About 1CWisdom4U

Psychic 1CWisdom4Uhas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic 1CWisdom4Uhas recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about 1CWisdom4U's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

( My fee is 3.99 per min. ) I was born with many natural amazing gifts, And with a strong native american heritage. My gifts are ~ Clairvoyance ~ Mediumship ~ Empathic ~ Clairsentient ~ Natural & Energy Healing ~ Channeling ~ Ancient Wisdom ~ Cosmological Knowledge. I Connect directly to source, I also teach classes, of all kinds in private sessions. I can use tools or no tools it is your choice.

she was great, such a help with my stress already feeling better" ... written by christa
Lovely lady - helpful, friendly, and accurate. Love chatting with her, very infectious smile." ... written by Sophie Brunson
Thank you Wisdom, You're the best." ... written by EmotionallM
Thanks so much.. Sorry we got cut off.." ... written by Michelle
thanks" ... written by c
great reading, she is very accurate and connect very well at my situation,, i will go back for sure" ... written by veezee
she is amazing...always connects so quickly and before I even say anything...very powerful psychic and such a wonderful lady to talk to..i will def be back again and recommend her to all...thank you again..so much!!" ... written by missvika
lovely deep connection" ... written by qp
she is good with medium reading and sport on . " ... written by sai
Love to get updates from Wisdom!! She is very connected to spirit and is able to give you very specific details and why things will be happening the way they are. She is extremely trustworthy and such a gentle soul =)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Yeay!!!!! I think I just found my reader on Oranum... she is fast, right to the point, very very accurate and at the same time very warm and caring. I absolutely trust her at 100%! You will not be disappointed, never in a million year :-))" ... written by Spiritonloose
Awesome as always!!! Love her!!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank u, thanks spirits, thanks guides, thanks angles, and thank you grandma! Amazing reading with wisdom!! tears, smiles, and everything in between, she read it all!! blessings!! recommended!" ... written by 3sons
wow!!! amazing reading..she knew what I wanted to ask about before I even asked it..didn't need any info or anything from me...and she was on point on everything!!! very powerful psychic with an amazing gift for clarity and such a beautiful person...it was such a pleasure to have reading with her and will def back back again!! my love and light!!" ... written by missvika
Very good advice through psychic insight, I recommend her strongly." ... written by rosebud77
She made me feel very comfortable. I felt such good positivity with her and chills. Shes very down to earth. Such a good person to talk to and get advice from." ... written by Jeannie
She is so awesome. She is so down to earth. She connected so fast. She is amazing!!!! I am honored to have read with her and for her to share her gifts with others. She was very accurate! Kind, warm, friendly, very inviting. It was like chatting with an old dear friend. Will be back for updates. She will amaze you. You will not be disappointed!!! " ... written by Tiffany
This is one of Oranum's most giving readers -- she will always give you one free card if you pop in her room. And her cards have always been spot on. I felt like I could trust her to go for a full reading! It was amazing. Out of all the experts I have had readings with on here, she is the only one who picked up a little secret that I had of my own. And it was amazing! I felt validated! The information she gave me matched up with everything I've been experiencing! Thank you for being such a giving, gifted individual! Not to mention beautiful too! This was one of my greatest readings and I am thankful that you are on this site!" ... written by Kelsey
I trust this reader above all others, she is awesome!" ... written by atlantis111
She knew what was happening in my life .. very quickly she got it. Nice reading" ... written by Kelly
Wisdom is the best. Thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
Amazing!!!!" ... written by shellie1275
Amazing reading felt a connection. she knew things that i only knew about i will be coming back to let her know what happenes with everything." ... written by beltran
She is awesome as always! Picks up right away and very accurate!" ... written by atlantis111
Great - as always - real lovely lady with a knack for getting it right each time" ... written by Brunny76
She is absolutely amazing, so accurate and authentic, can't say enough good things! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by atlantis111
I love wisdom...she is an excellent psychic with such wonderful energy...she is hands down one of the best on oranum...she knows what u come for before u ever say anything...she is very powerfully gifted and I will always come to her for guidance..thank you so much!!!!" ... written by me
She calmed my nerves down and told me the things that I needed to hear. Thank You. Very kind woman. Definitely recommend." ... written by Van Anh
Thank you for the reading. " ... written by pigletme123
As always very nice to talk to and cares about you. i will keep her updated on her predictions. Highly recommend this lady =) for your reading!" ... written by jdoll81
Enjoyed my reading with 1C. She is super sweet with a lot of conviction. Made a lot of predictions and will update once they come true." ... written by w
shes AMAZING!! seriously every single time she knows what is going on and what i need to hear before i say anything...truly blessed..thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us here on oranum! " ... written by me
she is fabulous, read my situation very accurately and for my sake i hope her prediction will come true.." ... written by kalana
Amazing details, to the point helped me alot. :) " ... written by danielle
i didnt finish my reading with her due to technical difficulties but shes so sweet and i appreciate her advice." ... written by Jeannie
Wisdom is all on point. thank you Wisdom, you're the best." ... written by EmotionallM
the best reading as always...so grateful to get such clear, accurate and kind spiritual advice every single time...thank you wisdom..thank you spirit..my love and light" ... written by missvika
Love her, gave me goosebumps!" ... written by Artemis
she is sport on again " ... written by sai
she is sport on with the message . thanks you so so much " ... written by sai
She is amazing everying she said was right and on point" ... written by Rachael
she is so sport on the more you go deeper . yay " ... written by sai
This woman's amazing!! She touched on everything that was going haywire in my life and provided solutions to them. She could validate and go into more detail when needed, like describing what the person's wearing and how close they are to you. Will def be back to take some classes!!(:" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
She is my go to, awesome as always!! Thank you wisdom!" ... written by atlantis111
she is so sport on and one of her prediction come true." ... written by sai
Oh, man, this woman is AWESOME!!! Definitely one of the best readers on this site and so easy to talk to. She picks up everything you need to know. Will definitely be coming back for follow ups!" ... written by wren1414
Wizzy...is wonderful, very down to earth, very insightful. Picked up a lot of things without even mentioning them. Very supportive and loving energy. Would not hesitate in returning for another session. Many blessings xxx" ... written by twinsoul
This woman is a rare find, indeed, and I am blessed to have found her here. She is awesomely gifted and kind--a winning combination!" ... written by wren1414
Still amazed at how she can pick up how I'm feeling and gave me specific directions to better my situation. Her assignments aren't just general ones that any other person could give anyone. She actually consults your guides to see what is best for YOU. She can even pick up on and describe imagery that surrounds those tasks to better help you out. Definitely recommend if you feel lost/confused about ANY situation." ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Good Reading Good Advice. Makes me feel better. Thank you xx" ... written by Sam
very nice and connected quick. She knew why i was in the prvt before i told her what was going on. She was very accurate and gave me good advice, which i def needed. " ... written by cookie
she is very kind supportive. very knowledgeable about energies." ... written by wren1414
Nice reading" ... written by itwillbeok
Very fun to talk to. Gave me different perspectives which I needed." ... written by Duke
Had an awesome reading. I was so sad went i went in to do the private and OMG the message from the spirits was amazing. I walked away feeling so much better and looking forward to my future. She was wonderful, very soft spoken and made me feel very comfortable. Looking forward to a follow reading." ... written by jewelw203
Sweet ,,and Awesome ..and lovely to talk too. see you soon" ... written by sunshinec
Very good...spoke to me via my grandmother and the things she said were true. I've never had this happen before. I look forward to working with her in the future. Amazing" ... written by KBJ
she is so sport on . hand down the question and her spirit guide knowing all " ... written by sai
Wow. She knew what was going on before I even mentioned it. Highly recommend!" ... written by Amy
She was awesome!!!! Everything was so accurate and I didnt even have to say much! I def will come back" ... written by Pearl0315
I see wisdom energy so light and positive that she gives me chills in her readings because she is so spot on it is unreal ..When she reads she flows like waster..An Friendly ,Compassionate Lady That I can call a friend so Glad that we had a prvt .will Keep in touch ..And please continue your life purpose to Help people.. I loved my reading, and enjoyed her style ..many Blessings to you Wisdom..xoxoox " ... written by sunshinec
she is sport on what inside my house . wow . " ... written by sai
Awesome...outstanding...she was amazing...and so accurate...I cannot say enough. Very loving and caring lady. Thank you so much!" ... written by KBJ
This woman is a blessing to this site. She is very accurate, compassionate, and an excellent reader and advisor. Highly highly highly recommend her!" ... written by atlantis111
she really helped me understand what was going on with a relationship that was bothering me. i couldn't put my finger on it and she got it and it all made sense. great reading." ... written by wren1414
she is great and very tuned in!" ... written by wren1414
Amazing information! I did not know that i have inside of me. I can't believe it wow you are amazing.I will be coming back soon." ... written by mag
Wisdom was very friendly and gave good insight into my situations. Thank you sweet wisdom, i would recommend." ... written by Taries
Thanks so much Wizzy, made me feel a lot better about the situation. Always insightful and honest. Bless xxx" ... written by twinsoul
I love her! She is so helpful and gifted. Thank you so much! I will be back soon. Love andamp; light" ... written by lotomamahi
shes so awesome" ... written by me
She is absolutely hands down the best ever!!! She gives insight and truth. Love to speak with her anytime" ... written by rj
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! This was a real deal reading!!! THANK YOU" ... written by Spectrum0435
Amazing reading like always!!" ... written by Ayane
very nice lady good advice" ... written by gchild001
Thank you beautiful Angel! You are helping me so much! Blessings for you." ... written by kari
Great like always!! Will keep coming back for updates. Wisdom always answers my questions/concerns accurately no matter how small or major they may be =)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
I looovvveeee Wisdom she is so on point ..it's funny and her energy is awesome ..she is a Great Reader Love her and Thank you Wisdom for all of your wisdom that you share..Thank you ..Talk to u soon.. " ... written by sunshinec
omg great update! i cannot wait to show you after i find out! waiting and determined thank yo again!" ... written by mag
great lady.....super nice, very accurate. enjoyed the reading and advice!!! much needed guidance. " ... written by Deb
she picked up on my father instantly." ... written by Denise
Very kind and connected to my situation fast. " ... written by Alex
amazing reading!!! i am so grateful for all the comfort, clarity and guidance that she brings me...you are truly a blessing in my life wisdom..im so happy and grateful for all your help...thank you spirit..thank you Universe..love and light x" ... written by missvika
very good connection she has giving me strenght" ... written by pepestone1
SHES THE REAL DEAL!!! OMG every time. Ive had many readings but she really is on point!! I will always be back. " ... written by HIL
My recently departed father came through wisdom with messages of love and healing. Wisdom is the real deal, I trust her and recommend her to everyone!" ... written by atlantis111
thank you so much love i give you thousands of stars you are amazing and i can count on you!" ... written by mag
Thank you soo muich 1cwisdom4u for the informative reading. Your very connected and very kind. 5 star" ... written by myeyesee
Thank you. Your reading is very insightful. Thanks for your advice. " ... written by Golden Amber
Thank you for the update! I will be back :) She is a lovely lady and very accurate since the beginning " ... written by Ana
i always love her spiritual advice.. and help..IT has helped me remain and stay positive" ... written by Jeannie
Shes so cool to talk with and informative, compassionate and sometimes gets ahead of herself which is a good thing." ... written by Nitewalker
Thank you so much for your reading.. I got to talk to my nephew.. I miss him so much" ... written by Patricia
She is just great, knows what you want to discuss before you say a word. Love this lady to pieces, highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
GREAT reading!!!!! I will go back!" ... written by Becca
you are so amazing i love talking with you and your energy. i love updating you of what is happening to me. even though what i'm going through right now is not as great as what a new year should be. but its lessons like you mention to be a more protected person for myself. thank you for your direct and spot on visions and help. because of your help i am able to move on forth with clairty and strength to not be fearing no man who did me wrong or anyone else wrong. thank you sweet heart god bless" ... written by mag
I love her energy and how she reads. She is very well connected! " ... written by Ana
Outstanding reading. She put me at ease. She asked very little information in the beginning, and was very accurate in her assessment. " ... written by kekhowe
i love our reading even though i take you away from everyone everything gets more and more interesting lol thanks babe! for being that person i can vent to and know that the light will be shining soon!" ... written by mag
I got a 5 star reading from a kind nice compassionate person. 5 star psychic and thank you soo much " ... written by myeyesee
Amazing reading like always!!! I can't even do a proper testimonial since I'm still processing all the great things that came through tonight lol. Wisdom thank you sooo much for the help. You are truly one talented soul =)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
not finished with reading so far interesting" ... written by Jeannie
Really enjoyed reading with this woman. She seemed to tap right into my current situation and provide me with all the answers I was seeking. I would definitely recommend her. I only hope her predictions come true. " ... written by Roseanna
i'm always amazed by how connected i am with you! i'll will update you tomorrow def!" ... written by ma
i love updating you and your energy i connect so well with you love! omg i got my justice yay! lol i will update you more after i get more credits" ... written by ma
Her updates are always spot on and insightful. Love this reader!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you so much, picked up on many situations without me saying anything, I'll be back " ... written by Danielle
Thank you so much. You were able to pick up on things a few people had picked up on. I look forward for the new things to come! I loved your energy, and the fact that you tools aren't entirely necessary for your readings. thank you again! God bless" ... written by Ana
I hope her predictions come true. I love how she doesn't judge me or make me feel bad for asking the same questions sometimes. I recommend her if you've ever been judged by a psychic and want to talk to someone who helps u like a friends. Thanks 1CWisdom4U" ... written by Jdoll81
I love her and her energy. Ive said this before but she reads wonderfully. She channels her spirits and tells it like it is. " ... written by Ana
you are always so awesome omg i love talking with you updating you always i will be back love to update you" ... written by m
Always love to catch up with Wisdom. She is lovely! Has been with me on my journey for a while. I just need to be patient :) " ... written by Ana
Very good" ... written by Vivienne
I love wisdom!!!! She is so sweet and helpful...i always have the best readings with her..thank you so much!" ... written by lehua
Picked up on my situation right away! She was kind and fun to speak with. I enjoyed the reading very much! thank you :)" ... written by nas
good" ... written by s
Very very good indeed... Love her" ... written by Vivienne
I always love her readings. Shes quick and she speaks with spirit. Every single reading I've gotten from her, she has channeled my grandmother. 1cwisdom is amazing! " ... written by Ana
Always a pleasure, she tunes right in to what is going and has predicted spot on events. Great advice about crystals etc." ... written by HB
Thank you so much Wisdom :) " ... written by ShadowRayne99
she connects really well" ... written by smiley2011
Trusted go to! She is awesome!!" ... written by atlantis111
I would recommend her :) she connected to my questions very fast, and was able to answer them with great pride." ... written by Samantha
AWESOMENESS. Wisdom is a real blessing in my life. Don't know where I would be without her lol" ... written by Ayane
Always great! Never enough time or credit, but she is lovely. " ... written by Ana
possibly the best reading i had in here, very much in detail and unbelievable talent , please try her once you wont be desapointed , 2 thumbs up and 5 stars " ... written by kalana
Thanks sooo much for the update wisdom!! Love how talented you are in picking up other ppl's energies. Def feel much better now that I know how things are progressing. =)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
AMAZING READER!!! Her abilities are incredible and she gave me practical advice for each of my situations!!! I cannot wait to come back to her for more!" ... written by Summerbreeze
wow was able to gv me message from my family who passed on" ... written by QUEENBEE22
Great as always. She is right on point and right on time with the information provided. Her energy is serene and calm. Provided me with hope and courage for the future. Try a reading today. You will not be disappointed. Love, and blessings to you." ... written by oreocookies37
Brilliant readinggg spot on" ... written by Tehmina
Another great update, she is fantastic! 5 stars!" ... written by atlantis111
very affirmative...thanks" ... written by rosy
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
i love her! thanks so much wisdom" ... written by missvika
Wisdom you're the best. Thank you so much." ... written by EmotionallM
Love Wisdom. She is so awesome! xx" ... written by xxX
She is always on point.love her she is so sweet Thank you so much Wiisdom..I enjoyed my reading..talk to you soon." ... written by Sc
Thank You for a wonderful reading. Also you honesty and your kindness. Great Psychic" ... written by hal
OMG i can't believe the msgs that came thru for me. Thanks so much Wisdom for being a very clear and detailed messenger. You def give me hope and drive to go for what I want!!! Def looking forward to all of this panning out!" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
wonderful reader! " ... written by luckystar5
Love coming to wisdom for guidance =)" ... written by Ayane
I wish I had more time! I am so confused." ... written by Deon Evans
just comforting and honest. accurate" ... written by Prettygirlny
Love this woman to pieces!!!! She is able to always pick up on the situation and what others are thinking and feeling. You get all the details you need to know from wisdom and spirit guides. Her demeanor and readings are simply the best! There's a reason why you came across her page, HAVE A READING WITH 1CWISDOM4U you will NOT regret it!! :D" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
This woman is AMAZING in every sense of the word." ... written by cheryl
Thank you Wisdom. You put such a huge smile on my face, thanks!" ... written by Balli
Great reading from Wisdom again!!!" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Wowwowowowow!" ... written by T.
another crying session...I luv her reading" ... written by cherie
Always great! Dead spot on. I have spoken to many through the years but she's really great. wow! thank u" ... written by Spectrum
Great spot on, hopefully things will come into place." ... written by Love
She is just awesome, you must try her :)" ... written by atlantis111
Brilliant! Thank you so much for your insightful advice. You're amazing! Plus I loved that your reading made my mood super positive. Thank you." ... written by Golden Amber
She is the BEST!!! Have to try her, one of my favorites!!" ... written by atlantis111
Just confirmed what I was wondering about. Feeling good about a love interest" ... written by lovely
What a beautiful, healing reading. Loved hearing her messages today. Forever greatful" ... written by Julia
very nice session. She said things that were indeed the case. " ... written by Bridget
Thank you Wisdom for clarity about my relationship. I love your insightful and accurate advice.Thank you. Blessings," ... written by Golden Amber
Thanks so much! you were great and insightful as always! :) I love the messages I get. Can't wait to be back again!" ... written by T.
OMG this woman is awesome! She doesn't need names, DOB, or any information and she is dead on accurate! I am blown away right now. " ... written by Ashley
She's amazing! It was my first time having a reading by her and I must say, I was blown away! " ... written by skier8001
Thank you sooo much!!!" ... written by Michelle
She's awesome! Great lady and great energy!" ... written by skier8001
I love her! The beginning of our reading she immediately picked up two important things happening in my life. And one of the topics was really sensitive and she really handled it well -- really helped 100%! She's intuitive and skilled with her card reading. I would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Kelsey
Wisdom was so incredibly spot on with a all of the insight and connection with spirit. She was quick and concise.. Thanks so very much Wisdom hun... Namaste" ... written by Janine
She is such a life saver!! Whenever you're in a pinch, she's able to address your worries and doubts. Great reading as always(:" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
She never disappoints love her accurate" ... written by Cheryl
Thank you...brought light to my situation again" ... written by cherie431
Awesome update from Wisdom again!!! Love how she's able to pick up on everything about the situation accurately." ... written by AyaneVenusx3
awesome reading" ... written by mar
She is the most amazing person that I have ever spoken to!!!!! I was so amazed! She was on point about things that she could have never known about!!!! " ... written by Widow1313
Awesome was able to describe what it was i saw as a child. " ... written by Tiffany
she is the real deal.. amazing.. love her.. by far my favorite. she knew before i even asked." ... written by s-
A blessing to have ran into her. I will come again. It is clear now. " ... written by Knowing2013
A very good reading 10+ stars from me thank you so much :)" ... written by Libsta
awesome reading" ... written by cmarie
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" ... written by cherie
She is awesome, sees things clearly with wisdom and love." ... written by atlantis111
I only have one word for this lady, absolutely AMAZING my goodness me. She was so sweet and positive and was able to tell me things that she could not even possibly have known. She is the REAL deal. I will be back to her for updates, concerns, and future advice. Much blessings and love to you! " ... written by KL
ICWisdom4U readings is insightful and informative. Very clear in relaying the information that you need to know. " ... written by Nitewalker
Such a sweet person :) , great advice, quick connection. Highly recommend her. Take care andamp; thanks a bunch" ... written by Roy
She's great! Spot on and very genuine!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you so much" ... written by Prettygirlny
Thank you so much for your practical advice on my family issue. Love you, wisdom!! " ... written by Golden Amber
She is the best. Do try her, she is very gifted and accurate!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you so much for the messages! you're great as always! :)" ... written by T.
THANK YOU" ... written by CHLOE
She was amazingly accurate. Knew what needed to be discussed without any prompting. Very helpful" ... written by Teresa
Very nice person to talk with. I felt so welcomed and she is so warm. I didnt give her too much information but she told me all I needed, she is fantastic." ... written by Maria
She is awesome I really trust her." ... written by Maria
She was good. she picked up quick" ... written by samantha
I absolutely loved my reading with 1Cwisdom, so much that I went 3 times in a row!! Her predictions were so in line with what another psychic told me and I mean descriptions, attitudes, and a lot of other stuff!! So I am very pleased with my reading, 1Cwisdom is amazing, such positive energy and so kind!! Just what I needed today!! I will definitely talk with her again :-) 5 stars just because I cannot giver her more!!! Thank you :-)" ... written by sara
good advice im going to use right now..." ... written by cherie
Thank you, youre an amazing help and so intuitive." ... written by Prettygirlny
1CWisdom4U is a kind, caring, empathic and helpful medium. The reading was fluent, the connection with passed family members was immediate, provided great details, and explained them well, also provided good advice. Much appreciated, I can highly recommend this type of reading. One of Oranum's kindest and best." ... written by Martkos
She Is so spot on that I started crying during my reading." ... written by Sylvia
Excellent reading once again!! Thank you 1Cwisdom :-) xxx" ... written by sara
Thank you so much Wisdom. Thanks for letting me have clarity on situations I am in and know what lessons to learn. Love you" ... written by Golden Amber
thank you!!" ... written by cherie
Thank you very much 1CWisdom4U (Christine). A very productive reading. Great medium, empathic and intuitive. Very easy to work with, caring, happy, humorous approach, also learned and wise. Able to connect quickly, feel and see and understand everything and explains well. I received the information I needed and understand the reasons why. Highly Recommended and one of Oranum's finest." ... written by Marktos
I must b patient" ... written by shang
She is the best! You simply must experience her for yourself. Thank you wisdom!" ... written by atlantis111
1CWisdom4U, answered my questions quickly and with the right amount of detail. Thank you." ... written by Martkos
had a horrible dream thought the worst...she put me at ease. thank you!!" ... written by cherie
Very peaceful and great energy, and very quick to connect with detailed insight of what the spirits told her accurately corresponds with my current situation and concern." ... written by Aeureus
She's amazing! Has been my shinning light!" ... written by skier8001
AWESOME" ... written by kila rj
WONDERFUL READER!!! Always to the point, always accurate, gives me amazing insights into situations and people in my life. Thank you!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
shes a sweet heart. definietly coming back" ... written by gst
A breathe of fresh air. Thank you" ... written by Prettygirlny
love her! always so great to have updates and always very sweet." ... written by Deb
Wisdom is always dependable, accurate, and sooo detailed. Her readings are always on point and leave you with a sense of calmness from knowing what's going on around you, situation and people-wise. She can pick up anything you need to know and will answer every question and doubt you have with all the certainty that spirit provides her. She is my go-to psychic and will soon be yours too, once you've had a reading with her!! :D" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
got a reading, give it time. " ... written by cindy
great reading! really helped me out with my situations :) will definitely be back!" ... written by peace
always make me smile and ease my worries..thank you" ... written by cherie
1CWisdom4U (Christine) always provides detailed and insightful readings. Easy to work with, I can highly recommend." ... written by Martkos
wonderful!!!!" ... written by cheerie
I love this woman - she is my go to for everything!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
Always a pleasure to get an update from wisdom!! She can pick up on anything about the person you wanna know. She's always a dependable fun reader to consult!(: Love her!!" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
always a excellent up date..." ... written by cherie
left me crying..awesome reading..thank you so much for peace of mind." ... written by cherie
I have been going to her for readings over a very difficult situation for the past two months and she is always right and helps me so much. She really gets it and understands what I'm going thru. She told me I'd hear from the man I was hoping to hear from and she was right! She's been right about a lot and I love her! Her energy is so good!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you so much for your advice. I deeply appreciate it. I'm so thankful for having your reading. Thanks for giving clarity on my life situations. I'll keep in touch! :) " ... written by Golden Amber
Love her wisdom! Such an amazing personality." ... written by Samantha
Thank u for your insight. I feel so much better and you are never wrong. Thanks again!" ... written by Prettygirlny
her reading is exactly what i needed to hear. She gave me more advice than i was seeking. I will keep in touch and let her know what happens. i always love her readings, she really engages with her us." ... written by Jeannie
Awesome Awesome!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
1CWisdom4U (Christine) provides accurate insight on matters that I require a second opinion on, thank you." ... written by Martkos
wow really great very nice thanks" ... written by Daniel Barzee
I had a doubt that I might've screwed up a bit and I was right.. Wisdom was able to see what we were both feeling about the situation (without me saying it) but was still able to reassure me that everything is going to work out in the end. Thanks wisdom(:" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Thank you Wisdom, love talking to you :-) xxx" ... written by sara
WONDERFUL!!! " ... written by Summerbreeze888
I found her very good...she picked up on very specific things" ... written by Sparkle Pony
beautiful update again..all her predications have come true." ... written by cherie
what can i say about this lady, she is one of the one that i can always chat with forever...if we lived close omg she can help me majorly as and like she has been. so blessed for the lord to have brought you my way my path. thank you so much you are always right on" ... written by m
Thank you so much for your reading, Wisdom. It's truly helpful. Thank you for giving me advice on my family issues, relationship, and career. You are so insightful and accurate! Have a great one :) " ... written by Golden Amber
great reading as always! very uplifting and positive. looking forward to the positive changes coming up! " ... written by Deb
Thank you is all i can say!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!" ... written by Hilde
very insightful " ... written by debbie88
I absolutely LOVE her! I go to her for everything and anything I need clarity on. She is always so accurate and so kind and non-judgmental. I will be back again and again and again because she has helped me out tremendously. " ... written by KL
she was great, picked up on situation immediately. very nice and very on the spot!!!!! 5 STARS" ... written by ;)
good =)" ... written by jeannie
put my heart little ease..simple the best" ... written by cherie
i was worried about my current job and she had good t hings to say... im so glad" ... written by Jeannie
Incredible in every way! Her connection to spirit is truly remarkable!" ... written by Summer
what can I say...but cool, awesome she updated me on and explained the dream I had and my and my son spiritual guide brought great information to me." ... written by cherie
i needed clarity and it was a very good reading.... I love her positivity as always and she isnt biased and tells it like it is." ... written by Jeannie
She is spot on! 100%%%" ... written by skier8001
thanks for the great advice" ... written by cherie
thank you for the great reading I had question Wisdom answered them all and gave my heart healing. Worth my last credits...lol" ... written by cherie
glad your back. she picked up on everything that had happen since our last update. beautiful reading." ... written by cherie
WOW WOW WOW... that is all I have to say no tools. great reading I will come back" ... written by dc8
thank you once again" ... written by dc8
Great insightful reading. Thank you Wisdom Always." ... written by Golden Amber
time ran out but great update...everything she said was validated. thanks!!!" ... written by cherie
Love this woman! She sees the big picture as well as the smallest details, she is a real blessing to this site, do try her!" ... written by atlantis111
A day does not go by that I do not come here and talk to this beautiful woman. She guides me 100% on the right path with everything that I am going through. If is not for me she will let me know, if it is for me she will let me know as well. She is always giving me such positive advice. Her readings are 100% accurate. I truly love and appreciate you so much! If you have not given her a try please do so. " ... written by Kinisha
Great reading as usual :-) Thank you for your wisdom!! xxx" ... written by sara
Thank you so much for giving me guidance to help my bff find love or just try to direct her in the right path. XO" ... written by Jeannie
Thank you Wisdom. I really appreciate it. " ... written by Golden Amber
great advice!" ... written by cherie
She's amazing! Always wonderful!" ... written by skier8001
SHE IS THE REAL DEAL, TRULY GIFTED!!!! Thank you " ... written by HBH
Great practical readings!!" ... written by Golden Amber
awww...ran out of credits but always love my updates with Wisdom. She picks up on things fast." ... written by cherie
She is great!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Wisdom is awesome! I have been reading with her for quite some time now and she is always spot on!" ... written by atlantis111
She is a pure vessel. Her gift of insight is incredible, always!!" ... written by HBH
great update...I love talking with Wisdom...we always run out of time..." ... written by cherie
She is always accurate and an absolute pleasure to converse with. Her energy immediately puts you at ease." ... written by sylvia
1CWisdom4U is a good medium at can provide detailed insight." ... written by Martkos
she gave me the advice i was seeking.... the future and what to do to fix it..Thanks Wisdom" ... written by Jeannie
my session ended but i felt like her advice was so right on point. It makes sense. I thank her for her advice once again. i would recomend her." ... written by Jeannie
right on point as always. She's the best. thank alot 1CWisdom4U" ... written by EmotionallM
1CWisdom4U is a wonderful adviser. Highly recommended. 20 stars." ... written by EmotionallM
1CWisdom4U is the best adviser on here. " ... written by EmotionallM
I finished my session, i appreciate her, she is awesome. She always makes me feel better." ... written by Jeannie
i love her shes alwas there to help" ... written by el paso
I enjoyed talking to 1CWisdom4U. She's an exceptional reader. " ... written by EmotionallM
1CWisdom4U is the best reader on here." ... written by EmotionallM
She has the patience of an angel.... she will answer my questions time and time again without judging me" ... written by Jeannie
So far i am getting the help im seeking with 1Cwisdom... no complaints on the reading. She is right on point with what i need. i always know i am going to get my questions answered." ... written by jdoll81
1CWisdom4U is the best reader on here, she's on point. highly recommended." ... written by EmotionallM
Great reading, she is very accurate!" ... written by Gisele
She is AWESOME!! You simply must try her, another great update!" ... written by atlantis111
straight to the point as always. love talking to you. 20 stars." ... written by EmotionallM
Awesome! Loving and caring!" ... written by G
she is the best....get right to the point." ... written by cherie
Wisdom is the best. Thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
She's the best advisor on here. super, super real. infinite stars" ... written by EmotionallM
She's always awesome!" ... written by skier8001
1CWisdom4U is the best. right to the point. super great advisor. 100 stars." ... written by EmotionallM
update, comfirmations, predication...wisdom is full of wisdom....always correct and reassuraning..." ... written by cherie
Wisdom truely the best reader on here. " ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom, thank you very much. you are the best reader on here. " ... written by EmotionallM
super great reader. Want the truth, come check Wisdom out. She's very accurate." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom, thank you very much. You are truely the best." ... written by EmotionallM
awesome readong!" ... written by dlskates
best reader on here." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best. She's always on point. Thank you wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
session ended before I could say thank you...awesome advice as always" ... written by cherie
Thank you Wisdom, you're truely the best." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is truely the best. Thank you so much Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
thank you so much wisdom..amazing reading as always xoxo" ... written by missvika
Wisdom is great and picked up on things I never brought to her attention. " ... written by Catherine
Thanks a lot Wisdom as always. I appreciate your reading. Insightful, accurate, and encouraging! :D" ... written by Golden Amber
Wisdom is truely the best. highly recommended." ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best. Love and Light." ... written by EmotionallM
good positive answers, honest about situation, gave a little background around questions. " ... written by dindin
awesome reading.. understood and good advice" ... written by dlskates
It has come to pass. What was shared in a previous reading has come to fruition. What seemed impossible has become reality. " ... written by Nitewalker2
Wisdom is the best. Thank you Wisdom. Love and Light." ... written by EmotionallM
Just incredible! Very uniquely gifted reader and exceptional in her abilities!!!" ... written by TY
i like her. she was very accurate with his feelings etc and whatever happened between us. i really look forward to the predictions that she has made." ... written by vpoh
She's awesome! Puts my mind at ease and is always a comfort to talk to! Love her!" ... written by skier8001
always a great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
the best! thank you so much" ... written by lei
wonderful, wonderful in every way! She knows and sees what you're going through and it's astounding!" ... written by Summerbreeze
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best. You're truly an amazing and gifted reader. Highly recommended." ... written by EmotionallM
such an awesome reading everytime ...thank you so much again to you and to your spirits...very accurate and specific as always and always delivered directly but with love..thank you! xo" ... written by Lehua
Thank you Wisdom. you're the best. Best advisor on here. " ... written by EmotionallM
Love you! thanks " ... written by michelle
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best. I feel so much better now. Highly recommended. " ... written by EmotionallM
Great session with wisdom as always, she is always working for my highest good!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you Wisdom, you're totally awesome. Best reader on here. " ... written by EmotionallM
She has precious gifts from Spirit and is of tremendous help! So great in every way!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
awesome!!!!! Everytime!!!!!!!" ... written by rjmcmd
Always a great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
Very helpful, very insightful, and very kind :)" ... written by Emily
thank you Wisdom. you're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
she's great" ... written by Cristna
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Wisdom is the best. Thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best, thank you so much. Words can't express how much I appreciate your insight. " ... written by EmotionallM
knows everything super connected" ... written by Lara Blanks
Awesome!" ... written by skier8001
1Cwisdom4u is gifted. With grace she always hits things right on the head. Accuracy is the measure. So much of what she says comes to pass. TY I will always keep coming back." ... written by Spectrum
great reading. very friendly and caring and always helps me feel better " ... written by deb
Thank you Wisdom, you are totally the best as always. " ... written by EmotionallM
well just needed some guidance and i believe im ok with what she said. it makes sense so it kinda lets me know im on the right track." ... written by Jeannie
Just love Wisdom she is great ..see you soon" ... written by sc
Great advice and connection, knows exactly what is going on and how to help " ... written by Lara Blanks
beautiful woman...thank you for the reading and advice." ... written by cherie
the best!!! has such strong connection and insight, you will be amazed." ... written by Lara Blanks
She is so down to earth, i needed advice on a guy i havent even met and she gave me her insight. Thanks =)" ... written by Jeannie
Had fun talking to wisdom... thanks again. " ... written by Jeannie
I need her help me in choosing good people in my life. Thanks Wisdom" ... written by Jeannie
Great as always...gets me all the info connection and understanding I need...helps me feel the connections I need to know" ... written by Lara Blanks
Thank you Wisdom, you're the greatest. I feel so much better now. " ... written by EmotionallM
I love wisdom and her spirit guides..always so very accurate, helpful, honest and kind...thank you so much xoxo" ... written by lehua
Awesome as usual...can bring up new events and feelings and understanding" ... written by Lara Blanks
brilliant reading..perfect!" ... written by t
Awesome as usual...knows just what to help you and guide you..." ... written by Lara Blanks
great reading and connection" ... written by Lara Blanks
She's great! Awesome lady who puts my mind at ease every time. She's quick, to the point and knows it all!" ... written by skier
i enjoyed talking with u Wisdom... thanks for listening =)" ... written by Jeannie
Quick and great to talk to." ... written by gingerbetty
Wisdom, you're the best. thank you so much." ... written by EmotionallM
great reading" ... written by Lara Blanks
thank you Wisdom, you are the best." ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you Wisdom as always. Very insightful reading with healing effects. " ... written by Golden Amber
Wow she really blew my mind!!! I got sooo much more insight from this person. The real truth straight up, a balanced truth. Nothing sugar-coated but said in a positive uplifting way to encourage you. I highly recommend this reader." ... written by swsiren
Thank you wisdom and spirit...i am grateful for everything and i always have so much clarity after every with you...thank you so very much! xx sending my love and light" ... written by Lehua
Very informative reading. Definitely recommend her reading! Thank you so so much, Wisdom. " ... written by Golden Amber
Awesome! Awesome!" ... written by HY
Thank you Wisdom, you are totally the best. Love and light." ... written by EmotionallM
great connection and insight to my situation and helped lots with info and guidance" ... written by Lara Blanks
Thanks again for another lovely reading!! I will keep you updated" ... written by ffairu
Wisdom is the best." ... written by EmotionallM
great connections and always great advice that always comes to pass" ... written by Lara Blanks
Wisdom, your reading was awesome as always." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best." ... written by EmotionallM
I love her!! simple as that!! She is awesome awesome awesome awesome. I will not go to anyone else! " ... written by KL
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best." ... written by EmotionallM
Hoping the information given to me helps bring back my love and helps me be happier. I appreciate the reading." ... written by Angela
Wisdom is fabulous ..LOVE HER to PIECES..THANK YOU " ... written by SC
Always a comfort with empathy and sense of humour. Can guide you with great advice and connection with spirit!!♥" ... written by Lara Blanks
thank you wisdom..whenever I am able to get a reading with you its always the best and most helpful experience...thank you so very much!! my love and light x" ... written by missvika
Great connections and insight, guidance to help me feel better and better results" ... written by Lara Blanks
She's awesome!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best. You made my night lol." ... written by EmotionallM
thanks wisdom =)" ... written by Jeannie
Thank you Wisdom. You're the greatest." ... written by EmotionallM
Thanks again for your insight, you have been great!" ... written by swsiren
awesome reading as always...will always come to u for insight and clarity! tysm" ... written by missv
I so appreciate that wisdom was able to give me clarity. She was quick and to the point. Thank you dear wisdom.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Wisdom is the best as always. " ... written by EmotionallM
thank you so so much!!!! I love every reading I get with you! my love and light xoxo" ... written by missvika
Wisdom is the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
Great reading as usual...love the connection and the insight it gives me to make choices around my situation" ... written by Lara Blanks
I absolutely LOVE her! She tells you the truth and picked up on things I did not even mention. " ... written by KL
Wisdom you're the best lol" ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best as always. thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
good, fast connection, thanks for the insight, i needed it" ... written by dakota
Thank you Wisdom. You're the best. You're always on point. " ... written by EmotionallM
Terrific reader! Very thorough detailed and accurate!" ... written by atlantis111
Thanks soooo much for another awesome reading! I can't wait to give you updates!" ... written by ffairy
Wisdom is the best as always" ... written by EmotionallM
Great reading, as per usual, has a quality like no other reader to personalize it and know without asking you for clarification and has a great intuition, memory and sense of humor that combined gives you great guidance and an awesome experience that not only brings relief but also hope!!" ... written by Lara Blanks
Wisdom is the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
amazing" ... written by mariacalves23
perfect reading" ... written by mariacalves23
1Cwisdom is the real deal. If you want truth and accurate prediction and clarity, look no further. Proven results. Thank you always. Sincerity." ... written by Spectrum
Thank you Wisdom. You're the best as always. " ... written by EmotionallM
Fantastic update, love this reader!" ... written by atlantis111
she is amazing! she read things I received from other psychics exactly and validated things that had happened. she is the best reading I've had. I've had 2 from her. she is a great mediumship! I can't say enough about her." ... written by Laura
as soon as i entered she knew what i was going to ask xD amazing very nice reading" ... written by surfas
Loving, adorable, connects right away to all the energies. Absolutely amazing gifted reader. INCREDIBLE!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Thanks Wisdom, you're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
WONDERFUL READER!! So quick and accurate1" ... written by Summerbreeze888
good reading" ... written by lavender5390
will take wisdom advice, assured me things will be good" ... written by cherie
I really enjoyed my reading, she showed me some techniecs on what I can do as a healer. I will definitely be going back for some more advice. " ... written by Gabriela
amazing reading every single time! Thank you so much!!" ... written by missvika
Wisdom is the best as always. Thank you." ... written by EmotionallM
great connection to spirit" ... written by Lara Blanks
I liked her I will be back" ... written by Tracy Johnson
Thanks for your insight wisdom ;)" ... written by Jeannie
Wisdom is the best. Thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
always 5 zillion stars!!!! SUPER lady in every regard!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
very sweet and kind and helped me decide on what i need to do!" ... written by tori
Wisdom is always on point. thank you Wisdom. You're the best." ... written by EmotionallM
Her connection seemed strong... picked up on details that I never mentioned. will keep you posted on predictions." ... written by Ang
thank you. you were very kind and cheerful. " ... written by all
Wisdom you're the greatest" ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you Wisdom, you're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
AWESOME!!! SO RIGHT ON!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
Wisdom in the best Advisor on here." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best reader on here." ... written by EmotionallM
great connection and great reading" ... written by lara blanks
Great reading!" ... written by lavender5390
Wisdom is the best. " ... written by EmotionallM
i love those readings" ... written by mariacalves23
Wisdom you're the greatest." ... written by EmotionallM
WOW, what a breathtaking reading. She was spot-on, specific, so in-tune and so helpful. I love her spirit and soul and I learned so much. THANK YOU!! " ... written by Jayna
she is simply amazing, she quoted directly from my husbands suicide note and spoke as if she knew my husband and my new friend personally. She knew them almost as well as I do. Best reading I've ever had!" ... written by nicole
thank you so much wisdom and spirit xoxo...amazing reading as always...will always come back for guidance and clarity..love and blessings!!!!" ... written by missv
Wisdom is the best" ... written by EmotionallM
thank you!!!!" ... written by cherie
Wisdom was spot on as always. Thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is an exceptional advisor. She's the best on here. Thank you Wisdom." ... written by EmotionallM
ease my mind of about a bad situation. thank you" ... written by cherie431
she was right on but we lost connection" ... written by Jeannie
thanks wisdom =)" ... written by Jeannie
Awesome reading! She's always spot on and giving practical advice without sugarcoating. " ... written by Golden Amber
Always a blessing to talk to" ... written by nicole
Always spot on, she knows so much so quickly" ... written by nicole
another 5 star reading" ... written by dubyjudy
Great reading, put my mind at ease, knows what I need to know without asking...guides tell her everything!!! as long are you are open to her methods, she can provide you will a clear and accurate reading blessings" ... written by Lara Blanks
awesome" ... written by cuteface
awesome reading and advice." ... written by cherie
5 star all the way" ... written by dubyjudy
amazing very quick, efficient and so awesome1" ... written by brittn
Wisdom, you're the best. Thank you so much." ... written by EmotionallM
very encouraging definitely recommended" ... written by Amanda
Thank you!" ... written by d
Very quick and precise. hoping for the readings to come true!Thank u wisdom" ... written by Jennifer Isabelle Fernandes
aawesom!!!!10 plus rating" ... written by cherie
as accurate and wonderful as always!" ... written by nicole
amazing reading as always..tysm wisdom x" ... written by mv
Thank you Wisdom. " ... written by EmotionallM
Very thorough, told me what I needed to hear." ... written by Amanda
Wisdom thank you once again. You're always on point." ... written by EmotionallM
always really accurate! thank you wisdom!" ... written by bre
very insightful and quick connection, i loved my reading. thank you so very much. " ... written by neon
she is always amazing" ... written by nicole
<" ... written by Amanda
This woman is amazing! I come to her whenever I need clarity on any situation and she guides me through. She has a great understanding of how people are. And yes, her predictions come to pass." ... written by nicole
Wisdom is always on point. thank you Wisdom. You're the best" ... written by EmotionallM
Awesome love her readings ♥♥♥" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Really love this reader, she is very accurate and thorough! " ... written by atlantis111
Love Wisdom and how truthful she is can calm a person nerves like mine ;-)" ... written by Amanda
This woman couldn't be any better!! She knows what's going on before I even start talking to her. She sees into the heart of the issue and gives wonderful advice. Her predictions are spot on!!" ... written by nicole
thank you wisdom. You're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
Love talking with Wisdom. Very truthful" ... written by Amanda
She is simply amazing" ... written by nicole
amazing advisement and insight on business and finances. She has been so spot on for me - thanks so much for talking me through some complex ideas and decisions!" ... written by beathive
awesome... awaiting predictions " ... written by real love
Seriously the best on here, Wisdom is a miracle herself. Talk to her, you won't regret it!!" ... written by nicole
she was able to connect and gave me accurate information!" ... written by coolgirl65
1CWISDOM is always spot on. True light bearer in every sense of the word. If you want solid answers and direction speak with her. The best I've experienced hands down." ... written by HJ
Thank You great reading very insightful" ... written by dubyjudy
She's great! Reassuring. Our connection wasn't good in the end so I couldn't hear her, but it was great and what I needed to hear even though it was a hard subject. Always a pleasure speaking to her." ... written by skier
can't wait for her predictions to come true!!" ... written by coolgirl65
Another great reading wisdom is soo helpful and insightful" ... written by dubyjudy
She is always wonderful and amazingly accurate" ... written by nicole
I love Wisdom and the truth she gave me." ... written by Amanda
Thank you " ... written by Andrea
always amazing!!" ... written by nicole
as i was telling u..i felt so silly saving up all month for a reading and then wasting it on another because i was impatient with time difference and all...def lesson learned...you give the best readings as always...excellent connection to spirit and so humble..thank you so much for your honesty, clarity and compassion...i appreciate you and spirit so much..i canʻt thank you enough...will always return ...sending my love and many blessings x" ... written by missvika
Great reading" ... written by lavender5390
she was right on point i love her to death big squeeze" ... written by Joseph Ford
absolutely the best here!!" ... written by nicole
I lOve Wisdom.. Thank you soo much!" ... written by Shellie
I LOVE HER!! Wisdom is worth every penny and every minute, she knows what you want before you even get a word out. " ... written by nicole
Thank you Wisdom. You are the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
thank you so much for the reading will be back!!!!" ... written by Brtne
She is theeeeee best. And so sweet and honest. She always knows right where I am and what is going on around me. Beautiful spirit." ... written by doynoy
Wonderful, so helpful in every way!! Love this reader!!! 5 stars always!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
This woman is amazing, she sees everything, i don't know how she does it. THANK YOU" ... written by Raychul
OMG this woman knew EVERYTHING and I mean Everything even things you maybe wanted to keep pvt..LOL she knew..AWESOME..WILL CERTAINLY be back!!" ... written by Jennifer
The best anywhere! You can always trust her and feel her reassurance " ... written by nicole
Love her detail and accuracy, she is the best!" ... written by atlantis111
Love my Wisdom, she is always my go to. I have had other readings with others before, but she is the one I am constantly drawn too. She hasn't been wrong yet." ... written by Amanda
She is great, she is able to pick up on energies right away. I did not have to give a name or anything...she just knew exactly the subject I was wondering about." ... written by Diamond
ran out of credit but always great advice from widsom" ... written by cherie
Just asked a question and she took off!! She is great and very insightful. I recommend her!!" ... written by Walejr
amazing reading as always..thank you so much" ... written by lehua
always wonderful" ... written by nicole
love my readings with wisdom...so much clarity gained!!! thank you so much" ... written by mv
thank you again so much for such an amazing reading as always..its such a blessing to have a spiritual adviser i can trust completely to give me accurate and honest information every single time!!! thank you and ttyl ..sending love and light" ... written by lehua
thank you soooo much!!! I canʻt thank you enough!! " ... written by mv
She was great very good advice" ... written by lacapri
<" ... written by Amanda Panda
Amazing reading. Spot on. Thanks for bringing clarity around my situations. Thank you. " ... written by Golden Amber
thanks for the connection, the information confirms what i am feeling, talk again soon," ... written by dakota
thank you wisdom for such a great reading...put my worries to rest as always...thank you!!!" ... written by lehua
wisdom is awesome!!!! " ... written by cherie
best reading ever! :)" ... written by mv
Great reading as usual, love this reader!!" ... written by atlantis111
picked up on my energy really well! i will come back:)" ... written by victoria
always amazing readings...the most honest and compassionate information every time..i can always trust her for sound advice and insight on every aspect of my life and I am so grateful that I can always come to her with any problem big or small and she will always shed light on it so that i make the best possible choice for myself...thank you Wisdom...thank you spirit ...love and light x" ... written by missvika
<" ... written by Amanda
amazing !!! so gifted and healing at the same time !! thank you !!!" ... written by tamjones
always makes me feel a tone better and she is always spot on" ... written by nicole
awesome" ... written by nicole
Amazing reading as always! Thank you!!!!" ... written by Olaf
Thank you Wisdom, you are right on the money as usual." ... written by EmotionallM
Great update, great reader, love her!" ... written by atlantis111
<" ... written by Amanda
When i am lacking clarity, she is my go to, love this reader! Excellent!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you! You're the best" ... written by HJ
wonderful, just wonderful thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Always amazing and spot on" ... written by nicole
I enjoyed talking with 1CWisdom4u very in tuned to my situation. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants true guideance. Thank you gain. " ... written by Ramesha
nice lady I liked her a lot good reeding" ... written by lynn
I love Wisdom!!!! Always awesome readings...shes such a beautiful person..her readings are always spot on and she is so compassionate and helpful..its always such a pleasure talking with her...thank you so much!! ttyl" ... written by missvika
She is simply amazing, always knows what I want to talk about before I even ask!" ... written by nicole
Thank you wisdom, you're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
amazing reading as always...so grateful to be able to always get clarity, insight, compassion and honesty from wisdom every time...such a sweet and beautiful person...thank you so much wisdom! xo Love and blessings" ... written by missvika
Fabulous!! " ... written by nicole
wonderful and amazing, she has a way of reassuing and uplifting just by the sound of her voice and her knowledge is astounding " ... written by nicole
Wonderful dear friend! Incredible, amazing, supernaturally gifted psychic!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Awesome, amazing psychic, always knows!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
always awesome and inispiring thank you !!!" ... written by babydime
She is awesome on point with Details ..Love talking to her she gives great advice ..Thank you " ... written by sc
Amazing as always" ... written by nicole
Wisdom lifted a weight off my mind late tonight." ... written by cherie
Amazing!!!" ... written by V
She's amazing! Told me things that are going on in my life, things she wouldn't know unless of course she is psychic :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
nothinng more to say but beautiful!" ... written by cherie
Always amazing, always calming and reassuring " ... written by nicole
awesome reading as always..Thank you so much wisdom x ttys" ... written by Lei
best readings!!" ... written by missvika
she is sweet and awesome..Thanks Wisdom" ... written by sc
She is so amazing, you really don't need to go anywhere else!" ... written by nicole
Thank you Wisdom. You're the best" ... written by EmotionallM
wonderful as always" ... written by nicole
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by V
Thank you Wisdom, you are the best. Right on the money as always." ... written by EmotionallM
Excellent reading, always well connected and good insight and gives good information to help give guidance for better choices" ... written by Lara Blanks
Right on point Wisdom. Thank you." ... written by EmotionallM
Beyond wonderful. Not an opinion. A statement. Mind-blowing, heartfelt, sincere, honest, real, anything good you can imagine. There is no negativity here. This is a place of great peace." ... written by creative vision
good reading " ... written by jay
i was worried about having a reading because of being so happy but its wasnt bad at all Wisdom gave me advice of how to move forward and stay happy. love her" ... written by c
Great thank you so much!! :) :) :) very nice lady" ... written by ...
fantastic experience. thank you so much :) ;) amazing reading for today!! i am very happy!!! so accurate! wonderful reading!" ... written by ..
thank you so much..sorry got cut off..but yes thats exactly what i was worried about and thank you so much for clearing that up for me...thank you wisdom for all your loving help, honesty and guidance...im very grateful for everything you help me with..thank you...and thank you spirit x" ... written by mv
feel great...thank you so much for the amazing insight,comfort and clarity...best readings as always..thank you xx love and blessings" ... written by missvika
Thank you Wisdom. You are the best" ... written by EmotionallM
Love her to pieces ,,she is always on time with her advice.. Thanks Wisdom.. many Blessings to you..xoxoxo " ... written by sc
She's the best on the site, hands down. After years I've seen her predictions come to pass. See for yourself.." ... written by HJ
thank you so much wisdom!!! i appreciate all your help, insights and clarity more than words can express..sending love and many blessings xoxo" ... written by missvika
Thanks so much for the reading u rock!" ... written by Shellie
thank you soooo much wisdom...thank you thank you thank you!!!!" ... written by missvika
Really nuturing soul. Loved my reading. One of the most nuturing/caring souls here. thanks so much.xx" ... written by Lucy Class
shes my favorite! i like to get a reading every few months and it gives me clarity and stability on what i need to do! " ... written by Tori M
Love, love, love this woman!! She knows her stuff! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
goodness she is an amazing woman!!!! DEFINTELY recommend her for clarity! predictions HAVE came true with me!!! very strong connection!!! its so awesome!!!thank you thank you WISDOM!!!" ... written by bre
5 billion stars!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Excellent . Picked up so fast. Energy was beautiful, calm, and serene. I felt very comfortable, and at ease. She advised me things , that I appreciated knowing. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gifts. Love, light, and blessings to you." ... written by oreo
Amazing! Thank you so much! :) so wonderful session!!! :) thank you!! very accurate!!" ... written by ...
thank you is a gross understatement of the gratitude i have in my heart for all the help, guidance, support and clarity I am blessed with every time i am able to get a reading with you. I am so grateful for everything..sending love, light and many blessings x" ... written by missvika
Super accurate/clear/fun/professional and I just love the way she reads my energy. Definitely one of my favorite readers here. Thanks Wisdom! You rock!" ... written by Nicole
Very good read....accurate insightful and what else can I say?" ... written by gokelly
Thank you fantastic!!! :) :) :) =) thanks for today!!" ... written by ..
Wow, she's quick to connect and very accurate and compassionate. Thanks!" ... written by p
Love her! Always so kind, helpful and accurate! Thank you soo much!!" ... written by Leh
appreciate you sooooooooo much!!! thank you very much!! love and light xo" ... written by missvika
love her!" ... written by me
Thank you wisdom, as always you have helped me greatly! Many blessings to you!" ... written by atlantis111
Amazing lady. My favourite :) Thank u so much :) The best on Oranum! So accurate!!! :)" ... written by ...
I just love Wisdom...so sweet, generous and very intuitive...love her reading style. Thanks Wisdom...xx" ... written by ANGIE
Great experience thank you so much! :) I love the readings with her! :) Thanks;)" ... written by ...
she was gr8..extremely nice andamp; sweet:)" ... written by aquavenus
she is amazing...omg I cant thank her enough for helping me and providing so much clarity...thank you so much...you are amazing and I cant thank you enough xx" ... written by lehua
She's the best!! I just simply love her.. Everything she said that I knew was absolutely true, and everything I didn't made complete sense and made my confusion go away. She is the most kindest, soft hearted, honest, gifted and fast connecting psychic I ever met. Don't ever hesitate to take her for a private best investment I ever made for my future, can't thank her enough! Blessing and lights wisdom...I'm so grateful for the time you gave me. " ... written by dragons rose
awesome awesome reading" ... written by Dorcey Kuppaq
Thank you Wisdom. You're the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
My first session with her. I was really drawn to her. She is a joy. She is DEFINITELY gifted. She really knew specifics or was pretty close without one word from me to influence anything. I didn't tel her my real name, dob, the other people's names. That is REAL talent! She is a good person." ... written by BeautifulJewelia
thank you sooo much wisdom!!! sending love and light xo" ... written by missvika
amazing readings always" ... written by me
fantastic....so peaceful :)" ... written by mars1989
thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by missvika
Thank you very much Wisdom :) as always. " ... written by Golden Amber
Thank you Wisdom, You are always on point." ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you Wisdom, you are the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you so much! I love talking to you.. So glad I found u.. " ... written by Michelle
What words or price can ever be placed on a true and honest reading that has so communicate piece of mind and heart? Well, that is what dear Wisdom has given me thru the reading.. Many thanks to you dear Wisdom.. Luv and light Namaste" ... written by Janine
got a lot of good info from this lady have to wait a couple of weeks to see what happens. But I felt she was very clear on what was coming to her. Definitely 5 stars and I will be back" ... written by Ray
Wisdom is amazing!!" ... written by CoolGirl65
I know I recently spoke with her but I had more questions on a different topic that we detailed and layered. I also needed to double check something due to a contradiction by another psychic. I asked the question in a way that it was the same question but asked in a different way and more in depth. So, I feel so much better now. I learned way more than I could have ever expected or hoped. They were surprises. All of those she could not possibly have known!" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
best readings ever and the only expert on oranum that i know i can trust for honesty, clarity and compassion. thank you wisdom ...love and light" ... written by missvika
amazing reading...thank you so much!!!!" ... written by lehua
i love her!!" ... written by me
In no time she zeroed in on target bulls eye! she is that GOOD! just Love her to death!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein RN
always amazing!!! thank you so much I am so grateful have et you !! you have connected very well and have helped me out so much with clarity!!see you soon for a reading!!!" ... written by babydime
I love Wisdom. I have a soul connection with her am sure, as I feel I have known here before. Regardless, she is so kind/sweet and helpful to all of us. Thank you so much! xx" ... written by love her
Love Wisdom. U know why she is so popular? Have a reading and u will know. Always helpful and always smiling. Thanks so much!❤️❤️❤️" ... written by Jules
Very accurate! I'm impressed, thank you" ... written by B
She is awesome with her readings. Thanks so much..xoxoxo" ... written by sc
she's seems very good time will tell if the predictions come true" ... written by bouncy
wisdom you are amazing, went very into depth with my situation, gave me insight on my life, future. really helped me with myself and helped me with my life. I felt like I have known here for soooo long and just felt like I was speaking to someone I have known forever. amazing was very spot on my situation and on things from my past. thank u wisdom" ... written by melissa
She was great and very accurate!! :) Thanks for helping! :) She was straight to the point!" ... written by ..
as always, simply amazing!! " ... written by nicole
Awesome!" ... written by skier8001
absolute lifesaver...thank you so much!!!" ... written by missvika
fast clear straight to the point! thank you for the clearity! I really needed to hear that..!" ... written by babydime23
words cannot fully encompass the gratitude that i have for being able to find guidance and clarity with you...i appreciate you so very much...my love and light!" ... written by lehua
love her!" ... written by missvika
always amazing" ... written by nicole
thank you so very much!!" ... written by L
Wonderful, wonderful!!! She gets it, she nails it every time! Love this woman!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
She always picks up on everything right away !!! I never have to ask what I want to know ... Just amazing !!" ... written by tamjones
she has a great energy and real connected to spirits. " ... written by angus1972
awesome reading as always...thank you wisdom...thank you spirit...thank you universe...love and light x" ... written by missvika
She relieved my mind! Thank G D!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein
Very good those readings from her as she was good!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein
you are so amazing and such a wonderful person...thank you for the tremendous help always...and thank you sooooo much for everything" ... written by missvika
Wisdom is the best. " ... written by EmotionallM
Wisdom is the best as always." ... written by EmotionallM
I love my readings from Wisdom!!! Thank you soooooo much!!" ... written by nemo
very good reader, I really like the way she is very quick, and I didn't notice that she used any tools, seems like she didn't really need any tools to help her. She was really right on with what she had to say, and will be using her for her psychic abilities more often, Thank you 1CWisdom4U" ... written by sunrisegoldf
I really enjoyed speaking to her." ... written by Tam
Wiz is one of my favorite readers because her energy is so high and elevated. She is always smiling and consistent and has been very accurate on a few things in my life. Love to you Wiz! I appreciate you! xx" ... written by John Balmain
Wisdom is my favorite reader because she is accurate/fun/caring and kind. Thanks so much Wisdom. You are definitely a gold medal reader here...xx" ... written by Lana Bush
Knew my situation just how its, and explain everything, very accurate, ENJOYED AND WILL COME BACK!" ... written by MI
She connected very well answered many questions. " ... written by jdoll81
She tells the truth every time, very helpful, gives great advice, love her energy, and I feel relief after talking to her." ... written by Tina
o no i ran out of credit...boo will be back!!!!" ... written by bluemoon
thank you so very much xo" ... written by missvika
ran out of credits but was extremely accurate and spot-on and very compassionate!" ... written by Brittany
Thank you Wisdom. You are always on point. You are the best." ... written by EmotionallM
Friendly,awesome and accurate thank you so much. " ... written by nancy
Love Wisdom and u will too. Always upbeat/consistent/fun and very accurate. Such a great person! xx" ... written by Lisa
She was very nice and spoke about things that I could related to, very good" ... written by johnsonforprez
very good readings with Chrissy, she is very good, and very quick with answers thank you chrissy" ... written by sunrisegold
She eased my troubled mind, and I am eternally grateful!!!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein
I adore her to no end!!!! She has been so good for my spirit, and she will be just as good to you!!!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein
awesome!" ... written by bre
She is the best!! I love her. The most accurate reading I have had from anyone." ... written by torontogrl2
I love how she never holds anything back and tells the truth and nothing but the truth." ... written by Amanda
she always knows what I want before I even ask" ... written by Nicole
She's very sweet and empathic to the situation. She tuned right in and is very very sweet always." ... written by CelticFreckles
She's a great reader, accurate and lovely! " ... written by Drummergirl
amazing lovely woman. so gifted and uplifting. loved my reading. " ... written by bright
She is always such a joy. She brought me clarity. I have much to work through. " ... written by Raychel
Wisdom is so fun/friendly/clear/helpful and a fantastic listener. These are all traits that are important for me. She always EXCEEDS my expectations. I value and appreciate you! Thank you!" ... written by Press
She knew everything about me before I said anything to her.. She is just amazing... Solved my problems and was extremely helpful.. Thank you Wisdom ... " ... written by Angelsgift
Awesome/Stellar/Amazing/Outstanding. Love her to pieces! Thanks :)" ... written by ANGEL
lovely lady very honest and amazing reader" ... written by ebonyeyes1986