About Aarushie

Psychic Aarushiehas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Aarushiehas recently helped 42members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Aarushie's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a Tarot reader, Clairvoyant, Vedic Astrologer, & a Numerologist. Get answers about someone's feelings, your future, Love, Relationship, Career, Marriage, job, soulmate, finance, relocation, health etc. I do an in-depth analysis of the situation and deliver an empowering and positive outcome thus guiding you through obstacles of life to brighten the future.

Beautiful lady. Picked up on the situation. Would come back!" ... written by Flowers2012
The reading was excellent! I have a lot more clarity now." ... written by Jrosner
She did a good job, I felt she got the answers and is good at using tarot." ... written by young Lady
Great Advice and Help. " ... written by Pyscho22
Very good and fast, accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Please try her. I was pleased and can't wait to see if it all comes out. Thank you, Aarushie!" ... written by Uvrs53
Patient and understanding. I love her... Very clear." ... written by steffleblanc
She gave me ways to survive. She is great in reading the situation even I gave her nothing extra information. I tried so speak less, but then she can read the whole situation more than me. And it's the same like the fact I am having now. Great!" ... written by blueberi
Aarushie is great at reading the cards!!!! Loved my reading with her!" ... written by marionlyttle
I had a very good experience in her private reading chat, she's very nice and a joy just to communicate with. :)" ... written by dss1980
God bless, truthful and honest." ... written by steffleblanc
I really like her! It was nice!" ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
Wonderful! Clear and accurate!" ... written by Member625811
Very sweet, thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
Excellent reading, def got a smile on my face lol.. :D HIGHLY recommend her. " ... written by SweetMissK
Very good and informative. Will definitely come back." ... written by LoriKA
I felt very comfortable and comforted. I feel so much better after the reading. Please go see her she is lovely and good!" ... written by madame1
She is very accurate in her readings and she is amazing. She told my friend exactly what I could never tell him openly. She is fast typer and very trust worthy. Very open about the situation. No fairy stories and very efficient in her readings. I would highly recommend her to any new comers here on Oranum. Her readings are spot on and very fair. Thank you! Hugs!" ... written by mytwinflame
Amazing, accurate, kind, understanding, all you want really!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
She's very nice and accurate! Thank you for your help I will be back. :)" ... written by blu3sky23
She was helpful, and answered my questions quickly. But took a bit of time explaining what I should do at this point. I'll go and get the supplies for her suggestion tomorrow! Thank you so much!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Aarushie, " ... written by GarnetRose21
Very nice lady, will be back." ... written by rachel1312
Aarushie is so kind and thorough. I recommend her to those who want a warm personality and a happy heart to guide and help them through times good and bad. She is considerate and lovely and I am glad to have met her!" ... written by opiology
Very nice and lots of positive energy. Straight and to the point. Doesn't waste time like lots other people on here. Her reading was consistent with others. " ... written by xterryberryx
I enjoyed the reading very much. Very polite, kind, and positive and very good advice. Thank you!!" ... written by dle55555
She is sooo sweet and understanding, I felt very at peace talking to her, understood everything and gave me clear answers, I will be back, she is great :)" ... written by Maria805
Aarushie is a wonderful person very sweet and caring, very accurate, I just wish we didn't have technical difficulties, I will definitely be back for an update in the near future.. 10 ***** to you......" ... written by Lucy117
WOW WOW WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing... Knowing my gut feeling Aarushie just put everything at ease." ... written by starsalign21
So very friendly and helpful!" ... written by smsmith529
She's just perfect, she's nice and know everything, I will talk to you often." ... written by Belle
She is great.. PICK HER!" ... written by Mesther
I can't say enough good things about Aarushie... She was able to bring me the clarity and peace that I've been searching for for so long and not only that but she's a total sweetheart who genuinely cares about and wants to help those who come to her seeking advice. I would encourage you to have a private session with her because I can promise from experience that you will not be disappointed. God Bless you Aarushie " ... written by Karlibra
Very sweet and warm, gave good advice. Thank you!" ... written by djordan6898
Awesome, unbelievable right. " ... written by anabanana21B
Very genuine, confident in her work. I will wait to see if her predictions will come true." ... written by mandylynn30
I really enjoyed my reading, she has a really sweet spirit and answered my questions with clarity. It's always good to have a reading by someone with good energy." ... written by anewme4
I love her, she is the best. pick her" ... written by majones22
I would like to say thank you to Aarushie she did a email reading for me and I was very happy in what she told me and believe what she said! I will do what she advice me and I highly recommend her! She is a sweet lady and very straight forward in what she sees so I will be back for another reading soon! Thank you so much for sending my email reading very fast! Blessings to you and will be back soon!!!" ... written by goddess70
Most helpful." ... written by selahisrael
She iis beyond great.. told me everything that I needed to hear and more.. " ... written by ucherif03
A beautiful manner, always patient despite tech difficulties. Here's to hoping that the 'discussed' will come to fruition, if so, I shall be the first to let you know. Many many thanks for your time and energies." ... written by humblefitz8
I felt Aarushie was very genuine and caring. I got a good vibe off her. She was very accurate in things she said." ... written by Aimee12
I am very HAPPY with her reading. Time will only reveal what the future has in store! THANK YOU AARUSHIE!" ... written by BONITA1
Very good. i love her" ... written by Emily2012
Aarushie was a lovely reader. I couldn't even type tonight and with my lack of input she managed to make this reading pleasant fun and accurate," ... written by anothersoul1
Very sweet. Thank you for the reading. Very on point!" ... written by mmd1990
Excellent... she was exceptional and the reading was great and honest!" ... written by pm1315
Thank you very much, I will let you know what happens. Thanks." ... written by davidogle
Very sweet and patient with my insecurities and questions. I valued her advice and she put me at ease which is a blessing. Will definitely visit again for update. Thank you Aarushie" ... written by msumner69
Very insightful and made me feel at ease and better about my situation." ... written by csmelvin84
It was a good experience talking to her!!" ... written by amangoyal1
Very positive, encouraging and makes you feel great after the conversation. Wonderful experience!" ... written by 69wondering
Amazing lady!!" ... written by mksingh
She is very good!" ... written by Iveywing
She is just too awesome!!" ... written by priyaahitan
She is excellent, religious and deep. " ... written by vonjay1990
Very good reading. She gave me hope for the future. I appreciated her truthful, yet positive attitude. I would highly recommend." ... written by nickit62
She's good. Sweet and honest." ... written by itsuramo
She's so sweet and friendly. Excellent reader. Very accommodating. Thank you." ... written by babe22
Sweet and kind, looking forward to her predictions." ... written by Alexsheart
It's always a pleasure to have a reading with Aarushie! Today we did tarot and numerology and she was spot-on. She has a great gift and I'm glad she is sharing it with the world! She gives me energy to keep smiling! :)" ... written by Julia
Very positive and helpful, thank you! Keep it up!" ... written by lunajmm
Very happy with reading, thanks. Gives me hope. I've been praying alot. Merry Christmas." ... written by jenjen88s
Lovely Reading very honest just what i needed" ... written by cb1987
F A N T A B U L O U S....there is no other....GOD is with her. As she asks you to pray...do that. GOD will meet you there. Do what she tells you. I did right away. Thank you so very much. I look forward to all thaat GOD has for me. GOD even confirmed HIS prescence through her through a prayer I prayed that only HE snd zi need....the desire of my heart. HALLELUJAH....believe that GOD is real and that HIS word, the Holy Bible is real power for you and the Holy Spirit is present even now. Thank you so very much Woman of GOD." ... written by marilyn67
Beautiful lady, she is truly gifted, she picked up everything in my situation and bought tears to my eyes in a good way, thought all was lost, she gave me clear direction." ... written by rainbownz
Excellent and very sweet!" ... written by Lorann23
Thank you for the insights. I look forward to the predictions!" ... written by Mademoiselle1
Great." ... written by eurbaez438
Really sweet i love her :) " ... written by ash2244
As always shes great. Confirmed even more that my intuition is right :) Always a blessing to have a reading with Aarushie. :D " ... written by SweetMissK
Thank you so much you're such a sweetheart!" ... written by sindus08
Nice person, very calm energy around her and she gives you a lot of encouragement and good advice. Another great reader, must try!" ... written by murdocca
Had a great reading she is very sweet and honest =D" ... written by manda1127
She's quick and she's the real deal!!! Very sweet, and felt super comfortable!! I look forward to seeing how things unfold..." ... written by swaimz
The first reading I did with Aarushie I felt at ease andamp; serene. She made me look at things in a new light. She's very pleasant andamp; emphasizes positivity andamp; I am so happy I did the reading with her. She gives an in depth reading andamp; explains as she goes through. Thank you Aarushie." ... written by Mila81
She's great! Highly recommended! :-)" ... written by trinigentleman2
Very much accurate, with little clues she was 10 steps ahead of my own interpretation. Whoa." ... written by zenon51
I really enjoyed the reiki healing." ... written by delacruz85
Was very sweet, and understanding, totally recommend her to everyone." ... written by sagkgill1983
It was really good I loved the reiki healing." ... written by delacruz85
She's great." ... written by artisticfreakk
I was very impressed with the reading. I was told what to do and to keep positive for the future. The power is in my hands." ... written by jeffo1958
She is such a sweetheart!! I love her energy and she was very honest with me.. I think her predictions and insights were spot on but I guess only time will tell :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
I like her realy, my reading was positive and i feel optimistic not only that I think she is accurate and she knows about cards. I am happy for that and also I will do more readings with her." ... written by akenatonacindere
Great!!! Nothing like hearing what you are feeling in your heart already about your life! Thanks again." ... written by nhinton2012
Great reading and accurate, just what I needed!" ... written by Faye81
She can make very fast connection. She was great and provided me with a peace of mind and the direction to take to handle my current situation. Highly recommended!" ... written by jomielyn
She is so sweet and kind! She was great!!! Very positive, amazing!!! Great advice!" ... written by kat620
She is amazing.. she mentioned things that I didn't recognize even I knew right away.. she's got a wonderfully warm spirit and I feel I will see the results of her accuracy very soon. Namaste' Aarushie." ... written by jadelioness01
Amazinggggggg as usual. Tells the truth always." ... written by ash2244
Aaurshie was amazing she answered my thoughts and concerns with little info given!" ... written by judith2304
Wonderful! Great reading and advice, for sure! :)" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
She is so sweet and nicel" ... written by millyloves22
Wonderful reader!!! Insightful!!!" ... written by seeking74
This was by far the best reading I ever had. She takes time to meditate to ensure she receives an honest answer. She picked up on what I was going through. She is wonderful." ... written by marvak12
Aarushie is always good explaining things and hope to see her predictions come true.. " ... written by amangoyal12
Thank you for you reading! You helped me a lot!" ... written by mariela
First of all... I'll say she is one of the amazing persons I have come across in my life, really helpful and kind person. As per her reading they are very much good I do hope that she stays and helps people the same way in future. No doubt none would every regret after going through a private conversation with her." ... written by rohankhanna
Great reading!!" ... written by Bojan99
Lovely lady! Go for a reading, she connects well :)" ... written by tickleme2011
Very sweet lady, nice and straight to the point knows what she is talking about. Will definitely come back and recommend her. Thanks you so much." ... written by kemofos2
Nice,genuine and friendly!" ... written by vanessailgms11
She is very kind and caring... I know I say this over and over, but shes very good at what she does." ... written by masterstarwolf10
She is a wonderful psychic, so kind and caring... she helped me find the last few nails i need, to finish this... I wish anyone who really needs help to talk to her, shes the best in my book." ... written by masterstarwolf10
Third time with Arushie haha I love her lots. She does always know what to say :)" ... written by ash2244
She is very kind and caring about what happens in the chat." ... written by masterstarwolf10
Second time with Aarushie, she honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. She tells me everything with honesty and makes me feel 100% better about my situations. I am very thankful to have her in my life! 5 stars all the way!" ... written by ash2244
Amazing lady, who completely gets me, love her." ... written by sagkgill1983
Fantastic!!!" ... written by kyandra
Very Nice!! she did thinks that no one does, I feel is someone in I can trust" ... written by rb31081981
On the money! Love her energy, worth every penny. Thank you, highly recommend! :)" ... written by Yoogii00
The Best on here she is on the spot... Please try her. Blessings.." ... written by Ensign26
Interesting reading and accurate" ... written by JuzDream
Thank you. Lovely lady. Positive andamp; to the point. X" ... written by Helgaz1
Very polite and helpfull . made my day!!" ... written by ninichico
She is a very nice person. And we really have a connection during our private chat. Thanks." ... written by tess1030
What a wonderful lady so nice and kind, the warmth she gives out is so relaxing! God Bless Her! Thank you! :)" ... written by HeartOfsilver
I had Reiki and a chakra healing. MUCH better than before I had the healing! I really needed that. Thank you and I will be back again. Very lovely." ... written by Diane1127
Very good and friendly service... I recommend her." ... written by dinewivme00
She was awesome!" ... written by semjase67
Thank You . You answered all my questions. " ... written by Shawnk12
She picked up on things, she is accurate!" ... written by amarie
Very kind, insightful. I believe she is truly gifted." ... written by carouselambra
This is my 2nd reading with Aarushie dee. And she confirmed my intuition! It's always a pleasure to have a reading with her. :)" ... written by Astone628
Very positive reader!" ... written by Vicky1973
Accurate." ... written by Shanelli
The first time I got a reading from her she was right on point and her read give me a sense of clam, it was accurate she take her time with you. she give you a positive thinking about things. she is a awesome person. thank you Aarushie , I was not disappointed with the reading at all." ... written by celia35
The best female phsycic in this site I came accross I reccomend her shes really nice really friendly and will give you accurate readings. She gave me positive insight and gave me peace. Shes so AWESOME she takes the time to answer her clients in depth. You will be surprised!!!!! you wont be dissapointed!!!" ... written by Shanelli
Very Nice and Helpful... 5 star service." ... written by dinewivme00
She was nice and very kind :)" ... written by bradleyL
Simply fantastic - I hope my situation improves" ... written by Angelique7
She is good" ... written by focusing
Wonderful! Great precise reading." ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Aarushie was very accurate and her kindness really touched me. I was so happy to hear what she said and I am waiting to see how it turns out. I love her!" ... written by MaryB11
She has made great predictions about my future. I look forward to chatting with her again soon." ... written by vanessailgms11
As Always it's a blessing to have a reading done by Aarushie. She predicted I'd hear from this guy I like and little did I know the same day she said it he did respond! Lol. It just went to my spam folder so i didn't see it till 3 days later, haha. But she's great, I love her, she's just a true blessing. :D" ... written by SweetMissK
I love speaking with Aarushie, she is so positive and has such a good spirit. " ... written by seeking74
Excellent reading. very patient and understanding. takes time to get to know you and your situation. very understading with matters of the heart and with career. will definitely be back for more reading" ... written by NS1982
A wonderful accurate, honest, and insightful reading!" ... written by janesi
Thanks for the reading." ... written by thanya
She is so lovely..She was really awesome..Very positive great advice, give her five star!" ... written by anniekazmi88
Thank you Aarushie. You and your father have helped me a lot. Now I am aware. " ... written by Messenger87
Has been very helpful and again always caring. I like talking to Aarushie she is a fantastic reader and has a very good heart." ... written by Messenger87
Wow, very efficient, not wasting time and she got right to the point of my question... very good news.... loved to hear it! Thank you!" ... written by wendic
Awesome reader, connects very fast. She is honest, sincere, trustworthy and respectable. Kind heart, will listen to you. Phenomenal reader!!!! 5 stars for Aarushie!!!!! Will use again, awesome person." ... written by dominquez1
She is really good!" ... written by mcasas
Thank you." ... written by DUNNO85
Good reading. She said the exact same thing he told me.." ... written by amarie
She was awesome. 1 thing she told me, came out to be true. she is also very sweet and caring and respectful. I really like these qualities in a reader. I would recommend her over most other readers here on Oranum." ... written by secret_gardens88
Great reading thanks" ... written by elle11
Aarushie gave me clarity into what i was asking about. She gave me the insight to know what to expect and i appreciate her honesty and forthrightness. Love to her." ... written by MaryB11
I appreciate the positive energy. Thank-you." ... written by lexiteddy
Was very helpful!" ... written by thinkpositiv2012
She was awesome and straight to the point. Thank you." ... written by lovestruck12
Very good and honest. Thank you." ... written by dianalj
Thank you I will follow your advice. Lovely cards were appearing for me. " ... written by maggieanton56
Very helpful and insightful... Thank you so much!" ... written by kamsriv
Made me feel at ease. No sugarcoating. I could feel the positive energy in her. Thanks Aarushie." ... written by hemasabz75
I like it!" ... written by lorryvie
Absolutely great service, highly recommend her." ... written by OLAMOTIL
She's so sweet and relaxing. Hope things will get better." ... written by aeon_flux
A real sweetheart... She put me at ease while being caring. She is straight forward and gave me the confidence needed to trust again. God bless you Aarushie, I will keep you updated and thanks again for your help!" ... written by Samantha
Positive and encouraging and wish all comes true." ... written by sprathap10
The cards, have a lot of relevance to my questions. If you are looking, for answers from the cards, she has them." ... written by 34athena
2nd reading with Arushie. She is great! So gracious!" ... written by Uvrs53
As always a pleasure. Love this girl. She helped me and my friend became less confused on a tough situation with my boyfriend and his crazy ex. Hope to hear from my pooky soon. :D HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. :D " ... written by SweetMissK
Very helpful and very nice!" ... written by danielle129
Absolutely excellent reader!! I highly recommend her." ... written by dianalj
She is very good!" ... written by mcasas
Good reading...had some nice remedies..will try them out!" ... written by ceejox
My first reading so so correct from Aarushie, She told me that the girl I was dating was mad a me for what I did but she would come back to me and now we are madly in love. I recommend Aarushie to everyone. " ... written by jeffo1958
I wish I had made the move to connect with her sooner. She had shed light on situation that sunk me in the dark for months. So thankful Aarushie, God bless you!" ... written by Samantha
Great service, I highly recommend her. Very patient and accurate. I'll keep updated and thanks again for your help. " ... written by emili75
I surely are coming back to you!! You answered my questions and made my night way better... I'm so happy with this reading..." ... written by sandy1113
Very precise and accurate about my current situation as well. Strongly recommended!" ... written by Hera
Thanks for the confirmition" ... written by elle11
Very caring and sweet... She told me what I hoped to be true...Thank you!" ... written by wendic
Positive energy flow and gives lot of confidence. " ... written by sprathap10
excellent as always!" ... written by NS1982
Very Good and precise. Aarushie is charmer and her readings are excellent. Impressive." ... written by Sandipss
Good reading ,hope she is right." ... written by aurelia
GREAT READING, SHE'S VERY NICE AND ACCURATE!" ... written by adonnelly76
Omg she was completely right about how my situation is in my love life. Mind blown :O" ... written by Ruchi
She is great!" ... written by kumudu_sm11
Gives good advice and is very caring." ... written by jgonzalez21
Great reading!" ... written by ooopsi
Thank you. Great energy and accuracy. " ... written by reena2323
Absolutely beautiful person. So lovely and warm and easy to speak to. I honestly cannot wait for what the cards revealed to her, to happen. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Mel
Fantastic reading with compassion and honesty, will definitely reccomend this fantastic lady to everyone!" ... written by eatpraylove86
Very accurate!! A must-see!" ... written by sarahg55
Thanks soo much for your reading!! I really appreciate it!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Very compassionate, understanding, knows my situation well, lets me know what the possibilities truly are. I believe her because I feel it to be true as well." ... written by MaryB11
Awesome tarot reader! I hope to become as quickly in tune with the cards as she is!" ... written by sasori_finikusu
Thank you so much! It was a good reading and lots of positives came of it. God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Love her prediction! Thanks very much dear. " ... written by jimikuta
Very excellent, compassionate and honest. Showed me the cards that came up and gave clear answers. I will definitely come back for additional readings." ... written by dianalj
Aarushie is probably the most generous person I know. She really cares for people and always remembers my situation and offers support. Her love and kindness are touching." ... written by MaryB11
Wonderful, very sweet, I love her spirit arua! Will use her again!" ... written by webbygryl
Great reading, wish I had more time!" ... written by epa
This person is unbelievable:) Her reading just blew me away.for accuracy.very kind andamp;amp; sincere genuine person.Rest assured money well spent:)" ... written by ottolee
She is s very personable lady. Very friendly and patient which is needed dealing with a sort like me. " ... written by Wayne
Nice reading... hoping for her predictions to come true." ... written by American_Eagle
Aarushie is never wavering in her opinion and I have found her predictions to be unfolding just as she said, slowly but ever so surely. She has been a godsend as a friend in my situation. Many thanks and blessings to her." ... written by MaryB11
Excellent Reading. Very honest and compassionate. A sweet caring person. " ... written by Diana
I am very happy about the reading, and it gave me some clarity of my current situation. " ... written by T. Martinez
She is very kind and helpful, she talks to you on a level where you can understand. My first reading with her was very accurate and intuitive. " ... written by Vasanta
Excellent!" ... written by Neolamb
She is a very good tarot reader." ... written by ellyia
Wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by Seeking74
Very sweet and honest answers. " ... written by sprathap10
Always positive, and provides all the answers for the questions and straight. " ... written by sprathap10
Very to the point and sensitive and helpful. She is a gem to get a reading from I felt so relaxed and comfortable." ... written by Modele34
Very good! I got all the answers! I pray all come true!" ... written by sprathap10
Excellent...as always!!" ... written by NS1982
Nice reading...good validations!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Aarushie was so so very kind, gave me the truth and what I needed to do. Also, in the past she had pulled a card that indicated I was going to travel and shortly thereafter a trip was planned for me and it is going to happened. Her prediction has come true and I believe others are in the works." ... written by MaryB11
Most excellent reading. She is very honest and compassionate and I highly recommend her." ... written by Diana
Happy about her honesty :)" ... written by yangel1
Aarushie is direct, quick, and very generous. One of the good ones here, don't miss a reading with her!" ... written by Neolamb
Aarushie is really good, she said everything that's right and honest :) I like her...everything she said was right ^^ Thank you so much." ... written by Jessy
Very nice, we'll see if it comes to pass!" ... written by Alyssa
Very calm and direct." ... written by noble 9146
I am happy! I kind of already knew but Aarushie has confirmed what I thought! I will contact her again in the future!" ... written by indimohabir
Arushie is wonderful, so serene and her predictions are accurate. She gives great comfort and remedies to help. " ... written by ruth
Wow - always a pleasure. Gives hope and insight." ... written by Freedom2211
Nice reading fitting to what is going on just now but really nice." ... written by Lyn
Quick and good!" ... written by angelloverose
Very accurate reading! I definitely recommend her to anyone. It is a little bit expensive per minute but is definitely worth it." ... written by rlchambers
great " ... written by Clara Lucio
Super!" ... written by _x
Aarushie was very nice in our reading. Too early to know if what she says comes to pass. Will keep you updated." ... written by Curiosity24
Aarushie is lovely and right on target. Will call on her again soon." ... written by Elaine Faber
She was very accurate and you should go to her if you ever need guidance :)" ... written by Moll89
Very nice reading very positive picked up on things that were going on in my life just now very quickly told me just what I need to hear. :)" ... written by Lyn
It was interesting. " ... written by Ginger
Very Intelligent and very wise. Soft spoken and graciously mannered. And I believe she is precise as well. Either way, if I didn't need a reading I would still buy credits and use them with her. Not often does one come across such qualities in a person. " ... written by Wayne
Very short and quick but nice!" ... written by Rupa
My first time with her and a very good reading. The cards that came up for my reading were appropriate for my question. We even double-checked in a way and the cards again confirmed the same outcome. She is very straight to the point with just getting directly to the answer to your question. So, I will see how things go! Thank you so much! " ... written by Nona29
Thanks so much!" ... written by md1990
Aarushie is always spot on. What she says is the truth and what she says is happening truly is in the process of happening. I am so comforted by her honesty and compassion." ... written by MaryB11
Had to come back again! Have had numerous readings with Aarushie. Just love her! Love the remedies she gives you to help whatever situation you are going through. will be back! " ... written by nvrknw
Aarushie is always so helpful andamp; comes through for me each time i have a reading with her. She is such a sweetheart; Amazing! I can always trust her readings; Very accurate. She always gives me wonderful advice andamp; calms me down. Love you hon. =)" ... written by nvrknw
Straightforward reading style; Knowledgeable about the cards. Great read." ... written by lotus71
She is awesome, she is the best! I will not trust anyone but her! I will definitely recommend her to everyone who has a question about something!" ... written by rlchambers
Had a very nice reading very positive. She is warm and kind. Thank you again." ... written by zimerili1
Good reading.. Answered all my questions" ... written by lovebugshay
Excellent as always! Thank you Aarushie" ... written by Diana
Aarushie is spot on with her readings. Gave me that extra confirmation of what I highly suspected. Thank you." ... written by MaryB11
Excellent as always!" ... written by NS1982
Aarushie is lovely as always and I know God gives her the answers in her Tarot readings. Truly gifted and accurate." ... written by MaryB11
Very methodical in how she does her readings, but was able to provide answers to my questions. would recommend." ... written by OS
Excellent, positive and compassionate reading." ... written by ms_butterfly
She is amazing ... Very quick and honest." ... written by Amie Scott
Great " ... written by toomi84
Lovely, calm, patient and warm young lady - wise beyond her years! Will definitely return to her!" ... written by ReshmiMM
She is wonderful and very caring. Thank you so much." ... written by April
Excellent." ... written by shawanda
Accurate and awesome as always." ... written by sumitstomars
She answers straight to the point and is very kind. Thank you, Aarushie!" ... written by LizaLiza
Thank you so much!" ... written by plove
Consistent, as always! :)" ... written by economics123
She is very nice and sweet straight to the point." ... written by asanka
Straightfoward honest answers! Sometimes that's just exactly what you need at times." ... written by Fog
I am amazed at the consistency of her readings! Very calming and positive reader.. :)" ... written by economics123
Very nice lady!" ... written by fretan
Amazingly consistent!! Sweet and patient as always! :)" ... written by economics123
Very encouraging, straight and to the point! Very kind as well. Highly recommended! " ... written by LizaLiza
Awesome. She was right on and wonderful! Give her a shot." ... written by Tiffany
Very accurate very focused very on the ball very insightful very professional and very interesting to have the Indian perspective with the cards I will sleep better for hearing her but also understand the things she has revealed require realism and being carrying through." ... written by Chris89kilos
Good reading! I hope the remedies work :) Will be back!" ... written by economics123
Thank you for the reading. " ... written by chanapa
Her positive attitude makes me keep coming back to her! Will keep coming! :)" ... written by economics123
LOVE HER AS ALWAYS :) " ... written by sweetmissk
I am very pleased and hope she sees the truth. I will be back to let you know. She is kind, thoughfu.l I like her very much!" ... written by devene page
Great!" ... written by rlchambers
Love her!" ... written by rlchambers
Professional nice" ... written by Taylor Lyn
Aarushie gives you the truth, you can be sure because it is not always what you want to hear but what you need to hear and that's why she is of such value in whatever situation you find yourself. A very compassionate reader as always." ... written by MaryB11
I really never had a more professional reading than this! I am absolutely blown away and I thank God SO much for the outcome of this reading. I have worked so hard to get to where I am now and Aarushie has made it SO obvious that my work is paying off. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU!!!" ... written by Marilyn
Fast and very caring and loving reader. docent waste your time and goes straight to the point. Highly recommended." ... written by soinlove85
Seems very hopeful, I'm looking forward to seeing this turn out" ... written by swardan
She inspires you to believe, such a positive human being and very kind. Try her if you haven't, you'll be glad you did. I am!" ... written by LizaLiza
She is so calming and reaffirmed what she told me earlier. I believe Aarushie!" ... written by LizaLiza
She is kind!" ... written by lahhiru
Good reading, would recommend." ... written by Matt
Love her! Try her! You will be pleased!" ... written by LizaLiza
Aarushie as always, confirms what I suspect. She gives you the truth that is for sure. You can definitely trust her readings." ... written by MaryB11
Very fast and professional reading! She gave me exact time frame! Thank you AArushie!" ... written by DefConf
Wonderful, she gave me clarity that I needed! 5 stars!" ... written by LizaLiza
Reassured me on a situation, again.. One of the most patient and amazing persons I've came across.. Take her to private, she's worth your credits! Absolutely recommended.. :-)" ... written by economics123
Great reading!" ... written by robin
Very good and informative, straight to the point :) would come back again. " ... written by Silky
V good and honest." ... written by elle
Amazing once again!!!" ... written by elle
It was my first time with Aarushie. She was awesome and very accurate. Very positive energy. Thanks Aarushie! " ... written by KAUSALYA
Excellent reading and strongly suggest." ... written by MKnight
Great Reader." ... written by smithch1
Very sincere and very helpful.... let's see if the remedies and prediction will come through... " ... written by williaM
The reading was very informative.. I will look fwd to my daily path and walk thru it with strength.Thank you Shakti" ... written by Maurice
Great!" ... written by serbboy3
She's great. She's fast. She answered all of my questions. I love her and I would recommend her to everyone. She's the DEAL!!! " ... written by Smithch1
She is positive and her predictions and suggestions are working. Praying for the best!" ... written by Sree
Provided a reading for me with business and growing my family. She gave me actual things I should do to push my business and career forward. " ... written by Advocate
Very friendly person who cuts straight to the case. Gives you great advice on how to archive your goal." ... written by Lianne
Thank again, you are a wonderful reader as always, thank you very much and I can't wait until my prediction come true. I give you 5 stars as always." ... written by Patricia
Great connection!" ... written by winnie
Aarushie has a very calm demeanor and easy to listen to. She quickly explains what she sees once cards or pendulum are used. Quality and descriptive reading with a little sugar, so as to not throw you in a cold creek. Be in a space to pay attention so you don't miss anything. Had timeframe done, hope it's off, but time will tell." ... written by zzcat
Aarushie is great, she is accurate and on the pin point. Quick to get results as well!" ... written by Shellysav
Very helpful and kind. Wonderful advice." ... written by Melinda
I've worked with her before some of her predictions have come to pass, Thank you" ... written by east
It was quick... but gave me clarity" ... written by Myra
Aarushie has been so patient with me :) A wonderful, consistent reader and a caring person. Take her for a private session.. Highly recommended! :)" ... written by economics123
She is the best honest reader here and I recommend her and 5 stars for her!" ... written by Sri
Very kind and helpful, gave good advice and was to the point." ... written by Paul
She is so friendly and sweet and tells you the reality of any questions you might have. She also can read you very fast which is another good thing about her. I will come back to her later. :)" ... written by Pritita Ramkumar
Very accurate and spot on. :)" ... written by Marie5290
She was amazing, very good reading. Will wait for predictions to come. Thank you, Aarushie." ... written by sweet84
She was accurate and straight forward..enjoyed her" ... written by misty
Good reading. Accurate. Thank you." ... written by Shari
Was to the point without wasting time and was insightful and detailed. Thank you very much!" ... written by batt123
Always happy with Aarushie! She's so sweet and love having update readings with her. ;) Give her a try. You won't be disappointed!" ... written by nvrknw
Aarushie, you are so wonderful! She was on point about the things I already knew. I guess I just needed confirmation. You are the Best!! I will defiantly continue to seek your wisdom. Love you" ... written by ddivaa
She is very helpful. :-) She is very accurate :-)." ... written by Fizza127
Aarushie, my special thanks to you for being so helpful and giving the right answers and insights ! No doubts I will contact you again if I need help.. Lots of love and light !" ... written by Laura
She is really helpful! I would definitely come back to her! :-)" ... written by ashana217
She's a very wonderful psychic and kind. I felt comfortable just talking to her the whole reading. I was nervous at first but then I found my way to ask away. I would recommend her to anyone who would love a straight answer." ... written by Richardo
Always great :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Sweet as always" ... written by ashnnka
Arrushie is the best! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by LizaLiza
Aarushie is amazing!! I followed her suggestions and things are turning around in my life quickly. If you want a genuine and caring person, Aarushie is the person for you. :-)" ... written by April
Very good!" ... written by J Leo
A pleasant experience. Very quick in her work and gives a clear interpretation of what she sees." ... written by Alneverus
She was good " ... written by Reena
Excellent private reading, received clarification I needed. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by LizaLiza
Always positive and reassuring..." ... written by Elaine Faber
I enjoyed the reading. I will just have to wait to see what happens." ... written by T.M
Reading was accurate... Aarushie gave me precise time frame and will see if this is coming true. Thank you! " ... written by steph
This woman is amazing... Well worth the money." ... written by Deleadra
She was very truthful and kind." ... written by sonia
She is kind and shows you the cards. She explains everything to you. She doesn't waste your time." ... written by Rachael
Arushie has given me direction and I hope my true love finds me soon as she read for me. At least I know to stop crying over the man who will never be mine." ... written by GlassButterfly
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Great reading x" ... written by B
Good reading, quick, fast, will come back x" ... written by star
Aarushie knew the answer BEFORE she read the cards, which of course confirmed what she already said. She KNOWS what is happening and she loves her clients." ... written by MaryB11
Always brings clarity and smiles" ... written by aarushie
Warm reading! I will definately get back to you and let you know how things went. " ... written by DRishya
She's very polite andamp; gave me a lot of information . I would deff come back to her!" ... written by Mayra
Another insightful reading, threw me back abit actually. In a good way" ... written by Paul
Aarushie give great innsight and helps me with patience." ... written by Elaine Faber
Reassured me on my situations. Aarushie has been a great help. Take her to private. She is quick, clear and honest in her readings. Thank you Aarushie! :-)" ... written by spring is here
Good reading, very confident!" ... written by Paul
WAS AN INTERESTING READING!" ... written by Paul
She always leaves me with a smile and joy and hope in my heart. Positive thoughts can change everything, thank you AArushie." ... written by Elaine Faber
Aarushie's readings have been amazingly consistent in my situation and I have faith in her. I am grateful for all her help, positivity and patience. I will be back! Take her to private. She is honest, quick and clear in her readings. :-)" ... written by spring is here
Thank you, it was a relief to know. I just hope I can make it right again." ... written by Inds
Kind." ... written by Firehorse4444
Aarushie has never changed her mind in my present dilemma." ... written by Elaine Faber
Straightforward, addressed my questions." ... written by OS
Yes! She is awesome!!" ... written by Rachael
Aarushie has been helping me with making some important decisions and so far things seem to be working out the way she said. I will keep coming back to her! :-)" ... written by economics123
I enjoyed my reading with you, it was very detailed too:) I'm happy to hear the great news! :) I will keep you posted and updated for sure, thanks so much I can relax now too :) Have a Blessed week :) we will be in touch soon ;) this is Bridget. I'm user name is Apples8 :) *hugs*" ... written by Apples8
Very quick and straight forward." ... written by Anna
All of Aarushie's earlier predictions have come true, so I want to believe her. What her cards say, may take time to unfold, but they eventually do. Thank you for helping me all this while, despite me needing constant reassurances. Loads of love to her! :-)" ... written by Spring
Aarushie is accurate and spot on as always. She confirms what I am not confident enough to believe. I know she is always right." ... written by MaryB11
Reassured me on my situations. Would recommend Aarushie to others. Thank you for being patient with me! :-)" ... written by ABC
She was really sweet andamp; honest about my reading. Gave me advice on what I should do in my relationship andamp; would recommend her to others." ... written by Michelle
Very good reading she is very nice recommend any one." ... written by sam
Great reading. :)" ... written by Claudia
Intriguing read." ... written by Paul
Calm, reassuring, conscious of working quickly.. a thorough professional and a friend! Take her to private.. :-)" ... written by Spring is here
Very calm and focused." ... written by moongirl777
Very honest and accurate reading. I will be coming back." ... written by BD
The best physic, dont miss out on her." ... written by johnny
Very quick connection and accurate." ... written by angelszone
Really saw quickly into my situation and was able to hone in on my partners emotions. A quick and to the point read that gave me a lot of insight. " ... written by Sarah
very quick and honest to the point... I cant see how but i have faith so I thank you and leave it in Gods hands ..Highly recommended" ... written by suzana01
Amazing" ... written by faiza farooq
She tells the truth. I liked her a lot. " ... written by Pam
Helpful. Gave me a tarot reading." ... written by Simon Pritchard
Ah! How many times do I bother her for reassurances? And she never disappoints, as her cards are always consistent! Thank you for you patience, Aarushie... love ya :-)" ... written by Spring
She was very informative." ... written by patrice
Good!" ... written by Nilesh
She is always awesome, not sugar coating, tells you the true and she is great with times frames." ... written by rlchambers
Excellent reading. Confirmed everything I was thinking/feeling was going on in our relationship. She was also able to clarify some concerns I had. Very quick. We covered a lot in such a short time span." ... written by BeHappyToo
Answered all my questions patiently. Also, sometime back, she'd predicted with her pendulam that it would be mid-Sep before I find some work opportunity. She was bang on with the time-frame! Thank you Aarushie. I hope your other predictions also turn true. :-)" ... written by Spring
Aarushie always makes me smile and she knows a lot, she amazes me every time :)" ... written by faiza farooq
Quick connection again as before. Aarushie is understanding and gives clear advice based on the reading. Very good if you are not sure how to proceed." ... written by angelszone
She is a wonderful stablizer!" ... written by Elaine Faber
So fast and straight thanks! Chat you again the soonest your readings happened have a great day and thanks again." ... written by michelle melendres
Again a very much Accurate Reading, I have been in touch with Aarushie through Oranum from a long time now and she has been a great Guide, Oranum is actually blessed by Psychics like her." ... written by Chavya
Helps me with my questions always, brings clarity.. Aarushie's readings are crisp and help me better understand my situation. Thank you :)" ... written by Spring
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Nice and sweet and honest. She gave me more clarity to some questions. :-) " ... written by Jeanette
She has become a true sister to me.. Since we have had many readings she always makes me feel she truly understands." ... written by Elaine Faber
She always provides accurate details and is always friendly. Will definetly be back for another reading" ... written by NS1982
Seemed to connect quickly; thanks waiting for predictions." ... written by wildrose
Amazing reading!! highly recommended!" ... written by Regina
Thank you very much Maam for the update!" ... written by Batt123
Quick andamp; to the point! Enjoyed it!" ... written by stas
Always good, always truthful....confirming and positive. " ... written by uvrs53
She is very good in answering question using tarot cards, it has always help me in deciding some of the major decisions of my life,,,,thanks aarushie." ... written by Sarah
Very open and help, gave me hope just when I needed it most." ... written by Becky
Fantastic reading. Very welcoming. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. " ... written by Adrian
Aarushie, as always, was quick to connect and answered my questions patiently. We doubled-checked time frames with tarot and pendulam and they were consistent. Hopefully, things will work out as she predicted. :)" ... written by Spring
Loved her.... she told me what I wanted to know..." ... written by sandra rodriguez
Very good reading, gave me reassurance that thing will get better. Thank you!" ... written by Aussie girl
Aarushie is so gracious and soothing. She tells everything straight and I have had her predictions come to pass. You can feel the warmth and compassion coming from her. You will not be disappointed in a reading from her. " ... written by uvrs53
Was helpful in telling me what she saw, clarifying my questions." ... written by pinkpather30
I always feeel as if I have a sister looking after me when I consult tthis beautiful woman." ... written by Elaine Faber
Thank you!" ... written by wildrose
Aarushie from your website has helped me a lot, her teachings really helped me a lot! Thank u thank u thank u!" ... written by asanka1987
Aarushie is quick, reassuring and has a positive outlook. Her advice is sound and safe to follow. Thank you for your help, Aarushie. You have not let me down." ... written by uvs53
Very good reading, precise. I hope the things Aarushie predicted come true! That would make me a very, very happy girl. :) Will keep you posted. God bless." ... written by Aussie girl
Thanks Aarushie again for this lovely reading, Always accurate and honest :-) " ... written by COCOLO
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Excellent psychic. Highly recommended. Made my day. :)" ... written by Kasia
Accurate with timings." ... written by wildrose
Very amazing reader. I will give her 1000000 stars." ... written by sam
She is a good tarot reader who explains all the situations to me in a different way which helps me to take some important decisions." ... written by Sarah
She was very sincere and didn't sugar coat anything... I appreciate the honesty. I would recommend her." ... written by Linda
Very helpful and gave me guidance and support" ... written by pinkpather30
Very accurate reader - gave minimum information and she was able to read so deep into situations." ... written by Aaron
Aarushie has been helping me, patiently answering all my queries. Her readings have been consistent. I hope her predictions come true. Thank you! :-)" ... written by Spring
She is very friendly and gave me all the answers I asked in a clear and understanding way. " ... written by Bethany
Thank you for your gift. Your direct approach and understanding. Staying positive. :) Highly recommended." ... written by suzana01
Gentle and kind person!" ... written by Krishna
She is very helpful.." ... written by star
Most kind- patient reading . Waiting to revert" ... written by krishna
The best person so far! Kind and considerate. Great reading" ... written by krishna
This is just a general feedback i want to give to Aarushie, i had 1 reading with her, she was warm and on the point. She told me the guy i like also likes me and that he will contact me by November which surprisingly he did after several months. So her prediction came out TRUE!!! I still cant believe it.Thank you." ... written by nisha93
Wow! She is fast and direct. Great Read. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very Good." ... written by Maria
Wow! Great read! Amazing. Direct and précised with her answers. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She was quick and very helpful." ... written by n g
Thanks for the reading, I do always get positive after talking with you." ... written by Sarah
Her reading was direc and clear. I felt much better after our conversation. Will check back to see how it all unfolds." ... written by ar
Kind Kind Kind" ... written by krishna
She is so sincere and lovely, and of course gets the anwers." ... written by Elaine Faber
She's really good psychic reader." ... written by bevin john
Thank you!" ... written by Spring
A friend in need is a friend indeed!" ... written by Krishna
She was kind and helpful. " ... written by Vanessa
Very honest" ... written by nina
Kind kind kind, waiting to revert" ... written by Krishna
Kind and caring - patient and waiting to revert." ... written by krishna
She is very good with pinpointing the certain point." ... written by Sally
Direct and quick. A pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! Direct and accurate. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Excellent and helpful as always." ... written by ns1982
She was to the point and good!" ... written by humility
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by saah
Calmness and patience is her forte---" ... written by Krishna
She is very nice reader, not a waste of time, good to have a reading with her." ... written by sam
Very nice reading" ... written by Lyn
She's so friendly and caring, thanks for the reassurance, thanks. :)" ... written by Angel
She is a blessing and gives a sincere reading. Her voice speaks the truth that we all look for and it is just so. Easy when Aarushie lets you know." ... written by Elaine Faber
She is very intuitive. Love the reading I just had with her. I'm happy for the results, and will stay positive that things will work out for the better! Thanks for your time, Aarushie! " ... written by HopefulBella11
Wow!!! Very cool in her reading, and tells you like it is. Always a pleasure, and positive. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Good, accurante and make me feel so much better. " ... written by Jeanne
Excellent excellent reading!!!!! She's fast, clear, and explains time frames. excellent. Love her!" ... written by benke
Very kind and frank in her readings !!" ... written by Krishna
Wow!!! Great Read! Great information, and it put me at ease. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Kind and patient- such good people are needed on earth." ... written by krish
Very good reading. Great details, quick answers, and super nice. Would come back again for an update. Fantastic advisor!" ... written by Jennifer
Once again a great reading. She has predicted things in the past and they became a reality. I trust want she says. She's very kind and understanding. " ... written by Beatrice
Aarushie is a very kind lady with a good heart and patience is her forte! God bless her!" ... written by mediyoga
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Wow... Great reading. She is very accurate... And she specifically told me what will happen in a certain month.. Which I have been told a few times by my trusted Psychic." ... written by MSSIENNA
She really is super sweet. I love that she isn't here to just make you take as much time as possible. Fast and efficient and I can't wait to see if her predictions come true! " ... written by Batty
I LOVED HER SO MUCH SO KIND AND NICE. Hope she is so right :)" ... written by channy
She is quick and efficient. Will have to wait for her predictions to come true. I am already confident that she has seen what will come to pass." ... written by LadyGrace
She was great - very straight forward. I would recommend her." ... written by ShellyB000
Such a lovely kind sweet lady. And what an awesome reading ! so accurate and spot on will surely be back. Thank you Aarushie X" ... written by Lorna
Aarushie is great and very talented. Highly recommend :)" ... written by secret gardens88
She is a wonderful reader , amazed by her guidance…very much appreciated" ... written by Sourav
Very positive and helps me understand some very complex issues." ... written by Elaine Faber
Thank you so much again for an update. Straight to the point and the outcome is still the same. Will be " ... written by Jeanne
She has become a sister in helping with truth and kindness. A lovely lady, for sure!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Appreciated the clarification she gave me." ... written by calizaliza
Her energy is always positive and that inspires hope." ... written by elaine Faber
She is a 5 star reader! She is 99% accurate. Top on Oranum. Very fast, positive, and concise. Worth every penny. Give her a try. She is worth it. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
She is very a very sweet lady. I wish had more credits to talk more. I really appreciate her help! God bless!" ... written by aqua
Very nice reading picked up current situation but positive future." ... written by Lyn
She is a 5 stars! No doubt about it. 99% accurate intuitive reader. Wow, she was so amazing. Aarushie is an exceptional psychic on Oranum. Her connection are perfect. Very fast, positive and professional. She is a brilliant, wonderful and gifted woman. Highly recommended!" ... written by Oolong
Nice reading positive " ... written by Lyn
Thanks Aarushie, you have made me feel so much better! I will defiantly be coming back :) " ... written by Jess
she was good " ... written by Chris
Thank you very much for a great reading! I will speak with you again very soon. All the best! Sonal " ... written by Sonal
SHE KNOWS ME AS A SISITER." ... written by Elaine Faber
You are very great and very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Joseph Leader
She is a 5 Stars! Top on Oranum. She is a blessing! Gifted woman. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
She was very kind and helpful!" ... written by Kathryn Owen
She was very accurate and made me feel much better." ... written by shulz90
She is very insightful." ... written by Joseph Leader
She is a 5 Stars! Amazing reading. She is a very positive blessing on Oranum. Highly recommended!" ... written by Oolong
She always leaves me with an upbeat feeling. In the past, if she saw something to be careful of, she would tell that also. This shows an honest, true quality in her readings. I just love her!" ... written by Aarushie
Aarushie is very kind and very gentle and calm. The calmness is very important for the client to retain their steadiness and faith. " ... written by krishna
Her advice has always been right on target!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Unreal. Spot on, and very encouraging. Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
She's excellent as always." ... written by Calizaliza
I go to psychic when I need help and answers." ... written by Calizaliza
Reassuring and helpful as ever." ... written by ns1982
I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you, very positive but also truthful, did not sugar coat my answers I needed that. " ... written by Mzladii
Very good reading, lots of good details and she was able to answer my questions quickly and precisely. I felt very confident in everything she told me during the reading. I hope it all comes to pass! Thank you very much." ... written by Jennifer
Arushi is so sweet! :) She is fast, straightforward and honest. She let me know God has a plan and I will be happy in the end, that I am blessed. I will come back in a few months and let you know how things are!" ... written by prinsol
First time, great choice, quick and concise. Recommended." ... written by Lumusia
Wonderful person. Answers straight to the point and honest. " ... written by Mzladii
Very honest and got all my doubtful thoughts read. Thank you!" ... written by jazz xiong
Thank you so much for your insight and help! You were fast and provided me with the answers I sought." ... written by ladyseeking
Aarushie is such a nice person and her reading today was fantastic. The tarot connected with me and whatever sensed wonderfully. She is truly gifted and blessed soul. May God bless her with long life filled with health, happiness and peace. " ... written by rama krish
Aarushie has confirmed my suspicions about someone who was once a friend to me. Along with suggesting stones I should have, she also gave me the option to talk to the person in question. Very precise, very relaxed and would love to have another reading with her again in the future." ... written by Tidarut
Very good, and calming." ... written by alicia
A lovely sister, always willing to guide and offer faith." ... written by Elaine Faber
Awesome reading, she confirm things that I wanted to know. I can't wait to see them come to past." ... written by Klove
spot on! " ... written by gawgisdol
She's amazing and very good with tarot. She is very honest and the truth. " ... written by people
Very helpful!" ... written by EL
I feel so relaxed after your chakra healing, thank you!" ... written by Shelly
Very good healing." ... written by PinkBeatle10
Aarushie knows how to deliver the message and she gives you clarity... I trust her 100% and wouldn't go elsewhere.. Amazing and everything see said makes sense.. She was able to explain without you giving too much details. Thanks Aarushie.." ... written by MSSIENNA
Did not say a word about time frames and she hit them both down to the how many months....excellent." ... written by planejane7
she is my favorite! seriously, never lies. always honest. :)" ... written by channy
She was great and detailed. I'm just gonna wait till her predictions are true. Thank you so much on the clarity." ... written by quanisha
Aarushie's predictions are coming true day by day. She is very sensitive to Tarrot and her calmness helps one a lot! " ... written by rama
Very friendly, her smile makes you at ease, will take her advice forget the past, and be positive. Thank u so very much." ... written by erini andrea onoufriou
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Helps a lot." ... written by quanisha
Aarushie helped me become such a stronger person in such a short amount of time. I fee like I will be okay now. I highly recommend her! Love you and God bless." ... written by Caitlyn
Good." ... written by aumber
Amazing!!! I've came back to her more than once asking the same questions and she gives me the same answer!!! She calmed me down and was very truthful. " ... written by Jewels
She is a very calm, relax and a very gentle person. I enjoyed the reading I got with her. She gave me time frames for which im looking forward to." ... written by faith81
Nice reading, she is so nice. " ... written by Lyn
Aarushie...is one of the best. I love her tarot readings...and her guidance is very in depth. I highly recommend her." ... written by secret gardens
Fantastic to have another reading with one of my favorite psychic's!!! She's great, try her, you'll be glad you did!!!" ... written by Calizaliza
Aarushie is amazing at her predictions. Many of them are coming true gradually . I am waiting for the final one and will post it again --" ... written by rama
She is awesome!!" ... written by Georgina Andrade
She honestly has told me things that happen the next day. Love her with all my heart. Not only does she tells you things but makes you feel so happy. Even if you're in a bad situation. :) Love you girl!" ... written by Channy
I like her. She is accurate and she is honest. She gave me the answers I was looking for. The fact that she said the exact word as the other person told me it gave me the bumps cause she said the exact same thing and so I am thankful I can count on her help." ... written by Aileen
Great reading. Very soft spoken. " ... written by Nina
Very professional and focused on your situation. Very gracious and generous. Highly recommended!" ... written by Calizaliza
Nice reading, thanks for all your help. " ... written by Sorav
Amazing accuracy on reading! the current situation!" ... written by rama
Very positive and uplifting. Very patient with technical difficulties! A reading that was very focused and right on the dot. Definitely will go back to her." ... written by LJC
she puts me at ease" ... written by quanisha
Clear and delicate delivery. Without too much information, she read me like a book. Stellar experience " ... written by Heather
excellent as always, reassuring and kind" ... written by ns1982
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent astrology knowledge!" ... written by Missy500
I had a wonderful session, it was really good. Thank you Aarushie." ... written by Jona
LOVE HER :) " ... written by channy
she is sooooo sweet and nice " ... written by ashnnka
She's very kind and very honest. many thanks" ... written by Pam_mie
Another good session" ... written by Jona
She is always pleasant and gives the truth at all times that I have spoken with her." ... written by Elaine Faber
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Aarushie, she is confident in giving out specific information and so I am looking forward to see if this comes true!" ... written by Stephanie
it was nice, she was pleasant and gave me hope" ... written by Nicole
Shes so calm and beautiful. :-) Nice reading! Thank you so much." ... written by V
Great reading as always. " ... written by lisachambers0202
I love Aarushie! She is very nice and brings me hope. I look forward to the future because of her. I have so much great things to come especially in my love life. Thanks to her, I am well aware and much more assured on my love life. No longer will I stress, I know what I am supposed to do now! :) Thanks again Aarushie." ... written by Safiya
Very precise and she knows what she talks about!" ... written by Ashley
lovely woman, kind and accurate! x" ... written by L
Aarushie is most kind and her predictions give us confidence that life will improve!" ... written by kris
aarushie is amazing as usual xxx lots of love from me" ... written by nm
Very powerful information! I am excited to get started. " ... written by Mzladii
Thank you, I gained A LOT of helpful info. I am going to try all of the remedies I were given, I honestly believe she has guided me correctly. " ... written by Mizladii
She was spot on! I hope everything she says comes true. :)" ... written by Adiz
Always amazing and cool :)" ... written by Humility
Very Good reading!" ... written by Andrea
she was great and very caring. accurate reading." ... written by sg
She was sweet....sincere.....and made me feel so good." ... written by MC MUTHIAH
Awesome ! Very helpful." ... written by Christine
Aarushie is an awesome soul. She's very accurate and gives positive answers regardless of it's outcome. Things can always change for the better. Thank you for giving me a peace of mind." ... written by faith81
Aarushie's predictions are amazing. The sensitivity she has to cards is to be experienced and most of all , she is calm and loving to her clients. " ... written by Rama
She is lovely and so accurate in her advise...." ... written by Elaine Faber
Aarushie is very sensitive at her predictions and all what she has been saying is coming true by and by ---" ... written by rama
She is amazing!! :)" ... written by Adiz
Very kind woman! 5 star reading. Very accurate. I love her cards. I can't wait to see the results. I have trust in her!" ... written by Christine
great as always, direct, quick" ... written by ShellyB000
Aarushie is amazing at her predictions. Her kindness and patience are her forte!" ... written by rama
Great reading, good, quick answers with nice details. Thank you! Excellent!!!" ... written by Jennifer
very clear and accurate....loved it!" ... written by Yasmine
She is amazing :)" ... written by Adiz
Great insight. Honest reading." ... written by raquel
Her predictions are amazing! One by one all are coming true!" ... written by rama
Good reading, very insightful" ... written by sweets
Thank you so much for the reading! It gave me positive vibes and I truly hope that your prediction will come to pass. XOXOXO" ... written by mbebem
this is the best reading i ever had so far. she just spotted the main and no wasting time, very quick answer and i like her so much!!! very sincere in answering.. i feel so calm when talking to her and feel much better tho some part from her reading were very hard for me to accept but thats the truth and i thank god for showing her to me to guide me. may she will be blessed!!! thank you once again!!! definitely i would recommend her!!!!" ... written by Airin
Aarushie;s predictions are amazing ! I see them coming true gradually !" ... written by ram
Thank you again! Aarushie for yet another great reading! :) " ... written by Andrea
Aarushie was amazing. She has a very calm spirit and I'm drawn to her presences. She's an awesome reader and very trustworthy." ... written by Faith81
calm and helpful" ... written by mm
awesome" ... written by rlchambers
as always she make her mark " ... written by malieka
Always great. Genuine advice. Great reader and very intuitive." ... written by raquel
Excellent advice and please.. Many thanks :)" ... written by Emeral Jade
Awesome" ... written by Cre
sweet,gentle,calm,assuring,caring and wants to help you best she can, thank you xx" ... written by Cammy1101
She helped me with my situation " ... written by carolina
As always on point. This time I went in knowing the answer to my questions. But I trust her to verify and give me the ok on what I'm feeling I shouldn't ashamed of. I always feel better with her readings. God Bless." ... written by Beatrice
So nice and inspiring " ... written by Krunka
Very good reading! Can't wait to see what happens! Very confident with great knowledge of tarot, I do not have any doubts!" ... written by Ashleigh
Quick, to the point, and in tune. Thank you! :)" ... written by lotus71
the time went to fast I wish I could talk to her in peson" ... written by misuderstood
Im so blessed to get my reading done by her :) shes amazing" ... written by Adi
very informative about my career path will update soon and ask her about a lost item told me about to look for it now :)" ... written by Angel18wings
Always gives a to the point reading! If you work out your questions ahead of time, she finds the answers in mere seconds. Plan for honesty and a straight to the point reading if you choose AArushie. She will give you peace of mind. " ... written by ljc
Thank you" ... written by Kirti
Very honest and sincere. There is a deep vision and clarity with concreteness. Valuable, Definitely Valuable." ... written by Shane Linson
I needed the healing session and it definitely helped me feel better." ... written by Monique
All i needed, of course your positive energy always helps me. And suggestions about our relationship. Thanku" ... written by Mizladii
spot on!! good advise! highly recommend for private reading!" ... written by Miracle
very helpfull" ... written by webeefine
thank you..have helped me a lot to understand a little more..patience is what I need..thank you" ... written by pamelabaldwin
Great reader worth going for a reading " ... written by star
she is incredible wow " ... written by kim012345
She is excellent!" ... written by Pournima
Great reading. She is very nice and goes straight to the point. Ask her if you ever confused or lost. She will help to guide you" ... written by Ellanaa
Thank you for the awesome clarity. I will take your advice." ... written by Faith81
She was spot on and im glad i had a reading done with Aarushie! Shes always been so nice to me :)" ... written by Adiz
always the best...and quick able to connect with my situation.." ... written by n
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Insightful and clear. Gives good advise!" ... written by Nicky
very positive guidance and nice reading" ... written by bob
really good xx" ... written by L
Just to say how wonderful of a reader Aarushie is! Compassionate, kind as well as good!" ... written by webbygryl
Mind blowing! I have had many readings with tarot cards, but not like this. She hit the nail on the head every time." ... written by MP
good reading thank you" ... written by libsta
very sweet, gorgeous lady, thank you for your help i really appreciate it! xo" ... written by Kiran
A good reading , very direct answers and no 'fluff'. I will wait and see if the predictions for the future happen. Give Aarushie a try." ... written by Sticky Toffe
Fast reading, accurate and very targeted! Will go back for an update." ... written by lc
good reading " ... written by pjgovind
Good reading. Will follow what she says. She's very honest, kind and patient." ... written by Bea
Fast...accurate...honest...friendly!!" ... written by J
She has been great in pointing out the things accurately . I would like to connect her again and again and wish her all the best ." ... written by Aashish K Mudgal
brilliant clear and so nice to work with " ... written by morwenna
First reading....she was lovely....will see how it all turns out" ... written by julie
This was my very first read with an astrologist. Aarushie has a beautiful calm demeanour and makes you feel welcome from the start. Everything I wanted to know was given to me in a professional yet friendly manner. Thanks " ... written by sanity53
Very fast and accurate." ... written by ak
straight to the point i m am happy" ... written by nolulamo
Very pleasant, kind, wonderful person. She was in tune to my needs and answered all my questions. Enjoyable." ... written by Innatedc
Good reading!!!!" ... written by z
Very helpful :)" ... written by Kelli Neff
Very coool..." ... written by lodrimint
always a pleasure, always makes sense thanks for accurate reading" ... written by n
Great clarity on all fields.. Very good reading " ... written by lasekzee
Aarushie is amazing with her talent for intuitive tarot reading. Her dedication to this stand out !" ... written by rama
picked up on the situation straight away , very good xx" ... written by donna
Aarushie is lovely, caring and I am hoping with all my heart that what she had to say through her cards will come true for me! " ... written by MsSaggie
Aarushie has given me the best reading and i have what i need in order to push myself and theres so many surprises that are awaiting for me. Cant wait to back with her and do another reading." ... written by Bri
Aarushie was very sweet and answered all my questions, I will recommend her to others!! Thank You ! :-)" ... written by Georgia
Great very accurate and spot on. 5 stars" ... written by Lorna
straight to the point, no sugar coating …i appreciate your honesty and enjoyed our reading!!" ... written by malika
Aarushie was wonderful. She has this peace about her I can't even describe. As she was pulling cards I felt this strange sensation in my chest. It's hard to explain and I'm sure sounds weird, but I knew that there was a connection. Almost as if she was tending to my heart as she asked for the answers. " ... written by Shay
Aarushie is, as always, highly accurate, honest and compassionate in her readings. Her predictions come to fruition. She also confirms what I strongly suspect most of the time. " ... written by MaryB11
she is amazing" ... written by cyndy
Lovely reading." ... written by dosanm
Aaarushie is so amazing with a positive soul. She always brings clarity to my situation and gives my hope for the future and helps me to regain my strength. I feel so at peace with her:)" ... written by Faith81
Very helpful!" ... written by MsSaggie
She's right as always. Will be working on my patience.:)" ... written by Bea
It was an excellent reading! Accurate and loving, thank you so much!" ... written by Mgrl
she is kind cute and accurate :) " ... written by Nidal
Highly recommended Lovely sweet lady will be back." ... written by vnesa99
Great reading!!! I am hoping it will turn out the way she said it would!!! Thank u so much for this great reading." ... written by OmelisaB
always with such accuracy" ... written by aik
excellent reading. am so hopeful for the future... :)" ... written by leodragon
Thanks...honest" ... written by Amit
Most encouraging person! and most helpful and accurate !" ... written by rama
This lady is highly accurate in her readings and predictions! and she is very devoted to her art and humble- " ... written by Rama
Interesting and insightful, I'll return for a follow up!" ... written by Leti
Very Sweet " ... written by soapyviolence
What a great reading a warm hearted lady. Thank you Highly recommend you to anyone Thanks Aarushie" ... written by Vnesa99
Great reading " ... written by celia
Great " ... written by soapyviolence
Aarushie is a great soul. She makes me feel so calm and relax and give clarity for the future. She's such a sweet and honest person. Love her!!!! " ... written by Faith81
Excellent reader" ... written by Nicky
Cannot say how much I love this woman! Even though I make her type..i can feel her energy just by looking at her! She is pretty on target. But she really wants to help not just read you like others....loveeeee her. " ... written by Ne78
she’s awesome she’s very patient and giving some positive feedback regarding my situation." ... written by calvin
This lady has a way with cards! she is highly intuitive and her readings are consistent!" ... written by rama
Gave me great guidance been going though complete change following my instint but wanted confirmation and advise she helped me know I'm making the right choices " ... written by pinkpather30
A very sweet lady , gave me insight on my relationships , will be glad to speak with you again." ... written by bri
I wish I had not waisted my time on the others and could have heard your response, the first words were already what I needed to hear" ... written by Lakeya
very warm, great advice very clear and detailed reading" ... written by agablue
Aarushie is a great tarot reader and has become a genuine friend over the past one year. I'm impressed by her vedic astrology skills as well. Take her to private, you won't regret it :)" ... written by spring is here
This lady Aarushie is highly talented ! Her skill in tarot is so intuitive and not just picking cards. So far for the last 9 months whatever she has been saying is slowly falling into place ! We need patience in life i I guess!" ... written by Rama
Arushie is wonderful i love her soul :) she is very nice and generous! her predictions did happen and always do :) Shes always right about everything ,always to the point. If you looking for real answers not bullshit ,go to her!IF YOU WANT ACCURATE TIMEFRAME SHE IS THE ONE! And also she has a way of calming me down when am impatient.She always there for me when i need her.Thanks love. Thanks xoxo *Hugss*" ... written by sharmishtha
Good read, will go back" ... written by Lori
very clear and quick in answering and giving guidance" ... written by agablue
thank u for everything for the answers i really needed them ty " ... written by marlen mendoza
i lover her. shes the only person i come to." ... written by Quanisha
Love what she read" ... written by Hazel
thanks soo much for the great news I pray all comes to pass as you forsee and I pray it comes quickly......thanks again God Bless" ... written by 2-peek
So sweet as always. My anxiety is lowered. Thank you." ... written by Beatrice
AMAZING!!!" ... written by CA
AMAZING" ... written by femme07
Very sweet approach, positive vibe and enlightened insights..." ... written by aeon_flux
She is an awesome reader. She very good at seeing deep into things and remove all the doubts. Thank you for all your help." ... written by Faith81
She is a great tarot reader who got very easily connected with me and answered all the queries in my life. i am feeling very much relaxed now. Thanks a lot Aarushie and may God bless u a lot !" ... written by sarah
very good :) " ... written by floral perfume
awesome as always" ... written by agablue
Aaruhise has an amazing way with her sensitivity with tarot. Many things which she predicted have slowly been coming true! " ... written by Ram
Thanks so much for always being there and putting my mind at ez.....I pray everything will come to pass soon......God bless" ... written by 2peek
She is very good, and her predictions are very accurate. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Shyamal
Got good tips on vastu, eager to try them " ... written by Theme12
Excellent and quick updates to a very through original reading keep me up to date and on track. She sugarcoats nothing and gives it straight. You can always tell when she is seeing good news as she smiles throughout the reading. If you get this, you should probably believe her. I have had several of her predictions come true. More still to come. " ... written by finder
WoW, Aarushie you are amazing. I was shockingly surprised how you could be so much to the point and quickly response to my questions. Accuracy of your response was more then what I had expected. I wonder how you are able to predict and look into things so precisely. Your prediction on my love life and business is going to be very helpful. I surely will keep you in mind and come back to you as and when I require your help." ... written by Sandeep Saxena
She has great insight and honsesty.Most importantly the way she delivers security in a loving manner.I always felbetter after her readings." ... written by Elaine Faber
Thank you." ... written by nadyakb
thanx for the simple and true reading" ... written by nolulamo
always willing to help. honest, helpful and sincere. will definitely be back." ... written by ns1982
Aarushie has become a good friend and I trust her Vedic astrology skills. If you help her with your birth time details, she will help you with any questions or concerns relating to your life. Aarushie is very patient and sweet as a tarot reader and as an astrologer, and also honest at the same time. She helped me a lot in the past and continues to guide me today. Her astrological predictions have turned true for me in the past. She predicted things nobody else could. Take her to private, she's worth every bit of it! Thank you for being there, always! :-) " ... written by spring is here
Excellent and honest reader" ... written by Rainbow
Even though time may pass, I always come back to Aarushie. I always feel better after having a private session with her and getting my questions answered. She has a calm and soothing nature and she is non-judgmental. You can trust her to be professional and answer your questions with confidence. Thanks Aarushie!" ... written by Caliza
After speaking her for many months, she remembers all that I have gone through. It like and old friend that one to speak with" ... written by elaine Faber
Aarushi gave to me excellent reading... I am very impressed how she mastered well vedic science concerning psychic reading. She has lot of compassion, and she also has lot of patience with insecure people. Thank you 1000 times for your great help Aarushee!" ... written by Kausik108
Thank you :)" ... written by M
Aarushie has always been good to me in privates! she's a sweetheart! luv her! " ... written by nvrknw
Very helpful, good guide, clear and to the point. Also has a pleasant personality which make you feel comfortable. " ... written by Rainbow
sweet approach, direct and insightful readings...she's one of my fav!!thumbs up" ... written by aeon_flux
very sweet and straight answer..." ... written by aeon_flux
Aarushie was very caring and to the point. Thank you, Aarushie. " ... written by Julia
Aarushie is amazing with her accuracy in tarot.Many things she has said is coming true and she is very patient and her energies are very accurate." ... written by ram
She is a 5 STARS! Amazing as always. Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
amazingly accurate, calm energy and great advice" ... written by agablue
Aarushie is exceedingly accurate and has the connection with the spirit world to be so. She is compassionate and adds loving advice when the messages are difficult to hear. She is not only the real deal but a lovely lovely old soul who is strong and caring. She is a gift from God, I truly believe." ... written by MaryB11
Very good reading - makes me feel more at ease about my situations" ... written by Melissa
Aarushie is the best psychic on this site. I have looked all over for the right person and I thank GOD I found her. She was on point about everything.Her predictions came true in the timeline that she gave me. She was very caring and sensitive to my feelings. She made a true believer out of me, because at first I didn't believe in psychics but she made me believe because she knew everything about my marriage and most important she saw and told me how it will play out, and it did just the way she stated it. Give her a try I promise you that you will not be disappointed. look know further Aarushie is the right person to do a private with she is worth every dime and more. 10,000 stars plus. I will be back to get more reading. I actually got her in my monthly budget. Words cannot explain her accuracy. I'm looking forward in reading others testimonies after this one because I just want others to experience this great lady of truth. " ... written by lovelane
i will highly recommend aarushie she's very quick and precise and very intuitive.. She doesn't beat around the bush so NO wasted credits.. Try her you wont regret ..may u always be blessed aarushie and thank you very much for my reading...credits very well spent :-)" ... written by Tinigentleman
Aarushie is wonderful - and spot on with everything she told me. She is incredibly kind, I am so glad I came to her. I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much. " ... written by Thuy
very gentle, sweet, and precise, she takes her time but is worth it accurate on my subject " ... written by bumble bee
Thank you lot Aarushee. Your answers are helping me lot, and are very precious... your patience and kindness are very exceptionnal. Your reading also dazzle me... thank you again and again !!!!" ... written by Kausik108
She's right on the money!" ... written by Priscilla
On spot, clear and direct. Highly recommended." ... written by bunebaba
She is really very good in analysing all the situations. I got perfect answers for my future based questions" ... written by sara
very accurate reading, amazing" ... written by semi10
Very nice and she gave me some excellent advice. She seemed to pick up on what I guessed was true about my situation. I would recommend :)" ... written by laura
Excellent reader! Honest and clear! Would recommend anytime!" ... written by Nicky
Great very calming" ... written by soapyviolence
She always gives me clarity which helps relieve the stres factors in my life. Her sincerity is constant and shines with hope!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Was very quick with answers. Came across as nice and well-spoken. Gave good explanations for each of the cards that came up." ... written by Seek
Awesome! She very ,sweet and kind! Accurate Reading with Aarushie! Many Blessing!" ... written by Cre
Ran out of credits :( but Aarushie is one of the psychics I keep coming back to because I like how she reads. " ... written by Caliza
good" ... written by sharai
beautiful lady and what a great reading....so comforting to get actual clarity...thank you so much" ... written by Lehua
lovely person, very insightful and helpful" ... written by agablue
Very helpful and good!!! I was happy with my reading!!" ... written by Norman
Excellent" ... written by Sun
great person and great reader" ... written by patout
omg ur so a good reader like her she do a great job " ... written by SASHA
great reading" ... written by jax
amazingly accurate !" ... written by agablue
Over the past year she has become the sister I never had..." ... written by Elaine Faber
very positive person" ... written by patout
She is awesome, straight to the point. " ... written by Mayannk Teotiaa
I enjoy talking to Aarushie, she very helpful in keeping me calm and positive, I hope I will continue to seek her help and that all she mentioned will come true for me. thank you Aarushhie!!" ... written by norman
Thank you for your deep insight on everything. Your a true angel." ... written by faith81
Very honest with me. If you aren't smiling when you enter her room you will be before you leave. Very passionate when she pulls cards. I read with her more than once and its on been spot on!!.. Cant go wrong with her" ... written by Tami
Such a warm andamp; positive reading, quick and to the point, I will definately come back. " ... written by Drishya
She is kind, caring, and gentle, she tells you exactly what she sees, she is there for you and helpful. she is a wonderful person, god bless her. " ... written by Choc
Aarushie gave a wonderful reading. She has a beautiful peace about her. Caring. Positive. Encouraging." ... written by imdeeim
Wonderful reader, kind , gentle spirit and to the point, she tells you the truth, honesty and lets you understand and make your choice from there " ... written by choco
Thanks.." ... written by doodoobrown
Insightful and clear reader. Tells it as she sees it!" ... written by Nick
great reading, very clear in answering the doubts" ... written by agablue
Very accurate and amazing. Fast typer as well. I look forward to getting another reading! " ... written by Shami
Very insightful and encouraging for my future. God Bless!" ... written by Katherine
Aaurusie was always very gentle and wonderful in her reading, this was my second time to contact her, and I am very happy with her gifted skills/talents." ... written by libratan
Very informative!! Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Very kind and generous with time!!! shes become my friend.Ive been talking to this lady for months ,shes always there for me whenever i need her,helping me overcome the obtacles.Shes helping me to get the guy i love.I appreciate her kindness and honesty.All her predictions have panned out on the given TIMEFRAME!!will always be her client!!" ... written by sharmishtha
Thank you once again Aarushie for your patience and understanding. You are a lovely person and always make me feel comfortable. Very professional and pleasant. Caring and respectful even when I keep asking for reassurance! Highly recommend her!" ... written by MsSaggie
she's been my friend adviser since 2013 and she very accurate reader. i just love her..." ... written by tess...
Unlike many other readers here, Aarushi focuses directly on her clients and doesn't look at her screens while the clock is ticking. She's very professional, respectful, and non-judgemental. She's direct and thorough. Most highly recommended! She's #1 here." ... written by Caliza
great reading and great insight top notched" ... written by patout
She was spot on!! Picked up on his feelings as well as mine. I will do another reading with her. So sweet and considerate. " ... written by Tami
She gave me the answer I was hoping for, but my gut feeling had already said the same thing. I just needed som confirmation. I am so thankful!" ... written by Malin
Good read as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Precise, pleasant, to the point and gives great advise!" ... written by Nick
She gave me so much hope and put back a smile on my face. I needed that revival. Now let's see if things will workout !!!" ... written by Lyly_ia
Very comforting and helpful. Was extremely confused before the reading, and now have a little clarity. Hope all works out as she predicts. " ... written by Cindy
I love Aarushie she is so kind and caring. She provides the answers to the questions that you ask. She also has a calming affect to her readings. " ... written by LB
Great reader! Very precise!" ... written by Nickolot
I am very happy every time I speak to Aarushie, she make me feel very positive and happy. I feel here powers is blessing me, to know every thing will work out. I will continue to see her wisdom. Thank you Aarushie!!! " ... written by norman
Aaarushie did a good job in letting me know where I stand in my career and love prospects. I just want to follow through on her advice and finally get to see the rewards I deserve." ... written by Kelly
:) Thanks a ton :)" ... written by mini
she is the best highly recommened" ... written by vnesa99
Aarushie is Great!! just always too short , have so much to ask here because she so great, at helping me feel better about every thing!! " ... written by norman
she is wonderful, always makes me feel better, has great insight " ... written by agablue
thanks so much for update and thanks for always being there for me...your a doll..God Bless" ... written by 2_peek
Gave me great insight in a short amount of time. Definitely a plus!" ... written by Rigo
Awesome and fast" ... written by Johnny
Readings appeared to be spot on. Wonderful and surprisingly accurate regarding colleagues. Highly recommeded." ... written by Seeking
If you have questions she has the answers to them all! You wont regret it! Ask her what you desire to know!" ... written by Rigo
Clear and positive. Lays things out as is. Precise. Highly recommended." ... written by Chris
She was very lovely and put my mind at ease... she clarified a lot of my concerns. She was spot on my questions and gave me a lot of clarity. I will be back to see her... " ... written by Rosa
love the reading :)" ... written by dellamalee
Super accurate, nice and awesome" ... written by Happydazey
She is very kind hear-ted, helpful and soothing, she puts you at peace at once with her energy . Thank you " ... written by choco
brilliant" ... written by vnesa99
Blessed to have such an amazing reader. Honest and gentle in her delivery." ... written by Nick
Great reading. very sweet and caring person. Great insight!" ... written by Cre
never dissapoints" ... written by agablue
Aarushie u have always seem to brought peace to me. You are an awesome reader. So happy to have found you." ... written by havefaith33
Great reading as always, very warm and caring person Aarushie, She care about you like a good friend, highly recommend her. honest and trustworthy . " ... written by Norman
great andamp; honest appreciate that direct answer..." ... written by awesom
She is so friendly give the direct answers to the question and so sweet to everyone" ... written by Shivani Vaghela
Good reading!Thank you!" ... written by aurelia
shes the best" ... written by vnesa99
shes so nice and she also do a great job reading " ... written by SASHA
:)" ... written by s
I know that she is very awesome i love u seriously aarushie u r too good thnks for making me feel better from my situation" ... written by Shivani Vaghela
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
always wonderful and insightful" ... written by agablue
excellent as always. highly recommended" ... written by ns1982
Very good reading!... honest and fast!.. such a warm person to talk to. " ... written by Estefania
very fast answer and awesome reading!!" ... written by Hermestarr
Super helpful...She let me know what I needed to do. Which is good because I was very lost. " ... written by Cathy
She is kind, considerate, truthful and tells you the entire truth as it is no sugar coating , she is a sweet heart and gives you advice from the heart. Thank you for all your support " ... written by chocs
Awesome reading....very insightful" ... written by Anthony
very happy and accurate ^^" ... written by Jorge Soler
Excellent reader. Clear and to the point. Always on point and gives good advise. Highly recommended." ... written by Kee
Good guidance, always informative" ... written by pinkpather30
good astrologer, and tarot card interpretation " ... written by ron
She's amazing - super quick and great connection! Thank u :) xoxo" ... written by Adis
Only had a few credits but she was fast gave me great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Kind hearted, and speaks words of great wisdom she is kind and tells you what is right from wrong, she doesn't confuse you she knows you did what is right and when you have tried your hardest. She is a great guide, a light house for those who are lost ships in this wordily ocean " ... written by Chocolate33
she was spot on with everything that she was saying it was a very good reading " ... written by kim
Aarusihe is amazing with her predictions. All she has been saying has been slowly but surely coming true! I would rate this woman No 1 ! " ... written by Fsiraj
wonderful as always, giving clarity and great advice" ... written by agablue
Great!!... Very helpful and clear!!" ... written by Estefania
Fast Accurate.. Amazing" ... written by Jay
She gave me a great outlook on everything I was looking for!" ... written by Samantha
I was always happy to get reading from Aarushie, I just hope some time I could do all she tell me to be positive and relax I also know she have good guidance for me . I will trust her and her spirit guides to see what where they lead me and have in store for my life path!! God bless you !! Aarushie. " ... written by Norman
Precise, fast, to the point. No sugar coating , always tell what she sees. Gives good direction. Highly recommended." ... written by Nick
She is a wonderful reader gave me alot of hope and faith" ... written by pinkpather30
wonderful a always" ... written by agablue
Very good reading and have enlightened myself with some good advice" ... written by BN
Concise and to the point. Always reliable" ... written by Nick
Fast, accurate, straight to the point and compassionate." ... written by Fiona
The lovely way she tells what is going on is comfoting." ... written by Elaine Faber
wow u r just fab.will cum bk soon to take more tips and will keep u informed" ... written by shipras9
she is just awesome" ... written by Mary
Fast, clear to the point. Always reliable" ... written by Joanna
Thank you Aarushie, for telling me the truth. People just fool around me and give me false impression. I wish I hadnt let my feeling grow this far. Thanks anyway" ... written by happigal27
thanks once again ... a lovely reading .. and a great person ... will surely come back,.. thanks ... xoxoxo" ... written by Angel
She is kind hearted, honest, and sweet person over all. She wants the best for you and is genuine and kind " ... written by chocolate33
very friendly, knowledgeable, thanks for all your help" ... written by ron
always wonderful to have a conversation with her, insightful, trustworthy and great advice. very well in tune with the situation" ... written by agablue
Great reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
very nice experience . Always accurate and guiding in right direction to make things good. Thnx Aarushie" ... written by Ashish
great beautiful spriit" ... written by bri
very straightforward!! and direct!" ... written by carlita
:) She is just wonderful, she tells you what she sees, she won't beat around the bush and she is clear about the path you must choose. :)" ... written by Chocolate33
She is an excellent reader, very kind , honest and truthful " ... written by bubblegum
she is wonderful, she is simply amazing, and she is always so supportive no matter what your situation is" ... written by simple
amazing " ... written by agablue
Clear reading, precise and fast and gives best possible advise." ... written by Tae
Is a great reader, tells you what you need to hear and is kind. She is a strong person and teaches you how to be strong as well. " ... written by Glenn Coco
Fast, clear, honest, to the point. Speaks on what is seen. No sugar coating" ... written by Marie
she was quick, no wasting time. will have to wait and see if predictions come to pass." ... written by aby
Fast, straight to the point, very clear. Always recommended." ... written by Jada
Very precise and straight to the point. Appreciate the help" ... written by Ashley
a calming soul to soothe a very stressed seahorse. Thank you for your positivity." ... written by seahorses
Precise and sees things clearly. Always recommended" ... written by Jamie
caliming energy, truthful insight and great advice" ... written by agablue
Very good as always!... so calming and good to talk with... she gives clarity. " ... written by Estefania
She a very special lady and gifted" ... written by Elaine Faber
She was ver knowledgable and I truly believe in what she was saying. She showed me the cards and they confirmed what she stated regarding my questions. She is very good I believe. " ... written by Roseanna
Aarushie is a great tarot reader. Every time I go into to a reading with her I come out of feeling more and more positive about it. The predictions in her cards have been coming true for me. Love her!!" ... written by havefaith
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent spirit!" ... written by TTmama
wonderful as always, what can i say great connection, insight and advice." ... written by agablue
Great advises! Aarushie calmed me down. I was a mess she gave me peace of mind. My boyfriend is going thru a phase and it will pass. Thanks so much for your help" ... written by Bri
she was good " ... written by Timothy
Aarushi is very genuine.I will recommend her highly." ... written by Vanjat13
she is sokind and corret..blessings" ... written by Elaine Faber
Good reading thanks :)" ... written by libsta
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
brilliant and accurate" ... written by katie
Thanks Aarushie for all you guidance and help in my life. your kind and honest with me , thank you very much, I wish you health love and blessings in this new year!!" ... written by Norman renny
Thank you for the reading. This means a lot to me! Smile more" ... written by Tony
Fantastic reading she is great." ... written by Lorann
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
quick, to the point, fast, accurate" ... written by jay
wonderful accurate reader" ... written by katie
lovely and very quick" ... written by katie
excellent reader, trust worthy" ... written by jay
She is very sweet. Her readings are really good and helpful. Would recommend to all!" ... written by webbygryl
Excellent and kind an very accurate" ... written by Katie
A pleasure." ... written by alneverus
excellent, clear, good advice!" ... written by jane
always an excellent reader! straight to the point. highly recommended!" ... written by jillian
I asked her questions I kind of already knew the answer too... hahaha. I wasn't a 100% sure, but she definitely confirmed what I was feeling. She was very honest and to the point. I will definitely talk to her again :-). Thank you!" ... written by Marissa
I like Aarushi a lot she is so concise and direct to the point.I will highly recommend." ... written by Vanjat13
right on as always my suspicions confirmed. :)" ... written by kim
Excellent!" ... written by krut766
i really enjoyed my reading with Aarushie!! I felt she gave a thorough, accurate reading! she defiantly helped me find answers for my current situations. i will come back to Aarushie for any other concerns or questions i have!!! Thank you so much!! you really helped ease my mind!!! xo" ... written by Amanda
Awesome" ... written by krut766
awesome reader! excellent, always on point" ... written by nicks
She was very precise and kind" ... written by eli
Very sweet, kind and very good at reading!" ... written by Webbygryl
Aarushie always honest with me and to the point very accurate in my readings . she a great help to my decisions! " ... written by renny
reliable, gives good guidance" ... written by nicks
wowwww...amazing reader, very accurate " ... written by raymond
excellent reading! to the point and clear!" ... written by nicks
honest, reliable. can always count on her!" ... written by nicks
interesting.." ... written by daisha
Aarishie is amazing. she is a fantastic reader and a wonderful soul. 5 stars all the way!!!! :)" ... written by faerieLovee
perfect" ... written by april
very good update it had been awhile since I have had reading with aarushie but she is spot on in her foresights thank you...God Bless" ... written by 2peek
I had an excellent session with Aarushie, she is spot on about what my job is at present and my relationship my boss at present. A great session and give her 5 stars out of 5" ... written by Raja
thank you so much your advice was very helpful thank you again god bless xo :)" ... written by libsta
the best" ... written by vnesa99
Great reading and guidance. Very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
She is always true and and gives a better undersanding of the whole situatiion." ... written by Elaine Faber
Oh my goshhh, she is sooo cute and great and positive, and I have been consulting her for a long time on and off, she is a wonderful reader seriously...I love her. thanks my dear Aarusie. I will be back for sure." ... written by libratan
straightforward reading. it reassured me." ... written by BN
very good." ... written by Daisha
she is such a doll and always is so calm and explains" ... written by 2_peek
Great reading ...very detailed" ... written by Sofia
Great reading" ... written by Sofia
Always reliable. exact, on point, tell as is and gives good advice always!" ... written by nicki
Thanks so much" ... written by Paula
thank you for the reading lets ee what comes out of what you said thank you so much. good insight" ... written by rosie64
If the cards are right, it's good news for me. Time will tell and i hope she's right in her predictions" ... written by aRTEMIA cACHIA
Very straight forward and enjoy all answers with great detail explanation. I will definitely see in the future again." ... written by autumn
Aarushie has been reading for me for the last almost 2 years. Let me start at the very beginning. She is always calm and composed - a big big necessity for that position. I have faced so many varied situations and every time her advice was- stay calm. She has a way with cards and says it as she sees it . No sugar coating - always the truth. This is what is needed. And the most important she says it with the explanations for each card. That makes me understand the reason . I give her 5 stars. Her accuracy is amazing to say the least ! She is encouraging and makes you believe that God is at the helm of affairs. Surrender is the message and she gets this across very well. Tarrot readers need to be of a certain temperament and she has it . Ethics in reading is needed and she has this too . I pray to God to bless her to use her skills to benefit humanity !" ... written by Krishna
Thank you so much! God Bless you! " ... written by Garace123
Wonderful reader. Positive energy. I look forward to her predictions. Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
Hello Aarushie, thank you so much for you insight" ... written by Paula
What a beautiful manner! great reading " ... written by David
Thanks again, always a pleasure chatting with Aarushie" ... written by Paula
Your the best in getting to the point and making sense" ... written by Paula
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Good psychic and good human being too, she really connected with my situation very fast and gave me the answers perfectly, i have tried her many times and will come to her again for readings, Thanks aarushie !" ... written by sara
Aarushie, is amazing so quick and passionate about the cards, she takes you on a Journey " ... written by David
predictions did happened for me" ... written by sarah
Good and honest reading, i trust her very much" ... written by sweeheart
she is raelly understanding and gives lot of support." ... written by ritu
Awesome reading, sorry I missed out on the answer for my last question, but thanks for giving me the faith :)" ... written by Autumne
Aarushie is really wonderful! Very accurate, very sweet and gives good practice guidance as well!" ... written by Webby
this lady is awesome. ALL her predictions have come true and within the time lines. She is caring and understanding. Never disappointed" ... written by January
she is good and I am very happy with her reading. hopefully it will turn out well." ... written by peacegal
An absolute pleasure to speak with. Well worth speaking to." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Interesting insight and was quick answered my question, thank you :) " ... written by Sherry
was a good reading just wait and see now" ... written by derick
nice reader......very good" ... written by vijay
A pleasure to speak with. Very quick at answering questions." ... written by Alneverus
Quick and concise. Doesn't waste time in interpreting during the reading in relation to questions asked." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
excellent reading. i recommend" ... written by ron
excellent, as always" ... written by ron
excellent as always" ... written by ron
her prediction came true for me along with timelines!!!! " ... written by shraddha44
Outstanding Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
good reading with lots of care " ... written by Malcolm
Awesome! Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
Good reading very informative" ... written by Pinkpather30
Aarushie is very sweet and sincere... and a very good reader. Fast and response direct to your questions. Thanks. :)" ... written by fit2day
Very good again I don't usually come back if I am not confident in their abilities. So I am very confident in what she is getting from her cards and what she is telling me" ... written by Ray
AMAZING! " ... written by Jenny
5 stars" ... written by sumit
amazing spot on" ... written by Lorna
very good reiki session it helped with my insonmia" ... written by PinkBeatle10
Lovely reading... sincere smiles. Very fast and attentive and care. Thanks. Work changes this fall, Job changes next April, romance this fall... :) Will see. Thanks!" ... written by William
She was very good picking up situation but we will have to wait to see if things develop the way she says they will" ... written by Ray
Bless you1" ... written by
Always good and provide clarity... " ... written by Will
she was good " ... written by computerluv
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
It was amazing. She read the cards for me and it was true. I hope whatever she said comes true. She is a nice lady. I really liked talking to her" ... written by Sony Amin
very good, quick answers" ... written by me
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Good reading great guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Confirmation: " ... written by William
Seemed accurate and was nice. Thanks " ... written by sher
aarushie is one of my most favorites on this site" ... written by ron
very good, last time prediciton came true so i hope it does again" ... written by l
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent, " ... written by ron
shes the best" ... written by ron
excellent " ... written by ron
Bless you " ... written by
Always graceful... accurate and good. Consistent... love in winter, new opportunities in Spring, and current project conflicts (true) but will be light at the end. " ... written by W
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by tamjones
Honest and friendly. Accurate reading. Very good." ... written by Uggzie
Will get the peacock feather the gomed and silver ring and the name change thank you for the remedies =) god bless" ... written by blue eyed candy girl
Very nice lady very easy to understand she explains things well and good insight will come back again." ... written by Nightowl75
She was thorough and honest." ... written by RuinofDarkness
She was good." ... written by luckycharms312
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Great help:) very great listener too:) great advice and friendly!" ... written by taraannevi