About AnimaSolis

Psychic AnimaSolishas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AnimaSolishas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AnimaSolis's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I will tell you all about their feelings/thoughts/intentions towards you as well as the type of connection you have with them soulmate/twinflame/karmic debt

10 STARS NOT FIVE! I'm glad to have spoken with AnimaSolis, and wish to consult him again. " ... written by yogibear
Very good at picking up energies. He nailed it numerous times." ... written by Rabzyiwill87
Very good reading. He connected very well with the situation. " ... written by Eileen
Intuitive, connected, recommend!" ... written by BK
very good - thank you for giving me hope " ... written by Letitia
he is a great dream interpreter!!! let him interpret ur dreams for you!! he is awesome and accurate no tools needed" ... written by c
great didnt have much time tho :(" ... written by chy
Anima was AMAZING! I loved how he truly connected to me and told me details and information in such a kind and truly enlightened way. DO NOT miss out on an opportunity to talk with him. He was so good at explaining and knew things without me telling him ANYTHING lol...including what i needed to know. Thank you so much for your light" ... written by Angelkin
Very entertaining. " ... written by Jimmy Botep
he was very helpful" ... written by Staci
he just naild it , awesome guy and know what he doing, u wont regret if u had reading with him " ... written by kalana
very good" ... written by Emma
Was quick on picking up on what is going on currently and showed some concern about certain areas in my future life. Thank you very much!" ... written by Sidney
he was spot on and very accurate. very nice and caring guy. thanks for a lovely reading!" ... written by lauren
Very wise man. thank you so much for explaining everything. Wonderful person,blessings to you" ... written by judi
he is very clearrr and intuitivee.." ... written by dutchgirl
I think anima is spot on with his readings...he answred what I was looking for. and I hope that in the future he will guide me with future questions. I will be coming back" ... written by Chanel
very my reading..honest and true" ... written by rosy
excellent! detailed, awesome CLARITY, CONFIRMATION!!!!!" ... written by pumpkin
This guy is amazing,, omg,,his talent is beyond accuracy he is spot on little detail he can describe ppl exactly as they are, and tap into anyone's emotions, detail that nobody would know...its like he has your bio + pic in front of him trust me take him for reading while he is at this rate,, with talent like that he wont be at this rate much longer...... after all readings i had i can officially say Oranum finally has a star!!" ... written by elle11
wow! Need I say more! " ... written by l
Great ! " ... written by Dianna
He was great again:)! Picks up on my's so amazing! Loved it and look forward to an update...highly recommended!" ... written by Carrie
An Amazing and dead on reading.. Highly recommended.. He gave me information about myself that I was not even aware of. " ... written by Alicia
He was great,, he picked up what i felt!!! " ... written by ella
accurate read on personalities. Honest and direct. Thank you for your honesty. " ... written by love
Thank you for the big help. You were so good." ... written by Joseph
Anima has a unique style, genuinely caring, he really wants to help see you through to a better future. His personality reading was 100% on point and I found his guidance for the future to be both insightful and sincere. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. Highly recommend!! 5 StarS" ... written by Willow
He's wonderful almost makes me feel like he understands me without even knowing me he gave me accurate info on current events in my life and great insight on the future" ... written by Arnetta
YOU ARE WONDERFUL" ... written by lIA
All I can say is AMAZING. He was not about trying to drag the reading on. He was respectful of my credit limits. He answered all my questions with clarity and speed. I gave him only the first name of the person I wanted him to read and he NAILED it. Very very good. Very very accurate on the person in question and tuned right in to our relationship. " ... written by Vanatru
I was blown away by this mans voice I instantly was connected and felt completely calm....he read me like a book.....only stating precise feelings really incredible....I will finally sleep which I haven't done for a long time...... thankyou sooo much xxx" ... written by katha123
Very fast connection and clear . Caring advice." ... written by angelszone
thanks for the kind answers, i will definitely come back" ... written by Soul
AnimaSolis is so great! Have worked with him and he has helped guide me towards my true happiness. And made me realize it all began with me...His connection with my energy is very strong and I so appreciate his words of wisdom and his predictions....Can't wait to update him:) 5 star reader!" ... written by Carrie
Great reader always. Gives you things to work on...Recommend him for someone looking for clarity." ... written by Carrie
I like his personality, and the way he reads tarot. The personality spread was accurate and time will tell on the future prediction. I understood everything he was trying to tell me and it was very helpful advice." ... written by EyeRis6
Animas readings are simply the best. Genuine, supportive, clear and concise guidance from a truly wonderful soul. Thank you so much. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!" ... written by Willow
He connects with my energy so very well. I trust him and his guidance and look forward to our next update...truthfully think he is a wonderful spirit:)" ... written by Carrie
Really powerful reading andamp; highly recommended. He is not only accurate but wise - I really do recommend him for your deep questions about life, love and everything in between." ... written by lotus71
When you don’t know what you need or who to turn to, AnimaSolis will help you if you ask. “allow the surface noise to fade and he will guide you” " ... written by Willow
He is so Honest andamp; Straight forward " ... written by Bey
Reading was great and very informational on what i need to expect for the coming 3 months. I really appreciated the advice and am looking forward to a followup reading." ... written by j
thanks" ... written by sin
he is the best...though i came here in oranum nmany times i never found someone like him till now...accurate and very helpful...5 starts to u..." ... written by rani
he's very good reader! goes deep with personality readings so i could understand this other person better presently. he also did relationship reading for me which was good. very insightful. recommend reading with him" ... written by m
very good psychic. explained to me how to cope with anxiety by deep breathing and becoming more spiritual. and gave me hope that things will change." ... written by Matt
The best love reader on Oranum :)" ... written by EyeRis6
Wonderful reading, as usual. ;)" ... written by EyeRis6
FANTASTIC! Best $30 spent!" ... written by Lisa
Tnxx man :)" ... written by Bey
Very comforting and clear about specific areas I was interested to learn about. " ... written by Royallee
Quiet, polite, respectful, but seems to be spot on!" ... written by Londo
Liked it very much!" ... written by Ancelle
He was fast and really clear with what he was picking on me and my situation.i will come back again for a reading ..:) Cool reading!!" ... written by Loveangel_2014
Excellent reading Thank you sir" ... written by Matt
Very insightful reader. on point with my situation" ... written by Ricardo
Lots of information, to use pro-active. Readings are very clear!" ... written by Ancelle Orie
good reading." ... written by malteser70
Another nice reading. Great memory and connection. One of my favorites." ... written by EyeRis6
Seems like a good man!" ... written by Elaine
Great. Very intuitive and accurate. " ... written by Dannea
i really enjoyed his reading he double checked and explain well" ... written by georgianna
he's really nice...hopefully it comes true!" ... written by Lani
I really like him..he's been helpful." ... written by Lani
I am grateful to have found AnimaSolis...appreciate his guidance and his words of wisdom. Wonderful reader with a kind spirit!" ... written by Carrie
Honest I like that, I'll be back" ... written by Danielle
Kind, thoughtful, considered, accurate reading. I could feel and see his energy concentrated on our reading. Also really informed me with his findings in our reading." ... written by Sebastian
Amazing. Accurate. Expedient. No Nonsense. This is AnimaSolis an incredible reader and interpreter...if you want to know the truth go to him...why waste time - he sure will not." ... written by Bronie
AnimaSolis has an interesting perspective on things and a unique way of reading tarot. He started out by doing a personality reading and then did another reading for the situation I asked about. His reading was very helpful. He also interprets dreams well, and in my experience it has been rare for a psychic to feel confident with dream interpretation (in my limited experience), so if you're looking for this - AnimaSolis is a good person for information and guidance. :)" ... written by Kimber
This guy was very accurate with picking up with the current situation. I do hope that his predictions come true. It does feel right. Thank you" ... written by ***
An interesting reading for sure, picked up some accurate details and hopefully what he sees will come to pass. " ... written by Me
I think he's great." ... written by Lani
Just finished up the private and great details and quick answers. Doesn't try to keep you in private and eat up your credits. I appreciated his candor, honesty, and smooth style of reading." ... written by Me
I really enjoy his readings." ... written by Lani
great." ... written by Laniers
love him." ... written by Laniers
Great clear reading will not waste you money. He is very clear and open in the reading and explains what you can do to keep you on your path " ... written by just me
Hello, I must say I had a rather pleasant experience. I browsed the site for four hours only to keep returning to AnimaSolis. I wasn't particulary looking for my future to be laid out in front of me, but guidance in the present to make a better future for myself, with my main reference being my "love" life. I feel confident now in having a much better idea of what that might be should my free will not get in my own way. Thank you. xoxoxo" ... written by Heather
he's awesome and quick to the point. won't waste your time." ... written by Laniers
a really wonderful reader. very clear, accurate, concise, patient and kind. highly recommend a reading with him" ... written by starrose
Beautiful reading! Anima was thorough and great enough to be detailed with me. I will consult with him again! :)" ... written by Jake T
We dance this path…" ... written by Eyeris6
He will not sugarcoat anything and months later he still sees the same outcome. I can't wait to come back and tell him that he was right. Thank you so much. Great reading and definitely in touch with the situation at hand." ... written by l
I feel like I got a good connection with him. Very sweet guy. I will return soon. " ... written by ***
always great." ... written by Laniers
so great to talk to..." ... written by Laniers
to the point, succinct, doesn't sugar coat. i really like his style of reading." ... written by ginbellen
one of my favourite readers....highly recommended" ... written by ginbellen
wonderful sweet reader. I recommend him highly!!" ... written by Andrea
he's great..." ... written by Laniers
Fantastic as always. Thank you for your continued support and guidance, without which, I would still be lost. " ... written by willow
he's not changing his tune...his cards keep sending the same message..really really hope you are right! thank you so much. i always enjoy your readings." ... written by ginbellen
This is my second reading with anima, and a lot of predictions that he gave in my first reading came to pass. His predictions were pretty specific and I'm happy to say that the specificities were dead on. He's very accurate in his assessments of people, generous with his energy and time, kind and always takes the time to read every question in detail. THank you!" ... written by starrose
a good Reading. a good guy. he was warm and positive and to the Point. told the truth. thanks! :)" ... written by emotions
Very accurate- honest - gave clarity to the max - thank you so much" ... written by Natasha
took his time to type for me. very considerate,and answer my question. first prediction for first week of april will, come back. " ... written by cindy denise
My most trusted advisor, always clear, always honest, i am learning more every day, thank you for your support and guidance. " ... written by willow
Thank you so much, Anima. Your gifts of vision will help to guide me and have confirmed that I need to stay on this path that I sense is the right one for me. Many blessings and hugs, Sincerely," ... written by familyhelper
always good *****" ... written by ginbellen
love him..." ... written by Laniers
so glad he's back" ... written by Lani
Very good. Also considerate of time so makes the most of every moment. He provided excellent insight." ... written by Cheryl
dreams interpreted, he is very quick with reading and also very fast with answering questions and telling the message from tarot cards" ... written by theme
lovely gentleman with a great reading on spot,he is honest about all the result,and he get me .thx " ... written by viendax
thank you so much tom cruise - your simply the best - told me things i was having doubts about - cleared my confusion - thank you so much " ... written by nk
Anima is a wonderful reader, so on point, accurate and also a lovely person who gives his wisdom in free chat. He saw where I need to be and how to get there! I say 20 stars! " ... written by Lizz
Anima was right on, as always. He works with your time frame and is very clear and on point. Not to mention he is a very warm and caring person and a joy to spend time with. This is not my first read with him, and in true form he is very tuned in and accurate. He just keeps getting better and better. " ... written by Vanatru
always wonderful" ... written by Lani
What an amazing read, spot on with everything i would highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed " ... written by Raphael
really enjoy getting readings from him." ... written by Lani
Anima Solis was very clear and in depth in his explanations. He seems able to see the whole situation and all the complex issues involved. Also I was quite amazed at how he described so precisely the other persons character. I was quite confused and found him to be very patient and caring. " ... written by angelszone
you hear my silent tears, thank you for always listening out for them. " ... written by willow
Very very accurate and detailed reading. Good job. " ... written by Tony
He gives accurate assessment of where you are at spiritualy." ... written by ruth
Thank you that's really wonderful reading and im so happy that you tell me honestly, " ... written by Han
A lovely man and lovely manner." ... written by Londo
He was great! Honest, fast and to the point." ... written by Mya
i am going through a loss right now and Anima picked up on my fear and sorrow immediately. he gave me the gift of his energy and reassurance that i will be ok. i feel so much better. thank you so much." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
No need to give him info as he is so good at accurately picking up the situation. I highly recommend AnimaSolis.........EXCELLENT! " ... written by *****
Excellent!!" ... written by Dignity
I can highly recommend AnimaSolis for dream interpretations and tarot readings regarding personal matters. The information was presented quickly and was most helpful. The reading was conducted professionally and compassionately, with clear explanations and the right amount of detail. Thank you. Much appreciated." ... written by Martkos_Rukbat
I loved him very much, he is very calming, he saw my situation very fast. Very honest man!" ... written by Raychul
Great man." ... written by
Very good. " ... written by Angela
Loved him! He was spot on and really understood the situation and what was in front of us right now. He connected right away and I truly appreciate his advice, predictions and guidance...Will def be back! Highly recommend:)" ... written by Carrie
A true gentleman, and flawless tarot reader. AnimaSolis is extremely gifted, psychically. If you want accuracy and no sugar-coating, he is the person to go to. I am so impressed by his intuitive gifts I'm still shaking a bit! God bless Oranum for having this man on their site. 5 stars! " ... written by nocassandra
An emotional and truthful reading from a highly evolved and gifted psychic. AnimaSolis is not going to sugar-coat anything and yet he is there with comfort andamp; wisdom if the news isn't always good. Im so grateful to him." ... written by nocassandra
Very skilled and intuitive reader. Should be a doctor." ... written by .
Thank you so much, that was great reading, " ... written by yleo
great reading!! i like anima , nice guy. hes got skills and understanding" ... written by Jimminy Crikett
I was pleased w my reading , Anima told it like it is/was and had some helpful counsel too. Nice guy, freindly" ... written by Cinnabar Sam
Anima is a solid, thoughtful reader. Didn't sugar coat anything. Gave me timeframes to look forward too. I'll come back later to update. Thanks so much...Many Blessings to you!" ... written by Amy
So accurate with picking up on people and situations. If you are looking for good advice, I highly recommend AnimaSolis. He will most certainly help you make wise choices about any situation, particularly matters of the heart." ... written by *****
Anima is one of my favourites, I love his calming energy and reassurance. He is the best! He picks up on so much! Thanks!!!" ... written by Raychul
Excellent and thorough reading as always. Your clarity is legendary." ... written by AnimaSolis
thanks for the clarity, i think i understand bit more now. " ... written by tender
This guy is the best. " ... written by Matt
First reading with Anima. He was very insightful, intuitive, and knows his cards. He saw my situation, gave me a timeframe, and gave me some very good tools to move towards my goal. I'm impressed." ... written by Sherry
he is awesome, one of the best, wow, 100 stars!!!!:)" ... written by free spirit
Thank you" ... written by Matt
the best" ... written by Matt
Thanks Anima, so very insightful and quick to pickup on my situation and provide guidance. Hugs." ... written by familyhelper
I don't know how he does it.... but this guy knows EVERYTHING i don't even have to tell him details. He just knows. He's great guys. There's a reason I see him so often :) Reassures me." ... written by Raychul
He is very good, I was so glad I had a reading with AnimaSolis - he is an excellent card reader and tunes into the situation and is clear and precise in what he says - highly recommend him and he doesn't waste time. Thank you for the very clear messages. 5 stars :) :)" ... written by white roses
I love Anima because he always seems to know what,s going on in my life. I appreciate his help every time!" ... written by Raychul
good as always!" ... written by TheLovelyMinx
Anima comforts me so much. He cleared my blockages and made me feel good again. Thank you so much!" ... written by Raychul
Ran out of time, but great reading, and consistent. I trust his answers." ... written by Jennifer
Anima is always amazing and spot on. His predictions come to pass!!!" ... written by Raychul
thanks again anima, I will help myself get away from my thoughts that are getting in the way. see u soon" ... written by sweet
AnimaSolis ...what a wonderful update reading with him. It's been a couple years, since my very first reading with him...and I am proud to say, he can see the changes in myself. His predictions and his guidance on the energies surrounding me are spot on. He has a kind demeanor and a gentle soul...incredibly grateful for the read! " ... written by Carrie
he was great!" ... written by g
Thank you for being honest and not telling me what you think I want to hear. This is a hard situation and I will try my best to take your advice. 5 stars!" ... written by Mya
Amazing! Truly gifted!!" ... written by Crystalk16
Wow...I read with him 2 years ago. I save transcripts and/or audio from all my readings. I came into the room with a new screen name and asked him to help me with the same situation. Would you believe that he was just as detailed with similar insight into my situation. I was shocked. It's not that I doubted his ability but to see him come back with very similar details based on situations that just took place...that shows the level of talent here. Take him to private and check out his wall. There is much to learn. 100 stars!" ... written by l
Anima is the bets psychic on this website, he knows how to make you feel better and be a good friend. I feel so connected to him. Thank you so much for your support xoxo" ... written by Raychul
Thank you so much for the amazing reading..I'm so glad I came across your chat room when I needed your help the most..u truly made my day and changed my life for the better. god bless you" ... written by dragons rose
GREAT reading " ... written by m
absolutely divine! ten stars! i enjoyed every minute of this reading! very skilled with cards, intuitively interprets them to perfection and provides total clarity! one can learn so much from him! enlightened being! true delight! :)" ... written by gina
I am always amazed by readers on Oranum in general, but this guy is incredible. I am blown away by this reading. I will be coming back for sure. Thank you so very much. You're amazing." ... written by Breanna
He was super nice and honest and helpful :) caught onto my situation quick too" ... written by Anastasia
Always so positive no matter what I bring his way. I am a very stubborn person but I will do what he says. He is always very in tune with the situation so I know he'll never steer me wrong! Thank you :)" ... written by L
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
He really helped me with my dream now i understand what it meant. Thank you." ... written by Catherine
hes very good with his reading and he puts you at ease " ... written by Duncan
Very caring...look forward to seeing if predictions do happen :)" ... written by Maria
detailed and goood " ... written by ash
Very fast and connected quickly....I figured my dream meant 2 stay away and he was right thank you for putting my mind at ease....." ... written by Kitsu