reading Lyn, I'm sorry for all of the internet problems, but at least we pretty much got finished.. " ... written by r
She really is one of the best. She gives much information and very accurate!" ... written by Julius
She truly is the greatest" ... written by Julius
Super great as always! Very talented and fast and very accurate!" ... written by Julius
very good" ... written by ad31983
Great reader. She understood the situation very well!" ... written by E
She is just perfection!!" ... written by Miszy
great conversation" ... written by ad31983
She picked up on the situation very well! Very helpful!" ... written by E
GREAT!" ... written by ad31983
wow, just wow. picked up on every aspect of whats happening. by far best reading ive had. I cant wait to return to hopefully confirm a few things. Thank you so much x" ... written by spacebunny
astrolove is a great person and my new friend" ... written by stephen
Really one of the best around!" ... written by Julius
Lyn is incredible!" ... written by ****
she did a great job and she is an amazing pyschic" ... written by wesley
A very kind hearted and true psychic. Very quick, honest and accurate!" ... written by Julius
Perfect as always!" ... written by Miszy
I am so amazed at this woman" ... written by ad31983
Amazing! Need I say more. I am so grateful for the reassurance she gives me. Beautiful spirit and I'll be back to update her when her predictions come true. I know they will because they did in the past :)" ... written by l
my gud friend just gave me an awesome reading... was very upset this morning...but she cleared my head and now feeling happy again" ... written by Karla mercado
I am so indebted to you Astro you are kind and gentle and answer my messy questions with such ease. I can never thank you enough" ... written by Maia
great, " ... written by ad31983
she was great" ... written by Natalie
One of the best, truly. She is very positive and gives very accurate details." ... written by Julius
Love reading with Astro always so kind and helpful and insightful" ... written by Maia
Such a deeply wise and profound woman. A true guide, healer, and friend." ... written by LAriosto1516
Such a calm spirit. She is so unbelievably sweet. Picks up on things accurately and detailed. Thank you so much for your insight and predictions. I look forward to the future of my relationship and you will always be one of my go-to psychics. I can trust you to be honest always. Love you to pieces and God Bless. " ... written by Tiana
she's awesome and sweet" ... written by Cristina
As always quick connection and precise. Thank you so much for your reading, as always very insightful and exactly what i needed." ... written by Pinklight
thank you astrolove. i've always trusted you. and you are so unique than other psychics. it's unbelievable sometimes when you see and feel things so clearly and precisely. you are so talented" ... written by olive
Always on point!!! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Astro is wonderful!!! Highly recommended :) " ... written by Cindy
she is so right on I am running to go back and finish!!!! :-)" ... written by Rick
One of the greatest!!!! Always a 5 star reading!" ... written by Julius
Lyn is always so right on and picks up on so many things she will surprise you with what she can sense and see. " ... written by Rick
Always a true pleasure!" ... written by Julius
words can not describe this woman and how she is used to help people." ... written by ad31983
A most gifted and insightful friend. Once again her reading helped clarify and give me guidance. I have relied on her readings when unsure of things and she has never let me down. Thank you so much xxx" ... written by Pinklight
Wow! What a real blessing she has been. Very fast and accurate in all that she sees!" ... written by Julius
Astrolove is a great woman and very good at what she does. I am glad to have her near." ... written by ad31983
Thank you so much for your kind reassurance Astro always accurate and caring I feel so blessed to have you in my life" ... written by MaiaAroha
Phenomenal. I came to her distressed and hurt.. But she was able to calm me down and lift my spirits. I truly missed this woman. Glad you are back. " ... written by Tiana
I love her! She is always so on point! And I love that about her! She really seems to help me out and be right! And Ive had plenty of privates with her and always come back! :) Thanks Astrolove!" ... written by Gabriela
Always insightful, wise, understanding. A truly amazing woman with a great talent for guidance, and helping others." ... written by LAriosto1516
Very honest, fast and excellent reader. Such a lovely heart she has" ... written by Julius
I can not believe how to the point this woman is! how she is really helping me see things differnetly" ... written by ad31983
Thank you for lifting my spirit Astro!" ... written by Maia
Truly one of the best! always a pleasure!" ... written by Julius
Thanks again for the wonderful reading Astro you are always so kind and caring towards me" ... written by Maia
As always, thank you so much for the insightful reading. xxx" ... written by Pinklight
Awesome!! Great reader! Always on point" ... written by Julius
Good luck for your exams Astro and thank you for the reading today" ... written by Maia
Fabulous! Very accurate in describing the situation, thoughts and feelings involved. Highly recommended! " ... written by Seeker1200
Most amazing and compassionate reader, quick connection and as always insightful. A trusted friend. Thank you " ... written by Pinklight
She is CRAZY GOOD!!! SO awesome!!" ... written by Melissa
As always, immediate connection, quick precise and insightful. You have never let me down - i have come to rely on you when i need insight around choices I have made or am unsure about decisions. Thank you x" ... written by Pinklight
As always truly amazing, immediate connection and insightful. My time is never wasted and the information i receive invaluable. Thank you." ... written by Pinklight
love her she is so sweet and she knows what she is doing. Great reading!" ... written by lisseth
A very excellent reader Very detailed and fast. Never wastes time and very honest" ... written by Julius
She is awesome...enough great!!! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, truly gifted!" ... written by Miszy
Very compassionate and awesome reader!" ... written by Julius
Thank you again for your kindness I hope you take some rest and look after yourself!" ... written by Maia
Much love to you many blessings too " ... written by Maia
sweet caring and accurate! she is very compassionate and gives you many details xxx" ... written by fishygirl11
good expert thanx" ... written by zimerili1
great reading so far, stupid internet is killing me!! lol" ... written by Rick
One of the very best!" ... written by Juilus
Thanks again for the wisdom and guidance Astro." ... written by Maia
She was amazing 10/10 I highly recommend her thank you so much" ... written by K
Answers got me thinking, not close to what others had presented to me in their readings." ... written by joeymannyg
She has such a beautiful spirit. I love that she can make me smile and even laugh out loud at times, no matter what the situation may be. She has been right in the past and I'm hoping that her latest prediction is right. I don't doubt her one bit. She is so in tune with me and the other person in the situation. Love and Light to you always and God Bless x" ... written by l
very accurate detailed reading. Highly recommend her!" ... written by daisy
Always easy to connect....Great reading!!" ... written by Angel
Had an update reading with AstroLove and she truthfully was wonderful today. She guided me towards what we need to do in this situation. She reads without tools and I love that. She was spot on and has such a kind and wonderful spirit. Thank you AstroLove!" ... written by Carrie
Super reading. Answered all the questions/fears concerns I had." ... written by Rick
..... i feel great talking to her even though am upset ryt now.... she's a dear friend to me and connects with me very well.." ... written by Karla mercado
thank you for the unfailing amazingness ms astro! " ... written by Karla mercado
She's amazing. She told me the thoughts of the other person without me saying a word. And she was right because they said those same things less than 24 hrs before our reading. I don't know how she does it but she's become like a sister to me. Thanks dear. Your abilities get better as time goes on. Talk to you again soon xoxo" ... written by l
awesome reading... :) very accurate" ... written by Karla mercado
Just amazing!!!" ... written by Lisa
I always come back to Astrolove whenever I have questions, accurate, quick connections as always! Totally love her energy too! Will update you soon!" ... written by Emily
Astrolove was amazing! She could sense right away that someone was on my mind upon entering the chat room. She was very helpful!" ... written by acrossthestars07
She is so amazing. She is the first person to truly understand myself and my situation and has the sweetest and most accurate approach. Im truly grateful and satisfied with my reading! " ... written by Sophia
She was on point and got to the heart of matter quickly. She is extremely intuitive and there is a deep wisdom to her thoughts and words. Cannot recommend enough. The real deal!" ... written by Drohem
amazing comforting and accurate. a total jewel ! " ... written by Jennifer Pearl
Awesome connection, accuracy and details! Past readings have been amazing as well - very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
AMAZING! Like the sister and friend I never knew I had. She really does pick up on the situation and even when I am having doubts about certain things, even when I don't mention them, she usually mentions them and gives me clarity. She has really helped a lot with something I've been dealing with for a long time. So I will continue to take her to private, and help her to get to her next 2000 readings :) You should too. take her to private. Her insight will really amaze you " ... written by l
Thank you so much again for your insight and generosity Astro" ... written by Maia
Wow what an amazing connection, she is incredible please go for Astrolove amazing reading what gifted woman love her" ... written by Star
Always very very good! Truly one of the best around" ... written by Julius
Such an awesome woman! What a terrific reader!" ... written by Julius
very calm, patient and professional. she provided an accurate detailed reading to my current situation. Highly recommend her!" ... written by daisy
Always on the mark, so accurate, fast and in tune! Fantastic!" ... written by SoulDesire1
A true great wonder! Very accurate and humble. " ... written by Julius
Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your reading." ... written by Garace123
thanx Astro...another wonderful reading... u never wasted my time as always" ... written by Karla mercado
Fantastically connected and accurate - no tools or info given and she hits the mark every time! Very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Fast,Accurate, Awesome" ... written by Jay
What a jewel astrolove is...very deep intuitive, doesnt need tools, just taps right in...she saw my situation and others involved quite easily.....and offered some good counsel i though nice person! im glad i read w her." ... written by Cedric Milestone
Awesome as always!" ... written by Julius
been waiting for you to come online...coz ur one of the person i trust here..thanx for giving me clarity.." ... written by Karla
Astrolove is very intuitive and accurate with feelings, emotions, and other people's way of thinking! She can accurately tell you what is going on in a situation with a straightforward response! She predicted contact from a person in 1-2 days and it happened! She is very honest with what she sees/feels. She finds the inner beauty within people and always is able to cheer you up! Astro is very kind and sweet and is definitely someone worth talking to! Thank you!!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
A true gifted woman!" ... written by Julius
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
EXCELLENT SPOT ON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! EXCELLENT" ... written by Stormfire
She is really one of the best around. Very Accurate!" ... written by Julius
5 stars" ... written by l
thanks for the reading." ... written by Soul
very in touch. I'll be back again" ... written by l
Astrolove! what a great reader. went right to the heart of the matter, no tool, cairing wise and empathetic person." ... written by Senator Alan Cranston
You've pretty much just vocalized my internal thoughts. I appreciate it." ... written by
One of the best around!!!" ... written by Julius
thanx for lifting up my mood once again..worth every dollar" ... written by Karla mercado
Astrolove ..what can i say....great reader, on point and real! no tools, fast, freindly and caring. Ive returned and its always been helpful." ... written by Cedric Von Crumpaloon
she is awesome she did an excellent job" ... written by evelyn
Made sense" ... written by TangentRelevant
She provides great detail and never wastes your time. Always a great read!" ... written by Julius
really good " ... written by diana
She is fantastic! Fast, connected and really sees and feels what is going on in my head and heart and others. Very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Wonderful as always!! so brilliant and talented!! " ... written by Miszy
Awesome as always!" ... written by Julius
Astrolove is very intuitive and extremely helpful! I highly recommend! " ... written by Jana
Awesome as always!" ... written by Julius
Thank you so much for dialing into my situation so quickly and so unbelievably accurately! You are such a doll! And I really enjoyed my reading from you and trust me ive had many readings from dif psychis. You are legit! And I like how you type fast and just tell me exactly how you see things without holding your tongue to try to sugar coat things. You definitely put things in perspective for me. I will be thinking of you and pray for you as you have helped me so much today. This is a beginning to a new healing heart for me. I know it. I am ready to release the past and move on. You can not change someone that is not willing to change for themselves for the better of thee relationship that should be built on trust, respect, compromise, communication. I will nt be rash in my decision making but i will definitley keep my eyes open. Thankyou dear You are very sweet! Tell your mom she picked out a great name! XOXO! Love always! " ... written by Lynn
She is simply the best! She saw things so clearly and I feel very blessed to have found her as a trusted reader. What a kind spirit with a beautiful soul! Thank you Astrolove!" ... written by cazk0303
Other good read with Lynn =)" ... written by emily
Lyn helped me maintain optimism and realism." ... written by Some Person
thanks..." ... written by mark
What a wonderful reader!" ... written by Julius
She is truly one of the absolute best around!" ... written by Julius
Astrolove gives out a calming energy sensation and I can feel her energy. If you need some clarity and such please talk to her!" ... written by Mary
very helpful insight there ..on point!! just what i needed to know.. awesome as always astro! :)" ... written by K
recommended+++" ... written by K
she's really nice ! she gets straight to the point and is very honest and also gives advice. I really like her and if I have more questions I will definitely be going back to her again. " ... written by ruby
I am completely speechless. This was one the best readings i have ever gotten hands down. I am still amazed i dont even know what to say. I enjoyed everything about it from the beginning to the end. You are very honest and straight forward and you are very quick !! I wish all the best for you and will be seeing you again .." ... written by Mrs. Vee
very helpful! gave me reassurance and enlightenment on things as usual.. :)" ... written by K
Yes, i finally am Done reading with Her, she is amazing . Just i am lost for words. " ... written by sweeteaaa08
she was really great, genuine , fast , accurate , and she connects to every single detail. i'm really glad i came in her room and hired her. It was unbelievable it was like she disected my life into parts and I didnt even tell her. I really would invite everyone to hire her she is amazing and she has a good heart. I don't feel like she sugarcoated anything. I am just at awe with her reading and i would definitely be seeing her again. Thank you so much Astrolove you really are the best this site has to offer." ... written by sweeteaaa08
She understands me my twinnie" ... written by shay
Wonderful as usual!" ... written by Maia
Truly one of the best around!" ... written by Julius
She is awesome - very connected to my situation and on point with the details without me giving any info. Super accurate, sweet, compassionate and gifted! Very highly recommended! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Wonderful, she really is gifted. So glad I had a reading with Astrolove. Will return, thank you so much" ... written by Muhsybean
She gave me a fast reading and I'm going to be patient and see what happens. Thanks Astrolove !!!" ... written by vfowles1304
a lot of juicy information from Astrolove everytime... thanks!" ... written by olive
She is fantastic! Hands down one of the best! I would recommend her to anyone. so much gratitude! :)" ... written by Kelly
What a great great reader!" ... written by Julius
She knew how I was feeling. Very kind and gifted... Thank you." ... written by Mitch
love you always. you da best!" ... written by gmat
thanks!! you are the best!!" ... written by olive
Truly a five star reader!" ... written by Julius
Thanks again wonderful reading am very blessed to have Astro's guidance" ... written by Maia
the best..." ... written by Mitch
So excellent! Sees deep into the feelings of myself and others and explains what is really going on so well with no info given to her - amazing!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Many blessings for the guidance and insight xx" ... written by Maia
She is very polite and caring. She was spot on about my situation. I am amazed at her insight. I strongly recommend those who are looking for guidance to get a private reading from her. Again, i am astounded by the details she provided me. A+ reader for sure." ... written by Rupert
I absolutely loved her. Her reading was on point. She is really sweet nice and caring. Also she is funny because we laughed a lot. Thanks so much Astrolove." ... written by Vilma
Awesome , helped me a lot. like always! remarkable reader , really. " ... written by Lancius Lammoon
Very quick reader, she catches on and gives great detail and information!" ... written by Julius
Thanks again for the reassurance and guidance" ... written by Maia
One of the best around!" ... written by Julius
I had an amazing reading with Astrolove I am absolutely indebted to her for her guidance and the calm way in which she advises me every time I have a reading." ... written by MaiaAroha
thanks for healing me. thanks for helping me getting through tough times and still being by my side. " ... written by lousie
Astrolove...always a joy to work with...a genuine intuitive, warm and caring person. Many insights and perceptions gained thru working w her. " ... written by Phineas Phreakbrother
Well worth the credits and the most accurate reading I have ever had. Would highly recommend. Fast typer too!" ... written by Flo
Awesome as always!" ... written by Julius
Astrolove is always amazing. i think i love her? But its not in the cards or stars." ... written by SteveS217
Excellent work" ... written by Mitch
loved the session. very quick and gave me everyting in full detail about my questions. will be back soon" ... written by Aida lozano
Fantastically accurate and in tune with what's going on! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Very consistent with our last reading, guess I just need to be patient." ... written by emily
always great :)" ... written by Mitch
great" ... written by Mitch
Wonnderful! Had a great experience with Astrolove. She is very kind, peaceful, and brought peace to my worry. She also does not use any tools! :) Thank you. " ... written by justme0234
I love her. Very good and on points. She is calm, has great energy and probably the top 3 best psychics in oranum." ... written by belovedheart12
wow everything that i did not want to talk about we ended up talking about but thats really good bc i need to heal. I am sooooo very blessed to have Miss Astrolove on oranum she is like my darlking sister i never had. I will be back thank you again and again time and time again! xoxo! I love you! Have a wonderful day love!" ... written by Lynnard Skinnard
she is the best" ... written by Mitch
Very honest and accurate!" ... written by Julius
AStro is always so sweet, gentle yet spot on accurate! She reads mine and others minds, feelings and intentions to a T." ... written by G
Sweet astrolove....always spot on and warmly encouraging. sensing the truth n pointing out some inner workings. love it" ... written by Unkie Refrablom
Truly a wonderful reader!" ... written by Julius
Wonderful as always " ... written by Maia
A friend recommended I talk to AstroLove and I am so glad I did. She's so sweet and positive and comforting. I was in a lot of emotional pain when I spoke to her and she was really accurate about what I was going through. I am really glad I spoke to her. She's wonderful. Thank you so much Lynn. You are wonderful!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
the best" ... written by Mitch
Astrolove is so nice. In additon to being a top notch reader/clairvoyant , she genuinely cares and has a gentle way of illuminating whats going on, i appreciate her insights and suggestions for healing." ... written by Jimminy Crickett
she is kind and geniune. very detailed and accurate" ... written by olive
God Bless you and your family Astro I am pleased to have you for some years now in my life it has been wonderful and enlightening talking with you, you are so gifted. All the best for your future endeavours. xxx" ... written by Maia
Such a wonderful wonderful reader!" ... written by Julius
Astrolooooove!!! certainly one of the best on Oranum. wonderful and quick perception, has lots to say about any issue and its all helpful and compassionate. Freindly and fun person." ... written by Grenville Crenwick
She knew so much about my situation! The very best!!!" ... written by katie
Wow, very excellent reading!" ... written by Julius
Fantastic and very good at what she does. Someone I can trust!" ... written by Julius
she is amazing as always!!!!" ... written by Katie
She's a very sweet lady." ... written by Karishma76
Great reading!!! I'll be back" ... written by Angeliceyes
she is always so genuine and kind! her reading is accurate" ... written by olive
5 stars all the way!" ... written by Julius
Always wonderful and quick to connect!" ... written by Angel
thank you!! great reading" ... written by zcy
Really one of the best around!" ... written by Julius
She so gets me. I enjoy her private session. Five stars. I recommend her. She really connects with you." ... written by Vilma Billygirl
Sweet, connected, accurate and so insightful! She is awesome!" ... written by RussianBlue1
wonderful reading she is super " ... written by john 7311
She was spot on...thank you Lyn!!!! Eased my doubts." ... written by Stephanie
always great, always a blessing" ... written by Mitch
She is AMAZING! Thank you Lyn!!!" ... written by Stephanie
Again, great reading, had to get more credits to continue, so down to earth, gets to the point and everything she says makes sense, also very good reader of character and situations without giving a hint, thank you " ... written by Sherry
well i have to be a good girl and listen to everything that Miss Astrolove tells me bc it is allll soo true. As the terminator says " hasta la vista.... babe and ill be back" Thank you again for my reading your so sharp, intelligent and wise. Love you so very dearly! XOXO!" ... written by Lynnerlla
REally one of the best!" ... written by Julius
she is very compassionate, highly intuitive and quick. what she said makes sense. she is a very gifted reader." ... written by apple
nice updates stunning lady!" ... written by Karla
I loved the reading!!! quick typer, straight to the point everything she said was pretty much true and made sense, also great at dream interpretation def. coming back! thank you! " ... written by Sherry
shuper ashome!" ... written by chica chica bow wow
A true help indeed!" ... written by Julius
She is awesome because caring and sweet. I enjoy her private reading. She tells you the truth." ... written by Billygirl54
she is the best i am thankful for her" ... written by Mitch
Thank you! You gave me the answers that I needed to rest assure. You are the best Lyn!" ... written by Stephanie
She is always great!" ... written by Julius
Thank you astro for being so awesome!! =) I appreciate it" ... written by sleepydreamer4
She is always magnificent and the very best. I trust her above all others, honestly." ... written by Katie
Very calming and sweet. " ... written by shivadee
She is always spot on with me and my situation.....thank you love for the support and encouragement!!! xoxo" ... written by Stephanie
On point as usual Lyn. I love you girl. Can't wait to update you Astrolove!!!" ... written by billygirl54
She is AMAZING as always thank you!!!!! " ... written by Stephanie
Very detailed and will be quick to answer and honest" ... written by Julius
Very detailed and excellent in what she provides and feels!" ... written by Julius
Awesome as alaways!" ... written by Julius
I love astro-love. such a sweet person and genuine intuitive. " ... written by Grenville Cramblick
Good luck for your studies and well done almost at 3000 readings - we are very proud of all you do here and in your own life!!" ... written by Maia
Thank you Lyn!!! I needed your reassurance." ... written by Stephanie
She was so great!!! Thank you for the update!" ... written by Stephanie
Just so wonderful and helpful!" ... written by Julius
great psychic! highly recommended!! thank you" ... written by mary
Always an eye opener when I read with her!" ... written by Julius
She is amazing always right 100% recommended " ... written by Rubziiee
Im SO glad I was able to talk to have been such an angel and I am SO very thankful for everything you have advised me on and guided me on. XOXOXO" ... written by Stephanie
I can not begin to tell you how perfect the reading was. Perfect in every way. The written text, specific information, was telling me things I knew to be true, suspected, the exact mannerisms, past behavior, reasons for this..., that..., and the other. Gave long and expressive information that I was hoping and looking for in a reader. The speed was incredible. Not that she was being judged by it. I can not believe how she's mastered the English language. Didn't have to go back once and ask what she meant by that. And I'm a stickler for saying or writing exactly what you mean. I just asked a question and she typed away like typing a novel. Truly effortlessly. MY FAVORITE READER! Most accurate. As much money as I paid for substandard readers through the years, I deserved this type of reader. I can not begin to tell you how she gave undeniable truth in her reading. I'm so happy. I should have known she was excellent. Stayed busy, one reading to the next." ... written by carl
She gave me great advice again! I love her!!! Thank you Lyn xoxo" ... written by Stephanie
Awesome as always!" ... written by Julius
Thank you for being an excellent guide! Listening and guiding me, you are the best picked up on exactly what happened last night but I am really excited about things to come :)" ... written by Stephanie
Such a wonderful reader!" ... written by Julius
thank you dear for your read xoxo I appreciate you" ... written by Stephanie
She's absolutely honest and sincere. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
Amazing as always!" ... written by Julius
Lynn always spot on at my situation, no time wasted, straight to the point, love her energy. " ... written by emilyyeah1
She tunes in so well. As soon as I sign in and see that she is on, i can't resist but to go into private with her. She always knows whats going on and her predictions have come to pass in the past. I am curious to see what happens this time around. thanks love your amazing. xoxo" ... written by LA
Thanks so much for being there Astro!!" ... written by Maia
Spot on accuracy, very empathic, fast and concise. She really understands the situation with no tools, and no info from you and explains it so well. Amazing!" ... written by RussianBlue1
prty good" ... written by mia
Thank you for the are always spot on!!!" ... written by Stephanie
She is really one of the best" ... written by Julius
Awesome readeer! Very Detailed!" ... written by Julius
So connected and intuitive and so accurate about what is going on. Things i can't put into words she does with ease. She understands the intricate workings of a situation and is always honest, spot on and detailed. Awesome!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thank you love for the GREAT read love xoxo" ... written by Stephanie
Amazing as always!!!!! always accurate!!" ... written by Katie
always amazing!!" ... written by chapis
Fabulous and always on point and accurate! She really sees and describes thoughts, feelings and motivations so clearly. Very Highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always one of my favs! Such a relief to read with her" ... written by Julius
very accurate nice and peaceful ! thank you so much !" ... written by arthanor
Truly one of the best!" ... written by Julius
It is always a pleasure to be in private with her. She is honest, caring and sweet. Straight and to the point. " ... written by Billygirl54
So connected, fast and accurate - such a sweetheart too!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Astrolooooove!!! you've done it again. every reading has been a joy and an insight. appreciate your caring ways and ability to sense and perceive the dynamics in my situations. " ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
SHe is amazing and very accurate. THank you so much! " ... written by heather
Lyn is very insitefull she is very fast and accurate. I am very happy with what she told me and I am very glad that I got another reading from her. She helps me with the answers that I have questions about and gives me great ideas on how to take care of things. She is very good, you must stop by for a reading." ... written by Rick
Splendid reading, like always, a genuine kind soul and helper. Very good intuition." ... written by Agnes Gruntvigskirken
wonderful as usual !" ... written by arthanor
She is soo excellent! Very connected, accurate, honest and sweet. Sees the truth in all situations and has always been right in her predictions. Very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thank you love you truly are the best. I will keep you updated. I appreciate you more than you ever know." ... written by Stephanie
thank you for your advices ! i will follow them ! accurate as usual . god bless you !" ... written by arthanor
Very good reading by Lyn. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
She really is always a true help. And things that she feels have been happening and coming true." ... written by Julius
She is sooo good! Very connected, detailed and always accurate - very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always an excellent read!" ... written by Julius
She is great as always!" ... written by Miszy
Always very clear in what she sees and gives great advice" ... written by Julius
Thank you love for your advices....we will see what happens....xoxo" ... written by Stephanie
Truly is always awesome!" ... written by Julius
One of the best around!" ... written by Julius
she is very comforting and in tune....i like her a lot....lets see what the future holds,,,thank u for being patient....will be back :)" ... written by lovehouston
Amazing as always - so connected and empathic, great details and just knows exactly what is going on without any info from me. Fantastic!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Angel" ... written by Rob
Deep insight and details. picked up on the situation without me saying what it was exactly. Thank you :)" ... written by Muhsybean
She knows the situation like it's her own. I don't have to tell her much. Her advice is great. SO much clarity that ironically I'm left's not a bad thing. If I could just stop overthinking everything and take her advice like she gives it, I'd be ok, lol I'll figure it out. But so glad I was able to speak with her for the insight she gave me. Her predictions always happen so i continue to come back. Thank you xoxox" ... written by l
Five stars. Lyn is so honest, sweet and on point with her predictions." ... written by Billygirl54
Astro really gives great info and her predictions are on point!" ... written by Julius
she is the best. always smiling. most gifted psychic!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Very detailed information, kind and fast! Recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Truly an awesome woman!" ... written by Julius
wonderful reading" ... written by sm
Lyn is so gifted and amazing - she truly understands your situation with no information given and no tools. Super sweet, supportive and accurate." ... written by RussianBlue1
Always an excellent read!" ... written by Julius
very comforting and in tune,,,,thank u" ... written by lovehouston
One of the best!" ... written by Julius
Connects very fast, straight to the point and she always understand the situation well!" ... written by emilyyeah1
very very good as usual....always come back for more,,,thank you for your talent and lovely soothing energy :)" ... written by lovehouston
she is the best. always enjoyed her reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
great! love her" ... written by joeyfriends2
she is the best!!! strongly recommended!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great update for 2016 will see how it goes thank you astro" ... written by av
Always gives spot on information!" ... written by Julius
she is fast, accurate, spot on and no time wasted" ... written by emilyyeah1
very in tune...." ... written by lovehouston
Lyn is amazing - always immediately connects and gives the most accurate, precise details. She has been an awesome support and guide for me - love her!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always an amazingly accurate, detailed and deep reading from Lyn. So sweet, supportive and compassionate and gives awesome guidance. Everything she has seen in past reading is now unfolding! Very highly recommended! " ... written by RussianBlue1
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
best reading:) " ... written by joeyfriends2
One of the best around!" ... written by Julius
She truly helps me out everytime!" ... written by Julius
beautiful soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kt
she is always great, always detailed and she calms my soul everytime! " ... written by chapis
excellent as usual..." ... written by lovehouston
awesome as always! she always makes me smile and even laugh out loud" ... written by chapis
Thank you for giving me the information you did....I appreciate and love you!!" ... written by Stephanie
came in upset and ended up with positive feeling things are going to be fine" ... written by hearthealing
One of the best around!" ... written by Julius
great as always, always great to talk to her :)" ... written by chapis
Very detailed and accurate as always!" ... written by Julius
very good...." ... written by lovehouston
Thank you for a nice reading" ... written by itwillbeok
with each read things are improving." ... written by brokenhearted
Things still coming to pass as she sees" ... written by Julius
I waited a while before I could get a reading from her and it worth the wait. She gave great clarity on my situation and I will be coming back!! " ... written by Walejr
Thank you Lyn :) Always a pleasure " ... written by Stephanie
excellent as usual..." ... written by lovehouston
She is so awesome - sees all of the specific details of a situation and is fantastic at identifying how someone really feels and thinks. Her insight is super accurate and often answers my thoughts and questions before I even express them - very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always great!" ... written by Julius
I love this young lady. She is so sweet and caring. Her prediction is always on point." ... written by billygirl54
super reading" ... written by seekinglove
Great reading. Lots of clarity going back for more lol" ... written by Kimberly
She's wonderful. Very positive. actually very spot on. Thank you! highly reccomended. " ... written by Kimberly
Lyn you are amazing and I just love you!!!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Stephanie
you gave the best reading as always!" ... written by joeyfriends2
You are amazing!!!! I love how accurate you are in your predictions. I cannot wait til these things happen!!!! you are amazinggggggg xoxoxox" ... written by Stephanie
well done reading" ... written by ms
Always fantastic!! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Astrolove is such a gentle beautiful soul. Very insightful and truthful. Five starts" ... written by billygirl54
Always the best!" ... written by Julius
Always the best!" ... written by Julius
Very accurate and trusting as always!" ... written by Julius
she is of a me" ... written by lovehouston
Good reading. I recommend her." ... written by RAM
always come back for more,,,,,thanks...." ... written by lovehouston
Always the best around!" ... written by Julius
i trust her and her intuition very much...lovely soul xx" ... written by lovehouston
thanks for the reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Gives some of the best advice and sees thigns as they are! TRuly the best!" ... written by Julius
Thank you love for your guidance and support through everything........xoxoxo" ... written by Stephanie
Astrolove Lynn is so sweet. I love her honesty and being so caring. She makes me feel good on the outside and inside. She's the one i go to for help and clarity. I love her." ... written by SteveS217
Very excellent and on point always!" ... written by RussianBlue1
thanks for the reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Thank you Lyn for always giving me comfort xxxooo" ... written by Stephanie
excellent,,,always come back for update....thank u!" ... written by lovehouston
She just gets it so well! Knows exactly the feelings and thoughts being experienced - fantastic!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Fantastic as always!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
great as always " ... written by chapis
She is genuine enrgy! andamp; nice! thank you for everytthing!!" ... written by LL
always go for her when i need an update, even though we are in different time zone, but is all worth it" ... written by emily
love her energy" ... written by emily
she has warned me with my action on the other day, and it came out as what she said" ... written by emily
other good read" ... written by emily
I totally forgot to tell you,.. your hair got darker and I like it! Suits you very well! Thank you again fro the reading! I will come back and tell you all about it! Ok sister you take care and stay lovely! xoxo!" ... written by lyn
fast connection , straight to the point and no time wasted" ... written by emily
other good update" ... written by emily
she knew the situation very well" ... written by emily
she is more than psychic to me, i've been with her more than 2 years now , without her support, i duno what will i become" ... written by emily
Thank you for the reading" ... written by emily
once she told me the guy I like always have a woman who ard him, and it happened that he lied to me that he was single" ... written by emily
Fantastic reading always - sees and feels exactly what is happening without prompting or tools - amazing!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Amazing connection and insight! Thank you :)" ... written by crystal
Fantastic insight and guidance! Consistently accurate and gives deep details on our emotions, fears, thoughts and actions. Amazing!" ... written by RussianBlue1
she is very genuine andamp; fast! thnk u" ... written by L
always enjoy our chats...hopeful for the future...." ... written by lovehouston
great updates!! enjoyed everything she said...which is so on point!" ... written by Karla mercado
She is extremely good as always!! Very gifted" ... written by miszy
This is my girl. Very sweet honest and straight to the point. I like her." ... written by Billygirl
Thank you Lyn for your insight and advices... :) xoxoxo you are always right!!" ... written by Stephanie
Astro love is the best. I love her." ... written by SteveS217
I really enjoy my readings with Lyn I find her most accurate and helpful. she always is happy to help :)" ... written by rubz
love her to pieces ;)" ... written by Katie
Fantastic as always!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always great to have a read with her" ... written by Julius
Thank you for the long conversation today. I needed are amazing in every way possible. So humble and honest and beautiful! you have given me much hope....its just a matter of time when these things will unfold.....I appreciate you so much! xoxo" ... written by Stephanie
Very fast connection as always~" ... written by emily
excellent and reassuring" ... written by lovehouston
Awesome as always!" ... written by Julius
she is a wonderful and powerful lady and reader. she goes to the essentials and provides excellent insight" ... written by AC
so good to be back to Astro friendship and professionalism. she really makes things happen" ... written by alex
Dear Lyn I hope your exams and study is going well, its good to see you on Oranum too tho :-) All the best xoxoxox" ... written by Maia
always great....thanks" ... written by lovehouston
Super good reader, genuine intuitive, spot on in so many ways and sage n informed counsel about emotional issues and more. always apprecieate her help." ... written by Harvey
Excellent as always!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Always a great help!" ... written by Julius
thank you dofr answering all!" ... written by L
Love her. She is so sensitive and accurate. Very on point and truthful. " ... written by Billygirl54
Super great reading, she is so accurate and genuinely perceptive , i always feel understood and clarified...lots of issues have been unravelled and healed thru her counsel, i so appreciate this reader" ... written by Ernesto Cardenas
a big and heartful reader. she feels people and our sentiments. i fully trust her" ... written by Alex
Always a great help!" ... written by Julius
I always love to be able to get a reading from her. Always spot on" ... written by Bennett
good reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
she is really a very insightful and passionate reader. I fully trust her." ... written by A
my adorable friend. my reader of all times" ... written by alex
Thank you AstroLove for the reading! Very fast answers! :) Love and Light to you! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Always Great~" ... written by Chuck
Really lovely reading; picked up on the situation straight away without much detail and gave me the insight I needed. Thank You so much " ... written by Sher
An extraordinary reader. she provides confidence and assurance. I do trust her." ... written by A
On POINT!! good updates.." ... written by k
she is fantastic! wow!" ... written by me
What a beautiful , flawless , truthful reading!! Love her !!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Astrolove is amazing! She connects so quickly and accurately. I appreciate what she picks up on and her advice is wonderful. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Carrie
She is always wonderful!I cannot say enough good things about her. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for a good and accurate reading. " ... written by Kelly
Always a great help!" ... written by JT
Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity and good luck for your upcoming exams!! xoxoxoxox" ... written by Maia
thank you for the updates! :)" ... written by Karla
Always great!" ... written by Julius
I love speaking with Astrolove. She is good and very straight with her answers and honest!" ... written by AD31983
Always great to have a read with her! " ... written by Julius
Shes so amazing and peaceful. She's like my counselor in most ways. She's an angel and I'm so glad I found her. She is always right. Always..." ... written by Tiana
Always on point!" ... written by Bennett
I've been waiting for astrolove to online for long time , coz we are in diff timezone..but is all worth it" ... written by emily
She seems to be extremely right!!!!!" ... written by Ixchel
Lovely and tuned in to the situation. Thanks for the insight :)" ... written by crystal
Always Great!" ... written by Julius
great reading, straight forward" ... written by deb
very good" ... written by Beatrice
first with her - excellent" ... written by n/a
For only $1 a minute, she has the skill of a psychic that charges $5 a minute." ... written by Jason James
excellent reading :) spot on" ... written by charz
really good detailed reading. Thanks " ... written by v
really great can tell what other person is thinking doing and feeling and very kind and helpful super accurate understanding person recommend highly" ... written by kate
I really enjoyed my reading with Astro very clear very precise very intuitive. I will come back for sure!" ... written by ikroyala
WOW not only did she connect with my situation she gave me great advice throughout the whole reading. That really helped me understand the whole situation. I recommend talking to her!!!!!!" ... written by Ash
wonderful reading she was able to help me understand a lot of things about myself and what I need to do. Will be going back to her for an update. " ... written by bubblemagic