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Psychic 13fireraven has 16 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic 13fireraven has recently helped 18 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about 13fireraven's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Welcome, I am an expert in love, relationships, mediumship, finance, career, chakra deep cleansing. No tools required fast connection.

Described very well!" ... written by absfab!
amazing women very lovely and kind ... 5 star for this lovely lady and spot on " ... written by littlemonkey
Five stars" ... written by Roger
Thanks for reading, very nice." ... written by zimerili1
Good reading." ... written by rosebud77
very good thank you " ... written by linda
AWESOME!!! Out of this world!!! No words are enough. She is a special soul on this planet. " ... written by VIC
It has been a hard day, and her words calm me down :) " ... written by Mily
Thank you Raven for my reading and advice!" ... written by marion lyttle
I really liked her! " ... written by Sparkle Pony
nice vibe and comfirmed some questions i had ; very sweet and funny " ... written by caligirl
thanks for the reading! :)" ... written by zcy
great connection. Loved my reading. very gifted and kind. " ... written by bright
very spot on and spoke the truth. No sugar coating." ... written by lb
she is a good reader)" ... written by aquavenus
thank you so much for the reading...very empowering!" ... written by ash
Wonderful reader gave me great advise.Was struggling make hard choices she was very encouraging gave me strength and encouragement. Positive energy." ... written by pinkpather30
that was first time and really great. she read me immediately and I believe accurately, helepd me to make a decision. thanks for great advice!" ... written by jazzychic
very good" ... written by sadhana
Wonderful Reading, very special lady and sees things others don't see. Very worthwhile." ... written by kelly
I find Raven to be something unique for sure....very deep and profound stuff no end..an endless source of fascination, to say the absolute least - Truly awesome andamp; mesmerizing,ok thanks Raven (xena, :) ) and chat again soon.. :) " ... written by batdancer
Great Reader! Thank You!" ... written by nunothat
It was good will see what happens" ... written by Blade
very very good reader" ... written by brightsoul84
very fast n to the point. accurate n helpful insight." ... written by hpch
oh she was so great, so deep, so visionary" ... written by katy
I was drawn to this lady for a reason...She was a miracle in the making for me and only she will understand this...I have had help in many ways but I knew it still was not right as I still felt the struggle...fireraven released me from a dark place and only she could do that...I can not explain this as I am very tired now from this amazing experience and rest I need...There are no words to explain what I have just gone through right now except she is beautiful, on point and told me everything and I said nothing...It brought me to tears and I know the tears are of joy, peace and on the path to happiness...I do not want to know about who I am going to be with in the present or future or where I see my career as what my initial reading was suppose to be but lining my energies up is all I needed...Everything else will fall into place no matter what happens because reality is, that is how life works and whether it is good or bad it is our choice and no one else's...She is the WOW WOW WOW factor and no words can describe the amazing skills of this lady except trust yourself and you will see xxxxxxxx Thank you fireraven, you are truly truly what you say!!!! x" ... written by Jess
Beautiful soul! I didn't even have to say much and you tuned in straight away. It's emotional when someone can tap into you like this and understand where you are in your life or why you feel a certain way. Thank you so much for your guidance and I also pray that the Universe continues to protect you, guide you and provides you with all that you need to succeed. Sending a lot of love and light. Thank you~" ... written by Smily
Aside from appreciating the soothing wisdom and strong intuition in this lady, her intuitive understanding of the situation is very perceptive and I was given immense amount of insight that corresponded with my concerns, and for that I am extremely grateful and will be sure to return in the future! " ... written by Aeureus
Absolutely amazing!! she was dead on and put my mind at ease...had a healing energy about her and She could see what was going on!! So much fun in free chat...she is truly my soul sister!! Love her music!! DEF. worth the read!!" ... written by k
She is so great on so many levels! Highly recommend a reading with her!!!" ... written by atlantis111
very very good read..love it" ... written by rosy
Fireraven was very sweet and caring. She did not give me any fluff. I enjoyed her reading very much." ... written by Ashley
I loved my reading. I learned SO much about myself. My aura. My future. I know I only came in for a reading about my current situation but she was able to read my energy and thoughts SO well. There are a TON of people here on this website. I know that people read the comments and reviews closely just to get more information on a particular person. I found that "He/She was wonderful', "Thank You So Much', or "I highly recommend' hardly do anything for me as they are not very detalied. I will let you know this. She has a natural gift. She took on a LOT of the energy that I never knew I was carrying. Of course I came to her about a relationship/closure. She immediately noticed that I was very emotional and needed to let some of this energy go. Both in the forefront and in the background of my mind. For months I had been struggling with a sense of emptiness/sadness but I could never pinpoint it. then Raven revealed to me that I was holding on to old energy from my past. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me! She is now one of my favorites. She didn't use cards (I'm not even sure if she has any). Regardless she is worth the read and worth the wait. Many blessings to you !!!!!!! I will be back soon! " ... written by Crystal
Spot on!!" ... written by Kai1111
very timely, sober and intuitive advise. much appreciate it. highly recommend" ... written by malcolm
very lighthearted and pleasant :) great reading" ... written by l
great reader!! spot on!!" ... written by andrea
interesting, to be sure - accurate too.." ... written by f
thank you for your reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Thank you so much Fireraven you have put my mind at ease AWSOME xxx" ... written by john24521
thank you for all your clarity and honesty dear, this helps to integrate the things I know but stop prolonging my descsion on. much love xxx c" ... written by chris
Great reading! She tapped directly into what was in my heart. " ... written by JQ
Just amazing ! She knew everything and gave me sound advice to proceed." ... written by Lburg5
:)" ... written by JESSE
what a wonderful reading. right to the point and knew before i even said anything. thank you for the advice" ... written by niki
very spot on and i'm pleased with my reading I will be back I rate 13fireraven 5 stars she is a wonderful sweet heart thank you so much" ... written by keyanna
Great reading!! Picked up a lot of details on my situation and identified a very important obstacle with no info from me. Also gave great guidance on how to move past it. " ... written by Seeker1200
She was really good on point, fast , and accurate and very kind!" ... written by Chris
She was amazing!! She really touched on a lot. Looking forward to my new year." ... written by debbie
she was very helpful and insightful!" ... written by nt
Thank you 13fireraven Interesting.. told me areas where I'm blocked and what I can do to release them. I will try and remove blockages so I can move on!" ... written by positive
Reading was great and I received good advice. She knew about my turmoil with certain issue and walked me thru the process of not worrying about it and to enjoy the moment. I truly felt blessed in having the opportunity to have her read for me." ... written by jewelw203
she's a great advisor, i listened to her in past and it was a great decision. she's honest and sees lots of stuff!" ... written by jazzychic7
good" ... written by nicole
very helpful" ... written by Cristina
Very helpful..need more psychics like her " ... written by Trippy_Star001
Fireraven always helps me out when I get stuck in my life and need some advice and answers. I have been coming to her for a while and she consistently gives me good advice and help. Her price is so reasonable too and she gives you so much help in that time, thank you so much fireraven, you're a life saver and I appreciate you and love you so much for all that you do." ... written by Sister
Thank you fireraven a really great AWSOME reading , with love and light xxx" ... written by john24521
Amazing!!" ... written by k
wow you are so dead on! amazing i will be back to talk with you thank you" ... written by mag
So real, so kind and gives a lot of positives energy." ... written by john
She is good :)" ... written by Steph
She is truly awesome...she reads the hearts and minds of people..truly caring and compassionate and I love her!! Definitely take her pvt-you wont regret!" ... written by k
Raven did a very detailed reading, with lots of discription about how things will turn out. " ... written by theme
She was able to sense my serious depression and give me advice on how to get out of it" ... written by Anna
She was great; kind, confident, and straight forward. Her reading aligned with others I have had, which brought me a sense of ease. She was able to clearly and quickly see and sense the situation i am in. i highly recommend fire raven." ... written by c
awesome reading will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
Love fire your great!" ... written by Chris
Raven is just profound no end...there are few if any other readers that can comprehend stuff in such the deep way that she does. Totally the real thing..andamp; puts big majority of the rest to shame for sure...Ok Raven - thanks so much again...some very interesting insights there as usual...and also , def gonna put some of those suggestions into active practice..ok cheers andamp; catch ya later. celtic blessings for you as always!" ... written by batdancer
She's got a different frank approach. Listen more, and you'll get the answers you were MEANT to receive! " ... written by gummigummi
She was awesome with her knowledge ..A very different approach.. I like her and her energy I enjoyed my reading Thank you Fire Raven ..see you soon" ... written by sunshinec
you are amazing! i am ready for the obstacles. And thank you for confirmation" ... written by ma
it gave me a lot to think about... thank you" ... written by jazzychic
great reading, she is so gifted. accurate and no sugar coating. thank you." ... written by g
13fireraven was truly amazing and wonderful. She has help me understand my current situatuion and I'm looking forward to what's to come." ... written by Starhx
Very accurate and fast. Everything was just very good. She is a such a nice person as well." ... written by nessa
great reading again from Raven. Good stuff and thanks..ok chat again later.." ... written by batdancer
Very clear and insightful, thanks for the read. Highly recommend her" ... written by Denisenz
She was spot on! Picked up on things i didn't even mention. Very accurate and kind but didn't sugar coat things to make me feel better just told the truth. I will use her again for another reading!" ... written by Fatima
i love her she is so soulful" ... written by kk
As soon as I entered her room I felt a sense of calmness, despite my chaotic energy. Getting a reading was like being wrapped in a big hug. Her words woke me up and have turned me around in a matter of minutes. She knew exactly what I'm going through right now and I will always make sure I seek her guidance before anyone else. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate being guided to her room. I suggest you all stop in for a visit, some solid and true words and a warm hug. " ... written by Kris
Excellent and astonishing. Very clairevoyant. Best I have ever had." ... written by Gloria
WOW is all I can say. This lady is really amazing and gifted - I am so glad I came to her when I did as I am at rock bottom right now and she has helped me out, a LOT. If you are in a bad situation and lost, you need to see FireRaven, she will help you. 5 million stars for her, she is a gift from god. She is not on a lot, so look out for her, she is worth it." ... written by verity
Thank you for the reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
VERY TRUE" ... written by JESSE
thank you for your reading!" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Thank you for your reading. God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
extremely intuitive and very accurate reading of the situation. true description and realistic expectations" ... written by tutu
Nice and honest woman...thanks" ... written by mette
Fireraven connected very well with my relationship issue and was very accurate and helped me understand it so much better. Thanks so much.. Highly recommend fire!! " ... written by Lynda22
Awesome.....Thank You for the clarity :)" ... written by Angela
Raven is amazing. She is not one of those typical reader. She is a true healer who guides you and helps you." ... written by Russian Blue
I really loved her. She connected so fast and was extremely accurate. I am hoping things come to pass in due time. She has a great gift. Thank you for sharing it. She is genuinely sweet, never felt awkward in the reading at all. Very caring and good soul! " ... written by Tiffany
very amazing reader..connected very quickly and was on point! i really enjoyed our session, amazing!" ... written by Anupama
a joy.. deserves more than 5stars" ... written by big
I really loved this lady she is very good! I like what she told me and was so sweet! I love her guidance she gave me!!! Highly Recommend her!!!!" ... written by goddess70
very very healing and insightful, thank you so much! I will come back. " ... written by c
always great spiritual depth and advice for my journey and very healing, with strong energies. " ... written by c
would recommend" ... written by Natalie
She brought a new side of the situation..just be me...Really love the way she uses words and her energy.it was healing..:) Love her!!" ... written by k
always very wise and cool - and deep and penetrating for sure. ok thanks raven, nice one , chat again later. " ... written by batdancer
Wonderful thank you for the deep connection into the core of me and the courage to let myself be free " ... written by motherofdragons
Fire establishes a good connection first and then the reading is just easy, everything just flows. I ask, she answers. Great reading, truthful, accurate, and detailed. " ... written by Jenn
really lovely person. very caring and connected well. made me feel better. " ... written by vc
She is very gifted and insightful. i really appreciate how honest and direct my reading was. She is truly a blessing and im glad that I had to opportunity to speak with her:) I felt her good vibe right away . SI will be contacting her soon :)" ... written by Sunday
she described me and the situation quite well." ... written by Sonia
She is very kind and patient. She is having a very beautiful soul." ... written by Etoilee8
thank you again for your reading! " ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you for your reading once again! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
very awesome! she picked me for demo and i had to take her private. i had a reading with her a bit ago. She connects very fast. very genuine and caring and accurate. she has god given talent. love, light and blessings!" ... written by tiffany
Very in tune with her assessment of my situation. She provided answers and accurate insight as things are now and how they'll play out. She's an angel on earth!" ... written by Jennifer
she was great intutitive!" ... written by kellie
Great update! Confirmed some things for me. Great , fast , accurate connection. extremely sweet and tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear!" ... written by Tiffany
Amazing! She was spot on and she helped me reconnect with my family! Thank you! :-)" ... written by Stacy
She is such an amazing person! It was a great experience and i would definitely do it all over again. I got a lot of great insight and advice. She's a being of light, i'd recommend her!" ... written by alisha
Fantastic reading! I was well recieved, she knew alot of things that I did not tell her! she was spot on! good reading. highly recomend her to everyone" ... written by michael caldwell
She is a God send..A very blessed light being ..so warm and full of light ..Thank you sweetie..talk to you soon." ... written by sc
very nice... thank you!!" ... written by jc
FireRaven Is the best!!! You have helped me sooo much andamp; I am very grateful. xx" ... written by aquadivinewaters
She connected with me and gave wonderful advise" ... written by Lisa
thanks great link " ... written by happy
Really great reading! Thought fireraven was spot on about everything, even things that I didn't tell her that she just knew. I felt like I was talking to a sister and best friend, she's so positive and warm. Will definitely seek her guidance again! Very empowering. " ... written by Queenofhearts888
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
This woman is on fire for sure, we have a great connection and she's consistent, honest, and truly gifted. Take her private and find out for yourself. I enjoy her energy so much that it actually lifts mine up. The reading was so accurate to my current situation and I know future events will unfold as she sees them. Bravo Fire Raven, you are the real deal and such a beautiful soul to boot. " ... written by Pinky Love
she's spot on, picked up things very deeply on another level. Very accurate, caused a settlement and knowing. Highly recommend. Thank you xxx" ... written by shining
I can not begin to describe the reading I had with this woman. It was truly amazing. I learned so much about myself and what the future holds. There wasn't one thing she told me that was untrue and it all fell in line with what I've already been feeling, going through, and things I know will come to pass. " ... written by Jennifer
Very calming and helpful..weshall see if things happen" ... written by k
it was my first reading with her. she seemed to pick up on my problems and gave some comforting advice. nothing overly positive or negative; which seemed more realistic than other advice i have been receiving. it's too early to say whether or not things will work out according to her reading, but definitely felt right. " ... written by abyss00
She's so irresistibly awesome and deep! I like her energy and charisma, and jovial approach!! She's a great sensitive, truthful lady!!! I have loved consulting her. I am only sorry that the session finished pretty soon! I love Raven! You are awesome and sensational 13 fireraven!!! Thank you!!! :)" ... written by Marina Marchese
Wow.. I mean what can I say. that was a great reading. She gets down to the details and really connects to your situaiton easily. One of the best readings Ive had on here. Thanks for your help and hopefully we can chat again soon sometime. " ... written by Kevin
She was great... She was on the point. Thanks so much..." ... written by randi1158
hello" ... written by Edward
fireraven is tops. can never go wrong with her... a fount of wisdom as always, andamp; wonderful as ever. ok cheers. " ... written by batdancer
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
beautiful reading. raven truly felt what i was going through" ... written by m
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
what a reading , healing , cleansing and so inspirational ... she is so intuitive and connects deeply !!! She blew my mind !!! awesome reading!!" ... written by tamjones
Raven is amazing, such a loving protective positive light. I will reconnect with you asap. see you soon xx :) " ... written by Baby
ran out of credits...she was connected on a soul level...thank u..i felt understood raven...try to come with more credits..yeah I do need some respite..the red line as u saw...can't thank u enough..:)" ... written by Mansi
Great reading. She knew what I was feeling. and gave great advice" ... written by mari
Very accurate and in tune with everything, wonderful reading thank you! Much Love to you xo" ... written by Lori