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AngelFul1982's Profile

About AngelFul1982

Psychic AngelFul1982 has 5-10 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AngelFul1982 has recently helped 5287 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AngelFul1982's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

☆☆Genuine TURKISH Clairvoyant , Card Reader, Medium and Tarot Expert!☆☆☆(Super fast, short and to the point)

☆☆☆Please don't ask me any questions or to draw cards in a free chat!!☆☆☆
( I may help you only in a private reading!)
☆☆☆All questions with regard to coughing issue will be ignored in my chatroom!☆☆☆
☆☆☆All questions with regard to personal life will be ignored.☆☆☆
☆☆☆I'm only here to help.☆☆☆
!☆☆☆No demo reading is available!☆☆☆

❤ ❤ ❤ Empath/ Telepathic/ Expert in Remote Viewing❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ Dream Interpretator❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ Life coach❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Group Readıng ın One Session❤ ❤ ❤
☆☆☆ Natural Healer☆☆☆
(Fast healing session is avaialble for 10 mins)

Card Decks:
☆☆☆Oracle Cards.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Tarot Cards.☆☆☆
(Connecting with cards so fast, ready to help you for your quick questions at any time even for 3 mins.)
❤ ❤ ❤Pendulum❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Casting spells.❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Reunion spells.❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Energy blocking spells.
❤ ❤ ❤Health Scan❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Water Fortune❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤DNA Activation❤ ❤ ❤
☆☆☆ Coffee / Tea Readings☆☆☆ (At least you should have one private reading with me)
(25 minutes, deep reading, but can be shortened)
☆☆☆Email Readings☆☆☆

In which field I'm really good at as a reader is:
☆☆☆ Love and career issues.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Relationship issues..☆☆☆
☆☆☆Marriage and divorce issues.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Past lives and aura colors.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Angel communication.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Channeling with the dead people and pets.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Dream Interpretation.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Life coaching.☆☆☆.
☆☆☆Twin Flames/Soulmates.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Detecting the lost items.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Detecting the unknown death of people by channelling.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Health questions.☆☆☆

❤❤❤ Topics to discuss with regard spirituality in my room❤❤❤ :
- Astral Travelling and distinct dimensions.
- Angel communication.
- Past life regressions.
- Mediitation techniques.
- Telepathic communication.

☆☆☆Rules of Frea Chat Area☆☆☆:
- Please be kind and gentle.
- Pleasse don't hesitate to take me to a private reading at anytime.
- All questions should be answered in private.
- No free cards for any regular more.

❤❤❤How I work in private readings is❤❤❤:
-Channeling with my spiritual guides and getting visions or images.
- No sugar coating and giving fake hopes throughout my readings.
- Getting connected with your own spiritual guides through conveying messages.
- Remote viewing with regard to quick questions.
- Dream interpretation with regard to images and astral projection.
- Private course about astral travelling.

❤❤❤Energy Work❤❤❤:
- Cleansing negativity.
- Cleansing heart chakra.
- Cutting the cords.
- Candle work for manifestations wih regard to love and money issues.

First of all, I would like to state that I have a bachelor degree with regard to the major English Language and Literature. Thus, I'm good at communication and verbal skills. . So, it can be claimed that communication is the best are that I can succeed in order to help the people who are facing with some hardships in their lives including:
- Love and Career Life.
- Loss of their loved ones.
- Blockages that belong to the past lives.
- Spirits that are hard to communicate.

Secondly,I'm a naturally born medium. I'm clairvoyant and empath. It can also be claimed that I'm clairaudient and clairscent. I can pick up the person's feelings and can sense the current situation easily in order to help the person as much as I can. I can get focused by my mind and through my guides. I'm telepathic as well in terms of getting connected with the person through remote viewing without seeing them. I get the messages from my spiritual guides or I have the ability to see the images in a clear and vivid way.However, I can confirm my predictions with using cards. I can also read auras and analyze the person's spiritual traits.I also do remote viewing in order to detect the real issue in terns of seeing the current emotional distress which can be based upon the person who might need help including to discover his or her inner self realization.

It could be stated that mediumship skills are hereditary in my own family. My grandmother was born in Greece. I have Greek hereditary as well. My grandmothers' senses were so powerful that she could see even death coming for the person. However, she did not choose this path to follow her mediumship skills. My mother is gifted in terms of getting messages in her dreams, but she doesn't work as a medium as well. From time to time, I get some visions in my dreams as well. I had chosen to follow mediumship path in order to help people as much as i can. I just work with my own intuation and spirits. The whole future messages pop into my mind in a natural way. I have the ability to analyze astral related dreams in which a person faces with a lot of confusion. I believe in universe and angels. In thıs sense, I can guide you how to maniftes your own dreams according to the law of universal attraction and angel communication. I have the gift to do rituals based upon opening the doors in love and career life.

I have been reading for people since 8 years. I had discovered my own gifts when i was 22. Beforehand, I always had the gift to be revealed. I hear spirits and I have visions that come true for people who are about to die, too. I can channel with the dead people who had passed away. I can help the person who want to get connected with a loved one had passed away in order to give him or her the needly message. I can easily get connected with the other side. I also can get connected with angels, and I don't use any tools in order to complete a full reading. I had worked on my skills a lot. I just trained myself alone. I have the ability to read past lives. However, we have a lot of past lives. I can get focus on one past life in a very specific way so that the person can let go his emotional chains that he or she keeps inside of her soul as a deep grief or punishment.

Besides, when i was a teenager i always used to hear voices. My ability had been shut down due to the fact that I had been convinced there was noone around me. According to parental issues, my gifts had been shut down till the age of 22. They all returned to me back again in a very intense way. In this sense, I consider myself lucky to be a medium in order to achieve my goals such as helping people who have love, job and emotional issues. I can get focus on the person so well that I can clarify the real issue in my readings.
In addition to these, II can do protection, love and healing rituals .I'm also a healer so that I can work on a person's heart chakra in order to take away the whole pain, surpressions, tension and anger that they hold on in a very rigid way. It can be stated that I can send healing energy for people whom have suffering from chronic pains, lack of self esteem and emotional disorder with regard to anxiety issues.
Furthermore, I do tea and coffee readings. You can request these readings from me via email or when I'm online and have the time to tea or cofffe readings in a private chat area. I have the gift to interpreting the images in tea or coffee groundings.Furthermore, I'm good at picture readings. I can analyze the related person's aura, past lives and future prediction during these readings.

❤❤❤Here is some members said about me❤❤❤:

" Great reader. Wonderful person. So kind so caring. Always honest." by desichick1983, Lansing, Michigan.

"Best reader ever!!!!! Happy returning customer"by cosmiclatte, LOS ANGELES.

"She is the best!!!!!!!!!! " by jadensmamma09, arlington.


"Brilliant read as always. Spot on." by natei08, Melbourne.

" Always gives me clarity, such a pleasure to consult, she is fast and accurate, I am a returning client, and I know she's the best. I recommend, Thank you Angel." by itryoften20,USA.

"All I can say is wow wow wow excellent!!!!!" by Cache23, San Francisco.



"Lovely reading as per usual. Very fast and detailed." victoria111, london.

"She is the best, no sugar coating always honesty and a sweetheart." sarahjlk, cleveland, OH

"Sharp as always." Gene, Hawaii.

"Fast, accurate readings! :)" Fairytales82, Finland
❤❤❤Special Thanks to Shariananda❤❤❤
❤❤❤ Recommended Psychics❤❤❤
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Visionary Special-Gift
(Amazingly Perfect!)

PS: When you need an urgent reading while I'm offline, GET A READING WITH VISIONARY!!!

Psychic AngelFul1982 is sensitive to the following esoteric fields; tarot reading, angel card reading, pendulum, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, natural healing, chakra healing, angel readings, angel communication, angel healing, love and sex, home and family, career and business, finance and law, travelling and relocation, mind and body, health and healing, rituals and energies, lost and found.

Psychic AngelFul1982's Testimonials

"She Is honest and talented with her gifts." ... written by epi
"AngelFul was able to see my current situation. She can see the future without the use of tools. Excellent reading. I will be back for another reading. You wont be disappointed!!" ... written by E/M
"She was amazing at first wasn't sure we were connecting but then she amazed me after asking her question i knew the answers too =) so i learned a lot of new things very real reading very happy..i am intuitive and we were both on the same page i knew i was right glad i met her@!!!" ... written by luckycharms312
"She gave me an awesome reading with excellent accuracy. She's very warm and special. I was very happy after speaking with her. I will definitely go to her again for help... cooboz from Elkton. She's 5 STARS!" ... written by cooboz
"Nice, thank you. " ... written by Alice Turner
"Good reading" ... written by Angbld35
"Good fast to the point" ... written by dd41783
"Wonderful reader, she is a no tool reader which is wonderful, and very kind and answered all my questions." ... written by arlinruth
"Short and to the point. " ... written by d2k1000
"Thank you for answering my question, you helped alot." ... written by rudegirl
"Very intuitive....very helpful." ... written by edelaine
"Thank you, very direct and truthful!" ... written by lotus1121
"Wonderful reader, accurate" ... written by arlinruth
"Very sweet person, kind and gentle but her reading is honest and not sugar coated. She saw a lot of details from my past and from my present and her predictions for my future seem very sensible. Will give her 5 stars and will be back." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
"Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
"Gr8 reading, detailed. Right to the point...very calming indeed!!" ... written by Harshav
"AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!! She is absolutely amazingly accurate and she connected without tools or anything else. Contact her for a true reading!" ... written by Chloe28
"Lets see if she is true but I do like her!!!" ... written by Lovely
"Thx u for truth .. very grateful.. to you..great reading......" ... written by queenbee22
"AMAZING as usual!!!! Angel always does a great job and is so sincere!!! THANKS " ... written by E/M
"Amazing!!!" ... written by Chloe28
"She was very kind and helpful! thank you" ... written by blueberrypigs
"She is very understanding, and very well informed, she gets straight to the point, and tells you as it is. If you need answers she will be the right guide for you. Thank you." ... written by desichick1983
"She is excellent, very good. She picked up on my situation very well. She is one of the best. :)" ... written by itryoften20
"Talented psychic , she knows her stuff ." ... written by victoria111
"Wonderful reading! Clear, concise and to the point. Her guidance is very helpful!" ... written by HawaiiGene
"Once again a wonderful reading!" ... written by Chloe28
"Wow! Amazing reading with her, she is so connect with me, will back for more update with her." ... written by happy heart
"Thanks for answering" ... written by fasina
"Angelful is officially my favourite psychic!!!!!!!" ... written by victoria111
"Angelful1982 was very good and picked up on things very quickly. I really liked her reading." ... written by duckkait
"Angel amazes me each time she gives a reading. She is very caring and empathetic. Angel is truly gifted and talented. She is definitely here to help people. Give her a try, she will not waste your time and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Angel!!!!" ... written by E/M
"She did wonderful. Very patient and great with questions. A great person to go to. Thank you again." ... written by janjan89
"I think she is very direct and to the point. I will see if she is right - I think she is honest. " ... written by dmbertault1
"EXCELLENT READING." ... written by NICKY1212
"Angelful1982 is excellent at her readings. This is coming from another psychic so I know! I love her so much. Thank you and I will be back (especially when I meet that mystery man!)" ... written by Wakita1
"Thank u :)" ... written by Summer84
"When I need a question answered I come to her she is wonderful!" ... written by janjan89
"Amazing!" ... written by Chloe28
"She was very good, precise, short and to the point" ... written by beetlenut
"Had a wonderful reading with coffee grounds and I was amazed at how accurate the reading was! Angelful1982 hit the nail on the head. She is so connected to spirit, fast and right on the money. Have a reading with her. You will be thrilled you did! :)" ... written by gemmie
"Amazing reading.... she left me speechless. Thank you!" ... written by dallascowboys8
"She helped me free my sister's beautiful spirit with her clairvoyant gift. I'm grateful to her. :)" ... written by Chloe28
"Angel, is absolutely awesome very fast, kind and her room is always very pleasant, I only had quick question this time, but will surely be back." ... written by simplyme2006
"AngelFul1982 did a coffee reading for me! She was so dead on with the main issue in my mind and what the outcome will be in my future. She told me things that I already knew in my heart and told me things about my husband that I had not told her. I didn't tell her anything. She just read me without me talking. AngelFul1982 is the real deal. She is so gifted and she has helped guide me in her reading for me. I feel overwhelming emotion and love from this reading. I can't wait for these things to come to pass. I highly recommend a coffee reading or any reading from AngelFul to anyone. She can help you with anything you are seeking guidance and help with. Thank you AngelFul1982! Love and light to you my sister! *huggles*" ... written by oddchic
"A good reader, gets pictures on specific questions. asked about specific and general questions about career. No cards. Highly recommended." ... written by dokuchai
"Thanks for your advice, I'm impressed by how well you can pick up feelings without using any tools." ... written by wishingstars1111
"Angelful isserious, to the point, and kind. I asked three questions during my reading, one about a freelance job that I am expecting. She said I woudld get that job and work steadily though not daily. She said it would be in a small building. I like that. She was authentic and certain. I vote for her to be a top notch psychic on this site--Shariananda" ... written by Misshoneypotbear
"She's always accurate. Her predictions have always come true for me. I love her. She's very honest and straightforward." ... written by Chloe28
"Excellent Reader. Very fast, and accurate." ... written by natei08
"Really good reader. Direct. I liked her." ... written by spiritualgirl2
"Angel is a sweetly gifted reader. She has a clear communication style and will tell you truthfully what she sees. What a treasure!!! I'll be back. Many many stars to you angel********************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
"Very accurate and efficient." ... written by zmann18
"Concise, you get what she sees and if she does not see, you don't get it." ... written by hamster34
"I was drawn to her room by some powerful energy and felt like I must have a reading with her. She was right to the point and very quick - didnt waste my time. One of the best readings I had on Oranum! Definitely recommend to everyone! ~~~~ hugs ~~~~" ... written by hugs2020
"Good connection, and she got in thouch with my problem in seconds. Very good session." ... written by allerena
"To the point no time wasted!" ... written by guided1988
"AMAZINGLY ACCURATE!!!" ... written by Summaluv8
"Very quick and accurate reading!" ... written by betsysue
"Honest and true lady!! quick and knows whats going on. dont need to say much she has allll the answers. i will return my love i will!!" ... written by wonderwoman29
"5 stars for her .... Awesome reading she gave!!!" ... written by funsun668
"AngelFul1982 was amazing as per-usual! Awesome!!! She is truly gifted." ... written by victoria111
"She's very much helping with her visions.. Hoping her predictions come true. Gonna be back soon for more readings with you dear. Bless you." ... written by beeb546
"I love her, she sees everything so clearly and said things that I was thinking. Angel is the truth!" ... written by sapphire456
"Thank you for your kind assistance! bless you dear" ... written by bbee170
"Very quick, to the point, answered all questions promptly, staright to the point. thank you." ... written by 2_peek
"Quick. I like that!" ... written by LadyPinkalicous
"Did a coffee reading with Angel - absolutely wonderful! Very detailed and insightful. Highly recommend and worth every cent. A beautiful and honest soul... (FIVE STARS)!" ... written by HawaiiGene
"Excellent reading." ... written by jp4242
"Amazing truthful reader! She is my friend but she also gives me the honest truth whether it's good or bad and I love her for that! Contact her you won't be disappointed." ... written by Chloe28
"Wow! Such a kind woman she is :) Also clears away my doubts. Thanks a lot dear. Definitely come back for more updates :)" ... written by bbee850
"Really honest and straight to the point. :)" ... written by gracepacific
"Gets right to the point and is very honest, AMAZING!! :)" ... written by itryoften20
"She connects very fast and gives answers. She is the real deal. She is also very nice and genuine. " ... written by beautifuleyes999
"Thank you for encouraging me to take the initiative. I hope he will accept and I will work harder and harder to get him to see that we have a chance again. Thank you!!" ... written by wishingstars1111
"Woww wonderful reading . 5 stars for her. so soft and polite and connects with u really fast . Hoping her predictions come true. Thank you dear." ... written by beebee296
"So sweet and honest! Appreciate only given answers that were seen, nothing made up. Straight forward only seen messages, no personal guidance. Perfect." ... written by anna1647
"Angel is so kind and so helpful she can guide you on how to make decisions. She helped me a lot. Thank you Angel. If you need someone to tell you the truth, she is the one :)" ... written by desichick1983
"Angelful1982 is very patient and very genuine, I asked her a very difficult" ... written by jp4242
"Angel is direct and straight to the point, love her honesty and does'nt try to delay things in order to drag out your credits." ... written by manystars
"Angel is very kind, caring, and comforting. She has been helping me through a very rough time in my life. She gave me lot of hope and guidance, and I recommend her to anyone who can handle the truth. She speaks the truth, and the truth only. This is why I respect her so much." ... written by desichick1983
"Good!" ... written by mhharview
"Amazing as usual !!!!! She is quick and to the point. Thanks again Angel for a great reading." ... written by EAG122
"Thank you Angel great update hv to try the cofee reading another time love to you thank u" ... written by queenbee22
"Wonderful reading, thank you." ... written by Bojan99
"Thank you , thank you you are amazing. " ... written by smile
"Thanks for honest reading.." ... written by Anne
"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! Simply accurate and amazing!! Everything that she told me would come to pass last week actually came to pass. This reading was just to let her know how accurate she was." ... written by Chloe28
"Absolutely great!! :) Angelful is definately a cut above the rest. So precise and straight to the point. Thanks for yet another great reading Angelful." ... written by manystars
"As always...another superb reading from angel :) I love how I can rely on her for straight to the point guidance, I highly recommend to all." ... written by manystars
"Amazing:) You're really unique Angelful.. Thank you very much:))" ... written by LoveElly
"LUV HER!!!!! LUV HER!!!!..this woman sure knows her stuff!!!....and I thank God that things are still on track for dreams will come true.....I will get what I want, just gotta hang in there some more......girl is truly gifted, she's amazing, quick and to the bs whatsoever!!!..XOXOXO...(((hugs andamp;amp; kisses 2 YOU always)))..♥♥♥♥♥" ... written by sexybunny69
":) I feel absolutely better than ever, you are very helpful in matters like this, absolutely specialty. It is good that I've been given details to know and to try out. Thank you a bunch!! hugs Angel :)" ... written by wishingstars1111
"Fantastic work with the guides and past lives. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sheegeri
"Angel is a very nice kind lady and very accurate. Thanks so much!" ... written by katykim
"Amazing!!" ... written by Chloe28
"She is fast and has seemed accurate up to this point." ... written by spiritualgirl2
"As always, amazing reading, straight to the point -- I asked about past lives and my guides, very descriptive I can see how my past live influences the problems I face in this one, and now I know more about the entities that follow me every minute of everyday... thank you angelful for this valuable information, you have been a blessing me my life... I will come back for more!!!!! :)" ... written by jp4242
"Wonderful reading with Angel, she is so honest and helpful. She is so supportive as well which makes it a pleasure to talk to her. I asked about my guides (very descriptive and encouraging) and love life (great honest advice). She was able to delve right into the situation and really just talks to you like a friend. I will be back to chat with Angel again :) Thank you !" ... written by fialuz
"OMG!!!..OMG!!..OMG!!!..this woman is a TRUE blessing in disguise...she knew exactly what i needed to know, even some stuff that I wasn't expecting to hear!!..but I got the best experience and news ever with her....she is direct and to the multiple confirmations of what she guidance when heeded, support, comfort, shows you how much she cares...she is reliable...knows her stuff....and for me ..she's kick ass ACCURATE!!!!...Luv her 2 in what she sees and says...Highly Recommend..will be back to keep her posted at all times..THANK U girl...(((HUGS)))..♥♥♥♥ prepared to receive updates as they happen...THANK U...." ... written by sexybunny69
"She was really accurate! I am so impressed!!! She really picked up a wonderful and accurate message for me from my guides..." ... written by Create71
"I keep coming back for more because she's always giving me accurate predictions." ... written by Chloe28
"Wow!!! She is FANTASTIC!! Such a warm and caring soul! Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful connection. Bless you!!!" ... written by Create71
"Very helpful" ... written by betsysue
"Oh Angel! My darling angel haha! I am happy and content to know he's opening up to me more, your clairvoyance never seizes to amaze me :) I'll be back to update for you!! xoxo hugs" ... written by wishingstars1111
"Amazing :) she told me all about my guides and also my aura colour. very detailed and fast as well :) thank you angel xx" ... written by Zain85
"WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Is all I can say!! Fast, straightforward, direct, and to the point. Knows her stuff, no need for tools. Quick and accurate answers. Honest answers from the heart and from the powers that be. She is blessed and we are blessed to have her among us, to guide us, to be there for us, to let us hear what we need to hear not what we want to hear!! That is a huge difference!!! Love her to bits!! She hasn't been wrong with me yet. Has a heart of gold, wish I had her closer to me so I can giver her ((hugs)) on a daily basis. I have known her from way before she started as a reader on this site. More than a reader, more than a friend, she's my confidante, my go-to girl to cry with, share stories of life with, what more can I say?" ... written by sexybunny69
"Once again, ANGEL, is AMAZING and SO FAST, she answered so many questions for me in a short period of time. I gained a lot of insight about my current situtation. Her predictions have come true to me in the past, and I hope that they will continue. I really reccomend her, she is the best here, and she's honest and doesnt sugar coat anything! Try her. " ... written by itryoften20
"I was very skeptical but she told me some things about my situation without me even telling her." ... written by Gentlestorm
"She was exact and on point. Thank you very much!" ... written by tallnurse
"Very good" ... written by bluesox12
"Speechless, this lady is very accurate and amazing!!! I'm so glad to have met this wonderful woman always says it like it is! Very Caring and appreciate her as a friend." ... written by harmoniclove
"Wonderful private with Angel again, she sent healing energy to me and it helped a lot. 10 million stars to you, Angel. I'm really thankful to have someone like her :0)" ... written by sapphire456
"Precise and accurate as usual, thanks again." ... written by jp4242
"Awesome as usual!!...Angel is such a great reader. She is quick and accurate. She has helped me many times. I always come back to her because her predictions are accurate. Thanks again Angel for always being honest and to the point. Many Blessings!!!" ... written by E andamp;amp; M
"Awesome reading.. she is very good, honest and accurate... thanks angel... " ... written by sr2222
"Very accurate, incredibly accurate." ... written by anothersoul1
"Wow. angel is completely accurate. consulting with her is a pure joy! she speaks only the truth and her predictions have been accurate and precise. what a gift she is!!!!!!! i am a repeat client and will continue to consult with her when i need clarity. " ... written by divinegoodness
"Angel does best at digging down into the specific details. How they feel, how they would respond, appearance, she is very good at small personal details in a person, I think very very personal that the person themselves wouldn't want anyone else to truly know. Thank you for your time!! I'll be sure to drop in again :)" ... written by wishingstars1111
"I give angel*** 5 stars ****wonderful reader. will defiantly come back for another reading, had a e-mail coffee reading with angel and she saw things about me with out me even telling her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading with no sugar coating." ... written by bubblemagic78
"Angel pick up very easily and seems to be accurate!! I think she is very funny and very quick!! I really liked her reading and will be back with feedback!!! Thank you Angel!!!" ... written by weissinha
"Omg, I love her, she is very accurate. " ... written by Hazeleyez818
"Thank you very very much angel (((HUGS)))" ... written by Hazeleyez818
"Thank you again, I really miss my grandma ;'(" ... written by Hazeleyez818
"Very good. Strong insight into my situations, and excellent advice. " ... written by BKH
"Great reading again, thanks." ... written by jp
"Truly gifted and talented. Readings are quick and to the point. No fuss and no sugar-coating. Angel is fantastic!" ... written by HawaiiGene
"I dont usually leave good feedback unless its worth it and this woman is worth it.... i love her style she says things straight out and is worth the time and money... highly recommended .... 5+" ... written by katzhous8
"Best reading I have had, knew things, I think she is the very best !!" ... written by dlslass
"She was amazing I thought she was absolutely brilliant and so so accurate! Thank you so much angel I will be back. Definitely give her a try :) x" ... written by kelllllllllll
"Very nice lady and straightforward..sorry there was some connection problems from my part..i will visit her again in the future" ... written by kellycalifornia
"Very helpful and helped me find the answers I needed!" ... written by drece47
"Thank you " ... written by deelove
"This girl is always amazing.... always... !!!!" ... written by katzhous8
"My first captain." ... written by Gypsykong
"Wonderful and quick to the point!" ... written by lauren1986
"You were ok" ... written by moonymoony9
"Amazing!!!! I love how accurate Angel is, she is very honest and she gets to the point!!! she dose not sugar coat anything!!! she is my number one favorite and she helped me make big decisions in my life to for the best :) ...thank you Angel!!! " ... written by yourstruly28
"Excellent reading and very helpful." ... written by maryannepav
"Good! Seemed connected and sensing the person in question correctly!" ... written by lilliableu
"Very helpful. Gave me good avice and helped a lot xoxo" ... written by magsy231
"Oh, WOW!!! She is SO AMAZING!!! I will continue getting readings from her, they are so very accurate!!!!" ... written by Create71
"Very honest and nice and provided clearity on my situation I was needing more understanding on." ... written by JaySora3
"She is awesome very accurate and very professional at what she is doing.You should take her to private !" ... written by 4thofjuly
"Ah-Mazing!! Reading was accurate and to the point. She is warm and caring in her delivery and her personality is wonderful. I will be coming back to her for sure.! " ... written by Barbarella4
"As per usual "spot on reading" thank you angel ." ... written by manystars
"This woman is the absolute best.... she is so understanding and she gives accurate readings ... love her ... if you want the best look no more. xx" ... written by katzhous8
"She is real, my prediction came true!" ... written by ANGEL4444
"Thank you so much for your help its been very crazy ..God Bless." ... written by queenbee22
"Great reader. Wonderful person. So kind so caring. Always honest." ... written by desichick1983
"Angel is wonderful once again, always a pleasure. I will see if her predictions come true. Try her please!" ... written by itryoften20
"Love her. Feel like she is my close friend. She was very good with my reading and provided timeframe also. I will come back to report outcomes. Love her lots." ... written by welcometo99
"The email reading by AngelFul1982 was awesome. It has given me the needed insight to make sense of my life now. I give her five stars." ... written by akwaugo
"Angel has always been one of my favorites. I really love her cause she is spot on, connects very fast and very direct. She will tell you the truth always, she is a sweetheart" ... written by mimatisse
"Angel is always so accurate. She doesn't waste your time and credits. And she is a very honest person. Give her a try you won't regret it!!! 5 stars!!" ... written by sapphire456
"She is amazing!!! I've had an email reading as well as multiple chat readings. She is right on!! It's easy to doubt psychics on here. She's the real deal! The others don't even compare and are a waste of time and money. If you want answers this is your girl :)" ... written by beautifulybroken
"This woman is always amazing.... always... and honest and straight up... if you want that sort of reading you look no more... xxx " ... written by katzhous8
"Good reading. some things I agree with and some things I disagree. All in all, it was worth the time and money :)" ... written by maravilloso002
"I really enjoyed my reading with AngelFul. She was very much in touch with my energy and gave me great advice. This was my first reading with AngelFul but I will certainly come back if I need guidance. I have spent time in many of the chatrooms on the site and have had some readings, but so far AngelFul has been the best at connecting with me and giving me the guidance I needed. Thanks so much! xoxox" ... written by SoulProgression
"She is honest ..... thanks!" ... written by sabinaa
"She is a truly honest reader, tell you the truth!" ... written by Charm77
"She was great! Right on with everything... she help me so much with somthing that i needed to do. Please get a reading from here you will not be wasting your time. SHE IS GREAT! " ... written by KattKips
"Good reading..." ... written by Anniekins
"A great psychic who gave a good reading. Saw a clear picture about my situation and answered my questions quickly." ... written by persephonestears
"Very quick and answered my question cool" ... written by smiley2011
"Wonderful reading. very accurate and NO BS andamp;amp; false hope provider." ... written by syc
"Needed further clarification - which she provided. This will change my life, for the better." ... written by CVAfree
"Amazing! Hopefully what she predicted will come true! But she rightly grasped all the situations in which my problems are laid in! Pleasant reading and very fast and honest reader!" ... written by Ermela
"THANK YOU ALWAYS FOR YOUR SWEET HEART AND GUIDANCE. Love, light, happiness and abundance I wish to you!!!!!!!" ... written by ANGEL4444
"My ist reading with angle and won't be my last she was brilliant highly recommend her.Thank you" ... written by shenalp2905
"Wonderful - jaw droppingly accurate. So real you can feel it. She answers my questions before I asked - amazing, she just knew. :D" ... written by Nicole212
"I really enjoyed the reading again, she is amazing and I really trust her. I love her" ... written by mimatisse
"All I can say is wow wow wow excellent!!!!!" ... written by Cache23
"I was very intrigued and amazed by Angelful! I'm convinced she is clairvoyant. I will see if the predictions come true and I'm sure that they will. Thank you!" ... written by cathyq
"Thank u Angel for ur honesty and telling me the truth as it is. " ... written by mashmellowbunni3
"Wow this girl was much better than I thought she would be. don't judge a book by its cover because she was really good. " ... written by mashmellowbunni3
"She is fantastic right on the button with me she knew just how I feel if I had more money I would have kept going." ... written by wrinkles20
"Thank you so much - the reading verified what I need to do, and she saw exactly the dynamics of the relationship." ... written by CVAfree
"Great reading, as per usual :)" ... written by victoria111
"Don't know what to say other then... yet another awsome reading from angel... highly recommended to all :)" ... written by manystars
"Such a sweetheart.... nonjudgemental and really is accruate! she does not sugar coat. Love this woman" ... written by steffleblanc
"Very happy with her reading!" ... written by elyZ86
"Thanks. Straight to the point. Told me everything I needed to know that was stressing me out. Thanks again. I hope your predictions come true FAST." ... written by 1285597
"Very good reader! Always good :)" ... written by Create71
"Had a great reading from her... Very direct and to the point but very compassionate. She speaks very honesty and truthfully. I would go back for future readings. Highly recommended." ... written by redwritergirl
"Upon meeting Angelful1982 I found her very welcoming. At first i felt nervous, but the feeling of love settled me, and she proceed to conduct herself in a very professional and serene manner. The claircognizance was a very accurate expression of my immediate situation, giving me the confidence to trust what i know, but doubt. I found this very touching as at first this appeared to be quite an abrupt angel lol :), but rest assurred this heart is true and pure and one recommends angelful to anyone wanting clear guidance; objectivity regarding any life situation or matter of the heart. Thank you Divine sister AngelFull much love and light to us all. Please express my humility to your guides :) " ... written by oneloveiam
"She was very accurate, to the point, told me what I needed to hear, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Will definitely follow up with her." ... written by merris13
"Incredible worth it! You have to seek her. She knows , she is true, she is awesome. If you need help she is the one!" ... written by purplecloud
"Interesting that is all i can say!!!!" ... written by ANGEL4444
"Great reading, spot on with alot of stuff, Tk u for the advice. " ... written by ttp2582
"Great great session. she is the real deal." ... written by brightsoul84
"ALWAYS ON POINT!!! LOVE HER! " ... written by Summaluv8
"Great update, have to wait this one out. I hope all info will come true!!!" ... written by queenbee22
"Really enjoyed talking to her! would be interested to see if what she says will happen will happen! " ... written by ak3000
"I love Angel. So down to earth and very gifted and accurate. Try her one of Oranums best! :D" ... written by Nicole212
"Always gives me clarity, such a pleasure to consult, she is fast and accurate, I am a returning client, and I know she's the best. I recommend.. Thank You Angel :) " ... written by itryoften20
"Wow! amazing! love her style and manner! she was very hopeful for me, and I will definately give her updates! lol for angel, 5 stars!" ... written by ivory_onyx
"ALWAYS CORRECT :) " ... written by Summaluv8
"Angelful198 2You are a person, who makes life easier and better for everyone around you. Your continual acts of thoughtfulness and kindness brighten each day. What you did for me will glow in my memory, reviving pleasant feelings every time I think about it. I appreciate you,and I thank you. krishna :) Thank you...for thinking of me and then wondering how you could help. Thank you...for doing what you did,instead of being too busy, or just forgetting about it. Thank you...For inking me on your priority to-do list, when you have so many other things to do; I am honored. It meant a lot to me. Thank you krishna and i also you care about people and it shows. You are generous with your time, giving of your energy,lavish with your unselfish deeds. I will remember your kindness to me.Thank you for brightening my world with your thoughtfulness. It really meant a lot . Thank you so much for your clarity and honestly :)." ... written by mike_for_you88
"Always great. Picks right up on the issue. Number 1 reader on Oranum! Never disappoints!" ... written by brightsoul84
"Angel will access your situation very quickly. Angel's guides and her tarot cards are spot on. I would not hesitate to recomment Angel if you have a burning question about your life and it's path. Highly recommended psychic on Oranum. Thank you so much Angel for your insight and clarity when addressing my issue. ))) Awws for the Paws )))" ... written by pudleypaws
"MY FAV :) ALWAYS RIGHT :) I CAN TALK TO HER ALL DAY :)" ... written by Summaluv8
"I felt she was so accurate, she gave much detail, I enjoyed talking to her. Said alot of things that I knew was going on." ... written by jazzeyt
"You are a person, who makes life easier and better for everyone around you. Your continual acts of thoughtfulness and kindness brighten each day. What you did for me will glow in my memory, reviving pleasant feelings every time I think about it. I appreciate you,and I thank you. krishna :) Thank you for thinking of me and then wondering how you could help. Thank you for doing what you did,instead of being too busy, or just forgetting about it. Thank you...For inking me on your priority to-do list, when you have so many other things to do; I am honored. It meant a lot to me. Thank you krishna and i also you care about people and it shows. You are generous with your time, giving of your energy,lavish" ... written by mike_for_you88
"She is really accurate and confident! She hit on a lot of details and gave likely predictions. One of the best readings I ever had on this site." ... written by bluelovemoon
"Very helpful thank you...More so than any other so far!" ... written by stillsmilin
"Great reading! Picked up past experiences and regrets. Made a prediction, I will post update in a few months. Very much in tune." ... written by moosuga
"Great input and things I needed to get more insight on things." ... written by JaySora3
"Very good. :)" ... written by SAchickie
"Very exact, clear and helpful reading!! Really Professional!Thank you, will be back later!!!" ... written by kosmosss
"Thank you AngelFul for your reading and honest information." ... written by dokuchai
"She was honest and awsome....i was skeptical..but feel that i can put faith into what she told me..." ... written by melly1977
"Wonderful woman, I liked her energy she really connected with me, don't judge a book by its cover! :) I love her! Will be coming back for sure!" ... written by JaredI45
"You are amazing, picked up situation extreamly fast. Clear and consist. Thank you! 5 stars*" ... written by Minnie12
"Brillaint clairvoyant and reader.. Well worth the time." ... written by judith76
"EXCELLENT, RIGHT ON." ... written by ANGEL4444
"I finally had a chance to read with Angel. Very delightful reading. She has an interesting style, I wasn't sure about it, but you know, she was really good. She made sense and good direction on what to do next." ... written by Journey
"I have a coffee reading with angel. Amazingly awesome!!!! So much information and so amazing. She could tell so much from just a cup of coffee from present to future and time frame also. I am so impressed. Everyone should try this. I am looking forward to the predictions she gave me. She is really talented and I have so much fun with the reading also. Love her to bits. Thank you so much Angelful, you are the best!!!! One kiss and hug for you (that is a lot okay Angel, I don't give kiss and hug out that easily)." ... written by welcometo99
"Well what can I say, I had some interesting predictions which I hope will unfold. One of them should already be next month so i will have a better and more appropiate comment to do on her by then. For the time being I can say she answered all my questions and has been very understanting and willing to help and helpful. Picked up on my situation easily and I feel she is very genuine and honest, no doubt about it." ... written by rossel
"Angel is like a best friend. Clear and very consistant with time frames. I always love my readings with Angel. Try her - excellent and worth every penny ;D" ... written by Nicole
"Angel is wonderful, i ask a question n she answers quickly. i askd her to talk to my dead father and she connected wit him and also explaind him and what he was tellin her to tell me. thank you i am very happy with my reading:)" ... written by janjan89
"I had an update with Angel, her reading was consistent with what she told me previously. I cannot wait for the outcomes of her predictions. She is a dear friend and wonderful adviser of mine. Love her still. Thank you." ... written by welcometo99
"Received a coffee reading... And I was surprised that she could seee sooo much. Really impressed, I loved it, hoped that the predictions come true... thanks Angel!" ... written by itryoften20
"Thank you!!!!!" ... written by ANGEL4444
"She was excellent she always is, I want to have her again soon as I can. Very professional, quick and will not waste time." ... written by ron4633
"Very helpful and honest with my current situation." ... written by sourgirl39
"She is GREAT right on the money.. Truly a gifted woman... Consult her, you can't go wrong, she knows what she is talking about." ... written by joeymas343
"Excellent, excellent she got right to the point. Now I know what I have to do and will work on it to get my strength back." ... written by Adventurer22
"Thanks again. :) You are truly the best. :) " ... written by Summaluv8
"I will send you feed back." ... written by kekacaus
"Great friend and reading! Thank you." ... written by ondoutsidelookin
"Thanks for the help. It was a tough time when I contacted you. It will be ok though." ... written by easysmiles
"Very accurate and helpful. i feel hopeful about my future and about myself." ... written by kaladin88
"She's very good. thank u for ur advice" ... written by Pam_mie
"Awesome, tks!" ... written by Angelwingss7
"Very good. I will see if the predictions come true." ... written by mkmmkmmkm77
"She is wonderful!!! First reading and read very quickly and confirmed by cards. I hope she is right." ... written by nz
"Straight forward message..heard what i wanted to find out." ... written by klaudia1994
"Gr8 reading... Always keep coming back to her for advise and all the predictions has come to pass.. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next one too which is a very important one for me!! Thank you again!!" ... written by harsh
"My weekly Friendship and psychic dose - thank you Angel, you are so lovely and make me feel at peace. I will try beating myself up a little less. Excellent, consistent readings, thank you. x" ... written by Nicole
"She was good good information.....thanx highly recommended" ... written by joeymas343
"My girl, she is spot on! Like the top reader on here!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by alwaysgem
"Thank you for the interesting reading." ... written by cosmiclatte
"Thank you again :) " ... written by Summaluv8
"Very good, helpful again." ... written by CVAfree
"Prediction came true." ... written by ANGEL4444
"She is so fast in her reading. Just in one reading she was able to tell me my past life, present situation and future prospect. She then connected with my Dad who I could not saying good bye before he passed away. She helps me a lot and I love her dearly. Big hug and thank you so much Angel xxxx" ... written by welcometo99
"Another wonderful reading with Angel. She is so fast with her reading and gave me lots of information. She answered all my questions in just a short reading. So honest and great advices, as always. Love you xxxxx" ... written by welcometo99
"Great reading bestttt" ... written by holy2408
"I was very pleased with my reading. And look forward to the events that are to come." ... written by poizenivy
"Gave me advice or feedback on sistiuation" ... written by JaySora3
"Spot on, fabulous! Worth it! Amazing readings. I keep coming back." ... written by purplecloud
"I hope all she said is true. I am excited. she was quick and said he loved me...bday together... hope comes true. will see. cant wait." ... written by Jazzylady155
"Great reader!! She's 100% spot on!!" ... written by Chloe1212
"She was so right, I love talking to her, her prediction are coming true." ... written by ANGEL4444
"Angelful1982 is bubbly, funny and she connects to whatever information she connects to really fast! In only 3 minutes with her, she really told me everything with precision and depth like we'd had 10 minutes. she is worth your money please talk with her!" ... written by cocoatheclown
"5 STARS!!! thank you so much for your clarity! She confirmed so many things to me without asking question. She was right in the point!!!" ... written by dladie42
"Lovely thank you." ... written by Nicole212
"She was really on about my career and my seasons. Wish i could have talked to my dog. " ... written by molassescrinkles
"Thanks for the reading angel. I'm looking forward to the predictions coming to pass. I will come and update you." ... written by empress30
"I believe she really is gifted and it feels accurate every time I talk to her. She's straight to the point and doesn't waste time. " ... written by celticfreckles
"Thank You. GREAT UPDATE!!" ... written by queenbee22
"Ok ok, some people give feedback to be nice. Well this is not why I write mine. She is the real deal! Like really. She and a few other psychics here are the best, they just have more far reaching gift(s), and know not to be put off by your queries. I know because I have psychic dreams, and most psychics don't even know how to predict what my dreams did. She told me info like those dreams did andamp; I didn't even mention it to her!" ... written by dom
"Good." ... written by sudeepinfo
"Good." ... written by chantal2006
"I have another update with angel. She could interpret my dream very well. Unfortunately, my computer played up so i could not hear her much so we had to end the reading. What a shame! Still love her and her ability tho. XXXX" ... written by welcometo99
"She totally rocks! very insightful and very fast. I felt connected deeply. A must see for a private reading that will leave you feeling answered." ... written by jadensmamma09
"One of THE best ...Go see her." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
"Ok reading " ... written by sweetsx
"Very real answers and very fast!!!!! love her!" ... written by jadensmamma09
"Thank you. Very down to earth reading." ... written by altuna0
"Awesome talent - truly gifted!" ... written by sunshine789
"Awesome - I will be back - just amazing!" ... written by sunshine789
"I love love her. Good reading. Highly recommended. Will be back again. She's amazing! :') Told me what I needed to know." ... written by DEMIII
"Great reading she explains many great cards and their meaning in regards to your situation. very insightful and joyful reader. highly recommend!" ... written by Camy64
"SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! gives alot of details! worth every penny! totally awesome readings!" ... written by purplecloud
"She is just amazing. Reads quickly and very honestly and will tell you the bad news. This girl is truly psychic and everything that she told me is true." ... written by leogirl
"Excellent, my man is coming to get me in a few months. can't wait. :)" ... written by molassescrinkles
"Thank you, thank you, thank you great reading, God bless you and lots of love xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
"Impeccable." ... written by Arjuna1
"Amazing. A very accurate, comforting and helpful reading in no time at all (under two minutes). She's very gifted. I appreciate her help immensely. I really trust her. Thank you, Angel. xx" ... written by Arjuna1
"I loved the honesty. I really needed the advice. Thank you." ... written by Buffygrrl
"Great reading!" ... written by gateforest01
"Very accurate prediction." ... written by ksinha88
"She is very very fast and to the point. Love your readings! You will not be disappointed." ... written by jadensmamma09
"Thank you for a straight to the point reading. I hope all comes true :-) X" ... written by Helgaz1
"Tanks again for the great reading:) " ... written by Summaluv8
"Always love her reading :) so accurate and so precise." ... written by jadensmamma09
"Amazing reading:) I simply asked about past lives, with a specific question in mind but didn't ask her, and she answered many questions, and very quickly too! I will be back to ask for her guidance as often as I can, and recommend her to everybody. Read her profile, you are sure to find something she will help you with! " ... written by busymommylist
"Very good thanks soo much." ... written by kristinam88
"She is the BEST!!!!!" ... written by jadensmamma09
"You can't go wrong with her! Amazingly gifted! Try her and you will see! She sees and knows! Lucky to find her!" ... written by purplecloud
"Thank you AngelFul1982. I will get back to you sometime. " ... written by sunshinedee
"Wow angel was fantastic 100% spot on on everything. I highly recommend her. you wont regret it!!!" ... written by enver73
"Angelful continues to assure me that I will be able to leave soon and that I will be offered money for my skills. This will be in the next month or two. It settles my mind. She also said I will be able to set things right in two weeks. So I will breathe. Great encouragement and comfort." ... written by Misshoneypotbear
"Quick and precise. In such little time I must have asked more than 10 questions and all were answered.Thank you so much angel. I will keep you posted. Looking forward to all the positivity coming. Hugs!" ... written by lagreta79
"Very good, very straight forward and a great help.... Thank you. xxx" ... written by sarz966
"Angel is the greatest reader here... And the absolute best.... She is fast accurate and honest... She is the best an worth more than five stars.... Look no more for clarity x" ... written by katzhous8
"Angel is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sapphire456
"Very fast and to the point:) ty hun" ... written by Snowscape
"I enjoyed my reading with this psychic well happy at the result must give her a try :)" ... written by starlight22
"I enjoyed her, I thought she was very accurate about things in my life!" ... written by smfeez
"Very helpful advice!" ... written by taylorae1969
"I've gotten an e-mail reading and did a few private readings. I had all my questions answered very quick and the readings were spot on. I received great advice that helped me on my journey. Angelful truly is the best." ... written by SJuice82
"She should be promoted seriously. I came back to check on my time frame... She said in three months time... Now she's saying in 2 months time... It is all matching up. She is on point. Excellent. Was very fast and its like she digs in and pulls out all this information. She knows it all and truly has a gift. THE REAL DEAL ON ORANUM. Worth every penny!" ... written by hoping2351
"I got very addicted with Angel's readings. She is so consistent with her predictions, always fast and to the point. I was about to ask my questions and she answered them before I even finished typing. Although I still have hard times ahead, I can't wait for the good predictions to come true. She is not only my favourite here, she is also a friend that always be there for me and listen to me telling my stories over and over again. Love her to bits xxxxx" ... written by welcometo99
"AMAZING READING! She's accurate, honest, funny, and overall it was such a great reading. :) " ... written by mposada
"Thank you!" ... written by judith1920
"He was accurate!" ... written by myojin
"She's accurate, amazing, and honest. With my current situation I'd be a complete mess without her help and guidance :) " ... written by mposada
"She is precise, fast, clear, serious about her work. Has abundance of knowledge. I highly recommend her if you want the truth straight up. Thank you again Angeful." ... written by zimerili1
"I love her, she is amazing, really truly gifted. " ... written by starlight22
"Great as always! x" ... written by Nicole212
"You confirmed my inner feelings fast an precise. Thank you!" ... written by Minnie12
"Angelful is fantastic. Come in with any questions and she will answer them very directly! She is the bomb!" ... written by Dominique
"Awesome. Angel is always on track. She is honest and thoughtful in her readings. " ... written by sunshine678
"Just totally amazing could not have known what she told me it was that good the reading." ... written by sky456
"Very, very good, will be back you must have a reading with Angelful." ... written by sky456
"Love her, love her, love her, love her." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
"Spot on with everything. Was a little freaked out lol. Thank you again!" ... written by Jenn
"Helpful and honest as much as possible!" ... written by octavus1212
"It was great and a very interesting experience... she was very clear and spot on..." ... written by volhaban1986
"Great reading simply great. Thank you again and again!" ... written by zimerili1
"Always an awesome spend!!!!!!!!! love her she rocks!!!! must get a reading with her." ... written by jadensmamma09
"I really like her, no time waster, straight to the point and quick to deliver answers and informations. What she told me about my situation is true. I will contact her back I felt her to be really genuine. Thanks AngelFul!!! Loads of love and peace." ... written by rossel
"Thank you Very Much!! Have a wonderful Day!! God Bless!! Great Update!!" ... written by queenbee22
"Thank you!" ... written by dee
"Really accurate and so quick and fast! Really enjoyed my reading with AngelFul1982! Thank you so much. I will come back again!!!" ... written by Uzma81
"I was very happy with her reading. She was right on the mark with everything, and I was extremely pleased with the way she went out of her way for me to do a special reading just for me. I can't wait to have another one done soon!!!!!! I highly recommend her. She is professional and doesn't sugar-coat anything. She tells it like it is." ... written by KatarinaMaria196
"She is the best!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by jadensmamma09
"Thank you AngelFul! You are amazingly accurate and helpful as always!" ... written by kimmy33
"She knew a lot of stuff. She say he will return but not for long and I need to choose someone else that will return in my life. She is good!" ... written by scorpionqueen
"She was great! I highly recommend." ... written by semjase67
"GREAT, SHE IS AN ANGEL!!" ... written by PEGY44
"Always accurate, very very good reading always, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
"Very quick. I didn't really have to ask anything she just told me. Very nice also. Thank you." ... written by beachlover54
"She is very accurate about the person's feelings, I'd love to have a reading with her again soon." ... written by love in vegas
"I like that Angel gives a lot of details in such a short time. This girl is worth every penny. I have been in chat with others for 10 minutes and do not give so many details like Angel gave me in just 6 minutes!!!" ... written by glow71
"Angel is very good and accurate. She predicted that my ex would return without me even mentioning him. She described him, too. She gave me very comforting information about my business. She's good and I will have more readings with her in the future." ... written by jakki1
"Wonderful, thank you!" ... written by Abra1970
"I like her a lot.. she is super fast and accurate.. and doesn't want to waste your time or credits at all... She is very honest and genuine too and I love this about her.... She will never direct you to the wrong path... I got a few predictions about career and personal stuff, which I would love to update her about as time passes... but please do go her .. I strongly recommend as she is simply awesome and to the point.. She confirms things twice for you before she gives the final word... Just to make sure..." ... written by Niha
"Thanks again for a great reading :) xoxo always the best! " ... written by Summaluv8
"One of the best on oranum!" ... written by Abra1970
"Honest and the real deal. :)" ... written by Cache23
"She is very good. I always enjoy her honest readings." ... written by SAchickie
"LOVE her... Amazing woman.. Very accurate and can see beyond and read her cards right." ... written by steffleblanc
"Brilliant read as always. Spot on." ... written by natei08
"The answer that she gave, is something I've been wanting to hear for 30 years. " ... written by TimeRewind1982
"Thank you!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
"She is great should give her a try and very fast to picked up on my situation so fast." ... written by cooki311
"She's quick and to the point about all issues. Plus she seems very gifted and is kind." ... written by celticfreckles
"Thanks again best reader! " ... written by Summaluv8
"Angel is honest and direct. She tells you how it is. I've observed her room for a while, then got a reading and was very happy about it. I asked about three people and she nailed the situations. One outcome is farther in the future, we'll see. But to me what's important is the outline of the present. And she gave a perfectly clear picture, confirming things I already felt. Thanks! I'll definitely use her again." ... written by cabbageinbeauty
"Angelful gives such accurate readings and nails the heavy questions." ... written by SJuice82
"I asked her about my career field, she was spot on with what I was doing and what I was wanting to do. I can't wait to get another reading soon!" ... written by fushiamoon
"Amazingly fast and accurate as always! She is the best...10 stars!" ... written by kimmy33
"I cannot wait to get another reading next week! I felt very connected to a past life reading I just received. Thank you AngelFul " ... written by fushiamoon
"It was a good reading. She did actually answer one of my questions just as I was starting to type it which I think indicates an amazing ability to connect. Looking forward to future and will update. " ... written by sparkly1
"She rocks :) I love her readings sooo much. SHE IS THE BEST." ... written by jadensmamma09
"Sharp as always. " ... written by Gene
"Very good, straight to point, no wasted time. I would recommend her to friends. Very accurate might I add." ... written by juneyvon
"I hope and pray all her info comes to past I will be back to let you know for sure!!! I am so happy with her answer!!!" ... written by Marlia69
"Angel is always wonderful, I really enjoy and appreciate talking with her. Thanx Angel." ... written by zimerili1
"Very honest and straightforward! Thank you for the reading, it really helped! I'll come back. :-)" ... written by ammielle
"GREAT Psychic, Extremely ACCURATE!! I will be back for more readings." ... written by MorningStar8
"The best! She's accurate and on point :) And she has the best sense of humor." ... written by mposada
"Amazing, very good." ... written by starlight22
"Fast, accurate, straight to the point." ... written by hoping2351
"WOW...She Is Perfect! She Was Spot on! And she does not waste time! Her Beautiful energy and spirit guides are accurate! Trust me everyone, Angelful Is worth it! U will not be disappointed. Much love to you and thanks again. xxxx" ... written by loulouz83
"Great connection and so appreciate her care and concern as well as deep insight. I took good notes and will update as things progress." ... written by sparkly1
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"Thank you Angel for the update. What can I say, the road ahead is still bumping but thank you so much for your guidance. I appreciate it. You are very correct about my husband and him being easily influenced by others, sad but true (28 Dec)" ... written by welcometo99
"She is the BEST, no doubt. I just had an intense coffee reading with her and it was the BEST reading I have ever had. She touched on all the aspects of my life in an honest, true and to the point manner. Wrth the money." ... written by sarahjlk
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"THANKS AGAIN HUN! YOU ROCK!" ... written by Summaluv8
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"Whether I need a long, intensive reading where I have many questions or just to have a quick question answered she is always to the point, concise, helpful, seemingly accurate (time will tell!) and a pleasure to speak with. I can't express enough that I am a very science-interested person who is always skeptical about anything 'magical' or metaphysical and I have been pleased with these readings and look forward to more. I have referred skeptical friends without hesitation and would recommend that anyone let angelful draw some cards or do a coffee reading to gain a new perspective or insight. This is good guidance that while a little 'different' ends up being practical and helpful. this is a great person for a skeptic or an experienced believer alike. enjoy! " ... written by cosmiclatte
"She was wonderful. Quick and accurate. I recommend her highly. One of the best readings I've had!!" ... written by pambdr123
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"She is very very quick , accurate and helpful...u will love her in private...she doesn't beat around the bush..but will be straight forward, blunt and honest, and will save u of a lot of credits..i like her a lot...thank u take care." ... written by neha
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"Angelful is one of the most honest psychics i have ever had the pleasure of doing a reading with. She is straight to the point and doesn't sugar coat. She has been spot on about a lot of things with my good friends. The first time i spoke to her, she admitted not having a good connection with me and that i should try again for another reading. This time, we had a wonderful connection. She is also such a sweetheart and a pleasure to get to know. I hope to have many readings with her in the future. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by jennav
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"Very good psychic and a nice personality ! Was tuned in to my questions and it was a good reading . Recommended !!! Thank You " ... written by Joy99123
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"Fast and go straight to the point.. she answer all the question you asked and show you the card what she got.. " ... written by ginlin
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"Outstanding Reader! ThankYou." ... written by SistahMaria
"Very, very good, I had readings from her before, it was good very fast as well and to the point. Sharp reader with past life present and see into interests for career in my case!" ... written by pitabread
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"She is a delight to work with!!! I really do like her and she's on point!!!!" ... written by kwilli23
"Very helpful and honest. 5 Stars" ... written by mimithinking
"Good reading gave me positive answers about my education and career." ... written by keshia2243
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"This was my second chat with AngelFul1982! And everything she said was so spot on. The predictions and advise she gave me last time were amazing! Everything happened the way she said it would... I'm still pinching myself that it all came true. Really lovely lady to talk to. " ... written by scarlettjane
"She is very fast and very accurate. So sweet and compasionate and honest - did not tell me what I wanted to hear but the truth none the less." ... written by coyoteroper
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"You're awesome :) And comfortable to talk with. Thank you so much for your help, and thank you for pointing me the directions :) Thank you! :) " ... written by crystal_x123
"AngelFul is very quick. I am waiting to see the prediction come true. Appreciate her work!" ... written by gaston165
"God I miss talking to this girl... Her answers are clear and honest... She does give advise when needed too... She is my angel for sure!!!... She is honest as she is concise... She never misses a beat... She knows her stuff... And I love her for it!!! ...xoxox... ty ty my, precious girl... I will keep everything you said in mind... For sure... ;-)" ... written by sexybunny69
"I've had two card readings and she's always on the money." ... written by madgames
"Really sweet individual." ... written by gstephen
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"Wow angelful was so amazing he was right on the money about my court case. It is so nice to meet someone who know what they are talking about. she is fast and to the point. She will not try to keep you just to kill time this is my 6th reading I think and very thing she said as come to past. xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"Excellent reading! Thank you." ... written by pamelapansy
"To the point. " ... written by ts5765
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"Very quick and accurate, I can't wait to see my predictions come true." ... written by FancyAParis
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"Fast and accurate reading. Thank you once again :)" ... written by Fairytales82
"She gave me the confidence I needed to remove my anxiety! She was dead on on my ex and my surroundings! She felt me right away and also my bf. Wonderful! Will be back and highly recommended! Hugs to you and thank you very much!" ... written by Marialuis
"She is the best, no sugar coating always honesty and a sweetheart." ... written by sarahjlk
"She is the best. Very fast and answers all your questions in detail. I'd be soo lost without my readings from her. She rocks!!!" ... written by jadensmamma09
"Angel reads very quickly and is so sweet. I will let you know what happens here!" ... written by leogirl
"She answered my questiones about my grandfather and was able to contact with him she was awesome!" ... written by bleu081
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"Kind, Helpful honest, fast. " ... written by HeartOfsilver
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"Great as always :)))" ... written by cooki311
"Nice reading!" ... written by rainbows8
"I love Angel - so straight forward and very accurate. Thank you x" ... written by Nicole212
"Thank you for all you have done, your are simply amazing and wonderful.... I can't say enough wonderful things about you." ... written by Sammy
"Was very straight forward, didn't hear what I wanted to hear but that is okay. That isn't what she is here for. She says a man for me, hmmm not sure because i'm a lesbian and I just don't see it. would be shocking but anything can be possible with God. It would only be my ex-husband I would go back to. Thank you for the reading. 5 star." ... written by americanidol93
"She was very fast and picked up on my situation accurately...I will keep you up to date thank you." ... written by vayunu
"Very solid." ... written by claire4verizon
"Good reading as always..." ... written by hab
"Great reading!! " ... written by elle11
"She is ACCURATE!!!!!! Everything that she has told me has come to fruition!!!!! She is one of the BEST on Oranum!!!! She needs to be a TOP PSYCHIC!!!!! She is authentic! She is the real deal!!!! Everyone should get a reading with her!!!! WOW!!!!!! I love talking to her because she knows what she is talking about! I cannot believe how real and on point she has been since January 2013.... and she is still getting it RIGHT!!!! WOW!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!" ... written by Sayette72
"Was fair reading thanks a lot." ... written by marmoser7
"Good reading, straight to the point. Very short and concise. I definitely suggest a reading. This psychic is very honest. " ... written by Lydia
"This must be my tenth reading, always great to talk with angel. She is so accurate with details. Bless you." ... written by zimerili1
"Great psychic! Very fast, best psychic I have had a reading with! Thank you Angel!" ... written by blue
"Really nice, understands you, deserves to be top psychic! Get a reading with her!" ... written by orangeleel
"Very quick and to the point, thank you angelful!!!" ... written by xZaklina
"Thank you very much." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
"Had a pendulum reading with AngelFul. She is very sweet... Her guides were able to guide her before the pendulum gave it answers, but I truly trust what she says. I have great news ahead andamp; am glad she was able to provide me the answers to the questions I was looking for! " ... written by heathermarie0301
"She is very best, very accurate reading, getting to point thank you Angel!" ... written by URES
"Very accurate and precise." ... written by aikhooiooi
"LOVE HER! Sweetest best psychic ever. She doesn't tell you want to hear she tells you the truth! Go to private, better than most psychics on here!" ... written by lovelypinkl
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"I have consulted with many psychics. She is so spot on and amazing. She is direct and accurate. I highly recommend her to know the truth." ... written by fionna154
"Amazing, she helped me with a difficult decision and was very accurate in her reading. I would definitely recommend to anyone! x " ... written by Jade
"Good." ... written by sky456
"WOW! VERY VERY ACCURATE!. She told me what I needed to know and she was very honest and truthful about what was going on in my life about a love. She gave me sincere advice abo0ut what was goi9ng on and what I truely needed to expect and what i needed to do in my life. AngelFul was extremely insightful into the future goals of my career and other opportunities that will be coming my way! I felt Very positive after her reading. I would recommend her to my friends and others who want honest answers and help. Will definitely be coming back for more help from her. Thank you AngelFul1982. Huggsss :)" ... written by TammyDS
"She is the sweetest, most honest, empathic, caring, natural born psychic who will always give you accurate guidance and much needed advice in a sweet and sincere manner." ... written by sarahjlk
"She is amazing, she is right about many of the things she says. " ... written by ShoshoneGirl
"She was pretty on. " ... written by ShoshoneGirl
"I had a quick reading. Angelful does not waste time and is straight to work. To the point and clear. Good reading." ... written by Uggzie
"Well I seriously had some questions about real life people, and I felt her information was really true and spot and, and I trust this advice and can't wait to practice! Thank you again. It helped loads!" ... written by pitabread
"AngelFul1982 is a super psychic!! She gives you a reading with the total package! Psychic, Seer, Medium, Future, Past and much more -- just Fantastic and Blessed. Thank you." ... written by ladydove
"Wow. crazy she is a great psychic, gets you right on, and answers your questions accurately! Really liked her from all the psychics on here! A+!" ... written by Barinhl
"Angel are absolutely amazing...have helped me soO much...absolutely love your energy, your readings are clear and accurate...pronunciation is amazing I must add!! lol ...Thanks again angel will be back to see you again soon..Love, Light and blessings to you..." ... written by mystic_haze
"ALWAYS MAKES SENSE!!!!! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!" ... written by Summaluv8
"Great psychic! I had a wonderful reading! She gives you the truth and accurate!" ... written by Miller1l
"Spot on... Very fast as always... I had many readings but I think she does it for me! :)" ... written by kwilli23
"Wow it is always a please to talk with angel... I had to give her my feedback on some of thing things she told me... She is awesome as usual! xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"Loved the reading about love. Hope it goes as well as you say it will. :) " ... written by altuna0
"I had another reading with Angelful... She is so sweet. I also like that she takes the time to write a message specific to me letting me know she can do pendulum readings anytime I need. Very welcoming and always remembers you when you are a customer; even if it was only once! :)" ... written by heathermarie0301
"She is quite accurate, even with my feelings that I didn't share with her. She sees what is true in my secret heart and mind. And very direct, which is appreciated!" ... written by kissmeangel
"Thank you so much for giving me hope and confidence." ... written by Sammy808
"Angel is very professional, honest and always accurate. I look forward to my next private reading. Very straight forward." ... written by ron4633
"No sugar coating, just honest reading, I wait for her prediction to come to pass." ... written by vinnythepoo
"Wonderful reading! Lovely psychic and helpful, does not sugar coat! Best psychic I've been to!!!" ... written by Leepea1
"Honest reading, thanks Angel!" ... written by kanchana
"Gave a great reading and is precise short and clear." ... written by jbox1348
"Friendly, straight to the point and honest." ... written by vanessailgms11
"Always to the point!!" ... written by shopgirl
"Short and to the point. Thank you." ... written by Nadia2000
"Wow and wow she is amazing what can I say always accurate! xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"AngelFul1982 is a real psychic who was born with true abilities. Accurate, intelligent and loving. Number 1!! Amazing and spot on. " ... written by ladydove
"Angel you are the best try her she is very good!" ... written by uresnstel77
"Gets to the point very quickly, advice in the past turned out to be prophetic, and I'm always pleased." ... written by CVAfree
"Angel is the best one, i recommend her 100% to everyone.... thx again angel" ... written by sabrina
"She is really bang on..for all truth and honesty ,please go to her..she is very caring and genuine...wont give u any false hopes..only n only truth is wat u get here..take care..ur awesome!!" ... written by nk
"She is good works fast and works with you this is my second reading and I will most deff come back." ... written by lovie1
"Great reading! Like her very much :)" ... written by gilferd1010
"Great reading very good and connects fast!" ... written by dalko
"She is the real deal. She has many gifts -- her readings are true and she heals with her loving energy. She also treats her returning clients extremely well -- please go to her for real help. She is the best!" ... written by ladydove
"Great reading......" ... written by veezee
"Good fast read as always!!!" ... written by kwilli23
"Good and accurate, as always :-)" ... written by economics123
"Although her accent was hard to understand, her reading was great! Very very accurate without me giving her any info. :)" ... written by CatherineLoree
"She is amazing..always 100% accurate with all my number one :) ..ur crazy not to try her for a reading.. x" ... written by catherine
"Thank you." ... written by deelove
"I had to come and up date angel ....she was so accurate it was amazing...I am going through so much and she gives me good accurate reading.. she is always honest if she dont see it she will not say what you want to hear. therefore if you want a person who is going to tell you like it is accurately then angel is the best. xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"Angelful is very clear and she will not tell you what you want to hear. very honest." ... written by sunshine678
"Its always a pleasure ..... And she is always accurate as usual. xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"Short, sweet and straight to the point. I'm happy." ... written by jbox
"She was nice. :)" ... written by lehua14
"Amazing, I was skeptical at first. She was dead on with everything, very very accurate. Very caring individual who truly listens to you and your issues. Past, present, and future. Everything was answered with the what steps i needed to do. I recommend Angel, as I will come to her again for help. Thanks Angel!" ... written by donorak
"Another great reading with AngelFul1982... she is sweet and sincere... always willing to help... I enjoy talking with her and she always uses the tools I ask to help keep me as ease during the readings... A+" ... written by Heather
"She rendered very quick advice in limited time frame. Always appreciated." ... written by CVAfree
"She is very accurate! I have consulted with many psychic and she is spot on. One of a kind.." ... written by fionna154
"I enjoyed chatting with you AngelFUL1982 . I WILL KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU ALWAYS. Have a Blessed evening *hugs *. Your reading really gave me clarity to everything thanks so much. God Bless you ." ... written by bridget
"AngelFul is so full of gifts that they burst into a reading on all levels and predict present, past and future. Highly accurate. Thank you." ... written by RoseRed8
"Very insightful. I loved the reading." ... written by munirah007
"Very sweet lady. She was spot on in the past, and what she said was confirmed to me recently by the other person involved. I know I can trust her as she has been very accurate for me, and very honest as well. If you want clarity, look no further." ... written by iPreferMimi
"Amazing, incredible reading!! So gifted and honest. Thank you." ... written by nanci
"Absolutely the best! Very fast and accurate. She is always so in sync to my problems and to the answers I need. Once she does a reading for you you will be hooked! She rocks. :)!!!!!" ... written by jadensmamma09
"AngelFul was very honest and accurate in her readings. She hit the nail right on the head and gave me a clear path on what I needed to do. Thank you AngelFul!" ... written by Artisa
"Angelful gave me such a wonderful reading. She connected with me right away. She has a lot of insight and great advice. She also uses such beautiful cards. I absolutely recommend her. :)" ... written by RoseFaerie
"Angelful is a wonderful sweet kind and caring woman she is the best , fast and accurate " ... written by HeartOfsilver
"She was accurate!" ... written by Agapelove7
"Her Comments was very much healing and hoping all my will come to an end with her positive comments." ... written by pinky21
"Great, I'll return when the predictions are realized!" ... written by maggiee1062
"I like her ascent and her reading is very nice too. thank you angelful" ... written by silvoleon
"Accurate, helpful and honest." ... written by Donnichick
"Good reading, lots of info as always..." ... written by kwilli23
"Great, honest reading." ... written by iPreferMimi
"Another great reading with Angelful... As soon as I enter her room, she instantly greets me with love, and always welcomes me openly... She has been through a lot of readings with me over the past two weeks, and is kind and compassionate... Very sweet and tells you what she sees... :)" ... written by Heather
"Amazing, Incredible, Accurate and Gifted!! She always delivers the Truth!! " ... written by RoseRed8
"Super!! Always!!" ... written by RoseRed8
"5 STARS*****. She is so Honest and reads her cards perfectly! I liked my reading, and would highly Recommend her. Thanks Angel. Ellie-USA-03/09/2013" ... written by Ellie11
"Very helpful, thank you." ... written by Jupiter01
"Angel was real sweet and quite accurate about the things she seen. I will be coming back to leave feedback once her predictions come to pass. And I definitely will be coming back for more insight!" ... written by Destiny_Love
"She gave me hope!" ... written by inciema8812
"Straight to the point, I was hesitant on her reading, but she made light of what was bugging me all along! Basically confirmed the answers to the questions i’ve been looking for!" ... written by intrigued8
"Great reading! Insightful!" ... written by Grapefruits32
"Very honest and straight forward!" ... written by skeletsof1
"Amazing insights as always...." ... written by habtaby
"Thanks for your reading!!! You were great!! Hope you feel better soon!! x" ... written by Mysticmarzo
"Straight to the point! And honest! She has helped me!" ... written by Nina_Lovely
"AngelFul is clearly super gifted!! She never ceases to amaze me when I get a reading from her with her angel given abilities that target all aspects of areas important in my life. I don't even know the questions but she does!! She is so connected to her guides that when you go for a reading; she is their with the answers. God Bless AngelFul." ... written by nannee
"Quick in her reading to answer any questions you might have." ... written by Alneverus
"Thanks. " ... written by anddy
"Always consistent and suggestions are always helpful!!! Always nice to talk to!!! Really recommended!!!! " ... written by Yunjia
"Thank you, thanks, great and to the point!" ... written by dee89112
"Angel is a truely gifted person, her predictions always come true. She is a fantastic reader with a real gift and she is the real deal, she will be honest and forthcoming in her response. I love u angel, even when the truth hurts u alwyas tell me the truth and I love u for that." ... written by sarahjlk
"Thank you for the wonderful reading!!!! " ... written by Yunjia
"This was my 2nd reading with AngelFul1982, and it was another great one. This was an update to my first reading I had with her. Things she said were accurate to the things that happened and to the things that were going on currently. I have her as my favorites, and I dont have many saved under my favorites, so that means I highly recommend her. Shes very nice, straight and honest answers from her. If you are on the fence, try her, you will not regret it." ... written by donorak
"Great as always, straight to the point answers all your questions." ... written by ginlin
"Good reading - pretty accurate with the situations I asked about. Thanks!" ... written by astarintheocean
"I like AngelFul1982 readings as she is accurate and always straight forward telling you what she see. Ask her about your past life. " ... written by dokuchai
"BEST PSYCHIC EVER!!!!!! True psychic here. i was never a believer before. now i am. treat yourself to a real experience that will blow your mind-- if not after the first reading-- then later when you come back and realize her predictions were spot on. truly amazing. " ... written by cosmiclatte
"She was born with real abilities. I cannot say enough how gifted Angel is. I have come back to her again and again for truth and clarity. Super A+ Thank you." ... written by nannee
"Perfect!!! Very fast and to the point, and VERY accurate!!!" ... written by TaylorB12
"If you want the truth you need to have a reading with Angelful" ... written by sunshine678
"Ask AngelFul1982 a straight question if you want to get Yes or No. Highly recommended." ... written by dokuchai
"Straight to the point. Thanks!" ... written by kar118
"Fantastic reading! Lots of information. I do hope the predictions happen. Thank you so much." ... written by jasminepapas
"She is right to the point. Everything she said was so true..." ... written by Anniekins
"Thanks again angel always right! " ... written by Summaluv8
"Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic!!! Guidance from Angel is top notch. There is no other like her. " ... written by Gene
"Very comforting and accurate! I recommend her to anyone. " ... written by hab
"I read with Angel 2 or 3 times and she's always been accurate. She reads fast, no hesitation and gives good advice. Her predictions happened so far. There's a bigger one this time, will come with update." ... written by cabbageinbeauty
"She. Is. Awesome! I have no words. Lol She is the best and she knows it. My tarot reading idol! LOL This woman has inspired me to continue to develop my gifts because she reads EFFORTLESSLY and ACCURATELY. No words except...awesome." ... written by sasori_finikusu
"She is 5 star and always amazing!" ... written by cuteface1972
"You will not regret to have a reading with AngelFul1982. Her readings are always consistency. And no sugarcoating only the truth but that definitely helps a lot on making a good decision!! Thank you again Angelful! :) " ... written by Yunjia
"Very straight to the point - You have to love that! And accurate about what I was feeling and great sound advice! Thank you! xo " ... written by ttp2582
"She was straight to the point." ... written by rosieRN
"She was very good and quick" ... written by tessag
"AngelFul has a beautiful soul! She is guided by the angels...s he really is full of Light and Love! She gives the Truth, she uses so much of her energy to work in your reading. Love Light Peace " ... written by nannee
"I was realy relieved after talking with her. My situation has caused me a great deal of worry and stress and she made me feel a million times better about what will happen in my life. Thank you angelful1982!" ... written by inciema8812
"She was very sweet, and patience. I had a very accurate reading that didn't take search a long time. She was on point and answered as many questions as i need. Thanks alot Angel1982 I will visit u back soon. Love Ya" ... written by peaches2
"Good reading very cool and upbeat. " ... written by altuna0
"Very direct and to the point.. I will return, she confirmed what I already knew within myself. I have added her to my favorites.. I will return in a few months to see what transpires with her predictions. " ... written by leti98
"10 Stars! Wow Wow Wow!! " ... written by ladydove
"Touched by an Angel...guided by the lights of pure angel love. AngelFul has gifts that are heavensent. She has brought me back to where I need to be. Blessing Always Angel..." ... written by ladydove
"Again and again, when you have a doubt, she can shed light on the matter. Thank you, Angel!" ... written by Marialuis
"Oh my god, amazing! Just confirmed another reading with 2 other readers which rarely happens! Angel is an absolute god-sent and I will certainly be back!" ... written by jasminepapas
"Gifted reader! Thank you! " ... written by tamie5765
"THANK YOU!!! You're always spot on!! Always accurate about the situation! :) Thanks a lot!! Angelful only tells the truth and no sugarcoating which will definitely help! Thank you! :) " ... written by Yunjia
"Great reading. " ... written by Marialuis
"I have had many readings with Angelful and can vouch that she is very accurate. She is consistent with readings, and is astoundingly accurate with connecting to the current situation and the people in the situation. Predictions have come to pass. Thank you Angelful for your guidance. xx" ... written by Flora
"Great as usual." ... written by Anniekins
"Thank you for the update angel. Will talk soon." ... written by leogirl
"Very nice lady. Straightforward and clear and fast." ... written by fretan
"Sometimes you have to come back for another reading to confirm or validate. I did that today. I didn't clarify certain things. This is important because AngelFul1982 was consistent and confident. She validated my intuition and confirmed my anxiety. I do love her gift." ... written by sasori_finikusu
"Well this was my 3rd or 4th reading. Excellent as the previous readings. I have been getting updates since the first reading and all have been very ACCURATE. And I don't have a doubt in my mind about the reading I just had. She gives the best advice and is honest with you and doesn't waste any of your time. Worth every credit. Definitely." ... written by donorak
"Nice cards!" ... written by LovelyLibra91
"Surprising! Straight forward." ... written by stephie
"Very good!" ... written by rainbow0304
"Really amazing reading for me and my sister both. She really helps clear everything up." ... written by inciema8812
"Amazing reading, very accurate and tells you the truth" ... written by Jelly
"Well, as usual she is very very good. I often come here with some dream interpretation. Not only is she very clear and direct, with details, clearly linked ideas and outcomes. (+things I know, that she briefly mentions that end up being really helpful) She doesn't have to sell her predictions/intuitions, they're very truthful. Things I knew and had forgotten that had turned into nonsense dreams get explained with unparalleled precision by angelful1982. I really think that what she predicted could happen! Thanks very much for the reading it was helpful." ... written by dominique
"AngelFul has so many God given gifts that she uses in such a humble, loving, wise way to communicate messages and healing that are accurate and true! She is so kind even if the news isn't what you want -- it is the news that is best for you! She really is the real thing! Thank you." ... written by RedRose_
"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, thank you so much :D" ... written by msitmsi
"GOOD, VERY GOOD" ... written by PEGY44
"Thanks again angel :) the best! " ... written by Summaluv
"Very good" ... written by tdoublee
"Good as always" ... written by cooki311
"Angelful was awesome! Accurate, on point, straight forward. This was my 4th or 5th reading. All positive and the experience is always amazing." ... written by donorak
"Angle is awesome, the best, no sugar coating here." ... written by sunshine678
"I really enjoyed my reading, Angel was awesome." ... written by PinkBeatle10
"I have had many readings with Angelful and she has never been wrong, and she does not sugar coast anything. She is a trusted advisor!" ... written by sunshine678
"I can confirm her predictions, healing and reality. She has not misled me. She is truthful, loving and epic!! Epic!! Thank you again." ... written by ladydove
"Straight to the point. Does not sugar coat, i really liked my reading. Made me think a lot differently! Will be back!!!" ... written by millie2108
"Thank you Angelful!! You're always consistent!!! And always accurate!!! No sugar coating!! Which I like :) Thank you! :)" ... written by Yunjia XU
"Accurate, can see all! ask her. Click her button for truth. Worth every penny!" ... written by purplecloud
"She is on spot always,picks on what is going on without any mention at all.. She is just superb .... Catches on the most recent situations going on.. Try her, you wont regret.. She is the best ones.... I am her regular client and will continue to. Love you Angel." ... written by neha
"Thank you so much Angelful1982!!! Accurate and spot on I highly recommend you and I hope your insight comes true tonight!!! thank you so much!! you are genuine and the real thing!!!! wishing you more popularity on here too for your accuracy and kindness!! xx" ... written by bunny222222
"Straight to the point, very accurate. It's worth trying. Very quick , and tells you things as they are" ... written by dolzi22
"What can I say she is awesome awesome awesome, love her she is always accurate 0xox" ... written by cuteface1972
"I absolutely love angel!! Her cards and information are completely consistent each and every time. Her information does not change leading up to when it is suppose to happen. I cant wait for the next few weeks to pass so that these predictions can finally happen!" ... written by jasminepapas
"Angel really connected with me, really fast. She was awesome and confirmed certain things that I already knew. Don't underestimate her gifts, she is truly a gem. Will go to her for more future updates." ... written by Lucy117
"God Bless, thank you, it's been great news, take care!" ... written by queenbee22
"Words cannot express how much I am grateful to Angel for dedicating herself by using her real gifts to heal, guide and enlighten me and many others. She is an angel. Thank you again. Please have a reading with her. I have had many and always feel she is worth it!" ... written by ladydove
"For 3 minutes she answers everything you have to ask, it was detailed, honest, and straight to the point, you will be satisfied! :)" ... written by wishingstars1111
"Good!" ... written by economics123
"AMAZING READING AND WONDERFUL LADY!" ... written by ddk8991
"Angel clarified my question for me and it is right in line with what I believe to be the case. " ... written by leogirl
"Very and nice and I am happy." ... written by smilesbless08
"To the point and honest!" ... written by kar118
"Thank you!!! Never disappointed to have a reading with Angeful! She's really truthful and honest! Never sugar coating, only tells what she hears and sees. Thank you! :) " ... written by Yunjia
"Very good and accurate. Picks up on situation fast and very detailed " ... written by cooki311
"she is amazing" ... written by silvoleon
"Great as always .... Always pick up on my situation, very detailed and accurate. Will go out of her way to help you" ... written by cooki311
"She is an outstanding reader! Very accurate and honest as far as the present moment. She nailed my ex's personality in previous readings and was very honest about its ending. It was hard to hear but it did help me move on, and today she had some good news for me about what's ahead. I guess I'll wait and see how it goes but I trust her when it comes to current feelings and thoughts. If you are looking for an honest and accurate reading, I highly recommend her." ... written by iPreferMimi
"Thank you! The reading is consistent every time. And the suggestions are really truthful and helpful!! Angelful's reading is always about truth. Thank you! " ... written by Yunjia
"I always come back to Angelful because she has been accurate time and time again. Thank you, Angelful, for your guidance. xo" ... written by Flora
"This is my second reading with Angelful! Once again she has amazes me!! She is extremely accurate and straight to the point. I will definitely continue coming back to her!" ... written by Nina_Lovely
"Gave explanation of her insightful visions on my future ventures and how they will pan out. I requested a general reading and it was given. Reasonable priced reader that I was happy and satisfied with." ... written by ozgurl7
"I have consulted AngelFul numerous times in private because she is so gifted! Each private is 'different' and 'unique' because she has no many Spiritual gifts you can choose to use. She lives up to her bio profile and her life is dedicated to her calling here. Thank you." ... written by ladydove
"Wow.. she is so spot on amazing. She described the other person's feelings in details and gave me a lot to think about in the process. She has been very honest and accurate, and I have been coming to her for a while. I trust her insights an guidance.. and hopefully she is right about what's to come." ... written by iPreferMimi
"Angelful 1982 is always accurate wow....good accurate and straight forward answer to my questions regardless of how many times i get a reading with her....xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"She is usually accurate. Very fast." ... written by spiritualgirl2
"She is a very good reader" ... written by myojin
"Great and accurate reading as always...." ... written by hab
"She is awesome..." ... written by vicndtina
"She was sweet and nice and I enjoyed our private reading" ... written by LadyLeo2087
"She is the best very accurate, very honest and always empathic!!" ... written by sarahjlk
"Wonderful as always. :)" ... written by ddk8991
"Once again, another consistent reading! She tells it like it is." ... written by jasminepapas
"Much clarity and the frustration is gone. :D One of the best!" ... written by ddk8991
"Nice reading. Accurate, fast and to the point. Worth the visit. " ... written by krismic2
"Angel is always fantastic very precise very confident. I always have the best reading with Angel and believe me I have gone to all the powerful experts but Angel is exceptional in her confidence and insight. Thanx." ... written by zimerili1
"I've had already several readings with her and each time I have a specific question just gotta see her. So far all are consistent and validates other readings. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
"Very positive reading. Gave me clarity and directed me on a path I should take." ... written by jbox1348
"Angel is great, so honest and quick. Consistent readings and no hesitations on timelines, etc. I love her. A gem. Definitely 5 Stars, a great private." ... written by Nicole212
"Always an amazing reading with angel and always a consistent reading." ... written by jasminepapas
"She is quick and direct and straight to the point and cleared my doubts! Thank you very much !!! " ... written by ttp2582
"She is HONEST even if she know the truth will hurt!!! She interpreted a dream my family member had QUICKLY! She knew things I've never told anyone just from hearing the dream! I was ultimately shock!! Angelful is the REAL DEAL and i recommend her! " ... written by Nina_Lovely
"I have try other people but I have to say she is always accurate and it is always a pleasure...She does not tell you what you want to hear. She is a awesome reader..xoxo" ... written by cuteface1972
"Very Honest, great reading. Gave me hope and enlightened the future!" ... written by rsamara
"Very intense reading...super abilities! AngelFul is deeply gifted! 5 stars" ... written by ladydove
"Great reading. Really surprised me how much she was able to tell me about what's going with my life. Thanks very much!" ... written by lizajane
"Good solid predictions, on target, gives a lot of information." ... written by purplecloud
"Omg!!! I love her readings, when she reads cards she reads them the real way, she is so awesome!!!" ... written by abcarp
"Angelful1982 was awesome!!! She gave me insight and right on the money real deal readings. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!! Thank you so much Angel, you rock!!! KatarinaMaria196, Orlando, FL USA" ... written by KatarinaMaria196
"She is the best always accurate and to the point, the sweetest person ever with a heart and mind of gold. I love u so much, thank you for always being there for me and giving me advice!" ... written by sarahjlk
"Angelful is sweet and caring. She reads the cards as she sees them and gives timelines of when things are going to happen. Very professional reading with lots of positive energies around... 5 stars! " ... written by Heather
"Pretty good, hit a lot of things head on and I'm interested in learning more. Time will tell if all comes to fruition.." ... written by sosevere
"This psychic is great she hit everything on the nose. I will be in contact with her again. The things she said was right on. I have great feelings after this reading." ... written by Dom Johnson
"What can I say but she is awesome... xoxox" ... written by cuteface1972
"Thanks for the reading, quick and straight to the point." ... written by t0057
"She is great, fabulous, straight to the point" ... written by carina12
"She is the best, very accurate reading, try her, never going to be waste." ... written by sam
"Thank you as always!! :) And thank you for your update and suggestions!!! Thanks a lot!! xxx " ... written by Yunjia
"Awesome!" ... written by cuteface1972
"Quick and accurate." ... written by aditiarya
"Her cards are always consistent. I love readings with angel. And she always gives me complete, consistent clarity." ... written by jasminepapas
"My sister is the best reader in the world!! She is honest, truthful and to the point and did a reading for my friend that was all true!! We were so surprised!" ... written by sarahjlk
"Honest, insightful reading!!!" ... written by janesi
"She was good" ... written by Sheisbeauty
"AngelFul has guided me spiritually with her many gifts in an honest, accurate, caring, non-judgemental way. She is always amazing and brings healing to all her guidance. If you don't know the questions -- she already knows, so you don't have to feel you are not ready for a reading - she is! 5 Stars and more" ... written by ladydove
"Angel was so caring and accurate, I was amazed at how much she picked up on serious issues that I asked about. I know how hard it was for her to answer some of my questions, but she still kept at it and really helped me a lot. I am grateful for her guidance and insight." ... written by mercy9
"Wow! so professional, I like her reading. Very recommended!" ... written by john_little
"Very helpful, thank you for your help, and for guiding me, and giving good advice, I appreciate your kindness and patience." ... written by desichick1983
"She is the best here...She is like a close friend now...She has the ability to pick the minutest of the details , wthout saying much at all...simply the best...i only go to 2 on here ...and she is one of them......ur amazing angel and not only as a psychic but as a person n hugs xoxox" ... written by niha
"An honest reading. Very fast. Always good to get clarity. Thanks." ... written by kristina
"Your comments were crisp and clear." ... written by pinky21
"She was good, good feedback." ... written by Karenda
"Very good and informative! " ... written by belledujour07
"I like what I heard. Was convincing. I will be back when the predictions come into fruition. Thank you Angel, was a pleasure xox" ... written by librabeauty
"Thank u for your reading. She is the best." ... written by hiraheer42
"Incredible tea reading with AngelFul! She uncovered the truth of the present situations in my life and future events - whether they be happy or sad. She is a kind person with amazing gifts!" ... written by ladydove
"Thank you for the reading wonderful insight" ... written by sweetsx
"Very accurate and straight to the point." ... written by tlewis2345
"My first reading with AngelFull1982 was everything I needed and more than I could have hoped for!!! After only one reading she is my favorite psychic. She is patient and kind and takes her work very seriously. She will show you the cards she pulls and explain their meaning, and the accuracy of information is absolutely clear and true. I have so much respect for her. I encourage anyone looking for deep answers to troubling questions to ask AngelFul1982 for truth and guidance." ... written by Eileen1005
"Angel is true to her word. Fast, honest and accurate. I am very grateful I came to her. 5 stars" ... written by jomielyn
"Thank u so much for your reading...she was on point and had a very good look at my situation...this is my second time working with her and she was right, thank u so much Angelful." ... written by lottabody1982
"GREATTTT READIINGGG!" ... written by zoyaahemd
"Remarkable! Thanks again!" ... written by daffodil71
"it was harsh but she did not sugar coat anything. very insightful and dead on.. it hurt a lot but was a dead on reading." ... written by alexis
"Always a great reading! Thank you!" ... written by CVAfree
"She really knows what she is doing and she is a great reader! I would highly recommend her!" ... written by Mileva
"Nice! " ... written by james
"She is awesome I had to go back." ... written by cuteface1972
"Awesome as usual! xoxox" ... written by cuteface1972
"Angel is very to the point. I love the way she uses her cards, and she shows you. She is honest, to the point, and just tells you how she sees it, and also is very smart lady." ... written by Viv
"I had a question and she gave me the answer honestly...Thank you, Angel!" ... written by Valerie71
"AngelFul has regular customers. Today she had some sort of flu, however she kept going with your questions to spirits, giving you answers she got. I will come in later." ... written by Doku
"Awesome awesome reading! thank you so much!" ... written by mini
"thank you so much - you are awesome" ... written by sunshinee
"Angeful is one of the most on point psychics I have ever had the chance to meet. She is spot on about so much, including with me and my good friend. She does not sugar coat which is very important. If you want to hear the truth then she is for you. She is also extremely personable and delightful to speak too. Tonight I had a lovely reading with her and she really made me feel at peace. I really needed it and I can't thank her enough. GET A PRIVATE READING WITH HER! You will NOT regret it! I promise. Love her lots. xxx Jenna" ... written by jenna
"Real good reading... answered all my questions.... will come back for another reading...." ... written by Jackie
"She is very good and quick, thank u!" ... written by sue
"Thanks, helped me out a lil bit about my gf!" ... written by michael
"Not what I wanted to hear, but it is probably accurate. I will wait to see what happens." ... written by Erica
"Wonderful! She was very intuitive and helpful. She put my mind at ease with a lot of decisions that I'm in the middle of making and has reassured me on many things. I think she is amazing and I highly recommend her!" ... written by Sarah
"Thanks, so much! Very quick and to the point. Looking forward to the predictions! x" ... written by leah1988
"It is always a pleasure...she just tell you the angelful." ... written by cuteface1972
"Good and Honest reading :)" ... written by seith
"She told me what she saw and I think she may be right. I will see. Thank You." ... written by samantha tleiji
"Awesome." ... written by sunshine
"Like getting readings from Angel. She is very clear and precise." ... written by jbox1348
"AngelFul1982 was quick to find my missing cat!!! She understood immediately how upset I was and saw him in remote viewing. I am calling the shelter now!!" ... written by 1005Eileen
"Angelful has guided me through a tough time in my life. She has helped me to make the right decision for my future. I love her. I would have made a huge mistake without her. Thank you for being there for me. You're the very best by far. My family and friends come to her also, and we all feel the same about her. She's wonderful." ... written by cara
"Good reading, doesn't sugar coat gives you the honest truth. " ... written by Rwan
"Thanks for the reading. I will see if these readings will come true. " ... written by Thuy
"Always a pleasure speaking with Angelful, shes a blessing to this earth and will be back for updates and more insight!" ... written by mini
"Straight to the point! " ... written by Excellent Reading!!
"Always a pleasure to speak with angel, always gives great insight and tells the truth. Sweet spirit and a genuine heart. I know her predictions will come true, whats she says always makes sense. God Bless!" ... written by mini
"wowowwowowoowwowowowowow....This is how I feel about this reading. oxoxox" ... written by cuteface1972
"Yes great as usual, she is very precise, accurate, straight to the point. I often come to her for clarification for events, people, places, and dream interpretation. Thanks again! I will put this clarification to good use." ... written by dominique
"She was terrific!!! She picked up on me spot on and connected with me right on!!!! I was so amazed with her accuracy and speed!!! Great reading and I loved it so much and enjoyed it!!!" ... written by lonelybaby
"She is very clear, focused and fast. She doesn't waste your time and she does not waffle on her readings. She's very specific - I love her and you will like her too!" ... written by donna
"Fast reader! Accurate results!" ... written by Mai Lee
"That was amazing..very honest and said exactly what i was thinking" ... written by megan
"Very quick and fast!" ... written by Lynn
"Pretty good .....thank you feel she is accurate" ... written by NancyLee
"She was very quick and to the point." ... written by patricia47
"AngelFul is a real psychic! She just knows the truth now and the future. She has a warm heart, an intelligent mind, excellent communication skills, very quick and sooooo gifted! " ... written by nan
"Love her, she is such a great reader, I'll always come back to her again. She is so accurate with reading. Very, Very GOOD." ... written by patricia47
"Very informative. Thank you!" ... written by positivity08
"Angelful is great! She tells things the way they are, even if it is not what you want to hear :-) She is very honest and was very accurate with my reading :-) Thank you!!!" ... written by weissinha
"Always an honest reading with angel." ... written by jasminepapas
"On point as usual but still positive." ... written by alexis
"Thank you for everything." ... written by silvoleon
"She was very helpful and thorough she told me everything that I needed to know . I now see why she has so many stars, so completely accurate!" ... written by shutter1117
"She was very kind, and I hope she is right." ... written by James
"I love Angel for her direct quick response - answers to my questions! - No time wasted! Good or bad she says it like it is ! Thank you for your guidance Angel ! Get well soon! Hugs! " ... written by Ttp2582
"Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate everything you have said. Cant wait for the outcome. " ... written by Rosa1982
"She is amazing. She helped me so much with my situation. I was able to ask about 10 questions or so and she answered them all correctly and helped me out a lot. She was so amazing and so real. She is so positive when it comes to helping people she gets down to business and is serious. She is honest with you weather its bad or good. But in order to have good we do need to have bad. Its a balance in the world. She is so amazing and so talented. Give her a chance to help you in the future. Love you Angel xoxo " ... written by Tristan
"Thank you Angel for helping me to connect with my loved ones and my little Chance. " ... written by Maryann
"always great as usual. many thanks to you angelful!" ... written by mini
"Thank you. " ... written by Tulsa
"Great reading! Very honest and to the point!" ... written by Zeigen
"always a pleasure talking to angel, always has the best advice and knows how to read her cards. Thanks so much, God bless!" ... written by mini
"Angelful1982, she's really accurate and explained the situation really really well!! And she always spots on!!! She's Amazing!!! :) " ... written by crystal_x123
"Thank you! awesome reading. Really quick at it too!" ... written by Ptmb
"Very calm, to the point as always. I admire her!!! Thanks." ... written by angel pegy
"Great!" ... written by victoria
"Real quick... I like her readings." ... written by jackie
"This reading was extremely helpful.....I will give her the fifth star if the predictions she gave are accurate but overall the reading she gave was very good....Thank you for your time and advice AngelFul1982....I will let you know how everything goes in a few months...." ... written by Ebony
"Very accurent reading with her! She tells you about your present and leading you into your future! Very good." ... written by Melisa
"This is about my fourth reading with her and honestly, this one has brought me to tears - it was a bittersweet reading. I connected with someone very close to me and the fact that she could help me communicate with this person was the most beautiful experience anyone could ever ask for - she always instiguishes a positive hope for the future but always honest. SHE ONCE AGAIN DESERVES TO BE HIGHER then number one on this website. Her gift is an understatement - she is a beautiful person - you've made my week, best birthday present I could ever ask for. A friend for life " ... written by alexis leigh
"Amazing reader, always gives me hope for the future. Doesn't sugar coat, gets straight to the point! Gives me light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much!" ... written by Rwan
"I have had many readings with Angel and she is as amazing this time as she was the first time. As far as I am concerned Angel is the best. I recommend highly." ... written by zimerili1
"Thanks Angelful!! You are a wonderful psychic! One of the best readings :) " ... written by Sara
"I was satisfied with all the answers she gave me. She is quick and straight to the point. I look forward to my predictions. I highly recommend her, she is great! She won't waste your time :) Thank you AngelFul!" ... written by connette of CA
"Great reading from AngelFul... knew alot about the relationship before I said much. Gave some insight and fabulous advice. Will update!" ... written by kissmeangel
"Angel gave me very strong confirmation on what to do here, as I was confused. Very very good reader, and I will return to update her. xoxoxo Thank you!" ... written by nz
"Always accurate and always honest.... Love her." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
"Very insightful, Gets to the point. I believe she is a very good psychic. Seems to know the full story.." ... written by Jehan
"Update read. She also confirms other readings I had and so far, insights have been very helpful in my situation." ... written by marialuis
"Update read and on track!" ... written by marialuis
"Good reading with Angel, she is very specific about the timeline and I hope it comes true! I definitely will get an update reading and she also very specific about the circumstances, feeling and people who are involved in the reading. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by findtheanswer
"Awesome, truthful as always." ... written by sunshine
"She was honest." ... written by Patty
"I am a long time visitor to this site an Angel Ive always liked but never could afford before until now. She was worth every penny no delays in answering right to the point didn't waste anytime answered all my questions quickly. Id highly recommend Angel. Ive had readings from others from this site an so far shes my top reader I wouldn't be using anyone else from now on. From what she told me ive got a lot to look forward to andamp; she was very happy for me :) She sweet,kind an caring a lovely reader an Really spot on! x" ... written by angiebaby35
"She's great!" ... written by chickie
"Angel says it like it is and never sugar coats!" ... written by jasminepapas
"Very very to the point and accurate..... Excellent reading!" ... written by Modele
"Awesome! Gives me the best insight as to what will happen, and when. She's one of the best on here, I go to her for any questions. Quick, accurate and friendly! Top Psychic! " ... written by Rwan
"Well, it has been a great update, thank u soooooooo, much have great day!" ... written by queenbee22
"Insightful.. and direct!! Was very precise.." ... written by tina
"Angelful1982 is a very kind and loving person. Great psychic and 5 star reader! I suggest anyone to go into a reading with her. Thank you angelful." ... written by myeyesee
"Her reading was amazing. Clear, no sugarcoating and very detailed on her decision. She is a wonderful person and she should be a number one! Great Job! :)" ... written by Cache23
"She does a *very* good job. She is: 1.) Very friendly but with chill nonjudgmental vibe. 2.) She really is a clear, concise speaker. 3.) She can look into any question and pull out a real answer. That is why me and others decide to return to her again and again. She has helped me a bunch. She is a top psychic, for real this time. Not to sound cheesy, but I'm sure at least 99.99% + another .1% she can help you. :) JUST GO TO PRIVATE. *thumbs up*" ... written by pitabread
"Angelful is awesome! I know the advice that she gave me was sound! I am very happy with my decision to have had a reading with her. I will definitely come back for further advice on the subject. Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
"she was confident and I look forward to her predictions" ... written by kapers
"Well yes she certainly is the best, especially for her descriptiveness and in depth ability to interpret basically anything you ask her. Just be clear when asking your question- I don't know how she does it, but she seriously can see into anything. Like that is cool. I have come to her for so long but I am amazed. I have so many crazy dreams she has interpreted and I am still reeling! Like I have no idea. Great reader. 5/5" ... written by dominique
"She is a very good reader with very good energy. She is good at explaining and very clear person as well. I recommend her she is great. And she can see into friendships job anything you worry about." ... written by dlksfjj
"ANGELFUL is the best! Right on target! I had the most awesome coffee reading with her and No sugar coating!!! She was straight to the point and totally fabulous! I highly recommend readings with her! I am a regular client and go to her for advice and private on a continual basis. I strongly suggest that Y'all go and see her too! She is the best!!!" ... written by Kat Vecchione
"She answers fast and direct to the point. So far, most her readings are accurate and a validation to the other reads I had regarding the same concerns. Getting the same answers for the same issues on updates is amazing and must be accurate because the odds of pulling the same cards over and over on each update for answers is not coincidental." ... written by Marialuis
"5 stars" ... written by Marialuis
"I wanna tell that she has been one of the most amazing and accurate psychic I have known here or outside Oranum." ... written by niharika_1985
"Very great psychic, true she knows what she doing, very honest and accurate I recommend." ... written by niciford
"The best always!! " ... written by Nv
"Got the insight I needed and on track. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
"Addicted, always get a follow up reading it is so insightful helps bring more clarity and light. Hugs! Best psychic here!" ... written by Rwan
"Angelful Was RIGHT ON TARGET, AND DID NOT SUGARCOAT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! She gave me an HONEST AND SINCERE Tarot reading. It was straight and to the point!!!!!! If you want honesty, reliability, and a REAL PSYCHIC WHO KNOWS HER STUFF, GO WITH ANGELFUL!!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!!!! " ... written by Kat Vecchione
"Another great reading from Angel. She is nice, accurate, simply amazing! I will definitely come back soon. She is my favorite!" ... written by mileva2013
"She answered my questions. I like it when people answer my questions. Thank you for answering my questions." ... written by weeeee
"Update read seeing events unfold one by one and those that change as the future can always change. Angel had been with me all this time as needed and provided the great insights that is needed to move forward. High accuracy, she sees and knows what is going on in my situation. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
"Amazing Amazing Amazing. So honest and accurate. Gives me great advice. Thank you angel you are truly an angel!" ... written by Rwan
"Amazing, always insightful, not sugar or fluff, just the honest answer. Can't wait for an update. " ... written by rsamara
"Awesome as always, love talking to angel, everything she has predicted so far has been on point. Down to the exact time. Love her, shes great. Blessings!" ... written by mini
"Best best best." ... written by Nk
"Angel is as fantastic as always with super accuracy, thank you once again Angel, grateful." ... written by zimerili1
"5 stars out of 5! I enjoyed it. " ... written by Roberto
"Thank you very much for the reading, I hope more people will come have readings with you. You are very good reader. :)" ... written by Altuna0
"Thanks again, Angel. You rock!!!" ... written by summa
"Dead on with every single thing in my life. I've had multiple readings with Angel and never regret a penny I spend on her. She blows away every other physics on here. She is amazing." ... written by alexis
"Always fantastic readings with Angelful very detailed and she gives wise advise. Angelful has been extremely helpful to me with a very difficult situation, she has guided me step by step and gave me superior confidence to pursue something almost impossible. Without Angelful I would have probably given up but instead I will continue in my endeavor. Your abilities and kind support are highly appreciated and i wish you all the best. I look forward to many many readings to come." ... written by zimerili1
"THE BEST READER ON HERE THE ONLY ONE I WILL CONTINUE SPENDING MONEY ON BECAUSE SHES 100% ACCURATE. She does not sugar coat anything even if its hard to hear, she has an amazing sense of humor and is very good at what she does. If you are considering doing a reading with her just do it you will not regret it." ... written by alexis
"Very good advice and accurate information!" ... written by Tasha
"never am i disappointed with Angel readings, i have read with other readers who go back and forth on what they tell you...but Angel is as solid as they come, shes quick fast and shes honest! i have had 2 perdictions come to pass from her so far and waiting on the others! she told me the exact amount i would get back from my taxes and I received that exact amount!" ... written by keisha
"Only reason why I come on this site is for this woman. Amazing as always." ... written by alexis
"She is always very helpful, hears her guides, quick and to the point, doesn't mince words." ... written by cvafree
"Good ... gave good advice." ... written by kitkat02
"Very good, she is an angel!" ... written by peggy
"She picked up on about upcoming meeting and that someone from my past will be returning (which wasn't a happy thing cause I have a stalker, and I thought he gave up already but not). I will go for an update!" ... written by Fairytales82
"Update read and always good to know what is currently happening in a situation I am monitoring. Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
"Angelful1982 is very gifted and really hits the nail on the head with her accuracy. She is straight to the point with her readings." ... written by Shaun
"Angelful1982 is Wonderful! I will keep going to her. " ... written by Shaun
"I have always enjoyed the direct truthful information - even if its painful that I get from her. She is honest and caring but gives it to you straight. If you want to know how to move forward and understand the things unseen affecting you, she is a great reader to get clarity from. One of the best on here!" ... written by Patrice
"She is amazing, she told me exactly what I wanted to her and she answers all the question I ask." ... written by lucy
"She is the best, I love her and give the truth, and I would recommend anyone with a problem to her." ... written by lucy
"Great psychic." ... written by bluesage
"Thanks a lot for the updates.. You're always precise , fast and accurate.. love you." ... written by Neha
"She ALWAYS is a pleasure always DEAD ON by names, situation and never sugar coats. I am a regular client of hers and will be for life LOVE." ... written by alexis
"AngelFul is one of the most accurate psychics I've meant. She is very clear on her explanation. Her readings are very detailed. Well done." ... written by Melissa
"Thanks for update." ... written by elle11
"Very nice reading. Picked up on my situation very well. I will come back. " ... written by lalunabella
"Her remote viewing is amazingly accurate. She confidently answers your questions and tells it as it is.. Straightforward." ... written by Marialuis
"Yes, she is as amazing as everyone said she is. She said she was fast, and she sure was. She gives great, accurate feedback and with plenty of details. She is very clear and focused and delivers the information well. I will come back for more readings in the future. Thank you Angel!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
"Very good reading. I appreciated the honesty." ... written by lolalola123
"Great great psychic! Always answers questions honestly and correctly. Thanks :)" ... written by bluesage
"Great, quick, informative reading with Angelful. She is very sweet... very caring..." ... written by Heather
"She is just lovely, I felt so much better after having a reading with her. I highly recommend her :)" ... written by Melissa
"Angel always amazes me with her readings to me. We have frequent sessions on a weekly basis and she is the best adviser and friend within this community. I am always grateful to Angel, she deserves the best coz she is the best." ... written by zimerili1
"Very hopeful, and to the point, she stays on top so you better follow her! " ... written by Ashley
"Fantastic lady! Always picks up on the situation accurately. She is very fast and does not waste any time. I highly recommend her! x" ... written by Layla
"She was too the point. I liked her. " ... written by Betty
"Very truthful. Knows the situation well. Very helpful!" ... written by Jehan
"So truthful and blunt, no fake ideas or false hope. Thank you " ... written by allerena
"Very honest." ... written by Tee
"Awesome women, clear and honest." ... written by sunshine
"She was very kind, caring, helpful and to the point. I appreciate her plain honesty and I highly recommend her to others as well. " ... written by CelticFrost21
"She was really good. Very accurate,.. saw many thing correct. " ... written by seun808
"amazing, just amazing " ... written by sunshine
"She gave me answers to questions that I needed and she was a huge help." ... written by Amanda
"Fantastic reader! Genuine, truthful and on point. Guidance is clear and predictions accurate. " ... written by Gene
"verry accurate, to the point and super fast !! Incredible reading" ... written by peace
"woow am still shocked with her, she gives honest answers" ... written by lucy
"Angelful is usually right on target with our readings... She explains the cards, what they mean... and where things are.. She surely doesn't tell me what I want to hear.. She reads the cards, and sometimes the truth hurts, but at least she's not leading me down a path of fairytale endings.. She is instead helping me prepare for what is coming my way.. Great reader, as always. Quick and to the point." ... written by Heather
"She was awesome as usual.......Angel makes me laugh and she is spot on every time.....She will tell you the truth and will not always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know......She deserves all the stars.....Lol!!! Thank you Angel for another wonderful reading.....Give her a try, she is very good....." ... written by Ebony
"THe best psychic ever with a heart of gold and total honesty, must check her out!!" ... written by seerat bahniwal
"It's been a long time thank you!" ... written by dee
"Very good." ... written by angel pegy
"Really amazing. Great to confirm some things to help me move forward with confidence. Thankyou xx" ... written by Ace of Cupss
"Angel is awesome, direct, straight, to the point." ... written by sunshine
"Update read. Got my questions answered!" ... written by marialuis
"I'll let you know" ... written by Gerri Clemens
"Good reading great job." ... written by That guy
"She is very good, straight to the point and has very strong gift. I recommend her for fast answers and clarity!" ... written by person
"Angelful keeps you on your toes... she tells you what she sees... and sticks to it!! Her readings are accurate, and fast." ... written by SeekingTheTruth
"Angel gives very honest answers always and does not sugar coat situations. She works very quickly and doesnt't waste your time." ... written by ng
"Close connection again! Thank you!" ... written by santalovesu
"Amazing as always! Always amazingly accurate! She is number one and will be number one! She's better then every single person on here." ... written by alexis
"More questions answered! One of the few favorites I have here who's reading is consistent and can validate my questions. Thank you Angel!" ... written by marialuis
"She is the best. No song and dance, just the truth." ... written by suneshine
"Thank you for answering my questions every time with a polite manner, and" ... written by cocoatheclown
"I am back for more clarity with angel. She is always clear and right on. I find her readings gentle and helpful. Thanks for shedding light on these two situations angel!!!!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by divinegoodness
"To the point, does not waste time. " ... written by axia
"Thank you for readings they helped me alot, thanks so much!" ... written by Lanette
"Not what I wanted to hear but at least she's honest." ... written by keisha
"I have put in a lot of time and consideration into my readings with" ... written by cocoatheclown
"The best on here, I cant stress it enough! Haha this must be my 385385903 reading with her literally she's my favorite and beats every other person on here " ... written by alexis
"Very honest and accurate. I highly reccomend a reading from her. I thank you for your honesty and know what i need to do. I look foward talking to her again " ... written by Lena
"She was super fast! Can't wait to see how things unfold." ... written by Lisa
"Angelful is such a good reader! She is very quick and accurate. If you have many questions I suggest her because she is so fast she is able to answer several questions in minutes. Thank you! " ... written by angiefra22
"Another wonderful reading, just great simply terrific." ... written by zimerili1
"She is great, very fast and accurate...! :)) " ... written by elle11
"AngleFul1982 is like a million stars of enlightenment, healing, true psychic abilities that she interprets with care. She lifts my heart and heals my spirit even if all isn't what I want to hear... It is the truth. Love andamp; Light!" ... written by ladydove
"Not what I wanted to hear so I'll see how things come to pass." ... written by L
"Thank you for the reading :) You were straight to the point and I really liked that. You helped me a lot in just a little bit of time. I would give you a five star reading. " ... written by Roberta De Bellis
"Angelful was wonderful. she is very fast, and a caring reader. full of positive energy. i absolutely recommend her! " ... written by liz
"Just absolutely awesome." ... written by sunshine
"I am a big fan of Angel, she tells the truth even if you don't like it. She is very compassionate and understanding. She has never been wrong." ... written by sunshine
"Awesome reading as usual. Angel is a blessing. Love her, thanks a lot! Looking forward to the lovely predictions!" ... written by mini
"Awesome." ... written by sunshien
"She does a very good and truthful job and can answer real life questions to help you get over things from the past that have come to surface. I got some real clarity from her and feel much better about it and will now just focus on forgiving and protection of the mind. Thank you very much! And have chocolate :P" ... written by dlv
"You were right on the money about the headaches. I'm glad I'm not just going crazy lol." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
"Good reading. Very fast answers! " ... written by aim
"Gave me a very fast and precise reading! Validated a lot for me, helped make sense of things and gave me things to look forward to, wonderful reader!" ... written by Paige
"Good funny lady...Nice psychic...." ... written by Suman Bose
"Angel is the best extremely accurate fast and honest reader. Give her a try... you'll be happy you did." ... written by brightsoul84
"Direct and to the point - not sugar coating here - alway on target." ... written by sunshne
"Update on my previous question. Nice to know some insights!" ... written by marialuis
"Always one of my favorites to go to when you need a question answered. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
"Questions answered. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
"Another reading and as always amazing, thanks Angel, you are a treasure." ... written by zimerili1
"She is great, fast and to the point!" ... written by Toya
"Amazing insight! Always helpful and guides terrific - an angel that can provide what you need. Truly worth it. Im lucky to click her." ... written by purplecloud
"Great reading as usual." ... written by mini
"Thank you, Angel, once again! Right on point! " ... written by summa
"As usual, another fantastic reading, just simply wonderful, Angel never ceases to amaze me." ... written by zimerili1
"Very honest and helpful." ... written by keith
"Very quick, and to the point! Spot on information!! Will be back for more. ;)" ... written by Lauren
"She is the BEST!! No doubt " ... written by seerat
"She is good.... But I do not believe in future prediction...but I believe in zodiac sign and the psychology behind it... and the lady is good in her profession..." ... written by Suman Bose
"Very helpful" ... written by Linh
"She is fun to talk to, and sympathetic when she delivers changes in what you're hoping will happen. She gives details too and not just yes or no. She did see a person I was inquiring about stay at a city for 2 to 3 days when I thought was only one day. Her prediction was right!" ... written by marialuis
"She's so sweet and helpful" ... written by Linh
"Questions answered. Consistent with other reads and some of her predictions had come to pass. Waiting now for the others." ... written by marialuis
"Had an updated reading with Angel. Was scared because last time the info wasn't what I wanted to hear but I needed to hear. This update brought ease to me because she gave me GREAT news about my situation. And she is one of the few psychics that actually check in with u for an update and see how things are going! Thank you Angel. You were one of my first psychic to try on this site and has been a help ever since. I pray your predictions will come to pass once again! " ... written by Tee
"Awesome reading, you are so gifted. I appreciate your help." ... written by sunshine
"It went well. Things seemed very accurate. She is friendly and very nice. I was happy with my reading. " ... written by Miranda
"I can't get enough of Angel's readings, they are always extremely detailed and informative, thanks a million angel..." ... written by zimerili1
"I don't know if I am getting attracted to her like opposite poles of magnets...but in a different way....she is really lovely in her predictions....although I don't believe in psychic reading....I am having fun here...funny place..." ... written by Suman Bose
"Angelful1982 is a great psychic. She gives the best readings with no sugar-coating. I definitely recommend her for anyone that has any questions that they need clarity on. She is best!" ... written by Shaun
"Good" ... written by majoma
"Thx u Angel for great update I am looking forward 4 all to come true!! " ... written by queenbee22
"Myyyyyy favorite!!!! Must be the 38538905 reading so far" ... written by alexis
"Wow! I had questions and got answers that were so close to home that I am amazed. Every time I get a reading I see things from a different view. And have better understanding. Angelful1982 is truly gifted." ... written by Shaun
"Questions answered and she validated my feelings about a situation. If you have questions, she's the gal to go to!" ... written by marialuis
"Angel.....Angel....Angel......You are always the one to go to for confirmations.....You have been accurate and honest from the first reading I have had with you....You just confirmed the last reading and now I know you are genuinely one of the best on Oranum.....My dear, thank you so much for everything....You deserve every star there is.....You have helped me with one of the most difficult situations in my life.....Xoxo!!!!!!" ... written by Ebony
"Update read. Good insights!" ... written by marialuis
"Was very helpful and straight to the point." ... written by Lindsey
"A fast, spot on and friendly!" ... written by maja1405
"Angel, thank you very much for the reading. I appreciate your help and guidance very much. Thank you n bless u my sister." ... written by desi
"The best by far I am addicted to angel's readings, so clear so simple so precise so soothing so honest, i cant say enough good things about angel's expertise. Thank you with all my heart..." ... written by zimerili1
"Very fast expert. Recommended." ... written by _x
"She s great as always - Thank you for the insight Angel ! " ... written by ttp2582
"Very good insight. Answered all of my questions." ... written by erica
"Thank you so much - awesome" ... written by sunshine
"She is awesome! Thanks a lot!" ... written by petal
"Angel thanks for your honesty. I know you tell it like you see it." ... written by leogirl
"Just needed a quick update on my situation. Still positive but a honesty that i didnt want to hear but I needed to hear. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
"Good reading...As she has mentioned, it is fast, accurate and to the point. She really doesn't waste your time, doesn't have sweet talking. Just to the truth, what she sees, she says! Thanks angelful!!!" ... written by Ian
"Angelful1982 is the real deal! Very insightful, honest, and clear- had answers to all of my questions and a very strong connection. She is very good at picking up energies. Highly recommended, I will come again for readings in the future! :)" ... written by Starry16
"She's really detailed in her readings and on point with everything!" ... written by Chris
"She is amazing! She was totally correct about everything in regards to my health." ... written by Kareen
"I asked a question to help me get some peace of mind and I have." ... written by Victoria
"Update read and consistent with other reads but with more information. Each question is answered with a lot of detail and even conversations. A few of her predictions have already come to pass and waiting now for the others to pass." ... written by marialuis
"Wow!!! Angelful 1982 is mindblowing!! she is the real deal and she is extremely accurate and spot on I highly reccomend her if you have any doubts in phsyhichs she will prove to you just how real they can be and accurate :)!! She is honest and right down to the point even if it's not what you want to hear! THank you so very much Angelful I was mind blown and I thank you so much for your honesty!!! xxxx all my love" ... written by bunny222222
"Very good, accurate reader." ... written by Jehan
"Honest" ... written by Sarah
"THANKS!" ... written by SOL
"honest and truthful" ... written by Jehan
"Again and again fantastic as always." ... written by zimerili1
"Thanks for the truth." ... written by sunshine
"Thank you angelful for being so amazing and honest!!! I'm so shocked from the reading I can't believe how accurate you are and mind blown at the things you've told me but it all makes so much sense!! I highly recommend you to everyone online and I thank you for all your help and guidance!!" ... written by bunny222222
"You are amazing, Thank you so much. You are very accurate and without me telling you anything about my situation you knew exactly what was going on. I will def be back and keep you updated. Again thank you so very much!" ... written by Cheryl
"LOL!!!!! Here we go again......Another accurate, awesome, quick, honest and wonderful reading by Angel.....She is such a sweetheart.....She deserves a milllion stars because 5 stars is not enough for her rating.....She will tell you the truth and will ease your mind tremendously.......I love chatting with her in free chat just because she always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh.....Thank you Angel!!!!!" ... written by Ebony
"She is very good at getting to the root of the symbols in dream interpretation. My dreams were using some bizarre imagery (I've been having weird dreams EVERY NIGHT for the past year and half?) And the symbols are one thing, but she has explained/seen that the message is another which is really helpful. So if you have dreams or nightmares or something I would recommend her for dream interpretation. It's good if your brain is spitting out wild information. She always explains in the most concise manner that is deep and easy to understand!" ... written by pitabread
"Good reading, she is awesome, any one should consider reading with her, 5 stars." ... written by uresnstel77
"I think it's worth it! Very sincere." ... written by olenka
"Hey Angelful, thanks for the reading and for the advise card. Good to know I'm on the right path and just need to try a little harder. I'll keep you in touch !" ... written by Richard
"She was very quick and easy... She went straight to the point and helped me... I hope it works out... I like her she made me feel at ease." ... written by hoping13
"Wow. I think she must have great guides. I trust she is telling mostly everything on point. It seems to be accurate. " ... written by veronique
"I am stunned! Her cards reiterate information that i did not let her know but had suspected. Wow! Angel is a bit more money than the others, but so worth it! So intuitive, and on point even with just the 5 minutes i had with her. And she does not sugar coat, its the truth as she sees and hears it, and this is definitely what you want." ... written by kissmeangel
"Questions answered. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
"Thanks so much that was a great reading she is real good." ... written by dellamalee
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"Great as always!" ... written by keisha
"lovely advice and insight as always. Angel knows her cards and has very good intuition. Love this lady. God bless and she knows I will be back. lol. " ... written by mini
"She is always clear, accurate and honest." ... written by Pat
"She was great, I was shocked! Very accurate! Highly recommended..:)" ... written by Spirit
"Thank you!! Everything's spot on!!! and the predictions has just came basically just see everything in my situation right now. " ... written by Yunjia
"As always, you are the best my dear...You have supported me through a very difficult time in my life..I highly recommend Angel for readings because she is honest, accurate, predicted things that actually happened and she gets to the point quickly. She is an Angel sent from Heaven...Thanks for all your support hun...Thanks for everything...XoXo" ... written by Ebony
"Really spot on with accuracy, lots of detail, and confirmed my suspicions very quickly." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
"Thank you for the reading. Angel is fantastic at what she does and is always extremely accurate with my readings." ... written by jp
"Very good reading." ... written by Jehan
"Lovely reading again thanks." ... written by zimerili1
"I have been coming to Angelful for months and find her to be accurate and honest. Angelful is a blessing in my life and i am grateful for the advice and guidance she has given me. I would not hesitate to recommend Angelful." ... written by Flora8
"Super super super again and again and again...thanx angel." ... written by zimerili1
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"Angelful1982 you're truly amazing and i thank you so deeply for answering all my questions!!! You have the most amazing gift and i'm very grateful for all of your help and insight!!! I highly reccomend you to all and it's so hard to find true psychics but you're the real deal and anyone who talks with you will be amazed by your predictions!! Thank you so much for all of your help!! all my love xxxooo" ... written by bunny222222
"Thank you Angel for the reading, highly recommended." ... written by Woodzey
"Great reading, very quick. Accurate." ... written by lydialyon
"Angelful always gives straight answers. And really digs deep to give clarity. " ... written by Shaun
"Very calming and informative! Can't wait to chat again!" ... written by Ericka
"Thank you for the update and you really confirmed so many times, I am very happy to know those things. When the job offer for the other work comes I will give you an update on that. As for the the other person's prediction I am patiently waiting ... :) Thank you Angel,, ! I am very happy! BigSMiles!!" ... written by ConnieD
"She is very expert, and super honest! I love her readings a lot." ... written by john
"Great loved it." ... written by chris
"Amazing Amazing Amazing Person!!! :) Angelful is just amazing!! She's always quick and picks up things really fast!! And she even knows what I hide deep in my heart!! You're the best!! :) Thank you soo much! " ... written by Yunjia
"ALWAYS GREAT Guidance, calming, and loads of answers." ... written by PURPLECLOUD
"ALways the best, had four reading today no joke i love her she is the best" ... written by seerat
"She is the best!!! " ... written by seerat
"Great reader with a heart of gold, always gives me clarity and helps me move forward in life. Love u angel!!" ... written by seerat
"Amazing! She knows me so well." ... written by Jillian
"She is precise, direct and to the point - does not waste your time but was right on!" ... written by EsotericRJM
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"She is excellent picks up quickly....can't wait to see if predictions do come" ... written by vayunu
"I really enjoyed my reading with Angelful! She was quick to connect and quick with answers. I really look forward to her predictions coming true. She also was very encouraging and helpful with career advice. I definitely recommend having a reading with her!" ... written by Mjocho
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"Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
"Guessed everything right away with me giving her very little information. She told me the exact situation of what is going on. Good Advice, and great vision on things. Thanks for your help!!" ... written by kikitaa
"Great reading!" ... written by veezee
"BEST advice. On a few little doubts.haha. THANK YOU! Big Smilee! :))))))" ... written by kikta
"Thank you for the reading. At least I know what is coming to me now" ... written by jp
"To be honest.. SHE IS THE BESTTT.." ... written by kikitaa
"I enjoyed her reading! Too the point, confident and fast :) " ... written by sunny0day
"Thanks darling. OMG!!!!! This is such a tough situation to be in. I really appreciate all your support these pass few months, hun. You are worth a million stars and more. You are always accurate and on point with the situation. You are always a pleasure to talk to and you are truly a top rated psychic. Xx" ... written by Ebony
"I can't get enough of her readings, they are wonderful." ... written by zimerili1
"Another great reading with Angel. She is always nice, kind and AMAZING! =) I will definitely come back again. She is just great! Have a private reading with her! I am sure you will come back ;)" ... written by Mileva
"A real pleasure to talk to. I'm sorry my computer was so hopelessly slow. :c She granted a lot of insight that made a lot of sense for my situation and I will definitely be back." ... written by Waywardly
"Thank u so much once againn!!" ... written by kikitaa
"She was great! :-) I would definitely recommend!" ... written by SmileyT
"Good to speak with as always" ... written by Lolalola123
"Thank you for giving me peace and letting me know that I am just stressing out! You connect very quickly and your reading correlated with the last one. I really hope your predictions come true!" ... written by Michelle
"Told me what I needed to hear, not what i wanted to hear. Very accurate, and helpful!" ... written by Krissy
"She is the best! Love readings with clear and on point!" ... written by Monaleeza
"Very good reading, very helpful, and I feel pretty good after hearing what she had to say. " ... written by adriana
"Angelful was quick right on spot and gave me food for thought. I would reccomend her for anyone who wants truth and compassion." ... written by devene page
"Always rocks! Thanks again ANGEL! " ... written by summa
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"Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
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"Good" ... written by lolalola123
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"She was super fast!" ... written by Katy
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"She is very good, to point i love this girl she is awesome, 1000 stars." ... written by sam
"She was spot on." ... written by Tess
"Hey AngelFul :) Thank you again for the great reading and for the awesome advice cards you give me :) Since I started reading with you things are starting to connect in my favour :) I'll keep you up to date!" ... written by Richard
"She's honest and to the point. And fast. She tells you the truth even if you don't like it. Actually, that's a good thing. " ... written by Beatricebee
"Was okay!" ... written by ebobo
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"Once again.. BEST ADVICE, and visions.." ... written by kikitaa
"I like talking to angel. I have a reading with few other psychics but she is very peaceful to talk to. And very quick in picking up cards. She don't even waste one minute. Lovely woman.. will wait for the predictions to come true... love u angel.." ... written by Pragi
"Angelful1982 is a very kind and caring person. 5 star work and psychic. Thank You" ... written by barbara
"The best reader ever who will always tell you the truth and always gives good advice too" ... written by seerat
"SHE'S THE BEST! ACCURATE! HONEST! THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR THE ADVICE. I always come back to her, which is very often, when I need it. THX." ... written by kikitaa
"Everything was dead on from my job to my friendships to my relationships as usual. I am a frequent client of angel's. Amazing!" ... written by alexis leigh
"Thanks once again!!! Big kiss to you and thanks for the honesty and great advices!" ... written by kikitaa
"She is very honest and on the spot. I really recommend her." ... written by neima
"AngelFul is a zillion stars of healing energy and gifts. Truly love her kind soul. 11 Stars!" ... written by ladydove
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"She is the best. She did medium work with me. I am literally in tears. I am so shocked. She is amazing. I love you hun! Thank you so much for everything." ... written by jillian
"I am addicted having readings and medium sessions with her. She's so amazing." ... written by Jillian
"Always a comforting reading with angel." ... written by jp
"Thanks Angel for another quick and accurate reading. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. You have helped me tremendously through this rough time in my life. I don't know how to thank you enough.The truth hurts but I would rather know than not to know at all. A million stars and more... " ... written by Ebony
"Amazing as always! xoxo" ... written by jillian
"I felt that Angelful1982 gave a very truthful and insightful reading. It was straight and to the point and she answered allot of questions I had. Good reading." ... written by CelticFrost21
"She is very good. Highly recommended!" ... written by Bast78
"Thanks once again for the advice, and beeing here whenever I needed it!!!" ... written by kiktaa
"Always amazing with information and accuracy and very direct, I love it." ... written by zimerili1
"I am amazed with Angelful1982. I have had several readings and she is completely correct in everything she has told me. She knew my daughter has a gift and was very scared. I would recommend her over anyone else." ... written by Kareen
"Angel was blunt and to the point... but correct and thanks for the wisdom." ... written by Shazzalou
"She is very quick and did not waste my time. She is honest, knowledgeable and does not sugar coat. I think will be back again in mid of July for another one. 5 stars*****" ... written by monisha
"Thank you angelful!! Again, you helped me through a lot, and you were really spot on! :) Thank you! xxx " ... written by Yunjia
"Very good!" ... written by val
"Thanks, lovely reading... I felt you connected well!" ... written by steven
"Good as always!" ... written by Lolalola123
"Straight on point! Very good , told me what i needed to know! SO happy with this reading! Will come again " ... written by Diliyana
"Very sweet." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
"Thank you!!" ... written by deelove
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"Thanks again angel! " ... written by summa
"Always spending my money on her. She's so worth it and I love her !:) xoxo" ... written by Jillian
"She is very honest, tells u exactly what she sees." ... written by elle
"Thanks! Helpful, detailed reading..." ... written by S
"Absolutely brilliant!" ... written by zimerili1
"Brilliant and direct. No messing around." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
"Angel is spot on. Thank you for easing my pain, you really are an angel." ... written by LilyCicco
"I give angel 5 stars, she's read very ethically, and honestly.. She picks up on my energies and reads what she gets, very confident! She is AWESOME.... Thank you xoxoxoxox" ... written by Hot salsa
"U ARE THE BESTTT!!" ... written by Kikitaa
"I love her so much she has made me feel so much better about my relationship which is currently on a rocky road. I am a regular with her and she is just amazing!" ... written by alexis
"Thanks for follow up." ... written by SR
"Thank You ANGEEELLL!!" ... written by kikitaa
"She was accurate and quick with her answers. I appreciated her honest assessment and answers. I like her, because she tells you the good and the not so good. I really enjoy talking with her and receiving sound advice and guidance. She is truly a remarkable psychic. " ... written by Ernest
"She is the real deal, and very accurate and something she said I'm sure will happen very soon. I got sign of that. Well I would love to come back and join her private reading again as she is a very welcoming and warm person indeed. xox Your Ampily :)" ... written by Ampily
"haha.. just had one question left!!" ... written by kikitaa
"She's good.. i mean very good!!! she is spot on ... like wow!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"I love this women more then life itself...she has helped me get through a very hard time in my life...and i am now at peace and so happy with what is coming which i feel in my heart is true...thank you i know my boyfriend is coming back to me and we will be better then ever you are absolutely right." ... written by alexis
"Thank you. " ... written by kymiibymii
"Always a pleasure to read with Angel. Accurate, quick and very insightful. " ... written by Gene
"Wonderful reading thanks." ... written by Angelwingss7
"Thank you for your truth." ... written by Krissy
"I have had several readings with AngelFul and I have to say that I really do feel a connection with her. AngelFul is straight to the point and accurate.. She have given a ton of clarity about my daughter and has been right on about my health.. I visit her room often and enjoy listening in on her chat... thanks for awesome readings." ... written by Kainaj1973
"She is the best!! Must check her out." ... written by seerat
"She was wonderful friendly and helpful. and very insiteful." ... written by susan hester
"Love her very helpful and truthful thanks so much will come back soon." ... written by tina
"AMAZING READING. She did a dream interpretation with me too. Made perfect sense. And she knew I argued with my mom! I love her so much best psychic ever :) xoxoxooxoxo HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by jillian
"Thanks for the reading" ... written by JS
"Great great great, angel gets it head on, too much detail in fact, wonderful thanx" ... written by zimerili1
"Thank you angel for the reassurance. i appreciate your updates." ... written by jp
"U ARE ONCE AGAIN THE BEST." ... written by Kikitaa
"Thanks for reassurances." ... written by S
"Good feedback." ... written by jean
"AMAZING PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST EVERR ON ORANUM." ... written by Jillian Brackman
"Speechless!" ... written by Mike
"THX FOR CALMING ME DOWN AGAIN." ... written by Kikitaa
"Very good thanks for the info." ... written by sean
"My Pc kept cutting out but the info I received was good, thank you." ... written by Carly
"Fantastic. Direct answers, well worth the money, thank you Angel, you have certainly helped me to calm my nerves and your insight with my current and future situation was as always. AWSOME." ... written by Manystars
"Thank you again my friend Angel, I love consulting with you. You give fast answer and you tell me the truth with no sugar coating. I love that about you that is why I go to you many times. Will be back to let you know the progress. I am very happy! =)" ... written by Connette
"Although hard to understand the accent she is always on target, highly recommended." ... written by devene pagebaca
"Great dream clear to understand" ... written by dellama
"She is a great psychic! She has helped me so much, and i got the answers i was hoping for." ... written by MissJillyx0
"Detailed read." ... written by sk
"Excellent - right to the point and clear. She doesn't waste your time. " ... written by dmbertault
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"She's good! I recommend her." ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"Awesome reader! Accurate and very fast. She needed very little information and she was spot on!!" ... written by anesha
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"Always a good reading with angel. Very consistant." ... written by jp
"Very direct and to the point! I appreciated that and she was very good. I would recommend her to answer any type of questions. She was great!" ... written by Janet
"Another excellent reading by angel thank you." ... written by zimerili1
"She is good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"She's good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"I'm always going to have readings with her. She is so accurate and gives HONEST answers. She explains my situations so well and what my spirit guide tells me. She should be top psychic. Love you girl! xoxoxo Thank you so much for everything." ... written by Jillian
"Angel always tells the truth in a reading no matter what she sees." ... written by jp
"Thanks for updates angel." ... written by SS
"Accurate reading. Seems spot on." ... written by Jehan
"Thank you so much. I really appreciated the kind advice, the honest reading and the direction you gave me. It just felt right contacting you and I'm glad it happened. Thank You Angelful. You are a blessed soul. Namaste." ... written by geranium29
"She is direct and on spot, it is worth time to consult her, and she is accurate as usual. That why I am here in second time and happy to continue consult her as I can. Thanks a lot, Angelful. Ampily" ... written by Ampily
"I just had an update and angelfull was great as usual" ... written by zimerili1
"Great reading. Always insightful and never sugar coated. One of the best!" ... written by Rwan
"This beautiful woman is the best ever she sees things before u ask and they come true aamazin worth the money." ... written by ROBIN
"Great reading, I never had a career reading with angel but this one was right on target and great as always" ... written by seerat
"Very good reading and accurate." ... written by Debbie
"Wonderful, really insightful. I'd come back :)" ... written by Knox
"Good reading." ... written by Linda
"Amazing thank you!" ... written by karla
"She was good!" ... written by Moneque
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"Helpful." ... written by vanessa
"Great reader. Very honest and right to the point. She has a great gift. Thank you. " ... written by aerie4
"Very precise." ... written by Lumusia
"Truly, an honest and accurate psychic. She will tell you the truth. I enjoy her honesty and passion for the truth. I will continue to seek her for guidance. I can always count on her for the truth. " ... written by EBJ
"Very well - liked it this time a lot - very straight to the point and direct" ... written by Melissa
"Thanks angel for the quickie...always a pleasure to talk" ... written by SS
"Quick and great reading!!! Does not repeat herself like others." ... written by Emilio
"She is very helpful, and caring person. she did many accurate reading and her skill are real and also have many great advice for my situation. I appreciated in her a lot, thanks Ampily!" ... written by Ampily
"She is to the point excellent." ... written by newlife_85
"She is extremely talented, quick, and honest. I always excited to receive the truth from this psychic. She is truly gifted and caring in her readings. " ... written by EJB
"Thanks for the advice and heads up about things!" ... written by bluesage
"Thanks angel for the update very much appreciated as always." ... written by SS
"Another very good reading with Angel, always love it." ... written by zimerili1
"She was Fast and on point! Very direct and to the point." ... written by Christine
"5 Stars! Very honest and excellent readings." ... written by Rene067
"Great as always. Everything she says always comes true. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO GO TO HER ! Asap! xoxoxo " ... written by Jillian
"I've been coming to Angelful for a while now for guidance and she is always wonderful to talk to. She is accurate with her predictions and very fast. Also very honest. This is why i always return. Thank you Angelful. xx" ... written by Flora
"Thank you so much. Everytime we connect I can feel the messages. On to bigger and better things now. Thanks angel." ... written by geranium29
"Lovely lady!! Very fast, she confirmed what I was told by another person. I love angelful!! You should give her a try. VERY FAST and does not waste your credit!! " ... written by Debbie
"Very, very accurate and quick reading not trying to waste your time." ... written by missguided
"Master Angel, she always gets me right on spot and she's so genuine!! She's a lovely person and who only tells the truth!! Thank you soo much Angel! I really appreciate your help! ;) x" ... written by crystal_x123
"I am addicted to Angel's readings they are so detailed and true, there is never a dull moment with her, thank you, my friend." ... written by zimerili1
"very much to the point!" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
"She is truly a remarkable psychic and I enjoy her honesty and quick answers. She is truly one of the best psychics on this site. " ... written by Ajc
"Very good reading-spot on. She made me feel comfortable during the reading. Thank you! " ... written by treewater
"This is my fifth reading with her and each time is awesome with her. She is very honest and she says it like it is. I appreciate your honesty=)" ... written by moonstonela
"Great, thank you! :)" ... written by JS
"As always. I get great advice and a touch of wisdom from the very gifted Angel. She has a wonderful spirit and a real no fluff approach to her readings. I want to thank her for helping me so much." ... written by Shaun
"Accurate, very accurate!!!" ... written by miss guided
"Angel is a very beautiful person inside out. She never guides us wrong. She is always direct, truthful and very caring. You can easily put you trust in her since she will always tell you what's right and what's wrong for us. I Really admire her a lot as a psychic definitely and also a lot as a person. And she has been very accurate for me in the past every time. Thanks, much love! xxoxox And god bless you!" ... written by Niha
"Very informative." ... written by Altuna0
"Thanks so much." ... written by SS
"Always a pleasure, she is insightful and quickly knew my situation, she has great energy and I am a repeat client for a reason, highly recommend" ... written by Leticia
"Very helpful as always, i never get disappointed when I get a reading with Angelful. She answered all my questions accurately as always ! Thank you so much xox" ... written by Jillian
"Thank you....very fast for the time I had thank you for that...very good." ... written by Rhadhannia
"She's always spot on. She has been consistent w/ her readings, she's honest, and what she told me makes sense. Not fairy tales, just reality. She's fast and doesn't waste your time. It's always a pleasure to hear her readings. " ... written by cabbageinbeauty
"Master Angel is a 5 star psychic who always gives a truthful reading even it is not what you wanted to hear (if it is bad news). She is very professional and can sometimes be taken as uncaring; which in fact; she is just serious and deep. She does care!" ... written by ladydove
"She's good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"Another great reading, thank you!" ... written by zimerili1
"I have to say that I truely feel a connection with Angelful1983. She is always straight to the point and doesn't give any misleading information. I have to say that I have had conversations with other psychics on Oranum and ANGELFUL has been the only one to be accurate and right on target with my readings. I have had some readings that were totally off the wall and way off base with my questions. I would recommend her to anyone..." ... written by Kainaj1973
"I love her! She no fluffing around, straight to the point and very accurate and precise. Thank you for the clarity! Much love! " ... written by NSW lady
"Thanx for update you are wonderful." ... written by zimerili1
"My favorite!" ... written by racheljenee
"She's wonderful." ... written by sincly7
"Always right on target - thank you so much you are always so clear. The best." ... written by sunshine
"love her" ... written by pegy4
"Thanks so much angel For the reading always appreciated sounds accurate keep you posted" ... written by SS
"Master is a great communicator and she conveys her messages and visions with clarity and detail. If you want answers, go to her. She will give you time frames and will tell you exactly what she sees. She will tell what is happening and why. What will happen and why. A very professional and a true master of her art. Recommended 100%." ... written by _x
"TOTALLY AWESOME" ... written by alyssa
"SHE IS TO THE POINT." ... written by ASTHA
"5 stars! :) Thanks , I'm happy I had a reading with Angel, about time too lol! Will come back sometime for update if I need too. She is a nice person. :) Thanks again! :)" ... written by giusep
"Very good and quick" ... written by Linda
"My daily reader/ and or therapist deserves number 1." ... written by lex
"She is good and fast." ... written by lauren
"She is great! She speaks so quickly, but my questions were answered. She answered each and every one. When I could not understand, she typed out the words--good and helpful. Do not let her youth keep you from consulting her. She's smart and patient. Yet energetic just the same. " ... written by Robin
"Thanks!!!! Great positive reading and am looking forward to all thiis. Always truthful, honest and quick xoxo" ... written by nancy
"Loved her!! She told me all I wanted to know." ... written by estefany
"Excellent!" ... written by pegy
"She reveals information with ease and confidence that what she is saying is really how it is. Gives me the confidence I need to continue down the road I have chosen. Try her!" ... written by Halovm
"She is fast, good and straight to the point. Senses things very well. Tells you how it is. And she is also great to chat with. x" ... written by IrelandIrish
"Excellent and very on point!" ... written by Rene067
"Very awesome reading I will give her 1000 stars." ... written by sam
"AngelFul was quick and to the point with her responses. Thank you Angel. " ... written by Fulgur
"No bs reader." ... written by paul
"She is very good. Great details and honest." ... written by vmarchionno
"Thanks, Angel, for being straight forward and honest as always... Love and hugs." ... written by nv
"Honest reader, no BS." ... written by Paul
"Awesome as always!" ... written by sunshine
"She is a very nice person, she always gives you honest answers, 10000 stars for you!" ... written by sam
"Accurate and to the point. Angel is able to connect almost immediately. Five Stars!" ... written by Gene
"She is sweet, and accurate. Pure clean energy. I recommend her highly." ... written by OndeMystere
"Angel is very good and says is like it is and I trust her not to candy coat.....she is very fast and no nonsense. Thanks Angel once again. x" ... written by Irelandirish
"An amazing reading straight to the point thank you very much hunni" ... written by Natasha
"AngelFul1982 gave me some interesting information about the spirits that surround me and my family. I love the information she provides." ... written by Kainaj1973
"She is awesome!!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"I love her ... She was right the last time we spoke ... I pray she is right this time I need this to be right ... Thank you sooooo much lots of love and respect " ... written by Lottabody1982
"She Was Fast... Her Readings Were Accurate... She Tapped Right Into What I Was Feeling... It Was Good!" ... written by Lutrel
"Good reader." ... written by paul
"very honest thanks" ... written by thingy
"Had another satisfied reading with angelful ! She's great and all of her predictions came true. And she was honest about the spirits in my house as well. I always feel great and positive after having a reading with her. Thanks so much! xox!" ... written by Jillian
"well, what can i say, i came back again, all her predictions are so right, becomes scary at some point!!!!!!!" ... written by pegy
"Excellent reader. Fast and very intuitive. I loved her reading. " ... written by Jose
"Very good reading. He is the best. 100000 stars to her!" ... written by sam
"She was very fast . Connected fast.Try her!" ... written by Christopher
"She is accurate as usual and also good person to consult with." ... written by ampily
"She's awesome, quick, accurate, positive, I love her." ... written by estefany
"Angel is very good and very accurate. I have come to trust her predictions which have always turned out correctly, even the time frame. I would recommend her to everyone. " ... written by Irelandirish
"Very good. Fast reader." ... written by Aisha
"This lady very sweet and good connection with you she is the best in oranum 100000 stars for her" ... written by sam
"Thanks for the updates here." ... written by S
"WOW...I have no words to express! Angel is so accurate...thank you for such a great reading!" ... written by t
"Angel is a very very beautiful person inside out and a very accurate psychic.... love you dear.. god bless you always!" ... written by Niha
"Thanks for the reading as always keep you posted." ... written by S
"Thanks So much beautiful lady , you have never been wrong for me , with your predictions...thanks take care blessings" ... written by Niha
"Master Angel is great and truthful and insightful... Always gives hope and good guidance. Thank you once again Angel. xxxx" ... written by irelandirish
"Interesting reading...With tarot cards...tty" ... written by GD
"Angel is very good and tells it as it is. Always her insight and readings have come true. She is my ''faithful'' and ''steadfast'' reader. " ... written by Irelandirish
"Angelful1982 is amazing as always!!! Very accurate and clear, talks fast and gives many details. She is the best! Thank you!" ... written by Julia
"Best reader ever and super nice love her go see her she's awesome!!" ... written by Blue
"Very helpful" ... written by thingy
"Insightful , helpful , REAL helped me a lot xx" ... written by Amani
"Angel is really good with her readings. This is my second time. Came back after what she said will happen came to pass. " ... written by jomielyn
"Angel thank you so much for being here for me this entire year. Your predictions have come to pass and you have been right about mostly everything. I will continue to trust you and keep you as one of my top advisors....Thanks.....((hugs)))...Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Angel is clear, to the point, fast, and very sweet and sympathetic. For me she is loyal in that she has never tired of my questions and really sympathies. I'll be back again of course." ... written by irelandirish
"FANTASTIC!!!!" ... written by pegy
"Master Angel is really great and precise and fast. No nonsense and in-depth answers with time frames also. Thanks again Angel! " ... written by irelandirish
"Angel, you sure do know how to make me laugh.......This is my final reading for the year on ORANUM.....LOL....I just left out a few questions which is why I had to come back tonight....Angel is the BEST....Predictions have come to pass, she is very accurate and very very honest......She sees, hears and smells it all....LOL....(((HUGS)))...May God continue to Bless you with your amazing gifts Angel....Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Master Angel is brilliant and very sympathetic and very professional in all her readings which have always come true She is highly recommended 10 stars!!!!" ... written by irelandirish
"Angel is serious and to the point" ... written by irelandirish
"Very precise and excellent!" ... written by DarniaC
"Very excellent ready!" ... written by DarniaC
"She is very good. Accurate and to the point. No games and very sweet. Thank you for your honesty and great advice!! As always you are the one I trust! " ... written by vm
"Awesome and on target thanks." ... written by sunshine
"She amazing reader I will give her 100000 stars she always very kind" ... written by sam
"Angel is the Best! She has been accurate with her predictions for me atleast 95% of the times, if not more , and I have been coming to her for say more than a year . God bless you beautiful lady xoxoxox" ... written by Niha
"Wonderful reader and very in tune with her angel guides." ... written by moongirl777
"THANK YOU! Much clarity!" ... written by janee120
" She is the best. Thank God she was on here to help me sort our this mess! Without a dount she is the reaser that is made for me. Soo awesome. Hugs Angel. Thank you!!1" ... written by alyssa
"Very fast, to the point and no-nonsense! I liked that. Gave an accurate run down of things right now and the cards show good potential for the outcome. " ... written by Seeker1200
"wow!!!!!! great reader!!! picked up soo quickly." ... written by Krissy
"Good reading" ... written by jesintha
"Excellent reader, pretty spot on." ... written by arunpgk78
"It's a wonderful reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"The best psychic I have ever met. And I met many." ... written by Power
"Good reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Truthful and honest and fast with great insight." ... written by irelandirish
"Fast, Accurate." ... written by arunpgk78
"All her answers were like so so amazing. She is quick and to the point." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excellent reading to the point doesnt waste time" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excellent and fast reading, thank you." ... written by whishes43
"she has been very precised." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"i do not know how she does it, but she is right on!! with her prediction!!" ... written by pegy
"Fantastic!!!" ... written by pegy
"Awesome thanks for the clarification." ... written by sunshine
"Good reading very patient and very in tune with thoughts!" ... written by tilly
"She's very direct and honest. It was hard to swallow at first but they were I believe the truth. Thank you for my reading!" ... written by SkyPurple08
"She has a very self assured way about her . I feel she knows what she is talking about and i feel she is very honest. I know that I can trust her predictions. I really like having readings with her!!" ... written by moongirl777
"A highly accurate and fast reader... one of the best here." ... written by ubiquitious
"Very fast and accurate reader, very professional ... and to the point." ... written by ubiquitious
"She doesn't waste time so spot on and just amazing." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Angel, thanks for always being there... I think I will definitely seek some professional help seriously... LOL!!! You have been like my guardian angel for this entire year. I don't know how you put up with me. Predictions have always come to pass, especially one of the biggest ones that I was waiting for. She is honest, tells you the good and bad and I truly admire her for that. This reading was not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear and its hard to find experts like her who are honest... (((HUGS))) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"she is just so spot on and doesn't waste time...u should try her she is so good in all what she says and remembers the past readings too... amazing" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excellent reader!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Another good reading, picked up few things. Straight off, a clear understanding." ... written by ubiquitious
"Truthful, and Genuine reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"Good predictions, Intelligent assessment.." ... written by ubiquitious
"Very good." ... written by Tammy
"Lovely only person I will ever let see my personal stuff and the fact that she got that far is impressive I am a very private person. ❤❤❤ Ow, her so much more then she knows. ❤❤❤" ... written by Blue
"All her predictions are coming true one by one, from the smallest ones to the big one ..and in the way she had predicted..a m left in complete awe of this woman. Blessings to you!" ... written by Niha
"It was a good reading, thanks. " ... written by octoberfall
"She is very to the point and direct, great reading." ... written by sal
"She gave me everything that I needed. She is great!!! VERY CLEAR AND VERY GOOD IN HER PREDICTION. SO FAR EVERYTHING CAME TRUE, THAT IS WHY I AM COMING BACK!!!" ... written by pegy
"She was fantastic I will be back!" ... written by free2013
"Really good - great energy - highly recommend! Thanks so much." ... written by p
"Excelent. " ... written by pegy
"5 star Consultation, Very Fast and accurate!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Great!" ... written by yuyi
"Amazing!!! thanks" ... written by JS
"Thanks for the reading!" ... written by S
"Sweet and generous. Thanks for being there for me this evening. Meant a lot. xo" ... written by p
"Straight to the point does not waste your time. Tells you straight up what the truth is. I knew it once she said it. I already knew it." ... written by Rose
"Very good reader I will give her 10000stars." ... written by sam
"Fast and very clear answers.." ... written by ubiquitious
"She is my favourite and the best :) The quickest of all... always saves my credits :) Love her. Blessings, Angel!" ... written by Niha
"Very precise in her reading ... No wasting of time!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Angel is honest and straightforward and helpful." ... written by irelandirish
"Very spot on." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Very good reading. she is great, very honest, quick and cool. thanks, will return." ... written by arlette
"Very good readingvery precise I all trust her instincts to the point." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excellent reading to the point, all came true!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"thank you" ... written by Denise
"Appreciate her patience and tolerance, good insights and strong and clear intuition." ... written by ubiquitious
"Master Angel formerly Angelful1982, is a very wonderful and gifted psychic. I always receive food for thought when I get a reading from her. I been consulting with her for a while and she has been a lot of help on spiritual questions and dreams and relationship issues. There is a lot of wisdom and knowledge in her. " ... written by Shaun
"Natural reader.. Highly precise.. Very recommended" ... written by ubiquitious
"So spot on." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excelente!!!! Like always, always right!!!!! Prediction came true... I am coming back!!!" ... written by pegy
"Thanks a lot Angel, you have been of great help always. I know you since almost 1.5 years now, and you have never been wrong for me. You have always told me what's right and what's wrong, straight and honest, never shown me any fairy tales, your advice in work and love has always helped me and your predictions have always happened for me." ... written by Niha
"Please use her she is a definite angel.... All what she has said has come true.... I am so so please with her, the best ever!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"The very best! Amazing super fast and accurate psychic." ... written by Power
"Very spot on, no regrets!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excellent reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"She was honest. " ... written by Hurt
"Very good reading. Always so so helpful and a wonderful person to speak to. Consitent and super fast" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"THANK YOU SO MUCH" ... written by Denise
"She is so so accurate and amazing reader... no words all what she says is so precise" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Angel was excellent! Very clear and answered questions fully. She is an excellent psychic and reader" ... written by iggyb
"Thank you so much ... she is very fast ... thank you" ... written by chantal2006
"She's really fast and accurate. She can tell you most of the details that helps you to know what you need to know. Very good!" ... written by olive
"Angelis the best. I highly recommend her." ... written by irelandirish
"Angel is very clairvoyant and insightful and I highly recommend her. " ... written by irelandirish
"Good reading, spot on." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excelent!!!" ... written by peggy
"Insightful and direct." ... written by PM0000
"5 stars" ... written by moongirl777
"Again what she said came true. I am used to her predictions coming true all the time. :) Take care hun. Blessings!" ... written by nv
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AngelFul. I have been communicating with her for a while now and she is right on target with everything she has told me. I am always getting updates and she is so right it is crazy. She is also great to chat with and hear her insights on life! I highly recommend getting a chance to get a reading with her." ... written by Kainaj
"Great reading again! Thank you! So so clear answers questions directly without any bs." ... written by iggyb
"LOL!!!!! Angel is the BEST!!!! I just love her energy.....She has always been accurate for me and most predictions have happened.....She never lets me down and speaks only the truth........(((HUGS))).....Thank you so much dear....Love and light always....May God continue to shine his divine light and blessings down on you.....Xx" ... written by Ebony
"What can i say, she is fantastic!!!" ... written by pegy
"Angelful is wonderful, I always come back to her. Her predictions are fast and accurate. She does not waste time. Highly recommended. " ... written by Flora
"AWESOME.... Love every minute of her readings.." ... written by Kainaj
"What can I say? Friendly and straight to the point. For quick and highly satisfying reading I can't think suggest you to some one else." ... written by ubiquitious
"Excellent reading... She is so spot on... I do recommend her she is absolutely right in all" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Angel is very straight forward and intuitive. Thanks again Angel." ... written by irelandirish
"Thank you! Your advice is really I guess the truth. You seem to be always right ms. angel :) I think from now on I will try to consult with you. Thank you :)" ... written by SkyPurple08
"she is always right, her predictions are fantastic!" ... written by pegy
"Lightning fast answers, realistic communication." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thanks a lot. Your never wrong with your predictions.. And your advice is so honest and right from your heart." ... written by Niha
"Good Reading! Very informative :) Thanks " ... written by nva 123
"THANK YOU SO MUCH." ... written by Denise
"Very good connection!" ... written by Noura
"Well read and funny at times, no sugar coating." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Super Helpful! Felt major perspective after her reading. Hoping her predictions come about! Will report back Angul Thanks Again!" ... written by Eve714
"I love angel she is so sweet and honest, and confirms everything for you." ... written by laurenq
"She is more a friend who is concerned about my well being, than a consultant at Oranum. I appreciate her work and god bless her She is pretty fast and amazing.. and gives advise that is required for the moment." ... written by ubiquitious
"On point! loved her energy, she's awesome. Recommend fully!" ... written by ayla
"Just love her, so spot on, so sweet and amazing." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Love her.... Even though I drive her crazy with all my questions.... She is so sweet and accurate with her responses. She also answers all my questions without delay.... She does not drag the conversations on for ever.... LOVE LOVE LOVE her readings" ... written by Kainaj1973
"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!" ... written by Denise
"Excellent reading, spot on and so nice." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Angel is my guide helping me through this difficult time. A great reader." ... written by irelandirish
"Fast and highly accurate." ... written by ubiquitious
"She is such a doll and always fast to the point!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"FANTASTIC!!!!!!!" ... written by PEGY
"THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by Denise
"Thanks a tonn. :) Blessing to you." ... written by Niha
"Angel is just the best..." ... written by iggybxxx
"I thought that I was done with readings girl but this situation is getting waaayyy out of hand with my husband and this girl...... Angel you are just the BEST...... No words can describe how great of a person you are. You have been my guiding light since I first signed up with Oranum. I am just going to have to trust God and let him take care of the two of them. I am so done with them. Angel will only tell you the truth, no lies, no sugar coating, predictions happen and she will make you feel so much better.....(((Hugs)))....Xx.... May God continue to shine his divine light and blessings upon you....." ... written by Ebony
"What she tells me is so precise... It's amazing how sure all what she says has unfolded. I am so lost with words... Like an angel, really every cent is so so worth it!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Always the best.. precise accurate and saves my credit.. .she is so quick :))) lots of love." ... written by Niharika
"THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
"Fast and highly effectrive reading" ... written by ubiquitious
"Good reader, pretty straight forward and no sugar coating" ... written by ubiquitious
"Well read!!!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Angel is the best... And my only one here since 1.5 years now... And almost all predictions have happened, no matter how big or small. Love her lots... Take care, god bless you :)" ... written by Niks
"Wow, she amazes me every time with information which only I or a psychic would know..nice! And you look so pretty today. :)) xoxoxox" ... written by Niha
"One gets a sense of direction, after attending a session with her. Very powerful Clairaudience skills.." ... written by ubiquitious
"Very good." ... written by pegy44
"Angel...thank you for your insight and your reading with the cards and your guides. I now will wait. thank you again." ... written by irelandirish
"Excellent!!!!!! She is very caring and very nice... Knows what she is doing... All her predictions came true!!! Thank you, Angel!!!" ... written by pegy
"Angel is honest and no sugar coating thanks Angel" ... written by irelandirish
"THANK YOU SO MUCH" ... written by Denise
"Thanks..." ... written by Nv
"Thank you." ... written by Denise
"Precise." ... written by ubiquitious
"Clear and accurate. She helped me at times when I was at my lowest and I hope her predictions come true." ... written by ubiquitious
"Good reader, Clear and Fast.." ... written by ubiquitious
"As always , whatever she said came to pass. Thanks so much for being there always. Lots of love and god bless u :)" ... written by Niha
"She has always been spot on and right so far. Just simply amazing very gifted." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"THANK YOU!" ... written by Denise
"She okay." ... written by Shirlena
"She is simply amazing, whatever she has said has come to pass i really loved her." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excelent!!!!!!" ... written by pegy44
"Master Angel is so easy to consult any number of questions. Her guidance really put an impact on me. Her readings are very genuine." ... written by Shaun
"Always my go to girl when I really wanna hear the truth even if it hurts! Shes always been there to help. Thank you." ... written by Tasha
"I love it Great as always thanks Angel!" ... written by Amani
"Spot on, wow!" ... written by Sarah
"Angel is always the one I go to when I need the truth. All refer to her for that. Kiss!" ... written by irelandirish
"Thank you!" ... written by Denise
"Funny but good :P" ... written by Mamoon
"Just the best!" ... written by iggybxxx
"Angel is my favorite, always clear and concise with good follow up. She is known as the best and she is!" ... written by iggybxxx
"Thanks Angel. You are very insightful and helpful." ... written by irelandirish
"Always a help." ... written by Tee
"She has been amazing. " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"THANK YOU Angel! To all my fellow Oranians, this beautiful woman has helped me for over a year with my marriage and has been my guiding light. She has been accurate, predictions have come to pass, she tells you only the "TRUTH", and she will work with you like a close friend once you become her regular client. Angel, I love you like a sister and you are truly an angel sent from God. (((HUGS))) Xx" ... written by etrott21
"Angel reading is always precise and consistent. I am so pleased I met her and she is just awesome. No sugar coating and very direct." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Excellent!!! Everything is very good!!!! More than good!!!" ... written by pegy44
"Although it wasn't what I want to hear " ... written by T
"The best.. And again prediction came true!!!" ... written by Niha
"Angel is very gifted. She is the Best." ... written by Shaun
"Highly recommended, quick updates and very clairvoyant!" ... written by ubiquitious
"I really enjoyed my reading with Master Angel. She is very accurate and quick. Look no further for a top notch psychic." ... written by Shaun
"Thanks so much angel once again. You have very good insight. Hugs" ... written by irelandirish
"Time ran out, so sorry. You are great!" ... written by irelandirish
"Very well read! " ... written by MJ
"Thank you again My AngelFull. I always come back to you. You are the best." ... written by irelandirish
"She is awesome. Go Angel! 10000000 stars." ... written by sam
"Thank you!" ... written by Denise
"She is a sweetheart.. I love her so much and we enjoy the reading so much..laughing throughout and sharing jokes while we talk... she is super duper accurate...always ..every time.. xoxoxox and blessing!!!!" ... written by Niharika
"I had yet another reading with Master Angel. Her prediction has just come to pass. Yesterday. And it was an historic day. Once again Master Angel was extremely professional and accurate. She will totally get a grip of your situation and tell you what will happen. And it will happen. Just beware that life is constanly changing so check her frequently. She is the best psychic I have ever met. In private she's confident, accurate, a great communicator and above all she is extremely fast so she won't waste your credits with bullshit. I've been to other psychics but it's useless. I always come to Master Angel because she's the best you can get. I wish you all the best. Only the best for the best. I'm truly impressed with her. She's fantastic. Have no other words to express how grateful I am for having met her." ... written by Power
"My favourtie and the only one I go to , since she has been the only one whose prediction have come true for me consistenyl... and still more to come..xoxoxoxox" ... written by nv
"Angel you are great.. Thanks again" ... written by irelandirish
"I have been coming to Angelful for a couple of years now and she has always been spot on. Her predictions do come to pass and she always tells the truth as she sees it (good or bad, she will be honest). Thank you for your guidance Angelful as always xox" ... written by Flora
"Well read!" ... written by pisces
"Wow, she is amazing and very honest and accurate, would recommend anyone to her she is the best and I love her." ... written by lucyrumb
"Angel is my special councilor, reader and clairvoyant. " ... written by irelandirish
"Thanks Angel. I will keep updating you. You have been always right and I wish the same fro this next prediction. Blessings tc :)" ... written by Niharika
"Very good ! Fast and accurate" ... written by vm
"Angel you are the best" ... written by irelandirish
"Great reading as always...angel is too good" ... written by iggybxxx
"Very calming" ... written by pegy
"THE BEST!!! She is always fast precise and to the point :) She is always digging deeper into the issue so she can help give you the answers that you truly need. Thank you for real soul sis :) Your're amazing as always. hugs xooxo" ... written by alyssa
"The best psychic you will ever meet. She won't waste your credits with fantasies or bullshit. She's the best you will ever find. Great communicator and astonishingly accurate." ... written by Power
"Very good reading with Angelful. She always tells the truth and I appreciate the honesty. I give her more than 5 stars if I could." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
"good reading" ... written by ss
"Thank you. We will now see which of the choices will be best. *fingers crossed*" ... written by ABA
"Very helpful and clear." ... written by ubiquitious
"great psychic connected with me very well and i could tell he was real bc she gave so much insight into the situation and told me what will happen and gave me positive hope i recommend her for anyone!!!" ... written by aj
"She has always been very spot on and a lovely person to talk to. She doesn't waste time and comes straight to the point... very caring and no sugar-coating. The best!" ... written by jj
"I would not recommend any other psychic above Angelful1982... I have been communicating with her for a long time and she understands me and has been so accurate with her predictions that it is scary... she always provides updates and has never steered me in the wrong direction. " ... written by Kainaj1973
"Very fast and accurate." ... written by Rhadhannia/Nancy
"Good reading clarifying and well done." ... written by Rhadhannia/Nancy
"Clear and accurate." ... written by ubiquitious
"Clear, focused and pretty accurate." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thanks so much! you are so beautiful inside out. reading was just as accurate as always. Will update you. Take care! " ... written by niha
"Angel is very helpful and intuitive.. Thanks again." ... written by irelandirish
"Very well read . Consistant and all her predictions have come true. She is just a gem." ... written by jj
"Thank you for the reading!" ... written by M
"Wow her predictions came true, she is amazing." ... written by lucyrumb
"Spot-on reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"Good reader and very situationally aware." ... written by ubiquitious
"Great readings!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Fast and situational reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"Good. Thank you." ... written by Angela
"Wow..all predictions keep coming true one after another...i am getting addicted .. she is super awesomee.. just the best and my only one here.. xoxoxox" ... written by Niharika
"Thanks so much Angel for being so patient with me always , and also being" ... written by niharika_1985
"Fast and accurate." ... written by ubiquitious
"AWESOME!! Thats all I have to say.. I will never speak to another psychic on here.. you really have to see for yourself. I have been communicating with her for months now and Have developed a connection. She doesnt waste your time or money she is straight to the point and no sugar coating anything.." ... written by Kain
"Genuinely accurate" ... written by ubiquitious
"I highly recommend angelful1982. She is very accurate and intuitive to your personal questions you may have. " ... written by Larry
"Insightful and blessed reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"calming" ... written by e
"Time well spent... more clear on certain situations" ... written by ubiquitious
"Fast and accurate" ... written by ubiquitious
"Good update, and pretty straight to the point." ... written by ubiquitious
"Look up to her readings, pretty accurate." ... written by ubiquitious
"Wonderful positive reading with many predictions. All good, hope they will all happen." ... written by Acealways
"LOVE HER!" ... written by kAINAJ
"she is always reassuring but truthful. THE BEST when it comes to readings. totally worth it. hugs, love and light always, thank you angel!" ... written by ally
"Quick and gifted.." ... written by ubiquitious
"This expert has everything you need: she's fast, SUPER accurate, patient and very intelligent. " ... written by Power
"Great reading! She is so quick and accurate with details with her cards! " ... written by Nina
"Good reader" ... written by ubiquitious
"Accurate and fast reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"I wasn't sure at first on free chat as she seemed very strong worded but in the reading she was direct, clear and fast. I hope her predictions are true and I will update soon. x" ... written by anna
"Good reader!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Always amazing reading with her. She's very nice, I will give her 10000000 stars." ... written by sam
"Thanks Angel.... you have put my mind at ease." ... written by kim
"Excellent reader" ... written by ubiquitious
"Here am I again to state that Angelful (MasterAngel) is the best psychic you can get. She's patient but she's very fast. She connects almost immediately. And quite accurate. " ... written by Power
"Excellent reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"Amazing!!!" ... written by hihi234
"Blessed reader!" ... written by ubiquitious
"One more prediction just came true. I'll update you my dear angel when I come for the next update reading.. Take care you are the best here or anywhere and my only one .. Blessings take care." ... written by niharika_1985
"She was fast and I hope accurate. We shall see." ... written by Jan
"Good and fast reader" ... written by ubiquitious
"Great reading as always. She's very clear with her answers and all of her predictions always come true. I highly recommend her for true answers! Thank you much girl." ... written by Jillian
"Angel darling, Thank you for all the readings you have given me in "2013" and thanks for my new year reading.....You have always been accurate about everything and I appreciate your honesty. Your predictions have always come to pass and you have never failed me....May god continue to bless you with your gifts and shine his divine light upon you....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Very insightful reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"Professional reading, explains the meanings of the cards, their impact and their relative position with respect to last reading... True followup" ... written by ubiquitious
"A little hard to understand, Russian I think, but VERY ACCURATE, thank you. xxx" ... written by Claire
"Kinda sad but happy at the same time. Thank you much." ... written by Altuna0
"Superb! Can speak to her guides and knows what will happen in future, wow!! One of the top here." ... written by loulourae
"Good and efficient reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thanks so much Angel. All your predictions have come true so far , and waiting for the others to come to pass as well which I know will happen because you're the most genuine one and are never wrong. Happy new year, take care. Love you. :)" ... written by Niha
"Great as always, fast and accurate! Highly recommended, prediction came true!" ... written by carina
"Angel is always the best." ... written by iggyb
"Good reader, fast and accurate." ... written by ubiquitious
"Good reader, fast and truthful" ... written by ubiquitious
"Thanks for your reading Angel" ... written by irelandirish
"She is the Best. I like her a lot as a psychic. Undoubtedly the best but as a person she is very honest and genuine and I love that about her. Take care, thanks so much! See you again!" ... written by Niha
"Good reader, nice healing.." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thank you Angel." ... written by irelandirish
"Thanks so much Angel.. For your advice and patience with me.. God bless you!" ... written by N_1985
"Every single word she says makes a lot of sense with the current situation always. She picks up on emotions really, very well. Great reader and my only one always. Take care." ... written by Niharika
"I love her so much I keep coming back because she's so accurate. Knows my situation like the back of her hand. Recommend. ***** " ... written by aj
"Thanks again! Will keep updating you! Love you much! :)) " ... written by NV
"Difficult to understand but direct." ... written by Lisa
"Excellent reader, spontaneous." ... written by ubiquitious
"A little trouble understanding with accent but I was still impressed with the answers, they were very fast. I will come back to get a reading if I need some help with a situation. " ... written by miranda
"Sensible and realistic readings." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thanks so much angel. Your guidance and advice mean a lot. And thanks for the accurate predictions that you make for me which always happen. I hope this one comes to pass soon... take care, god bless you." ... written by Niha
"Good reader, highly recommended." ... written by ubiquitious
"THE BEST!!!!" ... written by alyssa
"Good reading, always honest" ... written by paul
"Thanks so much, it was a great reading." ... written by planejane7
"MasterAngel is always the best and totally accurate every time we speak. I just love to talk with her. She doesn't fill you with nonsense or things she thinks you may want to hear. She is totally honest." ... written by Kainaj
"I did a follow up with Angel and she seems to remain consistent. Looks like I will just take your advice love. I don't know what else to do but to trust your word and put my faith in God. You have always been accurate and have never let me down. So far like you said we have not separated and you have been mostly accurate with all my readings. Thanks for always being honest and giving the best advice. Have a wonderful New Year love...(((Hugs))) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Great reading! Thank you for your insights.. Always been spot on for me." ... written by Mimi
"She is the best !!!! Reads emotions and feelings so effortlessly and always so accurate !! 5 stars always." ... written by Nv
"Spontaneous reader, accurate and clear." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thank you is all that I can say. Always comforting, and giving a wise advise! thank you angela :) " ... written by Crystal
"Amazing !" ... written by Ann
"Thanks Angel for all your advise and help. You have never failed me with" ... written by niharika_1985
"Thanks lovely lady... you're funny but super accurate... love you... see ya again!" ... written by Nk
"Hi dearest Angel, just letting you know how amazing you are. Your prediction came true, you know what I am talking about :) thanks.. You always turn right with your prediction even when I think it won't happen.. Take care!" ... written by niharika_1985
"All predictions came true...exactly the way she said. She is the best...she is quick and won't waste ur credits...i love her...:)" ... written by Niha
"Amazing!! I heart!!!!!!" ... written by ann
"I always enjoy my readings with MasterAngel! She is an outstanding medium and does not waste your time at all. I am amazed at times they things she tells me. So far she has not sent me in the wrong direction.." ... written by Kareen
"Excellent reader" ... written by ubiquitious
"Honest and Fast reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"thanks angel you have convinced me to get out of here. thanks" ... written by irelandirish
"She is very good. Recommend to everyone." ... written by Tamberlyn1969
"She's a clear and truthful reader, pretty prescise." ... written by ubiquitious
"Very quick very clear " ... written by cram
"She is great, my favourite reader fast and very accurate, all happened as predicted" ... written by carina
"Always the only one to go to. If you are willing to accept the truth you won't be disappointed." ... written by Power
"She's always on point and honest! Thanks for the many readings." ... written by Raquel
"Excellent....prediction came true!! Thank you." ... written by cherub
"People of the world, if you're reading this you came to the right place." ... written by Power
"Always straight forward and honest in her answers. She is truly a gift. I will always come back to her for guidance and direction. Thank you so much for your help and compassion. " ... written by EC
"Angel is such a lovely woman to speak with and her readings are always accurate for me. She is very straight to the point and honest. Yes, she is a bit pricier than some of the other psychics, but her price reflects her quality!" ... written by Virgo
"amazing !!" ... written by ann
"I respect Angel so much. Just like a coconut , hard from outside but soft and pure from inside. She is so genuine , honest and upfront that people may misunderstood her , but I insist , please don't go by that , because she is so accurate and mature , much beyond her age. She will never put u in a wrong path.. just because she doesn't sugar coat , or tells u the way it is .no matter how harsh , doesn't mean she doesn't care. She cares for her clients and friends way too much, and doesn't say things to make you happy, and trust me i have been coming to her for over a year and a half , with tons of separate issues , and she has never been wrong ever about nothing. She can even tell you how and when your communication with a certain person would be like and what will be the topic discussion. she reads mind and feelings like cakewalk, and her prediction DO HAPPEN 99% , if not more. Please try her once, and be open to what she has to tell , and you will want to come again n again, wish you lots of good luck Angel. You're a beautiful person inside out stay like that forever." ... written by Niharika
"She will tell exactly what are the feelings involved in the situation. Great accuracy. Supreme assistance. FANTASTIC expert." ... written by Power
"Truthful!" ... written by Falcon
"Good and effective reader!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Hey dear, thanks for all your help always. Once again you were right with ur prediction, though an unhappy sad one this time. Well, you predict happy news, it happens. You predict sad news, it happens. I just wish you were not accurate all the time and ur UNHAPPY predictions never happen lolzzzz :D :P ;) Ahahaha take care xoxoxoxox" ... written by niharika_1985
"Good reader, and speaks clearly" ... written by ubiquitious
"SHE IS THE BEST! Love her and her readings. Always precise and tells you what you need to hear not want to hear. A must for getting a reading." ... written by alyssa
"Thank you Ful for your help!" ... written by irelandirish
"always come back bc im always satisfied i love her a lot!!! 5stars;) " ... written by lalal
"As usual to the point and quick. Thanks so much!" ... written by nv
"Thanks Angel for being so patient with me and answering all my questions , even the silly ones... Things have been tough but i hope all will go as you predicted.." ... written by niharika_1985
"SHE IS THE BEST. amazing!!!!!!! love her insight and direct answers to the issue. you are awesome soul sis.. thank you so much." ... written by alyssa
"Good and accurate. " ... written by raquel
"Always on spot on everything. She is the best there is." ... written by _x
"I have to say, I always love talking with Angelful... She is wonderful. I have never received false information from her and she has always guided me in the right direction. Much love!" ... written by Kainaj
"Prediction came true again...Thanks..appreciate your quick responses.." ... written by NV
"Good reader, and pretty spot on judgement" ... written by ubiquitious
"very good,helped me so much.she was right." ... written by cherub8
"very good,and very always" ... written by cherub
"Prompt and clear reader." ... written by ubiquitious
"She is amazing, the way she channels info using her guides along with the tarot makes her accurate and in tune to the situation and I trust that her predictions will happen. Thanks for being my go-to since our dear blue is no longer with us." ... written by Queentee1
"Thanks Angel. Hoping the things go fine.." ... written by nv
"AWESOME as always!" ... written by Kainaj
"Amazing reading she is awesome" ... written by sam
"Thanks for the update. Always accurate and deadon. Thank you dear!" ... written by Connette
"She was fast and accurate :) Thank you!" ... written by Sonia
"Angel is one of my favorite experts on Oranum. She has been my psychic advisor since the beginning of 2013. You will never regret having a private reading with her because predictions happen all the time, she will never lie to you, she tells you exactly what she sees and gives awesome advice. I will just try harder to be patient with my marriage and pray that God will guide me through this difficult journey. Thanks Angel for being my guiding light and for always giving me hope. Many blessings to you always.....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Things have always happened as you predicted, whether i wanted it or not.... you give me lot of strength and honest advice which has been of great help always... Many, many thanks for being there.. You are funny and sarcastic , but inside that cold humour is a very beautiful person and I know that, having known you since 2 years...... Stay as beautiful and wonderful as you are forever.. Take care .. :))" ... written by Niha
"Thank you il take it all on board!! Take care!" ... written by L
"Good and precise reader.." ... written by ubiquitious
"i have so many readings with her she is great reader i will give her 100000 stars " ... written by sam
"Excellent!!!!" ... written by angel800
"Good and fast reader, can trust every word she says." ... written by ubiquitious
"A good reading, needed more details in depth, ran out of time though." ... written by claireylou
"Angel's prediction happens. Very accurate and in depth reading. Highly recommended." ... written by angelina
"Angel is a great reader, always go back to her." ... written by iggyb
"Good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
"great reading" ... written by lucky stars
"Straight to the point reader, highly accrurate" ... written by ubiquitious
"She is the real thing when speaking with her guides, I am always impressed, very gifted! Give her a try I think you will be happy with the results" ... written by devene page baca
"Very insightful reader!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Great reading from angel. Picked up well on the situation and knew what she was talking about. " ... written by min
"I just love Angel.....She is like a sister to me, always guiding me in the right direction. What would I do without her? Lol...Always right with her predictions and has never ever failed me....I have been going to her for over a year and I have never been disappointed....She has helped me through the most difficult times and has always been accurate for me. She deserves all the stars in the universe....((Hugs)) Xx " ... written by Ebony
"Long private after a long time...Accurate and precise as always....she is the best and i will continue to say that again n again as all her prediction have come true for me u angel ..god bless u a lot :))))" ... written by Niharika
"she was very good" ... written by Staci
"Extremely to the point. She does not waste your time. She is accurate and gives quick and honest answers. Extremely talented psychic." ... written by EJB
"You're amazing. Thank you for giving me guidance and helping me." ... written by Sammy
"She is the best ! Do you wanna hear the truth????? Hard core bitter truth and only truth?? Come to her ...all you will get is truth ....and some funny sarcasm ;) may cry after a reading with her, since you may not hear what you want to, but later you will love love her and say a 100 thanks because she is honest and will never tell you good things just to make you a returning client. Follow her advice and stay happy. :)) Love you angel, my dear friend :)" ... written by Niharika
"No sugar coating for sure and she is VERY truthful and honest in what she sees! I will be back for update. Thank you Angel." ... written by little one3
"Amazing adviser ,councilor and excellent reader. Is never wrong with her only one here...see you again. Take care :)))" ... written by Neha
"Awesome reading - and what is so great - she always tells the truth - weather you like it or not - it was good news tonight." ... written by sunshine
"She is wonderful. Quick with her readings and very accurate." ... written by Jason
"Good." ... written by jazlyn
"Thanks so much. Angel has been always accurate for me, and all predictons have come true, no matter how small or big. She is just like a sister, a best friend and an amazing councellor whose guidance and advice never fails me. Thanks so much for being there and may god bless u! Thanks, love u xoxoxoxoxxoxo" ... written by Niha
"Predictions never change....good news about Job. I'll follow her advice since she never fails me. I desperately need the new job.wish everything goes as u said. U'r the best! Continue to be as honest and truthful as u r u much xoxoxxo bless u" ... written by Niha
"She is very open and straight to the point. Would recommend." ... written by Tamberlyn1969
"I am always happy to chat with Angelful.. After several readings she has been accurate about the information provided.. I will always return to chat with her." ... written by Kainaj1973
"Thanks. I hope all goes well." ... written by nk
"Always on point with my situation, I always come back for a reason, because she has always been correct!! Highly recommend!" ... written by Leticia
"Great reading and advice!!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
"Very nice picked up things right away. Gave me positive answers. " ... written by Lyn
"Always spot on, clarifies situations and endless questions accurately. You cannot find a better reader!" ... written by iggyb
"Angel is always very clear and concise, I come back to her often for answers I need." ... written by iggyb
"As always she is great. I always come back to her..." ... written by tma
"great" ... written by phoenixrisen
"She is one of a kind, my go-to reader on Oranum. Her predictions have been right on in the past and I trust her advice. She read me like a book today, and I'm sure I will be back eventually to update again." ... written by Mimi J
"I don't have anything different to say, we all know how accurate she is. I have not been getting very happy messages off late, but truth is all we need, and from her u will always get only n only truth. So be open and absorb what she has to say, weather happy or sad news, and everything is gonna be fine. Love u a lot Angel, not sure what I would do without ur guidance. Take care..blessings! :)" ... written by Niharika
"Very amazing reader. I have many readings with her. 10000 stars for her." ... written by sam
"Thank you Ful!!! You have been very very helpful." ... written by irelandirish
"Very good." ... written by angel
"She is the best here, so fast...highly recommended." ... written by carina
"angelful did such an amazing job!!! she was on point and really cleared my mind of confusion!" ... written by jessica
"Excellent reading! She has always been very accurate for me and gives the best guidance." ... written by iPreferMimi
"Very good. Very Honest. Would recommend her." ... written by Tamberlyn1969
"Very good clear reading update." ... written by p
"Didn't waste anytime, very fast, honest, insightful, right on point with situation. Will use again in the future!!!!" ... written by BB
"I just want to say "Thank You" Angel from the bottom of my heart for being my guiding light throughout this difficult time in my marriage. It has been a tough marriage to figure out but you have been consistent since the beginning of 2013. Thanks for your accuracy, honesty, advice and so much more. I will keep you updated on anything new that happens and look forward to more future readings with you. To my fellow Oranians, take Angel private and you will not regret it. She is one of the best expert's on this site and one of the very few that I trust. She will never guide you in the wrong path. Predictions have come to pass many times and I look up to her like a sister. I love you Angel and again thanks for everything. ((Hugs and Kisses)) Xx May God continue to bless you with your gifts..." ... written by Ebony
"Hey Angel, thanks so much for the updates... Another reading came true... Will keep u updated... Take care!" ... written by neha
"Angel is always very accurate about reading the situations.. I have had many readings with her and she has been always right for me.. predictions have happened many many times... I trust her totally.. and wish the best for her always.. take care angel. You are the BEST." ... written by nv
"Thanks...may b this was my last reading...for sometime now...Thanks for all ur help all this while...Truth always hurts...and its a tough time...u have been of great help always...wish u good luck...blessings, take care." ... written by nk
"Great as always! Immediate connection and very clear guidance. Will definitely return for follow-up reading. " ... written by Gene
"Thank you very much! I was very down but after reading with you, I can see a path...Thanks again." ... written by wonderlife
"Thanks Angel once again for your advice.. all your predictions about my career came true...that's what I call a true Psychic...your predictions do happen..thanks much for being there..." ... written by niha
"Bright and truthful adviser. " ... written by ubiquitious
"Angel was excellent, fast, direct, andamp; right on target!!! She was absolutely the best!!! She told me things that no one else could know, and she is the real deal!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!!!" ... written by Kat Jennings-Vecchione
"Reading I've been waiting for to have again!" ... written by littleone3
"Thanks always.. You are honest.. And I like that way.. Please stay the same always.. You are here to tell the truth and if people can't take that, then they better stay away... lol " ... written by Nv
"Master Angel readings are fast and seemed pretty accurate she saw me getting a job overseas and I have in fact been searching for a job overseas. I can't wait to see how everything else unfolds so I can update her. Thank you Angel " ... written by starrbrightlove
"angel is very fast always a great reader" ... written by iggyb
"Thank you for your advice." ... written by lehua
"Thanks ..!!!" ... written by Nk
"Thanks a tonn!! u have been so far consistent and accurate with ur predictions..hope the same for future..take care" ... written by Niharika
"Angelful is always so quick and accurate with her readings!! She is worth every cent!!" ... written by Nina
"Always come back for updates! Angel has been very accurate on how things are gonna happen and been always right with her predictions. She also tells you the truth and she knows exactly how the person I ask about feels and I can tell you SHE IS RIGHT ABOUT IT 100%. Her updates are brilliant and guides me every step of the way. She will tell you what direction you should follow and advice you on that matter. I been with her for months and she is always RIGHT too. Will be back in May of course, if not sooner!! Thank you so much Angel for being here! " ... written by littleone3
"Gave me good insight and helped me with my decision, will come back of course like i always do!!! She is honest and accurate as always!! Thank you Angel for the best service! Blessings and talk to you soon!" ... written by littleone3
"I like her. She's straightforward and honest. And her readings are true. She's fast too. Highly recommended!" ... written by BeatriceBee
"good!" ... written by o
"Excellent reading as always! Angel is so good. Give her a try!" ... written by mini
"She is excellent, her predictions came true, she is a sweet angel!!!!" ... written by angel
":) Update AGAIN. We will see , always ups and downs.. And you are always right! Thank you!!! " ... written by littleone3
"Love her, blunt, honest straight forward and super quick!!! Predictions always happen .. price is low too 3.99 ..fair enough for the quality of readings and predictions which have always happened for me matter how big or samll ..for almost 2 years now..blessinggs xoxoxox" ... written by Neha
"Excellent." ... written by angel
"Great readings, update and advice - You are the BEST! " ... written by littleone3
"Angelful was direct, no sugar coating and answered my all my questions. She picked up on things that she couldn't have known. She showed me my current path and it was clear what I have to do change my future. Thanks" ... written by J
"Great reading. Thank you.." ... written by sweet84
"Straight forward , honest and always accurate. predictions do happen , always matter how samll or big..Thanks so much " ... written by Niha
"Always come for an update and you are Always RIGHT, always ACCURATE and very FAST! You been right the WHOLE TIME and your predictions are so REAL - good and bad predictions - all happens. Your advice has been the best - always honest! You are an excellent reader and you deserve a billion stars! Thank you for being here... Hugs" ... written by littleone3
"Thanks Angel. Will keep you posted.." ... written by NV
"Awesome andamp; accurate!!" ... written by Paula
"Thanks has been a tough journey and your guidance has helped me so much .. I trust your advise and your predictions which always happen for me. Thanks stay the way you worries as carefree as you you take care xoxoxox" ... written by Niharika
"Thank you for the positive update (always come back!)" ... written by littleone3
"Very good, to the point psychic." ... written by chcoolate33
"I keep coming back to her. I think she's the best. She's fast and really helpful. Doesn't waste your time at all. 5 stars! " ... written by BeatriceBee
"Thank you for the update Angel. The best as always! " ... written by littleone3
"she is amazing... everything came through, with timings too." ... written by hyperion
"Great professional. Legitimate experts. She connects immediately and tell you how it is. Thank you very much. I give you full stars." ... written by Alice
"She is great! straight to the point. I love her so much." ... written by Mark H.
"Always always great updates and always gives me accurate insight of every situation. Best reader on Oranum! I really enjoy talking to Angel. Thank you for being here - hugs and blessings. " ... written by littleone3
"great thanks" ... written by lisa0003
"amazing ty " ... written by JS
"Best readings - ALWAYS accurate even it's good or bad, she tells me and advice me what to do. You help me with so much in my life, thank you so much Angel, talk soon of course! Hugs and blessings to you xxx" ... written by littleone3
"Thanks:) I can only hope for the best and move on." ... written by sunshine
"She was great." ... written by stephen beckham
"This is for the best psychic on ORANUM, someone who has never been wrong for me , whose predictions always happen ...i am in complete awe of this woman .. She has this amazing gift of reading even te minutest of the details of the person siting in a complete different part of the world .. She will tell you things about u which u urself dont know bt later wil come to realization how true she was .." ... written by niharika_1985
"She is cool, very insightful and accurate as always. I love our sessions. She is focused and does not waste your time at all. I hope the time frame she has given me will prove to be true. I really believe in her. Her predictions have proven to be TRUE so far so why not? Give her a try you won't regret!" ... written by BeatriceBee
"Angel was right on TARGET, AS USUAL!!! She did NOT sugar coat anything!!! She told it like it was, and I appreciate and love her DEARLY!!! SHE IS THE BEST, AS I ALWAYS GET MY READINGS FROM HER!!!" ... written by Kat Jennings-Vecchione
"Her prediction came true again , i am surprised , i did not expect coz it was so out of the blue.....100 stars to the amazing lady who is never wrong for me :)) love u and wish u THE BEST always.....take care dear.." ... written by Niharika
"she was good. Really genuine in her approach. I hope her predictions happen!!! Very generous andamp; clear in her approach." ... written by aquavenus
"very amazing reading she is the best" ... written by sam
"Great readings and great updates, as always! Angel has always been fast and accurate. Excellent psychic! Thank you for your time today, hugs, kisses and many blessings to you!! " ... written by littleone3
"Angel gave me DEEP INSIGHT, AND WAS RIGHT ON TARGET, NO SUGAR COATING, AND WAS REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!" ... written by Kat Jennings-Vecchione
"She was on point!" ... written by Olivia
"She is amazing!!! I am speechless." ... written by Etta
"Thank you Angel - I ALWAYS come back to you cause you are very accurate (and very very fast), you know my situation very well at this point and you what you say always happens (good and bad). Thank you for guiding me through my relationship. I send you all the blessings! Hugs and kisses! xxxx" ... written by littleone3
"She seemed pretty good!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
"Predictions happens very quickly and a very honest reader. Been with Angel for a while now and she gives me good and bad news and 100% ACCURATE. Now I will wait for May to unfold again!! Talk soon. ;) Blessings and hugs to you my dear. " ... written by Miss Coconut
"Always great accurate and fast updates with Angel....." ... written by littleone3
"She is fast and the best. Totally worth it every time. Thank you angel!!! :) You're amazing!" ... written by alyssa
"very insightful reading" ... written by sweetsx
"Thank you much! Wish me luck!" ... written by Altuna0
"Thanks so much my dearest Angel for always being with me and telling me what is bst for me...Your advice and predictions have always been of the greatest help ..i really respect you a lot...for me , you are the best psychic , and only one ..and will always keep coming to you as you are the only one who is most honest matter what ..always the truth ..and your predictions always happen for me..take care ..wish u much luck always..mmay god bless you in whatever you do,...stay as beautiful as you are inside out.. :) xoxoxox" ... written by Niharika
"The only words that describe Angel is amazing! I am in total awe of how she knows what she does. She is 99.9% accurate!" ... written by Etta
"She is the best! Words cannot describe how great and accurate she is. The best of the best!" ... written by Etta
"long update always ..every single word made so much sense..she knows everythig.." ... written by Niha
"Thanks Angelful.....You have been helpful." ... written by irelandirish
"Easter update, great and positive. I will 100% follow your advice as things are really changing now as you predicted. Angel, thank you for guiding me for the last months. You are the best and you can read ALL types of question very detailed and accurate! Thank you xoxo" ... written by littleone3
"i love this woman andamp; her gifts, should be top psychic. answers question before asked always right on target a little bit hgh price but well worth it " ... written by devene pagebaca
"Best reader on oranum! Angel been with me for a while now and she has guided me through my ups and downs. Thank you angel for always preparing me and guiding me for what is gonna come around the corner, my situation changes often - hot and cold but you predicted everything therefor I keep believing in your advice and guidance. I hope that things will be better as from now on cause it's not easy going back and forth so long. Will be back soon... Thank you, many kisses and hugs xoxo" ... written by littleone3
"She is wonderful. I come back to her everytime. She is fast and accurate as always. I think she is a really good person. She cares. She tries to help. She is the best!" ... written by BeatriceeBee
"Very nice reader fast and accurate, I recommend any one to have reading with her!" ... written by sam
"Amazing reader!!! very fast and know she was accurate!!" ... written by Finding Peace
"She is the best reader on Oranum!! All her predictions come true" ... written by Rebecca
"Thanks Angel for your honesty.....I really needed to hear the truth.....Looks like I have a lot on my plate. Thanks for always being supportive. You have always been very accurate for me....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"She has lots of talent, I think she is the best 0tarot card reader I've found to date." ... written by Ben
"Angelful gives very specific, clear readings, and does not candy-coat her answers. This was my first reading with her, and her responses resonated strongly with my situation." ... written by Champers11
"she is fast and I will wait for the results. 5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
"She is spot on as usual!! My favourite reader on here.. when I log in to ORANUM she's the first person I look for. Very insightful and her predictions have always come to pass for me." ... written by Mimi
"She is the best ever!" ... written by Rebecca
"thank good reading " ... written by dellamalee
"Best reader on Oranum! I love you Angel, Thanks for the update again! Brilliant as ever!" ... written by littleone
"Angel is the most awesome reader!! I don't know what I would do without her :)" ... written by Rebecca
"I hope her predictions will happen! I trust her. " ... written by BeatriceBee
"Thank you for your clear, concise answer and candor. This situation has been very stressful for me I will let you know how it turns out. " ... written by Robin Norman
"great reading, things still look the same, waiting for predictions to happen. Thank you Angel." ... written by sweet
"Words cannot express how much I adore and respect Angel! She may be blunt but she tells the truth and her predictions happen!!" ... written by Rebecca
" i will have to wait till may.......Good update as usual!" ... written by littleone
"Very good, very perceptive." ... written by Maria Pritchard
"thank you Angel. You have helped me again." ... written by ireland irish
"she is the best very clear love her come to her always" ... written by robin
"She is the best,I highly recommend her. My favorite reader on Oranum. No sugar coating,straight to the point." ... written by allen
"Thanks so much Angel.. All ur predictions are coming true one after the other.. happy and sad predictions ..both r unfolding..the ones at career too..I havent changed Job , as u saw for me ..although everything was in favour ..but still i did not change...thank u soo much for ur readings and always telling me the truth no matter how tough.." ... written by Niharika
"As always very good reading your are the best AngelFul." ... written by SAm
"She is always accurate and consistent" ... written by RG
"good fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
"She is sooo funnyyy...i just love my privates with her....its so damn funny at times..but no compromise on the accuracy neevr..she is just the u xoxoxoxoxox keep having fun girl..ur super :)))" ... written by Niha
"Thanks a million times for all the privates so far, all the advice and most honest predictions..which have always come true..take care u much ..wish the best for u always :))))" ... written by Niharika
"She is the best , no one can be better than her ...she predicted something last evening and happened the same dayexactly as mentioned...she has been my only psychic ...i know her for almost 2 years now here on oranum...and she has been consisitently accurate with her predictions..wish her soo much luck..tale cr..thanks for being there for me awlays...." ... written by Niha
"She is very clear and to the point in her reading, gives good advice but gives you the real deal.. Great reading" ... written by Robin
"THE BEST READER on Oranum. And her predictions happens, she is the true master of cards, she sees everything! I only go to her and she is ALWAYS right! It is an honor to have a reading with her and I never stop coming for her guidance! She is genuine and 100% honest! I love her so much! Thank you so much for the reading today and all the other readings you have given me! I wish you all the blessings, Love and kisses! Talk soon!" ... written by Littleone3
"Great! She helped me a lot!" ... written by Grieta
"See i told you , every prediction comes true , had an argument with he is mean what to do ;:D :D" ... written by Niha
"Great reader, put me at ease at a time of great stress and worry. Has a good knowledge of the situation and reads the cards well. :)" ... written by weeyinx
"I missed her! She is always right and honest no matter what! " ... written by Tee
"i cant express in words how amazing Angel is..She always amazes me with her accracy and i keep cming back to her again n again coz every prediction ine ach of the readings comes true...wish u much luck and please keep smiling time i wanna hear ur funny jokes u much take care cya again.....ur the best ..cant say enough" ... written by Niharika
"Great and fast as usual. Highly recommended. xxxx On the spot and all comes true. " ... written by hyperion
"Hands-down the best reader on here as far as predictions. She has never failed me. Her predictions have come to pass even when I have found them hard to believe. Apart from that, she is very honest and insightful. I love coming to her for advice." ... written by Mimi J
"Angel is the best and is the predictions always happens! She connects very strong and is very very fast! I always go to her as she is THE BEST. She doesn't sugarcoat and tell you the bottom of every situation. I always return even when things are good and her advice is golden! Everyone should have a reading with Angel as she is brilliant in what she does! Talk soon and thank you for giving me all the insight, answers and advice. You been helping me so much and I cannot thank you enough! Hugs and blessings, xoxo" ... written by The BEST
"She is the best on Oranum. Well worth every penny. No sugar coating, straight to the point. She has a great sense of humor, she is hilarious. I would never use any other psychic, she is the only one I ever need to consult with. I always feel better after getting a reading done with her. I really love her. I hope she will always be here on the site." ... written by mark
"Love her soooo much and her readings....and there you go..she is back with her funny funniest jokes....super accurate ,quick ..i always end up saving some credits...tak care ...and thank soo much for the wonderful readings and the accurate predictions always!!" ... written by Niha
"Angel, you are THE BEST and everything you say always come to pass and you know what is going on. A TRUE PSYCHIC and very talented! I will always return to my friend Angel who has helped me SO MUCH all these months. Predictions happened and perfectly accurate... THANK YOU and I will follow your advice. Talk soon xoxo" ... written by Loyal client
"She was spot on. :)" ... written by Adiz
"I have missed you many times... i finally got the chance to have an update reading with you! Thank you soo much!!! As precise, comforting as usual! Always the best :) and hope to see you soon! xxx " ... written by Crystal
"very good...things kind of make sense " ... written by diana
"She's my girl! Just have to have patience and wait to see her predictions unfold!" ... written by Tee
"Thanks sooo much Angel.. Sorry we got cut off...every single thing u mentioned today made perfect sense..and also all ur predictions are coming ture...m glad to have found a wonderful person like u...take care and stay blessed u much xoxoxox" ... written by niharika
"she is the best" ... written by alex taylor
"Angelful is my go to person for when i need accurate guidance. I have been coming to Angelful for the past 2 years and she is accurate and i highly recommend her. Thank you Angelfulxx" ... written by Flora
"Angel is accurate and very consistent!" ... written by Rebecca
"Always a help! and Honest! I pray and hope things will continue to unfold as she predicted with me and the guy I like! I hope and pray we can be together!" ... written by Tee
"Wonderful reading...very honest and very thorough xx" ... written by Cookiesmiles
"All the predictions from the last reading came true...You should try her ..she is simply amazing..THE BEST ...and I mean it,..every time she amazes me... and I love her and her jokes... the best my dear angel.. take care! xoxoxoxox" ... written by Niha
"Needed a quick reading and guiding on a question and she helped me. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
"She is great! I hope her and I can get married soon!" ... written by markallen
"One more prediction came true.. This time a big one , i had been waiitng for..I really respect her a lot..she never says things to me that are not real or wont happen..and so far everything she has predicted in the 2 years of knowing her , always has come true for me matter whether i like it or just happens the way she says..i am glad to have found her and i just love my readings with her..and her funny jokes..she is sooo u my abgel xoxoxox take care wish u all te best :)))" ... written by Niha
"I ADORE this woman!! She is the funny, arrogant, honesty, and most of all accurate!!" ... written by Rebecca
"Always spot on and accurate! Saw my situation clearly." ... written by Mimi J
"PERFECT! Angel's predictions has been happening for months! Now major things are happening. Angel is not only gonna tell you the future and details, she gives you the BEST advice and I want to thank Angel so much for all her help and guidance. Always gonna return and I love her so much!" ... written by littleone
"Very very good!!" ... written by Marihelena
"Angelful is a great psychic! She knew how i felt and her cards were very accurate!" ... written by Nina
"She is so amazing!!! Always accurate and spot on!!" ... written by Rebecca
"thanks soo much my dear angel. Your advise always helps me..i will try get rid of my fears and open my heart..take care...i respect and love u much..bless u" ... written by Niharika
"BEST reader on Oranum! I always go to you and you are always accurate, thank you Angel. I will think about everything you said... A loyal client :)" ... written by littleone
"Hey dear Angel , thanks for the reading..had been a while and i missed speaking to u..thanks forall the advice and predictions u do for me..wich alwyas rang true...has been a long journey and u have always been with me..really appreciate are the only one i come for here on oranum or newhere and i dont think il ever need anpther advisor...takw care bless u muchn" ... written by niha
"My go to girl! Good update I pray things she says will continue to come to pass like always! Thanks Angel!" ... written by Tee
"She has always been spot on accurate for me, especially when it comes to predictions. She said two things that unfolded for me this past week. Another advisor I went to said some ridiculous things to me earlier.. and I knew I needed a more credible opinion. So, I came back here and I'm so glad I did. " ... written by Mimi J
"Always the best readings with predictions that always happens (good or bad) .. Angel has been guiding me with success through my love life and studies for months and months. I am so blessed meeting this reader on Oranum. She is genuine and never give you bullshit. I love her and will ALWAYS return to her. Thank you so much, always an honor to catch you online for a private! Blessings and hugs! Talk soon xoxo" ... written by littleone
"She is first class. the best on Oranum. The only psychic you will ever need." ... written by alex taylor
"she is great,highly recommend her.she is the best on oranum,she is always right and to the point" ... written by alex taylor
"thanks much angel..has been i am getting stronger..take care ur advise never fails me..blessings to u..cya again" ... written by niha
"She is the best ever,give her a try. She is the most accurate on the site. Words can not describe how l feel about her. She is very funny also. She always makes me laugh with her sense of humor. Give her a try, you won't regret it." ... written by Marco
"Angel provided me the best reading (like always) with accuracy and honesty. It was not easy for her to tell me what I had to hear but I will keep coming to Angel no matter what! Thank you my friend! " ... written by littleone
"She is the best! She has always be accurate and honest with her predictions and they have always happened!" ... written by REbecca
"Always get excellent readings even with my on terrible typing" ... written by devene page baca
"THANKS Angel..all ur predictions are coming true one by one..they are revisiting the salary thing again..ihope il get more money :)) also everything else u predicted , good or bad , has come true..i really respect u ..ur my only psychic..take care god bless u my dear :))" ... written by Niha
"Not what I wanted to hear, but I trust her as she's always been accurate for me." ... written by Mimi
"Excellent reader" ... written by ubiquitious
"Thank you Angel. I am so thankful for your time today... Talk soon and I will pray for these predictions to happen like your predictions that has happened in the past! Light and blessings to you. Grateful for all your advice and guidance... xoxo" ... written by little one
"Angel is very honest and fast. She answered all my questions and she was very straight forward. Thank you!" ... written by G
"thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
"Great reading as usual! She tells you the good along with the bad and she has always been spot on for me." ... written by Mimi
"She is first class all the way. Honest answers, no sugar coating,right to the point. Best reader on the site." ... written by alex taylor
"Good reading." ... written by Mimi
"She is incredible! Always spot on, and her readings are realistic.. the good with the bad. Her predictions have come to pass for me time and time again. So, she is my go-to person on here. I trust her advice." ... written by Mimi
"OMG.....her prediction done 2 month back came true...unexpectedly surprisingly..she is always always right with her prediction..even though i don't beliv that time , it comes true later...this is amazing..thanks zoo much Angel..lov u xoxoxox" ... written by Niha
"Always there to clarify the situation for me and put my mind at ease. So fortunate to have found her here." ... written by Mimi
"AngelFul is amazing! Very accurate readings and she is very honest and precise. I have gotten updates, because the things that she has told me have manifested. I always seek her advice when I a m uncertain." ... written by lydialyon
"Angel is the best on the site. She is first class. If you want a great reading and very accurate, she is the psychic to consult. She is very smart and has a great personality. " ... written by Marco
"Wonderful lady. quick reading." ... written by delight17
"Thanks for the great reading angel. l appreciate it very much as always." ... written by Marco
"it makes me so happy to know she is around , someone who will always be honest , no matter how hurtful the truth is..she will never sugar coat and give false hopes , which is how it shud be ..i really respect her for that and her predictions always happen , she is the only one i one else here..thanks much take care god bless u" ... written by Niha
"Good and effective reader!" ... written by ubiquitious
"Thank you so much Angel! You are very fast and thank you so much for your time :) Great reading and very kind Psychic! She always tells you what she sees and not what you want to hear. Very honest! I will be back for sure!" ... written by :) Love
"Angel is one of the only psychic's that i really trust here on Oranum....She never lies to me or sugarcoats my readings. I love the fact that she is always honest about my issues and she is always RIGHT. She has never failed me in any of my readings. It has been a long time since I have read with her and almost everything she has told me has come to pass....Thanks Angel, May god Continue to bless you with you gifts...((hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Pretty good .. She felt accurate to me . I loved how she typed so fast. I was definitely looking for someone who could type since I didn't have sound.. " ... written by DeJuir
"Great reading once again!" ... written by Mimi
"quick update after a long time. Thanks much..egverything seems accurate , i love that u never sugar coat, every prediction you do for me comes true..i wish the same for future..and i am gonna follow all ur advices...ur so honest and one like u here.. Take care u xoxoxo" ... written by Niha
"thanks much for the advise.. will keep updating always everything u said in the last reading came true..take care cya again" ... written by niha
"She has never told me a lie, she only give accuracy!" ... written by Etta
"Always reassuring, and I know I can trust her advice and predictions." ... written by Mimi
"Very good reading." ... written by Lou
"thank u for ur direct answers and advice. thank u!" ... written by jt
"she GREAT" ... written by devene
"She is the BEST!!!!" ... written by Rebecca
"Sorry Angel Dear , was short of credits today …i will come again n see u for a detailed reading..but just wanna tell u , i have never seen any one like u..ur the best one has been ever accurate for me ..whether reading or predictions…..i really respect and care for u a lot..not just like a reader but like a friend...ur always on my mind.and i can't believe its been 2 years i have known u now..first time i got a reading from u ever was in august 2 years completed and u have continued to be more and more accurate about just everything and any area in my life….wish u luck…feels zoo goood.wish best for u..take care god bless..c u again ..." ... written by Niha
"Excellent reader." ... written by Mimi
"Great reading! Gave me some honest advice, so let's see what happens.." ... written by Mimi
"As always Angel has been one of my favorite experts on Oranum since the beginning of last year and I will always consult her because she always tells the truth and her accuracy has always been on point. Most of her predictions have come to pass. She deserves all the stars in the universe. ((Hugs)) Xx Thanks Angel......" ... written by ebonyeyes32
"Awesome reading, very insightful.." ... written by ubiquitious
"Thanks Angel so much for typing to me..All ur readings have come true..every single time...ur zoo accurate and quick in reaing feelings and so amazing...i hope all that u read comes true..take care u much...c u again bless the way u r ..ur honestly and genuinely is ur asset and i love u fr that..bbyee" ... written by Niha
"thank u for ur honest and grounded advice! :) " ... written by jean
"Very honest and insightful reader" ... written by Mimi
"thanks soooo much my dear Angel for that awesome wonderful fun filled reading u zoo much and ur amazing readings and prediction which always happen..take care.. see u again...till then continue to have fun ;) xxoxoxoxox" ... written by Niha
"Very good" ... written by Vivienne
"been a long time since Ive had a reading from her, but great as usual!" ... written by kw
"great as always. highly recommended. fast and precise. predictions always happened xxx" ... written by carina
"Angel, my true friend for life.......She always tells me the truth and never lies just to make me feel good.....100% honesty always......Predictions have come to pass like always and I highly recommend her if you want to know only the truth of a situation....((hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
"Thanks Much Angel..ur patience with me..i really value everything u say...and ur prediction again came true.." ... written by niha
"Angel is the best on oranum- knows the current situation perfectly without me telling her (about how someone feels and intentions) and outcome is always accurate! I been with anhel for months now! She will never sugarcoat. She will show you the cards too while she gives you the answers. Her prediction has come to pass and now waiting for the new ones to unfold. Angel, you have been my guide on this journey and I am amazed by your abilities to see everything. Thank you so much! Anyone is lucky to have a reading with Angel. More than 5 stars! Talk soon xoxo" ... written by littleone
" she is the best on Oranum strait to the point no fluff accurate an concise" ... written by devene
"Angel is very insightful and accurate!! Really enjoyed my reading and thank you ! " ... written by Lynda22
"Thank you for the reading" ... written by pigletme123
"Excellent reading 100% accurate" ... written by Rutinha133
"OMG..all her predictions came true..big one this time...finally ....m happy to have her...she is not only my only psychic here but my very good friend now...having known her for more than 2 years now..and seen so many of her predictions come true , who would like to go to anyone else...she never wastes ur money or force u in genuine n honest....100s of predictions she made for me have come true..i don't even have a count....take care god bless u see u again!!" ... written by Niha
"a predcition came true again..witing for others to unfold..thanks Angel..ur myonly one here..the best and most honest one....thans for bein there in all the good n bad u take care..and take my advise lol ;) xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by NIHA
"thanks for ur patience is all u can say at this time..u have been always rte i hope i am patient and all goes well.thanks " ... written by niha
"Has been while to update good news.. wish il update u soon with a good news..take care and i wish best for u..coz i like u soooo much .ur soo honest accurate and the best here...bless u...." ... written by niha
"Very nice person and excellent psychic" ... written by barbara
"thanks for the reading.. I hope the bad time passes soon..see u again take care ur funny..and accurate" ... written by niha
"She is so direct and accurate, words cannot express!" ... written by REbecca
"Always a help..Didnt sugarcoat anything and told me what I needed to hear. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
"omg omg she is solo funyyy....i was so broken and sad ..but her readings and jokes makes me jet fine...i hope ur prediction this time comes true as always it does..see u again and update u soon..take care bless u ..xoxoxo" ... written by niha
"Long reading of her prediction came true ..just liek always...and so spot on..even the words wr exactly as she told me.." ... written by niha
"Thanks much.waiting for ur prediction to come true ,which i know will like all other predictions did..thanks tale care bless" ... written by niha
"Wow ,, one more prediction came true ,..she predicted something for wednesday , and it happened like it was predicted..she is the most amazing and my only one u angel xoxoxoox take care" ... written by Niha
"thanks much...everything u predicted keeps coming true..lets see how long this goes...i trust u ...coz have seen so many things n evytime u have come true...will surely take ur advise..also will wait longer ..hopefully thing change for good..god bless u..take care" ... written by niha
"accurate" ... written by rani
"Thank you Angel for your reading" ... written by irelandirish
"She has been my go-to person on Oranum for a while. I trust her because she gives you the good with the bad, and she's almost always right in both cases. Sometimes it's hard to hear when it's not good news, but I've known her long enough to trust that it's what I need to hear. I look forward to her predictions unfolding as always." ... written by Mimi
"Fast and Accurate reader. highly recommend her" ... written by ubiquitious
"Thank you for your insight on my questions! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
"Awesome reading, straight on the topic" ... written by ubiquitious
"My favorite reader...forever....i have seen so many readers on this year me zoo many ..not a single prediction came true ever no matter how big or small..her predictions always come true for me..i trust her ..coz she us so honest.tells me thing as they r..bad news good news..everything u much tae care xoxoxoxo" ... written by niha
"WOW, she does not bullshit. Quick answers! HONEST!" ... written by Tammy
"love her soo much...she is soo quick and awesome BS only n only truth..and her readings for this week came true again.all is going like she mentioned..hoping eveyrthing comes true ..see ya" ... written by niharika
"i always trust angelful reading....u know that she is not sugar coating and tell you as it is. she always gives an advice card that is practical! thanks alot dear!" ... written by jt
"Love u much!! thanks for all the amazingly Accurate readings so far and many more to come in future...xoxoxoxox bless u.." ... written by niha
"She is quick and accurate" ... written by t
"Not bad. I hope her prediction comes true. " ... written by Lisa
"Wonderful , clear and crisp reader" ... written by ubiquitious
"She is good very good...worth a reading " ... written by Rosa
"such a good reader!" ... written by ramona
"one more prediction happend.happy news this time..thanks much see ya again always addicted to u n ur awesome readings..lovr u xoxoxoxxo" ... written by niha
"GREAT" ... written by GREAT
"Thanks again. your predictionss from the last reading came true." ... written by Niha
"Thanks Much..long reading after a long time...hpe things get better..see ya again...bbyeee fro now take care" ... written by Niha
"Thank you for your reading, God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
"Best on here. 100x better then jim or any other expert." ... written by Dan
"Thanks zoo much for answering all my questions patiently..and for all the accurate readings and will be so difficult without u...hope to see u always...:)) love u xoxoxox take care smiling always!!!!!!" ... written by niha
"Thanks Angel..ur prediction came true bat the contact..Will keep u posted..i don't need to worry bat ur predictions coz they always happen :)) take care blessings.." ... written by Niha
"thank u once again for the kind advice. it is important to me.thanks!" ... written by jt
"She was very accurate" ... written by Jelisa
"Thnaks Much..waiting for ur predcition to happen...thanks as always for being patient with me..u have really helped me through all tough times..i respect u n love u much..take care god bless u" ... written by Niha
"Thnaks Much..ur the best.." ... written by niha
"SHe is the best!!" ... written by Etta
"She is the best, I love her readings. She is always accurate and on the mark. So much fun and and a great sense of humor. Life would be no fun without her. I am so happy to have met her. Love her smile! xoxo" ... written by wickie
" Very good.. I like her honesty and her work is great. " ... written by dejuir
"She was good. I a not a huge fan of tarot cards but I loved how she used them. Fascinating. " ... written by eli
"She is realy the BEST psychic here.. This is coming from someone who used to see 100s 2 years back..but no predictions ever came true with others.." ... written by Niha
"Always very insightful. Many of her predictions have unfolded for me in the past. I'm hoping this one does too." ... written by Mimi
"Thanks Much!!! Everything made sense as usual ..will keep u posted ..its zoo tough without u here u much xoxoxoxox" ... written by niha
"Ecellent right on the mark." ... written by Judith
"Thanks Much have been so patient always..answer all matter how silly they r at times...." ... written by niha
"Prediction came ..word by word. amazing Angel..xoxoxoxox" ... written by niha

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