About AlmaVeah

Psychic AlmaVeahhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AlmaVeahhas recently helped 17members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AlmaVeah's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I'm Alma, and I'm a natural healer and energy worker. I connect with angels, spirit guides, and light beings or spirits. I also use different techniques of healing, holistic coaching, and dream interpretation. I am able to channel and instantly tell someone else's feelings and emotions.I can help you to create that which you desire, and bring your back your well deserve HAPPINESS!

she is a good reader" ... written by amy
WOW! Alma is one incredibly talented reader. I was blown away by her accuracy -- you just need to ask one question, and she takes off with very specific detail, answers any additional questions you might have had and some you didn't realize. Very gifted." ... written by very impressed
Alma is absolutely amazing! Like others say here she caught on so many details with 100% accuracy! She didnt get anything wrong at all! Spot on...keep it up Alma ...youre a wonderful person and reader..I trust what you said will happen ...thank you so much for lifting my spirit tonight . God bless you " ... written by G
A very nice reading. She is insightful and compassionate. She will tell you like it is and that is a good thing. I did appreciate the conversation." ... written by itwillbeok
best that i had so far, most accurate reader, could not just connect but gave the guidance that I needed." ... written by ray
She is magnificent!!! Seriously, seriously AMAZING! " ... written by Miszy
this was amazing, she was very accurate about my finances and she picked up about my personal issues. i tried many here , she is legit try her." ... written by nz
Thank you Alma" ... written by marion
I feel such a strong connection with her. I think she's incredible. " ... written by tiffany
i am completely blown away , i love this psychic, she was spot on, she was very quick and connected really fast. i like the way she describe and explain me every thing. she is best on this site." ... written by ilikethechacha
i just love her so much! i swear, everything she says is true :)" ... written by rose
Very positive reading. Now to wait and see" ... written by Miley
Yes, it has happened exactly how and what she said. Marvelous I really good not believe it, but true that it had happened. Good job. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
she was real deal, i have tried many psychic but she is my new favourite. She was spot on with every thing. she help me ease my mind she is a very calm soul i will sure come back to her" ... written by julia
she was amazing to me, she told me what i needed to hear. she didnt give me any false hope. she is real deal she shows me right direction in my life, im crying but im happy that finally i know what i need to do in my life thank you thank you" ... written by j
great reading, information was flowing, very positive, but also with clear insight. thank you very much." ... written by aaaa
Alma it means soul." ... written by richie
awesome!!! flawless. love her. " ... written by tiffany
Simply the best!!! Thanks Alma" ... written by n
I truly enjoyed this reading. Alma was so on point with everything. she answered all of my questions and was very positive with her words. she is truly talented and gives you good energy! I looove her reading. she is my psychic from now on. everything she said made a lot of sense with what it going on with me now. I left the chat room feeling very positive and happy! thank you for your help AlmaVeah!" ... written by nuria
She is very quick, her connection is amazing as she can see so much! She is extremely gifted. " ... written by Tiffany
She was very accurate on past and present, hope she is right about future. Very fast as well." ... written by ziggy
i think she was very honest and direct to the point, real psychic, you should try she will not waste ur time, she is spot on." ... written by richard
Alma is amazing 5 stars *****" ... written by shireen
great reader!" ... written by mmd
Excellent reader. Very thoughtful. Everything she said resonated deeply with me. " ... written by Marhaban
ok i am not speaking with anyone else. AlmaVeah is amazing! Accurate, knew soo much about my situation and i feel so much better after speaking with her. She is a healer and clairvoyant. !0-1March and april increased finances im with my guy and overall radiant! Please contact her! My sister who also has a gift told me about this site and i am grateful to find AlmaVeah. she is one of the most accurate no tools psychic! and coming from a family of no tools readers I can say she is OMG the BEST!" ... written by susan
such a lovely kind hearted reader who gives lots of details you will be amazed! xoxox" ... written by e
amazing it was spot on" ... written by angel
She is really an adviser and such a good person." ... written by jeff
Alma was so sweet, understanding, had some spot on insight and was accurate without me saying anything :) Thank You " ... written by Sherry
Excellent reading, she is fast, accurate, and informative. She can quickly connect with your questions and answers with lots of information and details." ... written by LISA
I am crazy about this very talented reader ... she is so accurate and the details she sees I haven't seen another psychic get that specific ... very highly recommended! " ... written by Loyal Client
Alma is very good, she picks up on what is currently going on and can see what is coming up as well. She is fast, accurate, and detailed. I've had a few readings with her and I'm confident in coming back for updates. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
AN AMAZING read !! she picked up on the guy i was talking about and i didn't even have his name!! she described him to me !! " ... written by summer
im very impressed with the level of details she told me, wasnt expecting so much, thank you so much for this incredible reading 5 stars" ... written by c
amazing!!! psychic alma is great, she was able to open my eyes and answered questions I couldn't find answers to. she gave me an excellent advise regarding my situation. thank you so much ! " ... written by katherine zuley
love alma she is incredible x" ... written by shireen
Very good at channeling feelings. Fast and accurate" ... written by d
She was great, so fast and lots of details. Thank you" ... written by v
This was my first reading with Alma - i was very curious as her testimonials are so good. I have to admit - i loved the reading with Alma. She is very honest, no sugar coating, she tells you what she sees! Im now very curious to see the development of my situation in regard to her prediction. For sure i will come back !" ... written by Sonia
She's fast, accurate, detailed, and thorough in every reading. You ask one question and she goes off from you answers to things you didn't even ask but they are relevant. A really good reading and super nice lady!" ... written by Liz
love alma she is the real helpful cant thank her enough xxx" ... written by s
Thanks." ... written by See
an interesting reading...wish i had more time..." ... written by Regina
She seemed very connected and was accurate." ... written by Grace
Really accurate and talented, i don't think I will see another." ... written by ziggy2
simply fantastic, accurate reader .. details are scary accurate, wow!" ... written by d
Alma is very in tuned and accurate. I will definitely come back for another reading. This was a very informative reading." ... written by StarrrVision
Major Sweetheart! Thank you Alma!" ... written by tina
She is will not be disappointed that is for of the best on here! " ... written by Miszy
Super good...Alma just dives right in and gives you details, answers, things to look forward to, and things to think about. She easily picks up on intentions, feelings, and what is to come. She's really good, take her for a private reading, it's so worth it!" ... written by Jennifer
omg !! she was really very good, she connects with me and send me healing she was very quick in her cards and she describe my whole situation, she knows how to read cards very well. she was worth to try, what she told me makes 100 percent sense. will definitely come back to her. she is my go to psychic from now on." ... written by jennifer
she was straight forward , spot on, she pick up many things about my situation, she was accurate. she don't sugar coat she tell you real as it is, high clairvoyant. I highly recommend 5 stars" ... written by juan
She scary how she can pick up on the details" ... written by angela
great reading.. goign through a lot.. but alma was very caring.. thsnk you" ... written by kk
she was very honest, real psychic. she dont play games she is real deal, i totally respect her psychic abilities." ... written by rob
Alma is SUPER SUPER GOOD! She really picks the details. INCREDIBLE. Is a shame that my connection is so bad, so I could not have more. I will come back with you definetely" ... written by A
Thank you so much for your kind words." ... written by Daisy
WOW.WOWWOWWOWWOW....." ... written by me
WOW! this lady incredibly gifted - the heavens have really smiled down on her -- her accuracy is like I have never seen, small details ... amazing." ... written by donna
Thank you for your help" ... written by Lavie
She really tuned into this situation very easily and spot on. She was really connected, enjoyed the reading." ... written by Geri
so many details acurate! perfect" ... written by c
You were on point love!! Explained a lot of detail and made me see things clear. She is really good… take her to private you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Deb
ran out of time but gave concise answers" ... written by a
AlmaVeah is a sweet young lady ,that has a genuine gift. " ... written by sc
She actually can read into your deepest needs andamp; desires and is highly accurate in her reading. Highly recommended." ... written by Melissa
She connects super good with the situation and gives lots of details. She is fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" ... written by A
she was real deal, she is real psychic with no jokes very serious psychic highly recommend" ... written by r
omg !!! im so excited...she was spot on, she told me i am going to get a call from my ex and i got call back and i am going to date. thank you for your amazing healing you are an angel that comes to help me. xoxoxo" ... written by marianna
alma really has the ability to calm me down... i am in a hard phase of my life.. and she was able to really put things into perspective and validate whats happening in my life.. thank you for being here for me.. " ... written by kk
Good, great, excellent! I ask one question and Alma just takes off from there providing details, answers, and additional information for things I haven't even asked yet." ... written by LISA
She is really sweet and genuine..." ... written by D
She's great! Highly recommend!" ... written by b
shes brilliant, really spot on observer, i def will check in again!!" ... written by kcc
Very sweet and inspiring reading! Lovely energy from AlmaVeah! Will see what transpires here in the next weeks. Can't wait..thanks for the reading" ... written by Amy
She is straight to the point and she picks up what is happening and she gaves me clarity. SHe is the real deal." ... written by l
A lot of detail, interesting insight thank you " ... written by Sherry
Very good insightful reading!! I do recommend her!" ... written by Walejr
I had a few readings with Alma and each time she picks up a little more and provides more accuracy, detail, and information. What she sees is clear and concise and she doesn't sugar coat. If you want a genuine reading from a truly talented psychic, choose Alma, you will not regret it. She's great!" ... written by Jenn
She picks up situation fast and accurate. A talented lady" ... written by victor
to the point 100%" ... written by Rob
Alma was 200% accurate with upcoming travel: she predicted location and unexpected travel she nor i knew was coming. She also saw many details that were accurate during the reading. Please do have a reading with her. You will see for yourself and you will not regret it. She does not waste your time and focuses straight to the point. She is positive and caring and gentle. " ... written by G
Always a great thing to have a reading with Alma and she's been my go to reader lately. She's quick, truthful, accurate, and detailed. Another great reading." ... written by Jenn
Alma's depth and accuracy is astounding ... a real gift :-)" ... written by donna
the best!" ... written by d
so kind hearted and helpful, very on point with personalities and travels in my life, i am excited to see what is yet to come, and now i can do so with much ease, thank you so much ♡ " ... written by emoonlight
Alma is honest, open, no sugar coating, and detailed. She quickly answers any and all of your questions and leaves nothing out. She makes to include everything and it's always great to have a reading with her. Excellent!" ... written by Lisa
answered all my questions and connected right away. Thank you x" ... written by london
Excellent reading with answers, details, accuracy, and predictions. " ... written by Lisa
amazing soul and reader..." ... written by me
she is great " ... written by Amy
I love her she is sweet and connects great with the situation. Great advise. " ... written by AA
Alma is really great. She easily picks up even the smallest, important details about the questions I have. She provides answers, insight, and guidance to achieve what you want. She's fast, doesn't waste time, and doesn't try to keep you in private. She is efficient and very good at her craft. Another awesome reading." ... written by Jennifer
My reading was disconnected and I just came back to finish things up and again Alma was consistent, accurate, and detailed. She picked up a lot of things and the reading was very helpful." ... written by Lisa
One of the best readings I've ever had. Seriously. This girl has an intuitive gift for sure and she's very down to earth. " ... written by Kayla
Alma is wonderful, kind, focused and detailed as usual. She has predicted accurately in the past, and it's amazing what she picks up with no tools. Furthermore, her energy is just so peaceful and wonderful. She is for keepers . " ... written by G
Thank you Alma, this was an incredible day. I am so grateful you share your gifted soul with all. Blessings to you x" ... written by Shaman
returning customer :)" ... written by rob
She picked up on a lot of energies surounding my current situation. thanks" ... written by leo girl
This is my 2nd reading with alma veah, she has been amazing since ever i start speaking to her, my ex has called me and came back to me. i cant thank her enough for her amazing healing. she is truly an angel." ... written by gina
5 stars. I highly recommend her. Always quick to connected and knows exactly what is going on. " ... written by Christine
Really extraordinary - no doubt in my mind! Thanks!" ... written by p
What can i say more about Alma that all have not already said? She is the top there is. Also cos she doesn't need to badger you to come back to her readings. Naturally you will. I have found a spiritual confidante for life and i am sticking by her. " ... written by Miss jk21
Alma was awesome :) keeps amazing me time after time " ... written by AAA
Thank you so much Almaveah. I will have hope and be more positive about things!" ... written by B
She is very good and everything she picked up was right. Lots of details and she reads very quickly." ... written by nz
Wow !! I lovee my readings with Alma. Everything she have said has happened in my life, i got my job now because of her help. She is Genuine. She told me i will get a call from my lover and yes she hit nailed again. Such a beautiful soul. she Knows everything and cares even more than any other psychic. I wish there were more people like her in this world. She is a blessing and a gift from God." ... written by Samantha
I have very Deep respect for Alma. She has been my Angel guide for last few days. Since ever i have been listening to her advise, every thing is happening like she has explained and predicted. My life is even better. I regret if i have consulted her earlier. I have been through a lot of problems in my life but she has been a great support and healer in my darkest time. Alma is such a calming soul, her reading was amazing. I would love to come and look forward to have another reading." ... written by Returning Client
Alma gave me a very accurate reading. Everything she said was 100% correct. I would totally recommend her." ... written by Amazing Reading
she is wonderful , very detailed and very deep ..." ... written by peter
Alma has been so accurate for me, and has great depth that has impacted me in a way no other reader has been able -- she's is truly gifted!" ... written by loyal client
Alma has become one of my favorites. She accurately picks up on what's currently going and answers all my questions and calms my worries. She's the real deal, take her for a private and see for yourself. " ... written by Jennifer
She has been right tin the past. I think we have a good connection. I appreciate her very much . " ... written by knowing2013
Alma is a favorite! She has the answers and helps me every time I need her. Another fantastic reading today, thank you!" ... written by Jenn
Loves her!! She is truly gifted and she really wants to help her clients... Until next time xoxoxo" ... written by Dee
tnank you brillant!" ... written by katerina
Ahhh.., She was amazing! What else can I say!" ... written by Dignity
Alma is the best, accuracy is scary :-)" ... written by me
Superb, thanks!!" ... written by p
wow..she is without doubt amazing..picking it right bang on details!!!! i didn't tell her anything and she knows I'm amazed!" ... written by rosy
Dearest Alma: It's always such a treat to read with you. You fill me with loving and kind energy, and you are always so accurate. Your predictions have been right in the past, and you really give me direction and good advice with a very simple straightforward style. God bless you dear and thank you ~~~" ... written by G
I saw AlmaVeah was online and decided to get a follow up. I spoke to my guy via text on the 14th. Alma said between March 1-10. She said that by april increase in finances and with my guy overall radiant! today she said that he was confused over a white skin girl and a tan girl. They x is white and i am very tan. She said it would progress and we would be back together but he was confused and e needs me to get him through this but it will be better than before!! Amazing! " ... written by susan
AlmaVeah was so correct andamp; right on with her perceptions of my situation. I highly recommend her. God bless you AlmaVeah! She is a healer also and clearer of negative energy." ... written by W
Absolutely amazing. Just like the other reviews have said. I will definitely be back. REALLY accurate!!" ... written by B
really amazing connection and insight. " ... written by hugs
Thank you for your clarity. It was helpful. She confirmed for me what I knew I needed to do to keep grounded. " ... written by p
Interesting info. A lot seems true to home. I am going to wait and see how her predictions are and then I will come and comment again. Thank you though sweetheart!" ... written by Samantha
Alma only wanted my name and then she went on and on about my situation and person of interest, she was very accurate, I was impressed, I will update how things are unfolding, many thanks for now xxx" ... written by sophia
she is quick and accurate with her descriptions" ... written by frag
Alma is not only beautiful, her intuition and readings are amazingly astonishingly accurate. " ... written by J21
You much try private - you will not believe the accuracy!!!!" ... written by B
Alma was top notch and top drawer in my book...she was thoughtful, calm, and collected with my rapid brought me clarity and a sense of purpose...thank u 4 bringing light into my shadows, Alma!" ... written by Christopher
Great reader, she described the situation well. Will see how things turnout. I recommend her" ... written by R
Alma blew my mind away!! Very genuine and knowledgeable person. She is so down to earth and has this calm peaceful energy that I look up to beeing more like that lol She was very on point with specific accurate details without me saying nada Cudos to her and do give her a chance you will be amazed! " ... written by A
She is great! " ... written by chapis
She is amazing - wow the real deal! Amazing insight and very kind and understanding. I will definitely be back for another reading - much gratitude Alma!" ... written by kosmo
Thank you Alma for your insight and clarity. This reading with you has helped me put my mind at ease. Wonderful person." ... written by Sunflower201
Alma is like a long lost spiritual friend you found again. besides being incredibly beautiful, her intuition and assurances are spot on. Def sticking around for her!" ... written by Missjk21
Thank you so much, you are a beautiful woman, with a beautiful heart. I admire your gentle spirit. " ... written by MMarmalade
wow she connects so fast and is very good :)" ... written by apple
5 stars! Very detailed and quick to connect. She saw many details which pertained to my situation. I will come back for another read. Very accurate and clairvoyant." ... written by Christine
the best" ... written by donna
Give Alma a read. You will not regret!!" ... written by Jsk75
Alma has become my go-to for advises and guidance ever since i chanced upon her. Her amazing calming energy and accurate readings never fail to impress. I will continue to come to her def!" ... written by Missjk21215
Absolutely amazing!!! You are the best, and thank you again!!" ... written by nz
110 points. Alma has been my go-to ever since i chanced upon her. " ... written by sjk
AlmaVeah is the bomb. she sees things that no one else would have known. spot on. " ... written by js
Alma is the real deal. Calm, assuring, straightforward, stern but ever so kind. def coming back. " ... written by J
Always great to connect with, thanks so much!" ... written by b
Alma is very good ... picks up information quickly and is worth every cent , dont waste your time with other readers." ... written by L
I HIGHLY recommend her. She is definitely one of the best. She connects quickly and give prompt answers. She doesn't waste your time. " ... written by RAM
beautiful reading.. thank you for your guidance and support alma" ... written by w
Give this gorgeous lady a read. You won't regret. She certainly does not butter up facts and offers only genuine readings and super accurate ones too. - Missjk21 :)" ... written by ks
I appreciate all guidance and support she gives. She has been honest and uplifting since I started reading with her. " ... written by knowing2013
thank you very much, you have cleared a lot of my confusion about the situation, you are very intuitive and gifted :)" ... written by Alicja
WOW. WOW. must try she is the real deal!!" ... written by findyourself
AWESOME. she picked up everything so amazingly and shes so calming! will come back for sure!" ... written by baby
simply amazing reader, must give her a chance, you will be blown away!" ... written by findyourself
she is simply the best. You must give her a try..she is spot on!" ... written by findyourself
Reason i come back so often is simply because Alma strikes a chord in me with her sincerity in being a friend, an advisor, a guide and more importantly, time and again she saw something that no one else could have known. Her visions and accuracy is astounding, to say the least. Will be back. always. " ... written by Missjk21
I appreciate her honesty and she has been right about a lot of things since I have been reading with her. And I feel peaceful after reading with her." ... written by knowing2013
Brilliant and incredibly accurate. I will further have feedback on my continued sessions with Alma. She has now landed on my favorite list. I'm thankful for her insights. Thank you thank you thank you " ... written by Merrysinclair
Alma has been nothing short of accurate in her feelings n readings in situations. Def a keeper for life :)" ... written by Missjk21
Alma, thank you once again, each time you read for me I feel you are very very intuitive and gifted, you see things straight away, I am just amazed of your talents, thank you for reassuring me, and see you soon :)" ... written by Alicja
Alma is detailed with little to no information. It's quite astounding her accuracy and foresight. I had a long reading with her and I having nothing but good feelings, understandings and clarity. Her reassurance on some of my romantic endeavors gives me great hope. Her compassion is there and her delivery is exacting. She is direct and very in touch with other's feelings, motives and paths. I see her as being a potential adviser to me on my foggy roads and this is a comfort. I'm thankful for her blessings, healing's and her spirit. I will be returning and I absolutely would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Merrysinclair
Really connected and tells the truth, no sugar-coating here. The best here-, thanks!" ... written by b
love her, shes so accurate and to the point. thank you!" ... written by angel
Alma is just AMAZING, the connection is very strong and she is super accurate. If I could give her 100 stars I would, You will not regret it!!" ... written by L
OMG!! She is amazing! This reading she nailed sooo many details! It all made so much sense. Thanks xoxoxo" ... written by Dee
I dont know how alma does it. shes great at what she does! always see deeply into the situation and at the core of whats really happening. love reading with her! A true blessing to oranum. Thanks alma! god bless!" ... written by mm
It is incredible how fast Alma sees everything !!! Its really been a fantastic reading!! And I love her sense of humor!" ... written by Sonia
WOW!!!! this beautiful young lady has truly amazing gifts. didn't ask for any information just a question and picked up on so much I was speechless of how she knew how many kids we each had. " ... written by sm
Excellent reader and great mentor!! Many thanks once again." ... written by Dignity
Alma is a def keeper and a go-to. Ever so clear in her readings. Totally love her. " ... written by J
You are absolutely the best Alma :) Thanks a million!" ... written by pat
Alma is a go-to if you want pure energy and succinct readings. Using no tools and just her gifted talents, she saw many things that no one possibly could have. A keeper. :)" ... written by J
What can i say? calming, soothing, accurate, mentor. You must take her for a private chat!*missjk :p" ... written by Asiagirl
shes an amazing reader! love her, shes one of my top 3 on here :)" ... written by angel
comforting, exact, no holds barred. love her to bits. jk" ... written by A
5 stars. I highly recommend her. She can see deep into what is going on. " ... written by Christine
Omg, she's really astoundingly spectacular!" ... written by pb
Thank you so much for your gift. You help me so much!!!!! True gift of seeing and helping others!!!" ... written by B
Alma read my situation perfectly. She knew everything that was going on. I am so glad I came to her. Thank you Alma :) " ... written by 92
what a gift you are, thank you." ... written by
I appreciate all she seeing and advises me on. S big hug and thanks. I have learned a lot and still learning." ... written by known
Alma is the bomb. i only come to her now. " ... written by sjk
she is very good! i am always back to her!!!" ... written by Kate
U are the best - thanks for all your positivity, advice and support!! " ... written by pat
Wow is all I can say you know there was something about Alma when I visited her room and no one has ever told me the part I played in this relationship but her and the more I thought about it the more I began to realize it was me the was a lot of the problem causing the turn for the worse in my relationship and I am so happy I came into her room. Thank you so much" ... written by Raym57
5 stars! She sees clearly as to what is going on in a situation. I highly recommend her. She can describe people and their personality well. She also gives very detailed readings and timeframes. She is very kind and caring and gives advice to help you reach your goals. " ... written by Christine
She's really the best :) " ... written by p
very good, very consistent! she always makes me come back " ... written by chapis
Really really good - details and everything. Unbelievable. You can also tell she is a sweet caring person... : )" ... written by B
Alma is one of the most accurate readers on oranum, whenever I speak with her she always makes me feel better. Do not waste your time elsewhere! " ... written by L
always connects and gives quick answers" ... written by california
Absolutely the best!!" ... written by b
Insight, understanding and KNOWING as always and it is so helpful!!" ... written by B
the best here!" ... written by d
today, i had the pleasure of having a healing session with alma. she still amazes me with what she sees and how she can pick up so much. i truly believe in her gift and her ability to heal and help others. thank you so much, i am forever grateful to you and your gift xoxo" ... written by angelbaby
She is so accurate with her readings and predictions. She is the best" ... written by amy
She always knows whats going on :) " ... written by p
the best thank you xox" ... written by the world
Absolutely amazing as always" ... written by B
She's amazingly accurate-:)" ... written by Love
Great as always!! Tnx :)" ... written by b
Alma has become my confidante in an issue that i've not told anyone. And her amazing skill of being spot on, sensible guidance and such kindness makes her an advisor and friend for life ! I will be back same time tmr alma :)" ... written by jk21
WOW! She was unbelievable. A truly gifted psychic. I'm very impressed with her detail. I could've stayed in private with her for hours.. :)" ... written by Rdee
She really tells you everything you need to know :)" ... written by pb
Alma once again proves she knows things she couldnt have unless she is a true gifted psychic!" ... written by Miss jk21
Thanks for the advice dear :)" ... written by B
This girl is good, really good. With just one question I got detail after detail of the answer and so much more. She told me things about my life that she couldn't just "guess" about, she was also accurate about others in my life. Her predictions have happened for me before so I have no doubts what she sees coming up with come to pass as well. Thank you Alma, we'll catch up soon." ... written by Jennifer
Alma knew of the situation and really helped " ... written by Z
detail is so accurate, the best!" ... written by loyal client
Alma is the best reader on oranum!! 100 Stars =]" ... written by L
Alma has offered great advice and always reads the situation very well. She puts my mind at ease and really compassionate and helpful. I'm forever grateful." ... written by p
I enjoy speaking with her and her guidance lines up with how things plan out. I will take her reading and apply to my situation. She is a very good resource and guide that sees things that will help you improve your life." ... written by knowing2013
very accurate and very honest . just name and can tell the whole story " ... written by sai
shes literally the best. shes now my go-to. I don't know what I would do without her insight, she gives me clarity on a lot of things, intentions of people, and their feelings. ive been going through a rough time and her healing and clarity definitely helped! thank you so much alma. Im also very glad you were able to see things that no one else on this site has ever seen! xoxo" ... written by the world
Alma has been incredible the 1st day i found her. Her clarity, advise and visions are beyond extraordinary. No hocus pocus and a real friend too :) jk21" ... written by JK
I love her.. she's my go-to person. A MUST TRY!" ... written by D
Absolutely the best here, she nails it all the time.thanks so much!!" ... written by b
Very consistent reader. Very kind,understanding and genuine reader. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Alma doesnt sugar coat. she sees it, she tells it. And very comforting and sane advises. Plus, the friend for life. jk21" ... written by kj12
I have no words to express how Alma had positively influenced my life. She has always been right and sees so much details that helps me understand what's going on, without me uttering a word. Really honest, compassionate and has a very good heart willing to help in many ways. Im extremely grateful, thanks so much" ... written by pat
I cannot express what she means to me! love this woman!! xoxo" ... written by angel
Alma is a favorite of mine because she's genuine, accurate, detailed, fast, and honest. No fairy tales here, she will tell you the truth and her predictions happen. She's really great, she's nice and doesn't waste your time. Take her for a reading and get the answers you seek, you'll be happy you did!" ... written by JCS
Some good things to look forward too, i cant thank you enough for your guidance. You're an angel!! thanks so much! " ... written by B
Wow, that's just really wonderful insight. Thanks so much!" ... written by P
She was very empathic and accurate in her reading Wonderful session!" ... written by lovelyrozette
Alma - i don't think any word can fully describe how incredible she is until u have a 1st hand experience with her. She completely blows my mind about her details in accuracy with just a single question. It's like she sees the situation through MY own eyes. Not to forget, she is so so calming and really makes me feel like it's a trusted friend im confiding in. def a keeper for life. :)" ... written by Miss jk21
Thanks so much Alma :) Absolutely the best - for any issues, i go to her and will definitely seek her time and again!!" ... written by B
incredible reader, accurate and so wise for her years .. highly recommended" ... written by loyal client
I just love Alma. She is someone that I trust 100%, because she is really truly gifted, kind, and honest, and her calm style and energy are so positive and caring. I only come to her now. She gets every detail right always, and leaves me with a sense of divine peace. I also follow her wise advice both spiritually and practically. Im really thankful to have her and recommend to everyone to try her as you will see for yourself. :) " ... written by G
AlmaVeah.. no words can really describe her, all I can say is she is the best reader on Oranum period." ... written by L
WOW! So many points hit on, I barely said anything and she picked up a vast amount. Even down to my hair colour.. amazing. Thanks Alma." ... written by TM
Alma is still absolutely amazing and leaves me still speechless. Her reading with little information from me was incredibly accurate. She shed some light on some love matters and another's thoughts and emotions. Some of it was sad to hear but there was some light and positive outlooks that made me feel hopeful and good. I'm grateful that Alma is around and her shared gift and insights, indeed, are a blessing. I'm thankful that I do get a chance to seek her help when she's around. I recommend her to you with the greatest of light and love. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Alma is the best, number 1 on oranum =]" ... written by L
Very good and in depth reading. She sees it all." ... written by angelszone
Alma is a favorite of mine for sure. Lots of details and information and valid advice as well. She's accurate and things she's predicted have happened for me. She's the real deal!" ... written by JCS
Brilliant reading as always! Alma is the real deal, take her for a private reading you won't soon forget." ... written by JCS
Always great to connect with Alma, she's great at what she does. She gives me clarity and details and she's very accurate." ... written by JCS
Thanks so much, always great to get updates- so detailed and stirs me in the right path- an angel I believe:) " ... written by P
First reading with her. Love her and positive information and advice" ... written by Julianna
I appreciate all the help and honest guidance I receive. Her last predictions unfolded within the time she reported in there on way." ... written by knowing2013
Excellent, superb, awesome! Alma is a favorite and she picks up on everything and offers great details and advice. Cheers to another fantastic reading that helped to clarify a lot of things." ... written by JCS
Alma is amazing: not only does she see everything accurately but her predictions have come to pass for me, time and time again. She is awesome. Thank you Alma!" ... written by angel
Always a pleasure to read with Alma. She is very good at what she does, she provides clarity, details, and information with the situation as well as predictions. She's been very accurate for me as well." ... written by Jenn
Extremely grateful to Alma, so much details she picks up so easily and quickly, no tools, no other info needed; just a question to ask. I believe in her gifts and her willingness to help - such a good soul and a huge heart. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by PB
fast connection and like her energy, will come back for some more update. " ... written by emily
Alma is genuine, accurate, fast and so so nice to chat with her always! My no. 1 when im in this site. :) jk21" ... written by j
I am so grateful to have meet her. I enjoy her guidance and advice. She has been right in past. Will continue to come back. " ... written by knowing2013
This beautiful angel called Alma Veah is an incredible soul. She is a special person. I am grateful for her gifts and the accurate insights she provides. Please do try her as you will see for yourself how accurate she is of people, events, etc. Her channeling abilities are astonishing, but most of all her gifts are God-given and positive. She leaves you at peace and comforted by knowing the truth, and providing wise solutions to your problems. God bless you Alma and thank you from my heart xoxoxo" ... written by G
Thanks so much Alma, you've been great and compassionate during this very confusing time. I can't thank you enough for all your help. " ... written by p
You will not find another reader with more depth, more soul, more accuracy. Alma is the deal. " ... written by j
i just have no words to describe alma. shes truly the best reader on here and so honest and so detailed its almost scary! read with her and you will not be disappointed, i promise!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Thank you Alma you gave some predictions I hope they come true. Thank you so much for the clarity and helping understand whats going on." ... written by Arc
My dearest angel alma. What would I do without you? Not only do you see everything ...but you also give me the wisest guidance. you are very precious to me and I have no words to thank you. sending you my sincere affection" ... written by G
Glad to catch Alma - she's getting busier as most are getting aware of her amazing gifts and big heart. Much love and thanks to this beautiful and very kind soul :) " ... written by p
Alma has become my run-to for problems, worries, thoughts and sharing. Try a private read with her and you will understand why she is the most authentic reader you will ever come across. jk21" ... written by j
So detailed, its so amazing - thanks so much!!" ... written by b
WOW!!! AMAZING!!! Thanks Alma =)" ... written by lynn
Almaveah is just awesome. Just love her, very gifted talents." ... written by Robin
alma is just amazing at what she sees. and shes so calming and brings great energy even when i feel like my energy is off. shes the best and i will follow her advise!" ... written by raina
Alma is truly a gem on this site. She will not sugarcoat what she sees, but the details are scarily accurate. She has proven herself to be correct time and time again even when I didn't want her to be. She's my go to psychic if I ever need clarity on any situation stuck in my mind. You will never regret a reading from her, I guarantee!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
the best there is, her accuracy and ability to channel into feelings and events is astounding!" ... written by loyal client
Thank you so much Alma, the one thing I need to do in order to move on will happen. Your guidance has been a blessing." ... written by TM
OMG WOW I cannot believe how accurate she was. She gave me predictions that I am certain can actually happen because her details about me and the other person involved were so specific and correct. It was like she knew us both personally. That was my first reading and it won't be the last." ... written by l
Another lovely reading with my angel Alma. She has been my guiding light through these difficult times, and is a God send. Like others say it's amazing on the details she picks up, and the wise advice she provides. Im very thankful to have her." ... written by G
She just knows things and it's amazing every time. I love her!" ... written by JCS
Definately has something. This woman. Angel from the skies perhaps. Felt like she knew my life story. I loved the fact that she did not say: "Amazing something will happen on that and that day." She was simple and calming. It looks like I just need to be patient." ... written by K
she is very on point and accurate she gave me chills" ... written by lucky
Accurate as can be with the details. many words to describe her readings and they're all positive. I've seen predictions come true too!! The healings are great as well. Sincere and honest too." ... written by B
The best reader, nobody else compares to Alma in my opinion =]" ... written by L
Updates, lots of info and details...a great reading once again. Alma is on fire! Take her for a reading if you are seeking answers." ... written by Jennifer
Had to finish up the reading as we froze up. Alma is detailed, informative and provides the much needed clarity I seek. All in all things are looking good and I will certainly be back for updates as well as to let her know how things are going." ... written by JCS
Just love her! She gives so much detail in her readings. " ... written by Robin
ALWAYS AMAZING with the details and the comfort. Can't wait for more predictions to come true. Thank you SO much Alma and God bless!!!" ... written by B
Alma is just wonderful, so detailed and provides so much clarity to any situation. This was a great reading with good information, details, predictions, and advice. Thank you for everything!" ... written by JCS
Thanks so much Alma - ur the best absolutely - your support, honesty, compassion keeps me inspired and on the right path. Many many thanks sincerely :) " ... written by B
Everything that Alma said and Alma saw- all had come to fruition. She's the best- thanks so much!!" ... written by P
Alma provides guidance, details, and great information about things that are coming up. She's really great! Take her for a reading and you'll gain clarity and predictions you can count on." ... written by Jennifer
She is absolutely spot on... I am so glad I read with her." ... written by love
Alma's energy reading is nothing short of amazing each time i consult her. Clarity and her sincere advises. She has def became more than an advisor online. a trusted friend now :) jk21" ... written by j
i am always forever grateful to this woman. thank you! worth your weight in gold!" ... written by the world
She's amazing and my go to psychic! Love her! Thanks so much!!" ... written by D
when it comes to decisions, ask alma. she will give you all the clarity you need to help you make the right decision. she sees everything sooooo clearly. my number 1 psychic! thank you hun xox" ... written by the world
Excellent reading!! Good details and consistent from past readings with predictions and information. Alma is great! Take her for a reading and you won't be disappointed." ... written by JCS
:-) .. she is the best there is!" ... written by me
Thanks so much for your insight Alma - you're the best:)" ... written by p
Great reading, she picks up things very quickly and gives advice! Thanks" ... written by Min
So spot on! Amazing Alma! Thank you so very much" ... written by lynnie
alma is the real deal, and so genuine and honest. i love her energy and shes become a true friend. thank you alma!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
the best! truly the best!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Always come to Alma for an update! Her timeframe was right!" ... written by emily
she was spot on once again!" ... written by luckylibra
She's an angel on earth. I cannot begin to explain the things she has done for me and how much she's helped me thus far. Her predictions always come true, and one of the biggest ones is currently happening for me! Slowly but surely I'm seeing her visions occur. She is nothing but positive but tells you the truth! I love Alma, thank you for being there for me for everything and I will always come to you! :)" ... written by angelbabyx1231
thanks so much Alma for you words. You gave me some peace. " ... written by A
I think everyone is catching on Alma's accuracy and detailed readings that its getting hard to get a reading. Alma speaks the truth and tells everything with so much details with just a simple question. No need to feed her information. Thanks so much Alma- you're an angel :) " ... written by A
Really interesting detail and I believe accuracy; will come back when I can! thank you " ... written by Sher
absolutely loved our reading. Alma picked up on major details that no other advisor on this site has. I was amazed, she is genuine and REAL. Thank you again" ... written by mandapanda9
Thanks very much! Is amazing the amount of details you can see. You are right in many things. I really hope the final outcome comes true like other times. " ... written by L
Needed an update about what is coming up and Alma is just so great with details, advice, information, and clarity on how to get the things I want. She's definitely a favorite of mine, one of my go to psychics on this site." ... written by Jennifer
she is very good and accurate " ... written by ohood
her insights are beyond anyone ive ever read with. she can clearly see so much! i will keep you posted about work! thank you alma xox" ... written by angelbabyx1231
shes the best!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
So very thankful for Alma's return - so much genuine kindness and compassion when she reads and gives you deep details. Many many thanks!!!" ... written by P
she has been on point and perdictions have come to pass a few times. will continue to come back for advice. " ... written by knowing
Alma is certainly a gem on this site ! accurate does not sugar coat and is such a lovely person !! :) x" ... written by Annie
Thanks so much for your understanding - she's very very accurate. " ... written by P
Thank you the honest reading! Hopefully prediction will span out. Cheers :)" ... written by Tickle
Always an AMAZING READING with her!!! AND just like everyone says...she really does see things clearly and has helped me soooo much!!! Thank you Alma - BLESSINGS" ... written by B
Alma is always right. Her channeling ability leaves me speechless " ... written by angelbabyx1231
Alma's predictions have always been right. She was right again. I've been to many readers and there's only a few I go to on here. But Alma is definitely my go to. Thank you for everything so far. You see things no one else has ever seen." ... written by angelbabyx1231
Alma is the best - so thankful for your help and deep insight. Highly recommended!!" ... written by P
Alma is absolutely the best, no doubt about it. Thanks so much again, glad to catch up." ... written by p
if i could give her a billion stars, i would. she is worth every single penny. true angel and shes been my guide since april and every prediction has come true.. and still awaiting the others. thank you xox" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Did several reading with Alma, every time it's very exact! " ... written by KS
Alma is incredibly accurate in the most minute details. She is certainly real and genuine. She puts your heart at ease and is positive. Her advice has been really life changing and contributed to my personal growth like few others. " ... written by G.
Thanks very accurate. She is awesome. " ... written by See
Alma is amazing in love reading and advice! Everything what she said was unbelievably exact! " ... written by Lola
alma is amazing x" ... written by shireen
very informativve" ... written by ray
Out of all the psychics, Alma is beyond the best and simply superb. I was astonished with the points and readings, which she said without asking. In fact she doesnt even give time to ask, she comes with reply, which are really superb. Excellent. Please dont miss her readings. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
she flowed with information and was amazed at the detail. " ... written by s
brilliant *****" ... written by shireen
Awesome - every bit as detailed. Thank u!" ... written by B
She is the best, hands down. Thank u!" ... written by p
Alma Veah is amazing! She was on point and accurate about my situation. She sent me some healing energy that worked because i haven't felt that sadness and anxietyabout my situation all day. Amazing!" ... written by Yarima73
this was amazing.. she showed me so many things and unfortunately i ran out of credits but i hope to purchase more and continue the reading. thank you. " ... written by maria
5 start read, clear, to the point and very good guidance. Said very detailed things about my situation and i felt it was a fast connection. recommend to anyone." ... written by Karla
alma is the best on here. believe me" ... written by the world
she is a very good reader and give information with no details from my part." ... written by rainbow
great" ... written by Juleus
Alma is the best reader on here. She has helped me so much so far and I honestly know for a fact her predictions will come to pass, all of them have. " ... written by angelbabyx1231
Alma ...words cannot describe the gratitude i hold towards you, and the respect. Your wisdom and advice has guided me throughout this challenging year successfully. Not to forget your unique gifts, precise predictions, your seeing everything without tools, your honesty, care and genuity. You simply want the best for me and for everyone. Thank you immensely for your kindness and care. God blesses you and will continue blessing you of this I am sure . With love x" ... written by globe
I have been on this site for a long time and you are by far one of the most gifted psychics I know. Thank you for your time and gifts. Bless you. " ... written by
just love alma.. she is making me look so forward to the future and filling me with hope x" ... written by shireen
Alma is the best reader on Oranum, period. " ... written by L
Alma dearest - as usual speechless to our readings. You are a special and blessed lady that "sees all" . Again, youve helped me immensely with wise advice that i still now incorporate. Dont know what I would have done without your guidance. As others here say you are the best! God bless you and protect you x" ... written by G
She was so accurate that is unbelievable. Lots of incredible details. Very honest and very calm." ... written by eva
alma is ***** love her " ... written by shireen
Lovely reading, amazing insight into the situation and the people involved, I´m very impressed and looking forward to Alma´s predictions coming to pass. 5 stars all the way!! Thank you dear, I´ll be back for updates :)" ... written by K
I highly recommend Alma she was amazing" ... written by Kristal
This was an awesome reading. short but. very on point. " ... written by Seema