About Amista

Psychic Amistahas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Amistahas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Amista's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am the girl next door that just happens to be psychic. My grandmother told me after I realized (at 41) that I had psychic abilities that she had known I was "special", as she said, since I was a toddler. I always knew things without really being able to pinpoint how I knew them, but I just thought that everyone else was just like me.

great like always i Will let you know How i make out " ... written by KP
I was really pleased on the quick connection during our reading and how the cards were right on with my current situation. Thank you for your help!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very clear, great energy, kind, calm. Really helps with clarity and is very thorough. Sweet person, beautiful spirit. I highly recommend Amista." ... written by babyjanehudson
Amista is AMAZING! She is very thorough in her readings I highly recommend her for pvt." ... written by marion
She was spot on...." ... written by jeter28
Very, very kind. One of the reasons I signed up for a reading and PAID for it is because of your voice. She seems to be very genuine... and she is! Thank you for your words. :)" ... written by spudB49
She was great, pretty spot on." ... written by beetlenut
Very good soul who answered to questions promptly. Will be back again" ... written by Gg70
She is the only psychic I go to. She is very informational and always have the questions to my answer before I even asks!" ... written by 1swt_quttie
Very intuitive lady, she can tell what I'm thinking. Thank you for your advise and I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by corvettime02
Lovely energy, thank you for the reading Amista and making me laugh :) FAST connection, providing DETAILED information, I was amazed!!! ACCURATE descriptions of people around me. Highly recommended!!!! She is awesome :)" ... written by Yoogii00
Amista, was not only really accurate with her cards but she was compassionate and took time to understand what my real question was. Thanks again Amista!" ... written by mynewlife101
Very thorough reading, great job!" ... written by Mike0825
Very nice! I did not have a lot of time." ... written by missgreeneyes
She is very good and I want to come again to other reading, she is very accurate in my opinion and nice personality also." ... written by akenatonacindere
Nice" ... written by positivefeelings
Great energy and beautiful explanations and answers to all of my questions. Very quick and to the point. I will be coming back soon! " ... written by Stephanie0737
This was a good reading. She answered my question and gave me good information to use going forward. Everything she said made sense to me. Thank you so much." ... written by smokeandflames
Very quick and concise. " ... written by d2k1000
Picked up things accurately and super quick :) very pleasant friendly personality Thanks Amista" ... written by mzgg85
Wow. I was amazed. She has a real connection with spirit and was so very accurate. Good information which helped me make decisions!" ... written by FrankJ
She was great, very accurate and good ethics I respect that, thanks again." ... written by Antranae1
Amazing I loved her was very true with it love it!" ... written by molina631
Very insightful and helpful! Loved talking with her about how she learned about her intuitive gifts. Can't wait to chat with her soon." ... written by mpm9177
A very quick reading with very clear answers. Thanks for your time and your honesty!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Loved my reading! Amista was very accurate and all questions that I had, she was able to bring clarity to things I was uncertain about and smiles to things I will be looking forward to! Thank you Amista!!" ... written by bflow1
great read. you can ask allmost anything." ... written by cris
Wow, wow, wow, she was great and spot on. She blew me away. She is very gifted, kind and caring." ... written by LunaBear
Really grounded and very true. " ... written by Sharon
Great reading!" ... written by SM
She was very fast at connecting. She was honest which is what I love about Amista, no false hope. Sometimes you just don't hear what you want, but that doesn't mean the reader was bad, she is awesome and will have another reading for a follow up." ... written by Lisa Patrick
'Spot on' is all I can say! Very Good!" ... written by stargazer152
Wonderful reading. A peaceful and nice lady who answers specific question and is very accurate and very positive. I highly recommend her. " ... written by sara
Thank you soo much for the wonderful reading. blessings to you my dear and may God be with you and the protection of God cover you." ... written by Kristina Prattis
Amista is an amazing reader she is such a blessing to so many people. She is very good at what she does. If you need healing, she is great. A great teacher if you have gifts and a great inspiration to the spiritual community. Try her" ... written by Kristina prattis
I enjoyed my reading. Very honest and sincere." ... written by Lolalola123
She was quick and helpful" ... written by Jennifer
So nice and sweet. I said I had a question and she was more than happy to help and didn't try to drag on the answers. Will have to get another reading when I have more time." ... written by anggelcakes36
Wonderful and helpful! I highly recommend" ... written by MerryBerry1
She was right on with what I was already feeling, good experience, great advice. Thank you!!!!" ... written by Wendy
Shes fast, sweet, and honest. " ... written by Lisa
thanks for the nice reading.i am glad that i had all my questions answered. i know what path i should be walking on" ... written by sharon
Very interesting ,she gives me hope." ... written by maggie
good reading and advice all in on within a timely fashion..And yes we do need to withdraw to ourselves because others have interfered( his fam and friends) along with his mistakes that have affected our relationship" ... written by strawberry1050
Amista was fast to connect with a person that has passed over. made me feel better about things and that she is around which i thought she was. she was very informative. thank you Amista you helped me out." ... written by cheryl
thank you - you were great - very calming given the situation!" ... written by Brewster
great reading" ... written by Tara
great reading...loved it!!!" ... written by college125
She was very honest about my situations will wait and see what happens but looks promising thank you so much" ... written by Edna
Amazing 100% spot on! I will only ever see Amista in the future. Thanks so much! " ... written by Elisa
Very peaceful, great energy, good reading." ... written by
What a wonderful, gifted psychic and healer. Her voice is so soothing and she connected so well with me and my situation. " ... written by Lynda22
I like Amista's readings, clarified some positions in my mind, let see how the future plays out." ... written by Sooriamurthy
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW MOM MOM WOW WOW MOM. Lol, greatest ever." ... written by Christy
lovely reading " ... written by sophi
Hi Amista! Thank you so much! I look forward to this new opportunity and I will let you know when your predicstion come true!" ... written by ash
great reading thanks a lot" ... written by ronelle
grt as always" ... written by soph
Shes seriously one of the best. and I do not use that term lightly. Dont go anywhere else." ... written by Jayden
Very straight to the point. She flowed with the answers to my questions. NO sugar coating what so ever. NO fairy tales. Honest truth. Try Amista, she s very good and I will consult her again. She connects fast and flows with it." ... written by justme1102
GREAT READING!" ... written by SS
thanks for that .. clear and straight up. :)" ... written by targ
she was really good, i was mesmerized by her soothing voice" ... written by vpoh
nice lady to the point. " ... written by mary
Good" ... written by Destiny999
Short and to the point. I love it. Thanks." ... written by ------------
Amista is a very kind person. all she says makes a lot of sense. thank you thank you so much." ... written by Jessica
Thankyou for the advice. Definately something i will think about." ... written by Kristina Prattis
Hi Amista...thank you always!" ... written by ash
wow u hit it right on, i just have to learn to go with my gut instinct more, but u confirmed all i felt, ty so much, ty spirits for this insite. hugs" ... written by sugarnspice
Everyday I go for a daily card from Amista and everyday she is hospitable and accurate. I loved my reading and it was so comforting to hear sensible truths that have meaning in my life. Thank you." ... written by Luna
Amista was outstanding once again, very consistent, very positive read, quick and to the point! The very best on Oranum!!" ... written by Khannads
Very clear and straight forward, very sure of what she is doing. I like her, I recommend her for sure ." ... written by Susana
q.q haha ~ whoops ...should've purchased more cause I think there was more to be said and needed to be written. Thank you very very much Amista for connecting and introducing them to me. Definitely given the critical information I needed to know as well~ =3 I really apprecaite it!!" ... written by Nightwind
Great reading. Thanks" ... written by Lorna
very good, very nice" ... written by lovealways23
She was good and very insightful, she won't tell you what you WANT to hear but she will tell you what you NEED to hear, which is very genuine." ... written by Ash
She is great. she will not hold back and will tell you everthing you need to know!! I will be back to read with her agine." ... written by theranchwife
Amista was concise and to the point, very accurate as always. Consistent! You must have a reading by her!" ... written by khannads
She's awesome !!! wonderful gift explains everything sooo well. I highly recommend I will come to her again. " ... written by Angel
Amista was very clear and concise and to the wasting time with her. You must have a reading done by her!!" ... written by khannads
Thank you for giving me a different perspective. Thank you for allowing me into your room everyday and giving me a card for the day and thank you for being you and giving me a wonderful reading." ... written by Luna
Amista is great as usual...very healing!" ... written by khannads
wow..thanks for the confirmation!" ... written by ash
Hi we got cut off? I still love ya!" ... written by Ash
Wow. Great reading. I would recommend to everyone. Thank you." ... written by angloThai
quick to the point " ... written by dani
Amista has given me hope with her answer to my question. All I need now is the strength to wait!" ... written by Sandra Kulig
Thanks for the reading great quick read straight forward answers no smoke and mirrors. 10 stars!!" ... written by ikroyalak
Amista, has a kind heart, tell is at is, good reader to frequent for guidance" ... written by Sooriamurthy
A true genuine person!! Awesome gift, clear and concise, I felt a shift in a situation and needed confirmation. Thanks Amista! so grateful to you and so happy you joined Oranum. Worth every penny!! You will not regret ;)" ... written by Angelsent21
Great advice, she knew what was going on and helped to me figure out what to do. Truly compassionate and thoughtful. " ... written by AsherBlu
AMAZING!! amista is a wonderful reader, very accurate!!!" ... written by softspirit
good, honest and accruate reading. Thank you very much." ... written by PIGLETME
wonderful!!! fully in-depth and scary accurate. I was very proud and happy that I got a reading with her. I can just feel her positivity and love throughout the reading. wonderful energy she is working with. the best!!!" ... written by lovealways23
She was very kind and compassionate. She tells it like it is but with care. She definitely made you realize a lot of Thanks!" ... written by ash
Hi you are truly amazing and empowering! You are right on everything Amista. WOW" ... written by ash
Very good, still holding all to all her words." ... written by Sandra Kulig
calming and lovely" ... written by Martha
very good reading shes very dowm to earth will be back" ... written by sweetpea 22
very caring very real " ... written by Tammy
She was very fast in healing work after helping me figure out my past life situation. " ... written by theme12
Absolutely Awesome!!!" ... written by Lotus001
Excellent reader with clear and direct answers. No spooky stuff, no ambiguity. Pleasant reading with no soap opera scenarios. Will return for another reading if things go as she says they will." ... written by Caliza
She was right on point and that what i have been feeling and on how my relationship is going thank you for the great advised." ... written by emir
I liked the Reading very much, very calming and helpful when I was in a crisis. I hope what she has seen for me comes true. " ... written by FREDDIPOO
Thank you for the reading, Amista is always kind and compassionate, she say it as it is, no sugar coating, good and kind soul, love coming back to her for readings." ... written by Sooriamurthy
straight to the point....great reading highly recommended!!" ... written by khannads
she helped me so much!! a healing session I am grateful for" ... written by Brianne
amista was great..very thorough..and to the point...excellent" ... written by mm8358
WOW! What can I say about her.... she is simply amazing - spot on in her readings, calming voice andamp; energy - she is absolutely wonderful - I will continue to read with her - and I highly recommend this lady.... bless u dear " ... written by Pam
she was accurate and touched on some concerns i had. will continue to come to her room tks amista" ... written by gr8tday
Wow, Amista is just wonderful. Very quick and has really really helped me along. I'm so thankful to the universe for sending her my way. I am so very grateful. I will always be back for more :) xxx" ... written by Paula
always lovely!" ... written by ash
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Thank you so much. I will do as you suggest" ... written by Katie46
i will be so happy if she does gets back with me" ... written by paul saunders
To the point and wonderful! Card of the day....2 days in a on! Private reading....wonderful help! Thanks!" ... written by Melissa
I think that god had send me to her i got healing her 2 times she is amazing i thank you so much amista " ... written by ll
Wow, great reading" ... written by angloThai
Amista is a very good reader. spot on my fears that block me. I have to keep working on those. i will definitely be back. Thank you so much. Everyone should get a reading with Amista. Simple and clear. " ... written by Lizzie
First reading with this lady, answered my questions quickly and honestly. No wasting credits, got straight to the answer." ... written by Mshelli
I love Amista's reading. She knows how to communicate and she answers the question directly in a way that makes sense. Thank you for another great reading!" ... written by Pixie
wow the spirits did it again, thanks so much, hugssss" ... written by sugarnspice01
Great reading!!! Unfortunately it wasn't something I wanted to hear but I have to deal with it!!! TY" ... written by Bellezalatina
get a reading from her. she's awesome. " ... written by t.
Thank you so much, Amista! You have been really helpful for me!" ... written by ash
Amista is amazing....words can't describe her psychic abilities" ... written by Finding Peace
Looks like there are still issues I have to deal with but thank you again for providing another clue to the job opportunity~ Thank you very very much Amista and Green Tree for the messages and expanding the message. I apprecaite it!!" ... written by Nightwind87
Wow she was spot on all the way, no mistake! i am impress by this lady !! give me the courage that i need ! you are very sweet, keep in touch!xox" ... written by Missy__
I loved my reading. Amista was very nice straight to the point. I give her 5 stars. I will be coming back Thank you so much" ... written by Yvonne
wow amazing!" ... written by ash
Brilliant as always. My first port of call when I need a spiritual tune up. Amista is always wonderful and totally gifted. I wouldn't go to anyone else :) xxxx" ... written by Paula
Totally comforting and helps me confirm something ~ Thank you very very much Amista *big hugs* Big big recommendation for this gal " ... written by Nightwind
Always feel a good sense of warmth and clarity when i talk to Amista, good reader." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Yayy!!! We finish the session with all the messages that is needed to be said =D Thank you very very much Amista for the help, guidance and confirmations ~ my SGs and myself really apprecaite it although I think Ai would be more hyper if he can hahaha~ *big hugs* " ... written by Nightwind
Another great reading that made a whole lot of sense. Thanks Amista! " ... written by Kesha
Very Helpful ! Thank You!" ... written by Jennifer
Another amazing reading." ... written by Keyla
she gave good advices and was sure in what she saw. some things were right about the past so maybe she is right about the future too. lets see :) thanks!" ... written by ---
ty amista .. I believe u hit on a lot of things .. guess time will tell ... ty so much " ... written by geri
Amista is a kind, helpful, genuine tarot reader and intuitive with sentient abilities. Just after the free card demonstration in chat it was evident that her reading capabilities go much deeper than the card itself. A 10 minute reading was very informative and provided great insight for specific questions regarding career and the future. I can highly recommend Amista and look forward to my next reading. Thank you very much." ... written by Martkos
very succint and to the point and covered alot of questions, good reader I found" ... written by afroditi23
Awesome as always. Highly recommend a reading with Amista. " ... written by Marg
always spot on!!!" ... written by Libella
Amista's readings are cohesive, comprehensive and insightful. Highly Recommended." ... written by Martkos
She is simply amazing. Answers every question without wasting time. Nd her answers were perfect." ... written by DK
Excellent reading she is the bomb!!" ... written by FP
quick and to the point. thank you" ... written by judi
love amista..she is quick and spot on!" ... written by ash
fast and i hope hat you said is hat happens ..thank you" ... written by cher
Amista," ... written by Rachel
Great stuff, will let you know how it goes, positive energies, and loved the reading. Thank you love and light" ... written by ra elsmore
she is very good love talking to her in prv and free chat " ... written by ell
Wonderful fast reading. Made me feel so much better after. Would recommend. " ... written by Danielle
thank you" ... written by zimerili1
5 star reading as usual, always on point" ... written by softspirit
hey amista, thank you for clearing that up for me...I thought and felt the same thing but I wanted to are right. Thanks!" ... written by ash
Amista is truly gifted, wonderful reader , accurate , precise and concise" ... written by softspirit
she was good..time will tell:) she does have a fun filled room though.." ... written by aquavenus
she is very good ....she help me alot " ... written by us
i absolutely love Amista and her readings. so spot on it's ridiculous. Thank you so much. I am feeling very hopeful :) bless you!!!" ... written by deodora
keep coming back for Amista's readings she's excellent! totally recommend her" ... written by Belinda
Simply amazing, blew my mind!" ... written by wanderlust
Great reading. Very to the point" ... written by Danielle
I love her readings!! She is always compassionate and straight forward." ... written by Free Spirit
hi amista..thanks for the reading today..right on every time!" ... written by ash
honest and truthful" ... written by leblanc
2nd reading with her and she blew me away" ... written by luckyanna
I have been getting readings from Amista and all good. Let's see what happens with this one. ty and bless you" ... written by Tiska
amazing reader !!!! Amista picked up alot on my situation :) i really enjoyed the reading and will be coming back .. thank you soo much for your insight Amista.. one love :) many many many blessings " ... written by ceeclouds77
great reading, very honest with the situation I'm in." ... written by Ammer
another great reading!!" ... written by clara
wow!! she is gooodddddddd.. real good, she is fast efficient and really tapped into the energies around my situation . Thanks. Peace " ... written by ceeclouds77
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Amista -- thank you so much for the clarification! I will keep you posted! :-)" ... written by ash
Amazing as always very good wen i need help i come to her she is the best .." ... written by el
Amista!! Everyone!! Thank you sooo much!! I really apprecate the birthday messages!!! *big hugs* " ... written by Nightwind87
Amista is an awesome reader if you want honest and accurate info she is the one to choose :) I give her 5 stars..." ... written by rachel
Wow, Thank you." ... written by angloThai
Honest, direct, and compassionate. Recommended! :) Thanks again!!" ... written by Me
lovely person helped me a lot nice reader nice healer .." ... written by el
Amista is a delight." ... written by Luna
wonderful reader helped give me clear guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Amista is wonderful. She has a kind spirit and I feel she connected very well. Would highly recommend her for anyone wanting some clarity and guidance:)" ... written by Carrie
thank you amista for the clarificaiton. it makes total sense...very helpful!" ... written by ash
great. really insightful and accurate. many thanks. lily from london x" ... written by lilyukp
amista is so great so nice easy to talk too will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
Amista is awesome and a real deal. Great pick!! :-)" ... written by loTus_peTal
Lovely Amista once again thank you" ... written by Biggy
I really enjoy reading with Amista every time. Thank you" ... written by Amanda
thank you are so quick and connected. Pretty spot on and accurate. Wow!" ... written by adfads
Miss Amista is AWESOME at this and I am extremely happy with her results. Please acknowledge her for her talent and hard work!" ... written by loTus_peTal
Another fantastic reading Amista Love you to bits!!!" ... written by Trista
great to talk to andamp; spot on. will see if predictions come to pass." ... written by sehneo
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by Tabby
good reading and she gave good advice." ... written by rosebud77
Amista is so amazing with energies. I appreciate her psychic abilities and I believe and trust her readings. Thank you so much for the follow up. Love and light" ... written by Scentsations
yeahh man Amista is cool man :D she an amazing reader,get to consult on a lot of things. no matter what it may be-she is on point, quick , precise and and accurate. I like her attitude, her ability to connect with others and her absolute honesty. thank you for sharing Amista. I really enjoyed the reading." ... written by ceeclouds77
OMG Amista is a truly amazing and gifted lady - I have been having one card of the day readings in her room for ages now and this paid reading just blew my mind. She is honest and respectful and has integrity. Cant wait for a follow-up reading later on and for things to start happening, as slowly as they will be. Amazing and worth the money, in fact she is worth much more. Lots of Love to you Amista and ty for being on Oranum. ♥ ♥ ♥" ... written by Larimar Gem
Very to the point, knew what she was saying. Thank you for your kind and wise honest words :0)" ... written by SpiritualLight
wonderful" ... written by maria
really cool" ... written by ruth babatunde
amista is one of the best readers on here love her will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
She is amazing!! i adore this lady for her wisdom and her room is such a joy to sit in.. i hang out in her room like every frigging day.. even if i'm back home after a stressful day, i just login to her room before hitting the sack!! she is great with her cards and my fav is the keys to the universe!!" ... written by Merisha
had a tune up session, she did it again feeling better and out of stress again. " ... written by theme12
Amista!!! Thank you so much for tune up and the messages from Ai and Sasu " ... written by Nightwind
I enjoyed the private reading with Amista very much. She was right on track with everything, even though some of it was difficult to hear. I would recommend her and will do another reading with her in the future." ... written by Kari H
Great, honest and doesn't waste time. Always a pleasure." ... written by María
Wonderfull reader great confirmation" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading, gave me alot of clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
Amista has a great personality. Great vibe and personable. " ... written by Alisha
always a great reading with Amista. Thank you!" ... written by Latvia
Amista is quick and to the point. Always a pleasure to have a read with her and to be in her room. One of the best, if not THE BEST on here." ... written by Lulu
She is so amazing full of energy love her Thank you " ... written by Edna
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Loved this reading with Amista :)" ... written by Alice
she was great. connected fast. very lovely spirit." ... written by oreocookies37
Thankyou awesome reading , no time waisting, straight to the point. xxx will be back again for updates definitely 5 stars !!! recommend strongly x" ... written by ra elsmore
I enjoyed the reading she has a very calming spirit!" ... written by KarleighsMom83
told me things i had no idea existed ,surprising!!" ... written by soft
Very enlightening and to the point thank you Amista. always a pleasure " ... written by Sophia
She is really fast and her advice is really practical. Would definitely recommend her for a reading. She is able to pick up on an emotional state and situation very fast. " ... written by V
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Great reading" ... written by Annastasia
thanks so much, amista now i feel better, i got the answers i needed now...." ... written by mette
very good" ... written by luckyanna
Amista is wonderful...such a great spirit:) Simply love her energy and can't say enough good things about her:)" ... written by Carrie
She was right on with everything I asked about. She knew what I wanted to know before even asking. She's very good, and I will have another reading, probably before I move. As a matter of fact, I was so pleased with her, she will be my "psychic" from here on, as long as I need her advice and wisdom. Thanks Amista! I am very grateful to have met you!" ... written by d'tewa
amista is an excellent reader, connects well and direct answers" ... written by angelswingz
Wonderful reading. Set my mind at ease. She is very straight forward and honest." ... written by Dani
great reading as always" ... written by Amanda
Wonderful reading as always. Calmed my fears and answered some questions" ... written by Dani
I love her she is so sweet and gentle " ... written by May
Wonderful reader, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
nice" ... written by lisa
thanks for the clarification " ... written by mag
Thank you for the homework, Amista and Green Tree =] Your team is always a great guiding light. XD And I will always be grateful for it!! " ... written by Nightwind87
very good" ... written by luckyanna
omg, she nailed it 100 % !" ... written by jessy
very good insight will keep you posted " ... written by luvuchaluka
fast and to the point! great reader" ... written by andrea
Amista is my regular go to reader, she is excellent, not vague like some others, she will answer all your questions in depth and truthfully - I highly recommend her, honestly she is one of the better readers on here and wont give you any bs - only truth from Amista. Love her and will keep returning to her for follow-up readings as she is always on point and accurate. If you want an accurate reading, try her out." ... written by Gem
*hugs* Amista, Thank you for the tune up ~ I really apprecaite it. Psychic tune ups are wonderful way to re-aligned yourself. And I trust Amista and her team all the way with this. Hence I highly recommend her =] Like always " ... written by Nightwind87
very nice reader:)" ... written by joseph
Wow, spot on. Thanks for the reading. I will be back in the near future. " ... written by angloThai
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Right on point and very accurate." ... written by Dani
another gret reading!" ... written by Amanda
she was crazy good. she was spot on on everything" ... written by holly and mandi
Amista is a great reader. She is straight to the point and there is a flow to her reading which is consistent and peaceful. I highly recommend her. There is no hesitation and will tell you how things are, not how you will like them to be. " ... written by Lotus
Thank you so much what a wonderful reading. " ... written by Kristina Prattis
great reading" ... written by jay
She is totally worth getting a reading from, straight forward and to the point. Thank you so much and I will keep you informed on whats going on in my life. " ... written by Kim P
Thanks for your read... I appreciate it. As always love you and what you have to offer to the spiritual world." ... written by Thatgirl7541
she was amazing....very professional and quick to the point...she connected right away with my situation...i would highly recommend her!" ... written by nami
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very informative, gave great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Very informative " ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome!! fast and to the point...thankyou ..x" ... written by m bear
She is awesome!" ... written by Ashley
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Quick and to the point. Answered all my questions without having to ask her. She is great. Thanks." ... written by Luna
I was a big fan of hers before I knew she was on Oranum and so I finally gave in and got a reading. She was great! She definitely picked up on the situation in reading me and the other person involved and I am really hoping that her predictions and timeline come true. Thanks Amista" ... written by l
Been along time since our last reading but she is still great. Very informative and gives great advise." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you i am so glad to see you back on here " ... written by KP
Seemed honest and uses her tools effectively- quick reader and doesn't waste your time. " ... written by Joanna